18 people have signed up to compete in the first season of the wiki version of Survivor. They must face the elements, each other, work together, and make the right moves, or they will be voted out at tribal council.

30 days, 18 people, 2 tribes, one survivor

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Katory Tribe (Color=Brown)

  1. Seth-SethAllred343-2nd Place
  2. Vanessa-(The Hot Girl)- Mr. E7th Place
  3. Bryan-Aimers-3rd Place
  4. Wes- Wes Holden-WINNER
  5. X-124oeo (Extreme Boy)- 13th Place
  6. Cassidy-SethAllred343-18th Place
  7. Maria-(Vanessa's Equally Hot Twin Sister)- Mr. E-9th Place
  8. Lanette-Youre2490-17th Place
  9. Ryan-Youre2490-14th Place

Carmica Tribe (Color=Maroon)

  1. Gavin-teamnoah12310th Place
  2. Francisco-Barrel JJ-16th Place
  3. Jake-Codmister-15th Place
  4. Charlez- Poppyseed56- 5th Place
  5. Brendan-Phyneo-6th Place
  6. Cody (NOT TDI)-124oeo-4th Place
  7. Ventus-Phyneo- 8th Place
  8. Amy- Poppyseed56-12th Place
  9. Tweek-TheEvilOctorock-11th Place



  1. Seth
  2. Wes
  3. Amy
  4. Tweek
  5. Brendan
  6. Ventus


  1. Gavin
  2. Bryan
  3. Maria
  4. Cody
  5. Vanessa
  6. Charlez

Merged Tribe: Shaymow

  1. Seth
  2. Wes
  3. Bryan
  4. Vanessa
  5. Cody
  6. Ventus
  7. Charlez
  8. Maria
  9. Brendan

Pre Chat

Seth: Hello everyone.


Seth: I know the game hasn't even started yet, but want to make an alliance?

Francisco: I joined this camp and don't even know how to play survivor DX

Seth: It'll be easy, I think :0

Vanessa:*Lindsay's Theme Music plays* Hi!

Jake: Hey guys! No offense but you're all goin' down!

Seth: *faints* That chick is hot.

Jake: Yep you'r......*sees Vanessa and mouth drops open*......

Seth: Glad she's on my tribe.

Vanessa:So... What tribe am I on?

Seth: Katory.

Seth: I wonder who's going first? Well, I don't know.

Seth: If you sign up then you get to kiss Vanessa.

Vanessa:What? No! Do you know the kind of creeps out there?

Seth: I wasn't serious. I was trying to get people to sign up.

Charlez: Yo, peeps! Ma name is Charlez, aka Mr. Shizzle!

Seth: Sup Charlez.

Maria::*Lindsay's Theme Music plays* Hi! Oh, look My twin! Hi Vanessa!!!


Wes: This is gonna be so fun

Francisco: Double The Girls Double The Fun XD

Cassidy: Hi everyone

Seth: Hi

Amy: Well, things could be worse.

Day One

Host: Hello survivors. You are going to be here for 39 days. So, to make rules clear, during the chat, you can only chat under your tribe's name. When we merge on day 25, there will be on tribe chat that you can chat on.

Katory Chat

Seth: Day one. Wow. I can't wait till the first challenge on Friday.

Cassidy: I wonder what it's going to be?

Seth: I'll bet you 200 bucks that it's going to be a kiss off.

Cassidy: Deal

Wes: (CONF) Woot I made it onto survivor

Seth: Hey Wes, can you get some fire?

Wes: Sure *starts rubing stick together*

Seth: I hope this is the winning tribe.

Wes: *continues rubbing the sticks togehter*

Seth: Hey Cassidy, Wes, want to make an alliance?

Cassidy: I'm in

Seth: Wes

Cassidy: I wonder what happens at Carmica.

Wes: Sure an alliance would be great *continues to rub sticks together and nothing happens* Why won't the fire start *sun cathces hat on fire and wes throws it into the fire pit* I man make fire

Seth: Sweet.

Seth: I better win!

Seth: Cassidy, Wes. We vote out Maria if we lose.

Cassidy: Sure (CONF) I think Seth is sexy. *wolf whistles*. Do not tell him I said that. Anyway, I need to focus on the game. I'm gonna be here for the next 39 days anyway. I really need to win this.

Wes: Yes we really need to break up the only other alliance in the game

Seth: There's another alliance?

Cassidy: How long has it been? I want a challenge. Ugh, Friday. I'm going to go streak.

Cassidy: Back.

Seth: I think it's better at the Carmica Tribe

Cassidy: They are arguing a lot over there.

Seth: I know.

Cassidy. I'm going to bed

Seth: It's not even 7.

Cassidy: Okay then.

Seth: Remember, you, me, and Wes are going to the final 3.

Cassidy: (CONF) I hope this alliance lasts, or I am screwed.

Vanessa:Can someone put sun-tan lotion on my back?

Seth: I will (CONF) I admit Vanessa is hot, but honestly, I have feelings for Cassidy

Cassidy: (CONF) Will Seth just admit he's attracted to Vanessa? He did? Oh, nevermind.

Vanessa:(CONF)Seth has been acting....weird lately.


Lanette: Hey guys.

Cassidy: Why were you hiding in the tent all day?

Wes; When did we get a tent

Vanessa:We have a tent? AWESOME!!!!

Seth: They gave us the supplies. Cassidy set it up at like 3 hours ago. You were sleeping were she set it up. *Tent get swept away* aw crap. Better start working on the tarp *5 hours pass* done.

Vanessa:We have a tarp? AWESOME!!!!!

Seth: You are energetic

Cassidy: (CONF) Ugh, 39 days of this? Better be in the final 2 if you want me to go through this crap.

Seth: Vanessa didn't you have a sister?

Vanessa:Yeah....Maria....Standing right there.


Seth: Oops. Sorry

Cassidy: I'm going to lie down. I can't believe there's another 38 days to this.

Seth: Found some treemail *reading out loud* Katory, welcome to Survivor. This is only the first out of 39 days you are going to spend in Uruguay. We are going to tell you Friday's challenge. You guys are having a kiss off. Carmica will also get this advantage. *stops reading* Cassidy, you owe me 200 bucks.

Cassidy: Crap.

Cassidy: Going to bed. Night guys (The character is going to bed)

Seth: Night.

Seth: See you guys tomorrow (SethAllred343: Won't be active tomorrow, have school. I'll be back at around 3. Till then, talk on your own.

Carmica Chat

Amy: (CONF) I hate it here. Charlez is annoying, and I'm probably going to be the only one on my team to do challenges. I just have to pull through! *sighs*

Francisco: You are wrong! I will also do the challenges!

Jake: Hey guys..

Amy: Overacheiver, much, Francisco?

Francisco: I will win i will win!!!!! *faints* *wakes up* I will win! I tell you! *walks away*

Amy: Whatever. *walks in oppisite dirrection as Francisco*

Francisco: She doesn't seem, that mean :D

Amy: Shut it. I am too mean!

Francisco: Well your nice in my opinion >:T

Amy: *glares at him* |:<

Brendan: (CONF) All I need is to find someone trustworthy to be in an alliance with me... but who?

Jake: Guys! We need to get along!! (CONF) I need to be in a trustworthy alliance since our team doesn't co operate... But who??


Tsing Tsing:*Randomly Attacks Gavin*

Ventus: *sees Tsing Tsing* GO Panda!!

Host: Carmica, welcome to Survivor. This only the first out of 39 days you will spend here. To give you a break, we are telling you the first challenge. A Kiss off.

Ventus: Al right I'll make the sacrifice... Whose the lucky lady?

Amy: No way am I doing it.

Day Two

Katory Chat

Seth: *wakes up* going back to bed.


Seth: *Wakes up* What to do, what to do....

Cassidy: You can streak with me.

Seth: Ok.

Cassidy: (CONF) No one really did anything today. Honestly, I think it's best to distance our selves from each other.

Seth: Where's the 200?

Cassidy: I'll give it to you when the games done.

Seth: Cool

Cassidy: Do you have feelings for Vanessa?

Seth: No, I think she's hot though.

Cassidy: *kisses Seth* (CONF) Okay I went too far. My excuse is I'm practicing for the kiss-off tomorrow.

Seth: WES, GET UP! YOU SHOULDN'T SLEEP AT THIS TIME A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carmica Chat

Francisco: What happen to the challenge O_o

Host: It's tomorrow.

Francisco: Its already Day 2 isn't that when the challenge starts O_o

Host: There will be a reward challenge today. Tomorrow is the official challenge. The day before an immunity challenge, there will be a reward. Except immunity challenges the day after each other, where in that case, it's both a reward and immunity.

Reward Challenge One

Host: The first reward challenge. Alright, you are going to race around the beach. That's 5 miles until the finish line. Then, right after that, 2 people will be selected from each tribe to get into a verbal fight.

Seth: Can we swear?

Host: Yeah (use beeps, not ^$#@, just do this (beep))

Host: Best comeback wins the challenge for their tribe. You guys are playing for a night of luxury. You get to go to a five star hotel, eat a 10 star dinner, sleep in a 15 star bed, and get to par-tay after the dinner. The party is 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars. Especially thrown by me. Also, they get an advantage an the kiss off!

Seth: *starts running*

Cassidy: *starts running*

Seth: (CONF) I'm not the best runner...

Wes: *starts running*

Jake: (CONF) I could never run too fast with my asthma..but i guess i'll try *starts running*

(2 hours later)

Seth: 2 miles. Ugh, 3 more to go.
Francisco: *didn't attend race* *sets up net at finish line* this will help our team!

Cassidy: *running but starts to puke* aw (beep) (CONF) I SUCK at running

Host: Here they come! Seth, hi!

Seth: I'm the first one?

Host: Yeah. Cassidy barfed and quit the challenge, and your tribemates are asleep. You go to the 2nd round (P.S., I'm not doing this for an easy win. I'm just trying to move things along. Hopes that's alright).

Host: Interns, grab Jake. Jake and Seth are competing for their tribe in round 2.

Amy: Aw, (beep) I missed the challenge!

Wes *finished the run*

Host: GRAB AMY! She'll do better than Jake (no offence), in fact she'll do just fine...

Bryan: runs fasst but trips (as usual)

Host: Seth, Amy, dog each other

Seth: Amy, no offence, but you are (beep) dimwit (this is the gam, I actually don't think you're a dimwit). I can think of a lot meaner things then you (no offence :))

Francisco: Can't believe my net didn't work! *steps on trap and get caught in net* Crap DX

Seth: Also, you are tacky and fake and tacky and fake.

Host: Amy, you have 2 hours to come up with a good comeback. If you don't, your tribe loses.

Host: Update, it's a reward and an immunity. Losers go to tribal council and vote somebody off the game.


Seth: Okay, I went to far. I feel bad. Sorry Amy

Host: Lame apology.

Seth: Cassidy, Wes, I'm sorry. But I feel like I have to do this...I-

Host:- Well, if Amy won't show up, then Katory wins.

Carmica Tribal Council

Host: If your on the Carmica tribe, vote somebody off!

Cassidy: I quit (sorry guys)

Host: Shocking. Well, okay, Carmica remains. Katory lost a member. See you Saturday.

Vanessa:So...Now what.


Vanessa:I'm gonna go to the camp.

Francisco: You could've just let me try the challenge instead of Rosa! *Goes to Forest*

Day Three

Katory Chat

Seth: (CONF) Wes, it better work. I mean the alliance.

WEs:*Wakes up* (CONF) Whjat a beautiful day. Its all great except for the fact that one of my allaince memebers quit

Vanessa:*Wakes up and walks outside Naked* What A Nice Day!

Bryan: O.o

Vanessa:I know I'm Sexy. So Stare all you want!

Carmica Chat

Francisco:I don't wanna know anything about the kiss off DX *falls back to sleep*

Amy: I missed the (bleep) challenge!

Tweek:AH! well at least you didnt miss the first to challanges

Gavin:uhhhhhh.................yeah sorry about that

  • tsing tsing attacks gavin*

Gavin:thats a sign of affection

Tsing Tsing:I hate you.

Cody:My new pet *carries his hamster*

Gavin(CONF):why is tsing tsing pissed at me, hes been my pet ever sinse tardis

Day Four

Katory Chat

Seth: (CONF) It sucks really bad. Cassidy, my alliance member quit, and I only have Wes. Our reward was taken away for one of our tribe members quitting, so yeah. This sucks.

Vanessa:Can I be in your alliance?

Seth: Sure. We need an extra member after Cassidy quit. Final 3 here we come! (CONF) Carmica, the losers, get a number advantage. Thanks a lot Cassidy.

Seth: What to do, what to do (CONF) NO ONE IS TALKING! Just glad Monday is when the next immunity challenge.

Carmica Chat

Host: Carmica, have some treemail for ya.

Gavin:yeah, tree mail

Jake: Ok...I Guess..(CONF) Ever since I got here, I don't think I'll make it far.. Should I quit?

Francisco: Maybe you will O_o you never know.

Day Five

Katory Chat

Wes *Bored out of his mind*

Seth: Hey Wes (CONF) Tomorrow immunity challenge! We better win

Wes: Hi Seth

Seth: If we lose tomorrow, who we voting out? Your choice

Vanessa:*Is sun-bathing naked* I don't know.

Wes: I say we get rid of the weakest link which would be Lanette

Seth: Okay. (CONF) Lanette, got it. *slaps himself* I'm an odd person.

Seth: Wes, want to play truth or dare? Cause I got a sweet dare

Carmica Chat

Cody:*pets Gi-Gi*

Gi-Gi:*loves CODY*

Jake: Could I pet him?


Day Six

Katory Chat

Seth: Sweet! Immunity challenge today!

Seth: And we lose :(

Seth: Lanette is out and we come back as a 7-member tribe. I choose who's going next if our tribe loses, while Vanessa chooses next time. It will be a cycle until we merge. (CONF) We better win Thursday

Carmica Chat


Host: Today, your challenge is a talent show. 3 people from Katory (Seth, Wes, and Vanessa) and 3 people from Carmica (Cody, Fransisco, and Jake) will compete in a 6 people talent show. Everyone competing will be get /10 score. Tribe with the most points wins.

Seth: I'm gonna perform 1 Month.

Francisco: I have absolutely have no idea what to preform DX

Host: Time! What's your talents

Seth: *singing* 1 Month 1 Month we've only been dating 1 month 1 month

Host: 5.5/10

Francisco: I gots an idea! *eats metal and dynamite* and thats my talent :D

Host: 5/10

Francisco: What mine was better then the singing dude!

Host: I've seen my dad eat a nuclear bomb. Nothing amazes me anymore.


Host: The rest need to come on here soon

Jake: I can play the sax. *starts playing Ode to Joy*

Host: AWESOME! Beautiful performance! 7/10!

Seth: And mine wasn't better?

Host: I like music more then lyrics.

Seth: (beep) YOU THEN!

Tweek:*drinks coffee* *starts doing flips everywhere*

Host: I'm gonna replace you with Cody (sorry). Okay then, 6/10.

Seth: This is so rigged

Host: Shut up!

Seth: I'm going back to camp

Host: Good ridence! Okay, Vanessa and Wes better show up soon, or Katory's going to Tribal Council. I'll give you guys till 5. If no one post's their talent, then Katory loses. Enless I replace Wes with Bryan. You know what, I'll do that.

Host: Carmica wins immunity!

Katory Tribal Council

Host: Time to vote

Seth: I vote for Lanette.

Vanessa:I vote for Lanette.

Host: I'm only having till 6 so someone needs to vote or Lanette's out.

Wes: Whoops first tiome I EVER missed a chellenge o well *Votes Lannete*

Host: The 1st person voted out of Survivor Uruguay and the 2nd eliminated: Lanette. *snuffs Lanette's Torch* Katory, go back to camp, see you Thursday.

Day Seven

Katory Chat

Seth: Hello?

Wes:WHAT I'm sleeping

Seth: Sorry

Wes: Thats okay I'm just tired of losing thats all

Seth: We did win the first challenge, but frickin Cassidy quit. Hopefully we'll win Thursday.

Wes: Yeah but just in case who shoulkd we vote out

Seth: Bryan or Ryan

Wes: Yeah but I'm thinking of getting rid of the weakest link..... do you think it is one of those two or Maria

Seth: One of those two. They don't even talk. Besides, if we get rid of Vanessa's sister, she'll hate us.

Wes: Yeah I guess we'll vote out Ryan because if he does actually start talking he'll hate us for voting out his sister.

Seth: You are good at this stuff.

Wes: Hopefully that doesn't get me voted off

Seth: It won't, as long as you're careful.

Bryan: Hey People!

Carmica Chat

Amy: This is boring.

Jake: At least we won the last challenge.

Day Eight

Katory Chat

Seth: Immunity challenge tomorrow! (CONF) What is gonna to be the challenge

Host: Challenge is today

Seth: And we come back winners!

Carmica Chat.

Amy: Finally.

Host: challenge is today

Immunity Challenge

Host: Today's immunity challenge is Endurance. You are gonna stand on a 1 inch pole, then, while doing that, holding a bar. Last one standing wins immunity for their tribe.

Seth: *falls in water* (beep)

Carl: Seth is out

Jake: (CONF) I have terrible balance.

WEs: Stands on the pole while holding the bar (CONF) I am NOT losing another challenge no way

  • 2 hours later*

Host: *shoots Jake with a water gun* I LOVE this show

Jake: *starts wobbling* No, No , NO NO NOOO!!!! *falls*

Host: Jake is out. Since this camp isn't that active,I don't think anyone's coming. At 5:45, if no one's updated this, Katory wins!

Wes: How about ending it now so I don't have to stand here any longer and give my team the victory

Host: I don't want to p*** off anybody. I guess Katory wins

Seth: GO WES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wes: Yeah baby *does a back flip into the water*

Host: I never said you could go back down yet...

Wes: oh sorry about that *climbs back onto the stand*

Host: you can come down no

Wes: Good *does another backflip into the water*

Carmica Tribal Council

Host: Who you gonna vote for, who's it gonna be?


Host: Fransisco is out


Host: Okay. From now on, the voting is gonna go differently. Somebody from the winning team puts 2 people up, and in the end I'll decide. When we merge on Day 25, the winner puts 2 people up for elimination.

UPDATE: This will happen after the merge, not before

Wes: Okay tha sounds great

Host: It will go faster

Day Nine

Katory Chat

Seth: So glad we won yesterday.

Wes: Yes so am I

Bryan: Hey guys...I think we should make an alliance :/

Seth: You can join our alliance

Bryan: :O Wait...You guys were already in an alliance?!?!

Seth: Yeah. 1st it was made up of Cassidy, Wes, and Me. Then Cassidy quit and Vanessa joined.

Bryan: Well with me you guys have a swing vote!

Wes: But with the other tribe putting up memebers to be elimanted what will an allinace now do

Bryan: We just promis to not vote each other off :/

Seth: Guys, that's happening after the merge.

Bryan: Oh...Well lets win...

Carmica Chat

amy: Wait, wnat happened?

Jake: Francisco got booted.


Day 10

Katory Chat

Seth: (CONF) Everything is getting kinda weird now...I mean, yeah, I plan to win, but my chances are slim

Bryan: (CONF) Yawn

Seth: Hey Bryan

Bryan: Hi

Seth: So, who do you want out next?

Bryan: some guy named X

Seth: Oh yeah

Carmica Chat


I'm out of coffee

Day 11

Katory Chat

Host Change of plans, immunity challenge is today

Seth: Gulp

Carmica Chat

Immunity Challenge

Host: OK, you're immunity challenge is to listen to Justin Bieber. Last one with the headphones still on wins immunity for their tribe

Seth: *starts crying*

Wes: *gets into the fetel position and rocks back and forth and starth sucking my thumb*
Jake: This won't be so bad. *puts on headphones and starts throwing up* ITS TERRIBLE!!!

Bryan: One time, One time

Jake: *starts to take out gun to his head, then drops it*

Wes: *starts chanting unreconiaable phrase and hiting himself in the head with a rock*

Seth: *drops headphones* I WANT MY MOMMY

Host: Seth is out

Gavin:AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh this is the worst thing ever*starts vomiting on the headphones which electrocutes him*

Wes: *goes crazy and starts to sing along* Baby baby baby oh like baby baby baby baby oh

Jake: No more Bieber mommy! No MORE!!!!

Host: Jake and Gavin are out...Katory wins immunity and reward. The reward being a pizza and pool party

Carmica Tribal Council

Jake: I vote Brendan. He didn't do much.

Host: Tribal Council will be till 3. So you have till then to vote

Brendan: I will vote for Jake.

Ventus: I vote for Jake.

Host: Jake you have been voted off *snuffs Jake's torch*

Day Twelve

Katory Chat

Seth: Yesterday's challenge was horrible. I HATE JB and PB! *curls up in fetal position*

Bryan: wasnt that bad

Seth: You actually like JB?

Bryan: no....i just have a high tolerance to bad music...

Seth: oh

Carmica Chat

Day 13

Katory Chat

Seth *sleeps*

Wes: *goes hunting with a stick*

Seth: Hey Wes, what if there's a tribal switch?

Ryan: I quit.

wes: great we lodse another person due to quittung

X:I quit since I am tierd for life!

Host: Just to let you know, there was a tribal switch. Only Seth and Wes will stay.
Wes: There is onlt 2 people now on our team

Host: No, 4 people are coming to your tribe.

Tweek:Yeah me

Amy: Hi guys. *yawns*

Carmica Chat

Bryan: Hi new team!

Day 14

Katory Chat

Seth: New tribe

Wes: But old beach

Amy: *rolls eyes* Same losers.

Seth: shut up Amy (CONF) We have a new target

Amy: No, you shut up. (CONF) My team sucks.

Carmica Chat

Bryan: New tribe...

Day 15

Katory Chat

Seth: Only 3 more until Merge

Wes: good I'm ready to see our old friends from the other tribe

Carmica Chat

Day 16

Katory Chat

Host: challenge today

Carmica Chat

Host Challenge Today

Immunity Challenge

Host: In honor of thanksgiving, we are having a turkey eat off! If person to finish a WHOLE Turkey wins immunity for their tribe. GO

Seth: *starts pigging out*

Seth: *eats lots and lots and lots and lots of turkey*

Gavin:*starts eating turkey*

Bryan: starts eating a lot of turkey...

Wes:*eats turkey*

Bryan: *finishes one drumstick*

Wes: *starts shoving turking down my throat*

Bryan: finishes second drumstick

Wes: I found a wishbone cool *eats moer turkey until I'm halfway done*

Bryan: Where is my team?!!? *finishes half of urkey*

Wes: Beats me but this is really an individual challeneg where if one person wins their whole team wins *eats a lot more turkey*


Bryan: *is almost done turkey*

Wes: *contiunes to eat lotsof turkey* 2 more bites 2 more bites

Bryan: I finished my turkey!!!!!!!! Wihout my team :P

Wes: *finshes turkey too* Bryan this was kind of an individual event but I finshed about the sme time as you so lets see who the host says won

Bryan: good luck!!!


Katory Tribal Council


Seth: Wes, vote with me. I vote for Amy.

Host: Wes, you're next

Host: with one vote, Amy is out.

Tweek:(CONF):I'm surpised im in the final 11 and I hav'nt done anything I better start trying

Wes: Whoops it probally doesn't mean anything right now but I vote Amy

Day 17

Katory Chat

Seth: Day 17. WOW!

Wes: Wow what

Seth: That it's this far in the game

Wes: Oh hey seth who should we elimante next

Seth: Tweek.

Carmica Chat

Immunity Challenges

Host: ANNOUNCEMENT! BOTH TRIBES are going to tribal council and both tribes are voting someone out. You are competing for individual immunity today. Winner is safe from the vote. So after today, we are down to 9. Then, tomorrow, we merge tribes, and then no immunity challenge until day 27.

Seth: Cool

Katory Immunity Challenge

Host: Seth and Wes, you have been chosen to compete. The goal is to knock the other one off the platform and into the water. Person who still stands win immunity.

Seth: *starts slapping Wes*

Seth: *slaps Wes really hard*

Host: Okay, Seth wins immunity because Wes didn't try,

Carmica Immunity Challenge

Host: Bryan and Charlez, you will compete in a swimming contest. You will have to swim across a 30 feet pool. 1st person at the end WINS immunity.

Bryan: haha because i real life I'm actually an extremely fast swimmer :P (30 feet is like 20 seconds of swimming)

Bryan: *Swims really fast 15 feet*

Host: Well, Bryan just finished so HE WINS IMMUNITY!

Bryan: Yea!!!

Gavin:yeah go bryan

Katory Tribal Council

Host: TIME TO VOTE, can't vote for Seth

Seth: I vote off Tweek

Tweek:I vote Off Ventus

Wes: Tweek

Host: Tweeks out with 11th place. Congrats on making it to the merge


Carmica Tribal Council

Host: TIME TO VOTE, can't vote off Bryan. Seriously no votes from here yet?

Vanessa:I vote out Gavin.

Gavin:i vote vanessa

Bryan: haha because I can settle tiebreaker :p

Bryan: wait hold on...Vanessa, aren't you in an alliance with Seth? (answer truthfully)


Bryan: Oh you are :P (im with you) I vote Gavin

Gavin:SERIOUSLY............................ i mean SERIOUSLY

Bryan: Yes really :P

Host: Gavins out with 10th place. Congrats on making it to the merge!

Day 17 part 2

Host: Okay, so now we are merging tribes. Carmica is going to the Katory Camp, and the new tribe name is Shaymow.

Shaymow Chat

Seth: What's up guys?

Bryan: Seth!!! great to see you again!

Seth: You Too! (CONF) My target is Maria, she need to go 1st. Then, we'll knock out the inactives, and more then likely I'll be in the final 2.

Wes: Hey guys its still possible for our alliance to make the final 3

Charlez: I keep forgetting I'm here...

Day 18

Shaymow Chat

Seth: Day 18, wow. Hello

Charlez: Yo, Seth!

Seth: Hey Charlez

Brendan: WOW... final 9... never thought I'd get here...

Day 19

Shaymow Chat

Seth: Day 19. Only 20 more days until the end

Seth: I'm a gummy bear!

Charlez: Ima rapper!

Bryan: *Steals something from himself.*

Day 20

Shaymow Chat


Charlez: Well, I'm goin' to take a nap, y'all! *goes to sleep*

Day 21

Shaymow Chat


Bryan: XDDDDDDDDD I love that song :P

Charlez: WE R WHO WE R!

Day 22

Shaymow Chat

Seth: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Bryan: SOOOO tired...

Charlez: Me too.

Day 23

Shaymow Chat


Charlez: Then why are you saying ****** ******?

Bryan: XDDD

Wes: ****** ******, ****** ******, ****** ******, ****** ****** I HATE ****** ****** I just had to say it (Wes Hey guys sorry i haven't editited in the past few days i kinda have been out of town)

Charlez: What the ****** ******?

Bryan: *Is choking in laughter*

Day 24


Shaymow Chat


Wes: Seth your back why did you leave

Seth: Long story I'll tell you later. But game is back on :)

Day 25

Shaymow Chat

Seth: Challenge today!

Immunity Challenge

Host: Today, you'll be doing a challenge called Where's Lady Gaga. I will give 4 options. 1st person to guess where she's at 1st wins individual immunity.

  1. In Uruguay
  2. In Europe
  3. In Michigan
  4. In California

Seth: California

Host: WRONG. California is no longer an option. Also, Seth is out.


Wes: In Uraguay

Host: Wrong. Seth Your back in. No one is out. But Uruguay is no longer a answer

Seth: Immunity is on the line...

Seth: I just realized she was on tour. I know the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Host: Just tell us

Wes Europe , plaes let it be europe

Host: Wes wins immunity!

Seth: Crap. Wes, remember Maria.

Shaymow Tribal Council

Host: Wes, are you gonna keep immunity for yourself?

Wes: yeah the only person is survior history to give up immunity was voted off so off course I'm keeping it

Host: Time to vote

Seth: I vote off Maria. Only one hot person here, and you're lazy and inactive. Just because you're hot doesn't mean the world is gonna take of you. Especially Uruguay.

Wes: I wanted you gone since lanette left so I vote MARIA

(I'm gonna read pretend votes. THEY DON'T COUNT AT ALL)

Host: 1st vote, Seth. 2nd vote, Brendan. 3rd vote, Charlez, 4th vote, Cody. 5th vote Bryan. 6th vote Vanessa. 7th vote: Maria. 7th person voted voted off of Survivor Uruguay and the 1st member of our jury: Maria. Maria you need to bring me your torch. *Snuffs Maria's torch* It's time for you to go.

Bryan: Yea! This camp is back on!! (Seth we need to talk sometime...I have great news!)

Bryan: Final 8!!! Marias gone!

Ventus: Awsome!!! Final 8!!!

Wes: Final 8

Day 26

Shaymow Chat

Seth: TREEMAIL! It says today you will work harder then before, so you can see the one you loved, but also save yourself of course, because if you win, you'll get both. It's reward and immunity.


Host: I'll take it back. Immunity & Reward is up for grabs. Today, the challenge is Escape The Ground. You'll be put in an underground house at the bottom floor. Then, you'll try to find a way out. The 1st person get out of the house, will be given Cassidy's torch. If your the 2nd one out, you'll be given X's torch. If you;'re the 3rd out, you get Ryan's torch. Only 3 will move onto the next round. There, you will swim to a platform, climb the 15 foot latter, then walk across the bridge to get there. There, you will light their torches. Then, you will swim to the tribal council island. There, I will meet you. Those 3 are there. 1st person to give their torch to either Cassidy, Ryan, or X so it can be snuffed wins immunity and reward. The reward is dinner with one of your loved ones. The other torches will be snuffed when they get there.

Seth: What the (beep)

  • everyone is taken underground*

Host: Time for the most epic challenge ever! GO

Seth: Alright, where are the (beep) stairs? Okay, found them. *starts climbing up*

Seth: *On 3rd floor* found the final stairs *climbs them* Hey look, a latter *climbs up latter*

Host: Seth is out of the house. Here's Cassidy's torch. Start heading for the platform.

Seth: *starts swimming towards the platform*

Wes: K *starts climbing*

Seth: *reaches platform and starts climbing* UGH!

Wes: *gets X's torch and starts to swim to platform*

Seth: *reaches top and lights Cassidy's torch* TIME TO JUMP! *jumps down* Alright, let's start swimming *starts swimming towards tribal council*

Wes: *reaches the latter and starts climbing*

Cassidy: *waiting at tribal council* Okay, listen dude, I quit this game. Why am I here again?

Cassidy: Anger issues

Host: I'm glad you quit.

Cassidy: I just don't want to be here! At least Ryan and X are here. We're the quitters

Host: Wow, such an inspiring name

Cassidy: Shut up host dude

Wes: *gets to top and lights torch and starts LONG swim to tribal council*

Seth: *realizes Wes is getting towards him and slaps him*

  • Back at tribal council*


Wes: *takes the pain and passes Seth*
Cody:any torches *Checks if Ryan's torch is still there*

Host: Cody is out of the house,

Seth: *swims to the island* here we go!

Wes: *also gets to the island and runs twoards X*

Seth: *slaps Wes and gives Cassidy her torch* YES!

Host: Seth wins immunity! Cassidy bring me your torch!

Cassidy: *gets torch snuffed*

Host: Head out

Wes: I lost dang it *gives X his torch*

Host: X, come here *snuffs his torch* head out. Seth, here's your dad. Enjoy your dinner

Shaymow Tribal Council

Host: We will now bring in the member of our jury Maria, voted out at the last tribal council. Seth, will you keep immunity?

Seth: I got a reward. I loved it so much, but tonight, this is extra. Even though I want to keep it , tonight I'm keep it, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Host: Cannot vote for Seth. Let's vote

Seth: *write's Ventus's name down* You barely talk. You're inactive, So sorry to say, but tonight, I'm voting your a** out.

Charlez: Yo, I'm sorry fo not doin' da last challenge! *writes Ventus' name down*

Cody:Sorry. *writes Ventus' name down*

Wes: Ventus sorry but we were never that close

Host: Also, Seth, I forgot to tell you that you can choose one of the quitters to vote.


Host: Cassidy, VOTE

Cassidy: Uh, Okay. I guess I'm gonna vote for Ventus.

Host: I'll read the votes. 1st vote, Ventus, 2nd vote, Ventus, 3rd vote, Ventus, 4th vote Ventus. 8th person voted out and the 2nd member of our jury: Ventus. That is 5 that's enough you need to bring me your torch. Ventus, the tribe has spoken *snuff's Ventus' torch* I'll see you in 4 days Ventus. Head back to camp. I'll see you guys in 2 days for reward challenge.

Bryan: O.o Final 7!!!!

Wes: Yes.

Host: Did I get to telly you you're voting 2 people out?

Seth: DUDE!

Host: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Also Seth, you have to give up your immunity.

Seth: Okay. I guess I'll give it to Cody.

Host: Can't vote for Cody.

Seth: *writes Charlez's name down* No offence to you at all. Just, you know, I never really got to know you. So don't take offence to this. Just, I feel like this is an okay choice. Good luck

wes: Charlez I guess just becuase it looked like he had an alliance with brendan and Ventus

Host: Bryan is up.

Bryan: Charlez!!!! Goodbye

Host: Cody, you are up


Host: I'll read the votes. 1st vote, Wes. 2nd vote Seth. 3rd vote Seth. 4th vote, Charlez. 5th vote Charlez. 6th vote Charlez. That was fake. See you in 2 days. you guys are still in the final 7.

Day 27

Shaymow Chat

Seth: FINAL 7

Wes: sweet

Seth: TREEMAIL! Ugh, little butthead of a host. Alright, today, if you want to stay, you are gonna have to guess. Get it right, you win, get it wrong, be the next to say so long. Immunity, UGH!

Host: That was for day 30.

Wes: cool

Bryan: Final 7!!!

Cody: Yeah! (124oeo: WHY AM I HERE? To win!)

Seth: Treemail AGAIN? Ugh. *Since the mistake, you thought of a challenge, but instead of saying sorry, you get to vote out 2 people tonight*. What the (beep)

Wes: That really sucks

Shaymow Tribal Council

Host: I will know bring in the members of the jury, Maria, and Ventus voted off at the last tribal council. Nobody is safe tonight. Jury, I'm gonna tell you that they are voting 2 people off tonight :P. Time to vote. Seth is up 1st

Seth: *writes Vanessa's name down* Sorry. You're lazy, inactive, and you complained to me because we voted your sister off. I don't like backstabbing, but laziness isn't something you should bring to the end. I admit I'm lazy, but at least not in the game.

Wes: *writes vaneesa* somebody has got to go and your too beautiful to win bescuase the jury will vote for you so you have to go

Cody: *writes Nessa which is Vanessa* Too lazy!

Host: Vanessa is up

Vanessa:Cody I guess.

Host: Bryan is up

Bryan: Vanessa...

Host: I'll read the votes. 1st vote, Vanessa. 2nd vote, Vanessa, 3rd vote, Nessa, 4th vote, Cody. 9th person voted off and the 3rd member of our jury: Vanessa. That' s 4, that's enough. Bring your torch. Vanessa the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch* head out. Time for the second vote.

Seth: *writes Brendan's name down* Same reason. Only, I'm not backstabbing.

Wes: Brendan I'm sorry to say that our alliance has gotten you

Cody:*writes Brendan's name down* sorry.

Bryan: Brendan...

Host: 1st vote, Brendan, 2nd vote, Brendan, 3rd vote Brendan. 10th person person voted off and the 4th member of our jury: Brendan. That is 4, and that's enough. You need to bring me your torch. *snuffs his torch* Brendan, the tribe has spoken, so head out.

Seth: Phew

Host: head back to camp. I'll see you tomorrow.

Wes: Seth, Bryan our alliance is in the top 5 and now we have the majority of the votes woo hoo

Day 28

Shaymow Chat

Seth: TREEMAIL! Let's read it "All you need to do today is listen to a song, chow down some turkey, and swim along. If you win you stay another day. If you lose, be prepared to say so long." This is immunity for sure.

Immunity Challenge

Host: Hello. Today, you're challenge will be divided into 3 parts. The 1st part is the easiest, the 2nd part is okay, and the 3rd part is tramatic. After the 1st round, only 3 will be left in the challenge. After the 2nd round, only 2. So, the 1st challenge is to swim 30 ft. Whoever makes it there 1st, 2nd, and 3rd moves on to the next round. Then, you need to eat an entire turkey. 1st 2 people to do that moves on to the final round. Then, the last challenge is to listen to an entire Justin Bieber album. Deluxe edition. 1st person to do listen through it or doesn't throw their headphones off and screams in pain wins immunity AND reward. The reward is a trip to a Uruguayan resturant, where you will eat steak, fries, pizza, brownies, garlic and buttery breadsticks, and lots of pop like Mountian Dew, Root Beer, and Coke. Survivors ready, GO!

Part One: The Swimming Challenge

Seth: *starts swimming*

Cody:First place at my house olympics 30 ft. *starts to swim and is at 6 ft.*

Seth: *Is at 10 ft.*

Cody:*swims at 13 feet and a half* At least I might get second.

Cody:*is already at 17 feet*

Cody:*is already at 20.5 feet*

Cody:Now way I will lose!!!! Adios! *swims up to 24 feet*

Seth: *swims really fast and gets to 21 feet*

Cody:*swims really fast and gets up to 30 feet*

Host: Cody makes it to the 2nd round!

Seth: *swims to 30 feet*

Host: Seth in 2nd round!

Cody:*CONF* I like turkey and I am starving, and I kind of like Justin Bieber. At least I am in the 2nd round.

Seth: *realizes there a string on his foot and it got connected with Bryan* HOLD ON TIGHT! IT'S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE *pulls him ashore*

Host: Bryan is in 2nd round.

Part 2: The Turkey Challenge

Host: GO'

Seth: *starts eating*

COdy:Starving *starts eating and is at 1/4 of the turkey eaten*

Seth: *chomps half the turkey off*

Cody: *starts chewing 3/4 of it*

Cody:DONE! *burps*

Host: Cody in final round!

Seth: *eats the rest of it and throws it up*

Host: Seth in final round

Part 3: The JB Round

Seth: *puts headphones on* AHHH *throws them off* OH MY GOSH! THAT'S HORRIBLE! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Host: Spaz. CODY WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD! Bring somebody with you Cody.


Cody:*listens and gets up to the 3rd song* *turns off the headphones* Seth: Thanks. *gives necklace to Cody*

Shaymow Tribal Council

Host: We will no bring in the people from the reward, Seth & Cody. We will now bring in our Jury:Maria, Ventus, Vanessa and Brendan. Cody, you keeping immunity?

CODY:Do I Vote (If I do I vote Charlez)

Host: not yet. But are you keeping immunity?

CODY:I guess.

Host: Can't vote for Cody. Seth, you're up 1st.

Seth: *writes Charlez's name down* Sorry man. Lazy, inactive, and annoying. I like you, you're nice enough, but in reality, I'm surprised you got here.

Host: Cody is up

COdy:*writes Charlez's name down* Same as Seth

Host: Wes is up!

Wes: *writes charlez* You and me were thyue only ones that didn't compete but I just got up because its now 9

Host: 1st vote, Charlez. 2nd vote charlez. person voted off and the 5th member of our jury: Charlez. *snuffs his torch* head out.

Wes: See ya charlez

Day 29

Shaymow Chat

Seth: only 3 more days until the end! Anyway, TREEMAIL! "Today, you'll be making a speech. The public is voting for who will win immunity. You'll find out tomorrow who wins, so make a good speech, as for you, it could be the ends". Oh my gosh!

Wes: Guys vote for me to have immunity becuause I really need to be here and have played the game as fair as possilbe.

Seth: More treemail, ugh "Votes are ready at 6 PM. Make sure you get the votes, because in the end, 2 people will be taking the goodbye boat."

Host: Poll Ends Right Now! WES WINS IMMUNITY, IN THE FINAL 2!

Shaymow Tribal Council

Host: Here's how tonight works. Wes will make his vote, but it will have 2 people's name on it. Then, next to the names, it will have 3rd or 4th next to it. Example

John- 4th

Jane- 3rd

Host: Then, I will announce who got 4th. Then, I will announce who got 3rd. The final 2 will be facing the jury tomorrow. Wes, Wes, Where are you?

Wes: Sorry bu I was not onlione and herews my coives

Cody- 4th


Host: The 6th member of our jury: Cody. Cody, Wes has spoken *snuffs his torch*. Bryan, you are the 7th and final member of our jury. *snuffs his torch* Wes has spoken. Wes, Seth, congratulations, you survived 30 days out here. Tomorrow, the jury will vote, and one of you will win 1 Million Dollars.

Holden: Cody and Bryan I'm sorry that you two had to leve nut I made an alliance with seth to go to the final 2 and I'm true to my word.

Day 30

Shaymow Chat


Host: Alright, so you guys are gonna burn your camp down, then you're heading off to tribal council.\

Wes:well its been fun playing

Final Tribal Council

Host: LET'S BRING EM IN! MARIA, VENTUS, VANESSA, BRENDAN, CHARLEZ, CODY, AND BRYAN! It's time for you guys to vote for the winner!

Host: Has anyone else seen the other members of the jury?

Maria-Wes, He's played the game the best.

Ventus- I say Seth...

Vanessa-Wes, A person winning their own camp is a sign of the apokalypse (I suck at spelling)

Brendan- I have to tust my gut... Seth

Jake- I really think that....Wes should win. I mean, he played the game well.

Cody-Wes, I could say that Seth is the host's user.

Bryan- ... Seth, because even though i was in an alliance with both of them...Wes voted me out

Host: 1st vote,Wes. 2nd vote, wes, 3rd vote, Seth. 4th Vote Seth. 5th Vote Wes, 6th vote Seth. Winner of Survivor Uruguay...WES! Here's 1 million dollars Wes!

Wes: I won I cannot believe it and I'm so happy

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