This wiki is dead. This camp will change that! I called this Wiki reanimated because, it's bringing the wiki back to life from the dead. Set it a deserted, inhabited, island off the coast of Florida. 18 castaways will experience the journey of a lifetime!

Castaways (Max 3)

  • (Name, Stereotype, Age.) ( Age 18-30)

1. James - The upright asshole - 25

2. Lemon - The southern bell - 23

3. Kazim - The Gimmick - 19

4. Brooklyn - The Delusional Bimbo - 21

5. Gerda - The Lunch Lady - 30

6. William - The Introvert - 18

7. Kordan - The Relic Huntre - 16

8. Fernanda - The Jungle Suvirvalist - 16

9. Lexi - The Wannabe Pink Aztec Princess - 16

10. Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - 17

11. Pen - The Briber - 13

12. Mike - The Triple Encounterer - 13

13.Dan - The Unpredictable Rebel - 18

14.Ryan - The Strategic Opportunist - 18

15.Logan -The Athletic Powerhouse - 18

16. Mae - The Sweet Japanese - 18

17. Starrkeisha - The Cheerleader - 22

18. Gertrude - The Grumpy Old Lady - 78

Episode 1

Pre Chat

Jeff: Welcome castaways, and talk while the others arrive.

Nemo: I'm about to win again!

Pen: You win everything.... Just chill.

Kordan: Wow este lugar es divertido.

Fernanda: Es tuvo fabulosa.

Lexi: Hola chocos ya volvi.

Nemo: *sees Lexi* Oh no... NOT HER! She always talks about stupid things like pizza and stuff.

Pen: Then why don't you just ignore her?

Lexi: Si. Me gusta la pizza de pepperoni.

James: Hey

Kazzim: hey I'm a surfer I like to talk about surfing because I'm a surfer I am a surfer.

Lemon: Unless you want to pay my hospital bills you better start talking. The sound wave that you create with your voice causes brain damage. So better put a sock in it. *looks around* Anyone got some iced sweet tea?

Lexi: (CONF) Me preferidia hacer pizzas en una pizzeria. Y nadar con manaties, tiburones nodriza, pacús, pirarrucus, delfines y rayas.

Brooke: Um-- hey, you! *points at Gerda* Danny DeVito, can you like help me with my bags?

Gerda: My name is Gerda.

Brooke: Are you going to help?

Gerda: No.

Brooke: (CONF) That Erma-or-whatever lady was pretty rude, but I guess I know why- I'm intuitive like that. She's probably really depressed because she's like eighty-something and is just jealous of my, like, natural-- uh, youth.

William: *shuffles awkwardly in the background*

Fernanda: Conoce a mi buffalo me llamo Lilly. buena chica Lilly?

Mike: Hey guys! Just ordered pizza! It's on it's way!

Lexi: Hola Mike. Me llamo Lexi. Encantada.

Fernanda: (CONF) A Lilly la buffalo le gusta trotar, caminar, correr, saltar y comer cesped.

Kordan: (CONF) Hay una manada de mandriles que le gustan comer platanos.

Lexi: (CONF) Me encanta la pizza de pepperoni. Es muy rica.

Dan: Now that Dan has arrived, the game can begin! Dan advises everyone here to bring their a-game, because I brought a can of buttkick, and I intend to open it up on every single one of yah! Let the best man win! You better 

Logan: The game hasn't started yet son! And I've brought my a-game so you still have time to get ready.

Ryan: Trust me brother! I'm ready, and I'll do anything to win!

Dan: I don't give a darn what each of ya did! The conclusion is that I'm walking out of here what the prize because Dan says so?

  • Dan, Ryan, and Logan stare at eachother

Jeff: * gets in between the three of them* Okay, save some of your trash talking for the first challenge please. Which will start, when the other three castaways have arrived. And, I got a call saying their plane was delayed. So it will be a little while.

Lexi: Me encanta ir al comprear productos de pillbury. Pero me gusta la pizza deliciosa.

Mike: I never heard of a Lexi liking pizza like this before.

Fernanda: Hey yo atrape un alce.

Lexi: Bien a todos les gusta la pizza?

Nemo: UGH! Driving me nuts!

Pen: Holy hell, dude! Calm down!

Lexi: Enserio?

Fernanda: Yo encontre unas deliciosas carambolas.


Pen: Finally...

Mike: Ooh, the pizza's here!

Immunity Challenge #1

Jeff: Okay! I have decided the tribes. But, because I wanted this season to be extra exciting, three tribes! James, Brooklyn, Kordon, Nemo, Dan, and Mae are on the first tribe. On the second tribe, Lemon, Gerda, Fernanda, Pen, Ryan, Starrkeisha. On the final tribe, Kazim, William, Lexi, Mike, Logan, and Gertrude. Your challenge is to decide a tribe name! But, because we are in the middle of nowhere, it has to relate to America. I will judge them, and the highest score wins immunity! The other two will have to compete in another challenge that will be posted to decide who goes to tribal council. The majority of the team has to agree. Which is four.

Tribe One Name Deciding

Dan: I don't give a darn what our name is! Let's just pick some bull crap like Team Chaos!!!

Kordan: Hay mandriles en esta jungla?

Dan: Si! (Conf:Yes I know Spanish, and I don't give a darn who knows it!)

Kordan: Yo diria que hay muchos mandriles.

Nemo: How about the Heroic Hotties! It's the latest trend back in America.

Mae: I guess?

Dan: Trust me, when this show airs, the trend will die! You know what else what will die? Our chances of winning this challenge if we pick that dumb name. If you wanna pander to the people at home watching, we should be called Team Chaos! They wanna see the competitiors shower the game with chaos to make it more entertaining.

Kordan: (CONF) Yo veo muchos mandriles en la jungla.

Mae: How about the Unbelievable Unicorns?

Dan: No we are team Chaos! That's the conclusion because I said so!

Brooke: Um, like, why should we even listen to you? The stupid title came up with doesn't even have anything with America, we'd totally lose. I say we should be The American Beauties- although I'm probably the only beauty on this team.

Kordan: Que bien a todos les gustan los waffles.

Dan: You'd be more of a beauty with your mouth shut! I'm not asking ya to shut the heck up, I'm telling ya! Now if you love America so much, just call the team, "Chauvinistic Chaos!"

Kordan: queres unas sodas.

Dan: See, Jordan agrees with me! That's your name right?

Nemo: Appearently, no. His name is Kordan, so no one even agreed with you. And also, Kordan was talking about sodas. Mae, however, is a minor supporter of my idea.

Dan: Ya wanna talk names? Well why don't you live up to your name, jump into the ocean with the fishes, and stay out of my path to victory. It isn't his name you should be worrying about son!  Its our team name that is actually relevant to our chance at winning this game! And I want to win this challenge. Anyone who wants to call this team the Heroic Hotties clearly doesn't. So I don't care I how many darn supporters you have, because I am a supporter of myself, and I am worth more than every single one of ya. So y'all have a choice. We stick with the name that I want to call us, or we stick with the name that I want to call us!! If things to not go that way, and one of you idiots pick some crap name, I guarantee, the one who came up with the crap name, will be the first one sent home! Am I clear?

Kordan: Hay una manada de mandriles.

Mae [CONF]: This war is really unnecessary. I seem to be more on nobody'sside for this one, Dan seems entitled to his opinion and so is Nemo. I really don't care about the name, as long as we don't have to eliminate somebody.

Nemo: Stop fighting, you called you team bulls***, so there. Who wants the name to be the Heroic Hotties?

Mae: I really don't care, I will go with what the majority wants, but I am more inclined to something involving beauty (hotties and beauties) because we are all beautiful inside and out.

James: Can you guys stop wasting your breath. We should be called the Roaring Sun Lions. Lions are known for being powerful and dangerous. We should strive to be that!

Dan: Nah! The Chauvinistic Chaos is perfect!

Nemo: Sorry James. From the looks of it, The host would like The Heroic Hotties more.

Dan: There is no America in "Heroic Hotties", the Chauvinistic Chaos, is related to America. Do you guys understand this!

James: *ignores and pushes Nemo to the ground* What even is Chauvinistic.

Nemo: Ow..... James, that was his name. Not mine. (CONF) Still, it has to be American. It's a free country. (END CONF) *smiles* I have a new team name. Heroic Patriots.

Dan: Chauvinistic is feeling or displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism. *pushes James to the ground* And keep your dirty hands off little man!

Nemo: Oh, he pushed you too? *smirks* Logic. (CONF) You know what? I think Dan is more of the asshole right now. (END CONF)

James: *get's up and dusts off* alright than we're going with that. (Conf) If we win, cool, if we loose it's his one way home, ether way it's great choice.

Kordan: Miren un mandril.

Mae [CONF]: Here we go. Now we have a third person in this fight. If this continues, we won't have a name, we will lose the challenge and somebody gets eliminated.

Kordan: The Jumping Frogs es mejor.

Nemo: It's the Heroic Patriots. Our new name is the Heroic Patiots.

Dan: Nemo! We are not the Heroic Patriots! We are the Chauvinistic Chaos! If you wanna be a heroic patriot son, make your own @%#%#! team!

Nemo: (CONF) If we take Dan's name and if we lose big time, he's going. (END CONF)

Kordan: La manada de mandriles. comen bananas.

Nemo: (CONF) I am doing GREAT so far. Kordan agrees with me, and James dosen't care, so he takes both sides. One more, and I think I'm on a roll! (END CONF)

Kordan: Voy por unos waffles.

Nemo: OK....

Kordan: Alguien quiere waffles.

Nemo: Waffles? Thanks. *eats a waffle* You know, Kordan, of all the spanish-only speaking people competing in the camp, you don't suck.

Mae: How did we get from fighting to waffles?

Dan: Hey! Do not ever question waffles! *Eats a waffle*

Nemo: James.

Kordan: Que suserio.

Nemo: You like that James guy too?

Kordan: Los waffles son deliciosos.

Nemo: Look who's talking. You made the waffles.

Brooke: The "Heroic Patriots" honestly sounds like you couldn't think of anything and made it up on the spot, and there is no self-respecting person on Earth, or whatever planet you came from Dan, that would let a team called "The Chauvinistic Chaos" win unless all the other teams named themselves something completely un-American like Team France or The Salad Bar- and either way, it'd still be a pretty tough decision. I've decided that we should be named The Crowned Eagles, since apparently The American Beauties is not good enough for you lot.

Dan: Well perhaps you're the one from a different planet, because all that came out of your mouth is a bunch of bull crap! Also you didn't  listen to a f***ing thing I've said! My name has everything to do with america, and I ain't suprised that somebody dumb as you are couldn't get that through their thick skull!

Brooke: Oh, I'm sorry, but I don't recall saying that your new name had nothing to do with America- I was saying they would never let such a horrible name win unless the other names broke the rules and weren't related to America whatsoever- so clearly you are the one not listening. If you actually misunderstood that, I would have to applaud you for doing the impossible and somehow being dumber than you look. People seriously have to try to be that stupid- and don't try to come up with some petty retort like "you don't seem to be trying that hard" that has nothing to do with the challenge, because it seems more like you are too busy trying to control our team than win the challenge.

Nemo: Alright, we have two options. The Heroic Patriots and The Crowned Eagles. (CONF) I know I am going to lose, but I vote for Brooke's name because I can't vote for myself. Plus, Brooke's name is really awesome. (END CONF)

Dan: I don't give a f*** if we call ourselves the Chauvinistic Chaos, Merciless Muricans, American All-Stars, or the Patriot Pack! But the bottom line is that there is one way to for us to win son! And that's with a name that I chose! If you all really hate me that much, let's all agree on one of my names, and if we go to the elimination ceremony, every single one of us will write down my name! And it's gonna end like that, because I said so!

Kordan: Miren unos mandriles.

Nemo: Well, you called your names bulls***, so ynaut? Everyone for the Crowned Eagles, raise you hands.

Kordan: Raspados de diferentes colore y sabores.

Nemo: Is that a vote?

Kordan: Me gustan los waffles.

Nemo: Anyone wanna vote?

Kordan: Yo sabe el nombre es The Brutal Lions.

Tribe Two Name Deciding

Ryan: So do you guys think?

Fernanda: Oh valla eso es muy estupendo.

Starrkeisha: Hey guys! My name is Starrkeisha but you can call me Starr for short. I was thinking of the Petty Platypi as a name.

Pen: How about The Patriotic Billionares? That dosen't go well, but I couldn't see anything for our country starting with "B"

Ryan: Those names seem very interesting... (Conf: This is a part of my stategy. I'm letting them do the challenge while I watch, but still contribute. It helps me know what type of person they are. I need this knowledge because I'm thinking about forming an alliance with someone.)

Fernanda: Hola Starr. Me llamo Fernanda. Pero puedo llamarme Fer o Ferny. Encantada de conocerte.

Starr: I really feel that the letters have to be the same.

Fernanda: Gracias.

Pen: Um, the Patriotic Platypi? Well, got a nice ring to it.

Fernanda: Jugo de Carambolas. Mmmm delicioso.

Starr: Great idea, Pen! Sounds pretty good.

Pen: Thanks!

Lemon: A team name is not that important so I agree!

Pen: Hey, a team name is so important!

Lemon: It's more important to not end last place and I only agree because if we loose you're going home.

Pen: Um, Starr agrees that I'm not going home. 100%. She likes the name.

Ryan: I agree with Pen and Starr. (Conf: I see a small friendship starting here. I must take advantage of this and use it for my strategy.)

Lemon: *slaps Pen in the face* NEVER ever refer to yourself in the third person NEVER I hate that! And I agree too. (CONF)  I have some really bad pet peeve's referring to yourself in the third is one of them.

Ryan: I'm glad we could all agree.

Fernanda: The Chomping Pirahnas. es mejor.

Starr: Everything is looking good, I guess.

Fernanda: por supuesto. Starr.

Pen: Alright, The Patriotic Platypi it is, then.

Fernanda: (CONF) Yo tengo un buffalo.

Pen: (CONF) Um, I think Fernanda wants me out. (END CONF)

Fernanda: Starr creo que puede hacerlo.

Pen: (CONF) Now she wan't me and Starr out! Yep, you heard that right! STARR! I think she likes her idea better. (END CONF)

Starr: Thanks, Fernanda? That really means nothing comprehensible once you translate it.

Fernanda: No fue nada Starr.

Pen: I thought she said something mean.

Starr: Well, my Spanish is bad, but it wasn't mean.

Pen: My mistake.

Fernanda: Buena idea Starr.

Pen: Yeah, she's too good.

Fernandas: Buena idea Pen.

Pen: What? Our name?

Fernanda: Si.

Pen: Alright, it's official!

Fernanda: Lucesitas de colores brillantes son bonitas y brillan de la oscuridad.

Pen: Our team name is the Patriotic Platypi!

Fernanda: (CONF) Siempre le gustan los hot dogs y son deliciosos.

Tribe Three Name Deciding

Logan: We are a team of ruthless competitiors! Well at least I am. So our name is,"The Brawling Bears!"

Lexi: Hay pizza grantis?

Gertrude: Teenie-boppers these days with their names. Let's do it old fashioned and call ourselves Team 3.

Mike: *while eating pizza* I will try to name us the Fighting Swords, but I think I like the "Brawling Bears" better.

Logan: Thanks, and therror is no way that we're calling ourselves, team three!

Lexi: La mejor pizza de todo el mundo.

Mike: Yeah. Let's have some bada** name like The Brawling Bears.

Lexi: Hay una pizzeria.

Gertrude [CONF]: Logan should learn to respect his elders. At least Mike isn't calling my name horrible.

Kazim: We should be called team Surf, Because I'm a surfer and I love anything about surfing!

Mike: Eh. The Brawling Bears are better.


Lexi: Espera yo tambien quiero *roars*

Gertrude: Fine, we'll do that...

Lexi: Pizza *eats pizza* Mmmm es muy deliciosa.

Mike: (CONF) I have a confession. I think the host will think that a name with a animal in it, so we will be eliminated for sure.

Lexi: The Pink River Dolphins es mejor.

Mike: No, The Brawling Bears!

Lexi: The Brawling Bears? suena divertido.

Mike: OK, so your calling that idea DUMB?

Gertrude: The name needs to relate with America, so how about Obamacare? It sure helped me.

Lexi: (CONF) La pizza es rica y deliciosa.

Mike: Yep, so we have the Brawling Bears as one choice, and some bullcrap name like Obamacare as the other. (CONF) Yeah, I know I go tough. (END CONF)

Gertrude: Do you want to lose? It has to relate to America.

Mike: Obamacare? No one cares. A new president is at the dawn.

Lexi: Ya veras.

Mike: See? Lexi agrees with me!

Lexi: Por supuesto que si.

Mike: Alright, you think that's-

Lexi: La pizza de pepperoni es muy deliciosa.

Mike: Alright.

Lexi: Hey hay una promocion de pillbury.

Mike: Um...

Lexi: (CONF) Un cachorro de tigre es muy adorable.

Mike: Um, anyone wanna pitch in their two cents?

Lexi: Yo amo la pizza de pepperoni Mmm deliciosa.

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