If you remember the first season, this camp will require each contestant to come up with a character profile, and related things. The challenges usually last a week. No drawing is involved in this, so non-artists rejoice. XD But artists are invited to compete, too.



The first winner, Sunshineandravioli (whenever she gets online XD)

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
The Anonymous User IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN
Lindsaysbiggestfan IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
Mrdaimion IN IN IN IN OUT
Totalcartoonfan09 IN IN LOW OUT
Nalyd Renrut IN IN LOW OUT
Fanfiction2010 IN LOW OUT
Snowgirl57 LOW IN OUT
Drama786 IN OUT
Cragiled Dyrium OUT
Nduke OUT

Pre-game Chat

Sprink: Thanks for signing up! ... If anyone does. TT_TT

Nalyd: Yo, Sprink! Nalyd's back in action! Gonna win it this time, yo!

Sprink: Happy to have you back. 8D

TDIwriter: My first camp, EVER. :D

Sprink: Woot! Woot! Thanks for joining, TDIwriter.

Rocks: This seems intriguing. ^

Sprink: Thanks. This was a pretty popular camp the first time, so let's see if it retains it's awesome. For future note, the title card has some errors in spelling and consistency. I was too lazy to fix them. XD Avoid the pit of spelling and grammar mistakes. You're all free to revise your entries after you post them until the judging happens.

TDIwriter: TAU is competing, I see. Sweet!

Sprink: Yup. And you thought you'd be the only first timer. XD

Drama:I'm gonna win this.I'll prove it to you!

TAU: That's right, I'm competing, and I'm going to give it my all! Character creation is my forte, as you TDIFF wiki folks probably know, so I won't back down so easily.

TDIwriter: TAU, congradulations. You are officially my rival, dude.

TAU: I look forward to every minute of it, TDIwriter.

Tcf09: Second season le gasp!:o Well hopefully I can get farther this time

Reddy: Now let's see if I can get eliminated for a reason OTHER than mispelling one word... <_<; (XD)

Nad: I think you're all going to lose.

Sprink: Haha, Reddy. Sorry. My judgings had to be pretty severe when everyone was doing so good. Thanks to everyone who has signed up, so far.

Toad: Can't wait for this to start! It looks really fun!

Zach: I was sad when I forgot XD But I will remember! Just remind me if I haven't submitted yet!

Sprink: I'll try to send out notices this time when the due date approaches. I'm going to wait for two or four more contestants.

SMP100 : Great

Mr. E: Hi.

TDIwriter: Alright, we've up to eighteen people! -Is pumped for his first camp-

Sprink: Glad you're pumped. I'm undecided as to if I want to cut off the sign ups now... It means less reading for me, but there isn't a ton to read in this camp, usually. I think I'll close off at twenty, and add the challenge after that happens.

Zach: or 3 teams of six.

Sprink: Well, the reason for twenty is so that two more people get the chance to compete who want to.

Nad: I want to make an alliance, but that won't get me very far. *gets an idea* Heeeeeeeey, Sprink, you wanna make an alliance?

Sprink: Right, Nad.... What's in it for me? 8D (jk all XD)

Challenge One

For your very first challenge I'm going to let you have some freedom. You can do any kind of character you want, contestant, a host other than Chris, an intern, whatever will relate to a season of Total Drama. It must, however, include a label for the character, their name, a profile, and their reason for appearing on the show. Watch your spelling and grammar, please. This challenge is due next Thursday.

Nalyd's Entry
Piko, labeled as The Pokemon Fanatic, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama. He loves Pokemon. He dressed like characters from the show until he was ten, and felt like it was a childish thing to do, so he decided to start wearing a giant Pikachu suit instead. He's usually an easy target to be picked on by his peers, but he doesn't seem to realize this, and chooses to challenge them to battles, usually resulting in him running away. Piko means well, but his obsession with Pokemon makes it hard for him to communicate with others. He joined the show in hopes that he'd be able to meet people like him, specifically hoping to meet a girl dressed like Mudkip.

Rocks' Entry

Adolf, labeled as the Inclination Blossom, is a competitor of the Total Drama series. He is a self-probed personal guy that would do anything to have fun. His parents would find him odd all the times in or outside of his home. He is a wacky, fun-loving guy that is crazy enough to jump off a 10-feet tall building and would even try it as well. He has different moods every day randomly to show off his personalities as himself. He joined Total Drama for one specific reason: To show off his fiercest attitude and to as well as to enjoy life and new friends.

TDIwriter's Entry

Apollo is a contestant labeled The Half-Talented Musician.

Apollo was born to a pair of music loving 'free souls', in a small Canadian town on the coast, and named after the Greek god of music. Apollo's parents had a very permissive style of parenting, as Apollo was growing up, letting him make his own choices and learn from any mistakes he made, unless they could have resulted in a serious injury. Despite not wanting to intrude into Apollo's personal life, Apollo's parents did teach him the dangers of drugs and alcohol, so their son would not fall victim to the vice of addiction. Apollo's parents, despite their unending love of music, were sadly born with no musical talent, themselves. However, even though they have a family history of low musical talent, Apollo's father worked many odd jobs in order to save up money in order to purchase his young son a guitar. And so, it was on his tenth birthday that young Apollo was given his first instrument, a gift he has treasured ever since. Apollo was incredibly excited to own his very own guitar, but wanted to surprise his parents, and so, he made sure to practice out of earshot of his mother and father, so they wouldn't hear him until he was ready. Finally, the day arrived, Apollo had chosen his parent's fortieth common-law wedding anniversary. With a heart full of confidence, Apollo began strumming out cords. To his parent's disbelief, their son was wonderful! Near expertly, Apollo played his guitar for his parents, warming their hearts, and crushing their previous fears of Apollo following in their non-musical footsteps. However, their smiles turned to grimaces when young Apollo started singing along, in addition to playing. Apollo's parents love him very much, but even they cannot deny his tone deaf singing voice. Not having the heart to tell their young son he couldn't sing well, Apollo's parents merely clapped and applauded their son's thoughtful gift. They assumed that since he was talented with his guitar, his singing skills would develop with age. Unfortunately for all parties involved, this was not the case. At sixteen, Apollo is often considered 'the next Jimi Hendrix' by those who are blessed enough to hear his wonderful guitar ballads, but 'about as talented as Milli Vanilli' when it comes to singing.

Apollo joined the new season of Total Drama in order to spread the wonders of music to a worldwide audience.

Drama786's Entry

Micheal labeled The Smart One, is a contestant on Total Drama

Micheal is the oldest of his 5 brothers.He lives in Ontario,Canada with his family.He is a laugh out loud

teenager that would help anybody no matter what it takes.He's a kind loving kid and the favorite of his

parents.Micheal has an A+ average in school and is eager to go to collage when he turns older.His talents

is twist his neck 360 Degress which looks impossible to do.Micheal's family have moved 5 times each year

until he signed up for Total Drama which changed his life.Micheal is a somewhat person like Noah.His

musical voice would make you cry due to the softness in his singing.He has 50 ribbons from worldwide

competitons.When Micheal joined Total Drama he made friends quick while some hated him.Micheal competed for 3 seasons which were Season 1,3,and 4.Micheal won the fourth season of Total Drama.

When Micheal won the million he gave half of the million to a homeless shelter changing lives.He was

awarded 25 gold medals in the 2009 olympics during Total Drama Action.When one of his unborn baby

sister died he went to a terrible rage which changed his life forever.During the rest of the years he returned

to season five and placed 3rd.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Steve, labeled The Everyman, is a contestant on Total Drama.

Steve is the middle of three brothers living in a small suburban town. Steve is basically what you would call the typical Canadian sixteen-year-old, with a gentle, albeit slightly goofy personality, a love of professional hockey (though he is only mediocre at the sport himself), and a close circle of friends. In school, he is a fairly average student, getting Bs in most of his classes, but aside from his little group, not too many people really make an effort to get to know Steve; they find him just too plain and uninteresting. Steve is aware of his image (or lack thereof) among his peers, and while it bothers him slightly, he doesn't really take measures to fix it, because he feels he is being himself and does not wish to compromise who he is to gain a reputation. He does wish to be seen for who he is, and for others to give him a chance, but he doesn't let his position stress him out, because he is truly a happy person, and he knows that he has a strong support group to fall back on if things do ever go bad.

Steve decided to audition for Total Drama to meet new people, and to hopefully make new friends who don't see him as just another average Joe with no substance. He also wants to win the prize money, probably to blow on frivolous things that he finds enjoyable, like most teenagers would.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Sylena is labeled as the quiet girl in an upcoming story.

Sylena grew up with a stuttering problem. This problem resulted in Sylena not having many friends. Sylena was made fun of by an older kid when she was about eight. The teasing made Sylena refuse to talk to anyone. Another tragedy struck Sylena when she was fifteen. Sylena was about to ask out a guy who she had a crush on. However, before Sylena could ask him out, another girl classmate stole her chance. Sylena’s parents saw Sylena’s disappointment, so they encouraged her to go on a reality show to find a cute boy. Sylena agreed, and she is now hoping to have one more chance to find her true love.

SMP100's Entry

A contestant called Matt , the music lover , he loves music so much that he made a band put the only popularity he got was from everyone in his hometown he loves the color blue has black hair always carries his guitar even if he has to jump of a cliff just so he can play music he is a nice guy but when he is determained to do something nothing stands in his way . He came to Total Drama so he can be seen world-wide and so he can win the prize money to start his true music career across the world!!!!!

Tcf09's Entry

Tommy, the Human Calculator, was given this name because ever since he was in the 6th grade he knew how to calculate the sum of any number in less than 5 seconds. No one knew how he did it or when he learned how to do it. Many kids grew jealous of his ability and often times tried to make him loose it by hitting hard objects against his head but they failed everytime. The kids soon realised that they should let him keep his "powers" because not only is it wrong to make him loose it, but it could also help them on school assignments. When Tommy's mother found out that the kids we're using him to cheat she took him out of school and taught him herself hoping that he would learn to use his ability for good.

Nad's Entry

Desmond, The LOST Fanboy, claims he is the world's biggest LOST fan. He has enjoyed the show since the pilot and knows everything about it. He goes out of his way to talk like Ben Linus, dress like Daniel Faraday, and act like Mr. Eko before he was a priest. He has a restraining order from almost everyone involved in the production of the show, except for Terry O'Quinn, who is his next door neighbor. He joined Total Drama because he heard it take place on an island, much like LOST.

Reddy's Entry

Dan is labeled The Fanfiction Writer of the group in the new season of Total Drama.

Dan, a humble boy from Alberta, has been a fan of Total Drama ever since it came out. Then one day, it all began. He sat down and wrote a story about two of the contestants- Ezekiel and Gwen. Little did he know, this small crack pairing would change his life forever. He posted the story of the 'Total Drama Island Fanfiction wikia' and achieved instant fame. The fame grew and grew, until he was eventually discovered by Chris McLean online.

Dan is now headed to the new season, per request from Chris.

Nduke's Entry

Snow's Entry

Jock Labled The Nerdy Jerk Is a loser on TDI. He tries to be cool but he cant so he takes it out on other dorks. He bullys his best friend, his girlfriend and others. Hes disliked by the geeks and the jocks (i know his name). He knows when the name calling will come and when it wont. His friends all have a like-hate friendship with him. He joined TDI to show his hate for everyone and came in last.

Fanny's Entry

Griffyn is labeled as The Farmboy. Griffyn's birth was a very exciting one. His mother couldn't make it to the house, so he was born in the middle of their farm. He was named after a horse his grandmother used to have. Griffyn lives in a small unrecgonizable town somewhere in Kansas. He goes to a one-room schoolhouse with eight other children (all of his siblings). He has a southern twang and always wears his lucky pair of overalls wherever he goes. Griffyn's chores like milking cows and building silos, have beefed him up a lot. He believes that with his strengths he could a few challenges and eventually win the game. He signed up to prove that a dumb farmboy can become a dumb millionaire.

Zach's Entry

Kaleb, The Native-German. Kaleb is a German speaker and is from Germany who won the European contest to be on the show. He speaks little English, but knows how to win over affection with his sweet heart. He always wanted to travel to Canada or America to see what it is like. He likes to sing and draw but hates rude opinions on his art. He hopes to win the money so he could have a place in Canada to live in.

Toad's Entry

Lizza, labeled as the Caffeinated Creep, is possibly a contestant in an upcoming story. Lizza was always a bit of a hyper child. When she was born, she bounced off the walls in her hospital. Lizza grew up to be a happy and healthy child, until she drank her first bottle of Peppy Cola. You see, she was dared to steal one from the store by her delinquent older cousin. She was reluctant at first, but then she did it, and it was something she's remembered for her whole life. Every day, she drinks at least five cans of Mountain Fizz, three cans of Peppy Cola, and one and a half can of Orange Crushment. At school, she knows quite a few people who pretend to be her friends. She isn't very well-liked there, since she screams in people's faces and dances everywhere she goes. She's also quite gullible, and always accepts dares, even if it's from an untrustworthy person. Once, she mooned the whole school. Lizza never sleeps at night, possibly because of all of that caffeine. Lizza joined Total Drama as a dare.

MrD's Entry

Frank, labeled as Mr. Average is a contestant on an upcoming fanfic. Frank was raised up normally enough, but there lies the problem. He was raised too normally. Not good, not bad, just normally. He has the average type, eats the average amount of food. has the average about of blood pressure, and, well, you get the point. He has a fair share amount of friends at his school, and makes all C's. He has two older brothers, and two younger sisters. He tries to find ways to be different, he does, but they always end up failing and they seem normal. He hates being normal, he really does, and he'd rather be a freak then like the kind of freak he currently is. He signed up for Total Drama, because he figured the weirdest reality show has to make him at least a little different.

Kg's Entry
Ned, stereotyped as The Female Repellent is a contestant in a fanfiction, apparently. He was raised in a small house, with only his mother and two sisters, after his father had died in an accident involving a woodchipper. Being surrounded by so much estrogen, he was shaped up into the perfect guy that any girl could want, except that he knew too much. Every girl he had met had been immediately turned off after he knew what scents she liked, what her favorite foods were, how much weight she wanted to lose... so he joined the show to see if he really was hopeless.

Mr. E's Entry

Clark, labeled, The Super-Hero Wannabe, is a character on an upcoming Total Drama Season

Clark was born into a family of an artist and an unemployed hippie, so he was imaginative, at the age of 7, he got his first comicbook, Superguy the Fearless, and was hooked since. At the age of 12, he had a superhero suit, created just for him, he has been wearing it ever since, he is ridiculed for his love of superheros, it seldom bothers him though, he's joining TD for the TASHFC (Totally Awesome Super-Hero Fan Club).

Kenzen's Entry

Samuel labeled as The Lazy One, in an upcoming story.

Samuel grew up in a very active and energetic family but he never found the appeal of it. He never really participated in his family’s activities and became a very lazy person. Despite his father’s disappointment and his mother’s sadness in him, he remained lazy. At school he usually asleep or sketch and not studying, he get low marks, but he could care less. He is a relatively boring and plain personality to be around. His siblings try to get him out more and more physical. But he mostly just falls asleep before they leave and stays asleep.

Samuel was signed up for Total Drama by his sibilings, he decided he would go so he could get the cash prize.

Crag's Entry

TDISeriesFan's Entry

Tony, labeled The Wild One is a contestant in Total Drama. He was born in a farm and was homeschooled, since his parents didn’t have enough money to pay school. He never wanted to pay attention, even though his parents gave it all to teach him, he preferred playing with the animals. Tony loved to climb up the trees, and jump off them. One day, his parents got really mad at him, and signed him up in Total Drama, just to put him off the house.

Chat One

Sprink: It's the first challenge, ya'll.

Nad: I hope you watched LOST...

(Webly: I'm not in the game but I did and I love your entry.)

Sprink: Webly? O_O XD Anyway, yeeeeeeees I've seen Lost.

TDIwriter: I just posted mine, but I notice its kind of similar to SMP100', I might end up changing it.

MrD: (CONF) Why does this show have a confessional? (Yes, I just felt the need to talk. :P)

SMP100 : So................

TDIwriter: I'm feeling pretty confident, about this week, as far as being eliminated is concerned, what about you guys?

SMP100 : So what to do now

MrD: Meh, I feel semi-confident. I hope I don't get eliminated first.

Sprink: SMP, just hang out until judging. XD TDIwriter, I feel pretty confident. 8D

Tcf09: Nuu! I need to fix something on my paragraph but my iPod won't let me:o...if I don't fix it now I might forget later:P

TAU: I know there is still time left to submit, but I really hope people are consistent in their posting, because I don't want eliminations to be exclusively based on failure to submit. That feels cheap somehow.

Kenzen:Working on mine tommorow.

TDIwriter: I agree, TAU. Normally, I'd say that winning by default is the sweetest win there is, but since this is my first camp, I want to win the regular way.

TAU: Well, I also want to win the regular way, so if this camp plays out the same way the first Total Character Creation did, then we should be a solid final two.

Sprink: There are almost always weeks where people don't submit. I often eliminate a good margin of the non-submitters if there are more than one.

MrD: Only one day left until the dead-line, y'all who haven't submitted better get your entries up.

Reddy: I'm on my iPod, so can somebody put my entry in for me?

MrD: Put it in, Reddy ol' boy!

Sprink: THis will be judged this afternoon. I'll accept entries until then.

Mr. E: Mine sucks, At least I'll get through to the next round.

Kenzen:I will have my entry in by 4 MST, just got out of school.

TDIwriter: Anticipation...levels growing...exponentially....

Judging One

Let's get right to the first judging in this sequel. I don't have time to do every one at the moment, but they'll get up, tonight, I hope. Sorry about that.

Nalyd: ... Ahahaha! I found this quite amusing. Great job on grammar and spelling, though I personally like to make references more disguised than flat out saying it. Nothing wrong with it, just my personal preference. Personally... I would love to meet a girl dressed as Mudkip.

Rocks: I am left slightly confused by the label and what it means, exactly. I'm guessing that he is fairly spontaneous? Not sure. Try something simpler next time, please. One grammatical error was saying 'all the times'. It didn't apply.

TDIwriter: I really loved this one. It was fairly creative and interesting. It also had some good humor in it, like the common law marriage thing, and Apollo's tone deafness. One complaint I have is that there seem to be a few commas that are not supposed to be there. One comma that wasn't needed after 'free souls' and one after style of parenting. That's not a huge issue, and I'm sure you can work on it... And I have a problem with correct commas... So it's not anything major. Overall, this would be an awesome character to read about, and seems pretty well developed.

Drama786: This is an okay bio, but the problem lies with the sentences running together without spaces between punctuation and new sentences. Also, the numbers should be spelled out: five as opposed to 5. You also added how the contestant did when I asked to write why they joined the competition. One more thing, the paragraph shouldn't be separated by a line each time. Just write the main paragraph without hitting the 'enter' key on your keyboard.

TAU: I like this bio, and he definitely seems like a solid character for an ensemble cast. I especially like his reason for joining the competition. One bit of advice that I think will help you is not to pack so much into one sentence. Look at the last sentence in the big paragraph. That could likely be split up into about three separate sentences as opposed to being one. Other than that, I think this bio was really good. I'm sure you can work on the issue.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: This bio is pretty good. It does seem a little jerky, like you could make some of the sentences flow as one instead of starting new sentences. I also feel like the sentence says 'Sylena' a lot, so maybe one or two more times it could be 'she' or 'her', instead.

SMP100: I kind of like the bio, but there is an issue with a lack of punctuation. It needs periods to separate sentences, and commas to separate individual points in the sentence. It also has a few unimportant details, like about his favorite color, or his hair color. Those don't tell us much about his character. There were a lot of exclamations in the end, too...

Tcf09: I like the idea, a lot. My main issue is that the numbers should be spelled out, at least with '5 seconds', and there are some spelling things that are kind of regional, I think. Like 'loose' instead of lose, or 'realised' instead of realized. I'm not exactly sure if those are wrong, though. XD I'm pretty sure everytime should be every time, but I don't have my spellcheck on this computer. >_> You did pretty good, overall.

Nad: A pretty good bio, jam packed with references. I'm sure that will be a rarity, as a bio shouldn't be nothing but personality, but should have some hint at actual personality. 'he heard it take place' should be 'he heard it took place'. Not many problems with the bio, overall.

Reddy: Haha. Pretty funny. Ezekiel and Gwen, eh? This is a pretty cool way for a character to be introduced. I think the dash should be a semicolon, though. THat's aboutt all I could find wrong with it. Maybe a little more personality could be mentioned?

Nduke: No entry.

Snow: Well... This was definitely a one sided bio. XD He doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualties, so he doesn't seem too human. I also didn't ask for how he placed, and I didn't get the (i know his name) thing. And... you mentioned 'cant' and 'wont', but they should be can't and won't. You also spelled labeled as 'labled'.

Fanny: I like the bio, a lot. I think it seems very fact oriented, as opposed to describing how he is. It mentions him as a 'dumb farmboy' but this wasn't mentioned before that to show that he was indeed dumb. 'Griffyn's chores' should have a comma after it. That sentence confused me a little because of the lack of a comma there.

Zach: I like the bio and character idea. The second sentence was fairly confusing, though.

Toad: I like the bio, a lot. I didn't see any errors. All I could tell from the bio is that she seemed like she would be annoying to read about, and I never think that. O_O

MrD: I think this entry is about average. XD Really though, the idea was okay, but it didn't exactly excite me. I don't know why that is. I think it was too mundane of things mentioned. It wasn't horrible, though. There was a period where I think you meant to place a comma, and said about instead of amount.

Kg: I really liked the bio and the possibilities it opened up. My being raised with three sisters made me more freaked out by the female species than anything. That's the direction I thought it would take. XD The grammar and spelling was really good, but I had one issue. The dad's death seemed pretty light, and I'm not a big fan of that kind of thing. But that's really a personal preference on my part.

Mr. E: This bio isn't bad, but the one complaint I have is that the sentences go on (thanks to a comma or three), where they really should end (with a period). Also, try to work on putting a little more depth into the character.

Kenzen: This sounds decent. There is a part where you forgot to put 'he's' or 'he'll' and just put 'he'. Also, try putting 'Samuel' in place of 'he' two or three more times than you did here. That's about all I can complain about. XD

Crag: No entry.

TDISF: I like the bio fine, but there are some issues with wording. You wrote 'pay school' instead of 'pay for school', 'gave it all to teach him', and 'climb up the trees' should be 'climb up trees'. There are some more mistakes like that. The bio seems slightly jumpy, as well. It seems to go from one thing to another.

Elimination: I'm giving everyone who submitted an entry another chance. Only Crag and Nduke are out. Sorry, guys. No entry is usually the kiss o' death in a Sprink camp, unless a reason is given ahead of time. Thanks for signing up, though.

Challenge Two

This time the challenge is coming up with a contestant for the series that is already a (fictitious/fake) famous celebrity. They can be famous for whatever reason and need/want to join for whatever reason. The bio must include a label for the character, their name, a profile, and their reason for appearing on the show. I also want a small description of their appearance. Watch your spelling and grammar, please. This challenge is due Friday of next week, unless everyone gets their entries in before then.

Nalyd's Entry

Russel, labeled as The Coolest Guy You've Never Heard Of, is a contestant on Total Drama Celebrities.

Russel is a singer, dancer, and perhaps the most unknown celebrity ever. He's had six hit singles, including "We R Who We R Not," "Poker Space," and "A Song I Sang One Time," but few people remember his name because it isn't creative like Ru$$el, or Lady RusRus, or Russel Bieber. He isn't particularly creative, which probably explains why his songs are considered good by today's standards. Russel is short, skinny, and has a salad-bowl haircut. He wears spandex every waking moment of his life. He also wears an eye patch over his left eye, claiming it to be symbolic, yet never explaining the symbolism. He wants to be on Total Drama Celebrities so people will finally know who he is. (Spoiler Alert: He is forever remembered as the guy who got fourth place with ten minutes of screen time. At least by the people who remember him, which would be his family.)

Rocks' Entry

TDIwriter's Entry

Hudson Halstead is a contestant labeled "The Falling Star", on the next season of Total Drama.

Born into a family of entertainers, including a twin brother, Hudson has spent nearly his entire life in show business. The peak of Hudson's success was during his teenage years, when his boyish looks blossomed into full scale features. Armed with silky black hair and striking green eyes, not to mention a slim yet toned physique, Hudson had dozens of tabloid newspapers clammering for his photo. However, as Hudson entered adulthood, he began to lose the fame that he had grown up with at an alarming rate. His troubles began when he decided to shift away from his family in order to become famous in his own right. Cutting all ties with his family only damaged his career, unfortunatley, as news of the family becoming estranged led to tabloids printing wild stories about the star, leading to rumors of his supposed homelessness, alcoholism, gang associations and drug use. Despite serious efforts by both himself and his family to crush these rumors, the damage was done. No one wanted to hire Hudson do to the scathing stories circulating the show biz grapevine. A devastated Hudson was forced to live out of cheap motels, earning income through a minimum wage job at a local movie theater. Once and for all, Hudson decided to fade from the spotlight and give up his efforts to regain his former glory. This worked well for a couple of years, up until Hudson's twin brother, Lee, was arrested for petty larceny. This news alerted Hudson's superviser, who had him fired out of fear the arrest of Hudson's brother would lead to bad publicity for the theater. Penniless, bitter, and approaching his thirtieth birthday, Hudson received a call from an old friend. His friend stated that he had learned of Hudson's recent misfortune, and offered him a spot on a hot new reality show. Hungry for a paycheck, and eager to clear his own name, Hudson quickly accepted the offer.

Hudson joined the new season of Total Drama in hopes of clearing his name of all negative rumors, once and for all.

Drama786's Entry

The Anonymous User's Entry

Sonja is a character labeled The Mockingbird in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds (TDTAU)

Sonja Springwood has always had a gift for impressions, and her parents noticed that right away. She began her career as a stand-up comedian at the age of fifteen, with some heavy encouragement from her parents, and became an instant sensation. In the year and a half since she made her debut on the "Very Late Evening Show with Jonny Sparsen", she has won two Cheesie Awards, for Best Impressions and Best Up and Coming Comic. Unfortunately, Sonja has a tendency to use her gift in her personal life for some of the wrong reasons. For example, she once used her school's PA system and impersonated her principal, saying things about the principal that were so scandalous that she amost lost her job.

Sonja decided to audition for Total Drama to increase her fanbase even more, and to prove that not all teenage celebrities are shallow, spoiled brats, and that they can actually be fun. She also has been working on her Chris McLean impression, and wants to use it to her advantage in the contest.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Perez is labeled the celebrity who has no good reason for being a celebrity. She is debuting in an upcoming season of TD.

Perez grew up reading celebrity gossip magazines when she was a teen. She would dream at night about being one of those girls in the magazines. One day, Perez’s great uncle died, and left her with one of America’s biggest hotel chain. When word got out, Perez began appearing on talk shows. Whenever she did appear, she would tell the whole viewing world about how great of being a “celebrity” it is. After going to some celebrity parties, the whole world was convinced that Perez was now a star. Just to reassure her fame, she released two albums. However, those two albums did not make it big. When Perez finally realized that being a celeb had its prices, she was going broke and losing fame. Perez decided to audition for a reality show for the money and the chance to shine again.

Perez has curly blonde hair and is skinny. She will usually wear scarlet or cyan dresses with matching shoes. She is really vain and self-centered.

SMP100's Entry

Tcf09's Entry Richina, labeled the spoiled "princess" on Total Drama Drama.

Richina is famous because a few years prior her fathers company struck oil in china on one of his properties. A popular gas company offered him two million dollars cash for the land. After days of thinking and persuasion by Richina and his son Richie he finally gave the land up. The reason she joined TDD is because she felt that her dad was getting to much attention from reporters and she wasn't getting any spotlight. When Richina heard about the show she instantly sign up without a second thought but she was completely ignorant of the horrors Chris McLean can bring. Richina is a pretty girl, she gets most of her looks from her mom like her green eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair falls to her lower back which can be a hassle sometimes so Richina had it cut shoulder length for the show.

(I'm in school so I did this on my iPod really fast. Sorry if there is any grammar mistakes. There will be no spelling mistakes because my iPod corrects everything I write-.-)

Nad's Entry

Skip, labeled the Sarcastic Jerk, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama. Skip has been nothing but sarcastic all his life. His parents, both famous chefs, tried to convince him to become a chef. However, his passion was in music. One day, his parents decided to make one last attempt at getting Skip to become a chef. They told him that cooking is a wonderful thing because even though what you make lasts only a few seconds, you will remember it for the rest of your life. When Skip compared this to a stillbirth, his parents went berserk and kicked him out of the house. He took only his guitar.

Reddy's Entry

Snow's Entry

Jess- The queen star

Fanny's Entry

Zach's Entry

Toad's Entry

MrD's Entry

Jeff, labeled as The Ex-Reality Host, is competing in a upcoming fanfic.

Jeff used to be the host of an unnamed popular reality show, and even three years after the show's been cancelled, he's still treated like a star. Acts like one, too. He isolates himself in his house nowadays, only coming outside when it's absolutly nessecary, drinks all day, and snaps at anyone who asks him any question. Rumor has it he started doing drugs, which is where the millions of dollars he earned from his show may have went. Not much outside of that is known about what may have happened to him after the show ended. Jess was signed up by an enemy of his, who presumably Jeff owes money to.

(Note: While his name being Jeff is a reference to Survivor, they aren't the same people.)

Kg's Entry
Khaya (pronounced Kigh-uh), labeled as the American Idol, is a contestant on Total Drama Greedmongers. As her label suggests, Khaya won a season of American Idol. The day she won, she recorded what she ate, wore, and said the entire day, in hopes that if she repeats the pattern on an important day, something good will happen to her again. Therefore, everyday, she eats one pancake, two bacon strips, and a hard-boiled egg. She also wears an orange headband, a yellow plaid shirt with a red ribbon around her waist, and an orange mini-skirt with yellow tights. The only thing that changes is the color of her high heels, which vary between red, yellow, and black. She joined Total Drama Greedmongers to win the grand prize, and see if her superstition actually pays off.

Mr. E's Entry

Kenzen's Entry

Isabella labeled as The Snob, competing in Total Drama.

Isabella grew up in a home in the Hamptons almost always surrounded by the famous. As Isabella grew she had a growing musical talent, she decided that that would be her career at twelve. Her parents pushed her away from the career, to keep her from becoming alienated by the lifestyle of being famous. However she pushed and pushed and her parents gave in. Isabella was a rising star and became very famous, she began to grow talents as an actor and by fourteen she had appeared in three movies and was in discussion for a television show. Isabella’s parents were very proud but when they finally let her have a taste of the money she was making, she began to change she started to feel like she was the boss. She started to yell and throw temper tantrums to get what she wanted, Isabella was become what her parents feared most. Isabella displayed her authority; she became the boss and has been since.

Isabella auditioned for Total Drama to make more of a name for herself, as a whiny superstar.

Isabella is tall and skinny. She has short messy red hair and a very pompous facial expression. Isabella wears a tight fitting blue and white polka-dot tank top. Isabella wears a light blue pair of short shorts and has a small butterfly tattoo on her calf. For shoes she wears a pair of tan sandals.

TDISeriesFan's Entry

Carly, labeled The Spoilt Celebrity is a contestant on Total Drama. Since young, Carly played as she was a model, by making different poses in front of the mirror, wearing her mother’s shoes, dresses and accessories. When she was fifteen, she went to a model casting, and was quickly accepted by the company. They bought Carly anything she needed and wanted, making her spoilt. One day, the company lost all their money, so they sent her to Total Drama to win the money and put the company back up running.

Carly has waist-long brunette hair, and blue eyes. She is really thin and tall and has tanned skin color.

Chat Two

Sprink: I look forward to the entries, as usual. :)

Mr. E: Famous in real life, or a fake famous person?

Sprink: A fake famous person. I realized later that I didn't clarify. Sorry about that. >_>

Sprink: So... uh... Are people aware this challenge is going on? XD Or do they just hate the challenge? TT_TT

TAU: I hope this entry is good. I have had this character planned for a while actually, but I added the celebrity bit to fit this challenge. Also, I will be using TDTAU as my recurring name for the series that my characters are auditioning for, and if in-contest goings-on are encorporated into the challenges, the contestants are all of my characters.

Toad: Hey, about the last challenge... She's sorta supposed to sound really annoying. And that's why I'm including her in my next story, just for you, Sprink! XD jk

Mr E: Finishing it up.

Sprink: Please welcome a new combatant, TDISeriesFan. He was interested in joining a few weeks ago, but was out of town. He will be required to complete the first challenge as well as the second.

TDISF: Thanks for giving me the chance :)

Sprink: So, uh... Does anyone plan on submitting an entry (besides TAU)? XD

TDIwriter: I've got mine up! Only, the label is giving me problems...everytime I undo the italics and bold on the second part of the sentence, and publish it, it reverts back. I'll try to fix it -.-

TDIwriter: Got it!

TDISF: I'm getting my two challenges done, and will hopefully be posted tomorrow. [EDIT] I had some problems with th description but it's done now :)

Sprink: Just a reminder that this will be judged in the afternoon today, but there is still time to submit. I skimmed some of the entries and know that one or two are missing a description of the character's appearance. That's part of the challenge, remember.

Fanny: Sorry, I'm at school currently but am grounded from my laptop at home so I can't supply an entry. I get ungronded next Wednesday btw.

Sprink: Thanks for the explanation. I'll consider that.

TDISF: Is the elimination table being updated?

Sprink: I'm not sure who put it up. XD I was waiting for them to update it.

MrD: Wow. xD I could update it for you, although I didn't put it up, if you wish. -w-

Kenzen: Whens judging?

TDIwriter: Jitter...jitter...jitter.

Sprink: I'm not sure, Kenny. I really wanted to go play Pokemon... XD Plus... I just sent out subscriber messages to everyone for... the wrong story. >_<

Sprink: I'll judge after I fix the subscriber messages and then judge TDISF's challenge one entry.

Judging Two

Nalyd: ... O_O A pretty funny bio, and I like how you incorporated his appearance in the bio, as opposed to it being in a separate paragraph. Not much else I can say, it was good.

Rocks: No entry.

TDIwriter: I reeeeeeeeeeeally like this bio! It's really good. You worked on the problems with commas and provided something really good and emotional. Great work. I also like how you incorporated the description in the bio.

Drama786: No entry.

TAU: I really like this character (so much that I may steal this idea, some day. XD). It was well written, and could be incorporated into a story really easily. Great job. The one issue I saw was that you didn't include an appearance description. Another issue was that you typed 'amost' instead of 'almost'.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: I like the bio (obvious Paris Hilton reference?), but there were some minor issues. 'Chain' should have been 'chains' and 'how great of being a celebrity it is' needs some work. Other than that it was pretty good.

SMP100: No entry.

Tcf09: The bio was fine, overall, but there were some issues. One issue is that 'fathers' should be 'father's'. Another is that you typed 'to' instead of 'too' at one point. Anoooother is 'sign up' instead of 'signed up'.

Nad: Well... I was kind of offended by the sarcastic joke. XD It would have been best to not include it, and have given something more vague, as opposed to exactly what he said. The bio is incomplete, not having his reason for joining, or a description of his appearance.

Reddy: No entry.

Snow: Not a complete bio...

Fanny: No entry, but provided a reason.

Zach: No entry.

Toad: No entry.

MrD: I like the idea of the character, but there was no description of his appearance... Also, things like 'Acts like one, too' aren't complete sentences. There were some sentences that didn't properly transition between the commas, and also... He was called 'Jess' at one point.

Kg: I really like how you incorporated the two main parts of the challenge, the thing about appearance, and the their being a celebrity. Really good work. I don't remember her on American Idol, though. XD

Mr. E: No entry.

Kenzen: This bio is pretty good, though I bet she'd have a turning point in the story. There are two sentences that should have been separated as their own sentences. Read it carefully and you should spot them. You also say 'was' when you meant 'has' or 'had'.

TDISF: The bio is fine, but not too descriptive of her personality. Some issues are that you said 'Since young' when you meant 'Since she was young', and you said 'up running' when you meant 'up and running'

Elimination: Lots of no submissions this time (and some rules of the challenge overlooked)... SMP, Drama786, and Mr. E are all out for missing the challenge and the others having stronger entries the first time.

Challenge Three

Am I the only one annoyed by the 'official' bios for the real Total Drama characters? Here's what I want this time. Write a bio about one of the Total Drama characters that describes their home life, but still actually sounds like their personality as displayed on the series. Please include why they joined the show (and please try to make it make sense), besides just the main bio. Include their name, but if you include a label, make sure it's their official label.

Nalyd's Entry

Rocks' Entry

TDIwriter's Entry

Tyler is a contestant labeled The Jock on Total Drama Island.

Naturally, Tyler was a priviledged child, being the son of a TSN sports commentator. From a young age, Tyler's father pushed him to join sports. While Tyler was reluctant at first, he soon discovered that not only did love playing a great number of athletic games, but he was actually an exceptional player. This thrilled Tyler's father, who quickly outfitted his young tot in expensive and highly popular sports logos. Tyler, having skill and enthusiasm to match, quickly became everything from quarterback of his peewee football team to captain of his kindergym's gymnastics team. However, with every success came more pressure from his father. Tyler's father was once a controversial athelete, accused of betting on and throwing games. Washed up and receiving pressure from TSN to retire, Tyler's father has been trying to live vicariously through his son. Tyler, however, was blissfully unaware of his dad's intentions, and strived to continue making his father proud.

All went well until Tyler reached puberty. As he began to grow, Tyler became awkward and unable to play as he once did, as he was not yet used to his new height. Tyler soon became the butt of jokes at every game, and his coaches began reconsidering Tyler's position on the team. Tyler's father became deeply ashamed of his son and has largely distanced himself. Greatly saddened by all this, Tyler has become more driven than ever to prove himself and win back the love of his once numerous fans and the respect of his father. Although he is painfully aware of his diminished skills, Tyler tries to keep up appearances by acting as though he can handle anything.

Tyler decided to join Total Drama in order to prove to everyone that he is still a talented athlete, and to regain the respect, pride and love of his estranged father.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Noah is a character labeled as The Schemer in Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. He was on the Screaming Gophers team, as well as Team Chris is Really Really Really Hot.

Noah is not what you'd call a social butterfly, his nose perpetually stuck in a book. Adding to this, when he does speak, 90% of what he says is dripping with scathing sarcasm, turning away most potential friends at the door. Noah's sarcasm and lack of friends seems to be a vicious cycle, mostly because he uses his wit as a defense mechanism, to counteract the various rumors that spread about him throughout his school and his home (he has a lot of sisters that love to gossip). It is a popular belief at Noah's school that he is gay, mostly due to his aversion to masculine activities like sports, but also due to his tenor voice and slightly effeminate speech patterns...also because of an embarassing incident involving his older brother's senior prank and a blind date with a transvestite. This assumption is not true, but luckily his friend Joey is there to help him not go completely insane. Joey is Noah's best friend, whom he can always count on for support, from defense against bullies (Joey knows karate) to just having someone to vent to. Joey even served as Noah's campaign manager for the sophomore class president elections last fall, which Noah won.

Noah's life isn't all bad; after all, he is the smartest person in his grade, with a 4.5 GPA to show it. Of course, when anyone besides Joey comes to ask Noah for academic help, he makes a sarcastic comment about his intellectual superiority...he just can't help himself.

Noah decided to audition for Total Drama to prove that his smarts can help him in competition, and to get away from his embarassing home life.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Tcf09's Entry

Nad's Entry

Reddy's Entry

Snow's Entry

Fanny's Entry

Zach's Entry

Heather ( labeled as "The Queen Bee") has competed in Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour.

Heather had to be on top. Top grades, top friends, anyway to be number one. She was labeled as hottest chick in her school, having the guys do her every deed. At home, she has 6 other sibilings to live with, had to study every night, making sure she was perfect. Applying to the top colleges and managing to get accepted to them, she managed to get her parents to do everything for her later on and have control over her family. Buying her new clothes, getting her a car, anything she wanted, it was her's. If her parents didn't get her what she wanted, she would throw a giant tantrum to persaude her parents to buy what she wanted. Heather's parents signed Heather up for Totsl Drama to get her away from them and allow them some freedom.

Toad's Entry

Lindsay, labeled as The Dumb Blonde is a contestant on all three Total Drama seasons.

Note: Lindsay is a brunette at the beginning of the story. Lindsay was never exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, or the smartest wonton on the pu pu platter. But, she wasn't always the complete idiot she is today. She was always quite spoiled by her father, who is the head of a large business. She became quite bratty that way. Her mother did not exactly approve of her brattiness, and how she refused to go outside, so she took her to a football game. Lindsay loved watching football, but had never actually seen a game. She decided to try and catch a ball when it went flying onto the bleachers, but instead, it hit her in the face and she was knocked unconscious.

When she woke up, she was in the hospital. She thought the hospital was actually a store, so she asked the nurses if they sold make-up. Immediately, her parents knew what had happened. She had turned dumb from the football. She then totally forgot about her brattiness, and became just an idiot. Her friends thought that "dumb brunette" did not sound that great, so, at a sleepover, they dyed her hair blonde while she was asleep. Of course, she didn't know the difference.

Lindsay signed up for TDI because she thought it was a talent contest.

MrD's Entry

Ezekiel, labedled at The Homeschool is a contestant on Total Drama Island, and returned for Total Drama World Tour.

Ezekiel never was able to attain much of a social life back at his home, due to it being in the middle of, well, nowhere, on his parent's farm. While he doesn't really complain about this much, he says it's good because he "gets to attain a closer bond with his relatives" and "learn you need hard work to get what you want", he secretly wants to live in the city, just to be meet new people for once. He heard one too many fantasies about it, so he imagines living there would make him rich, live in a two story building, and be surrounded by hot girls, and he still considers the last one a positive, even though he's sexist, thanks to his father. He signed up for Total Drama Island in a effort to meet new people, and actually live life.

Kg's Entry
LeShawna, labeled as The Sister With 'Tude, is a contestant on the Total Drama series.
LeShawna's life at home was always rough. With her mother working two jobs, and a drunken father, she was always left at home to care for her younger siblings. Since she was still in school, it became hard to manage homework, babysitting, and a social life. She always complains to her mother about the endless schedule, however, her mother always insists that "something'll come up". Months went on, and nothing had "come up". Therefore, after finding an ad on Total Drama Island auditions, she joined - without her mother's consent - to finally get a break from her torturous schedule.

Kenzen's Entry

Izzy labeled as The Psycho Hose Beast, in Total Drama Island.

Izzy grew up in a fairly crazy family. She was crazy from birth, and liked to jump around the nursey at two. When she was young she loved to make new personalities and be only that person for a while. Izzy just loved being who she was and that’s what she did. Always being the crazy one in her classroom, all her friends are pretty wild but only Izzy is the complete psycho. Izzy is a very happy person and always lived life to the fullest.

Izzy like to compete and saw an ad and decided to join Total Drama.

TDISeriesFan's Entry

Chat Three

Sprink: I hope this challenge is fun. :)

TDIwriter: Woohoo! Top sixteen! Hmmm...I also am bothered by the "official" bios that sound little like the characters.

Sprink: That's good. I'm pretty sure you guys can make better ones.

Kenzen:Either she would have a turning point or be eliminated early for being a terible person. Also expect my entry to suck.

Sprink: IDK why. Ah well.

Kenzen: I just can't really write well for any character thats not mine.

Zach: yay! :D

TAU: This is long, and not my best work, but I hope it works.

Nad: Did it really offend you? Sorry. I put it in because I thought it would be funny. When is this challenge due?

Sprink: It's okay. Anyway, the challenge is due next Saturday.

MrD: Since no-one else is, I updated the elimination table. -w- I'll change it back if you wish, Sprink.

Toad: When's this one due?

MrD: As Sprink said earlier, Saturday. -w-

TDIwriter: I mention TSN in my entry. I found TSN on wikipedia, TSN stands for The Sports Network. Its basically the Canadian version of ESPN.

Sprink: Thanks MrD. The only problem I have is that I don't declare a best of week.

TDIwriter: No complaint here. ^_^

MrD: I assumed that from TDIwriter's review, but yea, I was going to take it down later anyway cause TDIwriter could have easily won it everytime. =P I'll take it down now. -w-

TDIwriter: NOOOOOEZ! My achievements...T_T

MrD: Sorry TDIwriter, it had to be done. =P Blame Sprink, not me. -w-

Kenzen my entry will be in in like 13 hours XD.

Kenzen:My Entry Sucks.

Judging Three

A lot of non-entries... Aw, you guys don't want me to read so much? You're so kind, but I'd prefer more entries next time, please.

Nalyd: No entry. O_O *gaspeth*

Rocks: No entry, second time in a row.

TDIwriter: This bio was very well done. It explained Tyler perfectly, and put him in a slightly tragic light. It was easy to imagine a young Tyler doing all the things described. It was actually kind of funny to imagine his eternal enthusiasm in a pint sized version. Three little mistake were 'not only did love', misspelling 'privileged', and 'athlete' at one point, which is all fairly minor, given the size of the bio (which was fine).

TAU: While this entry takes a few liberties, it seems to wrap up Noah's character and personality quite nicely. I like that you explain the fact that Noah is often taken as a homosexual, and mentioned his siblings. I also liked Joey's inclusion in the bio. I did notice that you misspelled 'embarrassing' twice. But over all, keep up the nice work.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: No entry.

Tcf09: No entry.

Nad: No entry.

Reddy: No entry, second time.

Snow: No entry, second-ish time.

Fanny: No entry, again.

Zach: I like the bio, but it had its share of issues. The first two sentences should have been combined into one. 'Her's' should be 'hers'. Also, the bio switches between 'had', 'have', and 'has'. Try to stick with one tense unless it's clear that the bio is talking about then and now.

Toad: Your bio was pretty good. Nice work on it. I didn't notice any noticeable mistakes. I found it to be semi-mean spirited, though. But I did find this sentence to be funny: She had turned dumb from the football. XDDDD It's probably just me. I also thought the reason for joining was perfect.

MrD: First off, the label should be The Homeschooled Guy, but I didn't see many other problems. The bio was good, but I wish that there was a better explanation of his sexism.

Kg: This bio is interesting. I like it pretty well. I think it could have sound a little more like LeShawna, but it was good. Nice work on the lack of spelling mistakes and grammar mishaps.

Kenzen: The bio is fine. The only errors I see are the lack of an 's' with 'Izzy like to compete, and you change tense midsentence in the last sentence of the main paragraph.

TDISF: No entry.

Elimination: All the people who didn't submit for a second time are out. These are Rocks, Reddy, Snow, and Fanny. Sorry, people.

Challenge Four

For this challenge I'm going to provide a different label for each of you (the labels are random, and just in the order I think of them... They have nothing to do with the user they were given to... Except Lindsaysbiggetfan's...). You must use that label, but if you are confused by the meaning, let me know and I'll try to explain it to you better. Please provide the name and provided label (you can erase the label sentence I provided when you do your bio), the life story paragraph, their reason for joining, and a short description of their appearance. This challenge is due next Saturday (I'll be busy playing Pokemon Black next Sunday 8D).

Nalyd's Entry

Nalyd's label is The Spoiled Playboy.

TDIwriter's Entry

Frankie is a contestant labeled The Unconventional Geek on the next season of Total Drama.

Frankie is a bit of a wildcard. Despite hanging out with geeks, freaks, weirdos, dorks, losers, nerds, and even the occasional goober, Frankie is actually a member of both the football and basketball team. Frankie takes pride in the fact that he, a person who has regularly been refered to as a 'geek' since junior high, is a star player for two different sports teams. Frankie is a very attractive young man, blessed with a somewhat cliche but ever popular "tall, dark and handsome" body. He works out regularly and has gained quite an impressive amount of muscle. Normally, this would equal instant popularity in high school. However, Frankie is often isolated from the other athletes and "popular" crowd, due to his love of table top roleplaying games, and cosplaying. Frankie's mother is worried that her son will be picked on for the rest of his life, due to his "unusual" interests. His father, on the other hand, is proud that his son is so open about his interests, no matter how unpopular they may be. Frankie is proud of both is athletic talents, and his love of table top roleplaying, and is a vocal advocate for fair treatment of all students. On more than one occasion, Frankie has defended a fellow "geek" from one of his football or basketball teammates, only to have the teasing and insults shifted towards him. Insults and teasing deeply hurt Frankie's feelings, especially since they're usually from his own teammates. Alas, Frankie prefers to suffer in silence so that his more socially offbeat friends can have someone to look up to.

Frankie decided to join Total Drama in order to show that a "geek" can come in many shapes and sizes. He also wants to try and gain support for his anti-bully cause, in hopes that he can finally make life for unpppular kids less unbearable at school.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Felicity is a character labeled The Supermodel in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds.

Felicity is quite possibly the sweetest, most down-to-earth girl to come out of British Columbia since surfing champion and former Total Drama contestant Bridgette Bellamy. Her winning personality, combined with her striking facial features, lush red hair and emerald green eyes attracted the attention of some of the greatest fashion designers. Modeling has always come naturally to Felicity, even though she is full-figured; she has a lovely camera presence and a natural warmth that photographers and designers love. Just last year, Felicity's picture ended up on the front page of Teen Supreme Magazine. Of course, much like her fellow British Columbian, the aforementioned Miss Bellamy, Felicity does not like to glitz herself up with too much makeup and flashy nail polish. She believes that the clothing she models should reflect her, and refuses to become a slave to the modeling industry. Her employers surprisingly accept her beliefs, and Felicity manages to climb to the top of the modeling tower despite it all.

Felicity decided to audition for Total Drama to have some fun, and to make new friends. She is the type of girl who would love to befriend at least one fan in competition.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Laurie is labled Lindsay's Biggest Fan.

Ever since Laurie saw Lindsay compete on Total Drama, she adored her. She showed her love for Lindsay by dressing up like her, and by writing a fanfiction on her on a Total Drama fanfiction wiki. When Laurie saw how Heather treated Lindsay, she left some nasty comments on Heather’s cellphone. Soon, Laurie’s affection towards Lindsay turned unhealthy. She sewed a life size doll that looked exactly like her idol from scratch. Most of Laurie’s brain cells died after watching clips of Lindsay over and over again. This resulted in a drop of grades. She signed up for Total Drama 5 after hearing a rumor about Lindsay’s participation.

Tcf09's Entry

Tcf09's label is The Nature Enthusiast.

Nad's Entry

Nad's label is The Ladies Man.

Zach's Entry

Zach's label is The Female Jock.

Toad's Entry

Leslie is labeled as The Macho Man.

Leslie is a very "gung-ho" type of guy. He thinks men are superior to women, and believes that he is strong at everything. This pompous personality started when he was in kindergarten, and he met a girl with his same name. He then realized that his name was most commonly a girl's name, so tried to act extra manly in order to make up for it. He pushes little children around when they are invading his "personal bubble", and tries to lift 30 pounds every day. Unfortunately, all of these things he says he is good at, he really is not. One day, a bully challenged him to a fight. Everyone was expecting Leslie to win, thanks to his tall tales. Although, it ended in a large disappointment when the bully beat up Leslie in less than a minute. Everyone avoids him at school now.

Leslie joined Total Drama to prove he is strong.

MrD's Entry

Ritchie, labeled as The Health Nut, is a contestant on an uncoming fanfic.

Ritchie used to, surprisingly, be one of the more unhealthy guys you could find. At the age of twelve, he weighed two hundred pounds, ate all the time, and he shuddered at the thought of exercise. However, one day he really looked into a mirror, and saw what he did to himself. Quickly he aimed to improve, and has achieved his goal, now having a six-pack, running two miles daily, and eats only when necessary. He, however, still hates exercise and everything like that, and longs for his old self, but he knows if he went back to that he'd be poisoning himself.

He signed up for Total Drama since he figured it would be a good opportunity to get some exercise.

Kg's Entry
Burt, labeled as The Hunter, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama. Burt loves the forest. He loves the plants, the setting, the feeling... and he loves the animals. Specifically deer. Burt's father raised him to be a hunter, since they could barely afford their own home. Burt wakes up at the crack of dawn and doesn't go back to sleep until he has some sort of prey back home with him. One day, he didn't come back home for weeks, and in desperation, went fishing and brought back an enormous cod. He never changes out of his hunting gear; a simple forest-green T-shirt, khaki slacks, black combat boots, and a safari hat. Burt joined the Total Drama series to get he and his father out of their financial crisis.

Kenzen's Entry

John, labeled as The Brainiac in an upcoming season of Total Drama.

John grew up in a family of four, John is loved a lot by his family and has always been pushed to go above and beyond what was expected of him. When John was young John was diagnosed with dyslexia, John decided no great people have had dyslexia and quit even trying in school. John was held back a grades before his parents finally decided John wasn’t just going to get over his bad feelings towards school, They both talked to John about his goals in life and when John said he had no ambition they proposed that if he caught up that they would work up to send him to the best possible school they could, so John could get the education he needed. John agreed and with tutors help John exceled and became top in his class and John passed two grades in the same year and he put himself ahead and John didn’t let his dyslexia hold him back. By the time he was fourteen his parents were sending him off to the University of Calgary. He was happy and graduated top of his class at seventeen. John is a very happy person and is pushed by his parents and sister.

John joined Total Drama with the goal to use his mind to win the game.

TDISeriesFan's Entry

Sally, labeled The Goth Girl is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama. Sally has always been a loner. She never wanted to talk to anyone at school, and prefered to talk to the plants in the windows of the classroom, and that's the reason she always sat near them. Sitting there at school, she also saw many unhappy animals, and promised she would save all of them. Her parents were really concerned of this "problem" she had, so they decided to not send her to school anymore and let her be happy with the plants they had in the garden.

Sally joined Total Drama to acomplish her goal: save all the unhappy animals in the world.

She has blonde hair and green eyes. However, she died her hair to black, and has bangs. She also has piercings in her nose and left eyebrow. Sally always uses the same clothes; her black t-shirt, dark grey jeans and red converses

Chat Four

Sprink: I hope everyone likes their label, but if you don't... Well, that's part of the challenge.

Nalyd: Sorry about not posting, I totally spaced. So, what exactly is a playboy? xD

Sprink: A guy who lives in luxury. The official definition is a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.

TAU: Would it be considered cheating if I used my already existing character Kathryn for this challenge? Her archetype coincidentally is the same as the one you gave me.

TDIwriter: Yeah...I got the one that is like, the opposite of me T.T Still, I shall turn it into an awesome character of death.

Sprink: It is, TAU? I forgot... but I kind of remember now. I'd prefer a new bio, but if you'd rather me change your label I can do that (just for this one instance).

TAU: Nah, it's not a big deal. I can make another supermodel character that is different from Kathryn. The way I see it, there are at least two sides to every character type.

Lindsay: I am laughing at my sterotype right now.

TAU: While I think that Kathryn is one of my better characters, I think I did well with this challenge without using her. In fact, I created Felicity here specifically as another supermodel who would likely drive Kathryn insane.

Nad: What exactly is a ladies man?

Sprink: A male popular among the female population. Usually, they're flirtatious with the opposite gender.

Sunshine: *bursts in through nonexistent window* Hey, I just realized this camp existed! XD Sorry, Sprinky!

TAU: It's not too late to chime in, as long as you're here! Hey, Sunshine!

Sprink: Hey, Sunshine. Welcome to the party. Basically, all I want to know from you is if you have any challenge ideas. I can handle the judging. Let me know if you have any ideas on one of my talk pages, please. :)

Lindsay: SUNSHINE!!! *Throws sparkles in the air*

TDIwriter: Yeah, not my best entry.

Sprink: I'm thinking of extending the challenge to Monday if that's okay with everyone. The reason is a busy upcoming weekend.

TDISF: I hope I have improved :\

Kenzen:Writing Mine Now.

Judging Four

A lot of non-entries... again. The bios were pretty good. Good job to all who submitted, but part of the challenge was to have a description of the character's appearance, again. While I may have overlooked them without realizing it, I won't count it against anyone.

Nalyd: Missed the second entry in a row.

TDIwriter: I thought this was really good. It seems like a solid character (one I could plausibly right for). The only slight flaws I saw were 'refered' instead of 'referred' and 'is' instead of 'his'. Not much else to say.

TAU: Good job on this bio. I liked it, a lot. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, but one thing that could be somewhat flaw like is that I wasn't sure what the point of mentioning Bridgette was, other than her being from the same place.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: I do like this one. Only part I didn't like was the death of brain cells part.

Tcf09: No entry, once more.

Nad: No entry, again.

Zach: Second missed entry.

Toad: Nice work on the bio. I suppose it works, even though it wasn't what I was expecting. I expected him to be macho, not just acting that way.

MrD: This is one of my favorite entries from you. I really like the character idea of someone who is healthy for healthiness sake, not out of liking it. Good job!

Kg: This bio is decent. My only slightly confused moment came when it says that he loves deer... Does he love them or love to kill them? XD

Kenzen: Interesting. He goes back and forth, but I like that you show that dyslexia isn't something to hold someone back. There are some grammar issues, but I'm feeling too tired to point them all out. Read it over and you should see what they are.

TDISF: I like the bio, and you actually provided a character appearance description.

Elimination: Nalyd, Tcf09, Nad, and Zach all missed an entry for the second. They all is out. Sorry, people.

Challenge Five

This challenge comes to you from Sunshineandravioli, the co-host of this (if you remember). We would like to see you come up with a character profile about a character with superpowers. She based this challenge on Total Drama Super Powered from the Fanfiction wikia... Anyway, this is due next Tuesday (before The Biggest Loser airs [Tuesdays on NBC]).

TDIwriter's Entry

Mark is a contestant labeled The Comic Book Fan on a special edition of Total Drama.

Mark grew up in a dysfunctional family setting in a very poor region of Canada. Growing up, Mark did not get along with his parents at all and frequently ran away from home, just as a way to escape his own problems. From the time he was born to his final year in middle school, Mark didn't have one personal hero. It was not until a friend turned him to comic books that Mark eventually found one. Mark was quickly absorbed in the stories of superheroes and supervillains duking it out for the fate of the free world. Completely in love with the idea of person having the power to rise above their background to become beloved heroes, Mark began to change his outlook on life, becoming much more social at school and no longer running away from home. One day, however, after Mark's father had a few too many drinks, Mark's father began making fun of Mark's comic book heroes. Mark chose to ignore his father, thinking it was what his beloved heroes would want him to do. This angered Mark's father greatly, who preceeded to shred every single one of Mark's comic books. Enraged and confused, Mark once again ran away from home, going to an abandoned tree house he had found in the forest when he was younger. As Mark was climbing the tree to get into the tree house, a mysterious blue meteorite shot through the night sky right into Mark's tree house, destroying it instantly and crashing to a halt nearby. Devastated, Mark ran to the meteorite and kicked it in a fit of anger. As his shoe made contact, a strange bolt of blue energy jumped from the meteorite and into Mark, knocking him out. When Mark awoke, he soon discovered that when he spoke, waves of sound came from his mouth. Though the waves were only as powerful as a light breeze, Mark shouted out in excitement, causing a very strong soundwave to come from his mouth and destroy a large tree. Mark soon concluded that the louder his voice, the more powerful the soundwave. This excited Mark even further, and he vowed to use his powers for the good of humanity, somehow. Mark returned home late that night, in order to retrieve his savings. After he did so, Mark decided that he would never return to his family, and that he would become a full time superhero. Using his savings, Mark travelled to the city, where he began fighting crime under the alias, "Starscream".

Mark, a.k.a. Starscream, joined the special edition of Total Drama in order to become an iconic hero all over the world, and in hopes that he could somehow use the show to discourage criminal activity.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Mikhail is a character labeled The Nonconformist in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds

Growing up, Mike was just a typical kid with no real problems or talents. He was normal, and that was about it. Of course, being "normal" and nothing else took a toll on Mike's psyche after a while. Upon entering middle school he began rebelling, belligerently deviating from the norm just to be different, even changing his name from Mike to Mikhail "to honor his Russian heritage". At age fourteen, he got a self-made makeover, sporting long, dyed crimson hair, scarlet colored contacts and an entire wardrobe filled with tight leather and fishnet clothing. He styles himself this way to this day specifically to stand out from the crowd, even though he is frightened of his own reflection. While Mikhail's peers thought he was a bit off, he never was considered to be the deviant of his dreams until a few months ago. Mikhail had finished making a sculpture for his ceramics class and was carrying it to his classroom when someone bumped into him, causing him to drop the sculpture. He knew he could not catch the delicate piece of ceramic, but he reached his hand out anyway, fearing the inevitable destruction of his work. Much to Mikhail's surprise, the sculpture froze, floating mere inches above the ground. Mikhail was in shock, and slowly raised his outstretched arm, unknowingly pulling the sculpture to him, landing safely in his arms. Being well-versed in superhero comics (Nobody else in his school likes them, so he nearly bought out the comic store in ninth grade), he knew he was telekinetic, and since his powers manifested with no known external cause, he assumed he was a mutant. Of course, Mikhail was ecstatic to find out about his power, and began showing it off to his peers, trying to frighten them. To make a long story short, he succeeded. He has decided to use his powers neither for good nor for evil, but to live exactly as he did before, just using his powers for the occasional public display, or for personal gain.

Mikhail decided to audition for Total Drama so he can show off his powers to his castmates. He also wants to win the prize money to show his classmates that nonconformity leads to success in life.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Trina is labeled the scientist. She had auditioned for Total Drama Super Powered, but did not make it past the cut.

Trina was working in her laboratory, one day, with a space rock that was radioactive. While working, she began to feel the earth moving under her. In about the next five minutes, an earthquake had begun. While seeking shelter, a fragment of the space rock flew into Trina’s mouth. The fragment was so radioactive that it nearly killed her. After the earthquake, Trina looked into a mirror to find herself the color of green. Before taking more time to look at her transformation, Trina found her partner, Jenna, trapped beneath rumble with the rest of the roof about to collapse on her. That is when she found out about her new powers. Trina was able to extend her right arm all the way to the other side to save Jenna. After viewing Trina saving her life, Jenna encouraged her to audition for Total Drama Super Powered. At first, she was not willing to join. However, when she heard that her ex – boyfriend, Matthew, was joining, Trina signed up. She hoped to make it on, but was replaced by Acid Tongue.

Toad's Entry

Leela, labeled as The Random Girl is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Leela is a nice, pretty, smart, and extremely short girl. She seems to be the most well-rounded person a man could think of, but once you get to know her, you notice that she is extremely random. You see, Leela has five older brothers, who all love to use the computer. None of them really have lives, for they spend their whole free time on a social chatbox, laughing hysterically about the dumbest things, such as Internet memes. One day, she was forced to go on a camping trip with her brothers. She was the one who did all of the work, such as pitching the tent. When it was extremely late at night, she wanted to go to bed. However, this effort was thwarted thanks to her brothers, who were repeating "Longcat is looooong!" over and over again. That tore it for Leela. Right before she was about to go outside, something green began to glow. Then, everything went white, and Leela fainted dead away.

When she woke up, she immediately screamed "PANCAKES!" This was not good, she had turned exactly like her brothers by some sort of radiation. She also figured out that she could shoot monstrous gummy bears out of her hands, which was pretty cool. For now, she uses her randomness to fight off bullies and rude people at her school, and now, nobody messes with her.

MrD's Entry

Kg's Entry
Wendy, labeled as The Impressionist is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama.
Wendy is a short, African-American girl with a big heart, and an even bigger mouth. She's constantly talking, telling jokes, and just being social in general. She enjoys acting, and aspires to be an A-List actress someday. And, one fateful day, when trying to imitate Britney Spears, she tripped into a pothole. She fell through the city's sewer system until she landed in a vat of suspiciously green liquid. Later, after being rescued, she stated that "the show must go on", and continued her impression. Within seconds, her dark braids transformed into long, straightened, blonde hair. She grew nearly a foot in height, and her dark skin faded into a pale shade of beige. Wendy's friends gasped at the shock of seeing an exact replica of Britney Spears in their presence, and Wendy realized that she could transform into anyone she wanted to, as long as she tried her hardest to act like them. Wendy's appearance is ever-changing, however, her "neutral" appearance is her Beyonce impression.

Kenzen's Entry

Lee, labeled as The Want To Hero, in an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Lee grew up being an average kid always wanting to aspire to greatness, to be a fireman or a police officer, to help people. When Lee was young he and his family were at the carnival when Lee wandered off, he walked into the power plant of the carnival and Lee was electrocuted by a loose wire. When Lee woke up he was in the hospital, Lee’s family by his side. A few months after Lee had returned to his average life, one day he was getting bullied and he began to get angry and his whole body lit on fire, Lee scared off the bullies and he was shocked that he could now pursue his goals of being a hero. As Lee grew and matured he perfected his power, Lee matured his powers so he was soon able to throw fireballs, fly, and train his power into the blade of a sword to make it so hot he could cut through metal. Lee began to be the town savoir, later after Lee graduated from high school he moved to New York City where there was more crime, and Lee could help more people. However Lee began to burn out always being too late to the crime and people always just raising a gun to him and threatening to shoot him, one of his worst fears. Lee moved back to his old town sad and he vowed to never use his powers again.

Lee joined Total Drama for the sole goal of just going back to his average self, around other hopefully normal people.

TDISeriesFan's Entry

Chat Five

Sprink: Get to it, please.

TDIwriter: I assume I'm not allowed to use Cloudburst :P

Fanny: I wish I wasn't grounded/on vacation when these challenges were because they have left me to my elimination in both seasons. :(

Sprink: Sorry, Fanny. And no TDIwriter. :P New characters, please.

TAU: Yeah, this is kind of bad, but I combined two totally different character ideas into this one, so it's to be expected. Let's just hope it's enough to last me through this challenge.

Kg: Holy crap, Final Eight already? o.o

MrD: What KG said...

Toad: What MrD and KG said...

TDIwriter: Whoever comes in third is the season's villian :P

Kg: Ha. :P *likes everyone's entries so far :D*

Sprink: The challenge will be due a few hours before Biggest Loser starts. I forgot I would be busy that day.

Judging Five

TDIwriter: This bio was really good. I found myself really liking this character. I felt bad for him because of his family situation, but it ended kind of nicely for him (gaining superpowers is a happy ending). I like that you got to incorporate your love of Starscream in this, too. And I'm not the only one to make characters that share names with Transformers. XD

TAU: I really liked the bio. I feel that I got the sense of the character quite fully, and I liked the description of his appearance. It was really well done. One tiny problem was that there was a period missing after the first sentence.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: I really liked the TDSP references. It fit the theme of the challenge. The only thing that seemed to be missing was what her personality is like, but I did like the bio overall.

Toad: I really liked the bio, though I thought you misread the challenge after going through most of it with no mention of superpowers. I like her power, too. Haha.

MrD: No entry.

Kg: I must say that this bio was thoroughly entertaining. Great job on it. The Britney Spears stuff was amusing, as well as her constantly being in Beyonce mode. XD I didn't notice any flaws, so nice job.

Kenzen: I like the bio, but there was some issues of commas missing when they should have been present. Here's one sentence that should have been split into two: 'Lee began to be the town savoir, later after Lee graduated from high school he moved to New York City where there was more crime, and Lee could help more people.' Also, 'savoir' should be 'savior'.

TDISF: No entry.

Elimination: Mr. D and TDISF are out for missing the challenge. Sorry, guys. Everyone else, I was really impressed this week. Good job! :)

Challenge Six

I'm pretty sure that all of you are familiar with the Total Drama Island Fanfiction wikia. This challenge involves the characters found within it. I would like for you to make a character that is somehow related to a fan made character from one of the stories on the wiki (relative, friend, acquaintance, ex, etc.). I'd prefer that you use characters from a story other than your own, but I won't fault anyone if they decide to go that way. You might have a good idea for someone related to your own characters. I'd also encourage you to ask a user if you want to base a character on one of theirs, but it should be alright, either way. You don't have to ask me if you want to use one of my characters as the related figure, you have permission for that. Don't feel like you need to scour the bios to think up someone that already has been mentioned, though you can do that. You can also just make up someone that was never mentioned (like a brother or sister, even if it isn't mentioned on their page), just make sure that who they have a relation to is clear. Also, this character will be competing on a different season of Total Drama, so make the bio like any other (including a label, and reason for joining). Hopefully that's not too many instructions. XD Let me know if anything needs to be clarified. This one is due next Wednesday (unless everyone submits something early).

TDIwriter's Entry

Quigley is a contestant labeled' 'The Rebel Klutz on an upcoming season of the Total Drama series.

Quigley was the second born of two children. His older sister, Quinn, was always the star of the family due to her exceptional IQ. When he was younger, Quigley didn't mind because he and his sister were very close. Unfortunately, as time went on, Quinn became more and more consumed by the attention she was receiving. Quigley's parents started to ignore Quigley, slightly. This deeply affected Quigley, and he became extraordinarily bitter towards his sister for the attention she was getting. This led to numerous arguments between the two siblings, resulting in a deep rift between them. As Quinn comtinued to receive recognition and praise from the community, Quigley slipped down a darker path. He remembered that when he was seven and Quinn was nine, he had accidentally broken a very important invention of Quinn's. Quigley decided this was how he would knock his sister down a few levels. For every three inventions of Quinn's, Quigley wrecked, ruined, ransacked, destroyed, smashed and crushed two of them. Of course, Quigley plays innocent whenever he's caught, but no one believes his act. In addition to trying to wreck his sister's pride, Quigley has fallen in with a bad crowd and dropped out of multiple boarding schools.

Quigley joined Total Drama in order to show up his sister. After seeing how poorly she did on both of her seasons, Quigley decided that he would take home the prize just to rub it in Quinn's face. Despite not wanting to admit it, Quigley also joined the show in hopes his parents would see him on television and pay some attention to him.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Hernan is a character labeled The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing on Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds

Hernan is Dante's illegitimate half-brother (the son of Dante's adulterer father and his mistress). Despite their blood relationship, Hernan and Dante could not look more different. While Dante is tall, dark and handsome, Hernan is average-sized, pale and while not ugly, certainly no looker. Hernan is aware of his status as an illegitimate child, but it doesn't seem to bother him, as he is an outgoing person who is able to win his classmates over remarkably easily. He does however, tell people of his birth status as a "sympathy card" in order to win favors from people and to make potential bullies feel guilty about their actions. Much like his half-brother, Hernan has a dark side, but very few people know about it. He manipulates his so-called "friends" with his eloquence and non-threatening appearance, and feels no shame or guilt when doing so. He has even gone so far as to convince a classmate of his to fight a bully for him, ultimately getting suspended in doing so. Hernan has only once been caught as the puppetmaster behind another student's actions, after a cheating incident during a final exam. Hernan was receiving answers from a prodigy he conned into writing a cheat sheet, when a teacher noticed. Instead of the regular disciplinary actions, the conned genius informed the teacher that Hernan was behind the whole thing, and he admitted to it proudly. The teacher was shocked at his nonchalance, and referred him to the school psychiatrist rather than take the usual disciplinary actions, figuring they would not work on the remorseless Hernan. The psychiatrist diagnosed him with Anti-Social Personality Disorder, explaining his eloquence, manipulative tendencies and lack of guilt. Hernan does not let this diagnosis change his behavior, as he truly has fun with his life, much to his school's dismay.

Hernan decided to audition for Total Drama to climb his way to the top, not caring whom he has to step on in the process.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry Talia is labeled the shadow in an upcoming reality show.

Everyone knows the famous Emmy Dinsdale, but do you know her twin sister, Talia Dinsdale? Talia and Emmy were once unbreakable. They would do everything and anything together. However, when Emmy hit big at seven, her sister was merely forgotten. All the attention went to Emmy as well as the money. As her parents forgot about her, Emmy did too. Talia tried audition for acting roles, but was always compared to her sister. Another thing that made her upset was the affection shown towards Emmy from the boys in school. When Emmy’s fame halted, Talia saw this as the time to shine. She began to become a bit of a drama queen. Talia also began to wear punk style clothing. Her parents got upset, and Talia realized that her twin would always be better than her.

Talia hopes to show the world that she is better than her sister. She also hopes to find a cute boyfriend, someone that pays attention to her and doesn’t compare. .

Toad's Entry

Rocco is labeled as The Cheater in an upcoming story.

Rocco is a muscular teenage boy with a buzz-cut, tan skin, and a soul patch. He constantly cheats at everything he can. When he was in fourth grade, Rocco had to take a math test. He was too lazy to actually study for it. One day, he was snooping about in his older brother's room, when he found the exact same test, which his brother had gotten a good grade on. Rocco memorized the answers, and voila! He aced the test. As he grew older, his cheating began to be more serious. In seventh grade, when he was only twelve, he got his first girlfriend who he loved. He would support her at her volleyball matches, and constantly texted her and talked to her on the phone. Unfortunately, Rocco then began to notice other girls. He did not want to break up with Madison, because he truly loved her, but decided to secretly have affairs with other girls behind her back. One day, Madison wanted to sign up for Total Drama, and Rocco helped her make an audition tape hesitantly, because he knew the producers would let both of them in. Then, one day, Rocco couldn't take it. He met an excellent girl named Tiffany while he was out buying cheese. He decided to make out with Tiffany in a bathroom. Unbeknownst to him, one of Madison's friends was there as well, and saw the whole thing. Madison's friend showed the tape to Madison, and she could not believe what she saw. Rocco admitted that he was cheating on her, and they broke up. Now, Madison is an emotional wreck.

Rocco does not care about this, since he has another "hot" girlfriend, and signed up for Total Drama to meet more girls and cheat on his new girlfriend.

Kg's Entry
Larry, labeled as The Other Brother, is a contestant on an upcoming season of Total Drama.
Larry is a twenty-six year old male with shaggy brown hair, and an average build. He is constantly living in the shadow of his younger brother, Beau. In the earlier years, Larry supported his younger brother, but now, he's beginning to get annoyed with all of the diverted attention. When Larry found out that Beau was signing up for Total Drama, he was overjoyed, and hoped that he would finally get some attention from his friends and family. However, they watched Total Drama Tropics like hawks, and Larry still never got the attention he craved. Larry actually attempted to sign up for Total Drama Wilderness, but failed miserably at his audition. Larry and Beau constantly fought between the end of Total Drama Tropics and the beginning of Total Drama: The All-Stars. Larry finally became so fed up, that when he auditioned again, he bribed the judge in order to get a spot. His family and friends promised to watch, although, Beau simply refused.

Kenzen's Entry

Chat Six

Sprink: There you have it. I'm sure you six will do well with this.

Kg: Oh mah gah, so many 6's. @_@

Toad: Yay, the final 6! Anyways, I was gonna do Gary's brother Larry, but I'm thinking of someone else. Sprink, we can use your characters, I assume?

Sprink: Yup. Anyone can use mine.

TAU: Whoop it up! I created a relative of Dante's that's even more evil than Dante himself!

Kg: Phew, mine's up.

Kenzen:Just remembered this do not expact an entry today or monday.

Toad: Just finished mine. I love this guy's name. xD

Sprink: I'll judge this tomorrow morning. I ended up forgetting about it. Sorry. TT_TT

Judging Six

TDIwriter: I like this bio, he does seem like someone I want to read about it. Not much else to say, other than you spelled 'continued' as comtinued'.

TAU: I'm pretty interested in this guy. He's deceptive in a different way from Dante, but just as free from accepting his actions. As for flaws, you missed a comma before 'however' and a comma in a list of three things.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: I like the way this bio is worded. It's pretty interesting how it kind of interacts the reader. There was a grammar issue of a missed 'to' before 'audition'. Also a missed comma before 'too'. I didn't quite understand why Talia noted that she would never be better than her sister, since nothing notable was mentioned.

Toad: I like that you took a character that was fairly mentioned in Madison's bio. He would make an interesting character, though I didn't perceive him as a completely unscrupulous guy. I can't really fault you for how I imagined him, though. Nice work on the bio. I didn't see any spelling or grammar flaws.

Kg: Hm. This one was pretty interesting, too. I like the thought of a jealous type competing. I thought of a way to make his character work, so it was kind of inspiring, though I probably won't use him. XD I would normally say to show more personality for a character, but for this one I feel that he is so consumed with jealousy that he has little other personality. While on the competition, he could sort of discover who he is, and what he is like. I digress. I nice work.

Kenzen: No entry...

Elimination: Kenny, you're out for missing. Sorry.

Challenge Seven

For this challenge, I would like you to go back and look at one of your own characters that you created for this camp. Then, I would like you to create a character that would end up being either in a romantic relationship, friendship, or rivalry with that first character. Be sure to mention in a small paragraph after the bio who it is they befriend/date/dislike and how, so it's clear to me who it is. This one is due next Friday, unless everyone submits early (I still have hope).

TDIwriter's Entry

Lara is a contestant labeled The Violinist on an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Lara was born in a sprawling metropolis to a pair of wealthy record producers. As family of the upper class, Lara's parents decided that their daughter would gain an advantage in life if she became 'well rounded' at a young age. They started Lara out with painting lessons, ballet, pre-calculus and deep sea fishing. Young Lara mastered all of these everyday tasks, and so, it was decided that she would tackle the family business--music. Despite producing all sorts of music, Lara's parents have very strict tastes, and restricted their daughter to the only instrument they saw as important, the violin. By this time, Lara had adopted her mother and father's cold approach towards life, and thus, accepted the musical challenge with prim ambition. As the years passed, Lara shaped up into a skilled violinist. With all the years of practice, Lara developed an intense hatred for her violin, but, on the other hand, she felt absolutely addicted to the wretched hunk of wood. Her co-workers can often find her locked up in the storage office, playing dirges on her highly abused violin. Because she was forced into so many activities, Lara never made one friend. Lara seems to more or less take out this frustration on her violin by verbally assaulting it. Yet, whenever she is distraught or in despair, the playing the violin is the only thing that can save Lara's mood.

Lara joined the Total Drama series to master the outdoors, and become even more "well-rounded". Also, she hopes to break her attachment to her much hated violin.

Once on the show, Lara was quick to cross swords with Apollo. To Lara, Apollo represented everything Lara hated and wanted to be. Apollo was attractive, carefree, and most importantly, he was happy. Though Apollo tried to break Lara's cold outer shell by introducing her to the guitar, Lara was tortured by he memories of long hours practicing her violin, and violently rejected his extention of friendship. Despite her vicious opposition, Apollo continued to try and make her see guitars the way he did. Unfortunately, Lara's icy exterior was too much for the jolly lad to thaw. Lara began to detest Apollo, and thus, sought to make him pay for bringing such harsh feelings into her mind. With every cruel and calculating skill she had at her disposal, Lara cooked up a plot for what she viewed as "justified revenge". While Apollo was sleeping, Lara bribed another male contestant to use his shaving razor to saw the strings of Apollo's guitar to sheds. Upon awakening, Lara discovered that her "revenge" was indeed as effective as she had hoped, for Apollo quit the competition that very day. Lara strangely felt little to no satisfaction from this supposed triumph. Instead, she felt something she had never felt once before in her miserable life. In her struggles to deal with her new found guilt, Lara eventually quit the competition herself, in order to talk to Apollo about how she was feeling. However, due to the nature of his experiences, Apollo returned home instead of staying at the loser's resort, and has refused to make any contact with Lara to this very day. Lara lives everyday of her life with the guilt she inflicted upon herself, with no way of helping herself...besides playing the guitar.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Mariko is a character labeled The Frightened Bunny in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds

Mariko has never had the easiest life. She is the only child of a strict, ex-Amish father and an equally strict Japanese mother. All her life her parents have kept her sheltered from the "dangers" of the outside world, sending her to a prestigious all-girls preparatory school and refusing to allow her any semblance of a social life outside of school, believing her education and grades are more important. If there was any indication that Mariko was to disobey her parents' strict rules, she would be severely punished, physically and otherwise. The constant fear of violating her parents' rules, coupled with the mild paranoia that the world is a dangerous place has had a crippling effect on Mariko socially; while she is a straight-A student, fluent in both English and Japanese, and a gifted piccolo player, she is painfully shy and refuses to converse with her classmates in any way. Around the time she turned seventeen, the stress Mariko constantly faces got to her; she refused to attend school, or have any contact with the world outside of her home. She remained locked in her bedroom for weeks on end, too terrified to open her door.

Mariko's parents, seeing the error of their ways, begged the Total Drama producers to let her on. Her mother grew up with a hikikomori brother, and fears that Mariko may end up on the same path. They just want the best possible future for their daughter, and they believe that an experience like Total Drama can help her come out of her shell.

Upon arriving on the show, Mariko instantly ran into the corner of the "Entry and Exit Room", breathing noticably heavily and quivering slightly at the sight of the many other adolescents. While most seemed to be put off by her immediate reaction, Sebastian and Mikhail were both immediately attracted to her unusual beauty. While initially, Mariko was hesitant to talk with the guys, after several days she began to open up, seeing that they both truly cared about her. Sebastian and Mariko hit it off instantly, realizing that they had many things in common, and began to have private conversations in Japanese, much to Mikhail's chagrin. Mikhail, on the other hand, first scared the sheltered Mariko with his unorthodox appearance and dominant personality, but he tried very hard to convince her that he would never harm anyone, and if anyone teased her, he would use his telekinesis to get revenge for her (in the form of practical jokes, of course). This worked eventually, and Mariko fell head over heels in love with Mikhail. The couple realized that they balanced each other out perfectly; Mariko helped tame the belligerent Mikhail, who in turn brought Mariko out of her shell. Sebastian became jealous of the pair, and tried to vote Mikhail out of the competition to separate them. Mariko caught wind of this scheme, and asked Sebastian why he would do that, to which he responded that he had deduced that Mikhail was going to abuse and control the fragile girl, as a similar situation had happened on his last competition. Mariko insisted that Mikhail would never do anything of the sort, and when Sebastian refused to listen, Mikhail stepped in, using his telekinesis to steal Sebastian's sunglasses and belt, in addition to pantsing him in front of the other contestants. While Sebastian was humiliated, the experience made him come to his senses; he realized that it was he that was out of line, and not Mikhail, so he apologized and backed off, accepting his place in Mariko's "Friend Zone". Mariko and Mikhail continued their relationship for the rest of the competition, and stayed in touch afterward, though they live in separate provinces. Mariko's experiences on the show were just the treatment she needed for her social phobia.

Lindsaysbiggestfan's Entry

Andrew is labeled the woman’s dream. He will appear in an upcoming season of Total Drama.

Andrew’s parents got a divorce when he was four. His mother was able to win her son’s custody permanently. Living with a mother and two girly sisters, Andrew was taught ways on how to treat women, and giving them what they desired. Andrew used the technique, and found that it was quite successful on the ladies. He got to the point where he could actually read and understand woman by just concerting on them. Andrew was popular with the girls when he got to middle school. He was also a huge fan of Total Drama. After watching and a little studying, Andrew came to conclusion that being a villain is the only way to make it far. He signed up for Total Drama to wipe out the competition, and the win the big prize at the end.

Andrew arrived on Camp Wawankwa last. The woman began to fall for him, all except for Talia Dinsdale. Chris assigned Andrew to team Screaming Hawks. He had also happened to fall on the same team as Talia. Andrew tried hitting on her first, but after she refused a couple of times, he began to study her. He found out that she had something to prove, and didn’t really know how to socialize. Andrew decided to use her to his advantage. He got Talia to convince people to target this specific person. At the merge, however, Talia found out about the Andrew’s deception. She wanted to deny what she knew was true, and possibly fall in love with him. She remained loyal to him until the final six. That is when Andrew blindsided her. The remaining five saw Andrew as a threat, and placed a target on him. Andrew managed to stay alive until the final three. After the competition, Andrew and Talia made up. The two are now going out, and are thinking about wedding plans.

Toad's Entry

Lars is labeled as The Slow Guy in some random story.

Lars was never the most active individual. Even when he was a baby, he refused to get out of his crib, and as a result, did not learn how to walk until the age of four. When he was in first grade, he loved to play soccer, but due to his slowness, he was never allowed to play with his "friends". Instead, he was forced to shag balls out of the brambles when they rolled out of bounds. He also was not the most popular boy, because at his school, if you were very fast, you got all of the girls. Obviously, Lars was not very fast, so never got any girls. Time went by, and he eventually became a social outcast, sitting at lunch alone, and devoid of friends. He eventually became so miserable that he locked himself in his room at all times when he was not at school. Although, he became bored with just sitting there alone, so he decided to watch reality TV. This made him cheer up, and he became more outgoing and friendly.

Lars decided to sign up for Total Drama because he wanted to experience the fun of a reality show.

Once on the show, Lars met Lizza. The two were put on the same team, which Lars was not too happy about. Lars originally hated Lizza because of her ridiculously annoying, peppy, and hyperactive attitude. Eventually, they had to pull wagons for a challenge. Lars refused to pull any of the wagons, but Lizza eventually convinced him bu poking his belly button until he went insane. Eventually, Lars made friends with Lizza, and despite their drastically different personalities, they had a fun time on the show... Until Lizza was brutally voted out third. Lars eventually won the game, and spent his money on various things, such as cheese, lotion, and shirts.

(Sorry it was brief, you said a small paragraph xD)

Kg's Entry
Katie, labeled as The "Kid", is a contestant in Total Drama Insert Title Here. Katie is Burt's uncle's wife's brother's stepdaughter. Katie has a bit of an issue where she wants to be treated as if she were eight or nine years old. Katie tends to irk her parents, and usually winds up getting some strange looks from regular teenagers. But despite her obviously warped paradigm of herself, she has a few friends who she acts relatively normal around.

Once, when watching a Spongebob marathon, she stumbled upon a commercial announcing auditions for Total Drama Insert Title Here, and immediately signed up, as her dream was to be on TV. Her parents decided it would be best for her, to get more exposure to the real world, and also, just to get her out of the house.

On the show, Katie became immediate enemies with Larry after he unintentionally spilled a mug of coffee all over her shirt. Katie immediately overreacted and cried, with Larry, along with a few other contestants, covering their ears in annoyance. The two quarreled as episodes went on, until both of them reached the Final 8. The challenge included separating the remaining contestants into pairs and tying their legs together, and Larry and Katie wound up being one of them. The final part of the challenge included walking down a runway with an outfit that they had made earlier in the challenge. As Larry and Katie approached the runway, Larry immediately thought of Beau, and nearly broke down. Katie couldn't help but feel sorry for him, despite their troubles in the competition. Later that episode, Larry received the most votes, however, Katie quit in his place, as she had finally realized her immaturity, and decided that this would be the first step at leaving her childish ways behind.

Chat Seven

Sprink: Hope you guys like this challenge. :)

TAU: I hope you're OK with the fact that I made a love triangle out of the challenge instead of a simple couple. I don't know why, but I love that kind of thing, so I went with it.

TDIwriter: Yeah, not really my best entry, but I typed it at like, ten last night, so...Anyway, I like the ending, kinda.

Sprink: Hey, I can edit, again! I plan to judge this tomorrow (Monday). Lindsay sent me her entry on a talk page (lindsay is a girl, right? XD).

Kenzen:Just like to poke in here and say sorry for forgeting, I had the majority of my entry, it was a person related to Angelo.

Toad: Sorry for getting it in so late, but it's done.

Lindsay: I am pretty sure I am a girl xD

Sprink: I'll judge tomorrow morning. I ended up being pretty busy today...

Kg: Sorry for sneaking it in last-minute. o_o I've just been so busy.

Judging Seven

TDIwriter: I must say that this was really good. I liked the 'revenge' plot and how it turned out. Nice work. The only issues I saw her with spelling. 'He' instead of 'the', 'extention' instead of 'extension'

TAU: I really enjoyed this one. It was pretty in depth and I liked the transition and the way that Sebastian and Mikhail worked into her story. It seemed like a really solid character and story, overall.

Lindsaysbiggestfan: The bio was okay, overall. One issue was saying 'concerting' instead of 'concentrating', I think, and 'woman' instead of 'women'. I wish that the second paragraph was more detailed. It didn't smoothly transition. They went from being pawn and manipulator, to friends, to... marriage plans, with little explanation as to how or why.

Toad: This was well written (besides the 'bu' instead of 'by'). My main issue with it though that slow is his main personality trait. To me, that didn't make a lot of sense, especially the part about fast boys getting a lot of girls... And slow boys not. I don't really get it. XD

Kg: This was pretty good, man. I liked the new character and how you threw in how her story turned out. A pretty good entry overall.

Elimination: Well, I actually have to choose someone that submitted something... The eliminated contestant is... Lindsaysbiggestfan. Sorry about that. You did well the whole camp, but I felt the other entries were a bit better. Thanks for submitting something consistently.

Challenge Eight

Congrats to the final four. For this challenge, I have a premade character model that I would like you to give a name, label, bio, and reason for joining the show. The entries are due next Tuesday.

TDIwriter's Entry

Joshua is a contestant labeled The Short Guy on a new season of Total Drama.

For the longest time, Joshua was bigger than his younger brother. He would constantly tease and bully his younger brother, using his height and weight to his advantage. Once the two brothers reached puberty, Joshua's brother rapidly outgrew him, while Joshua remained very short for his age. Joshua's brother, as well as other boys who were victims of Joshua's size began to pick on him. Now on the other side of the torment, Joshua strived to right the wrongs of his past. After a few years, Joshua managed to successfully repair all of the damage he had done to his classmates, as well as his brother. In fact, Joshua became quite close to his brother for the first time in his life. Secretly thought, Joshua was still jealous of his brother's height, and decided the best way to compensate would be to work out and become stronger. This worked quite well, for a time, until Joshua's brother began working out, as well. Joshua was enraged to find that not only was his little brother now taller than him, but stronger as well. Joshua managed to hide his anger for some time, not wanted to destroy the close relationship he and his younger sibling now had. However, one day after a particularly bad day at work, Joshua came home in the mood to pick a fight with the first person he saw. Unfortunately, this happened to be his brother. Storming into their room, Joshua noticed his brother doing push-ups and unleashed the deeply hidden anger he had been repressing. A terrible argument ensued, and Joshua told his brother that he never wanted to see him again. Later that day, Joshua's mother sent his younger brother into town to pick up some groceries. When the brother did not return for several hours, Joshua's parents called the police, worried that something had happened to their youngest child. Indeed, it turned out that Joshua's brother was involved in a car accident. He survived, but with serious injuries. Joshua was terrified and haunted night and day by guilt for what he had said to his brother. Joshua's brother now stays in the hospital, and his family is having trouble keeping up with the medical bills. Joshua has picked up several more part-time jobs and numerous overtime shifts to help pay, but he still feels as though his words caused the accident. Now Joshua wishes for nothing more than to take back everything he said to his brother, and go back to the way things used to be. On one of his many sleepless nights, Joshua was channel surfing to find something that would help him to temporarily escape from his guilt, and he viewed a casting call commercial for the next season of Total Drama. Knowing that the show always had a large cash prize, Joshua convinced his parents to let him audition.

Joshua joined the new season of Total Drama in order to win the prize money so that he can pay for the medical bills of his brother. Also, he feels that if he wins the prize money for his brother, it will help the eternal guilt he feels to disappear.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Bill is a character labeled The Big Guy in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds.

Bill is big, and always has been. This has never been an issue for his health, because nearly all 220 pounds of him is muscle, and always has been. His size has helped him to become his high school football team's star defensive lineman, in addition to the lacrosse team's defense captain and heavyweight wrestling district champion. Of course, Bill is well-rounded, and also uses his strength and great lung capacity as the principal tuba player in his school's wind ensemble. On top of it all, even his brain is "big"; he was recently nominated "Scholar Athlete" by his senior class for having not only great athletic prowess but academic success as well. While Bill may seem to have the world by the reins, his greatest strength is also his biggest weakness, his "big heart". Bill is a very compassionate and amiable fellow, and coupled with his high achievements he easily is one of the most popular guys in his school. Unfortunately, he is also very emotional to the point where he tends to over-empathize with his peers when they go through struggles. When his best friend found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, Bill was devastated for his friend, crying heavily in the middle of the hallway while the aforementioned friend remained still-faced, causing quite a humiliating situation. Bill knows that he has tendencies to embarrass himself and others, but he doesn't let it get to him, because he knows that he means well and that he is successful and well-liked despite this quirk.

Bill decided to audition for Total Drama for the usual reasons: Showing off his skills, making friends and vying for a shot at some nice prize money.

Toad's Entry

Louie is labeled as The Gentle Rapper in an upcoming story.

Louie was born and raised in the country of Jamaica. He was always sort of a large boy, and due to this, he did not have that many friends growing up. One particular memory stands out in his mind. When he was four years old, Louie was building a sand castle, and went to go get some seaweed for flags. He accidentally tripped, though, and landed face-first on a bed of seaweed. When he got up, seaweed was all over his face, and other children mistook him for a "monster of the deep." They began to throw sand at him to ward him off. The lifeguard and Louie's mother took care of that incident, but it has traumatized him ever since. When he was around the age of eight, Louie moved to San Francisco, where he made more friends. When he was ten, he decided to audition for the school's talent show, but was unsure what to do. His friend Brian told him he would be a good rapper, so he decided to rap. Before long, he discovered that he was amazing at rapping, and has started a charity, "Louie's Beats."

Louie decided to audition for Total Drama to make more friends.

Kg's Entry

Chat Eight

Sprink: IDK what to say... XD

Toad: Yay, final 4! This'll be interesting.

TDIwriter: Sorry for half the label sentence being in won't let me undo it, for some reason.

Sprink: Would you mind me trying to fix it?

TDIwriter: Go for it.

Judging Eight

TDIwriter: This one was one of my favorites by you. Great work on it. It was really sad without being overly melodramatic, and well written. I didn't feel like there was any part of the bio that wasn't necessary. The only issue I noticed was 'thought' instead of 'though'.

TAU: I really liked this. I liked the way you brought out the different ways he has big... uh... body parts (how else am I supposed to say it?). All of them fit together nicely. I actually relate to this idea, as I've experienced a similar embarrassing situation after a young friend died, and I couldn't hold back the tears, anymore (in an extremely public place). Anyway, nice work.

Toad: The bio is good. I wish the traumatizing story had more of an effect on why he is who he is, now, but I didn't get that too much, other than it causing him to be more shy, perhaps. A nice effort, overall, though.

KG: Sadly, no entry.

Elimination: Well, as the trend has been, Kg is out for not submitting something. You did great throughout, Kg. I liked a lot of your entries and were steady in your submissions. Thanks for that, and for competing.

Challenge Nine

Congrats on making it this far, and thanks for always submitting an entry, steadily. For this challenge, I'm going to ask you guys to write a bio, and reason for joining about a character that is meant to be a comedy character. I'd like to see unique ideas for this one (not that anything you three have done hasn't been unique, I just mean in comparison to the usual comedy characters). If you want, you can mention how well the character did in the competition in a paragraph, as well as a little blurb about notable events that took place in the story (that doesn't exist), but this part of the challenge won't be mandatory, but just for fun. This one will be due... sometime next week. Maybe Thursday morning? (I have a busy week next week)

TDIwriter's Entry

Chet is a character labeled The Comedian's Son on a new season of Total Drama.

Chet is the son of a world famous comedian who is generally regarded to be one of the funniest celebrities around. However, Chet was never much interested in his father's comedy or comedy in general, and aspired to become a telemarketer. Many of the other students at Chet's school are aware of his famous father and Chet has become quite popular by riding on his father's fame. This popularity was not to last, however, when Chet was persuaded to compete in the school talent show by doing stand-up comedy. Chet's preformance was seriously hyped and he became the main act. However, once Chet actually went on, the student body was greatly disappointed with his lack of material and boring sense of humor. Chet was booed off stage and relentlessly tormented by some of the meaner students. This crushed Chet on a psychological level, and he became very bitter towards his father. Chet reasoned that if his father was just a normal guy, this never would have happened. Rash in his actions, Chet decided he would become a comedian in his own right, and run his father out of business. Chet began to study the material that his father deemed too offensive or meanspirited and thrown out, and decided he would rewrite it, and use it for his own. His first gig was a shady nightclub, late one Friday night. Nervous but determined, Chet went on stage with his father's rewritten material. The crowd loved him, despite his aggressive and offensive style of comedy. Soon, Chet began rising up to more notable comedy clubs, eventually earning himself a television special. Chet's father, who is always out on the road preforming, was unaware of his son's rising fame until catching a glimpse of Chet's special on televison. Outraged at the type of comedy his son was preforming, he confronted Chet, and the two had a bitter fight that ended with Chet emancipating himself. Chet now lives in a house all by himself, living off the money he earns from preforming. Due to his cocky attitude and meanspirited style of comedy as well as accusations of plagiarism, Chet has made numerous enemies in the comedic world.

Chet decided to join the new season of Total Drama because he had always been a fan of the show, and figured the exposure he would receive by joining would help boost his career and possibly launch him into superstardom.

The Anonymous User's Entry

Casey and Kayce are characters labeled The Manzai Twins in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds

Casey and his twin sister Kayce are the only children of an esteemed Canadian ambassador. Their family travels around the world frequently, living in a new country practically every year. The twins aren't particularly huge fans of moving around constantly, but they love the experience of world travel. Never did Casey and Kayce feel more at home in a foreign land than they did in Osaka, Japan. The city just burst with energy and excitement, never a dull moment to be had. The two were walking down the street on one of the first days they arrived, and saw a manzai act in the works. Instantly, the twins were mesmerized by the act, both by the goofy, slapstick boke and the serious, reactionary tsukkomi. Now back in Canada, Casey and Kayce have started their own manzai troupe, with the silly Casey serving as the boke, always comically berating his tsukkomi sister. They are always known to give their friends a good laugh.

Casey and Kayce auditioned for Total Drama for the sheer fun of it. They want to spread awareness of what manzai is to the general Western public.

In competition, Casey and Kayce ended up on the same team, and initially fared quite well in challenges, despite most of their team being relatively annoyed with Casey's antics. The worst was after their third consecutive victory when he teamed up with Neil for the supposed "Prank of a Lifetime", stealing the girls' clothing and replacing them with shoddy loincloths. While Kayce didn't terribly mind, because she knew she could just use one of her famed backhand slaps to get her brother to return the missing clothes, most of the team became outraged at the pranksters' behavior. Their team lost the fourth challenge, and Casey ended up the first of the team to be eliminated, with Neil next to go. Kayce was annoyed with her team because they never got to really know Casey, or what manzai comedy really was. She lasted through the merge, playing her serious tsukkomi self to make sure at least one manzai twin could win the contest. Unfortunately, she quickly learned that even the best tsukkomi can only last so long without her boke right beside her, and ended up throwing an easy challenge (a freeze dance contest, which Emilie ended up winning), to get herself eliminated, ultimately placing eighth.

Toad's Entry

Chat Nine

Sprinklemist: This is where chatting goes... but you guys know that by now.

Toad: Yippee, final 3. -w-

TAU: Meh, this challenge was hard. I tried to make the characters unique, but I don't know how funny they really are. Also, I didn't really describe manzai so well, but I'm sure you get it somewhat.

TDIwriter: I agree...this challenge was fairly more difficult than some of the others.

Sprink: Sorry about that, guys. Sorry about the late judging... I forgot, again. I've had a busy week.

Judging Nine

TDIwriter: This bio was good, though not what I was expecting. Of course, that doesn't matter. XD You thought of something pretty original, so kudos on that. There were some issues with spelling, though. 'Television' was spelled wrong, and you used 'preforming' and 'preformance' instead of 'performing' and 'performance'.

TAU: I liked this bio, and I like manzai acts, actually. XD You did well, overall, though I wish they could have interacted more in the description of what happened on the series.

Toad: No entry.

Elimination: Toad is out for missing... Another default elimination. Thanks for playing, though, Toad.

Challenge Ten

Before I mention the challenge I want to say that while a lot of the eliminations were by default, I think that the two strongest competitors ended up in the finals, so I want to assure you guys that you earned it. I also want to say that I think this final is incredibly even. Either one of you could possibly win, so don't be surprised at who wins if it isn't you. XD You two gave the other lots of competition, so I think it's going to be a pretty exciting final challenge, and a tough decision. It'll all come down to which of you, I feel, does better in the last challenge. Which is:

For the final challenge, I would like you guys to do anything you want. I won't stifle your creativity, but make sure you read the following rules carefully. I want the usual, name and label sentence, the bio (be sure to describe their personality and how they turned out the way they are), a detailed description of their appearance, how they do on the actual series, and finally, a sentence or two of what their role on the series is and why (like protagonist, antagonist, anti-hero, secondary character, etc.). Hopefully that doesn't sound like too much, but I wanted to ask for a lot of components so hopefully it will help me have more to judge, and make the final decision easier.

TDIwriter's Entry

Carson is a contestant labeled The "Cool" Guy on Total Drama: Super-Showdown.

Carson is a very handsome young man, the kind of young man who would be deemed "cool" because of how attractive he is. With his jet black hair, ice blue eyes, and quiet voice, Carson would definately be popular in the likes of Canada and the United States. However, Carson and his family live in Greenland, a very cold and miserable part of Greenland. As he was growing up, Carson would occasionally take trips with his father to richer countries, such as Canada and the United States. Carson idolized the aspects of their culture that he deemed "cool". Throughout his younger teen years, Carson would day dream about saving up enough money to move to either Canada or the U.S.. However, he secretly knew, deep within himself, that he would never be able to save up enough money, especially in the global economic finacial crisis. This eventually began to depress Carson, which affected his working preformance. Carson was fired from his job as a fisherman, leading to a huge argument with his father, who had helped set Carson up with that job. Carson stormed off to be alone. As he was standing in the frigid cold, a strange beam of light began floating around him. Startled, Carson began to run, not realizing that he was going nowhere, due to being caught in a tractor beam. The beam lifted him up into an alien spaceship, where the aliens onboard proceeded to combine Carson's DNA with permafrost. The alien experiment went array, when a genetic mutation occured during the final moments of testing. Carson was granted amazing powers, and escaped the alien ship, as it was flying over a remote section of Canada. Once he got his head straight, Carson noticed that he was able to create an endless supply of ice, due to the mutated permafrost in his body. Carson was also able to manipulate ice around him, and normal everyday ice. The experiment had also given him super strength, agility, speed, stamina, and a really cool voice. Upon returning home, Carson decided to become a superhero, and patrol from Greenland to the southern most tip of the United States, with Canada inbetween. The moment he saved up enough money, Carson had a special suit tailored for him. Decked out in an icy blue suit, with frosty goggles and a dark blue bandana, not to mention gloves that had icicle-like fingers, Carson surely looked the part of "hero". At first, Carson feared that his superhero weakness would be heat, however, this proved to be false. During his very first battle against Hotbox, a supervillian, Carson discovered that while heat could melt normal ice that he controlled, it could not melt the mutated ice that his body produced. After this amazing discovery, Carson went on a secret hunt for his weakness, so that he could find a way to combat it, if he ever needed to face it. Eventually, after much searching, Carson did indeed find his puns. As it turns out, ice puns weaken Carson's nearly invulnerable body, much like kryptonite does for Superman. Carson has kept this a well-guarded secret since its discovery, and puts countless hours into testing how ice puns could possibly affect him in the way that they do. Research is still inconclusive. One day, after ice pun testing, Carson, now known as "Icebreaker", sat down to relax with some televsion. Convieniantly, a commerical for a superhero-themed reality show appeared. Intrigued, and in desperate need of money due to his daily research, Icebreaker pulled some strings and landed himself a spot on the show.

Icebreaker "joined" the special superhero edition of Total Drama in order to win the prize money, so he could hopefully find the reason why ice puns damage his endurance. Also, Icebreaker wants to see how he stacks up against other heroes and villians that have superpowers.

The moment Icebreaker arrived on the show, he was pained, literally, to see that the host was keen on making puns. Icebreaker hid his weakness as best he could, and tried to steer the host away from making them by lying and suggesting that he enjoyed the puns. However, this backfired, and all the previously arrived contestants began making their own puns about ice. Hardly able to keep himself standing, Icebreaker laughed it off, and stood behind everyone else, so as to stay out of sight. Later, when the two teams were assembled, Icebreaker ended up on the same team as two of the biggest jokesters there, The Punister and The Iron Butt. Unfortunately for Icebreaker, The Punister was able to create pain-inducing puns, while The Iron Butt was able to reinforce the power of The Punister's jokes by adding snappy one-liners that hit like iron. Icebreaker quickly felt overwhelmed, and soon became their most frequent target, due to the abundance of puns relating to ice. During the first challenge of the season, Icebreaker single-handedly took control of the "Obstacle Course of Pain" challenge for his team. The Punister and The Iron Butt, who were eliminated from the challenge early, began playfully making more ice puns directed at Icebreaker. This greatly weakened Icebreaker, and caused his downfall in the obstacle course. Because Icebreaker was the last member of his team in the challenge, this meant that his team had lost. Icebreaker had kept his pun weakness a total secret from everyone else in the game, causing his team to place all the blame on him. That night at the elimination ceremony, Icebreaker became the first contestant to be sent home. Upon his exit, Icebreaker came clean about his weakness, leading his team to scorn The Punister and his lackey, The Iron Butt.

Icebreaker was not seen again until the cameras focused on the eliminated contestants, midway through the season. Icebreaker was seen relaxing, apparently feeling vindicated that The Iron Butt and The Punister were eliminated soon after him. Icebreaker expressed his desire for Sidewinder, a sneaky female contestant from his former team, to win. When teased about his crush on Sidewinder by The Iron Butt, Icebreaker responded by freezing him to the wall. It was also shown that Icebreaker had formed a civil relationship with The Punister, putting the game behind them and becoming somewhat friendly with each other.

Icebreaker played a special part in the final challenge. The challenge for the final two, Sidewinder and another contestant known as Head Honchess, was to defeat Icebreaker in battle. Icebreaker voiced his concern that the two women could easily defeat him by exploiting his now public weakness. However, Icebreaker was provided with a simple solution, one he was completely embarassed to not have come up with. Earplugs. With his ears plugged, and his powers in full force, Icebreaker accepted the position as "the final challenge". Sidewinder and Head Honchess struggled to even hit Icebreaker, and both girls fell victim to his icy powers. However, when Sidewinder played to Icebreaker's feelings for her, he conceded the challenge, leaving her at the winner.

At the reunion, it was shown that Icebreaker now wore earplugs at all times, leaving him "totally unbeatable". Icebreaker also admitted that he still wasn't sure he would have revealed his weakness, despite keeping it hidden being the reason he was eliminated so early. Icebreaker was shown to have started a real relationship with Sidewinder, and formed a superhero partnership. Icebreaker seemed to have maintained his friendship with The Punister, but was still on very bad terms with The Iron Butt. Near the end of the reunion, Icebreaker was offered a spot on the second season of Super-Showdown, which he declined.

TAU's Entry

Drake is a character labeled The Bishonen in Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds.

Growing up, Drake has always seemed to find a way to make himself the center of attention. He is the only child of a well-to-do doctor father and lawyer/social activist mother, so there was much opportunity for spoiling as a kid. From his luxurious Montreal home, to his vast collection of designer clothing, Drake has always had the world on a string. Of course, his dashing good looks don't hurt either; he is 5'10" tall, with a slender build to match, and his ocean blue eyes contrast his silky, chin-length brown hair just right. Unfortunately for his many female admirers, Drake is gay, and embraces his sexuality as simply a part of who he is. He is the only gay male he knows, and this upsets him, as he would love to find a boyfriend to help fill the one void in his otherwise picture-perfect life.

Drake auditioned for Total Drama for the experience. He wants to be able to compete, make friends, and hopefully meet the guy of his dreams. He is already wealthy, so if he wins the prize money, he would be more than happy to give it to a more deserving friend.

Drake was the last contestant to arrive on the show, and upon setting foot in the "Entry and Exit Room", nearly every female contestant swooned at once (sans Mariko, who was too busy panicking to notice). Drake, however, only had eyes for the equally attractive Alphonse. When Drake realized the girls were flirting with him, he quickly came out as gay, and aside from the insecure Kathryn, who thought she wasn't pretty enough for him, the others didn't seem to mind; the equally fashion-conscious Felicity even became his best friend on the show. Drake ended up on the same team as his crush, Alphonse, and while things didn't go too poorly between the guys in the beginning of the contest, Alphonse realized that Drake was flirting with him, relations between them became mildly uncomfortable due to Alphonse's heterosexuality. Drake was hurt, but he understood that it was literally impossible for Alphonse to return his affections. After Alphonse spoke his mind to Drake, Drake began to sulk, only to be comforted by his teammate Hernan, who proceeded to come out as gay to him, and offer his affections in exchange for an alliance for the remainder of the contest. Drake happily agreed, and things were finally looking up, until just before the merge, when Drake's team lost the challenge, and he and his best friend Felicity were in the bottom two. Felicity was eliminated, and when Drake rhetorically asked what she did to deserve elmination, Hernan smirked evilly and said that she merely stood in their way of winning the prize money. Drake was outraged at his ally's callous behavior, and said that he thought there was something special between them. Hernan quickly thought on his feet and said that he was jealous of Felicity, and wanted Drake all to himself. While wary, Drake said he would remain Hernan's boyfriend and ally, but only if the alliance was a true partnership. Hernan said that he would comply, though secretly he was already plotting to eliminate Drake in the near future, fearing his popularity may do Hernan in. Luckily, the observant duo of Sebastian and Stewart was there, watching the whole incident unfold. Once the merge broke, Hernan immediately won the challenge, earning individual invincibility. Drake rejoiced at his partner winning the first individual challenge, and told Hernan to promise to keep him in the contest. Hernan said he would see what he can do, but things didn't look good considering the other team's alliance was strong. Sebastian and Stewart approached Drake, and told him what Hernan was plotting. Drake was shocked, but trusted the pair, as they seemed to know more about Hernan than he did. Drake was eliminated, placing twelfth (out of a cast of twenty-four). Upon his elimination, Drake asked Hernan if what Sebastian and Stewart told him was correct, and Hernan confessed remorselessly. He even went so far as to tell Drake that he lied about his sexuality, devastating Drake. Just before Drake's departure, Sebastian walked up to him and said that he sympathized, and that Hernan was truly evil. He also gave Drake his good friend Tsuyoshi's contact information, and told him that they would likely get along. Drake took the paper with him, and told Sebastian that he and Stewart were his guardian angels, and thanked them for everything.

Drake serves as a secondary protagonist in the beginning, and develops into almost an anti-hero in his final few chapters, increasing his prominence in story until his elimination.

Chat Ten

Sprink: Congrats, guys. Great job throughout the camp. :) I look forward to the entries.

TDIwriter: I figured my last entry was going to have some issues. I wrote it up the night before the challenge was due, really quickly, just to have an entry on time. :P

TAU: See, I was the opposite. I always write my entries very early, while the challenge is fresh in my mind, but I still found it very difficult and wanted to change it so badly, but could not figure out a way to do so. Oh well, there is room for redemption in this next challenge, rounding out the cast of Total Drama: The Adventure Unfolds. PS: In the paragraph explaining what happens in competition, expect many cameos from my other characters.

Toad: Congrats, guys. I totally forgot about this, and I sorta deserved to be eliminated. Just like Sprink said, either one of you could win. Good luck to everyone!

TAU: Yep, this is long, and all-encompassing, but I'm not sure how good it is. I sorta went on a tangent as I was writing, and just rolled with it.

Sprink: Oh, and I realize that I didn't post a due date. I just wanted to let you guys put your entries up when you wanted, within reason. Of course, the earlier the better. XD If you want an exact due date, let me know, TDIwriter (I realize TAU already submitted something).

TDIwriter: I'll have mine up between now and Friday, if thats alright.

Sprink: That's a-okay by me.

Sprink: Okay, I'll begin with the judging. Stay tuned... Or logged in... Or whatever...

Toad: Good luck, guys! Either one could quite possibly win. (I hope this is OK that I commented :P)

TDIwriter: Maaaaaan, let me tell you something. I am N-E-R-V-O-U-S. I think TAU is going to win this, I really do.

Judging Ten

So it all comes down to this. Before I get to judging, I gotta say that this was a great season, and I really enjoyed judging it. Thanks to our final two for always being consistent, and all that. Let's get on with the judging...

TDIwriter: I can say that I was not expecting a superhero character, but it is appreciated, being something fairly different. Let me start with the bio. I liked the backstory, and I also think his powers are unique, with the mutated ice not being vulnerable to fire, and all that. Some issues I had was the repetitiveness of 'Canada or U.S.' as a phrase, 'preformance' instead of performance, 'definately' instead of definitely, 'finacial' instead of financial, 'villian' instead of villain, and about five more spelling mistakes. However, I also had my imagination flowing on this, so that's good. The backstory gave me some interesting ideas. Okay, now on to his time on the show. I got a few good laughs out of it, as the Punister and Iron Butt were pretty comical. I understand his elimination, and it was both logical and a good reason for an elimination in this kind of story (that being, him being considered weak, due to his weakness unintentionally being exploited). As for his time after his elimination, that was well written, too. I wish Head Honchess's power was mentioned, and you wrote 'at the winner' as opposed to 'as the winner'. Overall, though, I liked what happened after his elimination, and did find it slightly amusing for him to not be able to hear much with his earplugs intact. So overall, a nice job. A few spelling mistakes was the main issue I had, but I was quite pleased with the depth of everything, and the added effort you made to include what happened with the character after his elimination. Unfortunately, part of the challenge was to include a sentence about the character's role in the story (antagonist/protagonist/antihero), and you didn't do that part.

TAU: Lets start from the beginning. I like the idea of a fairly strong homosexual character (his weakness being his slight desperation toward romance), who basically has a lot going for him (looks and wealth). I don't know how much personality I get from the bio, though, and his label might go over most people's heads. Due to lack of anything Japanese being mentioned in his bio, I think a label like 'The Pretty Boy' would have worked really well. As for his time on the show it was a pretty interesting plot. Personally, I felt that the main story behind Drake was pretty good, I just felt that behavior from Sebastian and Stewart seemed a little on the Gary Stu-ish side, while I wished I could see more humanity on Hernan's part (like an excuse or justification of his actions). Also, I don't know why Drake was voted off. You did include the sentence about his role as a secondary character and antihero, and 'elmination' instead of elimination was the only spelling mistake I noticed.

So... with that I'll say that both of you did quite well, and it was pretty difficult to compare the two entries due to the genre differences, and such, but I have reached a decision. Both of you did phenomenally throughout this camp, and in this final challenge, but the winner is...

TAU! Congratulations, TAU! While I really enjoyed both of you throughout the contest, TAU's entries were actively canonical with each other, which must have taken a great deal of effort, though it was hard for me to keep track of everyone. I do feel that TDIwriter did better on the comedic side of things, but there's nothing wrong with drama. XD Both of your writing styles are pretty different, so I enjoyed getting to read both of your entries. TAU did better with spelling and grammar, though, and that partly pushed him over the edge. But again, I thank you guys for putting any effort into this little, old camp, and always having entries for me.

Final Chat

Sprink: Congrats to TAU (and TDIwriter, too, for doing great). You won a tough final two, and won your first camp. TDIwriter also did quite well in his first camp. XD Anyone who competed may comment, now.

TAU: Wow! I actually can't believe I won! I honestly thought that many if not most of TDIwriter's entries were better than mine, so I was expecting him to win. He did certainly give me a run for my money, though, and I thank him for providing such intense competition!

As for my last entry, I actually thought it was pretty bad, and I noticed many of the flaws pointed out in it, and while not to be defensive, I think the canonical nature of my entries helps to clear up some of them. It was said that Sebastian and Stewart were Gary Stu-ish, and while they were in that entry, Sebastian's behavior in Mariko's entry shows that he would in fact have a dark side in TDTAU if I were to actually write it in full. Also, Hernan shows no humanity because he has very little, due to his disorder. He did what he did to get further in competition, and he did not care about hurting Drake and Felicity in the process. I guess I could have explained Drake's elimination better though; I was trying to portray him as being clingy with Hernan due to his desperation, and that would freak Hernan out, and decide Drake's help wasn't worth it after all.

This camp was certainly fun, and it gave me a chance to flex my character creation muscles that I thought had long since atrophied.

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