Season 3 of the Survivor Wiki series is here, but this time, there will be NO teams! Yes, everyone is out on their own, and it's Survival of the Fittest, our here on Merge(Easter) Island!


  1. Alfan
  2. Mrdaimion
  3. BB

Elimination Table

Non-Jury Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Eliminated Evil Drama F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 Kate Nduke 124 Kev HR TCF Plat EBGR Sun LF Seth MrD/Alfan
Place Voter Votes
2nd Alfan Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE NV SAFE SAFE HR SAFE Plat SAFE Sun LF Seth 3
3rd MrD Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE Nduke SAFE SAFE HR SAFE Plat SAFE Seth LF BB 1
4th Seth Evil SAFE P/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE NV SAFE SAFE NV SAFE Plat SAFE Sun MrD BB Alfan
5th LF Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE Nduke SAFE SAFE HR SAFE Plat SAFE Sun Alfan Alfan
6th Sun Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE Nduke SAFE SAFE HR WIN Plat SAFE Seth BB
11th Kev Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod EBGR SAFE Nduke SAFE OUT BB
12th 124 Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E NV NV SAFE NV OUT
13th Nduke Evil SAFE F/SG Mr.E Cod SF12 SAFE LF
14th Kate Day2 SAFE NV NV NV NV OUT
15th SF12 NV SAFE NV Mr.E Cod EBGR
17th Mr.E Evil SAFE F/SG Cod
18th First123 LF SAFE Sun/P
19th Snow NV SAFE NV
20th Drama Evil QUIT
21st Evil SF12

Challenge 1

Jeff: Best tribe name wins immunity, and gets to pick 4 others for immunity!

First123: Riguluh?


Evil: The Bomyain Tribe

MrD: The Jeff-Is-Super-Sexy tribe.

Nduke: Ganu.

Jeff: First and Evil are winning!

Sun: Rigyain!

Jeff: NO!

HR:What!I hate this so much.

First123: Griun?

Jeff: Hmm... has a nice ring to it, but nah.


Nduke: Umm... Bomulah?

Jeff: HR wins! Who do you want to have immunity with you?

HR:I say...(CONF)I really want them to beg..

Evil: ME ME I dont wanna go early again even though I won the first season but still

Sun: HR, please? We're great friends! PWEASE! YOU CAN HUGGLE MR. PEANUT! *holds up Mr. Peanut*

MrD: *drops to his knees* PLEASE PICK ME!

HR:*raises eyebrow at everyone*

Sun: HR, remember last season? *winks at HR*

Evil: ME ME I dont wanna go early again even though I won the first season but still

MrD: Give me a chance, I never even got to compete in another season like those two!

Nduke: Please! I really want immunity! We didn't really get to know each other because you were switched, but I'd like to get to know you!

MrD: I'll give you fifty bucks!

HR:Like I need it!

EBGR: Please Me! :) *smiles* I will be your best friend...... 0_0

Sun: I know... *kicks himself in the kiwis* I win?

Evil: I'll give you my Jetpack

HR:So I can pick 4 more people,right?

Jeff: Whenever you wish, preferebly now!

BB: (Okay, I had no idea that the challenge would start as soon as Sunny got all of his people. This is to let you know that I'm on now, however.)

Drama:Pick me!

HR:I pick BB,Mr.D,Nduke,and Sunny.

MrD: *glomps HR* Thanks! =D *gets pff*

Drama:Pick me!

HR:I pick BB,Mr.D,Nduke,and Sunny.

Evil:Fine you dont get boosty


Sun: Tank you! *hugglez HR*

Evil: My Jetpack Boosty I got her after I won Season 1

BB: Wait, what? You chose me!? Awesome!! *also hugs HR* ^_^

Tribal Council 1: Yukaru

MrD: Not sure who else to vote for, and Evil won the first season, so I vote for him. Sorry.

Sun: *writes Evil*

HR:*writes Evil,with devil ears on the "E" and a bomb instead of a dot in the "i"*

Seth: ET. Sorry

Evil*writes SF12*

First123: (CONF)I vote for....LF.

EBGR: *writes Evil*

LF: *Writes ET* (Sorry, I was watching Medium XD)

BB: *quickly writes Evil down*

Drama:*writes Evil*

Nduke: *writes Evil*

124: *writes Evil*

Alfan:Evil.*writes Evil*

(Not nice)(I do not want to, but there is no way to save you.)

Mr. E:Evil. (Sorry I'm late, I was busy)

Kev: *writes evil*

EBGR: When's the next challenge?

MrD: Wow, the first season's winner is the third's season first eliminated, who woulda thought?

Challenge 2

Jeff: For today's challenge, you must look all over the beach for the immunity necklace. First person to find it gets to choose four people to share immunity with them. To help, I give you these clues.

Empty shallow, cannot swallow. Thinking, hearing, never listens. Seeing, watching, always ignoring. Within me, your safety lies. 'Now go!

MrD: *looks around sea shells*

Cod: Hey Mrd, team up? *looks around Easter Island heads*

Sun: *looks in coconuts* Nope!

MrD: Sure. *looks for an egg*

Seth: *looks*

Sun: I think Cod's onto something! *follows him*

Kev: *follows cod*

LF: *Starts looking*

SF12: *startes looking*

Snopw: *Starts looking*

Cod: *stops, turns around* Ahh! *kicks Sun and Kev in the kiwis* Sorry! My reflexes are acting up! *starts running*

Kev: Owwww!! *runs to cod*

Cod: Ahh! *gets chased by Kev with Benny Hill chase music*

Kev: *runs close to Cod and pushes him away then runs faster*

LF: *Rolls eyes* What a stalker.

Cod: *grabs Kev's leg and trips him, then gets up and starts running*

Kev: *gets up, runs to cod and punches him in the face, runs faster*

Cod: *glares at Kev and then gets up and starts walking*

Kev: *walks with cod and kicks him in the kiwis*

Snow: Can i join you

Cod: *grabs his kiwis and throws up* Ok, Kev, you win... *walks away*

Drama:*looks around*Oh i found something.Oh it's just a necklace.

First123: *Starts searching*

124:*spys something with his binocalurs* found a fake neckalace.

Sun: BLARGH! *starts whacking the Easter Island heads with Mr.Peanut*

Kev: *runs to the easter island heads and starts hitting them*

Nduke: *begins hitting easter island heads* Come on!!

First123: *Continues searching*

(Drama, don't godplay. I eliminate people after 3 strikes, and you already have 1 now)

Kev: *trys to push an easter island head over*

First123: Hmm.*Looks at the Easter Island Heads*Oh maybe that's where everyone is.

Nduke: *busts a egg open* OOH A PIE!

First123: Now what can I use to start hitting a Head.

BB: *immediately goes over to where MrD was around sea shells*

Jeff: Oh, did I mention that today is a double elimination and Kate will be debuting?

MrD: No...

Nduke: *goes to look by the seashells*

First123: *Continues trying to hit an Easter Island head*

Drama:Double Elimanation?Wow so soon.

BB: *notices Kate* Oh, hey! *continues looking, swiftly*

Kate: Hey. *looks in grass*

Kev: *almost pushes the easter island head over*

Sun: *helps Kev*

Tcf09: WOOO! *Strips to bathing suit and dives into water*

LF: *Looks in the water*

Kate: *looks in a pond*

MrD: *also helps Kev*

Kev: *pushes the head over and it breaks*

Mr. E:*Is looking*

Kev: *see the neckless and runs to it and takes it*

Drama:*is looking*

Jeff: And Kev wins immunity! Who will you share it with Kev? Pick 4 people.

Kev: I pick Lf, mrd, hr, and tcf

Tcf09: Yay! *huggles Kev* Thank You!

Tribal Council 2: Yukaru

Jeff: Please vote for two people.

Sun: *writes First/Drama*

Kev: *writes first/drama*

LF: *Writes First/Drama*

Mr. E:*writes First/Snow*


Seth: F/P

Drama:I quit because everybody hates me.

MrD: You godmod. *writes First/Drama*

Tcf09: We don't hate you. *Writes First/Snow*

Jeff: Everyone has to change their votes because Drama quit! It is still a double elimination, so vote for two people.

Sun: *writes First/Snowgirl*

First123: *Writes Sun/Plat*I did do the challenge!

LF: *Writes First/Snowgirl*

MrD: *changes Drama to Snow*

Kev: *writes first/snow*

First123: Life hates me but, I did to the challenge...

Seth: Plat/Snow

BB: *quickly scribbles down Snow and First*

Plat: Sun/Snow

124: *writes Snow and First*

Alfan:*writes Snow and First*

Mr. E:*writes First and Snow* First123: *Sarcastically*Thanks everybody your the best*Leaves*(I needed to be sarcastic before I was eliminated*Shifty eyes*)

Challenge 3

Jeff: For today's challenge you must break open coconuts and get keys that open the waterproof cages to the kittens in the lake. First five to get a kitten gets to keep it, and will also win immunity. The rest of the kittens will die.

Sun: *legasps, then starts breaking coconuts*

Mr. E:*Stomps on 10 Coconuts*

Alfan:*sees a coconut with a face on it*Looks familiar....*shrugs and breaks it*

Sun: *gets 3 keys, swims down to the water, and starts dragging 3 kitten crates up*

BB: *smashes one of the coconuts open to retrieve one of the keys* Hmm... *gets it out of the coconut* I wonder if the water's cold. *pounds head* Dumb thought.

Mr. E: *Gets key* Yes. *Drags crate up*

Sun: *gets the kittens up onto the shore, but drops the keys* NO! EVERYONE BRING THE KITTENS UP BEFORE YOU SAVE THEM SO THEY DON'T DROWN AFTER THE 5 ARE FREED! (dont godmodd alfan)

MrD: *dives to get the keys*


(MrD: You talking to me? I was never planning to get thme in that line...)

Alfan:*finds a key*Finally.

Sun: *dives back to get more crates* (No, I was talking to Alfan and Mr.E)

Alfan:*starts swimming*

Nduke: *stomps on 12 coconuts* Oh come on!

Sun: *drags 2 more crates up* (Mr.E, godplay one more time and youre out! You cannot lift that many crates!)

(is 3 crates too many?)

(No, but no more than 3)

Alfan:*drags a crate to shore*

(Mr.E, you can't throw crates from under the water to the shore, it's impossible -.-)

Alfan:Do I need to find another key, or just get more crates?

Jeff: A key, but the rest of the kittens may die. :)

Tcf09: *Gnaws on coconut* Grrrr!

Mr. E:*Grabs two more crates*

Tcf09: *Throws coconut at tree which bounces back and hits head* Oh come on!!!!

Sun: *starts swimming back down to get the keys*

Alfan:*swims back to get 2 more crates*

(Mr.E, all crates can be opened! I don't know where you're mind is, but the kittens can't be killed without a chance to live)

BB: *dives underwater*

Nduke: Yes! keys!!! *dives underwater and makes funny noises*

BB: *grabs a couple crates and swims up to bring them to the surface*

(10/17 kittens have been saved)

Nduke: *grabs 2 crates and gets the keys out* Sweet! Come here kitties!

Alfan:*grabs two crates and starts swimming for shore*

Sun: *goes for another 2 kitten crates* (Alfan, are those two different from the ones you were going for?)(No.)

BB: They're each going for 6.... There should be one left. *dives down for the last one

Sun: *reaches the shore* Come on BB! *puts his key into one of the cages* yay!

Alfan:*gets his two crates on shore*That was exhausting...but totally worth it.

BB: *throws the crate onto shore and runs to the box, taking his key out of his pocket to unlock it* Hmm... *unlocks it and chuckles* You're safe.

Sun: *huggles his black cat* I'm gonna call you Sapphire!

Nduke: *hold his 2 tabby kitties* I'm gonna call you Felix and you Spooky.

BB: *sees his cat and grabs it* Awwwwwwwww, I wish I could keep you. :3

Alfan:*unlocks a cage*Aww, I am going to call you Sherbert.*pets the orange and white kitten*

124: *breaks some cocunuts* 2 keys! *runs*

Tcf09: *Kicks the coconut open* Finally!! *runs with black eye*

Sun: *snuggles Sapphire*

124: *carries 3 cates* *runs*

Tcf09: *Dives into the bottem of the lake to get a kitten*

Tcf09Again: *Struggles but finally opens the cage* Yay! *chokes on water then reserfaces*

BB: *cradles his kitten* Hmm... What to call you?

Jeff: And BB, Nduke, Alfan, Sun, and TCF win immunity!

Tribal Council 3: Yukaru

Sun: *writes Mr.E*

Alfan:*writes Mr.E*

Nduke: *writes Mr.E* MrD: *writes Mr.E* There's only room for one of us with the "Mr." prefix in this town... oh yea, and you godmodded.

124: *writes Mr.E*

BB: *scribbles Mr.E's name*

Kev: *writes down E*

Seth: Mr E. (sorry for not doing challenges)

LF: *Writes Mr. E*

Tcf09: *pets fluffy white kitten* Aww i'll call you marshmellow! Okay anyway *Writes Mr.E*

Jeff: *snuffs Mr.E's torch* The tribe has spoken!

Mr. E:Sorry I godmodded, I honestly didn't think I did until Sun told me. and why don't you eliminate someone who does nothing. *writes cod* Later *leaves*

EBGR: *writes Mr E.*

SF12: *writes Mr.E* (sorry I missed it! In a different time zone!)

Yukaru Chat 1

Kev: *listens to a dj hero mix* I love bust a move vs around the world

Jeff: *throws all the electronics Kevvy has into the ocean* No electronics on Survivor!

Kev: *sings does the beat to the mix*

Cod: *looks at his Survivor FvF trophy* Ahh, the good ol' days...

Sun: *has an urge to toss it into the ocean*

Nduke:(CONF) I'm really proud of getting 2nd last season!

Cod: *doesn't notice Sun and throws up into it* I don't feel so well Jeff... *throws up in trophy* (weakly) Oh, so that's what this is used for...

Kev: *runs to cod, takes the trophy and throws it in the ocean* I hate FvF

Cod: *gets trophy from ocean* Thanks Kevv. Now it's clean!

Kev: *runs to cod and punches him in the neck*

Cod: *cracks neck* Oww! Oh, thanks Kev! My neck has been stiff all day!

Sun: Oh mai!

Jeff: Continue fighting and you both get out!

Nduke: Ooh!

Cod: Who was fighting? Kev was just helping me out!

Kev: *Lies* Yea I was helping cod

Challenge 4

Jeff: For todays challenge, you must crawl through the tunnel, catch an electronic mouse at the other end, then dig through the giant kitty litter box to find a cat treat. First four to do so wins immunity. Also, this will be a double elimination, but put who you want out first as your first vote and second person out as your second, as these will be seperate(on the elim table, e.g. *writes Sun/Cod)

Plat: *starts crawling through tunnel*

Sun: *starts crawling through the tiny tunnel*

MrD: *starts crawling through tunnel*

LF: *Starts crawling through the tunnel*

Nduke: *starts crawling through the tunnel*

kev: *walks to the tunnel and starts army crawling*

Alfan:*reaches the tunnel and starts crawling*

124: *starts fast-crawling through the tunnel*

Tcf09: *Dives into tunnel and starts crawling through* (Question: Are we all in the same tunnel?!)

Alfan:*continues crawling*

Kev: *continues crawling*

MrD: *finishes crawling, and looks for the mouse*

LF: *Gets out of the tunnel and helps Mr. D*

SF12: *starts crawling*

Sun: *makes it through the tunnel and starts trying to catch a mouse*

Kev: *makes in through and looks for the mouse*

Tcf09: *Rolls out of tunnel as if in combat and starts searching for mouse* Tisk! Tisk! Come On!! *Sets kitten loose* Go Get 'Em!!!

Plat: *catches mouse*

Sun: Good idea! *sets Sapphire loose, and she catches a mouse* Thank you! *runs to the kitty litter box**

SF12: *continues crawling*

MrD: *falls onto a mouse, picks it up, and he runs to the liter box*

Alfan:*looks for a mouse*

Tcf09: *Kitten runs back with mouse and electricuted fur* Good Girl! *Runs to Litter*

Kev: *runs to a tree and steps on a mouse* Omg *picks up the mouse he stepped on then runs to litter box*

MrD: *looks in the literbox for the treat*

Mech: *digs through kitty litter*

Alfan:*finds a mouse and runs to the litter box*

HR:*crawls under tunnel*Oh gosh,I am late!

LF: *Runs to the litter box with Mr. D*

Plat: *finds treat* First! :D

Alfan:*arrives at the litter box and starts digging through the kitty litter*

HR:*makes it to the other side*Now what..

Alfan:*finds his treat*Thank goodness!*high fives Plat*

MrD: *finds his treat* Yes!

Tcf09: *Digging with marshmallow* Dig Marshmallow Dig!!!

HR:*trying to catch her mouse*

LF: *Digging in litterbox*

HR:*catches the mouse*I did it!*starts digging*

Tcf09: *Sees marshmallow eating something* Wha- What are you eating?! *marshmallow swallows rest of treat* Seriously?!?!?!

HR:*still digging**falls in the hole*AHHH!*hits the ground*Ow!

Sun: *throws Sapphire into the kitty litter box, and she begins to search for the treat*

Kev: *digs for treat*

HR:How am I going to get out..*starts to climb up,fails*Ugh,Plan B.*yells for Help*HELLP!

Kev: *digs some more and finds the treat*

Jeff: TCF, Alfan, MrD, and Kev win immunity! Plat godplayed, resulting in no win for him!

Tribal Council 4: Yukaru

Kev: *writes bb/ebgr*

Sun: *writes Cod/SF12*

Kev: *changes bb to cod*

LF: *Writes Cod/SF12*

MrD: *writes Cod/SF12*

Alfan:*writes Cod/SF12*

Tcf09: Sigh... *Puts Cod/SF12*

Nduke: Ughhhh. *writes Cod/SF12* You're not beating anyone this time Cod, you're not even a juror.

SF12: *writes Cod/EBGR*

Seth: Cod/SF12

Plat: *writes Cod/SF12*

SF12: Well I knw I am gone so uh see ya next season!

Jeff: *snuffs the torches of Cod and SF12* The tribe has spoken.cod's number

SF12: *slips his phone number into Jeff's pocket* Bye guys! (xD) (turns out I put in)

Cod: *shrugs* Ok. I already won. And Nduke, *flips her off* bye!

Seth: XD

HR:Did someone get eliminated already?

EBGR: Sorry I haven't been online. I have been really busy.

BB: Yeah, HR. I think Cod and SF12 got the boot. :-/

SF12: *before he leaves* Wait! *kisses Sunny on the cheek* Call me! (I dunno I just got bored) *leaves*

Sun: *eye twitching* What... *eye twitch* the... *eye twitch* HELL?!

Yukaru Chat 2

Sun: Hi!

MrD: 'Ello.

Tree: *a coconut falls on Sun's head, knocking him out, and then, breaks open, containing a scroll*

MrD: *runs over and reads the scroll*

Immunity Clue: To discover my hidden secret, this clue will tell you, shall you read it.

A million of us are swarming,

Bringing food, scraps, and always learning.

Black, red, bringing harm

You may even find us, in a farm.

MrD:*puts hand in ant farms* OW!

(MrD finds the idol)

MrD: *pulls hand out, it covered in ant bites* Yes...

Challenge 5

Jeff: Sunny trivia time again! Singe elimination, and one person wins immunity!

Question 1

What would Sunny's patronus(Harry Potter, look it up) be?

Tcf09: Kay i'm in class so i'm going to quickly guess...a lion?!haha

LF: You would have something that's awesome and crazy, so a sheep.

Jeff: LF wins immunity... (*sighs*)

Tribal Council 5: Yukaru

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Sun: *writes Nduke* You betrayed too many people last season...

MrD: *writes NDuke* You had a really bad history last season, and you get second before, so ya. Sorry.

LF: *Writes Nduke* Sorry girl, but you got 2nd last year, so I don't think you need to get any farther.

Tcf09: ...Nduke, sorry...umm hey I have a question...aren't you guys in school right now?

(LF: No, Sunny and I got off for an "Ice Day" XD)

(Tcf09: Luckyyy! I'm in language arts...we just went from reading a poem about death to one about summer O.o)

(Sun: That be messed up chiz... O_o)

(LF: That's really messed up. Who reads a poem about Summer in the middle of winter? And death.......O.o)

(MrD: I know... Your Laungauage Arts teacher much love being ironic...)

Kev: *writes nduke*

Plat: *writes Nduke*

EBGR: *writes Nduke*

Challenge 6

Jeff: Today is the safety game, so say SAFE and you're safe. Last two people to say it are auto-out!





Plat: SAFE



Seth: SAFE


Jeff: Well, since no one else is going to say anything, Alfan and Seth are out! (Seth gets the jury for talking first)

Alfan:But Kev, Tcf09, and 124 did not even do it!

Jeff: Exactly. I said LAST TWO PEOPLE. You and Seth were the last two people, hence, you are out. But... I will eliminate 124oeo instead, due to his inacivity... and Kev... for the same reason *snuffs their torch* :D

Alfan:*is never taking MrD's advice again*

MrD: Sorry Al... I had no idea... Luckily, he changed his mind and eliminated Kevvy and 1224 instead.

Alfan:I do not blame you.Let us do our best!(CONF)I just wanna make jury, or get a one digit placing! :P

Tribal Council 6: Yukaru

Jeff: No one has immunity!

Sun: *writes HR* You're very inactive...

MrD: *writes HR* You're inactive, and in a jury vote would probably win. Sorry. D=

Alfan:HR, sorry.

BB: *scribbles HR onto his paper* :-/

EBGR: *writes HR* Sorry...

LF: *Writes HR* Sorr girl, but you haven't been doing much.

Jeff: The tribe has spoken. *snuffs HR's torch*

Challenge 7

Jeff: In honor of the first season, you will each be given water guns, and must extinguish the torch of one person. The first person to have their torch extinguished loses.

MrD: *runs over to TCF's torch* Sorry, you've been inactive, and would win in an f3 vote. D=

BB: Hmm... *flips around on the opposite side of MrD and does the same to TCF's torch* Squirty, squirty. No hard feelings, of course. :-/

MrD: *is right next to the torch, and about to fire*

Sun: Yay! *runs over to TCF's torch*

- EBGR: *runs over to TCF's torch and squirts it* Bye, Bye!

Fire: *does not go out* (Don't godplay EBGR)

MrD: *slips befor ehe fires, and falls on the floor*

Sun: *slips on mud and falls on MrD* :D

MrD: UMPH! *tries to get Blade off*

Sun: *falls over, gets up, and steps in cat poop* Ugh! (reference to my terrible day FTW!)

LF: *Watches her torch from behind some bushes and mutters* They can exstinguish there own. I'll wait here and make sure no one can get to mine.

Sun: *starts poking TCF's torch*

MrD: Blade, just extunguish it already.


MrD: Extunguish it and, if I get voted out before f3, I'll vote for you, 'kay?

Sun: Okay! *sprays the torch with water, and extinguishes it*

MrD: Sorry TCF...

Tribal Council 7: Yukaru

Jeff: I never said no tribal council! No one has immunity!

Sun: *writes Plat*

MrD: *votes Plat*

LF: *Writes Plat* Sorry dude.


Seth: Plat

Challenge 8

Jeff: Say SAFE to stay in! (yeah, I know I'm reusing this, but I can't think of anything Dx)



Seth: SAFE




Tribal Council 8: Yukaru

Jeff: No one has immunity!

Sun: *writes Seth* You really don't do much... Sorry... I hope we can still be friends.

MrD: I don't really want to vote BB, and since I know Seth won't get out anyway, I'll just vote Seth instead. Nothing against you Seth, I just know you'll be safe.

Seth: Sunny.Sorry.

LF: *Writes Sunny* Sorry dude, but it had to happen sometime.

BB: *writes Sunny* Hmm... Just... yeahhhhhhhh.


Sun: MrD.... Please *crying* How could you guys?! :(

Jeff: *cryings while snuffing Sun's torch* The *sniffles* saddest- *sniffles* elimination- *sniffles* ever!

Seth: *gives dirty look*

MrD: Sorry, but I couldn't give you the idol without either A. betraying LF or B. getting the boot myself.

Jeff: What are YOU looking at? Do it again and you're out in place of Sun!

Sun: It's fine MrD... *smacks him*

LF: Sorry Sunny!!! *Hugs Him*

BB: Huh? *looks at Sun leaving* Oh.... Bye. Sorry. :-/

MrD: Why are you so mad at me? *was the only one who didn't vote for you*

Challenge 9

Sun: Sunny trivia everybody!

Question 1

Sun: What be meh favorite band?

MrD: All American Rejects? Green Day?

Alfan:3 Days Grace?

Seth: Green Day

BB: Uhhh... Green Day?

Sun: BB, Seth, and MrD pass!

Question 2

What is my favorite type of deli meat? xD

MrD: ... Balogne?

BB: I... I gotta go with Ham. My luck, I'm probably wrong, but whatever. I tried. :)

Seth: Salomi?

Sun: You're all wrong! It was roast beef! Tsk tsk!

Question 3

Sun: What's my favorite show?

Seth: Survivor...

MrD: Total Drama? Forgot I could guess what another person guessed, so Survivor.

BB: I choose Survivor.

Sun: It's the Nanny you ninnies! :P

Question 4

Sun: What is my favorite custom character's name?

MrD: Gerard?

BB: Boo?

Seth: BOO

Sun: Seth and BB move on!

Question 5

Sun: What is my FAV Harry Potter Book? (just put the number, and if both wrong, closest (or if a tie) 2nd fave wins)

Seth: 2

BB: 5...

Sun: Seth wins immunity! *coughs*Yay!*coughs* (xD)

Tribal Council 9: Yukaru

Jeff: Please cast your votes!

Seth: Mr D.

LF: *Writes Alfan* Sorry dude!

MrD: Oh boy... I don't really want to vote anyone off... Except Seth, since I was ORIGINALLY going to keep him safe til f3. >.> So... I'll vote Seth, so meh vote won't count.

BB: *sighs and scribbles Seth onto his paper* What kind of friend would I be if I voted out LF and Alfan? They saved my butt last time... And... MrD's my friend.... I think. Seth has immunity and I'm not voting for myself. Sooooo, I'm voting for Seth. I can't bear to vote for anyone else. *points to the camera* Seth, remember. This is not a vote for you; it's just something I'm using to avoid voting for anyone else.

Alfan:BB is really nice. MrD is a worthy opponent. I vote LF.


MrD: Duh. Why do you think we're voting for you?

Seth: Oh Yeah.

MrD: Well, looks like it's up to me to break the tie... I vote for... LF. Sorry, but this is what you get fir betraying Blade like that, I guess...

Jeff: *grinning* The tribe has spoken! *snuffs LF's torch and then dances*

Challenge 10

Jeff: Today's final challenge is a "The Nanny" trivia, and if you get one right, you move on to the second round, BUT, if you're the only person out in the four, you're automatically out!

Question 1

Jeff: Name all of the Sheffield's children's name!

Alfan:Gracie, Margaret or "Maggie", and Brighton.

MrD: Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie

BB: Margaret "Maggie" Sheffield, Brighton Sheffield, and Grace "Gracie" Sheffield.

Seth: Gracie, Maggie, Bright

Jeff: You are all wrong, as Fran became a Sheffield, and had Jonah and Eve!

Question 2

Jeff: Fill in the blank! "That girl has no personality, and that one has ______!"

Seth: A lot?

MrD: A lot?

BB: "A lot!" I don't remember this quote, honestly. :|

Alfan: A lot?

Jeff: Wrong! It was multiple! (yes I have issues for remembering this :P)

Question 3

Jeff: What is Maggie's boyfriend's name?


MrD: Michael.

BB: I think it's Michael.

Alfan:Michael. Although he is now her husband. They got married.

Jeff: Good! You ALL passed -.-

Question 4

Jeff: Fill in the episode title: "Oy Vay, You're ___!" (no copying answers)

BB: Gay? :|

Seth: Totally G*y

Jeff: BB wins immunity!

Tribal Council 10: Yukaru

Jeff: BB has immunity, and MrD must use his idol!

MrD: I use my idol.

Seth: I vote BB

MrD: I vote BB, I don't want to vote out Seth or Al...


BB: *sigh* As much as it pains me to.... I vote for Seth. :-/ I hope we can still be friends... :(

Jeff: The tribe has spoken! *snuffs Seth's torch*


Final Tribal Council

Jeff: Please state why you should win!


BB: Oh, wow. The Final Three? I can't believe I'm here. Oh, well. *clears throat* Why do I deserve to win? Well, first off, the main reason is that I believe I was well-liked throughout this entire season. I mean... you guys seemed to like me. True, I did have to vote some of you out, but... the reasons were already listed on those days as to why I had to do it. As far as I'm concerned, I haven't been threatened by anyone, I haven't showed any conflict to anyone, personally, that was serious, and... I don't believe anybody ever voted for me and it counted this season. That should say something, right? Right. If that isn't enough, I'd say another reason as to why I should win is because I feel as if I worked to get to this point. If I didn't work hard to get where I am now, then I'd agree with some of you that don't want to vote for me. I feel liked I worked on a lot of these challenges, even won some, and did my business correctly. If you don't want me to win, that's your opinion, but I'd like to say that I'm right here. I'm BB. *breaks the 4th wall* And, I want to be your Survivor Wiki: Merge Island champion.


MrD: Wow, I'm actually in the f3? Well, first let me get started by saying I did the most behind-the-scenes work here, with my Blade-Lf-Me alliance. We would have been the f3, or at least me and LF in the f3, but LF backstabbed Blade in the f6. While I did techniqually backstab him by not giving him the idol, I still don't consider it that much. In thwe f6 and f4, I never voted anyone out who I wasn't sure would be safem and in the f5 I only voted LF since I was in an alliance with Al. I also could have won every challenge pre-jury, I told Lf the answer for the one NDuke got eliminated, and I didn't do the challenge where Mr.E got eliminated since I knew it'd make me seem like a threat. =/ TCF and HR, I only voted you off since you were the biggest threats *cough* and Blade told me to. *cough* Plat... You went on your vacation, so I knew you couldn't do anything. Blade... Again, I'm sorry for not giving you the idol, but I figured you'd be out soon anyway/ I'd be eliminated if I did since I thought they could change their votes... LF, I didn't want to backstab anybody so you were the only choice... And Seth, I didn't even vote for you. I was the only one to not vote for you. And, you wanna know somthing? If you're not voting me, vote for BB please. He never won a camp before, and frankly he did more then Alfan, no offense. Well, this is the end of my speech, bye!


Alfan:Well, this is only my second season, and season 1 did not go well. LF betrayed me, and I left upset. I got to be able to compete again, and I was stoked. I got to hang out with friends old and new. I made it to the final 3. I worked as hard as I could. I made friends, and most importanty, I had fun. Even if I lose to BB or MrD, I know they deserve it. We worked hard to get here. I know, if I lose, that I lost honorably. And if I win, I will never be able to fully show my gratitude. But I know whoever wins today really deserved it.


Seth: Alfan.

LF: Well here I am, once again voting for someone to win. Mr. D, I am not mad at you for what you did, but did ever occur to you that you didn't have to change your vote to me, and we could've gone to a tiebraker challenge? Then, maybe you may still have my vote. Alfan and BB, are IMO, equally matched. Although BB was more active throughout the camp, he wasn't the most active, just like Alfan. Neither of them did less than the other. My vote is strictly based on who I think deserves it. Although I think BB is a great friend, and Mr. D as well, I'm going to vote Alfan. He has always had my back. Good luck to BB and Mr. D as well.

Sun: *writes BB* You never really backstabbed me, and you really deserve the win...

EBGR:*writes Alfan* You are awesome and you really deserve it! I support you 100%!


TCF: Well appearently since i'm not in this camp anymore (xD) I guess i'm obligated to vote soooo... *Writes BB* I always keep my promises(:

HR:I didn't even read the speeches!*writes down BB*You derserve it!*puts a smiley face*

Kev:You need this more then anyone *writes BB* If you lose I would be so sad

Jeff: *counts the votes* BB is the winner! Congratulations!

BB: *squeals so loud, the sound barrier nearly breaks* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Thank you, everyone!! :D

Alfan:*high fives BB* You deserve it! I would have voted for you. But next time, the win is mine. *laughs*

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