Episode 1 - None Down, 14 to Go

Spirit: Hi! Welcome to the Spiritacular Race! 14 pairs of 2 will go on an expedition around the world to win $1,000,000! Who will it be? Find out soon on...The Spiritacular Race!

(The Teams step off a train)

Sydney: Yay! We're finally here!

Beth: Yeah! If only Lindsay were here with us.

(Tom and Jen step off and strut)

Jen: Omg we are going to steal the competition! *smiles*

Tom: I know right, we are going to do it with style! *flexes and smirks*

Jen: You are so right! EEEEEEEE!

Beth: Good luck!

Sydney: *snorts* Yeah! *giggles* Good luck!

Amy: Hola a Todos 

Samey: Hola

Sydney: I don't understand Spanish. *wipes boogers*

Jen: Hey I'm Jen, and this is my friend Tom! It's nice to meet you too!

Tom: VERY!

Beth: Awesome!

Jen: Very much so!

Jen: CONF: Tom, tell them!

Tom: CONF: We plan on winning this game one way or another, and teaching peeps about good fashion sense, but WINNING IS MORE IMPORTANT!

Katie: Eeeee! I'm so excited! Sadie's just the perfect person to be on a team with.

Sadie: Awww, Katie, that's so sweet!

Eva: Me and Lightning are winning this thing, so you guys might as well give up now!

Lightning: Yeah!

Sydney: No way!

Beth: Yeah! 

Sadie: Yeah right! We're so going to win this!

Amy: *rolleyes*

Samey: *smiles*

Spirit: Well now that the teams (that are going to lose, lets be honest) have interacted, its time to reveal where we are going next! It's...Great Britain!

Sydney: EEEEEE! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE! *Spits all over Beth*

Beth: Uh, same! 

Spirit: Three, two, one, go!

Sydney: *grabs a Spiritual Clue* We have to go to the West State Airport? Does that even exist?

Spirit: I hope...

Katie: *grabs a clue* Let's go!

Alejandro: Come on Heather!

Heather: NO! I don't WANT to compete with you. I wanted to compete with my highschool friend, Taylor!

Alejandro: Come on, Heather!

Heather: No. I quit!

Alejandro: Heather, let's be rational!

Heather: I'm tired! I want to leave!

Alejandro: *Slaps face* The things I do for this girl.

They walk away.

Spirit: It seems Heather and Alejandro have dropped out of the competition.

Eva: *laughs*

Lightning: That's just one less team we have to worry about!

Eva: *grabs clue* C'mon Lightning, move it! *runs*

Lightning: Wait up! *runs behind Eva*

Amy: Oh Gracias

Samey: Es muy intrepido 

James: Is this where the race starts?

Niall: Seems like it... 

Sydney: *Stops to catch her breath* Please...just...stop!

Beth: We have to go! *Sees Lightning and Eva pass them* Come on!

Katie: *runs* Come ON Sadie!

Sadie: *pants* I'm... trying... my best...! *runs*

Niall: *grabs clue* We're starting! Run!

James: Okay! 

Niall: Taxi! *taxi arrives and Niall jumps in.* Quick!

James: Anyone want a lift? C:

Amy: Samey por que estas mirando?

Samey: Oops lo siento

Sydney: We need a lift!

Beth: Yeah! That would be great!

James: Okay, get in!

Niall: Great... (CONF: James has some sort of issue with... helping others.)

James: (CONF: I'm allowed to help others!)

Niall: (CONF: Not in a million dollar race! Seriously, this isn't some easter egg hunt where everyone can win a prize! No, only one team can, so helping others is pointless!)

James: (CONF: I'm trying to get alliances, ya know, be nice so they'll align with us.)

Niall: (CONF: Urg, you know what, whatever, I don't care...)

Sydney: *spits while she talks* So like, thanks for the ride!

Beth: Yeah! That's very nice of you!

James: No problem, this may be a race, but that doesn't mean we can't help other people out.

Niall: At least yet... Oh, we're almost there.

Lightning: Taxi! Hello, taxi??

Eva: Let me handle this. *yelling* WE NEED A TAXI RIGHT NOW! *a taxi approaches* Come on Lightning, we can't waste any time! *gets in*

Lightning: *gets in*

Katie: *gets in a taxi*

Sadie: Wait, Katie... *huffs and gets in taxi*

Amy: *gets in*

Samey: *gest in*

Niall: Alright, we're here.

James: Here's da cash! *hands cash to Taxi driver.* Keep the change!

Niall: Let's go! *runs out of the car to the airport.*

James: *follows.*

Sydney: Come on! *Grabs the next tip* 

Beth: It says...Either/Or...

Spirit: An Either/Or is a decision the competitors get to make. The losers could climb a ladder to the top of the 100 story building and zipline down to the airport, OR take an elevator and do 30 push-ups. They aren't as easy as they seem.

Sydney: Let's take the ladder!

Beth: Come on!

Niall: Um, elevator.

James: Yeah. Bye! *walks into the elevator with Niall.* Do we wait for the others.

Niall: Nope. *presses the top floor button.*

Amy: Samey podemos 

Samey: Claro

Niall: Almost up... :/

Amy: Oye Niall

Katie: *gets out the cab*

Sadie: *gets out and grabs the either/or clue*

Katie & Sadie: Ladder!

Katie: Eeeeee! We know eachother so well! *climbs*

Sadie: *climbs*

Amy: *climbs*

Samey: *climbs*

Sydney: *Climbing*

Beth: *Climbing*

Niall: We're here! Start pushing!

James: *starts to do push ups.*

Niall: *does it way faster than James.*

Sydney: *Arrives at the top* Beth?

Beth: *climbs up* Right here!

Sydney: Come on!

Niall: Done!

James: Almost done... *finishes push-ups.*

Niall: Great, let's jet!

James: Can we just wait a moment... argh... my arms...

Niall: Oh, come on...

Amy: *rolleyes* Oh rayos

Samey: *smiles* 

James: Argh- I-

Niall: Quick! *runs up to the zipline.* 

James: Okay! Argh! *runs up to zipline.* Let's go!

Niall and James: *zipline down.*

Amy: Samey por que estas mirando

Samey: Oops lo siento

Niall: Phew, we're down.

James: We're at the bottom! Yes! 

Amy: *pushes the bottom*

Samey: *smiles*

Sydney: *gets on the zipline* Come on!

Beth: Okay!

Sydney: *Zips down*

Kass: *Runs to the building*

Jo: Let's take the ladder!

Kass: No, I think we should take the elevator.

Josee: *pushes them* Come on Jacques! Let's take the ladder!

Jo: Fine. Elevator.

Jen: Come on, Tom! These shows are going to get totally dirty.

Tom: Lets take the elevator.

Dakota: COME. ON. ZEKE.


Blaineley: Elevator!

Kelly: Good idea!

Katie: *Ziplines down*

Sadie: Yay! We're in fourth!

B: ... *Points to the ladder*

Beardo: *nods*

Ellody: There are so many people at the elevator. Let's take the ladder.

Courtney: Fine.


Lightning: Let's go!

Nadiya: Come on Natalie!

Natalie: We pick...elevator!

Jacques: *ziplines down*


B: *Slides down*

Beardo: *Makes a dog sound effect*

Spirit: These 6 teams are on flight one! The 7 other teams will be on flight two. So, on flight one is:

Ice Dancers, BFFs, Quiets, Twins, Cheerleaders, and Complete Losers! On flight two is:

Fashion Bloggers, Mutants, Models, Students, Athletes, TV Pros, and Chaos Creators.

James: First, we did so good! :D

Niall: Yeah, yeah...

Episode 2 - Bonjour, B**ches!

Spirit: Blah blah bs. The contestants on flight one are arriving in France right now. The contestants on flight two must wait 2 hours for their flight to land. (That means anyone on flight two can't comment until 7:24 EST)

Sydney: OH! FRANCE!

Amy: Oh es fabuloso

Samey: Me encanta Francia

Elimination Table

Rank Contestants Teams
TBA Josee and Jacques Ice Dancers 5th
TBA Jen and Tom Fashion Bloggers 7th
TBA Dakota and Ezekiel Mutants 8th
TBA Blaineley and Kelly Fabulous Models 9th
TBA Katie and Sadie BFFs 4th
TBA B and Beardo Quiets 6th
TBA James and Niall Twins 1st
TBA Amy and Samey Cheerleaders 2nd
TBA Ellody and Courtney Type-A Students 10th
TBA Eva and Lightning Athletes 11th
TBA Nadiya and Natalie Reality TV Pros 12th
TBA Jo and Kass Chaos Creators 13th
TBA Sydney and Beth Complete Losers 3rd
14th Alejandro and Heather Evil Couple QUIT

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