Twenty-five long years after the 75th Quarter Quell, Katniss and Peeta were finally murdered. The Hunger Games was finally brought back to life, and realizing how long it's been since the last one, and they felt the need to celebrate it being brought back to life, they made another Quarter Quell. The twist, however, was unexpected. Not only were there more twists and different things then usual, but this time, they were bringing Capitol kids to the table, to "remind the districts that striking a rebellion against them caused there to be more lost lives then just theirs." While the Capitol was appauled, they had no choice but to follow it, and so they did. They split the Capitol into 12 different parts, and much like they did with the districts, chose a boy and girl from each. They then pitted them against each other in the arena. Who will survive? Let's find out.

(Note: I'm only making this cause I want a final camp before I leave on the 14th next month, and this should finish fast enough. xD)


You can sign up as two at max, and one boy or girl in each section. The sign-up key is:

Gender (already filled in), Name, Sub-Talent (only one, and this is used to give you an advantage with other weapons later on, you can have any sub-talent if it isn't over powered, you can't have the same talent and sub-talent), Age (12-18), Stereotype, User

Section One

People in Section One have a talent with Guns. They start off with one not loaded gun, they need to find the bullets.

Male - Ryan- Archery- 15- "The Tough Criminal"- Survivor321

Female - Valerie - Pyro-technics - 12 - "The Sharpshooter" - Dakota

Section Two

People in Section Two have a talent with Hand-to-Hand Combat. They start off with protective gloves, to sheild their hands when they hit.

Male - Vince - Thievery - 17 - "The Rash Fighter" - MrD

Female - Cloe- Knives- 18- "The Alpha-Female" - Zoomer

Section Three

People in Section Three have a talent with Knifes. They start off with one small knife.

Male - Dustin- Hot- 18- "The Text Message Killer"- Nduke

Female - Ulaya- Charming- 15- "The Evil Phsycopath" - Zoomer

Section Four

People in Section Four have a talent with Swords. They start off with one, nearly broken, sword.

Male -David-Making Fire-17-The New Duncan-Snow

Female -Rachel-Charming-16-The Mean Cheerleader-Snow

Section Five

People in Section Five have an advantage with Black Smithery. (Wasn't sure on what it was called. xD) They start off with a huge hammer they can use to attack, and to help fix weapons.

Male - Rufus - Thievery - "The Wild Loser" - 17 - Rocks

Female - Wandette- Cunning- 17- "the wierdo" - BlaineleyRox222

Section Six

People in Section Six have an advantage with Charming. They start off with no special weapons, but they have a higher chance of getting Sponsered.

Male - Lance - Electronics - 18 - "The Hot Athlete" - Dakota

Female - Savannah - Fishing - 15 - "The Self-Absorbed" - MrD

Section Seven

People in Section Seven have an advantage with Theivery. They start off with nothing, but they're better at hiding and faster runners.

Male, Devlin, Sword-Fighting, 17, The Quick Thinker, Reddude

Female, Arianna, Charming, 14, The Sweet Girl, Reddude

Section Eight

People in Section Eight have an advantage with Woods-Manship. They start off with a nearly broken axe.

Male - Joney, Snares, 14, "The Naive Boy" Kate

Female - Amy, Archery, 17, "The Quiet Girl" Kate

Section Nine

People in Section Nine have an advantage with Live-stock. They get to start off with raw meat, as a result.

Male - Selleck, Knives, 18, The Brooding One, Ult

Female - Kari, strong-willed, 18, "The Shouter,"- LF

Section Ten

People in Section Ten have an advantage with Pyro-technics. They get to start off with a lighter and a match, as a result.

Male - Rex - Thievery - 15 - The Small Guy - Kokori9

Female - Lia - Fishing - 14 - The Hot Girl - Kokori9

Section Eleven

People in Section Eleven have an advantage with Electronics. They get to start off with a portable television to tell them what the camera are seeing in The Hunger Games, and possibly find out people's location, as a result.

Male - Drake- handsome- 16- "The hotter-than-Justin guy" BlaineleyRox222

Female - Lizy- Smart- 18- The Married One - Duke

Section Twelve

People in Section Twelve have an advantage with Fishing. They get a fishing pole to attack with it's hook and get food in the game, as a result.

Male - Scott- 17- Hand to hand combat "The Musician"- AJ

Female - Missy - Live stock - "The Lax" - 17 - Rocks


Name Gender Age Section Reason They Died Day Died Sponsorship Chance
Delvin Male 17 7 He attacked Arianna in the interview room, but she was able to kill him first. One 27%
Rex Male 15 10 He was trying to break the rules by bringing flint into the arena, so he got disqualified. Two 10%
Drake Male 16 11 He suicided right before the Games started. Two 15%
Valerie Female 12 1 Attacked Missy, but got killed by her. Two 24%
Wandette Female 17 5 Was killed by Joney and Amy. Two 10%
Lia Female 14 10 Was killed by Arianna stabbing her in the neck. Two 24%
Rachel Female 16 4 Rachel was killed by one of Rufus's traps. Two 6%
Lance Male 18 6 Dustin stabbed him in the heart. Two 37%
Savannah Female 15 6 She got her head chopped off by Joney. Two 22%
Missy Female 17 12 She was stabbed in the stomach by Arianna, then kicked into a fire. Two 29%
Scott Male 17 12 Rufus stabbed him in the back of the head. Two 27%
David Male 17 4 He tried to burn Selleck but was killed by Arianna first. Two 0%
Cloe Female 18 2 Cloe got killed by Amy then thrown into a river. Two 28%
Ryan Male 15 1 Was killed by a falling tree. Three 0%
Joney Male 14 8 Got hit in the head with a hammer by Rufus. Three 35%
Selleck Male 18 9 Got hit in the head with a hammer by Rufus Three 32%
Rufus Male 17 5 Got shot in the head by Arianna. Three 27%
Vince Male 17 2 Was stabbed to death by Ulaya, Dustin, and Lizy. Three 12%
Dustin Male 18 3 Was killed by a tree falling over, crushing him. Three 5%
Lizy Female 18 11 TWas killed by a tree falling over, crushing her. Three 24%
Ulaya Female 15 3 Survived. N/A 36%
Arianna Female 14 7 Survived. N/A 48%
Amy Female 17 8 Survived. N/A 38%
Kari Female 18 9 Survived. N/A 18%

Day One - Before The Action


Daimion: Hello, hello, capitol children. I'm the new host of the Hunger Games, the one, the only, Daimion! -waits for applause that doesn't come- ... Anyways, before we start off the Hunger Games, we need to take care of a few things. It should start tommarow. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Vince: -smirks- You all better give up now, because I'm totally going to win this.

Devlin: Bring it on, traitors.

Arianna: *sits alone, quietly*

Rufus: So I'm stranded on the island with CANNIBALS! D:

Missy: Oh boy... :S

Vince: You calling me a cannibal, boy? *glares at Rufus* I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You.

Cloe: *walks in proudly*

Ulaya: *walks into the room, her hair disheveled and a deadly glimmer in her eyes*

Rufus: Vince, you are going to get killed if we ever meet again. >~>

Vince: We will meet again in the arena, idiot. >->

Missy: *interrupts* Hey, Hey can't we be friends here!

Rufus: No, he picked a fight with me, first. >_>

Dustin: *is wearing an orange jumpsuit* What? I just escaped from prison, killed my 3rd wife, Teresa.

Vince: -glares at Missy- You wanna be friends with the people you're going to end up killing?!

Missy: *drags Vince into a private area* I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I end up destroying you in the arena, got it? ^_^

Savannah: *is putting on make-up, when she throws it on the ground, angry* Okay, I've been here for five minutes now, and no-one's applauded because of it! Why do you all have no good taste in looks?!

Cloe: *smirks*

Wandette: Hello everyone.

Lizy: *stares at Wandette* Want a piece of gum>?

Rex: *heads to the back of the room*

Lia: *goes with rex*

Dustin: *sees Lizy* Oh my god, Lizy? *kisses Lizy*

Lizy: *sees Dustin* Dustin! *hugs him*

Lance: *leans up against the wall next to Missy* Hey.


I'm Lance. *takes off aviator sunglasses*

Valerie: *is silent*

Rex: *looks around at everyone*

Dustin: *smiles at Valerie* Hey there.

Lizy: *smacks Dustin* We're engaged, hello!?

Lia: *also looks around and then whispers somthing into rex's ear*

Valerie: *scoffs* Don't even bother. *walks away*

Rex: *whispers something back*

Lance: Way to be inconspicuous about alliance talk. *pulls Lia and Rex apart*

Rex: we were wondering what the arena will be like >_> *goes back to lia*

Wandette; Yes please, Lizy.

Lance: Sure you were... >.>

Lia: 50th hunger games, the arena was filled with poison. 75th hunger games, the arena was a clock. we would like to know as much as we can about it

Lizy: *hands Wandette pink gum, with black specticles everywhere* Hehehe.

Rex: personally i think they'll make it so we have to face our weaknesses >_>

Wandette: *Chews gum*

Valerie: *sees gum* NO! *smacks it out of her mouth*

Lizy: It's just double bubble, with pepper on top, see? *pops it in mouth*

Valerie: *laughs nervously* Haha... Well... pepper doesn't taste good on gum?

Lizy:It does to me..

Rex: if you want lance, ou can join up with us

Ulaya: *sees Cloe, and twitches* H-h-hi there. *smiles evilly* Nice to meet you. District 2, right?

Cloe: *frowns* Yes. Why would that matter to you?

Ulaya: Oh..... You'll see *winks*

Lia: *seductivly* yeah, we'd keep you safe -w-

Savannah: *glares at Lia* You call that seductive?! *goes up to Lance, and starts leaning against him, stroking his hair* Ooh, Lanc-ey, baby, why don'y you join an alliance with me? *winks, and comes close to his face* I'd make sure nothing bad happened to you... *turns to Lia* That's how you do it! *walks away*

Lia: *rolls eyes and throws a rock at savannah*

Lance: *scoffs* You're gross. Who**.

Rex: so want to join an allience with us?

Wandette: Ow, my face

Drake: *smiles with white, shining teeth*

Rex: *rolls eyes at drake*

Drake: You'll see. I'll win this! MWAHAHAHA

Valerie: Eww.

Lia: *slaps him* your going to be the first dead

Missy: Shut up. -_- *punches Valerie in the face*

Drake: *Punches Lia*

Wandette: Guys, stop!

Lia: *takes out two flint rocks from here braclet and sets drake on fire* >_>

Drake: *on fire* AAH!

Wandette: STOP. RIGHT. NOW.

Lia: *puts the flint rocks back in her braclet* let's see how well you like flames

Wandette: *puts out drake's flames*Oh, right. *runs*

Lia: i was talking to drake, i was warning him about what i'll do to him

Drake: *runs with Wandette*

Lia: *steps back to rex and whispers in his ear*

Rex: *whispers something back*

Wandette: Lia is really strange.....

Rex: *continues to whisper to lia and fiddles with his necklace* (good night. see ya in about 5 hours :P

Drake: yep, really strange. (goodnight kokori)

Amy: *quietly walks in and sits on the ground*

Joney: *bounces in* Wow, this is fun! :D

Amy: Joney! Hush...

Vince: *glares at Joney* And what's so fun about death?

Joney: *stops bouncing* We're....we're gonna die?

Amy: *glares at Vince* Nice going twerp. *looks at the floor*

Vince: What, you'd rather have him have a less chance of surviving thanks to not knowing?! *turns to Joney* Yes, we're all here to fight to the death in something called 'The Hunger Games...' -gives him a breif summary of it*

Selleck: *Stares at Joney* "Death is inevitable in this contest. Fast or slow, soon or far in the future, we will all be cut down." *Relapses into silence once more*

Rachel: WHAT!

Joney: *to Vince* But..what about Amy? Will she...die?

Amy: *shrugs while staring at floor* Probably.

Joney: *gasps*

Vince: Don't worry kid... You're probably gonna die too, so it evens out.

Rufus: I wonder if we can all survive till the end! :D

Vince: No, we can't. The point of The Hunger Games is that only one contender survives.

Rufus: Well, I guess I'm that contender that will survive. Hahaha^

Kari: The over-confident ones are always killed early on.

Rufus: Over-confident? I promise you that you'll easily be killed early on. >~>

Daimion: Alright, let's get a move on! I'm going to interview all of you to give you a score out of 12, based on your ability, and the higher your score is, the more likely you are to get sponsered. But, be warned, getting a high score also makes you a threat for the other contenders, possibly making you a target! Will you choose to show of your skills, or act worse then you actually are? Let's see.

Vince: *glares at Cloe* How did you get so much better than me in the interview?!

Rufus: Vince, you were never good. -w-

Vince: ... *tackles Rufus* WHAT DID YOU SAY?! :@

Cloe: Shut it, Rufus. Vince, its because I actually tried. You could learn a thing or two from me, if you want to make it far in this life, bud.

Vince: *gets off of Rufus, glaring at him* Yes, well, I shouldn't have had to try to get at least a ten... >->

Lia: i didn't get the score i wanted :'(

Rex: i did

Selleck: *Watches the others nonchalantly from a distance*

Rex: hi shelleck :P

Selleck: *Glances at Rex for a moment and then stalks off*

Lia: i wouldn't do that shellex

Cloe: *rolls eyes*

Vince: What? >->

Rex: *pulls two flint stones out of his necklace* want to be set on fire cloe?

Cloe: No, no, that's quite alright Rex. Did you guys hear how someone died before they entered the arena?

Rex: District 7, Male. *puts stones back in necklace* want to join up with us?

Vince: Yes, but that makes it easier for the rest of us, so it's good.

Selleck: *In his private room, twisting an expensive and very detailed glass around in his hand* "And so the last day of comfort ends. The beginning of the end is nigh..."

Rex: i'm going to go back to my room

Lia: me too

Vince: *looks at Joney* How'd you do?

Rex: actually i'll stay here for a bit *winks at lia*

Lia: ok *winks back then runs to the elevator*

Joney: *smiles at Vince* I got a nine! How about you?

Amy: *rolls eyes and stands next to Joney, glaring at Vince*

Lia: *comes back with a bottle of water* i got an eight

Rex: a three

Selleck: *Remerges from his private room*

Vince: ... Unimportant. *looks at Amy* What did I do? :|

Rex: want to see what i did?

Amy: If you threaten Joney in anyway...I swear I will-

Joney: need for that here.

Amy: *remains blank and turns to Vince* Did you fail?

Vince: ... Depends on your defenition of failing...

Rex: he won't feel a thing *takes two flint stones out of his necklace and grins*

Arianna: *exits interview room* ...

Selleck: *Stares past the confrontation towards the grand sight of the Capitol below, and then leaves the room again*

Rex: i think i'll do version 1

Lia: no. save it until the games

Rex: fine *puts flint back in his necklace*


Daimion: Show me your stuff! (How this works is you'll do a quick act in the interviews for your section showing what you've got, then I give you the score based on 1/12. Interviews close tommarow at 10:30 EST.)

Section One Interviews

Valerie: *sets two pistols, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher in a line* Catch this. *rolls over to the pistols and shoots them, hitting two robots in the head without looking. She then takes the machine gun and shoots rapidly, hitting five robots in the chest. Lastly, she takes the rocket launcher and shoots it at a collection of robots, blowing them into pieces in ask directions.* How was that?

Daimion: ... Did they invent some sort of new steroids that wrorks on guns too?! Eight.

Section Two Interviews

Vince: *flexes* Look at these muscles! Just look at them! Now, give me a 12! :@

Daimion: ... 2. :|

Cloe: *walks up to the stage in a luxiorious silver sparkling gown* I am Cloe Pickering, of Section Two. And I am a winner, a victor, or anything else in that category. *she flexes* Nobody shall mess with me and my physical and mental strength. There is no way in the world that I could possibly not win this Hunger Game. The odds are completely in my favour. And of course, it helps that I am a trained leader and combat artist, as well as an excellent strategist. So I am Cloe, of Section Two, and the future winner of this Hunger Games. Thank you.

Daimion: Nine. You would have gotten a higher score, but you only talked, not actually show me what you can do...

Section Three Interviews

Dustin: Okay, sooo I'm Dustin, I just escaped from prison, and I'm epic with knives. *twirls knive and stabs Ulaya*

Daimion: Zero, don't attack people before the games. >->

Ulaya: *smiles at Dustin* That's okay, Dust. *looks at the audience, with a deadly joyful grin on her face and her red hair blazing behind her; her eyes glimmering in the fading light* You don't want to mess with me, fellow tributes. Ever since my sweet brother, Reck, was sent to the Capitol, and, well, he never came back.... *gets an evil look on her face* I am bent on revenge. Nothing will stop me. NOTHING. I am an unstoppable force in these forsaken Games. No power in the world will stop me now. I have fury, and I want blood. *grabs Dustin's knife, does an ariel over him and throws the knife directly into a dummy's heart from 20 feet away* *she smiles at her work, and does a spin and kicks Dustin between the eyes, knocking him to the ground* No hard feelings, ally.

Daimion: Twelve, nice work.

Section Four Interviews

Rachel: Hi im Rachel! *Charms Damion* see?

Daimion: One. :|

Section Five Interviews

Rufus: *grabs his hammer* I'll show them whose wilder! :@ *destroys two dummies while doing an axel flip with his hammer; landing on his feet*

Daimion: Hmm... Eight.

Wandette: *grabs hammer and smashes a punching bag into pieces* Howzat?

Daimion: Laaaaame. >-> Four.

Section Six Interviews

Savannah: Hm... *looks around the room, then settles on a knife* ... *jumps on a dummy, and starts stabbing out it's eyes* :@

Daimion: ... Five.

Lance: Imagine it's daytime. *he walks over to a dummy.* Listen, we need an alliance if we want to survive. Then the dummy says yes. Now imagine it's the middle of the night. *he walks back over to the dummy. He silently takes out a knife and stabs it in the throat.* Finished. The dummy is dead without anyone knowing it was me.

Daimion: Hmm... Ten.

Section Seven Interviews

Devlin: *picks up two swords* I'm great a double bladed combat. *charges at three dummies and intercitly swings his swords, slicing each dummy into three pieces*

Daimion: Niiiice. Nine.

-Four robotic muttations are sent to Arianna-

Arianna: *mumbles* I can do this *jumps onto one robot, stab it with a knife, causing it to screech and slam into another one. Arioanna then jumps up, throws another kinfe at the third robot and kicks the final robot while falling from the air. All four a broken* .....woah...

Daimion: ... Twelve.

Devlin: What? No! A girl can't score better than me!

Arianna: ... *looks down to the ground*

Devlin: That's it, you're not even goijng to get to the arena! *picks up a mace and swings at Arianna*

Arianna: *dives out of the way and deflects Devlin's mace with a shield*

Devlin: *kicks shield out of the way and raises mace over his head*

Arriana: *quickly grabs and arrow and jabs it into Devlin's heart right before he slams the mace into her head*

Devlin: *eyes roll up into his head and he falls back, dead*

Arianna: .... *her eyes widen, she stands up and quickly walks out of the room*

Daimion: Er... And Delvin's out... Before the Games even started... I'd eliminated Arianna, but it was in self-defense... JAnitor, come clean this body up...

Section Eight Interviews

Joney: *smiles, walks in, and quickly sets up a snare* Okay, see this stuffed bunny? *throws it in the snare, which grabs it by the leg and suspends it in the air* That's my sub-talent...*throws an ax, chopping of the stuffed rabbits head* And, some section eight pride.

Daimion: Pride isn't gonna save you from death, kid. >-> Nine.

Amy: *walks in, scowling* the cage.

Joney: Bu-bu-but you'll kill them. D:

Amy: *shakes head, then glares at Joney* Open it!

Joney: *opens the cage unleashing twenty doves*

Amy: *shoots down every one of them with her bow and arrow* There....*glances up at Damion* Now what?

Daimion: Hmm... Eleven.

Amy: *looks shocked for a minute then rolls eyes* Can we go now or do you have to ask me questions or something?

Joney: Aaaammmmy....stop being so ruuude...

Daimion: Nope, you can go.

Amy: *sarcastic* Thanks. *walks out*

Joney: Thank you, Mister Daimion! *quickly fallows Amy*

Section Nine Interviews

Selleck: *Shrugs, and then pulls out a knife; with a flick of his wrist, he expertly sends the small blade flying into a dummy's chest*

Daimion: ... Ten, actually, that would be a lethal blow in the arena.

Kari: *A chicken is walking around the area* Ha, too easy. *Slowly walks up to the chicken* *Bend over, and grabs the chicken* *Breaks the chicken's neck, and places it on the ground* *Pulls out a small knice, and skins it to get rid of the feathers* There.

Daimion: ... Six.

Selleck: *Glances at Kari for a brief moment* "...Could have been worse."

Kari: *Smirks* True, but it could've been better.

Selleck: "You're right in the middle...not drawing any attention to yourself. That's an enviable starting point to one in my position."

Kari: You have a point. If I had gotten a twelve, I would've put a big target on my back. But since I'm right in the middle, I'm more safe than someone with a higher score.

Selleck: *Nods to her, and then walks away*

Section Ten Interviews

Rex: *puts five dummy's up in a row in front of him* ready? *sets himself on fire and runs past the dummys putting them all on fire and then puts him out* *winces*

Daimion: Three, what good is that if you're set on fire too?

Rex: becuase if i've got water and my enemies don't they burn will i live :) thanks for the score

Lia: *puts eight dummies in a circle around her, then picks two wooden swords and set the tips on fire* ok *does a dance like thing around the dummies setting each one of fire and inflicting major cuts* did i do ok?

Daimion: ... Meh, eight.

Lia: *face whitens* i wanted a seven or lower :'(

Rex: so what score did you get?

Lia: an eight

Rex: did you do the sword fire or hook fire

Lia: sword

Rex: well save the hook one for the arena :P i got a 3

Lia: fire kamikaze?

Rex: yeah

Lia: great...

Section Eleven Interviews

Drake: *tears apart dummies & rips punching bag in half* Any good?

Daimion: What's up with all the steriods? >-> Four.

Drake: What is it with you and steroids? gosh....

Lizy: *electrucutes Drake* Any good?

Daimion: Thank you. Eight.

Drake: meh.

Section Twelve Interviews

Missy: *uses her fishing rod and throws its string, wrapping around six bodies; squeezing it into dust* That's how its done. -w-

Daimion: -ducks behind desk- Ten, I'm pretty sure you used steroids... Don't kill me.

Scott: *Uses his fishing rod to pull three bodies towards him* Take that! *Does a spinning jump kick, destroying the three. *Sends fishing rod to the ceiling and swings over to the other bodies, lets go of the rod and does a flip* Hiyah!! *crushes them remaining bodies with a spin kick*

Daimion: ... Quick question, does everyone in Section Twelve use steroids? :| Nine.

Scott: Hmph, good enough. and steroids? You try reeling in giant fish everyday, see how muscular you get.

Day Two - The Beginning of The End


Daimion: Well, we'll allow everyone to chat a little before we start, say their goodbyes, form pre-game alliances with other members, stuff like that. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Cloe: *walks up to Vince* Let's get this straight, buddy. I will ally with you, but only if I lead. And, we need a third member in our alliance.

Rex: *heads to the back of the area with lia* remeber what we agreed on?

Lia: *nods* we'll join you cleo

Cloe: And who says I asked you two? No offense, but we'd like somebody else. *walks off with Vince*

Rex: your playing with fire, your going to get burned

Cloe: *calls back to him* You know, this is the Hunger Games, Rex. It's good to be proud and all, but at some point your going to meet you're downfall.

Arianna: Excuse me, Daimion. I witnessed Rex putting flint in his necklace, which is a token. The rules say tokens can not be used as a weapon or to further oneself, correct?

Daimion: Good point,... Rex, for trying to break the rules, you are disqualified! ... *shoots Rex in the head*

Lia: You... you KILLED MY BROTHER! *tackles daimion scratching him and starts biting him*

Ulaya: *enters* He's dead? .... *touches the blood on the floor with her hands* *begins laughing quietly, then hard, then uncontrollably on the ground*

Daimion: *pushes Lia off* You wanna get disqualified too? >->

Lia: he was my brother... and tokans can't be used as weapons. there's nothing about furthering oneself

Ulaya: *licks the blood off her fingertips* Tastes like..... blood.

Lia: and your drinking his blood! *tackles ulaya and starts clawing her*

Ulaya: *whips around and smacks Lia across the face* I was just tasting! You don't know what you've done, Lia. Your a dead girl! *runs off*

Daimion: Lia, stop it.

Lia: *huddles in a corner and starts crying*

Wandette; *practices with hammer*

Lia: *takes one match out and lights it and stares it the flame* rex...

Wandette: *stops* Lia.....?

Lia: *tears put the match out* rex...

Wandette: Lia..... I can help....

Lia: how...

Wandette: Throughout the hunger games.... I'll be by you're side.........

Lia: thanks...

Arianna: *turns away and sits on a bench alone*

Ulaya: *comes in happily, but then frowns and starts shaking her head back and forth violently*

(Rex: lia's sadness is getting to me... i'm actually crying)

Rufus: Uhm... (ignores all the commotion)

Missy: Vince, you sure love to get on my bad side. >~>

Wandette: So... alliance?

Valerie: Lance, we need to form an alliance.

Lance: But we need one more person. Arianna, would you like to join our alliance?

Drake: I'll join, Lance.

Lance: No. Thats why I asked Arianna.

Drake: *sigh* ok... *walks away*

Wandette: *goes to check on Drake*

Drake: Go away *finds knife and stabs self* Gah... I have no regrets.....*eyes close*

Rufus: (takes Drake's knife after he is killed) Thanks...

Arianna: *suspiciously raises an eyebrow at Lance and Valerie* I don't feel very comfortable... Last time I thought I'd ally with someone he tried to kill me. I'lll..... I'll think about it.

Daimion: Time to get started! I'm going to deposit alll of you into different places in the arena, in groups of three random peeps. Ready? If not, too bad!


You may not leave your starting point until I say you can.

Daimion: And... Go!

Starting Point One

Lance, Savannah, and Rufus are here

Rufus: (looks slowly) Let's all be friends here...

Lance: I agree.

Starting Point Two

Vince, Joney, and Amy are here

Vince: Er... *backs up slowly, afraid they'll team up on him* Aliance?

Joney: *turns to Amy* Amy, I trust him...

Amy: *glances at Joney, then at Vince* Okay, I trust you as well. But if you try to pull anything I will kill you in a second. Let's go. *runs off*

Joney: *waits for Vince*

Vince: *sighs out of relif, then runs after* Thanks...

Joney: Whatever....*speeds after Amy*

Starting Point Three

Missy, Lia, and Valerie are here

Missy: (rolls her eyes) I can kill all of you in a hurry.

Valerie: I need to find Lance.

Missy: (scurries to the center arena)

Lia: i've got to survive for rex *runs to the center as fast as she can*

Starting Point Four

David, Ryan, and Selleck are here

Selleck: *Glances at David and Ryan*

Selleck: *Leaves the starting point quickly, not wanting to tarry, and heads to the center of the arena*

David: *Makes a fire* *Pushes Ryan in it* *leaves*

Starting Point Five

Dustin, Lizy, and Wandette are here

Wandette: Here i go! *runs towards forest*

Wandette gets blown up from the mines that weren't deactivated yet. (I told everyone they couldn't leave until I said they could, your fault for not listening. xD)

(thats not fair, now both my characters are dead :( 1 more chance?)

(MrD: Yes it is, you suicided with Drake. =/ But fine, I'll just delete the lines...)

Wandette: *Runs toward corncoupia

Starting Point Six

Arianna, Cloe, and Ulaya are here

Arianna: *studies the arena, and eyes the cornucopia* I'll get there quick, hopefully.

Arianna: *mapping out a plan* Okay, so the forest provide shelter from others, but the cliff will also provide some nifty advantages. The Streams too obvious, as everyone will go there for water...

Arianna: *sprints for the cornucopia*

Cloe: *sprints for the cornucopia, reaching it quickly* *picks up two packed backpacks, and a long sword* *runs out to find Vince*

Ulaya: *runs madly into the center and picks up a pack of knives and a sturdy backpack* *sprints away, laughing loudly*

Starting Point Seven

Kari, Scott, and Rachel are here

Kari: *Starts backing up* Uh, hehe, yeah... I'm just... gonna keep my distance...

Kari: *Steps off platform and runs to the cornucopia*

Scott: *hops off the platform and runs towered the mountains*

Rachel: *Gets her sword out* *Slices Scott* *leaves*


Rufus: *starts for a rest* I'll climb in a while but I think I'll drink some water.

Selleck: *Passes him casually, continuing on up the treacherous trail upwards*

Rufus: Okay, I need to get a move on. (climbs up)

Selleck: *Stops and rests against the cliff face for a time, and checks his backpack, grimacing in disgust when it isn't as full as he imagined* "Dried fruits, a half-full canteen of water, and foil..." *Uses the foil to wrap up the raw meat, and deposits the bundle back into his backpack*

Rufus: Oh hai, Stranger. *waves to Selleck; and passes through his location, setting up camp*

Selleck: *Nods to Rufus's back, and then groans and gets up* "I must get to the summit." *Continues his trek upwards*

Rufus: (surrounds his area with multiple traps) This should protect me from other attackers. -w-

Selleck: *Skirts around the just-placed traps, and continues on his way*

Rufus: (walks back into his tent; covering himself in a blanket) I think I'll go to sleep now. (covers his eyes with sunglasses and rests) 8)

Selleck: *Reaches the summit after a long climb, and then squints at the sun above* "I've miscalculated badly...too long up here and I'll roast. Looks like my plan is a failure..." *Gathers up the dry leaves and sticks up, and sets them alight, creating a great beacon of flame*

Selleck: *Creates a rudimentary trap on the very narrow pathway up, so that if anyone attempts to reach the fire, they will plummet to their deaths* "Right. I think it's time to go." *Prepares to descend, and after a bit of time has passed, avoids the obvious trail and begins to climb down the cliff face of the mountain itself*

Wandette: *arrives at the top of the mountain and notices Rufus* Well, hes in my district, so I wont kill him..... *Runs to Plains*

Selleck: *Finally reaches the ground below and collapses in a heap from exhaustion, and barely manages to drain the whole of his canteen* "I need more water..." *Rests for a time, and then grimaces and heads for the stream at an easy, but wary, pace*

Rachel: *Slices Rufus*

Dustin: *is hiding behind a rock* DIE! *stabs Rachel through her heart*

-Rachel steps on Rufus's trap where a huge boulder crushes her-

Dustin: *runs back into the forest* BAHAHAHAH!

Rufus: (wakes up and looks at the starry night) *glances* "We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be justice. But when we call our vengeance justice, it only breeds more revenge... forging the first link in the chains of hatred."

Rufus: (notices Scotts and sends a flying dagger that he grabbed from his backpack into Scott's head) Buh-bye, trespasser.

(MrD: That's alright cause AJ is on a five day hike, and would have died anyways. =P)

Rufus: *climbs down the mountain and lands safely; running off*

Rufus: *runs back up the trenches; and scurries into his tent, unharmed* "Well, goodnight." *wraps a blanket around himself, snoring*


Arianna: *runs to the interior forest and stops to rest for a bit* Phew... That was surprisingly easy... *rumages through the backpack* Okay... so I have another knife... a water bottle... an old blanket... and a box of matches. great. Looks like I grabbed the right stuff.

Arriana: *packs up her supplies while attaching her knives to her belt* Hmm.... I should move-out. *walks to the cliff*

Valerie: hey! I found a canteen!

Lance: If only we had food.

Valerie: Ill go look. You stay and set up camp. *takes her guns and sleeping bag*

Lance: ok.

Lance: its been awhile. *walks to the field*

Lance: *runs back to the camp and finishes setting up*

Dustin: *sneaks in, and stabs Lance in the back* DIE! *runs to the mountains*


Lance: *in great pain, Lance puts some of the medicine on it, lowering the swelling, and lays in the bag* ow...

Dustin: I'm back! *jumps on Lance, and stabs his heart* You can't survive now!

Lance: Or can I? *opens up bag to reveal that he has stabbed Dustin in the jugular, and he dies immediately.* *lance hobbles off*

(Dakota, Lance has been dead :| he can't survive being stabbed in the chest, back, and heart, he was already dead, and MrD told me he was dead)

Arianna: *walks in and begins to work quickly. she sets her blanket on fire with her matches and throws it over a tree, causing the night sky to brighten. she readies her three knives and hides in a different tree nearby, poised for attack*

Missy: Okay, let's do this. *prepares her assault*

Arianna: *spots Missy near the flaming tree and throws a knife directly at her throat, slitting it and killing Missy*

Missy: *notices and projectiles it into her stomach* My final words to you Arianna, I know your here.

Arianna: *swings down from the tree, kicks Missy in the stomach, sending her into the flames* sorry we couldn't ally. *jumps back into tree* Damn, I lost a knife...

Missy: I know your secret Arianna, don't be afraid to approach me. You have been left alone with your dark lie yet you endangered your friends. Soon you will be killed... but enjoy life. Revenge is a cycle of hatred. Know, true peace and survive. Bye. Hahahaha!

Arianna: *jumps out of the tree and rolls just before the flaming tree* Whatever you know, now nobody knows... *stands and walks back to the cliff*

Dustin: *runs into the stream, carrying a machete* HAHAHA!

Amy: *quietly manuevers through forest*

Amy: *notices the quiet and looks around* All I see is the trees...*looks up and sees part of the cliff* I think I see people, but, I can't really tell....*eyes close for a second* So...tired...*climbs a tree, to get a better view* Yep...people...*falls asleep against the tree*


Kari: *Arrives and stops to survey the cliff* Hm, maybe I should just set up camp here...

Arianna: *walks in and sees a figure off in the distance. she draws out two of her knives* Who goes there?

Kari: *Hears Arianna and takes out her dagger* It's Kari.

Arianna: *walks closer to Kari* Unless you give me a reason to, I mean no harm... I just didn't think anybody else would risk the cliff as a campsite.

Kari: *Slowly puts her dagger by her side* Well, I figured it would give me a nice view of most of the arena, and also there could be a stream near by.

Arianna: *shakes her head and draws back her knives* The stream's too obvious. Everyone needs water, so others will be there frequently. It seems more logical to search for springs in the forest. Uh, wanna team up?

Kari: *Studies Arianna for a second* Sure. Having extra protection is better than nothing.

Arianna: Great *draws out her knives again* I upset a few people pre-arena. They'll try to follow me, you should know.

Kari: *Grans her dagger* No problem. They wont expect two people here already.

Arianna: doesmn;t seem like anyone's coming *looks out over the arena and sees someone standing in the fields* How can you be so obvious?

Arianna: Let's get a move on and go to the stream. If we can kill ppl quicker the faster this ends. *walks to stream*

Kari: Sounds good to me. *Follows Arianna to the stream*

Kari: Nice job taking care of Lia.

Selleck: *Enters the scene quickly and quietly, glancing around at threats unseen*

Arianna: Thanks. *spots Selleck and draws her knives* who are you?!

Selleck: *Notices that he is outnumbered* "An ally."

Selleck: *Looking unconcerned with whatever happens* "...How will we break this impasse?"

Arianna: *points two knives at selleck* Can we trust you?

Selleck: *Takes particular note of the two knives pointed at him, and nods*

Arianna: Good. *draws back her knives* You can stay, then.

Selleck: "Right" *Nods to her*

Selleck: *Glances at Kari* "So, you've survived..."

Kari: *Looks at Selleck* So far, I have. Who knows what the future holds.

Selleck: *Nods and looks out across the dark sky* "How many died today?"

Kari: *Glances at the sky* I have no idea, but I know Lia died because I was there for that.

Selleck: *Glances at her again* "...Sorry." *Looks at the sky once more* "This is almost...peaceful."

Kari: *Laughs* Funny how something that seems so peaceful, can be so deadly.

Lance; *hobbles to them* help! *falls to ground*

Kari: *Pulls out dagger* And why should we help you?

Arianna: *glares at Lance* No thanks. *finishes Lance off and stabs him in the heart* We can't trust him. He's been going around attacking people.

Selleck: *Looks toward the body* "Welcome back, reality."

Arianna: *stands with supplies* I'm heading to the woods. If you see a fire, do not come to it. And if I don't return, chances are, I'm dead.

Kari: Ok, let's hope you come back!

Selleck: *Nods to Arianna* "Good luck."

Arianna: *returns to the cliff* I managed to kill Missy, albiet, losing a knife in the process. I left the fire going, so pretty soon the whole thing will prolly be charred wood. And without wood, people cant have fire. I can just light my backpack on fire for us, though. *smirks*

Kari: *Smiles* Good job, that gives us the upper hand!

Selleck: *Nods to the victor, and then looks away* "I wonder when this day will finally end..."

Kari: Hopefully soon, this day has been crazy.

Selleck: *Glances at Kari* "Makes you wonder what they'll throw at us tomorrow."

Arianna: Hmmm.... Um, not to be a downer and beg, but did any of HAPPEN to snag some kind of protection from the cold, like a blanket?

Selleck: *Shivers and shakes his head* "I wasn't that fortunate."

Kari: I couldn't find one. Maybe we could find of leaves or something?

Arianna: I'll make a run to the cornucopia. If anyone has anyense at all, they won't still be there. *runs to center of arena*

Arianna: *returns and tosses both Selleck and Kari a blanket* I could only find two; you guys take them. I burned mine, anyways.

Selleck: *Gives Arianna his blanket* "I'll be fine."

Kari: *Grabs her blanket* Thanks Arianna. In the morning, we can cook some of the food I got.

Arianna: Th-thanks, Selleck... Are you sure you won't get cold? *turns to Kari* spounds great.

Selleck: "Don't worry about me." *Lies down wearily*

David: *Burns Selleck*

Arianna: How dare you! *jumps on David and stabs him multiple times* Die! *punches david in the face*

Selleck: *Rolls around to put out the flames*

Kari: *Pulls out dagger* Why can no one stay away from us?

Arianna: We're just so irresistable..... *glares at David's corpse*

Selleck: *Groans in pain and winces as he touches a burn* "We're not exactly hidden..."

Kari: *Sighs* True. We need something for your burns.

Arianna: *takes out her water bottle* Here. It'll help, and we have more water.

Selleck: "...Thanks." *Pours water on the most severe of burns, soothing the skin slightly*

Arianna: *gives selleck her blanket* It's best if burns are wrapped. Use this.

Rufus: (walks in) "This is also something I need to do on my list, you guys are awfully in bad-shape especially you Stranger." "Hey, haven't we met." *points to Selleck* "Now you guys can camp out with me on my fine Mountain, I reckon you guys know where it is." "This way we can all have a chance at true peace and not the cycle of hatred and war."

Selleck: *Disregards Rufus and the blanket* "Thanks...but the cold air is very soothing."

Rufus: *grins, and laughs heavily* "Ah, we'll meet once again." "But if you need me, just head to "Old Cave's Mountain." *throws a smoke bomb on the ground and runs off*

Selleck: "These burns won't let me rest."

Selleck: *Glances at Kari and Arianna, and notes that they are asleep* "...Why must our lives end here?"


Missy: -makes it to the fields and starts setting up a tent- This is a good spot.

Valerie: *Silently walks up behind her and shoots her in the back of the head once* Sorry. But it looks like you didn't kill me when you wanted to. *takes the tent*

(Valerie had no bullets. ^^) Missy: *bashes Valerie's head with a fishing hook*

Valerie: Ow! *hits missy with her gun in the head before fainting*

Missy: *notices her swinging and dodges* Nice try. *finishes her off by stabbing her with a dagger in the throat*

Lance: *sees missy kill valerie* VALERIE! *runs to missy and stabs her in the jugular with his knife, killing her* Thats for killing Valerie.

Missy: *notices Lance; counters attack and stabs her in the chest* You missed, digusting freak.


Both: (stab her)

(Dakota, stop. She grabbed supplies meaning a dagger in the cornucpia. I suggest you leave with Lance before I decide to kill him.)

Lance: *runs back into forest, grabbing Valeries supplies on the way*

Missy: -sets up traps and heads into her tent, looking at a book- Ugh.... so much blood.

Missy: Done. :P (is done reading her novel & takes a walks to the stream before deactivating her traps)

Missy: (enters) Ugh, my arm is bleeding (takes out the arrow and puts a bandage over it) I think I'll go rest. (re-sets her traps and sleeps in her tent)

Missy: *wakes up and leaves off*

Rufus: "One thing left on my To-Do list." *sets a match on fire and spreads it all across the fields* "Time to burn ashes from this shedding world we call: Earth." *runs off back to the mountains*


Lia: this river must come from a lake... i hope wandatta finds me.. *heads upstream*

Amy: *comes to a stream, hears footsteps and shoots an arrow in Lia's direction*

Wandette; oops wrong pla- *sees Amy and Lia**Grabs arrow before it hits Lia (Godmod much? :|)

Lia: *hears the arrow just in time, shrieks and ducks* AHH!!! *runs as fast as she can*

Amy: *turns and sends arrows at Wandette*

Joney: *sees what's going on and throws axe at Wandette*

Wandette: *ducks and runs away* Sorry Lia!

Lia: *runs into a small grove just off the river* safety :)... i need you rex...

-Wandetta trips and falls into the stream, and due to not knowing how to swim, drowns- (You cannot even get hit ONCE by arrows and an axe. :| )

Arianna: *walks to the stream and spots Lia* .... *hesitates, but draws her knives* only one of us can win...

Lia: *lights a match and stares into the flames* i need you rex...

Arianna: sigh, if that's how it will be. *swiftly motions and hurls a knife right through Lia's throat* Go be with him, wherever he may be...

Joney: *goes to retrive his axe and sees Arianna* Um...hi?

Arianna: *removes knife from Lia's corpse* hey. *goes back to cliff with Kari*

Joney: *turns and chops off Lia's head* Okay then...

Selleck: *Walks toward the stream hurriedly, canteen in one hand, knife in the other*

Selleck: *Fills up his canteen to the brim, and, not wanting to stay any longer than necessary, aways to the cliff*

Joney: *grabs his axe and runs back to Amy, explaining what happened between Arianna and Lia*

Amy:....I have no comment to that.

Vince: *finally arrives* Sorry, I got lost on the way here...

Amy: *turnst around and positions arrow*'s you.

Joney: Lia and Wandette died. I think someone else did...but...*shrugs*

Vince: ... *takes a step back when Amy aims at him, but when she doesn't fire he relaxes* I can live with that, they were annoying anyways....

Joney: *laughs*

Amy: *doesn't laugh* Just go get food, okay? We can't starve.

Vince: Here. *tosses the his back-pack* All it has in it are dried fruits...

Amy: *eyes light up* Not bad...*tosses a fruit and waits*

Joney: What are we waiting for?

Amy: *sees a rabbit go for the fruit and shoots it with an arrow*

Vince: -whistles- Impressive.

Amy: *shrugs and opens backpack*

Joney: *takes rabbit and looks at it* How we going to cook it?

Amy: *glances at Vince* Go somewhere, AWAY from here, and make a fire. And cook the rabbit.

Joney: *hands the rabbit to Vince*

Vince: Alright... *walks away, and grumbles* I'm totally gonna get attacked... *goes to a different area of the Stream, and finds some wood lying around* Good... *starts to rub it together to make a fire*

Amy: *runs up to him while he's walking* Oh, and boil some water to clean it, okay? *runs back to Joney*

Vince: Alright... *mutters* How am I supposed to carry the water over the fire? :| *shrugs, and finds a clean-ish big leaf on the ground* ... That'll work... *scoops up watrer with it, and holds it over the fire he just made*

Amy: *finds a sleeping bag and some velcro inside the backpack* Joney...pull a Katniss and climb up and sleep in this tree...

Joney: What about you?

Amy: Joney. Go.

Joney: *shrugs, takes the sleeping bag and climbs the tree* Okay..*makes the sleeping bag stay onto the tree and climbs down* There..I'm not tired, I'm hungry, so I'll wait for the wood and then sleep.

Vince: -finishes cooking case food really isn't important so it's alright to godmod a little, then comes back with it, and hands it to them* Here, I... ate some of the fruits before I got here.

Amy: *glances at Vince* You're lying. *pours water into a bottle that was found in a backpack and takes a sip* Joney...

Joney: *eats some rabbit and sips some water* Vince?

Vince: -pretends like he didn't hear Amy- Yes, Joney?

Joney: Did you remember to put out the fire? *moves the rabbit towered Vince*

Vince: *doesn't make a move for the rabit* Yes....

Joney: Please eat Vince. *smiles and sips some water, then hands Vince the bottle*

Amy: *remains quiet*

Vince: *takes a sip of water* I told you, I already ate...

Missy: (walks in) I mean no harm, I smelled the trail of food.

Amy: *jumps up and starts shooting arrows at Missy*

Joney: *throws axe at Missy*

Missy: *dodges and runs away* Eeee! D: *is shot in the arm*

Amy: *narrows eyes and shoots one more arrow, aiming for the back of her head* I really hope this hits...

Vince: Just let her run, it isn't worth it, it's nitht and we'll lose her anyways...

Amy: The sooner we kill, the sooner we can go home or die. Joney, it's time for you to sleep.

Joney: *nods, then climbs the tree, slips into the sleeping-bag, and falls asleep*

Vince: ... *pushes the rabit over to Amy* Here, eat it before it spoils.

Amy: *takes the axe and chops the rabbit in half and pushes one half over to Vince* You eat to. We can't have you starving. *eats some and sips some water*

Vince: ... -sighs- Fine. -starts eating it-

Amy: *finishes eating, then searches through the other backpacks*

Vince: *finishes eating* Whatcha looking for?

Amy: *shrugs then holds up a rag* This could work...*ties hair up with the rag* Do you have a knife on you?

Vince: *pulls it out* All I got from the cornocopia, other than the fruit. Why?

Amy: *takes the knife and cuts off the hair that's not tied up* Thank you. *hands the knife back and takes the rag out reveling much shorter hair* get rid of the evidence. *sweeps the hair into the stream* Perfect. *eats a dried fruit*

Vince: Two things: One, why'd you do that? And Two: ... You look better this way, actually.

Amy: What if we need to escape to the forest? I wouldn't want to get my hair tangled, right? And...*mutters* Thanks.

Vince: True, true. And, no problem. -yawns, and then looks up the tree at Joney- ... That boy better win.

Amy: *smirks and shakes head* Do you think he can?

Vince: Maybe, if we can stick around long enough to protect him while most people are still here...

Amy: *looks at Vince* How far can we make it? People like Arianna....they could murder us in a second!

Vince: -sighs- I don't know. Hopefully long enough, and people will take care of her before we have to...

Amy: *looks down at the three backpacks* Here. One for Joney, one for you, and one for me. *hands him a backpack*

Vince: -grabs it- Thanks.

Amy: *nods and looks away*

Vince: So... What now?

Amy: We shouldn't relocate just yet...maybe tommorow.

Vince: I agree, we're hidden well enough here...

Amy: *stares at Vince for a while* I won't kill you.

Vince: -fidgets un-comftorably- Thanks, I guess, I won't kill you too...

Amy: *nods then stares at Vince some more*

Vince: ... Could you stop staring at me? :|

Amy: I could. But why would I stop?

Vince: ... It's creeping me out?

Amy: *nods* Fair enough. *yawns then leans against the tree* Must....stay....awake....

Vince: You can go to sleep, I'll stay up...

Amy: What if someone comes and.....*yawns*....attacks us....*yawns* and....*falls asleep*

Vince: *leans against a tree* Yawn... *looks at Amy, seeing nothing better to do, then after a few hours, goes over to wake her up, getting tired* Hey... *yawns* wake up, it's yo... *falls asleep next to her*

Amy: *rolls over, then feeling Vince, wakes up, shocked*'s just you. *smiles at Vince, then climbs the tree to check on Joney* Good...he's asleep. *eats a dried fruit, then finds a birds nest with some eggs* Perfect. *climbs down, and runs towered Vince's old fire pit*

Vince: *is woken up by Amy rolling into her, but stays down for a few moments, and when he looks up finds her going back to the fire-pit* Hmm... *gets up, then starts walking towards her, yanwing*

Amy: *sees the fire-pit then looks around and finds some leaves* This will have to do...*rubs some sticks together to create a fire, then makes a make-shift tray and starts to cook the eggs* Hmm..*starts to hum*

Vince: -yawns, and walks up to Amy- What are you -yawn- doing?

Amy: *yawns* Making breakfast...we have to get a move on, soon. *eyes widen* Joney! You left Joney alone. *grabs the leaves, which contain the now fully cooked eggs, stomps out the fire and runs back to the campsite*

Vince: -yawns- Oh no! Let's go see if he's alright... -starts walking back, but trips on a rock, and instead of getting up falls asleep again*

Amy: *doesn't notice that Vince fell, and climbs the tree to make sure that Joney's okay* Joney...Joney...

Joney: *wakes up* Amy? *yawns then sees the eggs* Eggs? Awesome!

Amy: *hands Joney an egg* Start packing up....we're moving out...*climbs down the tree* Vince? VI-INCE?

Vince: -doesn't wake up, and starts snoring-

Savannah: -finally left her starting point, and starts coming here- Like, hello? Is anyone here?

Amy: careful. *goes to wake up Vince* Vince....Vinny...I got food.

Joney: *hear's Savannah, and grabs the axe* Who goes there?

Vince: -wakes up, but is still half asleep and does a shooing hand motion- Go away, I'm sleeping... -yawns, and starts to go to sleep again-

Savannah: -goes towards Joney- I'm, like, totally Savannah and stuff, who are you?

Joney: *start's walking towered Savannah* I'm, like, totally gonna kill you. *swings and chops off Savannah's head* (Mr.D want's Savannah :P)

Amy: You are the laziest human being ever....I made eggs. And....GET UP, FOO'.

Savannah's Body: *falls over, limp*

Vince: -sighs- I didn't get any sleep except maybe half an hour, if you'll recall... And why do we need to eat at midnight anyways?

Cloe: *arrives, standing beside Vince with her equipment* Phew, I'm here.... Who are these people?

Amy: *positions an arrow right near Cloe's arm* Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now?....

Vince: Amy, Cloe's cool, she's my district partner...

Amy: *glares at Vince* She's only another mouth to feed. She needs to prove herself, not be worthless let everyone else from her di-...nevermind that. *turns back to Cloe* So....what can you do, Cloe?

Vince: -yawns, and leans against a tree- I need some sleep... -starts to doze off-

Amy: Night Vinny! *smirks at Cloe* Peeeerrrfect. *takes the arrow and stabs it in her arm* Wonderful. Now, let's give the others a message. *rips out the arrow and stabs it in her neck* Nighty-night, Cloe. *takes the body and dumps it in the stream and watches it float away*

Vince: *starts to wake up, and mumbles* What happened to Cloe...? (MrD: For the record, I'm only allowing that cause: [A] Zooms has two characters and [B] he's relatively inactive anyways.)

Amy: Cloe? Oh, she ran off, and then I heard a scream. I think the others killed her. *remains blank* I'm sorry. *turns away* We should move upstream. *gathers things and starts walking* JONEY. LET'S GO.

Joney: *grabs things, and starts fallowing Amy*

Vince: -has a blank expression, then shrugs- She shouldn't have ran off... -gets up, grabs hia back-pack, and follows closely behind Amy-

Amy: *after a while, moves farther way from the stream and sets bags down* Joney, set up two sleeping bags.

Joney: Two?

Amy: For you and Vince. He needs sleep and you need protection. I'll keep watch. Night.

Joney: *shrugs then climbs tree to set everything up* You comming Vince?

Vince: -yawns- Yea... -climbs up the tree, and sets everything up, then collapses onto the sleeping bag-

Joney: *climbs to the other branch and helps Vince into the bag* Night...*smiles then climbs to the other branch and falls asleep in the sleeping bag*

Amy: *smirks then lies at the base of the tree, waiting*

Vince: -wakes up in the middle of the night, then sits up on the tree. Still half asleep, he puts his legs over to side of the tree and jumps off, and barely realizes where he is and grabs the branch of the tree in time to save himself from falling- ... Help?

Joney: *mumbling* Just pull yourself up....

Amy: Joney, I think he lacks upperbody strength...*sighs* How can I help?

Vince: ... Thanks, Amy. Thanks a lot. I can so pull myself up. >-> *arms start shaking as he tries to pull himself up, and his elbow is placed on the top of the branch, and he's about to do it when his hand slips and he falls off the tree, next to Amy* ... Two things. One: Okay, so I can't. Two: Owwwwwww...

Amy: *chuckles, then helps him up* Go back to bed, okay. Sleep.

Vince: *stumbles* Getting a near-concussion killed any drowsiness I had...

Amy: Still, we can't have you being tired. Or you could watch Joney while I get food?

Vince: I'll watch him... *sits down against the tree*

Amy: *hands Vince two arrows* In case someone comes after you. And you have your knife. *grabs the axe, and her arrows* Stay safe....*kisses Vince on the cheek then runs off to the forest*

Vince: Thanks... -blushes when she kisses him, then looks up at Joney and mumbles- Wonder if he saw that...

Joney: Totally saw that...*goes back to sleeping*

Vince: -blushes- Shut up...

Center of Arena

Arianna: *makes it to cornucopia, grabs a backpack full of supplies and two knives, then runs to forest*

Rufus: Alright. *gathers water, food, two hammers and heads to the Mountains* Well, see ya till we meet again...

Selleck: *Grabs a knife, flint and tinder, and a backpack only partially full of supplies, and departs for the mountains*

Kari: *Arrives and grabs a backpack with two bottles in it, some supplies, and a dagger, and heads to the cliff*

Missy: *grabs a backpack filled with a fishing hook, two bottles, and supplies and heads to the fields*

Valerie: *Gets two pistols and a sleeping bag* That's all I needed.

Lance: *Grabs medicine and a knife* Valerie! To the forest!

Amy: *sneakly makes her way t othe cornucopia and spots an bow and a sheath of arrows* *smirks and grabs the bow and arrows* Goo-*spots two backpacks, grabs them, and runs off*

Lia: *gets here* got to be fast *grabs a fishhook, some string a backpack and a bottle of water and dahses away*

Joney: *slowly makes his way to the cornucpoia, grabs an axe, and a backpack and swiftly runs away*

Wandette: *grabs 2 bottles of water, a back-pack, a rusty old knife and a sleeping bag, then runs to the forest*

Vince: -runs in, grabs a knife and a back-pack, then runs off-

Dustin: *runs back to take a few knives* Come here Lance! >:D

Lizy: *takes a few knives, and runs into stream* DUSTIN WILL PAY!

Arianna: *runs into cornucopia and manages to find two blankets* Dangitt, only two, Oh well. *runs back to cliff*

Cloe: *grabs a long sword, a strudy backpack, and a tent pack, and runs towards where Vince went*

Ulaya: *grabs a pack of knives and a big backpack, plus a loaf of bread and runs off*

Twelve cannons go off.

Day Three - Thirteen Down, Ten to Go

A tree collapsed near Ryan and fell on him, killing him. (He hasn't done a thing since camp started. :s)


You get one item if you have 35 Sponsership Chance, and another if you have ten more.

Arianna receives a canteen with purified water and a bullet in case she finds a gun.

Ulaya receives a knife.

Amy receives additional arrows.

Joney receives medicine.

Forest (2)

Now with most of it burnt to a crisp.

Vince: -runs in, and when he sees most of it burned down, stands there with his mouth agape- Wh- What happened?

Joney: *runs in, and stops near Vince* I'n not su-...Amy....AMY..AMY!

Vince: Amy! Are you alive?! Answer me!

Amy: *groans, then rolls off the tree* OW! GOD DAM-*sees them* Oh...hi guys...*spots the parachute* Is this mine? *looks and sees the arrows* YES! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Vince: -runs over to her, glaring- Why the hell did you go to sleep in a burning forest?!

Amy: Cause I was tired. *puts the arrows in the backpack and starts moving deeper in the burnt forest*

Joney: *fallows Amy*

Vince: -sighs, and follows her- Just be thankful it didn't kill you...

Ulaya: *runs into the forest and climbs a tall tree, concealing her location* Phew....

Rufus: *runs in*

Ulaya: *sees Rufus and points to the other people*

Rufus: *swings his hammer on Joney's head*

Arianna: *swiftly jumps from burnt tree to burnt tree* *speaks quietly* Perfect. This place provides no protectiopn whatsoever. You're out in the open.

Ulaya: *throws a knife from her tree at Joney's head*

Rufus: *grabs the medicine and flees*

Arianna: *spots rufus running with the medicine* damnitt, I'll just follow him. *follows rufus*

Ulaya: *smiles happily as she sees the gore on the ground* *jumps from tree to tree away from the scene*

Ulaya: *returns later and retrieves her knife from Joney* (Is he dead?) *takes any other supplies and runs for it*

Vince: -just stares- ... What just happened? :|

Ulaya: *hears Vince and returns, holding her knife, ready to throw* What's it to you?

Ulaya: No answer? *slashes at Vince several times, not caring what part of him she hits, and the runs away*

Lizy: *begins walking* Vince, oh Vince? *draws knives*

Ulaya: You again? *runs towards Vince and flips onto his chest, holding him down* Vince, your time has come... *stabs him through the chest with her knife*

Dustin: *stabs Vince several times* Lizy, go in for the kill!

Lizy: *stabs Vince in the neck* Run, Run! *runs away*

Ulaya: *draws a flower on Vince's chest with his blood, and then follows them*

A tree falls over onto Dustin and Lizy, killing them. (I told everyone to stop godmodding, and you killed me in literally one hit. xD Ulaya at least gave me a chance, even if I said I was ending it as I spoke.)

Cliff (2)

Arianna: A bullet, huh? Well, I'll go loot Ryan's body at the center arena. Be back soon. *runs to center of arena*

Arianna: *returns with gun* this will surely help us in defeating a toughie, now won't it?

Selleck: "Very nice." *Grimaces slightly* "My burns haven't healed..."

Arianna: Oh, right. *draws back gun and helps Selleck up over her shoulder* We'll go to the stream. *glances at sleeping Kari* we won't be gone long. *sets off with Selleck to the stream*

Selleck: "Thanks..."

Kari: *Wakes up and yawns and notices Selleck and Arianna are gone* Eh, probably just getting equipment or water.

Arianna: *walks back in with selleck over her shoulder* Hewy, Kari. *lays selleck down on a blanket* I did what I could. His burns look better, though.

Arianna: I'm gonna go look for something to eat in the forrest. I'll also try to find something for selleck. *runs off*

Kari: Hey! Well, it's better than nothing. You'll never get completely healed in a place like this.

Arianna: *returns with medicine and pouts it on Selleck's burns* Here, this should help you. Oh, and be ready for some crazy mountaineer to come boiling through here. I kinda destroyed a lot of his traps.

Kari: *Shrugs* 3 against one, we can handle it.

Rufus: *comes in and throws a smoke bomb on the ground*

Rufus: *sneakfully hides and waits to attack*

Arianna: *runs to enterance of cliff blindly through the smoke and tries to scout out the perpitraitor.*

Rufus: *comes out of his rock and swings his hammer directly on Selleck's head*

Selleck: *Tries futilely to rise and his eyes start to dim* "So...close...why?" *His eyes lose their spark and his broken head lolls back*

Arianna: *sees this through the fading smoke* NO! *whips out her gun and fires the bullet directly into Rufus' head* No...... *tears well up in her eyes*

Kari: *Coughs as the smoke fades away and notices Sellevk* No! Why is it always him?

Arianna: *shoves Rufus' body off the edge of a cliff* You murderous... psycho... *looks back to Selleck's corpse, and lets a few tears roll down her face* ...I'm... going to the field. I'll find another bullet. We'll win... *sadly walks off*

Kai: *Sighs* Ok, I'll stay here to watch our stuff. Be careful.

Field (2)

Ulaya: *smiles evilly as she accepts her new knife* A dainty one, this is... *trails it across her skin as she walks* Luckily, I already have some. I guess that means I can leave one in my next victims body. *grins happily*

Rufus: (enters; drawing his hammer) "Who are you, before I kill you?" (is ready to offense)

Ulaya: *looks up, and disapears into the tall grass, sprinting away*

Rufus: *follows her; and swings his hammer at her*

Ulaya: *dodges to the side, and whips a knife at him*

Ulaya: *runs off*

Rufus: *notices the swinging of the knife and ducks in time* Wait, let's all hunt together?

Rufus: *quickly runs off*

Arianna: *walks in an searches for a bullet*

Arianna: Oh! *picks up a shiny object* Is this it? O_o

Object is a penny.

Mountains (2)

Rufus: (awakens) "Time for breakfast." *Takes out a whole-pile of pancakes and heats it up with his flint* *chews on it slowly*

Rufus: (is finished eating and returns to his normal strenght) "Okay, let's go hunting." (runs off to a new location)

Rufus: *enters and activates traps*

Arianna: *skids to a stop, narrowly escaping a trap* .... *looks up to Rufus* We can do this the easy or hard way. I just need a little of the crap, for God's sake.

Rufus: "So you think you could come to my hideout and try to steal from me?" *gives him a spoonful of medicine* "Here go save your friendd and leave."

Arianna: A wise decision. *pulls out as knife and slices one of the ropes to his traps, which destroys a good numbers of other traps, and flees to the cliff*

Stream (2)

Vince: -starts waking up- Wh- What happened to Amy?

Joney: *wakes up, notices the sponcers gift, looks up and smiles* Thank you, sponcer. I appreciate your gift. *puts it neatly in the backpack* Amy? Where did she go? What happened? *looks frightened*

Vince: I don't know... She never came back last night, but I knew she'd kill me if I left you here when I went looking for her... Come on, let's check out the forest...

Joney: We should pack up and take our stuff. Nobody would check for us in a burnt forest. *starts packing*

Vince: Alright... *starts to hurridely pack his stuff*

Joney: *puts on backpack, slides down tree, and starts packing the other stuff* Vince, let's go. *finishes backing, puts on the other backpack and looks around* Amy must've taken the other one.

Vince: Alright... *hurridly sets off to the forest*

Arianna: *arrives with select and slowly lowers him into the stream* This should help. If not I'm sure I can find you done medicine or something.

Selleck: *Sighs in relief as the cool water touches his burnt skin* "This is perfect..."

Arianna: Now, by what I know, twelve people died last night, not counting Devlin... Then, I also found Ryan's body. So, at most, there's ten of us left. And, with our alliance, we have somewhat majoity, I think.

Arianna: Okay, we should get back to the cliff, Kari's probably going nuts. *lifts Selleck up and begins walking back to cliff*

Center of Arena (2)

Arianna: *runs in and spots Ryan's crushed body* please have a gun... *searches Ryan's body and finds a gun after a while* Yes! *loads bullet into gun and runs back to cliff*

Ulaya: *runs towards the center, when she spots Dustin* Dustin, my fellow Section 3 tribute, how are you? *smiles happily* I'm not so good.

Dustin: Oh why?

Ulaya: I killed someone today, Joney, and I didn't get any supplies from him. Oh well...

Ulaya: *shows Dustin her supplies* I have a pack of knives, plus this one I got from a sponsor, and a backpack with food in it. What did you get?

Ulaya: *smiles happily, and holds up a knife* Let's go hunt in the forest, Dustin

Lizy: Can I come too? *picks up her knives*

Dusti: Sure. *holds knives*

Daimion: -voices comes in on intercom- The Hunger Games are offically over! This was all to prove... -enter stuff about being better than the districts by having more people survive, blah blah blah- ... And Kari, Arianna, Ulaya, and Amy are our three winners! (AKA everyone was godmodding like crazy, so I ended it early. And for the record, consider Arianna the true winner, cause Kari and Ulaya did basically nothing to be honest.)

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