THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SO POPULAR!!! I didnt expect this(except since i host it XD) 21 characters will be acceptted 3 characters per person at most put ur name below:

Killer Donkeys (Trevors team)

D-scope OUT DAY 15(Jury member 5) SEASON 2

Goth Boy-D-scope OUT DAY 3

Lila-D-scope OUT DAY 11 SEASON 2

Jack- cool sktaer musician- Rocky OUT DAY 6

Jason-bad boy-Rocky OUT DAY 2

JT-country dude-Rocky OUT DAY 4

Becky-NIzzy OUT DAY 18(Jury member 8) SEASON 2

Nicholas-Tdafan123 OUT DAY 17(Jury member 7) SEASON 2

Sarah-NIzzy OUT DAY 8

Ryan- Cool Kid-Cards777 OUT DAY 7

Chimmy-Insane pyro girl-chimchar2356025 'Joined DAY 11,'OUT DAY 14(Jury member 4)

Screaming Alpakas (NIzzys team)

Dan- Nerdy Cool Kid-Cards777 OUT DAY 12(Jury member 1)

Tony-Jock- Cards777

Drake-thebiggesttdifan OUT DAY 5

Mombiggesttdifan-thebiggesttdifan OUT DAY 4

Sorrel (aka Sorrie)-crazy girl-sorreltail18 OUT DAY 9,Returned,OUT DAY 13(Jury member 3)

Silias- Sorreltail18 OUT DAY 16(Jury member 6)

Cara -Sorreltail18 OUT DAY 10

James-Tdafan123 OUT DAY 8,Returned,OUT DAY 13(Jury member 2)


Trevor-Tdafan123 OUT DAY 19(Jury member 9)




Goth Boy-D-Scope

















Silias '




Theme song Dear mom and dad im doin fine(Tdafan is flying a helicopter JT and Goth Boy are about to jump out) You guys are on my mind(James is tuning his guitar as Jack tries to get a fires started)

You asked me what I wanted to be(Trevor and NIzzy are making out)

And I think the answer is plain to see(Keith is running from a killer squirell)

I wanna be famous!!!!(Jason pukes and yells at chef Lois)

I wanna live close to the sun(Cara and Silias watch Tony throw a football at a bird)

So pack youre bags cause ive already won(Dan watches Nicholas play his PSP)

Everything to prove nothing in my way(Mombiggesttdifan is yelling at a rabitt)

I`ll get there one day(Ryan is talking to Lila until Lila gets pooped on by a bird)

Cause I wanna be famous(Sarah sits in the mess hall but sees a rat and runs away screaming)

na nana na na na na na na na na na na na (Chimmy arrives and everyone looks at her awkwardly)

I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous(Drake catches his marshmallow at a bonfire)

I wanna be famous(whistles)(D-scope is about to do the yawn stretch when Becky sneezes and D-scope misses,as everyone else is whistling)

Day 1:"This is great for ratings" Tdafan:chat and do whatever till there are some more contestants SOrrel: me a cat! meow *laughs*

Silias: very funny....

Tdafan:We need only 4 more characters

Sorrel: canwe start now pwease!!!!

CAra: *rolls eyes*

Tdafan:We need 1 more

Silias: ya cant you count

Sorrel: sure i can!


Sorrel: one two three four fiv six sev-uhn eight nine ten

Lila:Where's D-scope?

Becky: *hair turns blondle* Stupid hair changing colur thing!

Lila:*Points at Becky*YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky: Hi Leah, i mean Lila such a pretty name wastsed on such an evil person XD.

Lila:I'm not evil I'm just lovestruck Becka!

Becky: Becka??? It's Becky, Rebecka or-

NIzzy: the tall one *laughs*

Becky: *eyes turn red*

Sorrel: ele-vuhn, twelve thirteen four teen fiftenn se-vuhn teen

Silias: you skipp sixteen

NIzzy: Becky what happened to your head?!

Becky: *becky's hair turns blue*

D-scope:Hey guys check out my new friend!

Goth Boy:Hmph(GO MYSIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sorrel: *laughs* becky is funny

Becky: Oh yeah!! *kicks sorrel*

Tdafan:This is great for ratings*eats popcorn*

Silias: whoa girls.... who do you and Nizzy target Sorrel so much..... *whispers, shes kinda crazy and random so cool of*

NIzzy: huh? oh never mind *shoves becky into D-scope*

Lila:Sorrel can I talk to you?

(CONF)Becky: IDK what cat girl has against me.

Sorrel: what...

Silas: BACK OF BECKY K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lila:Sorrel I need help finding a man can you help?

Sorrel: well i dont know, guys naturally like me, im crazy and ah-mazing!

Tdafan:I love Pre-season drama

Lila:Teach me everything Sarah I must learn from the master!

Tdafan:I love this show

Sorrel: MY NAMES IS SOREL NOT SARAH! anywho, its easy

(CONF)Becky: ...

(CONF)Tdafan:You gotta love this show

Lila:Go on Sorrel I must learn!

Sorrel: you go boy crazy, you cant be desprate and be yourself and smile for goodness sake!


Sorrel: did i say you go boy crazy, dont

Tdafan:*yawns*this is boring now

Sorrel: ya it is tdafan there only 6 people here!

D-scope:Why don't we just start?

Tdafan:We still need 1 more

sorrel: WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Sarah Sorrel stop shouting!!

Sarah: What?!

NIzzy: Shut it Goth girl!

Sarah: *kicks NIzzy*

NIzzy: Ow!!!

CHALLENGE 1 Sorrel: why does everyone call me sarah hmm.... Sorrel sorrel sorrel sorrel sorrel sarrel saral sarah sarah Silias: whats the challenge!

Tdafan:Your challenge is to find the hay in the needle stack first to find it wins and no there arent any teams yet GO!!!

James:*dives in and gets poked*

Nicholas:NO!! Too scary

Trevor:*shrugs and jumps in*

Jack: *jumps in* (LOL Nice challenge idea!)

Jason: *jumps in*

JT: Just like back on the farm! *jumps in*

Tdafan:Ok we got Trevor,JT,Jason,James,and Jack in the needle stack(THX)

James:SO POINTY!!!

Trevor:relax dude*gets chased by a racoon*AAAAAAAHHHHHH

Tdafan:Did i mention the racoons?

Nicholas:I dont believe so

Goth Boy:*Writes poetry*

D-scope:You've got to be kidding me!You're writing POETRY!?

Trevor:Man that hurt*comes out covered in needles*

D-scope:*Dives in*OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:ugh*faints and paramedics come in*

Tdafan:I LOVE this show

Goth Boy:*Walks in perfectly calm*

Trevor:I found the hay!!!

Tdafan:No thats a piece of your hair


Goth Boy:*Walks out with no needles with a piece of hay in hand*

Tdafan:Goth Boy is invincible from the vote tonight!!!

VOTE 1 Tdafan:vote off anyone but Goth boy D-scope:I vote off Lila

Tdafan:Only vote for 1 person





tdafan:after this vote the teams will be decided (the vote ends tomorrow at 8 central time)

Goth Boy:Keith

Tdafan:So far Keith has the most votes but the vote is still open till 8 central tonight so unless more people vote keith is screwed(hooray for sadistic hosts!!)

D-scope:Hey Goth Boy why don't we make an alliance?

Goth Boy:Fine but I win!

Lila:I'll join too!


Tdafan:Keith is out!(teams should be done by wednesday)

Sorrel: oh shoot imissed elmination! james you me and silias in an alliance

James:Sure! cool

Day 2:"Wow that was prank was funny I can hardly contain myself..." Nicholas*takes a shower* Trevor:heh heh heh*steals Nicholas` closthes and towel and runs them up the flagpole*

Nicholas*steps out of shower and sees towel and clothes are gone* oh crap!!*shrieks like a little girl*

Sorrel: *snickers in palm* you scream like a girl

Nicholas:I need some clothes

James:*laughs*you got pranked dude

Goth Boy:*Speaks with no exprsession*Wow that was prank was funny I can hardly contain myself...

Trevor:wait*pushes Nicholas out of the showers and everone sees him*


Drake: *pops out* Why did I miss the challenge?

Nicholas:Im so embaressed*runs away to find clothes*

Goth Boy:*Sarcastic*I can hardly contain myself...

Trevor:Shut up or youll be next

James*whispers to Trevor*Id run if i were you

CHALLENGE 2 Tdafan:today your challenge is an obstical course *points to obstical course*you start with these lazers if you get hit by them start over,then you climb this rock wall where our interns will drop these boulders,then you go on the narrow path and if you fall you start the whole obstical again but if you fall it will take a while to come back up,and finally,you will climb on these half broken monkey bars.Complete the whole course 5 times first and your team wins NIzzy: This will be easy I'm a Ninja!!!!!!!

D-scope:*Starts running*

NIzzy: *runs past the laser's*

D-scope:*Jumps ove the lasers*

Goth Boy:Whoah that's a high jump!

NIzzy: *climbs the rock* Ha ha you'll never get me alive!!!!!!!!!! \

D-scope:*Jumps over the rock*

NIzzy: Ha ha!!

Intern: Stupid girl *drops a big rock on NIzzy*

Lila:*Her hair gets shot by a laser then her hair shoots on fire*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Oh crap *another rock falls on her head*

Intern: Loser!

NIzzy: *jumps on the interns head* Die!!!!!!!!

D-scope:*Climbs the vmonkey bars*One lap done!

Goth Boy:*Climbs up the rock wall but gets hit by a rock* **** YOU!!!*Kills all the interns*

NIzzy: Good one Goth Boy! *climbs mockey bars* lap 1 done!

Goth Boy:*Climbs monkey bars*

D-scop:*Passes the lasers*I'm good at this!

NIzzy: *passes lasers* So am I *jumps on another Interns head and kicks him until he dies*

D-scope:*Already completes the monkey bars*

Lila:MY HAIR'S STILL ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Fine! then *complete 3 laps* ha! oh yeah *picks up Lila and chucks her in the lake*

Lila:I'M BALD!

D-scope:*Finishes 3 laps*WHOO HOO!

NIzzy: Bald Lila?! MY EYES!!! *runs away*

Goth Boy:*Throws up on Lila's head*

NIzzy: *has a metal break while singing really badly to herself*

D-scope:*Throws up*

NIzzy: Ewww!!!!! O.O

Lila:*Throws up*

NIzzy: *throws up on a intern* That for breaking up with me!!!

Lila:*Runs away*

Sorrel: ehmagawd guys! you guys a puking gross disgusting weird so called ninjas personality stealers you guys are all crazy *tears starts to appear* you guys are insane!

Silias: *turns around and snaps at them* calm down guys Sorrel can turn ummm err moody when others "steal" her personlaity

(conf.)Sorrel: what i said was true, about 3 people threw up, one of them is a "ninja" and the others are personality stealers! It driving me nuts!!!!

James:*starts running and gets to the climbing*You cant catch me you-*gets hit by intern*

Silias: *slaps an itern* move dude

(conf.)Sorrel; Im so goign to vote of NIzzy or LIla or Goth Boy

Nicholas:*trips on shoelace*HEY!! Trevor!!!

Trevor:*looks back and runs*Yes!!! it worked!!!*hits wall and falls down unconcious*

Sorrel: *starts running and a lazer shoots it misses her* HA!

Goth Boy:*Runs passed lasers*This is taking forever! James:*climbs to the top*haha!!!*climbs monkey bars*lap 1 done...that rhymed

Goth Boy:*Climbs rock wall but falls*

Lila:I finally got passed those lasers*Goth Boy falls on her*

James:AAAAHHHHH*gets zapped by lazers* OW!! my arm!!

Sorrel: you ok?

Paramedics:Put him on a strecher

James:ow*is put on strecher* Lila:Get off me delinquent!

Goth Boy:You should talk!

Lila and Goth Boy:*Beat eachother up*

Sorrel: *kicks both of them* im the delinquent

Lila:*Throws a lamp at Sorrel* Nicholas:*keps getting hit by rocks*

Trevor:Lap 1 complete!!

Sorrel: *shakes it off* LAP ! done!

James:*groans*where am i?

Paramedic;the infirmary

James:ohhh WHAT!!!???!!??

Goth Boy:Lap 2 done...Like I care

Nicholas:ugh... not even 1 lap completed.

Sorrel: *runs faster* lasers!

Goth Boy:*Finishes 3 more laps*I'm outta here!

Sorrel: *on her last lap and finishes*

(CONF)NIzzy: I really don't get sorrel she all OMG You guys are insane blah blah well I was'nt really listening but I don't see why she gets so worked up about other people having the same personalty I mean not everyone is the same and *fast forwards 20 mins* *gasp* Not breathing for 20 mins is painful!

Sarah: *opens conf door* There you are.

NIzzy: Get lost!

Sarah: I wish you would calm down at least for a day!

NIzzy: ...wanna bet?

Sarah: Yeah loser has to...

NIzzy: I'll think of something later, so I've got to be normal for a day.

Sarah: Deal.

(CONF)NIzzy: I'm so gonna win sarah is going down.

(CONF)Sarah: NIzzy metaly damged her head will blow up before she tries to be normal.

Tdafan:Goth Boy stop doing*finishes 3 laps* and stuff like that,because of that The screaming alpakas are the winners

Sorrel: YES WE WON!

Vote 2 Tdafan:Killer donkeys,vote off a camper the vote ends tomorrow when i feel like it Nizzy: I vote off Jason.

Sarah: Jason.

Becky: Jason.

Ryan: Jason.

James:I might point out that Goth Boy lost you the challenge

Tdafan:Bye Jason!!!*pushes jason in boat*

Day 3:So what?Goth Boy doesnt play fair,like me,i kinda like him" SOrrel: A NEW DAY James:i hope they vote off Goth Boy next,hes starting to become a threat,and a cheater(CONF)Goth boy is going down!

Trevor:So what?Goth Boy doesnt play fair,like me,i kinda like him

D-scope:I don't blame him,He's been raised by a family of Goths. He uesed to be one of those preppy guys until he lost his family in the civil war. He's just depressed.

(CONF)Goth Boy:How does he know about all that?

(CONF)D-scope:GB's going to kill me if I say this into the entire viewing but I'll say it anyway! His real name is Dorris!


(CONF)D-scope:*Reads Goth Boy's diary*

Goth Boy:*Breaks in* I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D-scope:WHOA!!! Where'd you get the chainsaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Producers stop the fight*

NIzzy: *laughs* I throught my name was weird! Becky: What is your name anyway? NIzzy: One day you will know but not today...

Becky: Okay your really weird ya know!

Challenge 3 Tdafan:Todays challenge is to see who can make it up this cliff and back down.Once the first person is down then that team wins.Dont be afraid to make conflicts!!! D-scope:*Starts climbing*

Becky: D-scope don't fall! I love you!

NIzzy: Your such a sap!

Becky: Hmph

James:So uh lets just climb*grabs team mates and helps them up one-by-one*

Sorrel: uh i think i can climb *looks down* oh crap

(Conf.)Sorrel: ok once me and my other insane friend climbed up this HUGE hill and decided to um.... well anyway i fell and twisted an ankle and well it was sooo uncool

James:You ok Sorrel?*holds hand out*Come on we have to win

Goth Boy:* Sits sadly on a rock connected to the cliff*

Becky: *starts climbing* Hey Sorrel don't take this personaly! *tries to push sorrel off*

NIzzy: fight! fight! fight! XD

D-scope:GO BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: *grips back onto the rock and pulls down becky* hey becky make sure you fall nicley

Silias: *climbs* hey you guys!

Becky: *climbs back up and punchs sorrel in the face*

NIzzy: *climbs up to Becky and sorrel* Hey guys I'm gettin a front row seat! *gets popcorn*

James:*gets all of the screaming alpakas up the ladder* Now,Ill be the one to jump*jumps off*


Sorrel: *jumps down were she was from* yes we won! and i think i landed on my ankle

(Conf.)Sorrel: haha i didnt break it its double jointed ya,,, every since i broke my ankle i mean twisted it didnt heal proprelly

James:(CONF)I hope the Killer Donkeys vote of Goth Boy....little cheater

VOTE 3 Tdafan:This time,the Screaming Alpakas pick which Killer Donkey goes home Sorrel: so we vote out a donkey right...


James:I vote for Goth Boy

Sorrel: becky


Nicholas:Goth Boy

Tony:Goth Boy (This is Cards777, I'm on a different computer so I'm not logged in)

Dan:Goth Boy

Silias: Becky

Becky: *death stare* Grrr...

Tdafan:Vote ends tonight at 5 pm central time

Sorrel: i said goth boy hillary deaf!

Becky: Whatever... *walks off into the woods*

Sarah: Why does she keep going in the woods?

NIzzy: I don't know or care.

Sarah: Aw Goth boy is cute.

NIzzy: Aw Goth love!

Sarah: Aw shut your face!

NIzzy: Aw...

Sarah: *attacks NIzzy*

Sorrel: hey you guys... do you guys need help getting a boy??? *leans to them* and steal him from another chick!

Sarah: Please shut your face!

NIzzy: That was'nt very nice!

Sarah: Sorry mother. *attacks NIzzy...again*

Sorrel: 8attacks sarah* LOSER

Becky: Oh sh*t! girls calm down!

Sarah: *punchs sorrel* (It's funny how we always get in fights! lol)

Sorrel: *bites sarah* (LOL in every camp so far!)

Tdafan:Since nobody else is voting Goth Boy is out!!

Silias: buh bye goth boy

Day 4:"I'll scramble your face!" Becky: ...*yawns* James:*wakes up and has on tdi pajamas*Its so early*realizes hes in pajamas*One sec

Becky: TDI PJ's?

NIzzy: *gigglles*

James:*comes back out in shorts and t shirt*Happy?

Nicholas:*reads comics*


NIzzy: yeah I'm happy.

James:Whatever*grabs breakfast,eats,pukes*What is this???

Lois the chef(In man voice):Scrambled eggs

NIzzy: I'll scramble your face!

Lois:*throws eggs in NIzzys face*Eat it,stupid teenager

James:How come this chef is know

Tdafan:Budgets are low



NIzzy: I'm not a stupid teenager! *kicks Lois*

Becky: Oh crap NIzzy please don't kill anyone!

Lila:Hey D-scope!


(CONF)Lila:Ever since I was bald people have been treating me different. I mean look at me! I'M A HEATHER!!!!!!!!

James:*yawns* im tired

Trevor:Whatever I cant beleive you voted off Goth Boy

James:Hes a cheater

D-scope:He wasn't the only person who cheated in that race you know!

James:Well who else cheated???


3 Hours later* D-scope:.........Good point... James:Yeah

Nicholas:*reads comics*

Lila:*Cries on top of a giant cliff falls on a bunch of electric wires*

D-scope:There's someone living the dream.

Trevor:*tip toes to JT while hes asleep and puts his hand in a bowl of hot water*GROSS!!! It works!!!*runs away*


Lila:Where's TDAfan?

D-scope:Why do you need him?

Lila:Uh well you see...Gotta go bye!!!

Tdafan:Weirdo...Anyway,Your challenge wont be for a while so uhhh do something

James:Im gonna go fishing

Lila:*Blushes* I think I'm gonna give myself a makeover for no apparent reason bye!!!

(CONF)D-scope:I know exactly what's going on here!

James:*whispers to D-scope*Whats wrong with her?If she likes me tell her i dont like her

NIzzy: Who does?


Nicholas:Anyone wanna read my comics??

NIzzy: Dude you will never get a girlfriend if you ever say that again.


NIzzy: *rolls eyes*

Nicholas:I have a girlfriend but shes back home.Shes a model...

Trevor:For Star Trek uniforms

NIzzy: *starts to laugh so hard she can't breathe*

Becky: *giggles*

Nciholas:Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrri will send you away*tries to send Trevor away*

Trevor:*pushes Nicholas over*

NIzzy: *laughs so much she falls in the lake*

Becky: NIzzy?

James:Is somebody gonna help her

Trevor:*dives in lake and saves NIzzy*You ok?

Sorrel: *walks in and snickers and whispers to James* it looks like Trevor and Nizzy forever

(conf.)Sorrel: you know what i just noticed... Lila is bald

James:*laughs* yeah(CONF)Trevor and NIzzy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Sorrel: hi trevor hows it going *pushes him into Nizzy*

Trevor:what was that for???

Sorrel: *points to her ankle* its double jointed... me a klutz... me fall der!

Trevor:Riiiiiiiiiight*looks at Nizzy*Are you ok

James:You like her

Trevor:*kicks James*

Sorrel: its true *shoves trevors head close to Nizzy's*

James:they like eachother(CONF)If only I could find love like them

Sorrel: no duh *smiles evily*

James:*chanting*Kiss kiss kiss

Sorrel: *chants with him* or else i shove you two together

Trevor:*kisses NIzzy*

Sorrel: good job!!!


Sorrel; ya....

Trevor:im gonna wash out my mouth(CONF)I liked the kiss so what

Nicholas:(to Silias)I got you some water

Silias: what???

James;Young love

Sorrel: why did you give silias water?

Nicholas:uhhh I uhh*runs away crying*

James:poor nerd

Silias: what did i say?

James:Hes sad mostly cause he likes you

Sorrel: who me?


(Sorrel: silias is a dude)


(Sorrel: its ok...)

Sorrel: *Cracks up*

Nicholas:*comes in with flowers and hands them to Cara*for you


Carmella: uhh thanks they look nice

Sorrel: *Snickers*

James:He said he has a girlfriend,he gives water to a guy,and now look

Sorrel: right

James:No matter what,Nicholas is plain weird.

Challenge 4 Tdafan:For your challenge you will cook me a meal. Sorrel: a meal

James:How about we do something easy,like a cake

Nicholas:*falls asleep*

Trevor:*laughs and pantses Nicholas*

Sorrel and Cara *snickers*

Nicholas:GRRRRRRRRRRRR*Throws all the ingredients on the ground*I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: sushi and acorn cookies!


Nicholas:*kicks Sorrel*WORK FASTER WOMAN*Suddenly becomes a bully*

Sorrel: *gives Nicholas a wedgie* never ever mess with a delinquent

Nicholas:*starts beating up everyone*LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*hangs Sorrel up on a pole by her underwear*

James:*shoves Nicholas:Stop it!!!

Cara: *narrows her eyes* Even though i hate sorrel you shouldnt do that to her *helps sorrel*

Sorrel: thanks im going to get a scarf so i can choke the sense out of him

Nicholas:*puts James in Fridge*

Trevor:Stop!!!*kicks Nicholas*

Sorrel: *lets james out of the fridge and than holds up the scarf* you either calm down *pins him to the wall* or umm

James:Thanks*runs over to Nicholas and runs him up the flagpole and salutes*

Sorrel; now back to our challenge

James:Little wannabe delinquient

Sorrel: he'll never be a delinquient


Nicholas:*comes down and shoves James*bring it

James:Its on*punches Nicholas*

Sorrel: *pins Nicholas on the wall * cut it out or you will be locked in a closet

Nicholas:*hangs Sorrel by her underwaer again*

James:Ill help you*helps Sorrel

Sorrel: *shaspeshifts into a bear* get away before i eat you!

Nicholas:*ties Sorrel to a tree*Have fun,weirdo

James:We vote off Nicholas,right?

Sorrel: *shapeshifts back* uh yea *slides under the rope and ties nicholas to the tree* take that nerdy loser!

Nicholas:Im not a nerd anymore*breaks free and hangs Sorrel on to cliff*

Sorrel: you cant be a delinquient all of a sudden *shape shifts into a eagle*

Nicholas:IVE HAD ENOUGH CRAP IN MY LIFE *throws James off cliff*


Sorrel: *catches James* you seem heavier.... ^.^

James:haha put me down i was having fun

Sorrel: i am *flies away and hangs nickolas from the wall*

james:*jumps off cliff and lands in water*AWESOME!!!

Sorel: *shapeshifts back to herself* LOSER!!! *runs away*

Tdafan:Ok nobody even started the challenge so both teams vote somebody off First,The Alpakas will vote and when theyre done The Donkeys will vote

Sorrel: wait the acorn cookies!

Tdafan:Too late,vote off a camper

Sorrel: *glares at Nicholas*

Alpakas vote James:Who else?Nicholas Trevor:Nicholas


Sorrel: his name starts with an N and ends wiht a s NICHOLAS!!!

Nicholas:Heres 20 bucks*gives Tdafan 20 bucks*

Tdafan:Nicholas is invincible!(Im not trying to save my character,i just wanna add drama.


Trevor:what he said

Sorrel: *facepalms* cara

Nicholas:I change my vote to Mombiggesttdifan

Silias; im not voting anyone then

Tdafan:Well you have to or YOURE out

Silias: then cara

Tdafan:well Mombiggesttdifan has the most votes so far but the vote doesnt end for 2 more hours



Tdafan:Mombiggesttdifan is out!!

Donkeys vote Tdafan:Vote ends Tommorow at 4 central D-scope:JT



Trevor(CONF):Why are they voting off my prank victims!!!(XD Trevor,Trevor,Trevor)

James:Well,now what

Trevor:Wanna get revenge on Nicholas?


D-scope:Hey James I know who Lila's crushing on and it's not you!

James:THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D-scope:It's the host!

Tdafan:OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!*pukes*

James and Trevor:*laughing*

Lila:Hey guys what's going on?

D-scope:*Backs away*

James and Trevor:*start fighting on cliff*

Trevor:*kicks James*

James:*is hanging on cliff*AAAAAAHHHH

Trevor:James,I am your brother

James:I already knew that

Trevor:oh yeah(XD)

D-scope:James,I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!!!!!!!JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:What?My father doesnt look that young!!(LOL)

D-scope:I was kiddin dude!


Trevor:So.....*starts shooting lightning at D-scope*This is fun


D-scope:*Gets a vase and smashes Trevor with it*

Trevor:...........DO IT AGAIN

D-scope:*Does it again*


NIzzy: Ungh my head hurts...

Becky: You okay?

Trevor:NIzzy!!!*runs to her*

NIzzy: *faints*


James:*sits down in cabin*(Tdafan:NIzzy you have to vote,just saying)

Becky: JT

Sarah: JT

NIzzy: *wakes up* Huh?

Becky: NIzzy vote!

NIzzy: Fine JT Ouch my head!

James:Becky dont you have to vote.And you too,weirdo*points to Sarah*

Sarah: *gasp* Grrrr

James:*runs away*

Trevor:So whats up

NIzzy: I think someone hit me over the head...

Becky: *whistling* Gee I dunno.

Trevor:Ill go get some ice

James:He likes her

Nicholas:(back in nerdy clothes)Im sorry i bullied you guys and Im sorry

Sarah: *gasp* A nerd!!!! run away!

Becky: *giggles*


Becky: *still giggling like a hyper little kid*

NIzzy: *smiles*

Trevor:Wanna go for a ride on my jetski?

NIzzy: *blushes*

Trevor:Hop on!

NIzzy: *gets on jetski*

Trevor:*drives around the lake*


Trevor:This is fun!!!*smiles*

James:*clapping*GO TREVOR!!!

NIzzy: *smiles at Trevor*

Trevor:*drives back*That was fun.Mostly cause I was with you

NIzzy: *kisses Trevor on the cheek*

Becky: Awww *starts crying*

Sarah: *rolls eyes* Sap.

Sorrel: i dont forgive you nickolas....

Becky: I agree...we should beat him up! JK

Sorrel: right for once!

Becky: *rolls eyes* (conf)I still really like D-scope *sigh*

Sorrel: *shpashifts into a bear* oh come here nicholas

NIzzy: WHOO Go sorrel kill the nerdy boy! XD

Sorrel: *slaps nicholas and string him by his underwear up a pole*

NIzzy: *giggles*


Becky: *blushes*

Sorrel: thanks you everyone!~

NIzzy: WHOO Do it again!

Lila:*Opens her labtop and recieves a message*

Sorrel: *shapeshifts into a eagle* hi again *pulls nicholas down and he bounces up*

Lila:*Reads the message then gasps* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky: *sigh*

D-scope:She's having a mental breakdown RUN AWAY!!!!

NIzzy: *kisses Trevor* what?

D-scope: Lila's having a mental breakdown!

NIzzy: *runs for life*

Becky: It’s not a big deal.

Lila:I got a message from a stranger that says that he knows my secret and if I don't do whatever he says hell reveal my scret to everyone!

Becky: Oh thats not good.

Lila:Today he said I had to dance the Macalana nude!


NIzzy: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww *throws up*

Becky: *has trouble breathing*

Sarah: Becky?

Lila:*Does the Macalana*

D-scope:*Runs into the confessional*

NIzzy: *puts Ninja mask over face*

Becky: *collasps*

Sarah: *runs away*

After the Macalana* Lila:*Runs into her room*That was the worst moment of my life! NIzzy: *throws up*...Becky?

Sarah: Wake up Becky!

D-scope:Okay I know that Lila is a total psycho but we gotta help her or else we'll be grossed out for the rest of the competition!

NIzzy: Yeah coz I never ever ever want that to happen again.

Becky: *wakes up* I had this horrible dream where lila got this message from-

NIzzy: That was real dear.

Becky: *has a mental break down*

D-scope:So first we have to find out who this stranger is.

Becky: yeah...umm...

D-scope:Please don't tell me what I think it is!

Becky: What?

D-scoppe:It's definitly someone in the competition!

Becky: I did’nt do it my e-mail was hacked by a nerd who I would’nt date

NIzzy: Oh Henry.

Becky: No Jamie

NIzzy: The one who stalked you?

Becky: Yeah and don’t you mean stalks.

NIzzy: He still does that.

Becky: yes little freak.

D-scope:Maybe it's Jamie!

Sorrel: did i miss anyone?

D-scope:Uh no.

Sorrel: i meant did i miss anything?


Becky: Oh please Jamie does’nt knows you people all he does is stalking me and my friends.

NIzzy: Don’t remind me (You guys know Jamie is a real person who does stalk me, little freak)

D-scope:Isn't that Jamie right there sending a message to Lila?

Sorrel: *nods*

Becky: Oh crap *runs away*


Sorrel: oh no she didnt

Becky: what? oh and *kicks Jamie*

Lila:What's going on?

Sorrel: i have no idea!

NIzzy: Jamie stalks people!

Becky: Er we get that.

D-scope:Jamie's blackmailing you!

Becky: People call him Jermie!

Lila:JERMIE MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Gets huge axe*

Sorrel: ???????

Becky: Yay! (I can’t wait to tell him about this hehe *evil laugh*)

Sorrel: wow guys (i dont believe you get stalked Nizzy.... i truly dont)

Lila:*Kills Jamie*

Sorrel: thats more scarier

NIzzy: It’s true he does that to everyone though .

Sorel: scarest (sorry i still dont belive it.... )

Lila:Where should I hide the body?

NIzzy: O_________O


NIzzy: You can't do that it's my job to kill people! *covers mouth* Whoops XD

Sorrel: hey my job is to hurt people


Sorrel: nope it isnt

Lila:YES IT IS!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: *gets a chainsaw*

Sorrel: no it is not see *breaks lila arm*

Lila:*Throws Sorrie into a Wood chipper*

NIzzy: *shoves both of them in the lake* There are sharks in there!

Lila*Eats all the sharks*

NIzzy: *throws chainsaw at Lila*

Becky: Ungh this is stupid!

D-scope:Let's get out of here and do something fun cause those girls over there are crazy!

Becky: er okay...


Becky: Yay candy!!!

Sorrel: I HURT PEOPLE!!!!

1 hour later* Lila:The 2 lovers have been in there for a long time! Sorrel: who becky and d-scope

NIzzy: No you and Silas

Lila:No I was talking about D-scope and that other girl.

NIzzy: Idiot

Sorrel: who me?

Back at the candy shop* D-scope:There's a bunch of rabid bears in here and now the door's locked! Becky: Oh great! *kicks a bear*

Sorrel: watch this guys this is gonna be funny *shapshifts into a bear and magically appears in the candy shop

D-scope:*Gets bit in the head by a bear then faints*

Becky: Hi sorrel bear *kicks it in the face then uses justisu to paraliyse her*

D-scope:*Gets mauled by bears*

Becky: D-SCOPE!!! *saves d-scope*

D-scope:Thanks Becky*Kisses Becky*

Sorrel: puh-lease you luvers k i s s i n g

Becky: *faints*

Sorrel: *Crawls* owie

Becky: *wakes up* I love you D-scope *kisses D-scope*

Sorrel: LOSER!!!!!

NIzzy: *scowles at sorrel*

Sorrel; *shpashifts as a cat* im going to the cabins

Becky: *sigh*

Silias: smooth

NIzzy: Whoa today was really random...

Silias: ya think

NIzzy: *rolls eyes*

Cara: well sorrie is at the hospital now... thanks to becky

Becky: She was trying to eat me!

Cara: *takes down security camera* no she is seen entering and then you paraliyze her smoooth.....

D-scope:*Talking with a bear* So do all animals talk?

Bear:No and besides my name is Earl.Can I eat you?

D-scope:....You're so funny!


Sorrel: *comes back in cruches* so people can understand animals....

Lila:No that bear can actually talk!

Sorrel: *Sighs*

D-scope:*Still talking with Earl the bear*Are you a boy or a girl?



Sorrel: O.o weird

Earl:I EAT YOU!!

D-scope:What's your favorite color?

Sorrel: *hits earl with a crutch*

Earl:*Flies away* I WILL GET YOU SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorrel: *sticks tongue out*

NIzzy: That was...weird.

Sorrel: ya think

NIzzy: You scare me...

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Sorrel: who me

NIzzy: No Hannah Montana

Sorrel: ya she is...

NIzzy: ... (CONF) Idiot

Becky: I’m glad the randomness has stopped...

Sorrel: uh huh

Cara: you are such an idiot sorrel *facepalms*

NIzzy: *giggles* (CONF) Okay Cara’s funny.

Sorrel: nah uh

Cara: yes you are no wonder why your ma ma abdoned you

Sorrel: excuse meh

Cara: and no wonder why your planet rejected you

Sorrel: well because i nearly blew it up

Cara: puh-lease

Sorrel: at least im better than you

Cara: what!

NIzzy: Fight!

Trevor:*grins at NIzzy*(CONF) I think that Lila should be next SHES FRICKEING BALD!!!

NIzzy: (CONF) Lila...she’s bald!! She should totally wear a hat or a wig.

Becky: *sigh*

NIzzy: What's up?

Becky: It does'nt matter *walks off*

Trevor:I think Lila should go next.How bout you?

NIzzy: Whatever.

Trevor:Wanna go on my jetski again?

Tdafan:Looks like JT is out!!!

Cara: *glares at Sorrel*

Sorrel: *bares back a grin*

(CONF)D-scope:I don't know why,but something just makes me feel like starting an alliance.But not the evil kind the friendly kind that doesn't cheat...sometimes.

James:*sits down and watches the stars*

NIzzy: ...

Trevor:Im going inside

Day 5:"I dont like you Lila,youre a freak"

D-scope:*Wakes up and gets hit by a meteor*I'M OKAY!!!!!! James:*Walks into mess hall*Too...tired*falls asleep on floor*

Lila:*Puts on a wig way better than her old hair* That's better!

Tdafan:I dont like you Lila,youre a freak*burns her wig*

(CONF)Lila:Must be true everybody says the same thing!

Lila:*Hits him with a shovel*

Tdafan:YOW!!!!Challenge tommorow*faints*

Trevor:*sits by NIzzy*Hey whats up

D-scope:*A rock falls from the sky and hits him*OW!

James:You ok?

Challenge 5 Tdafan:your challenge is to figure out how to fix this robot!!! D-scope:No sweat*An anvil falls from the sky and crushes his his head*OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intern:*puts D-scope on a strecher*

James:*\I think i...*gets zapped*AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

D-scope:*Wakes up in the hospital*Where am I?*The hospital collpses* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas:*starts working on robot*

Dan *Helps Nicholas*

Trevor:*Gives Dan a wedgie and chuckles*


Trevor:*grabs lila by the ankle and chains her to the ceiling*

Ryan: *gets Lila down* That's not cool!


James:Wanna fight on the cliff again??


Lila:I'll watch the fight*Gets popcorn*

Trevor:*kicks james off cliff*

James:*hangs on*

lila:*Eats popcorn*

Tony: *Helps Dan* How do we do this?

Ryan: *Sits next to Lila* How about an alliance?


Trevor:I am your brother

Ryan: Great!

James:We did this before and I ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!

Lila:Come on Ryan we have to work on that robot!

Trevor:oh yeah*Steps on james foot*


Lila:*Works on robot*Good I made the legs!

Nicholas:Almost done*robot explodes*COOL

Lila:Waist is done!

James:*waits for someone to save me*

Trevor:*smiles at NIzzy*

Lila:*Finishes the head* I'm done!

Ryan: *attaches head*

Tdafan:Ok donkeys win!!!

NIzzy: *smiles at Trevor*

Becky: I hope D-scope is ok...

Sarah: Shut up Becky no one wants to hear about your relationship problems!

Becky: I was'nt gonna!-

Sarah: Zip it!

Becky: Every time!!!!

Trevor:NIzzy watch this*dives into lake but does a bellyflop*OW!!!

NIzzy: Trevy!

Sarah: OMG!

Becky: ...Trevy?

NIzzy: *runs over to Trevor*

Trevor:*gets up*Ow!!!*looks at arm and its bleeding*HOLY CRAP!!!

NIzzy: That does'nt look good.

Trevor:*notices shark*So thats what happened

James:*dives in lake and fights shark*

Nicholas:*plays on PSP*YES!!!! I got Mew!!!

Trevor:*stares at him*

James:*comes out of lake covered in blood*

NIzzy: *gets scared and hugs Trevor*


Intern:*Sees Trevor and James and puts them on strechers*

NIzzy: ...

Trevor:Trevor angry.Trevor want...........*points to a Kit Kat bar*KIT KAT!!!!!

Becky: *giggles*

NIzzy: *smiles*

Trevor:*shakes head*NIzzy,I.............*faints*

NIzzy: *looks at Trevor*

James:*laughs*looks like my little brother has a girlfriend

Trevor*wakes up*You know very well Im only younger than you by 3 minutes

NIzzy: *punchs James* Whoops My bad XD

James:(CONF)How come my prankster of a brother gets a girlfriend but me,the jock doesnt*sighs*

Sarah: *listing in* I know right.

James:AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!*runs away*

Sarah: O.O

NIzzy: *sits down next to Trevor*

Trevor:So,you like me

NIzzy: *blushes*

Trevor:i knew it!!!(CONF)She likes me,she likes me,she-*wacks head on conf.door*OW!!!

NIzzy: Are you okay?

Trevor:yeah*steals James` guitar and plays Just the Girl*

NIzzy: *smiles*

James:Trevor!!!! I need that guitar for the girls!!!*takes guitar back*

NIzzy: girls?

James:shut up

Trevor:*laughs*So what now

NIzzy: Gee I dunno...James go away!

James:Ok*walks away*

Trevor:I hate being stuck in this hospital bed

NIzzy: *looks at Trevor* ...

Trevor:*kisses NIzzy*


Becky: I agree with the nerdy boy!

NIzzy: I love you Trevor...

Trevor:Me too

Tdafan:Ok Im switching NIzzy to the Screaming Alpakas which means Nicholas is on the Killer Donkeys!!!

NIzzy: Oh my, yeah I never noticed I was inter team dating whoops XD

Trevor:i guess you have to vote off someone on our team then*kisses NIzzy*

VOTE 5 James:Its tough but i gotta say Drake Trevor:Drake


NIzzy: Drake.

Tdafan:The vote ends at 8 pm central

NIzzy: *kisses Trevor* (BRB I'll come back in 3 mins k)


NIzzy: (I'm back XD)

Trevor:*falls asleep on a log*

NIzzy: Trevor? *sigh*

James:Ill get him*hops on him*


NIzzy: Whoa!

Becky: *sigh* This is weird.


NIzzy: *sigh*

Trevor :You ok?

NIzzy: Oh *blushes* yes...

Trevor:*kisses her cheek*

NIzzy: *smiles*

Trevor:Im gonna think of some pranks to pull

NIzzy: Lets kill Nicky the Nerd!

Trevor:i dont kill people I just prank them

NIzzy: I'm just kidding around. XD


NIzzy: *smiles*

Trevor:Im definately taking you to the final 2!!!

NIzzy: *kisses Trevor*

Trevor:I am so lucky

Sorrel: so it looks like Nizzy has a soft side

Trevor:Shes awesome

Sorrel: so where is nicholas its time for his BEAT DOWN!

Nicholas:*runs and hides in boys bathroom*

Sorrel: *facepalms* who wants to join nickholas beatdown XD

Cara: *shoves silias*

James:Ill get him*pulls Nicholas out of bathroom*

Dan: Drake

Tony: Drake

Tdafan:Ok Drake is out(Has anybody seen the theme yet?)

Sorrel: *smiles evily and strings him up on a pull by his underwear* thats payback thanks james

James:No prob


Day 6:"Awake now?" Cara: so nicholas is still up on the flagpole?!? Sorrel: uh yea


Cara: *rolls eyes* i guess its funny *walks back to the cabin*

Sorrel: your such a loner!

Trevor:*wakes up*Im still tired

Sorrel: *dumps a bucket of ice on trevor* awake now?


Sorrel; ha!

Trevor:*takes Sorrels diary and reads it*

D-scope:*Gets out of the hospital then gets zapped by thunder* AWWW COME ON!!!!!!!!*Hair turns into an afro*GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trevor:*plays guitar(CONF)

D-scope:Will there ever be a time where I won't get hurt?*CONF collapses*AWWWWWWWW***************************************************

James:*watches Trevor and NIzzy kissing and sighs*


James:(To Becky)So....

D-scope:She's mine freak!

James:*sighs*I just want a girlfriend

D-scope:I could help.

James:Not Lila

D-scope:I think she started an alliance with Ryan so you don't have to worry about her getting in the way!

James:good,now tell me

D-scope:*Thinks while thinking music plays*

James:*listens to ipod*

Becky: *watchs everyone being random* O-kay...

Sorrel: hey trevor can you still read! its a NOTEBOOK!!!! *attacks trevor to take back her notebook*

Sarah: *sigh*

Sorrel: ha got it!!!!

Sarah: *sigh*

NIzzy: Is that all you do?

CAra: *waves hand in front of sarash* hey you ok?

Sarah: ... *walks away*

Cara: *facepalms*

NIzzy: Okay I'm bored. *pushes Becky into the lake*

Becky: Whoa!!!!

Sorrel: *snickers*

Conf; Cara- is it me or is sorrel getting crazier?

NIzzy: *listing in* yes she is XD

Sorrel: *runs to the cabin and starts writing*

Cara: *exchanges glances with NIzzy*

NIzzy: *giggles*

Becky: (CONF) NIzzy scares me...

Sorrel: *in the cabin wiping tears from her eyes*

Cara: alliance Nizzy?

NIzzy: ...I hear crying...oh ok then.

Becky: I don’t hear anything?

CAra: you becky???

NIzzy: What about her?

Becky: *facepalm*

Sarah: (CONF) James...

(conf.)Sorrel: nobody ever understands me im just natuerally crazy *cries*

Sorrel: *slowly gets out and sneezes*

CAra: *spies on Sarah* eh my gawd Nizzy, sarah i think has a crush on james and i think sorrel does too

Sorrel: no i dont *pushes cara down playfully and then sneezes*

NIzzy: What is it sorrel?

Sorrel: stupid allergies....

Cara: *rolls eyes* oh wait you do

Sorrel: *playfully shoves her back down* oooh a squirrel

NIzzy: Err okay...

Sorrel: sorry im just feeling sick.... my moods constantly change!

Cara: ya we noticed

D-scope:YAY the sun is shining and I'm happy...I WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOU!!!!! I'm so happy right now!!!!!!!!


Sorrel: oooh can i destroy people *sneezes* too!!!!!

Trevor:*sits on a log*

Sorrel: it looks like trevor is a lone

Cara: *rolls eyes* no it looks like hes bored stuuuuuupid

Trevor:Wheres NIzzy????(has anyone seen the theme yet?)

Sorrel: oh somewhere in camp (the theme song? yes)

Trevor:Ok thanks(What did you think?)

Sorrel: no prob (its ok.... didnt get the part where cara and silas sat together.... but i liked it)

James:*sighs*So whats up?(thx)

Sorrel: not much you.....

Trevor:Not much

Sorrel: so............

James:*sits down*Im bored

Sorrel: ya same here

(Conf.)Sorrel: im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored

James:*falls asleep*

Sorrel: *whispers to Trevor* hey trevor do you wanna do a prank on james?


Sorrel: *shurgs and grabs a cup of warm water and puts james hand in it and..... ya......*

James:*laughs*good one*points to robot*

Lila:*Goes in cabin*Well I guess I should do that embarrissing thing that I do.

D-scope:*Peeks through window* WHAT THE *****Gets a camera and takes a million pictures of Lila*

10 minutes later* D-scope:Get your embarissing Lila pictures here! Only one cent! (CONF)Lila:I can't believe D-scope is selling pictures of my secret to everyone! Ryan better not find out!

Ryan: *Takes Lila pictures, and burns them, without looking* That's not cool!


Sorrel: good one *fist bumps d-scope and james*

Ryan: *Helps Lila up* You okay?

Sorrel: it looks like ryan LOVES lila *whispers to lila* remeber those boy tips?


D-scope:*Whisper's Lila's secret in Sorrel's ear*

Ryan: I do not!! *blushes*

Sorrel: *snickers* i was just kidding ryan duh!

Ryan: I knew that! Will you join our alliance?

Sorrel: well i was gonna make my own...... maybe let meh think about it

Ryan: Oh okay! When is the next challenge anyway?

Sorrel: i dont know

D-scope:LILA EATS MOOSE CRAP!!!!!!!!

Tony: Ewwwww!!

Dan: Please, I doubt that!

Sorrel: o.0

Becky: *looks at D-scope* Thats not cool.

NIzzy: I throught you hate Leah?

Becky: i think her name is lila.

NIzzy: Whatever.

Becky: yeah I hate her but it's a little wrong to spred rumors.

NIzzy: Okay.

Becky: (conf) *sigh* freaks...

Sorrel: puh-lease, you should have a bad side becky

NIzzy: *giggles*

Becky: If you say a word about that I will kill you!

NIzzy: *giggles* Okay,okay

Sorrel: yah right

Becky: Idiot.

NIzzy: *giggles*

Becky: *sigh*

Sorrel: *claws becky* anywho who wants to destroy the guys cabin with meh

NIzzy: *points at Becky * She’ll do it!

Becky: I hate you so much!

Sorrel: *drags becky to the guys cabin and gives her a match* now do it

Becky: You can't make me!

Sorrel: *lights the match*

Becky: (conf) Psychopath!

Sorrel: *smirks*

Becky: I’m not doing it!

NIzzy: Yes you are!

Sorrel; JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky: ...

NIzzy: *sits down* Where's Trevor???

Becky: Shut up you little ****************************************** no one cares!!!!!!! *covers mouth*

Sarah: O__________O Becky? are you okay???


Becky: Whoops.

NIzzy: O___O

Trevor:*starts eating*

Lila:I admit it! What D-scope said is true! Wow that felt good!

Tdafan:Lila,I never have and never will like you so find someone else!!!And the challenge is over cause Becky cussed,even though it never started

Becky: ???

NIzzy: Okay then so no challenge.

Becky: (CONF) I think I hurt my head...

Becky: *sits down on a rock*

NIzzy: Becky you ok?

D-scope:What's wrong?

Becky: My head ouch!

NIzzy: It's alway's your head what do you do smash it against walls??

D-scope:*Sees a bunch of zombies*

Becky: O___O

NIzzy: Becky does your head usally bleed like that?

Becky: What!!!!

D-scope:*wraps a bunch of bandages on Becky's head*Now you go! While I go kill a bunch of zombies!

Becky: Okay you becareful*runs off*

NIzyz: Want some help I'm good at killing!

D-scope:Yeah sure*Gets a knunchuk*I'm ready!

NIzzy: Okay *gets a chainsaw and kills a zombie* Aw this is cool!

D-scope:My weapon's not good enough!* Grabs a sword* Much betrer!

Zombie: *runs up to Becky: I will eat you!

Becky: O_______O

Zombie: *attacks Becky*

D-scope:BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Kills the zombie*You okay?

Becky: *on the floor with blood gushing from her head*

NIzzy: That looks bad.

D-scope:I GOT THIS!!!!!!*Wraps bandages around Becky's head then takes her to the infomary*I hope she'll be allright

Zombie:*Smothers D-scope*

D-scope:Can't...breathe..*Goes silent*

NIzzy: Die!!!!! *kills 12 zombie's then gets stabed in the back* ARGGHH!! *kills the zombie that smothered D-scope and collaspes*

D-scope:*Blood gushes out of his forehead*

NIzzy: ew *gets up eyes start glowing* DIE!!!!! *kills the last zombie* So very...cold...*collaspes*

Sorrel: what happened Nizzy? D-scope???

D-scope:*Bleeds so hard he dies*


NIzzy: Ain’t you helpful!

Sarah: *gets D-scope to the infirmary*

Sorrel: *drags Nizzy to the infirmary*

NIzzy: I’m fine People stab me all the time they usually go I hate you!!!! Your so annoying and then stab me.

Sarah: O__________O

Sorrel: *facepalms and drags Nizzy to the dumpster and locks her in the dumpster(*

NIzzy: *in dumpster*Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah: *gasp* Sorrel! *unlocks dumpstar*

NIzzy: There were moving things in there... *runs away screaming*

Mouse: *goes by sarah* uhh you called me *snaps fingers and the REAL sorrel appears and the fake one dissapeers*

Sarah: I shuld stop eating the food here.

NIzzy: You eat that crap??? I have'nt eaten in days.

Sarah: Anorrectic!

NIzzy: Grr *attacks sarah*

(CONF)D-scope:*In an all over cast* For the past 3 episodes I've ben hit the head by things,collapesed,and have nearly been murdered by zombies! This is just too much! And how do I get out of here when I'm in all over cast seiously people!?

NIzzy: *still fighting with sarah* Take it back!

Sarah: Never!

Becky: *has arm in a cast and has bandges wrapped around her head* Hi guys!

NIzzy: Becky!!!

D-scope:*Is now okay and is not in a cast* Was the camera crew taping my tantrum in the CONF?

Camera Guy:Yes!

D-scope:Give me the CAMERA!!!!!*Atacks camerea guy then producers lock him up in a cell*

Becky: What the heck just happened?? *magicaly opens cell*

D-scope:*Using a DJ system while a bunch of other people are dancing on a dance floor*HI BECKY!!!!!

Becky: D-scope! *randomly takes arm cast off and hugs D-scope* Aww your okay! I love you.

D-scope:*Makes out with Becky*

NIzzy: This is weird.

Sarah: puh-lease what about you and trevor.

NIzzy: Anorretic!

Sarah: *attacks NIzzy*

D-scope:*Still making out with Becky completely unaware about everything else that's going on*

Sorrel: *sighs*

(conf.)Sorrel: NO IM NOT JEALOUS of those two...

Becky: (conf) I have a bad feeling about this...

(CONF)D-scope:This ain't gonna be pretty!

D-scope:*Talks to Becky* Soooo...

the DJ booth explodes and starts a fire* Sorrel: oh my gawd get out of here guys FIRE FIRE Becky: What?

NIzzy: Hey Geoff, Bridgette! *laughs*

D-scope:*Gets everyone out but locks NIzzy in the cell*

NIzzy: *sigh* Idiot.

Sorrel: *unlocks Nizzy but she doesnt make it out of the room but Nizzy does*

NIzzy: What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D-scope:*Reads a magazine in the cell*

NIzzy: ... (Am I in or out of the cell?? I'm so confussed???)

D-scope:*Runs around in circles for apparent reason*

NIzzy: ??? Arghhh my head *faints*

Lila:*Uses the bathroom while a magazine* HEY WHO'S TAPING THIS!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: (CONF) I hate almost everyone here! and what's up with D-scope and Lila?

D-scope:We and Lila have a rivalry

NIzzy: Yeah whatever but your acting then normal what's up?

Sorrel: ITS SAFE go back in! im just going to go in my cabin

NIzzy: Go away sorrel I'm asking important questions!

D-scope:*Wipes his eyes* I can't help my stupidity and craziness!

NIzzy: Whoops I don't mean it like that I mean what's up as...well why are we in a cell which was set on fire what's up with Becky head bleeding all the time and-...

D-scope:I gotta go*Goes into the cabin*

NIzzy: *sigh* *gets cell phone out* Trevor were- *starts to cry and runs away*

Lila:Well that was weird!

Sorrel: ya think

Lila:What do you think happened?

Sorrel: well i saved Nizzy from the fire and then you guys babbled and i was almost burned and i cant see a thing

NIzzy: ...

Becky: NIzzy are you okay?

NIzzy: *walks away*

Becky: (CONF) I don't now what got into her.

Sorrel: *runs into a pole* IM BLIND!!!!!

Becky: Okay thats gotta make you feel better NIzzy!

NIzzy: ...


Sorrel:NIZzy its me your blind friend sorrie! tell me what happened

NIzzy: Sorrel...see a someone about your eyesight.

Becky: this is hopeless!!!!!!

Sorrel: being blind means forever *facepalms* anyway tell me

NIzzy: ... *walks away*

Sorrel: becky what are we going to do!

Becky: We Hmm what do you think started this?

Sorrel; trevor..... she was tlking to him

Becky: ...hmm...what about before that why was she talking to Trevor what set it off????

Sorrel: *shrugs* maybe they broke up idk but it could be horrible news

Becky: We should ask the others later.

NIzzy: *sitting on a log* *sigh*

Sorrel: so becky i have a question... how did you and d-scope get together??? *trips over a rock*

(conf)Sorrel: I HATE BLINDNESS

Becky: (CONF) Poor sorrel.

Becky: Err well I told him loved him...not much.

Sorrel: *shifts around nervously and murmerS* i really like one of the guys in camp

Becky: Oh I see...poor D-scope

Sorrel: yea so can you help me

Becky: ...I’ll help until a point.

Sorrel: what point

Becky: I dunno I'm not big on the idea of you crushing on my boyfriend

Sorrel: IM NOT!!! me and d-scope are just friends

Becky: That’s what NIzzy said about- *covers month*

Becky: (CONF) I’m really bad at secrets.

Sorrel: I dont... its a rumor and im gonna kill Nizzy

(conf)Sorrel: I HATE RUMORS and me and D-scope are friends!

Becky: No that was'nt what she said but I can't tell you.

Sorrel: but understand this ME AND DSCOPE ARE FRIENDS!

Becky: I know! You just understood what I said before wrong NIzzy said something else. Please don’t kill me!

Sorrel: i wont

Becky: Phew I thought that NIzzy was gonna kill me too because of- well er never mind let’s never talk about this again.

sorrel; ok

Becky: Good...

Sorrel; yea...

NIzzy: Hey guys

Becky: You ok?

NIzzy: No! *runs off*

Becky: Okay (CONF) I hopes she not turning Goth...

D-scope:*In cabin wiping his eyes*

Tdafan:VOTE PEOPLE!!!!

VOTE 6 D-scope:*Wiping Tears*Jack. Ryan: Jack

Tony: Does everybody vote?

Becky: Jack.

NIzzy: ...

Becky: OMG She's dead!

NIzzy: ...

Becky: Please don't die!

NIzzy: ...Go away Becky.

Becky: Hmph.

Sarah: Jack.

Becky: (CONF) IDK what happened but I really don’t like it when D-scope is sad...

(CONF)Lila:He's never been sad! Like,NEVER!!!!

Becky: Now I’ve got to handle two depressed teens!

NIzzy: *wipes tears away from her eyes*

Becky: Are you crying? OMG we should get this on youtube!

NIzzy: I’m not crying I’ve got something in my eye!

Becky: Whatever I’m gonna get a camera.

(CONF)D-scope:I don't know why I'm so crazy,But I think it started when Lila joined the mob.

Sarah: *listing in* awwww that’s creepy and cute now we wait until NIzzy says something.

NIzzy: *walks up behind sarah* Err why are you talking to yourself?

Sarah: Why are you depressed?

NIzzy: *runs away*

Sarah: Whoops.

(CONF)Lila:D-SCOPE'S GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!*Pulls out knife from her pocket*

NIzzy: (CONF) O____O *sigh*

Becky: I feel weird all of a sudden...

D-scope:I know now I feel like I'm going to die after revealing that one of our fellow contestants was a mastermind!

NIzzy: Oh yay more good news! (CONF) *cries* I'm such a sap!!!

Lila:*Spies on the three with chainsaw*

NIzzy: *sigh*

D-scope:*Falls unconcious*

NIzzy and Becky: D-scope! *run over to him*

Becky: What happened???

Lila:*Quietly walks off with a knife behind her back*

NIzzy: D-scope wake up!!!!!!!!!!

Becky: Wake up! *shakes D-scope*


Becky: Are you okay? what happened???

D-scope:I feel like I was stabbed in the back!

NIzzy: O-kay...

D-scope:No seriously! There's a bloody knife right there!

NIzzy: Oh my gawd!!!!!!!

Becky: Who did this?? *looks at NIzzy* Your known for killing people...

NIzzy: What D-scope is my friend! Why would I???

Becky: Hmm... What about his enemies?

D-scope:Hmm...My enemies are Lila,Goth Boy,and one time I smashed Trevor's head with a vase.

NIzzy: Yeah why did you do that? and Goth Boy is'nt here so...

D-scope:IT WAS FATHER!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Err no D-scope I think it was Leah!

Becky: Lila!

D-scope:*Waks up to a girl named Leah*WHY DID YOU THAT!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Leah! *hugs Leah* Aww I have'nt seen you in ages! XD

Lila:*Walks up quitly with another knife*

NIzzy: I sense something... *hair spikes up like Izzy's when she was eltrocuted *

D-scope:Me Too!*Hair turns into an afro*I hate it when this happens!Hey Becky there's someone behind you!

Sorrel: hey guys boting is over?

Becky: Ha ha very funny D-scope...



Lila:Um It's not what it looks like!

Sorrel: puh-lease

Becky: *faints*

NIzzy: ...*hair turns back to normal*

D-scope:*Afro gets bigger*

NIzzy: O.O

(guys you really need other people to edit i had soooo many conflicts) Sorrel: weird

Lila:I was going to invite you guys to a ...Tea party?

Becky: Thats weird...

Sorrel: *about to slap lila but misses* come on!

Becky: I’ll do it *tries to slap Lila but misses* I’m not even blind!!!

Sorrel: thank you

NIzzy: Okay girls stop it now.

Becky: *sigh*

Sarah: Okay I'm just freaked out Lila tryed to kill us all!

Becky: Don't ya mean invite us to a tea party *giggles*

NIzzy: ...*walks off*

D-scope:*Afro puffs even bigger*

Sarah: *gets a chainsaw* This won't hurt a bit.

Becky: WHAT!!!! *takes chainsaw off sarah*

NIzzy: *giggles* Oh Becky please don't kill anyone.

Becky: Grr! *attacks NIzzy*




Tdafan:And Jack is out!!!

NIzzy: ...

Becky: *sigh*

D-scope:I'm bored.

Becky: *kisses D-scope* NIzzy: O.O *throws up*

D-scope:*Kisses Becky*

NIzzy: Okay Geoff, Bridgette stop it please!

Becky: *does'nt listen to NIzzy*

NIzzy: Argh! *walks off*

D-scope:*Kisses Becky again*

NIzzy: Hey Becky look TDA is on and Justin just got killed!

Becky: *still making out with D-scope*

NIzzy: *facepalm*

D-scope:*Still making out with Becky*

NIzzy: Fine then I'll just wait here until you two stop...*sits down*

Becky: *still making out with D-scope*

D-scope:*Still making out with Becky*

Lila:Should I be jealous right now?

NIzzy: I don't care!

D-scope:*Still makes out with Becky*

NIzzy: I don't care why would I care I was a C.I.T!!!

Sarah: What's up with you?

Lila:I think she's jealous!

NIzzy: I was a C.I.T!!! (Courtney moment XD)

Sarah: *giggles*

NIzzy: *folds arms* I'm not jealous!

Lila:Yes you are!

NIzzy: ...

Lila:*Keeps on chantig out the word jealous*

NIzzy: (CONF) I wish someone would shut that annoying pest up!

NIzzy: ...*walks off*

D-scope:*Talks to Becky*Should we go somewhere where no one would see us cause there's a bunch of people watching right now.

Becky: Yeah

D-scope:Okay where?

Becky: woods?


in the woods* Becky: You wanna make out now? D-scope:YES!!!!

Becky: *pulls D-scope behind a bush*

NIzzy: *sigh* *folds arms* I don’t get jealous! I was a C.I.T! Hmph! *sigh*

Trevor:You have me*smiles*

NIzzy: ...yeah I guess...

Trevor:Is something wrong?

NIzzy: No it’s okay *smiles* (CONF) I’m so confused!

Trevor:If you dont wanna be together its ok we can be friends.But i dont wanna be just friends

NIzzy: I didn’t break up with you I almost did but...

Trevor:*kisses NIzzy for a whole minute*

Today,we will have a surprise for you!!!" Tdafan:Today,we will have a surprise for you!!! NIzzy: *looks at Trevor and blushes* ...

Trevor:*is asleep with no shirt and pj pants*

NIzzy: (CONF) Argh I’ve really got to stop listening to sad songs!

Trevor:*goes to mess hall but forgets hes in pajamas*Guess im going shirtless

Nicholas:Whats the surprise???

Tdafan:Two of you will become team captains!!!!

NIzzy: *sits down* I wonder where Becky and D-scope are?

Tdafan:Anyway,our captains are...........Trevor and..........................................................................................................................................NIZZY!!!!


NIzzy: *not paying attention*

Trevor:If were on opposite teams then.....*grabs bags and heads for the boat*

NIzzy: Huh...TREVOR! *runs up to him* Please don’t go...

Trevor:I cant stand being on an opposite team than you

Tdafan:Well,there has to be a vote whether Trevor stays or goes


Nicholas:Bye Trevor

NIzzy: Please Trevor stay.

Sarah: If it makes Little Ms. Mentally Ill stop crying then stay!

in the woods* Becky: *making out with D-scope* Trevor:I`ll stay.NIzzy you can pick your team first ok?

NIzzy: (soz My keyboard is going crazy XP)

Tdafan:Come on people pick your teams

Sorrel: sorry i was lost sad sad sad

James:*sighs*(CONF)Still lonely....

CAra: *elbows sorrel* arent you gonna talk to him

Sorrel: huh?

James:*sits down and sighs*(G2G)

NIzzy: D-scope, Becky, Sorrel, Dan, James and Cara.

Sorrel: yes wait what?

Cara: ha time for revenge! HEY JAMES sorrel has something to say to you

Sorrel: uh yes hi

James:What do you want???

Sorrel: hmmm ask cara

Cara: SOMe one likes you james

Sorrel: *glares at Cara

James:Who????And you better not be lying

Cara: *flashes a big grin* uh yes her name starts with an S theres a hint

Sorrel: *continues to glare at Cara*

James:Sarah??*pukes at the thought*

Cara: and ends with a l

James:Sorrel???*starts laughing*

Sorrel: *blushes and runs*

Cara: *cracks up* ya your right better calm down sorrie

James:Sorrel!!!!You suck Cara

Cara: nah its life dude

(conf) Sorrel: CARA IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!! *breaks the confessional*

James:Sorrel did what Cara say is true??

Sorrel: *very quitley* yes

James:Well uh..*kisses Sorrel*

Sorrel: *hugs him*

James:Lets keep this a secret,ok

Sorrel: ok

James:(CONF)Yea i like Sorrel,deal with it

Cara: *tells silias that sorrel like james*

Silias: so what abou tit

Trevor:*starts puking*

NIzzy: Awww Sorrel has a soft side cute! Cara don't make fun of her.

Becky: *giggles*

Cara: its revenge der *facepalms*

NIzzy: There’s more to life then revenge!

Becky: Who are you and what have you done with NIzzy!

NIzzy: Wha-

Becky: *attacks NIzzy*

Lila:Uh Becky?Did D-scope come back with you when you were in the woods?

flashback* Trevor:Now stay!!!*ties D-scope to a tree* The flashback ends* Lila:Hey I was watching that! Becky: Trevor?

NIzzy: *looks at Trevor* whats going on?

NIzzy: (CONF) I hope he's not jealous...why would he-... *sigh*

Becky: *listing in*

NIzzy: Becky?

Becky: I'm not eavesdropping!

CHALLENGE 7 Tdafan:For your challenge you must make your favorite tdi character look the opposite of their personality(Ex.Izzy as a quiet sane person,Owen as an emo) Becky: Geoff as a goth XD

NIzzy: (CONF) I don't know why Trevor would tie D-scope to a tree! wait did we ever save him?...

Dan: Mine should be up soon!

Tonie: Mine too!

Ryan: Mine too!

Dan: Here's mine! D-scope:*Still tried to a tree*HELLO!?*Tree timbers down a hill then goes up a ramp then falls into a an alligator pond*AAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Wait I have this weird feeling something’s wrong...

Becky: What? Oh crap D-scope!

NIzzy: Okay you save your little boyfriend and I’ll just sit here.

Becky: Okay...

Sarah: She’s still jealous.


Sarah: *giggles*

NIzzy: *folds arms and looks the other way* Hmph

Sarah: Aww You like D-scope.

NIzzy: Were just friends! And I have a boyfriend!

Sarah: Whatever.

NIzzy: (CONF) Idiot.

Sarah: (CONF) *giggles*

Trevor:*is sitting on a log*

James:*sitting next to him*Dude,I think NIzzy is gonna break up with you

Trevor:No shes not

NIzzy: *walks up to Trevor* hey, are you okay?

NIzzy: (CONF) *sigh* I'm depressed XP

Sorrel: *walks by james and trvor and Nizzy* hi guys Nizzy are you sure you are ok???

(Sorrel=soz...cant do challenge... school!)

NIzzy: *looks the other way* ...

Tdafan:Challenge ends Sunday!!!

James:*is swimming*

Sorrel: *facepalms* Nizzy you gotta tell me whats wrong!!

NIzzy: I don't have to! *turns the other way*

Results Cards777`s-Not bad......she still looks kinda crazy though.And is her skin PURPLE???!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats messed up.Overall,very nice 8/10 Sarah`s-It doesnt look AHYTHING like Cody.If it did it would be 10/10.But,since it doesnt 7/10

Becky`s-Something about this made me laugh.Geoff as a goth XD.Very nice,9/10

NIzzy-Not bad just not good either.JK!!! It`s actually pretty good.Except 1 thing,NOTHING!!! 10/10

Tdafan:Guess that means Nizzys team wins!!!! So if you arent NIzzy,Sorrel,Cara,D-scope,James,Becky,or Dan then you need to vote.

Vote 7 Silias: hm... NIzzy: *sitting on a rock* ...


Nicholas:Ryan,his alliance could become risky

NIzzy: *looks at Trevor*


NIzzy: *smiles*

Nicholas:*is making out with himself in the mirror*

Trevor:*laughs and records*

Sorrel: what is nicholas doing....

James:I dont care just laugh

Sorrel: *cracks up and shoves Nicholas into the mirror*

Nicholas:OW!!! My right nostril!!!

Sorrel; nerd!

Nicholas:Im no nerd(notice his really high pants,pocket protecter,and Darth Vaders #1 shirt XD)

NIzzy: Do ya watch star trek too!

Becky: Hey i found D-scope!

NIzzy: whatever *walks up to Trevor*

Sorrel: *cracks up* NERD!!!

Nicholas:Yes!!!*is watching star trek movie*

Trevor:Ive had enough for one day

Tdafan:Vote people

Silias: RYAN~!!!!

Sorrel: jeez people aint happy here

James:*rides Trevors jetski*

Cara: *to nicholas*dude your a nerd ok admit it

Trevor:Come back with that!!!!

James:*grabs Sorrel and brings her in the wodds*

Trevor:Why are they in the woods together???

Cara: *shrugs*

Nicholas:Cause they-

Cara: shut up nerd we werent talking to you

Nicholas:What did I ever do to you*runs off crying

Cara: *facepalms*

James:*mkaes out with Sorrel*

Cara; *thinks for a while* probably makin out... *snickers*

Ryan: Nicholas

Tony: Nicholas

Tdafan:In a 3-2 vote Ryan is the docks next victim.

NIzzy: *yawns*

Sarah: Ryan

Day 8' :"Man,whens the merge,theres only like.....87 people left!!!" James:(CONF)man,whens the merge,theres only like.....87 people left!!!(that proves how bad James is at math XD and BTW the merge is on Day 10 or 11) NIzzy: *yawns*

Trevor:*waves to NIzzy*

NIzzy: *waves back*

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Nicholas:*typing on calculator*

Becky: Nerd boy.

Sarah: ...

Becky: *Elbows sarah*

James:*pukes*This tastes like crap!!!!

Lois:Thats cause it is(Everyone pukes)

Becky: I don't feel like eating...

Tdafan:Challenge soon!!!

NIzzy: Becky eating is a good thing like TV, homework is a bad thing remember...

Becky: *scowls*

James:I dont feel good

Nurse:Your sick

Tdafan:Then James needs to leave the game

Sarah: Dun dun duh! XD

NIzzy: *rolls eyes*

Becky: Oh no now who is sorrel gonna make out with now! XD

James:But I dont wanna leave!!!*gets pushed into the boat*

NIzzy: Aww to bad sorre ain't here...

James:*starts crying*I cant go!!!!!

Trevor:Its ok

James:*kisses Sorrel and hops in the boat*

NIzzy: Aww so cute... *starts crying*

Trevor:It was awesome being with you dude*high fives him*

James:Thanks,well i guess this is it

NIzzy: *stands next to Trevor* C,yaa James.

James:*steps in the boat and leaves*

NIzzy: *still crying then looks at Trevor*

Trevor:Its ok,we can do without him,just wait till Sorrel finds out

NIzzy: ...

Nicholas:what happened*still typing*

NIzzy: ...*walks off*

Trevor:(CONF)Whats up with NIzzy???

NIzzy: (CONF) ...

NIzzy: *kisses Trevor*

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Sarah: She’s being even more random then before!

Tony:Last nights vote was shocking!

Dan: I know right!

D-scope:*wakes up*Aaaaaaaahhh

Trevor:That vote WASNT shocking,ive been planning it since Day 2

NIzzy: Okay.

Becky: ...

Trevor:Dan and Tony are so annoying


NIzzy: (CONF) I’m depressed like really XP

Trevor:*kisses NIzzy*

NIzzy: A little better but still depressed...

Trevor:*takes off shirt*

NIzzy: *faints*

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Trevor:Happy now


NIzzy: *wakes up* Yeah (very awkward XD)

Trevor:*puts shirt back on*Im going swimming

NIzzy: *blushes*

Becky: Randomer...

Trevor:*dives into the lake*

Challenge 8 Tdafan:Upload ur fav youtube video here ends Friday!! NIzzy: Okay...Hmm...XD Trevor:*falls asleep*

NIzzy:Trevor, are you okay?

Lila:Uh D-scope?

D-scope:*Gives her a Lindsay wig and a bunch of cash*TAKE IT AND GO AWAY!!!!

Lila:*Cries and runs into the cabin*

NIzzy:*looks at Lila and D-scope* you should be nicer to her...

Sorrel: *walks from her cabin* challenge today *notices James is gone* wait were is he

Cara: he left right???

Sorrel: *bites lip and walks back to the cabin*

NIzzy: (CONF) Everyone seems...differant right now...

D-scope:*Goes into cabin then falls asleep*

Becky: Whats up with everyone sleeping?

Lila:Hi Be*Falls asleep*

becky: O__O

NIzzy: *yawns*

Becky: NIzzy! don't fall asleep I won't have anyone to talk too!

D-scope:You still have me.

Becky: *blushes*

NIzzy: I’ll leave you and him alone...*giggles*

D-scope:*Makes out with Becky*

NIzzy: *secretly spying on Becky and D-scope*

Lila:*Spies with NIzzy* Why are you doing this?

NIzzy: I don't need a reason to be awesome now shhhh!

Becky: Did you hear something?


Lila:You like him don't you!

NIzzy: No why would you think that...

Lila:Because you do!

NIzzy: No I don't! *walks off*

Becky: I'm pretty sure I heard something...


NIzzy: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles lila*

Becky: (CONF) Huh?

(CONF)D-scope:*Pukes for 3 hours straight*

NIzzy: Lila again WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh! my head! *faints*

Lila:Don't hurt me!

NIzzy: *wakes up* I was'nt gonna hurt you...I was gonna shout at you!!!!!!! *faints again*

Becky: Wow don't get so defensive!

NIzzy: *wakes up* I'M NOT GETTING DEPFENSIVE!!!!


NIzzy: ...*gets up and walks off*

Becky: It's okay she'll be bcak in couple of days...weeks...maybe years... IDK

D-scope:Let's hope it's years!

Becky: What's up?


Becky: *folds arms* Tell me now!

D-scope:Okay about the NIzzy thing. I'd rather be with you!*Makes out with Becky*

Becky: I doubt she loves you anyway lila is a bit *looks around* ...well ya know...

Lila:BECKY MUST DIE!!!!!!!*Tackles Becky*

Becky: *wackes head on a log* Huh where am I? *looks around*

D-scope:Uh oh!

Becky: *looks at D-scope* Oh I like what I see... *gets up* Hi I'm Becky!

in woods*

NIzzy: Morons...*wolly beavers jump out at her* Argghh!!!! *runs away* I'm not food!!! HELP! back at camp* Sarah: Becky? Are you okay? Becky: Hi, I'm Becky what's you're name?

Sarah: I'M SARAH!!!!! You know me!!!

NIzzy: *comes back looking like she was attacked* Hi guys I think I'll-. *colapses*

D-scope:*Sees a dinosaur* Oh great now I'm food!

Sorrel: *shoots the dinosaur* no you arent *smirks*

(conf)Sorrel: the old sorrel is BACK

(conf)Cara: great.... the old-crazy-random-angel-shapeshifter sorrel is back

Sarah: Sorry Becky...*wackes Becky over the head with a log*

Becky: Ungh...*collapses*

Sarah: Okay the weird twins are um...dead? ...OMG!!!!!!!

NIzzy: *wakes up* Huh?

Sarah: Yay You're alive!

NIzzy: ?


Becky: *wakes up* Yay Sasha is back yippie! *faints*

NIzz: Becky’s got brain damge! *looks at Sarah*

Becky: *wakes up* Huh?

Sorrel: sasha"

Becky: *puts hand on head* Ow what happened last night?

Sarah: Well-


Becky: ?

Sorrel me confused

D-scope:*Meteor falls on him* I'M OKAY!!!!!!!

Sarah: (CONF) why does everyone I know get hurt all the time?

Becky: D-SCOPE!

NIzzy: *rolls eyes*

(CONF)Lila:I can't stand being bald anymore! I need hair quick! I MUST GET BECKY'S HAIR!!!

NIzzy: *listening in* OMG! Lila is really Heather!! XD

Becky: *sneaks up on NIzzy* what ya doin’?

NIzzy: Wow! Umm Becky I didn’t see you there...I’d put your hair up in a pony tail if I were you maybe a shower cap!

Becky: Huh?

NIzzy: Trust me... Lila’s gonna-

Becky: What?

NIzzy: Just stay away from Heather Lila.

Becky: Why?

NIzzy: Put your hair up!

Becky: Okay, okay *puts hair in a pony tail* Are ya happy now?

NIzzy: Yep I’d hate myself if I just let you get your head shaved.

Becky: WHAT! *puts hands on head*

NIzzy: I mean I’d hate myself if I just let you get you’re...umm well just forget what I just said!

Becky: (CONF) O.O What the heck?

NIzzy: (CONF) *giggles*

Sorrel:Hey Cara


Sorrel: ever heard of reverse pshycology, you know when you tell some its not there fault and they think it is

Cara: ya

Sorrel: im going to pull that prank on silias

Silias: *walks around* oh hi sorrel

Sorel: its not your fault

Silias: what?

Sorrel: its not your fault

Silias: huh what?

Sorrel: its not your fault

Becky: *giggles* Time for a song boys and girls!

NIzzy: *whacks Becky over the head with a log* STAY!!!

in Becky's dream* Becky: Where am I? Sarah: WAHHHHHHH!!! *whacks Becky over the head with a log*

Becky: OUCH!

Silias: your starting to freak me out dude

Sorrel: it not your fault

NIzzy: ...

Lila:*Walks behind Becky with scissors*

Becky: *Rants on about math homework*

NIzzy: *giggles*

Becky: What?

NIzzy: hehe

Becky: ...There’s a kick me sign on my back, right?

NIzzy: No...

Becky: *Scowls* Yeah...*turns around*

NIzzy: (CONF) Lila is so funny! *giggles*

NIzzy: *yawns* Where’s Trevor?

Sarah: Why do you care?

NIzzy: Pardon?

Sarah: *rolls eyes*

NIzzy: You think I don’t like him anymore, don’t you?

Sarah: *folds arms*

NIzzy: Well you’re wrong! *runs off to the lake*

Lila:*Snips a piece of Becky's hair when she's not looking*

Sarah: OMG!!!! XD

Becky: What?

Sarah: Umm...

Becky: What?!

Sarah: *cough*Lila*cough*is*cough*trying*cough*to cut your hair off*cough*

Becky: *realizes 1/4 of her hair has been cut* Oh crap. (Does'nt this remind you of Misery Business? XD)

Sarah: ...

Becky: *turns to Lila and scowls*

Lila:*Runs off*

D-scope:*Randomly appears out of nowhere* Hey guys how's it going?

Sarah: Not now pretty boy!

NIzzy: Pretty boy? What the-

Becky: Lila wants hair on her head so much that she tried-

Sarah: *cough*Succeeded*cough*

NIzzy: *whacks Sarah over the head with a log*

Becky: ...Anyway she cut quarter of my hair off...

NIzzy: *giggles*

Becky: Can I beat her up now?

NIzzy: O.O Umm... No you can’t beat Lila up.

Becky: I was talking about you.

NIzzy: ...

D-scope:*Goes to the underground cell for no apparent reason*

Becky: D-scope?

Lila:*Snips off another piece of Becky's hair*


Becky: Hey! *Punches Lila* Whoops.

Sarah: Becky?!

Becky: *looks in the mirror* Hey not too bad.

Sarah: Okay but Lila why Becky’s hair?

Becky: I’m gonna hide somewhere. *puts a motorcycle helmet on* *runs off*

NIzzy: ...

Lila:Because hers is perfect!*Evil laugh*

Sorrel; huh? (this camp is still going???)

Lila:I was talking Becky's hair!

Becky:* Still wearing helmet* Well you ain’t getting anymore of it!

NIzzy: Becky’s hair is perfect?

Becky: Hey!

NIzzy: *backs away*

Sarah: Okay...

Becky: Humph

Tdafan:NIzzys team wins!AGAIN!(I can finally edit here yay!)

Vote 8 Tdafan:Vote ends at 1 central time Trevor:Sarah,annoying little-

Sarah: Silias.


Tdafan:Bye Sarah!

Day 9:"Whoopedie freaking do!" Tdafan:Morning! Silias: that was close....

Sorrel HIGH 5 (lifts up hand)

Cara: *facepalms*

Tdafan:In 2 days we will have the merge!

Trevor:Whoopedie freaking do!

Tdafan:Challange time!

Challenge 9 Tdafan:Today you will make a TDI Movie Poster!Due on Friday! Trevor:*yawns*This is boring!

Nicholas:I like Star Trek

Trevor:And only you do!

NIzzy: *giggles* Hey! *gets a slingshot and fires acorns at Nicholas*

Tdafan:Nobody is doing the challenge?Fine I guess this means that I will draw out of a hat to see our winner

Trevor:*is scared*

Tdafan:TREVORS TEAM WINS(i actually did pull it out of a hat in real life)

Trevor:We won!

Tdafan:So,if you voted two times before,don`t vote cause NIzzys team lost!

Vote 9 Tdafan:Vote ends when I feel like it NIzzy: Sorrel.



Dan: Sorrel

Tony: Sorrel


Day 10:"Nothing random has happened in a while..." Tdafan:Today is the last team challenge,so make it good Trevor:*eats food*

NIzzy: *throws tennis ball at Becky* Nothing random has happened in a while...

Becky: *catches ball* Yeah I know.*throws ball back at NIzzy*

NIzzy: *catches ball*

Trevor:*waves to NIzzy*(CONF)Since this is the last team challenge,I gotta make sure NIzzy and I both don`t get voted off tonight.

Nicholas:*is reading a comic book*

NIzzy: *waves at Trevor* *yawns* I’m hungry.

Becky: Eat the food here and you’ll die! *scary music* *giggles*

NIzzy: *throws tennis ball at Becky’s head* *giggles* (CONF) *sigh* Life is boring. *gets a flamethrower*

Nicholas:*still reading*

NIzzy: I wonder how this thing works... *pokes flamethrower* (XD)

Trevor:NIzzy,if you could say anyone you want out now,who would it be?

NIzzy: Hmm...Cara!

Becky: Why?

NIzzy: Anoyying little-

Becky: Watch your lauguage you're on TV (XD)

Trevor:Yeah,good point


Challenge 10 Tdafan:For today you will be running 20 miles go! Trevor:(has a HUGE lead)

(conf)Cara: the island seems so weird now sorrel isnt particpating in any challenges... sad

Cara: *sprints*

(conf)Cara: i miss sorrel k? i just miss her!

Nicholas:*is far behind*

Trevor:*is done with 5 miles*

Cara: *just finished her 6th mile*

(conf.)Cara: ok its just weird, no one to anooy me, no one to make fun off

Trevor:*runs and finishes second to last mile*

NIzzy: *sprints and catches up*

Becky: *catches up with NIzzy*

Nicholas:*wheezes*I`m so...tired(Note:he is 8 inches from the start line XD)

Trevor:*slips on something and flies across the finish line*

NIzzy: Trevor! *crosses finish line* Are you okay?

Becky: *crosses finish line*

Cara: *finishes*

Silias: *finished his 7th mile*

Trevor:I`m ok I`m*faints*

Tdafan:Trevors team wins!

Vote 10 Tdafan:Vote ends soon VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don`t vote I will pick someone from NIzzys team to leave Tony: Cara

Dan: Cara

Tdafan:Vote ends tomorow at 5 eastern


Becky: Cara

Tdafan:and with that,THE MERGE HAS BEGUN!!! and Cara is out!

Day 11:"We welcome back to the game Sorrel and James!!!And,we should have a new camper arriving soon" Tdafan:We welcome back to the game Sorrel and James!!!And,we should have a new camper arriving soon Trevor:New camper?

James:I`m back!

Lila:*Tries to get out of her cabin but it's locked*

NIzzy: *playing Badminton with Becky* So when's the new person getting he- *is hit in the head with a shuttlecock* Hey!

Becky: *giggles* You're serving.

Trevor:*is waiting for new camper*Where is he or she?

James:I`m glad to be back with Sorrel*kisses Sorrel*

Chimmy:*appears from random flames* Hi, I'm Chimmy! I'm the new camper! So...hi! I'm Chi-oops, I did that part! *giggles uncontrollably, suddenly stops* So, are we having lunch soon? (XD)

James:Nice to meet you,I`m James

Trevor:I`m Trevor

Tdafan:Challenge soon

Nicholas:(To Chimmy)Did you see episode 23 of star trek?

Dan: I did!!! Wasn't it awesome?!

Chimmy:*to Trevor and James* Hiya! *to Nicholas* I missed that one! *pouts*

Nicholas:Oh want me to

James:*whispers in Chimmy`s ear*Don`t listen to him,he`s a geek

Trevor:*walks to mess hall*


Challenge 11 Tdafan:Draw yourselves in swimsuits,due next Monday(the 26th) Chimmy:Might as well get done early! *walks into dressing room, comes out in swimsuit* Whaddya think?

James*Is sitting by the dock*

(NIzzy: I might be able to get my entry up on Saturday...hopefully.)

Sorrel: *this camp never gets old so whos this new camper i here about James:*smiles at Sorrel*

Trevor:*pulls everyone except for Tony and Dan behind mess hal*Dan or Tony has to go next,you guys in?

Nicholas:I guess


Chimmy:*sees Sorrel* OMG IT'S SORREL! THE SORREL! IN THE FLESH! *almost faints, goes back to Trevor, Nicholas, amd James* So...Tony or Dan? I what were we talking about?

Chimmy:(CONF) Some of my therapists tell me I have the attention span of a donut. I LIKE donuts! *eye twitches* (XD)

Dan:*pulls Tony, Chimmy, and Sorrel to on table* Nicholas or James needs to go next! They're huge threats!

NIzzy: Isn’t anyone gonna try and persuade me...I feel left out...oh well, Becky can you catch!? Becky: Huh?

NIzzy: *throws a football at Becky's head*

Becky: Ouch! *falls in the lake*

Tony: I'm in Dan!

Dan: Good! Nizzy, you can join to if you like!

Tony: So can Becky!

NIzzy: IDK James is friends with Trevor...

Becky: *crawls out of the lake with a sledge hammer*

NIzzy: ARGGGGGGGGHHH!! *runs away*

Chimmy:*sings wonderfully* How did we get here? When I used to know you so well?

Becky: What's with the singing Chimmy?

Dan: Nizzy and Becky, we could alays vote for Nicholas, if that's okay.

Trevor:Don`t NIzzy,if you vote with them they will stab you in the back.Vote off Tony with everyone else.

Nicholas:Thanks for defending me.

Chimmy:I like singing! *sings more* I wanna heal! I wanna feel! Like I'm close to something real!

James:Chimmy,you`re on board on voting off Tony tonight,right?


James:As long as you vote with us...(XD)

Chimmy:Every roomate kept awake!


Trevor:*sees NIzzy in swimsuit and drools*I`m so lucky(LOL)

Dan: Trevor, I have an idea! Why don't we combine forces, for now, and vote off Lila or D-Scope or Silias.

Trevor:Just this week(CONF)Dan has good strategizing,Lila is going home tonight!

Tdafan:Judging time!

Results James-Not bad,better than some,but not the best out of get an 8. Chimmy-It`s awesome except the feet are lumpy so you get a 9.

Nicholas:MY EYES!!!!!!!!!! Anyway,you`re so pale,giving you a 1.

Trevor-Like James` nice,but could do get an 8.

Sorrel-This is good,except the get a 7.

Dan-Its ok,its kinda small and it could be get a 6.

Tony-Its pretty good.Like Trevor and James,it could be better.You a 9.

NIzzy-THIS IS GREAT!!! Its also got a pose,which is extra points,you have immunity and a 10!

VOTE 11 Tdafan:Vote for anyone except NIzzy Trevor:Lila




Tdafan:Bye Lila*mutters*Finally,and from now on we will have jury members(Lila isn`t one,just to clear future confusion)

Day 12:"Yeah...I just miss my boyfriend a bit..." James:Finally Lila is out! Trevor:Good thing too!

Chimmy:*doodles in her sketchpad*

Nicholas:*snort*Whats up?

Trevor:Nerd...and NIzzy who should we vote off?

James:I think Tony

Nicholas:Me too

Chimmy:*sighs, stares at a perfectly drawn Shadow the Hedgehog picture*

James:You ok?

Chimmy:Yeah...I just miss my boyfriend a bit...

James:That sucks

Trevor:Chimmy,you down with Tony going tonight?(XD he doesn`t care about anyones feelings,just the game)

Chimmy:Whatev...*stares at Shadow pic some more*

Trevor:Is that a yes or a no?

Chimmy:*looks back at Trevor* It's a freznar. *continues to look at Shadow picture*


Chimmy:IDK, alright?

James:Well,Chimmy just to let you know,vote for Tony,k?

Chimmy:*is randomly better* OK! *draws doodlies* (XD)

Tdafan:Almost time for the challenge

Trevor:NIzzy,we haven`t done much in a while,is something wrong?

NIzzy: *shrugs* I don’t know really *quickly looks away* so uhh, voting Tony off right?

Becky: (CONF) something’s up and I’m going to find out what it is.

NIzzy: *sitting on a rock near the lake*

Becky: What’s up?

NIzzy: ...

Becky: O-kay.


Challenge 12 Tdafan:For your challenge,you will be eating gross foods and if you faint,saw ew,gross etc,or puke you`re out! First dish...Snail guts! James:*eats and almost pukes*Oh god!

Trevor:I hate this show*eats*

Nicholas:*eats a nibble and pukes*Yuck!

Chimmy:*easily eats the food* This isn't too different from what I ate in the orpahage!

Jamess:You`re an orphan?

Chimmy:Yeah, at age three, my parents went to a Tupperware convention and never came back! (XD)

Dan: *Bites off piece off snail guts* Ew!

Tony: *Eats snail guts* I'm used to this stuff, me and my friend had an eating contest *remembers eating bird guts and a tree bark smoothie*

NIzzy: *eats snail guts* Yum that was awesome!

Becky: O__O;; *eats snails guts and faints*

Tdafan:Ok,so people moving on are NIzzy,Trevor,Tony,Chimmy,James!Next up is...... Fish Salad!

James:*eats and pukes*I can`t take it anymore!

Trevor:*eats and gulps*Delicous

Tony: I have to win this challenge! *eats fish salad* Yum!

NIzzy: *eats fish salad* Yum! *eyes turn red* You're all going down! *evil laugh*

Becky: (CONF) O-kay that was creepy. Tony seems determed if he wins then we'll have to vote someone who did'nt even try the challenge.

Chimmy:Easy! *dumps fish salad down throat*

Tdafan:Moving on is Chimmy,Tony,Trevor,and NIzzy For this round you will eat a live cockroach

Trevor:No! I am not eating that*Runs away*, OK! *lets cockroach crawl down throat, nearly pukes* I'm good!

tdafan:Chimmy is in the top 2 next person to eat it is with her!

Sorrel; chimmy are you crazy!

(conf>)Sorrel: really i think they are trying to kill the campers here!

Tony: *eats cockroach* Easy!

Tdafan:For our top 2 we have a blend of everything we`ve had so far and I added some mouse guts FIRST TO CHUG IT DOWN WINS IMMUNITY

Tony: Yay! *chugs drink thing and coughs* Done! *opens mouth to show he got it down*

Tdafan:Tony is immune!


James:That means we`re voting for Dan

Vote 12 Tdafan:Tony is immune Trevor:Dan



Dan: Why are people voting for me? Anyway, I vote D-Scope

Tony: D-Scope

Becky: You can’t vote D-scope he’s the king of hotness!

NIzzy: Becky, I think you have obsessive compulsive disorder...

Becky: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9! (XD)

NIzzy: O__O;; I vote Dan.

Becky: 9! What? Oh yeah Dan.




(NIzzy: Isn't Cara eliminated?) D-scope:Dan.

(Tdafan:Yeah,Cara don`t vote!)

Tdafan:And Dan is the first jury member

Dan: Bye Guys!!

(Sorrel: sorry havent been paying attention)

NIzzy: Guys we need to vote Tony out next


Day 13:"Aw You're really nice but I could'nt do that..." Tdafan:Wow,13 days and by the way,double elimination tonight! NIzzy: Okay.

James:So,tonight,we vote for Tony and D-scope

Becky: *frowns a little*

NIzzy: I'll talk to her *pulls Becky away*

Becky: ...

NIzzy: Becky *facepalm* I know you like D-scope and all but-

Becky: ...

NIzzy: *rolls eyes* Fine then you do what you think you gotta do I'm gonna be by the lake if you need me.

James:You know what,vote off me and Sorrel,we came back so it wouldn`t be fair if we won,trust me,I`m ok with it

Becky: Aw You're really nice but I could'nt do that...

NIzzy: Aw sweet

Becky: WHAT???

NIzzy: Okay I'll shut up

James:It`s ok,I`m ok with it

Trevor:You sure?

Nicholas:Ok,I`ll vote you off

Becky: ...

NIzzy: Are you sure about this?

James:Yeah,just vote me and Sorrel off,I don`t care


Challenge 13 tdafan:For your challenge today,you will be skiing,first down the mountain wins! NIzzy: *gets on skiies* Oh crap.

Becky: What are you scared?

NIzzy: No!

Becky: *shrugs*

James:*nods to NIzzy and Trevor and keeps riding into trees*

Becky: Ouch thats gonna hurt.

NIzzy: *starts skiing* I'm gonna die, I'm gonna FREAKIN DIE NOW!

Tony: *gets no skiies* WOO_HOO!! *runs into tree* OW! (XD)

Becky: *starts skiing* WHOO HOO! *crashes into a tree* Owww!

NIzzy: *1/4 down the mountain then crashes*

Sorrel: *looks down and squeals* im gonna die

(conf.)Sorrel: my biggest fear a mountain and skiing

Silias: *yawns and shoves sorrel down the mountain*

Sorrel: OHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony*gets bumped into by Sorrel* *runs into Becky*

Trevor:*catches up to NIzzy*So,James and Sorrel

Silias: *starts skiing down and runs into a snowman* who builds a snowman up here

Sorrel: ahaha got it now!

NIzzy: *1/2 way down the mountain*

Becky: *crashes into Sorrel*

Sorrel: eh meh gawd!!!!

Becky: Whoops

NIzzy: *gets distrached by Becky crashing and crashes into a bear* Oh sh*t

Sorrel: we should help nizzy *dives and attacks bear*

(conf.)Sorrel: with an arm cast and bandages around head* what are friends for! fighting bears!

NIzzy: (CONF) I have to give sorrel credit because that was awesome!

Becky: *kicks bear*

Bear: *runs away crying*

NIzzy: O____O;;

Sorrel: did that bear cry???

NIzzy: I-I... Wow...

Becky: *faints*

NIzzy: O-kay

Chimmy:*is skiing down mountain, asleep* (LOL Yogi Bear moment)

NIzzy: *3/4 way down the mountain* (CONF) I can’t vote sorrel off now she beat that bear!

Sorrel: mhm, *skiis down the mountain*

Chimmy:*hits boulder, sending it rolliing towards NIzzy*

NIzzy: ARGHHHH! *skiies away from the boulder but falls and lands on a rock*

Becky: That's gonna hurt.

Chimmy:*is 1/2 of the way there, wakes up* Woah! *makes jump*

Chimmy:(CONF) 5 non-stop hours of playing Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games can really come in handy! (LOL)


(conf)Sorrel: IM GONNA DIE!!!

Chimmy:I'm up, I'm up! *continues doing rad tricks, chucks item box from mario kart at sorrel*

Sorrel: *chucks a blue shell at chimmy* this is fun!

NIzzy: *gets up* Aw man Becky is it bad if you’re covered in blood?

Becky: e___o

NIzzy: *starts skiing again*

Becky: Wow...

NIzzy: *almost makes it to the finish line but falls to her knees in pain*

Chimmy:*uses explosion to propel her 3/4 of the way there* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE--*faceplants into the snow, rolls towards the finish line in a giant snowball*

Sorrel: *passes finish line*

Chimmy:*in giant snowball* Ow! Erg! Oof! Eeg! (XD) *rolls across finish line*

NIzzy: *slowly walks to the finish*

Becky: *skies over to NIzzy* Are you okay?

NIzzy: *clenches stomach* No

tony: *falls* *gets rolled in a giant snowball* Woo-Hoo!!!! *Snowball picks up snowman *crosses Finish Line*

Sorrel: yah!

Becky: *walks over to NIzzy*

NIzzy: I’ll be okay

Becky: *helps NIzzy to the finish line*

Sorrel: come on nizzy u ok?

Chimmy:N-N-NIzzy? Y-you OK?

Chimmy:(CONF) I feel so guilty! *cries*

Tony: Nizzy, you ok?

tdafan:Chimmy is immune

Sorrel: ican heal her chimmy im a fairy


Sorrel: *transforms into a fairy and uses fairy dust and heals Nizzy* now she needs some sleep and shell be better

Vote 13 Tdafan:Vote! Trevor:Sorrel and James

James:Me and Sorrel

Nicholas:James and Sorrel

Tony: James and sorrel

NIzzy: *wakes up* Ungh where am I?

Becky: EEEE! You’re alive! *hugs NIzzy*

NIzzy: O____O;; Please stop that.

Becky: Sorry about that.

NIzzy: It’s okay...I still feel a little weird though. *stumbles a bit*

Becky: NIzz, Were voting, Sorrel and James.

NIzzy: *shakes her head* I can’t vote Sorrel off after that.

Becky: huh?

NIzzy: ...

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Sorrel: i cant chose.....

(conf.)Sorrel: ive made so many friend well except Becky and... wait i go it wait never mind....

NIzzy: I'll vote Tony and James, Sorrel was really nice to me...

Tdafan:James and Sorrel,goodbye

Day 14:"I feel really bad about what happened to was all my fault...even if she was healed by Sorrel, I feel like I need to make it up to NIzzy BIGTIME." Tdafan:Hello everyone Chimmy:Hi...


Trevor:So,definately Tony tonight,right guys?

Tony: Trevor, just tonight, will vote Silias off with me, then you can vote for me! Just tonight? Or maybe even Chimmy, she's a huge threat! ut, I understand if you don't want to.

Tony: (CONF) I'm just trying to save me from being voted off!

Trevor:Ok,here`s the vote for the next three days:tonight,D-scope,tommorow, Silias,and the day after,Chimmy


Chimmy:(CONF)I feel really bad about what happened to was all my fault...even if she was healed by Sorrel, I feel like I need to make it up to NIzzy BIGTIME.

Chimmy:*walks up to NIzzy* Hey, um...I just feel so sorry about yesterday...

Trevor:Chimmy,look,it`s not personal,but,if you miss half the season,it`s just not fair,you understand right?(wow lots of commas LOL)

Chimmy:*tears up even more* Yeah....*can't hide tears anymore, goes off to cry*

Chimmy:(CONF) *still crying* My boyfriend and I have been going through tough times, I hurt a person, and now this? *breaks down, sobs*

NIzzy: I'm a little confused...

Becky: Is D-scope okay?

NIzzy: ...


Chimmy:*is still crying in confessional*

D-scope:*sees candy* YAY CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: (CONF) I don't want Chimmy or D-scope to go...

(CONF)D-scope:When I eat too much candy I pass out...

Becky: *playing Badminton with NIzzy*

NIzzy: This game is boring even if I beat you thousands of times.

D-scope:*Passes out*

Becky: Eh meh gawd!

NIzzy: You sound like Sorrel...

Becky: O___O;; *goes over to help D-scope*

D-scope:*wakes up and sees a yeti* OH MY GAWD WHAT'S THAT THING!?!?!?

Chimmy:(CONF) *pauses her tears* I just don't know what to do anymore...*goes back to crying*

Becky: O___O;;;

NIzzy: I'm going now I can't take the weirdness *walks to the lake*

D-scope:*Attacks yeti eith baseball bat*DIE! DIE! DIE!

NIzzy: *gets popcorn and watches*

Yeti: *Punches D-scope then throws him into the sky*

NIzzy: Crap, I'm out of popcorn.

Becky: How do you live with yourself *kicks yeti*

D-Scope:*lands on Pluto then gets abducted by an alien* I've had weirder mornings.

NIzzy: O__________O

Chimmy:*halfheartedly walks out of confessional* Crap...*looks up at yeti, which is about to punch NIzzy* Look out! *dives in front of the yeti, taking the full force of the blow, slamming her back into the confessional* (DUN DUN DUUUNNNN!!!!)

NIzzy: Chimmy!


NIzzy: Oh crap. *runs over to Chimmy* Hey you okay?

Becky: OMG!!!

Chimmy:*passes out*

NIzzy: *helps Chimmy up* We have to help her!

Becky: ...

Tdafan:Medic! Medic!

Medic*looks at Chimmy*Do you wish to continue in the game? Cause we HAVE to get you out of here,the wounds are too severe

Trevor:Oh no! Chimmy,look,I`m sorry I said I would vote you off

Chimmy:I'm fine now...I heal really fast. Look! *stands up, does cartwheel, flips randomly, lands on feet in front of medic* I'm OK!


Medic:Ok,continue with your lives


Challenge 14 Tdafan:Today,you will be playing Hide and Seek! you have a few minutes to hide Trevor*hides on roof of the mess hall*

Nicholas:*sits on the beach*

Chimmy:(CONF) Even though I'm mostly better, I'm not completley ankle is sprained, I think...

Chimmy:*limps to extremley tall tree, begins climbing*

Tdafan:You have 15 minutes till I come looking

Tony: *hides in refridgerator in mess hall* BRRRRRRR!!!

Tdafan:Ok,since only Nicholas,Tony,Trevor and Chimmy are hiding,they`re the only ones left to find

Chimmy:*continues climbing*

Tdafan:*finds Nicholas:*see ya nerd

Nicholas:aw man

Tdafan:I see you Chimmy...and you too Trevor,which means again Tony is immune

NIzzy: Aw crap I didn't even get to hide... Oh well *randomly jumps into the lake*

Vote 14 Tdafan:Vote for anyone except for Tony Trevor:Chimmy,not personal,just wouldn`t be fair if she won


Tony: This is a really hard choice, but my vote goes to............................... Chimmy.

Tdafan:The vote ends in 15 minutes

Chimmy:*cries* I just can't take anymore...I'm voting myself out.

Tdafan:If you vote out yourself,you`re voted out,so welcome to the jury Chimmy


Chimmy:I just wanna say that...I'm sorry to anyone I hurt...*leaves*

NIzzy: Y-you saved me though *flashes back to when the Yeti tryed to punch NIzzy*

Becky: *eats popcorn* Hey I was watching that!

Chimmy:*sticks head back into the view of the camera* Yeah...but if I was responsible for anyone else getting hurt...I couldn't take it. I had a breakdown for just once. Bye, everybody! I'll see you at the jury! *leaves for real*

NIzzy: ...

Day 15:"Get ready cause today will be youre hardest challenge EVER" Tdafan:Morning, final seven NIzzy: *yawns*

Becky: *throws a rock at NIzzy* Wake up!

NIzzy: Whatever *yawns*

Trevor:*wakes up and waves to NIzzy*

NIzzy: *smiles, waves back*

Tdafan:Get ready cause today will be youre hardest challenge EVER

NIzzy: *shrugs* Okay.

D-scope:I LIKE CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: He's got candy! because you have to be mad to like challenges! XD

CHallenge 15 Tdafan:Todyas challenge is to try and stay on these pillars you can probably undertand the rules. Nicholas:These poles are barely thin enough for me to move an inch*moves an inch,falls to the ground*(XD)

Trevor:Psssh this is easy!*pillar falls down* Crap

Tdafan:Earthquake!!!*presses a button and the ground shakes rapidly*If nobody responds in 30 minutes,there is no immunity

Tony: WHOA!!! *almost falls off of pillar but regains balence* Good thing I can balance on one foot!

Tdafan:If Tony is the only one to respond in 10 minutes,he`s invincible,Ok,it`s offical,Tony is once again immune.

Vote 15 Tdafan:You can`t vote for Tony Trevor:D-scope


NIzzy: D-scope, so guys Silas or Tony next?

Trevor:For the next 3 days eliminatio is:Silias,Nicholas,and Becky,then Tony

NIzzy:(to Trevor)Hold your horses we don't want people to turn against the alliance.

Trevor:Trust me,with my brains and your hotness nobody will sand in our way of the final 2(CONF) i guess this means my plan will actually work this time

Tdafan:D-scope,meet the jury!

Becky and NIzzy: Bye D-scope, huh? Stop copying me!*attack eachother*

Day 16:"I`d call myself the best strategizer since Nalyd Renrut himself" Tdafan:Final 6,today,I must say I didn`t expect some people to still be here NIzzy: *cough*That nerdy boy*cough*

Tdafan:Him and Trevor

Trevor:Hey! I have great strategic moves(CONF)I`d call myself the best strategizer since Nalyd Renrut himself

Becky: Final 6, huh? Awesome!

Tdafan:*hears an explosion and Lois the chef`s dead body*NOOOOOOOOOOOO..wait,now I don`t have to pay her

Trevor:Yes!No discusting food!

Nicholas:*is playig PSP*Huh?

Becky: Yes!

NIzzy: *does a backflip* WHOO HOOO!

Challenge 16 Tdafan:Figure out who killed Lois Trevor:Hmmm a brown hair,we have a lot of brown hair people in this competition

NIzzy: (is it light brown or dark?) *glares at Becky*

Becky: What is it?

Trevor:Its pretty dark

Nicholas:Let`s see who has dark brown hair.Trevor..Tdafan...NIzzy..Tony..or does Tony have black hair?

NIzzy: My hair is extremly dark brown, most people say it's black, Becky's is dark brown.

Tony: My hair is reddish-brown/ light brown.

Trevor:Looks pretty dark to me

Nicholas:I have our 3 main sspects:Tdafan,Trevor,and NIzzy

NIzzy: Hmm...

Becky: NIzzy don't you own murder weapons?

NIzzy: Not anymore... I'm getting my chainsaw repaired since I can't do it myself.

Nicholas:Who do you guys think is the killer?

Tony: TDAFAN!!! I think it was him!

Tdafan:Congrats Tony,you win once again

NIzzy: O_O

Lois:*gets up*I`m back


Tony: Trevor, who are we voting for tonight?

NIzzy: Silas

Becky: I'm not eating that horrible crap you call food.



NIzzy: Quiet nerd boy!


Vote 16 Tdafan:Again,don`t vote for Tony Trevor:Silias


Tony: Silias

NIzzy: Silias

Becky: Silias

Tdafan:Silias,welcome to the jury

Day 17:"Final 5 baby!! Place at the table! WOOHOO" Tdafan:The past 16 days you`ve seen Becky,Tony,Trevor,NIzzy,and Nicholas fight to the final 5! Tony: Final 5 baby!! Place at the table! WOOHOO

Becky: I miss D-scope...

NIzzy: *rolls eyes*

Trevor:So... tonight we vote Becky,K? And then Nicholas


NIzzy: Whatever

Trevor:On second thought,we vote Nicholas THEN Becky


Challenge 17 Tdafan:For today you will be showing your talents NIzzy: that'll be easy (XD)

Trevor:Who`s going first

Tdafan:First up is Tony

Tony: I will be juggling a basketball, football, volleyball, and a soccer ball while jump roping *gets people to twirl jumprope* *does talent*

Becky: *folds arms*

TdafaN:9/10,good job Tony,next up is Becky

Becky: I will be cheerleading *does a buch of cheer moves*

Tdafan:Pretty good 8/10 Nicholas,You`re up!

Nicholas:*types Pi in under 3 minutes on calculator*

Tdafan:Boring 2/10 NIzzy,you`re up!

NIzzy: *ties a rope from 2 trees and starts to walk on it* Watch this! *flips on the rope and swings under it 5 times*

Tdafan:9/10 Trevor,you`re up

Trevor:Ok Nicholas come up*pulls a string and a bucket of cement falls on Nicholas and he trips on a frog and lands in a barrel of mud that sends him into Becky*

Tdafan:*Still laughing*10/10! Trevor wins!

NIzzy: *hi-5's Trevor*

Trevor:*hifives everyone except Nicholas who is still trying to cleanup*(XD)

Becky: *giggles* That was kinda funny.

Vote 17 Tdafan:Vote! Trevor:Nicholas


NIzzy: Nicholas

Becky: Tony

Tdafan:If Tony doesn`t vote in 20 minutes,we will have a tiebreaker

NIzzy: Yay tiebreaker!

Trevor:Becky!Why did you vote for Tony!

Becky: I feel bad for Nicholas...fine I'll change my vote...I vote Nicholas.

Tdafan:Nicholas,see ya

Nicholas:Trevor,you are such a b****

Trevor:No hard feelings?(XD)

NIzzy: That was awkward.

Becky: *shrugs*

Trevor:Whatever(To Nizzy scretly)Becky is next,ok?

NIzzy: *Nods*

Becky: What you guys talking about?

NIzzy: Err...umm...uh... Psycho killer! (CONF) It was the first thing that came into my head, don't judge me!


Day 18:"You and me NIzzy,top 2!" Tdafan:It`s been 18 days now,and we`re down to Tony,Becky,NIzzy,and Trevor Trevor:Woohoo!

NIzzy: Yes! *hugs Trevor*

Trevor:You and me NIzzy,top 2!

NIzzy: *smiles*

Tdafan:Challenge soon!

Trevor:*yawns*I just hope that when one of us wins,it`ll be worth it

NIzzy: *makes-out with Trevor*

Trevor:*making out with NIzzy*


Becky: e__________o

Tdafan:Lets get on with the challenge

Challenge 18 Tdafan:Ugh,I want this camp to end as soon as possible,anyway, Today is a trivia game about TDI! First question:Who was voted off in Brunch of Discustingness? Tell me on my talk page Trevor:This is a stupid challenge

Tdafan:Becky and NIzzy got it right,question 2:How did Lindsay get voted out in TDA?


Tdafan:Ok,since Nizzy got that one,SHES INVINCIBLE

Trevor:Yay...wait...isn`t it too early?

Tdafan:Yeah,but you and Tony didn`t even try


NIzzy: *shrugs*

Trevor:(CONF)Ok,final 3 is in the bag,it`s gonna be me,NIzzy,and Tony.

Vote 18 Tdafan:Don`t vote NIzzy Trevor:Becky

NIzzy: Becky

Becky: Tony

Tdafan:Vote is almost over,if Tony votes himself off,he`s out,if he votes Becky,she`s out


Becky: *shrugs* I miss D-scope, I change my vote...I vote myself.

NIzzy: Q__________O

Tdafan:Thats courage Becky,how about a speech

Becky: No, no, no!

NIzzy: Yes, yes, yes *pushes Becky*

Becky: *facepalm* Umm... I’d like to say I’ve made lots of friends here...and a couple of enemies but I had a good time and I’d like to thank everyone who was nice to me...and as for the people who weren’t then **** you!

Trevor:See ya later Becky!

Tdafan:Thats my line

NIzzy: *waves* (I G2G soon...)

Trevor:*watches Becky leave(K,final 3 WOOHOO!)

NIzzy: Yes! *kisses Trevor*

Trevor:Now we get rid of Tony and claim our place as the final 2!

Day 19:"Ok,so final 3 this is a big day,the day we decide the top 2,congrats to NIzzy,Trevor,and Tony,for making it so far!" Tdafan:Ok,so final 3 this is a big day,the day we decide the top 2,congrats to NIzzy,Trevor,and Tony,for making it so far! NIzzy: *hi-5's everyone*

Trevor:This is great! I`m here with my girlfriend and one of my best friends,any way it`s gonna be great!

NIzzy: *smiles at Trevor*

Trevor:*smiles back*

NIzzy: I wonder what the challenge will be...

Trevor:I dunno

NIzzy: *shrugs*

Tdafan:The challenge will be EXTREMELY hard

NIzzy: DUN DUN DUH! (I G2G in like 5-15 mins)

Trevor:Ooohh I`m scared(Ok)

Tdafan:Final 3,you have fought through so much and I would just want you to say stuff about your time here andd what you have to say about your fellow semi finalists

Trevor:Well,I gotta say i`ve made great friends,soem pranks along the way,and some enemies.I met NIzzy,too,the girl I`ve been waiting for,and here we both are in the top 3.Tony,I`ve learned is a cool guy,at first he was one of my main targets,and turned into a major ally.So,in conclusion,I thank both NIzzy and Tony for getting me here,along with my other allies from earlier on.

Tony: I'm excited to be in the final 3!! I would like to thank Trevor, NIzzy, Becky, Dan, and many other people for helping me to make the final 3. Trevor, he's cool. At first though, he targeted me, and I didn't like him, but then I allied with him and he's my friend now. NIzzy, she's cool, and pretty much the same as Trevor. Overall, thank you to all of the people who helped me get here!

Tdafan:Ok,NIzzy needs to say crap about her time and we can start the final 3 challenge

NIzzy: I have to say I’ve made some awesome friends and I’ve had the greatest time here, Trevor the guy of my dreams he’s awesome and I probably wouldn’t be here without his help, Tony I’ve come to realize that you’re a really nice guy and great friend too. Becky, D-scope, Sorrel and Lila you guys have been really fun to hang around with, Chimmchar even though you weren’t here long, you made me laugh so much! Thanks to all who helped me get here. (I G2G again)

Tdafan:And with that,the challenge begins!

Challenge 19 Tdafan:Ok,so todays challenge is to build an HD TV,best working one is in the final 2 for sure Trevor:*gets to work immediately*

Tony: *starts building*

Trevor:*has some trouble*Crap

Tdafan:Come on people,atleast try

Tony: *works on tv* Happy?

Tdafan:Yeah,I am

Trevor:I`m almost done

NIzzy: *starts building* (CONF) I've done this loads of times after breaking many peoples TV's with baseball bats XD *works on TV* ARRGGHH! A bear!!

Bear: You must DIE!

NIzzy: O___O *whacks Bear with a baseball bat* What's up with all these bears trying to kill us???? *shrugs* Oh well *works on TV*

Tdafan:Times up! *trys everyones TVs*Ok,the best working one was Tony,so congrats on making it into the top 2!


Tdafan:Tony,pick who you want in the top 2!

Vote 19 Tdafan:Who will Tony Pick? Trevor:NIzzy is who he picks cause i`m dropping out of the competion.Both of these people are more deserving than me.Goodbye guys,it was a great run.

Tdafan:Alright Trevor,get in

Trevor:*kisses NIzzy and high fives Tony*

Tony: Bye Trevor. You were an awesome frind!

Tdafan:Wait!Don`t get in! you have to stay for the finale!

Day 20:"after 20 days I would like to announce the winner.................................................................................................of......TDAFANS TDI CAMP................................ IS.........................................................................." Tdafan:We`re welcoming all the losers back to camp! So,here`s the rules,the losers CAN talk but only the jury can vote for the winner. Trevor:Cool

Tdafan:Don`t vote yet

Chimmy:OMG hi guys! Glad to be back! Um...tdafan, can the jury ask questions directed at the final 2?

Tdafan:Sure,go nuts

Sorrel: ill never forget this rock and this tree and this ah-mazing hole

James:*stands back a little* question is for both of the final 2. If you weren't in the finals, who would you want to be?

Tdafan:Smart question Chimmy

Tony: Probably Trevor, or you Chimmy

Dan: THis is for both of you... What would you do with teh money if you won??

Sorrel: *dozes off*

Tdafan:I like these questions

Silias: i have a question for the both of you, Do you think this challenge will be easy?

James:*winks to Sorrel*

D-scope:Hey I remember that zombie...Wait a minute...ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: *blushes*

Silias: what zombie

James:I hated this place so much

Nicholas:I`m just glad Trevor lost

Trevor:What was that?

Sorrel: i hoped trevor would be in the final 2 or is he?

Tony: Dan, I would help my parents pay off their house, and maybe use the rest to pay off what high school and college, once I get in college, that is.

Dan: Ok, NIzzy?

D-scope:*Zombie bite D-scope's head* OW!*Faints*

Sorrel: its a zombie? wait....

James:This is why i dont hang out with D-scope

Sorrel: tough luck for d-scope

Silias: *rolls eyes and kicks the zombie*

Trevor:Im bored

Zombies kill D-scope* Nicholas:What? D-scope:*Wakes up unharmed* Okay that was weird!

Nicholas:you`re telling me!

D-scope:*Waks over to Becky* Sooo.....

Tdafan:Ok,jury stop asking questions its time to vote,tell your reason and who you vote for

JURY VOTE James:Nizzy,shes a nice girl Trevor:Nizzy,shes my girlfriend

Nicholas:Nizzy,I guess cause I never knew Tony much

D-scope:Nizzy, I didn't like Tony much.

Dan: Tony, He was one of my only friends

Chimmy:NIzzy, cause she's awesome! ^U^

THE WINNER IS................ Tdafan:Ok,after 20 days I would like to announce the winner.................................................................................................of......TDAFANS TDI CAMP................................ IS..........................................................................


Trevor:Yes!*kisses NIzzy*

Chimmy:Oh, yay! *hugs NIzzy, then fist bumps*

NIzzy: *hugs everyone then turns around to look at Trevor* ...*smiles*

Tdafan:But wait! We arent done yet! It`s time for...THE SPECIAL FINAL CHALLENGE!

Day 21/Reunion/Special:"Are you ready to find a case full of 1,000,000 dollars?" Tdafan:Are you ready to find a case full of 1,000,000 dollars? Chimmy:Heck ya! ^U^


Tdafan:*hides case*NOW FIND IT!

Trevor:*runs ahead of everyone then gets trampled*That hurt..alot

Chimmy:*runs while singing* Once upon a time there was a girl! You wouldn't really call her typical. Had her own definition of cool, she lived in her own world!

James:*climbs from tree to tree*

Chimmy:*swims down to bottom of lake* Blub! *translation:Not here!* *swims back up to surface*

Trevor:*walks into imfirmary and runs out with case,gets trampled again*

Chimmy:*case lands in her arms* The case! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! *pauses* ...what do I do now? (XD)

James:You can give me the case*Takes it but trips and lets go of the case*

Everyone:*dives for it but are trapped by elephants,ninjas and frogs*

Sorrel: *comes in randomly and lands on chimmy* i epicliy FAILED!!!


Tdafan:Ok,so far Sorrel,Silias,James,Trevor,Cara,D-scope,Tony,Dan,NIzzy,Chimmy,Becky,Sarah,Lila,and Ryan are the closest

Chimmy:*chucks Big the Cat at the elephants*

Sorrel:*kicks the elephants and big the cat*

Trevor:*pantses a ninja and leads everyone to the case*

Tdafan:*crashes helicopter and its coming right behind the contestants that are close to the case*

D-scope:*Finds case* YAY!

Nicholas:*sneezes making D-scope drop the case into an alligators mouth and the helicopter knocks everyone in the water*

D-scope:*Gets back case then runs into a plane then the plane flies*

Tdafan:D-Scope,thats not possible,the alligator ate the case meaning you are in season 2 with 13 others!

Sorrel: thanks....

James:Atleast we`re both in season 2

Chimmy:Wait, who's in season 2?

Sorrel: all of us!

Chimmy:YAY!!!! (LOL I can't count)

Goth Boy:You may have gotten into season 2, D-scope, But I'll get my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silias: so wait whos in it exactly

Tdafan:James,Sorrel,Chimmy,Ryan,Dan,Sarah,Silias,Cara,Trevor,NIzzy,D-scope,Tony,Nicholas,and Lila


Tdafan:everyone,come here RIGHT NOW!!!

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