14 people from season 1 return(will be announced in special) and 6 newbies will arrive too

New characters


Jazz-Purplefox937(MALE!) OUT DAY 7

Nameless Guy (NG) - COKEMAN11 OUT DAY 14 3rd JURY MEMBER

Joe - KoopaKidJr.  OUT DAY 4

Michael - KoopaKidJr. OUT DAY 8

Bob-GreenMagic01 OUT DAY 3

John-GreenMagic01 OUT DAY 17 6th JURY MEMBER

Old characters

D-scope OUT DAY 2








Nicholas OUT DAY 15 4th JURY MEMBER

Trevor OUT DAY 5


TonyOUT DAY 10


Ryan OUT DAY 4

Bellowing Lamps


Jazz OUT DAY 7







Michael OUT DAY 8

D-scope OUT DAY 2

Laughing Bears

Trevor OUT DAY 5


TonyOUT DAY 10


Nicholas OUT DAY 15 4th JURY MEMBER


Ryan OUT DAY 4




Theme Song

Dear mom and dad I`m doing fine(John is about to jump off the cliff until Bob kicks him off)

You guys are on my mind(John falls and NG laughs at him,then goes to help him)

You asked me what i wanted to be and I think the answer is plain to see(Chimmy is doing the Duncan and Becky screams and runs away)

I wanna be famous!(NIzzy is climbing a tree but falls on Tony)

I wanna live close to the sun(James and Joe are arguing and Sorrel looks back and forth at them)

So pack your bags cause I already won(Michael helps Jazz up and is hit by a rock thrown by Trevor who laughs at him)

Everything to prove nothing in my way(D-Scope rushes to the stage,but Chef Lois shoots him with a water gun and he falls down)

I'll get there one day(Lila sees Chef Lois with the water gun and runs as fast as she can)

Cause I wanna be famous!(Silias is about to sing on the stage,but, Tdafan throws a tomato at him)

na nana na nanana na na nanananana na(Nicholas and Cara are arguing,until Cara gives him a wedgie,and Nicholas cries)

I wanna be!I wanna be!I wanna be famous!I wanna be I wanna be famous!(Whistling)(Dan and Ryan look at eachother with glares,about to punch the other,then the others surround them,whistling)








Day 1:"Welcoming everyone to Season 2!"

Tdafan:Welcoming everyone to Season 2! Well,lets meet our 6 newbies,Michael,Joe,Jazz,Bob,NG,and John!

NG: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! Tdafan! Wazzap, my man?

Tdafan:*high fives NG*Whats up? I`m glad you could make it!

NG: *gets angry* I ASKED YOU FIRST! (XD)

Tdafan:... Stand over there

NG: ... *leaves, returns with mugshots* Sorry...

Tdafan:It`s ok,just wait for the others

NG: okay

NG (conf): I have anger issues because I have no name... GRRR

Tdafan:NG,why don`t you have a name?

NG: Well, my mom died when I was born, my dad was already dead and we were in the himalayas where there are no foster homes. But I grew up and found my way here. Really, I have no clue where I am.

Tdafan:Ok then,wheres everyone else

NG: Well, Joe's at Total Drama: The Movie, and Michael's at Total Drama TV. I don't know anything else.


Bob:*arrives* Hey guys.

John:*arrives* What's up. *greets himself to everyone*

Tdafan:Nice to meet ya

Joe: Well won't James and Chimmy be in for a surprise? (evil laughter)

Tdafan:Ok,oldies will be here soon

Joe: Yes! Then I'll have my revenge on James and Chimmy!!! (evil laughter)

Bob:Yo Joe do ya wanna start an alliance before everyone gets here.

Joe: Sure! You can help me plot my revenge, which will also be their downfalls!!!

Tdafan:And here come our old campers!

Sorrel: Soup is good for your soul!!!

Silias: I eat souls for breakfast lady

Chimmy:Food? WHERE?!?!?!?! *eye twitches*

James:*sees Joe and growls*

Sorrel: chill james its just joe

Silias: over there

Bob:Great!! Now revenge on NIzzy! Get Sorrel in!

James:Joe is gonna be like Heather only 10 times worse

Sorrel: oh

Tony: Hey guys, what's up?

John: Hello. (CONF) I'm going to win this thing!

Chimmy:*smiles creepily*

(conf.)Sorrel: 2 things im gonan do,make fantasticle friends and WIN

D-scope:(CONF) One by one,They all go down!

Bob:(CONF) Two by Two, They  will all go down! (XD)

Joe: (CONF.) James and Chimmy are going down!!!

Michael: Hey guys? What's up? I'm Michael.

Joe: Well, well, well...if it isn't James the JockeyHero McDoGooder. I'll make sure to take you down first. After all, you are my worst enemy. (evil laughter)

Lila:So D-scope you wanna-

D-scope:Not happening!


Sorrel: hey shut up joe

D-scope:This Joe person is EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: so... i can kick his butt!

Lila:NO!!! He's too cute!


Joe: I know. Aren't I just adorable? (laughs)

Lila:Hey Joe if you want I could join your alliance or something.

D-scope:*Throws up*

Sorrel: Lila you must be insane or something!

Bob: Joe. Let her join!

Lila:PLEEEAAAASE?????????*Makes sad eyes*

D-scope:*Throws up again*

Joe: I was gonna. Welcome to the club Lila!!! Now let's go, we got things to talk about. Later dweebs!!!

Sorrel: *gets mad and transforms into a cat and attacks joe*

Lila:EEEK! CAT*Hits Sorrel with an axe*

Bob:*takes the club into secret room* We vote off...

Joe: We vote off Sorrel. It will make James sad and us happy. Agreed?

Lila:Okay sure!

D-scope:Hey Sorrel I think they're voting you off.

Bob: Agreed.

Sorrel: EH MEH GAWD *attacks bob

Lila:*Attacks Sorrel*

Joe: (ties Sorrel up and puts duct tape over her mouth) Now, where was I?

Sorrel: *transforms into a mouse and escapes*

Bob: Where is that woman!?!?!


Joe: I'll be right back. (chases Sorrel with an ax)

Sorrel: *runs behind a tree*

Joe: Wow she's stupid. (chops down tree) Noone's gonna save you now. Sorry Sorrel!!!

John:*gets ax and starts chopping* Hi-ya!

Joe: What the hell are you doing?

John: Helping. What? I hate her to.

Sorrel; *escapes*

Chimmy:*dances to High School Never Ends*

John: Get back here WOMAN!!!

Lila:*Throws an anvil at Sorrel*

Sorrel: *misses*

Bob:*throws a glacier at Sorrel*

Joe: (throws mouse traps all around Sorrel) Now your trapped!!!

Lila: YAY!*Falls into a hole set up by D-scope*

Sorrel: i have no choice but- *transforms into a fairy but fails* oh darn

Lila:*Still in the pit* Can someone get me out of here?

Chimmy:*keeps doing eratic dance moves* (Believe it or not, this is actually part of my strategy XD)

Lila:*Gets out of the hole* So what are we gonna do with Sorrel?

Joe: Your definitely going home first Sorrel!!!

Bob: Exactly!

D-scope:*Sets up a DJ system*


John:*steals DJ system* IT'S MINE!!

Michael: Your a good dancer Chimmy!

Chimmy:^V^ *continues dancing*

John:*starts DJing* OH YEAH!!

D-scope:*Ko's John then get's DJ system back*

Chimmy:*spins around on head*

NIzzy: Hey! I'm the one who does random dance moves, you're the one who randomly sings sharada!

Becky: O___O Oh well *makes out with D-scope*

Bob:O                                                   O THIS IS SPARTA!!! (XD)

John:*KO's D-scope and gets DJ system back again* IT'S MINE! (CONF) IT'S MINE!*laughs like an evil chipmunk* (XD)

Chimmy:*stops dancing* Phew......

NIzzy: *sees an alien* Look, an alien just like the one that abducted me as a child!

Becky: That explains so much...and yet so little...

Alien: DIE!!!

NIzzy: Hi!

Alien: -_-;; *claws NIzzy*

Becky: OMG!!!!

NIzzy: (CONF) This place is filled with evil people! *Alien smashes through the conf and throws NIzzy over his shoulder*

Becky: O___O

NIzzy: Let go!

Becky: *walks over to Bob and John* Aliance?

NIzzy: *Chaos elmeralds randomly come out of nowhere, NIzzy turns into Super NIzzy* Let go! *shoots fire at the Alien*

Becky: O___O

Chimmy:*uses emeralds to transform into Super Chimmy, continues breakdancing* All right!

NIzzy: LOL Okay Chimmy we need everyone to help us take down the evil people *points at Joe and Lila*

Chimmy:No use. I've tried. *continues dancing*

NIzzy: Okay then (CONF) I'm not really in it to win it anymore I'm just here for the randomness, I mean drama and to help my friends get further.

Chimmy:*breakdances to Up is Down*

NIzzy: I miss making fun of Sarah. *waves to the camera* Hi Sarah!

Becky: *rolls eyes*

Chimmy:*spins around*

NIzzy: *looks around* Where is Trevor? *walks off*

Becky: Don't get lost...or eaten.

NIzzy: Huh?

Becky: Nothing!

NIzzy: (CONF) It will be so funny having Lila back she isn't that bad...I wonder when her hair will grow back though... *clenchs stomach* Ow...stupid alien attacking me and all...

Chimmy:*still in super form, walks over to Becky with white flames engulfing her hands, laughs evily*

Becky: O______O

Chimmy:*smiles creepily*

Becky: I can fight ya know! *Eyes turn red*

Joe: Looks like Chimmychonga escaped from the zoo as well.

Becky: ...

NIzzy: PRANK CALL TIME *does the defective Furby Doll prank call*

Tdafan:Ok,teams are picked and now its time to start!

John: What's the challenge?

Day 2:"I will not die! I`ll wait here for you!"


Trevor:Im tired

Chimmy:*is singing along with iPod*I will not die! I'll wait here for you!

Bob: Hey Chimmy!

John: Mornin' everyone!

Chimmy:*pulls earbuds out of ears* Hi!

Bob:You have an iPod me to! It's blue!

Sorrel: *tired* i have an IHUMAN!!!!

Chimmy:OMG mine too! *goes back to singing along with iPod* I'm running away from here! Shot to pieces, shot to pieces!

James:I hate this show...except my friends are here

Joe: You are so dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got me out TD: TM and you and Chimmy are gonna pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:Whatever,but,I gotta give you credit on your strategic moves

Joe: You mean the ones that nearly killed dozens of people? Give me examples, I have bad memory!

James:Voting for Gw-HEY! Wait,do you just want these compliments?

Joe: Yes. Not only that, but I'm sueing Chris and TD: TM for false elimination. HEATHER SAID SHE QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I return to that show, I'll make them all sorry that they ever met me.

James:Suck it up

Joe: At least I'm here now, where's its pretty better. I have a girlfriend, an alliance, and only 2 of my mortal enemies as of now are here. I gotta feeling I'll have a good time here.

James:I gotta feeling that tonights gonna be a good night(XD)

Michael: So those were the lyrics to that song? (XD)


Trevor:*listens to ipod*

D-scope:*Wakes up* WHERE'S MY DJ SYSTEM!?!?!? 

Chimmy:*headbangs* Pain, without love! Pain, I can't get enough! Pain, I like it rough, cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all....

Bob: John is rocking out with it.

John:*using DJ system*


Challenge 1

Tdafan:For todays challenge,you will be having a paintball fight,I think you know the rules so...LETS START!

James:*sneaks around*

Bob:*shoots at James 100 times on the 100th time he gets him* Gotcha!


Trevor:*shoots John,Bob,Nicholas,and Dan*

Bob: You missed me and anyway I'm on your team.* accidently shoots Joe* CRAP!! HE'S GONNA KILL ME!!!

NG: *shoots Joe 3 times and hits 2 out of 3 times*

D-scope:*Shoots Bob 3 times*

Bob:*keeps shooting D-scope a numerous amount of times and laughs evilly*I'm not out you keep on missing!(CONF) They all have a bad aim.

NIzzy: *in survival gear* Get on your knees hands up boys, I just love saying that! (Inside joke)

Becky: *shoots Bob*

NIzzy: *gets 5 paintball guns and straps them to herself* DIE! *shoots Silias, Lila, Ryan,Cara, Joe,James and Sorrel 7 times*

Becky: O__O

NIzzy: What? (CONF) I know what your thinking but I love shooting things! Wait that came out wrong!

Becky: *shoots Joe*

NIzzy: (CONF) I'm taking cover in here. (XD)

Chimmy:*is dodging paintballs by diving behind bushes and other thingies*

NIzzy: *walks out of conf*

Becky: *shoots at NIzzy*

NIzzy: *Dodges but lands in a bush* Ow! ARHHHHHH! A Wolly Beaver! *runs away*

Chimmy:*hops on top of Wooly Beaver* Sorry, NIzzy...*shoots her*

NIzzy: ARGHH Blood!

Becky: It's paint!


Becky: *facepalm* *shoots Chimmy, Lila and Ryan* *hides in the conf*

Chimmy:*quickly does matrics, paintball passing 1/100 of an inch above her nose, dives into bushes*

NIzzy: *gets popcorn and watches*

Becky: *chases after Chimmy and grabs her hair* You're not going anywhere.


Becky: *quickly ducks and spins around causing Chimmy to trip* *shoots her 4 times*

NIzzy: I'm out of popcorn NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *gets more and offers some to Joe*

Joe: Thanks!!! (eats popcorn and starts to shoot everyone on the other team)

Chimmy:*falls to ground, unconsious*


Becky: *shoots Joe 100 times* DIE!

NIzzy: thats mean!

Becky: He's EVIL!

Joe: I'll show you EVIL! (puts Becky up against the wall and shoots her in the back of the head)

Chimmy:*is unconsious*

NIzzy: Joe give her CPR...



NIzzy: Yeah Joe, go give Chimmy CPR *giggles*

Michael: Step aside guys. (gives Chimmy CPR)

Joe: (CONF.) Okay! I've had to deal with lots of losers in my life, but Michael is gonna be tough to beat. I have to get rid of him and FAST!!!

NIzzy: *throws up*

Chimmy:*opens eyes* Thanks! *stands up*

Joe: Like I would wanna give her CPR anyway!!! I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Yeah right...*pushes Joe's head close to Chimmy's*

Chimmy:*runs away*

Joe: Aren't I supposed to be the VILLAIN?!?!?! I still hate Chimmy!!! She voted me TD: TM and she, along with James, is gonna pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky: *unconsious*

NIzzy: Face it you love her!

Joe: NO I DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Okay then... Want more popcorn?

Chimmy:*skids to a stop* Phew..

Joe: I hope Chimmy has life insurance, because she's gonna need it when I'm done with her!!!


Chimmy:*looks over life insurance forms, stuffs them in random suitcase* (XD)

Joe: How did I kill her? It was a paintball gun!!! I'm still not giving her CPR!!! Have Mr. Perfect Michael do that!!!

NIzzy: JOE'S GIRLFRIEND EATS CRAP (it's from the 1st season XD)

Joe: NIzzy once killed a guy!!!

Chimmy:*runs backk* CHIMMY ONCE ATE A DUCK!!! )(XD)

NIzzy: I know. JOE'S GILRFRIEND IS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!! (1st season randomness XD)

Joe: NIzzy is a w****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*shrugs, dances*

NIzzy: Joe face it your girlfriend is BALD her hair set on fire!

Joe: I'm bored, so I'm just end it here. (shoots NIzzy)

NIzzy: *wacks Joe with a baseball bat in his "kiwis"*

Joe: (wacks NIzzy in her "beanbags" with his giant guillobone from TD: TM)

NIzzy: (O.O) Okay guys STOP FIGHTING...Theres something about you Joe, I can't put my finger on it.

Chimmy:*grabs NIzzy's arm, drags her into a scret room* NIzzy, Joe's *mermaidman voice* EVVIL!!! (XD)

Joe: Thanks for f**king up the moment Chimmy!!!

NIzzy: *walks up to Joe* No...It's something else...

Becky: *has paint in her eyes* DIE JOE! *Hits NIzzy really hard in the stomach*

NIzzy: ARGGHH!! *falls to her knees*

Becky: Huh?

NIzzy: Wrong perso- *loses breath* *starts choking*

Chimmy:*runs over to NIzzy, starts doing the heimlich menover*

NIzzy: O.O *runs away*

Becky: *wipes eyes* Better...

NIzzy: Okay I'm okay now... *shoots everyone else on the oppiste team appart from Joe 8 times*

Becky: *shoots Joe 9 times*

Tdafan:Ive lost track on whos left soooooo Im saying since a person from the Lamps was hit first THE BEARS WIN!


Trevor:we are so awesome

Bob: WE ROCK!!!!!

Lamps vote


John:James. He was the first hit.

James:May I remind you I`m actually HERE

John: Sorry D-scope.

Joe: D-Scope

Michael: D-Scope

James:Thanks for siding with me dudes

John: Sure I'll do it any time.(CONF) NOT!!! He's my next target.



John: Chris! Can we do the elimination?

Becky: ...*hugs D-scope*

NIzzy: *yawns* (CONF) Perhaps...John should go next...

Becky: ...

NIzzy: You okay?

Becky: *shakes head*

NIzzy: ... (CONF) When are the sharks and yeti's gonna come and attack us? (XD)

Becky: *reading*

NIzzy: look! *gets a Hockey stick* I can whack people even harder now!

Becky: *runs away*

Tdafan:Bye D-scope

Day 3:" I had a dream I was with the Star Trek Characters and it was awesome!"

Tdafan:Good morning.

Michael: Good morning Tdafan.

Joe: Your such a f**king Mr. Perfect and its annoying the crap outta me!!!

James:*wakes up*Hi guys

Joe: Hello, my fellow frenemy.

Michael: Hey James, what's up?


Nicholas:*wakes up*I had a dream I was with the Star Trek Characters and it was awesome!

Michael: Since when were you friends with Joe? I thought you hated Joe?

James:I do,the guys an annoying jerk

Michael: What did he do?

John: Hi ya everybody!



Challenge 2

Tdafan:For todays challenge,you will be staying on pillars,if you are inactive then you`re out,if you off you are out

James:*keeps good balance*

Nicholas:*falls off*

Trevor(CONF):Just like last season

NIzzy: Okay

James:*looks down and gulps*

Trevor:*is about to fall but regains balance*

NIzzy: *keeps balance*

Becky: *almost falls but regains balance*

Trevor:Hey,this is pretty easy


Trevor:This is exactly like last season when we did this

Becky: *falls but hangs on to NIzzy's jacket*

NIzzy: Becky!

Becky: *regains balance*


Tdafan:For being active the only ones left are Trevor,James,NIzzy,and Becky

James:*looks down again*

NIzzy: *looks at Trevor*

Becky: *looks down* I'm gonna die!

Trevor:We got this

James:No way!I`m staying in this!

Becky: *Whacks NIzzy over the head with a Badminton racket*

NIzzy: Ow! *grabs Becky's arm* If I go down your coming with me!

Trevor:Were on the same team!*gets hit by a bird*

Tdafan:*throws birds at NIzzy and Becky and throws a rock at James*You can ony say things like"*dodges birds*" 3 times

James:*dodges rock*

NIzzy: Yay rocks! XD

Tdafan:*throws more rocks at Becky and NIzzy*

James:*is losing balance*

NIzzy: *dodges rock*

Tdafan:Since Becky didn`t respond to me throwing rocks,shes out*throws bird at James*

James:*catches bird and throws at NIzzy*

NIzzy: *dodges bird*

Tdafan:You have 1 more dodge left NIzzy,and James has 2

NIzzy: *is losing balance*

Joe: Don't be so sure guys! I already see NIzzy starting to fall.

James:*stays balanced*

Tdafan:*throws a rock at Nizzy and James*

NIzzy: ARGHHHHHH! JOE! *regains balance and kicks the rock at James*


Joe: (CONF.) I can't let those pests win, so I decided to pull out the big ones.

Joe: (picks up a boulder) This ends here!!!

Tdafan:Joe put it down or you will be eliminated from the game

NIzzy: *keeps balance*

Tdafan:*throws rocks at Nizzy and James*Those are your last dodges

James:*is hit in crotch but still on platform*

NIzzy: *dodges rock*

Tdafan:NIzzy has no more dodges*throws more rocks*

James:*is about to fall*

NIzzy: *punches rocks out of her way*

Becky: That's gotta hurt...

Tdafan:That counts as dodging so THE BELLOWING LAMPS WIN!!



Bears Vote



NIzzy: Bob

Becky: Bob

Trevor:*sits on a log*

NIzzy: You okay? *Wraps bandages around her arms and hands*

(GreenMagic: Since when were there 2 Johns my John is on the Lamps)


Bob Wait Tony never shown up. I vote Tony now!

NIzzy: *sits on a rock* *sigh*

Becky: ...

Dan: Bob

Tony: Bob

NIzzy: (CONF) Maybe I should tell him...

NG: Bob

Tdafan:Bob,you`re out

NIzzy: *yawns*

Day 4: I haven`t eaten that good in the longest time"

Tdafan:Good morning

Trevor:*falls flat on face*

James:I`m tired too Trevor

Chimmy:*jumps around* WEEEE!!!

Tdafan:*covers ears*STOP! We are gonna start the challenge soon,so eat up!*shows them a buffet table*

Trevor:OH GOD!(CONF)I haven`t eaten that good in the longest time

Chimmy:*chows down*

Joe: (eats like there's no tomorrow)

Michael: (does same like Joe)

Tdafan:Ok,so there`s no more food,wow...

John:*starts eating* Good morning!

NG: *comes in with turkey* It's never too early for Thanksgiving! *walks out, comes back with stuffing, mashed potatoes and grave* Mmm... I don't care if it's breakfast!

NIzzy: *half asleep* Ugh...not hungry...bored...*yawns*

Becky: O.O *pokes NIzzy* Who are you and what have you done with NIzzy?

(Chimmy:Um...*pokes grave*0__________o)

John: NIzzy is gone! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: *grabs John by his arm* I'm still here and- *falls asleep*

John: Oh.... Well HI!!!!

(CK11: XD *walks out, comes back with stuffing, mashed potatoes and grave* FAIL BY ME)

NG: Hey, Where's my gravy? I brought in a grave by accident! -_-" (XD)

NIzzy: ...

Chimmy:Let's see...*reads headstone* Here lies Mr. Louis Walburton Gravy...0_________________o. (XD)

NIzzy: *wakes up* What happened?

Becky: Chimmy's reading headstones...

NIzzy: o_0

Chimmy:*continues reading* Born, February 28, 2006, Expired June 17, 2009...(XD)

NG: *brings in the grave of Shadow* *opens coffin*


NG: *reeling in pain*

James:*laughs at NG*

Challenge 3

tdafan:Today`s challenge is going back to the beach! Try to stay on your surfboards the longest.

James:*stays on surfboard pretty easily*

Trevor:*stays balanced*

Nicholas:*losing balance a little*I think I can win this!

John: *stays on surfboard longest* TO EASY!

Chimmy:*stays on surfboard fairly easily, seems to be losing balance* Woah, woah!

Becky: *stays on surfboard*

John: *does 3 flips and 2 backflips* AWESOME!!

NIzzy: *stays on surfboard* YEAH!

Lila:*Stays on surfboard*WOO!!!

John:*is doing a trick with a dolphin* Wow! So cool!

Tdafan:For being the only ones active,Trevor,Nicholas,John,Lila,NIzzy,Chimmy,James,and Becky are still in.

Trevor:*slips off*Crap...

James:*keeps balance*

Nicholas:This is easy

Michael: Tell me about it.

Joe: You can practically sit on this thing!!!

Tdafan:2 things, CAN sit on it,but,it would mean you`re out and 2.MICHAEL AND JOE!!!YOU ARE ALREADY OUT!!!

Trevor:Calm down...

Michael: Since when?

Lila:*Stays on*

Chimmy:*wobbles more, manages to stay on* Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this!

John: I'm gonna go to the pros!* does 3 more flips*

Becky: *stays on*

NIzzy: *wobbles but stays on*

Chimmy:*wobbles a bit more, nearly falls off*

John: I'm thirsty. *gets ocean water and spits it out* Ewwww... I think fish pee and poo in this water. (XD)


James:*falls off*Crap...

Nicholas:*stays perfectly balanced*

Joe: Poor rookie.

John: Who's in and who's out? *wobbles but stays on*

Becky: *stays on*

NIzzy: *wobbles*

Chimmy:Ack! *nearly falls off, actually does a backflip, lands on board* Woah....

NG: *balances on board* Cool... *does the Courtney*

John: NG you're out.

NG: Since WHEN? (he's so oblivious)

John: You haven't been active since the challenge started.* does yoga on the surfboard*

NG: Well, excuse me, Princess. (XD Link reference)

John: I'm not a girl. Or am I? (XD)

NG: You're not the host, anyway. *does more Courtney*

John: Fine then ask the host.

NG: *while balancing on board* Hey! Host guy! Am I out?

Chimmy:*wobbles more*

NG: *does more Courtney*

Joe: Are we gonna end this?

NG: *while wobbling a bit* Yeah, we need to end this.

Chimmy:*finally falls off*

John:*stays on* We should end this!

NG: *does Courtney but falls off* NOW I'm out.

John: *is still balancing* WHO WON AND WHO LOST!!!!!

NIzzy: *does a backflip but slips and falls* Woah!

Becky: OMG She's gonna die! ...Oh well. *stays on*

John: Wow, Becky. * pretends he is slipping*

Becky: Whatever...*stays on*

NIzzy: Ow my head...

Tdafan:Ok,this is ridiculous!Both teams are going to vote off someone,first is the lamps

Lamps vote

Tdafan:Vote off one of your own

James:Joe,of course

John: Joe,he hasn't been playing.

Tdafan:C ya Joe!

Bears vote





Tdafan:And Ryan is outta here!!!

"Day 5: NIzzy it's a movie...ya know NOT REAL!"

Tdafan:Good morning


James:Note to self:stay away from NG

NG: *chucks mashed potatoes at James* GRRR.

NIzzy: *yawns* *randomly screams*

Becky: I told her not to watch that stupid survial/horror movie...

John: Hey guys!*gets chucked by mashed potatoes* NG!!!!!!


Becky: *rolls eyes* NIzzy it's a movie...ya know NOT REAL!



Becky: O___________________O

Chimmy:WHY LIAM!?!?!!? WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN MANDY!!! (LOL, Liam's actually a kid who I have a slight crush on.)

NIzzy: *cries* (LOL, nice. ;D)

Chimmy:HE WAS SO HOT!!!! But not as hot as Jake...*drools* (XD, another crush)


Chimmy:WHY!?!?!?!?! At least Kyle didn't die....(XD, final crush! ^^ one track mind XD)

NIzzy: KYLE! (LOL, killing crushes one by one XD)

Chimmy:I know, right? He's so hot, not to mention alive! (XD)

NIzzy: XD Here's the watch em' DIE! (Inside joke)

Chimmy:I'm not that into Brent now that he's a zombie...

NIzzy: ZOMBIES! *has a panic attack*

Chimmy:*flails around randomly XD*

Zombie: I'MA FIRIN' MA LASER! *shoots at Chimmy and NIzzy*

Becky: O______________________________________________________________O



Chimmy:Kytycyzv'gdyg'dynn! COME GET YOUR BROTHER! WE'RE HAVING GOULASH!!! (XD)


Chimmy:Hooot POCKETS!!! (XD)


Chimmy:PINE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^


Chimmy:OK!!!! You first!

NIzzy: DARE!

Becky: *facepalm*


NIzzy: Okay I- *is whacked over the head with a shovel*

Becky: What? She wouldn't shut up!

NIzzy: Ugh...I've got a math test tomorrow...FOUR PLUS FIVE IS HOTDOGS (XD)

Becky: O_______________________________________________________________________________________O (XD)


*During NIzzy's math test*

NIzzy: *falls asleep* (XD FAIL!)

Becky: -_-;;

NG: What is a chicken lawyer quit?

John: NG. I know where the world's biggest turkey is.

Chimmy:*drags in Owen in a chicken suit*

NIzzy: *screams*

Becky: e_o'

NG: I prefer stuffing...which...comes...from...turkey... *runs off, comes back with worlds biggest turkey cooked and seasoned*

John: Let's eat!

NG: I haven't eaten that good in the longest time...except yesterday. Somewhat.

John: *eats half of the turkey and pukes* I think I ate to much.

NG: *brings in 2nd largest turkey in the world. seasoned and cooked*

John: *brings the biggest bunch of mashed potatoes* POTATOES!!!

NG: *gets GRAVY this time* Mmm...

Chimmy:*alters picture with her DSi to make a grave XD*

(CK11: You just saw that commercial, didn't you? I did XD)

NIzzy: I'm bored *throws rocks at Lila* better...(XD)

John: *throws tombstones at Lila* (XD)

Becky: O__________O (CONF) EVERYWHERE I LOOK THERE ARE PSYCHO CRAZY FREAKS *has a panic attack* (XD)

John: *charges in the CONF and saves Becky* Becky, are you okay?

Becky: Yes...

NIzzy: *throwing heavy objects at Lila*

John: *does the Numa-Numa* (XD)

Michael: What's going on in here?

NIzzy: *yawns* Throwing objects at Lila is getting boring...

Becky: -.-

Challenge 4

Tdafan:Todays challenge is to find 10 coconuts,first team to do so wins

James:*runs into forest but runs into a tree and a coconut lands on head*I`m good!

John: *runs after James and gets 2 coconuts* I got two!

Lila:*Finds two coconuts*

John: *finds Lila and 2 coconuts*

Dan: *finds a coconut*

Tony: *finds 2 cocnuts*

NG: *picks up 10 coconuts*

(Sorrel: due to sickness i will not be able to particpate in this challenge)

NG: *takes Chimmy's DSi*

Sorrel: *finds a coconut and runs into a tree and passes out*

NIzzy: *kicks NG in the face*

Becky: *finds 3 coconuts*

John: *finds 2 coconuts and another hits him in the head* (XD)

Becky: *finds another 3 coconuts*

NIzzy: *steals a cocnut from Becky*

Becky: *finds another 2 coconuts*

NG: *goes to Chris...I mean, Tdafan XD*

Chimmy:*tackles a random intern*

John: *finds 5 coconuts*

Becky: *steals all of John's coconuts* I WIN!

NIzzy: O.o *steals 3 coconuts from Becky*

Becky: *Tackles NIzzy*

John: Guys! Stop fighting! *finds 2 coconuts*

NIzzy: Ok then. *shrugs*

Tdafan:Still anyones game(Can someone tell me how many cocnuts each team has,I lost count)

James:*looks for coconuts*

Becky: *finds another 2 coconuts*

NIzzy: OMG It would be so cool if we had a suvior chainsaw killer challenge!


NIzzy: *shrugs*

Chimmy:OMG, NIzzy! Wouldn't it be, like, sooooooooooooooo cool to have to survive in the woods with your boyfriend/crush/a random hot guy? (XD)

Random chainsaw killers: *come out of bushes*

Intern: Guys it's not a killer challenge not matter how much these freaks talk about killer challenges.

Random chanisaw killers: Aww *sigh* *walk off*

Becky: O________________O

Chimmy:DARNIT!! (XD)

NIzzy: *finds a coconut and throws it at TDAFan* (XD)

Chimmy:NIzzy, I think you might get point deducted for that...(XD)

NIzzy: That was TDAFan? Whoops...I thought it was-...Um...Never mind... (CONF)I knew I should have gotten new contact lenses.


NIzzy: *randomly walks into poles* (XD)

Chimmy:*holds in laughter*

NIzzy: *walks into a tree and a raccon lands on her head* ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!

Chimmy:*pets raccoon*

Trevor:*watches as a tree is about to fall on NIzzy*NOOO!!!*pushes her out of the way and gets crushed*

Tdafan:Medics!Get over here!

Chimmy:I got him! *randomly lifts up tree, causing it to barely miss hitting Becky XD*

John: *helps Chimmy with Trevor* Chimmy, is he okay?

Chimmy:He's breathing, and he has a pulse...but I think a bone or two might be sprained.

John: Well, he can't play like that! He got hit by a falling tree. I'll go talk to Becky.

Chimmy:Got it. I'll stay here and make sure he's really OK.

Medic:Look,we got this*shoves Chimmy aside*(Now he`s done it)

Medic 2:He`s severely injured,and will be removed from the game

Trevor:*sighs*Ok,lets go then

James:*high fives Trevor*See ya lil bro.

Trevor:Shut up


John: *sighs* I'll miss you. *cries*

Trevor:Let me say goodbye to NI-*gets shoved in boat*

Tdafan:And thats all!


Chimmy:*runs screaming* WERE-MOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (XD)

James:*comes into mess hall and falls down on seat*

Nicholas:*plays DS*

John: (CONF) NO!!!! TREVOR!!! HE'S GONE!!!!

Chimmy:(CONF) I feel really bad for Trevor....*bursts out into tears XD* I COULDN'T DO ENOUGH!!!! (XD)

NIzzy: head, must have been some party last night...

Becky: What the heck are you on about???

NIzzy: IDK...Where's Trevor?

Becky: You don't remember?

NIzzy: I have constant panic attacks and it effects my memory badly...fill me in.

Becky: ... *whispers to NIzzy*

NIzzy: *eyes go all misty with tears*

Chimmy:*walks over to NIzzy, pats her on the shoulders, and begins to cry herself XD*

NIzzy: *walks off to the lake*

Becky: ...

Chimmy:*walks over the lake XD*

NIzzy: *has a panic attack*

Becky: Not again...

James:*sits by dock sadly*

Nicholas:*looks happier than ever*(XD)

Chimmy:*walks over to James* I feel bad for you....*sits down by him* You OK?

James:Yeah,I`m fine,just missing Trevor just like everyone else

Nicholas:*in backround prancing around happily*(XD)

Chimmy:OK, just wanted to make sure. ........................*goes to prance with Nicholas XDD*


Nicholas:I`m FREE!!!


James:*walks away to mess hall*


Chimmy:*skips over to Lois XD*

James:What is it Lois?

Lois:*locks everyone in the mess hall*Try and get out and the first to will win for their team.GO!

Challenge 5

James:How do we get out?

Nicholas:*still prancing around*I don`t care as long as Trevor doesn`t come back(XD)

Chimmy:*tries to pyro the steel away, the steel ends up melting over the lock XD*



Chimmy:*punches door* OUCH!!

James:*sees air vent*I`m gonna need a boost

Nicholas:*still prancing*

James:Will you stop that!

Chimmy:Got it, James! *blasts him up with fire XD*

James:YOW!*jumps up and knocks out self by hitting air vent*


Chimmy:*climbs up conveinetly placed ladder to the air vent XD* Hmm....*taps it, air vent cover falls XD*

Nicholas:*is knocked unconcious by airvent,prances in sleep*(XD)

Chimmy:*climbs into air vent* Hey, it's dark in here! (XD Captain Obvious)

Lois:Chimmy,time for your shot*gives Chimmy a shot making her faint*

Nicholas:*is awake,prances more*(XD)

Chimmy:*snores, causing the air vent to vibrate XD*

Lois:*falls out of air vent,lands so hard on the ground the locked door falls down*

Tdafan:Ok,since Lois ruined the challenge,NO ELIMINATION TONIGHT!


NG: Was this all deliberately planned?

Tdafan:Not deliberately

Day 7: "I HAVE A NAME !"

Tdafan:Today`s challenge will be pretty easy


Nicholas:*still prancing*

(John: Sorry I missed the last challenge.)

John: YES!!

Nicholas:I`m still so hap-

James:*kicks Nicholas*Someone has to fill in for Trevor(XD)

NIzzy: *poofs into existance* What?

Becky: O_____________________O


NIzzy: *sigh* (CONF) I can go on without him...I'm strong, kinda... *cries*

NG: It's okay, NIzzy. *pats NIzzy on the back*

NIzzy: Thanks. *gives NG a cookie* (XD)


NIzzy: I guess everyone misses him. *looks at Nicholas*

NG: It's okay, Chimmy. *pats Chimmy on the back*

NIzzy: I-I miss him so much...I didn't even get to say goodbye...

NG: I'd say "GET OVER IT!" but you're not my mom... (XD)

NIzzy: That would be kinda weird...

Becky: ...

NG: *blinks*

NG (conf): Y'know, I have to ask...where am I? This is my first time in civilization...I just know about my parents and that's it...

NIzzy: *puts her hand on NG's shoulder* You ok?

Chimmy:Yeah, everything all right?

NG: Yeah. I'm just confused. I lived in the Himalayas for 14 years, and I was chased by a Yeti into civilization. And now all of these people are disappearing and everyone's on teams this bootcamp or something? (XD) I never knew my parents, they never game me a name...*blinks again* I'm fine...I think.

Chimmy:Hm...*get idea* I know!

NIzzy: Well, this is concerning...

Becky: *elbows NIzzy*

NIzzy: *cough* Well its okay it's not like anyones gonna die or anything...

Becky: *elbows NIzzy again*

NIzzy: You try it, its hard!

Chimmy:GUYS! I've got an idea!

NG: *whispering to NIzzy* Ask what it is.

NIzzy: *sigh* What is it?

Chimmy:How about we GIVE him a name?

NG: I've always liked the name "Spazz"... (XD)

Chimmy:OK! Should it be your first, middle, or last name?

NG: Middle...wait, what's a middle name? I just thought we had one name that was unique to only us. Like, you're just Chimmy. No other words. (no comment)

Chimmy:No, Chimmy's just what I go by. My full name is Chimmy Amadeus Charific!

NG: Ohhh... Then I wanna be...Walrus "Spazz" Yeti! Or not. I could just be N(orman) G(regory) "Spazz"! Or the G could be for effect and I could be like this Ethiopian kid with no middle name. So N(orman) G "Spazz"! G should just be my middle name. *claps* I HAVE A NAME!


James:Looks like you got a name

Chimmy:Yup! ^^

Nicholas:*prancing*I don't care as long as Trevor doesn't return

James(CONF):Rude much?

NIzzy: *gives Nicholas a straight arm lock* DIE! (CONF) Well someone has to fill in...kinda.

Chimmy:Oooh, that's gotta hurt!

Michael: That is SO gonna leave a mark.

NIzzy: *yawns* You're boring. *pushes Nicholas into some mud*

Chimmy:Ooh....*pulls Nicholas out of mud* Are you OK?

Becky: NIzzy, taking your anger out on other people isn't good.

NIzzy: ... *sits on the dock*

Chimmy:Micheal, could you make sure Nicholas is OK? I need to check on NIzzy.

NIzzy: ...

Chimmy:*runs over to dock* Hey, you OK?

NIzzy: *glares at Chimmy* ...

Chimmy:Look, I know you're upset...

NIzzy: ...

Chimmy:To be honest, I'm sad too....

NIzzy: ... *gets up*

Chimmy:But we have to move on! When I was 7, my pet dog died. I was in depression for a year!

NIzzy: *nods*

Chimmy:When I finally got out of it, I vowed to never have it happen again, no matter what!

James:So,what now?

NIzzy: *shrugs* I'm waiting for something weird to happen which gets out of hand and we all get eaten by a dangorous animal or someone dies. *smiles randomly*

Becky: O_____________O

Challenge 6

Tdafan:Make a pic of you and your best friend(In TDI form.It can be based off someone in real life or just a fake one)Due New Years Eve

Chimmy:Here's me with my best friend, Patrick, hanging out at the pool!

File:Chimmy's best friend.png

NIzzy: ARGHHHH *only just relizes there's a challenge on* XD

NG: *does the same*

File:NIzzy's BF.png

NIzzy: *chasing wild animals*

Becky: My sister is a total freak. :P

Tdafan:Ok,challenge is done! Obviously,the winners are team Laughing Bears,but,here's the twist,I pick the loser*laughs evily*

James:I hate it when he does that.


Tdafan:The loser is......

Jazz,pack your bags,cause you are out!


Tdafan:Good morning!

Chimmy:*frolics in a field of flowers XD*

James:Good morning everyone

Nicholas:*wakes up*

Sorrel: *walks out of the hopsital and runs to the camp* whoa....... did i miss anything??? (IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY I WASNT HERE!!!!)

NIzzy: SORRIE! *hugs*


Chimmy::Sorrie! *huggles*

James:*kisses Sorrel*Nice to see ya

Nicholas:Technichally(I think I spelled that wrong XD)"ya" isn't a word-the proper term i-

James:*pushes him over*(XD)

Chimmy:*continues to frolic, not noticing anything*

Tdafan:Good morning everyone,for today's challenge,come to the stage


Tdafan:Your challenge is a talent show,pick three people to perform for each team,BEGIN!

Chimmy:Ooh, I'm pyro! *flames emerge from hands*

Nicholas:I can sing opera*sings badly*Darn...maybe I can play the banjo*plays banjo,banjo explodes*I guess I won't be chosen...

Chimmy:Are you kidding? You can break glass with your voice and make objects explode at random! (XD)

Nicholas:*blushes*Well...gosh...I didn't think of it that way(CONF)*sigh*This is great(This could be bad XD)

(Chimmy:I just couldn't resist XD)

Nicholas:*awkwardly staring at Chimmy*

James:*laughs*(CONF)*pauses* *laughs*

Chimmy:So...I'm bored, who else wants to audition?

Tdafan:Ok,I've changed my mind,only ONE person from each team will perform,so I guess it's Chimmy and...well,pick someone!

James:I'll go!I can moonwalk pretty epically.

Tdafan:Chimmy will go first,so,SHOW US WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!

Chimmy:*bows, looks up deviously, flames burst out from her hands, jumps up, twirls around, flames whipping around her body, lands with head down, flames cease*

(Chimmy:*claps XD*)

Tdafan:Very nice..9!James,you're up dude

James:*Moonwalks,falls off stage*Ack!My ankle*clutching ankle*

Tdafan:Ok..this is an obvious decision,James got a 4 so,he loses


Tdafan:Vote off someone!

James:Michael,he's not here

John: Michael.

Nicholas:*is staring at Chimmy*

Tdafan:See ya Michael


Tdafan:Merge is tomorrow

John: ARGH!!! YA MATIES!!! (XD)

Nicholas:Ok,so i think NIzzy should go today,because she'll be with Trevor,and she won last season.

James*walks into mess hall*

Nicholas:*tries to eat breakfast,pukes*

Lois:Well if everyone does that,it must be true,I can't cook(XD)

James:Oh,ya think?

John: *eats breakfast and.......* ARGH YA MATIES!! (XD)

James:*backs away*(XD)

John: *goes on a random ship and starts shooting cannons at the other ship* ARGH YA MATIES!! (XD)



Tdafan:Try to make it to the top of this tower,first up gets their team to the merge

Nicholas:*trips on third step*(XD)

John: *practillcally jumping off the walls* (XD)

James:*rushes up tower*(XD)

Nicholas:*cries,crawls up steps weakly*(XD)

John: *still jumping off the walls halfway up the tower*

James:*pushes Nicholas down stairs and catches up to John*Lets work together,so our team makes it to the merge,k?

John: Okay, got it! *jumps off the walls* How tall is this tower?

Tdafan:Who cares

Intern:*holds a sword*Stop right there*wacks John and James down the steps*

James:AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!*lands on Nicholas*(XD)

Nicholas:*gasps for air*(XD)

John: *picks up the Intern and throws him off the tower* (XD)

Intern:AAAHHHHH*lands in lake*

John: *begins to sprint up the tower*

Cuckoo bird:I'M CUCKOO FOR COCO PUFFS!!!!!*starts going crazy and almost destroys tower*

John: *makes it to the top of the tower* WE WON!!





Tdafan:Since no one else is voting,I'm sorry to say NIzzy has been eliminated

Day 10:"Welcome to the merge"

Tdafan:Welcome to the merge

Dan: Yes!

Tony: YAY!! *punches punching bag* (sorry I haven't been on in forever!)

Chimmy:MERGE!!!! WOOT!!!!

Nicholas:(CONF)I'm So glad I'm in the merge!





Tdafan:There's a psycho killer on the loose,you're on your own!*grabs stuff and takes the last boat so everyone is trapped*

James:WE'RE GONNA DIE!*hides in tree*

Nicholas:I think Tdafan is ly-

James:Shut up,this is for real!WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Killer:*breathes heavily behind Nicholas*


Killer:*picks up Nicholas and shoves him in a control room*

Tdafan:Nicholas,you're out of the challenge


Killer:*chases after Tony*

Chimmy:*sneaks around randomly*

Killer:*captures Tony and puts him in control room*

James:Wheres Tony and Nicholas?*shivers*

John: *jumps in water, quietly*

Killer:*hears a splash,shrugs*

Chimmy:*hangs on edge of cliff, hoping not to be found*

Killer:*captures NG and James*


John: *swims under dock*

Killer:*captures everyone except Chimmy and John*

Tdafan:It is now between John and Chimmy

Chimmy:*falls, but manages to cling to rock*

Killer:*spots Chimmy,runs to cliff,jumps and misses her*

John: *waits quietly in water*

Killer:*grabs John and brings him to control room*


Chimmy:Woot! *falls into water XD*

James:(CONF)It will be hard...but a friend has to be eliminated tonight :(


Tdafan:Anyone but Chimmy

James:Tony :(


John: Tony. ;(

Chimmy:Tony, I guess....:(

James:(CONF)I really like Tony,but last season he won so much,and he got 2nd,too

Tdafan:Tony..I hate to say this...but you're out, but, you will be missed

James:See ya dude*hugs him*

Day 11:"And the first jury member is.................TBA!"

Tdafan:Good day, final 11, tonights' elimination will decide the first jury member, and the final 10 automatically get to be in season 3


John: And the first jury member is.................TBA! (XD)

Nicholas:I hope I make it!


Tdafan:Fight through a crowd of ninjas and run up a tower,grab a flag,and bring it to me,first to give me the flag wins immunity and is definately in the final 10 and season 3.

James:*fights through ninjas*

Nicholas:*kicks a ninja in the shin*

Ninja:*Throws Nicholas into lake*

James:*gets kicked by a ninja halfway through*

Nicholas:*gets up on dock and charges at ninjas,stops to tie shoe*(XD)

Chimmy:*pyro's up her hands, throws flames at the ninjas, charges at tower*

James:*jumps on ninjas heads*Excuse me..pardon out...mind if I jump on your head for a sec?(XD)

Nicholas:*being beaten up by ninjas*WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH(LOL FAIL)

Chimmy:*chucks more flames at ninjas, one accidentaly hits James XD* Oh, crap!

James:*pauses for a whole minute*AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!(XD Slow reaction time)

Chimmy:*charges at more nijas*

James:*runs into water*That's better...

Nicholas:*tries to run from ninjas*WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(XD)

John: *attacks ninjas* HIYA!!! *gets through ninjas*

James:*starts running up tower*

John: *runs up right behind James*

James:*Gets halfway up tower*

Nicholas:*cries*I HATE NINJAS!(XD)

James:*gets to top,grabs flag and rushes down tower*

Chimmy:*gets to top of tower, notices that flag is gone, charges at James*

John: *gets to top and starts rushing down*

John: *tackles James, gets flag*

Chimmy:*tackles John, sprints with flag, leaving fire behind her*

John: *catches up to Chimmy and grabs flag from her* YEAH! CHRIS! *gives flag to Chris*

(Chimmy:LOL, Chris isn't here fail)

(John: Did I still win?)

Chris:John is immune!

James:Nice job!


Tdafan:Whoever you don't vote off, the remainder of you will automatically be in season three



John: Cara

Tdafan:Lila is the first member of our jury

Day 12:"As long as Trevor isn't in season three..."

Tdafan:All of you have an automatic pass into season three now!


NG: Epic!

Chimmy:w00t! ^^

James:(CONF)TIme to get serious, I have to starts strategizing.

Nicholas:*yawns* As long as Trevor isn't in season three...

Chimmy:(CONF) Now...who do I vote out?

Tdafan:Ok, so first we need you guys to vote for which three people should also be in season 3, that aren't in the final 10




Tdafan:Votes seem to be all around...

John: Bob!

Tdafan:Could be anybody....(XD)

Dan: Uh, I guess NIzzy!

Tdafan:NIzzy will be returning for season three!Now, everyone, revote!




NG: Lila!

Tdafan:Ryan will be joining us, now lets see who else



James:-_-*slaps Nicholas*(XD)

Chimmy:Trevor! ^^

Tdafan:And by the way, no challenge today, so once the last person is picked, we start the new day, ok Trevor will be in season three

Day 13:"Good morning, final 10, again"

Tdafan:Good morning, final 10, again (XD)

Chimmy:Repeat day XD

James:So, this is where it gets tough...


Tdafan:Climb the rock wall...pretty self explanatory

James:*climbs fast*

Nicholas:*climbs slowly*Ok... so I move my left foot to this one.... but then I would-

James:*kicks Nicholas*


Chimmy:*climbs like a monkey very quickly XD*

James:Don't look down... don't look down*looks down*D'OH!(XD)

Chimmy:*catches up to James* WEEEEEE!!!

John: *stares at Nicholas and starts to climb* (XD)

Becky: *climbs quickly, catchs up with Chimmy* HIYA!!! (XD)

Chimmy:0.0 *begins to climb a bit faster*

Becky: *climbs faster*

Chimmy:*is getting tired*

Becky: *looks at Chimmy* You okay? *keeps climbing*

Chimmy:*nods, continues climbing, notices something above Becky* Look out!

Becky: *gets hit by a random falling intern* Ow! Watch where your going! (XD)

Intern: *falls to the ground and dies*

Becky: ... *carrys on climbing*

Chimmy:*continues climbing, notices another random falling intern, moves out of way*

Becky: What's up with all the suicidal interns around here?

Chimmy:*shrugs, carries on with the challenge*

James:*continues climbing, slips*AAAAAAAHHH!!*hangs on with one hand*ugh.... this hurt...HELP!*hand starts slipping*(DUN DUN DUN!)

Chimmy:*chucks rope of fire down as well as flameproof gloves* Catch, and grab on!

James:*grabs on*Thanks!

Nicholas:*lying on ground, practically dead*(XD) someone check on Nick over there?

Nicholas:*finger twitches*

James:*quickly climbs, is 9/10 up*

Chimmy:*continues climbing*

James:*gets up on wall*YES!



James:*sighs*I can't beleive I'm doing this...I want to gve immunity to Chimmy





Chimmy:Becky, sorry!

Dan: Becky.

Tdafan:Becky, start packing!

Day 14:"GET TO WORK!"

Tdafan:What's up?


Chimmy:Is everybody OK? A few people got hurt during the climbing challenge...

Tdafan:*rolls eyes*They're fine*shoves Chimmy into Lois*

Lois:GRRRRRRRRRR, for that, you will be helping me cook until the final 4, gotcha?*hands Chimmy spatula*GET TO WORK!

James*laughs*(CONF)That sucks for Chimmy

Chimmy:YAY!!! *begins flipping burgers*

Chimmy:(CONF) I love cooking! Plus I'll get to stay here until the final 4, even if I get voted off! ^U^

James:So, what's the challenge?

Tdafan:Come to the art studio to find out

File:Nicholas fav moment.PNG

Tdafan:Draw a pic of your fav scene in season 1 or season 2. Due January 27th, so you have a week!

Chimmy:Not the best, but it'll do!
File:Nicholas Prancing.png
NG: This is my fave. It shows a bit of me in it. Of course, you all know what I look like. (XD)
File:NG plus Grave.png

Tdafan:I think obviously Chimmy wins immunity!!!


James:NG..he's a threat


File:James Tdafans TDA camp entry.PNG

NG: How am I a threat? I vote John. THERE'S a threat for ya.

Tdafan:NG, before you go, might I say you had one HECK of a season here, and we'll see ya next season

James:Sorry, NG :(

Day 15:"If anyone deserves to go next it isn't me"

Tdafan:Good morning contestants


Nicholas:(CONF)I'm in the final 8! Yay :D

James:If anyone deserves to go next it isn't me

Chimmy:I'm in the final 8...but with some costs. *sighs* A ray of sunshine will never break through the barrier of darkness surroudning the world. (Goth poetry moment FTW...XD JK)

John: Final 8? That's no name.....(XD)

Day 15 Challenge

Tdafan:Try to escape the woods from this pack of wolves

James:Hello little wolvies!

Wolf:*mauls James*

James:*fights wolf*

Nicholas:*is attacked by wolf*

John: *running through the woods and sees a light* SHINY.................? (XD)

Wolf:*pounces on John*

James*runs through woods, being chased by wolves, is 1/8 through*

Chimmy:*runs through wolve pack with fire*

John: *whips wolf off, runs toward light* ALMOST.............

Chimmy:*grabs light right in front of John, squeezes it XD*

Pack of wolves:*are infront of Chimmy and John*

James:*hides in a tree*

Chimmy:*forms her fire into claws, slashes wolves*

John: *digs a hole goes in, crawls out in another pack of wolves XD*

Sorrel: oooh wolves *speaks wolfs and the wolfs listen to her and goes by her side* hai guys!

Dan: *hides*

Chimmy:Sorrie! ^^ *claws more wolves*

John: *cries*

Wolves: *are annoyed and walk away XD*

John: *runs to the outside of wood, but bears surround him XD*

Nicholas:*crying*Help me!*is attacked by wolves*

James:*gets dragged into a hole*AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

John: *destroys bears, saves James and makes it out of the woods with James*

Tdafan:*blinks twice*Guess James and John are immune

James:Really? WOOHOO!

John: YEAH!!

Vote Day 15

James: Chimmy, she's the biggest threat

Nicholas:*crying*Chimmy... she's a threat*cries more*

Chimmy:I know I'm going, but...*tear falls from face* I'm it's just...*cries uncontrollably* James....why...and're some of the best friends I've ever had...but I have to vote Nich...

John: Never voting CHIMMY!! Nicholas adios.

James:*looks around at Chimmy crying and John and sighs* I can't believe I ever thought about voting off Chimmy. I vote Nicholas!

Tdafan:Time for nerdy Nich to finally leave.

Nicholas:*runs to boat crying*

Chimmy:I-I can stay?....thank you...*cries again*

James(CONF):I did the right thing. I can't just eliminate Chimmy, she and I are tight

Day 16:"The dirty blonde haired pyro complies with the red haired nice guy's plan."

Tdafan:We are down to seven people now!

James(CONF): I have to eliminate Cara next, she has something planned...

Chimmy:*smiles, then cries* (Willow moment XD)

James:*whispers to Chimmy*You down with Cara going tonight?

Chimmy:*nods* The dirty blonde haired pyro complies with the red haired nice guy's plan. (Patsy time! XD)


File:Bad Tdafan- Chimmy.jpg

Day 16 Challenge

Tdafan:You must draw a picture of me! It must be like a Bad Drawingz Iz Us picture Due Presidents Day!

Dan: I'm finished!!!

File:Bad tdafan!.jpg
James:I second that
File:Tdafan Is that You.PNG

Chimmy:I'm done! ^^

Tdafan:Interesting, all of you

Chimmy:....hmmm...through my observation skills, I have deduced that each of us has our own style of drawing badly.


Sorrie: *draws... crumples paper.... then writes something* cant think!!!

Cara: *glares at chimmy and james*

Sorrie: *lights the paper on fire* hehehe

James:*smiles at Sorrel*(CONF)She's so great :)

Tdafan:Since no one else is submitting, I guess Dan wins?

James:What? But his pic looks NOTHING like you



Vote Day 16



Sorrel: uhm her name starts with a C and ends with an A CARA (so glad to be in camps ah-gain!)

Cara: ............hmm............

Tdafan:Finally the annoying Cara has been eliminated, WELCOME TO THE FINAL 6!!!!!!

Day 17:"I am a woman!"

Lois:*looks at watch*CHIMMY! YOU'RE ALREADY 15 MINUTES LATE!

Chimmy:*rushes in* Sorry! I was grabbing a recipe book I remembered to pack!

Lois:*shakes head*You owe me 300 push ups NOW!

James:*wakes up to Lois' screaming*Cool it, dude.

Lois: I am a woman! That's 300 push ups for you too.

James:*sighs and starts push ups*

Chimmy:*starts push-ups* One, two thr-*passes out XD*

James:*finishes*You ok?

Tdafan:*walks in*So, final 6? This is great! We got some major drama that a word? Oh well... anyway we are down to John, Silias, Chimmy, James, Sorrel, and Dan, congrats!

Chimmy:*wakes up, gives thumbs up*

James:(CONF)John has to go tonight, he's a threat

Chimmy:So...who to vote, who to vote...

James:*sits down, eats breakfast*


Day 17 Challenge

Tdafan:Your challenge is to try and stay on this rope the longest, self expainatory, etc.

James:*holds on rope confidently*

Chimmy:*grips rope*

James:*slips a little*ROPE BURN!!!!!*jumps off rope and lands on ground*

Tdafan:James is out!

Chimmy:*clutches rope carefully, closes eyes*

Dan: *holds onto rope*

Tdafan:It's down to Chimmy and Dan, for immunity

Chimmy:Got it! *accidentally sets rope of fire* ACK! ROPEBURN!!! *lets go*


James:That was epic!

Day 17 Vote

James:John :)

John: *panics* CARA!!

John: No wait....Sillias...


Lois:*picks up John by his shirt and chucks him in the boat*

Tdafan:John had a memorable time here, and now it has ended, see ya John!!!

sorrle: ooohhh i missed a day today :(

(conf)Sorrie: that weird sickness has hit me HARD!!!

Day 18:"We are down to 5 contestants! Dan, the smart guy, Silias, the quiet guy, James, the random guy, Chimmy, the pyro, and Sorrel, the crazy chick, who will win?"

Tdafan:We are down to 5 contestants! Dan, the smart guy, Silias, the quiet guy, James, the random guy, Chimmy, the pyro, and Sorrel, the crazy chick, who will win?

James:FINAL 5!!!!(CONF)I'l probably end up like Trevor in 3rd place, but, who cares? I've had a blast!

Chimmy:Cool! ^^

Chimmy:(CONF) I'm actually pretty surprised I made it this far...

Lois:Hurry up, pyromaniac, ya' still got 1 day here!

James:Ya know, you should try being nice.

Lois:What's that?


Chimmy:Got it! *grabs chef hat XDD*

James:I don't think I'll be eating...

Day 18 Challenge

Tdafan:To get yourselves a place in the final four, you need to find the piece of hay in the needle stack! A favorite from last season.

James:*jumps in needles and screams in pain*

Chimmy:Hmm.....*precariously grabs needles one by one to avoid getting injured*

James:The.....pain.......*moves slowly*

Chimmy:*is surprisngly making progress, but pokes herself on one and gets frustrated* Oh, that's it! *dives into needles*

James:*is trampled by a sasquatch* What the?...Tdafan!

Tdafan:Forgot to mention the sasquatches....

James:Ya think!*wrestles sasquatch*

Chimmy:Hmmm....*climbs out of haystack with a lot of bandages* If I use my pyrokinises, I could reflect the light off of the steel needles to reveal the hay!

James:*is pinned to ground by sasquatch*

Sasquatch:*runs after Chimmy, but is poked in process, and sits in fetal position, crying XD*

Chimmy:*accidentally sets pile of needles on fire, attempts to put it out too no avail* Er.....

James:FIRE!*runs away to lake*Better......

Sasquatch*still crying, not noticing he's on fire XDDD*

Chimmy:*quickly puts fire out, searches through ash for any fragment of hay*

Tdafan:*picks up ash remains of the hay*Great.... now NO ONE IS SAFE!

James:Can't we just not have an elimination?




Chimmy:(CONF) I'm dead...

Lois:Guess you have another day to work for me now, huh?*laughs evily*

James:*pats Chimmy's back*I feel so sorry for you

Chimmy:It's cool, I love cooking! ^^

Day 19:"Ok, this is the REAL Final 5 day...hopefully"

Tdafan:Ok, this is the REAL Final 5 day...hopefully

James(CONF):If I want to win, I gotta start being nicer to everyone, cause soon they'll be the jury, and I'll be sitting in the final 2 with...well, I haven't decided yet...I'm leaning towards bringing Sorrel, but I don't know...

Chimmy:*bursts into kitchen* I'm here!

Lois:*looks at watch*Right on time, blondey, now, you'll be lucky if this IS your last day, cause knowing you, you'll screw up the challenge.


Lois:*gasps*Push ups, crazy wannabe.


Tdafan:*shrugs*What the heck it'll save us budgets *kicks Lois in boat*


Dan: (CONF) I've been really quiet. That might hurt my chances at winning! I have to me friendly!

Dan: Hey guys! What's up? Beautiful day isn't it?

James:I guess...

Chimmy:*nods eagerly*

Chimmy:(CONF) *dances*

Day 19 Challenge

Tdafan:Last longer than anyone in this pool of electric eels

James:*is electricuted*The million is gonna be worth it...

Chimmy:Um...*tentaivly steps in pool* Niiiceee *holds fire above water*

Dan: You cruel, cruel host! Anyway, it's a million dollars!!! *gets in pool* I will tame the eels! *tries to tame eels*

Chimmy:Hey....they aren't stinging! *is electrocuted* I stand corrected...(XD)

James:*is electrocuted 5 times*GET ME OUT OF HERE!*jumps out*

Chimmy:Umm...*attempts to distract eels by chucking meat out of the pool*

Tdafan:For the umpteenth time, Dan and Chimmy are the last ones fighting for immunity

Dan: I can go all day!

Chimmy:*gets shocked by eels, twitches* All right, all right! What do you want from me, eels? (XD)

Sorrel: *walks in sneezes* coool EELS!!!! plus a wooden pole equals FIRE... *sees james electrocuted* ooo uhhhhh

Chimmy:*is shocked repeatedly* OK! I forfiet!

Tdafan:Once again, Dan is immune *sighs*

Day 19 Vote

James:Silias, he's never been here.


Tdafan:I'd like to say Silias had a memorable time here, but, what did he do anyway?

Day 20:"Final four!"

Tdafan:Final four!


Chimmy:Cool! ^^

James(CONF):I have to vote off Dan, he's winning challenges, he could end my time here, and I don't want it to stop

Challenge Day 20

Tdafan: Congrats, final four, your challenge is to figure out the riddle. Hint: It's green, in lots of places, and almost everyone has it.

James:Umm lizard?

Tdafan:No. and BTW you get 5 guesses.


Tdafan:James is out of the challenge -_-(XD)

Dan: Is it germs?

Chimmy:I'd guess, but I think Dan got it...

Tdafan:Dan is wrong! He has 4 guesses left

Chimmy:Err..Green Chille Sauce? (XD)

Tdafan:4 guesses left for Chimmy.Hint: It sometimes turns yellow


Tdafan:No. Hint:It can be mowed


Tdafan:Congrats Chimmy, I think I let out a big clue anyway...

James:I was close, right?

Tdafan:Not even, James...

Day 20 Vote


sorrie: its voting time??? yikes how much did i miss???

James:Just vote for Dan, k?

Sorrie: *smiles* dan...

Tdafan:Finally, the challenge king is out!

Day 21:"FINAL 3"

James:FINAL 3 :DDD

Tdafan:All three of you have to say stuff about your time hear before the challenge.

James:I'd like to say how much fun it's been and how great it is to be this far, these two are amazing, and I'm glad I return for season 3. This has been a great season! I think I was considered low canidate to win....thank you! ^^

Final Challenge

Tdafan:Your challenge is to make 20 baskets. The first two to do so will be our final 2, no vote off.

James:*rushes down court and shoots and makes*That's one*grabs ball and gets ready to shoot again*(CONF)I love basketball, so this was fun and easy for me :)

Chimmy:*grabs ball, attempts to shoot it in, just barely makes it*

Chimmy:(CONF) I suck at sports....Chimmy Charific, 3rd place. DX

Sorrel: *looks at chimmy and tries to shoot the ball* o that was an epic fail

(conf.)Sorrel:did i mention that i suck at BASKETBALL WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

James:*dunks, grabs ball and shoots three more time*Yes! 5 are already done!

Chimmy:*dunks another basket* Hey, I'm getting better at this!

James:*Shoots twice*This is too easy :)

Chimmy:*fails to dunk one, but gets another in*

Sorrie: *attempts to throw it and makes it in* whoa!

(cpnf.)Sorrie: any bets i wont be in the finals..... *takes out a pen and it explodes* that was random...

Chimmy:*jumps up to hoops with two balls, dunks one in, but one goes haywire and hits her in the face xD*

James:*dunks, but lands on back*ACK!

Sorrie: *tries to shoot the ball and makes it* i think i got it!

James:*smiles at Sorrel, shoots ball* :) (CONF)Sorrel is so amazing*drools*Whoops...

Sorrel: 17 more to go.... james how many shots did you get??

James:I got 9-*shoots*10 done

(conf.)Sorrel: i haz only 3...

Sorrel: *throws and misses.... greatly!*

James:I hope you make it :)*kisses her cheek and shoots*

Sorrel: *smiles at james and turns to shoot*

Chimmy:*shoots another in*

Sorrel: *shoots again*

Chimmy:*jumps up and shoots ball in, but lands on her head xD*

James:*Dunks*Only 8 to go(CONF)Hello final 2!

Chimmy:*misses a shot* Dangit...

James:*shoots, misses and is hit in the head*OW!

Sorrel: *shoots* yes!

(conf)Sorrel: final 2 here i come...

James:*shoots*Sweet, just 7 more shots till the finals :)

Chimmy:*gets another shot in* Please, final two....

Sorrel: *shoots and misses and shoots ah-gain and misses...* come on come on come on!!!!

(conf.)Sorrel: think sorrie think... james will be in the final 2 but what if im in it.. it'd be wierd, we've always been a team...

James:*dunks*6 left

Sorrel: *shoots and makes it*


Chimmy:*dunks* many do I have left again?

Sorrie: *jumps and shoots and lands badly on her wrist* thats really no big deal....

Chimmy:*looks at Sorrie* You OK? *shoots another in*

Sorrie: yes i am all i have to do is shake it off... ow.....

James:Sorrel! You ok?

Sorrel: yes iam...


Sorrel; ya but i dont think i can do it... i should forfiet

Chimmy:...Sorrie :(


Tdafan:And with that, 2 contestants remain!


Tdafan:That's right!


Day 22:"Of all the people, the final 2 are the craziest people here...."

Tdafan:FINAL 2!

James: :D

Chimmy:Hey James! Come Caramelldanse!


Tdafan:Of all the people, the final 2 are the craziest people here....

Chimmy:*caramelldanses* ^W^


Tdafan:Jury! Come on in!

Nicholas:*walks in*Hi!

Sorrie: *with a cast* Hai!

John: YO!

Chimmy:Sup, guys? Good to see ya!

Becky: Hi guys!

NG: Yo.

Tdafan:Ok, jury, you may ask questions.

Nicholas:Why do I deserve your votes?

James:Why? Cause I am a superhero!*gets into Super James costume*

Nicholas:*rolls eyes*That was convincing....

Chimmy:I believe I was pretty fair during gameplay...

Nicholas:I know who has my vote

James: Yay!


Chimmy:Anyone else?

Becky: Hmm...Who to vote for...I think I know...

Tdafan:Just throwing this out there..the winner will not compete, the winner will be my co host, and instead of teh winner participating, we will have Lila!


Chimmy:Coolio. ^^

Tdafan:Chimmy needs one more vote to win

James: I don't care about winning anymore, I was a jerk. I don't deserve to win, but if I do for some weird reason, Chimmy is gonna be the rich one :)

Tdafan:*waits for Lila, Sorrel, Silias, and Cara to vote*


James:Oh well, I'm happy I lost to Chimmy, congrats!

Chimmy:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D (Three camps down, who knows how many to go. *smirks*)

Vote for a winner

Tdafan:Jury, vote for a winner.

Nicholas:Chimmy, James is just plain stupid

Dan: James or Chimmy?!?!?!?!?!?! Who to vote for?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I vote for................................ uh........................ I wanna be dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for............CHIMMY!!!!

John: I vote for Chimmy! GO GO CHIM!!

NG: James.

Becky: Chimmy! :)

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