1. Donald
  2. Hillary
  3. Bernie
  4. Lincoln
  5. Marco
  6. Ted
  7. Martin
  8. Jeb(!)
  9. Chris
  10. Jim
  11. Ben
  12. Carly
  13. John
  14. Joe


Episode 1

Jeff: welcome to kaoh rong, where thirteen psychopaths are about to come and duke it out about their political beliefs!

Donald: why is the camera on that weird looking television host? it should be on the good looking television host!

Marco: look at your hands and think about what you've done.

Bernie: hello (conf) I hope there's eighteen year olds on this island. also, its racist that they don't allow 17 year olds to compete *waves his hands around*

Jeb: hi, my wife's name is Columba

Chris: hey carson, lets go kiss up to trump

Ben: *whispering* sounds like a plan (CONF) *blinks*

Kasich: hey

Hillary: shut up kasinich

Kasich: why does everyone think that's my name?

Donald: who are you again?

Jeff: get off my boat *shoves them*

Hillary: water?? I'm melting!!!


Bernie: copycat

At the beach...

Ted: god bless the great state of Cambodia

Marco: Cambodia isn't a state you dunce

Donald: it will be after I'm done with it!

Jeff: hi again. lets divide you into tribes

Ben: *whispering* correct me if I'm wrong, but we have an odd number of people

Jeff: o, rite. twist! producers, fetch me joe biden

Joe: this is a big f***ing deal.

Jeff: ok so on the ta keo tribe we have ben, chris, Donald, marco, jeb, biden, and Bernie.

Chris: yay, we can still suck him off!

Jeff: so on the bayon tribe we have Hillary, carly, Lincoln, ted, martin, Kasich, and jim webb.

jim webb: who are these people? I'm the only relevant one

Hillary: *cackles*

At Ta Keo...

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