Due to "problems" the season is being moved to Jordan. So, 16 contestants, 21 days, who knows what the f--- will happen? So, it's newcomers only! No returnees (your character has to be a newbie)

Sign Ups (CLOSED)

Mongoose (CLOSED)

  1. Kesha-SethAllred343
  2. Hayley-SethAllred343
  3. Sam-Mrdaimion
  4. George Wes holden
  5. Miles-First123
  6. Andrew-First123
  7. Anonymous-teamnoah123
  8. Bob-teamnoah123

El Bey

  1. Gerard-Sunslicer2
  2. Boo-Sunslicer2
  3. Destinee-LeShawnafan
  4. Emika - Kevvy9
  5. Abby-Nduke
  6. Teresa-Nduke
  7. Jun, The Cocky Japanese Guy - Fanny
  8. Erik-124


Jeff: Welcome Castaways

George: why did we have toi swim here from samoa

Jeff: Um, no. You 20 went home and then some of you got re-casted.

George: Well I swam becuase everybody else left me behind

James: Hey guys

Emika: Hey guys

Miles: Hi.

Andrew: Let's party!


Hayley: Crazy.

Geroge: After I win the million

Andrew: This is gonna be awesome!

Miles: Andrew can you calm down you always get carried away with parties.

James: *makes the beat to boom boom pow* I love that song

Emika: *sings boom boom pow*

Jeff: Okay

George: Lets do a challenge

Jeff: Not yet...

Hayley: George, alliance?

Holden: sure

Hayley: YES

James: *plays around the world vs bust a move and dances to it*

Emika: *dances*

Day 1

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Let's get to work!

Kesha: Tik Tok

George: kay

Kesha: Do-d-d-d-d-d-do my m-m-m-m--m-m-m-m-m-y work for me.

Hayley: *starts shelter*

Anonymous:*starts working on shelter*

George: *helps*

Kesha: *starts dancing*

Hayley: *looks* Gross *goes back to shelter*

Kesha: FINE! I'll do work. *calls agent* give me a f----- lighter NOW!

Hayley: *to George* If we lose, she is OUT!

George: lets see what happens around camp and at the challenge first

Sam: *looks up from the book he was reading, leaning against a tree* ... Want some help with the shelter?

Hayley: Yeah

Sam: *sighs* Fine. *helps*

Holden: Our tribe rocks

El Bey Chat

Jun: それは誰もがここにいるように見えます...私は決勝にただ乗りを意味しているね! (Translation: It appears to seem that no one is here... I guess that means a free ride to the finals!)

Emika: You won't make the finals

Jun: 何!あなたが日本語を話す?どのようにあなたは私の外国語を話すのですか?私のです!愚かなアメリカ人。 (Translation: WHAT! You speak Japanese? How do you speak my foreign language? Is mine! Stupid Americans.)

Emika: I learned it when I went to japan

Jun: 愚かな少女を走行。(は、conf)ああ、私はこれらの愚かな都市民俗の楽しさを作ってやっていくで得ることができると思った。白痴Emika。(Translation: Stupid traveling girl. (conf) Oh, I thought I could get by making fun of these stupid city folk and get by. Idiot Emika.)

Emika: I was a famous singer until my record label dumped me

Jun: はい、とても信じられない。(Translation: Yes, very believable.)

Destinee: Um ok then...(CONF) What the heck is that dude saying?

Immunity Challenge #1

Jeff: So, here is the challenge. You both have 2 camels, and they need to be stuffed with a lot of worms. You have 120 buckets of them to put in the camel. Then, you need to carry the camel, YES, I said carry, to a fire where you will throw the camel in there. 1st tribe to do so WINS immunity! GO!

Hayley: *starts putting worms in the camel*

Kesha: EWW worms

George *stuffs camel full of worms*

Jun: 私は完全な英語と日本語が、なぜ分捕り私の母国語を理解できますか?(Translation: I understand full English and Japanese, but why spoil my native tongue?) *stuffs some worms into the camel and manages to eat one as well. (conf) ああ、おふくろの味。(Translation: Aw, tastes likes Mom's cooking.)

Destinee: *Starts putting worms into camel and almost pukes* (CONF) Ok worms and gross and all, but that guy just ate one! That's messed up in so many ways.

Sam: Ugh... Sorry team, I am NOT doing this, I want no part in a camel being thrown into a fire.

Hayley: IT'S FAKE! *puts more worms in* If we lose you are getting eliminated, sparkey.

Emika: *starts stuffing the camel with worms* (CONF) I don't want the camel to die but I have to do it for my team

Jun: *stuffs more worms in it* (conf) なんだ?人々は私が彼らの前にワームを食べたことがないかを見てください!日本に帰って、ワームは、特権であった。 (Translation: What the hell? People look at me like they've never eaten a worm before! Back in Japan, worms were a privelege.)

Sam: Maybe, but the worms aren't.

Hayley: It's not gonna kill you *puts more worms in*

Sam: No, but it will kill the worms.

Emika: *stuff the camel with worms some more*

George: *continues stuffing the first camel*

Anonymous:*starts stuffing camel*

Hayley: *finishes camel one* YES

Kesha: THIS PLACE ABOUT TO BLOW *throws bomb But picks it up*

Jeff: Ok, so, Mongoose are in the lead!

Miles: Now what guys?

Andrew: I think we carry it

Sam: *is knocked unconcious by the bomb*

Hayley: We still got a 2nd camel!

Jun: *stuffs the last of the worms* チームメイト、さあ!私たちは一緒にこれではまだです!我々は、失われることはありません!(Translation: Come on, teammates! We are still in this together! We won't lose!)

Miles: *Starts stuffing the second camel*

Andrew: *Also starts stuffing the 2nd camel*

Hayley/Kesha: *stuffing really fast*

Jeff: I forgot to mention the fact that there are also bombs out there. So, if it goes off, you'll need 2 new camels and a whole lot of worms.

Destinee: *Contiues stuffing*

Hayley: (CONF) I don't trust Destinee at all.

Kesha: TIK TOK

George: *continues stuffing*

Hayley: Wait, we're out?

Kesha: I ate them.

Andrew: So that means we lost?

Miles: Oh...

Jeff: You need to find more worms.

Miles: Where can we find some worms...

Andrew: Hmm...

George; *looks for more worms*

Hayley: UGH

Miles: Why did Kesha want to eat worms in the first place?

Hayley: SHE'S KESHA!

Andrew: I can't find any worms.

Miles: Let's still search*Continues searching for the worms*


Miles: So we lost.

Jeff: Pretty much yeah. El Bey wins by default!

Tribal Council #1: Mongoose

Jeff: Time to vote!

Hayley: I vote Kesha

Kesha: I vote Sam

Andrew: Kesha lost us the challenge so I vote for Kesha.

Miles: Kesha.

George: Kesha

Sam: *rubbing his head* Kesha knocked me unconcious and she lost us the challenge, I vote for her.

Jeff: The tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch* It's time for you to go.

Kesha's Final Words

I tried to be a good tribemate, but I get voted out on the 1st day. It sucks but it's okay.

Day 2

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Don't let that lost effect us. Mogo Mogo lost 1st and won all the challenges until merge after that. We can do this!

George: thats becuase my brother is the best survivor player ever

Hayley: You're Holden's brother?

Sam: (CONF) Frankly, I'm glad Kesha cost us the challenge or else I'd be a goner...

Hayley: Sam, you're next

Sam: *rolls eyes* For what, having a concious?

Hayley: If you help us out in the next challenge, I'll take you to the final 2 to replace George.

George: How about the final 3 and then every person for themsevles

El Bey Chat

Boo: *screams*

Destinee: Why are you screaming?

Reward Challenge #1

Jeff: COME ON IN GUYS! El Bey is getting their 1st look at the new Mongoose tribe. Kesha voted out at the last tribal council. Okay, so, your competing for reward today. So, your challenge is Attack Of The Bomb. So, you'll have to go through 3 obstacles. Each one has a bomb that can go off at any time and will bring you to the previous obstacle. Once you get to the Climax, you will unlock the cage, you have a ticket. Bring it back to me at the next obstacle, but if the bomb goes off, then the other tribe wins. Winners get a night at a beautiful cafe with an outdoor pool and a lovely bedroom.

Obstacle 1

Hayley: Let's go. GO GO GO!

George: *goes*

Sam: *runs through the obstacle course*

Hayley: *running* What the? *BOOM* Aw Come On

Sam: So, we lost?

Jeff: NO. Just you have to start over.

Hayley: LET'S DO THIS S---

Sam: Good. *runs back to the starrt, then runs through the course again*

Miles: *Starts running*

Andrew: *Follows*

Hayley: There not even trying :P

George: *makes it throught he obsatcle*

Jun: *jumps through* チームメイトの是非しようが失わではない!(Translation: Let's go team! Come on we can't lose!)

Miles and Andrew: *Continue running*

Sam: *does the obstacle again* Thanks alot Hayley...

Hayley: Just be freakin lucky this was a reward challenge

Miles: *Starts all over*

Andrew: *Also starts over*

Hayley: Carry me! I'm to lazy.

Destinee: *Runs* Gah, I need to catch up with my team!

Hayley: *pushes her*

Sam: *finishes the obstacle*

Destinee: *Gets back up and begins running again*

Miles: *Goes to the next obstacle*

Andrew: *Follows*

Hayley: *finishes*

Destinee: *Finishes obstacle 1 and makes it to obstacle 2*

Obstacle 2

Hayley: YES obstacle 2 :) *starts running more*

Sam: *also starts running*

Hayley: *running even further* (CONF) Today is rocking! *runs more*

Sam: *runs faster*

Hayley: *does the limbo*

Jun: あなた怠惰ラバの是非あなたが天井から落ちて四年の歳月をかけ私の古いシェキの自家製オレンジマーマレードよりも遅いよ!うわ、我々は今失うよ。私はその報酬が欲しい!(Translation: Come on you lazy mules! You're slower than my old sheki's homemade orange marmalade which took four years to fall from the ceiling! Ugh, we're gonna lose now. I want that reward!) *runs through the second obstacle, jumping over a bomb*

Hayley: OH S--- *bomb explodes and takes them back to obstacle one!

George *helps haley up*

Miles: *Running*Come on team we can do it!

Andrew: *Runs*

George *runs*

Destinee: *Begins running*

Obstacle 3

George: *makes it to the third obstacle*

Hayley: H*** YEAH! *continues running* (CONF) This is an easy win for us!

Miles & Andrew: *Continues running*

Hayley: *makes it to climax*


Obstacle 4

Finish Line


Day 3

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Okay guys. We are going to win! WIN WIN WIN

Sam: *coughs* We better.

Hayley: Oh We ARE!

George: totally

Hayley: (CONF) Please, those 2 actually think I'm taking them to the final 2? They are out BEFORE merge!

Sam: 'Kay then.

Hayley: (CONF) George is next (OUTSIDE) We're voting off Sam next!

George: why don't we just vote off somebody whose is doing nothing rather than somebody who is helping a lot

Hayley: Do what you want to do! We don't even know who's gonna win the f***ing challenge!!

El Bey Chat

Immunity Challenge #2

Jeff: It is very simple. Rock, Paper, Scissors. So, you pick a number 1-3 , and whoever wins gets a point for their tribe. Only Sam and Jun are doing the challenge. Also, you will not know which one is Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Jun, take your 1st pick!

Jun: 1.

Jeff: Sam take your pick!

Sam: 2

Jeff: One point for Mongoose! 2 was Paper, 1 was rock! Time for round 2!

Jun: 3.

Sam: 2

Jeff: Point for El Bey! 3 was paper and 2 was rock!

Sam: 2

Jun: 1.

Jeff: Okay! Another point for Mongoose! 2 was Paper, 1 was rock. Since it was best 2/3, MONGOOSE WINS IMMUNITY!

Hayley: Yes!

Sam: Repetitiveness saves the day once again!

Tribal Council #2: El Bey

Abby: Jun

Teresa: Jun

Gerard: Teresa

Boo: *screaming* TERESA

Jun: テレサ。簡単な投票は、申し訳ありませんが、何かを学ぶ。(Translation: Teresa. An easy vote, sorry but learn to do something.)

Jeff: Okay, this is only open until 77.

Destinee: Teresa. At least and try to help next time.

Jeff: I'm bored. Anyway, Teresa, the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch*

Teresa's Final Words


Day 4

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: (CONF) Okay. George is going down and Sam is gonna be blindside!

George To our team

Hayley: To our team.

Anonymous:To our team.

Hayley: *to Anonymous* Vote out George next.

George: ( CONF) Haley has been acting really wierd around me like she doesn't want me here so hopefully thats not the case

Hayley: *to Sam* vote out George next

El Bey Chat

Day 5

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: *thinking*

George: lets win today

Hayley: Yeah. I LOVE to see the other tribe vote someone out. It's fun to win!

El Bey Chat

Challenge 3

Jeff: Today's challenge is a race. 1st one at the finish line wins for their team!

Jun: *starts running fast*

Hayley: *starts running* (CONF) Should I throw the challenge? I mean I want George gone, but I will not throw it!

George: *runs*

Hayley: *runs some more* George if we lose vote Sam!.

Miles: *Starts running*

Andrew: *Also starts running*

George: *runs* Uh Sam's in our alliance so lets vote out somebody else

Miles: *Continues running*

Andrew: *Running*This is tiring...

Jun: *runs ahead of everyone*

Destinee: *Begins Running*

Sam: *runs*

Boo: *sees a squirrel behind him and starts sprinting* SAVE ME!!!!!

Hayley: Chicken

Anonymous:*starts running*I WILL WIN

Hayley: (CONF) Either Anonymous or George *pulls George in* Vote Anonymous!

George: Fine *runs some more*

Hayley: *runs likes it's 1999* COME ON TRIBE!

George: *keeps running* I'm almost there

Jun: *runs past the finish line* はい!我々はそれを作ったよ!(Translation: Yes! We made it!) Jeff: Jun wins it for El Bey! Mongoose I'll see you at tribal!

Tribal Council #3: Mongoose

Hayley: Sorry, but Anonymous.

George: Anon

Sam: Anonymous

Miles: Anonymous.

Andrew: Anonymous.

Jeff: Anonymous the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Anonymous' Final Words

Anonymous:umm..........i kindof expected it, im not gonna give a speech*walks off screen*(TN:sorry i havent done much, my computer has been broken and i can only get on when i use someone elses)

Day 6

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Sorry for voting you George. It's you, me, and Sam to the final 3!

Sam: *rolls eyes* Woohoo.

Hayley: Wow Sam. Nice. (CONF) They will be out at merge, but it will cost me votes from jury but I can plead my case as well as I can!

George: To the final three

Hayley: To the final 3 (CONF) Maybe I need to rethink this. (OUT OF CONF) Okay, we vote out Bob next.

Sam: Fair enough.

Hayley: I'm gonna go get firewood. Anyone want to come with me?

Sam: -sighs- I guess I have to...

Hayley: *collects firewood* Sam do you like George?

Sam: I guess, in a non-gay way...

Hayley: Well I know that, but I meant as an alliance member. Do you trust him enough to go to the final 3 with him?

Sam: -pauses- I guess, although he did try to vote you out before...

Hayley: Well, I guess we're dominating the camp at least. Well, sorta.

Sam: Yeeeep.

El Bey Chat

Day 7

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: *writes down plans* (CONF) I hope the challenge is easy

Sam: *sits on a stump*

Hayley: What do you think the challenge will be?

El Bey Chat

Jun: (conf) うーん、我々は次の時間を失う場合、私が誰に投票ですか?それは私のオプションは、アビーとエリックに制限されていますようです。(Translation: Hmm, if we lose next time who should I vote out? It seems my options are limited to Abby and Erik.)

Destinee: (CONF) Meh, if our team loses I really don't know who will go. It could be anyone.

Immunity/Reward Challenge #1

Jeff: Today's challenge is COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR! Only 4 of you will compete though. All you have to do is write down a joke and I'll judge them later!

Sam's Joke for Mongoose

Sam: *thinks for a moment* So, a man walks into a bar right? And you know what he said? "Ouch".

SCORE: 5/10

George's Joke For Mongoose

A smart blonde and a dumb blonde both jump off a cliff at the same time. Who lands first?
The dumb blonde because smart blondes don't exist.

SCORE: 3/10

Destinee's Joke for El Bey

Destinee: There is this blonde going to Disney World. She sees a sign that says, "Disney World left". She turns around and goes home.


Boo's Joke for El Bey

A man was in a restaurant one day when he suddenly realized he desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so he timed his gas with the beat of the music.

After a couple of songs, he started to feel better. He finished his coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at him....

Then he suddenly remembered that he was listening to his iPod

SCORE: 9/10

Tribe Totals

Mongoose: 8/20

El Bey: 16/20

EL BEY WINS AGAIN! They ALSO Get a reward. A night at a fabulous cafe!

Tribal Council #4: Mongoose

Hayley: Bob

Sam: Bob.

George: Bob

Miles: Bob

Andrew: Bob.

Jeff: Bob the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Bob's Final Words


El Bey Reward

Day 8

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Well. It's us 5. Hopefully to the final 5. We are going to squash them! LIKE A BUG!

George: K

Sam: Yes, we TOTALLY are. *rolls eyes*

Hayley: The kind of behavior gets you eliminated. BELIEVE IN THE TRIBE!

Sam: Fine, fine, woohoo throw those killer balls tribe. *fistpumps saracastically* (Noah reference FTW!)

Hayley: Sarcastic. Nice.

El Bey Chat

Day 9

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Is it that a fake pizza? Cause that is very misleading! (CONF) I'm not feeling great. I woke up with a fever which luckily went down but I'm throwing up and hungry but I won't eat food!

George: Another challlenge today

Hayley: I know. But I feel like I'm gonna...oh s--- *pukes* UGH (CONF) I might quit. If my tribe loses I'm voting myself!

El Bey Chat

Jun: (conf) なぜ私は私のチームに参加している唯一のひとりだが怖いようですね。我々が失われた場合、私はあなたに言って、私は私は投票することができると確信しています。(Translation: Why do I seem scared that I'm the only one participating on my team. I'm telling you, if we lose, I'm confident I can't be voted out.)

Immunity Challenge #3: Sand Ski

Jeff: Today, your challenge is skiing! Sand Skiing that is! It's a race. Whoever can make it down faster wins for their tribe. Sam and Jun are competing.

George GO SAM

Sam: Why do I always have to compete in these? *starts skiing*

Hayley: (CONF) Okay. I feel like I have to quit. But I'm not a quitter!

Jun: *starts skiing ahead of Sam* 私は袋の敗者で、このゲームを持っている!(Translation: I've got this game in the bag loser!)

Hayley: *coughs*

Jun: *keeps skiing but hits and rock and trips head over heels*

Hayley: XD. *throws rock at Sam* (CONF) I'm trying to throw the challenge.

Sam: *trips onto Jun* Thanks a-lot Hayley!

Hayley: *breaks down*

Jun: *hits a mine and flies back* AAAAHHHH

Hayley: NO NO NO NO!

Sam: *is half-way to the finish line*

Hayley: Help me!

George: *hits haley on the head and knocks her out *Go Sam

Sam: *7/8's there*

Jun: *rolls down the hill, runs over Hayley, and knocks Sam past the finis line*

Miles: Aw, crud.

Andrew: Ditto

George: WE WON

Sam: Woohoo! My mad skills are awesome, no?

Miles: Oh, I thought Jun passed it.Good Job Sam!

Hayley: Maybe we can go to the final 5!

Tribal Council #5: El Bey

Destinee: I vote Emika.

Jun: Emika、愚かな旅行都市の少女、プラス。何かを学ぶ。(Translation: Emika, stupid traveling city girl, plus. LEARN TO DO SOMETHING.)

Emika: Erik do something

Boo: Emika.

Gerard: Emika.

Jeff: Emika the tribe has spoken!

Emika's Final Words

Day 10

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: (CONF) Yesterday's win really helped me.

Sam: *lies back on a stump*

George: This competiton is a blast

Miles: Yeah, and we finally won!

Hayley: I'm glad I didn't quit!

Miles: You were trying to quit?

Andrew: Wierd...

Hayley: I felt like crap yesterday. So I thought about it!

George: Are team rocks

El Bey Chat

Destinee: (CONF) We need to win the next challenge.

Day 11

Mongoose Chat

Hayley: Challenge today! Think we can do it again?

George: Yep

Hayley: AWESOME! I Can't believe we're merging tomorrow!

El Bey Chat

Immunity Challenges

Jeff: Wondering why I said challenges? Oh, because both tribes are voting someone out! So, you each have different challenges

Mongoose Challenge


  2. SAM
  3. MILES

I will post which I got later and I got 2 so Sam is immune!

El Bey Challenge

Jeff: Talk. 1st comment wins!

Jun: Eh.


Tribal Councils

Mongoose Tribal Council

Hayley: Andrew

George: Andrew

Sam: Andrew

Miles: Uh...I vote for...Andrew.

Andrew: Why me?

Miles: All you do is talk about parties.

Andrew: I vote for George.

Jeff: Andrew the tribe has spoken! *snuffs his torch*

El Bey Tribal Council

Boo: Erik

Gerard: Erik

Jeff: Erik Boo/Gerard have spoken *snuffs his torch*

Andrews/Erik's Final Words

So close to the merge!Well bye guys!And also I have a thing to say first you will never get invited to my party!(Still about Parties, xD)


Jeff: We have a couple announcments! The final 9 have merged into Roki Roki (ROW-KEY ROW-KEY)! But, here's the twist. The merge will be like Big Brother! Winner gets Head Of Island, nominates 2 people, and the rest votes! SOOO, Good luck!

Jun: 私はマージすることを作ったよ!これはすごいです!(Translation: I made it to the merge! This is awesome!)

George: (CONF) I made it to the merge

Day 12

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: Hey new tribe!

Holden: final 9

Hayley: YUP! So, what was it like being El Bey? Eh, dumb question.

Day 13

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: Reward Challenge today!

Sam: *rolls eyes sarcastically* Woohoo.

Hayley: UGH

Sam: Can we get this challenge started already?

Hayley: You know what would be funny, if after this camp, we are in another camp! *Goes to Survivor R US* I remember you from somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it! (XD)

Sam: You're right, that would be just hilarious.

(Seth: Double Reference FTW) Hayley: I know, right!

Sam: *rolls his eyes*

Sam: *comes back from the reward* Hey...

Hayley: *collecting firewood* Shouldn't you be with your mom?

Sam: *snaps at her* Well, she left immedietly, 'kay? My mom hates me, alright?

Hayley: Well that's sad. By sad I mean pathetic (She's supposed to be a b**ch)

Sam: *looks at the ground* Thanks for the words of comfort... *lies down*

Hayley: Sorry. Still p*ss*d at losing the challenge. I wanted to talk to my family.

Miles: *Walks in randomly*Hi!

Hayley: AHH WHAT THE H---! You scared the s--- out of me!

Miles: Oh, sorry.

Sam: *sighs* It's fine...

Hayley: Good. Sam, I have a question.

Sam: Yes?

Hayley: Do you think I'm a b**ch?

Sam: Honestly? Sometimes.

Hayley: Well, I'm nice in real life. It's only a game. Do you believe that?

Sam: That you're nice in real life? Yea.

Hayley: *sighs* It's kinda hard to explain. Just, my family has been SLAUGHTERED in reality shows. I mean, Seth got out 2nd in TDHS, got 2nd in Uruguay, Eric got out 1st in Tiki Island, and Kesha got out 1st this season! It f***ing sucks!

Sam: Wow, your family gets into a lot of reality shows...

Hayley: Yeah it-

Eric: *poofs out of no where* I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE

Hayley: *gives him a Lindsay finger and storms off* (CONF) How the crap did THAT happen?

Miles: What the?

Hayley: *crying on the beach*

Miles: (CONF)Wow, Hayley must feel bad.

Sam: *walks over to Hayley* Are you alright?

Hayley: No. Why did that ************ have to come into my life again!

Destinee: What's wrong with that girl? *Points to Hayley*

George: she's just going through a rough spot, but she will get over it eventually

Reward Challenge

Jeff: So, looks like these suckas have merged! Heh Heh. So, your challenge will be the most epic challenge yet!

Hayley: What is it called?

Jeff: Most Epic Challenge Yet. Anyway, so, you are going into the Jordan River, swim down to the bottom and get a key chain. Then, when you get back up you have to run an obstacle course. 1st person at the finish line WINS immunity from tomorrows nominations! And A reward, a night at a beautiful resort with one of their family members! GO!

Hayley:*starts swimming*

Sam: *jumps in the water*

Jun: *dives in and starts swimming the Japanese Sushi Roll move*

Hayley: *hits Jun* Oopsie!

Sam: *swims past both of them while they're distracted*

Hayley: (CONF) I got a plan. I do not need immunity cause I won't get nominated. DUH. It's common logic. There to scared. But, tomorrow, when I win, I will nominate George and Sam. Do they actually think there going to final 3, cause, well, that's a whole bunch of bull----.

Sam: *grabs the key-chain and starts swimming back up*

Jun: *grabs the key chain and swims back* Heh heh

Hayley: Both of you KNOCK IT OFF! I get the key-chain. *steals it from Jun* SEE YOU LATER SUCKAS!

Sam: -still has his key-chain, and is back to the surface*

Hayley: NOOOOOOO! *climbs surface* Get back here crapper (No good comebacks :P)

Sam: Nevah! *starts doing the obstacle course*

Hayley: *whispering* He is soo getting nominated.

Destinee: *Dives into the water*

Sam: *half-way through the course*

Jun: *is swimming*

George: *dives into water*

Hayley: Ha. Pathetic losers *runs more*

Sam: *three-fourths through now* I know, right?

Hayley: *throws a rock at Sam*

Sam: *is hit and starts bleeding but doesn't stop running, and is almost to the finish line*

Jun: *swims past the finish line*

Sam: *runs past the finish line since its on land* (Fanny, that was a total god-mod. -.-)

Jeff: SAM WINS! Sam, you will not be nominated at all tomorrow

Hayley: (CONF) S***

Jeff: You also get to spend the night with on of your family member. Who do you want to see?

Sam: *shrugs* My mom, I suppose.

Jeff: Come on in! You have the night to yourselves! The rest head back to camp!

Sam's Reward

Sam: So, uh, mom, I made the f9, and I get a guarranteed pass to the f8... I'm doing a pretty good job, aren't I?

Sam's Mom: Yea. Sure. Whatever. I don't care. *walks out*

Sam: *sadly goes back to the camp*

Day 14

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: (CONF) I hope I win HOI. But I decided I'm gonna take Sam to the final 2. And I MIGHT bring George to the finals.

Sam: (CONF) Good, for once I can just relax two days in a row with no fear of being eliminated whatsoever...

Hayley: What is that? *Points to a picture of a butt*

Sam: What the hell?

Hayley: Yeah, I agree!

Destinee: *Looks at picture* Who ever owns that is messed up.

Hayley: Destinee, yes. That is true!

Sam: *rips it up, and throws it into the ocean* Now that that's over with...

Hayley: Okay, I thought the butt was attractive.

Hayley: It's okay guys! You'll be fine! You did make jury!

Miles: Yeah, but I will be back at my crappy job.

Hayley: Ponderosa is next.

Miles: Yeah, but I won't be able to quit the job.

Hayley: Yeah. Don't care. No offense

Miles: (CONF)*Starts thinking*I got it(Non-CONF)Hayley I'll pay you 20 bucks if you vote George.

Hayley: 20 bucks out of 1 million, no thank you.

Miles: Yeah, it sucked...well better put on my earplugs.

George: This totally sucks

Miles: Yeah.

Sam: *chuckles* Sucks to be you.

Hayley: Right on bro *pulls him into confessional* I feel we have made a close friendship and, well, I sorta have feelings for you (NOTE: IRL SETH DOES NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON MRD. IT'S JUST THE CHARACTERS)

Sam: -blushes- Uh... I have to go... Somewhere... *hurridly runs away*

Hayley: Okay...

Sam: *hides behind a random tree, and facepalms* Ugh... I shouldn't have led her on...

Hayley: *heres what he says* (CONF) He used me? That that that jerk!

Sam: *was walking back to the confessional to tell her that he didn't like her, then hears what she said* When did I say I was using you? I meant I shouldn't have implied I had any romantic feeling torwards you whatsoever.

Destinee: *Watches* Drama!

Hayley: (CONF) Oh *walks out of confessional sadly and gives Destinee the Lindsay finger*

Destinee: *Glares at Hayley* Don't you dare give me the finger!

Hayley: I'll give you whatever the f--- I'll give you *storms off*

Destinee: Ugh!!!! (CONF) Hayley is so annoying. No one gives me the finger, and disrespects me and gets away with it.

Hayley: *sitting on the beach sadly* Why does no one like me? Why? I shouldn't made a fool of myself. Why do I have to have such a dramatic life?

  • Back at home*

Seth: Ooh I love that title *writes it down*

  • back at camp*

Hayley: *starts crying*

George: don't worry she doesn't have anything on you

Hayley: *gives George the Lindsay finger and storms off* Leave me alone!

Sam: (CONF) Great, now I feel like a jackass...

Hayley: (CONF) Ugh, I feel like s**t.

George: (CONF) why did i get the finger for trying to help

Hayley: Ugh. I'm bored.

Sam: *looks at the ground* Uh, Hayley, sorry and sh**...

Hayley: *sighs* I'm not mad....and I FOUND ANOTHER BUTT PICTURE
Sam: What the hell? Seriously, where are these coming from?

Hayley: I don't know. It gets reeallllllllly weird.

Sam: I know...


Sam: *rips it up again* Anywho...

Hayley: What's that in your pocket?

Sam: *empties them out* Nothing...

Hayley: Back pocket...looks like a key of some sort.

Sam: *pulls whatever it is out*

Hayley: What is it? It looks like a hidden immunity idol.

Sam: Huh. So it is. *stuffs it back in*

George: cool

HOI Competition #1: Endurance

Jeff: Okay, Sam will not compete since he cannot be nominated. So, your 1st HOI Challenge is Endurance! GO

Hayley: *gets on bar* Um, is that root beer?

Abby: *gets on bar* I don't know?

Destinee: *Gets on bar*

Jeff: *starts spraying a water gun*

Hayley: *falls off* OH S---

Gerard: *gets on bar* I'm so winning this!

Hayley: *gives him Lindsay finger*

Abby: *laughs*

Jeff: Where's Miles, Jun, and George? Okay, they are out of the challenge then.

Hayley: *swims to shore* Have fun b-----

Jeff: *yawns* this is boring *gets out water gun* KALAMAZOO

Destinee: *Hangs on* I will not lose!

Jeff: *shoots Destinee with water gun*

Destinee: *Slips off the bar* Dang it!

Jeff: Abby, Boo, and Gerard are left!

Abby: *throws up on Gerard* Sorry, I've eaten too much rice and made me barf*

Jeff: Wait, Boo/Gerard just left. Abby gets HOI!

Abby: Yay! Can I do my nominations now?! I have marshmallows for the people that are safe!

Nomination Tribal Council

Jeff: Abby, make your nominations!

Abby: Alright! The marshmallows goes to: ........






and Gerard!!

Jeff: That means George and Miles are nominated for elimination! Tomorrow, we vote.

George: what did I do to you

Miles: I was asleep.

George: Guys if you would please keep me i have tried in every challenge and kept my word so please let me stay.

Miles: I'm a goner...

Hayley: Well, you guys did make jury!

George:But if you lose tonight then you don't make all stars

Sam: Don't worry George, you're not getting voted out.

George: Thanks man

Hayley: Good luck guys!

Miles: I know I will be eliminated...

Hayley: Let's go back to camp!

Miles: *In a sad mood*Sure.

Day 15

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: *to Destinee and Sam* Who you guys voting out?

Sam: Miles. You?

Hayley: Don't vote Miles. George is suspicious, and nearly voted me out one time. I never trusted him.

Sam: I'll think about it...

Hayley: K

George: Hey guys

Roki Roki Tribal Council

Jeff: You can only vote for George or Miles. Does anyone want to use an hidden immunity idol or a Hidden HOI Necklace?

Jun: ジョージ。(Translation: Geroge)

Hayley: George

Destinee: George.

Sam: Ugh... Sorry Miles, but I am in an alliance with George... *votes Miles*

Jeff: Boo and Gerard need to vote!

Boo: Miles.

Gerard: Miles. (xD yay for ties)

George: Jeff what happens in the case of a tie

Miles: Yeah, what does happen?

Jeff: Um, Does anyone like to play an idol?

George: I didn't know that I was lied to a whole bunch but I'll play my idol *plays idol*

Jeff: That means all of George's vote are not counted. That means Miles gets the most votes, so he is the 1st member of the jury. Miles, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs his torch*

Miles: When did George get an idol?

Sam: *looks down at the floor* Um, sorry Miles...

George: *points* Sam your idol is over thier i found that one on the way to tribal coiuncil

Sam: I know, I just feel bad about voting for him...

George: now its time for four bacstabbing weasels to go home

Sam: Three. Only three voted for you.

Holden: Plus abby who nominated me makes four

Sam: Oh yea... Good luck with that.

Miles' Final Words

Miles: Bye guys.Well, thanks for keeping me as long as you could Mongoose.*Recieves a phone call*Yes I can finally quit my job!Well see ya guys at the Ponderosa!

Day 16

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: Who keeps taking the butt pictures? I mean, come on, it's ridiculous. (CONF) If I win, Destinee and George are up! (OUT OF CONF) *finds another butt picture* F--- this

Sam: Seriously? -.-

Destinee: *Looks at picture* Ew.

George: Hayley thanks for trying to get rid of me. you too destinee Your a real friends *rolls eyes*

Hayley: Well, I'm a b----.

Police Officer: Etheir some-ones dead or is going to die

Jeff: Get the f--- off our set right now!

Police Officer: this is now a crime scene. Every where there has been a crime recently, a butt picture has been found

Jeff: Well, I just found our challenge

HOI Challenge: Get Him Off Our Set

Jeff: 1st person to run the police officer out of our set wins HOI and Abby cannot compete!

Sam: *rolls eyes, and walks after the cop* Get off... (For future reference, don't edit camps you aren't in without premission. Keep editing this one for the duration of the challenge, but after this, stop. Or else I will report you.)

Destinee: *Runs towards the police officer flailing her arms* Run away weirdo!

Hayley: *steals his gun* Do not f--- with this b----

Police Officer: i'm not leaving until the crimanil is found

Gerard: *pulls out his phone and calls 911* Hello, sir! Yes! I need you to get here right now! The criminal is right in this location! Thank you! *throws phone onto the boundary of the set* (xD)

Police Officer: iI just got a tip of where he is... bye

Jeff: Okay then...Gerard gets HOI!

Sam: *gulps*


Roki Roki Tribal Council

Jeff: Gerard place your nominees!

Gerard: George and Jun

Jeff: Alright, so, time to vote!

Hayley: George...I can't vote funny Jun and I don't trust you!

Boo: *cries and screams* GEORGE!

Sam: Jun, I don't understand a word you say.

Destinee: I vote George. Jun is awesome, and he was on my team originally.

Abby: George

Jeff: The 2nd member of our jury and 9th person voted out is George. George, the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Hayley: H--- Yeah

George's Final Words

Two things...... I WILL be back for all stars and Sam is obviously going to win

Day 17

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: Final 7 *takes butt picture* I've been taking them! *Gives them all Lindsay finger* (CONF) I feel really weird right now.

Hayley: *coming back to camp* Ugh *gives Destinee Lindsay finger* You just endangered yourself b----.

Boo: *panicking*

Gerard: *glares at Boo and Sam* Out. Next.

Destinee: *Glares at Hayley* Just win the challenge, and you wont leave.

Hayley: *cries* I doubt I will. I am so going to get voted out tomorrow. *cries* I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just playing the game. Please save me! (She is not serious about this AT ALL)

Gerard: What a b****...

Hayley: *cries* Ugh f--- you *cries* All Jun says is annoying and un-understandable. *cries* Please save me.

Sam: *walks over to Hayley, and pats her back* It's okay...

Hayley: But I don't want to go (She wasn't serious at 1st but now she is)

Destinee: *Shrugs* Oh please, Boo and Gerard are probably no competition.

Hayley: Shut up b---. You got me into this, and I am going to make sure that NEXT time I win HOI. And NEXT time your a-- is going home! (You know I don't mean ANY of this)

Destinee: *Rolls eyes* Whatever, you're only one vote.

Hayley: *gasps* You think I'm not making it to the final 2. Well b--- you're wrong *starts a slap fight with her*

Destinee: *Shakes head* I never said I didn't think you would make it.

Hayley: *slaps Destinee*

Destinee: *Slaps Hayley*

Hayley: *gets into a fight with Destinee*

Sam: Woah, girls, stop it...

Hayley: *pulls Destinee's hair*

Destinee: *Slaps Hayley again*

Hayley: *slaps Destinee, then pulls her hair, then pushes her down* B---- goes down like the Titanic *gives her Lindsay finger and storms off*

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Okay, so your challenge is to vote one of yourselves into All-Stars. Person with most votes win and no, you can't vote for yourself.

Hayley: Sam

Destinee: Sam.

Jun: Destinee.

Sam: Destinee

Gerard: Sam

Boo: Sam

Jeff: So Sam AND Destinee win! They both get HOI and will both name 2 noms and those 2 group of noms will duel tomorrow and the winning pair is safe, the person who nommed them loses HOI title, and gets to vote for one of the other noms.

Nomination Tribal Council

Jeff: Sam and Destinee must nominate 2 people.

Sam: Boo and Gerard. (You still have two people in Blade, sowwy.)

Destinee: I nominate Hayley and Jun. (I wanted to do active people since it is a challenge.)

Jeff: Tomorrow, they will duel and the winner pair are safe from elimination!

Abby: I nominate Jun and Hayley :| Sorry

Day 18

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley: (CONF) I've never been this nervous for my safety before. But with my alliance with Sam, I could get him to convince the others to vote for Jun. Thank you Destinee b----, but we'll see at the tiebreaker. (OUT OF CONF) How should I get back at Destinee...

Hayley: That wasn't even CLOSE. I can't believe you saved me!

Destinee: *Shrugs* I told you to not worry.

Hayley: I was never even CLOSE to being f------ serious b----. *slaps Destinee* Oh you are gonna GET IT!

Destinee: *Slaps Hayley* I don't care if you were being serious or not. (CONF) That girl is gonna be out soon.

Hayley: You slapped me? *pulls her hair, slaps her, and punches her in the shoulder*

Destinee: *Grabs onto Hayley's hair and slaps her again* Let go of me!

Hayley: NEVER B---- (slaps her again and again and again)

Sam: Stop! *pulls them apart, then kisses Hayley to get her to stop*

Hayley: *slaps Sam* You are just doing that just so I won't rip her a** apart! *pushes him away and attacks Destinee*

Destinee: *Tackles Hayley and continues slapping her*

Hayley: *kicks Destinee in the face* B---- you and I have unfinished business

Sam: *grabs Hayley, and drags her away

Hayley: *starts kicking and screaming* LET GO OF MY YOU F-----

Sam: Nah. Maybe later.

Hayley: *kicks him in the nuts*

Sam: *falls to the ground*

Hayley: *gets up and gives him Lindsay finger*

Tribal Council for Roki Roki

Jeff: Abby choose 2 of the 4 noms to be nominated.

Abby: Jun and.................................... HAYLEY!

Hayley: F--- you Abby.

Boo: *crying* I vote Jun. He confuses and scares me.

Gerard: Jun for sure.

Destinee: As much as I dislike Hayley, I vote Jun.

Sam: Jun. Sorry.

Jeff: This was not an expected vote. Abby needs to vote too.

Hayley: You guys KEPT ME?

Abby: I vote to evictttt..... JUN

Jeff: Jun the tribe has spoken *snuffs his torch*

Jun's Final Words

Jun: 私は排除されたのか理解できない。男は、私はスキルを持っていた人哀れな敗者はそれを見ていない。私は誰を応援していた場合は、いくつかのチームメイトがやったように、彼は私を裏切ったことから、それは、サムになると思います。(Translation: I don't understand why I was eliminated. Man, I had skills but those pathetic losers didn't see it. If I had to root for anyone, it'd be Sam, because he never betrayed me like some teammates did. Then again, we were never in an alliance.)

Day 19

Roki Roki Chat

Hayley I feel like complete and utter s---

Day 20

Roki Roki Chat

Sam: 'Ey guys.

Hayley: *grabs Boo* Vote out Sam next. He is to big of a threat! He is well liked by everyone on the jury, SO he MUST be blindsided.

Sam: *overhears, and is irritated, but says nothing*

Hayley: (CONF) This is going to be great! The threat goes next b------

Sam: (CONF) *looks at the ground* Nice to see my so called friend betray me like that...

Sam: Ugh, why'd she have to quit?

Tribal Council

Jeff: You guys vote for who are the nominees.

Hayley: Gerard and Boo

Sam: Gerard and Boo.

Gerard: Abby and Hayley

Boo: Abby and Hayley

Abby: Gerard and Boo.

Hayley: So...

Gerard: Hayley, change your vote to Destinee and Sam. If either of them make it to the final 2, they'll win!

Hayley: Well, who said I didn't want them to make final 2? *cries* Ugh, I'm not a b----. I really am not, but I act like one and I don't deserve to win. I feel like, I am going to quit the game.

Jeff: *snuffs and burns her torch*

Sam: Hayley! Nuuuuuu! D=

Destinee: *Waves* Bye Hayley!

Jeff: There goes the b*tch.

Sam: *glares at Jeff*


Sam: Seriously? Gerard.

Gerard: Sam

Boo: Sam

Sam: Oh yes, almost forgot, I'm using my idol.

Jeff: K, Sam Is immune!

Boo: I quit! (I want gerard safe, not Boo)

Jeff: Vote ANOTHER person off (I feel like being a jerk today :P and I want this done tomorrow :@

Sam: Destinee, she'd win in a jury vote. (Sorry LF, nothing against you, I just was fighting with Blade over this in the chat over this and since I was being ass-ish, I'm just voting for you. :( )

Gerard: Destinee, you'd win for sure. (Sorry, LF, but I just don't really think MrD deserves to leave)

Jeff: Destinee, the tribe has spoken *snuffs her torch*

George: Can I be in all stars instaed of some of these quitters

Jeff: They made final 6.

Sam: *extends hand to Gerard* Hey, good luck in the final two.

Hayley's Final Words

I feel like SUCH a b----. I'm so sorry for all the stuff I've done, and if I see you again, I won't be as mean. I will be myself.

Abby: I quit.

Jeff: *snuffs/burns her torch as well*

George: Since all these people are quitting can I be in all stars

Abby's Final Words

Honestly, This expiricence has been amazing to me, I just got too tired of it...

Boo's Final Words

Boo: *crying* I WANNA GO HOME!

Destinee's Final Words

Day 21

Roki Roki FINAL Chat

Gerard: So....

Sam: I wish you good luck in the final two.

Jeff: Before Final Tribal, Give your opinions on the eliminated castaways.


(Sam:) Kesha... You had the ability to be a wonderful castaway, but you blew it. Sorry about that.

(Gerard:) Kesha... I never really felt like I got to know you. I really wish I did have the chance.


(Sam:) Never really got a chance to know you, although I would have loved to.

(Gerard:) I was one of the people to vote for you, so I'm sorry. You didn't really deserve it, but I didn't know you too well.


(Sam:) Look above.

(Gerard:) Same as Kesha


(Sam:) Again, look above.

(Gerard:) Same as Kesha


(Sam:) You were a wonderful singer, and you could have made it far if you helped more.

(Gerard:) I really wish I could have gotten to know you more, but you were still a good singer.


(Sam:) The fun guy everyone has to love.

(Gerard:) Look at Kesha


(Sam:) Never got to know you, sorry.

(Gerard:) For the most part, you were nice.


(Sam:) Miles, I apologize deeply for voting for you, but I ddin't want to betray my alliance member.

(Gerard:) Miles, I really am sorry that you got out, and I really wish you hadn't gone.


(Sam:) I was surprised when Hayley voted you off, although still, you were a great competiter.

(Gerard:) I'm sorry for nominating you, I just didn't know who else to choose.


(Sam:) To be honest, I didn't understand a word you said, so I can't say much here aside from the fact that in the physical catagory you were one of the best.

(Gerard:) I really didn't understand a word you ever said. I hope it was nice stuff...

(Sam:) Oh boy... Hayley, you were my best friend here by far, and even if I was pretty much your only friend, I'd love it if you made it in the final two instead of me. But hey.

(Gerard:) No comment.


(Sam:) Never really got a chance to know you, sorry.

(Gerard:) You seemed a little pushy, but you were still nice sometimes.


(Sam:) Look above, although you seemed like a very nice kid.

(Gerard:) You were nice, but I never got to know you because of your fears.

(Sam:) Destinee, I'm deeply sorry for voting you, but you could have won in a jury vote. You were a great person however, and I hope we can become friends.

(Gerard:) I'm really sorry for voting you out! But you would have won for sure in a jury vote. Overall, you probably deserve the win the most.

Jeff: Wow. Eh, I'm bored. Gerard is offline, final tribal :D


Jeff: Please vote on my talk page. Hayley's vote will be the only one revealed. AND SAM WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a great season, and see you next time on Survivor 4: All Stars!

Elimination Table (DO NOT EDIT)

Tribal Phase Reward Challenge Results Jury Phase Jury Vote
1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 16 18 20 21
Eliminated Kesha Teresa Anonymous Bob Emika Andrew/Erik No-One Miles George Jun Hayley/Abby/Boo/Destinee Gerard
Castaway Place Votes
Sam 1st Kesha WIN Anonymous Bob WIN Andrew WIN Miles Jun Jun Destinee WINNER
Gerard 2nd WIN NV WIN WIN Emika Erik LOSE Miles HOI Jun Destinee Runner Up
Destinee 3rd WIN Teresa WIN WIN Emika NV LOSE George George Jun NV Sam
Boo 4th WIN NV WIN WIN NV Erik LOSE Miles George Jun QUIT Gerard
Abby 5th WIN Jun WIN WIN NV NV LOSE HOI George Jun QUIT Sam
Hayley 6th Kesha WIN Anonymous Bob WIN Andrew LOSE George George NOM QUIT Sam
Jun 7th WIN Teresa WIN WIN Emika NV LOSE George NOM NOM Jun
George 8th Kesha WIN Anonymous Bob WIN Andrew LOSE NOM NOM Sam
Miles 9th Kesha Teresa Anonymous Bob WIN Andrew LOSE NOM NV
Andrew 11th Kesha WIN Anonymous Bob WIN George
Emika 12th WIN NV WIN WIN Erik
Bob 13th NV WIN NV NV
Anonymous 14th NV WIN NV
Teresa 15th WIN Jun
Kesha 16th Sam

Elimination Chart

Castaway Place Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Kesha 16th Mongoose 1st Voted Out on Day 1 5
Teresa 15th El Bey 2nd Voted Out on Day 3 4
Anonymous 14th Mongoose 3rd Voted Out on Day 5 5
Bob 13th 4th Voted Out on Day 7 5
Emika 12th El Bey 5th Voted Out on Day 9 4
Andrew 11/10th Mongoose 6/7th Voted Out on Day 11 4
Erik 11/10th El Bey 6/7th Voted Out On Day 11 3
Miles 9th Mongoose Roki Roki

JM#1 Voted Out on Day 15

George 8th JM#2 Voted Out On Day 16 4 (3 Others Not Counted)
Jun 7th El Bey JM#3 Voted Out On Day 18 6
Hayley 6th Mongoose JM#4 Quit On Day 20 0
Abby 5th El Bey JM#5 Quit on Day 20 0
Boo 4th JM#6 Quit on Day 20 0
Destinee 3rd JM#7 Voted Out on Day 20 2
Gerard 2nd Runner-Up 0
Sam 1st Mongoose SOLE SURVIVOR 1

JM=Jury Member

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