There is one reason this is called the camp at the end of the year.

Because as you can see this is the end of the year.

As we near 2016, it only makes sense that at the end of the year.

I would start up a camp at the end of the year!

RR44: Now you gonna sign up or what? Winner gets a $5 gift certificate to McDonalds! (Spoiler: I don't have a $5 gift certificate to McDonalds)


Thou shall not swear like a sailor (hell, crap and *** are fine though)

Thou shall not be like God (especially not this close to his son, Jesus's birthday)

Thou shall not hornswoggle thy competition

Thou shall be executed if thou are absent a week times three

Thou shall not lament over one's elimination (In related news; Thou shall also not bribe thy host to rig competition)

This be a comedic camp lampooned on thy more black side, hence; thy challenges shall be more 'unique' than others.

Hence forth, Thou shall not question the host's choice for a challenge. Thou paid good money to come here, and thy host has no time to listen to thou's complaints.

Thou shall have some fun with this camp. This is camp on a Total Drama fan wiki, not a wasteland in North Korea.


1. Jacob - The Malevolent One - Jomack03

2. Lexi - The Wannabe Princess - Samey

3. Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - Nemo

4. Ace - The Real American - Lance

5. Julie - The Spoiled Brat - Pary

6. Joanne - The Excitable Apprentice - Wendy

7. Abbie Marie - The Venezuelan Dragon - Solar

8. Dave Yolo Money- The Pimp/Rapper - Chwiis

The Pre-Chat At the End of the Year

RR44: Welcome to the camp at the end of the year. This is the place, you find here; where you can talk and brag out of your rear, until at last, everyone is here!

RR44: Dawson, Lexi; Welcome to the the end of the year.

RR44: Welcome Nemo and Ace!

Ace: Howdy! from America!

Lexi: Hola a todos

Nemo: Hello, RR44!

Abbie Marie: *smiles* CONF: If you f*** with me, you are dead, what can I say? *smirks*

RR44: Is that everyone? Good, now if you don't mind; i'mma gonna go create the first challenge for the the end of the year!

Nemo: It might be past the end of the year.

Lexi: Mi nombre es Lexi

Ace: *unimpressed look on face* seriously?

Joanne: Hi! How are you all today? Ready for a little competition?

Ace: A real American is always ready for competition!

Lexi: Si.

Ace: *glare*


Ace: Your AN American. And awesome bro! *fist bump*

Julie: Everyone, get a breath mint. Your breath smells like Subway tuna sandwiches.

RR44: *to Ace and Julie* Blah, blah, no one cares.​ Now everyone head on over to the next heading.

Challenge 1: The Next Heading (OR IS IT?)

RR44: Contestants, I am about to announce something very important. Something that will shake up the camp at the end of the year.....And we haven't even started yet! The question is, what is this special twist? You will all have up to three guesses to answer this question. The two closest will choose the camp's the end of the year AND the contestant who gets it right will also win something even better! Your challenge ends December 29th, 2015; exactly at 6:00 PM. So, GET GUESSING!

Julie: Hmm, there is no twist, and this is just a filler challenge to choose two people for picking teams.

Nemo: There will be No teams?

Ace: It was a trick question and that whoever wins wont pick teams, but be immune instead?

Lexi: Me gusta la pizza.

Ace: *face changes to perturbed*

Nemo: Woah! Calm down! Wait what did she say? Me gusta la- *facepalm*

RR44: Keep guessing people! I don't have all day....Oh fine, here's a hint. (ahem) It's a first in camp history.

Ace: The people who guess right actually lose?

Lexi: Oh gracia Ace.

Ace: ?

RR44: *to Ace* She means thank you, and you're still wrong. Last chance Ace, as for the rest of you. Here's the next hint. 'The puppetmaster will soon control his own words'

Jacob: (CONF) Well, I assume that people will have to be manipulated for me to win this thing I mean I am going to any way hahahaha. (END CONF)

Lexi: (CONF) Yo soy muy dulce, tierna, buena y linda *laugh* (ENDS CONF)

RR44: Wow...really...none of you got it right? That's sad. Ah well. I guess i'll just have to tell you then. None of you were actually going to compete as your OCs! *Throws all contestants out and brings in their user counterparts* That's right! You guys (the users playing the OCs) are the real contestants of this camp! At the end of the year!

Jomack03: WOW! (CONF) Just what till they see that wasn't acting that was pure evil. hahahahahahaaahhah!(END CONF)

Lance: Well that was unexpected, making us play us instead of us palying characters in un-american! *wink and finger gun*

Jomack: So now what? (CONF) Since im new here I need to act like a normal person and make some friends I know some people here have known eachother for a long time ive been here since Saturday! (END CONF) Hey guys.

Nemo: *comes back* You know I am the user!

Lexi: Esta pizza es fantasticva.

Nemo: *pushes her into the boat and the boats goes away* YOUR not the user. *puts in Samey* She is!

Samey: Oh gracias.

Nemo: Oh, don't mention it!

Lance: *raises eyebrow*

Nemo: What?

Lance: Sorry, that wasn't directed toward you.

​Team Making

RR44: Ok people, it's tick tock tick tock, not chit chat chit chat. Let's-a make teams! So, here's the deal, i'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, what is it?

Lance: 64.

Solar: 69 :~)

Jomack03: 44

Lance: Nice one Solar, *fist bumps Solar*

Nemo: Eh. I'm going with 69 as well.

Pary: I'll go with 82.

Samey: 100.

'RR44: Oh, good try but I was looking for 14! However since Jomack and Lance came the closest....I guess they get to choose the teams for the camp......At the end of the year! Jomack, you got closer so you get first pick.'

Jomack: Solar.

Samey: Yo amo la pizza.

Lance: Pary

Samey: Jomack

Jomack: NEmo

Lance: Samey

Samey: Lance

Lance: Yes I am.

Jomack: Final Member of my team, Wendy.

Nemo: Our team is STACKED

Lance: I find it odd that we even have teams to begin with when there is only 8 people in the game.

Samey: Hurra!

Nemo: She speaks English, for once.

Lance: There's a first time for everything.

Samey: Si claro.

Lance: Well it was fun while it lasted.

Samey: Fantastico

Nemo: Now she's speaking ITALIAN?

​RR44: Nope, that's spanish for Fantastic. Which is how I feel now that you all have chosen your teams! So, Jomack; I declare your team, Team Bernie and Lance, I knight your team Team Trump. You'll perfectly notice that these two teams represent two of the leading presidential candidates for this year's election. Well, I thought why the heck not? (CONF) For retrospect, I was also going for Team Hillary and Team Trump; but this just has a better ring to it.

Nemo: Well, I am a Clinton supporter!

Lance: *wearing a Rick Santorum shirt* Someday.

Samey: Me gusta la pizza.

Nemo: *facepalm*

Samey: Si exelente.

Lance: *thinking to self* I wonder what she thinks about being on team Trump?

Samey: Claro.

Lance: I wonder if we'll ever have another challenge?

Samey Por supuesto.

​Challenge 2: The Best Cake Making Contest Ever!

RR44: (on phone) Well it took you long enough! I've been waiting here for so long for those guys to get their next challenge that I (sees that people are here, turns off phone) Oh, ho ho ho! Hi! So yeah, your next challenge is to make a cake. Any kind of cake, you can use any ingrediants you want and there are no recipes. You have until the 25th of 6:00 PM. GO!

Nemo: *makes a Cherry Vanilla Red Velvet Yoylecake* No, it dosen't make you turn into metal, but it is delish!

Maria: *make a Cherry Vanilla Red Velvet Yoylecake* Yo estoy haciendo.


Lexi: Oopsee Losiento.

Jacob: *makes a Chocolate cookie dough sugary cherry salty cakey pie popscicle stick cake*

Lexi: *makes a Raspberry cake with chocolate and cherrys*

Lance: *makes a chocolate ice cream cake*

Jomack03: It's 6:00.

Lexi: (CONF) Yo hago pizza pero hago pasteles.

Nemo: I can't wait long... chap.

Lexi: Los pasteles y las pizzas son muy ricas.

Lance: The suspense is killing me.

Lexi: (CONF) Eso fue divertido.

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