Ponderosa #1: Ma


Jeff: Eighth person voted out and the first member of our jury…*flipping parchment*…Maria. Need to bring me your torch.

Maria: (places down torch)

Jeff: Maria, tribe has spoken. (snuffs het torch)

(Intro, screen reads “Survivor: Mexico”, and Ponderosa appears in flaming letters.)

Maria: Samantha “Sammy”, or also known as Samey, was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, as a member of the Pimápotew Kinosewak.

Producer: Maria, step on the car, as we will take you to a medical check.

Maria: Yes

(At medical)

Dr. Ramona: Ok, step on it. You’ve lost…14 pounds.

Maria: Oh no!

Dr. Ramona: (confessional) I would suggest that we check her brain, she needs it ASAP. (end) Enjoy Ponderosa.

Maria: is Ponderosa.

(Maria arrives at Ponderosa, which now is a similar resort like in Nicaragua.)

Maria: likes the pizza.

(A waiter serves her a pizza slice.)

Maria: Yes.

Maria: Samey in her sleepwear. Yawn I am dreamy I gotta sleep. (sleeps)

(Next day)

Maria: Sarah G Lato

(A waiter hands her ice cream.)

Maria: No Ryan Thanks

Maria: (conf.) Samey the Good Goddess Twin tricks her team into voting of Amy the Evil Twin over Samey, by making her eat a manchineel fruit, that makes Amy unable to speak, as she is eliminated in her place. (she is shown to be on a car that departs from Ponderosa.)

Jeff: (in flashback) Now bringing in the first member of our jury, Maria. Voted out at the last tribal council.

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