Survivor: South Africa
Filming Location KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Season Run March 20th, 2016
Survivors 16
Winner Teddy Galvis
Runner(s)-up Qui-Lu Gonghai
Tribes Motang
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Next Season Cagayan

Survivor: South Africa is the first season of CraveTheSun's fan fiction series.

The season is followed by Cagayan. Qui-Lu later returned to compete in the third season, Tocantins.


  • Hidden Immunity Idols will be hidden at each camp. Castaways may use them to negate votes all the way up until the final five.
  • Twin Twist consisting of fraternal brothers competing separately. Their identity is unbeknownst to the rest of the castaways. If they both make the merge, both receive immunity for the first round.


Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribes Merged Tribes Finish Votes
Large 1461297 Enrique Diaz, 32
San Antonio, TX
Zambu 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Large 1461302-1 Violet Zaleksy, 19
Galveston, TX
Zambu 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Large 1461295 Britney Bretts, 27
Boca Raton, FL
Motang 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Large 1461285 Uday Worther, 41
Augusta, ME
Motang Motang 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Large 1461289 Stacy Leemer, 21
San Diego, CA
Motang Exile Quits
Day 12
Large 1460981 Walter Dicks, 35
Greentown, PA
Twin Twist
Zambu Zambu 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Large 1460025 Ruth Everflour, 58
Little Rock, AR
Zambu Motang Tekama 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Large 1461300 Meida Warsh, 30
Woodstock, VT
Motang Zambu 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
Large 1460019 Alexa Molina, 29
Portland, OR
Zambu Zambu Evacuated
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
Large 1460982 Damian Ochiot, 22
San Francisco, CA
Motang Motang 8th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
Large 1461292 Hana Cherakuri, 49
Seattle, WA
Motang Zambu 9th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
Large 1463842 Paris Rectorns, 31
New York, NY
Zambu Zambu 10th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
Large 1461305 Gregory Dicks, 35
Greentown. PA
Twin Twist
Motang Zambu 11th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
Large 1461280 Michael Shore, 26
Knoxville, TN
Motang Motang 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 38
Large 1460979 Qui-Lu Donghai, 23

Miami, FL

Zambu Motang Runner-Up 0
Large 1461309 Teddy Galvis, 45
Roswell, GA
Zambu Motang Sole Survivor 4

Episode 01: Big Black Booty

  • Gregory and Walter, although brothers, pretend they don't know each others existence.
  • Britney makes a bold claim, stating that the older members of her tribe need to go home first.
  • Uday and Hana bond over their similar nationalities.
  • Britney makes it clear that she is targeting Hana first for being "a crusty indian bitch."
  • Michael keeps to himself, and doesn't establish any bonds. 
  • Damian, Stacy, Britney and Meida form the first alliance of the season, much to Meida's dismay.
  • To contrast them, Hana, Uday and Gregory also form an alliance. However Gregory feels like he's on the outs.
  • Teddy takes over the leader role of his tribe.
  • Enrique attempts to establish seperate alliances with all the girls. Claiming he is extremely manipulative.
  • Ruth begins to pray on Walter, wanting that juicy butt of his.
  • Paris and Violet look for the hidden immunity idol, but come back empty-handed.
  • Motang wins the first immunity, alongside comfort items.
  • The majority of the tribe blame Ruth and Qui-Lu, as they were incapable of solving a puzzle.
  • Violet and Paris estalish themselves as an alliance. They bring in Paris and Ruth to make a foursome.
  • Enrique seeing the girls alliance as a threat spreads lies to all four members, turning them against each other.
  • At tribal council, the girls were about to vote for each other, but Enrique accidently reveals himself.
  • All four girls vote for him, alongside Teddy and Qui-Lu.
  • Enrique tries to point the blame on Violet which wad unsuccessful. 
  • Walter votes for Ruth. Saying she is cringe.
  • Enrique is extremely embarassed to be out first.

Episode 02: Friendly Rivals

  • Walter returns to camp shocked over the vote.
  • Paris and Violet go into the forest to celebrate their victory. 
  • Alexa remains at camp and connects with the older members of the tribe. She doesn't fit in with Paris and Violet.
  • Ruth tries to grab Walters butt during the night. But he shuffled away.
  • Stacy starts talking to Michael, in an attemp to make him more social.
  • Gregory and Meida start talking, and find out that they have a lot in common.
  • Britney tries to get closer to Damian, because she wants a showmance. 
  • Hana injures her knee at the reward challenge. She is in pain for the remainder of the day.
  • The tribe comforts Hana, but Britney takes the time to look for the idol. She finds it.
  • Teddy teaches Alexa how to fish, and they share a laugh.
  • Paris is suspicious of Alexa and talks shit about her with Violet.
  • Qui-Lu begins to follow Ruth around, as he sees her as a motherly figure.
  • Motang wins Immunity.
  • The girls alliance decide to target Teddy, claiming he's a crappy leader.
  • Walter gets Teddy and Qui-Lu to agree to voting out Ruth.
  • Alexa prior to tribal council approaches Teddy and spills her plans. Instead they decide on something new.
  • At tribal council Ruth, Violet and Paris vote for Teddy.
  • The boys and Alexa vote for Violet.
  • Violet begins to cry as she leaves the game.

Episode 03: Betrayal Warfare

  • Paris returns to camp severely annoyed at Alexa.
  • Alexa ignores her, and establishes a foursome with the boys.
  • The two remaining girls spend the day searching for the immunity idol.
  • Hana refuses to help around camp, using her injury as an excuse.
  • Uday begins to get tired of Hana, and snaps at her. An argument ensues.
  • Britney uses this time to bring Uday into the alliance, establishing a majority.
  • Damian doesn't appreciate how rude Britney has become.
  • Britney fully trusts Damian and shows him where she keeps her idol.
  • Gregory begins talking to Michael, and eventually gets him to agree to a truce.
  • Stacy doesn't really do anything, but hangs out with Damian a lot.
  • Paris tries to gain trust in Walter, promising him everything. But he doesn't have anything of it.
  • Paris considers quitting, as she doesn't see purpose.
  • Zambu finally wins Immunity.
  • Britney makes her alliance target Hana, sighing in relief when they agree.
  • Uday attempts to regain trust in Hana. But she tells him to "pack your bags."
  • Gregory joins in with the majority alliance in targetting Hana.
  • Prior to tribal council, Damian digs up Britney's idol and claims it for himself. 
  • Stacy and Damian talk and agree on a new plan.
  • At tribal Britney, Uday, Walter, Michael and Meida vote for Hana.
  • Stacy, Damian and Hana vote for Britney, seeing her as a target.
  • Damian plays Britney's idol on Hana.
  • Britney is idoled out, and storms off angrily.

Episode 04: Change Of Flags

  • Everyone returned to camp shocked, however nobody was upset.
  • The tribe swap shocked everyone.
  • Stacy was extremely annoyed about going to exile.
  • Gregory and Walter agree to work together, and try and keep their brotherhood lowkey.
  • Paris quickly approaches Hana and Meida, and throws Alexa under the bus. They agree she would go first.
  • Walter drops Alexa and an ally, and joins Paris.
  • Ruth, Qui-Lu and Teddy agree to stick together, and take out the old Motang.
  • Michael, Uday and Damian agree to do the same, but Damian isn't too keen on the idea.
  • Uday quickly begins making friends with the members of the old Zumba, and Damian begins to suspect his betrayal.
  • Alexa tries to talk to Paris, but she blatantly ignores her wanting her out as soon as possible.
  • Alexa feelings hopeless, cries in the woods.
  • Meida sees this and tries to confort her.
  • Meida thinks Paris reminds her of Britney, and claims that she is bad news.
  • Hana begins to suspect the twins, when they perform similar habits.
  • She confronts them, and they instantly deny.
  • The new Zambu wins immunity.
  • Ruth begins talking to Damian and Michael, and reveals that Uday threw them under the bus.
  • The boys get Ruth to agree to target Uday.
  • Ruth talks to the old Zambu about changing their target from Damian to Uday. They finally agree.
  • Teddy tells Uday, his new friend, to vote for Damian.
  • At tribal council, Ruth's plan worked, and Uday was sent home in an unanimous vote. 
  • On Exile, Stacy was pissed off because production didn't provide food.
  • She quits.

Episode 05: Virtual Society

  • Everyone returns to camp somewhat pleased.
  • Teddy still didn't agree with sending Uday home, but is glad he didn't cause any drama.
  • Damian and Michael realize they're in the majority.
  • Ruth feels like she might be a swing vote.
  • Hana tells Meida about the brother's identity, although they deny it.
  • Meida is annoyed that Gregory, her friend, didn't tell her.
  • They both agree that one of them needs to go home fairly soon. 
  • Alexa and Paris are both campaigning against each other, bitter towards what happened in the past.
  • The brothers agree that Alexa would be the wiser option to target.
  • Everyone is shocked, especially Damian, when they find out that Stacy quit the game.
  • Michael begins talking to Qui-Lu when they accidently meet up in the woods. Thet think it may be wise to not give Ruth so much power.
  • Teddy, seeing the shift in alliances, regrets taking Uday out.
  • The new Motang wins immunity.
  • Paris rallies up the whole tribe and gets them to agree that Alexa needs to go.
  • Alexa tries convincing the brothers to target Paris, eventually they agree. Seeing Paris as aggressive.
  • Hana and Meida agree to make a power move.
  • They appraoch Alexa and suggest taking out one of the brothers. A plan is made.
  • Alexa feels like she is the swing vote.
  • At tribal council, Paris votes for Alexa as predicted.
  • The brothers vote for Paris.
  • The remaining members vote for Walter, sending him home.

Episode 06: Field Squad Time

  • Gregory returns to camp extremely upset.
  • Paris begins to bicker at Hana, Meida and Gregory for not going along with her plan.
  • Meida eventually tells Paris to shut up.
  • Alexa is just glad she survived the vote.
  • Everyone is shocked when it's revealed that they have merged.
  • Teddy quickly reconnects with Alexa, and they agree to make the final two together.
  • They bring in all of the original Zambu, aside from Paris to make a tight foursome.
  • Gregory appologizes to Paris for targetting her, and they agree to work together. Their target is the original Zambu.
  • Hana shockingly wins immunity, and is safe from the vote.
  • Meida and Hana decide to play along with Paris for now.
  • Alexa suggests taking out Paris. Her team agrees.
  • Michael approaches his secret friend Qui-Lu, and suggests that he flips, as they have the votes.
  • Qui-Lu tells Ruth that the old Zambu is a dying breed, and it's best for them to leave Alexa and Teddy.
  • In a last ditch effort, Ruth went to the majority six to suggest voting out Michael for ratting out their plans.
  • Michael denies the accusations, and suggests Ruth should go for lying.
  • Paris is still strongly for targetting Alexa.
  • Alexa pleads to Meida and Hana to vote with the old Zambu.
  • Meida and Hana decide on a plan between themselves.
  • Minutes prior to tribal council, Paris and Damian begin talking. Damian believes she might be another Britney.
  • At tribal council, the old Zambu, except Paris and Qui-Lu votes for Michael.
  • Gregory, Damian, Hana, Meida, Michael, Qui-Lu and Paris vote for Ruth.
  • Ruth is voted off the tribe.

Episode 07: Flip This Game

  • Teddy and Alexa go to the boat to rethink their games. They suggest trying to make the best of the situation.
  • Paris continuous to boss around her alliance.
  • Meida and Hana begin to get annoyed with her attitude.
  • Michael is annoyed at Qui-Lu for telling the old Zambu that they were doomed.
  • Qui-Lu is also annoyed that his old tribe members went about Michael.
  • They agree to continue their alliance.
  • Gregory is using Paris as a shield, however begins talking to Damian.
  • They agree that the majority alliance isn't very tight.
  • Meida and Hana approach Damian about taking out Paris, in order to take control of the majority. He somewhat agrees.
  • At the reward, Gregory wins and takes Paris with him, showing his sides.
  • At camp, the remaining members begin to talk.
  • Meida states that Paris is an extreme threat, everyone agrees.
  • Meida begins to get everyone to agree. Qui-Lu is especially excited.
  • When Gregory returns, Damian informs him of the plan. 
  • Paris is extremely pissed and feels vengeful, however remains quiet.
  • Michael wins immunity.
  • Gregory and Damian approach Teddy and Alexa stating that the alliance against Paris is fake, and instead should target Meida.
  • They both seem to agree with the plan.
  • Prior to tribal, Qui-Lu reveals to Michael that he has had the Zambu idol from the start.
  • At tribal, Paris, Damian, Gregory, Teddy and Alexa vote for Meida.
  • Everyone else votes for Paris.
  • Meida leaves the game shocked, and becomes the first member of the jury.

Episode 08: Regretful Resort

  • Hana returns to camp shocked, and decides to spend the night alone.
  • Michael and Qui-Lu go on a secret walk, and decide that Paris really needs to go at any cost.
  • Gregory and Paris begin developing feelings for each other.
  • They cuddle throughout the night.
  • At the reward, Damian and Teddy receive a clue to the location of the merge idol.
  • Paris gets an advantage in the next immunity.
  • Paris makes an official alliance between herself, Teddy, Alexa, Gregory and Damian.
  • Their target is Damian.
  • Alexa and Paris agree on a truce after many appologies.
  • Hana begins to get worried, seeing the alliance forming.
  • She pleads to Damian that it's a bad idea to work with Paris.
  • Damian begins to reconsider his options.
  • Paris makes a alliance within an alliance with Damian and Gregory.
  • At the immunity challenge, Alexa passes out and receives medical attention.
  • Teddy wins immunity.
  • Alexa is too sick to continue, and is pulled from the game.
  • Many tears are shed throughout the camp.
  • Tribal council is cancelled for the night.

Episode 09: Old Guy Family

  • Teddy returns to camp destroyed and extremely bitter over the scenario.
  • Everyone feels sad about her departure.
  • Paris is annoyed as she lost an ally.
  • Hana decides that this is the right time to start talking to Paris, and become the replacement member.
  • Paris' alliance accept her as a member.
  • They think it's wise to split the votes between Qui-Lu and Michael.
  • At the immunity, Hana wins.
  • Paris begins to worry about Hana's challenge strength and common sense.
  • Damian trusts Gregory and suggests the idol of flipping.
  • Gregory tells Paris of his potential plan, and Paris gets mad.
  • Paris goes on a walk with Qui-Lu and Michael in order to get their votes against Damian.
  • Damian gets Hana, Teddy and Gregory to agree that they would be better of without Paris.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael feel like they have become swing votes.
  • Thet decide on a plan.
  • At tribal council Damian, Hana and Teddy vote for Paris.
  • Everyone else votes for Damian.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael kept Paris as she's a big threat, and everyone would target her instead of them.
  • Damian leaves the game completely shocked, and joins the jury.

Episode 10: Super Reverse

  • Qui-Lu and Michael feel like they're in control of the game, behind the scenes.
  • Gregory and Paris celebrate with a kiss.
  • Teddy feels like he has lost.
  • Him and Hana agree to stick together, no matter what.
  • The other four agree to take out the older tribe members next.
  • Qui-Lu finds his second immunity idol.
  • He tells Michael of his find, they agree to keep it secret.
  • Hana tries to make alliances with the majority.
  • Paris doesn't like the way she's acting.
  • Teddy decides to just continue fishing.
  • Gregory and Paris win a reward night at a luxury spa island.
  • Hana takes this time to try and convince Qui-Lu and Michael to work with her.
  • Michael and Qui-Lu agree that Hana is more threatening that Teddy.
  • Teddy doesn't like Michael or Qui-Lu very much.
  • Michael wins immunity.
  • The majority foursome agree that Hana should be the first to go.
  • Paris thinks spliting the votes is pointless, saying that they don't have idols.
  • Teddy and Hana vote for each other, in hopes of surviving.
  • The majority alliance votes for Hana.
  • Hana leaves the game entirely upset.
  • Paris and Gregory share a passionate kiss in front of everyone.
  • Michael takes note of this.

Episode 11: Double Immune

  • Teddy returns to camp extremely optimistic.
  • He realizes that although he's on the bottom, he might be the swing vote.
  • Paris and Gregory make out throughout the night.
  • Michael thinks it's time to take out the power couple.
  • Qui-Lu thinks Gregory is more threatening.
  • Michael thinks Paris is more threatening.
  • Teddy and Gregory start talking, and agree that Qui-Lu is a jury threat.
  • At the immunity challenge, Teddy wins.
  • Neither Qui-Lu or Michael approach Teddy.
  • Qui-Lu digs up both of his idols.
  • Paris, Teddy and Gregory agree on Qui-Lu going.
  • Paris threatens Teddy that if he flips, he'll lose to the jury.
  • Gregory agrees.
  • Paris suggests Teddy give her immunity.
  • Teddy doesn't agree.
  • Paris and Gregory talk and agree that one of them needs to vote for Michael, in case of an idol.
  • At tribal, Gregory and Teddy vote for Qui-Lu. Paris votes for Michael.
  • The boys both vote for Paris.
  • Qui-Lu plays both idols, on himself and Michael.
  • Paris leaves the game completely shocked.

Episode 12: One Step Away

  • Gregory returns to camp completely unsettled.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael go into the woods to celebrate their victory.
  • Teddy and Gregory both agree the only way they can defeat the others is if they team up.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael would rather take Teddy to the end with them.
  • Teddy gets emotional about his journey.
  • Michael wins immunity.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael agree to target Gregory.
  • They tell Teddy of their plan.
  • Teddy would rather Qui-Lu went home, but isn't sure about going to rocks.
  • Gregory begs Teddy to go along with his plan.
  • At tribal council, Gregory is sent home.
  • He leaves tribal council extremely annoyed.
  • Back at camp, Teddy knows that he needs to win immunity.
  • Qui-Lu and Michael are confident that one of them will win immunity.
  • Teddy wins immunity.
  • The allies agree not to campaign against each other.
  • Qui-Lu however makes a last ditch effort to save himself.
  • At tribal, Teddy votes for Michael to go home.
  • He leaves content with his game.
  • Qui-Lu and Teddy prepare their tribal speeches.
  • The jury is insanely bitter towards Qui-Lu's aggressive gameplay.
  • Teddy is praised for his kindness and efforts around town.
  • Hana, Alexa, Gregory and Paris vote for Teddy to win.
  • Michael, Damian and Meida vote for Qui-Lu to win.
  • Teddy is extremely pleased to win the game, and be announced the winner of the game.
  • Paris is announced the player of the season.

Voting History

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