Hi. I'm new. This is my first camp, so don't hate on me too much if this fails, OK? So, anyways, this camp is based on The Mole. If you don't know what the mole is, and you are interested to know, (I'm not that good at explaining things) I suggest checking out the Wikipedia page: [1] or try checking out this guy explaining it in his, "Top 20 Game Shows" list (Its On The Number 1 Spot) [2] Now, without further ado, here are the rules:

The Rules

*ONLY 1 CHARACTER PER USER! If you have multiple characters, then you'll know if one of your characters is the mole or not, giving you a unfair advantage. If you want to play as yourself, that's fine.

*REMEMBER: THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO BEFORE YOU DO IT! One bad move could get out of the competition, so be cautious (This isn't really a rule, but I'm just giving you a little advice.

*TRY TO BE NICE PLEASE! I don't want you guys arguing, so please be nice.

*DON'T SPAM! If somebody finishes a edit while somebody else is editing at the same time, it would be really hard for people, including me, to say certain things. Spamming is one of the things that causes this to happen, plus its REALLY annoying, so please don't spam.


1. Josiah - SerenelyChaotic

2. Haruki - DarkKid99

3. Fong Ling (RE: Dead Aim) - CandyAnaisWatterson777

4. Willow - Samey







Episode 1 - 10 Player, 1 Mole

Pre - Chat

*The Contestants Are Seen On A Bus, Driving In The Middle Of The Mojave Desert, California*

Josiah: This should be fun.

Willow: Hola a Todos

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