Welcome to Survivor: All Stars! 18 castaways return for a 2nd chance to win 1,000,000 dollars! Also this season, we are returning to Uruguay!

19 days, 18 castaways, three tribes, one Survivor.



  1. Seth-SethAllred343
  2. Wes-Wes Holden
  3. Tweek-TheEvilOctorock
  4. Cody-124oeo
  5. Bryan-Aimers
  6. Gavin-TeamNoah123

Tiki Islanders

  1. Holden-Wes Holden
  2. Summer-HR
  3. Zoey-HR
  4. Patricia-Codmister
  5. Robert-Alfan3000
  6. Rachel-Snowgirl


  1. Sam-MrD
  2. Hayley-SethAllred343
  3. Destinee-LF
  4. Boo-Blade
  5. Gerard-Blade
  6. Abby-Nduke

Elimination Table (DO NOT EDIT)

Original Tribal Phase New Tribal Phase Switched Tribal Phase Re-Original Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Day 1 2 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Eliminated Tweek
3/3 Votes
2/3 Votes
5/8 Votes
5/8 Votes
3/7 Votes
No Vote
No Vote
2/2 Votes
1/3 Votes
6/10 Votes
5/9 Votes
No Vote
4/7 Votes
1 Vote
1 vote
Place Castaway Votes
1st Destinee WIN WIN Holden WIN WIN SAFE WIN Gerard Patricia Jun SAFE Rachel None4 Byran/Zoey Winner
2nd Sam WIN WIN Holden WIN WIN SAFE IN LOW Patricia Jun SAFE Rachel Gavin Bryan/Zoey Runner Up
7th,3rd Robert IN COT WIN Abby Wes SAFE IN Summer Patricia Jun SAFE Rachel OUT Returns On Day 17 3rd Place
4th Bryan Tweek IN NV WIN WIN SAFE WIN WIN Patricia NV SAFE NV Destinee OUT Sam
5th Zoey IN NOM WIN1 NV NV SAFE Rachel NV NV Rachel SAFE Rachel None OUT TBA
18th, 6th Abby WIN WIN WIN NV Returns Day 15 Robert OUT Sam
8th Gavin Tweek IN Holden WIN WIN SAFE NV WIN Patricia Jun SAFE Sam OUT TBA
9th Rachel IN Summer WIN NV NV SAFE NV LOW NV NV SAFE Sam Destinee
10th Hayley WIN WIN WIN Abby Wes SAFE WIN Gerard Patricia Jun LEFT Destinee
11th Jun Debuts On Day 11 NV NV TBA
12th Patricia IN NV Holden WIN WIN SAFE IN NV NV Destinee
20th,13th Summer IN OUT Returns on Day 8 SAFE WIN LOW
14th Gerard WIN WIN1 Holden WIN WIN LOW3 WIN NV
15th Seth Tweek IN WIN Abby Wes SAFE QUIT
16th Boo WIN WIN1 Holden WIN WIN QUIT
19th Wes COT IN WIN Abby NV
20th Holden IN Summer Sam
22nd Tweek OUT

1: Won it by himself.

2: Summer Returned On Day 8

3:Boo quit to save Gerard

4: Destinee was supposed to be eliminated, but wasn't.


    -Tiki Islanders




    -Ulong (UNLISTED)

    -Shay Foa |}

Pre Chat

Jeff: Welcome back!

Seth: Yes! And we're back to Uruguay. Nice.

Hayley: Finally a beach!

Sam: 'Ey Hayley.

Hayley: Hey!

Sam: What happened to you since last season?

Patricia: *jumps on Sam* Do you have any marshemellows?

Sam: *falls down* No...

Seth: You will NEVER be as crazy as Eric.

Hayley: Sam I've been doing pretty good.

Sam: Cool, cool... Did ya get a boyfriend or anything?

Hayley: No. I've haven't done that much honestly.

Sam: Aww, that sucks...

Hayley: I do miss Jordan though.

Bryan: Go team Ura-Whatver :D

Sam: Me too, Jordan was awesome, talking to you was awesome, even if you did try to get me out.

Hayley: So you are not p*ss*d at me anymore?

Sam: I was never really angry at you, I was the biggest threat. =/

Hayley: You were. And I was the meanest b---- in that whole d--- country!

Sam: *nods* Amen.

Seth: (CONF) It's really weird to see them again. I mean, I'm happy to see Bryan and Wes, but it's just weird. And I'm not making an alliance with them. I'm going to be a d--- this season :P

Sam: Anyway, who's your pic to win if you don't?

Hayley: Probably Summer.

Sam: I see.

Hayley: I really wish I didn't quit.

Sam: Me too, to be honest. =/

Hayley: Well, I had a great time. Especially with you. You were an awesome friend.

Sam: *blushes* Thanks.

Hayley: So, remember when I said I had a crush on you?

Sam: Ya, not really the type of thing you forget...

Cody: Hey

Seth: Sup Cody

Sam: *extends hand to Cody* I don't think we met before.

Cody: Yeah... I saw you on TV well I haven't knew anything.

Sam: *turns back to Hayley* So, what now?

Hayley: *jumps* Woo

Sam: Eh?

Gavin:*watches hayley jump*this show doesnt even make sense anymore

Sam: *glares at Gavin* Shut up.

Hayley: *kicks Gavin in the face*

Sam: When's the season starting anyway? And by the way Hayley, why'd you ask if I emembed you saying you had a crush on me?

Gavin:*slams hand against face to stop bleeding*OWWWWWWWWW.............

Wes: All stars

Holden: Hayley go a die in a hole

Hayley: *stops* What

Holden: You voted off my big bro George and becuase off that he didn't make all stars so YOU WILL LOSE.

Sam: *glares at Holden* Back off.

Holden: K *takes Sam aside*m You were vey loyal to my brother and stayed with him unto the end so do you wna t an alliance*

Sam: If you're going to talk that way about Hayley, no thank you. *stomps off*

Rachel: Hi

Sam: *forces a smile* Hi...

Holden: rachel you were voted off like first so why are you here

Rachel: I won the lawsuit

Holden: Whatever

Seth: She got voted our right before the merge.

Holden: My brother was voted out AFTER the merge and he is not here

Rachel: Im better then him

Sam: Anyways, what now?


Hayley: Take a chill pill, dude (CONF) Holden scares the crap out of me!

Seth: *backs away*

Wes: just ignore him...,.. hey Seth been a long time since uraguay

Sam: (CONF) It's great to be back! Although, I doubt I'll make it as far as last season, still!

Seth: I know! That was some awesome 30 days! Sucks we're only here for 22

Rachel: I know

Wes: seth Final 2 again

Sam: So, um, Hayley, just wondering, do you still have that crush on me?

Rachel: What about Izzy?

Sam: Hayley? You there? Guess not...

Hayley: Oh sorry. Um...

Sam: Is that a yes or not...?

Rachel: *Acting like Hayley* No I dont

Cody: If I returned for a season..., *kicks helium*

Hayley: (CONF) Even Destinee or Kesha was better. (OUTOFCONF) I guess, a little bit.

Sam: Well then, uh, wanna go out sometime after the show...?

Hayley: I don't know. I mean, you did blow your chance. *shrugs*

Sam: Uh, to be honest I was already planning to ask you out when you quit so I couldn't...

Hayley: Really?

Sam: *blushing, and looks at the ground* Uh-huh...

Rachel: Hayley can i talk to you

Hayley: Hold on a second Sammy *to Rachel* What

Sam: Alright...

Rachel: Im making a cross team allince wanna join

Day One

Uruguayians Chat

Seth: You know the drill! Get working!

Wes: Seth are we resuming our allinace *strats building shelter*

Seth: I really don't know, why can't we let someone else be in the final 2. Oh wait, it's a final three this season!

Gavin:*starts building shelter*

Wes: So who should the third person be Seth

Seth: I don't know

Cody: Hey... *carries stuff*

Wes: At least everybody know that Tweek will be the first to go if we ever lose

Cody: He is not active,,, If we lose, vote Tweek.

Gavin:Bryan hasnt done much either

Wes: Tribal council sucked


Wes: Gavin would you still hav a grudge against Bryan for voting you out in Uruaguay

Gavin:*smiles*i forgot about that until right now................but yes i hate that jack***

Wes: Good. Me Seth and you to the final 3 then

Gavin:Okay, sounds good

Wes: Good

Tiki Islanders Chat

Holden: *starts building shelter* Lets go my peeps

Robert:Back for another season.

Holden: Robert this time no betraying me K

Robert:3 things.1. I merely did that for ratings. It worked because now we are back for All-Stars. 2. That was Evil Robert's fault. I have a condition where I go evil for short periods of time. And 3. Your brother Wes already won, so I figured the rest of us needed money more.

Holden: But it seems that whenever you vote me out you go next

Sam: *spies on them from a tree due to boredom*

Robert:Not fairly, though.

Holden: Tiki island is an example *chucks a rock and hits Sam in the head* TDHS II is another

Robert:What?(TDHS2 is chronologically after season 4 of this.)Anyway, Tiki Island was just messed after the merge.

Sam: *falls backwards out of the tree* Ow...

Robert:*walks over and helps him up*You alright?

Sam: *gets up* I'm fine...

Robert:You were a strategical master in season 3. How about an alliance at the merge?

Holden: He's already told me no

Sam: I was strategic in season 3? I just didn't act like a total ass to them... And no, there's no way I'm being in an alliance with him. I'm not being in an alliance with the guy who talks about my girlfriend like that.

RobertI meant an alliance between the 2 of us. And Holden, you did what?

Holden: You can have an allince with him becuase I'm going elimate his girlfriend as soon as possible

Sam: *grabs Holden by the shirt* Shut up, f*** off, and leave her alone.

Robert:Not cool, Holden. Maybe you should get to know her a little, before you judge.

Holden: She LIED to my brother mutiple times To keep somebody like that would be suicidal

Sam: She changed Holden. *pushes him away, and starts walking off*

Robert:2 things. Your brother? You have 2 brothers? And 2. If you payed attention, you know Hayley only did that because she was afraid of losing, or getting betrayed like her relatives.

Holden: My brother Wes took her sibling Seth to the final two and she just plain quit... All Quitters deserve to go home.

Robert:She quit to make amends for being a jerk. Which you are acting like right now. No one is perfect.

Sam: *walks back to Holden* Shut. Up. *hits him*

Holden: Loser *finshes shelter*

Sam: What do you not f***ing understand about shutting up?

Robert:Holden, it might not be a good idea to make enemies right now.

Holden: Sam is not even going to make it past the merge anyway Lets look at your team its 4-2 so him or Hayley will be voted off first.

Sam: The two people who do challenges being off first? Nice try. At least we have friends.

Holden: See you at the merge then

Sam: *rolls eyes* Like you'll be making it.

Holden: The people who have won will probally be the first to go you know.

Sam: In theroy.

Holden: We will see

Jordanians Chat

Hayley: Let's start this!

Sam: So, um, Hayley, is that a yes or a no, you never answered... (CONF) *crosses fingers*

Hayley: Yes. BUT we go on our 1st date after the show. We are going to start dating today~

Sam: Seriously? (CONF) *whoops for joy*

Hayley: *kisses him* Now get to work lazy a--. Just kidding!

Sam: *blushes, and kisses back, then turns away and starts building a shelter* So, um, whataya think the other teams are doing?

Hayley: I don't care.

Sam: Good point.
Hayley: Why were you at the other camp?

Sam: Spying on them due to boredom.

Challenge Number One

Jeff: Your challenge is to grab a torch, either Kesha's or Eric's and swim to the original tribal council set. The tribe that doesn't get a torch is safe. When you get there, light the torches and burn it down. 1st tribe to start burning wins. The other one, votes someone off. Also, you have to run a mile to get there. GO!

Hayley/Seth: *starts running*

Sam: *runs with Hayley*

Cody: *runs with his team*

Holden: *starts running*

Bryan: Seth Wait up! *runs with him*

Seth: *runs* (CONF) I haven't seen them in like, 3 years!

Wes: *starts running*

Holden: *continues running*

Gavin:*starts running*

Cody: *starts running 1 mile* Wait up Seth!

Sam: *continues to run*

Cody: *continues running*

GAvin:*continues running*

Seth: *gives them Lindsay finger*

Hayley: Ha Seth. *slaps him* HERE WE GOOOOO

Holden: *continues running*

Cody: *starts running slowly* Here!

Sam: *continues jogging with Hayley*

Hayley: Do you see a torch?

Abby: *starts running*

Sam: Um... *looks to the side* Over there!

Bryan: *sees a torch* :-O Whoa...Must get to torch!

Hayley: *grabs Kesha's torch* Let's start swimming!
Cody: Finally! *grabs Eric's torch* GO!

Sam: Get on my back, I'll swim!

Cody: Let's swim! *swims like a cheetah*

Holden: Yes my team is safe

Wes: *helps cody swim*
Cody: I am fast * is already halfway there*

Hayley: *on Cody's back* Come on! Do you know the way?

Seth: *gives her directions*

Hayley: Thanks! Go that way!

Sam: *swims after Cory*
Cody: Yes. I was in Uruguay *swims 0.9 miles ahead*

Hayley: *kicks Cody in the butt*

Cody: No way! * dodges and is 0.3 almost there*

Wes: *helps cody*

Sam: *magically teleports right behind Cody*

Gavin:...................that doesnt even make sense

Cody:Yes! *gets out* *lights the torch*

Hayley: GO SAMMM

Seth: Ugh let's beat my b----- sister!

Wes: *gets cody to the tribal set*

Cody: Thanks *uses water to burn it down*

Jeff: You need to light the torch!
Hayley: *gets there* COME ON!

Cody: *lights torch*

Hayley: Nooo! Come on *runs in*

Cody: YES!

Sam: *grabs torch, and lights it an dstarts burning it down*

Cody: *burns it down completely*

Wes: Cody burned it first so the jordans go to tribal

Sam: *smirks* Nope. I started burning first. Doesn't matter that he burned it down first.

Gavin:no, you had to completely burn it down

Cody: I wish if my cousin Rico was here.

Jeff: Jordanians win! You had to start burning 1st!

Wes: Too bad sam you Can't do three things at the same time

Sam: *smirks* Told you. and grabbing a torch is easy, moving it slightly to mlight it is easy, and moving it slightly again to burn something is easy. So, I win.

Holden: Still I won first

Sam: You were safe. You didn't win, you were safe.

Destinee: *Is looking around confused* I missed a lot!

Tribal Council 1

Jeff: Wes, nominate 2 people for elimination!

Wes: Cody for trying to tell me what to do and Tweek for doing nothing

Jeff: Ok. The rest of you, except for Wes and the noms, will vote in the elimination table!

Wes: KK

Jeff: Tweek, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Wes: See ya Tweek

Gavin:Bye tweek, we appreciate your many contributions to the team

Tweek's Final Words

Day 2

Uruguayians Chat

Seth: I can't believe we lost! Lets not do that today.

Holden: KK

GAvin:Yeah, we didnt lose

Tiki Islanders Chat

Robert:A new day without 6 Uruguayians. Life is good.

Holden: Yup

Robert:We must destroy the Uruguayians!

Holden: My brother's on that tem so how about the Jodians instaed

Robert:The Uruguayians are more vulnerable, and your brother already won. Previous winners should go so others have a shot. Which means vote Patricia if we lose.

Rachel: No the old Mogo Mogos should go

Robert:Three things.1. That would mean we have to lose, not gonna happen. Foa Foa is cursed enough. 2. There are only two Mogo Mogos here. 3. You are the traitor who got me out in season 2, and Holden and I dislike you, so do not tell us what to do, our you WIll get eliminated. 'Kay?

Rachel: Im a traitor?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert:Why did ya kick me off? The one person who did not vote you off?!

Rachel: you really want to know

Robert:What did I just ask you? YES, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I DID!

Rachel: You were in on it. I know that if you were on you would have

Robert:Bull. I wanted Holden out. I had planned on betraying him, Roy, and Punchy from the start. So nice try, traitor! I feel bad for that, but I will NOT have you lying to my face.

Rachel: Its true

Robert:And what is your proof, control freak?

Rachel: Bob

Bob: Im back

Robert:How is your lawyer proof? I was in the nurse's tent when your lawsuit FAILED.

Seth: *spies on them like Sam did* Oh crap

Robert:*pulls Seth out of the tree*Want to slaughter the Jordanians?

Zoey:..What are you guys doing?

Jordanians Chat

Hayley: *fishing*
Sam: *fishing next to Hayley*

Hayley: I'm glad Holden is not on our team.

Sam: *nods jhis agreement* 'Greed.

Destinee: Hi guys!

Sam: 'Ello Destinee.

Destinee: Hi Sam!

Sam: How's life been treating ya since Jordan?

Destinee: Pretty good! How about you?

Hayley: Oh hi Destinee! No hard feelings, right?

Destinee: No hard feelings! Sorry for hitting you a lot last season.

Hayley: Sorry for that too.

Sam: Good, good. You find a boyfriend or anything?

Destinee: Me? No. I haven't yet. But that's ok because it would be weird with me here, and then him there.

Robert:Tell Sam to stop spying. Hi, Destinee. Hayley.

Hayley: So, Sam, Destinee, want to pull a prank?

Sam: Like what?

Destinee: On who?

Hayley: Let's pull a prank on the Tiki Islanders.

Destinee: Ok! Sounds fun!

Robert:Can I help? To teach Holden a personal lesson!

Hayley: Sure.

Sam: What's the prank?

Hayley: Okay, the treemail says too :P We are bombing their camp! Let's go

Challenge #2: Survivor: Knowledge Island

Jeff: Seth/Hayley will not compete. 1st person to get it right wins a point for their team. 1st team with 5 points wins and someone that is random.orged will choose the other team that is safe. This is Wiki Survivor trivia.

Question 1

Jeff: What season had a quitter?

Robert:All 3 did, but Uruguay had only one.

Jeff: Point for Tiki Islanders!

Question 2

Jeff: Which person managed to eliminate the last person from his team in Tiki Island?

Robert:That would be me!

Sam: Punchy?

Jeff: ANOTHER point for the Tiki Islanders.

Question 3

Jeff: When did I reveal my 1st name? Which Season and Day?

Robert:Season 1. Day One.

Sam: Tiki Island, day 15.

Jeff: SO CLOSE. But, both of you are wrong. So, this means Uruguayians get a point.

Question 4

Jeff: Winner of this wins cause I'm impatient. Who got voted out 1st in each season and the vote that is was. Like:

Insert Name: #-#

Robert:Lanette was first voted out in Uruguay because Cassidy quit. Eric was voted out first in Tiki Island. Kesha was voted out first in Jordan.

Jeff: What kind of vote was it? Was it 7-1, 5-3 crap like that.

Abby: 7-1.

Gerard: Lanette: 3-0, Erik: 2-1, Kesha: 5-1

Jeff: I know Tiki Islanders got most points, but they two wrong so they are deducted. And Gerard wins it for the Jordanians! Pick a team to be safe.

Robert:Save us, to eliminate the Uruguayians!

Gerard: The Uruguayians are safe!


Tribal Council 2

Jeff: Robert, you are the COT for tonight. Choose 2 people to be nominated. COT and nominees will not vote, but the rest will in the ET.

Robert:I am not nominating myself. Patricia is safe for now. Rachel, I am not nominating you to prove I just wanna be your friend, and Holden, try to be a little nicer to the other teams. But we are friends, so I nominate Zoey and Summer!

Jeff: The vote goes until 4. And Summer, the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch*

Holden: See Ya later

Robert:Bye, Summer.

Summer's Final Words

Summer:Well,I barely did anything,so i see why they voted me out.But I did make it far in season two.So buy guys.

Day 3

Uruguayians Chat

Wes: Another immunity challenge today

Gavin:we need to win this time

Wes: And when we do I say we elimate one of the jordians

Gavin:Agreed,with them gone we might have a chance against the tiki islanders

Wes: Sam is also a too big threat tyo keep around. He really needs to go

Tiki Islanders Chat

Patricia: *comes back with mud on her face and ripped up clothes* Hey guys! I'm back from the wild! I was just looking for fish when I got side-tracked and got caught in the middle of a government conspriracy or something, I don't kno,w I don't care! Haha! So, anyways, did anything happen when I was gone?

holden: Summer went home

Patricia: Cool! *hangs by her feet upside down and noms on her shoe*

Holden: K

Robert:Today we can relax a little.

Jordanians Chat

Hayley: Yes! 2 wins in a row :)

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Oh, before the challenge, Hayley and Sam choose new teams!
Hayley: F--- you Jeff.

Jeff: It'll go Hayley, Sam, Hayley, Sam, ect.

Hayley: I pick Seth.

Sam: Patricia.

Hayley: I pick...hmm...Abby.

Sam: Destinee.

Hayley: Robert.

Sam: Gerard.

Hayley: Boo

Sam: Bryan

Hayley: Rachel. Her

Sam: Cody.

Hayley: Zoey

Sam: Gavin.

Hayley: Wes

Jeff: And that means Holden is on Sam's team.

Holden: Why were me and my brother picked last.. Jerks

Jeff: Your challenge is to come up with a new team name! Best name wins a reward. Bold the official name.

Rachel: Rosa?

Sam: Zatru?

holden: Ned'loh


Robert:I still like Nagiri.

Rachel: Lets take a vote

Wes: My team how about Chancha

Jeff: The names are Zatru and Chanca... and


Zatru Reward

Holden: This place rules

GAvin:*cheers*this is awesome

Patricia: I know! Look at the coconuts!! *jumps on Gavin's head and starts laughing like a maniac*

Destinee: (CONF) That girl Patricia is kind of....weird.

Patricia: (CONF) That girl Destinee is kind of... Nice! I really like her! I think we can be best friends! Ahahaha!!

Holden: (CONF) All Jordians better watch out becuase I'm sending all three of them home form my team

Gavin:(CONF):Im preety sure everyone wants the Jordanians gone, and i am determined to do so..........through any means neccessary*laughs evilly*

Sam: (CONF) Seriously Jeff? Purposely seperating from my girlfriend? *scoffs* Ass...

Day 4

Zatru Chat

Patricia: (CONF) Aww, everyone here is so nice! I can't wait to DESTROY them in the game!! Ahahaha! But, I feel like people underestimate me because, apparently, I'm "weird"! They're the weird ones! *gets a fly stuck in her throat and starts choking and swallows the fly* Mmm, nutricious!

Holden: somebody IS going home today

Destinee: (CONF) I need an alliance. Sam will be perfect for it, but since Hayley isn't on our team, I think Patricia would be a good alliance mate too. She may be weird, but she seems nice.

Patricia: (CONF) *is seen sitting upside down reading a magazine called: Calculator Weekly while wearing sunglasses.

Gavin:(CONF):*walks in*someone left a copy of Calculator Weekly in here

Holden: (CONF) For my plan to work we need to win every single immuity till the merge

Sam: (CONF) Bah, I hate most of my team... Destinee's cool, but still...

Holden: Why is ther a line in front of the confessional booth

Chanca Chat

Hayley: A--hole.

Seth: I don't trust that guy. Be careful Hayl.

Rachel: Who

Hayley: Sama

Rachel: Oh.

Wes: I agree with seth he has to be watched carfully... Thats probally how he won... no one was watching him and have of the finalst quit.

Rachel: How did you win?

Wes: Being nice and winning challenges


Wes: ??????

Challenge: FIRE

Jeff: Sam and Zoey will compete. Whoever gets fire 1st wins for their team!

Holden: Go Sam

Wes: Go Zoey

Sam: *looks for fire*

Zoey:Wait,what's fire!?

Sam: *keeps looking* (CONF) Should I lie to her and say it's at the bottom of the ocean or not... (Non-COF) It's red and very hot, and it keeps changing shape! (CONF) *sighs* I'm so going to regret that later...

Hayley: *facepalms* We're doomed!

Wes: Hayley we might still win for all we know zoey caqn get hit by lightning and get fire.

Sam: *pauses* Wait a second... *runs over to the tribal council area*

Zoey:Oh!Like this!*points to a tree that was on fire(O.o)*

Wes: See hayley Zoey can win a challenge

Jeff: Quick, but Chanca wins!

Zoey:Wow!It's moving quickly!*watching the fire spread*

Holden: Jeff isn't that your trailer on fire

Sam: *runs back with one of the tribal council torches* I wi- *sees the trailer on fire* ... Seriously?

Zoey:Yeah!*puts her arm around him*...Why did i do this!?*takes it off*

Sam: *blushes* ... I have a girlfriend...

Holden: *mumbles* not for long

Rachel: What

Zoey:I know that's why I took off my arm,stupid me.

Rachel: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holden: (CONF)The vote will probally be 4-4 so it will be a tie... unless I can convince partica to vote with me. (Non-Conf) Hey patica we are friends from tiki isalnd so can you vote for Sam.... I already have four vote and you would be the fifth.

Rachel: *saw the votes* she voted for you

Tribal Council 3

Holden: War agianst Jordians *votes Sam* We lost becuase of you so you need to go home.

Sam: *votes Holden* Ass, and I actually did the challenge, and won it a few seconds after her.

Destinee: *Votes Holden* Your attitude annoys me. We "Jordians" are about to vote you out.

Patricia: *votes Holden* You like really need to calm down, I mean you act all crazy!! Ahahaha! *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Gerard: *votes Holden* I don't like you.

Gavin:*votes holden*i have absolutely no reason for doing this

Holden: i guess I'm leaving tell my brother to win *runs out of tribal council with his lit torch* You'll never put this out.

Gavin:(CONF):so i missed my chance to get out a jordanian, but at that point it was impossible to get the majority, so why go against the group and make myself a target

Jeff: Holden, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Holden's Final Words

Me and my torch are leaving now. Tecnacliy i shiouldn't of even came here I got last place in the public voting and Jennifer got first. But I really wnated to go on all stars so I switched my public vote with hers so technaiclly they voted out jen so eat it. Jeff I left with a LIT torch. HA I left before you could snuff it and i left WITH my torch

Patricia: *walks over to Holden, puts out his torch and walks back to Tribal Council* It wasn't that hard, actually :D

Sam: *high-fives Patricia* Yay for the past winners of the show being awesome! =D

Patricia: Whoo! *high fives Sam* (CONF) Maybe Sam isn't so crazy at all... *starts sucking her toe*

Sam: Anyways, wanna kill Jeff for putting Hayley on a different team then me?

Wes: Hey guys

Sam: You aren't supposed to be here. >.> Jeff, eliminate him.

Patricia: No, silly! That was Holden!

Wes: Sam you just called me awsome and thanks for elimantiong my brother... hes a total ididot

Day 5

Chanca Chat

Wes: today is going to be a good day

Rachel: Holdens gone. This is bad

Zatru Chat

Patricia: Soo... Anyone want tacos? *randomly pulls out a fake mustache and sombrero*

Sam: ... Meh, sure.

Patricia: Aie-Aie-Aie-Aie-AIE!!! *throws a taco at Sam which hits his crotch* Oops... Sorry!

Sam: *hits the ground, in pain* It's alright...

Destinee: Can I have a taco?

Patricia: *is about to throw a taco at Destinee, but then remembers Sam* Oh, sure! *gives taco to Destinee* (CONF) Aw, Destinee is so nice and Sam is so cute! I hope we can work together!!

Destinee: (CONF) *Has purse with her and takes out chips and salsa* What? I love mexican food! Oh and Patricia is nice, actually.

Challenge: TACO COOK OFF

Jeff: Patricia and Rachel will compete! They will make tacos and judges are Hayley and Sam. Person with most points wins! Start making!

Gavin:So no one except them can compete

Jeff: No

Rachel: *Puts in cheese*

Jeff: Where's crazy girl? Well, then, SAM competes and Hayley judges and will not rig it. Try too, you are out.

Sam: *starts makin' a bean and cheese taco*

Rachel: *Adds sauce for a pizzay taste*

Sam: *put in the bean and cheese, and starts heating it up*u

Rachel: *Melts the cheese and pours it in*

Wes: go Rachel

Sam: *starts putting on toppings*

Seth: *sleeps*

Rachel: *To her team* any ideas

Hayley: IDK

Jeff: Found her. She's a judge though!

Rachel: *Puts pizza toppings on*

Jeff: Time to judge! You judge the other team's, of course.

Hayley: *eats Sam's* 40/50

Patricia: Can I taste?! *eats Pizza* Meh, 30/50...

Jeff: Zatru wins!

Tribal Council 4: Chanca

Hayley: Abbu

Seth: Abby

Wes: gotta vote with my ally *votes abby*

Robert:Holden is gone, so I shall help you out, Wes. I vote Abby, though.

Boo: Abby... *whimpers* Help me...

Jeff: Abby, the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch*

Abby's Final Words

Honestly, this whole expirence in this camp has SUCKED, JORDAN WAS WAY MORE FUN! as usual, go everyone but ZWes cause I can't stand him or Holden or George. Preferebly Destinee or Sam win! Love ya.

Day 6

Chanca Chat

Wes: Morning team

Rachel: Ugh

Wes: K whats eating you

Rachel: WE LOST!

Wes: every team needs a lost every now or then or it will make their team self destuct. Just not TOO many like one or two

Robert:Wes, do not forget season 2. Rachel can get pretty mean.

Rachel: Hey. I heard that.

Wes: She gets a clean slate from me until I make a new opion which will be shown at tribal council

Rachel: Thx

Zatru Chat

Destinee: (CONF) We need to keep winning. For some reason the people don't like the "Jordanians" so I need us to keep winning so I don't go soon.

Day 7

Chanca Chat

Hayley: *fishes*

Seth: *kisses his hand*

Hayley: *gives him Lindsay finger*

Wes: K that was weird

Seth: I am HYPER!


Zatru Chat


Jeff: Act as crazy as you freakin can! Ends at 7:30


Seth: *licks his butt*

Destinee: *Pukes* (CONF) That dude is gross...

Hayley: Yeah

Gavin:As crazy as I can huh...........*throws up on Hayley and then starts eating dirt*

Bryan: *Hits Gavin with Hammer*

Nick: *hits himself with hammer*

Gavin:*takes hammer from Bryan*No, NO*throws hammer at Hayley*

Robert:*catches hammer and eats it*Yum!

Gavin:*punches robert in the stomach, making him throw up the hammer, which he hits him with*is the challenge over

(obert in the stomach, making him vomit the Challenge? TN, could you fix that?)

(TN:oh, sorry i didnt even notice that)

Robert:*calls a bear that eats Gavin*Oops. Gavin, make the bear throw up from the inside!

GAvin:*from inside bear*I dont think I can do that so I will just SET HIM ON FIRE* Sets a lighter off inside bear, , and he throws up Gavin*

Rachel: *Eats 10 stuff* Ew

Robert:Let's get it started in here!*sets Rachel on fire by accident*

Rachel: *hoses herself* Im fine Im fine

Gavin:*sets her back on fire an pours kerosen on her*sorry, accident

Rachel: *hoses herself down*

Patricia: Crazy huh... *does unmentionable crazy things*

Wes: *kills holden*

Rachel: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin:*sets rachel on fire a third time because hes out of ideas*

Jeff: Okay...that was lame...but wow Wes. Um, I'm sure that' s illegal. Infact, Rachel's burning was illegal also...But, Wes was more illegal. So Zatru wins!

Tribal Council 5

Seth: Wes


Hayley: Wes

Boo: Wes

Jeff: Wes, the tribe has spoken

Wes' Final Words\

I'm a multi triillion air they are not i stll have th prevideger i won the orginal season and the rest of tyhem can't say that

Day 8

Chanca Chat

Zatru Chat

Patricia: *is in an alley* Sam! Destinee! Can you guys come over here?!

Destinee: *Walks over to the alley* Why are you in an alley?

Patricia: Well first of all, I left my cookies here. *picks up a bag of molded cookies and eats them* Second, I think we should have a three-way alliance!

Destinee: First of all, ew you just ate cookies with mold on them, and secondly, sure, I need an alliance!

New Tribe Picking

Jeff: Patricia and Desinee will pick new tribes. It goes Destinee, Patricia, ect. You pick 5 other people, and the person not picked will be eliminated! Patricia is now on Chanca

Patricia: I pick Destinee! I really like her. :) Haha! Just kidding! I pick Sam.

Destinee: I pick Hayley.

Patricia: I pick Zoey!

Destinee: I pick Gerard.

Jeff: Okay, Rachel and Seth will pick the last three and Seth is on Zatru.

Seth: I pick BOO

Rachel: Robert

Seth: Bryan

Rachel: Gavin

Jeff: We have our final 12, and Cody has been eliminated.

Patricia: No! I demand a recount! I WANNA PICK MY OWN TEAM!!!

Jeff: Ugh fine

Patricia: *huggles Jeff* Anyways, I pick Robert!!!

Jeff: Ok then, pick 1 more person and you become Ulong! Then, pick one person from one of the other teams to be eliminated then someone returns!

Patricia: I pick Sam! And, I pick Gerard to be eliminated!

Jeff: Bye Gerard. And welcome back Zoey! You'll be joining Zatru.

Boo: Wait! I quit to save Gerard! He was really nice to me last season, and I don't really deserve to be here.

Day 8 (PT II)

Chanca Chat

Rachel: Hi

Zatru Chat

Ulong Chat

Robert:I clearly missed a lot.

Day 9

Chanca Chat

Zatru Chat

Seth: *looks around*
Hayley: I miss Sam

Zoey:*sighs*So,what's going on?

Ulong Chat

Sam: I'm surprised all three winners are still in, to be honest...

Rachel: *Comes in* Wes is out

Sam: Sorry, I meant the two awesome, threat like winners. Wes was an ass, to be honest.

Rachel: You said three.

Robert:Sam, you realize you are talking about yourself?

Sam: *shrugs* Meh, I am pretty good at this game. In my first season, I made no enemies, and my enemies this season were voted off.

Gavin:*walks in and randomly knows the subject of thier conversation*Im kindof sure you still have alot of enemies left.

Sam: Okay, stop stalking our campsite everyone. >.>

Gavin:But our campsite is boring...

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Ok, so, your challenge is to make a joke. Sam judges it and Hayley and Seth compete! Also, Seth is switched to Chanca!

Hayley's Joke

Why did the paper clip stick to the magnet? Because the magnet was attractive!

Seth's Joke

Why is my poop big? Cause I just got a huge cracken!


Sam: Hayley, and no it's not because she's my girlfriend, but Seth's joke was just pathetic...

Jeff: Nice. So Zatru wins!

Chanca Tribal Council

Jeff: VOTE SOMEONE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seth: Rachel


Seth: Hold on. I'm good. I quit~

Jeff: *snuffs his torch*

Seth's Final Words

Eh, I was not feeling it.

Day 10

Jeff: You're back to your original tribes!

Uruguayians Chat

Tiki Islanders Chat

Rachel: We take down the jordans.

Patricia: Nah! That's what Holden tried to do before he went cuckoo! Let's just win! Is that too hard? I didn't think so. Ahaha! *falls asleep*

Robert:Patricia, I hear tomorrow is a double vote.

Rachel: Shes crazy.

Patricia: *is still sleeping*

Jordanians Chat

Hayley: Sam!

Sam: Hayley! *hugs*

Destinee: Hi guys! It's great to be back on these teams!

Sam: I know, right? Too bad we're the biggest target again now...

Destinee: Oh well, we'll just have to take down everyone else.

Sam: *nods head* A-men.

Hayley: Why are we targets?

Destinee: Because we're the strongest in the competition.

Sam: Yep, before the team switch we won both of the challenges. -w-

Hayley: To the final 3!

Destinee: Yes! *High Fives both Sam and Hayley*


Jeff: So, the Jordanians and the Tiki Islanders will vote and also, Hayley and Destinee are safe for the Jordanians. Also, Robert, Zoey, and Patricia are safe for the Tiki Islanders.

Tiki Islanders Vote

Jeff: Only those safe votes and if no one else votes by 8 tonight EST, I'll choose who goes!

Robert:I vote Summer. Stay eliminated this time!

Jeff: *snuffs Summer's torch*

Summer's Final Words

Eliminated again*sighs*I guess that's what I desereve.

Jordanians Vote

Hayley: I have to vote Gerard.

Destinee: I have to vote for Gerard.

Jeff: YAWN. Boring. Guess what? Gerard is out *snuffs his torch*

Gerard's Final Words

Day 11

Shay Foa Chat

Jeff: You have merged and Jun debuted! Enjoy!

Robert:I thought we had one moe challenge!? And Shay Foa? Shaymow, Foa Foa, nice!!!!!eason 2 was hck for me! And Foa Foa is cursed!

Patricia: *grabs Robert, Destinee and Sam and brings them into secret place* HEY GUYS!

Rachel: *Spies on them*

Hayley: What the h***? *walks in the secret place*

Patricia: Hey other guys!

Rachel: Hi. *Closes the door* I have a plan.


Rachel: to get rid of Gavin and Bryan.

Hayley: (CONF) I feel really weird. Sam and I have barely talked since we switched. Ugh.

Patricia: Um, this is MY secret room. *pushes Rachel and Hayley out* Now, *whispers to Robert, Sam and Destinee*

Rachel; Hayley lets talk

Hayley: What is it? (CONF) OK, I'm ready to get that b---- Patricia out! She didn't even do anything to win Tiki Island except for NOTHING. She is going down.

Sam: (CONF) I actually made merge? Awesome! I expected to be out really early...

Hayley: Sam, we need to talk.

Sam: Alright. *walks over* What?

Hayley: Well since the switch, I feel like we haven't been connecting much. I feel like you've been hanging out with Patricia and Destinee more, but mostly Patrica. I don't feel like we have great chemistry. What do you think?

Patricia: *walks out of the Secret Room and goes to cabin*

Sam: *frowns* Sorry if you feel that way, we just didn't get much chance to talk... *hugs*

Hayley: Aww tank you.

Sam: *smiles* No problem. *stops hugging her, grabs her hand, and starts walking with her*

Destinee: (CONF) I'm glad I'm still here. Hopefully I can make it farther than last time. I need an alliance. Of course Sam and Hayley, but if we want numbers we need at least one more person or so.

Hayley: *to Sam/Destinee* Vote out Patricia!

Gavin:(CONF):I know Rachel is probably plotting to get me out for allegedly 'setting her on fire', I need an alliance if Im going to stay in the game.

Reward Challenge

Jeff: OK, so the challenge is a race! But, you guys all have 0 torches, Survivor currency. 1st place, you get 100 torches or Ts, 2nd-5th 50 Ts, 6-9th 25 ts and 10-11 0 Ts. The the people with the lowest torches after each challenge make up the bottom 2. Winner also gets to choose someone to go on a reward. The reward, a night at a hotel!

Hayley: *starts running*

Gaviin:*starts running*

Destinee: *Starts running*

Gavin:wait where are we even racing to.


Hayley: *1/4 of the way there*

Sam: *starts to rn*

Gavin:*1/3 of the way there*

Patricia: *runs extremely fast* Come on guys! Whoohoo!

Hayley: *runs fast* (CONF) Bi-*gets cut off*

Gavin:*runs fast and passes 1/2 way mark*

Hayley: Hey guys! Look overthere! IT'S ERIC.

Eric: Eh, I'm sane, but like Seth I get a crazy streak *craps on Zoey*

Jeff: *stops cold* Who let ERIC back?

Eric: I'm back!

Jeff: Okay, I'll let you in to torture the others!

Eric: I'm good. *walks away*

Hayley: This is why I wish I was not related to Izzy!~

Patricia: *is 1/3 there* Hey! Izzy's my cousin!

Gavin:*continues running past half way mark*And Im Izzy's father

Hayley: Okay, Patricia is my cousin. Izzy is my half sister.

Zoey:This is confusing...*trips and says*EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Gavin:*passes 3/4 mark*Okay so your half sister is Izzy, and Patricia is your cousin, and*trips*EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Hayley: Patricia, what side is Izzy on in your family?


Robert:*starts running*

Hayley: *to Robert* Vote Patricia!

Patricia: THAT'S IT! *punches Hayley in the nose*

Sam: *runs next to Hayley an nd Patricia* Please, don't ifght...

Patricia: Well, she's been trying to get me out! And when Patricia is mad, she fights!

Sam: *sighs, and drags Hayley along with him to get her away from Patrcia*

Zoey:*finishes the race,still crying*

Gavin:*finishes race*That was surprisingly easy

Jeff: Zoey and Gavin win! Oh, and I lied about the torch thing. You guys get to vote tonight and TOMORROW'S a reward challenge, suckas.

Zoey:Can I have shower as a reward?


Merged Tribal Council 1

Jeff: Zoey and Gavin are safe. Vote

Hayley: Patricia


Robert:*darkness surrounds him*I vote Patricia....Vengeance for season 2!

Sam: *sighs* Sorry Patricia, I have to side with my girlfriend... *votes Patricia*

Bryan: Patricia....sorry

Destinee: I vote Patricia. I'm really sorry! I was forced to do this, by the way (:P)

Jeff: With six votes against her, bye bye Patricia *snuffs her torch*

Patricia's Final Words

I WILL be back! Hayley, you better watch out, I'm gonna get you! Kthxbye!! *grins wildly and disappears in a puff of smoke*

Day 12

Shay Foa Chat

Hayley: Finally, Patricia is gone!

Rachel: Yeah! If we get rid of Sam all the winners will be gone!!!!!!!!!!

Sam: You do realize I'm standing right next to you, right?

Hayley: You did not vote Patricia last night. All people who didn't vote Patricia will be eliminated! You're next Rachel ;).

Rachel: Hey nethier did Robert.

Sam: Yes, he did...

Hayley: The people who voted Patricia are in the final 6.

Destinee: Well, I guess it paid off to vote for her then!

Hayley: Got that right sister *high fives her*

Rachel: Dont think so soon.

Destinee: *High fives Hayley* (CONF) Well, this will be fun.

Rachel: (CONF) I will win (NON-CONF) I would have voted for her. Trust me

Sam: (CONF) I'm surprised I outlasted the two other winners... (Non-CONF) Alright then.

Hayley: *gets Sam/Destinee and pulls them into confessional* OK, we'll get Rachel to believe that we're voting her out, but actually, we're voting Jun out. THEN we'll vote Rachel.

Sam: (CONF) I don't see the point in making her belive we're voting her out, but alright.

Destinee: (CONF) *Shrugs* Whatever it takes to get us to the final 3, I'm game for!

Hayley: (CONF) Sam, it's called tormenting. We'll tell her and rub it in her f------ face so much she's packed, but then we blindside Jun. It's pretty simple.

Rachel: (walks in CONF) You where at the lawsuit right?

Hayley: *kick her out* (CONF) Okay, she's next.

Rachel: (CONF) Shes next!

Gavin:(CONF):Rachel is next, but I am only saying that because I have absolutely no strategy going into this.

A Collaboration Challenge

Jeff: In collaboration of the Annoying Orange and Taylor Swift, we bring you the annoying swift! It's boys versus girls. The guys dress up as the Annoying Orange, while the girls dress up as Taylor Swift. The boys must act as annoying as TAO and the Girls must give a Taylor Swift performance. The winners are safe, and vote someone out on the other team.

Sam: ... I'm out. *walks away*

Hayley: *rolls eyes*

Jeff: Just kidding. *pulls Sam back* Here we go. You have to KISS Taylor Swift Sam or you get immunity. If you don't, you are eliminated.

Sam: ... *shrugs* I can live with that, if it means staying in... *kisses Tayhlor Swift, then pulls backquickly* Ugh... At least she's hot...

Taylor: Well I'm gonna write a song about you.

TAO: Hey Taylor

Taylor: What?

TAO: Knife

Taylor: AHHHHH

Jeff: Sam is safe!

Merged Tribal Council 2

Hayley: My vote goes to Jun.

Sam: Jun to end the vote already. >.>


Robert:Jun, I will NOT lose to a debuter again!

Destinee: I vote for Jun.

Jeff: *sleeps*

Zoey:I vote for Rachel.

Jeff: Bye Jun *snuffs his torch*

Jun's Final Words

Day 13

Shay Foa Chat

Sam: *sits next to Hayley and smiles at her* Hey.

Destinee: (CONF) Ain't no way I was gonna do that challenge. Blonde white chicks and country music are my two weaknesses!

Zoey:*sitting down*

Hayley: Hey Sam *kisses him* Hold on, did you kiss Taylor Swift yesterday?

Sam: *blushes* Yes, so 'd get the immunity.

Hayley: *punches him*

Sam: *holds his face* Alright, I deserved that.

Robert:You alright,Sam?

Sam: Ya, I'm fine.

Rachel: (CONF) Drama nice. (NON-CONF) Really?

Robert:Thanks for voting Jun out.Season 2 taught me how deadly debuters can be.

Hayley: Got that right.

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Your challenge is to get a key in the sand and swim to a platform in the sea. There you will unlock a clue. This clue will guide you to your destination. Jump back into the water, and try to swim there. Your destination: Tiki Island. Not that far. 1st person to get to the Tiki Island tribal council, which is still up, wins.

Sam: *starts looking for a key*

Gavin:*starst looking for a key*

Hayley: *starts looking* Hey Sam, could we talk for a minute? About the Taylor Swift thing?

Zoey:*starts looking for the key*

Robert:*is looking for a key*

Hayley: *continues looking*

Zoey:*still searching*

Gavin:*continues searching*

Sam: Alright...

Zoey:Found it!*drops and she has to find it again*

Hayley: Back to December. HA!

Sam: *confuseed* Huh?

Gavin:........wait, what, is that some kind of code.

Zoey:*finds it again,puts her bikini on and starts swimming*

Gavin:*finally finds key and starts swimming*

Zoey;*gets to the platform*Where's the clue?

Robert:Bye,Hayley!*catches up to Gavin*Hey,Gavin!

Destinee: *Starts searching*

Hayley: *finds the key and starts swimming*

Jeff: The clue is in the box. You use the key to unlock it.

Gavin:*gets to platform and opens box*

Robert:*finds a key and starts swimming after Zoey and Gavin*

Bryan: *finds key*

Sam: *finds the key and goes to the platform to open the box*

Hayley: *opens box and heads to Tiki Island* Wow, no one is trying *swims more* Is that a shark? Oh crap *sharks begins to eat her* HELP! HELP! HELP! *she swims away, bleeding, and heads to shore* HELP! HELP! HELP!

Sam: Hayley! *swims to get her*

Destinee: *Abandons searching and swims over to Hayley with Sam*

Hayley: *tries to move, but the leg starts spewing blood* Sh*t.

Gavin:*gets clue out of box and starts swimming towards tiki island*

Jeff: Should I evacuate her? Nah.

Hayley's Father (Jim): So, this is Ti-OH SH*T THAT'S HAYLEY!

rachel: *Looks fo a key*

Robert:*gets to the platform and uses his key**sees Hayley*Holy crap!

Gavin:*looks at Hayley*How did Hayleys dad get here

Rachel: *finds her key* Yes *sees Hayley* Shes faking.

Hayley: B*tch I'm not faking! Help Help! Aw crap *tries putting pressure on it*

Robert:Rachel,you are being dumb.Again.*swims to Tiki Island*

Hayley: Guys, I can see my muscles.

Jeff: Get a helicopter. Hayley, you're getting evacuated.

Gavin:WOOHOO..............I mean Im so sorry for you Hayley.*continues swimming towards tiki island*

Hayley: *sighs* Bye guys.

Destinee: Bye Hayley!!! I hope you get better!

Rachel: Bye Hayley.

Sam: *hugs Hayley* I'll miss you...

Hayley: Bye Sam.

Day 14

Shay Foa Chat

Jeff: *on Phone*

Rachel: What

Jeff: Jim, do not sue.


Jeff: Yes you're voting someone off. I'm bored so do it!

Destinee: I vote for Rachel.

Sam: Rachel.

Jeff: Ends at 6 EST.


Rachel: Sam


Robert:Rachel, I am so sorry. But you do not trust me anymore. ;(

Gavin:So who is out?

Jeff: Rachel has been voted out. *snuffs her torch*

Rachel's Final Words

Me! You Voted off ME! Really! Season 2 Hello! Whateves. At least I did better then Holden and Hayley. ILL BE BACK YOU B*****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 15

Shay Foa Chat

Gavin:(CONF):Final 6, only 3 more weeks until the jury vote

Robert:Hey,Gavin. Sorry about Rachel.

Gavin:Its okay, I wish she could have gotten farther but its fine

Robert:I think Bryan is next. He does not do much.

Gavin:He better be gone, he has lasted way too long doing nothing

Robert:He is the last of your season allies,though. When he goes, you are the last Uruguayian.

Jeff: So

Robert:Jeff,you notice. Two from Uruguay, Two from Tiki Island, and Two from Jordan made final six.

Jeff: Ha.

Bryan: why would you vote me off if I am not a threat! XD

Robert:Sorry, you have been really inactive.

Bryan: yea I know xD but I'm not a threat, making memgood to take father....but if I must go, I have one request if I could somehow make it to the final five,..that is my hope :/

Sam: (CONF) In all honesty? I'm voting Gavin. I don't care if Bryan isn't active, we'll just vote him off next time, Gavin was in with Rachel to get me voted off.

Bryan: (CONF) aren't peoplemfrom the same season supposed to srtick together?! Ugh Gavin, why must you gun for me!

Jeff: Abby has returned to the competition!

Abby: HEY GUYS! :D

Bryan: O.o

Gavin:f*** (CONF):Why are there so many returnees, it ust makes it harder on people who had to work to get here(Non-Conf)*away where Abby cant hear*Bryan, will you help me get Abby off if I promise never to vote for you.

Bryan: Sure I guess >.> Why did she have to return?!!?

Gavin:I dont know, it seems kindof pointless to have someone return when we are this close to the end anyway.


Jeff: Compliment me.

Sam: Jeff, have you noticed how great your hair looks? Awesome job with the show, by the way. Is that a new suit? It looks really nice on you. *looks down* Oh, I never noticed how great your shoes are before! *laughs* Well, see ya later, Jeff... Woah, even your name is awesome!

Abby: Your hotter than Channing Tatum, Ke$ha is amazing! Your hair is amazing, you look really buff in those shorts, and I'm your biggest fan!

Bryan: Jeff, you are the greatest man on earth...People shake in awe at in sight of are so perfectly toned and muscular...and have the most amazing voice...if i was a girl, i would write you love letters every day because you are the most perfect thing ever...You are like a god in my eyes...Your hair is so perfectly brown, your eyes so brown, a perfect contrast to your skin...How could someone be any more perfect?!!?

Jeff: Okay, so, they win immunity can get to choose 3 people to be voted off!

Gavin:Wait, Jeff, you are the single greatest person on earth, i know its no concelation to say this after the fact, butyou may be the best person ever.You are the richest, awesomest, kindest, smartest, brillaiant creator ever.This show should be HONORED to have you as a host, the executives at CBS kill themselves because of how ugly they are compared to you.I DONT DESERVE TO BE ON THE SAME SHOW AS YOU.


Sam- I vote for Gavin.

Abby- I vote for Robert.

Bryan- I vote Destinee

Seth: They are out *snuffs their torches*. But, *relights Destinee* She was never eliminated.

Gavin/Robert/Destinee's Final Words

Gavin-I thought I could win, but I guess things just happen. I want Bryan to win, and Im fine with anyone except sam winning.

Robert-I am reall bad this season. >:D

Day 16

Shay Foa Chat

Sam: *leaning against a tree, reading*

Kesha: Tik tok, on the clock.

Sam: *looks over at Kesha* ... Why are you here?

Destinee: Yeah, why is she here?

Kesha: Cause I'm hot.


Jeff: Come up with a challenge.

Sam: Hm... We have to... Do something, I don't care. -w- *walks away*

Jeff: OK, I'm really bored and I have no twists in me.

Sam: *shrugs* Why not just have a vote-out, in which we vote two people off to make the final three?

Destinee: I agree with Sam. It's the simplest thing to do.

Jeff: Fine

Vote Off

Jeff: Vote out 2 people;.

Sam: Bryan and Zoey.

Destinee: Bryan and Zoey. Sorry!

Jeff: They've been the most active. So they are the final 2. *snuffs the rest and relights Robert* NOW it's a final 3.

Day 17

Jury Vote

Hayley: OK I have everything fixed. I vote for Destinee. Sam already won, and Robert returned. Sam, that does not mean I don't love you anyless.

Patricia: Oh, I vote Destinee! And, *punches Hayley* That's what you GET!!! Well, bye! *disappears in a puff of smoke*


Bryan: Sam gets my vote :D

Rachel: Destinee

Robert:Figures. Consider this me quitting. I have lost no matter what now. Patricia, at least we were the same season, but fine. Returning to lose right off the bat, no way. I quit to make it easier.

Jerff: Destinee wins the crappiest season!

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