20 contestants fighting for one million dollars. The host is Tdafan. 2 characters per person please.


Merged Team
  1. Kim-Crazy Psychopath!-Webly
  2. Aras-The Meditator-Tdafan123
  3. Fluffy-The Insane Psychopath-Reddude


20th - Brendan-The Abnormal Guy-Haroldfan1 (4 total votes) 4-1

19th - Artemis-The Warrior-Fanny (4 total votes) 4-2

18th - Steven- The Emo-Codaa5 (3 total votes) 3-0

17th- Alvin- The Egomaniac- Reddude(2 total votes) 2-1 RETURNED DAY 9

17th/16th- Avery-Insane,Nice,Sweet,Girly,Punk-Pinkpatra (automatically eliminated) 0-0

17th/16th- Jasmine- The Sweet, Cute, Little Girl-Pinkpatra (automatically eliminated) 0-0

15th- Aras-The Meditator-Tdafan123 (3 total votes) 3-2 RETURNED DAY 9

15th- Grace-Deaf Girl-Fanny (3 total votes) 3-0

14th- Tyrant-The Self Proclaimed Ruler-Koops (2 total votes) 2-1

13th- Kenzen-The Peppy Guy-Me (5 total votes) 5-1

12th- Cody-The Computer Geek-Haroldfan1 (5 total votes) 5-1-1

11th- Jake- The Soullful Guy-Kenzen (6 total votes, but quit during voting) 6-3-1

10th- Gary- The Shy Artist-TDALindsayfan1 (3 total votes) 6-3-1

9th- Olaf-The Russian-Codaa5 (4 total votes) 4-2-1

8th- Alvin-The Egomaniac-Reddude (7 total votes) 7-1

7th- James-The Nice Comedian- Tdafan123 (5 total votes) 5-1-1

6th- Sly-The Con Artist-Koops (3 total votes) 3-1-1

5th- Katie-The Kind(Maybe) Flirt-TDALindsayfan1 (4 total votes) 4-1

4th- Lizzie-The Fearless but Nice Person-Webly (3 total votes) 3-1

Elimination Table

New Ogakor: Fluffy, Aras, Cody, Kim, Gary, Tyrant, Grace

New Kucha: James, Lizzie, Olaf, Kenzen, Jake, Katie, Sly

Rattana:(Merge) Olaf, Lizzie, Fluffy, Cody, Kim, James, Alvin, Aras, Jake, James, Kenzen, Katie, and Sly

Place Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
1st Fluffy WIN WIN WIN WIN NV Aras Grace NV Kenzen James Jake Alvin Alvin James Sly Katie Lizzie NV WINNER
2nd Aras WIN WIN WIN WIN NV Kim Returns Day 9 Kenzen Cody Gary Olaf Alvin Sly Katie Katie Lizzie Kim SECOND
3rd Kim WIN WIN WIN WIN NV Aras Grace "Tyrant" Kenzen Jake Jake Olaf Alvin James Lizzie Katie Lizzie NV
4th Lizzie Brendan Jasmine NV NV NV WIN WIN WIN Kenzen Cody Jake Olaf Alvin James Sly Katie Aras
5th Katie WIN WIN WIN WIN NV WIN WIN WIN NV NV Gary Lizzie James James Sly Aras
6th Sly WIN WIN WIN WIN NV WIN WIN WIN NV Cody Jake NV Alvin James NV
7th James Brendan Artemis Steven Alvin NV WIN WIN WIN Kenzen Cody Gary Olaf Alvin Aras
8th Alvin Brendan Artemis Steven Alvin Returns Day 9 Alvin Alvin Alvin Alvin Alvin
10th Gary NV Jasmine NV Jasmine NV NV Grace "Tyrant" NV NV Jake
11th Jake Alvin Artemis (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) WIN WIN WIN (No Vote) (No Vote) QUIT
12th Cody WIN WIN WIN WIN (No Vote) Aras (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
13th Kenzen WIN WIN WIN WIN (No Vote) WIN WIN WIN (No Vote)
14th "Tyrant" Brendan Artemis (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) Kim (No Vote) Cody
15th Grace WIN WIN WIN WIN (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
17th/16th Jasmine (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote) (No Vote)
17th/16th Avery WIN WIN WIN WIN (No Vote)
18th Steven (No Vote) (No Vote) Steven
19th Artemis (No Vote) (No Vote)
20th Brendan (No Vote)

Day 1:"Elbow licks never lie!"

Tdafan: I'm standing in the middle of the famous islands of Indonesia. Where here 20 people will compete for 1,000,000 dollars. Who will win? Who will lose?

Fluffy:*appears in cloud of dust* Omigosh1 I love this place already! Is that a bird? Oooh! Sand! Whens Breakfast? Tdafan! *kisses Tdafan* Woohooo!!!! *runs around wildly*

Tdafan: Ummm... There's no breakfast served, you have to find the food yourself.

James:*walks off boat* So, when do we start?

Fluffy: 8to James* We can start is right now, honey. (XD)

James; O_O*steps away from Fluffy*

Aras:Hello everyone, I hope to have an awesome time here.

Fluffy: Hmmmm, you seem like a toughie. *licks Aras' elbow* yep, you will go far, and then be crippled. Elbow licks never lie! *somehow flys over everyone* :P

Aras: You're harshing my mellow, uhm, whatever your name is*meditates*

Fluffy:Call me fluffy *in bad british accent* My mum was british *in bad french accent* my pap was french, *in bad scottish accent8 and the res twas scottish, now leave me to my kilt! *"normal"* Woohoo! *tears out a lock of Aras' hair and runs off* ahahahaha!!!!!

Aras: That girl annoys me half to death.

Fluffy: Want me to call my bro, fuzzy? We'll kill you! (XD)

Aras:*whispers to James* She is kinda hot, but she annoys the heck outta me.

Fluffy (CONF): Aras is so cute... *blush* But, if he wants to have thios girl, he's gotta crazy up! *goes crazy attacking the camera*

Aras:(CONF) I hope Fluffy and I end up together by the end of the show,I really like her.

Fluffy: I will now demonstrate using the force! *uses a fishing pole behind a bush to lift up a rock* >:)


Fluffy:*hooks hook to Aras' shirt, pulls him to bush* oh yeah, baby! *makes out Aras forcefully* >:D

Aras:*makes out with Fluffy*

James:...Ok...This show is gonna suck...

Fluffy: *suddenly changes mood* I hate you! *standsa up, and kick Artas* Hmph! You have only half a taco to keep our future family running! *uses fishing pole to swing away* :P

Aras;(CONF) I love that girl...

Avery: Why does everything gotta be so complicated...?

Jasmine: I see the way your acting like ya somebody else, getting me frustraded!

Avery: We PWN.

Jasmine: I know. ^_^

Brendan: You people are insane....(Conf) I like them already. Anyway's I should find an alliance.

Cody: Um would anyone happen to know where I could find some laptop connection?\

Tdafan:This is a survival comepetition, computer nerd.

Tyrant: If anyone wants to stay longer in this game, they'll do as I say, its for your own good!

Sly: I'm in!

Alvin: Yo, comeners! *takes out mirror and stares* hello, reflection of the person who is going to win this camp, how do ya do?

Fluffy: Shut up! *breaks Alvins mirror*

Alvin:*cries* You guys suck! i cant bare to look at such ugly ppl

Olaf: *paratroops down to the ground* Ura!

Steven: *still stands quietly, looking at all the new people*

Gary: *walks to a small location and hides*

Katie: *waves and then looks at Olaf and Avery* HI! *kisses Olaf* *hugs Avery*

Olaf: Hello, Katie. =)

James:*plays paddleball*


TDafan:Your challenge will be to capture the opposing teams flag...GO!

Aras:*stays by the boundry line*

Fluffy: *Charges, but falls over a pebble*

Alvin:*starts to break dance* ;)

Kenzen:*stays by flag but is unoticed when he begins to sneak over*

Jake:*starts to grab Aras to pull him over middle line*(this is like you tag them and they are frozen if they cross the line and are tagged)


James:*runs past boundry line, unnoticed, gets chased, makes it back safely*


James:*sprints to enemy territory, dives for flag*

Alvin:*pushes James away* its my flag! (IK we're on the same team, biut Alvin's just an egomaniac XD)

James:Take it and run...

Kenzen:*grabs other teams flag and runs to his team*AHHHH

Fluffy:*jumps on and begins to maul kenzen for the flag* AGH!!!!!

Alvin:*grabs flag, starts to run to his team* >:D

James:*pushes through enemy teammates so Alvin can get through*

Kenzen:*still has flag*NEVER, TEAM HELP

Alvin:Watch out cuz the Alvinster is comin through *goes through James' gate*

Fluffy:8holds onto kenzen* >:(

Kenzen:*trips Alvin*

Alvin:*gets back up* 8runs* ahahaha!!!!!!

Kenzen:*pushes Fluffy off him and runs past center line*YES

Alvin: Ok, no rules were said, so *kicks kenzen in the shen, causing him to fall* 8runs*

Fluyffy:O yea, im on ken team. :o

Kenzen:*is fine*SHINGAURDS*plants flag of other team in his teams base*


Kucha Tribal Council

Tdafan: Ok, welcome guys, it's time to vote.

Tdafan:Brendan, bring me your torch*he brings Tdafan his torch* Brendan...the tribe has spoken*snuffs his torch* All of you, head back to camp.

Brendan: (flips his team off)

Day Two:"Im the deciever! Not the decievee!!!"

Ogakor Camp(Day Two)


Fluffy: *picks ticks out of Kenzen's hair*


Fluffy (CONF): Screw all those others. I like all the guys, and really, am just gonna decieve them. >:D

Cody: (pounds on laptop) Work darnit! (confessional) I should probably get into an alliance before I'm unfailry taken out like that Brendan guy.

Sly: (to himself where nobody else hears) These guys are smart cookies, if I'm going to get them to do what I want, I have to get them to trust me, and the best way to do that is with an alliance, but who is easily persuaded so I can get them into my alliance with no problem at all?

Katie(Conf.): I don't like Fluffy at all...he's a creep! Olaf and Avery are my true friends!

Katie: *cuddles with Olaf* *whispers to Cody and Kenzen* Alliance?

Katie(Conf.): I'm pretty sure Olaf and Avery would say yes!

Lizzie: (CONF) I don't have an alliance...I hope I don't go!

Cody: Oh sure Katie. If I had some connection I could type us out a strategy.

Cody: (confessional) So bored.....

Kucha Camp(Day Two)

Alvin:*smiles arrogantly* Im not surprised i made it through. The Alvinster never goes out first, or second, or- you know what? He always wins! :P

James:*tries to catch fish*

Alvin: Hey, James, Alliance? ;)

James:It depends, who are we voting off?

Alvin: Lets take out Tyrant first (CONF) Theres only room for one villian, in this camp! >:(

James:I guess so...

Alvin (CONF); James is so gullible, Little does he know my long term plan ;)

James:*catches a fish*Yes!

Tyrant: What was that? I overheard your conversation saying you want me off. Alvin, you're so cute when you fail, and James, can I talk to you privately?

Alvin: Calling another cute, eh? Sorry Tyrant, but im not that way. >:(

Tyrant: Wanna just form an alliance, Alvin? Its not like your gonna be like friends with James!

Alvin: No thanks. *conf* Im the deciever! Not the decievee!!!

Tyrant: (CONF) Looks like that pink mirror in his head is up to something and when you invade my territory, consider yourself screwed!

Alvin (CONF):Theres only room for one big ego here, and thats me! That Tyrant can consider himself screwed!

Kim: (CONF) I feel on the outs of my camp, I'm not sure if it's because I'm psycho, though.

Tyrant: (CONF) I like Reddy better.

Gary(Conf.): I feel I am the only sane one left. (Out of Conf.) *waves for Alvin to come over* *whispers* Alliance???

Challenge 2

Tdafan: Ok, as you may or may not have noticed, Brandon was voted off last nght. For your challenge, you will have to shoot basketballs into those hoops over there. I will call you out one by one and the first team to get 5 points wins.(Please no godplaying, if your team gets three points in a row, it's godplaying and you're team loses). First up will be Kucha, and shooting will be Tyrant. (If he doesn't respond in a couple hours, it doesn't count.)

Tdafan: Tyrant doesn't make it. From Ogakor will be...Fluffy!

Aras: Go Fluffy!

Fluffy: Woohoo! *bounces ball hard, is flys up, hits tdafan on the head, hits her in the face, and bounces off the rim* dangitt. :(

Tdafan: Ow! No points yet, James, you're up for Kucha.

James:*shoots, it barely makes it* Yes!

TDafan: First point to Kucha! From Ogakor will be Sly.

Kim: *petting a rabid squirrel* Awwww! It's so cute!

Lizzie: Um, Kim, I think. That's a rabid squirrel.

Kim: I know! Aren't they the cutest?

Lizzie: (CONF) That girl is mad!

Tdafan: No point to Ogakor! Lizzie, you're up for Kucha!

(Koops: I was at school. Just in case you're wondering why I wasn't here.)

Lizzie: I love basketball! *throws ball in hoop and barely makes it*

Lizzie: (CONF) That was SUCH a lucky shot! I actually suck at basketball, maybe it was just luck!

Tdafan: For Ogakor will be Aras.

Aras:*shoots, it bounces off teh im and hits him in the groin* Ouch...

Tdafan: Yikes! Artemis, here ya go*hands him the ball*

Artermis: Okay. *closes eyes and shoots* *makes it in* Did I make it?

Tdafan: Way to godplay and make your team lose!


Cody: (annoyed) Did someone just block out what I said? Well I said godplaying isn't cool.

Vote 2 (Kucha)

Tdafan: Vote!

Tdafan: Artemis, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch* See ya.

Day 3:"Two is better than one?"

Kucha Camp(3)

James:*lays in shelter* Let's win today, ok guys? (CONF) I'm ok with losing, but, I wanna win, ya know?

Alvin; (conf) I personally think everyone else is lucky i didnt get eliminated first.

James:*watches fire*

Alvin;You remind me of my old friend, James. Such a sad ending to his life.

James: What? I'm not depressed, just watching fire, cuz fire is awesome, like that.

Alvin;No, im talking about hiow he stared at fire so long he lost his vision, and he tried to get to his parents, but tripped into the fire. he didnt make it ;(

James: Oh. Well, what should we do if we lose?

Alvin:Take out steven. He's too quiet. -.-

James: Gotcha.

Lizzie: (CONF) I'm sad we lost twice in a ROW! Today, I'm really going to bring it.

James: *sits by lake, relaxes*

Ogakor Camp(3)

Fluffy:*Is hanging upside down bye her knees from a tree, snoring*(XD)

Aras:(CONF) Fluffy is so amazing.

Fluffy:*outside of aras' confessional* stuff monk! Why are you a monk? Are u a monkey? >:/

Aras:*flirtatiously* I can be your monkey.

Fluffy;No, I have a monkey in costa rica name george. >:( I stole him from this guy wearing a yellow suit.

Aras: Don't you want another monkey? Two is better than one?

Fluffy: i have anoither one named Jake. I kidnapped him when he was in school, who knew there was a school for animals. :P

Aras: My Gym Partner's a Monkey, have you seen that?

Fluffy:yep. and by stealing jake, i meant i stole his voice actor >:DDDDDDDD

Aras: Oh.

Kim: Hey Fluffy and Aras, want to be in an alliance?

Aras: Ok. (CONF) I'm pretty much screwed.


Aras: *eats some fish* Want some?*hands a fish towards Fluffy*

Cody: (conf) Now I'm wondering if I should join that alliance, stick with that hot girl Katie, or convince her to join them with me. Hmmm.

Challenge 3

Tdafan: For your challenge, you must climb up this rockwall, pretty simple.

Aras:*climbs quickly*

James:*starts off kinda slowly*

Alvin:Forget this! *starts to climb quickly* Take this you ogakor crap! *through a huge rock at Aras* *continues climbing*

Fluffy:*climbing and catches Aras* come on dude!

Aras:*smiles at Fluffy, then grabs Alvin by the pantleg and pulls down his pants*

James:*climbs, stops, laughs, continues climbing*

Cody: I only play virtual rock climbing games! *tries to climb but trips and falls flat on his face*

alvin:*is revealed to wear barbie doll undies* um, dont judge me! *pulls his shorts up and continues climbing*


James: You ok, Cody?

Cody: Yea, but my face hurts. *climbs slowly and cautiously*

James:*climbs quickly*

Fluffy:*reaches the 3/4 way* almost there >:D

James:*pushes Fluffy down* See ya!

Aras:*catches Fluffy and grabs James by the collar*

James: Meep

Fluffy:nice save! *blows kiss to aras, and back flips to right above james* eat this! *kicks James in the face, causing him to fall*

Alvin:*doesnt bother to catch kjjames*

Aras:*is frozen from when Fluffy blew a kiss to him*

James:*lands on ground in splits* AAAAAAAAUGHH!

Kim: *starts climbing and pases halfway mark* They don't call me crazy insane super fast climbing girl for nothing!

Lizzie: *starts climbing* I've always liked climbing, but that also doesn't mean I'm fast at it!

fluffy:*gets to the top* I win!@ I win! :D

Tdafan: Once again, OGAKOR WINS IMMUNITY!

Aras:*still frozen*

James:*in pain*Ouch...

flufy:yay! *dives off the top and lands perfectly on her feet* :D

Aras:*still frozen*

Cody: *finally makes it to top* Whew, I made it. *looks down* Oh crap! *clings to top out of fear* Mommy...

Fluffy:*throws rope up to cody* no prob, bud.

Cody: *slides down rope slowly* Thanks. I'm afraid of heights.

Fluffy:No prob dude. As long as those Kucha dweebs doint win, Im all good. (conf) Im pumped. That was so fun! Finally, a challenge i can use my skills in. >:D

Aras:*still frozen*

Fluffy:yikes! *pulls out a random pan of boiling hot water and dumps it over aras*

Aras:*in robot like tone* Ow.*Still frozen*

Cody: Yea Kucha are dweebs alright. (Conf) I don't really believe that. James asked me if I was ok after all. The only dweeb I've seen on that team so far is the one with the barbie doll undies. Hehe.

Alvin: Im so ashamed, :(

Fluffy: If u unfreeze ill kiss u again.

Aras:*is unfrozen, smiles*

fluffy:*kisses aras quickly* there, now no more freezing or ill severly injure u.

Aras:*nods* (CONF) *harmonizes* AWESOME!

Cody: (conf) Time to make my move.

Cody: Fluffy, Aras. I overheard you make an alliance with Kim. So I was wondering if a friend and I could join it. Statistics easily show you need more members to control the vote anyway.

Aras: I would say yes, but I think you should ask Kim.

Cody: No problem. I'll ask her tomorrow.

Kucha Vote(3)

Tdafan: Once again, go vote.

Tdafan: Since Steven voted for himself, he's going tonight! Now, hand me your torch.*he brings it up* The tribe has spoken.

Steven: *sighs* I guess my time here is done. Bye guys, and good luck to you all. *walks away*

Day 4:"I don't like them, but I have too."

Kucha Camp(4)

Lizzie: It's too bad Steven left...we have to win this challenge!

James: I agree, we need to step up our game!

Alvin: I hate this team! teams should switch soon! >:(

James: Right here!

Lizzie: Yeah, me too!

James: (CONF) I'm done with Alvin. D-O-N-Q! He's so mean! I don't think I wanna be in his alliance anymore...

Lizzie: *hears James confessional* Hey James, come here for a second!

James: Ok. *walks to Lizzie*

Lizzie: Do you want to have an alliance not with Alvin, then join mine I just made!?

James: Ok.

Alvin: Ugh! Why me? Why am i the one stuck with these sqwaking loons? >_<

James: Alvin, I'm donw with you, I'm not in your alliance anymore! Good day.*walks away*

alvin:good! i dont need you to win anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

James: Kthxbye.

Ogakor Camp(4)

Cody: *wakes up and stretches* Time to talk to Kim. *walks toward her*

Kim: Hey Cody!

Aras:*admires Fluffy from tree*

Olaf: *arises from his bed, yawns and stretches his arms out, gets himself up off the bed. And walks outside*

Fluffy:*behind aras* you do know im right behind u, right?

Aras:AAHHHH! Oh, hi.

Cody: Hey Kim! I was wondering if Katie and I could join that alliance you made.

Aras:*goes down by lake, swims*

Kim: Surez, but you have to be trusting!

Fluffy::) *dances*

Aras:*swims some more, comes back to camp*

Fluffy: Hmmm.... *eyes narrow as she searches the water* aha! *dives into the water and after a few minutes, comes out with a dead shark* Tonight, we feast! :D

Olaf: *kisses Katie* Morning, sweetheart. =)

Aras: Alright!*hugs Fluffy*

Cody: Sure, I'm trustworthy.

Olaf: (CONF) Man, i'll be gone soon if i'm not in an alliance soon. I don't like them, but I have too.

Cody: (Conf) Man do I hate Russians. Especially when they kiss the hot girl I wanted!

Aras:*sits in shelter*

Olaf: *takes a jog around the camp* Nothing better, then an excercise!

Cody: Nothing better, then sitting by a laptop all day.

Grace: *sits in corner, quietly* *hasn't moved the entire game*

Kim: Hey Face or is it Shoelace? You're awfully quiet! Do you want to play the quiet game? Did I lose? Darnet, you're good at this!

Grace: *motions to ear and puts an x through it*

Fluffy:(conf)Last challenge was amazing! Flag Catching was ok, Basketball sucked, but rock wall climbing rocked! Espoecially when i kicked james in the face! That challenge really let me show my true side. And Codsy's such a wimp, he's a dorable! But I don't want to Aras' feeling, but don't get me wrong, Aras is also a cute guy, and I love that our team wins so the two guys I like can stay here, but, you know, I really want to get to know the other tribe which is why- *camera's battery dies*

Challenge (4)

Tdafan: FOr your challenge, you must fidn teh hay in the needle stack*points to needle stack*

Aras:*dives in, searches*

James:*jumps in, gets poked* Ow!

Olaf: Wait, hay in the needle stack? O_O

Aras:*searches, gets poked* Damn needles...


Alvin:Im sitting out....

Fluffy:*dives into needle stack* ouchies, but oh well!

Fluffy:(conf with lots of red dots and band aids) not my best idea. (out) Okay, ill just toss the needles aside! *begins tossing needlkes*]

Fluffy:*finds piece of Hay* Um, does thuis count????? *underbreath* pathetic kucha...

Tdafan:! Kucha loses AGAIN!

Aras:*high fives Fluffy* Heck yeah!

Kucha Tribal Council(4)

Tdafan: Once again, vote!

Alvin:*brings Tdafan his torch* Im done with this crappy camp!

Tdafan: *shrugs* The tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*



Tdafan: Today, come straight to the challenge.


Tdafan: I have a surprise for all of you... A TRIBAL SWITCH! So, I will randomly select two people to be captains.... Fluffy and..... James! Fluffy picks first!

Fluffy: hmmmm, I guess Aras.

Aras: :D Woot!

James: I pick.... Lizzie!

Fluffy:After Aras is Cody!

Aras:*glares at Cody*

James: Olaf!

Fluffy:After Aras and Cody is Kim!

James: Kenzen.

Fluffy:Aras, Cody, Kim, and....Gary!

James: I'll take Jake.

Fluffy:Aras, Cody, Kim, Gary, and Tyrant!

James: *shrugs* Katie?


James: Sly.

Tdafan: Now, Avery and Jasmine.... Both of you are out! >:D

James: Wow...

Tdafan: There will nto be a challenge today, and James' team is Kucha, and Fluffy's team is Ogakor? kk?

Lizzie: I'm down with that!

Kim: I love pickles!

Day 6:"It's about damn time!"

Kucha Camp(6)

James:*yawns, stretches*

Ogakor Camp(6)

Aras:*wake sup* Good morning Fluffy :)

Fluffy;*tears up a Justin Bieber plushie in her sleep* ghrrrrr......

Aras:That was a shocker yesterday, huh?

Fluffy:*wakes up* Ahhhh! Justrine Bieber! *commenses to maul Aras* *notices Aras isnt Justin Bieber* Oops. *has given Aras a plack eye and a broken foot* Oops.......

Aras: Ouch!*holds foot, lays on ground*

Cody: New team huh? Wow dude your bruised up.

Aras: No, I'm good.


Tdafan: For your challenge, you must find this idol hidden in teh woods.

Aras:*is on crutches, slowly walks in woods*

James:*runs out, searches in trees*

Aras:*slowly moves* (CONF) Hey, Fluffy was right about me being crippled!


Fluffy;*searches quickly* Hmmm (conf) When in doubt, lick your elbow! *licks her elbow* Hmmm, my Elbow tells me something really bad is about to happen to Aras! (out) *runs towards aras* Aras! where are you?

Aras:*gets attacked by squirrels* OH MY GOD!!!*falls to ground* Ouch!


Fluffy:*reaches Aras* No, its supposed to be- *they are surrounded by three bears* much... *five canadian loons surround then* worser.....*a rabid squirrel appears* run! *animals charge after fluffy and aras*

Aras:*falls* Run Fluffy!*gets attacked*

James:*still searches*

Fluffy:Not on my watch! *attacks the animals, and mauls them all* *as they run, Fluffy is severely injured, while Aras is only bruised* The elbow fairies will heal me. *shakes her head* Im all better! *runs off*

Aras: (CONF) I love that girl.

James:*finds the idol* WOO! KUCHA PWNS U OGAKOR!

Tdafan: For once, KUCHA WINS IMMUNITY!

Tyrant: It's about damn time!

Ogakor tribal Council(6)

Tdafan: Vote ya peeps!

Tdafan: Wait.... Let me count teh votes. Aras, time to go!

Aras:*sniff* Goodbye guys, and Cody, don't you steal Fluffy from me! Fluffy, I...I...I don't know how to say this...but...

Fluffy:No! I was wrong! Ill go in his place

Tdafan:*checks rule book* Nope. Can't do that. Aras, see ya later buddy*snuffs his torch*

Aras:*walks away* Good luck Fluffy. Get Cody out for me, k babe?*kisses her cheek and leaves*

Fluffy:(conf crying) Ill never forgive myself for voting him out. 8cries*

Cody: What did I ever do to you dude?! It was Kim's idea.

Aras:You stole Fluffy from me.*leaves*

Day 7:"Let's try and win again."

Kucha Camp(7)

James: We finally won!

Lizzie: I know, isn't it great?

James: Yeah. Let's try and win again.

Sly: Wanna form an alliance, you guys?

Lizzie: Me and James are already in one, but you can join.

Olaf: *takes a morning jog* A jog a day keeps fatness away!

Ogakor Camp(7)

Kim: (CONF) Last night was harsh, now the only ones in my alliance are me, Fluffy, Cody, and Katie. Someone told me Aras voted me off last night and I was heartbroken. I only voted for him because of that.

Fluffy:I cant believe I voted out Aras. Have I no shame? Apparently, yes. *cries*

Kim: *pats Fluffy on back* It's okay, I voted him too and we were in a alliance! Why did you vote him off, anyways?

Fluffy: I wanted to keep him safe. I should have been allowed to switch places with him. :(

Kim: Oh yeah! Too bad about all those strange injuries! But maybe it's a sign we have to stick more like a team and get a little more like me.

Kim: (CONF) Maybe getting more like me would be bad. *imagines the world exploding* Yeah, that's bad!


Tdafan: For your challenge, you must run 5 miles, blah blah BEGIN!

James:*runs out to start*

Grace: *starts running ahead of everyone*

Grace: (CONF) I'm the fastest in my state. Hopefully I will win this challenge.

James:*jogs, keeps a nice pace, is right by Grace*

Fluffy:*runs past grace*[conf] Hello? I've ran from cops the last eight years, this is easy!

James:*finishes 1 mile and a half, quickens pace*

Olaf: Woah, a running challenge? YES! *jogs quickly*

James:*finishes three miles, pace still quickens*

Olaf: *reaches the two mile mark* (CONF) I used to be a track-star in Russia, but I moved... I still jog everyday but I don't run track. =|

Olaf: *sees James from afar, quickens his speed*

James:*reaches 4 mile mark, sprints*

Olaf: *is right behind him, about two meters behind atleast* COME BACK HERE YOU!

James: We're on the same team, Olaf.*reaches 4 and a half mile mark*

Grace: (CONF) Time to step it up.

Grace: *starts running super fast right past Fluffy* *waves to Fluffy* Being deaf also has in advantages! *gets really far ahead*

Tdafan: Grace, for godplaying your team loses.

Olaf: I don't care! *Dives through the finish line, lands hard on the ground* X_X *looks up and see's the line still set* Your kidding. *crawls to it*

Ogakor Tribal Council(7)

Tdafan: VOTE!

Tdafan: Grace, the tribe has spoken.*signs and snuffs her torch*

Day 8:"So far, so good."

Kucha Camp(8)

James: Well, good job, guys.

Lizzie: IKR!

Lizzie: (CONF) So far, so good.

James: Who do you think they voted off? I bet it was Cody, he's so weak.

Lizzie: Maybe "Tyrant" he's so evil or maybe that Grace chick that's deaf, I think.

Ogakor Camp(8)

Kim: (CONF) I'm glad Grace is gone. She was super freaking me out.


Tdafan: Welcome, guys. Anyway, for your challenge, youw ill all run out in the water, try and grab these bags, and rush them to your endzone. Once they are in the endzone, people can still grab them and rush them to their endzone, so be careful. First to 5 wins.

James:*rushes out, grabs a bag and runs towards endzone*

Lizzie: *runs out, grabs a bag and hurries back*

Kim: *trips Lizzie* HEEEHEHEHe! *runs out to get a bag*

Lizzie: *gets back up and brushes off sand*

Tyrant: I want this win! (runs as fast as possible, grabs bag, and runs back)

Sly: (does what everyone else is doing)

Fluffy:*runs, gets bag, goes back to endzone, runs back out*

Katie: *runs, gets bag and goes to endzone*

Gary: *runs, gets bag and goes to endzone*

Gary: *runs but trips* *gets up and gets another bag and goes into endzone*

James:*sprints, takes a bag from Ogakor, runs it into Kucha endzone*(From now on, say which endzone, I lost track on how many each team has, kk?)

Gary: *runs to Kucha endzone and runs it back to Ogakor endzone* *gets bag and runs it to Ogakor endzone* Three!

Katie: *runs and gets a bag for Kucha, runs into Kucha endzone* TWO! *gets another and does the same*

Gary: *gets another bag and runs it to the Ogakor endzone*

Katie: *does the same except runs it to Kucha endzone*

Gary: *gets last bag, runs it to Ogakor enzone and yells* I WON!

Cody: *runs to get bag and successfully makes it to Ogakor endzone*

Tyrant: *gets bag and makes it to Ogakor endzone*

James:*steals from Ogakor, goes to Kucha endzone*

Tdafan: It's tied 2-2

Sly: *gets bag and makes it to Kucha endzone*

Tdafan: 3-2.

James:*steals another from Ogakor, makes it into Kucha endzone*

Tdafan: 4-1. looks like Kucha is gonna win.

Olaf: *runs and grabs a bag from Ogakor, runs to the Kucha endzone, panting a bit*

Olaf: *runs with the bag, breathing hard, finally makes it to the Kucha endzone and shoves the bag down, sits on it* Woah, I must be fatigued still from the jog.

Tyrant: *steals from Kucha and goes to Ogakor endzone*

Tdafan: Tyrant, it's too late, cuz KUCHA WINS IMMUNITY!

Tyrant: DAMN IT!!! WHAT THE (gets cut off)

Ogakor tribal Council(8)

Tdafan: Once again, Ogakor, you must vote.

Tdafan: Tyrant, the tribe has spoken*snuffs his torch*

Day 9:"Two people will be returning today"

Tdafan: Come straight to the challenge.


Tdafan:Welcome everyone, now, I have a surprise for you today. Two people will be returning today. This first one voted himself off, was mean to others, and has barbie underwear. Come on out Alvin!

Alvin:Not this again >_<

Tdafan:*chuckles* Our next one was betrayed by his team to keep him safe. He is a fan of reality shows and being relaxed, Aras!

Aras: Hey guys! Great to be back!

Fluffy:*squeals*ARAS!!! :D

Kim: Hey Aras sorry for voting u off. I got a little insane when I saw you were voting me (XD)

Lizzie: Are we merging? Or are they just coming back to our teams?

Aras: I hold no grudges against anyone. *smiles at Fluffy and hugs her*

Tdafan: THE MERGE!

James: A thirteen people merge? Cool.

Tdafan: Alright, for your challenge, you must stay in between these two stand up block pole thingys and rest your feet on this small piece. After a while your feet may feel some pain. Last one standing wins immunity.

Aras:*is relaxed, doesn't move*

James:*stays motionless, tries to relax*

Kim: *doesn't move* This is fun!

Lizzie: *feels pain* I swear that girl has something wrong with her!

Alvin:*jumps off poles* I forefiet! *walks off*

Fluffy:*plays her DS while she is in a perfect split between the poles, and doesnt even speak cuz shes addicted to the game she's playing* ....

Aras:*still relaxed*

James:*feels pain* God dang it!

Aras:*eyes closed, relaxes*

James:*falls off* Crap!

Lizzie: *about to fall* this sucks!

Kim: *sings a song* I like eggs yes I do! Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, I like eggs yes I do BLAH bLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! YAY! *still feels comfortable*

Aras:*trying to relax, is starting to stress because of Kim*

Tdafan: Fluffy, Aras, Lizzie, and Kim are the last ones up.

Lizzie: *falls off*

Kim: *feels a little pain in shoulder* Darnet, now I'm really hurting blah blah blah blah

Tdafan: Lizzie is out, only three peopel are left.

Aras:*still relaxing, feels a bit of pain.

Kim: *moves shoulder* That feels better

Allvin:*throws rocks at everyone*


Aras:*rock hits him in the groin* ...Mommy...*falls off*

Kim: *rock hits in foot* Was that supposed to hurt?

Tdafan: We're down to Kim and Fluffy, for the first individual immunity of the season.

Kim: *stays relaxed*

Kim: Fluffy you haven't said anything in a while *stays relaxed although in pain*

Tdafan: It's all quiet here. (If Fluffy doesn't respond in an hour, Kim wins)

Fluffy:*loses her DS power* *swears a lot* *throws the DS at Kim* Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tdafan: O_O


(Webly; did fluffy fall?)

Km: OWWWWW! Fluffy you must want to win. I was just trying hard.

Tdafan: ...

(red:fluffy's still up)

Fluffy:*jumps down* Im done, Kim can win.

(red:not anymore...)

Kim: Thanks Fluffy, you are the bestest friend ever! *hugs her*



Tdafan: Kim is immune.

Tdafan: Kenzen, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch*

Day 10:"Heyz!"

Rattana Camp(10)

James:*wakes up* Good morning.

Aras:*wakes up* Morning.

Kim: Heyz!

Lizzie: *wakes up* Another day.

James: I'm gonna go catach some fish.*goes to lake*

Fluffy:*wakes up* *breathes* Its great to be alive!

Alvin:*wakes up* No it isnt >_< not here, my beauty will tarnish if i sleep on sand again! >_<

James:*swims, looks for fish*

Aras:*gets fire going* It's nice to relax for once.

Kim: *hugs Fluffy* Thanks for letting meh win!

Lizzie: Hey James, looking good today!

James: Um, thanks? *catches a fish* yes! Food!

Aras: Let me see it, I'll cook it!


Tdafan: welcome final 12, your challenge is to run out to the ocean, grab 5 bags, one at a time, and solve a puzzle of the world. First to finish wins immunity! Let's start!

James:*sprints out, dives into water*

Aras:*is right behind*

Sly: *sprints and gets bag*

Lizzie: I used to be a competive swimmer *reaches bag*

Kim; The water is cold *dives in*

James:*grabs a bag, runs back, and goes for second one*

Aras:*right behind James*

Lizzie: *gets bag back and heads out for another*

Kim: *right behind Lizzie*

Lizzie: *returns her second bag*

James:*runs back with his second, goes for his third*

Aras:*runs to get his third one*

James:*has his third, runs to set it back*

Aras:* still looking for his third*

James:*dives to get his fourth*

Lizzie: *runs for third and comes back quickly*

Kim: *runs for third*

Lizzie: *returns third and heads fourth*

Kim: *almost returns third*

James:*has his fourth, returns it, then heads out for fifth&

Aras:*returns with third*

James:*has fifth, starts puzzle*

Aras:*emerges from water with fourth, shakes water out of hair, runs to set it down*

James:*works on puzzle, isn't very far*

Sly: *has all his bags he got off-screen and begins to make the puzzle*

James:*struggles with puzzle*

Aras:*has his final bag, rushes to start*

Alvin:Me and my beauty quit! I'm dione! Take me home Tdafan! I hate this place!

Fluffy:*is being pampered by monkeys far away from the beach* Ah, this is the life. *one monkey feeds her a banana* hey, wasn't I on a show or something?

Tdafan: Alvin, I won't let you quit, no matter how many times you vote yourself out, cause I hate you, now get moving!

Alvin:*runs to james and beats thwe snot out of him* can i be eliminated now? I injured anoither player! :D

James:*sitting there, snot on teh ground* My snot!

Tdafan: No.

ASlvin:*sees a shark out at sea* If only i wasnt so beautiful, i would... ._.

Aras:*works on puzzle*

James:*is confused on puzzle*

Alvin:*walks over and solves the puzzle for James* Ok. Give James immunity so I can tel;l everyone to vote me off!


Alvin:No! james can have it! *goes crazy* *eye twitches*

Tdafan: Nope. And since I hate you, you can't give it up.*Laughs evily*


Tdafan: Vote peeps!

Tdafan: Cody, you need to bring me your torch*he brings up his torch* Cody, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch*

Day 11:"I hope you guys dont mind my seven monkies living here for the duration of the contest."

Rattana Camp(11)

James: Morning.

Fluffy:*is carried by monkies back to camp* I hope you guys dont mind my seven monkies living here for the duration of the contest. I'm their queen. :)

Aras: You look even hotter as a queen.

James: Cool! Monkies!

Fluffy:We have bobo, Aras jr., Luanne, angel-cakes, monkey, harry, and Jet! :D

Aras: You still look hotter.

James:*pets bobo* ^_^

Bobo:*slaps james*

Fluffy:Bobo's a mean one. *laughs*

Aras:*pets Aras Jr*

James: (CONF) That Bobo made the list.

Aras Jr.:*Jumps onto Aras' head*

Fluffy:right after i named Aras jr., I found that it was a girl lol!

Aras: Change the name.


Fluffy:nah, it foits her XD

Aras: Fine.

James: Aras is a girl! Aras is a girl!

Aras:*punches James*


Tdafan: Hold onto your pole as long as you can. GO!

James:*grips pole tight*

Aras:*hugs Pole, is focused*

Fluffy:*hugs pole tight* Hooray! This rocks! *licks pole and her tongue gets stuck to it* free hands! woot!

Sly: (singing) I'm hanging on a pole and nobody can beat me and I just farted and it starts to smell.

Aras:*smells, falls off* AUGH! CRAP!

Kim: *hugs pole*

Lizzie: *on pole* Awww! This sucks!

James:*holds on tight*

Tdafan: Nobody seems to be struggling. (Anyone who doesn't reply, besides Lizzie, James, and Kim by 2:00 eastern time is considered out of the challenge)

Lizzie: *throws rock at Kim while hanging on*

Kim: *falls off*

Lizzie: Sorry Kim, but I do not want to here your insane singing all over again and I' know you were about to because our mouth was slowly starting to open.

James:*is focused, slips a little, but stays on*

Tdafan: james and Lizzie are the last ones standing!

James:*hugs pole tightly*

Tdafan: Since Lizzie is inactive, james wins immunity!


Tdafan: Vote off somebody

Tdafan: Jake, teh tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch* But, Gary, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch* See ya later guys.

Day 12:"i love you monkies."

Rattana Camp(12)


Aras:What's up?

Alvin: *trains a scorpion to sting him* come on. if im in medical need, i get to leave!

Fluffy:*has cucumber mask on, with a white bikiuni, being pampered by the monkies* i love you monkies. ^.^

Aras:*gazes at Fluffy in her bikini*

James:(CONF) Pervert...

Lizzie: (CONF) Okay...that was a little weird but not as weird as Kim's insane expression this morning.

Kim: (CONF) Okay! I did something bad you wanna know what? Fine stop screaming at me, I'll tell you. Well the thing is I put this foamy liquid in Lizzie's hair last night and now her hair is all frizzy in the back and in the front it looks normal.

Lizzie: *walks to Olaf and Katie, they scream and run away* Weirdos!

Katie: Sorry! *goes back* It's nice to talk to you! *smiles* Do you want an alliance?

Lizzie: I'm in one with some others but you can join although James is more of the leader.

Kim: *laughs at Lizzie*

James:(CONF) What the heck is Lizzie doing? We don't want Katie in our alliance! We got it perfect like it is! She better be playing her.


Tdafan: Your challenge is to jump off this cliff, and in the water below is nine crates, one for all of you, you must swim it back to shore, and open it, revealing a slingshot and a few balls. You must then shoot five tiles. First one to break every tile wins immunity.

James:*dives in water, swims to crate*

Aras:*cannonballs in water, swims to crate*

Lizzie: *swims fast for crate and reaches first one*

Kim: *dives in and swims to crate*

James:*touches crate, swims it to shore*

Aras:*pulls crate to shore, opens it*

Katie: *jumps in water and grabs crate*

Katie: *swims crate to shore and opens crate*

Katie: *grabs slingshot and starts aiming*

Katie: *shoots and hits one tile*

Katie: *shoots again and hits Tdafan* Sorry...(Aim Fail XD)

Katie: *shoots again and hits another tile* Yeah!

Lizzie: *gets crateto shore, opens it and starts aiming*

Kim: *touches crate and swims it back to shore*

Aras:*aims, hits first tile* yes!

James:*opens crate*

Aras: *hits second tile*

James:*aims, misses*

Aras:*hits third tile*

Katie: *shoots again and epically misses* DARN!

Katie: *shoots one more and breaks two* Wowee...

Katie: *takes last ball and shoots at tile*

Katie's ball: *hits*

Katie: *cheering* YEAH!

Lizzie: *hits first tile*

Kim: *starts to aim*

Lizzie: *hits second tile

Kim: *hits first tile*

Tdafan: Katie, out of the challenge.

Aras:*hits fourth tile*

Lizzie: *hits third tile* YES!

Kim: *misses second tile* Freaking thing!

Aras:*hits last tile* WOO!



Tdafan: One of you will become the first jury member in the history of the show.

Tdafan: Olaf, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch*

Day 13:"I'll seek for my revenge"

Rattana Camp(13)

Aras:*yawns* Morning guys. We made it this far! Woo!

Fluffy:*walks back to camp with only aras Jr. ontop of her head* *sigh* *begins to cry into her hands*

Alvin:*tries to train scorpion more*

Aras: Umm, what happened to the other monkies?

Kim: What tis wrong Fluffy?

Lizzie:(CONF) I found out why Kim was laughing someone put a foamy thing in my hair and when I found out who did it, I'll seek for my revenge

Kim: (CONF) I'm surprised Lizzie didn't suspect me for the foam thing yet!

Fluffy:the other monkies had to go home to theiur mother and the mother explained to me that Aras Jr. wasnt hers..... *cries on Aras' shoulder*

Aras:*holds Fluffy close*

Katie: *smiles* Hi guys!

James:*wakes up, gets fire going* Man, I didn't think I'd be this far.

Kim: It's alright Fluffy. Let's get your mind off the subject and talk about eggs!

Katie(Conf.): Olaf...I miss you. Avery, you too. But, I need to win this to show my sister I can do anything!

Aras:*sits down by the water, relaxes*

Katie(Conf.): I have a crush on someone at camp...

Fluffy:(conf) I totallt just rembered something! Okay, so, like three months ago i was in london and met this british guy, larry. We were dating until i went on the run again. IDK if he think's we're still in a relatiuonship! Man, will Aras be p***ed about Larry. What am I supposed to do? Call me girly *begans to look weak* but i think i have to *throws up a little in mouth* talk to the other girls about th- 8throws up* is....

James:*sits down by fire* Well, this is a mighty fine good fire if I say so myself.

Fluffy:*sits by Lizzie and Kim who are arm wrestling* Um, hey girls, I need to talk...

Aras:*swims in lake*

Kim: Sure Fluffy, anything for my BGFFL!

Lizzie: I guess!

Fluffy:So, Lizzie and Kim, I'm sure you girls know im dating someone here?

James:*climbs coconut tree, cuts down a coconut for everyone*

Kim: Yes

Lizzie: How could we not notice you and Aras, pretty good couple!

Fluffy:Well, what would you guys do if you guys were in a relationship, forgot about that, and started dating someone else? :(

Aras:*chokes an alligator*

Kim: I don't know I'd pick zhe Aras!

Lizzie: I'd tell the first or second that you found someone else or already had someone else!

Katie: *walks up to Alvin* I, um, like you...

Aras:*beats up alligator*

James:*falls off coconut tree*

alvin:*looks up from polishing his nails* Declined, come back next century. *goes back to polishing nails* >:P

James:*shakes off sand*

Katie: Oh, you little...I'M GONNA KILL YOU! *attacks Alvin*

Katie: *gets up and looks at James* Now I know my true love. Sorry Olaf...

Fluffy:*walks away from the two and sits by aras* hi

Aras jr.:*sits on fluffy's head*

Aras: Hi Fluffy. :)

James:*turns to see Katie looking at him* Um, hi? Do you need anything? Cause if you need a coconut, take one.*holds coconut*

Katie: *to James* *blushes* Thanks. *takes coconut* I like you...more than Olaf.

James: Umm, ok. See ya around.

Fluffy;i have to tell you something impoirtant, that will probably get me eliminated but *starts to cry* I can't live with the guilt....

Aras: What's wrong?

Katie: *makes a dumbfounded look* Do you like me?

James: Well, you're a nice girl and all.

Fluffy:I, have an old bolyfriend I forgot about so I have no idea what to do! *began to cry hard and sprints away*

Aras:*catches up to Fluffy* It's ok. Just, why didn't you tell me earlier?

Fluffy:When your traveling the world, you forget about things.I have a really sad life. My parents died in a fire when I was little, so i burned down the culprits house. i was so thrillewd i became a psycopath. Than, the law finally set in on me. Eversince the day i turned nine Ive never stayed anywhere for more then 6 weeks. it said, and lonely usually.... Larry is the guy, he's from a poor family iin england. So, i left without warning to spare him the heart break, and I complketely forgot about him... forgive me. *kisses Aras* (conf) i have to vote myself ofv tonight. Its... no fluffy. dont give up-

Aras: Fluffy, I forgive you. (CONF) But that Larry guy is going down!

Katie: What else?

James: Don't feel hurt when I tell you this, but I have a girlfriend back home. Can we still be friends?

Katie: Whatever...


Tdafan: For your challenge, you must run across this balance beam, grab 5 keys, one at a time, race back, open up 5 locks, then open the chest revealing a bunch of letters to spell out a two letter phrase. (first word letters:(random order) N, I, F,L, A. second word letters:(also random) E, V, N, S, E) First to finish, wins immunity.

Fluffy:*sprints across balance beam* this is old school Tdafan! >:D (conf) Im totally not sad anymore :D

Fluffy:*races chest back, begins to solve puzzle* hmm, F,I,N...

Fluffy:A, L, S, E...

James:*runs, slips and hits balance beam where the sun don't shine* AUGH! *starts over*

Aras:*runs across balance beam, catches up to Fluffy* Hey babe. Vote for Alvin tonight?

Fluffy:sure. V, E, N! Final Seven! :D

Tdafan: FLuffy wins immunity!

Aras:*hugs Fluffy*


Tdafan: Vote.

Tdafan: For the second time, Alvin, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs his torch*

Day 14:"Wait, me or the monkey?"

Rattana Camp(14)

Fluffy:*pets Aras Jr.* Don't worry Aras. If I win, ill use the money for you to travel with me,. :D

Aras: Wait, me or the monkey?

Fluffy:Both. If you want... *kisses Aras on the cheek and runs to the ocean and jumps in*

Aras:(CONF) Works for me.

Fluffy:*walks back to Aras* did I tell you my twin brother Jordan is going to compete next season? :D

Aras: Well, not till now.

James: Cool.


Tdafan: You must keep this pole steady for as long as you can. There's a statue at the top, if he falls off you're out. Pretty self explainitory.

James:*is steady*

Aras:*gets focused*

Fluffy:*balances pole on one hand* :D

Aras:*stays balanced*

James:*pole moves a bit, but statue stays on*

Fluffy:*accidentally drops her pole, which knocks into james and Aras', causing all three statues to fall* Oh crap. >_<

Lizzie: *stays still* Thighs hurting already!

Kim: *stays balanced* Lizzie stop joking!

Katie: *stays still and balances pole* *giggles*

Kim: *fell asleep on pole*


Kim: AH! *drops pole* DARNET!

Katie: *kicks dirt in Sly's eyes which make him drop his pole* Yeah! It's me or Lizzie!

Lizzie: *watches Sly fall* Ouch, either me or Katie!

Katie: *drops pole* I'm givin' this challenge win to Lizzie...

Lizzie: Really? YAYZ! I WIN!

Tdafan: Lizzie, you are guarenteed a spot in the final six now! Congrats!

Vote(Merge- 5)

Tdafan: Vote for anyone but Lizzie.

Tdafan: James, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs his torch*

James: Good luck dudes.

Day 15:"I won't question this miracle."

Rattana Camp(15)

Fluffy:Final 6! Yay! *starts sprinting around in a burst of energy* woo! *kisses Aras* :D

Aras: I won't question this miracle.

Kim: You guys are such a perfect couple! (CONF) I have a crush on someone here hint not Aras

Lizzie: I'm so happy I made it this far!

Fluffy:(conf) this rocks. My bro Jordan is going to come here next season. :D

Kim: (CONF) Even though most psycho's have no friens. That doesn't mean I can't have a BFFFL, Best Fluffy Friend For Life. (XD)

Sly: Wow, can't believe I made it this far.

Sly: *walks over to Kim and Fluffy* We need to talk.

Kim: Okay hottie! I MEAN Sly!

Katie: Kim, I know who your crushing on!

Katie(Conf.): My plan all along was to get James off. He is...was...the biggest threat!

Kim: You do? It's kind of obvious but okay!


Tdafan: For your chalenge, you must make a decorated card for National Love Gnome Day! (Not a pic) Ok, get started!

Aras:*draws two gnomes hugging*

Fluffy:Oooh! Oooh! I'll to a tribute to Radio, my old lawn gnome that I accidentally broke after I confused it with a baseball. *starts drawing Radio and herself, holding a national gnome day pic* :D

Aras:*writes some stupid essay about gnomes*

Fluffy:Aras, no! *tears up aras' essay* dont you know gnomes hate long words and paragrapohs? You should do something like this! *show aras her pic of Radio and her holding a national gnome day banner* :P

Sly: *draws a picture of one gnome beating up another gnome* Isn't it pretty?

Kim: *talks about garden gnomes and about how scary they are* AHH!

Lizzie: *writes down about how cool garden gnomes are, although they suck*

Fluffy:*starts to make a huge Gnome out of twings and sticks* >:P (conf) I love Gnome day.It also my and aras' two week anniversary today! Ee!

(Koops: I will be leaving for a week, so I'll be inactive in camps until I get back.)

Fluffy: *finishes her hughe twing sculpture* Tdafan! I win! :D Also, I met your stalker in jail once. she's supposed to get out in a few days. :P

Katie: Weird...I made my...*shows Tdafan card with 3d gnomes and it says HAPPY GNOME DAY!*

Tdafan: Fluffy wins, cause Katie's is too girly and poppy. I don't like pink, or popping things. And, it isn't gnome day. IT'S NATIONAL LOVE GNOMES DAY! GET IT RIGHT, GIRL!


Tdafan: Vote. Fluffy is immune. Yadda yadda.

Tdafan: Sly, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*.

Day 16:"Woo! Final five baby!"

Rattana Camp(16)

Aras: Woo! Final five baby!

fluffy: hi *kisses aras*

Lizzie: (CONF) I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far but now that I have...IT'S AWESOME!

Kim: Sly was so hot why'd he have to go? *crying*

Kim: (CONF) And I thought psycho people didn't cry *stops crying* Oh yeah, they don't, I think.

Katie(Conf.): This is anyones game.

(Katie: Can we do the challenge on July 22nd NY time? I have to go to the orthodontist today for my lil cuz.)

Kim: Hi Fluffy!

Lizzie: Heyz!

(Reddy:Oh crap. I just remembered my grandparents are visitng tomorrow! Um, i should be able to make it some..... ^_^;;)

Fluffy: hi/ :P

Lizzie: I'm so nervous about the elimination



Tdafan: You will all dig for three stepping pads, kk? And the first three to have theirs will move to the final round where you must climb up seperate poles using the stepping pads to grab a flag at the top. First to finish wins immunity!

Aras:*starts digging*

Fluffy: *digs with Aras Jr.* Let's go! :DDD

Aras:*puts sand in Katie's lane and finds his first stepping pad* Yes!*runs it to the end of the lane and goes back to digging*

Fluffy:*finds her first pad and a golden idol* Oo! Pretty! *pockets idol, runs down, runs back to digging area*

Lizzie: *digs for first stepping pad* I think I hit something!

Kim: *digs for first stepping pad and gives Lizzie a 5 star* Haha! Good for you.

Aras:*has his second pad* Woot!

Fluffy: *gets second bad, runs down and back, digs again*

Lizzie: *finds she hit a bag, and starts digging again*

Kim: *digs more and finds first bag*

Fluffy:*gets third pad, attaches it* yayz!

Aras:*keeps diggong, looking for final pad*

Kim: *finds second bag and then hits something*

Lizzie: *digs even more and finds her second bag*

Aras:*has third and final pad, runs over to Tdafan*

Tdafan: So far, Aras and Fluffy are in teh final round, and Lizzie and Kim are getting close.

Kim: *finds out hits final bag and runs over to Tdafan* Yayz!

Lizzie: Darnet!

Tdafan: Kim, Aras, and Fluffy, get ready... GO!

Aras:*uses stepping pads, starts getting up quickly*

Fluffy:*flips over first two and lands on last one, takes other two pads and makes more steps.* (conf) jumping long distances is less scary if you have something under you! >:D

Fluffy: Ill try! *jumps for flag, barely misses, rams into a rock and falls on the ground unconcious* X_X

Aras:*didn't notice Fluffy fall, is getting close to teh flag*

Fluffy: *gains conciousness, run jumps for the flag off the rock, snatches flag, and smashed to the ground. Holds up flag weakly*

Tdafan:*holds Fluffy's arm up* WINNER!


Tdafan: Fluffy is safe, the rest of you are up for elimination.

Katie: I hate you all!

Tdafan: Katie, the tribe has spoken.*snuffs her torch*

Katie: *kicks Aras in the crotch* *slaps Lizzie and Kim* *hugs Fluffy* Thank you Fluffy! I can get off this gross place because of you! *glares at Tdafan and the others* Don't talk to me!

Day 17:"This is a first!"

Rattana Camp(17)


Fluffy: celebration! *cooks some shark over the fire* so, what do u guys think the challenge is? :P

Lizzie: I'm glad Katie's gone she was holding me back....and she slapped me.

Kim: *laughs*

Kim: (CONF) Let's just say before Katie got into the boat me and the producers made Katie think she was dead and I just got the info that now they made her think she has amnesia.

Fluffy:*pulls aras and kim aside* we need to eliminate lizzie, all in favor?

Kim: Yeah, I'm afraid she's going to learn it was me who put the foam in her hair.\

Fluffy: Great! (conf) Hey, I've made NO strategical moves so far. This is a first! give me a break. But, I can assure u this challenge well alter the game drastically...

Aras:(CONF) I think my best bet right now is to just try and stay a nice guy if I want to have a shot at the final two and win the jury's vote.


Tdafan: You're challenge for today is to capture an animal. Ok, let's see... Aras, you have to capture a squirrel, Kim, you have to find a chicken, FLuffy, you have to catch a bear, and Lizzie, you get to hunt for a mongoose! Let's get going!

Aras:*climbs tree, sees squirrel, grabs for it, but slips and hurts arm* Ow...

Kim: IS this a chicken? *pointing at squirrel*

Lizzie: NO

Kim: Okay just checking

Lizzie: *walks far into woods and sees something moving*

Aras: Hey, Kim, can i have that squirrel you're holding?

Fluffy: *spots a bear* coolio! *jumps in bush and follows it*

Aras:*doesn't wait for Kim to answer, takes the squirrel and runs to Tdafan*

Lizzie: *trips Aras on accident* WHOOPS! I'm so sorry, oh my, I SEE A MONGOOSE!

Kim: Now I found my chicken! It's like the cutest thing I've ever seen! *points at bear*

Kim: (CONF) This challenge should prove my ubersmartness

Fluffy:*tackles bear and rides it back to Tdafan* *is half way there*

Fluffy: *rams into Tdafan with the bear* Oopsies. Do I win? :P

Tdafan:*weakly* Sure... Call an ambulance... (XD)

Aras: We're in the middle of nowhere! We can't call anyone!

Tdafan: Call in my co host... Sierra...



Sierra: OH MY GOSH! I GET TO HOST A SHOW! EEEEEEE! Anyways, vote.

Sierra: OH MY GOSH! I get to snuff someone's torch! EEEEE!!! Anyway, Lizzie, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs her torch*

Day 18:"My god, i'm stuck with two crazy chicks!"

Rattana Camp(18)

Fluffy: EEE!!! Final 3!!! :D

Aras: (CONF) Me, kim, and Fluffy. My god, i'm stuck with two crazy chicks! Atleast one of them is hot. And Kim isn't the hot one...

Fluffy: (conf) In confessional. This is where it gets interesting. It could either be Kim and ASras, me and Kim, or Me and aras! :D *aras jr is ontop of her head* oh. and aras Jr. is still here! :D

Kim: (CONF) I'm so excited to be in the Final 3 with my best friend and my best friends boyfriend. I really want to go to the final 2 but I don't know if I can with these tough competitors.

Aras:*sits by the fire*

Fluffy: So... Its gonna suck that one of us is gonna have to choose between the other 2, doesnt it? :(

Kim: Yeah, to think we were all once the survivors of a losing team and now we're the Final 3. Oh I wish we didn't have to vote eachother out.

Fluffy: It's gonna get intense soon, I bet. I guess it all depends on who wins tonight...

Kim: I know. I have no idea who I'm going to pick for the person to come with mr to the final 2. Whoever I don't pick I'll miss that person.

Fluffy: yeah. *looks at aras, then at kim* (conf) I definitely dont want to pick who goes... But its the only way to insure my safety. :(

Kim: Well all this sad talking is killing me. Why don't we think about the people we have voted out to make it this far? First it was Brendan. The only thing I can remember about him is that he was so annoying.

Fluffy: Then there was Artemis. *blushes* He was so hot... but that was before me and aras :)

Kim: Then it was that stupid Steven. I'm glad he's gone now!

Fluffy: *looks towards sky* Cool! The morning star! It's supposed to resemble good luck for all who see it. :)

Fluffy: I feel bad about hurting Tdafan last night. :(

Aras: He'll be fine.


Sierra: OMG! I get to host a challenge! YAYZ! Anyway, you guys willl jump through five hoops, grab a key, run to the rope bridge, chew down five three musketeers bars...mmmm... three musketeers... anyway, then run to the door and unlock it and smash a tile, making your flag rise up.

Aras:*hops through first two hoops quickly*

Fluffy:*runs jumps threw five hoops* >:D

Aras:*dives through the next three hoops, grabs key and turns to rope bridge*

Kim: *jumps through five hoops and grabs key*

Aras:*turns back and sees Kim, quickly climbs through half of rope bridge*

Kim: *runs to rope bridge and is almost to Aras*

Aras:*finishes bridge, opens three musketeers bar and chews quickly, prepares to eat second one* This is some mighty fine chocolate!

Kim: *quickly finishes bridge and starts on three musketeer bars and eats first one and is tied with Aras*

Aras:*chows down last two and runs to door*

Kim: *finishes two runs to the door and puts key in hole*

Aras:*unlocks door and smashes tile as flag flys up*


Aras:*laughs* Sorry Kim.*hugs her*

Kim: Well, I know your going to pick Fluffy. She's great. (CONF) *sighs* When I think about it...I've never won anything besides one immunity challenge because someone gave up for me to win...


Sierra: Only Aras will vote tonight, so, good luck voting.


Kim: This is not fun. (CONF) I don't know who I'd pick if I won. Aras and Fluffy are tough competitors. And now with Aras choosing between his 2 week girlfriend and a good friend it's obvious who he's going to pick.

Sierra: How about you say you're vote out loud! :D

Aras: Oh god.... This is obvious, so I just have to vote for Kim.

Sierra: OMG! DRAMATIC TENSION! Kim, the tribe has spoken! *snuffs her torch*


Fluffy: Bye Kim *cries*

Fluffy: (conf crying) these are mixed emotion tears. *sniffle* Im glad Aras decided to take me but now one of my bwest friends is gone. :(

Day 19 FINALE:"Well, there's only two people left."

Sierra Well, there's only two people left, Aras and Fluffy! And they were a couple! How weird is that?

Tdafan:*is in a wheelchair* Hey, it's me, Sierra leave.

Sierra: But-

Tdafan: You can host the first episode of season two, ok?

Sierra: EEEE!

Tdafan: (CONF) I don't think I used this at all...

Rattana Camp(Finale)

Fluffy: *sits on a log opposite of the one aras is on* So...

Aras: I'm glad we're the final two.

Fluffy; Me too. I love it. :)

Aras: So, wanna burn down the campsite?

Fluffy: Oooh... about that.... *scene changes to fluffy and aras on a boat* I already instal- *capsite blows up* ed dynamite. (XD)

Aras: It seems like i forgot something...*camera shows Aras' wallet burning*

Fluffy: uh... so.... wanna make out? (XD)

Aras: Might as well. (XD)

Fluffy: *makes out with aras* (xDDDD)

El Final Tribal Council(EEEE!)

Tdafan:*in wheelchair* Well, here we are, the final Tribal Council, now we let the jury members come in. Olaf, Alvin, James, Sly, Katie, Lizzie, and Kim. They will talk randomly, and when I feel like it, we will vote...well, not we, the jury.

Alvin: why m io back her.

Fluffy: for the jury silly!

Alvin: I vote for me. >:(

Tdafan: *attaches things on Alvin* Every time you say something about yourself, you will be electrocuted.

Aras: O.O

Alvin: Aras sucks. Fluffy isnt as kick @$$ as she wants to believe, Tdafan; you should get your money back on ur face!

Fluffy: :@ *mauls alvin* >:(

Tdafan: *presses button to shock Alvin* I hate you.

Alvin: why you mother f***er!

Fluffy: *steps by James* Hi. :)

Tdafan:*presses button multiple times*

James: Hey FLuffy, hey Aras, I really have no clue how I'm gonna pick who i wanna vote for.

Fluffy: Just to let you know, whatever happens, we're friends. :)

James: Yeah.

Aras:*pats James' back* We're cool, bro.

Fluffy: *pulls aras aside8 we're not gonna get all competitive and stuff, right?

Aras: No way.

The Ultimate Uber Epic Jury vote!

Tdafan: Vote for a winner!

Alvin: Aras! >:(

Fluffy: :|

James: This is hard, but I support Fluffy.

Alvin: to end this faster, I vote fluffy. >:(

Sly: I vote Fluffy for no reason.

Kim: Fluffy is my BFF

Lizzie: I've gotten to know Fluffy better then aras so go FLUFFY!

Tdafan: Congratulations Fluffy!

Aras:*kisses Fluffy* WOO!

Fluffy: I won!? Yay!!! *recieves huge check* Yayz *make out with aras*

Tdafan: And so, the first season ends, we'll see you next time for the second season of...


Tdafan: That's my line, Sierra.

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