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  • Prince Blake

Episode 1: ""

Jeff Probst: *is standing on top of the boat that is inhabited by the cast* Right now we're in Jamaica, getting ready for our first season of Wikia Survivor, right now 18 users are getting ready for a adventure for a lifetime. It'll be a struggle for some, since their used to being in control.

Solar: [CONF] Everyone listens to me. When something happens, I'm consulted. That's how it's gonna be here. They are gonna plan, I'll make it work. But if it doesn't align with MY plans? Bye-bye. You're torch is snuffed.

Izzy: [CONF] As a super fan, I ADORE this game. I expect to be pushed to the limit, but I'm ready for the worst. I'm not gonna give up and I'm gonna play until my torch is snuffed. I'm a white collar, but I'm also a hard worker and a free spirit and I'm not gonna be pushed around in this game.

Liam: [CONF] I'm used to being in charge tbh. I know how to take the lead and that's gonna help you in this game. I know how to make friendships and manipulate them in my favor. 

Wendy: [CONF] I'm someone who can be classified as anything. I can take charge, but I can also go with the flow. This game is about numbers and I'm okay with being a number. Cause in the end, I'm not afraid to take out the person I'm a number for.

Jeff Probst: They'll have to work as hard as they can to make it to the end, but for some, that's their daily life.

Fiz: [CONF] im a super fan of tis bgame. im goinag to go al the way cus i wnat to repserent lesbon twinks. it time for a lesbon twink to win survior. 

Maria: [CONF] Hey Lindsay. Yes XD.

Tyler: [CONF] Being as young as I am, it's often thought of that I can't help myself or I'm weak. That's definitely not me. I love this game and I'm ready to go all the way! Just because you're older then me doesn't make me a weaker player then you.

Jeff Probst: They have to be social, able to talk and socialize.

Derpy: [CONF] I'm a free spirit. I can be assertive, I can be you're best friend, OR you're worst enemy. And I'm not afraid to do anything. I'm definitely opinionated. But this is a game for a MILLION BUCKS! And I'm not gonna be throwing that away. I'll be ready to confront this game from the beginning and go till the end of this game.

Milk: [CONF] You could call me a No-Collar. I'm not afraid to express myself, I'm snarky but I'm also a silent and stealthy genius. I'll let someone think their controlling me, they'll be my puppet, I'll be the puppet master.

Blake: [CONF] I hate everyone but I don't care I'm coming in this game to win. My mouth can get me in trouble but I don't care. I'm not here to be liked, I'm here to win. They can sob over being blindsided while I'm signing my $1,000,000 check.

Jeff Probst: All three have important contributions to be the sole survivor, but only 1 will win. They'll have to fight as hard as they can to make it till the end. 18 users, 39 days, 1 SURVIVOR! 


Jeff Probst: Okay. Grab everything you can for the next 5 minutes then you will go on a raft to your camp. This game starts NOW! *blows air-horn*

(everyone dashes to get what they need)

Cabbage: *grabbing shelter cover* [CONF] I'm not used to getting everything I want in life. I have to work for it. Sometimes it's hard to do stuff myself but I'm not gonna let that make me fail at this game. I'm gonna try as hard as I can to do my best... and I'm not gonna let anyone stop me.

Dylan: *grabs multiple fruit*

Derpy: *grabbing pots*

Tikki: *grabs potatoes* I'm from ireland.

Izzy: *holds onto crate*

Aqua: *climbs down for No Collars* Throw them down to me! Let's hurry this up!

Milk: Got it! *starts throwing down baskets*

Solar: *climbs down for White Collars* I got it guys start throwing them over-board!

Liam: KK. *throws down bamboo sticks*

Tyler: *climbs down for Blue Collar* I'm here guys!

Maria: Okey. *makes strawberry pie with fruit and throws it down* XD Yes.

Tyler: *wipes guck off his face*

Wendy: *grabs beans and throws it down to Solar*

Derpy: *throws down fruit to Aqua*

Aqua: In the basket! In the basket! *holds up basket for fruit to land in*

Eve: *throwing down canteens*

Spirit: Let's go! Let's go! *throws down rope* [CONF] I'm not afraid to harsh. I don't care if I hurt you're feelings it doesn't matter to me. I'm ready to win this game I'm not gonna waste any time. If I like you, cool, we can be friends. But if you betray me, you are DEAD to me. And after you break my trust, you can't get it back.

Blake: *throws down camp tools*

Fiz: *throws down porn magazines he smuggled*


Derpy: *jumps off*

Blake: *jumps off*

Fiz: *trips off and lands in the water* ow

RJ: *dives in*

Izzy: *climbs down ladder into the water and gets in* Woohoo! It's Survivor now!

Dylan: *jumps in*

Cabbage: *gets in and starts paddling* 

Booty: Eek! This is so exciting. *starts paddling*

RJ: *starts rowing* C'mon everyone stop being putas. 

(everyone is in and they start rowing to their respective camps)


White Collar Camp (Day 1)

Liam: *rows to shore* Awesome guys! We're hoooome! [CONF] Going to White Collar beach, it felt right. We're all used to being in charge and we're all used to winning. There's nothing that could go wrong.

Solar: Nice. So I guess we should ge to know eachother then huh? I'm XxSolarEclipsexX but I'll go by Solar.

Liam: O... my name is Solarrion. But since he's already going by Solar, I'll go by Liam. :)

Solar: *glares* [CONF] Who IS he?! Like why the hell is he stealing my name. He's got to go FIRST.

Eve: Ey, I'm PeppermintPrincess, but I go by Eve. 

Izzy: I'm Izzynoah12! But call me Izzy. :)

Dylan: I'm GhostNoises but I'll be Dylan to you guys. 

Wendy: Hi. OstianWendy. But Wendy is fine.

Liam: Ok! Since we finished introductions, shelter shall we?

Izzy: *nods*

Dylan: Def. [CONF] I'm a leader. But I'm smart. I'm not gonna blow up for a million bucks. Liam can take the lead, being on the down low for right now is fine by me.

(they start building a shelter)

Izzy: *yawns and drinks from his canteen*

Liam: *looks at Izzy oddly while he's setting up the shelter* [CONF] I can immediately peg Izzy as the weakest. Like, you don't need that many breaks? It's just a little sun, it's not gonna hurt you to do some work I mean hello it's Survivor.

Izzy: I'm gonna go get some firewood guys. *walks off*

Liam: *watches him leave and talks to Dylan and Eve* Hey guys, I get very good vibes.

Eve: *nods* Same.

Dylan: Agreed, we could like, pull in another.

Liam: We can pull in Wendy and make it a foursome but let's be honest... we're not gonna be losing that many challenges. 

Eve: *chuckles before nodding again*

Dylan: [CONF] I managed to stumble myself into a alliance on Day 1... I don't know how long this'll last. But as long as I can make it to the merge, I'll be golden.

Solar: *glancing at three talking and drinks from a coconut* [CONF] Immediately I see 3 of my tribe mates talking. Like, that's super sketch. ESPECIALLY when we practically just got finished with the shelter and got settled. that wannabe "Solar" is already trying to make moves and I'm not gonna let that happen. Right now, the only person I trust is Wendaddy. I need to start getting a counter alliance in the works.

Wendy: *in the shelter*

Solar: Psst. Wendaddy, let's go to the water well. 

Wendy: KK. 

Liam: See y'all... [CONF] And then, Solar and Wendy go to the water well! Obviously strategizing. I need to manage to get Wendy's vote. Cause right now I'm not gonna risk being betrayed or rock'd out.

Solar: *at the water well with Wendy* Okay. So I REALLY think that the fake cunt "Solar" is already making alliances. And I don't trust him. At ALL.

Wendy: Ah. Well, we'd have to pull in Izz. But I don't really think he's pulling his weight.

Solar: I'd prefer that then a cunt imposter. So. 

Wendy: Well okay. We could also get someone to flip from Liam's alliance.

Solar: That's also true. We can decide later I guess.

Wendy: *walks back to camp* Hi. 

Liam: *whispers to Wendy* Okay sooo... me, Eve, and Dylan have a alliance. And it'd be awesome if you joined.

Wendy: *nods* Okay. I'll think about it. :) [CONF] This is EXACTLY what I wanted. Everyone's coming to me. I have 2 alliances who both want me. This is awesome. Right now I don't know who I'm going with, but it'll be a doozy.

Blue Collar Camp (Day 1)

Fiz: i cant beleve im her. [CONF] im a surviror suerfan. i kno this gam insid and ot.

Cab: *smiles at his tribemates* So. I uh... guess we should introduce ourselves right...?

Tyler: I'm TylerSurvivorFan. But Tyler works.

Fiz: cal me medoner.

RJ: I am GOLESHAWNA but you can call me RJ for short.

Booty: Yeah... I'm Bootylicious13. But you can call me Booty. *to Maria* Your name?

Maria: Samey.

Tyler: Okay, well let's get started on our shelter! [CONF] It felt nice to sort of take the leadership role. 

Fiz: get of me. [CONF] i hat tyler and botty.. they r died 2 me.

RJ: Shut up. We don't need shelter idiot. Medoner let's be bffs and be Tia and Tamera.

Fiz: ok. maria jon us. u can be samy and et manchinels.

Maria: okey. *they all walk off*

Booty: ...

Tyler: It's okay guys. We can do it ourselves right?

Cab: It's okay. I didn't liked Fiz anyways so...

Booty: Yeah I guess we can. *works on shelter with the two*

Fiz: *with RJ and Maria* let mke mastr alaicne. 

Maria: Yes XD.

RJ: STFU bitch Maria. Anyone you guys don't like?

Maria: No Ryan Thanks.

Fiz: i hat botty and teler.

RJ: Ok. They can go first. [CONF] Maria is annoying but Fiz likes her so I'll have to deal with her for now.

Maria: Yes XD. 

Fiz: oke lets et manchiels sammy.

Maria: Okey.

RJ: Fuck u Maria.

Maria: No Ryan Thanks.

Tyler: *sweating but finally finished the shelter* Ughhh... thank goodness! 

Booty: How long have they been back there? :o Sorry for asking if it's a bother or anything...

Cab: I don't know. If they don't hurry I'm tying them to the furnace!

Tyler: Me.

Booty: \ '.' /

Cab: Whatever. I'll start trying to make fire I guess.

No Collar Camp (Day 1)

Aqua: *bringing supplies into camp* [CONF] Being in this game is so unreal. I always wanted to do Survivor and now I finally get the chance.

Derpy: *sets supplies down* Hey everyone! I'm DerpyandDawn but Derpy or Don is what my friends call me.

Spirit: My name is SpiritAnimal but fucking call me Spirit or I'll fucking punch you in the stomach.

Milk: Call me Milk.

Blake: PRINCE BLAKE and that's the only thing you peasents are allowed to call me.

Aqua: XxAquaInfinityxX but Aqua is what you guys will call me~.

Derpy: [CONF] Immediately I can tell all of my teammates are terrible awful people. We're the No Collars??? More like the Cunt Collars.

Tikki: I'm from ireland.

Milk: Great. We should probably hurry to get a head start in the shelter.

Spirit: Bitch no y'all can do the fucking shelter. I'm gonna fucking relax.

Aqua: Farrah Abraham.

Spirit: OMG bestie you're my BFF now come hang out with MEEEEE!

Aqua: Yay cute. *they walk off*

Milk: *rolls eyes*

Tikki: I'm from ireland.

Blake: STFU. Also I'm not doing shit either lol.

Derpy: Same.

Milk: *rolls eyes again* [CONF] I hate ALL of my tribemates. But right now, thinking strategically, I need to get on their good side. So if I have to do the work, whatever. They can have free time napping on dirt while at the end of this game I nap on a million dollars.

Aqua: *with Spirit in private* Hi I get good vibes from you.

Spirit: Same we are awesome and amazing. I hate everyone else. 

Aqua: Lowkey same. Blake is a cunt, Milk is a snarky jerk, and Derpy just sucks. Tikki is like a weirdo loser lol.

Spirit: Agreed. Lol Blake is the biggest peasent tbh. 

Aqua: Truwe.

Spirit: So we're a alliance?

Aqua: Yep.

Spirit: Awesome. *chokes a bird and throws it into the ocean*

Aqua: Uh what did you do that for? 

Spirit: IDK it bothered me. The stupid bitch. 

Aqua: We could have ate it though.

Spirit: True. But I stole the rice so we can eat that.

Aqua: Oh. You mean like... from camp?

Spirit: Yes. Watch. *screams as he grabs two rocks and smashes them together over and over* MAKE FIRE MAKE FUCKING FIRE YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT ROCKS.

Aqua: Same. [CONF] Spirit is a bitch and crazy as fuck. But I need a ally in this game. So I'm not gonna be picky.

Spriti: [CONF] I hate everyone except Aqua TBH. I hope everyone else drowns.

Derpy: *looking for the idol in the wilderness* [CONF] Ever since I came to camp there's literally no one I trust. So I'm gonna have to find the idol or I'm screwed.

Blake: *watches him from the bush* [CONF] I immediately see DERPY looking for the idol. Which could be a alarm, or it could be something I could blackmail him for. 

Derpy: *grabs tree and tries to propell himself up*

Blake: Hi. 

Derpy: *falls on the ground* AHH! 

Blake: lol. 

Derpy: What the fuck do you want??? I'm not a hooker.

Blake: BITCH. I'm A S E X U A L. I just want to say I know you're looking for the idol and EVERYONE is gonna now unless you do whatever I say. :))))))))))))

Derpy: Um okay... [CONF] And of course I'm caught. Now I'm forced to work with Blake.

Blake: Why are you even looking for the idol lmao. Shady. 

Derpy: Because everyone on our tribe sucks???

Blake: True... Milk probably fucks his cousins and tractors. Aqua and Spirit are on drugs. And I don't even know WHAT Tikki is. 

Derpy: So is this a alliance?

Blake: Mmm no. Consider this a acquaintanceship. And once we reach the merge. We can fuck eachother over. 

Derpy: Deal. *puts out hand*

Blake: LOL. As if I'm gonna shake YOUR hand. *walks away* [CONF] Now I have a minion and someone I'm gonna slaughter at the merge. I'm already great at this game.

Derpy: *rolls eyes* [CONF] I do have a ally but not a permanent one. But whatever it'll be fine for now... all I know is that I'm gonna have to do some work.

White Collar Camp (Day 3)

Eve: *making a spear with a stick* 

Izzy: *watching her* [CONF] I don't trust anyone on my tribe at all. None of them have said anything to me. I need to start strategizing. And QUICK.

Liam: Hey Izzy. Can you actually start... I dunno... doing something? Like you're doing nothing.

Izzy: Uh... I filled everyone's canteens and put on the roof of the shelter? What else do you expect me to do?

Liam: Just because you did like 2 things doesn't excuse you from doing other work. Make yourself useful.

Eve: *nods* Yeah. There's plenty of other stuff you can do.

Izzy: Whatever. I'll get water to boil I guess... *gets up and walks away* [CONF] My tribe doesn't treat me with respect at all. Like I understand we're all used to being in charge, but that doesn't mean you get to micromanage me or anyone else. It's getting annoying. And Eve and Liam are especially at the center of it.

Solar: *sees Izzy getting water and follows* [CONF] Izzy is at the bottom. I see that clearly. Wendy is hesitent about working with Izzy, but I need a ally.

Solar: Hey, need some help?

Izzy: Uh no, I'm fine carrying the water.

Solar: No, I meant like... in the-game. :) 

Izzy: Oh so like... a alliance? 

Solar: Yes. 

Izzy: Sure! [CONF] Right now, a alliance is what I need most. So when Solar asks for one, I immediately am on board. It's a relief that one of my tribemates are willing to work with me.

Solar: Great then. We can meet again later... for now, let's keep it on the down low.

Izzy: Awesome, I got it. [CONF] I feel like I'm on top of the world, like, once we get Wendy and Dylan, I honestly wouldn't care if we went to tribal at all. 

Blue Collar Camp (Day 3)

Fiz: hi [CONF] i have alaince wit rja an samye. but dat onely 3 peple. i nedded to get in CABBAGS.

Cabbage: *on the beach laying down with Maria* It's so nice out here.

Maria: Yes XD.

Cabbage: ... [CONF] I don't really liked her.

(google translate used, not completely reliable~)

Fiz: hola coño

Cabbage: Uh que permite?

Maria: I am benetan guztiontzat manipulatzeko joko honetan joan. Dut hemen bidaltzen joko eta hilketa hau guztiontzat suntsitzeko talde terrorista kidea naiz. XD.

Cabbage: Zer?

Maria: Yes XD.

Fiz: utzi aliantza egin.

Cabbage: Si...

Fiz: yay bikaina duzu ergelak puta.

Cabbage: Okay. *walks away*

Maria: 我會殺了你XD我對你犯犯了罪,我會毀了你很愚蠢失敗者屁股撒旦發出了惡魔 XD 準備好被謀殺。它會很快發生。該炸彈很快就要關閉 XD

Fiz: cool. *walks away*

Maria: Lindsay.

Tyler: *making rice* 

RJ: [CONF] Tyler seemed like a nice person. So I wanted to work with him as a side deal if my other alliance doesn't work out.

Maria: *running around* ខ្ញុំនឹងសម្លាប់មនុស្សដែលខ្ញុំបានសាទាំងអស់ XD XD អ្នក XD

RJ: Hey Tyler, *whispers* want to make a alliance? 

Tyler: Oh um sure. [CONF] It was unexpected RJ asked me for a alliance. But it's good. Cause right now me, Booty, and Cab aren't in the best position. So I need to make sure I can work something out.

No Collar Camp (Day 3)

Tikki: *cutting open coconuts* 

Derpy: *yawns* 

Spirit: Derpy go fucking do something you lazy cunt. *in shelter*

Derpy: Umm... you aren't doing anything either.

Spirit: I'm being me and that's like a full time job go fuck yourself you arrogant bitch.

Derpy: You're just mad that I'm more popular, I'm going to college, and I'm 17. 

Spirit: Bitch dirt probably doesn't envy you. Kill yourself.

Derpy: *rolls eyes* [CONF] Life is like awful here. And Spirit is the worst thing about it. If we had to lose a challenge, I'd want HIM gone first.

Tikki: Hi. 

Blake: Um what? Aren't you going to say...

Tikki: I'm from ireland.

Blake: Okay. Nevermind.

Spirit: UGH YOU BITCHES ARE SO ANNOYING. Where are Aqua and Milk?

Derpy: I actually don't know...

Spirit: I didn't ask you bitch.

Derpy: Whatever. 

Aqua: *looking for the idol* [CONF] A idol is power in the game. I need power. My only ally so far is Spirit. 

Aqua: *looking through multiple things* Ughhh...

Milk: *is soon approaching where Aqua is*

Aqua: SCREAMS *sees a bulge on the rocks and grabs it and dashes forward running*

Aqua: *sees it, it is the idol* OhmygodohmygodOHMYGODOHMYGOD! *puts in pants and runs off*

Milk: *sees Aqua running* Hmm... [CONF] I don't trust Aqua at all. He's super sketchy. He needs to go. If we lose, yeah he needs to go. 

Immunity Challenge

(all three tribes walk in)

Jeff Probst: Hello tribes! Welcome to your first official IMMUNITY challenge!

Everyone: *claps*

Jeff Probst: So, EVE tell me how it's been on the White Collar tribe.

Eve: It's been aight, we've been making progress, we all know how to take the lead and we're a good group!

Jeff Probst: Nice, how about your tribe Maria?

Maria: Yes XD.

Jeff Probst: Blake how's it like at the No Collars?

Blake: Nasty, angsty, teens. Everywhere.

Aqua: *whispers to Spirit* Us or himself?

Jeff Probst: Okay. Want to know what y'all playing for?

Everyone: Yes! 

Jeff Probst: *takes out two idol statues* IMMUNITY and FIRE in the form of flint, also including some fishing supplies for the first placers and a NET for the second placers. Worth playing for?

Everyone: Yes! 

Jeff Probst: Okay. The tribes must race in boats to the shore, then push and pull their boats up the hill until a finish line and complete a final task. The final task can either be dexterity OR a puzzle. The tribe decides once they get there. The first two tribes to FINISH their task wins immunity AND reward. For the last placing tribe; nothing but a afternoon of scrambling. Ok, let's get set up!

(everyone goes to their place)

Jeff Probst: THREE... TWO... ONE... GO!

Losing Tribe Camp (Day 3)

Tribal Council #1

Final Words


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