Cayey (Pink)

Lindsey Richter

Teresa Cooper

Neleh Dennis

Greg Buis

Ian Rosenberger

Coby Archa

Shalom (Green)

Jaime Dugan

Taj Johnson George

Amy O Hara

Cao Boi Bui

Ken Hoang

Judd Sergeant

Monito (Red)

Sabrina Thompson

Jenn Brown

Sarah Lacina

Rodney Laviore Jr

Jon Misch

Hayden Moss

EPISODE ONE: I'm Playing With Amateurs

Jeff: We are here in the cultural Puerto Rico; which is a perfect chance to bring back some of the best; all one time players; no winners; from 30 vastly seasons. Old school vs Middle school vs New School. (A boat is seen containing 6 old schoolers in Pink Buffs)

Jeff: Cayey; who will always wear pink; all from seasons 1-10; the Old School tribe.

Greg: *looking around* (Confessional: Survivor has changed a LOT from my first time. Sure; I'm not as goofy or immature as last time but I'm not going to be totally boring. All these people are playing like bitches and I wanna play like one too.)

Coby: *watching everyone*

Teresa: *smiling* (Confessional: I am so EXCITED to FINALLY get a chance to play again! I have been dreaming of this for a LONG time and it's finally here! I'm still enthusiastic about the game. I am VERY in shape and I would LOVE for a chance to play a GREAT strategic game.)

Lindsey: *waving hair in wind*

Ian: *smiles*

Neleh: Confessional: I came in second place after enduring 39 days. In modern Survivor, that doesn't matter. It's how well you strategize. And that's something I plan to do. I will adapt and I will win this game.

(A boat is containing 6 Middle Schoolers in green buffs)

Jeff: Shalom; who will always wear green; consists of players from seasons 11-20; the Middle School tribe.

Judd: *spits* (Confessional: I am the FIRST person to return from my season and thank god, I don't wanna play with any of them scumbags again. This time, I'll fight against them scumbags and win me some cash. Oh and there's that chick Amy returning from our season but she ain't even relevant.)

Cao Boi: *looking around*

Amy: *smiling*

Taj: Confessional: I had a rough time in Tocantins. I assembled the first cross team alliance and it ended up FAILING. *laughs* But I'm stronger and a lot smarter this time. I will win and I will make alliances that actually stick because I will constantly make sure people are on my side. Count on it.

Jaime: *waving hair in wind*

Ken: Confessional: Last time, I took too long to adapt from being the scrawny nerdy kid; and by the time I did; I was cocky about my game and thought I'd win; then I got blindsided. This time; I wanna be a lot more aware and have a better social game. This is my time to win.

(A boat is containing six New Schoolers in Red Buffs)

Jeff: Monito; who will always wear red; consists of players from seasons 21-30; the New School tribe.

Jenn: *yawning*

Sabrina: Confessional: I feel like I played a GREAT game my first time but...I didn't win. I came in second. I was so stupid that I brought KIM to the final three. I'm going to be a lot smarter and quick on my feet this time around. I'm not making someone else do the dirty work FOR me. I'm going to DIVE in the dirt.

Jon: *looking around*

Rodney: Confessional: Ey; my mistake last time was choosing to be on a season with a loada stupid people. I am pissed at them and this time; NOBODY will step on mah shoes. NO-BODY. *laughs*

Sarah: Confessional: The last time I played; I was a in a crucial swing vote position and I misused it and was blindsided. I'm a fighter and as a cop, I should've known better. I will still play hard and play to WIN.

Hayden: Confessional: I am the winner of Big Brother and I believe I can win a second reality show. I feel like I was fearless my first game and I wanna be just as daring this time. I know how to win a reality show and I'll win another.

(The three tribes are seen arriving at a beach and walking to their respective mats)

Jeff: Welcome to Survivor Puerto Rico: Old School VS Middle School VS New School.

(Everyone claps)

Jeff: So this is a season comparing three different types of gameplay. The original basic voting style based on WORTH, which is the old school tribe. The generation in which scheming was a thing but it wasn't as manipulative; we call it; Middle School. And finally; everybody is scrambling and scheming; which is called; New School. So Neleh, how do you feel about your tribe?

Neleh: I'm ready to go. I made a lot of mistakes my first time around and I'm here to correct them. We all are old school so we'll all struggle to adapt together.

Jeff: Kenny, this is all of your second chances to win this game. What do you expect to come out of this season?

Ken: A lot of bitter jurors.

Jeff: And Jenn, how do you feel?

Jenn: Really pumped.

Jeff: Okay. *tosses maps* Head to your camps)


Greg: Old schoolers back on the beaches of Survivor!

Lindsey: *hugs Greg* Nice to meet you!

Greg: Confessional: Everyone is so peaceful and happy right now, but things are about to change. I may not know HOW it works, but people are going to scramble soon. Borneo gameplay is not going to get me a million dollar check.

Neleh: So as old schoolers, let's build a shelter. *laughs* (Confessional: Before strategizing and stuff, I wanna know that I have a roof of bamboo over my head so I can feel comfortable sleeping.)

Ian: *building shelter* Can you help me Coby?

Coby: Sure thing!

Ian: *whispering* Us Palau-ans need to talk later.

Coby: Got it.

Coby: Confessional: Ian wrote my name down and sent me home about a decade ago. But what kind of person holds a decade grudge? He's the only one here I know so he's someone I want to definitely align with.

Teresa: *weaving with Lindsey* Us Africa people, huh?

Lindsey: Yeah, it's great to be back.

Teresa: I would LOVE to work with you darling.

Lindsey: Same goes toward you. (Confessional: Right now, I have to act all enthusiastic and happy, but really, I can't WAIT to backstab people. You can't win this game by just being a sweetheart. I'm ready to go and basically kill everyone. *laughs*)

Ian: *in water, spear fishing*

Teresa: He's our provider, huh?

Neleh: Absolutely. (Confessional: Ian is the most hardworking person in camp. He's our provider, he built our shelter, and everything else. He's a great person to have around.)

Ian: *swimming underwater*

Coby: Go Ian!

Lindsey: Shut up. This isn't a challenge.

Coby: What?

Lindsey: Nevermind. (Confessional: It's definitely a challenge to have to bite my tongue, but I have to. Because these old schoolers are so naive and picky that they'd vote off anyone that's "negative" for their tribe. It's honestly stupid. Get with today.)

Ian: *stabs some fish and begins to swim back*

Greg: He's coming back.

Ian: *walks out of water with fish* Who's hungry?

Teresa: Me!

Ian: Awesome. (Confessional: It's amazing. In Palau, Tom and I both provided for the tribe and now I'm taking the role again; by myself. It's great to be back and I know the key to people's hearts is through their stomachs, so obviously, they wouldn't vote off whoever is feeding them.)


Taj: *making rice* It's AMAZING to be back out here.

Amy: *smiling* I know right. (Confessional: The last time I played, I had an injury which involved a twisted ankle. This time I wanna show I'm more than just fighting through some injury. I can actually fight through this game and win it all.)

Cao Boi: *walking around camp, grabbing leaves from tree*

Jaime: What are you doing?

Cao Boi: You'll see.

Ken: Okay.

Cao Boi: Confessional: I decided to use leaves as a way to help around camp. It's a free organic source. It's a very amazing object indeed.

Ken: Confessional: Cao Boi is an odd character. He does things differently than we's like...more spiritual. We don't know what he's doing until it works; and most of the time; it surprisingly does.

Taj: *walking with Judd* I kinda would like to stick with you.

Judd: Yeah, whateva.

Taj: Confessional: Judd is the biggest wildcard on our tribe. He's a very...explosive person but he's loyal. I want to stick with him.

Judd: Let me tell ya something, I'm playing with amateurs right here.

Taj: Oh.

Judd: Confessional: So Taj offers me an alliance. She may be stupid but she's a stupid ally. So I'm all for it. I need as much stupid people to surround me as possible.

Amy: *dragging firewood across camp, into pile*

Jaime: Wow, you're a superhero. Don't twist your ankle again.

Amy: *laughs* (Confessional: So Jaime said a very obnoxious thing "Don't twist your ankle again" I can't stand her but I need to stay calm and breathe. No arguments no drama. *inhales and exhales*)

Cao Boi: Confessional: Amy is our hardest worker here and I truly respect her for that.


Jon: *trying to make fire*

Sabrina: Come on Jon!

Jon: *sweating* (Confessional: Nobody else wanted to help around camp so I decided to take charge of things. Normally; I would be scrambling but I think I'm in a decent the moment.)

Jenn: *walking with Sabrina* I like our tribe.

Sabrina: I like it too.

Jenn: I kinda wanna do an all girls thing. Me, you, Sarah... (Confessional: Our little tribe is a bunch of schemers. You got Sabrina, the side bitch of a mastermind winner. You got Jon, the person who was way too picky with alliances. You got Rodney, someone who got anger issues. You got Hayden, an egotistical Big Brother Alpha. And you got Sarah, who was hilariously blindsided. Unfortunately, I have to work with SOME of them. *sigh*)

Sabrina: Okay, I'm open to that. I have experience with girls alliances.

Jenn: Sweet.

Sabrina: Do you think Sarah would come with us? (Confessional: Jenn wants to do an all girls thing. I'm all for it but this time with a girls alliance, I want to be more careful. I don't wanna ride someone's cottails. I want to play a game of my own. Do you people not know how difficult it is when you come so far just to lose?)

Hayden: *walking with Jon* The girls are never seen apart...I could always see them whispering and stuff.

Jon: Yeah I noticed that too.

Rodney: *joins them* Hey.

Jon: Hey Rod, have you noticed how close the girls are?

Rodney: Obviously.

Hayden: We gotta do something about it.

Jon: Yeah. (Confessional: The girls might wanna start an all girls clique. So us guys wants to do something to deflect things or we might as well be picked off.) I don't think Sarah is fully with them.

Hayden: We got to talk to her.

Rodney: Obviously. (Confessional: The girls think they slick with all their little whispering. Well they got busted and their stupid asses will regret it. The girl we need on our side is Sarah. She atleast has some sort of brain capacity.)

Sarah: *doing yoga on beach* I'm tired.


Neleh: *walking in woods* (Confessional: This new generation of Survivor is CRAZY. Some sort of safety would mean a lot so I decide to go idol hunting.) *walking along a path* Come on... (Confessional: An idol is usually hidden in a crazy looking thing. So I was walking and I saw this HUGE tree, with branches on its every side, so I begin to look inside...) *looks inside and grabs something* It's a clue...

Greg: *in shelter* Where's Neleh?

Teresa: I don't know...

Neleh: *reads* The idol you are looking for is hidden in a pile of sand at the next immunity challenge. Two people from your tribe will dig through some sand and hidden towards the center is the safety you seek. The question is if you're bold enough to grab it when everybody is watching you. (Confessional: To potentially have an idol feels amazing. I have to be stealthy during this next challenge or I can be in some huge trouble.) Im so excited...

Ian: *walking with Lindsey* So what are you thinking?

Lindsey: I kinda wanna just win these challenges.

Ian: Yeah but strategically, I'd want T Bird out; she's too sweet.

Lindsey: Uh-huh... (Confessional: Right now, T Bird is a close slave of mine. So she can't go so early. The thing with Ian is he comes off as like the hometown hero but he's really an annoying little fuck when you meet him. *laughs*)


Sarah: We got Treemail!

Hayden: Awesome.

Sarah: Confessional: It's really important that we win this challenge just to keep our morals up for future challenges. We wanna stay calm and united for as long as possible before we go to tribal.

Sabrina: *stretching with Jenn* I don't wanna go to tribal so soon.

Jenn: Same.


(The six are seen talking in the shelter)

Amy: We can't all run in different directions and such. We gotta stick together. Don't go ahead. Whatever pace the team is going, you go that exact same pace.

Taj: Absolutely agreed.

Judd: Yeah whatever.

Jaime: Confessional: I wanna try my best in the challenge today because in my season; China; I feel like I was a fighter and I will fight this season too. I want to prove I still have strength.

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Everyone is seen marching in)

Jeff: Alright. For this challenge, two members of your tribe will swim out and grab two bags of puzzle pieces. Once you return them to shore, the next two members will dig in the sand for the next two bags. (Idol is seen buried inside) Then the final 2 members will complete a large Survivor puzzle. First two tribes to assemble it wins immunity. First place gets a firemaking kit. Second place gets a flint. Third place gets nothing. Alright, I'll give you a minute to strategize.

Neleh: *faces tribe* I'll dig. (Confessional: As soon as I hear the digging portion, I immediately wanna step up and grab the freaking idol. That's the only thing on my mind.)


Jeff: Alright. Swimming for Cayey is Ian and Greg. Swimming for Shalom is Taj and Judd. Swimming for Monito is Jon and Rodney. Survivors ready...GO!

Jon: *dives in and swims quickly*

Jeff: Jon in the water quickly. Rodney following him!

Judd: *swimming slowly*

Jeff: Judd waay behind Taj!

Judd: I do not wanna lose weight this way!

Ian: *quickly swimming*

Greg: *swims*

Jeff: Ian and Greg gaining on Jon and Rodney!

Rodney: *grabs bag* Lets go!

Jeff: Jon and Rodney have their bag! They're heading back!

Ian: *grabs bag and begins running back, rather than swimming*

Jeff: Ian got the bag and is running with it!

Taj: *still swimming*

Jeff: Taj and Judd STILL don't have their bag yet.

Jon: *returns to shore with bag*

Jeff: Go Monito! It is Hayden and Jenn digging for Monito.

Jenn: *digging*

Judd: *grabs bag* Lets go!

Jeff: Taj and Judd FINALLY have the bag for Shalom!

Ian: *returns to shore with bag*

Jeff: Go Cayey! It is Neleh and Lindsey digging for Cayey.

Neleh: *digging around* (Confessional: So as I'm digging, Lindsey is RIGHT next to me and my entire tribe is looking toward me. I think to myself, "how the hell am I going to grab this idol")

Jeff: Hayden digging like crazy!

Neleh: *grabs idol and stuffs it in bra* (Confessional: Thanks Jeff for narrating Hayden digging because EVERYBODY looked his way so I grabbed the idol.)

Hayden: *grabs bag and gives it to puzzle makers*

Jeff: Go Monito! It is Sabrina and Sarah doing the puzzle for Monito!

Taj: *returns to shore with bag*

Jeff: Taj FINALLY returns to shore! Go Shalom! It is Jaime and Amy digging for Shalom. Meanwhile, Cayey CANNOT find their bag.

Lindsey: *digging* Stupid sand.

Jeff: Lindsey trash talking the sand!

Amy: *throwing sand all over the place and quickly digs*

Jeff: Amy wasting NO time. Shes making up time for Cayey!

Judd: Come on Amy!

Sarah: *assembling puzzle* Hm..

Jeff: Sarah being very methodical.

Amy: *grabs bag and gives it to puzzle makers*

Jeff: Go Shalom! It is Ken and Cao Boi doing the puzzle for Shalom! Shalom has made up a LOT of time.

Neleh: *digging*

Jeff: Lindsey and Neleh are dragging Cayey behind..

Sabrina: *puts in more pieces*

Jeff: Sabrina quickly working through the puzzle!

Sarah: *puts in last piece*

Jeff: MONITO WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD! We are looking for ONE more!

Neleh: *grabs bag and gives it to puzzle makers*

Jeff: Cayey can FINALLY start the puzzle. It is Coby and T Bird doing the puzzle for Cayey!

Teresa: Let's do this Coby!!

Jeff: Cayey has a LOT of time to make up.

Coby: *quickly putting pieces*

Jeff: Cayey quickly progressing through the puzzle but is it too late?

Cao Boi: *whispering ancient languages as he puts puzzle pieces together*

Ken: *puts it in pieces*

Cao Boi: *puts in last piece*


(The tribes are seen back on their mats)

Jeff: Monito, go grab your fire making kit and head out.

(They do so)

Jeff: Shalom, go grab your flint and head out.

(They do so)

Jeff: Cayey, I guess old schoolers need better challenge strength. Head out.

Ian: Confessional: This is my first time losing a tribal immunity so I'm definitely nervous. But some lines need to be drawn today to break some ice.


Neleh: *in forest, reading idol* You have found the hidden immunity idol. *smiles proudly* (Confessional: It feels AMAZING to have the idol. It's as if I'm honorary new school already. But I can't get too cocky. I need to figure out my plans and see who's going tonight.)

Lindsey: *walking with Teresa* Ian wants you out.

Teresa: What, why?

Lindsey: He says your sweetness is threatening.

Teresa: (Confessional: So Lindsey tells me that Ian is targeting me. I played with her before in Africa and as of right now, she's a close ally of mine. But, in Africa, she was a harsh and brutal person. I cannot tell if she is lying or not.) *approaches Ian* Hey.

Ian: Oh, hi.

Teresa: Curious question. Have you ever thrown my name out there?

Ian: No. Who told you that.

Teresa: Linds.

Ian: Confessional: I told secretive information to Lindsey and she rats me out. She is a snake and I want her out.

Teresa: Oh, well, bye. (Confessional: Before I went out here, I read several books to seek if someone's lying or not. And most likely, Ian is lying. Survivor is so stressful now...)

Ian: *walking with Coby* I'm voting Lindsey, you in?

Coby: Seems great. (Confessional: Ian is targeting Lindsey and that's great. Right now, she seems snobby and bratty, so fine by me.) Who else is voting her?

Ian: I need to talk to Greg and Neleh. Then we have the majority.

Coby: Okay.

Teresa: *sitting by Lindsey* You were right...

Lindsey: Yeah...anyways; I'm thinking about voting Ian.

Teresa: Fine with me. (Confessional: Ian is our biggest physical strength on this tribe but he's way too untrustworthy for me; so I unfortunately have to vote him off.)

Lindsey: *facing Neleh* We're voting Ian.

Neleh: Alright; seems great. (Confessional: Right now; Lindsey and T Bird are a duo. Coby and Ian are a duo. It's a constant battle between Africa and Palau. Greg and I are swing votes. Lindsey and Ian are the targets right now so Greg and I need to stay on the same page.) *in water with Greg* What's your thoughts?

Greg: Whos names are up there?

Neleh: It's Lindsey or Ian. T Bird and Lindsey are voting Ian. Coby and Ian are voting Linds; so we're the swing votes.

Greg: Swing votes. *laughs* I like that term.

Neleh: We kinda need Ian for challenges..

Greg: Yeah. (Confessional: Neleh and I are stuck in the middle right now. Normally; as an old schooler, you'd vote off the crazy; but we don't use the term crazy. We use the term Lindsey as a replacement. It's either we vote Lindsey or a big help in challenges; Ian. If this was Borneo, it'd be easy. We keep the person who's good at challenges and vote based on who deserves it but things are different. Call me a bloody maniac, but there IS benefits in keeping Lindsey. So I'm stuck right now..)

(The six are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Ian: Confessional: What I hope happens is that we vote off the bad apple; which is Lindsey. She is a diva and tries to be queen bee; which is cancer for a tribe.

Lindsey: Confessional: *rolls eyes* Ian has to go. He's a threat to win the game and if people don't vote him, then I don't know what the hell is wrong with the world.

Greg: Confessional: Two people are up on the chopping block and none of them are named GREG. So I don't care which one goes. They both smell bad.

Neleh: Confessional: I really don't know what to do but I'm forced to make a decision and this decision is best for my long term.


Jeff: Grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's get this started. So Neleh, everybody here is old school. What makes this tribe different than normal tribes?

Neleh: We are all going through the same thing. We are trying to adapt to New School gameplay and trying to not look like confused little puppies.

Jeff: T Bird, what benefits come from being old school?

Teresa: We literally CREATED this game especially Greg. We got this show started and now we're gonna try it out again.

Jeff: Greg you were from the first season, how have things changed?

Greg: A lot more strategizing and a lot less massages from fellow tribe mates.

Neleh: *laughs*

Jeff: Coby, what are the dynamics of the tribe right now?

Coby: It's really all strategy but none of us are professionals so we probably look stupid on TV.

Jeff: Lindsey; how are things divided?

Lindsey: There's some shady little people who drew lines in the sand single handedly.

Jeff: Ian, is this true?

Ian: Oh, absolutely. One person here is an obnoxious little brat.

Lindsey: Jeff he's talking about me. *laughs*

Ian: You don't know that.

Lindsey: We ALL know that. Don't beat around the bush. I'm obviously the diva you portray me as *eyeroll*

Jeff: Alright. It is time to vote. Coby, you're up.

Coby: *is seen walking up*

Ian: *holding parchment that says LINDSEY* Linds...grow up.

Teresa: *is seen writing*

Neleh: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Lindsey: *holds up a parchment that says IAN* I don't get why people say you're the strongest one. In my opinion, you should work out more.

Greg: *is seen returning from voting; sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Neleh: *looks around* ...

Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...











Jeff: Lindsey.

Lindsey: Expected.










Jeff: Ian. We are at one vote Lindsey, one vote Ian...















Jeff: Lindsey. That's two votes Lindsey, one vote Ian.










Jeff: Ian. We are tied. 2 votes Lindsey, 2 votes Ian, 2 votes left.


















Jeff: Ian. That's 3 votes Ian, 2 votes Lindsey.

Ian: Huh?

Lindsey: *smiles*








Jeff: First person voted out of Survivor: Puerto Rico: Old School vs Middle School vs New School; Ian; I need you to bring me your torch.

Ian: You got me.. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Ian, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs*

Ian: Good luck guys! *walks off*

Coby: *sigh*

Jeff: Well, a big question tonight was whether or not you guys adapted. And you did. Grab your torches and head out.


Lindsey causes more trouble at camp

Lindsey: *laughing* He's done for.

Greg: Confessional: What is wrong with her?

The Middle Schoolers begin to scramble...

Ken: *walking with Taj* She's a HUGE threat.

And the New Schoolers gender divide intensifies

Sarah: Confessional: I am the swing vote.


Ian: Confessional: Survivor has definitely changed. I thought I was the strongest member and I was the first boot. I had so much trouble getting out of work commitments and I end up as first boot. *laughs* But, I still don't regret giving Tom his win.


Ian: Lindsey Teresa Greg Neleh

Lindsey: Ian Coby

EPISODE TWO: Make Some Noise

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, 18 returning players came back for a second chance to prove what they're made of and they were divided by Old School, Middle School, and New School. The old schoolers; Cayey; struggled to adapt to the new gameplay. The Middle Schoolers; Shalom; had both old school and new school in them. And the new schoolers; Monito; hit the ground running and quickly scrambled. At the immunity challenge, the old schoolers lost their lead and lost. And Neleh grabbed an idol during the immunity challenge. Back at camp, Lindsey's behavior was rubbing her tribe wrong but it was Ian voted off. 17 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Cayey Camp- Night 2)

Coby: Great move guys. (Confessional: Tribal council went...bad. I am now in the minority; all alone; when our strongest member just got voted off. This really sucks. However, I was on the bottom A LOT during my season even though my tribe never lost. I know how to get myself out of these situations...)

Teresa: Sorry that it happened Coby..

Neleh: Yeah..

Coby: Oh it's alright.

Teresa: You sure?

Coby: Yeah.

Teresa: Okay. (Confessional: My strategy is to have people underestimate me. They see me as the sweet motherly figure but I'm willing to get down and dirty. I came here to win a million dollars and I plan to complete that mission.)

Coby: Confessional: I need to be a social BUTTERFLY in order to stay in this game. I need to find SOME way to work my way out of this or my ass is gone next.

Lindsey: *to Greg* Coby voted for me...I want him gone.

Greg: Oh.

Lindsey: Promise me you'll vote him?

Greg: I promise.

Lindsey: AMAZING. *laughs* He's done for. (Confessional: Coby is a scaredy cat right now. That's what he should be like because he messed with ME so he's gonna leave as soon as we go back tribal. I hope he enjoys his last few days...or preferably gets eaten alive by a howler monkey.)

Greg: I'm going to nap. (Confessional: Survivor is crazy now. It's all about strategizing and alliances. It's not about the adventure anymore. That's not gonna get you anywhere. You have to lie and manipulate..and I'm probably going to have trouble adapting. Lindsey on the other hand is adapting quickly. She's strategizing left and right; talking about different targets. The question that comes to my mind she crazy?)

(Shalom Camp- Day 3)

Cao Boi: *sitting down on a log, creating a long pole, using many sticks*

Jaime: What are you doing?

Cao Boi: Just watch.

Jaime: Better not be another stupid device. *laughs*

Amy: ... (Confessional: Jaime is starting to REALLY get on my nerves. She's obnoxious and really just has a negative energy. She isn't good for the tribe. First she makes a snarky remark saying "Dont twist your ankle again" which bothered me. Now she insults Cao Boi. She's like the Prom Queen mean girl. I don't trust her at all. I wouldn't be upset if she left.)

Taj: *walking with Amy* What are you thinking so far?

Amy: Jaime...I don't like her at all. She's a brat.

Taj: Yeah, I see that too. Who else is dangerous? Cao Boi and Judd are total tools. What about Kenny?

Amy: Oh, the small one? What's wrong with him?

Taj: Well he single handedly CONTROLLED his season. We can't let him go TOO far.

Amy: Absolutely agreed.

Taj: Sweet. (Confessional: Amy and I are really close. We're the older ladies and we both are a pretty badass duo. Amy is the cop who hops over fences and can tell when someone is lying in a second. My own benefit is that I can be a very social game and I can make them feel comfortable enough that they believe my lies and can tell me information.)

Judd: *lying down*

Ken: Hey Judd, can you help us work on the shelter's roof since it almost fell last night?

Judd: Nah. I think I already did my share of work ethic today...

Ken: Oh well...

Judd: Scram!

Ken: *walks away*

Judd: Confessional: That Kenny guy asks me to help work on the shelter roof minutes after I went fishing, grabbed firewood, and made fire. I ain't overworking myself. So his ass can do it himself.

(Monito- Day 3)

Hayden: *walks up to Sarah* Hey. How you feeling today? (Confessional: Right now it's the guys against the girls. Sarah is the swing vote. I want to be the first to talk to her to secure her. I have previously been able to convince someone to flip with the threat of drawing rocks. This should be a piece of cake.)

Sarah: I was a bit off this morning but some water healed me.

Hayden: Alright.

Sarah: So what's the tribe dynamics?

Hayden: Sabrina and Jenn; those two are UNBREAKABLE. They are tight and won't separate. Jon, Rodney, and I need to separate them ourselves and all we need is you.

Sarah: I'll definitely consider it. (Confessional: Up until now, I've been totally oblivious to what's going on. As a cop, that's embarrassing. But; I realized once again; I'm stuck between two alliances. I can't hurt this position like last time. I'm not losing my second chance because of two alliances being way too catty.)

Jenn: *laying down, tanning next to Sabrina* This...this is a vacation right here.

Sabrina: Yeah it's really fun girl.

Jenn: Confessional: I'm having a lot more fun this time around. Maybe it's because the people my first time were crazy maniacs. But I don't care really. This time Im coming in swinging.

Sabrina: *washing hair* So us girls are still tight?

Jenn: Definitely.

Sabrina: Per-fect. (Confessional: The plan is for Jenn, Sarah, and I to stick together and really make some noise. We want things to change for the better and I gotta say; that's a great way to play this game.)

Rodney: *in shelter with Jon* You think Hayden is doing a good job at swaying Sarah?

Jon: Well, I hope so...

Rodney: Why ye so down today?

Jon: Oh, I'm just thinking about Jaclyn.

Rodney: I see where ye coming from.

Jon: Confessional: It's definitely hard. As Jaclyn's husband, I should be...protecting and showing her how much she means to me. Instead I'm on this island. I wanna do everything to show her I love her and it's ABSOLUTELY hard without her. But *eyes begin getting watery* Before I-I went out here, I promised her I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. And then she told me my dads condition and how it's getting worse and worse....I am here to fight for a cause. That's my only reason to be out here again.

(Shalom Camp- Day 4)

Taj: *laughing as she chops coconuts with Jaime* Girl, you are something else.

Jaime: *smiles* (Confessional: One thing I'm trying to work on is my social game. I want to make bonds with people as a way to leverage myself through this game. And I think it can be...very useful. I don't think I rubbed anyone the wrong way yet.)

Amy: *to Judd* I cannot STAND Jaime. She is such a frustrating, obnoxious, little...

Judd: Here's an idea. Vote her ass out.

Amy: You think that's not my top option? Her attitude makes her look like such a freaking diva! And she's always flirting for like, fun.

Jaime: *twirling hair* Wow Kenny! You're SUCH an amazing provider! *laughs*

Amy: Promise me you'll write her name down first time we go to tribal?

Judd: Oh, absolutely. (Confessional: So Amy's all paranoid about Jaime and she's spending every awake minute whining about Jaime. She has to shut up about Jaime so I'm just going along with her so she can shut her mouth.)

Ken: *to Jaime* I still can't believe I'm out here again.

Jaime: Yeah, me too. It's like surreal. *giggles*

Ken: Well all we gotta do Survivor. *laughs* (Confessional: Jaime is a cutie pie. She's a hot blonde and she looks great in a bikini. She's got the sweet southern vibe and the physicality. However, I know she's married and I don't really want to get into any trouble with her husband.)

Cao Boi: *is seen massaging Taj's shoulders* This is a very traditional massage made to heal not only your body, but your broken spirits.

Taj: Uh-huh. Keep it movin' Cao Boi!

(Cayey Camp- Day 4)

Coby: *walking along beach*

Teresa: *sitting in shelter with everyone else* I can't help but to feel bad for him.

Lindsey: Who the hell cares. He can sulk for his last few days here or he can stop being a downer and actually make himself useful.

Teresa: That's really cruel.

Lindsey: *shrugs*

Teresa: Confessional: Lindsey is still the same girl she was in Africa. She's mean and insulting towards others. I just have to sit back and ask myself: Is she a type of person I want to align with? Definitely not but I feel like the situation is too deep to climb back out.

Greg: *in shelter* Anyone wanna hear about Sue Hawk giving the entire merged tribe daily hikes?

Neleh: *sighs* Not now Greg. I'm sorta tired.

Greg: Okay then.

Neleh: Confessional: Since Marquesas, a lot has changed. I'm a full time mommy. It really wasn't until the April of 2014 that I told them I was on Survivor. My husband, the kids, and I then watched all of my season and we didn't tell them how long I lasted. Each episode; they thought it was my time to go; but still they had a belief in me that I could win. And I want to take that belief and embrace it within myself. I came here for one reason. To win. Is that too much to ask for? *laughs* Teresa: *runs to Coby* Hey!

Coby: Oh, hey T.

Teresa: Listen uh, I hope you don't feel lonely right now. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here. I want to be able to comfort you and I don't want you to feel isolated. You just can't give up.

Coby: *hugs Teresa* Thanks.

Teresa: Your welcome. It's a mothers instinct to help someone.

Coby: I really appreciate it.

Lindsey: *sees Teresa from a distance and faces Greg* What the hell is she doing?

Greg: Um, talking.

Lindsey: Yes but why to COBY?

Greg: Because Teresa's mouth is moving and Coby's ears are listening...

Lindsey: She is DEAD. (Confessional: So all of a sudden, T Bird has some 10 minute conversation with Coby. If she's flipping, she's officially STUPID. I don't trust that hag anymore.)

Teresa: Oh how I love this game!

(Monito- Day 4)

Jon: *to Sarah* Sabrina and Jenn are not going to work with you long term.

Sarah: Well, how do you know that?

Jon: Jenn and Sabrina just want your vote. Once they have a majority, they're turning on you. (Confessional: I am playing hard this time. Last time I played, I was frankly cocky and I ended up getting blindsided by my own allies. I want to be a lot more aware and a lot more focused. It's a game for a million bucks. You gotta do what you can.)

Sarah: Confessional: So Jon approaches me and says "JENN AND SABRINA ARE GONNA VOTE YOU OUT. VOTE WITH US" He seems way too paranoid honestly. Like just calm down. Jon is way too annoying for me...

Jenn: *sitting shelter with Rodney* I want to talk about what happened in our season.

Rodney: Aight. (Confessional: Jenn and I have a complex past. I mean, sure I say "Yo Jenn" on Twitter and stuff like that. But that crap is outside of the game. Inside the game, we were on two different alliances and I booted her ass off.) You wanted to go home..

Jenn: So did you at one point.

Rodney: But I was fakin' it.

Jenn: Whatever. You're a great guy outside the game but in-game you get a little crazy.

Rodney: Oh, you gon' talk to me like that?

Jenn: Listen. I'll be somewhat open to working with you but can we please not have this old drama?

Rodney: Fine. (Confessional: Sure Jenn and I kinda reconciled but still, this is a damn game and I'm not letting her get in my way.)

Jenn: Confessional: I told Rodney exactly what he wanted to hear. But the dynamics of the tribe aren't changed. It's girls vs guys and he's a huge threat plus he isn't in my alliance.

Sabrina: *to Jenn and Sarah* We gotta stick together...

(Shalom- Day 5)

Amy: *boiling rice while stirring it*

Jaime: Hey Amy. You want me to help you?

Amy: No thanks. I'm fine.

Jaime: Your rice looks a bit soggy.

Amy: *rolls eyes* Be thankful we atleast have food.

Jaime: Whatever.

Taj: *whispers to Judd* Uh oh. (Confessional: Things were a bit..awkward at camp today. Amy has been running her mouth about Jaime and it was just today that I saw how obnoxious Jaime can be toward Amy. I can see why she wants her out.)

Ken: *walking with Taj* What are you thinking?

Taj: I don't know.

Ken: Here's my thoughts. Amy is so likable, such a hard worker, and a huge threat to win.

Taj: Okay. (Confessional: Ken is gunning for my girl Amy PLUS he's strongly connected to Jaime. They're a two headed snake.)

Cao Boi: *meditating alone*

Jaime: He's like, so weird.

Amy: *groans*

Ken: *chopping slices of fruit* Don't be so hard on him.

Jaime: Okay.

Cao Boi: Confessional: The younger people are just sitting back and bonding. But I don't really blend well with them. I prefer to spend my freetime doing spiritual routines. I have not talked strategy with anyone yet and I'm waiting for my spirits to be strong enough for the strategic portion.

(Immunity Challenge) Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Monito and Shalom march to their mats)

Jeff: Monito and Shalom; getting your first look at the new Cayey tribe; Ian voted out at the last tribal council.

(Multiple gasps are heard)

Jenn: Wow.

Jeff: Alright; for today's challenge; your entire tribe will run into a muddy swamp and climb up a small dirt hill. You will then climb up and down a large net. Then; one member of your tribe will untie several knots; which will open a gate. Then another member will grab a machete and chop a role; releasing a pile of puzzle pieces. You will only use the puzzle pieces that has letters on them. Once you have it, two more members will complete the puzzle. First two tribes to complete the word puzzle win immunity! (Phrase is "Play To Win") Safe from tribal. First tribe to finish gets comfort. Second tribe to finish gets a tarp. Alright; Monito, Shalom; you have one extra member; who's sitting out?

Jaime: *raises hand* Me

Jenn: I'm sitting out.

Jeff: Alright. Jenn, Jaime, take a seat on the air out bench. We'll get started.

(Everyone is seen in running position)

Jeff: Survivors ready...go!

(Everyone dives into mud, and begins tramping up dirt hill)

(Hidden immunity idol is seen on top of dirt hill)

Teresa: *accidentally kicks idol as it rolls down*

Jon: *runs right past idol*

Jeff: Everybody RUMMAGING through the mud. They are climbing up the dirt hill!

Hayden: *hops over hill and pulls tribe members up*

Jeff: Hayden takes a huge leap up!

Teresa: *slipping*


Coby: *helps Teresa and pulls her up*

Sabrina: *reaches top*

Hayden: *reaches top*

Rodney: *reaches top*

Sarah: *reaches top*

Jeff: All of the New Schoolers are up and running toward their net climb!

Amy: *climbs up*

Jeff: Amy is up! The Middle Schoolers are running! So are the Old Schoolers! It's close!

(New Schoolers are seen quickly climbing up the net)

Jeff: The Monito tribe has been RUNNING this challenge! The other tribes aren't that far behind!

(Soon all the tribes are seen climbing down net)

Jeff: Everyone's down from the net! One person; begin untying!

(Sarah, Coby, and Ken step up and untie)

Jeff: It is Sarah untying for Monito. Kenny untying for Shalom. Coby untying for Cayey. There are four different knots.

Greg: Come on Coby.

Coby: *untying*

Ken: *quickly untying*

Jeff: Kenny whipping through those knots!

Ken: *unties first knot*

Jeff: Kenny has the first knot down.

Ken: *unties second knot*

Jeff: He has the second knot down! He's working on his third!

Coby: *untying*

Sarah: *untying*

Jeff: Coby and Sarah have NO knots done yet.

Coby: *unties first knot*

Sarah: *unties first knot*

Jeff: Coby has his first knot done! Sarah has her first knot done!

Coby: *unties second knot*

Jeff: Coby has his SECOND knot done.

Ken: *unties third knot* Kenny has his THIRD knot done. He's working on his last one.

Sarah: *unties second knot*

Jeff: Sarah has her second knot done!

Ken: *unties final knot, as gate opens*

Jeff: Ken has his final knot done! Shalom can start chopping their rope! It is Judd chopping the rope for Shalom!

Judd: *grabs machete and begins chopping at rope*

Sarah: *unties third knot*

Jeff: Sarah has her third knot done! She's working on her final knot!

Sarah: *unties final knot as gate opens*

Jeff: Sarah has her final knot done! Monito can begin chopping the rope! It is Jon chopping the rope for Monito!

Jon: *chopping*

Coby: *unties third knot*

Jeff: Coby has his third knot down! He's working on his last one!

Judd: *slices rope open as puzzle pieces splatter all over the place*

Jeff: One member, get in there and figure out which pieces have a letter!

Amy: *runs in and digs through pieces*

Jeff: Amy heading in for Shalom!

Coby: *unties final knot as gate opens*

Jeff: Coby FINALLY opens the gate. Cayey can start chopping the rope. It is GREG chopping the rope for Cayey!

Amy: *gathers pieces and places them on table* Jeff: Amy has the puzzle pieces! Shalom can start the puzzle! It is Cao Boi and Taj doing the word puzzle!

Taj: *arranging letters*

Jon: *chops rope as puzzle pieces splatter around*

Jeff: Somebody dig in there!

Rodney: *runs in*

Jeff: Rodney gathering the pieces for Monito! The Old Schoolers are falling behind!

Greg: *chopping*

Cao Boi: *arranges letters* Play... *looks at the letters W, O, T, N, I.....To.....OH! *moves letters around and whispers to Taj* Play to win, play to win



Rodney: *gathers pieces and sets them on table*

Jeff: Monito can start the puzzle! It is Sabrina and Hayden doing the puzzle for Monito! Old Schoolers need to speed it up!

Greg: *slices rope open as puzzle pieces splatter around*

Lindsey: *runs in and starts collecting pieces*

Jeff: Lindsey collecting the puzzle pieces!

Hayden: Hm...tin?

Lindsey: *sets pieces on table* Come on!

Jeff: It is Neleh and T Bird doing the puzzle for Cayey. They have a LOT of time to makeup.

Hayden: *arranging letters*

Sabrina: Hm..

Neleh: *starts arranging letters*

Teresa: *observing letters*

Sabrina: I got it! *moving letters around*

Teresa: OH! *arranges letters quickly*

Jeff: They both know what it is. It's a matter of who assembles the phrase quicker.

Teresa: WE'RE DONE!

Hayden: We're done too...


(Everyone is seen back on their respective mats)

Jeff: Monito you had a lead but you unfortunately lost it. Head out.

Sarah: *walking back* (Confessional: I have a big decision to make tonight. I have to decide if I'm going with the girls or the guys. Tribal really sucks. But the thing is, I have to make sure that I'm safe today. That's my only mission today.)

(Monito Camp- Day 5)

Sarah: *walking with Hayden, Jon, and Rodney* Which one are y'all voting? Jenn or Sabrina?

Jon: Jenn?

Hayden: Yeah, okay. (Confessional: The reason we're voting Jenn over Sabrina is because Jenn is less flexible long term for situations we might need her in. And Sabrina is much better in challenges.)

Sarah: *to Jenn and Sabrina* What's the plan?

Jenn: Jon.

Sarah: Alright. (Confessional: The girls are voting Jon. The guys are voting Jenn. I have a big decision to make. Overall I trust the girls slightly more. But, if I do decide to go with them, it's a tie and I risk going to rocks; potentially sending myself home. And that would be the worst case scenario. On the other hand, I can safely go with the guys and send Jenn home. With that, Sabrina is also in line in front of me to go home. So unless we lose three times, I'll be safe with them. But I doubt that'll happen since I believe we're the strongest tribe. And who knows if they'll pull something crazy? There's just so many's definitely difficult.)

Jon: *to Sarah* I really hope you stick with us. (Confessional: In San Juan Del Sur, there was a small group of girls; well; plus Keith; that I HEAVILY underestimated and they got me out. I'm not going to underestimate the women this time. I'll be stupid to. I'm not repeating the same mistakes as last time. *laughs*)

Sabrina: *walking with Sarah* I'm not trying to force you to join Jenn and I but..listen to your heart girl.

Sarah: *nods* It's about 50/50.

Sabrina: Alright girl.

Sarah: But you're safe tonight. They're voting Jenn.

Sabrina: That's good to hear. (Confessional: I feel it's necessary that I have little one on one talks with everybody on my tribe so I can atleast feel secure. Kim did that and this time I'm doing it because it's my own damn game this time.)

Hayden: *to Jon and Rodney* There's no reason to keep Jenn and Sabrina together.

Jon: Yeah..

Rodney: *drinking water* Listen boys. Those girls got nothin' on us. Sarah ain't that stupid.

Hayden: Okay. (Confessional: There's always room to be paranoid. You can't be too confident in this game.)

(The six are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Sarah: Confessional: This is me getting my second chance to experience the situation of being a swing vote. I'm not making the same mistake. I have to be willing to take risks and not be a total stupid ass. I am the swing vote.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's begin. Jenn, how are things at camp?

Jenn: It's actually really chaotic. We're all from recent seasons so we all knew it was gonna be crazy

Jeff: Sarah, is that true? You New Schoolers had an upper hand with the preparation for pure chaos?

Sarah: Oh absolutely. We somewhat knew what we were in for and we knew we had to come in hard.

Jeff: Rodney, your season is still somewhat fresh in people's minds. How large of a factor is reputations?

Rodney: Well Jeff, here's what I gotta say. I'm here to clean up my mess from Worlds Apart and focus on what here's now.

Jeff: So Rodney, you had a previous relationship with Jenn. How's that working out?

Rodney: We talked it out.

Jeff: Jon, what's the dynamics at camp?

Jon: It's guys vs girls basically.

Jeff: So Sabrina, guys versus girls. What does this mean for you?

Sabrina: Well this was almost the same dynamic in my season. And it's deja vu. But some things aren't as secure.

Jeff: Hayden, what isn't secure?

Hayden: Everything and everyone is secure; except for one thing. Sarah.

Sarah: *nods*

Jeff: So Sarah, you're stuck in the middle?

Sarah: Correct.

Jeff: Sarah the last time you were in the middle, In Brains Brawn and Beauty; you ended up getting blindsided. Is there any pressure on you?

Sarah: Oh, yeah. It's a little bit of a burden on my shoulder to have that haunting memory of my torch being snuffed.

Jon: Sarah...just vote with us...and you aren't going to go ANYWHERE.

Sarah: *nods*

Jon: Jenn and Sabrina are not loyal people. They will stab you in the back and cackle in the background. I had girls like them backstab me before.

Jenn: We aren't the girls backstabbing you last time. It's not their fault that you had a stupid game basically. How are we going to stab her in the back? Who else do we have to flip to? Nobody. Normally we'd keep our options open but we only have one fucking option.

Jon: You have a reputation of being a bitch though.

Jenn: Listen. We're all here to redeem ourselves. That's an entirely different season.

Sarah: Wow.

Jeff: Wow indeed. Sarah, what are you thinking?

Sarah: Up to this point; I still don't know what to do. I'll probably make my decision once I walk up and grab my pen then begin to write on that parchment.

Jenn:'re at the bottom.

Sabrina: She ain't lyin to you Sarah.

Rodney: Who says she's not gonna be at the bottom of your alliance too?

Jenn: I do.

Jeff: This has been a crazy tribal. Alright; it is time to vote. Sabrina, you're up.

Sabrina: *is seen walking up*

Jenn: *holding a parchment that says Jon* Literally I'm trying to stay positive but you're the one thing preventing me from doing so, so bye!

Hayden: *writing*

Jon: *holding a parchment that says JENN* Bye.

Rodney: *opens pen*

Sarah: *is seen at booth, struggling to make a decision*

Sarah: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so



Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...









Jeff: Jon.









Jeff: Jenn. That's one vote Jon, one vote Jenn










Jeff: Jenn. That's two votes Jenn, one vote Jon










Jeff: Jenn. We are at THREE votes Jenn, one vote Jon.

Jenn: *eyeroll*










Jeff: Jon. That's three votes Jen, two votes Jon, one vote left.

Sarah: *deep breath*










Jeff: Jon. We are tied.

Jenn: *smiles*

Rodney: You have GOTTA be kidding me.

Sarah: Sorry..

Jeff: We will revote. Jenn, Jon, you are not allowed to vote. And you may only vote for Jenn OR Jon.

Sabrina: I hope y'all are willing to go to rocks.

Rodney: Sure.

Sarah: *whispers to Hayden* Don't risk it dude.

Hayden: ...

Jeff: Alright. Let's revote. Sabrina, grab the urn and walk up.

Sabrina: *grabs urn and is seen walking up*

Rodney: *is seen writing JENN and holds up parchment* Sorry girl.

Sarah: *is seen writing JON and holds up parchment* See ya. *laughs*

Hayden: *sits down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: I'll read the votes. First vote...










Jeff: Jon.










Jeff: Jenn. That's one vote Jon, one vote Jenn.










Jeff: Jon. We're at two votes Jon, one vote Jenn, one vote left.











Jeff: Second person voted out of Survivor Puerto Rico: Old School vs Middle School vs New School; Jon; I need you to bring me your torch.

Rodney: *to Hayden* What the hell man?

Sarah: *smiling*

Jenn: Buh bye.

Jon: Great moves girls. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Jon, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Jon: *turns around* Keep on winning. Show the other tribes what y'all are made of. *turns back around and walks off*

Rodney: Unbelievable.

Jeff: Alright. Head out.


After being blindsided, Rodney freaks out.

Rodney: What the hell dude? Aren't we supposed to be like Michael Jordan? That ain't right bro.

The game intensifies

Amy: She is GONE. I cannot deal with her anymore at all!

And the elements take its toll

Coby: *sobbing* It's so tough.


Jon: Well, I didn't make it so far this time. I'm ready to go back home and see Jaclyn. I feel like my mistake this time was I played too hard instead of laying back like last time. So it was a lot rougher this time. But I'm happy I got a second chance.


Jenn: Rodney Jon Hayden

Jon: Jenn Sarah Sabrina


Jon: Sarah Sabrina Hayden

Jenn: Rodney

EPISODE THREE: Petty Male Catfight

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, the pressure of everybody's second chance was on the line. Cayey; the old schoolers had Coby on the outs and Lindsey was rubbing salt in everybody's wound. On Shalom; the middle schoolers; Amy's dislike for Jaime caused disfunction in the tribe. And Kenny and Jaime formed a power duo. On Monito; the new schoolers; there was a gender divide. And it was causing destruction within the tribe. Sarah was stuck in the middle. Their lack of teamwork caused them to lose the challenge. At tribal council; Sarah sided with the girls and during the revote; Hayden flipped; sending Jon home and leaving Rodney on the bottom. 16 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Monito Camp- Night 5)

Rodney: Confessional: So my boy Jon left and I'd say I'm pretty pissed. Hayden's a dirty stinkin' liar. So is Sarah. I'm sick of this freakin' game. It's stupid.

Rodney: *walks up to Hayden* What the hell man?

Hayden: Look Im sorry. I can explain.

Rodney: Then explain. I ain't got forever.

Hayden: In Blood vs Water, I was brave enough to draw rocks but my ally left. Call me traumatized but I couldn't do it. (Confessional: At tribal, I flipped at the revote to vote out Jon. I feel bad for Rodney but it's something I had to do. I couldn't risk it.)

Rodney: What the hell dude? Aren't we supposed to be like Michael Jordan? That ain't right bro.

Hayden: I'm still with you

Rodney: That's a straight up CHICKEN move man. Whatevah.

Sarah: Confessional: Rodney and Hayden are having a petty male catfight I feel like I made the right choice siding with the girls. The guys are so dysfunctional and something as little as this can break them apart. It's fun to watch and great for me. That's the beauty of it. They're losing and I'm benefiting.

(Cayey Camp- Night 6)

(It is seen heavily raining on the shelter)

Lindsey: This fucking sucks. Why did I even come out here? To die? This isn't fun.

Teresa: Keep your hopes high y'all.

Coby: *sobbing*

Neleh: Relax Coby..

Coby: I..I can't do this. *shivering*

Neleh: You can't quit.

Coby: I know; I'm not quitting...

Lindsey: *rolls eyes* (Confessional: I'm sick of his whiny ass. I do hope Coby suffers and quits. It's much better for my game. I don't like him. I see what he's doing. He's trying to get a pity vote from Neleh. She may be stupid but I'm not.)

Coby: *sobbing* It's so tough. (Confessional: This is much harder than my first time. The weather is a lot worse and I feel like I'm leaving soon. I'm hanging on by a thread. It's dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.)

Greg: *on coconut phone* 911, we're suffering on some wonky island in Puerto Rico!

(Shalom- Day 7)

Jaime: *walking with Kenny* Go get Taj and Cao Boi.

Kenny: Seriously?

Jaime: Yes. I'm very serious. (Confessional: I want to have some sort of layer of people to protect me. I absolutely trust Kenny. And I know Taj and Cao Boi are both strong, loyal people. That's all we need. If we lose next tribal; Judd or Amy will leave.)

Ken: *walks up to Taj and Cao Boi who are in shelter* Follow me.

(Ken, Jaime, Taj, and Cao Boi are seen gathered around in forest)

Jaime: Listen y'all. I want us four to be a majority and basically control the game. I trust every single one of you. I don't trust Amy. I don't trust Judd. I need you guys right now. Are you in?

Ken: I sure am.

Taj: Sure. (Confessional: I didn't know Jaime was playing THAT hard. She's a force to be reckoned with. She's playing too hard too fast. She literally grabbed me, Kenny, and Cao Boi and said "It's us. We're gonna control the game and take out Amy or Judd" Amy is my girl. I ain't going against her. I don't trust Jaime AT ALL.)

Cao Boi: Okay. I'm in. (Confessional: I haven't talked with anyone yet so all of a sudden, Jaime comes in and asks me to join her "power alliance" It's too fast for me)

Jaime: Do any of you guys have an idol?

Ken: No.

Taj: No.

Cao Boi: No.

Jaime: I don't either. We gotta look for it. I'll look around the shelter. Cao, you look in trees. Kenny, you look in the swamp. Taj, you look at the beach. Okay; split up. (Confessional: I have a strong alliance of FOUR. That's majority but we STILL need the idol.)

Amy: *sitting on sand with Judd* Where'd everyone go?

Judd: I don't know where the hell they are.

Taj: *walks up to Amy*

Amy: Where'd you go?

Taj: Jaime told me to look for the idol here. Jaime is trying to form a power alliance without you two. She's dangerous.

Amy: Can she just stop? (Confessional: Jaime is after me. If it's up to me; she's leaving next. And I'll do anything to make sure that happens.)

(Monito Camp- Day 7)

Sabrina: *to Jenn and Sarah* Who do we take out next? Rodney or Hayden?

Jenn: It doesn't matter to me. They both suck. (Confessional: Rodney and Hayden attempted to vote me off. I want one of them gone next. It's a whole new game now. Sabrina, Sarah, and I are in control and we will decide which one of them leave.)

Sabrina: Confessional: My strong suit in my game is definitely going to be my ability to successfully lead an alliance silently. You know, I realized something. Going into my second chance; my mistake last time was riding Kim's cottails. This time; I think I'm basing my game off of my girl Kim.

Hayden: *to Rodney* You might still be mad at me but we HAVE to work together for now. We are in danger and we need Jenn, Sarah, or Sabrina to flip.

Rodney: I know that. Which one though?

Hayden: That's the question.

(Cayey- Day 7)

Teresa: *making rice with Coby, whispering* You think you're on the bottom but don't you worry, I'll sure you don't leave.

Coby: Thanks T.

Teresa: Confessional: I trust Coby a lot but Lindsey would be PISSED if she finds out I'm talking to him. It's a risk but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Lindsey: *watching them from a distance* ...

Greg: *on coconut phone*

Lindsey: (Confessional: So I'm just minding my own business. Then I look off into the distance and I see T Bird and Coby whispering. And I'm going to do something about this fakeness.) *walks up to Teresa and Coby* So whys there whispering going on??

Teresa: We're talking about how much water to put in the rice.

Coby: And how it affects the number of portions we eat per day.

Lindsey: Yeah I'm not stupid. I heard you two talking. You're not sneaky. *walks off*

Teresa: *to Coby* Don't worry.

Neleh: Confessional: So Lindsey is causing chaos around camp again and it's honestly becoming a chore to have to listen to her. Of course I have an idol but I'm not wasting it on Lindsey. But I do need to calm her down because if she's causing chaos; the blame might go to me since I'm aligned with her.

(Shalom Camp- Day 8)

Amy: *to Taj and Judd* It's is three, okay?

Judd: Mhm.

Taj: I'm with you guys one thousand percent.

Amy: Alright....all we need is Cao Boi.

Taj: Who knows where his head is at? (Confessional: The swing vote is Cao Boi. He's a bit crazy and nobody knows what he's thinking. So the plan is get Cao Boi on board and blindside Jaime and Kenny. Jaime is playing a devil game and Ken is riding her cottails.)

Amy: Werent they looking for the idol? What if they have it?

Taj: Oh that's true...

Judd: Well dammit. (Confessional: There's a possibility that annoying Jaime or nerdy Kenny got an idol. So we don't know what to do. I just want one of them GONE.)

(Immunity Challenge)

(Cayey and Shalom march in)

Jeff: Cayey and Shalom; getting your first look at the new Monito tribe; JON voted out at the last tribal council.

(Several gasps are heard)


Jeff: Okay. I'll take back the idols. Immunity is back up for grabs. Alright for today's challenge; one at a time; three tribe members will swim out and drag crates of puzzles from the ocean to the shore. Once you have all three crates; two other members will open the crates where there are several colored blocks. You have to arrange them so that there's no repeating colors on ANY side. First two tribes to do so win immunity. Alright; Shalom; you have one extra member; sitting one person out. Jaime sat out last challenge so Jaime is COMPETING this challenge. Who's sitting out?

Cao Boi: *raises hand*

Jeff: Alright; let's get to it.


Jeff: Swimming first for Shalom is Taj! Swimming first for Monito is Hayden! Swimming first for Cayey is T Bird! Survivors ready...GO!

(The three begin swimming)

Hayden: *quickly leading*

Jeff: Hayden putting Monito in the lead!

Taj: *swimming*

Teresa: *swimming*

Jeff: Taj and T Bird are right behind!

Hayden: *grabs crate and begins swimming back*

Jeff: Hayden already has his crate and is coming back with it!

Taj: *swimming*

Teresa: *swimming*

Hayden: *returns to shore with crate*

Jeff: Go Monito! It is JENN swimming for Monito now!

Jenn: *dives in and swims*

Taj: *grabs crate*

Teresa: *grabs crate*

Jeff: Taj has the crate! T Bird has the crate!

Jenn: *swimming*

Taj: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: Taj is back! Go Judd! It is Judd swimming for Shalom!

Teresa: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: T Bird is back! Go Coby! It is Coby swimming for Cayey!

Coby: *swimming*

Jenn: *grabs crate and begins to swim back*

Jeff: Jenn already has the crate! Monito has been leading this ENTIRE challenge.

Jenn: *exhaustedly climbs upon shore*

Jeff: Jenn is back! Go Rodney! It is Rodney in the water for Monito!

Rodney: *swimming*

Judd: *grabs crate and begins to swim back*

Jeff: Judd has the crate! Coby is swimming right behind!

Coby: *grabs crate*

Jeff: Coby has it!

Rodney: *grabs crate*

Jeff: Rodney has it!

Judd: *arrives at shore* Jeff: Go Jaime! It is Jaime swimming for the last crate for Shalom!

Jaime: *swimming*

Rodney: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: Rodney is back! Monito can start the puzzle! It is Sabrina and Sarah doing the puzzle!

Sabrina: *figuring out puzzle* Hm..

Coby: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: Coby is back! Go Lindsey! It is Lindsey swimming for Cayey! She has to pick it up!

Lindsey: *swimming*

Jeff: Lindsey out there swimming!

Sarah: *rotating colored blocks* There's two green on that side. Fix it.

Sabrina: *fixes it*

Lindsey: *passes Jaime*

Jaime: *swimming exhaustedly*

Jeff: Lindsey just PASSED a tired Jaime. The gap is officially closed!

Lindsey: *grabs crate*

Jaime: *grabs crate*

Jeff: Lindsey and Jaime have the crates!

Sarah: And...DONE!


Sarah: Yes! *hugs Sabrina*

Sabrina: *hugs Sarah*

Lindsey: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: Cayey is starting the puzzle! It is Neleh and Greg doing the puzzle!

Neleh: *rotating blocks*

Jaime: *arrives at shore*

Jeff: Shalom is starting the puzzle! It is Amy and Kenny doing the puzzle!

Greg: One green, one blue, one red. Check that other side!

Neleh: *checks* We're good!

Greg: DONE!


Neleh: Yay!

(Everyone is seen back on their mats)

Jeff: Congratulations Monito and Cayey; safe from the vote. Head out.

Rodney: *is seen holding flag* (Confessional: Somehow we won today's challenge so I bought myself a few more days. But if those idiots target me more; they're done.)

Jeff: Shalom; got nothing for ya; head out.

(They are seen leaving)

(Shalom Camp- Day 8)

Amy: *walking with Cao Boi* How are you feeling?

Cao Boi: Very spiritual.

Amy: Okay; well; are you willing to split up Jaime and Kenny?

Cao Boi: Possibly.

Amy: We need you. (Confessional: Getting Cao Boi on our side is crucial. He's the swing vote and I'll do anything to get rid of Jaime or Kenny.)

Jaime: *to Taj, Cao Boi, and Ken* The plan is Amy, okay?

Ken: Seems fine. (Confessional: This could be huge. Amy is a fierce competitor. And I'm confident that people will do the right thing.)

Jaime: Confessional: The plan is for Taj, Cao, Kenny, and I to all pile our votes onto Amy. Then Amy goes and everything around this camp can be peaceful.

Amy: Judd, Taj, get Cao Boi here.

Taj: *walks up to Cao Boi* Amy wants to talk to you.

(Cao Boi, Amy, Judd, and Taj are seen gathered)

Amy: Okay. We need to split it. I have a feeling one of them have an idol.

Taj: Okay. Seems fine.

Amy: Judd and I will vote Jaime. Taj and Cao Boi; you vote Kenny.

Taj: Smart. (Confessional: We're going to split it incase somebody has an idol. Everyone is 100% on board so far except Cao Boi. We don't know what he's gonna do.)

Amy: Confessional: It's been years since my last tribal; and I was voted out that tribal. I'm playing hard. I want to make a name bigger than "that girl who had an injury"

Amy: *to Cao Boi* I really hope you do the right thing.

Cao Boi: Okay.

(The six are seen walking to tribal)

Jaime: Confessional: My goal during this second chance to play a fierce, aggressive game. I didn't take enough risks last time and it cost me. I don't wanna be the dumb blonde who thought a fake idol was real. So if things go well; Amy O Hara is leaving tonight.

Amy: Confessional: I'm really, really nervous at this point. I don't wanna be the third person out this game. That'd be embarrassing. All I have to do is hope, pray, and have faith. Fingers crossed.

Cao Boi: Confessional: This game has definitely changed. There's a lot more scheming and strategizing and unfortunately; I have to choose who's going. It's a tough decision. I still don't know what to do.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's begin. Judd, how are the tribal dynamics?

Judd: In one word...crazy.

Jeff: So Taj; how are the dynamics crazy?

Taj: There's been a lot of drama and the line is being drawn clearly.

Jeff: Jaime, what is this line?

Jaime: It's everybody against Amy and Judd.

Judd: *groans*

Jeff: Amy, how do you feel about that statement?

Amy: Yeah it worries me. But I trust some people here.

Jeff: So would you be shocked to leave tonight?

Amy: Definitely not.

Jeff: So you expect to go?

Amy: Yeah. Obviously Jaime is supposedly leading the majority against me.

Jaime: That's not true.

Amy: You know it is.

Jaime: Whatever.

Jeff: Kenny, how are you feeling?

Ken: I'm confident that things will play out like they're supposed to.

Jeff: Taj, is it good to be confident?

Taj: It depends on how you look at it but in my opinion, whenever you're confident; SOMETHING goes wrong.

Amy: *nods*

Jeff: Jaime, how will tonight affect the game later on?

Jaime: The person that's SUPPOSED to go home today will increase everybody's chances of winning.

Amy: *eyeroll*

Jeff: Alright. It is time to vote. Judd, you're up.

Judd: *is seen walking up*

Taj: *holding a parchment that says KEN* Sorry; you're just a backup target.

Ken: *writing*

Jaime: *holds a parchment that says AMY* You are way too big of a threat. I'm sorry.

Amy: *holds a parchment that says JAIME* You are playing way too hard..

Cao Boi: *holds a parchment that says ???* Going by my own agenda.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.


Jeff: Alright. First vote.










Jeff: Jaime.









Jeff: Amy. One vote Jaime, one vote Amy.











Jeff: Kenny. We are tied. One vote Jaime, one vote Amy, one vote Kenny.










Jeff: Jaime. That's two votes Jaime.










Jeff: Amy. That's two votes Amy, two votes Jaime, one vote Kenny. One vote left.














Jeff: Third person voted out of Survivor: Puerto Rico Old School vs Middle School vs New School; Jaime; I need you to bring me your torch

(#Blindside is seen on screen)

Jaime: *turns to everybody* What the hell?

Ken: I voted Amy.

Cao Boi: Sorry...

Jaime: Stupid move. *walks up and grabs torch*

Ken: I don't know what just happened.

Jaime: *approaches Jeff*

Jeff: Jaime, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Jaime: *nods and walks up*

Jeff: *to other five* You can never get too confident. Grab your torches. Head out.

(They leave)


Kenny is left on the bottom

Ken: Confessional: I don't really know what to do.

And some people take falls during the immunity challenge

Sarah: GO LEFT!

Rodney: *falls*

Neleh: STOP!

Lindsey: *bumps head* OW!


Jaime: Confessional: I left earlier than I expected. My goal was to play harder and I did. Unfortunately, I played too hard. I should have been more genuine with people; especially Amy. But there's noting I can do except keep kicking myself. It's disappointing and I don't know how to get over it.


JAIME: Amy Judd Cao Boi

AMY: Jaime Ken

KEN: Taj

EPISODE FOUR: Amazing Adventure For Me

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, the rivalry of Amy and Jaime intensified as the tribe was split into two sides. This caused dysfunction in the tribe and cost them to lose the next challenge. The plan was to split the vote but Cao Boi decided to drop the split vote and pile his vote on Jaime, blindsiding her. 15 are left. Who will be voted out tonight? (Shalom Camp- Day 9)

Ken: Confessional: My game is in jeopardy. I'm at the bottom of this tribe with no allies. The only ally I did have just got blindsided. I was too arrogant and I let them slip right past me. That happened during Gabon too. I'm not gonna have the same outcome happen to me. I need to find a way to see the cracks and find a way to survive. I don't really know what to do other than stay low for now.

Judd: Who has the machete?

Taj: I don't know.

Judd: Well whoever the hell has the machete better fucking give it back.

Cao Boi: Calm down..

Judd: I ain't going to calm down.

Amy: *walks back to everybody with machete* Hi.

Judd: Where the hell did you go with that? Murder someone?

Amy: I used it to chop coconuts.

Judd: That ain't an excuse. I thought some raccoon stole it.

Amy: Well it's right here.

Judd: I don't care anymore.

Amy: Confessional: Judd is a ticking time bomb. He's dangerous and he goes off easily. He voted with us last time but if he keeps this up, we may have to cut him.

Judd: Confessional: I am sick and tired of people bothering me. It's just annoying and they can't shut the hell up sometimes.

(Cayey Camp- Day 9)

Neleh: *sitting on a dock beside Greg, fishing* I'm a country mama. If I run out of money to feed my kids, I do this.

Greg: And if I run out of money, I ask people for gum.

Neleh: This is really old school, huh?

Greg: Absolutely.

Neleh: Confessional: This is an amazing adventure for me I'm growing a lot. My goal basically is to see if I still have it over a decade later to make it to say 39 and this time; possibly win. So I'm going all out there. I'll make the social bonds, I'll make alliances, I'll be doing anything to further myself.

Lindsey: *tying bamboo together*

Teresa: *weaving* (Confessional: Today we decided to go fully old school and spend the entire day working; building our shelter, weaving; all that. It's a great way to just calm down.)

Coby: *weaving with Teresa* We'll talk later...

Teresa: *nods*

(Monito Camp- Day 9)

Sabrina: *in ocean, washing hair* (Confessional: So I was peacefully washing my dirty hair. I turn left and there's Hayden. And he got a serious face on. That's when I know it's game mode.) Whats up?

Hayden: I know my head is on the chopping block and-

Sabrina: Yeah. It is. I'm not afraid to admit that.

Hayden: So it's between Rodney and I?

Sabrina: Mhm.

Hayden: Well, I just wanna say I feel like I'm less of a threat than Rodney. Plus I'm a lot more loyal and reliable.

Sabrina: Yeah, we figured that out. We're leaning towards voting Rodney next.

Hayden: *nodding* Okay. Thanks. (Confessional: I wanted to have a talk with Sabrina about my position in the game. I feel a lot more safe and comfortable now.)

Sabrina: Confessional: Hayden and Rodney are getting DES-PER-ATE. They are now throwing each other under the bus. It's crazy.

Jenn: *to Sarah* I want to make a power move.

Sarah: Doing what?

Jenn: I don't think Rodney should go. Hayden has a better chance of winning. Let's go against Sabrina's wishes and vote Hayden.

Sarah: I don't know.

Jenn: Come on girl. (Confessional: Rodney is NOT a threat. Hayden is. Hayden is actually smart and can win. It's stupid to vote Rodney.)

Rodney: *hits finger on bamboo* Dammit.

(Shalom Camp- Day 10)

Taj: *to Amy* I noticed Judd has been going crazy lately.

Amy: Yeah. That happened this morning with the machete thing.

Taj: We got to watch out for him. I don't wanna have to vote him off.

Amy: Yeah. Agreed.

Taj: Confessional: Judd is a complete maniac. But he's a number for us. We don't wanna risk it by voting him off. That'll be stupid. So we just need to calm him down and everything will be fine.

Ken: *to Taj* I wanna stay.

Taj: I know you do.

Ken: I am completely isolated. I have no one to turn to except you so I hope you keep me.

Taj: *nods*

Judd: *to Cao Boi* Can you stop bothering me? Just go away scumbag.

Cao Boi: Okay..

Judd: Bye bye.

Cao Boi: Confessional: Judd has been harsh towards people lately and it's spreading a lot of negative vibes. If it were up to me, he'd leave next. I don't want all those negative vibes around me. It disgusts me.

(Monito Camp- Day 10)

Jenn: *walking with Rodney* I'm not angry that you voted me. It's what you had to do.

Rodney: Gee thanks. I guess I gotta pack my bags once we lose?

Jenn: Hey that's IF we lose. And if that, you and Sarah all vote for Hayden.

Rodney: *nods* Alright. I'm down for that. (Confessional: Out of freaking nowhere, Jenn marches up to me and says there's a plan to get rid of Hayden. That's perfect. It ain't me so I'm happy. Let the stupid girl do all the work.)

Jenn: *shakes his hand* This is gonna be the move that really shakes up the game

Rodney: Confessional: Then she's all like this vote is gonna shake up the game. No it won't. You're takin' out Hayden; a man in the minority. It's a waste if you ask me.

Jenn: *laughing*

Sabrina: *is water, watching them whisper* (Confessional: So I don't know what they were whispering about but Jenn and Rodney were in a DEEP conversation. That's not supposed to happen since Rodney is leaving next. That's a bit odd if you ask me.)

Jenn: Confessional: I wanted to try and convince Rodney to hop on board to vote out Hayden and I think it worked. This is a move that's going to benefit EVERYONE.

(Cayey Camp- Day 10)

Neleh: *rummaging through branches to walk along path with Greg* So what's your like, thoughts?

Greg: About what?

Neleh: The game.

Greg: Things are a bit crazy.

Neleh: Yeah I agree. Lindsey is angry at Coby for voting her but T is trying to bond with Coby and Lindsey is mad at her. It's a crazy, crazy game now.

Greg: I'm just glad to not be caught up with all the drama.

Neleh: Yeah. It's going to be me and you to the end, okay?

Greg: *nods* Okay.

Neleh: Confessional: Greg is a really chill, easy going, loyal guy. For those reasons, I want to stick with him. And he's great to be around. He's not dramatic and basically a perfect ally to have.

Lindsey: *drinking water, glaring at Teresa and Coby*

Coby: *rolls eyes*

(Shalom Camp- Day 11)

Ken: *walking with Amy* Like my only goal in this game is to play better than last time, not to win. So I will be loyal to you guys. Can Judd promise you that? No. He can't.

Judd: *is seen building shelter* Stupid bamboo.

Amy: I completely understand.

Ken: I'll do everything to take you to final three. I will be forever loyal if you keep me.

Amy: Mhm. (Confessional: So Kenny is small but he's playing hard. He's just as dangerous as Jaime was. It's scary but on the other hand there's Judd. If we go to tribal; it's between Kenny and Judd.)

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Monito and Cayey march in)

Jeff: Monito and Cayey; getting your first look at the new Shalom tribe; Jaime voted out at the last tribal council.

Lindsey: *shrugs*

Jeff: Alright. For this challenge, each tribe will have a caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. The caller will guide the blindfolded tribe members to grab 6 large puzzle pieces. Once you have all the pieces, you will take off the blindfolds and work together to solve a big puzzle. First two tribes to do so wins immunity. Let's get started.


Jeff: Calling for Cayey is Neleh. Calling for Shalom is Taj. Calling for Monito is Sarah. Everyone else is blindfolded. Survivors ready...GO!

Neleh: T Bird, what I want you to do is to take about 15 paces to the left.

Teresa: What if I fall?!

Neleh: I'll make sure you won't!

Taj: Cao Boi keep going straight!

Cao Boi: *trips over piece* Ow!

Taj: Cao Boi, turn around, pick up that piece, and take it back!

Cao Boi: *nods*


Cao Boi: *takes piece back*

Rodney: *takes piece back*

Hayden: *takes piece back*

Jeff: Monito has two puzzle pieces! Shalom has one! Cayey has none!

Neleh: Lindsey look out!

Lindsey: What?

Neleh: STOP!

Lindsey: *bumps head* OW!

Neleh: Sorry!

Rodney: *falls* ARGH!

Jeff: People taking hard falls this challenge!

Jenn: OW!

Sabrina: Crap!

Amy: Ow...that hur-

Hayden: *carries a piece and accidentally hits Amy with it*

Amy: *falls*

Hayden: *takes piece back*

Jeff: Monito now has 3 pieces! Shalom has one piece! Cayey has zero!


Coby: *feels around*

Sabrina: Ow! Who hit me?

Coby: Sorry.

Coby: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Cayey has their first piece!

Jenn: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Monito has FOUR pieces. Shalom and Cayey each with one.

Greg: *grabs piece and returns it*

Ken: *grabs piece and returns it*

Jeff: Shalom and Cayey now have two pieces each! Monito with four!

Sarah: Jenn, keep on going! And...STOP!

Jenn: *bumps into Judd and falls* That really hurt. *laughs* Ow..

Sarah: Jenn stop laughing and get up!

Jenn: *grabs piece and returns it*

Jeff: Monito only has one piece left!

Sarah: Hayden it's right behind you!

Hayden: Huh? I can't hear you.

Sarah: *facepalm*

Taj: Judd, right!

Judd: *bumps into Teresa as she painfully falls onto ground* Got it!

Taj: That isn't a piece! That's Rodney!

Rodney: Get off me!

Judd: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Monito has five pieces! Shalom has three pieces! Cayey has two pieces!

Hayden: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Monito has all the pieces! Take off your blindfolds and start working on the puzzle!

(Everyone is seen taking off their blindfolds and working on puzzle)

Jenn: That piece goes there! *grabs it, struggling* Too heavy. Im about to fall.

Hayden: *helps her*

Neleh: Lindsey, T Bird, both of you go straight, and grab the pieces ahead of you!

(They do so and bring back the pieces)

Jeff: Cayey now has four pieces while Shalom has three!

Neleh: Now Coby, carefully take about ten steps then look around for the pieces.

Coby: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Cayey has FIVE pieces while Shalom still has three!

Sabrina: *arranging puzzle pieces*

Jeff: Those pieces are HEAVY.

Ken: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Greg: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Cayey take off your blindfolds and work on the puzzle! Shalom, you still have two pieces to get!

(Cayey takes off their blindfolds)

Teresa: *moving pieces around*


Amy: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Shalom needs one more piece!

Hayden: *fits in last piece* DONE!

Jeff: MONITO wins immunity! We're looking for one more tribe!

Cao Boi: *grabs piece and brings it back*

Jeff: Shalom; take off your blindfolds you need to mo-

Coby: DONE!

Jeff: CAYEY wins immunity!

(Everyone is returned to the mats)

Jeff: *gives idols* Cayey, Moniro, congrats. Head out.

(They march away)

Jeff: Shalom; second time losing in a row. I'll see you tonight at tribal. Head out.

(They march away)

(Shalom Camp- Day 11)

Taj: *walking with Amy* What are we doing? (Confessional: So we lost again and we have a tough choice to make. There's Kenny who's an easy target who's been gaming hard and reputation of a great strategist. Then there's Judd. He's indecisive. He causes huge amounts of trouble and is a really loose cannon. That's dangerous. So we have to decide.)

Amy: I'm feeling really confused right now.

Taj: I'll talk to you later. (Confessional: Amy is undecided. Next I gotta talk to Cao Boi. He's on our side now and a crucial number.) *walks up to Cao Boi* It's gonna be Judd or Kenny.

Cao Boi: Why Judd?

Taj: He's rambling a lot of chaos.

Cao Boi: Okay. I'm voting whoever you vote.

Taj: Thanks.

Cao Boi: Confessional: Taj tells me it's Judd or Kenny. There's not much I can do about that except go along with it.

Ken: *to Taj* Hows it looking?

Taj: It's 50/50.

Ken: *nods* (Confessional: It's either Judd or I leaving tonight. I have to make a campaign against Judd or I'm leaving. It's scary to be honest.)

Judd: *to Amy, Taj, and Cao Boi* We're voting out the twerp, alright?

Amy: Yeah, yeah, we know.

Judd: Don't get all sassy. Ken's ass is leavin' tonight and no ifs, ands, or buts.

Amy: *rolls eyes* (Confessional: Judd is starting to get on my last nerve. I don't wanna vote personally but I might just have to...I just need to calm down and look at the bigger picture. But my patience is wearing out.)

(Taj, Cao Boi, and Amy are seen gathered)

Taj: What are we gonna do?

Amy: I have no idea...

Taj: We need to pick soon. The sun is going down.

(Sun is seen going down)

Taj: Judd is loyal but a loose cannon. Kenny is dangerous but easier to work with.

Amy: This is going to be a doozy.

(The five are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Judd: Confessional: Everybody on this island is stupid if they don't vote Ken. The kids gotta go so the adults can do the talking. His leader Jaime is gone and he's next.

Ken: Confessional: I'm on the bottom of this tribe but I won't give up. I'll play hard and Judd should leave tonight, not me.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Hello. Let's get things started. Amy, last tribal; Jaime was blindsided. What's been going on since then?

Amy: The situation is still the same but there is some cracks within the four.

Judd: *groans*

Jeff: Ken, you were on the bottom of the vote. How do you feel?

Ken: I'm shaking right now but I hope people make the right choice.

Jeff: Taj, what is Ken talking about?

Taj: The cracks that Amy just told you about?

Jeff: Cao Boi, is it true? Are there cracks?

Cao Boi: Apparently so.

Jeff: Kenny; as someone who's an outsider; explain these cracks in your point of view.

Ken: Well, Jeff. Judd is basically annoying everybody with his loud personality making him a loose cannon. His attitude ruins all of our moods, he gets angry easily, and I will be voting for him tonight.

Jeff: Judd, how are you right now?

Judd: Well, you can say there's cracks but there's none. Ken, you're leaving tonight. You ain't staying in this game. You're annoying and a sneaky snake. Might as well get out already.

Ken: But Judd; all of your alliance members said there's cracks.

Judd: It's TV, stupid.

Ken: That isn't really an excuse.

Judd: I'm done arguing, annoying.

Ken: Insulting me isn't going to change anything.

Judd: I was hoping it'd make you shut up. Now I hope this shuts you up. You have been riding Jaime's cottails. Now that she's gone, you're scheming all over the place. So just shut your damn mouth.

Ken: Well then.

Jeff: Alright. It is time to vote; Cao Boi; you're up.

Cao Boi: *is seen walking up*

Judd: *holding a parchment that says KEN* Get out my face.

Ken: *holding a parchment that says Judd* It's either me or you tonight.

Amy: *writing*

Taj: *deep breath and begins writing*

Taj: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.


Jeff: Alright. First vote...







Jeff: Kenny.








Jeff: Judd. One vote Judd, one vote Kenny...







Jeff: Judd. That's two votes Judd, one vote Kenny.










Jeff: Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Puerto Rico Old School vs Middle School vs New School; Judd; I need you to bring me your torch.

Judd: Wooow.

Amy: *whispers* Sorry Judd.

Judd: Shut up.

Amy: Oh.

Judd: *grabs torch and walks to Jeff*

Jeff: Judd, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Judd: *walks off angrily*

Jeff: Well, what we learned is your behavior towards your tribe mates can get you in trouble. Grab your torches. Head out.


Plans are set in motion

Jenn: Promise me you're in on it.

Amy: *to Cao Boi and Taj* Us three to the end.

But will a tribe swap foil it?

Jeff: Drop your buffs. We are switching tribes.

Neleh: Confessional: Now we're in new school mode. *laughs*


Judd: Those fake ass allies are about to get it when the game ends. I'm sick and tired of all of them. They made a stupid choice. They'll regret it. They definitely will.


JUDD: Taj Amy Cao Boi Ken

KEN: Judd

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