Beth:hello and welcome to TAR, let met our first racers.

Trainwereck's Confessional:Alecia:I'm so happy to be out here. J'tia:Hmmm yes gurl. I learned from my past mistakes. No longer will spill rice and makes bad shelters, cuz what do we do gurl? Alecia:Lol idk just win.

Princesses's Confessional: Peach:You know a lot of people think I need saving but I have a lot of time running away from Boswer so I think I am a better racer then anyone else. Daisy:HI I'M DAISY

Sister's Confessional:Kim:Its so nice to be out here. Kourtney:But like im sort of thirsty. Kim:How about we have some Orange Soda. Kourtney:Starwberry Soda. Kim:OMG, you're so fucking rude. *she cries*

Sorority Sister's Confessional:Chanel #5:Oh my god im so happy to be here. Chanel #1:Shut up before I shove my purse up your teethed vagina. Chanel #5:Why would you say this to me? Chanel #1:Since I wished the killer got you.

Tv star icon's Confessional:Dora:Hola. Barny:I am a dinosuar. Dora:Kids say Dinosuar in spanish. 

Musicans's Confessional:Beyonce:The queen B is here. Taylor Swift:In my wilidist dreams we won this race. Beyonce:And that dream will become a reality.

Reality Tv Pros's Confessional:New york:I'm ready to win this race with an open heart, open arms, open legs and an open mouth. Farrah:I am to.

Stepmom and daughter's Confessional:pearl:I am a winner at life, no matter what I do I win. Ms puff:I love having her as a granddaughter.

BB star's ConfessionalAudrey:I was told by Pearl that Droa said that Dasiy said that J'tia said that Ms Puff saif that you should maybe be a pawn from mutipul people. Shelli:We aren't playing that game Audrey. Audrey:O

Twin's Confessional:Samey:Amy still abuses me. Amy:*Pulls her hair.

Selena Gomez Fan's Confessional:Candice:OMG I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ. STACEY:SAME

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