Ifraid: welcome to my camp where 2 people compete for 1 penny. LOL JK ok for real this time where 37 contestants will compete for not one million but one BILLION DOLLARS!

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Ezekiel: MIB Agent

Eva: Franky494

Noah: IfraidGryphLW160BSF

Justin: Scienceboy0


Tyler: Franky494

Izzy: Franky494

Cody: TrentFan

Beth: Scienceboy0




Trent: TrentFan


Lindsay: Sunsummer7

DJ: TaygenTeagan



Duncan: GingerFish

Heather: GingerFish


Owen: TaygenTeagan

Sierra: TaygenTeagan

Alejandro: TrentFan -Eliminated!

Staci: N/A

Dakota: Pickle

B: IfraidGryphLW160BSF

Dawn: GingerFish

Sam: 13sora


Mike: 13sora

Jo: Scienceboy0

Scott: MIB Agent

Zoey: Sunsummer7

Lightning: 13sora -Eliminated!

Cameron: Sunsummer7

Zeke: MIB Agent -Changed name to Joe

Everyone else: anyone XD



Golf Ball: Ifraid


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No Gmodding

Play fair


1.Random place

2.64 island

3.Virtual boy arena

4.The 4th dimension



7.Camp wawanakwa

8/9.No where

1M.7 town

3M: inside the TV

Elimination table :0

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Elimination rocket

Pre chat

Ifraid: Before everyone gets here we will chat for awhile

Mike: *Turns into Chester* Back in my day, we didn't HAVE a pre-chat!

Lightning: Lighting always wins!

Mike: *Takes out handheld system and plays Kingdom Hearts*

Ifraid: *to Lightning* lies you lost TDROTI (unless people who saw the fina E live in USA)

Lightning: Lighting lost? But Lighting saw the ending where Lighting won...

Ifraid: Cartoon Network rickrolled USA XD

CN: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO- -*gets owned by a brick*

Noah: wow so I'm the only old contestant here so far

Ifraid: yup and we will have 1 NEWER contestant

Zoey: Hey everyone!

Lindsay: Hi! *paints nails*

Cameron: *falls on dock* Ow!

Scott: *Looks around with a smile" You know who is going to win season 5?

Ezekiel: Uhh. why am I here?

Everyone except Zoey: *in response to Scott* ME!

Zoey: I don't know, we haven't started yet. Who knows, it could be anybody!

Owen: I'm in it for the food...

Scott: No me! I will win!

Ezekiel: I will just take the money at the last minute.

Scott: Stop with the refrences!

Alejandro: Hola amigos!

Cody: Hey guys!

Trent: Hi.

Scott: *looks at Ifraid* Hey when are we going to start so i can win?

Tyler: S'up Everyone

Izzy: Izzy is Name My P Eva: I'M EVA, BE NICE TO ME OR ELSE

Ifraid: it starts when A. Everyone else arrives B. coiny and fiery stop slapping each other.

So before everyone else comes let's do the teams!

Ifraid: oh you know what? This is enough people lets eliminate a few already

Beth: *arrives* Hi everyone! It's SO nice to see you all again! How long has it been?

Justin: *comes in and his theme starts playing*

Jo: *jogs in* Hey! So, when's this thing goign to start Mcle........Who's the new guy?

Scott: Mclean was taken to prison or somthing for radiating the island.

Ezekiel: Eh when do we get to see precious?

Scott: Oh the money? Yeah when?!?!??!

Challenge 1:climb the P.W.N. ladder

Ifraid: All you have to do is pick a ladder and if you chose wrong you get owned by the PWN rock if 2 does not get owned they pick the teams

Noah: *climbs a ladder and gets pwned*

Alejandro: *climbs ladder*

  • Alejandro gets PWNed*

Cody: *climbs ladder*

  • Cody gets PWNed*

Trent: *Climbs ladder*

  • Trent gets a win ticket*

Ifraid: Now the next one succeed will also pick teams, but has to do elimination

Scott *Grabs Ezekiel and blocks rocks*

Ezekiel: *Gets unbalanced making Scott fall*

Ifraid: LOL epic fail XD

Zeke: *climbs ladder*

  • a PWN rock falls on zeke but explodes into a win ticket*

Zeke: *looks down at Ezekiel* Hey puppy look i got a win ticket!

Ifraid: Ok zeke's team will include Jo Cody Lindsay Duncan Heather Alejandro Beth Owen Sierra B Dakota and Ezekiel Trent's team will have izzy Tyler Eva Justin and everyone else that wasn't on a team yet Trent' team will do elimination first due to having more members

Scott: And what about cabins? Is there a nice one and a sucky one?

Ifraid: you get a motel with air conditioning and a 16 person bathtub

Trent's team Elimination 1

Ifraid: you will vote anyone but Trent

Izzy, Eva and Tyler: (CONF) (Shown at same time) I VOTE JUSTIN

Person who's not in the game:WUT ARE TEH RULES

Ifraid: what the- your not even a contestant. *person who's not in the game gets thrown into the TLC in the Locker of losers*

Noah: *reads rules* rule #1: eliminated/unwanted contestants/people must be killed a- wait what?

Mike/Chester (Mikester): Justin.

Justin: (CONF) I vote for Lightning.

Ifraid: and now the votes are on we have 4 votes for Justin 1 vote for lightning and 0 votes for everyone else and Justin is eliminated *launches a rocket with Justin to space* everyone else is safe

Justin: *in rocket* Wait, what?I CAN'T LOOK GOOD IN SPACE! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *rocket is out of sight*

Ifraid: wait isn't this a gimmick elimination? *checks plan book* yup gimmick *gets rocket down* sorry guys I forgot to tell you there was a gimmick of person with the least votes is out! *gets Justin out of rocket and puts lightning in it instead*

Justin: So long Sha-Idiot!

Scott: (CONF) That Lightning is an idiot. I vote for Justin

Mike: *changes into Vito* That's stupid, yo! Almost everyone tied for last EXCEPT for the two that were sent out. That's it! I'm out, yo! *Gets into rocket* *Throws Kingdom Hearts II:Final Mix + into the other one*

Sam: KINGDOM HEARTS!!! *grabs game in other rocket*

  • Both Rockets blast off, taking Mike and Sam with them*

Ifraid: no your not leaving *gets a rope and throws it at mike (or Vito) and gets him off the rocket*

Zeke: *Randomly walks in* Oh hi i am just walking little Ezekiel. Hi Mike!

Mike: Oh yes I am! *Changes into ArchAngelus* *Spreads his wings and flies*

Ezekiel: Ooh

Scott: Why are you even here?!?!??!

Justin: This elimination is final. Lightning was eliminated. No one else is leaving.

  • Too late, they already left*

Ifraid: I have a mike detector that is so fast it could find him before you could say "I" *the detector gets mike back*

Mike: *From undisclosed location* *Sabatoges detector and breaks any and all Mike Detectors and Sam Detectors*

Mr. Laser: heck no *the same teleporter laser from BFDI transports mike and Sam Back no fails*

Sephiroth: They already left. If you persue them, I can guarentee that you will fail. To those that doubt my power, I just have to say...

So long. *Disappears in cloud of darkness*

Challenge 2: Nintendo 64 Drama Drive

Ifraid: challenge starts at 1:11 (I live in USA so it may be different where you live)

Ifraid: the challenge is to find my lost N64 it takes 5 lines to find it if no one responds in 5 minutes keep going winner gets advantage in part 2

Justin: *searches*

Beth: *searches*

Jo: *searches*

Zeke: *Clips Ezekiel on a leash and searches*

Scott: Hehehe *throws stink bomb elsewere*

Ifraid: oh yeah and one thing; where we are is stink bomb-proof so don't think about ot

Ezekiel: *Runs in to bush*

Zeke: No boy!

Jo: What the? I won't think about it. *searches*

Justin: *searches*

Beth: Where can it be? *searches*

Eva: *Searches*

Izzy: *Searches*

Tyler: *Searches* WHAT THE *Finds a Dust Bunny that looks like Jennifer Lopez*

Ezekiel: *Searches in bush with metal detector*

Scott: Why the heck do you have a metal detector?

Ezekiel: For metal suitcases with moneyz in it.

Scott: Creepy....

Jo: *searches* What even IS a Nintendo 64 anyway?

Beth: *searches* Oh! My brother had one! It's like, some kind of video game device.

Justin: *searches*

Jo: *keeps searching*

Beth: *searches more*

Justin: *also searches*

B: *searches*

Noah: *searches*

Jo: *finds Nintendo 64 under a bush in some mud* Yes! *grabs it*

Ifraid: and zeke's team wins part 1 of the challenge part 2 is to chose someone in your team to participate in playing Mario Kart 64 since zeke's team won part 1 not only they get to chose there character they now get to chose a team name!

Zeke: *Running after Ezekiel* Uh Jo you can decide!

Beth: I can do the challenge! I saw my brother play aboout a million times!

Jo: Okay, and why don't we be called the Maniacle Moles?

Beth: And for a character, we should choose Yoshi. He looked like the fastest when I watched.

Justin: Sam! Your perfect! You have to do this!

Ifraid: ok it's Sam vs who?

Guy: ME

Ifraid: what the- your not a contestant *shoots guy to space*

Jo: We already said Beth.

Beth: Yeah, me!

Ifraid: ok so you will be racing in the most confusing track in MK64; Yoshi valley manicial moles will be yoshi team we don't have a name yet is wario

Beth: Oh, no. I never actually saw HOW to get through that course.

Ifraid: and to make it hard, I'll put it in Mirror Mode

Beth: No!

Jo: Don't worry, Beth. You'll do great.

Zeke: Here Doggy, Here do---AHHHHHHHHHH.

Zeke: *Fallen in hole*

Gwen: Mclean made this trap before he went to jail... (Cameo I'm not Gwen)


Gwen: It's 2 feet high climb out.

Zeke: Oh Ok.

Ifraid: Start now oh and if a CPU beats both of you BOTH teams do elimination

Ezekiel: I wanna play! *Grabs controler and picks DK*

Beth: Okay. Here I go! *starts to drive

Zeke: (CONF) Is Ezekiel really a dog? Also can you go to the bathroom here....

Beth: Come on Yoshi! *keeps going*

Beth: *rounds the turn*

Luigi: (in game) I'm in first place and have a fake item box *uses it in a real one*

DK: (In game) I HAVE SHELLS! AND THEY IS RED *Shoots all at once*

Yoshi: *doesn't get an item and crosses bridge*

Zeke: (Meanwhile in the cabin) *In hot tub* Ezekiel is a human but i need to cure his zombie-ness...

Yoshi: *turns left*

Yoshi: *turns left again*

Beth: This is easy!

Yoshi: *makes a sharp turn*

Zeke: *Comforts Zoey about Mike leaving* It's ok sis'


Yoshi: *dodges spinning thing*

DK: *Runs right into Yoshi*

Yoshi: *spins off and hits a wall*

Beth: Zeke! Your not even in the challenge!


Scott: *Tied up in CONF* Mphhh Translated: Stupid Ezekiel

Yoshi: *gets back and keeps going*

Ezekiel: *Looks up* Hey host when we gonna finish this challenge? *Looks back down* NOO I AM CRASHED

Yoshi: *dodges egg and heads to finish*

Ezekiel: *Gets shot in head by common sense* Oh wait Beth is on my team.


Yoshi: *finishes*

Ezekiel: *Goes back to cabin*

Zeke: Yo looks like your regaining human

Ezekiel: Yo well i will look like this forever....

Jo: ??? I thought you were the same person?

Ezekiel: No that is just my nickname which i won't be going by

Zeke: Yeah ironic. I am the new guy.

Jo: Than why do you look like?.....oh forget it.

Beth: Ifriad! I won!

Ifraid: CPU luigi finished before you did the. CPU Mario, Then CPU Bowser, and last CPU peach so bo-

Luigi: (in message) can I chose who to eliminate

Ifraid: how did you find me? Whatever you can chose

Luigi: ok I chose Alejandro caus he evil

Maniacle Moles elimination 1

Ifraid: so long Evil-jandro *pushes Alejandro in rocket and launches and the rocket goes to a volcano*

Ezekiel: Have we even voted *Ezekiel begins to grow his hair back*

Ifraid: no caus luigi got to pick

Ezekiel: Oh

(This is unfair because luigi didn't do anything)

Ezekiel: You outta change your name.

Zeke: Fine my middle name is Joe


Joe: No I go by Joe now

Scott: Joe. Huh who would have guessed?

Joe: What?

Scott: Nothing

Jo: Well, this is going to be confusing.

Challenge 3:Virtual Boy Lasers

Ifraid: Ok your challenge is to pick 4 teammates to participate in the game you will be in an red arena like your doing laser tag in a virtual boy

Joe: So Jo uhhh do you want to come?

Noah: wait what's Virtual Boy?

B: oh it's a portable system that ended up in failure in 1996

Cody: Uh, gave headaches.

Joe: *Turns* Your Cody? OMG I wanted you to win TDWT! I was watching that.

Scott: Yeah surprise ending

Cody: Thanks Joe! Yeah, I'm just happy I didn't die by the volcano.

Joe: Here *Gives Kingdom Hearts* Sam dropped it

Jo: Sure, Joe.

Beth: And what about me?

Justin: So, who wants to join me in the laser tag?

Ifraid: ok since this is taking too long it be a royal fight the rules is to not get targeted OR get a headache if one person remains which ever team he or she is on that team wins it takes 3 lines to get someone

Noah: *gets ready to target Justin*

Noah: *aims at Justin*

Justin: What are you doing? We'er on the same team!

Beth: *aims at Noah*

Jo: *aims at Trent*

Noah: *shoots justin* Ifraid said Royale Fight means you can get anyone you want

B: *gets ready to target Beth*

Jo: *sees B shooting Beth and aims at him*

Beth: *is ready to pull the trigger on Noah*

Ezekiel: Heheheh *aims at myself* NO NO! *Points gun outwards* Phew.

B: *shoots Beth* done and done

Ifraid: and if you have shot someone you can make someone shoot there selfs

Noah: *makes Jo shoots herself*

Justin: *aims at B*

Noah: *shoots B*

Ifraid: and team no name wins! As a reward they get to chose there team name and since Noah did all the work on his team (despite Justin aiming at B) he gets a immunity idol

Maniacle Moles elimination 2?

'Ifraid: really? Is this the best you GOT? Gimmick:Me chose

Ifraid: so now I get to chose . . . . . . . . . . JO! Everyone else is safe *pushes Jo into rocket and it launches into Neptune*

Jo: What? This is SO not fair! *gets launched to Neptune*

Challenge 4D: Up, Up and Away into the Fourth Dimension

Ifraid: today for the first time we will do a debut contest but not only that we will also go to; THE FOURTH DIMENSION

*everyone except lightning al and Jo gets warped*

Challenge: 4trivia get 2 points to win

Q1: what kind of memory card does the 3DS XL use

Izzy: 2GB SD Card

Ifraid: close that's the original

Since no one is answering the answer was 4GB SD Card

Q2: in TDI wich country replaced Lindsay's cursing with other words in "that's off the chain"

Joe: EEK! *Me and Ezekiel hold eachother*

Scott: What the heck just happend?

Izzy: Canada

Voice: WRONG

Izzy: U.S.A, Japan, England, Australia, Finland, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, France or Italy

Voice: Umm you don't say it at the same time but since you said USA first correct

Q2: what did DJ tried not to do in the TDWT song "Sea Shanty Mix"

Izzy: Sing

Voice: Correct and team no name wins and since Izzy did all the work she gets a immunity idol

  • Sam is trapped in the fourth dimension

Maniacles Moles elimination 3

Ifraid: Second time epic fail. gimmick:regular elimination so vote who you want to leave.

B: (CONF) I vote joe he isn't very useful

Joe: (CONF) I Vote out dakota so much fasion (Joe is the new contestant)

Ezekiel: (CONF) I Vote out Dakota too much paparazzi

Golf ball: I vote Tennis ball

Ifraid: your not even a contestant *teleports GBGB to BFDIA*

Ifarid: a the votes are in most of you didn't get a vote but it's down to joe and Dakota and Joe is safe bye bye Dakota *pushes Dakota into rocket and it blasts into moon*

Challenge 5: When Pigs Fly to Space

Ifraid: your challenge is to get into your team rocket and capture 6 pigs. It takes 4 lines to capture a pig if that team has the most pigs they win immunity.

Noah: *gets into rocketship*

Izzy: *Gets into rocket*

Eva: *Follows Izzy*

Tyler: *Follows Eva*

B: *Gets into rocket ship*

Justin: *goes into rocketship*

Beth: *goes into rocketship*

Ezekiel: *Follows Beth*

Joe: *Follows Beth*

  • both rockets blast off*

Justin: Come on, let's catch some pigs! *gets out of space ship*

Beth: We can't let them win! *gets out of space ship*

B: let's go! *tries to get a pig*

Justin: *jumps off space ship and heads for a pig*

Beth: *jumps off space ship and heads for a pig*

Noah: * jumps off and heads for a pig*

B: *grabs a fake pig* aww man

Joe: *jumps off space ship and heads for a pig*

Justin: *grabs one pig* That's one! Come on team, only 5 more to go!

Beth: *grabs pig* Come on Moles! We can get the rest in time!

Trent: *chasing pig* Come on guys!

Cody: *chasing pig* I'm trying!

Tyler: *Trips*

Eva: *Slips*

Izzy: *Kicking Moles over* MWAHAHAHAHA

Beth: *sees another pig and heads toward it*

Justin: *goes to another pig*

Noah: *grabs pig* yes

B: oh no the moles are winning

Justin: Your right! Get your buts into gear and let's win this thing! *goes to get pig*

Beth: *gets closer to pig*

Tyler: *Sprints, Karate Kicking Beth*

Eva: *Sprints Karate kicking Beth*

Izzy: *Sprints, Karate kicking everyone over*

Noah: * dodges and goes to pig*

Noah: *grabs pig* yes get one more pig and no chance of a tie (note that B and Noah switched teams awhile in rocket ship)


Eva: *Grabs Pig* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: WOOHOO *Grabs Pig*

Izzy: *Kicks Noah* Godplayer*Grabs Pig* DO WE WIN

Voice: no you dont caus you god played since you did the pigs you got will be givin to the moles so they win and Ifraid forgot to say its the whole team that says the 3 lines not just that one person

Team no name elimination 2

Ifraid: your first elimination ever since episode 1 gimmick: non contestant choice They will secretly vote for the ones that got in the rocket (later) ok 1 vote for B 2 votes for Justin 3 votes for Tyler 4 votes for Eva and 5 votes for Izzy and Izzy has been eliminated *pushes her into rocket and it launches into Mars

Izzy: I Use my immunity Idol recieved from quiz challenge

Ifraid: the invincibility statue! Nice. So Eva is eliminated *eva goes to mars instead*

Challenge 6: Residant Breakin 1/2

Ifraid: your challenge is to dodge Security lasers 2 lines and see if you accomplished or failed

Joe: *Puts on ninja outfit* Mission possible!

Izzy: *Puts on Protective Suit* C'mon Tyler

Tyler: *Runs at Lasers*

Justin: *pulls out mirror and starts walking into the lasers, they bouce off*

Beth: *tries to crawl under the lasers*

Ifraid: and I forgot to tell you someone accidently spilled toxic on the lasers causing them to be able to go through anything with no problem it's not my fault.

Justin: *sees laser starting to come through* NO! *jumps towards the finish*

Beth: *crawls toward the finish*

  • a camera catches Justin* Ifraid: sorry Justin, but I'm afraid you have been arrested. Beth is safe 1 point for the moles.

Tyler: *Bending in a way no-one is meant to do* Aaahhhhhhhhhhh *Flips to Finish*

Izzy: *Finishes* Woohoo, I Win

  • a camera catches Tyler* Ifraid bye Tyler. Izzy i- *a guard arrests izzy* nevermind
Access denied Initaiting defense protocol

Joe: Ah i don't care *Lasercuts through wall*

Access de---

Joe: I DON'T CARE! *Lasercuts to finish*

Joe: *Puts on camo* I WIN! Right is there some twist?

Ifraid: no its replacement time 4 viewers voted izzy so she is replaced by Bridget *pushes izzy into rocket and it launches into uranus* bye bye


Challenge 7: Back to the Campfire

Ifraid: We are going back to camp wawanakwa so the challenge is to jump off the cliff when 5 people on that team jump wins! And everyone else who jumped will land on the danger zone with fang

Joe: *Disapeers* Meanwhile on Uranus....

Noah: *jumps*

B: *jumps*

Justin: *jumps*

Beth: *jumps*


Ezekiel: *Runs right into Scott and the both fall*

Scott and Ezekiel: AHHHH!

Ifraid: I'm just gonna push someone off *pushes Duncan off* there moles win *B Justin Scott land in danger zone*

team no name elimination 3

Ifraid: none it's ti- *gets kippnaped by GUY*

GUY: I'm TEH host nubs so you guys get bricks not marshes*

Noah: umm why no marshmallows

GUY: marshes where too expensieeve

B: really?

Scott: I say we vote out that guy-Whoa and B is talking

GUY: OOO KEEE ME ELEEMEENATEED *gets turned into a frog*

Ifraid: lol so there is no elimination this episode but next time 2 people will be eliminated no challenge

Challenge 8: duel elimination

Ifraid: vote who you want out on your team

No name vote

B: I vote Scott

Scott: (CONF) I want B he has not helped much

Ifraid: ok this may take to long so our special gues will decide meet; LEAFY

Leafy: hey guys

Ifraid: so who do you want to stay

Leafy: I say B caus I herd that Scott is evil

Ifraid: bye bye Scott *pushes Scott into the rocket and it launches to Venus*


Maniacle Moles vote

Noah: I vote Ezekiel

Ezekiel: I dunno who to vote *Staps random one* Oh ok thats Lindsay

Justin: (CONF) Duncan is a threat. I vote for him.

Evil leafy: *appears infront of Ezekiel*

Ezekiel: O.o

Challenge 9: Near Merge

Ifraid: this challenge is to not explode since you have a bomb wrapped tight in your leg there is no way to get it out but yes way to stop it from exploding.5 lines

Noah: *tries to stop it from exploding*

B: *tries to stop it from exploding also*

Beth: Um...I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! *tries to stop it from exploding*

Justin: Ifraid! Are you TRYING to kill us? *tries to stop it from exploding*

Ifraid: No, I'm not.

Noah: whatever *keeps on trying*

B: *keeps on trying*

Beht: *keeps trying* Uh, maybe one of the wires!

Justin: Thanks for the idea! *tries to cut a wire*

Noah: *cuts the wrong wire and the bomb explodes fake eels* eels? AAHHHH NOT AGAIN

Ifraid: dude there fake

B: yeah *tries to cut the wire*

Justin: No wonder yours was different from ours. *keeps trying to cut a wire* They won't budge!

Beth: *keeps trying* I know! Wait...there was this one trick I learned in girl scouts....

B: *cuts the wire with saw* done and one more thing to do.

Cameo man: Ahh so young *watching from above* Will i be part of their next challenge?

B: *stops bomb from exploding*

Final team elimination

Ifraid: yeah so due to a few inactive ness Duncan Lindsay Owen Sierra will be atuo eliminated *pushes them into rocket and it blasts into mercury* welcome to merge

Justin: (CONF) Finally! I've been waiting for this all season!

Beth: I made it! Yes!

Challenge 1M: The Antagonist

Ifraid: due to budget cuts we had to remove the rockets so the elimination is now a portal into the 4D so the challe- *the town gets dark*

Ifraid: what? You again? *light comes back and GUY is in my position*

GUY: 1m b4ck

Noah: I thought you were a frog.

Beth: Who ARE you?

Cody: Oh, it's that guy...oh.

Trent: Wow.

GUY: U CH4ll3nge ish t0 g0 t0 h3ck

Noah: how is that possible?

B: yeah *kicks GUY*

Justin: Where is Chris?

Ifraid: *face palm* last time I'm not Chris and now let's find out who's behind this! *takes off GUY's mask and it reveals to be blainley*

Beth: Blainley?

Justin: Well, it makes sense.

Shockwave: *Randomly passing by* Humans-oh wrong wiki

Ifraid: well since B kicked GUY (aka blainley) he gets to chose who is eliminated

B: now it's my chance! I vote Noah.

Noah: what? *gets warped into the 4D*

Challenge 2M: Resident break-out 2/2

Ifraid: your challenge is get pass this low laser that's almost to the ground without jumping. After 1 line see if you won

B: *crawls under laser*


Ifraid: come on!

Justin: Once again, easy. *holds up mirror like he did before and walks through*

Beth: Really? This is to easy. *steps over it*


Ifraid: you have to under not over and it's the same laser from challenge 6, mirror proof.

Justin: What? Not again! *runs*

  PASS (because of being the last one)

Ifraid: and Justin wins immunity

Merged elimination :O

Ifraid: everyone that's inactive is atuo aliminated so it's just B Beth Justin Trent and Cody vote who to eliminated

B: Beth...

  • Portal comes through*


Scott: Let him do it this is the way the game is played Joe!

Ifraid: what the?

Justin: Joe?

Beth: What are you doing here?

Ifraid: uh oh all eliminated contestants escaped


Challenge 3M: it's your fault, whoever opens that portal >:(

Ifraid: this aint good

B: yeah *steps on a button and every except Ifraid gets teleported

== Inside of the TV ==

B: where are we?

Ifraid: *goes to my tv and sees everyone in it* what the heck?

Jo: *comes through portal* I'm back!

Justin: (CONF) And I thought one Joe was bad.

Ifraid: since B stepped on the button he is eliminated

B: uh oh *gets warped into the 4D*

Ifraid: so your challenge is to find out how to escape go it takes 7 lines to do so.

Beth: *looks around* Let me try something. *pulls old retainer from her pocket and throws it at the screen, it bounces back* Darn. It doesn't seem like us and our objects can't interact with the box.

Jo: Let me test that. *runs over to screen and jumps at it, she is sent flying back* Never mind. She's right.

Justin: Wait a second...Chris! Try changing the channel!

Ifraid: ok your also eliminated for calling me Chris again. *warps Justin into the 4D*

Beth: Great. Now we don't even know what he wanted to do.

Jo: Who cares? Maybe we can find out without him. IFRAID, please change the channel on the TV.

Ifraid: ok! *press channel button and nothing happens* oh n- wait I got it *warps everyone to the 4D, warps them back and warps all eliminated contestants to 4D except Jo* Jo since you were the only one to do something usefull kinda, your back in the game.

Challenge 4M: 4 for the price of 1,000,000,000

Ifraid: final 4! That's surprising so this episode eliminated contestants will vote.

B: I vote Jo

Noah: I vote Beth

Justin: I have no idea who else is left besides Beth and Jo. Whoever the other two are, they must now have done anything in a while, so I'll just vote one of them.

Ifraid: Cody and Trent are still in

Justin: I guess I'll vote Trent then.

Ifraid: everyone except cody has 1 vote

Ifraid: ok this takes to long so I'll chose and that's Beth sorry but at least your not going to the 4D

Final Challenge: Seziure day

Your challenge is a quiz but I'll say a color that you have to write as your text

Joe: *Walks in and watches* I don't even care anymore

test Ok so q1: who was the first person in TD history to be eliminated? WRITE PURPLE AND TEAL


Scott: I KNO--

Joe: Shut up!

Cody: I don't know how to right in text though. I do know the answer though.

Joe: *Comes outta portal*

Joe 2: O.o

Joe: EVIL CLONE! *Huge fight*

Everyone else: Again?

Ifraid: fine just say the answer

Jo: Ezekiel.

Ifraid: correct

which is the only contestant in USA to not be eliminated

Joe: DAAA!!!

Joe 2: Fus ro---

Joe: *Kicks in stomach and he stumbles*

Ok cancel the quiz your new challenge is to defeat Joe 2!

Jo: Come here, Joe! *tackles Joe one*

Beth: That's the wrong Joe!

Jo: Oops! *beats up Joe 2*

Joe2 Hp: 0

Jo: *beats up Joe 2*

Jo: *punches Joe 2 again*

Jo: GET OUT OF HERE! *kicks Joe 2 to the 4th Dimension8

Real Joe: YAYYY!

Ifraid: and jo wins the billion

Ending ceremony

Ifraid: after all of this, I grant the ultimate prize to Jo! And the loser of the show must die. *lightning gets warped into a volcano*

Jo: *laughs and holds up the million* I did it!

(*a hand with claws come out of the ground of Uranus*)


Debut Contest

Rules: if you didnt enter with 3 characters OR never competed you can compete now you can of you wanna enter as yoursef just put user name and audition Example:

User: Test123


If you wanna debut as a character just do the following


User: Test456

Character: Brick

If you wanna debut as a made up character by yourself do following


User: Test789

Name: Mr Test

Age:16 (age must be 14 or higher)

Stereotype: the test it all


Joke 1




Harold: AAAHHH

Katie and Sadie: AAAHHH

  • Brick Staci Geoff Harold Katie and Sadie gets crushed*

Noah: *back to real thing* oh wait eliminated/unwanted contestants/people goes to space

Joke 2

  • the egg gets larger and squishes everyone ending the game*

Ifraid: oh I'm afraid the challenge is over

Ezekiel: *********************

Joke 3 and 4

  • the moon falls on all members of maniacle moles and a alien captures everyone else but izzy*

Ifraid: umm I guess we have to cancel the show

Izzy: *Karate Kicks Ifraid* Right after I get the million dollars

Joke 5

  • a pig gets so large everyone except Scott gets squashed*

Ifraid: best fail

Joe: *Looks over* ?!?!?!

Scott: I get the million!

Ezekiel: NOO *Another TDWT ending style grab* SHAMPOO?!?!?!?!?!

Eliminated Conteastents

Joe: IZZY! I need your help!

Jo: Well, look who it is. Now BOTH Joes are here. Woop de doo.

Intern: Jo! Your suppose to be on Neptune.

Jo: Well, the ship crashed, okay? It wasn't my fault.

  • flashback* The antagonist: hehehe *breaks engine*

Joe: Wait *Kicks cloud on "Neptune" WE ARE ON A TOTAL DRAMA ACTION SET! Looks like this host is just as annoying as Chris.

Intern: no we just moved it here ever since season 2 ended

Joe: *Gets gun* Aha this thing is real

Izzy: What Up Peeps

  • Scott arrives*

Joe: Time to take back the freedom we fought for *Epic music*

Intern: OHHH YEAH!!!

Intern: Oh watch out *Light falls on Joe's head*

Joe: *Turns into a phyneo* LETS KILL SOMEONE!!!!! EHEHEHEHE *Grabs knife with evil smile* Ohhohoho

Jo: Joe calm down!

Ifraid: joe? Your suppose to be in 7 town by now *warps joe to 7 town*

Jo: Well, that can't be good. *chases after Joe*

fake ending3

Ifraid: Scott has won the contest and his prize is a peace of paper which is pointless and useless

Scott: OH NO IT ISN't *Tapes Ifraid's mouth closed with the paper*

Ifraid: you know it's 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide

Scott: *Stuff's up ifraid's mouth*

Fake Ifraid: *is revealed a robot

Noah: where's the real one?

fake ending2

Ifraid: Izzy wins a piece of clay which is worthless

Izzy: Clay, OMFG, Best gift ever *Chucks it at Chris's Groin* *Runs away speaking in a Japanese Accent* Tough Tofu, If you don't like it Sayonara

fake ending

Ifraid: due to cut bridgets we had to cancel the show so everyone except dawn loses dawn wins a penny that's priceless

Ezekiel: *Steals billion dollar case*

Scott: Thanks for the help with the skit...

Ezekiel: *Opens up and finds soap* NOOOO!

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