A fanfiction by KidLego09 (Noah) with original characters based off of Survivor.

Meet The Cast


Kylie Sand (32) - Basketball Coach. "I know how to teach students to do whatever they need to do. But out here, I can't be a leader."

Nathan Blackwell (30) - Coast Guard. "I'm always working around the ocean, and I'm going to be out in the ocean here. This is a piece of cake."

Owami Archonts (34) - Hiker. "I don't do much in life besides hiking. Nothing more beautiful than to hike up mountains and through Mother Nature's world."

Jordan Repetto (24) - Dairy Farmer. "Living out in the country gives me a lot of training on how to survive since there's only one house there that I built."

Krystal Moyles (22) - Snowboarder. "I usually live out in the snow, but it's hot out here, so that gives me a chance to play the flirt card."

Neil Curtis (28) - Oil Derrick Operator. "I honestly think I have what it takes to become the Sole Survivor. Just have to work my magic once I hit the beach."


Taylor Hollick (32) - Post Office Manager. "I started my own post office and I work there almost all day. Knowing how to do math will help me out a lot in the game."

Harry "Henry" Grapard (54) - Petroleum Geologist. "I may be an old fart, but I am so smart, I could maybe even win this game."

Brooklyn Soltan (35) - Solar Technician. "People may look at me and not think I'm smart, but all I know is I'm probably smarter than you!"

Freddie Kerman (31) - Train Conductor. "I am such a f*cking superfan of this show. I am just excited to even be out here."

Bridgett Mazzali (28) - Travel Agent. "I help people figure out where they need to go, so I am very organized and calm and that's just another asset out here."

Redmond Byron (41) - Private Detective. "When people need help solving a crime, I'm there to help, and I always figure it out."


Brianna Hayden (23) - Bridal Shop Owner. "I absolutely love weddings, but because I am so sensitive, I think that may be my weakness in this game."

Peter Skedrof (26) - Comedian. "Obviously I am good looking, but mainly it's what I say that keeps people watching, not just my looks."

Ingrid Richardson (27) - Hair Stylist. "I will definitely flirt with whoever I can. Plus, I want an all girls alliance, so I think I have this in the bag."

Fernando Escobedo (32) - Plant Fitter. "I'm originally from Mexico, and I may be a little weird, but I'm having no strategy until I meet my other tribe mates."

Fay Robbins (26) - Ice Skater. "Survivor is something I would've never imagined to do ever in my life, but I know I can do this."

Greg Parker (30) - Wine Brewer. "I make wine. I know how to cook and all that, so if my tribe is targeting, I'll make them a sweet breakfast and they will completely forget about targeting me."

Episode 1 - "Full of Strategy and Chaos"

Jeff: These 18 Americans are embarking on a new adventure that will forever change their lives. They are being stranded in the Maldive Islands, in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. They have been divided into three tribes: Brains, Brawn, and Beauty. Only one will become the winner and win the million dollar prize. 18 people, 39 days, 1 Survivor!

Fernando: [CONF: Me being on the Beauty tribe is interesting to me to be honest. You look at me, I have a beard, a ponytail, I have dark skin, I mean, I'm not that much of a ladies man, but it's an honor. *chuckles*]

Taylor: [CONF: Being on Brains tribe makes a lot of sense. I own my own post office and I know how to work it. Math, patience, and organization is essential, and that is all needed for Survivor. I can totally do this.]

Jordan: [CONF: You can tell I'm Brawn. I built my own house on my farm. I raise cows, I milk them, I carry big barrels of milk then send them out to markets. If I can survive alone on my farm, I can survive out here.]

-All contestants stand on their appropriate tribe mat-

Jeff: Welcome to Survivor!

Everyone: *claps*

Jeff: So, as you can tell, this is Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. You all have been separated into these 3 categories. Brawn tribe, you're name is Sultan. Brains, you're name is Gan. Beauty, you're name is Minicoy. Now, you, in the red T-shirt on Beauty, what's your name?

Peter: Peter.

Jeff: Peter, would you say you're on the correct tribe?

Peter: *looks at the girls* Absolutely. This is a very attractive tribe. 

Jeff: Guy in the khakis on Brawn, your name?

Neil: Neil.

Jeff: Neil, first impressions of your tribe?

Neil: For a Brawn tribe, we are pretty muscular and I think we got some very strong members who can pull their weight around camp.

Jeff: Tall girl with green shorts, your name?

Brooklyn: Brooklyn, Jeff.

Jeff: Brooklyn, first impressions?

Brooklyn: We aight. We definitely gonna be the champions. We smart. We got this.

Jeff: *laughs* Okay, now for the fun part. Every tribe needs to pick a leader right now. When you have a leader, tell me.

Kyle: [CONF: Worst thing to happen is each tribe needs to pick a leader. I don't want to be the leader. I need it to be one of the guys.]

Nathan: I can do it if you guys want.

Jordan: I'll do it.

Nathan: Go ahead.

Jordan: Sweet.

Brooklyn: I say we get you to be the leader.

Taylor: Me?

Brooklyn: Yeah, you.

Taylor: Okay then. [CONF: Brooklyn immediately sees me and says I'm the leader. Excuse me? I won't already start an argument though. It's pathetic.]

Ingrid: I'll do it for Beauty if you all are okay with it.

Peter: Go right ahead.

Fernando: *nods*

Jeff: Okay, tribe leaders, step forwards.

-Jordan, Taylor, and Ingrid step forward*

Jeff: You on Brawns, your name?

Jordan: Jordan.

Jeff: Why were you picked leader?

Jordan: No reason. I just jumped in. I just thought I should be.

Jeff: Brains?

Taylor: Taylor.

Jeff: Taylor, did you jump in and say "I want to be the leader."

Taylor: Actually no, I just got assigned by, the uh, the one girl on our tribe that starts with a B. Sorry, I forgot your name.

Brooklyn: It be Brooklyn.

Taylor: Brooklyn.

Jeff: Brooklyn, why choose Taylor?

Brooklyn: I just felt like she do the best job at leader. You know, that gut instinct. 

Jeff: Alright. Beauty?

Ingrid: Ingrid.

Jeff: Ingrid, why you?

Ingrid: I jumped in to be the leader and they were all okay with it.

Jeff: Well, now to the big twist. Leaders, pick who you think is the weakest of your tribe right now.

Ingrid: *gasps*

Taylor: Oh my God..

Jordan: Damn.

Jeff: Jordan, you go first.

Jordan: Ehhh, I'll go with the chick in the blonde.

Krystal: *raises hand* Krystal.

Jeff: Krystal, how does it feel to be picked the weakest of your tribe?

Krystal: That hurts, but it is only one person that thinks that, so I don't care.

Jeff: Taylor?

Taylor: Uh...

Harry: *raises hand* I can pick me, Tay.

Taylor: You sure?

Harry: Absolutely. [CONF: I saw that Taylor was struggling to pick someone, so I stood up and told her to just pick me. I may be playing a game, but it doesn't hurt to be nice once in a while.]

Taylor: I'm picking Harry.

Harry: *steps forward and nods*

Jeff: Harry, why do you think she picked you?

Harry: Oh Jeff, I don't really care about that. I told her to pick me. I saw her having trouble picking someone, so I felt like being nice.

Jeff: Okay then... Ingrid?

Ingrid: I'm sorry...You. *points to Peter*

Peter: *steps forward and gasps* Wow...

Jeff: Peter, why do you think she picked you?

Peter: I wish I knew, but I have no idea. [CONF: My throught process is going absolutely insane right now. I was picked the weakest? Me? Why me when there's two other girls that don't look like they can do sh*t?]

Jeff: Well, to the three of you who have been picked, you will go to your beach early, via helicopter. There's also a decision back at camp for the weakest one to pick. Here comes the helicopters for each of you. Get out.

Krystal: *gets in a helicopter*

Harry: *gets in a helicopter*

Peter: *gets in a helicopter*

Beauty Beach

Peter: *gets off helicopter* [CONF: Unbelievable. I cannot believe I was picked the weakest. I know I am not the weakest. I should've never made Ingrid the leader in the first place.] *picks up a note* 'Pick right now. The clue to an idol and a small bag of rice or a big bag of beans and no clue for an idol.' I'm in danger already. *takes clue and rice* [CONF: This is war. Me vs Ingrid. I don't care what she says. I'm officially against her.]

-hour later-

Beauty Tribe: *walking to beach*

Fay: Where's Peter?

Ingrid: Not sure.

Fernando: I bet he's looking for the idol.

Ingrid: Hmm... [CONF: We arrive to our camp, and Peter isn't there. At all. He's definitely doing something and Fernando suggests he's looking for an idol. I think so too.]

Peter: *in the jungle reading the clue* 'A sideways tree marks the way, to the treasure you crave the most. It's a drier trek at least twice a day, so enjoy a stroll along the coast.' Hmm. *runs to the coast* Where could it...Sh*t. *sees Beauty tribe at their beach* Dammit. I'll look for this later. *puts clue in pocket and runs to the beach*

Fay: Hey he's coming.

Brianna: *looks around*

Ingrid: *points* That way.

Peter: *runs into camp* Hey guys.

Fay: You finally showed up.

Ingrid: Where did you go?

Peter: Was looking for the water well. I couldn't find it then I saw you guys so I ran back. [CONF: I hope they don't catch onto the fact that I was searching for the idol. But all I can tell is that the girls don't really care for me.]

Greg: I'll help you look for it. *walks with Peter in the jungle*

Peter: So what are you feeling right now?

Greg: I wanted to make an alliance with you since I saw you.

Peter: We can be an alliance.

Greg: Sure thing dude.

Peter: I have the clue. To the idol.

Greg: Is that what you were doing out here?

Peter: Yup. Ingrid I can tell is against her. I'm going to need this to stay safe. I will find this idol.

Greg: I'll help you find it bro.

Peter: Thanks man. *shakes Greg's hand*

Greg: *shakes Peter's hand*

Brains Beach

Harry: *walks onto the beach* [CONF: I don't care one bit about me being picked. Plus, I get to pick some decision. Hehe. *rubs hands together evilly*] 'Idol clue or no idol clue' I'm picking the big bag of beans. [CONF: People may say I should pick the idol clue, but I don't really need it.]

Brains tribe: *walks to beach*

Harry: *walks towards them* Hey everybody!

Taylor: *hugs Harry* Sorry again.

Harry: Don't say sorry. It was my own decision.

Brooklyn: *shakes Harry's hand*

Bridgette: [CONF: This was amazing. We had such a happy celebration together.]

Freddie: *hugs Taylor* [CONF: I'm actually here. It's actually the start of the game. *pretends to fan himself*]

Brawn Beach

Krystal: [CONF: This sucks. Hopefully I can get along with Jordan and completely forget this.] *picks idol clue* Time to look. *looks along the coast* Need to find a sideways tree... *sees three trees* [CONF: I need this idol. I don't care if I am a target or not. I need it since Jordan pegged me the weakest.]

Krystal: *looks up and sees the idol up high in a branch* How am I supposed to get that? [CONF: The idol is at least 30 feet high, up in this tree, and I need to find a way to get it.] *grabs a rock and throws it*

Rock: *hits idol*

Krystal: *grabs the idol as it falls off the tree* YES! YES YES YES! *puts it in her pocket and runs back to camp* [CONF: I got it! YES! *does a happy dance*]

Brawn Tribe: *walking to beach*

Krystal: *walks into camp* Hi guys!

Jordan: *puts bags down* What's up?

Krystal: Nothing much. Got this bag of rice for us.

Jordan: Awesome!

Owami: [CONF: Our tribe definitely is a bit awkward with each other. We came to the beach, we greeted each other, and the rest of the time, everybody started roaming around for alliances.]

Krystal: *walking with Neil* Would you want to work together?

Neil: Absolutey. 

Jordan: Nathan, we good?

Nathan: *nods* I got your back.

Owami: [CONF: I'm the only one who wasn't asked to be in an alliance though! What the heck? *laughs*]

Jordan: Me, you, and Nathan. Sound good?

Kylie: Mm-hmm.


Beauty Tribe

Brianna: I've been thinking... Us girls can dominate this game. Alliance?

Fay: 100 percent.

Ingrid: I'm never turning my back on you guys. We can do this.

Brianna: [CONF: I think a girls alliance is essential in this game. I needed to step up and ask for a girls alliance, and I got it.]

Ingrid: Peter is who we need out. He's been looking for the idol.

Fay: I had the suspicion he was looking for it.

Ingrid: I don't know if he has or not which is scary.

Brianna: If we lose the immunity challenge, we should just vote for him anyways. 

Ingrid: Sounds good.

-cuts to Peter and Greg-

Peter: They are gunning for me.

Greg: Sounds about right. 

Peter: If we can get Fernando, it's 3 vs 3, so at least we have a little chance of staying. 

Greg: Here he comes right now.

Fernando: *walks towards them* Hey have any of you seen our machete? I think Ingrid lost it.

Greg: Uh, no sorry.

Peter: Look Fernando, the girls have most likely aligned with each other and they are gunning for us, so we need you to join us in order to get one of them out.

Fernando: [CONF: This tribe is full of strategy and chaos. Sheesh. I'll start making alliances and meirda when I feel I need to. Right now, I don't need to.] I'll think about it. *walks off*

Peter: *eye rolls* He needs to get his head out of the gutter.

Greg: Let's just look for the idol now. We can deal with ponytail later.

Peter: Right. Okay, we need to find a sideways tree on the coast I think.

Greg: *walks onto the coast* There's three of them over there.

Peter: Let's go. *runs to trees*

Fay: *looks over* Peter and Greg are running away.

Ingrid: *looks* Why?

Fay: I think they are running to the tree.

Peter: *stops running* Which tree?

Greg: Look at this one first. *looks*

Ingrid: Looking for idol. Come on! *runs to tree*

Brianna and Fay: *get up and run*

Fernando: *goes back to camp and sees everybody running* Huh?!

Greg: Peter.

Peter: What?

Greg: Girls are coming.

Peter: Sh*t.

Ingrid: *stops* Hey guys!

Fay: What are you doing with the tree?

Peter: [CONF: UGH.] 

Greg: We were just hanging out over here.

Ingrid: [CONF: Lies lies lies lies lies.]

Brains Beach

Taylor: Harry, what was the decision you had to pick?

Harry: I either picked an idol clue and a small bag of rice, or no idol clue and a big bag of beans. I took the big bag of beans.

Taylor: [CONF: I love Harry. He's like my father, but I don't think he knows how to play the strategic game. He's being super kind and didn't get the idol clue. I would've been so happy if he did.] You should've got the idol clue in my opinion.

Harry: I don't really need it.

Taylor: Really?

Harry: I'm sure. [CONF: That darn idol is somewhere on our beach that's for sure, but I'm not interested in trying to get it.]

-cuts to Bridgett and Freddie-

Bridgett: Are we good Freddie?

Freddie: Absolutely. I have such a good vibe from you.

Bridgett: Same with you. 

Freddie: We definitely need more people.

Bridgett: I say we get Taylor and Harry. Brooklyn I don't trust and Redmond just does his own thing. 

Freddie: Sure thing. 

Brawn Beach

Krystal: *gets in her bikini and goes into the ocean*

Jordan: *in the shelter* She's a flirt.

Nathan: *nods*

Jordan: Neil is attached to her too much. Worried about that. 

Nathan: Same here. We got Kylie though, and Owami is with nobody, so we have majority.

Jordan: True. 

-Krystal and Neil in the water-

Krystal: Jordan and Nathan are looking at us.

Neil: They are talking about us I think.

Krystal: I f*cking hate them, especially Jordan.

Neil: I can see where you're coming from.

Krystal: I just wish we had majority.

Neil: Owami doesn't have anybody. If we get her, we are good to go.

Krystal: Let's do it.

Neil: But let's stay in here some more. Love seeing you in a bikini. *chuckles* [CONF: Krystal is a fun girl. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's feisty, I mean what more could you ask for? *laughs*]

Krystal: *chuckles* Oh my God Neil, stop it. *splashes him with water* [CONF: Neil is hilarious. I'm so glad I approached him about an alliance. He is just a fun guy to be around. Plus it's fun flirting with him. *chuckles*

Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in!

All 3 tribes: *walk in*

Jeff: Welcome to your first immunity challenge. Here's how it'll work. Each tribe has to get their cart and race it down their track until they get to a spot where they have to dig to find 2 bags of balls. Once you find those, put those 2 bags on the cart and continue racing on the track. Once you are at the end, you have to kick the ball into the hole in that wall. First two tribes to get at least 10 balls through the hole win immunity and reward. *uncovers immunity idol* Here is the idol and this is what you are also playing for. *uncovers flint* Fire in the form of flint! Worth playing for?

Everyone: Yes!

Jeff: Get set up and let's get started.

-Everyone gets set up-

Jeff: Okay, Survivors ready? ...........GO!

Jordan: *gets in front of cart* I pull, you push!

Nathan, Kylie, Neil, Owami: *pushing*

Krystal: *pulling with Jordan*

Jordan: Pull harder!

Krystal: Shut up.

Peter, Greg, Fernando: *Pushing cart*

Brianna, Ingrid, Fay: *pulling cart*

Ingrid: C'mon girls we got this...

Redmond, Freddie, Taylor: *pulling cart*

Harry, Brooklyn, Bridgett: *pushing*


Fay: F*ck off.

Brains: *at the digging spot*


Jordan: *pulling the cart* PUSH HARDER.

Nathan: *runs back and pushes the cart even harder*

Jordan: There we go.

Jeff: BRAWN TRIBE START DIGGING! Beauty tribe, you are far behind!

Peter: Let us pull, you guys push.

Girls: *go push*

Guys: *start pulling*

Peter: We're making progress now...

Taylor: *digging* C'mon guys let's find the bags.

Harry: *digs*

Freddie: *digs* I feel something!

Bridgett: *helps Freddie dig*

Freddie: *gets bag* We got one! *throws on cart*

Redmond: Hmm...

Brooklyn: Stop standing around Redmond and look for the f*cking bag!

Redmond: It's over in that spot. *starts digging and finds it* Told you.

Brooklyn: *disgusted face*

Redmond: *puts bag on cart* Let's go!

Neil: *starts digging*

Jordan: *digs*

Owami: Found one! *puts it on cart*

Krystal: You guys find both of them?

Jordan: Owami already found one.

Krystal: Oopsee.

Beauty: *finally get to digging spot*


Ingrid: *starts digging*

Greg: *digs*

Peter: *digs*

Fernando: *digs* Here is one.

Fay: *keeps digging*

Krystal: FOUND IT *gets the second bag*

Jordan: Same positions guys.


Bridgett: Who wants to kick the ball? Anybody good at soccer?

Taylor: I can do it. I played soccer for a few years in my teen years.

Bridgett: Here.

Taylor: *gets the balls out of the bag* Let's go! *kicks ball* *gets in the hole* 


Brianna: Got it! *puts bag on cart*

Peter: Let's go.


Neil: Let me kick.

Nathan: *empties out the balls* Go Neil!

Neil: *kicks ball* *misses* AGH!

Taylor: *kicks second ball in the hole*

Brains: *Cheers*

JEFF: IT IS 2 TO 0 TO 0!

Fernando: I'm Mexican, I play this all the time. *laughs* *kicks one ball in*

Neil: *kicks first ball in*

JEFF: 2-1-1!

Taylor: *kicks third ball in a row*

Neil: *kicks second ball in*

Fernando: *misses*

JEFF: 3-2-1

Taylor: *misses*

Neil: *makes it in*

Fernando: *makes it in*

Taylor: *makes it in*

Neil: *makes it in*

Fernando: *misses*

Jeff: 4-4-2! Fernando was close, it hit the hole and went the other way!

Taylor: *makes it in*

Neil: *misses*

Fernando: *misses*

Neil: *makes it in*

Taylor: *makes it in*


Fernando: *makes it in* *makes it in*

Jeff: Fernando with a good strategy of kicking 2 balls at once! 6-5-4.

Taylor: *makes it in*

Neil: *makes it in*

Fernando: *makes it in* *makes it in*

Jeff: Fernando quickly catching up! 7 FOR GAN, 6 FOR SULTAN, 6 FOR MINICOY!

Taylor: *makes it in*

Neil: *misses*

Fernando: *makes it in* *misses*

Jeff: Fernando barely missed it! 8-7-6!

Neil: *makes it in*

Taylor: *makes it in*

Jeff: Taylor needs to score one more for Gan to win! 9-8-6!

Fernando: *misses* *makes it in*

Taylor: *misses*


Neil: *makes it in*

Jeff: Taylor and Neil are now tied!

Fernando: *makes it in*

Taylor: *makes it in*


Neil: *misses*

Fernando: *makes it in* *makes it in*


Neil: *misses* UGH

Fernando: *misses*

Neil: *makes it in*


-cuts back to all tribes-

Jeff: Alright, Gan, here's your immunity idol and flint.

Brooklyn: Sweet.

Freddie: Alright!

Jeff: Head out! Sultan, yours. Head out!

Krystal: Thanks Jeff.

Neil: Awesome.

Jeff: Minicoy, got nothing for ya. I'll see you at tribal council later tonight. Head out.

Ingrid: [CONF: My tribe just lost and I think it's better if we take out Peter. He's a suspicious little rat.]

Beauty Tribe

Greg: *whispers to Brianna* So, what are you thinking?

Brianna: We need to vote off Peter.

Greg: I think we need to take Ingrid out of the game. 

Brianna: [CONF: Now Greg wants to take out my alliance!] Why her?

Greg: She's going to take advantage of you girls and I think it would be better to stay with me, Peter, and maybe Fernando.

Brianna: I'll think about it... 

-cuts to Brianna and ingrid-

Brianna: Are you trying to take advantage of me?

Ingrid: Huh? [CONF: I was so baffled when she asked me that. Absolutely not. What the f*ck?]

Brianna: I've been told you are just taking advantage of me. 

Ingrid: Never would I ever!

Brianna: Hmm.. [CONF: I don't know if I can trust Ingrid anymore but at the same time I don't know if I can trust Greg.]

-cuts to Fernando and Peter-

Peter: Who are you voting?

Fernando: I'm not sure at all. I mean, I've been thinking of voting out one of the girls. Completely useless in the challenge.

Peter: Ingrid?

Fernando: I was thinking Brianna.

Peter: *shakes head* We keep her. She is the outcast of the girls so if we can get her in with us, we vote out Ingrid 4-2 and it's done.

Fernando: Hmm. [CONF: I love how Peter acts like I am apart of his alliance when I never agreed to it in the first place. However, I may as well go join him in voting Ingrid.] I'll vote her with you.

Peter: Awesome. 

-Ingrid and Fay-

Ingrid: Brianna is paranoid.

Fay: How?

Ingrid: She thinks I'm taking advantage of you guys.

Fay: Wow. 

Ingrid: Unbelievable. And she's talking to the guys way more today.

Fay: Should we be worried?

Ingrid: *shakes head* Let's just take one final approach to her and then we go to tribal.

Fay: Sounds good I guess.

-Fernando, Peter, Greg, Brianna-

Peter: So are we all good on Ingrid?

Greg: Yup.

Fernando: I guess so.

Brianna: *stays silent*

Peter: Brianna?

Brianna: [CONF: I'm still very unsure if I should vote off Ingrid or not. Greg makes a good point and plus if I do vote her off, that avoids a tie, plus this alliance has the numbers. I'm still very confused.]

-Brianna, Fay, Ingrid-

Brianna: *packing up for tribal*

Ingrid: Brianna! 

Brianna: *turns around*

Ingrid: Are you voting Peter?

Fay: We're just checking in.

Brianna: I am not even sure.

Ingrid: [CONF: I am super nervous now. Brianna needs to stick with us so we can at least have a 3-3 vote!]


Jeff: Welcome to tribal council. Dip your torch into the fire because fire represents life and once your fire is gone, so are you. So, Peter, you were picked weakest by Ingrid. You were shocked before. Does it matter anymore to you?

Peter: It matters a lot to me actually. I didn't think it was fair that I was picked the weakest when these two *points to Fay and Brianna* don't do sh*t.

Fay: I do more than you...

Peter: *shrugs* Whatever.

Jeff: Ingrid, do you regret picking Peter as weakest?

Ingrid: Look, I had to pick someone and I had literally 30 seconds to pick someone, so I went with the scrawniest man on the tribe. In my opinion, I didn't think it would be fair to just pick a girl 'cause she looks weak. I wanted to pick a male only because I didn't find it fair to the girls.

Jeff: Greg, you hear that from Ingrid. What do you think?

Greg: I think she's against the males on this tribe. Us three are a dominate force and she definitely wants us gone.

Ingrid: *whispers to Fernando* Are you apart of them?

Fernando: *out loud* Look Ingrid, I'm not with the guys completely, okay?

Jeff: Fernando, what was that?

Fernando: She asked me if I was with the guys. I said I'd be voting their way, but that doesn't mean I'm aligned with them. Just like Brianna.

Brianna: *opens eyes wide*

Ingrid: Are you f*cking kidding me, Brianna?

Brianna: *looks down*

Jeff: Ingrid you're surprised.

Ingrid: Well, duh. I thought for sure she was girls strong, but apparently not. 

Brianna: Sorry.

Ingrid: *shakes head*

Jeff: Now there's a shift, Peter.

Peter: As long as I'm in the game I'm good. So, knowing Brianna will vote my way is great.

Ingrid: UGH!

Greg: Not our faults you can't handle the truth.

Peter: And by the way, I have the idol, so if you all are planning on voting me out, too bad.

Jeff: Should we vote?

Greg and Peter: Yes.

Ingrid: *shrugs* I guess.

Jeff: Fernando, you're up.

Fernando: *walks up*

Fay: *holding up parchment that says PETER* Get the f*ck out.

Greg: Sorry girl, it's your time to go.

Brianna: *not writing anything*

Brianna: *sits down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

Peter: *looks into bag*

Jeff: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play, now would be the time to do so.

Peter: *picks bag up*

Greg: *looks at Peter*

Peter: *puts bag back down*

Jeff: Okay, I'll read the votes.

Jeff: First vote... Peter.

Peter: *nods*

Jeff: Ingrid. 1 vote Peter, 1 vote Ingrid.

Jeff: .....Peter. 2 votes Peter, 1 vote Ingrid.

Greg: *looks at Fernando and Brianna*

Jeff: Ingrid, 2 votes Ingrid.

Ingrid: *looks down* Unbelievable.

Jeff: *flips vote* Ingrid. 3 votes Ingrid, 2 votes Peter, 1 vote left.

Peter: *fist bumps with Greg* We did it.

Fernando: *looking stern*

Ingrid: *looking intensely at Jeff*

Jeff: 1st person voted out of Survivor: Maldive Islands, *flips vote* Ingrid. You need to bring me your torch.

Ingrid: *stands up* G' luck Fay.

Fay: Thank you. *hugs her*

Peter: *smirks*

Greg: Good move, Brianna.

Brianna: *nods and looks away*

Ingrid: *puts torch down*

Jeff: Ingrid, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Ingrid: Bye guys. *walks away*

Fernando: *whispers to Brianna* Bad behavior on their part.

Brianna: *nods*

Peter: So f*cking glad that happened.

Greg: Yup.

Jeff: Well, that was an interesting vote. It seemed to be divided by gender, but maybe not anymore. Grab your torches, head out. Good night.


Ingrid: Wow...I'm not completely shocked that happened to be honest. I'm just shocked that Brianna flipped on me. I think it was a dumb move to not vote Peter out of this game, but hey, he outplayed and outwitted me. Good on him. I wish my girl Fay good luck though.


Redmond makes people worried.

"He won't talk to ANYBODY." ~ Taylor.

Fernando wants to make a power shift.

"I've had enough of The Wiggles over here. I like the girls much better."

And Brawn has love in the air!

"Krystal: CONF: Neil is hella cute."


Episode 2


Beauty Tribe

Fay: Wow.. *lays down torch* [CONF: I f*cking hate this tribe. My best ally just got voted out because of f*cking Peter, Greg, Fernando, and Brianna. UGH.]

Peter: *puts torch down* It's what was needed.

Fay: No it wasn't.

Peter: *eye roll* [CONF: She's just bitter because she's in the minority. No worries. Once we lose again she's out of here. Greg and I got this in the bag.]

Brains Tribe

Bridgett: Got some crabs!

Taylor: Awesome!

Freddie: Sweet.

Redmond: *looks at Bridgett and nods*

Brooklyn: Hmm... [CONF: When Bridgett comes back with food for us, everybody be happy about it, but Redmond just layin' down and nods at her. Like really? Do you talk? Oh my f*ckin' God.]

Freddie: *walking with Brooklyn* What are you thinking?

Brooklyn: I don't know... Redmond seems to be the clear outsider.

Freddie: Yeah I agree. He just sits there and watches all of us. 

Brooklyn: He's like a fart. Silent but deadly. He needs to go.

Freddie: I agree. If we lose the next challenge he's out of here.

Brooklyn: Good. [CONF: This is pretty easy to be honest. I got Freddie on board, now I just need to get everybody else and Redmond is gone.]

Brawn Beach

Jordan: *finds an idol clue on the ground* What's this? [CONF: I wake up to go get some coconuts... and I see an idol clue on the ground so I pick it up and read it.] Up in a tree for sure... *looks at trees* 

Neil: Jordan's been gone for a pretty long time. What do you think he's doing?

Kylie: He's probably having trouble getting the coconuts.

Neil: It's not that hard...

Nathan: I'll go check on him. *goes to Jordan*

Jordan: *hears someone coming* Sh*t... 

Nathan: Jordan?

Jordan: Oh Nathan it's you!

Nathan: Where are the coconuts?

Jordan: Haven't got them yet. Was trying to find an idol.

Nathan: *takes idol clue* It's up in a tree on the coast. 

Jordan: Wow. [CONF: I'm so f*cking dumb.] *looks up in all the trees on the coast* It's nowhere.

Nathan: It might've been already found.

Jordan: Already found? Oh my God.

Nathan: It's just a possibility.

Jordan: If it's already been found, we might be in trouble. I know Kylie doesn't have it. Owami doesn't have it. It's Neil or Krystal.

Nathan: Then we vote one of them out. 

Jordan: This is a risky move, man.

Nathan: Mhm.

Beauty Beach

Peter: *gets 2 big spoonfuls of rice and eats both* Tired of just rice.

Brianna: [CONF: Peter's behavior around camp is just...annoying. He eats so much of our rice and acts like he's the dictator. I so regret voting with him.]

Greg: Jeez bro chill out with the rice. *laughs*

Peter: There's nothin' to eat, man. I'll eat this entire bag if I want to! *laughs*

Brianna: *walks with Fay in the jungle* I'm done with those two. I should've just stuck with you and Ingrid. I'm so stupid.

Fay: You're not stupid. They just manipulated you. 

Brianna: Well, now we need to get Fernando on our side.

Fay: That's going to be tough...


Greg: I can't wait for Fay to get out of here. Her little alliance is like the Roman Empire. It starts off good then just crumbles to pieces.

Peter: What if we just threw the immunity challenge just to see them get out of here? *laughs*

Greg: Nah dude, that's not fair. 

Fernando: Hmph. [CONF: Greg and Peter are so disrespectful. It makes me sick.]

Peter: We probably will lose, Greg. Brianna and Fay have absolutely no strength within them.

Greg: True that fam.

Fernando: [CONF: I've had enough of the Wiggles over here. I like the girls much better. They are way more respectful. Peter and Greg aren't large and in charge of this tribe. They are going down.]


Brains Beach

Harry: *at camp* 

Taylor: Tell us about that one story, Harry!

Harry: Aw alright. So... uh, um, I was 26 years old. And me and my friends went to a resturaunt to go eat and there's this girl that's the waitress... Beautiful girl. I ask her if she would like to date some time. She said she would. The following weeks we dated some more, and I honestly fell in love.

Girls: Aww!!

Harry: 4 years after, I propose, she says yes. Our marriage was the happiest day of my life and I've never stopped loving her. Such an amazing woman honestly. *starts to tear up*

Taylor: *tears up* [CONF: Harry is like my father honestly. He's such an angel. I know that I miss my boyfriend back home just like he misses his wife.]

Freddie: Great story, Harry. 

Harry: Thank you. [CONF: Sometimes you just got to get away from the strategy and just talk about your personal life. There's no harm in it at all. It's just a relaxing feeling, you know?]

Bridgett: Beautiful, Harry.

Brawn Beach

Krystal: *kisses Neil on the cheek* [CONF: Neil is hella cute. Seriously, I might be falling in love. But I don't want it to distract me too much. I'll play around with Neil for a bit but then after, it's game talk time.]

Neil: *hugs Krystal* 

Krystal: Listen, we need to get Owami on our side quick. The guys already have Kylie. 

Neil: Got it. Should we go now?

Krystal: Yeah I think so. 

Neil: Okay. [CONF: Owami is our only hope on this tribe to at least create a tie if we go to tribal. This is scary.]


Krystal: Owami.

Owami: Yes?

Krystal: Have Nathan and Jordan asked you for an alliance?

Owami: [CONF: Out of nowhere, Krystal comes and asks me if I'm in an alliance with Jordan and Nathan. Look, clearly she needs someone to be with her and Neil, and I'm happy to go along with them. I'm not staying with them the entire game however. I'll stick with them for a while though.] No, I haven't talked game with them at all. 

Krystal: Okay thank God. I cannot stand those two. They are leading this tribe and we need to get one of them out. [CONF: All I needed to do was to get Owami on my side and I did. Now, if we lose, it's most likely a 3-3 split. Damn...]


Immunity Challenge

Jeff: Come on in!

Everybody: *Walks in*

Jeff: Okay, I'll take that back Sultan and Gan. *takes the immunity pieces* Today's immunity challenge: Each tribe will have to run through this river to get a heavy log. You'll have to carry the log through a lot of obstacles. Once you get it in the cradle, you will untie a ball from the log and use it with a slingshot to hit 3 targets. The first two tribes to finish win immunity and reward. Reward is... FISHING GEAR! Who's going to sit out on Sultan and Gan?

Harry: Me.

Krystal: Me.

Jeff: Okay let's get started.


Jeff: Sultan, you get the fishing gear and immunity. Minicoy, fishing gear and immunity. Gan, got nothing for you. Head back to camp. 

Brooklyn: [CONF: We lost immunity. Okay. That's fine. Bye bye Redmond.]

Brains Beach

Freddie: That sucked.

Bridgett: Mhm.

Taylor: [CONF: Now that we lost, our tribe can finally start talking strategy. We haven't really done any of it the last few days and now we're going to.]

Brooklyn: *gets Freddie, Taylor, Harry, and Bridgett* Redmond is the plan. No questions asked.

Taylor: I know right. He won't talk to ANYBODY. 

Bridgett: It makes me kind of nervous to be honest.

Freddie: *nods* He's just not good for this game.

Brooklyn: Definitely. 

Bridgett: I guess it's settled then. [CONF: An easy vote off tonight. It's going to be 5-1 and Redmond goes home.]


Jeff: Dip your torches in the fire. Fire represents life. Okay so, Freddie, how's life at camp going?

Freddie: Pretty good. We all get along great to be honest except for Redmond.

Jeff: Redmond why are you out of the loop?

Redmond: *shrugs*

Taylor: Here's the thing, Jeff. He never talks or socializes with anybody else. It's kind of scary.

Jeff: Brooklyn, why do you think that's scary?

Brooklyn: He's trying to get information from us by just sitting there actin' like he dead. If there a switch anytime soon and he survives, he gonna go tell the other peoples our plans and stuff, you know?

Jeff: Harry, could the vote go any other way or does it seem like Redmond is going?

Harry: Redmond, I hate to break it to ya, but you're going. It's nothing personal, it's just we need you out because of the reasons Brooklyn just stated.

Jeff: Should we just vote?

Bridgett: Yes.

Jeff: Bridgett, you're up.

Freddie: *parchment with REDMOND* Sorry dude. We can't let you advance any further.

Redmond: *parchment with BROOKLYN* *nods* *puts it in urn*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes. 

Freddie: *looks at Redmond*

Redmond: *picks up his bag*

Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Harry: *camera pans on him*

Jeff: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff: First vote...Redmond. 



Jeff: Brooklyn.

Brooklyn: *confused*

Jeff: Redmond. 2 votes Redmond, 1 vote Brooklyn.








Jeff: Redmond. Three votes Redmond, one vote Brooklyn.

Bridgett: *nodding to Brooklyn*

Jeff: 2nd person voted out of Survivor: Maldive Islands, Redmond. You need to bring me your torch.

Redmond: *Scoffs and grabs his torch*

Brooklyn: Nice work y'all.

Redmond: *puts torch down*

Jeff: Redmond, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Redmond: *walks away*

Jeff: Obvious vote out. Good luck guys. Good night.

Final Words

Redmond: It sucks. *shrugs*


Greg and Peter think they're on top.

"She's a goner."

Jordan is fed up with Krystal.

Jordan: [CONF: She's a nuisance. I can't believe how dumb she is.]

And an unexpected friendship forms on the Brains tribe.

Bridgett: [CONF: Brooklyn is so freaking cool. OHMYGOD.]

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