Survivor: Tocantins
Tocantins NBjh
Filming Location Jalapão, Brazil
Season Run March 22nd, 2016
Survivors 16
Winner TBA
Runner(s)-up TBA
Tribes Tongo
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Cagayan

Survivor: Cagayan is the third season of CraveTheSun's fan fiction series.


  • Hidden Immunity Idols will be hidden at each camp. Castaways may use them to negate votes all the way up until the final five.
  • One Returning Player Per Tribe as in two former contestants returned to compete in this season, in order to claim their prize.


Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Large 1532906 Maimona Dilly, 62
Brooklyn, NY
Mercei 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Large 1532868 Wendy Parkers, 28
Montpelier, VT
Mercei 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Large 1532563 Dickson Aburto, 59
Baltimore, MD
Tongo 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Large 1532546 Apple Terron, 35
Arlington, VA
Tongo 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Large 1532550 Ophelia Jones, 19
Philadelphia, PA
Tongo Tongo 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Large 1533153 Leslie Fitch, 20
San Diego, CA
Mercei Mercei 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Large 1532547 Emily Walter, 22
Buffalo, NY
Tongo Mercei Fechina 7th Voted Out
Day 21
Large 1460979frdfef Qui-Lu Donghai, 23
Miami, FL
South Africa - 2nd
Tongo Tongo 2
Large 1532553 Zahra Lee, 53
Omaha, NE
Tongo Tongo
Large 1532565 Faithful Rain, 32
Chula Vista, CA
Cagayan - 2nd
Mercei Tongo
Large 1532907 Destiny Cage, 21
Pheonix, AZ
Mercei Tongo 2
Large 1533155 Stanford Reyes, 34
Cheyenne, WY
Mercei Tongo 1
Large 1532560 Ricardo Paz, 29
Santa Ana, CA
Tongo Mercei 1
Large 1532557 Tyler Lapsy, 27
Las Vegas, NV
Tongo Mercei 0
Large 1533159 Jason Tucksin, 40
Anchorage, AK
Mercei Mercei 2
Large 1533157 Athaulah Bakh, 56
Harrison, AR
Mercei Mercei 1

Episode 01: Predictable Game

  • The contestants are shocked to see Faithful and Qui-Lu return.
  • Tongo welcomes Qui-Lu as the leader, and listen to his guidance to create a camp.
  • Tyler's laziness was notices by Ricardo and Dickson.
  • Ophelia, Emily and Apple agree to watch each others backs.
  • Zahra feels rather useless around camp.
  • Mercei don't particularly welcome Faithful as a member of their tribe.
  • Leslie suggests to the tribe that Faithful should go home first.
  • Leslie makes a guy's alliance with Stanford and Jason, much to Jason's dismay.
  • Destiny gets a terrible sunburn, due to being an albino, and having sensitive skin.
  • Maimona and Athaulah connect.
  • Athaulah and Maimona agree to watch each other's back in the game.
  • Faithful accuses Leslie of being a sinner and cries.
  • Leslie is prominent on Faithful going home.
  • Tongo wins immunity and win clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Tyler miraculously finds the idol within five minutes.
  • Ophelia caught him in the act, and they agree to share the idol.
  • The whole Mercei tribe sees Maimona as the weakest.
  • Maimona feels particularly responsible for her tribe's loss.
  • Leslie approaches Faithful and tells her she can stay if she votes for Maimona.
  • Faithful tells Destiny of his idea, and they agree that Leslie isn't to be trusted.
  • Wendy doesn't approve of Maimona's weakness.
  • Wendy joins with the boys in targetting Maimona, agreeing they need strength.
  • Athaulah feels sad about potentially sending his friend home.
  • At Tribal Council, everyone considers strengths and vote for Maimona.
  • Maimona votes for Leslie, and leaves the Game rather satisfied.

Episode 02: Praying for Mercei

  • Athaulah regrets turning on his friend.
  • The boys celebrate and decide that either Faithful or Destiny would leave next.
  • Jason doesn't particularly approach of the way Leslie is playing the game.
  • Wendy decides that it's best for her game to officially stick with the boys.
  • Leslie and Stanford feel extremely confident in their position.
  • Ophelia officially brings Tyler into her alliance with Apple and Emily.
  • Emily is unsure if she is able to trust Tyler.
  • Tyler tells them about their idol.
  • Zahra feels like a lone wolf and doesn't know what to do.
  • Qui-Lu approaches her and they agree to a final two deal and to target the girls.
  • Dickson and Ricardo are getting overly annoyed with Tyler's lack of effort around camp.
  • Tyler starts whining about the lack of glitter available to him.
  • Tongo once again wins immunity.
  • Destiny and Faithful know they're in danger, and decide to flip the tribe.
  • They get Athaulah to create a solid threesome.
  • Wendy feels like she has become the swing vote.
  • The boys agree that Destiny needs to go for being annoying.
  • Jason is becoming more and more annoyed with Leslie.
  • Wendy won't give the girls who are targetting Leslie a firm answer.
  • Jason realizes they need Leslie for strength.
  • Jason talks to the girls and suggests taking out Wendy, which they agree to.
  • At Tribal Council, Stanford and Leslie vote for Destiny.
  • Wendy votes for Leslie.
  • Everyone else voted for Wendy to go, who left the game extremely shocked.

Episode 03: Leslie's Revenge

  • Leslie return to camp extremely pissed off at Jason.
  • Leslie tells everyone that Jason is a traitor and needs to go home next.
  • Stanford doesn't approve of the way Leslie is handling the situation.
  • Destiny, Faithful and Athaulah go into the woods and celebrate their victory.
  • Faithful accepts Athaulah and his religion.
  • Jason appologizes to Stanford, who fully understood why he flipped.
  • Qui-Lu and Zahra agree that the foursome alliance is rather strong.
  • Qui-Lu recruits Ricardo and Dickson to fight their alliance.
  • Apple is rather nervous over the fact that Ophelia is so close to everyone.
  • Apple considers flipping on her alliance to take out Ophelia.
  • Tyler becomes everyone cocky around camp, annoying Apple.
  • Mercei finally wins immunity, and are granted a clue to the Hidden Immunity idol.
  • Everyone goes crazy looking for the idol.
  • Stanford finds the idol but decides it's best not to tell Leslie, and hides it.
  • Apple approaches Dickson and Ricardo to target Ophelia.
  • Dickson and Ricardo are't swaying and insist that Tyler needs to go over Ophelia.
  • Ricardo mentions that they have four votes heading Tyler's way.
  • Apple doesn't see flipping on Tyler to be much worth.
  • Everyone begins to trust Ophelia.
  • Qui-Lu and Zahra tell her that Tyler is their target.
  • Ophelia, Tyler and Emily agree to play the idol to save Tyler from the vote.
  • They agree that Dickson should go for being the oldest member of the tribe.
  • Ophelia tells Apple of their plan prior to Tribal Council.
  • At Tribal Council, the girls foursome vote for Dickson.
  • The others vote for Tyler, however he plays his idol.
  • Dickson leaves the game rather shocked with what happened.

Episode 04: Twisted Mind Set

  • Ricardo realizes he's in some real shit.
  • Qui-Lu, Zahra and Ricardo agree that they can't turn on each other.
  • Tyler flaunts his victory to the losers.
  • Ricardo confronts him and a fight insues between them.
  • Apple wished she was able to take out Ophelia, due to seeing her as a threat.
  • Ophelia agrees that Zahra should probably go home next.
  • Apple doesn't like how Ophelia is calling the shots.
  • Destiny and Jason talk and agree that he should join their threesome.
  • Jason tells her how crazy Leslie is and that he'll probably flip.
  • Faithful and Athaulah talks about their religions, and connect.
  • Stanford feels like Leslie is making him look like a bad guy and wants to lose him.
  • Leslie feels like he's on the complete bottom.
  • Mercei's wins their second immunity challenge in a row.
  • They agree that if they merge, they'll stick together as a force.
  • Leslie plans on flipping on the Mercei's tribe.
  • Ophelia and Ricardo although enemies become good friends.
  • Ophelia promises to keep him safe for this round.
  • Apple approaches the minority to flip the vote on Ophelia.
  • Zahra, Qui-Lu and Ricardo tells Ophelia that Apple has been slandering her name.
  • Emily confirms their suspicions that Apple wants her out.
  • Tyler insists that Apple goes home, and everyon votes for her.
  • At Tribal Council, everyone goes along with the plan and votes for Apple.
  • Apple votes for Ophelia, and leaves the game dissapointed in herself.

Episode 05: Distributive Man

  • Everyone returned to camp rather content with the vote.
  • Zahra, Qui-Lu and Ricardo are grateful for surviving.
  • Ophelia, Tyler and Emily agree that they need to stay three strong.
  • Faithful and Athaulah establish themselves as a duo.
  • Destiny takes note of their deal.
  • A shocking tribe swap changes up the game completely.
  • Leslie instantly approaches the old Tongo, in order to take out Jason.
  • Jason and Athaulah worry that they might be in trouble.
  • Ricardo doesn't really want to work with Tyler, but is.
  • Emily is feeling good about her position.
  • Faithful and Destiny agree that Stanford is not to be trusted.
  • Stanford approaches them to stay Mercei strong, they agree.
  • Ophelia suggests to Zahra, making a girls alliance.
  • Zahra worries that Ophelia is becoming too powerful.
  • The girls establish themselves as a majority.
  • Stanford and Qui-Lu see this as extremely apparent.
  • The new Mercei tribe wins immunity.
  • Ophelia worries about the idol and suggest they split the vote.
  • Destiny and Faithful agree with her plan.
  • Qui-Lu approaches Zahra on flipping on Ophelia.
  • Zahra is extremely willing to work with the boys.
  • At Tribal Council, the girls split the votes between the guys.
  • Zahra flips, and Ophelia leaves the game blindsided.

Episode 06: Lying To Yourself

  • Destiny and Faithful feel betrayed by Zahra.
  • Qui-Lu reassures Zahra that she made the right move in the game.
  • Stanford feels like Qui-Lu is a threat to him.
  • Faithful and Destiny think they might be able to sway Stanford.
  • Tyler, Emily and Ricardo agree that Jason and Athaulah need to be split up.
  • Leslie is glad to be included in their plan.
  • Jason and Athaulah realize that they're in serious trouble.
  • Ricardo is considering flipping on Emily and Tyler.
  • Leslie and Ricardo connect over working out and girls.
  • Emily and Tyler are extremely upset to see Ophelia is gone.
  • The new Tongo wins immunity.
  • Faithful is developing a serious injection and gets checked by doctors.
  • Faithful and Destiny are relieved over their victory.
  • Tyler, Emily, Ricardo and Leslie agree either Jason or Athaulah needs to go.
  • Tyler and Emily think Athaulah is a waste of space.
  • Ricardo and Leslie believe Jason is a huge threat and needs to go home.
  • Leslie makes fun of the majorty infront of Tyler and Emily.
  • Tyler and Emily are reconsidering their options.
  • Athaulah and Emily talk and agree that Leslie is an asshole.
  • They plan on voting four on Leslie.
  • Leslie feels extremely confident walking into Tribal Council.
  • At Tribal Council, the foursome all vote for Leslie, as the other two vote Jason.
  • Leslie thows a tantrum before leaving the game.

Episode 07: Faithful Strategy

  • Ricardo was extremely pissed to find out that everyone turned.
  • Tyler, Emily, Jason and Athaulah establish themselves as an alliance.
  • Jason and Athaulah are extremely grateful to be here.
  • Ricardo wants to flip on his tribe.
  • Qui-Lu and Zahra feel like they can trust Stanford.
  • Destiny and Faithful are trying to sway Stanford.
  • Stanford feels like he is in a very good position in the game.
  • A merge shocks everyone.
  • Ricardo instantly rats out the Mercei alliance to Tongo.
  • Qui-Lu and Zahra talks to Ricardo about making plans.
  • Athaulah reconnects with Faithful, and they agree to being the final two.
  • Athaulah, Jason, Faithful and Destiny agree to sticking together.
  • Stanford wins immunity.
  • The new Mercei alliance is pratically nothing anymore.
  • Stanford feels like he's without an ally and decides to join Qui-Lu.
  • Tyler and Emily are in the middle and are unsure who to vote out.
  • Qui-Lu, Zahra, Ricardo and Stanford agree to vote for Athaulah.
  • Jason, Athaulah, Faithful and Destiny agree to vote for Ricardo.
  • Tyler ad Emily refuse to tell anyone who they're voting.
  • Emily gets extremely cocky and makes jokes about her power around camp.
  • Faithful is annoyed and makes a truce with Qui-Lu to take out Emily.
  • Faithful and Qui-Lu decide to not target each other.
  • Jason and Athaulah feel uncomfortable about switching to Emily.
  • Emily and Tyler agree to split their votes to make a tie.
  • At Tribal Council, Emily and Tyler vote for Ricardo and Athaulah.
  • Everyone else votes for Emily. 
  • She leaves the game entirely shocked.

Voting History

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