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  • BlainerificTD (Dawn)
  • Cabbage pult 74 (Cabbage)
  • CraveTheSun (Crave)
  • EnderEmerald46 (Emerald)
  • King Flurry51 (Flurry)
  • Sean the Artic Fox (Sean)
  • The not so happy user (Happy)


  • DerpyandDawn (Derpy)
  • DestructiveMilkshake (Milk)
  • KidLego09 (Noah)
  • Ma (Maria)
  • SpiritAnimal (Spirit)
  • TotalDramaNaruto (TDN)
  • TylerSurvivorFan (Tyler)


  • Chwiis 2.0 (Chwiis)
  • Gogogadget831 (Gogo)
  • JRO123 (JRO)
  • Rocky LXIX (Rocky)
  • TheEpicDestroyer (epic)
  • xXAquaInfinityxX (Aqua)
  • xXLucinaFTWxX (Fiz)
  • X16Bit (x)==Episode 1: "Didn't Even see it coming"==

Jeff: Hello, this is Survivor Trutruipia.  This season, 3 tribes will compete in challenges and the losers will go to tribal, while the winners will be on step closer to the end.  In the end, only one will be left standing and earn the rank of ultimate survivor.  The Chiennes tribe, most of them being active members of the TDEF wiki.

Flurry: I'm here to win and I'll take any action necessary to make sure I do.  Some people say I'm bossy, but to them I say bah!

Dawn: I don't watch Survivor, but I know the strategies.  If someone tries to mess with me, they'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Sean: ....WHY AM I HERE?

Jeff: The Houes tribe, comprised of users generally from the TDBB wiki.

TDN:  I'm here to lie, cheat, and steal my way to the finale.  You have an idol, bam, it's mine now.

Derpy: All these peasant hoes might as well bow down now because this season is going to #QueenDerpy, no contest.

Noah: *plays with Thomas train* Choo chooo!  *crashes toy into rocks* BWEOOOOOOOO!!!!! EXPLODED JUST LIKE MY COMPETITION.

Jeff: The Salopes tribe, a group comprised mostly of lazy flops and trolls that we had to give an extra member to hold together.

Chwiis: People will be flying past me in challenges, yeah, but that doesn't matter because I got the brains where I lack in muscle.  Fly past me too fast and whammo, it's all ogre.

X:  Do I think I have what it takes?  Of course.  *slaps a mosquito*  Uh oh, I think I've got wes nale virus!

Epic: I was originally denied casting, but I was added to the tribe after it was seen they're all worthless.  Of course, I'm better than the rest, so I can lead us to victory no problem.

Fiz: slut

.*The bus all the teams are in starts getting attacked by bombs*

Crave: Oh no no no, this is NOT happening!

Emerald: Are these TF bombs? :3

Tyler: AUGHHHHHHH!!! *runs out of the bus*

/.*There is a field around the bus with items such as compasses, water buckets, flint, bags of rice, pillows, blankets, etc.*

Jeff: Quickly grab what you can and get back to the bus!

Sean: *grabs a zeke bodypillow*

Maria: *grabs a strawberry pie*

Derpy: *grabs a blanket with alecia's face on it* hot

TDN:  *steals it* Aahahahaha!

Derpy: wtf

TDN: it mien NOW *runs off*

Spirit: *a bomb flies right in front of him, he cowers before looking at it.*  It kinda looks like pizza....:T. *eats it, the bomb explodes in his stomach* that's an ache to remember

Chwiis: *grabs a rock*

JRO:  *pulls grass out of the ground*

Aqua: *grabs a fancy dress*

Epic: What are you guys doing?  Grab IMPORTANT stuff!

Aqua: um this is important.  Do you want this dress to get ruined?

Epic: I don't care about the dress!

Aqua: well, I do. 

Epic: Fine, take it.

Happy: *grabs bags of rice*

Spirit: *grabs KFC*

Fiz: *lies on the ground and sleeps*

Epic: WAKE UP!

Fiz: hoe i was sleeping :(


Fiz: *grabs money* k

Epic:  That's like 10 bucks.  Do you REALIZE how worthless that is?

Fiz: it worth more than u

Sean: ohhhh snap.

Fiz: leave

Sean: :(

Jeff: HURRY UP THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG *makes more bombs*

Milk: *gets shot in the leg* shit

Emerald: You better hope that won't turn you into a plush doll!

Milk: what

Emerald: Ooooohohohoooo!  *runs off*

Milk: um

Tyler: *grabs water buckets*

X: *grabs bag of Wes Nale's toenails*

Cabbage: *grabs flint*

.*Everybody runs away from the field.  A massive bomb blows up the entire field behind them*

Jeff: there is a twist.  Whoever collected the least useful stuff is going to tribal.

Aqua: *looks around* lol #ChallengeFlop

Jeff: it looks like the salopes lose the challenge


Epic: We wouldn't be here if you all weren't so USELESS!

Fiz: shut up i need my beauty sleep

Chwiis: You will never as beautiful as Shrek.

Fiz: die

Epic: X, Rocky, JRO, Gogo, can I talk with you?

Gogo: sure :)


Epic: ok you all did EXTREMELY poor in the challenge today.  but...chwiis did the worst.  We need to vote him out

JRO:  Bruh you're kinda bossy

Gogo: yea

Epic: shut up I control this tribe.  vote chwiis

X: k

X: CONF:  lol i told epic I would vote chwiis but not gonna happen.

Tribal Council

JefF: hi you lost.  epic how does it FEEL

epic: well jeff it sucks, y'know, when you really don't deserve to be here but your team screwed it up.

Jeff: *nods, pretending to care when he really doesn't* Aqua, do you hate Rocky?

Aqua: uh I guess so

Jeff: So there's a lot of drama going on in this tribe.  Good. With that, it's time to vote.


. *voting is had*


Jeff: i'll go tally the votes.  *leaves and cums back* if anyone has an immunity idol and would like to play it now would be the time to do so.


JEff: k.  first vote....


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