• Colton Cumbie
  • Gary Stritesky
  • Jenna Morasca
  • Julie McGee
  • Kelly Shinn
  • Osten Taylor


  • Bruce Kangai
  • Caleb Reynolds
  • Kathy Sleckman
  • Kourtney Moon
  • Mellisa McNulty
  • Mike Borassi


  • Dan Foley
  • Keith Famie
  • Kelly Czarnecki
  • Monica Padilla
  • Scot Pollard
  • Stacey Stillman

Episode 1: "I'm Not Here For A Showmance"

Jeff:After being drunk doing casting, we found the 18 worst people to ever be on the show, some of them had it in them to QUIT the show.

Osten: [CONF] I was the first person EVER to quit this game. But what people don't understand was that I was being voted out anyways and I didn't want to make them vote me off. This time I'm not going to quit. I'm playing for redemption. 

Julie: [CONF] Last time I quit to be with a man that I'm not even together with anymore. Yeah, not my proudest moment. I'm a fan of this show. I'm not just boobs and a quitter. I am a winner at life and will be a winner in this game.

Colton: [CONF] I wasn't the most um... well recieved on my time in One World and Blood vs Water. But I am here to fight for Caleb. He died and there's not a day I don't think about him. He wanted to return and make it far... and I'm gonna make that dream happen for him.

Jeff: Some of them couldn't handle the elements.

Caleb: [CONF] I am beast mode cowboy from Big Brother and was one of the medevacced contestants on Kaoh Rong. I was playing too hard for my tribe. Now I've learned to slow down. My new motto is take it slow and drink water.

Mellisa: [CONF] I haven't played a day on Survivor yet, or even watched the show. But I need money cause I can't afford another boob job.

Mike: [CONF] I was too rough in Samoa. I didn't calm down and it resulted in my evacuation. I've stopped eating tons of burgers and now I think I have a chance to win this game. 

Jeff: and others just plain suck at this game.

Stacey: [CONF] I was rigged out of this game. Now I finally get a fair shot to be able to win, and I will. I am laywer and that will help me every well in the game of Survivor. I am the only one here from the first season. This will by my first win.

Danl: [CONF] I am the best person to play survivor. I'm super likeable, I'm a superfan, I'm fit, and I have the greatast beard of all time. People need to remember that this is an edited show. I was actually an angle to everyone. Everyone loved me. I 100% would of won If I got the end. That why I was idol'd out. Time to show them how good I can play without the idols.

Kelly: [CONF] I am an assistant buyer from Target. I am social and can adapt VERY easily. I don't show weakness and I'm super tough. And I hate people who try to control and try to get the last word on everything.

Jeff:Welcome to Survivor Raja Ampat, Purple Kelly anything to say?

Purple Kelly:

Jeff:Thought so, anyways Hated were orange *gives map to beach* medaveac wears Megenta, and quitters wears brown since you are shit. head out to camp.


Mellisa:Hi guys.

Mike:Hey babe I'm single.

Mellisa's Confessional:We aren't here three mintues and Mike is already flirting with me. He is kind of cute for an older guy. And hey I will use my looks to my advantage if I have to.

Melissa:Thanks, I am to. *she winks*

Mike's Confessional:Yes I still got it with the ladies.

Mellisa:Hey lets go get some water.

Mike:Okay. *they walks off*

Mellisa's Confessional:In this game I am going to need an allaince right away and since Mike likes me why not him?

Mellisa:Okay me and you to the end.

Mike:I like that.

Mike's Confessional:Last time I follwed Russell, this time i'll follow Melisa what ever gets me far.

Mellisa:*brings back water to everyone here*

Kourtney:Thanks but we need a fire.

Caleb:I can make fire.

Kourtney:Do it then.

Caleb:I already did.

Bruce's Confessional:Wow Caleb man, He is super strong. He already got us a fire and I doubt we will ever lose a challenge with him on our side.

Kourtney:*boiling water*

Caleb:Finally water to drink.

Meillsa's Confessional:I really love that Caleb is on our tribe. We have fire already and I have an allaince. This game is working out perfectly for me right now.



Jenna:Hi okay so let make the shelter.

Jenna:[CONF] I am an old school winner, so first thing we do in old school is make the shelter. Its pretty easy once you get started and then you can somewhere to sleep for the rest of the game.

Jenna:Okay Kelly go get food, Julia weave plams plams, Osten cut wood, Gary and Colton go get wood.


Colton:[CONF]Jenna has taken over the leader role of the tribe and I don't like it very much.


Jenna:Good job Julie I'll help you.

Jenna:[Conf] I really like Julie, she has the same boob job as Heidi so we could get along really well in this game.

Julie:Thanks Jenna.

Jenna:You're welcome, at leasy you are actually helping.


Julie:[CONF]Jeena is very nice, and girls kinds of tends to go with girls so I'll be with her for now.

Colton:She kinds of make me sick.


Colton:Yes the way she thinks she can just take control of the tribe like that.

Osten:Yeah, we need to work together.

Colton:Oh I agree.

Colton:[CONF]I need to prove that I am not racist so I will team up with Osten.

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