Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, an action-filled, outrageous buddy comedy in which 18 pairs of unforgettable characters are put to the mental, physical and emotional test in a frantic race around the world.

Each new leg of the Race features an adventure to a new country where teams will face off against BRUTAL challenges, baffling local customs and competing teams as they frantically race to the next Chill Zone on their way to the ultimate Finish Line. They’ll all push themselves to the limit, but only one team will win the Race and the prize of $1,000,000!

Episode 1: "None Down Eighteen To Go Pt. 1"

  • Don: Hello world, welcome to Toronto, the crown of North America. Behind me is the historic train station were twenty teams are about embark on a globe trotting adventure. At the end, only one team will remain and that team will win and receive a fabulous grand prize. Who will that team be? You’ll have to watch to find out. My name is Don, and the RiDONculous RACE!


Don: Welcome back, it’s time to meet the teams that will be joining us on this journey. First off Carrie and Devin, best friends since childhood.

[CONF: Best Friends]

Carrie: Me and Devin have been best friends since like what, forever?!

Devin: *playfully laughs and starts counting on his fingers* We’re both chilled, determined…

Carrie: --and we have what it takes to win!

Devin: Yeah!

Carrie: *blushes* Yeah…

Devin: *looks at her awkwardly* Uhh… what are you doing?

Carrie: Oh, uhm, lint check! *lightheartedly laughs and grabs lint of his shirt*

Devin: *shrugs*

[CONF Ends]

Don: Katie and Sadie, from the quaint city of Twig Harbor and BFFFLs… whatever that means.


Katie: Me and Sadie were like ROBBED from Total Drama Island!

Sadie: *nods fastly* SO robbed! *frowns*

Katie: But then we have this so EEE!

Sadie: EEE!

Katie: We may have no idea about geography, and will probably be worn out quickly…

Sadie: But we’re SO gonna win!

Katie: So gonna win!

[CONF Ends]

Don: Laurie and Miles, hippie-dippie social justice vegan friends.

[CONF: Vegans]

Laurie: We want to win to donate to charities.

Miles: *nods* And show that you can win without hurting anything!

Laurie: Plus there is SO much to learn! About other cultures, about the world…

Miles: This race is a perfect opportunity to praise mother earth AND learn even more about it!

Laurie: We’re gonna win this!

Miles: *gasps* Be careful Laurie! I felt a hint of purple in your aura! we don’t want to be too competitive.

Laurie: *gasps* You are SO right.

[CONF Ends]

Don: Taylor and Kelly, the “loving” mom and daughter.

[CONF: Mom & Daughter]

Taylor: First off, I’m pretty much the best at everything I do, so if we lose it’s probably because of my mum. Second off, I’m super hot. Duh.

Kelly: Taylor is quite the prom queen!

Taylor: Oh em gee, pipe down mom. Anyway, we are SO winning this race.

Kelly: *laughs* Totally! Me and Taylor are SO tight, her friends even say we could be sisters! 

Taylor: Wait, what?!

[CONF Ends]

Don: The totally in love and super athletic daters, Ryan and Stephanie.

[CONF: Daters]

Stephanie: We met in the gym a couple months ago.

Ryan: And we’ve been goin’ steady eva’ since!

Stephanie: We both never traveled, this is gonna be such a great experience for us!

Ryan: If we win, we’re gonna open up our own fitness gym.

Stephanie: And we WILL win.

[CONF End] Don: Emma and Kitty, sisters with completely opposite in personalities.

[CONF: Sisters]

Emma: I am going for a degree in law, so that’s gonna give us a real edge.

Kitty: *nods enthusiastically*

Emma: Mom and Dad said I NEEDED to bring Kitty along since she’s not doing so well in school.

Kitty: And Emma needs to relax a little! I want to explore, meet hot guys...- 

Emma: IF there is time for that… which there isn’t. So let’s just focus on winning shall we?

Kitty: *groans*

Emma: Good! *smiles*

[CONF End]

Don: Leonard and Tammy, internet-famous LARPers... *taps earpiece* What's that again? Oh, live action roleplayers... *mumbles* nerds.


Leonard: WE're gonna claim the dragons eye!

Tammy: It was SO tough for my boyfriend Leonard in Pahkitew Island. Especially stuck with that ROTTEN Sugar.

Leonard: BUT with Tammy's new spells?! Huzzah!

Tammy: *blows into Ocarina* Huzzah!

[CONF End]

Don: Gerry and Pete, tennis rivals who are... somewhat past their prime.

[CONF: Tennis Rivals]

Gerry: Oh yeah, ever since we've been youngin's we've been rivals!

Pete: But for half a mil' each? Game on!

Gerry: *laughs*

Pete: *snorts*

Gerry: I mean sure, they are younger, and have more blind optimism... and...

Pete: But WE have wisdom!

Gerry: *nods* We got this!

[CONF End]

Don: Also competing, Rock and Spud. Hardcore rockers... who would know.

[CONF: Rockers]

Rock: Spud's not that fit... or good at much of anything. Ha, except rockin' out!

Spud: *snoring*

Rock: My mom and dad REALLY want me out of their basement... if I win I could build my own basement!

Spud: *wakes up* Wah-what? When are we gonna be on the Ridonculous Race thing?

[CONF End]

Don: Ellody and Mary, geniuses with a Ph.D in no social life. *grins*

[CONF: Geniuses]

Ellody: Some may ask "Hmmm, NERDS in a Race? Pfft!" but I give that miniscule attention. For we are perfectly qualified!

Mary: We know every map of every urban center in the world. *snorts*

Ellody: Are decisions are paying off! Who needs to go to parties?

Mary: Or boyfriends. Or taking non-science electives...

Ellody: We're going to kick proverbial butt!

[CONF End]

Don: Jacques and Josee, olympic ice dancers.

[CONF: Ice Dancers]

Jacques: We know how too win! We've won gold everywhere!

Josee: Except the olympics, he dropped me; so we got silver.

  • Jacques: Gah! I don't want too talk about it! *runs away*
  • Josee: Silvers his least favorite color. *smiles*
  • [CONF End]
  • Don: Buddy cop duo, with nerves of steel. MacArthur and Sanders.
  • [CONF: Police Cadets]
  • MacArthur: We are ambitious police cadets, who will go to the extremes to win!
  • Sanders: *nods politely* As long as we don't break any international laws! *smiles*
  • MacArthur: Eh, I don't mind breaking a few.
  • Sanders: *frowns*
  • [CONF End]
  • Don: Noah and Owen. Seasoned reality TV show contestants.
  • [CONF: RTV Pros]
  • Noah: So far; every reality show competition I competed in I lost... this time, I'm going for the cheddar.
  • Owen: Haha food!
  • Noah: *rolls eyes*
  • Owen: I'm just SO happy to be reuinited with my little buddy!
  • Noah: Whatever.
  • Owen: We've been on TONS of reality TV shows. Total Drama, Meltdown Kitchen, Scare Tractor, Fashionista Flip-Flop!
  • Noah: *rolls eyes* Don't know how you got on that one...
  • [CONF End]
  • Don: Tom and Jen. Highly attractive fashion bloggers with impecable taste. *taps earpiece* I TOLD you not to let them write their own cards...
  • [CONF: Fashion Bloggers]
  • Jen: Heyy fans! It's me and Tom the fashion bloggers!
  • Tom: I told Jen that we should apply for the race; but I didn't ACTUALLY think it'd happen!
  • Jen: When I want something it HAPPENS. *snaps fingers*
  • Tom: We're gonna win this with STYLE! *smirks* [CONF Ends]
  • Don: Pageant winner Beauty Queens, Sugar and Anne Maria.
  • [CONF: Beauty Queens]
  • Anne: *primping hair* Sugar: Me and Anne met at a pageant; we've been fierce rivals eva' since! But we're willing to put our differences aside to win!
  • Anne: *sprays hairspray* Yeh. While she's kinda gross and whateva' we're gonna strut all tha' way to the finish line.
  • Sugar: Woohoo doggay!
  • [CONF End]
  • Don: Lorenzo and Chet, hateful stepbrothers that seemed to be pulled right out of a sitcom.
  • [CONF: Stepbrothers]
  • Lorenzo: Our mom and dad got married last year but we still HATE eachother.
  • Chet: *pushes him* Don't hog all the screentime jerk wad!
  • Lorenzo: *pushes him* Shut up butt stain!
  • Chet & Lorenzo: *continue fighting*
  • [CONF End]
  • Don: Embarassing father and son duo, Dwayne and Dwayne Junior.
  • [CONF: Father & Son]

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