16 users compete in this season, but with a shocking twist, where only one will come out as top!

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  • Nalyd
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  • Cod

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Eliminated AJ Kate Si/TC Sonik Alfan Kev Zach Nduke Seth* Fanny MrD/BB Mr.E LF Rocks Aimers Toad Cod
Place Voter Votes
1st Nalyd WIN SAFE WIN SAFE WIN NV Seth/MrE* Fanny MrD/BB SAFE LF Rocks Aimers WIN WIN
1st Sun WIN Kate TCF SAFE WIN SAFE WIN Nduke MrE/Co Fanny MrD/BB SAFE LF Rocks Aimers LOW WIN
4th Toad Nalyd Seth/Na NV NV SAFE LF Rocks Aimers OUT NV
5th Aimers WIN Kate NV Sonik SAFE SAFE Zach WIN Seth/Na NV NV SAFE NV Rocks Sun NV
6th Rocks BB Seth/Na Fanny MrD/BB SAFE LF NV Cod
8th Mr. E AJ WIN Sierra* SAFE WIN SAFE WIN Nduke Seth/Na* Fanny MrD/BB OUT Nalyd
9th BB NV WIN Mr.E WIN Alfan SAFE SAFE LF* Seth/MrE Fanny NV Cod
10th MrD AJ WIN Mr.E Sonik SAFE SAFE Zach WIN Seth/Na NV NV Cod
11th Fanny WIN Kate TCF WIN Kevvy SAFE SAFE LF Seth/MrE NV Nalyd
14th Zach WIN Kate TCF Sonik SAFE SAFE NV
15th Kev AJ WIN NV WIN Alfan QUIT
16th Alfan AJ WIN NV WIN Kevvy
17th Sonik WIN NV TCF NV
19th Sierra NV WIN OUT
20th Kate WIN NV
21st AJ NV
  • - In Week 3, Mr. E was originally going to be eliminated, but Jeff deemed Sierra inactive and she was auto-eliminated.
  • - In Week 9, Nalyd or Mr. E was originally going to be eliminated with Seth, but due to a producing malfunction, neither went home.


TBA1 Chat 1

MrD: 'Ello.

Sierra:Ohai people.

Nduke: Hey! :D

MrD: Let's kick some tribe two butt out there!

Kev: *breaks the 4th wall* Emika is a dumped singer with good songs like this love hurts. I have that song on my Ipod

Mr. E: I agree. MrD.

BB: Hmm? Oh, hello, everyone. ^^

TBA2 Chat 1

Sonik: Orite mates.

Aimers: Meh, maybe I will make ther merge again...

Sun: What should we be called? :D

Sonik: The Awesome Guys

Sun: Nah... Let's have something Tribal an Indian-ish! :D

LF: Hello everyone!

Cod: Um, wasn't this supposed to be Heroes vs. Villains? I mean, that would be a lot cooler...

Sun: BLARGH! *tackles Cod and puts a bag over his head* Don't you dare speak of the fifth/sixth season!

Challenge 1

Jeff: Today, both teams must pick a team name, and put it in bold. The team with the best name out of ten wins immunity!

Seth: Lafanaa

MrD: Pangua?


Mr. E: Kaarakan

BB: I like MrD's suggestion.

Nduke: Hmm, Zapatera

MrD: I bolded Sierra's since Blade told me it was the best so far.

'Alfan: I like'' 'Nagiri better.

Nduke: We like Sierra's


Fanny: X'ongul.

Sun: Zagatu?

Kev: Foonzon

Seth: Eshesha

Fanny: I think X'ongul is our best since it sounds exotic and unique.

MrD: According to Blade, Nagiri is actually the best so far, so ya.

LF: I agree with Fanny. I like X'ongul.

Jeff: X'ongul gets a rating of 6/10, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to dock some points from Tribe 1, due to MrD's meddling. 5/10, I'm sorry Nagiri.

MrD: ... You told me they were the best to make us lose on purpose didn't you. -.-

Tribal Council 1: Nagiri

Jeff: Before we begin, I must explain the new twist. You are allowed to change your vote, but at a price. If I catch you changing your vote, your team is given the option of automatically eliminating you, immunity idol or not. If more then half agree to eliminate you, you're out. If more than half disagree, your safe. You're not allowed to influence their choice. Please vote.

MrD: I vote AJ, at least I tried the challenge.

Kev: *Writes AJ*

Nduke: *writes AJ*

Seth: AJ. I don't even know you!

BB: *chooses not to vote this round because he didn't do anything this round*


Mr. E: AJ

Challenge 2

Jeff: For today's challenge you must swim down to the bottom of the lake, grab a key, and test it out on the cages to free your teammate/s! *looks at cage containing Sunny and Kate, and another containing Sierra* (I will tell you if it unlocks)

Nduke: *dives underwater and grabs a crab* Wait this isn't a key OW!!!!

LF: *Dives into the water*

MrD: *dives into the water*

Nduke: *grabs a key swims back and tries a key*

Key: *does not work*

Nduke: Ugh! *dives back into water and grabs a key* *muffled shouting* This better work!

Alfan:*dives into the water*

Tcf09: *dives into water but accedentally breathes it in* Ack ahh!!!

Alfan:*grabs a key and starts swimming back*

MrD: *also gets a key*

Alfan:*gets on shore and tries his key*

Nduke: *grabs another key, swims to shore, and trys it.

Key: *does not work*

(Nduke's or mine?)

(Sun: Neither)

Zach: *dives for a key*

Nduke: *grabs another key and tries it*

Alfan:*starts diving again*

MrD: *arrives at the shore and tries his key*

(key does not work)

LF: *Grabs a key and begins swimming back up*

Alfan:*grabs a key and starts heading back*

LF: *Reaches shore and tries key on crate*

Key: *does not work*

Sun: *moves closer to Kate* Take as long as you want guys!

MrD: *dives again*

Alfan:*tries his key*

LF: *Dives in again*

Aimers: *jumps into the water*

LF: *Grabs another key and begins swimming back up*

MrD: *gets a key and swims back*

Nduke: *grabs a key and swims back and tries it*

Key: *does not work* (Nduke, your doing this all in one line, your not going to win this way)

Nduke: *rolls eyes* *dives for key and swims back*

LF: *Reaches the shore and tries her key*

MrD: *arrives at shore and trys key*

Nduke: *arrives at shore and trys keys* My fingers and toes are so shrivled up, its not cool.,

Mr. E *jumps in water*

(MrD's key works)

Jeff: And Nagiri win immunity!


Mr. E: *walk up to shore holding the back of his head* I hit a rock. (Mr. E:YAY! I didnt get 17th place for once!)

Alfan:Unless someone debuts later and you go next. But that is impossible.

Tribal Council 2: X'ongul

LF: *Writes Kate* Sorry girl, you're just not that active in this camp.

Sun: *is about to write LF, but writes Kate* I'm sorry! *cries*

Aimers: Kate...Sorry :(

Zach: Kate.

Cod: I know that I haven't been active lately, but I usually do this at the beginning at Survivor Wiki. Oh, and I have to vote, Kate... Sorry BFF :( *writes Kate*

Fanny: I guess Kate.

Challenge 3

Jeff: Joining us today, is the most annoyi- famous admin in the world! Nalyd! He will choose the winning team, and will join them!

Sun: *begs*

MrD: Choose me, with my epic chatango avatar, I shall lead you to victory!

Nduke: Nalyd! Honor!

LF: You should join my team Nalyd. We're epic already, and with you it would be epic-er? (xD)

Sun: *hides his Nalyd shrine* :o

BB: .... Huh? Oh... Huzzah. ^^

Jeff: Nalyd may also remain neutral until next challenge, causing both teams to vote someone out now.

Nalyd: No, no, I'll pick, I don't wanna cause both teams to go... Can I just think for a bit?

Sun: Get to the bomb shelter! *runs away* (xD)

Mr. E: *Gulp* (CONF) Oh god! It's happening again!

Nalyd: I'll have both teams vote somebody out, Jeff. *smiles*

Vote 3: Nagiri

Jeff: Please vote.

MrD: Hm... Mr.E, I wanna be a jerk and make him get seventeenth again! =D (xD) Besides, he also doesn't help in challenges too much.

Nduke: Mr.E, karma.

Mr. E: I vote for Sierra, she didn't do much. (NONCONF) C'mon guys! Please don't make me go home this early again! I do more than Sierra, at least!

BB: *scribbles down MrE for no apparent reason*

Jeff: And Sierra is auto-out, saving Mr.E from elimination! (Sierra's done nothing, and I wanna give Mr.E another chance)

Mr. E: Oh, thank you! *huggles Jeff*

MrD: Don't worry Mr.E, I'm not voting you again anytimne soon probably, I just voted for you mainly comedic purposes. =/

Mr. E: *arms crossed* Challenge Accepted.

Vote 3.5: X'ongul

Fanny: Tcf09, I don't think she's aware she's even in it.

LF: *Writes TCF* Sorry girl, but you seem unaware.

Sun: *writes TCF* :D

Zach: Tcf... ? ._.

Cod: Um, Tcf, sorry... *writes TCF*

Jeff: *snuffs TCF's torch* The tribe has spoken!

Day 4

Jeff: For today, the first two people to comment will be choosing the new teams, along with Nalyd!

Zach: :o

LF: Yay!

BB: D:

Jeff: Nalyd, LF, and Zach will be the captains! LF chooses first!

Alfan:Yay for Nalyd!

Zach: >.>

Cod: Nayld! Pick me! PICK ME!!!!!!!

LF:I choose BB.

Jeff: Zach's turn! (since Nalyd isn't on)

Zach: Cod. :3

MrD: Nalyd! Please pick me and my epic avatar!

Jeff: Nalyd's turn! Zach, what's your team color?

Zach: Coral :3

Aimers: :)

Fanny: I'll be on Nalyd's team for him.

Zach: If not Coral, Goldenrod.

Nalyd: I pick BB. (I'll be back on soon, gotta shower and fill out some stupid science fair forms)

Jeff: BB was already picked, and no Fanny.

Kev: LF pick me

Nalyd: Ah, my mistake, I pick Sun then.

BB: Two captains want me... I feel so loved. :3

Jeff: Nalyd, team color? Oh and BB, pick for LF!

BB: We choose Fanny.

Zach: Since BB's on LF's team, I guessing I'm next? I'll pick MrD if's the case.

Cod: Noo! *is dragged away from Nayld by Zach while foaming at the mouth* NAYLD!!!

Kev: *runs to Lf* Please pick me

Nduke: Please pick me!!!

Mr. E: *is expecting to be picked last*

(Tcf09: @Fanny -.- @LF xD I did know I was in this camp, I just didn't have time to come on right after school and the actual challenges go on while i'm in school)

Fanny: >_>

BB: I think it's Nalyd's turn to choose. (And, guys... for you that wanted to be on Nalyd's team so bad... it's not the end of the world. o_o Most likely, if you all were on his team, you'd let him win. -w-)

(Fanny: I just wanted to be on his team to vote him out. :D)

Aimers: >.>

Nalyd: I pick Mr. E.

LF: I choose Kev.

Zach: Aimers, com'n down!

Aimers: *smiles*

Nalyd: Seth, buddy, you're with us.

LF: Alfan, come on over!

Zach: Sonik. K? Nduke can have Nalyd's team.

Jeff: Okay the teams have been made! Challenge time!

Seth: Sweet

Challenge 4

Jeff: Come up with a name and bold it! I will judge them, and the team that comes in last loses and goes to elimination!

Zach: The Xii'lin, what do you think team?

Sun: I like Team Fun Underachieving Crazy Killers! Don't make that an acronym >.>

LF: Ok team, what are some suggestions? I like Tambaqui, but I want to hear some others as well.

Nalyd: we are Fuerte, meaning strong.

Sun: Yeah, we be strong! *tries to open a pickle jar but fails* (xD)

Aimers: How about team Madira? Random i know....

Fanny: The Xil'djan. I like that.

LF: Oh I like that.

LF: We will be called Xil'dijan.

Nduke: I love the name Nalyd!!

Mr. E: Cool. (Sorry I wasn't here, I got school) and I feel SO honored Nalyd. *Sniffle* I'm not crying.

Alfan:I missed the challenge, but I love the results!

Challenge 4 Judging(DO NOT EDIT)


Madira: This name sounds tribal, as well as festive. It also sounds Spanish, which makes me think of Alejandro who was able to defeat everyone using cunning tactics. Very good. 6/10

Xil'dijan: Sounds a lot like mustard to me >.<. Personally, I like mustard, but not dijon (xD). Though, dijon mustard his spicy and has flair to it. 8/10

Fuerte: I love that it means strong. It's like Team Victory, with a lot of fan favorites. (I love mehself :D) It helps represent the team's strength, and is good overall. 7/10

And with that, Madira is voting someone off!

Tribal Council 4: Madira

MrD: Sonik, he doesn't do much. Sowwiez.

Aimers: Sonik...-___- even I participated in the challenge

Zach: Sonik :@

Jeff: Sonik has been eliminated. The tribe has spoken. *snuffs the torch of Sonik*

Challenge 5

Jeff: The Nanny Trivia! The first 6 to answer correctly will move on to the second question! And the next first three correct to the third question. And then the the first two correct win immunity for their team! If only two teams make it to the final round, they'll both win!

Question 1

Jeff: What was Fran's adopted daughter's name from Cambodia? (Ugh, I got the country wrong >.>)

Aimers: Mai ling?

Kev:Mai Ling

Nalyd: Mai Ling! (I love this show! <3)

Nduke: Mai Ling! (Me and my mom watch this every night! I <3 it!

Aimers: I have NEVER seen this show >.< I had to look it up...

Fanny: MAI LING! I LOVE THIS SHOW. Don't judge me.

Seth: Mai Ling!

Jeff: So Aimers, Kevvy, Nalyd, Nduke, Fanny, and Seth move on!

Question 2

Jeff: When Fran is worried that Maxwell Sheffield will milk out the "I love you." he said to her for the rest of her lives, she imagines life when she's older. She is not married to Max, but C.C. and Niles are married. In what year were they married?

Nalyd: I shall guess 2016.

Kev: 1999

Nduke: 1998

Aimers: oh geese...I can't find the answer >.< leeching powers activating! I will guess 2000

Seth: 2001

Fanny: IDK, 1998?

Jeff: You're all wrong! The answer was 2005! (Don't judge meh >.>) New question!

Question 2.5

Jeff: As to the above question, why did Niles marry C.C.?

Aimers: After C.C got a boyfriend, Niles could not insult her anymore and fell in love. He accidentally proposed to her and eventauully they get married...

Seth: Um, C.C got engaged.

(Mr. E: I really wish i could answer this, I know everything about the nanny.)

Nduke: After C.C got a boyfriend, Niles couldn't insult her and fell in love. He accidentally proposed to her and they got married eventually.

Fanny: Niles lost the ability to insult C.C., and accidentally proposed to her. She ran away to the elevator, when Fran and her got stuck in an elevator. After a talk, C.C. decided to marry Niles and they did.

Nalyd: Cause he loves her. <3 Haha, jk, he couldn't insult her anymore, and then he accidentally proposed.

Jeff: Ugh! Do you guys read?! I said as to the above question! Meaning the dream image Fran was having! Ugh!

Question 2.7 (UGH!)

Jeff: What is Fran's sister's name?

Nduke: Nadine.

Nalyd: Nadine.

Seth: Nadine

Jeff: Fuerte wins immunity! Tiebreaker time!

Tiebreaker Question!

Jeff: First person not on Fuerte to get this right wins immunity for their team! The question is: What does C.C.'s name stand for? (Anyone can answer)

Aimers: Chastity Claire....

Jeff: Aimers wins for Madira! Xil'dijon is going to elimination!

MrD: *high-fives Aimers* Way to go teammate!

BB: Darnit! I knew the answer to that. >.>"""

Tribal Council 5: Xil'dijon

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Alfan:Kev, sorry.

BB: *puts down Alfan and sighs*... :-/ I hate voting....

Kev: *writes down Alfan*

Fanny: Let's keep this interesting. *votes Kev*

LF: *Writes Alfan* Sorry but you got really far last time and I think Kev deserves a chance.

Jeff: *snuffs the torch of Alfan* The tribe as spoken. Barely.

Challenge 6

Jeff: Today is a scavenger hunt! There are ten items on the list, each worth a certain amount of points! The two teams with the most amount of points win immunity! (the number to the left is the amount of points)

1. Coconut-Madira

2. Pink Seashell-Fuerte

3. Palm Tree Leaf-Xil'dijon

4. Horseshoe Crab Shell-Madira

5. Dead Baby Jellyfish-Xil'dijon

6. Bark from a Palm Tree-Madira

7. Condor Egg-Madira

8. Rainbow Fish-Fuerte

9. Fish Egg-Fuerte

10. Guppy Fish-Xil'dijon

MrD: *hits a coconut tree relentlessly, and a coconut eventually falls and he gets it* =D

Sun: *jumps into the ocean and begins swimming around* Glub. Glub.

BB: *notices a palm tree and immediately begins climbing it* God, this thing is high.

Kev: *runs to a palm tree and tries to takes some bark off the tree*

MrD: *looks around for a horseshoe crab shell*

(Sun: Kev, that's 6 points. No. You can't do it in one line)

Mr. E: *Is running around a beach for a pink seashell*

(Kev: Sorry)

BB: *climbs up and snatches a leaf* Oh, yeah, babyy-- *falls out of the tree* --yyyyyyyyyyyyyy--aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Mr. E: *picks up shell* No.

(Sun: Kev, STOP! That is godplaying! if you said that two challenges ago, maybe. BUT NO! That is 2 Strikes!)

Fanny: *scoops up fish with a net* No guppies. :( *dumps them back in the ocean*

(Kev: I quit)

(Sun: Why?)

(Kev: I will be out soon like this challenge)

BB: Hmm... Dead baby jellyfish. *begins running to the near waterway*

(Sun: Kev, don't quit. You never know what could happen)

MrD: *keeps looking for the crab shell*

(Kev: I could be out anytime and if I'm out of this camp then I could get my science project done)

(Sun: So you really wanna quit?)

(Kev: Yea)

Fanny: *scoops up the net*

Mr. E: *Finds shell* Yes!

BB: *dives in and begins swimming down rather quickly, thinking to self* Dead... baby... jellyfish.

(Sun: Fanny, NO. 10 points in 2 lines is not fair!)

(Kev: I'm sure about quiting the camp)

MrD: *fsees the top of a crab shell, and starts digging it up*

Mr. E: *trying to rip bark off a tree*

MrD: *pulls out the crab shell* Woot! =D

BB: *continues swimming down to the base of the river/ocean/whatever he's in*

Sun: *sees a rainbow fish and begins following it*


Cod: *starts climbing Condor';s nest* I-Oh I oh I, I've got probelms with condors, problems with condors.

BB: *hits his head on the base of the ocean, losing a little breath*

MrD: *looks around for the condor egg*

Fanny: *finds another rubber guppy* What the helicopter!

Cod: *arrives at top of Condor nest* Crap, oh crap.. *snatches a condor egg* Yes! *sees Condor mother* No...

BB: *notices a dead baby jellyfish on the ocean floor and snatches it quickly... puts a thumbs up to the camera and begins swimming back up*

Cod: AHH!1 *falls out of Condor nest with egg fine* Phew... Now onto the ocean! *thumbs up the camera*

Condor: *swoops down, steals the egg, and drops it in the nest*

MrD: *sees the condor and starts climbing up after it*

Fanny: *throws another guppy but sees it swim away* GUPPY NU! *dives in after it*

MrD: *is half-way up the mountain*

Fanny: *spits out guppy when he surfaces* THERE!

BB: *remembers the list and stops swimming up to the surface.... begins thinking* Hmm... a fish egg. Where the heck are those?! *swims up to the surface, gets his breath, and begins swimming back down*

Sun: *swipes at the rainbow fish*

MrD: *three fourths up*

Sun: *catches the rainbow fish and begins searching for eggs as soon has he takes some air in*

MrD: *is at the top, and glares at the condor before fighting it over the egg*

LF: *Is looking around confused* What does my team still need?

MrD: *hits the condor, and while it's flinching, he grabs the egg and starts running*

BB: *continues diving down to the ocean floor again*

Nalyd: *walks along the beach, searching for a palm tree*

Cod: *does a BP in the ocean* Now, where are the fish?

Sun: *tries to find the fish eggs*

MrD: *jumps in the water to look for fish eggs*

Sun: *reaches the bottom of the ocean and continues to look*

MrD: *follows Sun, still looking*

BB: *reaches the ocean floor and continues to look*

Sun: *sees the eggs and speeds towards them*

MrD: *sees the eggs twoo, and races after them with Blade* Oh no you- *runs out of oxygen since he talked, and swims torwards the surface* (xD)

Sun: *reaches out and grabs the eggs* Yes! *runs out of oxygen and surfaces*

BB: Hey!! *chases after Sun's egg* (Am I able to steal it? xD)

MrD: *starts trying to peel off bark from a palm tree*

Sun: *hisses* MINE!!!! (you can try, but you've been warned! xD)

MrD: *part of the bark has been peeled off, but he still can't get it completly off yet*

BB: *chases fiercely after Sun with red tints in his eyes* :-@""

MrD: *almost got the bark off*

Sun: *stops and roundhouse kicks BB in the face* (xD)

MrD: *gets the bark off* Woot!

Jeff: Fuerte wins immunity, and Madira and Xil'dijon tie!

MrD: Um, what's the tie breaker?

Jeff: A The Nanny question! (xD i love these)

MrD: *rolls eyes* What's the question?

BB: *hits the surface* Bring it!!

Jeff: What are Fran's twins' names?

MrD: Eve and Jonah.

BB: Jonah Samuel and Eve Catherine!! :|

Jeff: New question! Because I never specified if I wanted full names or just first! Okay new question is... What is Niles's last name?

MrD: Um, it's never revealed ?

BB: "de Butler" according to C.C.; however... Niles stated that his family name is "Niles..... like Cher."

Jeff: BB wins, as Niles does not have a last name! (xD)

Tribal Council 6: Madira

Jeff: MrD gets individual immunity for being the only person on this team to compete.

MrD: Woot! I vote for... Zach. Sorry, you've been inactive latly.

Cod: Woot! I vote for... Zach. Sorry, you've been inactive latly.

Aimers: Seriosuly? You guys had a challenge while I was at swimming practice? Well considering how this wasa a fail >.> I guess I vote Zach...

Day 7

Jeff: Today, ToadGamer80 and TDARocks are debuting! They will each choose a team they want to be on, but that team will go to elimination! Toad and Rocks will have immunity though! Get picking you two!

MrD: Choose Nayld's team, they have the most members!

Rocks: I pick Xil'dijon as my team. :p[1]

BB: ... *sigh*

Toad: I pick Fuerte! Just 'cuz it has a cool name.

Cod: I'm sad because I deleted my failed camp....

LF: *Hugs Rocks* You're on my team!!!

Rocks: *hugs back* lol, this feels awesome. Im glad about this. :p

Toad: I'm on Fuerte! What's a Nalyd? XD

Vote 7: Fuerte

Toad: I have immunity, but who knows who I'm gonna vote for? I still have to decide. I'll go pee, then vote. XD

Sun: I vote for Nduke...

Toad: Gotta vote for Nalyd! Go vote for Nalyd! Button, FLY!

Mr. E: I vote Nduke, Nalyd has never been in this before, and Nduke has gotten really close before.

Seth: Um, I vote, IDK, uh, I guess, um, Nduke.

Jeff: *snuffs the torch of Nduke* The tribe has spoken.

Vote 7.5: Xil'dijon

BB: As much as it pains me to do this... I have to vote for LF. :-/ :'((((((

LF: I don't really want to vote anyone, but since BB already won, I vote for BB. Sorry dude :(.

Rocks: I hate this day but my vote goes to BB. Sorry I hope you understand.

Fanny: I'm siding with my buddy. Plus, I'd love to see a tiebreaker so I vote LF.

Question 1

Jeff: What would Bridgette's patronus be, according to me?

LF: I guess since she's a surfer, maybe a Dolphin?

BB: Honestly... I was going to say dolphin, due to Brunch of Disgustingness.... So, yeah.. Dolphin. >.>

Jeff: LF wins! Too bad you need 3 questions right to win!

Question 2

Jeff: What's is Duncan's dog's name?

BB: Petey.

Jeff: It is now 1-1!

Question 3

Jeff: Who is Bridgette's best friend?

BB: I don't know... I thought it was Courtney.

LF: Was it Gwen?

Jeff: Keep guessing!

Rocks: *eats popcorn* Come on you two! D:

LF: LeShawna?

BB: I was about to say LeShawna. If not LeShawna, I'd say "Bruno". xD

Jeff: Keep guessing!


Mr E: *in another room* Facepalm

BB: *sigh* Geoff?

Cod: Can you HURRY it up?

BB: LF hasn't guessed again yet!! :@ I have no clue what the answer is... all I do know is Courtney was Bridgette's best friend prior to her elimination in TDI and Gwen and LeShawna were her best friends after Courtney's elimination on the island. But, we've guessed all of those.

LF: Actually, I have guessed again, and guessed DJ, which I know is wrong, but like BB said, we've guessed everything that has made sense and nothing has been right.

Mr. E:Where is the host?

Jeff: You know what, since NO ONE is going to get this, you're both safe!

Mr. E: Who was it?

Day 8

Jeff: For today, the two people to come up with the best merge color, or name, wins immunity! And it is a double elimination!

MrD: Spring green, to represent it's a new start, you get a clean slate with people not on your team!

Seth: CORAL!

Jeff: MrD wins immunity! Nice presentation!

Seth: X'atama for tribe name!

LF: Bayoneta should be our tribe name.

Seth: No, wait, Jeffawesomea

Mr. E: X' Fureandria. Next...?

Aimers: How about Lakarta o.o

Rocks: I would say Maroon would bring that spiritual, great attitude to the 12 fierce competitors that will take part in the upcoming merge. It is a great way to represent the merge team with this color as it brings edge into Survivor. :p

Rocks: For our tribe name it would have to be "Fakusha"

Jeff: And Rocks wins immunity for the name!


Cod: Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

LF: So when are we gonna vote?

Tribal Council 8: Fukasha

MrD: Nalyd, you're the biggest threat right now, and Seth, you aren't very active.

Toad: I'mma vote Nalyd again, dawggy. XD

Sun: *writes MrE/Cod* (thanks for whoever deleted my vote >.>)

Aimers: Toad you have to vote two people...I'm gonna vote Nalyd and Seth...Sorry Seth :( I havent seen you on in forever for this camp :(

Toad: All right, G. Simmer down. Anyways, I vote Seth as well, yo. XD

LF: I vote Mr. E and Seth. Nalyd's never been in this camp, so I think he deserves a chance.

Mr. E: Seth and Nalyd Sorry.

Cod: Seth and... Mr. E, sorry. I mean, Nayld may be a threat, but let's give him a chance.

Fanny: Seth and Mr. E

BB: Mr. E and uhhh.... Seth? :-/

Rocks: I'm voting Seth & Nalyd. Sorry bros

Mr. E: I'm sad. I've never really got a chance at this either, and got eliminated both times for stupid reasons (Or in season 1's case, I was at a funeral).

Nalyd: Seth and Mr. E.

Jeff: First person out is, Seth! Now you may think Nalyd or Mr.E is going home, but that is FALSE. Due to Fanny editing the elimination table and making it so that Nalyd was safe when he wasn't, Fanny has been eliminated! *snuffs the torches of Seth and Fanny*

Seth: Well bye guys. Sorry it had to end this way!

Jeff: *gets a phone call* Mhmm, yeah? Okay then everyone! *hangs up* Fanny is safe, it was just a producing malfunction! Today is only a single elimination! *reignites Fanny's torch*

Nalyd: Okay. Glad I'm safe.

Mr. E: Yes!

Fanny: I better be.

Challenge 9

Jeff: Sunny trivia! Sunny can't participate! (yay for biasy towards mehself :D) First person to three questions right wins!

Question 1

Jeff: Sunneh's girlfriend's name is Pri. What is it short for?

Sam: Priscilla, or something like that.

Mr. E: Priscilla?

Fanny: Pristilla

Jeff: Fanny gets a point!

Question 2

Jeff: Who is Sunny's favorite "The Nanny" character?

LF: Guessing because I know nothing about the show. Is it Fran Fine?

Mr.E: Niles?

Rocks: Gracie?

BB: CC? :D

Jeff: The score is now Rocks: 1, Fanny: 1

Question 3

What color hair does Sunny have? (xD)

LF: Very dark brown.

Rocks: Brown?

Jeff: LF gets a point!

Question 4

Jeff: What is a unique facial/head-al feature Sunneh has?

LF: You have a moustache? O.o...

Rocks: a sad expression.

Mr. E: Sad face

Rocks: How bout that bump on your head like from your birth defect? ;)

Rocks: You have different eye colors?

Rocks: Hearing aid?

Rocxks: You have a deformed head?

Cod: Sunneh has a unique... life?

Rocks: A deformed ear?

LF: A deformed ear.

Jeff: And LF wins! (Rocks put in too many answers >.>)

Question 5

Jeff: What color is Sunny's phone case? (xD)

LF: Black?

Rocks: Red?

Mr. E: Black?

Rocks: Orange?

Jeff: Rocks gets it! (>.>)

Question 6

Jeff: What is Sunny's favorite band?

LF: Paramore.

Jeff: LF wins immunity! *coughs* Sadly *coughs*

Tribal Council 9: Fakusha

Nalyd: based on his behavior at the previous vote off, I vote for Fanny.

Mr. E: Fanny, sorry bro, you tried to get me eliminated, not cool.

Sun: Fanny? I guess...

Cod: Fanny.... Sorry ):

BB: *goes with the flow* Fanny... :-/

Rocks: Fanny, sorry dude. :-|

MrD: Fanny's meh friend! D= I vote LF so my vote won't count.

Jeff: Too bad, Fanny's out. And you're lucky too! By changing your vote, everyone could have eliminated you!

Challenge 10

Jeff: Today's challenge is based off of the language Latin! Two people will win immunity, or one if he/she can translate both!

Translate: Necat aut sum nebat! - Rocks

Rocks: The 1st one means: He kills the she was spinning, or I am!

Jeff: WRONG!

Rocks: Kill or be killed?

Jeff: Finally!


Translate: Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus! - LF

LF: The 2nd one means: We came, We saw, We conquered.

Tribal Council 10: Fakusha

Jeff: Double elimination! Rocks and LF have immunity!

Sun: *writes MrD/BB*

Nalyd: I am voting for MrD and BB. Two big threats to win this game. --Nalyd Renrut - Legendary Snipe! Master of epic pwnage 17:57, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

LF: *Writes Mr. D/BB* Sorry dudes, but don't feel bad, you both made F3 last time.

Rocks: My vote is going to MrD and Bb. *types MrD/Bb* Sorry bros, I'm glad you guys made it to the merge.

Mr. E: Sorry, MrD and BB, you are Big threats, BB won before, and both of you made it to the final 3. Take it as a compliment.

Cod: I am so sorry I didn't do the challenge Jeff. But, i'll have to go with BB and Mrd. Sorry, guys. *writes BB and Mrd*

(Mr. E: Wouldn't that be enough votes?)

Jeff: MrD and BB have been eliminated! *snuffs their torches*

Challenge 11

Jeff: Paramore Parody day! For today's challenge, you must choose a song, and create a parody of the chorus! (I don't want the songs too long >.>) You have until Friday to complete this! Worst entry is out!

Sun's Entry

Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

Remember What Got You Here by Sunslicer2

He used to act so nice

caring, thoughtful to all he sees!

Never acted cold as ice,

never stinging like mean bees!

But it all was fake, a ploy

to become famous!

The tabloids have got the dirt now

His ploy's been cracking before his eyes!

Cherish the days,

when your mind isn't frayed!

Well go get your shovels!

And we'll dig deeper!

To discover the truth,

discover the truth!

Bah da ba bah da bah ba da!

So one day they found him hiding,

from the eye of the public view!

His fame has been depleting

I don't care about him, too!

Well he's gone all bad,

the cameras don't flash,

so make sure,

to remember what got you here

or you'll come crashing down!

Cherish the days,

when your mind isn't frayed!

Well go get your shovels!

And we'll dig deeper!

To discover to truth!

To discover the truth!

Bah da bah, bah da ba bah da, ba da bah bah ba da bah ba! Ba da bah ba dah bah ba da, BA DA BAH BAH BA DA BAH BAH!

Well you climbed up the ladder of fame!

Because your real life is lame!

Well you climb up the ladder of fame!

If it's not true,

you can't keep it in your mind

or convince others as well

Because no ones believes it!

And if it's a lie,

they can see it in your eye!

or even in your heart!

And that's how it's meant to be!


Well go get your shovels!

And we'll dig deeper!

To discover to truth!

To discover the truth!

Bah da bah ba da bah BADA!

LF's Entry

You don't have to believe me

But the way I, way I see it

Next time you try to vote me out

I'll have to tell you, tell you off

Next time you try to vote me out......I'll have to tell you off.

If this is the game you're playing,

Well, I must get you eliminated

Because you must feel so hated.....When everyone's jaded.

It's just my humble opinion, but it's one that I believe in

You don't deserve another win, if you don't do anything.


You don't have to believe me

But the way I, way I see it

Next time you try to vote me out

I'll have to tell you, tell you off

Next time you try to vote me out...I'll have to tell you off

Parody of Playing Gof by: Paramore.

Nalyd's Entry

Parody of The Only Exception

When I was younger I saw
my mommy bake and eat some cookies
She tipped over the tree and I watched
as she tried to reassemble it

And then she told me
There was no such thing as Santa
And that was the day I promised
I'd never sing of Santa, he does not exist

But Christmas is the only exception
Christmas, the only exception
Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul
That childhood never lasts
and we've got to find other ways
To make it to Easter, the Easter bunny exists... right?

Mr.E's Entry

Toad's Entry

Parody of "The Only Exception"

The Only Bad Parody

This is such a depression
I just got detention
For running in an election

'Cause I am only eleven
But that doesn't even rhyme
What a deception

Rocks' Entry -- "Parody" BP Oil Spill

[Chorus] Can we pretend that the Oil Spill
never happened in Gulf of Mexico
Want my life back right now, back right now, back right now.
Can we pretend that the Oil Spill
never happened in Gulf of Mexico
Just want my life back right now, back right now, back right now.

It can kill a turtle, or a dolphin, or a fish
The oil spill killing cant get simpler then this
And even after all the gallons thats passing
It seems like mother nature keeps harassing
BP oil yeah i hate them with a passion
Thinking that its funny but there aint nobody laughing
Damn robot had to hit the oil cap man
So hard that obama did a back flip
Starting from the gulf now headed to the panhandle
Thats something that the U.S. can't handle
CEO says he wants his life back
i say we throw him in the spill with no life raft
People losing there jobs some fighting for there life
A fishermen committed suicide and ended his life
What would BP do if there were more deaths tonight
Or black rain coming from the skies

[Chorus] Can we pretend that the Oil Spill
never happened in Gulf of Mexico
Want my life back right now, back right now, back right now.
Can we pretend that the Oil Spill
never happened in Gulf of Mexico
Just want my life back right now, back right now, back right now.

Parody of "Airplanes" by Hayley Williams ft. B.O.B

Cod's Entry

(Parody of "For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Chorus)

How do you think I can think?

You can't think, you can't think any day,

So, how did you think I can?

You can't think away, you can't talk away

You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this''

You never wanted to pay

I put my money in you, so much money And then you just threw it away You threw it away

And they all lived happily ever after. The End :)

Aimers' Entry

Parody of Misery Buisness by Paramore...

"Hating on Sunny" by Aimers (ends after first Chorus)

NOTE: This is all just the challenge..I dont hat you at all, i was just really stuck.....

Lets talk about Sunnny,

Lets start at the top

He's really immature ands is ticking like a clock

Its a matter of time before he wears you down,

And when you've had enough, he starts to go and frown."

We waited all this time before he finnaly was set free

"We told him, "We can't lie, you really need to see"

"Two weeks of you is to set a man on fire"

"We dont like you but you have the bigeest smile"


"You KNOWWWW, WE really can't stand yooooooou, but we really can't leave you Nooow"

"Whoaa We really just lover your laaaauuugh, and all the cool things you do all the while"

"But, wow we hate you sooo, cuz your so annoying all the timee"

"But if we had the strentgh to leeeeaave"


Challenge 11 Judging

Jeff: Since Mr.E did not submit anything, he is out!

Mr. E: Oh well, I made it further than I ever did. Later.

Challenge 12

Jeff: For today's challenge you must catch one of the giant rubber ducks running around in the ranch. After you catch one, you must ride it down the river, and race to the finish line. First there wins immunity and gets to give one other person immunity with them.

Aimers: *runs after duck* COME BACK HERE >:(

Nalyd: *observes one of the rubber ducks sitting in a bath tub* Better not spook it... *slowly approaches the duck*

Toad: DUCKEH!!!! C'mere, you. *almost gets it, then trips and falls* Fish cakes.

Rocks: *slowly goes for one of the rubber ducks* Hey.. rubba duckie..

Nalyd: *pounces on the rubber duck in the bath tub, wrestles with it*

Rocks: *wrestles with the rubber duck* Take this, you mnacing creature! D:

LF: *Runs after rubber duck* This is degrading. (:P)

Sun: *running after a duck, which is running in circles* I feel dizzy! :D

Rocks: *grabs the rubber duck and trips over a rock* Ouch! x_o

Sun: *takes out a tube sock and begins whacking the duck* GET BACK HERE!

Nalyd: Hey, duckie, I've got bread crumbs! *the duck chases him* AAAH! *runs toward the river*

Rocks: *runs to the river with his duck* Heyy guys! *waves to Nalyd and his duck* :D

Nalyd: *reaches, river, jumps onto duck and rides* Yee haw! *throws bread into the air, trying to speed up the duck*

Cod: *jumps on slow duck* Mush! MUSH!! *duck swims slowly towards the finish line*

Sun: *jumps on a duck, which slowly walks towards the river* WHIP TIME! >:D

Cod: Whoops, fogot to catch it. *throws rope over duck* :D *duck farts* D:

Rocks *speeds up and trips almost nearing the finish line* Dang it. D:

Sun: *goes up the river, whistling "Pressure" through his nose* D

Rocks: *rides his duck over the finish line* Woohoo! *is wounded* D:

Jeff: And Rocks wins! Who would you like to share immunity with?

Sun: I lurv you Rocks, remember that. *winks* (xD)

Rocks: This is going to be a hard descision. :-/

Rocks: I think.. Cod deserves for me to share immunity with. Sorry guys I hope you don't hate on me. :-|

Toad: All right, guys. I'm a good sport, sooo...

Tribal Council 12: Fakusha

Nalyd: i vote for LF, threat in challenges.

Sun: *writes LF* Too much of a threat.

Cod: Er... Um, I vote for... Oh, look! Is that a hawk?

Toad: I vote for LF, too.

Cod: Ugh, I'm gonna have to do the wrong thing, don't I?

Rocks: *writes LF* I'm so sorry about voting you off, this was a hard descision but I think you are a threat and I know you might be angry or frustrated at me. Sorry. :-|

Cod: *writes LF* -.o

Jeff: LF, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs her torch*

Challenge 13

Jeff: For today's challenge you must build a giant castle, using giant legos! But be careful, because "Things Always Fall Apart"! If any piece falls, your out! First person to build the castle wins! They also get to give immunity to one other person!

Nalyd: *quickly begins stacking legos* I love legos :D

Rocks: *starts building the giant castle*

Aimers: *Builds base of castle*

Nalyd: *builds a square floor, starts making walls*

Rocks: *finishes with the floor and builds the rooms*

Nalyd: *continues building his four wall tower*

Rocks: *finishes with the walls and moves on to the main tower*

Nalyd: *continues adding lego bricks to his walls*

Rocks: *adds more lego bricks to the tower* :P

Nalyd: How high do they have to be? *adds some more bricks, the tower is as tall as him* Jeff, I'm done, do I win?

Sun: Rawr! *noms a lego brick*

Jeff: Nalyd wins! Who will you share immunity with?

Cod: *sticks a lego brick up his nose* Eww.

Nalyd: I'll give Toad immunity, hoping that he'll vote with me tonight

Tribal Council 13: Fakusha

Sun: *writes Rocks* You're really too much of a threat... Sorry

Aimers: I vote Rocks because he competes really well in the challenges....

Nalyd: I also vote ROCKS.

Toad: I'll vote Rocks with Nalyd! Thanks for immunity!

Jeff: The tribe has spoken. *snuffs Rocks' torch*

Challenge 14

Jeff: Sunny trivia time! If you get one wrong, you're out for the rest of the challenge! Last one standing wins!

Question 1

Jeff: Who is Sunny's idol? First person to answer wins immunity for the night!

Nalyd: Hayley Williams!

Jeff: Nalyd wins immunity!

Tribal Council 14: Fakusha

Nalyd: I vote Aimers.

Sun: *writes Aimers* Bye bye Aimsies!

Aimers: o.o I thought we were in an alliance o.o Well I vote Sunny.....

Toad: Aimers, I guess.

Challenge 15

Jeff: For today's challenge, the final challenge, you must go around the perimeter or the island, and race back to the starting point! Along the way, you must collect three berries! Last person back without three berries is automatically out!

Sun: *starts running, and watching out for berries*

Nalyd: *walks along the perimeter, searching for berries*

Sun: *trips and falls into a thorn bush, filled with red ants* (xD)

Nalyd: *inspects bushes, searching for berries*

Sun: *sees a berry in the bush* Coolio! Like OMGLEE! *begins walking*

Cod: *starts going around the perimeter of the island* Come on...

Nalyd: *spots a berry in a bush* haha! *grabs berry, runs, looking for another bush*

Sun: *begins to scurry around bushes* (xD)

Nalyd: *runs, finds a bush, dives in head first* Gotta find one...

Cod: *finds a berry in a bush and grabs it* :D

Nalyd: *gets a second berry, jumps out of the bush* Victory is at hand! *continues running*

Sun: Quickly! *lunges at a bush and grabs a berry* YES!

Nalyd: Sun and I have 2, Cod has 1. *continues searching*

Sun: *searches in bushes next to Nalyd* Meh precious...

Nalyd: *sees a baby bird with a berry in its mouth* Am I really that selfish?... *grabs berry from bird and starts running* yep!

(CONF) Nalyd: You gotta do what you need to do to win.

Sun: *finds a berry in a bush and begins sprinting* Victory shall be mine!

Nalyd: *sees large birds flying at him* AAAAH! *runs*

Sun: *throws a rock at the birds* Wait, why am I helping you? *runs faster*

Nalyd: I dont know, but I appreciate it. *continues running*

Toad: *wakes up* Wow, I'm in Cross Country. I'm sorta fast. *finds 2 berries on the ground* Wow, it's my lucky day.
Cod: *finally finds another berry* Yes! One more to go...

Nalyd: *continues running from birds* They wanna eat me! D:

Cod: *sees berry all the way on top of tree* Crap.. *starts climbing*

Nalyd: *runs more* Don't eat me, birdies D: *gasps* I can see the finish line!

Toad: *sees a berry in a ditch* Cool! *jumps into the didth, and gets the berry, but can't get out* Darn!

Nalyd: *bird dives at him* Aaah! *ducks, rolls, crosses finish line* I won? o.o I won! :D

Toad: *gets out of the ditch* Second is okay, I guess. *crosses finish line*

Nalyd: *wonders who will come in third* :o

Cod: *gets the berry, falls off the tree and begins to sprint to the finish line* AHH!!!

Nalyd: *watches*

Cod: *dolphin dives towards the end of the finish line* Phew... *notices that he is one foot away from the finish line and starts crawling* I made it!!! *arrives and passes out*

Sun: *runs through the finish line* Yes!

Jeff: And Toad is out! (You godplayed by getting 2 berries in one line, on your first line, so yeah, sorry :|)

Cod: Whoo! Final 3, baby!

Final Tribal Council

Cod's Speech

You know what? I really don't deserve this. I was barely here half of the season, and the rest of it I just voted and did challenges. You know what that means? NO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. And when there is no character development, there is no winner. Also, I did win the second season. Does that make me a likely candidate? No, it doesn't. I may have been one of the nicer people in this game, but I definatly think I don't deserve this win. However, it is up to the Jury to decide my fate. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my speech. *gets an awkward standing ovation* ... Oh come on! I just said I DIDN'T deserve it... -.-

Nalyd's Speech

Let's be honest here, I did vote all of you off. I do take responsibility for that. One thing I would like to say though is that I did play the most honest, leading way. Sun road my coattails here, and did not attempt once to try and lead. Cod joined my alliance on day 13, promising that he and ROCKS who were apparently in an alliance would give me immunity if they won. According to ROCKS, Cod was lying. I didn't lie to anybody, I didn't backstab.

From the minute I joined this game, I was in a position of power. On day 3 I sent both teams to elimination, then the next day I had to pick my own team. I do think that I played a perfect game, and I hope you guys agree.

Aimers, Toad, BB, you three have not voted yet, so I'd just like a chance to address each of you. Aimers, I am very sorry for voting you out. I know I'd promised you an alliance, but I'd been told by someone (I think it was Cod) that you were planning to blindside me. Toad, you were a great competitor, and I was happy to have been able to play the game with you as long as I did. BB, I do apologize for voting you out.

Sun's Speech

I guess I deserve to win because through the whole game, I did betray some of you, but I never did it as an act of dishonesty. It was only because I knew you were better than me. To be in the finale with one of you, was suicide on my part. Almost all of you deserve the win, but I'm the one standing here. If I managed to outlast you guys, some of the best Survivors, I think I deserve the winner title.


Toad: Still thinking. Though I think I should still be in. I wasn't really godplaying. T_T


Rocks: I dislike most of the Final 3 up there but my vote is going to Cod. Call me crazy or an idiot but he hasn't backstabbed me the whole game yet he owes me his vote soo yeah. ^

LF: I vote for Cod. I am along the same lines as TDA. Cod was probably one of the nicest, even though he did vote me out -.- Although the whole final 3 did, so there's no point in dwelling in that. :P

Mr.E:I'll vote for Nalyd, he played the best game overall.

BB: Well, let's see here.... Nalyd... Tsk, tsk... you voted me out, dude! D: So, you're automatically out. -w- Hmmm.... Cod or Sunny.... *flips a coin* Here goes nothing.... *coin lands on tails* Sunny, it's your lucky day.... You get to watch me vote for Cod. :)

MrD: Cod. Nalyd, I tried to get you out and failed, mainly due to Blade making it single elimination, so ya.

Fanny: I vote for Nalyd. In theory, he played the best game. He won the last three challenges. I'd vote Cod, but Nalyd hasn't won a camp in a while.

Seth: I vote

Seth is voting

SUNNY for not voting me off!

Cod: *is thinking of something* .... *snaps his fingers* I got it... Jeff, when is the Jury vote over?

Jeff: *sad(xD) Cod wins.... *muttering* For the second time. *shoots confetti, half-heartedly* (:P Congrats Cod)

Cod: I didn't win. Because I am giving my win, to share between Nayld and Sunny. *gives them trophy that comes out of nowhere* You guys win. I don't. Kthxbye! *disappears in a puff of smoke*

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