You can add other users as well, but only on the TD wiki universe.

(18/18 Teams Made)

  • Nemo and Emerald - The Same Day Birthday Friends (of TSDB)
  • Wendy and Dianted - Teh Gawjus Godisis
  • Solar and Jordan - The Fatties
  • Liam and Llama - The Lovers
  • Dark and Blake - The Opposites
  • TF and Phy - The Same Person In Two Bodies (TSPITB)
  • Ash and Stan - The Same Person Who Are Claiming To Be Cousins On The Same Account But With Different Accounts Also (TSPWACTBCOTSABWDAA)
  • Samey and Desi - The Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice (SBCFBC)
  • Jim and Mark - Resident Evil Outbreak - The Survivors
  • Jomack and Surfer - The Friends Who Chat (TFWC)
  • Pary and Leon - The Never-Say-Die Men
  • Dawn and Booty - The Ooty Friends
  • Eve and Tiki - The Newbies who are Veterans
  • Lego and Octo - Team O+
  • Tyler and Mike - The Underrated who are Treated like Overrated.
  • TDN and Aqua - The Couple by Looks, Baes by Choice (CBLBBC)
  • Gwopher and GN - The Baes
  • Conker and Nano - The Brothers
  • Spirit and Whitney - The People That Just Met
  • Dark and Lucina- The Spirits


  • Episode 1A: New York to Myrtle Beach
  • Episode 1B: Myrtle Beach to Chicago

Episode 1

Episode 1A: Where The Games Begin

Episode 1B: Chicago Courage Consealed

Elimination Table

(Someone can make this for me.)

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