• 6:33
  • 6:3Hope: *is snuffed and gets hero music*
  • 6:33(Hope is seen walking from tribal with a water bottle)
  • 6:33Hope: Oh my gosh...! That was a disaster.
  • 6:34Hope: All those people are crazy, in some days they will look like jungle savages while I get glamorous at Ponderosa.
  • Hope: I did better than last time, 15 more days.
  • 6:34(Hope walks in medical tent)
  • 6:34Dr Ramona: Hey Hope.
  • 6:34Hope: omg hi
  • 6:34Dr Ramona: Please take off your shoes and step on the scale.
  • 6:34 *Hope: steps on scale*
  • 6:35Dr Ramona: Do you remember how much you weighed before?
  • 6:35Hope: I have always been skinny. So idk, maybe 140?
  • 6:35Dr Ramona: You were 138.
  • Dr Ramona: Now you're 128. You lost 10 lbs
  • 6:35Hope: Oh my god. I almost died out there.
  • 6:36Dr Ramona: Hows that infection going?
  • 6:36Hope: Well, I guess it's fine.
  • Hope: Atleast I didn't get pulled by a helicopter.
  • 6:37(Hope is seen riding a truck to Ponderosa)
  • CameraMan: Were you shocked?
  • 6:37Hope: Every single second of my expereience out there was a brutal shock.
  • 6:38CameraMan: Fair enough.
  • (they arrive at Ponderosa)
  • 6:38Hope: OMG Ponderosa
  • Hope: So different from the cheap hotels at pre-jury trip.
  • 6:38(the waiter comes)
  • Jeff Varner: Hi
  • Jeff Varner: what food u want
  • 6:39Hope: I want a cheeseburger and a bottle of wine.
  • Jeff Varner: *walks to kitchen*
  • Jeff Varner *gets cheeseburger and wine*
  • Jeff Varner: *spits in her wine*
  • Jeff Varner: *here u go*
  • Jeff Varner: *gives it to her*
  • Jeff Varner: eat and dirnk or i i will shto u
  • Hope: *opens bottle* And this is for Alecia, Ashley, Sharbarbie and Peter. Fuck the rest! *eats*
  • 6:40(Hope is next seen walking to her room)
  • Hope: *looks in luggage* Here is my old pageant crown.
  • 6:40(A bathroom mirror is seen)
  • 6:40Hope: *sees herself* Oh my god...I haven't been like this since high school.
  • 6:41(Its the next morning, where Hope is at the beach)
  • (wind blows in Hope's hair as she walks along beach)
  • 6:43Hope: [CONF] This 22 days were the craziest thing I have ever done, I proved myself a point. I am not just a pageant princess, deep inside me there is a survival instinct that helped me. I made friends, I made enemies, and I didnt got votes, how funny. I am proud of myself for making it further than seven days, but I felt like...there was more for me out there.


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