Season 2 of wiki Survivor! Begins after Uruguay is finished. 16 people, 28 days, 2 Tribes, One Survivor.


Draven-Well, I am awesome. I love survivor! But I have never been in a survivor camp. I would love to join this one. I also bring the crazy and the drama ;)

Holden: My brother was in season one and I think I would do great in season 2 plus I can mainulate people so well

Punchy-I was a fan of last season.It was a really good season where everyone did well.If I do get on the show I will do my best and try to get the show good ratings and popularity.

Roy:1. lets face it you need more charecters. 2. i need a new thing to do. 3. i thought I might as well just see how far I make it.

Robert: I became a Survivor fan recently and I saw the first season. And I am great with drama.I am a person who will not give up! I am stoked! Plus, I will do anything to win! And I need to find some REAL competition.

Sam- Well, let's face it. Your contesants are getting ever more boring, which is why you need ME- The next Purple Kelly. Oh wait, being Purple Kelly is bad? Umm... Then... I'll be the next person who attracts fans... Yea, that's what I'll be...

EvilTweek: let me join I make Drama my Stupid creator Tweek was In last season but I'm way more better and Awesomer then him I'll do anything to win ANYTHING just to make sure ANY F***ING THING!

Rico-Well, I can bring it on because I have never been on it. So I will like to bring it on some more...... So RIco here and my brother Nico who is so mad, To say Good bye!

Eric- I LOVE Survivor. I watched every show and literally cried when it went on break. I love the show and Tiki Island, so I'd love to be chosen to compete in Wiki Survivor 2.

Rachel- Im here to win it. so pick me or else. Just PICK ME. im pretty and i


Tuesday and Teddy: Hi! We are like, the most prettiest twins in the city of San Francisco! We have been watching Survivor lately, and we really want to test our smarticles out there! And by the way, we always talk together, so the fans will love us! *They both blow a kiss to the camera, and it signs off*

LeShawna: Yo! I'm LeShawna former Total Drama cast member! If I had to go through three seasons of that I can go through 3 seasons of this!

Summer:Hi I'm Summer and I think I'll be great for this show because I am great at doing all sort of things!

Zoey:Umm Hi!My name is Zoey and I want to know if I can make it to the final because I usually don't win people say it's me or that I'm not trying hard enough,but I'll try hard this time!

Jennifer: Hi I'm Jennifer and I love survivor. If I get picked I'll turn this game upside down and no-one will no what hit them. Yes I look like a sweet girl on the outside but on the inside is an evil soul just waiting to be freed you'll see. They'll all see. My stratagies are awesome which will get me far in the game. Pick me please and you'll see my inner soul and my strategic moves that will keep me in the game. The million is going to be mine just you wait and see....

Nico:Hello, Do you know my brother Rico? We are going the same route to watch on it.... I like Survivor. So I would like to say I would try to win this and Bye!


  1. Jennifer
  2. Zoey
  3. LeShawna
  4. Tuesday-12th Place (Quit)
  5. Teddy-13th Place (Evacuated due to injury)
  6. Eric- 16th Place
  7. EvilTweek- 15th Place
  8. Rico-10th Place
  9. Robert
  10. Holden
  11. Summer
  12. Draven
  13. Punchy
  14. Roy-14th Place
  15. Nico 9th Place
  16. Rachel-11th Place



  1. Jennifer
  2. Zoey
  3. LeShawna
  4. Eric
  5. Rico
  6. Summer
  7. Draven
  8. Nico


  1. Holden
  2. Teddy
  3. Tuesday
  4. Punchy
  5. Roy
  6. Robert
  7. Evil Tweek
  8. Rachel

Elimination Order (DO NOT EDIT)

Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Eric (17th Place) Mogo Mogo N/A

1st Voted Out on Day 1

EvilTweek (16th Place) Foa Foa N/A 2nd Voted Out on Day 3
Roy (15th Place) Foa Foa N/A Voted out by Public on Day 5
Teddy (14th Place) Foa Foa N/A Evacuated due to injury on Day 7
Tuesday (13th Place) Foa Foa N/A Quit on Day 8
Rachel (12th Place) Foa Foa N/A 3rd Voted Out on Day 9;
Rico (11th Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo 4th Voted out on Day 13
Nico (10th Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo

Quit On Day 14/1st Jury Member

LeShawna (9th Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo

Eliminated Day 17/ 2nd Jury Member

Holden (8th Place) Foa Foa Foa Mogo

Eliminated Day 17/3rd Jury Member

Draven (7th Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo Auto Out for being banned on Day 18
Zoey (6th Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo Voted out by Jury on Day 21, 4th Jury Member
Robert (5th Place) Foa Foa Foa Mogo Voted Off By Rachel on Day 23, 5th Jury Member
Punchy (4th Place) Foa Foa Foa Mogo Voted Off By Public on Day 25, 6th Jury Member
Summer (3rd Place) Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo Voted Off by Public on day 27, 7th Jury Member
Jennifer Mogo Mogo Foa Mogo RUNNER-UP
Patricia N/A Foa Mogo Debuted on day 18/SOLE SURVIVOR


Host: Hi.

Draven: SUP!!!!!!!

Rico:Hey. I like to skateboard. ! *skateboards*

EvilTweek:*arrives*Sup B****es

Holden: Hey host how is my brother Wes I hane't seen him in months since he left for Uraguay

Host: He won immunity yesterday.

Holden: Cool

Punchy: *Arrives*Hey guys!

Robert: Hi, guys!

(First123:Robert was placed in two teams)

Punchy: Hi, Robert.

Roy:*yawn* wazzup peeps.

Robert:Roy, Punchy, want an alliance?

Punchy: Sure.

Roy:what the heck.(CONF)im gonna stay in the alliance until they either cross me or we get to the final 3 then i get rid of them.

Holden: Hey can I join and then we will have the majority of the votes on our tribe

Roy:true. if we control the vote we may as well be invincible. unless we have to ditch someone in the alliance.

Holden; We casn cross that bridge when we get to it but until then we just fight for immunity and stick to our allinace.

Robert:Sure! The more the merrier!

Host: Summer is now a contestant

(124oeo:Rico will not talk until his brother is a contestant which is Nico)

LeShawna: If I can last 3 seasons Of Total Drama, I can outlast anything!



Roy:hey Rachel, can I talk to you real quick?(CONF)if we have more people in the alliance, the furthur we control the vote. so i plan to bring in Rachel.

Robert:Roy, don't! Not yet, anyways. Alliances need to be discreet!

Punchy: You just announced it.

Robert:To you guys. And maybe Rachel, if she heard.

Roy:dang it robert! it would have worked perfectly then you had to blurt it out!

Robert: Ifwe work hard for our team, it will not matter in the long run!


Zoey:Hi!What's your guys name?

Summer:(CONF)I hope I make it far!

Jennifer: I'm in it to win! I'm Jennifer hey Zoey! (CONF) First I need to act all friendly so I can make an alliance and so they won't vote me off! It is all strategic! (non CONF) Hi everyone!

Rico:My brother made it but shy.

Nico:Uh. Hi ladies!

Eric: Hey look, dynamite *uses it to blow everyone up* I'M IZZY CARLTON'S BROTHER :P!

Roy:*is ok*can i slap him?

Host: Yes. Yes you may

Punchy: *Is also ok*I am rooting Roy.

Roy:*slaps Eric* no exploding us.



Robert:*wakes up*Hey, Punchy!

Zoey:I'm okay

Punchy: *To Robert*Hello.*To Zoey*Good luck with that.

Tuesday and Teddy: *Both put on lipstick*

Rachel: ill join if im leader

Robert:Co-leader, then. I need another leader and you look smart enough to lead. I just don't wanna lose, or be a total puppet.

Roy:im not gonna be a total puppet either.(CONF)like i said. first sign that they try to use me as a puppet and there gonna go down.

Robert:Roy, one slip-up, and one of our alliance members could be gone. Unless we use you as a slave, don't jump ship.

Roy:one thing im not is a slave.1 slip up and im sure i could convince everyone else to get rid of you.

Robert:Unless the screw-up is yourself. Do not go around threatening people, Roy. Wanna mess up the allinace?

Roy:just remember im not a slave*walks away*


Host: Holden, your brother WON!

Day One

Mogo Mogo Chat


Summer:Okay..*starts to gather wood*

Zoey:Let's do this!!

Eric: Zoey, Summer, Alliance?

Summer:Hmm.(CONF)LEt's see..I can make it far..(NON-CONF)Sure!


Summer:It's so quiet here.

Zoey:I know..

Summer:*half finishes shelter*

Eric: Hey look, a stick of dynamite

Host: *from producers cabin* Aw crap.

Zoey:What happened?

Summer:Don't touch it,ERIC!

Eric: Let's start our fire *lights up dynamite and blows camp up* Okay that could've went a little better

Summer:If you do that again,I will so vote you out.

Eric: *makes another shelter* Basic at least. *makes fire* WOOT! FIRE :P

Zoey:*finishes shelter*Yay,we're finish!

Eric: YAY (CONF) Okay if our tribe loses I have a HUGE chance of being voted out. Well, probably because *finds stick of dynamite* OH LOOK, ANOTHER STICK OF DYNAMITE! *blows up camera and 20 miles radius of were the confessional is taking place* see what I mean? (NON CONF) I blew up 20 miles! It was sweet!


Jennifer: That's insane!


Jennifer: (CONF) that guy is gonna get voted out the next time we lose so thank you for making me feel so safe

Zoey and Summer:*covers eyes*EWWW

ERic: Treemail! It says "time to race to be safe*!

Foa Foa Chat

Robert:*starts building a shelter out of wood*

Holden: *climbs a tree and gets some coconuts*

Roy:*digs an underground shelter* i need wood to hold it up.

Holden: *takes the machete and cuts down a few trees* Here Roy

Roy:*about 2 hours later and sand falling down on him* done.

Holden: alliance meeting

Roy:alright what you gotta talk about.


Teddy and Tuesday: *both put on makeup*

Holden: Tuesday and teddt annoy me so much so one of them nedds to go in case we lose


Teddy and Tuesday: *Both build shelter that is the size of a small house for Holden and Robert* Yay, we're done!

Robert:Holden. At least they are helpful. And us losing is a prettyy big IF!

Punchy: Robert has a point.

Robert:If we can avoid losing, our entire team could be an alliance!

holden: fine

Teddy and Tuesday: One, two, we're not gonna lose! Three, four, we'll win the best shore! Five, six, we won't be the sticks! Seven, eight, we get to stay up late! Nine, ten, we'll win again and again!

Challenge One

Host: COME ON IN GUYS! Welcome to your 1st challenge: a race! You guys racing 1 mile! 1st person at the finish line wins immunity for their tribe. The other tribe goes to tribal council tonight where somebody will voted of this game. GO!

Eric: *starts running*
Summer and Zoey:*starts running*

Eric: *at 1/4 mile* OOH A SQUIRREL! *chases squirrel*

Robert:*passes everybody*Lose or be stuck with Eric!

Summer:Really!Eric!!*passes Robert*No thanks!

Punchy: *Starts running*

Zoey:*running**pants*This is tiring

Punchy: *Passes Zoey*Good Luck everyone!

Holden: *runs*

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both run*

Roy:*passes zoey while running backwards* this is to easy!*turns around and bolts off*

Punchy: *Passes Robert*Lets go!

Zoey:*runs faster*


Eric: *starts running again* OOH ANOTHER SQUIRREL *chases squirrel and eats it*

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both pass everyone*

Eric: *pees on Teddy* TEEHEE

Punchy: *Passes Teddy and Tuesday*

Eric: I gotta take a crap.

Roy:*passes punchy*to slow!*crashes into a tree* ow.

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both run away from Eric*

Eric: I didn't know he was a toilet *poops on Roy* Oops. Sorry

Punchy: *Sees finish line*Almost there!

Roy:*Runs straight for the finish line*(CONF)if you thought i would kill eric first your wrong. im not an idiot.

Punchy: *Passes finish line*

Host: FOA FOA WINS IMMUNITY! Mogo Mogo, you're going to tribal council.

Holden: we win

Roy:is there a shower or a small pond of water here?

Host: You'll also going on a reward: A NIGHT AT A LUXURIOUS RESORT! Here is your helicopter!

Zoey an dSummmer:NOO

Punchy: *Gets on the helicopter*

Robert:*right next to him*GO PUNCHY!!!

Roy:*gets in helicopter*lets get out of here.

Mogo Mogo Tribal Council

Host: Time to vote. You have until 7:30.

Eric: *writes Zoey's name down* TEEHEE

Zoey:*write down Eric's name down*

Summer:Crazy got to go!*writes Eric's name down*

Host: Eric bring me your torch. Your tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch* Head out. Mogo Mogo, I'll see you tomorrow for the reward challenge. Head back to camp.

Jennifer: Writes Eric (Conf) Thank you Eric for making me more safe.. Now for more plans to keep me in the game hahaha!

Eric's Final Words

Well, I know I was the crazy head, but I was just trying to be fun! Oh well. Good Luck Mogo Mogo. But Just to tell you guys, I put some dynamite in your shelter. BYE BYE!

Foa Foa Reward

Teddy and Tuesday: Yay! One, two, we told you we won't lose! Three, four, we won the best shore! Five, six, we aren't the sticks! Seven, eight, we get to stay up late! Nine, ten, we'll win again!

Robert:*high fives Teddy and Tuesday*YES!!!!!!

Punchy: I wonder who will get voted off.

Teddy and Tuesday: Robert, you like our song? :D

Roy:*takes a shower*when we get back if eric didn't already lose imma kill him.

Robert:It was great!Roy, if Eric stays, that is good. With him around, we will never lose!

Holden: nice

Roy:true he is the anchor of there team. but he took a crap on me!

Host: Eric was voted out at the last tribal council.

Roy:good. and his last words were something about there being dynamite in our shelters?

Roy:-goes to sleep-

dude were in a resort the place couldn't have exploded

Robert:(CONF) That fool Eric got himself eliminated. He had an alliance, and messed up badly.

EvilTweek:Hey Robert wanna be in an illiance

Robert:Sure!Watch out for Rachel. Try to befriend Teddy and Tuesday, if you can.

EvilTweek:Dont worry Rachel will be easy to take down and Tuesday and Teddy will be easy watch. Hello Tuesday hello Teddy your song was great I'd like to record it

Robert:Holden and Punchy are nice.We made an alliance with Roy and Rachel, but Rachel has not done much.Also,final fifteen!*high fives EvilTweek*

Roy:*high fives everyone*

Robert:Wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Roy:lets just not fail. imma go to bed g'night

Robert:Punchy, are we friends?

Punchy: Yeah, and we are just lucky we weren't Roy in the challenge.

Roy:i heard that!*punches punchy then goes to bed*

Punchy: My name isn't Punchy for nothing cuz I am also good at defense.Although you were unlucky when Eric pooped on you.

Robert:Why do you think I hid?I saw him coming!

Punchy: Yeah, I wonder if the Mogo Mogo Tribe's shelter exploded.

-flash to mogo mogo shelter-

  • exploded*

Holden: This place rocks

Robert:Go Foa Foa tribe!


Robert:We are in a luxorious resort.Save it for later!

Roy:aw. i had marshmallows

Punchy: And I had chocolate and graham crackers.

Roy:whatever il see ya guys in the mornin-goes to his room-

EvilTweek:Wait*Shoots it with fire lazer and it creates a fire in the bon fire pit*(CONF)I love having the I.Q of 1000 and being an alien.

Rachel: Hey lets vote off Teddy

Robert:THEY did the challenge.Besides, we cannot lose!

Rachel: Yeah but soon they will all be gone

Robert:Maybe.27 days to go!

Day Two

Mogo Mogo Chat

Host: *places some treemail in the mailbox* Oh Mogo Mogo DID explode. Well, the last sign of Eric we'll see. What a bunch of crazy.

Zoey and Summer:*rebuilding their shelter*

Foa Foa Chat

Holden: That reward was wasome

Rachel: ok as team captain

Robert:*takes a nap*

Host: *puts some treemail in the box*

Robert:*finds treemail*

Holden: Whats it say

Robert:*gives it to Holden*

Holden: Hey host where is your over cast vote saying what I'm reading

Host: "You are gonna want it, a reward like no other, a good memory will help, but hopefully you watch Survivor"

Reward Challenge

Host: Come on in Foa Foa! Mogo Mogo come on in! Foa Foa get your 1st look at the new Mogo Mogo tribe, Eric voted out at the last tribal council. Here's the challenge: You guys are gonna have a memory contest! It'll help if you watched Survivor Nicaragua and Survivor Uruguay. I will ask questions, and the person that gets 5 questions right WINS reward for their tribe. The reward is a pool party at a luxurious mansion, where there will be pizza, a buffet, stake, mashed and baked potatoes. Also, you'll spend the night in a luxurious bed, so comfortable that it costs 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Carks, which is a million US dollars. Worth Playing for?

Holden: yes

Robert:Holden, you watch it more.You answer.

Host: Okay we'll get started. QUESTION ONE: Who got voted off 1st in Survivor Uruguay?

Holden: Lannete cause Cassidy quit

Host: 1 point Foa Foa, 0 for Mogo Mogo

Host: 2nd question: Who else quit Survivor Uruguay

Holden: Cassdiy, X and ryan

Host: 2 POINTS FOA FOA! 3rd question: Who got voted off on Carmica on Survivor Uruguay in the double elimination?

Holden: Gavin

Host: 3 POINTS FOA FOA! 4th question: Who was the 2nd voted off Survivor Uruguay?

Holden: fransico

Host: FOA FOA WINS REWARD! Head out! Mogo Mogo, you didn't even do the challenge, head back to camp I got nothing for you!

Foa Foa Reward 2

Host: here you go!

Holden: nice

Robert:How many times do I have to say it?Unbeatable!*high fives his team*

Roy:we are invincible!

Robert:Had to use the i word, didn't you? Whenever a team uses that word, they lose the next challenge!

Holden: well if you two are planning on losing we need to choose somebody to vote out.

Robert:We are NOT gonna lose.But if we do, Rachel has done nothing.EvilTweek is my friend.Holden, what do you think?

Holden: We need to keep the number and thats all rachel is. I guess we'll vote rachel even though she is a part of the allaince because she does ntohing and she thinks she has all the powere when she doesn't

Robert:Besides.If she leaves, we still have the numbers

Rachel: okay

Rachel: hi tedd and tuesday

Rachel-the allince

Rachel: hi robert I quit

Holden: Yeah the number will be 4-3. So we get rid of Rachel if we ever lose a challenge

EvilTweek: Yep

Robert:*goes to sleep*

Roy:well its agreed Rachel goes if we lose unless someone makes us lose really baddly

Robert:Then don't get dumped on.*falls back to sleep*

Robert:Rachel quit the alliance..

holden: tecnaically we kicked he out of the a;lliance

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both make hamburgers for everyone* We're so happy for all of us!

Host: You guys enjoying it?

Punchy: Sure.

Holden: Yep

Host: *kidnaps Holden* Tomorrow, your immunity challenge is to FIND Holden and bring him back to me.

Punchy: That is why I said Sure not Yes or Yep.

Robert:One of our best members!!!!!!!!

Roy:*follows the host all ninja like*

Robert:Roy is not a ninja and if the host finds you stalking him, he may kick you off!

Roy:*is hiding in a tree 20 meters away from the host*

Roy:dang it i lost him.

Day Three

Mogo Mogo Chat

Host: *kidnaps Zoey*'

Foa Foa Chat

Rachel: Hi

Robert:Holden was kidnapped!!!!!!

Roy: i know. where should we start looking?

Robert:Let's wait till Seth announces it. We could get lost and die unless he gives us some sort of clue.

Immunity Challenge

Host: COME IN! Alright, you guys are missing one member. Your challenge is to find them and bring them back to me! They are locked up in a little jail somewhere deep in the woods. Also, Eric, before he left the island, put some dynamite in the jails, so you need to find them fast. 1st tribe to do so wins immunity and stays here another 2 days! Also, a reward is involved. THE REWARD IS A RESTRAINING ORDER ON ERIC! So go go go!

Punchy: We all need that*Starts searching for Holden*

Robert:WE HAVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!*starts searching for Holden*

Host: You want that restraining order

Robert:Of course!*continues to look for Holden*

Roy: don't you have a hint?

Robert:Just start looking!*goes deeper into the forest*

Punchy: *Continues searching in the woods*I found a banana but, that is it.

Roy:*points at a cave*was that always there?

Punchy: I don't know but, lets keep looking because we all want that restraining order*Continues searching*

Roy:*goes in**yelling*DANG ITS BIGGER THAN IT LOOKS FROM THE OUTSIDE!*starts searching the cave*

Punchy: *Finds tracks*These might be the Host's tracks for when he hid Holden.*Follows the tracks*

Roy:*looks utside and see's the tracks* uh... I wouldn't follw thoes tracks.*continues searching the cave*

Punchy: *Finds a Raccoon*Oh...*Runs into the cave*

Roy:*runs out f the cave screaming*BEEEEEEAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Punchy: *Runs out of the cave and hits a tree*Ow...Hey is that a cage?

Holden: Finally where have you been. PLEASE get me out and becuase of this I missed the end of the reward

Punchy: You should have never answered the host*Uses paperclip to pick the lock and frees Holden*Lets get backt o camp!

Roy:well at least we won.

Host: *over intercom* You need to bring them back to me!P

Punchy: Lets hurry before Zoey is found and brought back to camp!

Holden: K bring me back

Punchy: Lets start running*Starts running back to camp*

Roy:hey wait a minute! thats the tree i crashed into when eric took a dump on me!*runs back to camp behind holden*

Punchy: *Continues running*We are going to win that restraining order!

Roy:*still running*we have been jynxed.

Punchy: With what*Continues running*I can see the camp!

Holden: *continues to be carried*

Roy:well atleast we didn't lose holden on the way*finally makes it back* we won!

Punchy: YES!

Roy:wait where's holden.

Host: Wha wha wha wha

Punchy: He is in the mud cuz you let him fall.

Host: I just made up a new rule! If you lose the tribe member, the tribe loses the challenge! MOGO MOGO WINS IMMUNITY!

Punchy: But, he is in camp he just fell in that big pile of mud.

Host: He needed to be past the finish line. Also I don't see him

Roy:*drags holden across the finish line* how about now?

Teddy and Tuesday: Yay!

Host: You still lost him on the way. I'll see you guys tonight.

Roy:(CONF)when was there a finish line? and holden made it to camp i just didn't see him right away.

Foa Foa Tribal Council

Host: Let's vote!

Roy:*writes down teddy* you didn't even help.

Robert:Roy, what about Rachel?

Roy:well I got nothing against her and she could help later on.

Punchy: Its hard because Rachel,Teddy,EvilTweek,and Tuesday didn't help but, Tuesday,Teddy,and Rachel seem more helpful*Writes down EvilTweek*Sorry.

Teddy and Tuesday: Evil Tweek

Rachel: Robert

Punchy: So Holden is the tiebreaking vote?

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both start to cry* But we tried to do the challenge! (Teddy: I really did, but so many edit conflicts XD)

Punchy: I feel bad doing this really.

Snow: I have school (I live in a town that starts today don't vote me off and I'll be more actve

(First123: I am on Winter Break)

Teddy and Tuesday: It's okay sis, whatever happens tonight, we'll always be best friends! *Both hug each other*

Punchy: Do you always talk at the same time?

Holden: Teddy Tuesday EvilTweek is weaker than rachel so I guess I'll keep my tribe strong but rachel is so foing down next

Robert:*writes EvilTweek*

Tuesday: I'm not weak! *Punches a tree and it falls down* See?

Teddy: ...Mom told you not to do that to nature's children!

Tuesday: Oh right...sorry Teddy

Teddy: It's okay I guess...

Punchy: Holden is now voting Teddy.

Tuesday: Teddy! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!

Teddy: It's okay Tuesday! *Slaps her* Keep your sanity! You'll be okay!!

Teddy and Tuesday: Huh? You're not voting (Teddy) me off? (Tuesday) her off? (Both) YAY!!! THANK YOU!! *Both kiss Holden on the cheek*

Host: 2nd person voted out: EvilTweek. Even if he voted, it would probably be 4-3-1. *snuffs EvilTweek's torch* Bye EvilTweek

Roy:well we came to our first eliminaion. i cant help but feel responsible for this.

Punchy: Hey at least we kept Tuesday and Teddy from crying and making us feel guilty.

Roy:fair enough.

Holdenn: I say we vote off rachel next

Rachel: nooo

Roy:whoever doesn't help is out.

Holden: Fine but if no one messes up then rachel is gone unless you like to aplogize to me and robert Rachel: I'm sorry

Holden: thanks that means a lot but we reall do need to split up the sisters

Rachel: I say tuesday

Teddy and Tuesday: *Both gasp at Holden*

Punchy: But, they are really helpful.

Host: Just to remind you guys you didn't win the restraining order. Besides that was only for 20 minutes!

Eric: *throws dynamite into tribal council set* LIKE IT'S DYNAMITE

Host: We need to get a new set *tribal council blows up*

Rachel: either thm or you

Holden: Guys it sounds like you want to vote out Roy because you ahve said no to everybody else

Teddy and Tuesday: We would vote ourselves off for Roy, because he's nice and hard-working!

Rachel: yeah

holden: I give up (CONF) D these people know how to play survivor because it sure doesn't sound like it right now

Teddy and Tuesday: (CONF: Oh wow. We really fooled everyone with this sweet, nice twin sister act huh sis? Well, we could show them our real side in the next challenge...)

Roy:what did i miss and what is everyone saying about voting me out?(i was at walmart srry)

Holden: No one is going to vote you out if I have anything to say about it just don't blow another challenge and the others will change their minds

Roy:how did i blow the challenge? punchy was the one carrying you.

Holden: I just sayiing What i heard so don't shoot the messenger

Robert:Next time, we are gonna win!

Holden: We have to because it looks like our allaince is done for

Robert:Punchy is in, and Teddy and Tuesday are my friend. Rachel is probably next.

Roy:one question. if there is a merge what happens then.

Punchy: Roy both of us were carrying Holden.

Robert:That will not happen for a while! I will miss EvilTweek!

IEvilTweek's Final Words

EvilTweek:F*** you Rachel, F*** you Teddy, F*** you Tuesday, F*** you Roy Robert youre OK and F*** you Holden OK Im done Bye

Rachel: what

Robert:*is laughing until he cries*That is HI-larious!

Rachel: anyway im back in right


Robert:With us, of course

Rachel: ok first step let's leave !before he takes us

Robert:Now we wait for Seth!

Rachel: Teddy or Tuesday

Robert:They actually do well. They do not mess up like Roy did.

Rachel: So Roy goes next?

Rachel: run Robert:If we lose, maybe. Depends on what happens.

Day Four

Mogo Mogo Chat

Nico:No problemo!

Rico:HEy GUYS!

Foa Foa Chat

Rachel: who's going

Robert:I just hope we win!

Rachel: me too

Punchy:*is asleep*

Rachel: let's wake him up

Robert:*wakes Punchy up*

Rachel: okkkk


Host: COME ON IN. Mogo Mogo is getting a look at the new Foa Foa Tribe, EvilTweek voted out. Your challenge is endurance, stay on the bar for the longest and win reward for you tribe! The reward is a dinner at Applebees. GO!

Rachel: what bar

Holden: *holds on to bar* Why is their oil all over the bar

Rachel: and butter

Holden: *takes off shirt and wipes off bar while still holdin bar* Thats much better

Rachel: Foa Foa will win

Host: Don't say that Rachel! *pulls out watergun* HAHA *starts spraying*

Holden: Thanks rachel. *gets drenched*

Rachel: *pushes him off* sorry holden

Punchy:*is on a bar near Robert's*

Holden: *falls* We were on the same team

Robert:Stinks to be him!

holden: yes yes it does

Punchy:I hope we are the last 3 up here!

Holden: Come on guys except for rachel

Eric: I'M BACK *throws Dynamite*

Punchy:*falls off*

Robert:*manages to hang on*

Holden: *knocks down eric but dynamite hits rachel*

Rachel: *Puts eric in front of her*

Robert:*is still on*Mogo Mogo is not even trying!

Rachel: I know *High fives Robert and Punchy*

Holden: Rachel it looks like you need a medic

Host: It does. Medic team come in

Medic: Rach you ok?

Rachel: Yeah Holden needs it more

Holden: *watches rachel bleed all over the place*

Eric: MORE DYNAMITE *puts dynamite on Rachel*

Rachel: *throws it on holden*

Holden: *throws hit back and watches rachels arm get blown off*

Medic: OH MY GOSH! Rachel, you're gonna have to be evacuated!

Real Rachel: hi meet my stand in Jess here's a fake arm Rachel: it's on

Rachel: WE WIN

Rachel: oh look noone from mogo mogo is on Robert:*is on a bar a few feet from Rachel's*

Robert:*is still on*Did we win?

Roy:*is on a bar* i guess so



Foa Foa Reward 3

Roy:well reward #3 and only 1 elimination :D

Holden: Rachel why did you try to kill me and knock me off the bar

Roy:*to robert*rachel is gone next elimination

Robert:I will vote off who I want to vote off. I am not your lackey!

Roy:wasnt it your idea to vote off rachel in the first place?

Robert:I change my mind a lot.

Holden: but she tried to make her own team lose the challenge

Robert:Yes, and she failed. Besides, we are not going to elimination again if I can help it!

Roy:but if we do rachel is gone. she almost killed holden!\

Holden: Ye we won't lose agian but if somehow we do we vote her out

Robert:Well, I need sleep!Don't think about Eric okay?

Roy:why does he exist?

Holden: beats me *eats food*

Robert and Punchy:*fall asleep*

Roy:*eats food then goes to sleep*

Robert:*dreams of candy exploding on national tv(:P)


Robert:Really?! If you can, please do!But not here. I do not want to die yet.

Eric: BOOM BOOM GOES...DYNAMITE! *blows Applebees Up*


Eric: Sorry


Roy:can i tie him up and throw him in the ocean?


Roy:i ment eric and i was asking the host.


Host: HA

Robert:Uh...What? Is that supposed to mean yes or no?

Roy:*ties up eric*ok so can i shove him out of a plane?

Host: H*** yeah

Robert:Go ahead!

Roy:*gets in a plane**plane takes off*alright. Sayonara Eric.*shoves Eric into the ocean from aprx. 5000 ft. in the air*

Punchy:Eric put dynamite on that plane.



Roy:*flies in the explosion and crashes on what used to be applebee's*im ok but i need a wig now.

Host: You know how Christmas is happy, but you don't get to see you're families cause you're here, well, let's just say that, oh what the H. You guys are playing for individual immunity, because...BOTH tribes are going to tribal council and BOTH tribes are voting someone off.

Roy:well la-dee-freaking da!

Holden: K tommorow at tribal council either Rachel or one of the twins is going home

Ex:do you know what tommorow is?

Holden: The host just said both teams are going to tribal council

Ex-Cat:its christmas tommorow here.

Robert:It is Christmas tomorrow everywhere, Roy. Except China, I think.

Ex-Cat:in alot of places its already christmas.

Robert:Which means that in those places, Christmas is not tomorrow.


Day Five

Mogo Mogo Chat

Jennifer: Come on guys we can not lose again! Losing just sucks! We need more team effort!

Foa Foa Chat

Robert:Final thirteen!*falls asleep*

Immunity Challenge

Host: HI GUYS! So, tribal immunity today is not what you seek. Today you seek individual immunity cause today both tribes are going to tribal council, and both tribes are voting someone out of the game. So, if you survive, you stay here for another 4 DAYS! So good luck.

Roy:where's the foa foa immunity? and why does 3 people want me gone?

Mogo Mogo Immunity

Host: Alright, Mogo Mogo, your challenge is this: Find Eric in the woods, tie his a** up, throw him in a plane that has dynamite, and lock the freakin doors. That's part 1. Part 2 is to rescue him so we won't get sued. But the 1st part requires couples. So...LeShawna will sit out, and the pairs are NicoxRico, SummerxZoey, and JenniferxDraven. The 1st couple to do the 1st round goes to the 2nd. 1st person to do so without getting killed by Eric WINS immunity. GO!

Jennifer: (CONF) IT is time for me to start making my move! If I help Draven he'll keep me a friend! Then I need to make Zoey, Nico, Summer and Rico lose the challenge but that shouldn't be too hard! Maybe it is time for me to open an alliance with somebody! Hopefully my plan works!

Host: I change my mind. Only one is leaving, BUT, it's decided by the public,

Rachel: Yes im safe

Host: oops. forgot to add you

Roy:i heard an explosion coming from that way.*points at a giant smoke cloud**runs to it*

Zoey:*goes to look for Eric*

Tribal Council

Host: Hi Guys. It was a 4-2-1 vote. The public has decided: the 3rd person voted off Survivor Tiki Island: Roy. You need to bring me your torch. *snuffs Roy's torch* The public has spoken. Time to go bro.

Robert:Bye, Roy. 14th is not so bad.

Holden WHAT just happened, well it looks like me Punchy and robert need to stick toghether even better now

Robert:Holden, did you like Roy, as a friend? Or was he kind of just a nuisance?

Holden: I thought he was a friend. He made a lot of mistakes which cost him the game but he was still my friend

Robert:See my problem? I try to be friends with everyone, and everyone is trying to boot everyone else. I inevitably have to watch my friends leave. It stinks!

Holden: Well this is a game where you team up to vote people out so invetably you signed up to vote your friends out at the cahnce of a million dollar so if you stick with our alliance you will have a much better chance of winning a million dollars

Robert:I know. I just hope I still have friends when it is over. Now we are safe for a few days.

Holden: lets just win everything until the merge so we don't have to vote anybody out


Roy's Final Words

well I can't say i thought i would win. I tried to be as nice as possible but we all have a bad day and make enemies, i almost knew i wouldn't win but losing on christmas? thats cold guys. and the eric i shoved out of a plane was a decoy he's still on the loose on tiki island i also paid him $20 to put dynamite in everyone's shelter. and it's C4 dynamite. well i guess i'l see you guy's next season whenever that is. (someone tell me on my talk page whenthe next season is provided there is a next season Ex-Cat 00:51, December 26, 2010 (UTC))

Day 6

Mogo Mogo Chat

Foa Foa Chat

Rachel: Where down 1 member

Robert:We can still win!

Rachel: So Teddy should go next

Robert:Tuesday, actually.

Rachel: Tuesday can be more helpful than Teddy

Robert:But she is a threat. Team Mogo Mogo do little. They will be destroyed after the merge!

Rachel: Foa Foa will get rid of Mogo Mogo Before the merge

Robert:The merge will most likely happen when Mogo Mogo is down to about 2? The merge will probably happen at eight left.

Rachel: Got it

Punchy:Hey, guys.

Robert:Hi, Punchy!

Rachel: Is Punchy your real name


Robert:Of course!

Rachel: Where voting off Tuesday next

Robert:At the merge. Because we are not losing again!

Rachel: We have the Winners

Punchy:Go Team Foa Foa!

Robert:Where is Holden?

Holden: *wakes up* I'm here

Robert:Poor Roy is out!

Holden: Yeah and our allaince is down to 3

Rachel: 4

Robert:6 since the twins are my friend!

Holden: KK 3 main alliance memebers and 3 in it until we get to tribal council and then we vote them out

Robert:Rachel is nice!

Holden: She TRIED to kill me

Robert:We can at least give her another chance!

Holden: Maybe

Punchy:Tuesday goes if we lose!

Holden: Hoa about if the sisters don't participte one of them goes but if they do rachel goes

Robert:If they participate, we will win!(CONF)Mogo Mogo, the gloves are off.

Punchy:Rachel are you okay?


Host: I got an announcement for you guys! There will be a tribal swap. At tribal council tonight, the new tribe captains, Robert, switching over to Mogo Mogo, and Rachel, staying at Foa Foa will pick new tribe members. If you're staying on the same tribe, your name will still be called. But here a twist: 1 person will not be picked. That person is automatically eliminated. See you tonight!

Robert:Awesome!When do we pick?

Host: Tonight at tribal council.



LeShawna: Cool!

Robert:Leshawna, if I can, I will pick you!

Rachel: sooo this means

Robert: You have to live with no alliance for a while!

Rachel: what

Rachel: I know but your taking all of it I can't get half

Robert:I am on Mogo Mogo now!

Robert:I am picking Holden, Teddy, and Tuesday. I guess Punchy can be yours!

Tribal Council

Host: Hello guys. Robert, you're picking 3 people to join Mogo Mogo. Rachel, you are picking 1. Jennifer and Zoey stay on Mogo Mogo, so they are safe. Punchy, Tuesday, and Teddy are also staying on Foa Foa. So make you pick.

Robert:Leshawna, Holden, and Draven.

Host: LeShawna is already on Mogo Mogo. So is Draven Pick 2 more people

Rachel: Summer

Host: Pick on of those 2 Rachel.

Robert:Holden was all I could take.

Holden: I'm on mogo Mogo now

Robert:Holden and I are like a dream team!

Host: Okay then...Wait a minute. Okay, I got confused...ALRIGHT. So Rico and Summer are now apart of Foa Foa. Robert, you need to pick 2 more from Foa Foa.

Robert: I want whoever is left but Nico! Robert, Holden, Draven, Jennifer, and Zoey is my team. I thought. Who is left? Maybe you should just make the new teams!\

Host: FINE. So, I really don't know what to do. Okay. You guys are on the same tribe as before. Head back to your camps.

Robert:Who goes?

Host: No one leaves the competition today


Host: Oh. Eric put dynamite in your sheltere


Day 7

Mogo Mogo Chat

Foa Foa Chat

Holden: still on foa foa thankfully


Host: Your challenge is Truth or Dare. I will ask a castaway truth or dare, and I will come up with an awesome dare or not lovely truth. 1st person to back out loses for their tribe. Holden, truth or dare?

Teddy and Tuesday: *Yawn* Ugh, we've been so tired...

Summer:(CONF)Uh-oh I never been good at Truth or Dare.

Host: ACTUALLY, 1st dare/truth goes to Summer

Summer:Oh no!Uhh..Uhh...Truth?

Host: Did you ever kiss Eric?


Host: Can't say it as a question


Host: Holden, truth or dare?

Holden: dare

Rachel: (CONF) Tuesdays going down

Host: I dare you to kiss Eric!

Holden: But I'm not gay so I switch to truth

Host: Sorry, no switching after it's been said.

Holden: Then my team loses because I'm not going agaainst my morals

Host: Fine. You can have truth. What is your favorite song?

Holden: White and nerdy by wierd al

Host: Summer, truth or dare?


Host: Have you commited a crime?


Host: Holden, truth or dare?

Holden: truth

Host: AWW. I had a good dare. Anyway, have you ever crapped your pants?

Holden: when I was a baby

Host: Heh. Summer truth or dare?

Summer:(CONF)If we're going to win.I'm going to put dare.(NON-CONF)Dare.


Summer:*trying to poop*

Host: Here's some chocolate milk!

Summer:*drink it and poops*EWWW

Punchy: *Sees Eric laughing*

Summer:*runs to the bathroom to shower*

Host: Disgusting

Eric: *laughing and starts eating it*

Host: EWW! Holden truth or dare?

Holden: Truth

Teddy and Tuesday: Can we go next?

Host: Sure. What animal do you have?

Teddy and Tuesday: If that's for us...we have a cat!

Holden: I have two kitties, a puppy and a brother who won a million bucks

Host: Teddy, truth or dare?

Teddy: Truth!

Host: Who do you have a crush on on this show

Teddy: Um...well...since I have to tell the truth...I have a crush on Robert...

Tuesday: *Gasps*

Host: Tuesday, truth or dare?

Tuesday: I'm not weak like Teddy... (Teddy) Hey! (Tuesday) So dare!

Host: I dare you to kiss Robert!

Teddy: *Gasps* won't dare! *Tries to stop her*

Tuesday: Sorry Teddy, this is for the team! *Pushes Teddy and kisses Robert*

Teddy: OMG! (Teddy and Tuesday) *Both fight*

Host: CAT FIGHT CAT FIGHT! Summer truth or dare?

Punchy: What is next a talking taco vs a kung fu burrito?

Teddy: *Slaps Tuesday*

Tuesday: *Punches Teddy so hard she flies up into the air and falls on a treetop* AHH!!!

Host: She looks hurt! Medic

Medic: *gets Teddy down and takes a look* Ouch. Cat fight with her sister?

Host: Yup


Host: Have you ever eaten cat poop?


Punchy: (CONF)Wow Tuesday and Teddy are strong.

Host: Okay then. How's Teddy?

Medic: She might need to be evacuated. She has a broken nose, a cracked skull, and 2 broken arms.

Zoey:Is she okay?

Medic: She's also knocked out.

Punchy: I hope she feels better I know how it feels to have a broken nose and it is not fun.

Host: 2 broken arms can not heal in 3 weeks. Do you guys think she should be evacuated to a hospital where she'll be treated or can she stay here?



Punchy: Going is best for her but, what is sad is her own sister caused her pain.Just like when my sister and cousin pushed me off a two story house so Go.

Host: Can we get a helicopter in?

  • helicopter flies in*

Host: Good luck Teddy. We're thinking about you.

Zoey and Summer:Bye.

Punchy: Bye Teddy.

Robert:Is this gonna happen everytime I sleep in?! Teddy says she likes me, fights her sister, and leaves due to injury?!*falls asleep after ranting**wakes up* I feel better!

Zoey:Yay!*hugs him*Everyone is happy,I think..

Punchy: There you have it folks another elimination but, this time a cruel and sad elimination.

Zoey and Summer:Yes.

Holden: Thanks Tuesday because off you we lost another teamte and now we our down to 5.

Tuesday: What have I done? (CONF: I am so ashamed of myself! *Starts to cry horribly* I hope the host will let her back as SOON as she gets out of the hospital!)

Host: Tuesday, 2 broken arms do not heal in 3 weeks. Some of the challenge require arms. It's just to dangerous to have her stay here in that condition.

Tuesday: Oh my strength does hurt people! *Cries again*

Day 8

Mogo Mogo Chat

Foa Foa Chat

Rachel: Tuesday should go it's her fault were I this mess

Holden: I don't know because you tried the same stunt on me

Rachel: my stunt double did

Holden: Whatever if somehow we lose then which one of you two who did worst in the challenge will go home

Tuesday: It's okay if you guys vote me off, I deserve it...

Host: Hi guys. Tuesday, do you want to be with your sister?

Rachel: how's Jess doing

Tuesday: Yes, I really do!

Host: Do you want to leave the game to see her?

Tuesday: Yes! Wait...I won't be able to return huh...

Host: No.

Tuesday: Well...I guess I'll leave the show. Bye Host! *Hugs him*

Rachel: noooooooo

Holden: did we just really lose another player

Punchy: Ugh...

Host: Well. You guys are merging on day 12. So, you have only one more elimination until merge.

Eric: *puts dynamite in shelter*

Punchy: *Throws the dynamite off into some place else*

Rachel: Thx

Punchy: I am not going to let this place burn down like the Mogo Mogos had it once.

Day 9

Mogo Mogo Chat

Rico: Only Boy?

Nico: Plus Me.

Foa Foa Chat

Robert:Our team went downhill fast.

Holden: I told you we should of elimated tuesday instead of eviltweek

Robert:Too late for regrets. The bottom line is that us four are an alliance, and we shall crush the other team!

Holden: Rachel still really isn1't in are allince

Robert:Then Rachel will get 4th. You and me, and Punchy, we will be the final 3.

Holden: but if somehow we lose immunity tomorrow we vote out Rachel

Robert:Okay. But then Nico and Rico go. For obvious reasons.

Holden: Yeah

Robert:On a happier note, what should we do for fun in the meantime?I got Uno.

Holden: nah I feel like sleeping *sleeps*

Robert:*is already asleep*(CONF)I cannot believe what Teddy had said! That was a shocker!

Reward & Immunity Challenge

Host: Okay guys. Welcome to your final immunity challenge as a tribe. Tomorrow, the tribes merge into one, then on day 11, a reward challenge. On day 12, your 1st individual immunity challenge. Then day 13 tribal council. Then, every 2 days, immunity challenge and tribal council. So let's get to your challenge. Your challenge is Where the (beep) is Kesha and Lady Gaga? Dummies of them have been locked up in a cage in the woods. You'll go over a blockade, and when you have the dummies, you go under them. 1st tribe to bring their dummy back wins immunity and reward. The reward is tickets to a Lady Gaga concert! GO

Blockade One

Nico: let's go

Rico: YeAh!

Holden: lets go team

Rico and Nico: *runs 1 and a half mile still ahead!*

Nico and Rico: Yes!!!! We finished!

Holden: *goes over and runs to blockade #2

Punchy: *Starts running*Gah dang it!Sorry Holden.*Goes over to Blockade Two*

Blockade Two

Rico: What's next

Nico: Let's run!

Rico and Nico: *runs another mile*

Rico and Nico: *runs and goes to blockade 3*

Holden: *goes over blockade # 2*

Punchy: Wow I am way behind.*Continues running*(I don't understand the challenge)

Punchy: *Goes to the next Blockade*

Blockade Three

Nico and Rico: *runs one more mile*

Rico: *goes over to the caƒes*

Nico: Wait Up *follows him to the caƒes*

Holden: *goes over blockade #3 and to the cages* where is my team

Punchy: Dang Challenge*Continues running and goes to the next blockade*


Nico: *gets the key*

Rico: unlocked the dummy. We love Lady Gaga!

Holden: *gets key and unlocks cage*

RIco and Nico and Dummy: *runs over to Blockade 3*

Holden: *runs to blockade #3 very slowly* does this dummy weigh like 200 lbs

Punchy: What do I do here?*Runs to the next Blockade*

Blockade Three

Rico: Let's go to Blockade 2!

Nico and Rico : Hup! Hup! Hup! *goes to blockade 2 slowly*

Holden *arrives at bolckade dragging dummy and collaspes* This is impossible for 1 person

Holden: *drags dummy under the blockade and walks to blockade # 2

Punchy: *Runs to the next Blockade*Why was Holden the only one trying until now anyways?

Blockade Two

Nico: We are so gonna win! *goes carrying the dummy and runs 1 mile*

Rico and Nico: *runs and goes through Blockade 1*

Holden: *drags dummy under the blockade and starts craling to the next blockade*

Summer and Zoey:*help Rico and Nico*

holden: *watches punchy pass* come on

Punchy: *Hears Holden's Echo*Oh sorry but, I didn't understand the challenge*Runs to the next blockade*

Blockade One

Rico: We're almost there! *helps Nico, Zoey, and Summer gets the dummy.

holden: *crawls under the blockadeand twoards the finish line*

Summer:*carrying it and goes toward the Finish Line*Come on!

Rico and Nico: *carrys it on to the finish*

Finish Line

Rico and Nico: FINISHED!

Summer:We did it!

Zoey:Yay!*group hugs everybody*

Holden: * somehow finshes* I need water and a chance to kill punchy


Holden: Cause he ran right by me and instead of helping me win he ran right by but i have still some hope of victory cause no winner has been declared yet


Host: MOGO MOGO WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD! Grats you guys. You 7 made the merge!

Mogo Mogo Reward

Summer:Yay!*watching Lady GaGa sing*

Rico: Alejandro... Alejandro...


Nico; eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh Stop Telephoning! me-Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me I'm busy-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e


Rico: baby we can dance in the dark.

Zoey:This is awesome!

Nico: We're alive! and have more players.

Summer:It's pretty loud though.

Nico: Yeah. It's like a bad romance. I could see your poker face.

Zoey:I can pick up my telephone,but I decided to Just Dance.

Rico: I could call the fame, on the telephone and decided to Just dance.


Summer:(CONF)Who knew boys could like Lady GaGa..unless..No
(124oeo: ONE OF MY FRIENDS Morgan which is a boy, likes Lady Gaga.)

(HR:No,that's what SUMMER thinksNot me,because I know someone who is a BOY that likes Lady GaGa.)

(124oeo: oh.._

Zoey:(CONF)I love our reward!!!

Foa Foa Tribal Council

Host: Time to vote!

Punchy: Sorry Holden I didn't understand the challenge.(I am not voting for Holden though)

Holden: I vote Rachel cause she tried to kill me and isn't a team player

Punchy: Nobody but, me and Holden participated and it was mainly Holden since I didn't understand the challenge but, I will vote uh...

Holden: but on the other hand Robert is a very wishy washy player so I don't really trust him and Punchyat least attempted the challenge ev en though he left me to die in the mud

Punchy: I didn't understand the dang challenge.

Holden: good thing thing I'm not voting for you so it seither robert or rachel

Punchy: Here have this water bottle as a way of saying I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGE*Hands Holden a full water bottle*Now back to voting I think...

holden: thank you now think we either have to vote out robert or rachel

Punchy: Oh then I vote Rachel since she is the only one we can vote out.

Host: Rachel the tribe has spoken *snuffs Rachel's Torch* It's time for you to go.

Rachel's Final Words

Rachel: Why would you vote me OFF. whatever. Eric put bombs in there so Watch out. Ill be Back

Day 10

Host: Foa Foa has come over to the Mogo Mogo camp and the tribes have merged into Foa Mogo

Foa Mogo Chat

Host: Grats you guys! You have merged!

Nico: Yeah.

Rico: WOOT!

Robert:Holden, Punchy, sorry. I was not feeling so well. That is why I left the challenge up to you. But I am back!We will be the final 3!

Eric: *puts dynamite in shelter* THANKS FOR THE 20 BUCKS ROY!

Host: Okay guys, so, here's a feast!

Holden: Yeah Rachel was the reason we lost all the challenges so with her gone we will be ivincable

Zoey and Summer:Hey!

Holden: Hello

Punchy: I am not eating the feast.

Holden: Yeah I saw eric running around and you know what that means


Punchy: Only three from our tribe made it to the merge.

Summer:Which was?

Punchy: The Foa Foas and only me,Holden, and Robert made it to the merge from the Foa Foas.


Summer:Wow.At least you survived.

Punchy: Yeah, I guess.

Zoey:Do you know who you would've voted out if you lost?

Punchy: Lost,when?

Summer:She said if.

Punchy: I mean, when does she mean?

Summer:I don't know,if you lost who would you have vote out?

Punchy: Oh the first elimination when the Mogo Mogo went to elimination well I think it would go the same order as all our eliminations but, in the last elimination one before the merge I think Holden would vote Robert and vice versa and I wouldn't vote against either.


Robert:Thanks, Punchy.

Punchy: Why?

Robert:You said you would not vote against me.

Zoey:..Who should we vote out next?


Robert:Who knows?

Day 11

Foa Mogo

Eric: *puts dynamite in shelter*

Reward Challenge

Host: Today' challenge is a talent show! Best score wins reward. A trip to Hawaii. Now GO

Holden: *plays america the beautiful on the harmonica*

Host: 9/10

Holden: Thank you even though I am irsh I have amercain pride

Host: Holden wins!

Holden: I won a trip tpo Hawaii nice!!!!!! Next I'm going to win a million bucks

Day 12

Foa Mogo Chat

Holden: Where is eveybody


Host: You're challenge is to survive Eric. There's 10 Eric dummies at 3 obstacles, you need to grab him, and bring him to me. 1st person to do so wins immunity from tomorrow's vote

Holden: *Runs to the first obsatcle*

Robert:*is right behind him*Come on, Holden!

Holden: *Arrives at obatcale and grabs dumm # 6 from the right and starts to run back*

Robert:*arrives, grabs dummy in the middle and starts running back*

holden: Heres a dummy Host guy so now do i win

Robert:*is wondering*We found these at an obstacle. Should there not have been something to keep us from getting them?*arrives back at the campground*Go Holden!

Holden: Well is my Eric real or fake

Host: Real, but actually surviving Eric, you win immunity and is on the jury!

Zoey:Oh no we missed the whole challenge.


Robert:Jennifer goes, right?



Holden: I won immunity yes

Punchy: Who is going?

Holden: Hopefully Rico or Nico

Jennifer: Definetly Rico or Nico (CONF) Going along with people usually saves you a** from elimination

Robert:*walks over to Jennifer*Want to join my alliance?Me, Holden, and Punchy!

Jennifer: Sure (CONF) Yes an alliance! my plan is to ditch them in the final four win immunity and make it to the votes but I to turn someone against one of the allinace members secretly. but not yet! Hopefully my plan works!

Robert:(CONF)Holden called me wishy-washy!That hurts!Allying with Jennifer is like car insurance. An annoyance, but it pays out ihn the end. I am not gonna betray Holden. I just wanna stay safe.

LeShawna: crap i missed the whole thing!!

Rico and Nico: Crap. *runs and does all obstacles and carries an Eric dummy*

Day 13

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Host: Holden can not be voted out. Anyone else is fair game. Time to vote.

Rico: Draven

Nico: Draven

LeShawna: Rico.

Host: You guys have until 8.


Punchy: Rico.

Holden rico

Host: Rico, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Rico's Final Words

Rico: I could not trust to u guys but I have been spoken Nico, will u come with me as a bro?

Nico: Sure

Rico: 1 quit I'm out

Host: Nico you can quit tomorrow, but not right now.

Day 14

Foa Mogo

Host: 2 weeks out of the 4. You guys are halfway through.

Holden: nice

Rachel: Hi backstabbers I'm working on a lawsuit to sue the show

Reward Challenge

Host: Your challenge is to write a horror story. Winner gets to spend the night with one of their family members.

Holden: Once upon a time a kid was forced to go to a bording school. It was really scry their and zombies lurked around every corner. So one day this kid was walking when a bunch of zombies attacked him and he died. The End.

LeShawna: Once upon a time there was a camp called Camp Wawanawkwa, there was a guest serial killer for the 19th episode of Season 1. I nearly died of laughter, but, Owen and Izzy almost got killed!! And the serial killer lurked to DJ, and took out his big scary hook. *holds up a hook on her right hand* DJ got killed. The End.

Rachel: There he is Bob Sue Him

Host: The elimination was fair. All of them were. So, stop complaining!

Rachel: Was It

Bob: Look at this *Shows flashback of Rachels elimination*

LeShawna: *rolls eyes* Noone really liked you anyways Rachel. And didn't Nico quit yesterday?

Host: Oh yeah

Rachel: LeShawna Even Heathers better than you

LeShawna: *tackles Rachel and smacks her teeth out* You've had this coming since you came here again!

Zig-Zigs: *Gives Rachel a gold tooth*

Rachel: Thx

Host: Rachel out of here. You got booted fair and square, AND guess what, no returnees.

Bob: Let her in or Shut it down

Host: Bob, listen, we got a lot more powerful lawyers then you, so, if you don't shut your (beep) mouth and get out of here, you and miss little princess will be 1,000,000 dollars short. NOW GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!

Holden: Rachel i voted for you and so diid punchy so you were elimanted fair and square

LeShawna: *decks Bob and Rachel* Both of you get out of here unless you both want all of yor teeth out of your mouth. Kay?

Rachel: John

John: *Beats LeShawha Up*

LeShawna: *decks John easily* Fool touch me again and she who will come up on you.

Rachel: Loser

9+6Carns Vs. Probst

Judge: Will everyone please rise?

Bob and Rachel: *Rises*

LeShawna: *glares at Rachel*

Rachel: *WAves*

Judge: Sit back down. 1st of all, will Carns tell me why she is suing Probst?

LeShawna: Because she can't accept the fact the she got 11th Place, and was fairly eliminated.


LeShawna: Sorry your honor, speaking the truth though.

Bob: She was backstabbed

Judge: Was that literal?

Bob: Well a little bit

Judge: Was she backstabbed with a knife?

LeShawna: Sadly, no

Bob: Why are you here

LeShawna: I'm in the Final 8 on Survivor, unlike you, and I'm merged, and Jeff is my friend WAY more than you or Rachel. BOOOOOBBBB

Rachel: John Cena can beat you up

LeShawna: And I'm sure Dora could beat you up.

Rachel: Barney can beat you up

LeShawna: Umm no, sorry honey, fat, retarded purple Dinosaurs can't beat me up.

LeShawna: And yes Rachel, you are barney.

Rachel: Youre Elmo

LeShawna: Don't talk about yourself like that.

Rachel: So Judge whats neats

Judge: Rachel, sorry, but I have seen enough. You did not have to sue Mr. Probst for a fair elimination of participation. You are sentenced to 14 days in jail for unneeded lawsuit.

Bob: She also was sprayed with with a gun

Judge: I can tell it was a water gun. I WATCH the show!

LeShawna: Oh a water gun, that's really gonna cause damage, BOB!

Rachel: Thats Jeffs Brother. I want a new judge

LeShawna: You're an idiot just get the heck off this page, your eliminated get over it.

Judge: I'm a girl and I don't know Probst. LeShawna: Bye RACHIE

Rachel: You liar

Punchy: Can we stop arguing?

Rachel: No you and Holden are why im sueing

Punchy: Hey it wasn't me who convinced the other to vote for you.

Rachel: So

Punchy: There are two points here.One, Bob isn't the best lawyer ever, and two just accept the fact, I'm truly sorry I voted for you.

Holden: I'm not

Nico: I quit to see my bro. *leaves*

Rachel: Do you want Fred

Punchy: Huh?

LeShawna: So who won the challenge?

Rachel: Me

LeShawna: Your out, get over it, you're gonna be air-lifted to a hospital in a second,

Rachel: I sued Total drama, Idol, and a Pizza palour

LeShawna: Wow, where you a C.I.T too?

Holden: leave before you get banned

LeShawna: Me? or Rachel

Holden: Rachel (Wes Snowgirl)

LeShawna: Oh yeah! Shes being soooooo irritating.!

Day 15

Foa Mogo Chat

Rachel: I tried to leave but someone stale my car

Host: We'll air lift you back home!

Rachel: Listen to to this i didnt want it to come to this

Host: Listen Rachel. It was at all not an un-fair elimination. It was fair: YOU GOT VOTED OUT! Stop complaining, there is no returnees. If there was, Eric would've returned to the f****** game!

Rachel: i came to help

Host: *shocked face*

LeShawna: Plat is gonna ban you if you don't stop Rachel so knock it off.

Rachel: (Snow Sorry)

LeShawna: So Jeff, who won the reward challenge?

Jeff: Um, I guess you LeShawna.

Holden: That reward might cost you the game

LeShawna: Umm only 3 people sent in stories, can I bring Holden and the other person that sumbited in a story?

Jeff: Sure! LeShawna, here's your Mom. Holden, here's your brother Wes. (I only saw 2)

LeShawna: MAMMA! *hugs her*

LeShawna's Mom: Shawnie! *hugs her*

LeShawna: How are you?

LeShawna's Mom: Great, your father is at work!

LeShawna: Daddy! Are you guys still married?

LeShawna's Mom: Why of course!

Wes: Hey host guy thanks for all the money i won last season

Holden: Brother I can doulbe that and our parents will be so proud

LeShawna: Not if you get voted off XD.

Holden: I hope I don't get voted off..... (CONF) Leshawna has some nerve saying that too me........... Just look at her record in TDI Everybody hated her so much that the losers elimanted her. In TDA Her own BOYFRIEND voted her off and in TDWT she fell for a guy that maniulpated her so well she threw a chllenge for him which got her voted off and now on tiki island she is thretening me. Thats not probally the smartest move she could make.

LeShawna: Actually Holden, noone hated me on the TDI special, or in TDA, or TDWT, but Heather, Duncan, Alejandro, and Courtney. and Holden your the irish jerk.

(Wes: does CONF mean anything Ex:i question why i come back here. w/e CONF means confessional )

(Wes Yeah i know and your not supposed to read sombody's CONF and then answer questions in it or act like you were their like Nduke did)

Summer:What's goin' on?

Zoey:I don't know.

Ex:Nduke CONF means confessional as in: if you anser your either making your charecter a stalker or your an idiot

Day 16

Foa Mogo Chat

Holden: Okay after all that crazniess yesterday lets play the game.


Jeff: Your Challenge is...Big Brother! I will post a question, 1st person to answer it right wins HoI (Head Of Island) and nominates 2 people. Then, those 2 compete in a duel and the winner stays in the game. This happens until we are down to our winner!

Punchy: Okay.

Host: 1st question: What song am I listening to? (Hint: It's A Kesha Song)

Punchy: Uh...Dang it I don't listen to Kesha songs.

Host: It either Crazy Beautiful Life, TiK ToK, or Animal

Punchy: TiK ToK?

Jeff: No

Punchy: Well whoever's turn it is Good Luck.

Jeff: I said 1st person to answer turns

Punchy: Animal?

Host: NO

Holden: Crazy beautiful life

Jeff: Holden, nominate 2 peo- you know what? NO ONE WILL BE SAFE TOMORROW NIGHT!

holden: but can I still have immunty for winning the challenge

Host: That was only one part of the challenge Holden

Rachel: Guys Jeff said that my return was the highest ratings ever so im just acting K

Day 17

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Jeff: Nico, come on in. Time to vote final 8!

Holden: I'll choose Leshawna for being an absoulte idiot in first saying I was going to lose in front of my brother. Second, going and spying on me during my confessionals and thrid for being even wiered than eric and Rachel combined. So LeShawna it is time for you to go Bye Bye

LeShawna: Holden

Jennifer: Time for the crack in the alliance! I vote Holden. Too strong of a player and will thrash us if we keep him in!

Punchy: I vote*Trips and the stamp lands on Leshawna*Ow!

Jeff: TIE! Okay, So, TIEBREAKER!!! Who can kiss eachother the longest. LeShawna will kiss Punchy and Holden will kiss Jennifer. Person to move 1st loses! GO

Punchy: What?O_O

LeShawna: *makes out with Punchy*

Robert:If I vote, can we skip this tiebreaker?

Jeff: Yes!

Punchy: (CONF)She is kissing my dummy wow everyone cans ee that I mean the hat is too hard.

Robert:Holden is a giant threat, and NOBODY calls me wishy-washy and gets away with it! So I vote Holden!

LeShawna: Thank you Robert! (:

Punchy: *Walks out of the confessional*Wait who was eliminated?

Summer and Zoey:*writes LeShawna's name down*

Jeff: Oh COME ON!

Punchy: I just hope it isn't a double elimination.

Holden: Only leshawna should lose

LeShawna: *rolls eyes* Why can't noone go home this time and just be a double-elimination next week?

Holden: Cause technacally I did win immunity


LeShawna: Jeff said you didn't

Eric: Alright I'LL Decide this crud! Tell me why I should save you~

LeShawna: I'm a fighter, I never give up, I've admired this show since Season 1, and I've really gotten close to some people here, so please dont eliminate, I will fight twice as hard next week!

Rachel: Wait Eric can but i Cant

Summer:This is goin' to be intense.

Jeff: He's part of the production crew

Punchy: So who do you guys think will survive this tiebreaker?

Zoey:Maybe LeShawna


Rachel: WHAT

Holden: Cause I played the best game.... never betrayed anybody and made friends and even got my best rivals elimanted like Rachel and nico

Rachel: Im right here

Jeff: We had to repay him cause we sent him to a madhouse. He is no longer crazy!

Zoey:Replace who?

Holden: Plus LeShawna help you get elimanted

LeShawna: I never backstabbed anyone Holden unlike you!

Eric: It's a touch choice...

Summer:(CONF)Wow no challenge this day..?

Holden: I've played a much better game I won every individaul immuity challenge


Eric: I made up my mind

Holden: PLEASE keep me in the game

Rachel: WHY

Zoey and Summer:*looks at each other*

Bob: I can sue you

holden: Also Leshawna got more votes

Eric: Holden, listen, you are an awesome competitor, but I'm going to eliminate you. I'm really sorry, you rock! But LeShawna seemed like she was fighting for it more and your brother already won. I'm sorry,

Jeff: *snuffs Holden's torch*

holden: But she got 1 more vote than me in this tribal council

Punchy: Bye, Holden.

Rachel: Bye Bye

LeShawna: Bye Holden.

Holden: Come on SHE GOT ! MORE VOTE THAN ME and was elimanted fairly the first time

Jeff: Just figured that out. UGH. Okay listen you guys are both gone cause I do not want to mess with this anymore!

Punchy: So we are down to the final 6?

holden: k I guess thats fair see you guys

Zoey and Summer*Bye.

Punchy: *Waves bye to Holden and Leshawna*

Host: *snuffs their torches*

Jennifer: *says evily* bye bye Holden

LeShawna & Holden's final words

Go Punchy.... Die Robert and *knocks out LeShawna*

As far as I'm concerned, GO EVERYONE BUT ZOEY AND SUMMER!

Day 18

Foa Mogo Chat

Reward Challenge

Eric: Jeff was sick today, you know, he got a grey hair, so I'll be host today. So, you will be seperated into 3 teams of 2, and you will go through 3 obstacles, each containing dynamite. You will use the dynamite to blow up Kesha's, Jeff's, or Wes' mansion. After it blows up, you will grab the pieces and make your OWN mansion. 1st one to do so wins reward! Reward is a night at your newly formed mansion, which is the one you two OWN!. So, the teams are




Rachel: Thats dumb

Obstacle One

Punchy: *Starts running*

Rachel: *Blacks the way*

Punchy: *Grabs a contract out of his backpack*If I win the whole season I will give you part of the million along with Holden and Robert.

Rachel: and if you dont

Punchy: I have a rich friend who can give you some.

Rachel: Who

Punchy: Pako.

Rachel: *Looks at the contract* I signed this

Jeff: Get out of here Eric, anyway, Patrica is our new member!

Punchy: Of what?

Rachel: You big b****

Jeff: NO EFFORT???

Punchy: I am doing something!*Continues running*

Zoey and Summer*starts running*

Punchy: *Goes over to the next obstacle*


Punchy: *Gets back here*But, I actually got to the next obstacle.

Robert:*sees Punchy and starts running towards him*

Obstacle Two

Obstacle Three


Day 19

Foa Mogo Chat


Day 20

Foa Mogo Chat

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: So, your challenge is going to be the worst yet: Listening to Justin Bieber while in kept in solitary. Last person to stay in their room WINS immunity. How can you stand this???

Jeff: Okay. Robert and Patrica win for being the only ones to speak.

Robert's Room


Punchy's Room

Punchy: The challenge already started?GAH MY EARS*Puts on earplugs*

Patricia's Room

Patricia: Whoohoo! I love me some JB! Yeah! *puts on headphones* Is this a girl singing? Oh, I love babies too! (BTW, Patricia is the crazy one so she is like Izzy)

Zoey's Room

Summer's Room

Jennifer's Room

Jennifer: Oh my f***ing god this is so f***ing terrible as s***!F*** you host! Ahh my f***ing god!

Day 21

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Jeff: Robert and Patricia are safe, everyone else is fair game. VOTE! TWIST, losers vote someone out.

Holden: I vote out Jennifer cause she voted me out

Jeff: I'm back. So, I'll read the votes. 1st vote, Jennifer, 2nd vote, Zoey, person voted out by jury and the 4th member of the jury also: ZOEY! Zoey, the JURY has spoken. *Snuffs her torch*

Punchy: So the jury voted out Zoey?Bye Zoey*Waves bye to Zoey*(CONF)I can't believe it!I'm in the Final 5, I think.

Zoey's Final Words

Zoey:I really had fun here,and I would really love to make it farther,but I made it this far!

Day 22

Foa Mogo Chat

Jeff: Want to know a twist? NO MORE CHALLENGES. No one will be safe.

Punchy: Wait then what are we going to do?

Jeff: Fine, we'll have challenges.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Jeff: Okay, so your challenge is an 11 mile hike! 1st person to reach the 11 mile mark wins! The reward is a luxury dinner, with one of your family members and another castaway of your choice.


Punchy: *Starts running*

Summer:*starts running*

Punchy: *Continues running*

Jeff: Okay, Punchy and Summer win!

Summer:*running*Win the Reward!?

Robert:Dang it!

1-Mile Mark

2 Mile Mark

3 Mile Mark

4 Mile Mark

5 Mile Mark

6 Mile Mark

7 Mile Mark

8 Mile Mark

9 Mile Mark

10 Mile Mark

11 Mile Mark

Summer/Punchy Reward

Jeff: Here is your mom, Summer. Punchy, here is your sister.


Day 23

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Jeff: Alright, so our jury are here! Nico, LeShawna, Holden, and Zoey who was eliminated at last tribal. So, in this case, only the immunity holders are voting. So, Summer, Punchy. Vote. It'll be like this until final tribal.

Jeff: Come on

Rachel: I can vote

Jeff: Change of plans: The losers vote someone off from now on! And because Rachel won the lawsuit, SHE gets to vote!

Rachel: Robert

LeShawna: I vote off Patricia!

Jeff: I meant Rachel only votes...So, Robert, you are the 5th member of our jury!

Punchy: So, its the Final 4?

Jeff: Yup! Also, A Poll decides the next eliminated contestants!

Punchy: I'm not going to tempt my luck...

Jeff: Bye Robert! *snuffs his torch*

Punchy: What did I do Robert?

Jennifer: in the pole most votes go to!

Punchy: Before I go I need to say something...ROBERT GO DIE IN A HOLE!Can I continue my rant at Robert?

Robert's Final Words

What do I care? Rachel is a sore loser. I screwed Holden and Roy out of the money. And Punchy is my public target. So whatever. See ya losers!!!!!!!!!!>:)

Day 24

Foa Mogo Chat

Jeff: Hey guys!

Punchy: *Has his things packed*Don't I get to say my final words.

Day 25

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Jeff: Okay, so Nico, LeShawna, Holden, Zoey, and Robert are here. Punchy, you recieved to most votes. 12. Sorry, but you are eliminated. *snuffs his torch* The Public Have Spoken. So, there is 2 Mogo Mogo's left and one no pre merge castaway. So, I'll see you in 2 days for the result of the last public vote.

Punchy's Final Words

What can I say I was betrayed by a dude who can die in a hole.Although I know a way to get revenge bye guys.I hope you have a fun time and I'm sorry I failed the Foa Foas and Boys...but, don't blame me...well my departure time is here, I wish the remaining contestants good luck.

Day 26

Foa Mogo Chat

Eric: Hi guys! GL!

Day 27

Foa Mogo Chat

Tribal Council

Jeff: The person booted from the island is Summer. Summer, the public has spoken! Jennifer. Patricia. One of you will win tomorrow!

Summer's Final Words

Summer:Okay,I made it this far,I did well!Well,I can't beleive people voted me out,but it's okay!I hope Patrica or Jenifer do well.And I hope people that voted made the right desicion!

Day 28

Jennifer: This is when themlosers give me the million dollars and poor Patricia gets nothing!


Jeff: Jury, time to vote!


LeShawna: Um *writes down Jennifer is annoying./ * Neither of them deserve it! THEY DID NOTHING.

Holden: Patrica.... cause all jenn did was look pretty and ride coatails


Robert:This is the final 2?!No...No...I refuse to such a bunch of losers....What...I'm fading....I can't! I won't.....allow......*fades away saying Jennifer*(My friend asked me too. References FTW!)

Punchy: Jennifer, she was nicer and didn't debut late, no offence Patricia.

Summer:Okay,i have to say Patrica.

Jeff: LeShawna, you can't vote Bob. Only Jennifer or Patricia. sO, 3-1. Nico needs to vote!

Patricia: So, do I deserve to win? I don't know. *starts walking on the ceiling*


Holden: can i come back for the all star season

Jeff: You'll know more later. Anyway, PATRICIA WINS SURVIVOR: TIKI ISLAND!

Holden: JENN LOST This is the best day ever

Jeff: Anyway, the competition is over. But I will hold the reunion show

Reunion Show

Jeff: Welcome to the Tiki Island reunion show!

holden: am I in all stars yet

Jeff: Not yet

Holden: when then

Punchy: Nobody knows, except Jeff I think....

Holden: Well one of my older brothers is probally an all star so I wan tot be one too.

Summer:*in a dress,has make-up on*Hi guys!

Zoey:*the same as Summer*EE!

Holden: am i an all star yet

A dark portal forms and Robert walks out. Robert:Glad I am not a bad guy anymore. Being evil killed my nerves.

Holden: Robert if we make it to all stars do you want to be an allince to the final 2

Robert:I guess. Now let us celebrate!(Robert is not. Wes and Holden are, though.)

Rachel: Cant wait see you in all stars



Punchy: That is if I am in it.Or else I will never see you guys again.

Rachel: Group Photo


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