" Welcome to Puerto Rico! The location of Survivor Wiki Users Season one! Here sixteen different wiki users will compete for one million dollars! They will have to battle for immunity, through harsh conditions, and tribal council. Now, we will meet the contestants as they arrive."


















Episode 1 Day 1-3

Day One

" Hello guys!" Solar says.

" I should get to pick where my tribe makes camp cause im like the greatest wiki user ever!" NLG says.

" Um, who here had three awesome fanfics me!" Galaxy says.

" Guys we don't even know what the tribes are yet." Surfer explains.

" Okay! As the host, I think you should all be ready for your tribes right?" Jomack says.

"Right!" Everyone says.

Serenely pushes Tyler down and when Tyler looks back Serenely points to Galaxy.

" Well here you go. The tribes will be based off the Puerto Rican language. Tribe Guerrier meaning Warriow in Puerto Rican consists of Serenely, Galaxy, Dark, Spirit, Ghost, Booty, Solar, NLG!"

Jomack tosses NLG their coordinates for their beach where two machetes and a pot of water is waiting for them. " There are your coordinates, head to your beach and set up camp."

" The rest of you on the Survivante tribe, Izzy, Cabbage, Wendy, Maria, Lucina, Surfer, Aqua, Tyler!"

Jomack tosses their coordinates to Maria.

" Go head to your beach and set up camp. All of you meet me back here tomorrow, where we will have our first challenge of the season!"

Guerrier Camp

" We obviously need a team leader!" NLG says.

" That's like saying we need a head to live!" Solar says.

Serenely then is smacked by Booty with her weave.

" Hey you, follow me." Booty orders.

Dark tries to climb up a tree to get coconuts but falls and shakes the tree enough to make them fall as well.

" Nice work!" Galaxy says. " Your still no better than me at making fanfics though."

Meanwhile Serenely, Booty, and Spirit are all meeting up in the middle of the forest.

" Okay, I still don't know why you had to hit me if you wanted me to be in an alliance with you." Spirit says.

" Don't worry she hit me too." Serenely replies.

(CONFFESSIONAL SERENELY #1) I don't get why Booty had to hit me. We talk all the time on chat she should know I would align with her anyway.

Meanwhile back at camp.

" I think we should try to build a shelter. " Ghost says.

Then Ghost stands up palm fronds up that easily fall after they stand for two seconds.

(CONFESSIONAL Galaxy #1) Look, I am the best writer here. They need me! If they vote me off I will write a fanfic about me leaving and starting my own wiki that makes this one look like Total Drama Camps wiki! Alone and forgotten.

" The only way to build a good shelter is to have a base then start from there." Dark says.

Dark, Solar, Galaxy, Ghost and NLG. Start working on their camp while the alliance of Three starts to strategize.

" We should probably vote out Galaxy first." Spirit says. " Otherwise ill have to keep hearing about his great fanfcs the whole time."

They all start to head back while they talk about the upcoming challenge. When they arrive they too start to work on camp and soon they have a decent structure to end the night on.

Survivante Camp

" I think we should build a shelter." Surfer says.

" Yes. " Maria replies.

" How come Maria gets to be team captain im an admin!" Wendy.

Maria makes a fire and gets down five coconuts for all of them.


" Wow, Maria your good at surviving!" Surfer says.

Wendy, Lucina, Izzy and Surfer go to get water. While Maria, Cabbage Aqua and Tyler go for coconuts.

" I think us four are a great alliance. I could see us making the merge." Wendy says.

" I agree. We should target Tyler." Lucina says.

" There is no way we can let Lucina make merge. She must be eliminated first." Tyler says.

(CONFESSIONAL Cabbage #1) The only way to make merge is to get majority but we have an alliance of four. And, the others are too stupid to understand why it's for the best.

The Survivante Tribe makes no camp and are too busy strategizing, they make no notice of challenges. Because they are strategizing Izzy is bitten by a snake and makes the whole tribe get up at midnight.

Day Two Immunity Challenge

"Come on in guys!"

As the tribes enter they notice the course and all groan.

" Welcome to your first challenge of the season! How was day one?" Jomack asks.

" Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat." Izzy says. Showing off her snake bite.

" Also I forgot to hand these out. Here are your tribes buffs."

" These are way to ratchet! Give me one that's a weave." Booty says.

" Sorry, I don't have one." Jomack says.

(CONFESSIONAL IZZY #1) MY incident will not prevent me from winning! Although I may seem weak cause I cant do so well in challenges. So? I make the others look weaker and more obnoxious.

" For today's challenge, you will all assemble a puzzle piece and read the quote. First team to do so wins immunity and losing tribe will go to tribal council tomorrow at sunset. There is a way to put the puzzle pieces together and accidently make a different quote. Survivors ready? GO!"

" I got this!" Galaxy says. She assembles the pieces and reads, " I am better than you all!"

" Wrong!" Jomack says.

Cabbage and Izzy work together to spell out, " Make sure Spirit's weave don't fall off."

" Wrong but close!"

Sprit, Serenely, and Booty spell out, " Make sure our weaves don't fall of."

" Closest one yet but wrong!"

Maria pushes everyone out the way and solves the puzzle asking Izzy to read it out ," Make sure we don't forget our weaves."

" Survivante wins immunity!

(CONFESSIONAL Maria #1) Went to mind-reading school in college. Read Jomack's mind.

(CONFESSIONAL Wendy #1) Okay! I feel great. I have a alliance and we won immunity! We don't have a camp at all but we have immunity!

" How?" NLG asks.

" Okay, congrats Survivante on the win you head back to camp with a gift basket of fruits. Guerrier, got nothing or you but a dat with me back at tribal. Grab your stuff head back to camp." Jomack says.

Tribal Council Day 3

" Welcome guys. Come on in dip your torch in fire cause in this game fire represents life."

Everyone dips their torch in and sits down.

" NLG, you have proclaimed youself as the greatest wiki user ever. Do you truly believe that?"

" I think that I did the most at wawanakwa central without me these people have nothing."

" Serenely, at the immunity challenge there wasn't much teamwork besides you spirit and booty. Have these guys been your only friends or has the whole tribe made everyone feel welcome?"

" Well, I cant speak for everyone but there was some bitter rivalries due to stuff that has happened at the wiki. So, I decided that finding some friends wasn't the worst idea." Serenely responds.

" Dark, you found coconuts for the whole tribe. Have people taken that and said, " Hey this guy is good to keep around." Or have they just seen that and taken you as a bigger threat in this game?"

" I think that people appreciated what I did. Also I contributed a lot at camp so I think people have seen that as I am good to keep around. " Dark replies.

" Galaxy, You say your the best writer here. Do you think that people will keep you around just cause your a great writer? " Jomack says.

" Yes." Galaxy replies.

" Okay, with that its time to vote."

" Once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council are immediately. Ill read the votes. First vote, Galaxy. Galaxy. Galaxy. That's three votes Galaxy. NLG. NLG. NLG. That's three votes Galaxy, and NLG. Spirit. The first person voted out of Survivor Wiki Users...... NLG." Jomack says.

Episode 2 Day 4-6

Survivante Camp Day 4, 5, 6

Day 4

" I gotta give it to you Maria, that was pretty impressive at the challenge." Cabbage says.

Then, Surfer, Maria, Cabbage, And Aqua all meet up at there past hiding spot.

" Okay, guys. Simple, win the next reward challenge. Then, win immunity. Very simple although some of us here are less advanced than others. " Cabbage says, as he looks at Maria.

" Don't be a jerk. We can always find someone else to align with. " Surfer says. As he walks away gathering his belongings with him.

Back at the camp....

" I'm telling you those five are in an alliance. We need to vote together, cause who knows whats coming up this tribal. And with the way were divided into 2 alliances that means it will be a split vote. " Lucina says.

The entire tribe meets together to drink water as they get stuff ready for the " reward challenge ".

" Jomack might pull out a fake reward immunity challenge." Maria says.

(CONFESSIONAL Maria #2) If he does, ill be able to tell and win It for us. Maybe I should've majored in mind-reading it was only for fun then I started to be able to tell that my sister wanted to strangle me after I made a mistake.

" I don't he would do that. " Aqua says.

(CONFESSIONAL Aqua #1) I have never been so worried about anything! Back on the wiki I'm respected for my brant's. I always wanted a friend, not people who worship me! And there have been talks about me not getting to day seven.

The eight tribe mates pile into the boat and head over to the " reward challenge " .

Day 5

" Wow. " Surfer says. As he lays down and rubs his stomach. " I never thought I would complain about eating too much in the game of survivor ". He says.

" On the bright side we all made final 14! That's more than NLG and most likely Galaxy can say. " Lucina says.

" We'll never know, this game is crazier than Surfer's Survivor 1 2 3 4 5 combined! " Aqua says.

They all lay down and enjoy there victory.

Gurrier Camp 4, 5, 6

Day 4

" Really guys? Three votes? " Galaxy asks.

" That's what you get for being a ratchet with no weaves. " Spirit says as she twirls her weave so hard she hits herself in the head.

" Well atleast the seven of us are still here. Dark says, trying to cheer everyone else up.

(CONFESSIONAL Galaxy #2) I fell that im next on the chopping block. Spirit is a ratchet and Serenely just is a major league suck-up. Who else do I have to align with? DARK! That's who.

" So dark, hear anything interesting lately?" Galaxy asks gathering coconuts with him.

" Not really. Just tying to make sure we don't lose this next challenge that way one of us wont go home. Again! " Dark replies now annoyed with Galaxy.

" Well what if me and you stick together? So the next time we go to tribal we know there will be atleast two votes against a certain someone. " Galaxy says.

Spirit, Booty, and Serenely are all seen walking towards them Spirit giving them good weaves she had leftover.

Dark now has to whisper.

" Listen. I Shouldn't say this but your next to go, so voting against what majority thinks would screw me over in the long run you know? Dark says.

" I feel like I didn't help last challenge guys. Sorry." Ghost says.

" Its cool. But I got to say with the other five talking to each other it looks like were on the outskirts of the tribe. Solar says.

The alliance of three plus Dark, and Galaxy come back and start to get the water from their jug and put a little into seven glasses of water.

" Here's to having seven tribe mates on day seven! " Booty says.

They all raise there glasses and chug it down as it starts to rain.

Day 5

Spirit, Serenely, and Booty meet at their spot and Galaxy sneaks up to them.

" Okay, so we all vote Galaxy tonight? " Booty asks.

" Isn't it obvious? She has no good weaves and I bet she's a side-chick. " Serenely says

Immunity Challenge (2) Day 5

" I know everyone wanted a reward challenge, but you guys just absolutely hate each other. So? Immunity! Again! " Jomack orders.

Everyone groans/

" The first tribe to eat an entire 10 foot hotdog, wins! GO!! " Jomack says/

" Easy peasy, at te First Annual Wawanakwa Central Food Eating Contest, I ate 12 feet of pizza! " Galaxy says as he eats 1 foot.

The entire Gurrier tribe eats 9 feet and eleven inches, then Izzy knocks the inch out of Solar's hand.

She then whispers, " Have fun going home. " She says as Surfer eats the last bite of their hotdog.

(Confessional Izzy #2) Well, I guess I just bought myself some more to heal, and to figure out why these numb nuts wont vote with me!

" Congrats, again Survivante wins immunity. Gurrier, got nothing for you than a date with me at tribal council. Grab your stuff head back to camp, good night." Jomack says.

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