It's the fourth quarter quell. This year the twist is a major game-changer. 5 keys have been hidden in the arena, each opening a door leading out of the arena. But 4 of the keys will lead to a death trap.


Four per person. List your characters name, their age and your username. If the voluteered put that after :P

District 1 (GONE)

Boy: Nate- 18- Natedog14 (DEAD)

Girl: Amanda- 18- Natedog14 (DEAD)

District 2 (GONE)

Boy: Rannadanna- 16-Insf (I just did this so he can die slowly and be gutted severely by Jill! And he is g*y and girly and weak) (DEAD)

Girl: Jill- 17-Insf (DEAD)

District 3 (GONE)

Boy: Ethan - 14 YoshiPerson (DEAD)

Girl: Sunny - 15 YoshiPerson (DEAD)

District 4 (GONE)

Boy: David-Snow (DEAD)

Girl: Rachel-Snow (DEAD)

District 5 (GONE)

Boy: Nathaniel - 17 - Kokori9 (DEAD)

Girl: Suzy- 17- Natedog14 (DEAD)

District 6 (GONE)

Boy:Goth Boy-Male-17-D-Squire (DEAD)

Girl:Valkyria-Female-16-D-Squire (DEAD)

District 7 (GONE)

Boy:Dustin-Male-17-D-Squire (DEAD)

Girl: Lily Evergreen- 15- Zoomer72 (DEAD)

District 8 (GONE)

Boy: Jack-15-Team E-scope (DEAD)

Girl: Liz-14-Team E-scope (DEAD)

District 9 (GONE)

Boy: TJ- 16- SG (DEAD)

Girl: Eve- 17- SG (DEAD)

District 10 (GONE)

Boy:Gunter-16-Zannabanna (DEAD)

Girl:Maria-16-Zannabanna (DEAD)

District 11 (GONE)

Boy:James- 16 starting to find my way! :P-INSF (DEAD)

Girl: Lia - 14 - Kokori9 (DEAD)

District 12

Boy: Tyran - 14 - Kokori9 -Voluteered

Girl: Jena (from one of my ff wiki stories)- 16- SG

Death Chart

District Name Day Killed Reason Killed
11 Lia 1 Attacked Tyran and got stabbed in the heart in retaliation
5 Nathaneil 1 Opened a door and got killed by it's death trap
6 Goth Boy 1 Fell off Cliff
7 Dustin 1 Fell off Cliff
10 Gunter 2 Ate poison berry juice
10 Maria 2 Ate poison berry juice
5 Suzy 2 Eve made a tree fell on her
2 Rannadanna 3 Drowned
1 Nate 3 Drowned
1 Amanda 3 Drowned
8 Liz 3 Slit neck by Lily
3 Sunny 3 Slit neck by TJ
2 Jill 4 Crushed by tree
9 Eve 4 Killed by an arrow fired by Tyran
4 David 4 Killed by Lily
4 Racheal 4 Killed by Tyran
11 James 4 Crushed by a tree and got an arrow in the head
3 Ethan 4 Killed by TJ
8 Jack 5 Killed by TJ
9 TJ 5 Opened a door and got killed by it's death trap
7 Lily 5 Killed by mutts after being tied to a tree by Jena and Tyran
6 Valkryia 5 Killed by Tyran and Jena


Here's how it works :P depending on how well you play your sponsers will go up. Sometimes a parachute will come :P it lowers your sponser money by $1000 times the day number

District Name Amount
12 Tyran $3300
12 Jena $3300


Rex: i am the current president XD

Tyran: *sees Jill and Lia* cute girls *drools* (XD i'm making my characters fall in love too much XD)

Lia: hmm... *away from the others* mabye i can use him to my advantage...

Nate: HEY REX!

(Rex isn't a contestant XD)

(I know, just saying hi)

Rex: Yes, *checks list* male tribute from district one?

Nate: yes.

Rex: hmm *leaves*

Sunny: *Walks in with Ethan*

Ethan: So this is our competition. (YP: Can the tributes have confessionals?)

Sunny: Good luck, brother.

Ethan: You too, sis... *Hugs Sunny*

(no they can't... have you even read the hunger games?)

(Yes I have, I just wondered if this camp was somewhat different. I feel stupid. XD)

Sunny: Let's stick together.

Ethan: Yeah. I don't think we should go for the keys because almost all of them are death traps.

Sunny: Agreed. It's too dangerous.

Tyran: *overhears the conversation* but one could lead to freedom, plus you might be able to escape the death traps (almost none of my camps have CONF's XD)

Ethan: Nah, too risky. We're waiting until one is left, and all the traps are triggered so we can just grab it and go. Maybe we should team up? We could form the Careers group for this year and survive.

Tyran: I wonder what will be at the cornucopia this year O_O... i wonder if we can surivie the first day O_O

Sunny: Let's wait until the bloodbath ends before taking anything.

Ethan: Right. We've seen enough to know what to do.

Tyran: Actuall how about i dash of and keep an eye out for the essentails, like water. Then i'll contact you

Ethan: No, we need to stay together, there's strength in numbers, you know.

Sunny: I wonder that the arena will be like?

Tyran: i'll keep in range :p i'm very sneaky a know. I think it might have a wall around it... for the keys...

Ethan: That's definately a possibility. How are we going to avoid being killed by the others? I don't want to kill, I just want to survive.

Sunny: Me too. Let's hide until dangers die down.... No pun intended. (XD)

Tyran: Me three. At the corncopia if ther's anything good near you go for it, but onl if it's really good and close (making a map for that after i go to sleep. Good night :P)

Amanda: Hi!!!

Tyran: oh hi... want to join our group?

Ethan: We'd love to have you. The more people in the group the more lives we can save when we escape.

Val:Please let me and Goth Boy join you! We want to survive so we can have a future afterwards!

Tyran: i think only one person can go through each door... which means at most two people can survive

Goth Boy:Well that's just great....

Val:Then how are gonna get out?

Lily: *walks in* Hi guys. *glances around*

Dustin:Lily, wanna team up?

Tyran: O_O the twist is designed to make it so we tear each other apart to survive...

Val:Well can we at lest be in an alliance for a little while?PLEASE!?

Tyran: well for a while...

Val:*Hugs Tyran*THANK YOU!

Goth Boy:*Pulls Val off Tyran*

Tyran: just remebr the rules of the corncopia. If you value your life run away, If not stay.

Goth Boy:I'll stay......

Val:....................Me too.....and stuff.

Tyran: Well i'm not. No amount of food is worth throwing my life away... wait i voluteered O_O GAH I THREW MY LIFE AWAY *cries*

Valkyria:It's okay.......oh what am I thinking it isn't!*Runs away crying*

Dustin:*Mutters* Idiots!

Tyran: GAH I THREW MY LIFE AWAY TO SAVE MY BROTHER DX Wait... isn't that better >.> he is younger then me and wouldn't last long...

Goth Boy:You made a brave choice to do that.

Tyran: Then again... Katniss did win when she voluteered...

Goth Boy:Yeah.....I wish you luck.*Walks over to Val*

Dustin:*Mutters* Idiots!......again

Ethan: Tyran, you made a good choice. I'll make sure we all get out. We'll find that key and get the hell out of that godforsaken arena. All of us.

Tyran: :) your a good friend. I hope we can all make it :)

Rex: everyone steps on your plates *plates rise*

Ethan: *Breathes heavily*

Sunny: *Single tear sheds down her face*

Day 1

Rex: just remeber don't step off your plate for 60 seconds

Tyran: *spots a bow near him* (i forgot to make the map :'( )

Ethan: *Whispers to Tryan and Sunny* Don't go to the cornucopia until the violence dies down. Remember that!

Sunny: *Scans area for anything helpful* (Describe the arena, what climate/environment? Mutts? How big?)

(it's a ringed arena, 5 doors leading out (but you know that) quite damp, a few pyramids, no Mutts yet and pretty big)

Sunny: Any second now...

Ethan: *Gets into track and feild postion aimed towards the woods*

Eve: *gets ready to bolt*

TJ: *looks underneath his fingernails*

Jena: *examines other tributes from afar*

  • landmines deactivate*

Tyran: *dashes forward, grabs the bow and quickly gets away*

Ethan: *Follows Tryan and motions Sunny to follow*

Sunny: *Follows*

(LOL, I can imagine the gamemakers right now watching us. They are probobally saying; "What the f*** are they doing?! You're supposed to fight over the goodies!)

Ethan: Hide somewhere! Watch everything until things die down!

Tyran: my survivalist insistncts are tingling. i think there's water nearby (XD XD)

Ethan: We should camp away from there, but not too far away. That will be where everyone will go after the cornucopia. I think we should do the opposite.

Sunny: Yes! Let's do it!

Ethan: Wait.

Sunny: What?!

Ethan: It could be a trap. The gamemakers could have equipped it with something to shock us. The keys must be hidden near the places needed for survival! There must be a trapped one under the lake!

Tyran: hmm... that's true... Mabye the pyramids also have keys...

Eve: *runs to make camp*

Tyran: There are still some people at the corncopia

Ethan: Steak it out. We will take whatever is left. Preferably bottles and supplies. Weapons are strictly for hunting. I don't want to see any of us take the life of another. We will capture everyone at the most. What do you think?

Tyran: i'll only use this bow against someone IF i'm attacked

Ethan: Of course if we have to defend ourselves we will. That much is obvious. I meant attacking others. (I need to get off, I'll be back on tomorrow. See ya!)

Tyran: got it ;) (i'll be on not a lot tomorrow, we've got cross country at school)

Ethan: Look at that action!

Sunny: *Covers eyes from violence*

Goth Boy:Oh god!

Val:*Sheds a few tears*

Lia: *screams as she runs away*

Val:I don't wanna do this!*Runs away*

Goth Boy:No!*Catches Val*

Dustin:*Grabs a bow*

Tyran: I've got to help her *runs to Lia* (i've been planning this from the start ;P)

Dustin:*Aims bow at Val* Sayonara!

Lia: you fell for it *turns around and stabs Tyran in the arm*

Tyran: AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! *grabs an arrow and plunges it into lia's heart*

  • Cannon fires*

Tyran: *drops the arrow and steps back taking in what he just did* did... i... just... kill... her... O_O

Val:AAH!!!*Dodges Dustin's bow*


Goth Boy:RUN!!!! I'll hold him off!*Fights Dustin*


Goth Boy:GOOOO!!!!!!!


Lily: *grabs a backpack, and 2 knives and bolts towarads the forest*

TJ: *tries to steal things from Lily* *whacks her with a loose branch*

Jena: *runs to Eve*

Val:*Runs to the far part of the arena and cries*

Nathaniel: *looks on at the bloodshed and runs off in the dirrection of the largest pyramid*

Dustin and Goth Boy:*Strangling eachother*

Nathaniel: *finds a key just under the pyramid* (i've been planning this from the start too :P)

Val:*Sees a key* No way! Too Risky!*Walks away* (i'll tell you when you've found a key >.>)

Nathaneil: *runs to the wall*

Val:*Sees a pyramid* Must........CLIMB!!!!!!*Climbs pyramid*

Nathaneil: door? DOOR! *finds a door and unlocks it, and then goes through it*

  • cannon fires*

Natheil: *falls down dead from a spike in his heart and door locks forever* (i planned this :P)

Hovercraft: *picks up lia and Nathaneil*

Val:Wow that's 2 dead already! I wonder where Goth Boy is?

Goth Boy:*Strangling Dustin*

Dustin:*Prys Goth Boy off* Dang you!*Punches GB in the face*

Rex: *at capitol* perfect

Goth Boy and Dustin:*Strangle eachother off a cliff*

Val:*Looking for Goth Boy*

  • cannon fires twice* (i'm considering them dead becuase the fell off a cliff >.>)

Val:AWWWW D**n! I got to find an ally, but who can I trust? There was that 1 guy but...

Jena & Eve: *come over to Val*

Jena: We can be of assistance.

Eve: We formed an alliance in the few hours it's been. (:P)

Jena: Wanna join?

Val:Well.......*Thinks of whether she can trust them* Ok....

Eve: Try to be more trusting, this is just life and death we're talking about.

Jena: We're cruel, not stupid. We can't survive alone. :)

Both: *take Val to their camp*

Val:Nice place you got here.

Jena: Thx. Got any weapons we could use? :D

Mockingjays: *sing*

Jena & Eve: *eyes widen* *pack up and run away*

Jena: Come on, Val! That may be a warning!

Tyran: *walks near their camp whistling th song the mockingjays are singing*

Lily: *makes camp in a tree with the leaves that sheild her from view. Look through her backpack at the supplies she got, as well as her two knives she picked up at the Cornicopia*

Val:*Runs with Jena and Eve* EEE!

Ethan: Tyran, you okay? We need a first aid kit! Come on! Where's a parachute when you need it?

Sunny: Four dead already. One of them was killled by one of the death traps to the key. So we know where ONE trapped key is, all we need to know is where the other four are.

Ethan: *Scans area for any more tribues who may be sneaking up on them* I think the cornucopia is clear, let's see what we can salvage from there. Be on your guard.

TJ: *sneaks up on Lily* *attempts to steal backpack*

Ethan: *Looks around cornucopia, finds a knife, a first aid kit, and 3 water bottles* We need weapons. These knives won't do us hardly any good.

Sunny: I found a bow! *makes Zelda "you got an item!" stance and hums the jingle XD*

Ethan: *giggles* We need to hurry. Is there a tent in here?

TJ: (Oh, this is taking too long.) *Takes backpack* *takes out knife* *stabs Lily*

Val:*To Jena and Eve* What are we running away from?

Nate: *Pushes TJ down and Takes his knife and stabs him in the Back*

Val:EEEk! Wait......Why didn't there cannons fire? Whatever I'm outta here!*Runs for safety*(Will the day end soon)

Jena: We need to get control of that girl.

Jena & Eve: *run away with Val*

TJ: (Where in the back?) *tears knife out of his back and stabs Nate in the heart*


  • anthme plays and pictures of Lia, Ryan, Goth Boy and Dustin appears then anthems play again*

Day 2

(sorry i was at school...)

Nate: *Takes Knife out of Heart and lets it heal* (It was By the Butt XD)

Tyran: *helps his allience up the pyramid* (nate your lucky i let you live XD)

(I couldnt be there because i was on the plane to newark, Nj to Visit my Family.) (They dont live in Newark but they live in North Bergen, NJ)

(ok ;P i'll normally give people a chance even if they don't give a reason ;P)

(Can i say that my heart heals)

Nate's Heart: *Heals*

Nate: Yay!

(no just say the knife didn't hit your heart)

Nate: *Sees it didnt hit His Heart* OK THEN YAY!

Lily: *wraps up stab wound in gauze she took out of her bag and smirks* (Because TJ took the bag after she had emptied it out :P) *jumps down from her tree and begins tracking him*

Trackerjacket: *was in a nest near lily and starts chasing her*

Lily: AAHH!! *runs towards a small pond and jumps in so the trackerjacker can't get at her*

Sharkana: *smells lily and starts swimming towards her* (it's a made up mutt :P it's a small fish with senses lika a shark and teeth like a pirahna)

Lily: What the? *stabs at the fishes head with her knife and swims away*

Sharkana: *bites the knife taking off one of lily's fingers and chases her*

Val:*To Jena and Eve* So what's our plan today?

Lily: *rips finger out of its mouth and runs out of the water* Okay, its okay, the trainer said you can reattach lost fingers if you just put enough pressure and time... *holds finger on, but lets out a whimper*

Jena: *to Val* Today, we kill Gunter and Maria. (Zanna is banned, BTW.)

Eve: We have no weapons. *to Jena*

Jena: But we DO have this. *scoops up water, puts poison berry juice in it* *dumps it where Gunter and Maria are*

Ethan: Tyran, how are you doing?

Tyran: fine, just an arm wound

Trackerjacket: *stings Lily* (looks like your in trouble :D sharkana or trackerjacket :D your choice)

  • two cannons go off* (yeah sorry zanna...)

Tyran: 6 deaths, 1 deathtrap used, and 4 keys left... hmm... *takes bow* you stay here i'll go and get some food. *whistles and walks off*

Mockingjays: *sings tyran's song*

Tyran: *comes back after finding some berries, and snagging a few rabbits* here take the berries, i already had some

Jena: *to Val and Eve* Today, we go for Suzy from District 5.

Eve: *nods* *rips bush out of the ground* *beats tree with the bush trunk until the tree falls onto Suzy*

Tyran: *watches Ethan and Sunny fall dead from the nightlock* perfect :D (meh >.>)

TJ: *looks into empty bag* Dang it! *smirks* *fills bag with nightlock, puts it where Jill is*

DAY ENDS (yes i limited it to 5 today :P)

  • antheam plays, shows Suzy's, Ethan's, Sunny's Gunter's and Maria's picture's and antheam plays again*

Day 3

Tyran: 7 dead O_O

Ethan: We need food. Avoid the berries, *glances at Tryan* I think we should hunt for meat from the Mutts. (I'm onto ya bub, after you pulled that stunt back there XD)

Sunny: How about we go fishing? You know where a net or something is? *Looks up to the sky in hopes a parachute will fall down to them* Okay, you asked for it. *Starts posing in hopes it will grab the gamemakers attention* Oh, boys? (XD)

Ethan: *Hearts pop out of his eyes*

Jena: Rannadanna is going down today.

Eve: *nods* *knocks out Rannadanna* *throws him into water to drown*

Ethan: Yikes, let's not fish there, the water could be poisoned from his body. *Notices they are across the lake* Oh crap.

  • cannon fires*

Tyran: meh *eats some non-poisonous berries* i got the berries mixed up >_> i'm going hunting *whistles and listens to the mockingjays sing it as he walks off with his bow*

Lily: *applies special leaves to her stings* What bad luck. But, I'm okay now, and that's what matters. And alive...

Tyran: *sees lily* want some berries? *holds out berries*

Lily: 8clims up her tree and point her knife at him, ready to throw* If you have some first...

Tyran: ok *pulls anuther berry out of his pocket and eats it* you can have these, you proberly don't have any food

Ethan: *Watches*

Tyran: i know your there Ethan. You not that sneaky :D

Lily: I'd rather not. I'm not an idiot, you know. O_O *jumps from tree to tree away from him* (District 7 FTW!)

Tyran: she's smarter than she looks :| i guess she know what nightlock looks like *holds up berries in his palm*

TJ: *sneaks up behind Ethan* *pulls out knife withered from a stick* *stabs him square in the neck*

Tyran: ETHAN D: *shoots an arrow directly at TJ's head*

TJ: *yells in pain* (So, do we both die, or what?)

(nah, there are way more girls left >.> i really want the last two to be boy vs girl :D)

Ethan: (Okay!) *The knife barely misses his throat because he moved to glance by the lake*

Sunny: *Readys weapon* If he dies, you die. *Looks hateful at TJ*

TJ: (KK.) *arrow barely misses his brain* *crawls away* I'll get revenge...

Tyran: Bye :D *backflips away to eve and jena*

Jena: Hello, district partner. *smirks*

Tyran: hi :D want some berries? *holds berries out* you must be hungry :P

Ethan: *Takes first aid kit and cleans wound from blood*

Sunny: You okay?

Ethan: I'm losing lots of blood.

Sunny: Tell me if the bandages are too tight. *wraps around Ethan's neck*

Ethan: That's good. Thanks, I owe you one. *Looks around* TJ will be back, so I will do this now, as I may never get the chance. *kisses Sunny full on the lips*

Sunny: *Eyes droop and close in pleasure*

Ethan: *Pulls away* Okay, let's get back to survival.

Jena: *to Tyran* Are you kidding me? (XD) *walks away with Eve*

  • parachute labeled 'ethan' floats down and contains alot of food* (good job :D)

Tyran: ok if you want to see that they're safe i'll eat one *pulls a berry out of pocket and eats it*

Ethan: Nice!

Sunny: Thank god. But that might make us a bigger target. *Gives Ethan a drumstick*

Ethan: I haven't eaten for three days now. *Takes a bite* I forgot what food tastes like...

(and yet, tyran brang back some rabbit's yesterday XD)

(Oh, right, I fail XD)

Ethan: Let's find a place to hide.

Jena: Yeah, see you later, Tyran. *walks away with Eve*

Ethan: Where is a cave...? (Can we find a large tree fit for two?)

Tyran: see ya (going to school)

Lily: I've got to bring some action into this game if I want sponsors. *sees Liz underneath her tree* Aha! *jumps down from her tree and tackles Liz, holding a knife up to her throat*

Jena: Eve, I have an idea. *whispers in Eve's ear*

Eve: Nice.

Both: *knock out Nate and Amanda* *throw them both into the lake to drown with Rannadanna*

Lily: Not talking, eh? *slits Liz's throat and takes her supplies*

  • three cannons go off*

TJ: *sneaks up behind Tyran's group* *pulls out knife from earlier* *slits Sunny's neck*

  • cannon goes off* (that's enough today :D)


  • antheam plays, shows pictures of zannadanna, liz, sunny, nate and amanda, antheam plays again*

Day 4

Tyran: about half gone already...

Jena: I'll be right back, Eve... *goes and rips out a bush out of the ground and uses it to whack a tree and make it crush Jill*

Tyran: *shoots an arrow at eve* (making it so everyone has one character left :P... unless all their characters are dead...)

  • two cannons fire*

Rex: *over speaker* we have two annoucements... like the 74th hunger games, if the last two are from the same district both can survive and leave... the second, we invite you to the central pyramid for a special surprise

Jena: *saw Eve die from behind a bush* OMG... Central pyramid, eh? I am so not doing that. *turns to Tyran* This whole same district thing is probably a hoax, but let's go along with it. =P

Tyran: that's where i left ethan O_O (the surprise is good not bad :D)

(Tyran I don't trust, Rex (You, the actual user) I do. :))

Jena: And I lost Val at some point... so, should we go?

Tyran: yeah... she might be there...

Jena: *begins to head toward central pyramid*

Tyran: *walks with her* i've noticed you around the hob a few times

Jena: Mm-hmm. I'm famous around there for knowing every bit of juicy gossip about the customers and sellers.

Tyran: hmm, then what does my family sell?

Jena: Urm... I never said ALL of them... (XD)

Tyran: ok :D what to know why i got a ten in the training ground?

Jena: *smirks* Sure.

Tyran: *smirks* not aloud to say

Jena: *rolls eyes* Whatever. So, who should we kill next?

Tyran: david or sarah. do you want to hear why i was the woods outside district 12 for three days? (oh backstory XD)

Jena: Who's Sarah? (There is no Sarah...) Meh, sure. (Backstory time! XD)

Lily: Time to take out the competition... *watches David from above in her tree, pulling out her knife*

Tyran: well when i was walking around the hob, someone knocked me out. when i woke up i was in the woods. *continues to explain what happened while they walk* (oops i meant racheal)

Jena: How long is it to there?

Tyran: we should be there... does that tree look the same as the one we saw a few minutes ago?

Jena: *nods* What kind of puzzling arena is this? <_<

Tyran: well let's make sure *stabs an arrow into the tree trunk* come on *runs forward*

Loscoon: *watches them* (it's anouther made up mutt :D i'll explain what it does soon :P)

Lily: *jumps down onto David, tackling him, and then stabbing him throught the chest*

  • cannon fires*

Tyran: *sees tree with arrow in it* O_O *face whitens* i know we walked away from here

Lily: *takes David's supplies and leave his body* Another one done...

  • lily ends back at david's body* (:P if you want to get away from there you need to find out why you can't leave XD)

Jena: Sometihing weird is going on here. *points to loscoon* Is that thing forming some illusion or mirage or whatever?

Tyran: *face whitens even more* that's a loscoon... it can make anything head back to the place where it's at... we need to kill it...

Jena: *grabs heavy rock* *throws it at the loscoon*

Loscoon: *dodges it and jumps to the arrow tree*

Tyran: we need a knife! it likes shining things and won't dodge it!

TJ: *comes in* Knife, eh? *holds wooden knife up so that it catches the sunlight and shines it at the loscoon* Maybe this is the start of an alliance.

Ethan: You killed Sunny. I will never except you.

Tyran: *grabs knife and kills loscoon* come on Jena *pulls her to the pyramid*

Ethan: TJ. Come here. *Looks hatefull at TJ* You killed my girlfriend. I will not stand for this.

Jena: *looks at ground* *follows Tyran*

TJ: How stupid do you think I am? *walks away*

TJ: *finds himself back at the same spot as earlier* Ugh... *carves another knife* *holds it up to sunlight and flashes it at loscoon* (silly, your one is already dead :D ethan's, tyran's, TJ's and Jena's were the same :P)

(Ah. XD So what does TJ get?)

(a few big knifes...)


(sometihing special will happen every four days [unlikely that we'll get to day eight though XD])

{who's here (kill the loscoon that's chasing you then come here to get the reward): Tyran, Jena, Ethan}

(Ethan's here!)

(actually he hasn't walked here let :P just say *walks to centrel pyramid* to get here :P)

Tyran: cool more arrows :D (that's tyran's reward XD)

Ethan: *Walks to central pyramid* (I'm getting off. i need to go to bed See ya tomorrow, guys!)

(see ya oh and ethans reward is a camoflage coat, and jena's are a bunch of food)

Jena: *smiles at her food* I haven't eaten anything for a while. *takes a bite*

Tyran: and yet i still have a rabbit >_> *holds rabbit*

Ethan: *Takes his supplies and finds a tree with a large hole in it for himself, carves bark off of another tree and makes a disguised door so nobody can find him*

TJ: *arrives at central pyramid* *picks up his knives* Oh, baby, these losers won't know what hit them.

Tyran: come on *pulls jena away from the pyramid* i think we're the biggest targets at the moment, you got a nine and i got a ten plus we're the only remaining district that's completely intact

Jena: *slaps Tyran's hand away* Don't pull me. (=P) Anyway, if the others have any brains, they would probably be targeting us. *walks away with Tyran*

Tyran: *notices Racheal* lets see if these arrows are anygood *fires an arrow at racheal and kills her* (snow is banned and i kinda want only active people left :P active people are really cool XD)

Jena: That leaves... eight tributes, including us. Two-thirds of us have died in four days. *shrugs* Harsh. (XD Both of the District 4 tributes died on Day 4.)

Tyran: that's slower than other years (imagine if one tribute died on day 1, 2 tributes died on day 2, three tributes died on day 3, and so on XD)

Ethan: *Eats a fruit from his food prize from the parachute, then sets it outside his tree and waits*

Jena: True. *spots James* *smirks* Time for eight to become seven. *tears bush out of the ground and beats tree with it until it falls onto him*

Tyran: *checks his pulse* still alive *stabs him in the head with an arrow*

  • two cannons goes off*

Ethan: TJ. I will have my revenge. I will find you eventually. *Gets out of tree and begins hunting TJ* (Getting off, I guess the hunt will resume tomorrow!)

TJ: Ethan. What an idiot. (=P) *spots Ethan* *holds up knife* *runs up and slits his throat*

  • cannon goes off* (meh >_>)

Day End

  • antheam plays, shows pictures of Ethan, David, Racheal, James, and anyone else who died, and antheam plays again*

Day 5

Rex: *over speaker* anouther twist yay >_> when you kill anyone, all of their sponser money goes into yours. oh and Tyran and Jena are in front with that

Tyran: i hate him >_< now we have even bigger targets over our heads

Jena: IKR? So, I was thinking we kill Jack next.

Tyran: yeah

Jena: Since you have less sponser money, I think you should do it to keep things even.

Tyran: i think we have even amounts >_>

Jena: *thinks for a minute* You're right. (Sorry, I thought you had less.) Should we both contribute to his death?

Tyran: yep :D *hears something* on second thought mabye we should run (mutts FTW XD)

Jena: Huh? *hears it* Let's run. *runs away, pulling Tyran with her*

Jill Mutt: *chases them* (yes i did have to do that :P)

Tyran: AHHH!!! *runs past TJ* (and i had to do that :D)

Jena: Jill? She's getting revenge! AAAAAH! *continues to run*

TJ: *runs and hides* *runs up and slits Jack's neck* (And I had to do THAT :P)

  • cannon fires*

David mutt: *corner TJ*

Racheal Mutt: *helps corner TJ*

Lia Mutt: *also helps* (and I had to do that XD)

TJ: *holds up the knives he got from the pyramid* *climbs up tree* (I'm trying to stop him from getting torn apart like Cato. I just have to do that. XD)

David, Racheal, Lia and 5 other mutts: *surrond the tree* (it's so cool XD i gets to control nearly 20 characters to kill others XD)

TJ: *climbs up into the leaves and hops from tree to tree, away from the mutts* (Epic. XD)

Tracketjackets: *are disturbed by TJ and start chasing him* (plus i can make up other mutts plus use existing mutts XD the hunger games are AWESOME XD)

TJ: *continues to hop across treetops* (IKR? I'm writing an ff about it. TJ's totally gonna die, but I wanna see how long I can keep this up. :P)

Tracketjackets: *stings TJ until he goes in water* (go on... *sarcastically* it's really safe XD)

TJ: *dives into water* *smirks* *swims to bottom, searches for key* (It's worth a shot. XD)

Sharkana's: *chase TJ* (i can't wait to read your FF :P. oh and look at a previous day for info on a sharkana :P)

TJ: *swims away* (Did I find a key? <.<)

Sharkana's: *bite one of his hands off* (sure *shrugs*)

TJ: *moans* *gets out of water* (Where's the door?)

Mutts: *chase TJ* (i control the sky, the water and the ground XD oh and about 200 metres north ;P)

TJ: *continues to run* *eventually reaches door with trackerjacket stings, one hand, scratches, blood dripping, unlockes door and steps in*

  • cannon fires* (sorry i random.orged...)
  • tj's body falls down with a hole through his heart and door locks forever*

(That's okay. Out of curiousity, he killed two people after the sponser money thing was announced. How much money did he have? :P)

(over 5000 :P i proberly should have given him a parachute >_>)

(Okay, NOW I'm annoyed. <_< JK JK :P)

Tyran: they're gone for the moment, help me with Lily *knocks lily out* (tie her to a tree :D)

Jena: *ties Lily to a tree* Looks we're winning this thing.

Tyran: woah run *pulls Jena away just as some mutts come* (yay :D 2 v 1)

Mutts: *start attack Lily*

Jena: What happened to Val? Eve and I were in an alliance with her, but she waundered off at some point and I haven't seen her since. (In other words, she went inactive.)

  • cannon fires*

Mutts: *start chasing them*

Tyran: they're going to drive us together :P (i knows :D)

  • two parachutes float down. the first one is labeled 'Tyran' and contains flaming arrows and the second one is labeled 'Jena' and contains a poisoned knife*

Tyran: *grabs the arrows out of the box* cool

Jena: *pulls knife out* *smirks* Nice. (Val is going down! :D)

Tyran: *reaches lake* oh no dead end

Mutts: *stop chasing them and surrond the lake area* (yeah :D)

Jena: *poker face* (:P) Come on out, Val. (:))

Other Mutts: *chase Val into the lake area*

Jena: *holds up knife* Just in case she somehow kills one of us... *kisses Tyran* (I just had to that for the plot. :P)

Tyran: *blushes* *lights one of his arrows on fire and fires it at Val* (go for romance :D Romance FTW :D)

Jena: *smiles at Tyran* *looks at Val*

Tyran: *smiles back then looks at val and sees her on fire* she does know we're next to a lake... doesn't she?

Jena: *shrugs* Let her do what she wants.

Tyran: ok *kisses Jena*

Jena: *blushes* (I guess we'll have to wait for D-Squire...)

Tyran: *also blushes* (nah i can kill her right now if ou want but i want the romance to go on ROMANCE FTW XD)

Jena: *kisses Tyran again* (Fine... XD)

Tyran: *is about to kiss her back but notices something*

Jena: Why'd you stop?

Tyran: weren't the mutts further away then this?

Jena: Maybe they want Val to fight?

Tyran: or mabye they're waiting for there to be two left...

Jena: *grimaces* They're going to make us fight each other?

Tyran: mabye but i think they want one of the three of us left (tyran, jena and val) to die... how long has val been burning?

Jena: Several minutes...'

Tyran: how is she still alive?

Jena: *face whitens* She's from District 6. Where they make all the morphling and mutate people...

Tyran: now i'm scared *face whitens even more than jena's*

Jena: What's happening to her? (No, seriously, what's going on? <.<)

Tyran: the mutts won't attack her 0_0 (just her on fire)

Jena: Was she actually reaped or she a state-of-the-art mutt?

Tyran: i... don't... know... but she's on the outside of the circle of mutts 0_0

Jena: Could she be invinvible? A puppet of the Capitol destined to win the Hunger Games? 0_0

Tyran: that or extremly lucky... how can she survive half an hour of being on fire?

Jena: It's time to release all hell on that chick. *holds up knife*

Tyran: attach it to my arrow poison plus fire equals deadly ;)

Jena: *attachs it to Tyran's arrow*

Tyran: *fires arrow at Val killing her* (she lived long enough :D)

Mutts: *disappear*

Jena: *smiles* So...we win.

Tyran: but no hovercraft came for the body, or us... and no cannon... and well no annoucement saying we won... something's wrong

Jena: They want us to fight. *face whitens* Like in the 74th Hunger Games...

Rex: *over speaker* no we were just building suspense. both of you won (go for surprise)

Jena: Oh. (XD) *pulls Tyran over to central pyramid*


  • hovercraft picks up tyran and Jena*


[Tyran and Jena can chat here]

Tyran: i can't believe we survived

Jena: IKR? Now we can go home to a pleasant life in the Victor's Village.

Tyran: yeah... 4 people... (heimlich died :'( )

Jena: Mm-hmm, with those Katniss and Peeta kids. (You mean Haymitch? XD)

Tyran: i wonder who'll be in it next year... (yeah i have bad spelling)

Jena: Mm-hmm. (Ah. XD)

Tyran: so...

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