In this second season of Survivor: Wiki Island, 9 fans and 9 favorites will compete for... well... nothing... just pride.

Sign Ups

Co-Host: Beyonce (XD)- LF

Nami Nami-Favorites

  • LF
  • Cod

Lagoya-Fans(could not be in season 1)

  • Nduke


  • LF
  • Cod
  • Nduke


Sun-HR Friendship


Sun-Kev Conflict


LF-Sun Relationship

Sun-HR Attraction

Sun-Peanut(One-Sided on Sun's side)

Nduke-BB Attraction


Seth-Nduke Alliance

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated Fanny Reddy BB/Plat Evil Lance 124 Snow Crag SF12 First H/A Kev Sun Seth LF/Nduke
Place Voter Votes
1st Cod Fanny Reddy SAFE NV WIN NV SAFE Crag SF12 NV H/A SAFE Sun Seth 3
2nd Nduke WIN WIN BB SAFE Lance SAFE Snow Crag SF12 First H/A SAFE Sun Seth 2
3rd LF NV NV SAFE Evil WIN NV SAFE Crag SF12 First H/A SAFE Sun Seth 1
4th Seth Fanny Reddy SAFE Evil WIN 124 SAFE Crag SF12 First H/A SAFE Sun Cod Nduke
5th Sun Fanny Reddy SAFE Evil WIN 124 SAFE Crag SF12 First H/A SAFE Cod Cod
6th Kev Fanny Reddy SAFE Evil WIN 124 SAFE Crag SF12 First C/A OUT Cod
7th/8th Aimers WIN WIN NV SAFE NV SAFE Snow NV NV First NV Nduke
9th First123 WIN WIN BB SAFE Lance SAFE Snow Crag SF12 Aims Cod
10th Sierrafan12 WIN WIN BB/Nduke SAFE NV SAFE NV NV NV
11th Crag NV NV NV SAFE Lance SAFE NV NV
12th Snowgirl WIN WIN BB SAFE Lance SAFE Aims
13th 124oeo Debuts Day 3 SAFE NV WIN NV
15th Evil Fanny Reddy SAFE NV
17th Plat WIN WIN QUIT
18th Reddy NV NV
19th Fanny NV


Nduke: Hello everyone!

Kev: I will not god *is cut off because alots of people don't know what it is*

Nduke: Godplay?

Kev: Yea and god mo *is cut off* (CONF) Sh**

Nduke: Where is everyone else??

Kev: IDK *Return of the mack is randomly played*

First123: Hi.

Nduke: XD

Kev: *repeats over and over* Oh god

Nduke: *patiently waits for someone else to chat*

Aimers: ... Yea I'm a fan! :D

First123: Yeah I am too!

Nduke: Me too!

LF: Hey y'all! I'm back, as a Fav! And y'all better watch out, I'm here to win this time.

Snow: Im A Fan And gonna win

Kev: Ima win this time

Lance: Lance is in the house!

Snow: Wow

First123: I wish everyone good luck.

Nduke: O great, Lance, he's probably a parody of Tyler XD.

BB: *looks up* Oh, hello, everyone.

Snow: Hi

Lance: Howdy

Evil:JETPACKIN' *lands* hi

Lance: *akward look*

Nduke: Omg Evil won last season! *shakes Evil's hand*,


Nduke: So when does the challenge start, and Plat and HR haven't said anything yet.

Snow: Hi Im snow

HR:And I'm HR.

Cod: *falls out of nowhere from the sky* This games mine, eh? MINE!! Hahaha! Just kidding! I am Cod, and I hopefully will win this season. And actually do stuff :D

Lance: My name is lance and i am a borderline rookie.

Nduke: Hi i'm NDuke, sucsessful owner, of NDuke's camps.

First123: The name is First123 and I hope we all do great in the game.

Evil:Hello First sorry but Im First

First123: I couldn't come up with anything else as a username and now I can.

Evil:*whisper's to Sun & Crag* hey wanna make an alliance with the three of us we could make it to the final 3 again.

Lance: *trying to whistle* One of the many talents i dont have.


Challenge 1

Beyonce: Hey y'all, it's the one and only amazing Beyonce. I'm gonna be your Co-Host this season. I'll fill in for Jeff whenever he can't talk to you guys. Now, time for your first challenge. Each Tribe must come up with a riddle for the other team to solve. First tribe to successfully answer there riddle that was giving to them by the other tribe gets immunity, while the other tribe must vote someone out. Cod must come up with the riddle that will be giving to the Lagoya tribe, while Lance must come up with the riddle which will be given to the Nami-Nami tribe. Got it? Good. Now begin!

First123: Come on Lance win it for the fans!

Lance: i hope this one works. If a father gives 19 cents to one son and 6 cents to the other son, what time would it be?

Beyonce: The Nami-Nami Tribe must now answer that riddle. Lagoya is still waiting for there riddle from the other Tribe.

Sun: Is the answer to that riddle 2:15?

Lance: No, but your on the right track.

Sun: Oh... 10:15 :D

Lance: Nadda

Nduke: Where's Cod>

Nduke: Hello?

Jeff: Since Cod ain't here, Sun will fill in.

Sun: I say 2:45 is the answer! And my riddle is this.... Two girls were born on the same day, on the same year, in the same month, at the same time, had the same mother, were sisters, but not twins. How?

Lance: Sun you are close, but 2:45 isnt the answer

First123: They were born in a different time?

Sun: No... (sorry forgot that in my riddle DX)

First123: Um...they were born at the same time but one AM and one PM?

Evil: the sisters had a different Dad

Nduke: Maybe they came out with their heads connected?

Snow: I dont know

Nduke: Has Plat even spoke, him and sierrafan12 are the only ones that haven't spoke yet. or that are helping towards this challenge. :(

BB: Sun, I think it's because the girls have different fathers. It's highly unlikely, but I think it's possible for that to happen. Is that right?

Evil:It's impossible

Lance: Its possible to have twins with two dads.

Evil:wait there not twins because there 2/3 triplets

Nduke: Umm Evil, that is Laogya's brainbuster, yours in Nami Nami;s and this:

Evil:Oops. okay then Which word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthened?

Kev: 6:19?

Sun: No... It's a quarter to two, so 1:45.... :D and Evil.... don't say the answer to my riddle, but since Evil said it, he will come up with the riddle since he already did. (I know the answer btw)

Plat: *talks so he doesn't get auto-booted*

LF: Good guesses Sunny. Maybe we can win this. (CONF) I need an alliance.

Nduke: Idk, short? to Evil's question.

Jeff: And Lagoya wins! Nami Nami, time for elimination.

Kev: Evil you should of made it harder

Nduke: Yay! I did it! I solved the riddle! :D.

Seth: Well someone from f3 last season is probably going.


Tribal Council 1: Nami Nami

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Cod: *wakes up* Sorry! I didn't know this was happening! (I was really busy, sorry!) *votes for Fanny*

Sun: *writes Fanny*

Seth: *writes Fanny*

Kev: *writes down Fanny*

Evil:*writes down fanny.........................and Bob*

Jeff: Five votes for Fanny and one for......Bob? Fanny, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs Fanny's torch*

Nami Nami Chat 1:

LF: (CONF) I did not see Fanny being first out. But hey, he was a big threat.

Sun: LF! We be on the same tribe this time! *huggles her*

LF: *Hugs Him* Yes, unlike last time when I was stuck on a losing team.

Kev: I love that Fanic's out so we could win a challenge (CONF) I want the challenge to be easy

Sun: *whispering to LF* Want an alliance, babe? (xD)

LF: *Whispers to Sunny* Any time suga (XD)

Lagoya Chat 1:

Nduke: (CONF) My back is killing me. *yawns*

Lance: Oh suck it up you mary sue.

First123: Good job on solving the riddle.

Nduke: Thanks! (:

Nduke: So when is the next challenge?

Lance: Whenever the host-person tells us.

First123: K.

Lance: *waiting*

Nduke: *lays back* *Shows off her bikini*

Lance: *raises one eyebrow*

Challenge 2

Jeff: Today, 3 members of each team will stand on their respective pillar, and must knock their opponent off. The matches are Seth and BB, Cod and Nduke, Evil and Sierrafan12. Team with the most standing win.

Nduke: *begins dueling with Cod* *hits him in the head, he stays on and swings at Nduke, but he ducks* Dang that was close!

Kev: What do we do?

Sun: *ripping gummy bears's heads off* Watch.

Evil*uppercuts Izzysy and knocks him out*this should be easy*try pushing IzzySy fan but he's to heavy*who much does this guy way*

Kev: Who is the first fighting?

HR:I don't know.

Jeff: Everyone fights at once.

Lance: Perfect.

Nduke: *smiles at Tweek* *hits Cod harder**fall,fall,fall!*

First123: Lets pray nobody dies.

Sierrafan12: Sorry I brought my over weight puppy with me!

HR:(CONF)It's a good thing I didn't get chosen to fight.

BB: Hmm... *begins his duel with Seth by swinging at Seth multiple times, but missing each time* Grrr....

Sun: HR! *huggles her* You're my BFF!

Nduke: *hits Cod**just alittle more*

HR:...Is that a good thing?

Nduke: *hits Cod in the stomach and knocks him off* Yes!

Sun: *singing* I would a catch a grenade for ya, yeah yeah, Throw my head on a blade for ya! Yeah Yeah! You know I'd do anything for ya, yeah yeah! I would go through all that pain, take a bullet straight through my brain, yes I would die for ya babe, but you won't do the same!


BB: *continues slightly swinging at Seth* You gonna put up a fight?

Sierrafan12: *thows dog evil lethal teetuppy at Evil and makes the puppy attack him*

Nduke: I won, yes!

Kev: *whispers to Sunny* I really like HR

HR:Who said you won Nduke..

Sierrafan12: Go puppy bite into his body!

Evil:AHH*jumps to Izzysy's pillar and knocks him off then Evil falls of after*Ahh whats going on

Jeff: And it comes down to Seth and BB.

HR:..Go whoever is on my team!

Sierrafan12: You can't knock me off standing on my pillar you must pay *gets a postdigger* DIE!

BB: *screams down to Jeff* Yo, dude! *refers to Seth* This guy's not doing anything...... anything! Can I just knock him off?

Jeff: Who's stopping you?

LF: *Pulls Sunny over an kisses him* (XD)

BB: I grow tired of this. *literally flicks Seth off of his own pillar*

Nduke: *laugh*

Kev: Hey HR I love you

Sun: *kisses back, then pulls back, blushes, then giggles* (xD)

HR:Kev,not interested.

Nduke: I think BB, is cute, I guess. *winks*

Kev: *thinks about HR and how cute she is* (CONF) Why did she say no to me?

HR:(CONF)About denying Kev,one:I will get distracted,and two:I don't like him.

BB: *notices the wink, gasps, and tries to pay it no mind for now* Oh, my...

Nduke: *runs away and cries* Nevermind I take back my wink, sorda,

HR:*sees BB*BB,calm down..focous..on something else.

Kev: *to sunny* How do I get HR to like me?

Nduke: *to Kev* Why bother with her? I think she likes Sunny. HR, don't freak out I said THINK.

HR:*shoots daggers at Nduke*(CONF)She has some nerve saying that,I am not going to "freak out."

Nduke: *Dodges the daggers*. Okay, Sunny, likes you. sorry for saying that HR.

Evil:can we get on with the challange

(HR:..Nduke shooting daggers means to like glare at them not that i really did it..)HR:..Whatver.

Sun: *winks at HR*

Jeff: And Lagoya wins again!

Aimers: GOOO TEAM!!! WE WON!!! *hugs everyone

HR:Yay!*notices the wink*(CONF)*blushes*No,Don't!I will not fall for someone on the other team*slaps self*

Nduke: Yay! High fives HR, that is how we roll!

Kev: *waves to HR*

HR:*slowly waves back*

Sun: Congrats. *kisses HR's hand*

HR:.Thanks,and not neseccary.*slowly pushes him away*

Kev: Congrats for your win *hugs HR*

Sun: DX

HR:Okay*pushes him away,slowly*Just to tell both of you,I hate attention.

Lance: Wow for someone who hates attention, HR sure is getting alot of it.

Tribal Council 2: Nami Nami

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Sun: Reddy, time for you to become red! As in out! *writes Reddy*

Kev: *writes reddy* You did nothing

Evil:*writes Bob and Reddy*

Cod: I vote Reddy. I luv ya, but you haven't done anything. *writes Reddy*

Seth: *writes Reddy*

Jeff: Five votes Reddy.... and one for Bob again! Stop Evil! Reddy, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs Reddy's torch*

Nami Nami Chat 2:

Evil:we have to win the next challange

Sun: I don't know... (CONF) I don't HR gone!

LF: WE need to win. We can't keep losing. It's pitiful.

LF: *Pulls Sunny aside* You better not be cheating on me with HR. I saw you kiss her hand AND the wink.

Sun: I-I didn't... *nervous*

LF: Don't you lie to me. I will tear you apart or her if I have to (XD DRAMA!)

Sun: B-but I didn't! I would n-never!

LF: You're just scared of me. Tell me the truth now, or I'll vote you out.

Sun: Okay I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that! *braces for a hit* Nowhere in the groinal-ish area please.

LF: *Raises her hand to hit him, but puts it down* Come on you big scaredy cat *Takes Sunny back to camp*

Sun: *being dragged* Yay!

LF: *Back at camp* You are free Sunny, now just behave yourself.

Kev: *to sunny* Sunny you get LF and I get HR ok

Sun: *dragging Kev away* Yeah, we'll see. HR wants me, as does LF. So for right now, butt out of it.

Kev: If I can't then you can't ether

Cod: Guys? I'm sorry. It's my fault that we keep losing. We HAVE to win the next challenge.

Lagoya Chat 2:

Nduke: I wonder what today's challenge is.

Lance: WHo knows? Other than Jeff of course.

Nduke: Yup.

Lance: Now we wait.

Beyonce: Um excuse me , I also now what the challenge is since I'm the co-host.


Lance: Pardon, only jeff and the semi-washed up singer know.

Nduke: *laughs*

Aimers: We need to win again!!! Lets be like Koror on Survivor Palau XD!!!!

Beyonce: How dare you call me washed up. I am more famous then you will ever be. (This is my character, don't worry, I don't mean this personally.)


Lance: I'll be famous one day.

HR:(CONF)Til he's dead.

Nduke: Can't we just get on to the challenge?

Lance: Apparently not until Jeff and the washed-up singer say so.

Beyonce: Ohh you keep calling me that I'll make sure you leave this competition soon.

Lance: Ok i'll lay off


Lance: *looks at her suspiciously*


Lance: Nothing.

HR:(CONF)Something's up with Lance..

Lance: *sits on a rock*

BB: *paces, thinking*

Lance: *in deep thought* nothing will distract me.

First123: *Reads a book*

Challenge 3

Jeff: Today is the first Survivor Auction! It is a double elimination, one on each team, but you still get a reward. You may only bet on one thing, and first person to bet, wins it. There are only 7 items up for grab.

First123: Okay.

Jeff: First up is.... a giant stuffed peanut!

Sun: MEEEEEEEEE!!!! *runs to the peanut and huggles it* I shall name you Peanut!

Jeff: Okay... second one... you may bring one person into the game...

First123: What does that mean?

Cod: Meh, I'll take it.

Aimers: Hmmmm

Jeff: Congrats Cod, your team wins 124oeo!

Cod: Wait, what?

Aimers: XD Does 124oeo even know he was added XD?

Jeff: Just told him.

Sun: *still huggling Mr. Peanut*

Jeff: And the third auction is... a dinner at a five star restaurant with one other!


Jeff: Okay, who would you like to go with?

Evil:actually I'll let Sun go with HR

Sun: Really?


Sun: Well, it'll be a good steak. *whispering* Thanks for the help with HR, man! *done whispering* Wanna huggle Mr. Peanut while I'm gone?

Evil:OK*Huggles Mr. Peanut*

Kev: *to Crag, Seth, and LF* If you can get me something good that I can do with HR

LF: *Walks up to Sunny and slaps him* How dare you pick her over me.

Kev: *walks to LF* If you bet on anything make sure that it would be something HR and me would like

Sun: What did I do LF? I want steak and I'm trying to make HR my friend again... she's been acting weird since last challenge. I think Nduke did something :'(

Cod: So I don't have a love interest?

Fran: You can have me! *says that in a nasally voice*

Jeff: Next up is a date with Fran Fine!

Cod: Um...No thank you. I already bet on something.

Seth: Why the crap not?

Fran: Oh thank you! *hugging Seth* I know how to give you a good time!

LF: (CONF) That girl is weird.

First123: Okay a "The Nanny" reference...Now we just wait for the next bid.

Jeff: Next auction is.... you may trade one member on your team for someone on the other team!

Kev: Meeeee!!!

Jeff: Who are you gonna trade.

Sun: Please don't trade me! I do challenges and I've been your friend! *whispering* I'll let you have HR.

Cod: Don't trade me, dude! Just, get Plat on our team, ok?

Kev: I switch Crag for hr

LF: *Shocked* (CONF) I don't want her on our team. (I'm not hating on you HR, it's just the love square XD)

Cod: (CONF) SO now we have two chicks on our team? Giggity giggity GOO! Alright! (I wanna make it a love hexagons XD)

Sun: (CONF) Okay, so yeah I lied to Kev, but that's how you get ahead in this game.

Jeff: Next up is... a trip to Aruba... alone.

First123: Sure why not?

Jeff: Congrats. You'll be staying at the Westin, and you'll have free room service. (you'll have your own chat, where you can play as hotel guests and stuff)

Plat: *quits*



Jeff: Okay Plat is out.... and the next thing to bid on is.... an advantage for your team in the next challenge.

LF: I want it!

Jeff: Okay, Nami Nami gets an advantage next challenge!

Nduke: Ah, man! I tried! Stupid edit conflicts!

LF: Your welcome Nami-Nami.

Crag:Honestly, I think Kev sucks so I don't mind being against him >:)

Nduke: Yeah! *high fives Crag*

Snow: Hey our teams the best

Nduke: Walks up to Sunny, look, I'm sorry if I made things awkward with HR, friendss?

Sierrafan12: *pulls out his spare laptop and starts gossiping* Nduke has creeeped out HR somehow I missed it and Kev swapped Crag for HR! What a shocker! Sun and HR had a magical romantic dinner together and HR got a bag of peanuts. Hey why is everything about HR? So Beyonce isa washed up singer she told us and Jeff needs to get a life and Cod wants a love hexagon! Freak!(XD)

Lance: Wow a love hexagon? how freaky can you get

Nduke: *starts dancing like LeShawna*

Cod: What? It would help ratings, right Jeff?

First123: Um...wait when do I go to Aruba?

Lance: I am so confused.

Nduke: i don't know First, and Lance, wow.

Sierrafan12: I have installed hidden cameras around the island cattching almost everything you have been doing *sees video of me peeing on a tree* see everywhere! Now I will post them on fansites! Yeah *video plays of me farting on Cod* Uh oh

Lance: Smooth move.

Jeff: Next thing to bet on....two votes in your next tribal council. And Sierrafan12, disable those cameras or you will be disqualified.... again.

Sierrafan12: NOOOO *breaks the cameras and his laptop* I bet on that! I want it!

Jeff: Okay, Sierrafan gets the extra vote. And the last thing to bid on is..... a clue to the hidden immunity idol!

Nduke: I want it!

HR:I want it!..Wait..we switched teams?

Jeff: Yep, and Nduke gets the clue.... Tribal Council Time!

Tribal Council 3: Lagoya

Jeff: Please cast your votes. Sierrafan12 gets 2 votes.

Snow: BB

HR:Wait who lost!?

Jeff: it's a double elimination, and your on Nami Nami now!

Lance: I dont know whats going on, but i vote BB

Nduke: Sorry, but I guess BB.

First123: BB, I guess.

HR:..So I don't vote..?

Sierrafan12: BB and Nduke

Nduke: Why me? Ive helped us win.. twice!

Jeff: Five votes BB, one Nduke. BB the tribe has spoken. *snuffs BB's torch*

Nduke: Wait! BB before you go, hold on! *kisses him* I do like you! Goodbye!

Aimers: Nduke your a girl right?!?!? P.S. Ill vote next time...I had homework and missed the vote :/


BB: *leaves saddened* I guess it's what I get... Oh, well.

Nduke: *kisses BB* Bye! *smiles softly*

Tribal Council 4: Nami Nami

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Sun: *writes Evil* Gotta do something to make it far here.

LF: *Writes Evil* Sorry, you already won.

HR:*writes Evil's name and put devil ears on the "E"*

Seth:*writes ET*

Evil:(CONF)Hey whats that is that a STAMPEDE *presses button to make ground shake and make animal noise's**replace's everyones votes with Bob without knowing*I'll teach you to kill my Father *takes's out everyone's votes out


Evil:*replace's everyones votes with Bob without knowing*I'll teach you to kill my Father *writes Bob*

Kev: *changes everyones votes back* Let's see *Writes down E*

Snow: Who's bob

Jeff: Five votes Evil. The tribe has spoken. *snuff's Evil's torch*

Nami Nami Chat 3

Kev:*to lf* I wanted the dinner with hr but Sunny has a chance with her so if you get sunny into you then I can try to get her into me

LF: Ok. Once he gets here, I'll see what I can do. Then you make your move on HR.

Kev: *to lf* You have to get sunny into you then we vote him off the next time we lose

LF: Ok. (CONF) I probably wont actually vote Sunny off, cause we have an alliance. Kev just can't hear that.

Cod: *is in corner muttering*

LF: Hi Cod!

Cod: Oh...Hi LF.

LF: What's wrong? Why are you in the corner talking to yourself?

Aimers: Hi LF!!!

LF: Hi Aimers!!!!!! What's up?

Aimers: I'm Happy!

LF: Hello -.- And that's good Aimers!

Lagoya Chat 3

Nduke: Oh well! Bye BB! *smiles happily*

Nduke: *searches in cave*

(You found it)

Nduke: Okay.

Snow: *looks for 2nd idol*

Nduke: There is no 2nd idol. XD

Snow: wanna make a allince

Nduke: Maybe. I don't know.

Crag:I feel alone DX

Snow: You can join

Crag:No, it's that your all fans, I'm a favourite

Snow: Cross-Team

Nduke: He was traded.

Nduke: *kisses Sun* Haha LF! *kisses Sun again*

Aruba Chat (First123 Only)

First123: *In Hotel room watching TV*This is awesome!

Hotel Worker: Here is you hamburger.

First123: I didn't order one.

Hotel Worker: Oh sorry but, you can still have it.

First123: *Grabs the hamburger*Thanks!

Steak Dinner Chat (Only HR and Sun)

Sun: *chewing on steak*


Sun: *gulps down Dr.Pepper, and huggles Mr. Peanut* This is great... after last season...we got like no good food. Dx

HR;Okay..*drinks some soda*

Sun: So.... How you doing?

HR:Good..and..umm...why did you pick me?*eats some steak*

Sun: I didn't... Evil did... *reaches for salt, but accidentely grabs HR's hand, but pulls back* Uhh...


Sun: *drinks more Dr. Pepper, but drinks to much, and spits on HR* oh no....

Nduke: Oh look an open seat *kisses Sun* Yes!

Fran Date Chat (Only Seth)

Seth: Hi Fran

Fran: *in a sl**** dress* Hiya, Seth. *winks*

Seth: Okay, what is your favorite food?

Fran: Well... I like chocolate cake, brownies, all flavors of ice cream, steak, mashed potatoes, salad, and... *lists a lot of foods*

Seth: ... So, want to watch a movie?

Challenge 4

Beyonce: Today's challenge is a dance off! Can I get a What-What? Here's how it works. Each member of each tribe must stand on a platform. Every 15 minutes, I'll ask you to release part of your platform, which will make it smaller. You must be dancing the whole time. If you stop dancing before we make the platform smaller, you're out. Last person standing wins for there tribe. Please get in position on your platforms.

Nduke: *stands on platform shaking*

Sun: *starts doing an odd jig on the platform*

LF: *Starts popping on platform*

First123: *Gets on the platform*

Kev: *gets on his platform and does the cha cha slide*

Nduke: *dances like LeShawna**does thriller*

First123: *Starts robot dancing*

Aimers: *dances*

Lance: *spins around, jumps and lands in splits, then breakdances*

Sun: *does the Chunky Funky Monkey*

Sierrafan12: *starts doing a mix of everyone's dances*

Beyonce: Ok so I've decided this gonna take too long, so instead of dancing you have to stand on one foot on you're platform, whcih will get smaler and smaller. Last one standing wins it for there team.

Sun: *starts balancing on one foot, but falls off while huggling Mr. Peanut*

LF: *Balances one foot*

Beyonce: Sunny is our first person out!

Sun: *accidentely dropped Mr. Peanut on the platform* Mr. Peanut! No!

Beyonce: Don't worry, you can go back and get him once the challenge is done.

Sun: Can he win for my team? :D

Beyonce: *Shrugs* Sure. I don't really care who wins long as I'm not here for too long.

Mr. Peanut: ... *does nothing*

Kev: *Balances one foot*



Beyonce: *Glares at Seth* Just for that, you're out. And I said no more dancing.

Seth: Oh I was kidding! I like your music!

Beyonce: Fine. You can stay in. But next time you say something bad about me, you're out. Got it?

Seth: Got it.

Kev: Beyonce is good but aint good with Lady Gaga

124oeo: Sorry I'm late. *balances one foot*

Nduke: *balances 1 foot*

Beyonce: Nice song, but I said no more dancing.

Cod: *dancing to a Beyonce song*

Aimers: *balances

Kev: *plays Sweet dream by Beyonce*

Beyonce: I said no more music or dancing, even it is mine. Balance on one foot or your team goes to elimination.

Snow: Well

Nduke: *continues to balance*

Beyonce: This is taking too long. Next person to fall off loses it for there team. To make it harder, you must begin hopping on the one foot you're standing on now.

Snow: *hops* this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy

Nduke: *begins hopping* Don't get too cocky.

Kev: *hops*

Cod: *hops*

First123: *Hopping*Let's not tempt our luck.

Jeff: This is taking way too long. Because Nami Nami had more participaters, Lagoya will be going to tribal council.

Tribal Council 5: Lagoya

Jeff: Please cast your votes.

Nduke: *writes down Lance* Im sorry but you haven't been helping us in challenges.

Crag:*sighs**write down Lance*I dunno, random

Snow: *Votes Lance* sorry

First123: Who to vote...Lance is cool but, has been down on his game lately...Snow usually only votes...*Randomly stamps Lance*

Lance: Well i guess they didnt like my dancing, oh well, i vote for myself cuz im gonna be voted off anyway.

(lance: So am i voted out?)

Lance: Voted off without a proper ceremony, how typical.

Challenge 5

Jeff: For todays challenge you must hook one member of your team into a hamster ball, and then have yourselves blindfolded. Your hamster baller will then direct you on the path, to the table on the end of the path. At the table, you must successfully search for keys that will open the hamster ball. First ball open wins. (I will tell you if the key works)

Kev: *runs into the ball*

Nduke: *runs into the ball*

First123: You need a blindfold.

Nduke: Wait, no first123, you can navigate! Okay?

HR:I am not doing it.

Jeff: The person in the ball navigates, and the ball pushes need the blindfolds!

First123: Okay, wait what?

Crag:This makes about as much sense as the koala motorcross champion

Jeff: Fine, I'll just make it a double elimination!

Tribal Council 6: Nami Nami

Kev: *writes 124oeo*

Seth: *writes 124oeo*

Sun: *writes 124oeo*

Tribal Council 7: Lagoya

Snow: *writes Aimers*

Nduke: *writes Snow*

Aimers: -_- Seriosuly?!?!?! I vote Snow because she never does anything at all....

First123: Aimers is right but, Aimers doesn't do that much either...But, Aimers did a few challenges sorry Snow*Writes Snow*

Challenge 6

Jeff: Today is the merge! Two people will win immunity, one for color, and one for name! Another double elimination!

First123: K.

Seth: Nami Goya

First123: And the color um...Black?

Nduke: Ravenclaw colors!

Seth: Name: Royaw (Roy-A-UH) Color: Blue

Kev: blackish gold

First123: Name: Milruh Color: Silver

Jeff: I sort of like Royaw, but it just doesn't have that... pizazz! And know one will ever think of the best color.

First123: Uh...the color...Turqoise?

Seth: Row? Okay, I seriously got nothin

Kev: Name: rockus color: Tan

Jeff: I like Milruh the most now...
Cod: Purple?

Seth: Jomana, and, I'M STILL CONFUSED


Seth: UGH, I was about to post it!

Jeff: And Cod wins the first immunity!

Seth: Do you like...JOMANA?

First123: Crawnus?

LF: We should be the Tagi tribe.

Nduke: The Frosti tribe!

Seth: Imagana

Jeff: *shakes his head*

Seth: Does that mean you like it???

First123: Mountainius?

LF: No we should be the Imaginery tribe because once I beat all y'all it'll be like you were imaginary.

Seth: XD. Like THAT'S ever gonna happen

Nduke: Waitt. Imaganins!!!

Seth: Imagion.

Jeff: And Seth wins!


Cod: Yay for immunity! *high fives Seth*

Tribal Council 8: Imagion

Jeff: Please cast your votes. You may vote for 2 people.

Seth: Crag/Sierra12

Sun: *writes Crag/Sierrafan12*

First123: I was just doing random things sorry Seth.I vote Crag and Sierrafan12.

LF: *Writes Crag and Sierrafan12*

Kev: *writes Crag and fan12*

Nduke: *writes down Crag and Sierrfan12*

Cod: Well, first off, Crag doesn't do much and Sierrafan is too. So, bye bye. *writes Crag and Sierrafan12*

Jeff: *snuffs Crag and SF12's torches* The tribe has spoken.

Challenge 7

Jeff: In today's challenge, you must break out of your cages, using the keys on the ground, then run to the pile of coconuts. You must break open the coconuts. First person to find the necklace wins immunity.

Nduke: *reaches for a key*

Cod: *picks up key*

First123: *Trys to pick up the key*

Nduke: *grabs the key*

LF: *Picks up a key*

First123: *Picks up a key*

Sun: *tries to make a key angel* This is my method of finding the right key!

Nduke: *ahh crap wrong key, and picks up more keys and puts them in the cage with her, no,no,no,no.

Nduke: *grabs more keys and begins to cry* Great.

Sun: *starts sniffing the keys*

Nduke: Nope, nope, nope, no.

First123: *Picks up 2 more keys and tries to unlock the door*Dang it!

Nduke: *picks up a key**unlocks the door* Finally! *runs*

Sun: *grabs the key, unlocks the door, and starts running* (you have to unlock the door to run, Nduke)

LF: *Picks up another key and tries it* Meh, of course it doesn't work.

Sun: Hiya! *throws his key at LF* Try that one!

Nduke: *starts cracking coconuts* Oh come on! First the keys and now this?

Sun: *reaches the coconuts and starts smacking them with Mr. Peanut*

LF: *Catches key and unlocks cage* Yes! *Runs to the coconuts* Thanks Sun!

Sun: You be welcome! *still smacking the coconuts*

Nduke: *starts cying again while cracking coconuts* I have to win this now!

Sun: Why are you crying?

Nduke: People want me out, I'm not gonna act like NaOnka or Purple Kelly!

Sun: *finally cracks a coconut from smacking it, but nothing is in it* Aww....

LF: *Begins cracking coconuts* Ugh, this is annoying.

Nduke: *cracks a coconut* Is this it?

Sun: No that's milk! *smashing a coconut against a tree*

Nduke: *starts banging the coconut on the tree* Just open! Is this the immunity necklace??

Nduke: Wait, it is!!

Jeff: And Nduke wins immunity!

Tribal Council 9: Imagion

Jeff: Please cast your vote.

Sun: *writes First123*

LF: *Writes First123*

Nduke: *writes First123*

Seth: *writes First123*

First123: I leave to play my Wii and this happens...Cool!*Writes Aimers*Aimers didn't do anything!

Aimers: Ugh, sorry I wasn't here to do anything...I was really I guess I vote for first123...sorry

KEv: *writes First123*


Challenge 8

Jeff: For today's challenge, you must KILL or MURDER Justin Beiber! The killer wins immunity!

Nduke:(CONF) This is really hard, because I don't know where JB is, all i know is that he has idiotic hair. xD

Sun: *starts sharpening his spear* :D

Kev: *gets his gun*

Sun: Ooh! *grabs a pistol and shotgun*

Kev: *starts looking for Justin Beiber in the bathrooms*

Sun: Oh wait, if I killed HIM, the fangirls would hunt meh down! D:

Kev: *looks in the stalls*

Sun: *sees Justin Beiber* Oh! Look! A little girl!

Kev: *hears Sunny and runs to him* Ok

Sun: *huggles Kev* You are my bestie! :D

Kev: *sees jb and throws his gun at him*

JB: *gets hit in the head and drops to the ground*

Kev: *runs to jb while sun is huggling him* Hey jb

JB: *gets up, and is in a miniskirt* Hiya! *does a flirty wave* (xD)

Kev: *takes sun off him and kicks jb in the nuts*

JB: *does not feel pain due to lack of nuts* What were you trying to kick, there?

Kev: *punches JB in the face 3x*

JB: *falls to the ground*

Sun: Wanna borrow my spear, Kev?

Kev: *takes sunny's spear and stabs jb in the belly*

JB: *is in "Last Stand"*

JB: *still alive* Oh my! *starts bleeding like crazy*

Kev: *stabs jb in the chest*

JB: *starts crawling, and a cocnut falls on his head, killing him*

Jeff: And.... no one wins immunity... so a double elimination tonight because the winner was supposed to get out for illegally killing someone!

Tribal Council 10: Imagion

Sun: *writes HR/Aimers*

Kev: *writes cod/aimers*

Seth: This is hard for me to do. *Writes Aimers* I'm sorry dude. *Writes HR* Again, Sorry.

LF: *Writes HR/Aimers* Sorry guys!

Cod: *writes HR/Aimers*

Nduke: *writes HR/Aimers*

Challenge 9

Jeff: For this challenge, you must say SAFE, then you're real name! (and if you don't wanna say your name, put NOT)

Sun: SAFE, Gerard!

Cod: SAFE, Jake.

LF: Safe, Keyshia.

Nduke: SAFE, Melanei.

Seth: SAFE, Seth

Jeff: Kevvy is out!

Cod: Well, that was, sudden.

Nduke: No kidding.

Challenge 10

Jeff: Today's challenge is Sunny trivia! (I can't win :C) If you get one wrong, you can't win immunity!

Question 1

What state does Sunny live in?

Cod: New Jersey!

Nduke: New Jersey!

Seth: New Jersey

LF: New Jersey.

Jeff: Everyone passes!

Question 2

What character does Sunny look like irl, Ralph, Gerard, Boo, or Thorn?

Cod: Gerard!

Seth: Gerard!

LF: Gerard.

Nduke: Gerard!

Jeff: No one is right... It was Boo, so new question!

Question 3

What does Sunny's sister call him as a pet name?

Seth: Boo

LF: Boo

Nduke: Boo?

Cod: Thorn?

Jeff: Cod is out of the challenge! (Don't judge me on my pet name! D:)

Question 4

Does Sunny have any pets, and if he does, what are/is they/it?

Seth: Yes, a cat

LF: Sunny does seem like a cat person. Meh whateva, I say he has a cat.

Nduke: Yes, a cat.

Jeff: You're all wrong. He wants a cat, but has a dog!

Question 5

What would Sunny name his cat if it was a girl or boy? Answer either or (HintL Girl after a jewel, boy after an herb, both start with s)

Nduke: Girl- Sapphire?

LF: I have no idea about the boy, So girl- Saphire.

Seth: Guy: Saffron, girl: Sapphire?

Jeff: Seth wins due to LF misspelling and Nduke changing her answer!

Tribal Council 11

Cod: *writes Sunny*

Seth: I vote Sunny

Sun: Wow... How sweet... *votes Cod*

Nduke: *writes down Sunny*

LF: *Writes Sunny* No finals for you this time.

Sun: *cries* How could you guys? *cries*

Nduke: Um, Jeff, I have one thing to say, Bye Sunny!

LF: Just snuff his torch already.

Jeff: *snuffs Sun's torch* This might be the saddest episode ever!

Seth: No

Challenge 10

Jeff: Sunny trivia part two!

Question 1

Name all of Sunny's stalker obsessions in order!

Cod: Kate, LF, Nduke, HR.

Seth: Kate, LF, Nduke, HR

Nduke: Kate, LF, Nduke, HR.

LF: Kate, LF, Nduke, HR.

Sun: You're all wrong! It goes : HR, Kate, Carrie Underwood, durr!

Question 2

Name of Sunny's irl crush! (starts with an m)

Seth: Anna?

LF: Megan?

Nduke: Megan?

Cod: Melissa?

Sun: LF and Nduke got it right!

Question 3

What is Sunny's other crush's name? (also starts with an M)

LF: I'm gonna guess Maddie.

Nduke: I'm gonna change mine to Maggie.

Sun: Nduke loses for changing her answer! LF wins! (ugh!)

Tribal Council 12

Seth: *writes Cod*

LF: *Writes Seth* Sorry dude.

Cod: *writes Seth*

Nduke: *writes Seth*

Seth: NDUKE, I, I, I thought we had an alliance?

Jeff: *snuffs Seth's torch* The tribe has spoken, though they should have spoke LF!

Seth: GL Guys. 4th place is not bad!

Final Tribal Council

Jeff: Say why you should win, finall three!


I think I should win because I deserve it. I made sure that I took the right people with me to the end, and that was Cod and Nduke. Sunny ditched me for another girl, and I fought my way back and look where I am. I've competed in the majority of the challenges. I would be happy with losing to either of these people, because they deserve it too. At least I made final 3 this time and not like 6th or something like last time.


I know, I stabbed the last two people in the jury in the back, but you totally would of cremed me in the finale. I fought my hardest, I felt like the underdog after Aims was sent home because I was the only Lagoya and the remaining Nami Nami members were going to team up on me, I'm proud that I made it this far! I made it here for my eliminated tribe members! I outlasted 14 episodes, brutal challenges, and I just want to say, I don't expect you to vote for me, the other two deserve it more! I'll be happy with 3rd, but if I get any votes I'd be very appreciative of you, Thank you for reading this and listening. Vote with your heart not what people tell you. Thanks- Nduke


Cod: Well, I know I haven't been the most useful person on this camp. I also know I am also not as active. But, I do believe I deserve to win. I am nice to everyone, I never cheat or godplay and I am kind of a veteran now. All I've wanted to do was win, since the beginning. I just hope, that somewhere, deep down, people will find the strength in themselves to vote for me. If you don't, I understand, maybe I don't deserve to win. But, I feel that I should win. I want to win! I shall embrace the others for helping me win! The choice is up to you, Jury. Thank you, Jeff, for you have helped me make it this far, you aren't such a bad guy after all. Sunny, you are my best friend! HR, we've been friends since the beginning! Kev, I never wanted you banned and I'm glad you got unbanned! Aimers, I know we haven't gotten to meet each other yet but I feel that if you vote me, we can become great friends! And Seth, we've been buddies forever! You are always nice to me and you are really funny! Especially with Ke$ha. I hope, that you will vote for me. Thank you.

P.S. I have never won a camp before and I would really like to make this one that won. Thank you again.

P.P.S Sorry if I forgot Crag and First123. First123, I might not know you well enough but we should get to know each other and I think we can do this if I win. Crag, we're buddies right? I just hope you would vote for me. Thank you guys, finally.


Seth: Nduke. I know you were gonna play the idol. You are nice and it's your birthday. So, Happy B-Day!

Sun: *writes Cod* You are my best friend, and while you did vote me off, you never betrayed me like LF and Nduke. Besties for life!

Kevvy: *writes cod* Your a true friend

HR:*writes LF down*

First123: Cod, you didn't vote me and you played the game hard.

Aimers: I am going to vote for Nduke as the winner because if not for her, I would not have made it to the jury!

Cod: Um, Aimers, what do you mean by that? And happy (Late) Birthday Nduke!

Jeff: Let me count the votes. One vote LF. One vote Cod. One vote Nduke. Two votes Cod. Two votes Nduke. And the winner with three votes is... COD! COD WINS SURVIVOR WIKI: FvF!

Cod: *squeals* Yes! Great job everyone! *shakes all of the contestants hands* And Nduke, you were so close! Great job! *gives her a hug* Thanks everyone!

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