Name: Brielle

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Description: Brielle is a complete nature lover and would love to explore the nature of India. She doesn't believe in lying and only believes that nice things are allowed to happen in life. She is against romance, as she feels it is offensive, and dangerous. Brielle would like to use the million to buy a fruit festival from someone at a flea market.


Name: Melanie

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Description: Melanie is an outdoors country girl. She's used to hunting and fishing. She is typically known as an athletic female. She is very competitive and has a VERY high IQ as well. She lives in a small town in Texas, and has just exited college.


Name: Nico

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Nico is homeless. His parents kicked him out for getting a girl pregnant. He regrets every single one of his mistakes. He barely has anything. He makes money by break dancing on the streets. He's on the show strictly to improve his life in general. He states that this crap means EVERYTHING.


Name: Jacqueline

Gender: Female

Age: 39

Description: Jacqueline has been through a lot. She had 7 kids, and her husband cheated on her. She's been having financial problems since she got fired from her job. She is doing this strictly for her kids. She'll sacrifice anything for her. All she wanted was to have a big happy family but her kids could be starving some days.

Castaway #5

Name: Demika

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Description: Demika is one of the sassiest people you'll ever meet. If you mess with her, she'll rip you to shreds. Demika worked successfully with fashion companies. She quit since she hated interacting with people. Additionally, she is a SUPERFAN of the game. She studies the game. She writes how each person won the game, and how she can follow their footsteps.


Name: Zayden

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Description: Zayden is labeled Mr Perfect by everybody. He's good looking, intelligent, and athletic. He is great with the ladies. His strategy going in is to bond over manly stuff with the guys, then flirt with the girls. Zayden has a heart of gold, but he's prepared for all the lying in the game.


Name: Eugene

Gender: Male

Age: 55

Description: Eugene is the old man of the season. With his age, he can tend to be clumsy and quite forgetful about things. He enjoys telling stories about his youth and what life was like back then. He knows he'll be a challenge liability so his strategy is to pretend to like Instagram and Selena Gomez with the young folks.


Name: Wyatt

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Description: Wyatt is quieter than others. He can be considered a nerd. People call him an ABSOLUTE BRAINIAC. He can list facts about anything. He is also a huge superfan of the show. He enjoys geeky things like math and chess. However, he is much scrawnier than everyone else on the island.

Castaway #9

Name: Aria

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Description: Aria is a lesbian. She's going to dearly miss her girlfriend during her stay on Survivor. Aria comes off as quirky and sweet. However, she is one of the smartest people ever but she chooses to hide it. She's quick to read people and analyzes people well. However, acting as she's so quirky, she can unintentionally annoy people.

Castaway #10

Name: Preston

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Description: Preston is a professional football player and is one of the most athletic people out here. He believes his strength will carry him through the merge and then he'll nominate individual challenges. He has a big ego and can be arrogant, obnoxious, and just a plain jerk.

Castaway #11

Name: Riley

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Description: Riley is a gorgeous model and is the STAR of magazines. She is a beautiful, young, naive woman and is looking forward to use flirting to further herself. She can be a little conceded and can be lazy/bratty, which annoys people.

Castaway #12

Name: Curtis

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Description: Curtis is a very successful man. He is the OWNER of a company and has an amazing family. He can be considered a very hard worker and he believes this will come in play during camp. He can be cruel at times. In the business world, he knows you have to be cutthroat and that he is. He even fires people for FUN.

Castaway #13

Name: Lukas

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Description: Lukas is gay and likes to embrace it. Lukas bonds with girls and has the same interests as them. Lukas loves fashion and texting. He doesn't like the people with big egos and generally annoying people. He can be a social butterfly, and he believes that's gonna be his strong suit.

Castaway #14

Name: Mackenzie

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Description: Mackenzie is a nerdy chick who LOVES science. She is a very brilliant girl, never getting lower than an A+. She is also a huge fan of the show. She is known to be quirky, weird, and not as sociable as other girls.

Castaway #15

Name: Cassi

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Description: Cassi just finished college and looking forward to the experience of a lifetime. She is a total sweetheart and one of the smallest, if not, the small girl out here. She doesn't have much life experience so she plans to mark this as her life experience.

Castaway #16

Name: Jarrett

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Description: Jarrett is one of the most observant people considering he's a police officer. He obviously plans to keep it a secret. He is considered to be a very strong guy and he's used to catching criminals, which is his strategy for the game. His experience as a police officer is something he feels can help him, with all the studying on human phycology.

Castaway #17

Name: Kaiko

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Description: Kaiko is an adventurous, girl. Coming from a Japanese culture, she is looking forward to exploring the diverse Indian culture. She is adorable and small, and is a genuine, likable person. She loves learning about other people and is strong willed.

Castaway #18

Name: Antonio

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Description: Antonio is a very charming Latino male. One interesting thing about him is that he's a professional chef. He cooks for some of the most successful restaurants in the world and is looking forward to swooning his tribe mates with his amazing chips and salsa.

Castaway #19

Name: Viola

Gender: Female

Age: 61

Description: Viola, to her neighbors is the sweet old grandma with the majestic garden. She was very famous decades ago. She was in several commercials and she won a Tony award in 1975. She is now residing in a small town. All her children are living successfully so she is using her freetime wisely.

Castaway #20

Name: Jasper

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Description: Jasper is of royal British descent. He is snobby, bratty, and competitive. He expects everything to be done his way, and his way only. He doesn't know what he's in for. He's going from the Royal kingdom to the dirty jungle. His father told him to keep his royalty a secret.


Kanchi (Green) Mackenzie Riley Jacqueline Kaiko Brielle Zayden Nico Jarrett Lukas Eugene

Dhari (Purple) Aria Melanie Viola Cassi Demika Antonio Preston Curtis Wyatt Jasper

Episode 1: He's Just Not As Athletic

Jeff: We are here in India. A large subcontinent with the second largest population. Sadly we won't see anyone. In India, religion is very important. The culture does traditional music, dances, festivals, and clothing. They have eighteen different languages. In the jungle are some of the most dangerous wildlife you'll ever experience. (Lion is seen chasing a zebra) and it is the perfect setting for Survivor. These Americans don't know anything about these stuff, and they must adapt, like they must in the game. 39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor!

(A group of people is seen riding in a jacked up truck)

Riley: *waving hair* (Confessional: People look at me and they just call me the hot chick. I already know I'm hot. You don't have to tell me. What I'll do is I'll manipulate the men's big ego, and use it against them, then I'll laugh in their face when they get snuffed.)

Lukas: Confessional: I am gay. And I'm judged for it on a DAILY BASIS. I need this experience to just grow up and have some time to myself. I'll prove EVERYONE wrong, and I'm here to encourage other minorities that it is who you are. It doesn't change anything about your perspective of life.

Jeff: Some of these people are FIGHTING for their lives.

Nico: Confessional: I was drunk one night and I got a girl pregnant. My parents got PISSED at me, and they kicked me out. Ever since then, I've been homeless, with nobody to support me besides me. I need the money desperately. I am not gonna throw this opportunity away.

Jacqueline: Confessional: I'm doing this all for my kids. I'll do anything for them anything. As a mom...I have gained the courage to do anything. I am great under pressure. I mean, if I don't freak out when my first daughter starts her period, that basically confirms I do well under pressure. My biggest mistake as a mother is that I was way too naive. My husband left me and this means everything to me and my children. *starts to tear up* I do NOT wanna let them down. I don't.

(The castaways are seen getting in a boat)

While some just want to continue their success in life.

Curtis: Confessional: I run a very successful company. Well 33 of them. In 2011, two of my oil companies managed to get in the top 20 oil companies in North America. In the business world, you can't play nice. And I will not play nice in this game.

Jasper: Confessional: I am of royal descent. I have so many riches, it's so hard to explain it. I am basically looking at these people and saying "Hm, which one of these can be my servant" It's as basic as that.

(The castaways are rowing towards shore)

Viola: Confessional: I can already see I'm the oldest person out here. 71 years old; some of these people are a little more than a quarter of my age. It's gonna be difficult to fit in. But these people have ZERO life experience so..*laughs*

Wyatt: Confessional: I'm a huuuuge superfan. I'm obviously the skinniest person here and I'm not an alpha. I tend to use my brains rather than brawns in situation. It's just what I'm used to doing. It is.

(They are all seen walking on their respective tribe mats)

Jeff: Welcome to Survivor: India - Abdanan Island!

(Everyone is seen clapping)

Jeff: *tosses a bag of buffs to each tribe* You ten are called Kanchi. Your color is green.

(Riley, Jacqueline, Mackenzie, Kaiko, Brielle, Zayden, Nico, Jarrett, Lukas, and Eugene are seen putting on green buffs)

Jeff: *to other tribe* You ten are Dhari. Your color is purple.

(Aria, Melanie, Viola, Cassi, Demika, Antonio, Preston, Curtis, Wyatt, and Jasper are seen putting on purple buffs)

Jeff: Guy in the suit, what's your name?

Curtis: Curtis.

Jeff: Any reason for the suit?

Curtis: Just wanna wear it to brag about my success.

Jeff: Okay.

Aria: *rolls eyes* (Confessional: So when we were about to start the game, the first thing I heard from annoying Curtis was that he's a big success. There are people who wanna be here that needs the money. Get out of here. Go buy yourself a better suit.)

Jeff: Guy with the blue shirt, what's your name?

Zayden: Zayden.

Jeff: How do you feel about your fellow cast mates?

Zayden: I think they all look very determined and we're all here for one purpose.

Jeff: Which is?

Zayden: To win, obviously.

Jeff: Let's start the quest of someone's win right now. *tosses maps* Kanchi, you're going left. Dhari, you're going right.

(Kanchi Camp)

Brielle: We made it! Who wants to help me plant a blueberry bush?

Production: That's not allowed. *confiscates seeds*

Mackenzie: *laughs* (Confessional: It was sooo exciting to walk on that beach. It was literally surreal. I've been watching since Borneo. I was 5. Instead of playing with dolls and coloring books, I'd watch Survivor, then throw a tantrum over Ghandia losing.)

Jarrett: So what's gonna be our work ethic plan?

Zayden: I think we should have people working on shelter, some people getting supplies for the shelter, some people getting food, and some people getting water.

Jarrett: Got it.

Kaiko: *walking in woods with Jacqueline* I just wanna say how much I love your hair.

Jacqueline: Awe, thanks. I think you're a ray of sunshine.

Kaiko: Thanks. How old are you?

Jacqueline: 39.

Kaiko: *gasps* WHAT? (Confessional: As soon as Jacqueline tells me her age, I am FLABBERGASTED. She looks 25. And then she tells me she has SEVEN kids. When I'm 39, the only thing I'll probably accomplish is being on Survivor. Jacqueline is someone who has a lot of fight and won't give up. Shes someone I want to align with, absolutely.)

Kaiko: What do you think of everyone?

Jacqueline: I think everyone here has a strong work ethic, but some people here can come off as TOO controlling and they wanna do everything themself.

Kaiko: Like who?

Jacqueline: People like...Zayden, or Jarrett...or even Eugene. (Confessional: I definitely took a risk telling Kaiko my targets. But on a social level, we instantly clicked. I love her to death. I have a strong trust for her. I can't explain it)

Eugene: *sleeping* (Confessional: All these young folks are making the shelter so I decided to take a nap while they don't notice me. *takes off dentures* Every old man needs his sleep.)

Lukas: *sees Eugene from a distance* Is he actually sleeping? (Confessional: The second we went to camp, old man Eugene took a nap. Seriously?)

Nico: Yeah, he is.

Lukas: What a big help. *eyeroll*

(Dhari Camp)

Preston: *tosses a football toward Antonio* When I was playing in the NFL, they said the trick to catching a football is to have hand eye coordination. (Confessional: We finished the shelter early so I got out my luxury item and started playing football with Antonio.)

Demika: Confessional: I promised myself that I would try and have as much fun as possible. And fun for me is basically...annoying the bamboozle out of people. So, Antonio has made us rice and have to be honest. It is soooo gooey. So why can't I tell him to cook better?

Antonio: Nice throw, Preston!

Demika: *walks up to Antonio* Hi.

Antonio: Hey. What's your name. Demika?

Demika: DUH. Anyways, I just wanna say that the rice you cooked tasted like glue.

Antonio: Okay, and?

Demika: And you need to fix it?

Antonio: Listen. I don't like your attitude.

Demika: If you say you is a chef, then I know you is lying because this is naaaasty.

Antonio: Can you please..not get uh....ghetto on me?


Cassi: ... (Confessional: I did not expect confrontation to happen so early in this game. Why can't we all just get along...ugh. This is Survivor, not Twilight)

Wyatt: *in ocean with Aria* So how's your relationship with your girlfriend?

Aria: It's really, really good.

Wyatt: That's great. (Confessional: I instantly bonded with Aria. She has great stories about herself. We are both huge, nerdy Superfans and that's what made us bond.)

Aria: Honestly, Curtis annoys me. (Confessional: Wyatt is someone that I really genuinely enjoy hanging out with. He is also a very close strategic ally, and it's great to bond with him.)

Viola: *sitting on sand and sees Aria/Wyatt talking* Mhm. (Confessional: I may be old and a hag, but I'm not stupid. Those two are talking strategy. Gotta go. Bye. I can use this info to divert the weak link target, aka me, to the strategic threats)

(Kanchi Camp)

Eugene: *sitting in shelter, putting on socks*

Lukas: He's so uselsss..

Kaiko: Don't be so hard on him. He's just not as athletic.

Lukas: I know but...ugh. (Confessional: Everyone is sweating and working hard. And then there's Eugene. I get his situation but he hasn't got off his butt...once! It's so frustrating just...ugh.)

Eugene: *laughing* Then Martin Luther King's March nearly ran me over. (Confessional: It's really fun to tell stories about my time. These people in their youth probably never payed attention in Social Studies.)

Jarrett: *carrying wood with Zayden* We're good right? (Confessional: As a cop, I study people's body language very well. I know when someone is shady or genuine. Zayden is a really genuine guy. We have a tight alpha friendship. And he's the one guy I can really, really trust)

Zayden: Of course. The threatening people to me at this time are Nico and Lukas. Lukas is really, really social. And Nico has a good sob story.

Jarrett: Seems good.

(Riley, Brielle, Jacqueline, Kaiko, and Mackenzie are seen in the ocean washing their hair)

Riley: Jac, I really wish my hair was as blonde as you. I tried dying my hair blonde but I looked weird, so I dyed it back.

Jacqueline: Why thank you.

Brielle: Is this water contaminated?

Riley: I don't know. (Confessional: Manipulating the guys is easy. Very easy. On the other hand, the girls can be really catty so I wanna click them, instantly. As soon as possible.)

Mackenzie: *takes off glasses* What are you gals thinking?

Kaiko: Strategically?

Mackenzie: Yeah..

Riley: I kinda wanna get a girl thing going on.

Jacqueline: Oh my god! I do too!

Mackenzie: I totally agree. (Confessional: If the girls alliances are tight, then they are VERY affective. Parvati and Kim are some of the greatest players ever. Part of the reason why is because they led such an amazing, well organized, girls alliances. And that's what I'd like to do)

Kaiko: Confessional: Girls alliances are always so fun! I'm really excited for this.

Brielle: Okay...(Confessional: Am I at the bottom of this alliance? Yes. But why am I sticking with it? BECAUSE LYING IS WRONG.)

(Dhari Camp)

Viola: *dragging a piece of bamboo*

Antonio: You need help with that? (Confessional: Viola is seventy one years old and she's one of the hardest workers here. She isn't very athletic but she still tries her hardest. I wish my grandma was like that.)

Preston: *sitting on sand with Aria* Would you be up for any alliance of some sort? (Confessional: Aria is quiet but smart. I think for now, she'll be good then I'll slaughter her. Easy. No biggie)

Aria: Alliance? Why?

Preston: So we can further ourselves.. (Confessional: Stupid.)

Aria: Oh, well, I don't know at the moment. I'm trying to lay low for now. (Confessional: When me and Wyatt had the conversation in the water, we both agreed Preston couldn't be trusted. Like go away.)

Preston: That seems totally understandable (Confessional: I don't understand what goes through her mind. She won't accept my alliance because she doesn't trust me. I saw her having a DEEP conversation with Wyatt. You can't fool me girl)

Aria: *fake smiles*

Wyatt: So Jasper, what's your job?

Jasper: Well...(Confessional: My father told me not to tell people that I'm of royal descent.) I am a stand up comedian?

Wyatt: Well...can you tell a joke?

Jasper: No.

Wyatt: Why not?

Jasper: Shut up.

Wyatt: Okay then. (Confessional: I knew that Jasper was lying about his career. I got an A+ in phycology. You're lying to me.)

Jasper: Okay good. (Confessional: That weirdo, Wyatt. He was observing my face all creepily. He is either seeing how he can get as handsome as me or he's observing my every move.)

Cassi: *walks to tribe with treemail* Guess what I haaave.

Antonio: We don't really need to guess.

Demika: Shut the hell up.

Curtis: Cassi, just read it already.

Cassi: It says we're doing the very first challenge.

Melanie: Oh, yay. (Confessional: I'm the strongest girl here. I come from a country background. I really think I can pull my weight in these challenges)

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in!

(The two tribes come in and give competitive glances to each other)

Jeff: *uncovers an item* For the first time, immunity is up for grabs.

Cassi: Cool.

Jeff: In this immunity challenge, one person from each tribe will grab 3 torches and you will all swim across the ocean. That one person will light one torch. Then on the way back, they'll light the other two. When you return to shore, there will be a gate, a pile of sticks, and rope in front of you. One person from each tribe will create a pole out of that. Through the squared holes in the gate, you will use the pole to retrieve a key. If it isn't long or strong enough, you'd need to start over. The first tribe to grab their key and unlock the gate, then run through and light the rope wins immunity. Additionally, you are playing for reward. *uncovers a table* A classic survivor fire making kit.


Jeff: Survivors ready..

(Everyone gets in running positions)

Jeff: Go!

(Everyone runs)

Jeff: Jarrett has the three torches for Kanchi. Curtis has the three torches for Dhari.

Viola: *falls and scrapes knee*

Jeff: Viola takes a HUGE fall. She is also swimming behind EVERYONE.

Viola: *is grabbed by Preston, as he drags her*

Jasper: *swimming ahead*

Jeff: Preston now dragging Viola. Jasper swimming way ahead of 19 people!

Jarrett: *swims past Jasper and lights first torch* Go back!

Jeff: Jarrett PASSES Jasper and lights the first torch for Kanchi. Kanchi has a small lead!

Curtis: *swims up and lights torch*

Jeff: Dhari now has their torch lit!

Eugene: *struggling*

Jeff: Eugene now slowing down Kanchi!

Lukas: *rolls eyes*

Jarrett: *lights second torch*

Zayden: Come on!

Jeff: Kanchi has their second torch lit. They need one more.

Eugene: *out of breath*

Curtis: *lights second torch*

Jeff: Curtis got the second fire for Dhari!

(Dhari passes by exhausted Eugene, as Curtis lights third torch)

Viola: *falls again*

Jeff: Dhari is making a huge comeback! Additionally, Eugene and Viola, the two oldest, are EXHAUSTED. Literally exhausted.

(Dhari runs up shore)

Viola: *falls for a third time*

Jeff: Viola falls AGAIN.

Jarrett: *lights third torch*

Jeff: Kanchi now heading towards shore!

Antonio: *making pole*

Jeff: It is Antonio building the pole for Dhari.

(Kanchi arrives on shore)

Jacqueline: *exhausted, building pole*

Jeff: It is Jacqueline building the pole for Kanchi!

Antonio: *finishes making pole and reaches through gate*

Jeff: Antonio gonna give it a try!

(Pole breaks in half)

Jeff: It isn't strong enough!

Antonio: *panicking*

Preston: *runs and switches with Antonio*

Jeff: Preston gonna take over for Dhari. The lead that Dhari had is completely gone.

Preston: *making quick progress*

Viola: *sitting down, tired*

Jacqueline: *quickly tying*

Brielle: Come on Jacqueline!

Jacqueline: *finishes pole and tries to each for key*

Jeff: Jacqueline gonna give it a try...

Jacqueline: *cant reach it*

Jeff: Jacqueline is short! She has to keep building!

Preston: *tries to reach for it*

Jeff: Preston gonna try for Dhari.

Preston: *cant reach it*

Jeff: Preston is also short!

Jacqueline: *tying*

Wyatt: Preston, let me switch with you!

Preston: There's not enough time! *continues to tie*

Jacqueline: *tries to reach again*

Jeff: Jacqueline gonna try again for Kanchi!

Jacqueline: *grabs key*

Jeff: Jacqueline has the key! Can she keep it?

Lukas: I swear if you drop it..

Jacqueline: *retrieves key*

Jeff: Jacqueline has the key! Kanchi can start unlocking the gate!

Wyatt: *pushes Preston out the way and starts to try to reach for it*

Jeff: Wyatt literally shoves Preston out of the way like there's no tomorrow!

Kaiko: *unlocks gate*

Jeff: Kanchi has their gate unlocked!

(They run as Jarrett lights torch)

Jeff: KANCHI wins immunity!

(They cheer)

Brielle: *grabs idol*

Jeff: It was close. Kanchi, it was well earned. Go ahead and grab your fire making kit and head out.

Mackenzie: Confessional: Winning my first survivor challenge is absolutely incredible. This is only one part of my Survivor dream.

(Kanchi is seen walking away)

Jeff: Dhari you lost your lead. You have a date with me at tribal council. Head back to camp.

(Dhari Camp)

Cassi: We tried our best guys..

Curtis: Yeah. (Confessional: It sucks to lose. But I can't say I'm completely sad by it. Some people here are ANNOYING. And if this was on the outside world, I'd fire them.)

Preston: *sitting in shelter with Curtis, Antonio, Melanie, and Jasper* Do we all have a mutual target? (Confessional: I have a tight, tight group of 5. Melanie is loyal and strong. Curtis is smart and strong. Jasper and Antonio are social and strong its perfect)

Jasper: I don't know.

Preston: Aria is kind of a bitch...

Melanie: And she's smart.

Antonio: But did you see how Demika got in my face yesterday?

Curtis: I say we keep our tribe strong and get rid of Viola. It was painful to watch her in that challenge. (Confessional: This boot is between Viola, Demika, and Aria. Demika is dramatic and loud. Viola is weak. Aria is smart and dangerous.)

Antonio: I don't get why Viola should go. She has spectacular work ethic. (Confessional: Viola going would just be mean. Sure she's old. But she's an AMAZING woman. I'm gonna talk to her)

Viola: *walking with Antonio* What's the tone?

Antonio: You are a candidate to go because you fell three times in the challenge.

Viola: I expected that..(Confessional: It's always heartbroken to be targeted first. Especially on day 3. I NEED to work harder in challenges)

Antonio: Do you have any information so that you can stay rather than someone else?

Viola: I overheard Wyatt and Aria talking. The only sentence I can make out is that they think Preston should go sooner or later.

Antonio: Oh, interesting. (Confessional: Bam.)

Antonio: *tending fire with Preston* Aria and Wyatt are targeting you.

Preston: Oh really? I had a talk with Aria. I was suspicious but now here's a confirmation.

Antonio: We gotta cut one of them.

Preston: annoyed me when Wyatt literally shoved me out of the way when I told him I was good during the challenge.

Antonio: But Aria can dominate this game if we don't take her out.. (Confessional: Demika is now safe. Viola, I don't know yet. But the target on Aria and Wyatt increased.)

Aria: *walking along beach with Wyatt* So..who are we voting?

Wyatt: I wanna go after a physical threat like Jasper or Preston or Antonio, but we need them for challenges. We could stay safe and go after Viola.

Aria: With the bad timing...I agree. (Confessional: I'd love to blindside a physical threat but it CANNOT happen just yet, so we're forced to go after Viola. As long as Wyatt or I don't go, I don't care.)

Cassi: *in ocean with Demika* I'm really oblivious to what's going on.

Demika: I am too. I want that stupid ANTONIO gone.

Cassi: But we need his strength. What about voting off Viola?

Demika: I don't know...I love playing around with her wrinkles.

Cassi: Oh.

Preston: *joins them* Its between Aria and Wyatt...we don't know who.

(Everyone is seen walking to tribal council)

Jasper: Confessional: This vote is really gonna go either way. It can be Viola. It can be Aria. It can be Wyatt. It can be Demika. But I definitely know where I'm voting.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's get this started. Melanie, what were the first few days of camp like?

Melanie: I think we all bonded well.

Jeff: Bonded well. Antonio, does that mean there was no drama?

Antonio: There was one.

Jeff: Tell me about it.

Antonio: Let's just say Demika insulted my cooking.

Demika: *rolls eyes*

Jeff: Demika, why are you rolling your eyes)

Demika: It was nothing about his cooking. *starts to raise voice* Basically I was giving him advice on cooking since he's a *air quotes* chef and then he called me ghetto. Am I supposed to take that and act fake?

Antonio: You weren't giving advice. You said it was nasty.

Demika: The only nasty thing here is your personality.

Preston: Woah.

Jeff: Moving on. Viola, you're the oldest person here. Is that a liability?

Viola: It can be if you view it as a weakness. But I've been through a lot. I didn't preform well in the challenge and I strongly believe I can pick it up.

Jeff: Speaking of the challenge, let's talk about it. Aria, thoughts?

Aria: We were behind. We caught up. We led. We fell behind. We lost. That's basically it.

Jeff: You guys switched pole builders THREE times. And Wyatt, you threw Preston out of the way.

Wyatt: *laughs* Yeah, I did.

Jeff: Why are you laughing?

Wyatt: I don't really know.

Jeff: Preston, how big of a factor is work ethic?

Preston: It's a very big factor. Someone weak in challenges can be a HUGE force around camp.

Jeff: Give us an example.

Preston: Viola.

Viola: I find that to be bitter sweet.

Jeff: Now the vote. Jasper, what are you basing your vote on?

Jasper: Who can bring the most to the tribe, spiritually.

Jeff: What about you Wyatt?

Wyatt: I agree.

Jeff: Cassi?

Cassi: Me too.

Jeff: Let's get to it. It is time to vote. Demika, you're up first.

Demika: *walks up and writes*

Cassi: *is seen walking up*

Wyatt: *is seen writing*

Viola: *writes* Silly, silly children.

Antonio: *writes* So sorry..

Aria: *holding up a parchment saying Viola* You're a wonderful woman. This is strictly so we can win challenges.

Preston: *holds up a parchment saying ???* Really sorry about this. You're just a negative energy. Plus, I hate you.

Jasper: *humming as he writes*

Melanie: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Curtis: *sits down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...





Jeff: Viola. Next vote..





Jeff: Aria.

Aria: Woow.

Jeff: Aria. That's two votes Aria, one vote Viola....






Jeff: Aria. That's three votes Aria, one vote Viola...







Jeff: Viola. That's three votes Aria, two votes Viola. Next vote..







Jeff: Aria. That's FOUR votes Aria, two votes Wyatt.

Aria: *worried*

Viola: *smiles*

Jeff: Next vote..








Jeff: Wyatt.

Wyatt: Crap.

Jeff: Next vote..





Jeff: Wyatt. That's four votes Aria, two votes Viola, two votes Wyatt....





Jeff: Wyatt. That's THREE votes Wyatt, 4 votes Aria, 2 votes Viola...





Jeff: Wyatt. We are tied.

Aria: *rolls eyes*

Viola: *laughing*

Jeff: We will revote. Aria, Wyatt, you may not vote. You may ONLY vote for Aria or Wyatt. Demika, you're up first.

Denika: *grabs urn and walks up to booth*

Cassi: *writes* I'm SO sorry.

Viola: *writes* You need a time out..

Antonio: *is seen writing*

Preston: *folds parchment*

Jasper: *puts parchment in urn*

Melanie: *struggling to open pen*

Curtis: *sits down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: First vote...





Jeff: Aria.

Aria: Expected that.

Jeff: Next vote.




Jeff: Wyatt. One vote Aria, one vote Wyatt..





Jeff: Aria. That's two votes Aria, one vote Wyatt...




Jeff: Wyatt. We are tied. Two votes Aria, two votes Wyatt...




Jeff: Wyatt. That's 3 votes Wyatt, 2 votes Aria.

Wyatt: ...

Aria: ...




Jeff: Wyatt. That's FOUR votes Wyatt, two votes Aria..




Jeff: First person voted out of Survivor: India...*flips parchment* Wyatt. Please hand me your torch.

Aria: *gulps*

Wyatt: *whispers to Aria* They won the battle. Win the war. *grabs torch and walks up*

Jeff: Wyatt, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs his torch*


After losing her closest ally, Aria loses her sanity.

Aria: Are you literally calling me an idiot..

Aria: Confessional: *sobbing* I promised myself I wouldn't cry in this game....

And on Kanchi, lines are drawn

Jacqueline: Confessional: This game means the world. The guys are gonna flop and I'm gonna win soooo....


Wyatt: It's tragic. I am a HUGE fan of the show and I left first. Guess I wasn't meant for this. Best of luck to Aria. I think she is smart enough to win. Am I shocked? Absolutely. I thought I was safe. When you think you're safe, you get blindsided. Ugh, I should've known..


Viola: Wyatt Aria Kuhn Aria: Antonio Jasper Preston Viola

Wyatt: Curtis Melanie Cassi Demika


Aria: Cassi Demika

Wyatt: Viola Kasper Preston Antonio Curtis Melanie

Episode 2: Timing Is Completely Wrong

Jeff: Previously on Survivor...twenty new faces entered the jungles of India for a chance to win sole Survivor. On Kanchi, Eugene's laziness annoyed his fellow tribe mates and an all girls alliance was formed. On Dhari, Demika quickly got into an argument with Antonio. Viola was appreciated for her hard work. Wyatt and Aria became close. After Dhari lost the first immunity challenge, the majority decided to vote off Wyatt. 19 are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

(Night 3- Dhari Camp)

Melanie: *yawns* I'm gonna take a nap.

Jasper: Me too.

Aria: *sitting on beach alone* (Confessional: I was just literally blindsided by this vote. My closest ally is GONE. Then we go to camp and people act like nothing happened. Like what? To blindside me then IGNORE me is just rude.) Ugh.. *gets up and approaches Antonio by shelter* So...?

Antonio: So what?

Aria: Don't act stupid please. Why did you guys do that?

Antonio: Listen, nothing personal. We just didn't want such a STRONG, smart duo in this game.

Aria: Hm, okay. No hard feelings. (Confessional: I'm honestly OFFENDED. That's a crappy answer and he knows it.) So are you saying I'm a strategic threat?

Antonio: Of course. But honestly, you can annoy people. All you wanna do I talk game while people just wanna rest. I would tone it down if I were you.

Aria: Excuse me?

Antonio: I'm sorry but these words did not come from me.

Aria: So who did it come from?

Antonio: I'm not throwing people under the bus for your benefit.

Aria: So you'd rather see me suffer?

Antonio: Sure.

Cassi: *watching them argue* (Confessional: This tribe is SOOO over dramatic...)

Preston: *yawns* (Confessional: So Aria and Antonio decide to argue in the middle of the night. We all need rest for the next challenge. I just want Aria to leave already.)

(Morning 4 - Dhari Camp)

Aria: *swimming in water* (Confessional: Last night was brutal. My best friend was sent home. Then I came to camp and I was literally ATTACKED and CRITICIZED for everything I do. It's heartbreaking. *sobbing* I promised myself I wouldn't cry this early on.)

Jasper: *sitting in shelter with Preston, Curtis, Melanie, and Antonio* She's still all depressed?

Preston: She needs to get over it.. *laughs*

Antonio: Agreed.

Melanie: ...Yeah.. (Confessional: I do share some pity for Aria. Then my "alliance" was talking about her behind her back. That's disrespectful. She's a human too like all of us. You all treated her awfully. How can I align myself with people like them? I wanna be with people I feel comfortable with.)

Aria: *walking to Demika and Cassi* (Confessional: If I wanna fulfill my dream and win this game, then my only thing to do is to scramble.)

Cassi: *brushing hair* Oh, hi Aria.

Demika: Hey girl.

Aria: Is it possible to get a little trio going on here?

Demika: I don't know gurl.

Aria: Well, I want ya'll to know that I would be 1000% loyal to you. I have no reason to flip because I have NOBODY to turn to. NOBODY. Those 5 are close. I NEED you two.

Demika: I'll definitely think about it. (Confessional: So my girl Aria approaches me and Cassi about an alliance. She got a good campaign. As long as Queen Demika advances, I don't care who goes. But Aria has a GOOD point.)

(Day 4 - Kanchi Camp)

Jacqueline: *drinking water* You sticking to the girls clique, Kaiko?

Kaiko: I really like it so yeah.

Eugene: *sleeping*

Lukas: Are you kidding me...he's sleeping AGAIN? (Confessional: The most worthless person on the island is obvious Eugene. He hasn't lifted a finger since I don't even know! He's cranky, lazy, and weak. Bad combination boo.)

Lukas: *walking in forest with Riley* The first person I'd vote off would be Eugene.

Riley: I really agree. (Confessional: My little girls alliance is sticking together no matter what. And the guys are turning against each other, this is amazing! *flips hair* Just a little work done by beauty pageant winner and model; Riley!)

Mackenzie: So your parents literally kicked you out?

Nico: Yeah...

Mackenzie: That's harsh...

Nico: No. Don't blame them, blame me.

Mackenzie: Oh okay. (Confessional: People can be nerdy like me. But in a game of Survivor, SOOO many different types of people are joking together to basically survive. And Nico is a very real person. He's genuine about everything and I truly pity him.)

Nico: Life isn't always golden. (Confessional: I feel that opening up about everything I've been through will be a great social connection with others.)

Zayden: *dragging a pile of wood* (Confessional: So I came up with this plan to build a small, secondary shelter. Just some bamboos put together, a roof, and leaves on the top. Enough room for like 4 people. Fitting ten people on one shelter is HARD. So I figured we can make it easier)

Zayden: *tying things together* Help me out Jarrett

Brielle: Zayden, stop! You're wasting precious bamboo! An animal like a squirrel could've lived in that!

Zayden: A squirrel?

Brielle: Yes, a squirrel. (Confessional: We may be having bad living conditions but the squirrels live in this forest every day! Why not be nice to them?)

Zayden: *looks at Brielle weirdly* (Confessional: Brielle is an oddball. She doesn't like anything I do because it's apparently harmful for the environment. I mean, the environment is how we are surviving so that chick is crazy....CRAZY.

Eugene: *wakes up and goes over to water*

Lukas: See all he does is either sleep or swim.

Mackenzie: Maybe he's practicing for the challenge which he thinks is swimming?

Lukas: Yeah no.

Eugene: *wading* (Confessional: I already know these children think I'm the lazy old man of the bunch. Well I'll tell ya something! I am...I forgot what I was going to stay. *sigh*)

Jacqueline: He's a nice guy though.

Kaiko: Yeah, he is.

Lukas: Mhm..

(Day 4 - Dhari Camp)

Antonio: Melanie, why haven't you made any food yet?

Melanie: Oh because..

Antonio: Less talking, more cooking

Melanie: Okay.

Aria: *rolls eyes* (Confessional: Antonio is one of the most frustrating people I've ever met. He treats women and SLAVES, it's DISGUSTING.)

Curtis: *taking a stroll down beach* (Confessional: In the business world, all you're used to is firing people, ordering people, and working with people. This is very similar to this game. I promised myself and my two daughters, I'd be cutthroat. So I sat back for a minute and thought about my current position in the game. Then I realized in the little alliance of 5, I am at the VERY bottom. Absolutely. But I don't know if I should flip. I don't believe we have the numbers. Timing is completely wrong.)

Aria: *sitting in shelter* You think Curtis went to look for an idol? (Confessional: With my bad position, I have to do ANYTHING to save myself. Even by tiny, tiny comments.)

Preston: Possibly..

Demika: *painting Cassi's nails* I don't care really. (Confessional: Something about Aria comes off as try hardy and desperate. Like you're at the bottom of this tribe. STOP trying to save yourself.)

Viola: *walks up to Curtis* Aria is accusing you of looking for the idol?

Curtis: Are you kidding me?

Viola: No. I am not. (Confessional: I figured it'd be smart for the old lady if she puts the target on someone else. Old lady can't go just yet)

Curtis: Wooow. (Confessional: So annoying chick Aria strikes again. She is just way too crazy for me. I'd fire her by now. This just lowered the chances of me flipping.)

Viola: *laughs*

(Day 4- Kanchi Camp)

Jacqueline: *walks up to Zayden* (Confessional: Of course I'll try my best to keep my girls safe. But sometimes I need to cover my own ass so I gotta see where the guys heads are at.) Hey. What are you thinking?

Zayden: I kinda wanna get a guys thing going on, plus you of course, and Kaiko since she's your friend. So Riley, Brielle, or Mackenzie would leave first. Most likely Brielle.

Jacqueline: Okay. (Confessional: This game means the world to me so I most definitely won't waste it. The guys are gonna flop and I'm gonna win soooo....)

Zayden: What are you thinking?

Jacqueline: Oh, I 100% agree with you.

Zayden: Okay. Great. *shakes her hand*

Jacqueline: *shakes* We got this.

Nico: *catching bugs with MacKenzie* (Confessional: Ever since I told MacKenzie my story, we really bonded and clicked. I see a potential ally in her. I do.)

Mackenzie: Oh, get that one! It gives you a lot of strength! Listen to nerds like me! (Confessional: I know it's good to stick with the girls but, I recently realized how AMAZING of a person Nico is. He's an amazing guy to hang out with.)

Nico: We got a good bucket of them. Is it enough?

Mackenzie: I guess so. *walks with Nico back to camp*

Jarrett: Good job guys!

Mackenzie: *high fives Nico*

Nico: *high fives Mackenzie*

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Kanchi, getting your first look at the new Dhari tribe. Wyatt voted out at the last tribal council)

(Nobody really cares)

Jeff: In this Immunity challenge, five of your tribe mates will complete an obstacle course. One of them will be holding a heavy crate of puzzle pieces. You will all crawl under an under crawl. Then through a pile of mud. You will all then climb up a ladder and give the pieces to the other 4 tribe mates. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins Immunity. Additionally, you are playing for reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Everyone: Yes.

Jeff: Tarp. K. Kanchi, you have an extra member. I need one person to sit out.

Eugene: *raises hand*

Jeff: Eugene sitting out.


Jeff: It is Jarrett, Riley, Nico, Zayden, and Kaiko running for Kanchi. Brielle, Jacqueline, Lukas, and Mackenzie doing the puzzle. It is Preston, Antonio, Jasper, Demika , and Melanie running for Dhari. Cassi, Curtis, Aria, and Viola will do the puzzle. Survivors ready....

(Runners get in running position)

Jeff: Go!

(Everyone runs)

Jeff: Preston is carrying the crate for Dhari! Zayden is carrying the crate for Kanchi! You have to crawl under that under crawl and gets DIRTY. You WILL get scales on your knees.

Jarrett: *leading*

Jeff: Jarrett ahead of everyone!

Riley: *falls* UGH.

Jeff: Riley takes a HUGE fall. This is NOT easy!

Jarrett: *makes it out and helps Riley out*

Jeff: Kanchi has a slight lead!

Jarrett: *helps Kaiko*

Jeff: Kaiko looking REALLY TIRED.

Antonio: *makes it out*

Jasper: *makes it out*

Jeff: Dhari catching up!

Demika: *tiredly crawls out*

Nico: *crawls out*

Jeff: Zayden needs to get out for Kanchi! Melanie and Preston need to get out for Dhari!

Melanie: *crawls out*

Jeff: The two crate carriers are last out. Those crates are HEAVY.

Zayden: *crawls out*

Preston: *crawls out* Jeff: Go Dhari! Go Kanchi! We have a battle! You are all running through this THICK mud now.

Jarrett: Everyone, link arms!

Jeff: Kanchi coming up with a strategy while Dhari is all over the place!

Jarrett: *leads everyone out*

Jeff: Kanchi's strategy really paying off! They have started to climb the ladder!

(Dhari exits mud)

Jeff: Dhari is crawling up the ladder!

Jarrett: *helps people up*

Zayden and Preston: *gives puzzle pieces*

Jeff: Both tribes are working on the puzzle! The runners are EXHAUSTED.

Mackenzie: *leading puzzle* Brielle, put it there! And move that piece, Jac! Lukas, to the left!

Aria: *quickly assembling puzzle*

Jeff: Aria FLYING through this puzzle with ZERO help.

Mackenzie: Hurry!

Aria: *puts in more pieces*

Preston: Come on Aria!

Riley: Let's go MacKenzie!

Aria: *catching up quickly*

Lukas: *puts in last piece* DONE!

Jeff: Kanchi wins immunity and reward!

Mackenzie: *takes idol*

Jeff: Congratulations Kanchi. Grab your tarp and head out.

(Kanchi is seen walking away)

Jeff: Dhari, second loss in a row. I have nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council. Head out.

(Dhari - Day 6)

Jasper: It was worth a try...

Preston: I guess. (Confessional: As annoying as Aria is, she really proved herself in the challenge. I don't think it makes up for what she's done yet...)

Aria: *sitting across from Cassi and Demika* If you can choose one of the guys to go, who'd you pick?

Demika: Antonio. (Confessional: Aria REALLY irritates my soul. But, this can be the PERFECT opportunity to get out one of the guys with a BIG ego. Antonio should go. We had an argument on day 1 so...)

Cassi: Yeah, Antontio. I'll vote him.

Aria: Okay, seems good. I will too. (Confessional: Antonio insulted by personality two nights ago. He's very mean spirited and he should GO.)

Aria: Okay, how do we get the votes?

Demika: Talk to Viola. Talk to Curtis.

Aria: I don't think Curtis likes me.

Demika: I'll talk to him then. (Confessional: Call me a Physco Queen but I'm leaning towards voting with Aria.)

Aria: *whispering to Viola* Would you be down for voting off Antonio?

Viola: Maybe. (Confessional: Maybe not. Aria voted off ME last tribal. Antonio was the guy who saved me from going. I owe him one. But he IS a threat so Miss Grandma is confused.)

Aria: I'm counting on you. (Confessional: I am FIGHTING to stay in this game. I want this more than anything. I'm desperate. So scrambling is my only option.)

Jasper: Aria, right?

Antonio: Obviously.

Preston: No question. Chick needs pills.

Melanie: Okay then. I'm okay with her leaving. (Confessional: Aria is causing A LOT of chaos so her leaving is great for me. Yay, I guess.)

Antonio: Confessional: I'd say I feel safe tonight. My alliance of 5 is very strong. It'll be a miracle if Aria stays.

Demika: Hey Curtis.

Curtis: Oh, hi.

Demika: Wild idea, but would you be willing to blindside Antonio?

Curtis: I don't know..

(The nine castaways are seen grabbing their torches and walking to Tribal Council)

Demika: Confessional: I never got enough time to talk with Curtis so I'm worried. I may have to back out of this if I don't know if he's voting with me.

Antonio: Confessional: If people do NOT see that Aria has to go, I don't know what's wrong with the world...

Aria: Confessional: God, this better work. I did NOT tire myself out scrambling for nothing. I WANT this and I want it bad.

Viola: Confessional: I still am puzzled. Antonio saved me but he's a big threat that may win this game. On the other hand, I kinda hate Aria.

Curtis: Confessional: Last minute, I was asked to vote off Antonio. Where is everyone voting? I don't really know...

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Aria, what was the aftermath of your first tribal council?

Aria: We got back to camp...and everyone basically ignored me. So I asked Antonio why it went that way. And then he started going all maniac on me. He was telling me "You're this, you're that" blah blah. It was honestly really hurtful.

Antonio: *smirks*

Jeff: Antonio, what is your take on this?

Antonio: She's absolutely wrong. I told her to tone down her paranoia and I don't get WHY she took it as offensive.

Aria: Mhm. *rolls eyes*

Jeff: Cassi, how do you feel?

Cassi: Everyone knows I want everyone to get along. Some of these arguments are WAY out of hand. It's to a point where I'm really afraid.

Jeff: Demika, you had an argument with Antonio last tribal. Have you made up?

Demika: NOPE.

Jeff: Okay. Jasper, what has camp been like during the last few days?

Jasper: A total roller coaster. Arguments everywhere. Idol searching accusations...

Jeff: Who was accused of searching for an idol?

Jasper: Curtis went to take a stroll to the beach so Aria said he was looking for one.

Curtis: I already knew that.

Aria: Oh, you did? By who?

Curtis: Not saying.

Viola: *evily grins*

Jeff: Melanie, what's your take on all of this?

Melanie: I honestly think all of these petty arguments are stupid.

Jeff: Okay. Preston, what went wrong during the challenge?

Preston: Kanchi used team work. We didn't. Simple as that.

Jeff: Is team work the key to succeeding?

Preston: In most cases, yes.

Jeff: It is time to vo-

Aria: *puts hand on Curtis's lap* Please do it...I'm so sorry...

Jeff: It is time to vote. Cassi, you're up.

Cassi: *is seen writing*

Jasper: *writes*

Preston: *is seen writing down Aria* Byee.

Demika: *is seen walking*

Aria: *holding parchment, saying Antonio* Its either you or me...

Viola: *writes* Bye.

Melanie: *holding Aria's parchment* You cause waaaay too much drama. I'm sorry.

Antonio: *is seen putting parchment in urn* Adios.

Curtis: *walks to seat and sits*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...






Aria: *rolls eyes* Mhmm..






Jeff: 1 vote Aria, 1 vote vote...






Jeff: Aria. That's two votes Aria, one vote Antonio...






Jeff: That's two votes Aria, two votes Antonio..






Jeff: Aria. That's 3 votes Aria, 2 votes Antonio...






Jeff: Aria. That's FOUR votes Aria, two votes Antonio...

Antonio: Bye Ari...






Jeff: Antonio. That's 4 votes Aria, 3 votes Antonio.

Antonio: Huh?






Jeff: Antonio. That's 4 votes Antonio, 4 votes Aria...second person voted out of Survivor: India...

Aria: *gulp*

Antonio: ...





Jeff: Antonio. I need you to bring me your torch.

Melanie: What?

Preston: Huh?

Jasper: Seriously?

Curtis: *smiles at Viola*

Viola: Hehe.

Antonio: *grabs torch and walks up*

Jeff: Antonio, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs*

Antonio: Good luck guys. *walks away*


Preston experiences the bottom..


But will he be saved by a shocking tribe swap?

Jeff: We are going from two tribes to three tribes.

And some castaways feel worried

Demika: IM DOOMED.


Antonio: I am blindsided. I had this strong alliance of 5. I have no idea who flipped. I thought, er, knew, I had a chance to win this game. I screwed myself. End of story.


Antonio: Aria Demika Cassi Viola Curtis

Aria: Antonio Jasper Preston Melanie

Episode 3: Clear Tribal Division

Jeff: Previously on...Survivor, 20 hardworking Americans entered the game with a dream to win a million dollars. On Kanchi, a division between genders are clearly made. Meanwhile, Eugene's laziness frustrated some members. On Dhari, Aria was immediately an outcast. And an alpha alliance of five was born. When Dhari lost their second immunity challenge in a row, it seemed Aria was voted off. But in a shocking blindside, Antonio was the one to leave. 18 are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

(Night 6 - Dhari)

Melanie: Crazy night. (Confessional: Tribal didn't go the way it was planned. Flip Flop Aria is still here. Ugh. My game just went a flame thrower.

Preston: *whispering to Melanie and Jasper* Did you two flip?

Melanie: No way!

Jasper: Nope.

Preston: Then Curtis flipped. (Confessional: Honestly such a stupid night. Why vote off one of your strongest members, when there's Little Miss Physco still in. Like, how do these people's brains work?

Preston: So Curtis, I guess you flipped?

Curtis: Yup. (Confessional: I knew going back to camp would be terrifying with some people arguing with me. So I've prepared.)

Preston: Why exactly?

Curtis: I was on the bottom...obviously.

Preston: No, you weren't.

Curtis: Then who was, Melanie?

Preston: No. (It makes me sick to my stomach when someone wants forgiveness after turning their back.)

Curtis: Then you are being very fake.

Preston: How am I being fake?

Aria: *watches them and snickers* (Confessional: All the alphas turning on each other is GREAT for me. How did I survive again?)

Viola: *watching with a blank stare* (Confessional: This is why MY generation is way better. We don't argue. These young people don't know how to be loyal. But of course, I wasn't loyal since I flipped on Antonio.)


Curis: Hey, don't raise your voice because you're bitter.

Preston: You're gonna get it Curtis. You're really gonna get it.

Jasper: Confessional: These people are proving they aren't as rich or royal as me, prince Jasper!

(Day 7 - Kanchi)

Brielle: *tearing shelter apart*


Brielle: Do you not know how much of a WASTE of environment it took to make this shelter? We can sleep on the beach!

Zayden: With those crabs? (Confessional: Living with Brielle is getting a lot more frustrating. We put a lot of hard working into that shelter and she RIPPED it apart.

Brielle: Crabs are people, just like us! (Confessional: These tribe members are AWFUL PEOPLE. Stop wasting things, now! It's very disrespectful to the environment, like ugh!!!)

Kaiko: *walking with Riley* I really like this tribe.

Riley: I do too, it's so strong and we can be like Koror. (Confessional: As long as we keep winning challenges, I'm in a VERY good position. And even if we lose, I'm still safe with all my girls. One of the guys will leave. DUH.)

Kaiko: You feel good with the girls?

Riley: Yeah, absolutely.

Kaiko: I do too.


Jeff: Kanchi, getting your first look at the new Dhari camp, Antonio voted out at the last tribal council.

(Loud gasps are heard)

Mackenzie: Wow.

Jarrett: *smiles*

Jeff: MacKenzie, are you shocked at Antonio leaving?

Mackenzie: Absolutely. I have no idea what is going on with that tribe. So I don't know their dynamics.

Jeff: Well, their dynamics won't last any longer. Drop your buffs. We are going from two tribes to three tribes. Whoever ends up on the tribe that isn't Kanchi or Dhari will have to REBUILD their camp. Surprise!

Cassi: Oh my god..

Jeff: *grabs a container of covered buffs* Everyone, pick a buff.

(Everyone grabs a buff)

Jeff: Reveal. Anyone on Kanchi, go on the green mat. Anyone on Dhari, purple mat. And whoever has a blue buff, go in the center.

(Everyone moves to respective mats, and hug and stuff)

Jeff: We have our three tribes. Kanchi; who will always wear green; will consist of Lukas, Eugene, Melanie, Preston, Aria, and Cassi. We have two former Kanchi's; Lukas and Eugene. The rest are former Dhari.

Lukas: *deep breath*

Jeff: Dhari, which will always wear purple; will consist of Kaiko, Riley, Demika, Viola, Curtis, and Brielle. 3 former Dhari; Demika, Viola and Curtis with 3 former Kanchi; Brielle, Kaiko, and Riley.

Kaiko; Yay.

Jeff: And finally. You six are called Habra. You will always wear blue. It consists of Jarrett, Zayden, Jasper, Mackenzie, Jacqueline, and Nico. It is Jasper; the only Dhari, with 5 Kanchi's!

Jacqueline: *smiles*

Jeff: Head to camp.

(Day 7 - Habra)

Jarrett: This sucks.. (Confessional: Me and Zayden worked really hard on that Kanchi Camp and now we're taken away from it. Now we're in this dump. The bright side is we have a 5-1 majority.)

Mackenzie: *putting supplies down* (Confessional: I actually really like this switch-up. Me and Nico started getting close and I knew he was close on the girls hitlist. We now have one person in line to go home, which is Jasper.

Jasper: Hi.

Jacqueline: Hi Jasper. What was your routines when you were on Dhari?

Jasper: Well, what we would do is we'd split about 3 handfuls of rice each morning and then.. (Confessional: What an awful switch up! My father would be very disappointed at the buff that I chose! Hmph! Now these slaves need to get off their asses and vote with me!)

Jarrett: *walking with Zayden* Jasper is GONE.

Zayden: *laughs* Agreed. He's cool and all but..

Jarrett: Yeah.

Nico: *building shelter with Mackenzie* Atleast we weren't split apart.

Mackenzie: Yeah, you're the one person I didn't wanna be split apart from.

Nico: I appreciate that.

Jacqueline: Confessional: Back on Kanchi, we had a girls clique. We all got split up but I still have Mackenzie. I want to know if we're still together.

Jacqueline: *drinking water* M, can we talk?

Mackenzie: Yeah sure.

Jacqueline: We're still tight, right?

Mackenzie: Absolutely.

Jacqueline: We need to stick together until the merge, then we reunite with the girls.

Mackenzie: Agreed. (Confessional: I'm telling Jac exactly what she wants to hear. This swap is a perfect chance to change up my alliances. Now that we swapped, I'm not really as open to the girls alliance as before...)

Jasper: I hate you all!

Jacqueline: You what?

Jasper: Oh, sorry, I thought I was whispering.

(Kanchi - Day 7)

Lukas: Welcome to our camp!!!!

Melanie: Thanks. (Confessional: This is a really good scenario for me. I was just blindsided. This switch up gave me a 4-2 advantage over the former Kanchi. We got this!)

Preston: *taking a walk with Melanie* What are you thinking?

Melanie: I think it's great that we have a 4-2 advantage.

Preston: Did you forget that Aria and Cassi just betrayed us?

Melanie: But we have no idea what Lukas and Eugene are like.

Preston: Then we give them a chance. (Confessional: We may have 4-2 advantage tribal wise but I'm still fired up from tribal council. So those who screwed me over are DONE for.)

Eugene: I'm going to go take a nap.

Cassi: Okay, have fun.

Aria: Uh... (Confessional: Eugene always tells stories about how amazing and adventurous his life is. I personally think that's all his adventures are in his dreams...because all he does is sleep.)

Eugene: *loudly snoring*

Aria: *annoyed*

Lukas: It's irritating, I know. (Confession: Eugene is a HUGE burden. But I kinda wanna stay in this game so I need his vote.)

Cassi: Confessional: I'm separated from my best friend Demika and it's weird without her. She was coming up with all the decisions and such, and I followed her. I think it's time that I think for myself...

Cassi: *walks off into forest*

Lukas: Where'd she go?

Melanie: She said she's on her period.

Lukas: Oh.

Cassi: (Confessional: I now have very limited allies so I need to secure my safety..) *looks inside a tree* No, not in there...

Preston: *yawns*

Cassi: *used a stick to dig around tree* Come on, please...

Melanie: Anyone wanna play Truth or Dare?

Cassi: Ooh! *grabs something* (Confessional: I see something and I hope it's the idol. Too bad it isn't. It's a clue.) *reads* In the center of the sand, look north where you will see two large palm trees. Take 23 steps and begin to dig. Hm, okay. (Confessional: This is amazing...)

(Dhari - Day 7)

Curtis: *in water with Viola and Demika* We're the originals, we can take them. (Confessional: This tribe split is quite interesting. You have me, Viola, and Demika. Then you have Riley, Brielle, and Kaiko. Really interesting..)

Brielle: *to everyone* I just want you all to know, in this process, do NOT hurt the environment...EVER.

Curtis: Confessional: Actually do Riley and Kaiko even like Brielle? She's a little odd...

Riley: *walks with Kaiko and Brielle* Okay, it's good that 3/5 of the girls alliance is together. And the other 2/5 are together.

Kaiko: Yeah, girls alliance to the end!!!!!

Brielle: Feminism helps the environment! Yay! (Confessional: I consider myself a very positive person. The thing that gets me negative is when people harm the environment. Other than that, I love anything. EXCEPT HARMING THE ENVIRONMENT, UGH I HATE THAT.)

Viola: *climbing up tree*

Kaiko: Woooow. That old woman has STRENGTH. (Confessional: I never realized how hard of a worker Viola is. She's older but she works the hardest. Unlike Eugene from Kanchi.)

Brielle: Don't break the tree! It'll be an environmental waste!

Viola: OH SHUT UP. (Confessional: Brielle is stupid. Stupid. Stupid.)

Demika: *laughs*

Curtis: *goes fishing* (Confessional: I'm the only man on this tribe. I must provide food for the ladies.)

(All 5 women are seen in shelter)

Riley: Has he caught anything yet?

Kaiko: No, I don't think so.

Demika: He's such a failure...(Confessional: Curtis is trying to impress the girls. I'm like, no, you're freaking 41. Get a life, you creep.

Kaiko: *giggling at Curtis*

Curtis: *tries to catch fish but misses and takes a belly flop*

Brielle: That's what you get for threatening the environment!


(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in!

(All 3 tribes walk in and gives glares to each other)

Jeff: Welcome to your first immunity challenge as new tribes.

(Everyone claps)

Jeff: For this challenge, two of your tribe mates will run half a mile into the jungle. There, they will grab a pair of shovels. You will then run back and give the shovels to two other tribe mates. They will use it to dig for a small bag of puzzle pieces. Once they have it, the final two members will complete this visual tree puzzle. First two tribes to finish their puzzle wins immunity! Additionally, first place gets to choose between fishing gear and comfort. The other reward will go to second place.


Jeff: Survivors ready.....go!

(Preston/Melanie, Jarrett/Zayden, and Curtis/Kaiko begin to run)

Jeff: It Preston and Melanie for Kanchi! Jarrett and Zayden for Habra! Kaiko and Curtis for Dhari!

Jarrett and Zayden: *running ahead*

Jeff: Habra has an early lead!

Preston: *running behind* Come on Mel!

Jeff: Preston and Melanie are right behind! Kaiko and Curtis are LAGGING.

Kaiko: *exhausted*

Curtis: Come on Kaiko, we're almost there!

Jarrett: *runs* Okay we're here! *grabs shovel*

Zayden: *grabs shovel*

Jeff: Jarrett and Zayden are still leading for Habra! They're heading back!

Preston: *trips Jarrett*

Jarrett: Hey!

Preston: Oh, sorry! *continues to run, stops, and grabs shovel*

Melanie: *grabs shovel* Lets go!

Jeff: Jarrett takes a HUGE fall. Meanwhile, Melanie and Preston are heading back! Kaiko and Curtis still don't have their shovels!

Jarrett: They're catching up! *runs more*

Kaiko: *tired, grabs shovel*

Curtis: *grabs shovel and starts running back*

Jeff: Curtis and Kaiko FINALLY heading back for Dhari!

Jarrett: *arrives and gives shovel to Nico*

Zayden: *gives shovel to Jasper*

Jasper: *digging* I shall dig! I shall dig! I shall dig! I shall dig!

Melanie: *arrives and gives shovel to Eugene*

Preston: *gives shovel to Cassi*

Jeff: Habra and Kanchi have began digging! It is Jasper and Nico digging for Habra! Cassi and Eugene digging for Kanchi!

Cassi: *digging* Come on...

Curtis: *gives shovel to Brielle*

Kaiko: *gives shovel to Demika*

Jeff: Dhari has finally started digging! It is Demika and Brielle digging for Dhari!

Brielle: *digging* This is neutral for the environment!

Cassi: I got it! *gives puzzle bag to Aria and Lukas*

Aria: *putting puzzle together*

Jeff: It is Aria and Lukas on the puzzle for Kanchi! Kanchi is currently leading!

Demika: I GOT IT! *throws bag at Riley and Viola*

Jeff: Dhari is catching up! It is Riley and Viola on the puzzle! This can be an AMAZING comeback. Meanwhile, Habra was once in first. They are now in last. They have to DIG.

Lukas: *assembling puzzle together*

Jeff: Kanchi has a strong lead!

Aria: *puts in final piece*

Jeff: Kanchi wins immunity and reward! We are down to Dhari and Habra!

Nico: *grabs puzzle bag and hands it to MacKenzie/Jacqueline*

Jeff: Habra FINALLY working on the puzzle. Meanwhile, Dhari hasn't made much progress.

Riley: Uh..

Viola: Hm...

Mackenzie: *putting puzzle together*

Jacqueline: *adds in pieces*

Riley: Oh! *adds in some pieces*

Viola: *adds in more*

Jeff: This is close!

Jacqueline: *puts in final piece*

Jeff: HABRA wins immunity and reward!


Jeff: Well deserved. Kanchi, what reward are you taking?

Zayden: We're taking the fishing gear.

Jeff: Okay. Take your fishing gear and head out.

(They take it and leave)

Jeff: Habra, take your comfort and head out.

(They take it and leave)

Jeff: Dhari, I got nothing for you. You had a chance to win but you did not succeed. Head back to camp.

(Dhari Camp)

Curtis: We were close guys. (Confessional: I'm really used to losing by now. I don't care which one of that trio leaves. They are all vulnerable.)

Brielle: *sitting with Riley and Kaiko* Hi!

Riley: So who should we vote?

Kaiko: Physically, Viola isn't as strong...

Brielle: I AGREE.

Riley: But that's a waste. Curtis is a HUGE threat. (Confessional: Ever since the tribes swapped, I've kept my eye on him. He's sneaky. If there was a chance he'd go, I'll go for it.)

Kaiko: But Curtis is our only hope of winning challenges.

Riley: Kaiko, trust me on this one.

Kaiko: Okay... (Confessional: Riley brings up voting Curtis and I'm really hesitant. During the challenge, he dominated while I lagged. This isn't very smart...)

Brielle: But we only have 3 votes.

Riley: Then we sway Demika. She's the obvious third wheel.

Brielle: Okay. (Confessional: Feminism rules! I hope we always lose so that we the environmental harmers can drop one by one!!!)

Curtis: *walking with Demika and Viola* Can we vote off Brielle?

Viola: Absolutely.

Curtis: Okay. (Confessional: Brielle is a whole bunch of nonsense. She criticizes everything we do. It's all blah blah blah. Just shut up for once. I would wanna take out a bigger threat like Riley, but this move is best...for my sanity.)

Demika: Okay Brielle it is. (Confessional: I'm sticking with Viola and Curtis for now. I need numbers when I reunite with my girl Cassi.)

Demika: *sitting in shelter*

Riley: *sits by Demika* Hey. (Confessional: Earlier me and the girls discussed that we need to pull in Demika. Like duh!)

Demika: Oh, hi.

Riley: Are you willing to flip to us? You're the third wheel obviously.

Demika: Yeah, I know.

Riley: So why are you sticking with them?

Demika: I want to go with them until I reunite with Cassi, then we got a strong group of four.

Riley: What if Kanchi votes Riley off?

Demika: Well-

Riley: If you stick with us, you have us four, plus possibly Cassi. A strong group of five.

Demika: Oh wow, I didn't think of-

Riley: We're splitting the vote. Me and you are voting Viola. Brielle and Kaiko are voting Curtis. Our target is Viola.

Demika: Oh okay. (Confessional: Riley brought up a really compelling case to me. And I might as well consider it..)

(The 6 tribe members are seen walking to tribal council)

Curtis: Confessional: I feel pretty safe. I just flipped on an alliance and they are all not on my tribe. If I can make out of this, I'll probably win this game.

Viola: Confessional: I BETTER not go tonight. If I go, I'll have an army of fighters from the retired home! The person leaving should be BRIELLE.

Kaiko: Confessional: I'm really worried about this vote. Losing Curtis would damage us in challenges but I hope things go well and Viola goes.

Riley: Confessional: You have to go big or go home. And I'm going big. I have done a lot of scrambling and if all goes well, the vote is split 2-2-2, and I succeed!!!

Demika: Confessional: I really do not know what to do. Long term, I still don't know what to do. But my mind will be made up during tribal, absolutely.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Riley, Kaiko, Brielle. Grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's start with today's swap. Kaiko, how do you feel about the switch up?

Kaiko: I didn't expect we'd be going into three tribes. And there is a clear tribal division here. 3 Dhari, 3 Kanchi. It can't get more nerve-racking than that.

Jeff: Viola, do you agree that's it's nerve-racking with a 3-3 split?

Viola: Well of course! But if I can get through the nerves of getting wrinkles, I can do ANYTHING.

Jeff: Curtis, how was camp life?

Curtis: It was great. We're all hard working people, especially Viola. But we all got here and got in our little trios, then scrambled.

Jeff: Brielle, do you agree with that?

Brielle: Well I didn't scramble. I have you guys a two hour lecture about not harming the environment!

Curtis: *groans*

Jeff: Curtis you seem annoyed. Explain please.

Curtis: Shes honestly really annoying.

Brielle: *gasps*

Jeff: Annoying how?

Curtis: She criticizes people for the littlest things, deeming it as "harmful for the environment". She WONT stop talking.

Brielle: Okay...

Jeff: Riley, the tribe split is 3-3. You can either draw rocks, or get someone to flip. What do you do?

Riley: I've definitely tried to scramble today and I hope this person makes the right choice..

Riley: *quietly whispers to Brielle and Kaiko* We're splitting it. You two vote Curtis. Viola is leaving.

Brielle: *nods*

Jeff: Demika, do you think this is a strong tribe?

Demika: *laughs* No. We are all sucky at challenges. Curtis is the only decent one at challenges.

Jeff: Kaiko, do you agree with that?

Kaiko: Absolutely. Curtis has pulled his weight the most. If he goes, we'll lose every single challenge.

Riley: *deep breath*

Jeff: Curtis, is this a blessing or a curse?

Curtis: A little bit of both...

Jeff: Viola, you're the oldest person here. How have you been doing?

Viola: Well thanks for reminding me again. Well, as the oldest one out here, I have to pull my weight in SOME way. And I did that by having a good work ethic.

Jeff: Riley, you think Viola has a good work ethic?

Riley: Absolutely. Hardest worker here. BUT...

Viola: Oh don't you dare..

Riley: While she's an amazing worker, she just can't compete in the challenges.

Kaiko: I'd agree with that.

Jeff: Demika, what are you basing your vote on?

Demika: Tribe Unity.

Jeff: Let's get to it. Brielle, you're up first.

Brielle: *holding up a parchment saying Curtis* How dare you insult my desperate love for OUR, well EVERYONE BUT YOURS' environment!

Kaiko: *writes*

Viola: *is seen folding parchment* Bye-bye. :)

Riley: *is seen walking*

Curtis: *holding a parchment saying Brielle* Please try to shut up...

Demika: *holding a parchment saying ???* I'm really sorry. This is best for me long term. Good luck out there.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...





Brielle: Oh no!






Jeff: That's one vote Brielle, one vote Viola...






Jeff: Curtis. That's one vote Brielle, one vote Viola, one vote Curtis.

Viola: *eyeroll*

Jeff: Next vote..






Jeff: Curtis. That's two votes Curtis, 1 vote Brielle, 1 vote Viola...






Jeff: Brielle. That's two votes Brielle, two votes Curtis, one vote Viola...







Jeff: Third person voted out of Survivor: India; Curtis, I need you to bring me your torch.

Viola: *gasp*

Demika: Huh?

Kaiko: What?

Riley: *smiles*

Curtis: Wow ladies. *walks up with torch*

Jeff: Curtis, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Curtis: Have fun losing challenges....


Viola fights for her life

Viola: Confessional: These youngsters will NOT send me home.

Kanchi has a new king and queen

Preston: Melanie we got this.

Melanie: Confessional: We went from the bottom to a sudden power player. I'm a lot more confident now.

And Jacqueline becomes more self aware

Jacqueline: Confessional: MacKenzie is not with me anymore. I'm not turning this Habra camp into Alpha City.


Curtis: I'm disappointed to go so early. I was in a decent position then the swap screwed me. *sigh* Good luck to Viola. Atleast I'm rich, right? I came into this game not for the money, but for the satisfaction. I didn't get that. Which sucks.

Episode 4: My Only Hope

Jeff: Previously on...Survivor, after Preston's blowup with his fellow tribe mates, the tribes shockingly swapped into three tribes. On Habra, everyone worked together well and bonded. However, Jasper was the ONLY former Dhari on it. On Kanchi, Eugene and Lukas were the outside while Preston and Melanie wanted to turn on their own. And Dhari was a complete disaster. They were the weakest tribe and they failed at winning immunity. There was a clear 3-3 split, and after Demika flipped, Curtis was blindsided, weakening their tribe even more. 17 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Night 9 - Dhari Camp)

Viola: It's cold.. *yawns* I'm gonna sleep it off... (Confessional: Tribal council went horrible. These young folks are gonna get it!!!)

(Riley, Demika, Kaiko, and Brielle are seen in a circle)

Riley: Guys, I'm sorry but I voted for Curtis. (Confessional: I flipped the vote and got rid of Curtis. Do I regret it? Not really. The girls wouldn't vote for him so I had to tell them to split the votes. It was best for us. They'll realize it.)

Kaiko: Why'd you vote him? (Confessional: Riley's a weird player. The plan was to vote off the weak link Viola, then she switches up and votes Curtis, our strongest player. I don't know if I can work with her again.)

Riley: Okay so long-term, Curtis would be more of a threat to us than Viola. I had to do it. I really had to.

Demika: Hm, okay. (Confessional: That girl Riley. She lyin to my face. She tryin to pull a Natalie Anderson. Nu-Uh girl, BYE. Your ass is GONE.)

Viola: *watches them from a distance* (Confessional: Silly children. Arguing over little things. They betta watch it!)

Riley: So yeah, I hope you guys understand my reasoning.

Kaiko: Oh, we do. (Confessional: We don't.)

Riley: Anyways, anyone want rice?

Brielle: Me.

Riley: Okay.

Brielle: *walks with Riley* Hi.

Riley: Are we still good?

Brielle: Yeah.

Riley: Okay. That's good. I promise you Viola is leaving next.

Brielle: Yeah, I know.

(Day 10 - Habra Camp)

Jacqueline: *in water with Mackenzie* So what are you thinking? (Confessional: I kinda wanna check in with Mackenzie again just to secure our friendship.)

Mackenzie: Nothing for now...

Jacqueline: So nothing's on your mind..?

Mackenzie: Not really...

Jacqueline: You sure...?

Mackenzie: Yes. (Confessional: I can't give Jacqueline too much information. She'll probably leave after Jasper. I love her but..the girls alliance can't work..)

Jacqueline: Oh okay. (Confessional: I've been thinking about Mackenzie's loyalty lately. She is NOT with me anymore. I know that for a fact. She's with the guys. I'm not turning this Habra camp into Alpha City.)

Nico: So MacKenzie, where'd you grow up?

Mackenzie: Oh in Michigan, I started studying as a law student and then... (Confessional: Nico and I have a very genuine friendship. We don't have much in common but we do have those little things. Like Nico and I both went on a family vacation to Italy. It's little things like that which make us bond. *adjusts glasses* I think us two can go far in this game.)

Nico: Oh, that's really cool. (Confessional: Mackenzie is hands down the smartest chick on this planet. She is sort of a motherly figure towards me, which I enjoy. When my father kicked me out, my mom was really hesitant. But she found out more stuff about me and she became the person to kick me out, she threw all my clothes on the road. It..sucked.)

Mackenzie: So what are you thinking strategically?

Nico: After Jasper goes, I know you're right with her, but Jacqueline?

Mackenzie: Oh, no. I agree. Jacqueline thinks we're aligned but I don't think it's best for me anymore. I love her to shreds but it's what has to be done.

Nico: Okay, cool. (Confessional: While I have a great personal connection with Mackenzie, we're also allies in this game. We set up a game plan for us short-term and long-term, then we went for it.)

Jasper: *to Jarrett and Zayden* So I'm thinking that we should put those bamboos over there, stick them together to hold it all up and... (Confessional: I have a LOT to prove. I am majorly outnumbered. I have to show that I'm a hard worker. I'm a prince. I usually don't do anything. I'm not used to these things. But anything can change in Survivor. This is a life lesson for me...)

Jarrett: Okay, got it.

Zayden: We can do that. (Confessional: Snobby old Jasper is fighting for his life. He's even WORKING. Like wow. I respect his hard work but we can't keep him around. It's too dangerous. We don't know his relationships with the former Dhari's.)

(Day 10 - Kanchi Camp)

(Aria, Cassi, Preston, and Melanie are seen in the shelter)

Aria: You guys wanna team up and get rid of Eugene or Lukas? I know we had our differences but..this is good for ALL of our games. (Confessional: Preston and Melanie hate me. I have to mend things with them if I wanna stay in this game.)

Cassi: I agree...

Melanie: Yeah, I do too. (Confessional: So earlier today, Aria made a campaign to Preston and I. I'm a bit hesitant. She's known to be sketchy...)

Preston: *groans* Fine. (Confessional: Aria wants to align with us. Are you stupid? You're a MANIAC.)

Cassi: I'm gonna go check treemail (Confessional: I found a clue to the hidden immunity idol a few days ago, and I think I have a good enough idea as to where it may be...)

Cassi: *walks to center of the sand and sees two Palm trees, then walks toward it, and digs*

Lukas: Where's Cassi?

Melanie: I don't know...

Cassi: Come on... (Confessional: I've been away for a while. They probably figured out I was idol I need this.) *grabs idol* YES! (Confessional: I have the idol! I have the idol! I have the fucking idol! No more naive Cassi!!)

Lukas: *in water with Eugene, Preston, and Melanie* You think us four should stick together?

Melanie: Oh, I absolutely do. (Confessional: Right now, Eugene and Lukas want me and Preston to align with them, while Cassi and Aria also want us. How ironic.)

Lukas: If you were to pick one of them to go, which one?

Preston: Aria, 100%.

Lukas: You guys didn't like Aria. (Confessional: Eugene and I are on the outs so we are doing everything we can to stay.)

Eugene: *yawning* (Confessional: So we were in the water. All I heard was blabbing. I didn't really pay attention...)

Lukas: I really Hope you guys make the right choice.. (Confessional: Do I trust them? No. But this is my ONLY hope.)

Preston: Oh, we'll definitely consider it.

Lukas: Alright, thanks.

Melanie: *washing hair* Good luck to you two.

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in!

(The three tribes walk in)

Jeff: Kanchi and Habra, taking your first look at the new Dhari tribe; Curtis voted out at the last tribal council.

Preston: *smirks* Karma.

Jeff: Lets get to it. On go, one of your tribe mates will untie knots to open a box. In the box is a ladder. All 5 tribe mates must use the ladder to get up, across, and down a tall platform. You will then use the ladder to hold it while another tribe mate climbs to retrieve the bag of puzzle pieces. Then, one other member will complete this Survivor Slide Puzzle. First two tribes to finish wins Immunity. Kanchi, Habra, you each have one extra member. Who's sitting out?

Jacqueline: *raises hand*

Eugene: Me.

Jeff: Sit outs, take a seat on the sit out bench.


Jeff: Survivors ready...go!

(3 castaways begin to untie)

Jeff: Melanie is untying for Kanchi! Nico is untying for Habra! Riley is untying for Dhari!

Melanie: *quickly undoing knot*

Lukas: Come on Melanie!

Riley: *untying*

Nico: *half way done*

Jeff: It is Nico leading, Melanie right behind, and Riley behind Melanie!

Riley: *sweats and begins to untie more*

Nico: *stuck at a knot*

Jeff: Riley catching up! Nico struggling at a knot!

Melanie: *begins to panic as she is stuck at a knot*

Jeff: Melanie is stuck at the same knot! This opens a door for Riley!

Nico: *gets out of knot and finishes untying, then opens box* Go!

Jeff: HABRA now has the ladder!

(Habra is seen carrying their ladder)

Melanie: *finishes untying* Come on!

Jeff: KANCHI now has the ladder!

(Kanchi is seen carrying their ladder)

Riley: *still untying*

Demika: HURRY. UP.

Jeff: Pressure starting to set in for Dhari!

(Habra is seen reaching platform and using ladder to climb up)

Jeff: Habra has a big lead!

Jarrett: Go, go!

(Kanchi is seen reaching platform and using ladder to climb up)

Riley: DONE! *opens box*

Jeff: Dhari FINALLY has the ladder. They have SERIOUS catching up to do.

(They are seen running, carrying ladder)

Viola: *falls* AGH

Jeff: Viola takes a HARSH fall.

(Habra is seen is seen going across platform, then getting down)

Jeff: Habra already going for the bag of puzzles!

Riley: Come on! *climbs up ladder with tribe*

Kaiko: *grabs ladder and places it on hole, then crosses*

(Kanchi is seen is seen going across platform, then getting down)

Jeff: Kanchi about to get a bag of puzzles!

Zayden: *climbs ladder and grabs puzzle bag* Go!

Jeff: Habra starting the puzzle! It is JARRETT doing the puzzle.

Jarrett: *slides pieces*

Preston: *grabs ladder and grabs bag* Come on!

Jeff: Kanchi now starting the puzzle. It is ARIA doing the puzzle.

(Dhari is seen is seen going across platform, then getting down)

Jeff: Dhari finally catching up!

Demika: *climbs ladder and grabs bag*

Kaiko: *starts sliding pieces*

Jeff: It is Aria vs Kaiko vs Nico!

Nico: *stuck*

Mackenzie: Nico, let me switch with you!

Nico: Okay. *swaps with Mackenzie*

Kaiko: *quickly sliding things together*

Aria: *swaps with Lukas*

Kaiko: *sliding more things*

Jeff: Kaiko making up time! This would be an AMAZING comeback for Dhari.

Kaiko: Done!

Jeff: DHARI wins immunity! HUGE comeback! It is Kanchi vs Habra!

Mackenzie: *swaps with Jasper*

Jasper: *sliding things*

Lukas: *sliding row by row*

Jeff: It's close!

Lukas: Done!!

Jeff: Lukas thinks he has it...and he doesn't!

Lukas: ...Shoot.

Cassi: *swaps with Lukas*

Jasper: DONE

Jeff: HABRA wins immunity!

Jeff: Habra, Dhari, head out.

(They head out)

Jeff: Kanchi, I have nothing for you but a date with me at tribal council. Head out.

(Day 11 - Kanchi Camp)

Lukas: *sigh* (Confessional: Unless things randomly flip, me or Eugene is leaving. And there's not much I can do about it. But I'll try my best..)

Aria: *walking with Cassi* You think they'll vote with us?

Cassi: Who? Preston and Mel?

Aria: Yeah. (Confessional: This new tribe is complicated. Cassi and I are obviously voting together, DUH. So are Lukas and Eugene. That leaves Preston and Melanie. They both wanted me out before, and they might do it again.)

Aria: *to Melanie and Preston* Who do you guys want out?

Melanie: I don't know yet...

Aria: Well I'm voting Eugene. He is such a dead weight...

Melanie: That seems true...

Preston: Eugene it is. (Confessional: Melanie and I are in a GREAT yet scary position. We will decide who goes tonight, and that's a tough spot to be in.)

Lukas: *to Eugene, Preston, and Melanie* Eugene and I are voting Aria. How about you guys?

Melanie: Yeah, that seems okay.

Preston: My vote is going toward Aria.

Eugene: Okay. Got it. I'm gonna take a nap.. *walks away*

Lukas: *sigh* (Confessional: I do NOT wanna go home tonight. I gave the best campaign I I wait.)

Melanie: *walking with Preston* You made up your mind yet?

Preston: Nope. (Confessional: This is a critical situation. We need to get rid of Eugene if we wanna win challenges but Aria is a HUGE strategic threat. So it's 50/50...)

Melanie: Be glad we're in a better position now... (Confessional: It was very hard back on Dhari. Now here's an opportunity opening up for both me and Preston. We don't wanna screw this up. This decision means everything. And this game means everything. My farm is really suffering and I am trying my hardest. I really want to go far in this game..)

Preston: Melanie, whoever we vote tonight will be best for our game, okay? We got this.

Melanie: *drinking water* Oh, I'm absolutely confident. (Confessional: We went from the bottom to a sudden power player. I'm a lot more confident now. But I think my fight is what's gonna get me through this game, not my confidence. Stuff can't be GIVEN to you. You have to work for it, that's what I'm doing.)

Aria: *sitting on sand with Cassi* I kinda wanna pull a blindside tonight?

Cassi: To who?

Aria: One of Melanie or Preston...

Cassi: But they're the swing votes...

Aria: Dangerous swing votes. (Confessional: Melanie and Preston are downright annoying. I want one of them GONE. Not in power, that's disgusting.)

Cassi: *nodding head* (Confessional: Aria wants Melanie or Preston to go. Thats really risky. I know why people are worried about her now...I'm just going with the numbers for now. I do have my idol...)

Aria: *whispering to Lukas* Are you and Eugene willing to split up the power couple?

Lukas: OH ABSOLUTELY. (Confessional: Aria wants Romeo or Juliet gone. FINE with me. I'm safe, what else matters? *laughs*)

Aria: Is Eugene on board?

Lukas: He fell asleep...

Aria: Tribal council is soon though...

(Dramatic music plays as the camera zooms onto Eugene)

(The 6 castaways are seen grabbing their torches)

Cassi: Confessional: I am really questioned what to do. Aria wants one of the power two out when the plan was originally Eugene. Do we even have the numbers? Like, what?

Melanie: Confessional: I don't know what to do...they all shown us a good case. And it'll be hard to choose. I am going with my brains, not my heart. This move will be best for me later on, I'm not talking tomorrow, I'm talking for the next 28 days.

Eugene: Confessional: As far as I'm considered, little Miss Aria is leaving. So I don't care what happens.

Lukas: Confessional: Last minute, Aria told me to vote Preston or Melanie. I don't know who the majority is voting but I just wanna be safe. That's all the matters...

Aria: Confessional: I'm not afraid to make big moves. It's what I have to do. There's some people on this tribe who have far too control and none of them are named Aria, which is bad for me. I'm doing what's good for me.

Preston: Confessional: Aria screwed me over. I have no idea how Eugene's lazy old ass is. So I'm probably doomed either way. I'm voting based on what my gut tells me. I don't know which name I'm writing down until I'm at that voting booth. Pray for me.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Eugene and Lukas, grab a torch and dip it in an get fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's get this started. Cassi, hows your new camp life?

Cassi: It's actually really good. Everybody has a positive attitude.

Jeff: Nice. I need to catch up with former Kanchi. Lukas, how did your previous tribe differ from this new Kanchi?

Lukas: Well, my other tribe never lost a challenge. This tribe has..

Jeff: Eugene, what do you make of this new tribe?

Eugene: They all good and hard working. Good job to them.

Jeff: Melanie, are there any clear lines?

Melanie: Oh, not yet. Things are a bit mixed up.

Jeff: Mixed up, how?

Melanie: Well it'd seem that Eugene and Lukas are screwed but...there's some friction from the Dhari Four.

Jeff: Aria, what is this "friction"

Aria: They tried to vote me off twice, you can't undo that..

Jeff: Preston, that is true. Aria almost left twice. What do you think of this?

Preston: I don't think anything of that. It happened. That's it.

Aria: *rolls eyes*

Jeff: Aria you seem angry.

Aria: I felt awful after Wyatt left and no one acknowledged me. And no one had any feelings since that event. For that reason, I am voting off either Preston or Melanie.

Jeff: Wow.

Aria: Mhm.

Melanie: Can I say something?

Jeff: Of course.

Melanie: Aria, that is the stupidest thing you can ever do. Person and I are swing votes. We can make or break you.

Aria: So you believe you're 100% in control?

Melanie: Well, yeah.

Aria: Okay then...

Eugene: I'm really confused..

Jeff: It is time to vote. Cassi, you're up.

Cassi: *is seen walking*

Preston: *writing*

Aria: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Lukas: *opens pen*

Melanie: *holding a parchment saying ARIA* You are one sneaky little bitch.

Eugene: *sits down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...














Jeff: That's two votes Aria..







Jeff: Melanie. That's two votes Aria, one vote Melanie...







Jeff: Melanie. That's two votes Melanie, two votes Aria...







Jeff: Melanie. That's 3 votes Melanie, 2 votes Aria....fourth person voted out of Survivor: India; Melanie.

Preston: Are you kidding me?

Melanie: *stands up, grabs torch and approaches Jeff*

Jeff: Melanie, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs her torch*

Aria: *smiles*

Melanie: Good luck guys! *walks off*


Brielle embraces her beliefs a bit too much...


And Jasper adapts from royalty life to Survivor life.

Jasper: Confessional: You CANNOT get by in life by just having servants. You have to WORK HARD.


Melanie: Aria Cassi Lukas Eugene

Aria: Preston Melanie

Episode 5: Willing To Fight For Anything

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, former Dhari's; Melanie and Preston were finally in a position of power. Both Eugene/Lukas and Aria/Cassi wanted them on their sides . Additionally, Cassi found an idol after a long search. After Kanchi lost the immunity challenge, they all soon scrambled. Melanie and Preston were confidently in a power position, but they were proven wrong when Melanie was blindsided, leaving Preston on the outs again. 16 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Kanchi Camp)

(It is late at night and they are seen putting their torches away)

Preston: Gee...

Aria: *walks up to Preston* I'm so sorry that happened. You two just had so much power that it intimated me and-

Preston: I know, I know. (Confessional: Typically I'd get in a huge explosion over me being on the outs...AGAIN. But I'm gonna play it cool and be fake to everyone, then win a million bucks. Isn't that how it works?)

Aria: You are nowhere NEAR my target. (Confessional: I took a huge risk tonight and I'd say it paid off. Melanie was a huge threat to my game and I didn't need that. The one thing that frightened me was Preston's reaction. He didn't seem to react at all. Is it wrong to be scared?)

Lukas: *to Eugene* I cannot believe that they turned on each other...

Eugene: Uh huh.

Lukas: We gotta let them fight it out and we stay under the radar. (Confessional: Having Eugene as my closest ally right now is sorta stressful. He never really talks any real game. All he does is follow along. Whatever he's doing, it's working. Miraculously, I'm still in this game and NOT on the bottom..) So if we're to lose again, it's Preston's time to go.

Eugene: I agree...

Lukas: Okay great. (Confessional: Another hard thing about working with Eugene is nobody likes him. Everybody sees him as dead weight so I can't let him do anything STUPID.)

Aria: *sitting with Cassi* What are you thinking?

Cassi: Taking out Preston next.

Aria: Yeah, I agree.

Cassi: Cool. (Confessional: So I found the idol, but I haven't had the time to see it yet because people were approaching me about the plan, but now is a great time to do so.) *walks into forest and takes out idol* Beautiful...

Lukas: *braiding Aria's hair*

Cassi: *to camera* This is huge. (Confessional: This idol is a game changer for me. I can take out a big threat with this but I wanna use it wisely. I don't wanna go home with an idol in my bra.)

(Habra Camp)

(everyone is seen sleeping, except Jasper who is busy making a fire)

Jasper: *cuts finger* Argh... *grabs flint and begins scraping it with machete* (Confessional: I can't split up the Kanchi Five. The only way I can survive right now is if I prove my worth. Both in the challenges and with my work ethic. People here are weaker than me, and that's a good thing. There's Mackenzie and Jacqueline, who can potentially be expandable.)

Jarrett: *wakes up and sees Jasper* What are you doing?

Jasper: Making fire.

Jarrett: Oh.. (Confessional: Jasper...I feel bad for the guy. He's trying his hardest but he can't change people's minds. He is our hardest worker, I'll give him that...but...*sigh* he just cannot stay in this game...)

Jarrett: *to Jacqueline* He's seriously trying to making a fire while his finger is bleeding.

Jacqueline: Is he a maniac?

Jarrett: *laughs* I don't know.

Jacqueline: He can just stop.

Jasper: *rubbing sticks together* (Confessional: This entire thing is a life lesson for me. Yes, there's the entire game aspect of this show but there's also the survival part. And surviving is a lot harder than you think. You're starving, you're too exhausted to do anything, you're freezing at night. But you can fix that with your work ethic. You CANNOT get by in life by just having servants. You have to WORK HARD. And a prince like me would rarely say those words.)

Nico: *yawns* You can do it Jasper.

Mackenzie: Yeah, woo-hoo.

Zayden: *is washing self in water*

Mackenzie: Confessional: Zayden is the pretty boy of this season. He has a great body, anyone can admit that. He's strong, cute, smart, everything you can ask for. He is such a little cutie, it's not even funny. But obviously, in the game of Survivor, that type of person should have caution tape all over them.

Zayden: *walks to shelter, wet* Oh, nice job Jasper.

(Dhari Camp)

Riley: *sitting with Kaiko* I really like this tribe.

Kaiko: I do too.

Riley: I'd like to continue this during the merge you know.. (Confessional: This Dhari tribe is strictly 5 strong women. Me, Kaiko, Demika, Brielle, and Viola. The reason I like this tribe is that I'm a fan of girl power. Girls often judge themselves and each other. But if we can figure out a way to get together, our devious minds can take this game by storm.)

Demika: *walks out water with fish* (Confessional: Now that Curtis is gone, we have to pay the price. We have no men to go get food for us ladies. So I decided to go on and take the role.)

Kaiko: Thanks Demika!

Demika: Your welcome.

Viola: *eating* I had better, 50 years ago.

Demika: Gurl.


Demika: Duh.

Brielle: Why!?

Demika: Because we're starving, stupid.

Brielle: Demika I lost all my respect for you.

Demika: I don't care. Stop being a physco.

Brielle: Excuse me. I'm not an animal hater like you.

Demika: *snaps at Brielle* Will you shut up, like for once. All you do is go on endless rants about your precious nature. Well guess what, we don't care. Nobody here likes you and nobody will. You are a crazy girl. GET A WAKE UP CALL IN LIFE! (Confessional: Brielle is by far one of the most annoying people I have ever met. She never shuts up. She lives in some delusional fantasy world. If she doesn't like me catching food for her ass, she can starve.)

Brielle: HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO NATURE!! YOU ARE STUPID. GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT!!!! (Confessional: Demika is so RUDE. Bashing on the nature that's in your own planet is just...creepy. Like, excuse me for respecting our planet called Earth and trying to save it.)

(Kanchi Camp)

Preston: *sitting in shelter* I'm exhausted.

Aria: Yeah me too...I feel so...ugh.. (Confessional: Survivor is taking a big toll on us, physically. We are all starving but we need to figure out a way to actually survive. It's only day 13 and we're exhausted. For me, it's mentally too. I miss my girlfriend a lot. She's always my motivation in life and I usually can't go on without her. Right now, I'm alone and I am willing to fight for anything.)

Eugene: *sleeping*

Aria: He's sleeping AGAIN?

Cassi: Yup...

Preston: *groans* (Confessional: Eugene really doesn't do anything. All he does is sleep, complain, sleep again, then complain again. He's a huge dead weight to drag along and we may have to cut him loose.)

Eugene: *snoring loudly*

Aria: *covering ears*

Eugene: Confessional: All these young folks exhaust themselves by running around doing who-knows-what. Well, I'm saving my energy by taking a good ol' nap. I'm smart, y'know.

(Habra Camp)

Mackenzie: *lying down on shore, next to Nico* So if we lose...Jasper goes?

Nico: That seems like the vibe right now.

Jacqueline: *approaches them* Hey...Mackenzie, are we still good?

Mackenzie: Absolutely. Why would you think otherwise. (Confessional: Of course I'm not with Jac anymore. I'm just telling her what she wants to hear...)

Jacqueline: Confessional: I have never been to tribal council and I'm honestly more paranoid than ever. It seems Mackenzie ditched me for Nico. I don't even know what my torch looks like. Maybe I do need to go to tribal council once so I can calm my nerves..

Jacqueline: *facing them* So after Jasper, there's the duo of Zayden and Jarrett that needs to be split up and from there on, we merge with a strong group and..

Jasper: *watching from a distance* (Confessional: So as Jacqueline is rambling to Nico and Mackenzie, I see their annoyed faces. THIS is the crack of the alliance; Jacqueline. If I can put the spotlight on her, I could be safe.)

Jacqueline: So we're good.

Mackenzie: Jac, I told you don't worry.

(Dhari Camp)

Demika: *in water* (Confessional: After the petty argument with Brielle, I decided I need a cool down. Just time alone so I can breathe.)

Viola: *eating rice* (Confessional: Demika and Brielle are some primary examples of young, naive children who cannot control themselves. I am the most mature person here, I know how to stay calm. If those two wanna eliminate each other, fine by me as long as I'm safe. *snickers*)

Brielle: *drinking water* HMPH. Demika is so immature.

Kaiko: Mhm...

Brielle: Like, I'm sorry for trying to save planet Earth..

Kaiko: Mhm... (Confessional: I am probably one of the most lowkey strategists here. Well this entire tribe is soooo dramatic and I don't wanna get myself in that. I want to be able to make it to the merge with no blood. and from there on out, I'd wanna play harder.)

Brielle: I don't even see WHY she's trying to ruin her living space.

Kaiko: Yeah.

Brielle: I want her gone NEXT!

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in!

(Dhari and Habra march to their mats)

Jeff: Dhari and Habra, getting your first look at the new Kanchi tribe; Melanie voted out at the last tribal council.

Jasper: *sigh*

Jeff: Jacqueline, Kaiko, I'll take back the idols.

Jacqueline and Kaiko: *gives idols*

Jeff: Okay. With that said, everybody take a seat on the bleachers.

(Everyone sits)

Jeff: For this challenge, each round, one member from each tribe will come up and eat a disgusting dish. The first to do so scores a point for their tribes. First two tribes to get 2 points wins immunity. Habra, you have one extra member, sitting out person out, who's it gonna be?

Mackenzie: *raises hand*

Jeff: Mackenzie sitting out. Let's get this started.


Jeff: Round one. It is Jarrett for Habra, Viola for Dhari, and Lukas for Kanchi. First meal... *reveals it* Dead, rotten clam. Plug your nose for this one because it's STINKY. Go!

Lukas: *eats, and is almost about to puke*

Aria: Hold it in, Lukas!

Jarrett: *stuffs it in mouth*

Jeff: Jarrett STUFFS it in his mouth. Risky move.

Viola: *taking small bites*

Jeff: Viola making slow progress.

Lukas: *throws up*

Jeff: Lukas throws it ALL up.

Lukas: Sorry guys..

Jarrett: *chewing*

Jeff: Jarrett is almost there.

Viola: *eats more*

Jeff: Viola making more progress.

Jarrett: *throws up*

Jeff: JARRETT throws up.

Viola: *finishes*

Jeff: VIOLA scores for Dhari! Dhari leads 1-0-0! Next three!


Jeff: It is Jacqueline for Habra, Cassi for Kanchi, and Kaiko for Dhari. Next foot, grilled. Go!

Jacqueline: Um, no.

Zayden: Come on Jac, you can do it.

Kaiko: *quickly eating*

Jeff: Kaiko making it look easy!

Cassi: *shoves it in mouth and chews*

Jeff: Cassi is not messing around!

Cassi: Done!

Jeff: Cassi quickly scores for Kanchi! 1-1-0! Next 3!


Jeff: It is Nico for Habra, Aria for Kanchi, and Brielle for Dhari. Next meal; frog tongue. GO!

Brielle: I'm not eating this. *backs away*

Demika: Seriously?

Nico: *quickly eating it*

Aria: *chomping on it*

Jeff: Aria and Nico are neck and neck!

Aria: *swallows and puts more in mouth*

Nico: *eats and throws some in mouth*

Jeff: They both are nearly done.

Nico: Done!

Aria: I am too.

Jeff: Nico scores for Habra! We are tied 1-1-1! Next three!


Jeff: It is Jasper for Habra, Eugene for Kanchi, and Riley for Dhari! The person who finishes first wins first place for the tribe. The meal is... *reveals* a blended cup of cockroaches.

Jasper: Oh crap...

Jeff: Go!

Jasper: *tries to drink it, and takes deep breath*

Mackenzie: You can do it Jasper!

Riley: *quickly chugging*

Kaiko: Woo hoo! Go Riley!

Eugene: *slowly sipping*

Lukas: *facepalm*

Jasper: *takes baby sips*

Riley: DONE!

Jeff: Dhari wins immunity! Last two, step up.

Preston and Zayden: *steps up*

Jeff: It is Preston for Kanchi and Zayden for Habra. This is for immunity. Whoever finishes first wins immunity for their is the final meal. *uncovers it* A rat.

Demika: Ew

Jeff: Go!

Zayden: *eating it*

Preston: *chomping*

Jeff: Both guys off to a quick start.

Zayden: *shoves it in mouth and chews*

Preston: *swallows* Done!

Jeff: KANCHI wins immunity! Habra, I got nothing for you expect a trip to tribal council. Head out.

(Habra Camp)

Jacqueline: Good job guys. (Confessional: I maaaay be in danger tonight but I think we all settled on Jasper going. He has too many potential relationships with the former Dhari. He is too big of a threat. But today, I messed up in the challenge and it's hard to overlook that.)

Jasper: *to Zayden and Jarrett* Is there any chance I stay?

Zayden: We don't know, dude.

Jarrett: Pick one of the three to go.

(Camera shows a quick scene of Jacqueline, Mackenzie, and Nico)

Jasper: Jacqueline seems the most shady.

Zayden: That seems about accurate. (Confessional: Jasper is right. Jacqueline is very likely to flip and she's playing way too hard. If we keep him and take out Jac, that's a huge burden off our shoulders.)

Jasper: *leaves*

Jarrett: What are you thinking?

Zayden:'s not a stupid move to take out Jacqueline.

Jarrett: Yeah... (Confessional: Jasper wants Jacqueline out. Right now we're balancing two things out. One; if we can trust Jasper despite him having relationships with former Dhari. Two; if we can trust Jacqueline after her recent sketchiness.)

Mackenzie: *to Nico and Jacqueline* Jasper, right?

Jacqueline: Oh absolutely.

Nico: Okay.

Jacqueline: I'm going to wash my hair.

Mackenzie: Okay...

Jacqueline: *walks off*

Mackenzie: *to Nico* Can we trust her?

Nico: I honestly don't know.

Mackenzie: You think we should pull the trigger?

Nico: Maybe..(Confessional: Right now it's between Jacqueline and Jasper. They both didn't take a bite during the challenge so whoever goes doesn't matter. But Jasper has the strong work ethic.)

Mackenzie: *brushing hair* I really don't know what to do.. (Confessional: Jacqueline and I started this game off in an all girls alliance. Right now she trusts me but I don't know if I trust her. I want to win by playing with my head, not my heart. But it'll be heartbreaking to vote Jacqueline. The question is whether Jacqueline deserves a second chance or not.)

Zayden: *to Mackenzie, Nico, and Jarrett* We gotta stick together for this vote.

Mackenzie: Absolutely.

Jarrett: I could care less which one goes.

Zayden: We gotta be smart with this..

Jarrett: Jac or Jasper... (Confessional: Nico, Zayden, Mackenzie, and I have a strong bond. If we're deciding between Jacqueline or Jasper, it's best for us to come up with one name.)

Jasper: *to Zayden* You still thinking about it?

Zayden: Yes.

Jasper: Okay. (Confessional: This is life or death for me right now. I don't want to leave the game this early. I wanna keep going. This is just the beginning. Voting me off over Jacqueline would honestly be dumb.

(The six castaways are seen walking to tribal council)

Jacqueline: Confessional: If things go as planned, Jasper leaves tonight. At the moment, that's my best scenario. I feel confident that things will go my way...I don't know why.

Jasper: Confessional: My fate lies in the hands of not me, but my tribe mates. If they miraculously see how getting rid of Jacqueline is smart, then great.

Mackenzie: Confessional: I'm really puzzled right now. Jacqueline isn't going to vote me off but she might flip alliances. It'd be tragic for me to have to betray her. On the other hand, Jasper is a great addition to our tribe. He's a hard worker and he's loyal. But he has soo many relationships with his other tribe. It's honestly frightening to make this choice.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: If you don't have a torch yet, grab one, dip it in, and make fire. This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council because in this game fire represents life. As long as you have fire, you are still in this game. When your fires gone, so are you. Let's get this started. I haven't talked to most of you yet, so there's a lot to catch up on. Jacqueline, what was camp life on old Kanchi?

Jacqueline: Well, we did scramble but most of the time, it was a vacation for us.

Jeff: Zayden, do you agree?

Zayden: Absolutely. There was no drama over there and we were like a family.

Jeff: Jasper, they were like a family. You're the only one here to never be apart of that family. Does that worry you? Jasper: Obviously. They got time to bond while my tribe was running around crazy. So it does worry me.

Jeff: Mackenzie, should Jasper be worried?

Mackenzie: He should be. We don't know what kind of bonds he has with other people.

Jeff: Jasper, how do you respond to that?

Jasper: I may be a stranger to ya'll but I'm loyal. I work my butt off at camp and there's weaker, more untrustworthy people.

Jeff: Like who?

Jasper: Jacqueline of course.

Jacqueline: *gasp*

Jeff: Wow, Jacqueline, how does that make you feel?

Jacqueline: I honestly feel like I pull my weight in challenges. I am not lazy at camp. And I'm as loyal as possible to ya'll if you're loyal to me.

Jasper: "If you're loyal to me." I'm loyal to you guys no matter what. I work my hardest during camp and I swear, I have no more alliances on Dhari.

Jeff: Jarrett, you have two people pleading their cases as to why they should stay. What are you basing your vote on tonight?

Jarrett: Whatever unites our tribe better.

Jasper: *faces Mackenzie, Nico, Jarrett, and Zayden* I swear to you guys, if you keep me, I'll be forever loyal. The four people eliminated from this game have been Dhari's. I've been tight with them. My allies are gone. Please do the right thing.

Jacqueline: Guys, I have been with you guys since day one. My trust has never wavered and I don't wanna go this early.

Jeff: Nico, what are you thinking?

Nico: Whoever goes tonight will mentally strengthen our tribe. I believe after this vote, we'll be a strong five.

Jeff: Zayden, do you agree with that?

Zayden: Absolutely.

Jeff: Okay, it is time to vote. Jarrett, you're up first.

Jarrett: *is seen walking*

Zayden: *writes*

Jacqueline: *holding a parchment that says Jasper* Jasper, you are one of the greatest people I have ever met but I don't wanna leave this early, especially with my kids on the line.

Nico: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Jasper: *is seen writing Jacqueline, then holds it up* It's either you or me.

Mackenzie: *takes a deep breath and writes*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...









Jeff: One vote Jasper, next vote...










Jeff: One vote Jacqueline, one vote Jasper..










Jeff: Two votes Jasper, one vote Jacqueline..









Jeff: THREE votes Jasper, one vote Jacqueline...







Jeff: Fifth person voted out of Survivor: India; Jasper, I need you to bring me your torch.

Mackenzie: Sorry...

Jasper: *gets up and grabs torch* Good luck guys...rooting for ya'll.

Jacqueline: *whispers to everyone* Thank you so much.

Jeff: Jasper, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Jasper: *nods and walks off*


With 5 former Kanchi's on the new Habra, things change.

Jacqueline: Confessional: All of a sudden, I'm in a power position.

Meanwhile, the new Kanchi lives in peace...except for one person.

Preston: *running in woods* I don't think they saw me.

And Dhari keeps on having argument after argument

Demika: Now you wanna be a snake? Okay, you're done.


Jasper: I'm honestly shocked that I wasn't the first boot, I grew up a lot in the past 13 days. I am proud that I really adapted to the Survivor life and this was one big life lesson for me.


Jasper: Zayden Jarrett Jacqueline Mackenzie Nico

Jacqueline: Jasper

Episode 6: Slammed In The Middle

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, in a game of survival, the elements can have a toll on people. And it did. Brielle and Demika had an explosive argument, turning the game around. During the immunity challenge, Habra ended up losing their first challenge. At the Habra Camp, Jasper was outnumbered 5-1, but Jacqueline drifting apart caused mistrust. At tribal council, it was Jasper voted off. 15 are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

(Habra Camp)

(It is the night as the five castaways are putting their torches away)

Jacqueline: Thank you guys so much for keeping me. (Confessional: I was really shocked during tribal. I had no idea that I was even on the chopping block. This just shows how unaware I am. I have to improve my game or I'm leaving next. And I'm not going to let my kids down.)

Mackenzie: *hugs Jacqueline* Congrats on staying. (Confessional: My decision of keeping Jacqueline over Jasper is that Jacqueline is loyal to ME. So right now I have the majority 3-2.)

Zayden: *sitting in shelter with Jarrett* You think we made the right decision?

Jarrett: Absolutely. If we lose, Jacqueline goes.

Zayden: Alright man. (Confessional: My closest ally in this game is Jarrett. We got that tight bromance bond and we made a final two deal on day 1. If all goes well, we WILL be the final two.)

Jacqueline: *walking with Mackenzie* I'm so sorry...for whatever I did. (Confessional: Now that I nearly went home, I need to rebuild my bonds; starting with Mackenzie.)

Mackenzie: You didn't really do anything. It was just me being petty and such.

Jacqueline: Are we still in this together?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Jacqueline: I hope we merge soon so we can reunite with the girls alliance. (Confessional: 3 members of my girls alliance are on Dhari, so it's only me and Mackenzie. I assume she also wants to return to the girls alliance.)

Mackenzie: Yeah, me too... (Confessional: I am putting my trust into Jacqueline again but I still don't wanna do the girls alliance. It's bad for my game..)

(Kanchi Camp)

Lukas: *in water with Aria* After I came out to my parents, I didn't talk to them for a while.

Aria: Wow. (Confessional: Lukas and I have this tight bond. We are both gay and know what it's like to overcome adversities. He's a little adorable sweetheart and I don't regret siding with him.)

Lukas: Those months where my parents didn't talk to me was the roughest times of my life. I felt so isolated from the world and.. (Confessional: I came out to my parents at age 18. It was hard to even gain the bravery to do it but I still did it. They were angry at me, and every day, I felt awkward around them. So I found a new place for myself, and honestly, I didn't know what to do. I didn't have any parental guidance and during those months, I felt as if I was starving everyday and then *begins to tear up* father died before we even had the chance to reconcile. This was so hard for me. And this entire game of mine is dedicated to him.)

Aria: *hugging Lukas*'s okay.

Eugene: *walking around*

Preston: Eugene, you wanna help me fix the shelter?

Eugene: NAH. I'm just gonna...*yawn* sleep.

Preston: Well, do you know how to weave?

Eugene: Not really. (Confessional: That Preston guy is trying to get me to do camp things. I had a long day. I just wanna sleep.)

Preston: Okay then...

Cassi: *weaving*

(Dhari Camp)

Brielle: *walking with Kaiko* I kind of want Demika gone after our fight..

Kaiko: Are you sure?

Brielle: Absolutely. (Confessional: Demika is loud and rude. I can't bear being on the same camp with her. She should go next.)

Kaiko: I'll think about it... (Confessional: There's been a lot of drama between Demika and Brielle. It's starting to get annoying but now they're targeting each other. They want each other gone. I don't want either of them to go though. I want Viola gone.)

Viola: *cooking*

Riley: *walks up to Demika* Hey. How are you?

Demika: Still kinda frustrated but I can bear it..

Riley: Do you want her out?

Demika: Not for now. There's still dead weight that is Viola.

Riley: Okay, cool.

(Habra Camp)

Nico: *to Jarrett and Zayden* You wanna use the worms to draw in trout?

Jarrett: We can try. (Confessional: Nico, Zayden, and I like going out fishing every day to provide for the women. It's just one of the manly codes.)

Zayden: *pushes boat in water and gets in boat*

Jacqueline: *at shore with Mackenzie* You can do it boys!

Nico: *paddles and puts bait in water* Come on little fishes.

Mackenzie: Woo hoo! (Confessional: It's like a little vacation right now. We have no stress. No drama. Just eating like kings.)

Jacqueline: *walks with Mackenzie* What are you thinking?

Mackenzie: We need to split up Jarrett and Zayden.

Jacqueline: Agreed.

Mackenzie: They are two alpha guys in a strong duo. (Confessional: Zayden and Jarrett have been scaring me for a while. They are way too big of challenge threats for me.)

Zayden: *to Jacqueline* We want you to vote with Jarrett and I. We gotta take out Mackenzie.

Jacqueline: Confessional: All of a sudden I'm in a position of power. Both Nico/Mackenzie and Zayden/Jarrett want me on their side. Wow.

(Kanchi Camp)

(the five are sitting in the shelter)

Aria: We need to discuss the merge. Us five need to stick together.

Cassi: I agree.

Lukas: I'm honestly willing to make a final five deal right here and right now.

Aria: Let's do it then. Us five will take up a huge majority come merge.

Eugene: Eh sure.

Cassi: We'll be the final five. (Confessional: I'm in a solid group of five for the merge with an idol. This is fantastic for me.

Preston: *goes to woods and grabs items from torch and a few sticks and rope* (Confessional: I'm at the bottom of this five so I need some layer of protection. And that is a fake idol.)

Preston: *puts it in pocket and runs back to camp. (Confessional: Hopefully they didn't see me. I don't think they did see me. But I have to be stealthy.)

(Dhari Camp)

Riley: *around fire with Brielle* What are you thinking? (Confessional: After the big argument, I wanna see where both Brielle and Demika's heads are at. I already talked to Demika, now I have to talk to Brielle.)

Brielle: I want Demika GONE.

Riley: Hm, okay. (Confessional: Brielle desperately wants Demika gone. That isn't good for my game. Demika is close with me. I can't let her go.)

Riley: *walks up to Demika* She wants you out.

Demika: Who, Brielle?

Riley: *flips hair* Obviously.

Demika: She can't be serious. *storms to Brielle* Now you wanna be a snake?

Brielle: What are you even talking about?

Demika: Don't act stupid. You are telling the entire damn tribe to vote me off. Your time on this show is DONE. (Confessional: I can't deal with Brielle anymore. She is so stupid and so annoying. I will make sure she leaves.)

Brielle: Mkay.. (Confessional: I don't know who told Demika but I don't care. I want her voted off.)

Kaiko: *sigh*

Viola: *pats Kaiko on the back* I know, they're crazy.

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Kanchi and Dhari march to their mats)

Jeff: Kanchi and Dhari..getting your first look at the new Habra tribe; Jasper voted out at the last tribal council.

Preston: Wow.. (Confessional: As soon as the new Habra comes in, I see Jasper is gone. That entire alpha alliance I made on day one is gone...except for me.)

Jeff: I'll take back the idols. *grabs idols from Mackenzie and Riley* Heres how this challenge works. Everybody has a machete. One by one from each tribe, you will use the machete to drop a rope, and release a bag of puzzle pieces. You may not alternate until the person is done chopping. Once you have all 5 bags, one member from each tribe will complete the puzzle, which is a large model of your tribe flag. First two tribes to complete the puzzle wins immunity. Let's get this started.


Jeff: It is Kaiko chopping first for Dhari, Lukas for Kanchi, and Mackenzie for Habra. GO!

Kaiko: *chopping rope continuously*

Jeff: Kaiko SLAUGHTERING the rope.

Kaiko: *quickly released bag and hands machete to Viola*

Jeff: Kaiko has the bag! It is now VIOLA chopping for Dhari!

Lukas: *chops rope and bag is released* Yes! *hands machete to Eugene*

Mackenzie: *releases bag and hands machete to Jacqueline*

Jeff: Viola, Eugene, and Jacqueline are all chopping. The three oldest in this game.

Viola: *struggling*

Riley: Come on Viola!

Jacqueline: *makes one big hit and releases bag, then hands machete to Jarrett*

Jarrett: *powerfully smashes rope with one hit, and releases bag, then hands machete to Zayden*

Jeff: JARRETT whipped through the rope. Habra has 3 bags. Kanchi and Dhari each only have 1 bag. Viola and Eugene are struggling.

Eugene: *chops rope and releases bag, then gives machete to Cassi*

Cassi: *begins chopping*

Zayden: *releases bag and hands machete to Nico*

Jeff: Habra has 4 bags! Kanchi has 2! Dhari has 1!

Viola: *chops rope and releases bag, then hands machete to Riley*

Riley: *chops rope with one hit, then hands machete to Brielle*

Jeff: Dhari now has 3 bags! Kanchi trailing behind with only two!

Nico: *releases bag*

Jeff: Habra can start working on the puzzle!

Jarrett: *steps up to front and begins assembling puzzle*

Cassi: *releases bag and gives machete to Aria*

Jeff: Kanchi and Dhari each have 3 bags!

Brielle: *releases bag and gives machete to Demika*

Jeff: Dhari now has 4!

Demika: *releases bag*

Jeff: Dhari can start the puzzle!

Kaiko: *begins to put puzzle together*

Aria: *chops rope, releasing bag, and gives machete to Preston*

Preston: *releases bag with one hit*

Jeff: KANCHI can start the puzzle!

Aria: *begins puzzle*

Jeff: It is Jarrett assembling the puzzle for Habra. Kaiko for Dhari. And Aria for Kanchi.

Kaiko: *putting pieces together quickly*

Aria: *assembling puzzle*

Jarrett: *putting in piece after piece*

Jeff: It's neck and neck right now!

Lukas: Go Aria!

Aria: *fits in last piece* DONE!

Jeff: KANCHI wins immunity! It is down to Dhari and Habra.

Jarrett: *putting in pieces*

Jeff: Jarrett has 4 pieces left! Kaiko has 5!

Jarrett: *puts in another piece*

Kaiko: *puts in two pieces*

Jeff: They both have 3 pieces left!

Jarrett: *adds final pieces* DONE!

Jeff: Habra wins immunity! Dhari, I'll see you ladies at tribal council!

(Dhari Camp)

Viola: *puts bag on tree* (Confessional: Those stupid people don't know how to complete a puzzle for crying out loud. I can do it in my sleep faster than them.)

Brielle: *to Viola* Can you vote out Demika? (Confessional: Demika doesn't like me and I don't like her. Her leaving is best for the tribe since she's a negative energy.)

Viola: Of course. (Confessional: I don't care who goes as long as Mama Viola is safe. Demika and Brielle keep on arguing. They should keep arguing so I'll be SAFE.)

Demika: *walking with Riley* You're voting Brielle, right? (Confessional: It's my mission to vote off Brielle. She cannot go any further.)

Riley: Yeah, Brielle can go.

Demika: Promise?

Riley: Demika, I'm voting Brielle. Don't stress yourself out. (Confessional: Brielle is apart of my original girls alliance but she may have to go. She's not very smart and I don't know if I still trust her...)

Kaiko: *drinking water* (Confessional: Demika and Brielle both desperately want each other gone. It's not smart for me but I have to go with the numbers. But where was the numbers? Who are people voting? Demika or Brielle?)

Demika: *approaches Kaiko* Will you please vote off Brielle?

Kaiko: I dont know yet.

Demika: I am begging you. For my own sanity, I want her GONE.

Kaiko: I told you, I don't know.

Demika: Confessional: It's pretty apparent that Kaiko is the swing vote. She will decide who's leaving and I don't wanna put my fate in her hands, but I have to.

Brielle: *sitting on log with Kaiko* Are you willing to vote Demika? Viola and I are already voting her.

Kaiko: I really don't know. I really don't. (Confessional: Demika and Riley are voting Brielle. Brielle and Viola are voting Demika. I am slammed in the middle. I don't know who should go.)

(The 5 are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal council)

Brielle: Confessional: If Demika doesn't go, then there's something wrong with human society. She HAS to go.

Demika: Confessional: I can't stand Brielle. Bye girl. She messed with me, and she's go make get her karma.

Kaiko: Confessional: I'm in a tough spot. I wanna make the right choice but I don't know what is the right choice. *sigh*

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Okay. Riley, what is the vibe right now?

Riley: Well there was a big argument and-

Jeff: Wait, what argument?

Riley: So Demika caught some fish for the tribe. Brielle thought eating fish was wrong. You can guess what happened after that.

Jeff: So it's safe to assume they don't like each other?

Riley: Duh.

Jeff: Brielle, what is your side of the story?

Brielle: She is literally killing the planet she lives in. It's honestly stupid.

Demika: Well girl, I don't wanna starve.

Jeff: Viola, the last time I saw you guys, Curtis was blindsided and you were in the minority. How are you suddenly safe?

Viola: Catty young folks.

Demika: *eyeroll*

Jeff: Kaiko, where do you stand in all of this?

Kaiko: I honestly did not like how the two were desperately hating each other. But I am basically stuck in the middle right now.

Jeff: Riley, how is Kaiko stuck in the middle?

Riley: She is being pressured on either voting Brielle or Demika.

Demika: *puts hand on Kaiko's lap* Kaiko, I am with you 100%. I won't turn on you. Brielle is a wildcard. Can you trust her? You don't know. You can trust me. Please.

Brielle: Kaiko, I was on your tribe since day 1. We have been through a lot. I pledge my loyalty to you till the end, I swear. You are a wonderful person and I hope you make the right choice.

Kaiko: I am really puzzled..

Jeff: It is time to vote. Viola, you're up.

Viola: *is seen walking*

Brielle: *holding a parchment that says Demika* Demika you are one of the cruelest people I have ever met. You cannot have manners. You are a loud, crazy, maniac. I really hope you leave.

Demika: *holding a parchment that says Brielle* Brielle, you criticize people of everything because of your precious environment. You never shut up. I hope this shuts you up.

Riley: *writes, then folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Kaiko: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...






Demika: Mhm...








Jeff: One vote Demika, one vote Brielle...








Jeff: Two votes Brielle, one vote Demika...









Jeff: We are tied. Two votes Demika, two votes Brielle. 1 vote left....












Jeff: Sixth person voted out of Survivor: India; Brielle; I need you to bring me your torch.

Kaiko: Sorry girl.

Brielle: Get em' Viola. *grabs torch and approaches Jeff*

Jeff: Brielle, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Demika: *smiling*


Another tribe swap shakes up the game...

Jeff: Drop your buffs. We are switching tribes...again.

And game plans change.

Lukas: Confessional: This is my time to take him out.


Brielle: I got voted off for standing up for what I believed in. I had a louder personality than I thought, but I could not win this game by being too nice. I learned a lot about myself, and I am disappointed that I didn't merge.


Brielle: Demika Riley Kaiko

Demika: Brielle Viola

Episode 7: Serious Damage

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, the Kanchi's made a final five deal while the dynamics at Dhari were a mess. There were arguments *scene of Brielle and Demika arguing is shown* They voted out their strongest member *Curtis is seen being voted off* Then they lost the challenge. Viola and Brielle wanted Demika out. Riley and Demika wanted Brielle out. Kaiko was the swing vote and in the end, Brielle was sent home. 14 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Dhari Camp)

(The four are seen returning from tribal council)

Demika: Ya'll made the right choice. (Confessional: Thank GOODNESS Brielle left. She did not deserve to be here. Now things around here can finally be peaceful. But Viola...she tried to boot me. I want her GONE.) I honestly really like this group.

Kaiko: I do too. (Confessional: I had to choose between two alliances and I decided to vote Brielle; because Demika was more trustworthy and Brielle didn't do much for my game. Sorry girl.)

Riley: Are ya'll willing to make a pact, right here; for a future merge?

Kaiko: Oh, absolutely. (Confessional: The group is so tight after the Brielle voteoff. It's so cool and relaxing. This is the type of environment of people that I wanna go to the end with.)

Demika: I agree. We can cause some serious damage.

Riley: Viola?

Viola: Oh, sure. (Confessional: These idiots left me on the wrong side of the vote and now they want to align with them. That's not going to happen. I want them all gone; one by one. They will PAY.)

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Habra and Kanchi march in)

Jeff: Kanchi and Habra, getting your first look at the new Dhari tribe; Brielle voted out at the last tribal council.

Demika: *smiles*

Jeff: So Demika, you're smiling, do you feel that Brielle's departure united the tribe?

Demika: Oh, absolutely. No doubt.

Jeff: Nico, how's your tribe doing?

Nico: I believe we are the strongest tribe here physically and physiologically.

Jeff: Lukas, how's your tribe holding up?

Lukas: We're all working together well and we all hold our end in things.

Jeff: Well; drop your buffs.

Viola: Oh my god... (Confessional: So Jeffey tells us we're swapping tribes again; which is PERFECT. Demika, Riley, Kaiko; those 3 girls are dead to me. They're all going to leave. They will regret messing with this lady.) *smiles as she takes off buff*

Aria: *takes off buff* Guys, remember; the Kanchi final five deal.

Cassi: Yeah.

Jeff: *passes out buffs* Alright; reveal. If you are green, you're on Kanchi. If you are purple, you're on Dhari. Habra is no more.

(Everyone grabs their buffs and walks up to their mats)

Jeff: On Kanchi; we have Mackenzie, Lukas, Eugene, Zayden, Riley, and Kaiko; all from original Kanchi. And then there's Aria; the only original Dhari. Tell us Aria, what's your thoughts?

Aria: I'm definitely nervous. (Confessional: Literally; I got put on a tribe when I'm outnumbered 6-1. However, I made a final 5 deal with Lukas and Eugene like 3 days ago. If they stick to it, we only need one more.)

Jeff: On Dhari; we have Viola, Demika, Nico, Jacqueline, Cassi, Jarrett, and Preston. 3 original Kanchi; Nico, Jarrett, and Jacqueline and 4 original Dhari; Demika, Viola, Preston, and Cassi. Alright, head out.

(Kanchi Camp)

Aria: Hi. *hugs Zayden* Nice to meet you! (Confessional: I'm outnumbered right now but I need to work my butt off if I want to stay in this game.)

Riley: *walks with Mackenzie and Kaiko* Girls alliance reunited, huh? We're only missing Jac. (Confessional: This swap turned out absolutely perfect. We have an obvious target in Aria and 2 of my fellow girls are with me. It's beautiful.)

Kaiko: Yeah.

Mackenzie: I can't wait to align with y'all again. (Confessional: I broke apart from the girls alliance a long time ago. Kaiko and Riley don't know that. It's better that they don't know.)

Eugene: *yawn* I need a nap. (Confessional: Everybody is so busy scrambling. I just need a long nap after walking to that challenge for nothing.)

Lukas: You're napping again? (Confessional: I have been on the same tribe with Eugene this entire game. He never changes. He's still lazy and cranky. And he's a pain to work with, but I honestly HAVE to work with him.)

Aria: *walking with Lukas* Are me, you, and Eugene still good? (Confessional: The thing that may save me is my connection with Lukas and Eugene. We made a final five deal back at Kanchi so obviously I hope they stick to it.)

Lukas: Oh, of course. I'm by voting you if we lose. Neither is Eugene.

Aria: Amazing. Who are you thinking should go?

Lukas: Hm.. (Confessional: So I really trust Aria. She's in the minority but I REALLY trust her. All we need is one more and this can a really work....)

Aria: I don't trust Zayden.

Lukas: I'd agree with that. (Confessional: Zayden is a potential target because he'll kill us all in immunity challenges. He's social, smart, and physical. That's the combination of a winner.)

Kaiko: *lying down in shelter with Riley* I don't really trust Lukas OR Eugene. (Confessional: I feel comfortable with Riley. I can tell her anything. She's my closest ally in this game and that's a great asset.)

Riley: I agree...

Zayden: *building shelter* (Confessional: I feel like I've been playing a great game so far. I am a physical threat but I've been laying low. People aren't targeting me yet. But when the merge hits, things will be wild..)

(Dhari Camp)

Jacqueline: *walking with Nico and Jarrett* So what's the plan? (Confessional: I have been on the same tribe with Nico and Jarrett since day 1. We're tight. However, Viola, Demika, Cassi, and Preston have the majority; we need to sway Preston.) We have to talk to Preston soon enough.

Nico: Agreed.

Jarrett: If we get Preston on our side, it's great. (Confessional: Preston is the swing vote right now. He'll decide who goes and who stays.)

Demika: *sitting in shelter with Cassi* Hey girl.

Cassi: Hi.

Demika: So catch me up, what happened?

Cassi: So Melanie and Preston were the.. (Confessional: I trust Demika, a lot. But I'm not telling her about my idol. Nobody should know. It's too risky.) The four Dhari's need to stick together.

Demika: Absolutely agreed. (Confessional: My girl Cassi; she grew up a lot since the first 6 days. I absolutely trust her.)

Jarrett: *to Viola* What's your thoughts?

Viola: Listen stupid, DUMBika is DEAD. (Confessional: Demika was apart of the alliance that left ME in the minority. I want her gone no matter what. If she survives, I am done with this stupid game. DEMIKA IS DEAD TO ME. Just like my third husband. Rest in peace Nicholas.)

Jarrett: Oh but...


Jarrett: Okay.. (Confessional: So we may not need Preston's vote. Viola HATES Demika. This is amazing. We already have the majority.)

Preston: I'm going for a walk. (Confessional: Obviously I'm in the middle of this tribe, so right now, I need some form of safety. And that is the idol. I want that idol; I want things to go my way and nobody else's. Nothing is going to get in my way; obviously an idol is a great boost in this game.)

(Kanchi Camp)

Riley: *cooking rice* Eugene, can you help?

Eugene: No...I'm just...resting for a bit longer.

Riley: Are you really that lazy?

Eugene: Uh no, listen here missy. Just lay off me. Jeez. (Confessional: So Riley is being a brat about cooking dang rice. I say she should shut up. She's annoying and controlling; she has NO MANNERS.)

Riley: Whatever. *rolls eyes* (Confessional: Eugene is lazy and obnoxious. He has zero social skills and I honestly want him gone.)

Aria: *walks off to beach* (Confessional: I decided to take a stroll because I honestly need some time alone. I need some fresh air after the incredible stress of this game.) *sits on shore and begins sobbing*

Mackenzie: Is she crying?

Zayden: I think so.

Kaiko: Aw... (Confessional: I feel bad for Aria. She's so alone and now she's crying. I definitely have pity for her but I'm not going to risk my game saving her because I feel bad.)

Aria: *crying* (Confessional: This place is AWFUL. I'm so...c...cold and hungry. I'm so alone. I have nobody to comfort me. Nobody likes me. They...they all want me gone for some reason. I have tried SO hard to fit in but they just seem to not like me. It's awful. I want to win, but these people are petty.) *crying more*

(Dhari Camp)

Preston: *walking through woods* (Confessional: So I'm looking for an idol in this big, tall, hollow, tree. Apparently it's not in a tree so I start digging around the tree with a stick. I find something but it's not the idol, it's a clue.)

Viola: *following Preston* (Confessional: I catch Preston looking for an idol. I follow him. He's so stupid. I'm going to find the idol first.)

Preston: *reads clue* Go to the center of the beach and take 10 paces to a..

Viola: (Confessional: Preston stupidly reads the clue out loud so I make a run for the idol.) Come on, artificial hips!

Preston: *walking to beach*

Viola: *arrives at beach and grabs idol* Ah-ha! (Confessional: I HAVE THE IDOL. YES, YES! THESE PEOPLE WILL NOT SEE THIS COMING.)

(Immunity Challenge)

I'm too lazy to write it after I lost the episode. Dhari won immunity.

(Kanchi Camp)

Aria: *in cave with Lukas and Eugene* Who are we voting?

Lukas: Zayden?

Aria: That's fine with me.

Eugene: *wakes up* Huh?

Aria: We're voting Zayden.

Eugene: Okay.

Aria: We need one more person. (Confessional: The numbers for me right now is 4-3. We need one more person from their four. Zayden is a no. Kaiko and Riley are too close. That leaves Mackenzie.)

Riley: *with Zayden, Kaiko, and Mackenzie* Lukas and Eugene flipped 100%.

Zayden: You really think so?

Riley: Absolutely. (Confessional: I knew that Lukas and Eugene couldn't be trusted. Eugene is the more annoying one though. Because of his random crankiness, I want him gone.)

Kaiko: Are we still voting Aria?

Mackenzie: I think so.

Riley: No. We need to vote EUGENE. His attitude is such a liability.

Kaiko: Okay.

Zayden: Seems good.

Mackenzie: Okay then. (Confessional: So instead of voting the untrustworthy Aria, we're voting for Eugene for being unlikable. That is stupid. That will bring us nowhere.) *walking with Aria* Who are you voting?

Aria: Zayden.

Mackenzie: Okay then..

Aria: Are you willing to flip and vote Zayden? You're at the bottom.

Mackenzie: I don't know.

Aria: Just please consider it. (Confessional: It's crucial that I get Mackenzie's trust. She is the swing vote, so my game depends on her right now. I feel if Mackenzie had any sanity, she'd side with us.)

Lukas: *sitting in shelter wth Kaiko* I'm nervous...

Kaiko: Just stay calm. We're planning on voting Eugene.

Lukas: Okay..

(The 7 are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Aria: Confessional: I'm definitely nervous. I'd be surprised if I don't get any votes at all. If I survive this, I'll be forever greatful.

Mackenzie: Confessional: I was approached to vote for Zayden and Eugene. I definitely think voting Eugene is a waste. He shouldn't go. But then there's Zayden; he has protected me this entire game but he's a MASSIVE threat.

Lukas: Confessional: Aria, Eugene, and I are targeting Zayden. But I hear some people are voting Eugene. I would love to say, "Okay fine! This is my time to take him out!" But it isn't that simple. Eugene is a close ally of mine and I don't wanna vote in the minority.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Okay. ANOTHER tribe swap. Kaiko, what do you make of this new tribe?

Kaiko: It's a really strong tribe. We're all amazing people.

Jeff: Aria, it seems you're in the minority 6-1. What are you thinking?

Aria: Well, I'm worried, obviously. But I hope everybody here makes the right decision.

Jeff: Riley, what do you think of this tribe?

Riley: Well, most of us are hard workers.

Jeff: MOST of the tribe is a hard worker. Riley, who isn't pulling their weight at camp?

Riley: Eugene. I was asking for his help with making rice and he started becoming all obnoxious.

Jeff: Eugene, you just got called out.

Eugene: I know. But that's a stupid thing to say. I was obnoxiously tired.


Jeff: Lukas, what's the vibe for this vote right now?

Lukas: The merge is sometime soon. Normally, you'd wanna vote someone who will potentially flip but there's also HUGE threats.

Jeff: Zayden, you are obviously a big physical person. What do you think of this?

Zayden: Well, yeah. I'm a physical person, but the thing is, I hope everyone here realizes I proved my loyalty to everyone here.

Jeff: Mackenzie, how big is this vote?

Mackenzie: It's big. I have been approached to vote two different people so I'm nervous.

Jeff: Alright, it is time to vote. Zayden, you're up.

Zayden: *is seen walking up*

Kaiko: *writes*

Riley: *holding up a parchment that says EUGENE* You HAVE to go.

Eugene: *folds parchment puts it in urn*

Lukas: *writing*

Aria: *holds up parchment that says ZAYDEN* Zayden, you're an amazing guy but I really hope this works out.

Mackenzie: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...






Jeff: Eugene..







Jeff: Zayden. We are at 1 vote Eugene, 1 vote Zayden....






Jeff: Zayden. That's TWO votes Zayden, 1 vote Eugene..








Jeff: Eugene. We are tied. 2 votes Eugene, 2 votes Zayden. Next vote...






Jeff: Eugene. That's 3 votes Eugene, 2 votes Zayden...







Jeff: Seventh person voted out of Survivor: India; Eugene. I need you to bring me your torch.

Zayden: Phew...

Eugene: Idiots... *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Eugene, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Riley: Buh-bye.

Aria: What the hell?


A large merge changes the game

Lukas: Confessional: A 13 person merge? That's a bit extreme...

Nobody is safe..

Mackenzie: Listen, she's DONE.

And sides are born.

Riley: Confessional: That's the stupidest strategy I have ever heard of.


Eugene: Those young folks are stupid. They will regret voting me off. They aren't going to win. This game sucks. It's boring and awful. Goodbye.


Eugene: Zayden Mackenzie Lukas Kaiko Riley

Zayden: Eugene Aria

Episode 8: Confused Little Puppy

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, after being blindsided, Viola held her grudge against her tribe. She got saved by a second tribe swap. On new Dhari, it was a fight for Preston's vote. But Viola's grudge for her tribe worked well for the trio of Jacqueline, Nico, and Jarrett. And Viola found an idol. On Kanchi, it was everybody vs Aria. Aria tried to rekindle her friendships with Lukas and Eugene; and it worked. However, Eugene's laziness annoyed EVERYONE. And when Kanchi lost, it was Eugene voted off. 13 are left. Who will be voted off tonight?

(Kanchi Camp)

(The six are seen setting their torch down)

Zayden: Wow.. (Confessional: Tribal council was crazy. I didn't expect to get two votes. I have been laying so low that I was completely oblivious as to what was going on. I need to pick up my game; NOW.)

Aria: *sitting on beach at night with Lukas* What happened?

Lukas: It was literally minutes before tribal. Kaiko told me everyone was voting Eugene. I didn't want to be in the minority, (Confessional: I definitely feel bad for voting Eugene but I had to. Right now; I have to make it up to Aria; because I don't want her to hold a grudge against me.)

Aria: I literally would have gone with you had you just told me. (Confessional: I'm a bit disappointed in Lukas. He didn't vote Zayden. Sure; he'd still be in the minority but I still feel betrayed.)

Lukas: I told you, it was a last minute thing.

Aria: I believe you. (Confessional: As betrayed as I felt, Lukas and I's friendship was not fake and I have no reason to doubt him.)

Kaiko: *walking with Riley and Mackenzie* We did it.

Riley: I know, right.

Mackenzie: I'm so proud of us girls. (Confessional: I honestly have to act fake when I'm around Riley and Kaiko. Like literally, I just wanna say "NO MORE GIRLS ALLIANCE" But I can't. I cannot wait for the merge. I'll reunite with Nico and I'll have strong numbers on my side.)

(Dhari Camp)

Jacqueline: We have tree mail!

Jarrett: Nice!

Jacqueline: I'll read it. "Follow the directors on the map to an all new beach; where people will reunite and feast. Be prepared for all the scrambling."

Preston: It's a merge?

Demika: Obviously.

Cassi: Wow, already? (Confessional: So everybody's saying there's a potential merge and I'm definitely nervous. With 13 people; you can't control much. Getting a SEVEN person majority is difficult. Of course I have my idol but really; how can I figure out the targets of 12 other people? This is going to be a doozy..) This merge is going to be crazy.

Viola: Anyone wanna carry my teeth while we hike?

Preston: Um, no.

Nico: Confessional: I'm nervous. What I hope for is all the former Kanchi's make a power alliance and pick off former Dhari's. Which are Viola, Preston, Cassi, Demika, and Aria.

(Merged Tribe)

(Everyone walks up to each other, hugs and begins eating)

Mackenzie: *eating* This is sooo good.

Cassi: I know right.

Lukas: *grabs note and reads it* Congratulations, you have MERGED!

(Everyone applauds)

Lukas: Look, yellow buffs! *passes them out*

Lukas: Oh my god, there's champagne.

Kaiko: *grabs champagne and pops it* To the Survivor merge! (Confessional: The feast was AMAZING. There was chicken, chips and dip, barbecue, soda, champagne, there was EVERYTHING basically.)

Zayden: Woo hoo! (Confessional: Man, am I happy to merge. The people I consider my closes allies are the Habra's; Jacqueline, Nico, Jarrett, and Mackenzie. We have been through a lot together so I hope we all stick.)

Jacqueline: *whispers to Riley* We need to talk later.

Riley: *whispers back* Agreed. (Confessional: OH HOW I LOVE THE MERGE. I feel like a 13 person merge is HUGE and SCARY. But... *flips hair* Atleast my girls are reunited. It's me, Jac, Mackenzie, and Kaiko. But that's only 4. On Dhari; we worked with Demika so she can be 5th. She can also pull in Cassi.)

Jacqueline: Oh my god, I'm going to be so full after this.

Jarrett: Same. (Confessional: After this feast is over, there's going to be some serious SCRAMBLING. Things are about to get wild. As a cop, we call that jailbreak. But as a Survivor, we call that a merge.)

Jacqueline: So what are we naming the tribe?

Aria: What about Shakti?

Riley: What is a Skakti?

Aria: It means strength in Hindi; one of the languages in India. (Confessional: Our tribe name is Shakti. Shakti means strength. We all know in this game; it takes a lot of strength and fight to win this game, so we found it fitting.)

Riley: *making flag with Jacqueline* What's been going on girl?

Jacqueline: Not really much; but I'm still FULLY committed to that girls alliance we made. (Confessional: On Day 1, Kaiko, Riley, Brielle, Mackenzie, and I made an all girls alliance at Kanchi. But Brielle is out. The only person I've been with in the past few weeks was Mackenzie; and I'm fully convinced that she flipped.)

Riley: What do you think of Mackenzie?

Jacqueline: Mackenzie? She flipped.

Riley: What? How do you know?

Jacqueline: When we were on Habra, she kept on distancing herself from me and she was literally two seconds away from voting me. She's with Zayden, Nico, and them now.

Riley: I knew I shouldn't have trusted her.. (Confessional: Mackenzie literally turned alliances and I falsely trusted her. I have never felt so stupid. I want her gone, now.)

Jarrett: *sitting in ocean with Nico, Mackenzie, Jacqueline, and Zayden* We have gone through a lot as Habra and I really want us to stick together.

Nico: I'd like that too.

Zayden: Habra Strong is actually a really good idea.

Jacqueline: I agree. (Confessional: My tribe mates from Habra want me to align with them but like no, I was the next go go. I don't want to align with you people.)

Zayden: Who can we pull in?

Jarrett: Viola and Preston.

Zayden: Yeah, I think we can talk to them. (Confessional: After getting two votes, I want as much protection around me as possible. The Habra Strong thing is really good for me.)

Kaiko: *to Demika and Cassi* Hey; how are you two doing? (Confessional: I worked with Demika back on Dhari so it shouldn't be hard to get her on our side. She also has enough influence on Cassi.) Heres the group at the moment. Me, Riley, Jacqueline. Maybe Mackenzie; she might have flipped. We want to talk to Lukas and Aria soon. But we want you two to join us.

Cassi: I don't know if we'd have the majority...

Demika: Same... (Confessional: It's really tough. I obviously trust the Riley-Kaiko-Jacqueline crew more but we'd be down in numbers so we have no idea what to do.)

Cassi: *deep breath*

Preston: *walking with Viola* Who are you thinking about siding with?

Viola: NO IDEA. But here's my thinking process. I personally want Demika gone. (Confessional: I will not stop until Demika goes home. She is done for. Her getting eliminated is a dream come true. Like I.. *looks at palms* My hands are so soggy. Must be old age.)

Preston: Oh.. (Confessional: Right now there's a clear division. The girls alliance and the Alphas. I'm talking to Viola about who to side with but she keeps on rambling about Demika.)

Mackenzie: *walks with Nico* Nice to see you again.

Nico: I know right...

Mackenzie: We're still good right?

Nico: Absolutely. (Confessional: Mackenzie and I secretly got a final 2 deal nobody knows about. She's a great girl and it's great getting to know her. After being homeless and lonely for so many years, it's nice to be appreciated by people...)

Mackenzie: *adjusts glasses* I really like our little Habra clique. (Confessional: Right now, I feel safe with my Habra alliance. We're strong and tight. It's a very good group. All we need is numbers. Nico and I talk a lot so he's a person I can rely on..)


Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Everyone marches to a yellow mat)

Jeff: Alright. Tribal immunity is no more. INDIVIDUAL immunity is what you seek. Alright, for this challenge; you will use ropes to hold a platform up. There will be a ball on the platform. Once your ball drops, you're out. Last remaining wins individual immunity. Alright; we'll get started.

(Everyone is seen positioned)

Jeff: Alright. This challenge is on..

Riley: This is hard. *laughs as ball accidentally rolls off*

Jeff: Just like that, Riley is out of this challenge. You can't lose your concentration in this challenge.

(Wind begins to blow)

Jeff: Wind picking up, making it harder to maneuver the ball.

Aria: *drops ball*

Jeff: Aria is the second person eliminated from this challenge.

Nico: *drops* Damn..

Jeff: Nico drops. We are down to ten.

(10 minutes later)

Jeff: Alright. You will now move further down the rope; making it more difficult to control the ball.

(Everyone moves further down rope)

Jeff: This challenge is back on.

Demika: Oh my god.. *ball drops*

Jeff: Demika is eliminated from this challenge. We are down to nine.

Cassi: *drops ball*

Jeff: Cassi is also eliminated. We are down to eight.

Kaiko: *ball is shaking*

Jeff: Kaiko's ball is moving.

Kaiko: *puts it back in place*

Jeff: And another save by Kaiko.

Jacqueline: *drops ball*

Viola: *drops ball*

Jeff: Jacqueline and Viola drop. We are down to six.

Kaiko: *ball starts moving but she positions it again*

Jeff: ANOTHER nice save by Kaiko.

Kaiko: *drops*

Jeff: She wasn't able to save it again. Kaiko is eliminated from this challenge.

Mackenzie: *drops ball*

Jeff: MACKENZIE is eliminated from the challenge. We are down to four. Jarrett, Zayden, Lukas, and Preston. All four of them have barely moved.

(10 minutes later)

(a second ball is seen added)

Jeff: You now have two balls. If those balls start going in two different directions, you're in trouble.

Zayden: *wobbling*

Jeff: Zayden is struggling to adapt..

Zayden: *balls start rolling*

Jeff: Zayden struggling even more.

Preston: *drops ball*

Zayden: *drops ball*

Jeff: Just like that; both Preston and Zayden are eliminated. We are down to two; Lukas and Jarrett.

Lukas: *drops ball*


Lukas: Good job Jarrett...

Jarrett: Thanks.

Jeff: *wraps necklace around Jarrett* Well earned. Cannot be voted off at tribal council. Guaranteed a 1 in 12 shot at winning this game. Alright, head out.

(Shakti Camp)

Lukas: Congrats Jarrett.

Kaiko: Yeah Jarrett, congrats. (Confessional: Things are a little mixed up right now. It's that Alpha Habra alliance vs the Girls Alliance. Let's hope the Girls win.)

Jarrett: Thanks guys.. (Confessional: It feels so good to have this around my neck. Everybody is scrambling while I'm safe. It's really funny.)

Zayden: *sitting with Viola, Preston, Jacqueline, Mackenzie, Jarrett, and Nico* This is the group that I want to dominate this game.

Mackenzie: I COMPLETELY agree.

Preston: Alright. Viola and I will join ya'll.

Zayden: Awesome.

Nico: Shall we discuss potential targets?

Jarrett: Riley is REALLY smart.

Jacqueline: I just want to put this out there. I am super close with Riley; and I've been for a long time. I'm not voting her and I have chose to align with her. I'm sorry guys but...yeah.

Zayden: You have gotta be kidding me.. (Confessional: So right when we have exactly 7 members, Jacqueline says she doesn't want to work with us. This can be bad.)

Mackenzie: Jac, is this because of the girls alliance? That's done for.

Nico: What girls alliance?

Mackenzie: The girls at Kanchi made an alliance on Day 1.

Jarrett: Wow.

Jacqueline: Honestly Mackenzie, you are playing AWFULLY.

Mackenzie: Whatever.

Jacqueline: *walks off*

Mackenzie: *faces everybody* That's our vote; right there. She is DONE. (Confessional: Jacqueline is so petty. I mean; she's a 39 year old single mother would be mature. Well she isn't. For that reason, she has to go.)

Aria: I'm going to go into the woods.

Lukas: Okay; have fun.

Demika: Everyone; look at the beach. All the alphas are talking about who to vote.

Cassi: *rolls eyes* Anyways I'm voting whoever ya'll vote.

Kaiko: Same.

Jacqueline: *walks up to them* So what's happening?

Demika: We're talking about who to vote.

Jacqueline: I say we vote Mackenzie.

Riley: That makes a lot of sense considering she turned on us without us knowing.

Cassi: Lukas, you're voting Mackenzie, right?

Kaiko: Wait, they have 6 numbers. We have 6 numbers. Someone's missing from the equation.

Jacqueline: Aria...

Lukas: I'll go talk to her. (Confessional: Before we merged, I voted against Aria's wishes. I tried to make it up to her but I don't know if she forgave me or not. Now is the most urgent time that I need to get her on my side.) *walks up to Aria* Hey, I noticed you haven't been strategizing with anyone since the merge. You've been quiet.

Aria: Lukas, that's because I literally have nobody to turn to.

Lukas: Aria, I'm never going to leave your side. Remember our talk in the ocean; when I genuinely told you about my story of me coming out? I only told it to you because I trust you the most.

Aria: Well, yeah. You're a great friend but

Lukas: Aria, listen. I WILL make it up to you. Just please...we're voting Mackenzie.

Aria: I don't know. (Confessional: Lukas is pleading his case to me and asking for forgiveness and stuff. I mean; he's so adorable but I don't know if I can still align with him. I don't know what to do.)

Jarrett: *walks up to Aria* Hey. How are you feeling?

Aria: Eh...

Jarrett: That doesn't sound so good. Listen, we will treat you amazingly. We will take care of you more than the other side would. Please side with us. We're voting Jacqueline.

Aria: Oh gee, so I'm the swing vote?

Jarrett: Yup..

(The 13 are seen grabbing their torches and walking to camp)

Aria: Confessional: I have a big decision to make. There's two clear sides. One side is people who promise to take care of me. The other side are people who are begging for forgiveness after shunning me during a vote. My decision tonight will definitely affect my game in the long run. So it's crucial yet I feel like a confused little puppy.

Riley: Confessional: I really do hope Mackenzie goes home. Like she flipped to an alliance with alphas to hide behind. That's the stupidest strategy I ever heard of.

Lukas: Confessional: I'm nervous tonight. I don't know if my talk with Aria went well or not. But I just have to leave things to faith.

Preston: Confessional: Tonight is a big vote. There's going to be 13 people voting. It can't get any scarier than that.

Viola: Confessional: *angry face* It turns our people don't WANNA vote Demika tonight. Hmph. Stupid people. DEMIKA YOU ARE NEXT.

(Tribal Council)

(The 13 sit down)

Jeff: Alright. Huge tribal. A lot to cover. Cassi, a 13 person merge. How does this change the game?

Cassi: Well normally you'd merge at 12 or 11 people, but's a lot. Lots of strategizing going on.

Jeff: Jarrett, lots of strategizing. What about?

Jarrett: The usual. Alliances, potential targets, lies, etc.

Jeff: Kaiko, in order to survive this vote, you need an alliance of SEVEN on your side. How crucial is it to have an alliance?

Kaiko: It's very crucial. Without an alliance, you might as well pack your bags and leave.

Jeff: Mackenzie, how do you feel tonight?

Mackenzie: I'm a bit iffy. But I hope all the numbers vote the correct person. *gives a glance at Jacqueline*

Jeff: Preston, what are the dynamics of the vote tonight?

Preston: 6 people are voting one person. 6 people are voting the other. And Aria is in the middle.

Jeff: Okay so Aria, you're in the middle. What's your thought process right now?

Aria: Right now, I'm pretty confused but whoever goes tonight is apart of the jury. We have to be wary of that.

Jeff: Actually whoever goes tonight is NOT apart of the jury. Jacqueline, does that affect that vote at all?

Jacqueline: Absolutely not. The plan is in vote out a rat.

Jeff: A rat. Demika, so what are you thinking?

Demika: The exact same thing. A rat has to go.

Jeff: Nico, how does this vote change the game?

Nico: This vote determines which alliance dominates the rest of this game.

Jeff: Alright, it is time to vote. Viola, you're up.

Viola: *is seen walking* Leg cramps.

Jacqueline: *holds up a parchment that says MACKENZIE* Mackenzie, I have been trying to get rid of you traitor for a long time.

Mackenzie: *holds up a parchment that says JACQUELINE* Jac, you aren't right for this game.

Zayden: *is seen writing*

Lukas: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Jarrett: *holds up a parchment that says JACQUELINE* Jac, you wouldn't be in this position had you not openly flipped.

Kaiko: *opens pen*

Cassi: *holds up a parchment that says MACKENZIE* Mackenzie, there's been so much drama going on so I have to vote you. I'm so sorry.

Nico: *is seen writing big and large; JAC*

Riley: *is seen writing MACKENZIE*

Demika: *struggling to open pen* Stupid pen

Preston: *writing*

Aria: *takes deep breath and begins writing* So sorry. *sits back down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...





Jeff: Mackenzie.







Jeff: Jacqueline. 1 vote Mackenzie, 1 vote Jacqueline

Jacqueline: *eyeroll*

Mackenzie: *does the same*







Jeff: Mackenzie. That's 2 votes Mackenzie, 1 vote Jacqueline..







Jeff: Jacqueline. We are tied. 2 votes Mackenzie, 2 votes Jacqueline...








Jeff: Mackenzie.







Jeff: Jacqueline. We are tied again. 3 votes Mackenzie, 3 votes Jacqueline.







Jeff: Mackenzie. That's four votes Mackenzie, three votes Jacqueline.








Jeff: Jacqueline. We are tied again. 4 votes Mackenzie, 4 votes Jacqueline.









Jeff: Mackenzie. That's five votes Mackenzie, four votes Jacqueline...








Jeff: Jacqueline. That's 5 votes Mackenzie, 5 votes Jacqueline..










Jeff: Mackenzie. We are at 6 votes Mackenzie, 5 votes Jacqueline.









Jeff: Jacqueline. That's SIX votes Mackenzie, SIX votes Jacqueline, 1 vote left....

















Jeff: Eighth person voted out of Survivor: India; Mackenzie; I need you to bring me your torch.

Mackenzie: Wow.

Aria: Sorry girl.

Lukas: *pats Aria on the back* Thanks..

Zayden: I'm so sorry that happened Mackenzie.

Mackenzie: It's okay. Good luck guys. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Mackenzie, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Mackenzie: Bye guys! *walks off*

Jacqueline: *smiles*

Nico: *sigh*


Big moves are being discussed.

Demika: Listen Cassi, I don't trust her one bit. I want her dead.

And arguments flash out.



Mackenzie: I'm kind of heartbroken. I didn't make it as far as I wanted; but I'm grateful to actually get on the show and make the merge. I didn't make the jury; but that's okay. As a superfan, I'm not angry. My mistake was betraying the girls..and I think I'll kick myself for that every single day.


Mackenzie: Jacqueline Kaiko Cassi Demika Riley Lukas Aria

Jacqueline: Mackenzie Nico Jarrett Zayden Viola Preston

Episode 9: We're Golden

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, after being out of the loop, Aria had trouble trying to trust Lukas. And when the tribes merged into the Shakti tribe, things gone crazy. It was Riley's alliance vs Habra Strong. Aria was in the middle. After learning that Mackenzie flipped from the Girls alliance, Riley got frustrated. And in the first individual immunity challenge, it was Jarrett who won. While discussing the vote, Jacqueline openly flipped on her alliance; making her a target. But it was Mackenzie blindsided. 12 people are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Shakti Camp)

(The 12 are seen returning from tribal council, placing their torches down)

Nico: Good play guys. (Confessional: The tribal council went completely wrong. My closest ally went home. Right now, I feel alone but I'm not going to give up. I am not going home; because I have no home to go to.)

Jacqueline: *sits down on shelter* 6 votes, huh? (Confessional: Six votes at tribal council. One of those voters are gone. But those other 5... *shaking head* I don't feel comfortable around them.)

Cassi: *sitting by Aria* Thanks for voting with us..

Aria: Your welcome.

Cassi: You plan on staying loyal to us, right?

Aria: Absolutely.

Cassi: Who do you trust right now?

Aria: I don't think I can tell you that.

Cassi: Oh. (Confessional: So Aria and I are having a casual conversation. I ask her who she trusts and she's just like "I DONT WANNA ANSWER" I don't trust her. I don't know if I feel okay in an alliance with her. I have an idol but I don't want to waste it.)


Preston: *at camp with Viola, Zayden, Nico, and Jarrett* We can't let them just pick us off.*

Zayden: I completely agree.

Viola: Yeah...

Nico: Mhm.

Preston: Who can we get to flip? (Confessional: Our numbers are down 7-5. All we need is 2 more people; 1 more to tie it up. We lost someone yesterday. If someone from that STUPID alliance of 7 is willing to flip, fantastic.)

Zayden: Maybe Lukas?

Jarrett: Lukas isn't flipping..

Zayden: Jac?

Jarrett: As if. (Confessional: We are down on numbers and it's really stressful thinking about who would flip and who won't. So we decided that the best people to flip would be Demika and Cassi.) What about D&C?

Preston: Who's that?

Jarrett: Demika and Cassi.

Nico: Okay. (Confessional: The reason we believe Demika and Cassi can potentially flip is because...they're on the bottom. They aren't going far with the alliance they're in.)

Riley: *in ocean with Lukas and Kaiko* (Confessional: Lukas, Kaiko, and I are TIGHT. We actually have a final three deal. Those are the two I enjoy hanging out with the most. Everyday we go hunting for ANY type of sea animals so we can actually, like...survive.)

Kaiko: I found this entire hole filled with crabs!

Lukas: You go girl! (Confessional: Kaiko is a small, naive girl when you meet her but she's one of the hardest workers at camp. She has a fight that never gives up and I like that about her. She's somebody that I love working with.)

Kaiko: Oh my god, look at all these clams!!!!

Cassi: *walking along beach with Aria* Today is such a beautiful day, right?

Aria: Yeah..

Cassi: So what are you thinking?

Aria: I like our group so far; but there's some that I don't FULLY trust yet.

Cassi: Like who?

Aria: Demika.

Cassi: Oh. (Confessional: So Aria tells me she doesn't trust Demika. I don't know what to think of this. Demika has been my closet ally since Day 1. I can't let her go.) *to Demika* Aria doesn't trust you.

Demika: What? Why?

Cassi: We were walking along the beach and she was like "I don't trust some people and I said "Who?" And she said your name.

Demika: Well, we're voting her off next, right?

Cassi: I don't think it's the right time.

Demika: Listen Cassi, I don't trust her one bit. I want her dead.

Cassi: But..

Demika: I'm going to go confront her right now. (Confessional: So Cas tells me that ARIA doesn't trust me. Okay; I trusted the girl but not anymore. She ain't gettin last me. BRING IT, GIRL.)

Cassi: Demika, please don't make a big argument out of this.

Demika: Fine.

Cassi: Okay; good. (Confessional: I have to control Demika's temper before she does anything to hurt us. Her arguments with people can eventually screw us over.)

(The twelve are seen sitting around camp)

Jacqueline: So. *laughs* I'd like to thank 5 of ya'll for voting me during tribal. (Confessional: I want to confront the voters to see why the hell they targeted me; the 39 year old mom over some bigger threats. It's honestly stupid to me.)

Lukas: *whistles*

Zayden: Jacqueline we wouldn't have voted you had you not told us you were flipping.

Jacqueline: Well, the tides changed.

Zayden: Why did you flip by the way?

Jacqueline: Habra-Strong. I don't like that BS. On Habra, I was the next to go. So no way am I sticking with that. I was at the complete bottom of this alliance.

Viola: *watching* Preston, pass the popcorn.

Preston: *gives Viola a cup of rice*

Zayden: You were NOT on the bottom. We wanted to work with you for a while now. We FULLY trusted you.

Jacqueline: Oh give me a freaking break.

Jarrett: *watching* (Confessional: Jacqueline is telling us she was at the bottom of the alliance. She was, but we have to have SOME sort of defense) Jac, you weren't next. Zayden and I both agreed to blindside MACKENZIE if Habra lost again.

Jacqueline: Oh my god, STOP FREAKING LYING TO MY FACE.

Viola: *laughs* You're just lucky you weren't as doomed as when I was on a tribe with Demika and them.

Demika: Excuse me?

(Viola and Demika begin arguing)

Kaiko: Riley...let's walk away from this drama.

Riley: Let's.

Nico: ... (Confessional: Arguments are lashing out everywhere. It's crazy, but it's Survivor crazy.)

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(All twelve castaways March to the Yellow Mat)

Jeff: I'll take back immunity. *unwraps immunity necklace from Jarrett* Immunity is back up for grabs.

Preston: Woo hoo!

Jeff: Alright; for this challenge; you will be digging in the sand for a graveling hook. Attached to the hook is a bag of balls. You will use the hook to drag the balls across the sand until it's released; near a puzzle maze. From there on, you will untie the bag and use the 3 balls to place it in 3 slots in the maze. First to do so wins individual immunity. Alright; we'll get started.


Jeff: Survivors ready...GO!

(Everyone begins digging)

Preston: *aggressively digging*

Jeff: Preston tearing through the sand!

Preston: *sees hook and begins dragging it*

Jeff: And he succeeds! Everyone now aggressively digging like Preston did to further themselves.

Viola: *sees hook but can't get it out*

Jeff: Viola has her hook. She just can't carry it.

Jarrett: *grabs hook and drags it*

Jeff: Jarrett has his hook!

Lukas: *digs and sees something* (Confessional: So I'm digging and I see a little note. It's a clue to an idol. This is crucial for me to find it so none of those alphas find it. So I stuffed it in my pants and kept digging.)

Jeff: Kaiko, Riley, Zayden, and Nico are in it! They now have hooks!

Lukas: *grabs hook and drags it*

Jeff: Lukas now has it! Jacqueline, Viola, Demika, Cassi, and Aria are falling out of it.

Viola: *is finally dragging hook*

Jeff: Viola has her hook! Meanwhile Zayden, Jarrett, and Preston already began untying.

Preston: *unties bag and places balls on ground, picks one up, puts it in table maze, and begins moving it*

Jarrett: *does the same*

Jeff: Preston and Jarrett starting on the table maze.

Cassi: *grabs hook and begins dragging it*

Jeff: Cassi FINALLY has her hook. Demika, Jacqueline, and Aria...are getting nowhere.

Aria: Thanks Jeff.

Jeff: Well it's the truth.

Aria: We know..

Kaiko: *begins untying bag*

Jeff: Kaiko is untying her bag! So is Nico!

Zayden: *begins working on table maze*

Preston: *moving table slowly and gets 1 ball in* Yes!

Jarrett: *gets a ball in* Woo!

Jeff: Preston and Jarrett have a ball in. Two more. The rest of you need to PICK IT UP.

Demika: *grabs hook and begins dragging it*

Jeff: Demika FINALLY has her hook. Jacqueline and Aria; no shot at winning immunity.

Jacqueline: You're so helpful.

Preston: *gets a ball in* Alright!

Jeff: Preston has his second ball in. One more and he wins immunity.

Kaiko: *begins on table maze*

Jeff: Kaiko starting the table maze!

Zayden: *gets a ball in*

Jarrett: *gets a ball in*

Jeff: Preston and Jarrett have one ball left! Zayden has two balls left! Kaiko has one ball left! Everyone else hasn't even started.

Nico: *starts the table maze*

Preston: *gets ball in* YES!

Jeff: PRESTON wins individual immunity! Safe from the vote! *wraps necklace around him* You are guaranteed a 1 in 11 shot at winning this safe. Alright; head out.

(Shakti Camp)

Jarrett: *walking in forest with Demika and Cassi* You two do realize you're at the bottom, right? (Confessional: Demika and Cassi are our only hope right now. If we can sway them, we got the majority.)

Cassi: Maybe..

Jarrett: Well, we're voting Aria.

Demika: Whatever. We'll think about it. (Confessional: They' is voting Aria. I recently found out that Aria don't trust me. Her going wouldn't be so bad.)

Riley: *with alliance* So, who are we voting?

Lukas: I honestly have no idea.

Jacqueline: Okay guys, listen up; Preston, Viola, Zayden, and Nico are zombies. Jarrett is the only one there with brains and he's gonna be up there in EVERY immunity challenge.

Aria: I completely agree.

Kaiko: Same. So we're voting Jarrett? (Confessional: The reason why Jarrett is a target is because he's a major threat. He's extremely smart and extremely physical. We can't let him go any further.)

(Everyone nods)

Lukas: I'm gonna go in the water. (Confessional: So I got an idol clue during the challenge. It tells me it's somewhere underwater so I'm going to check there right now.) *goes in water*

Aria: So we all vote Jarrett; nothing crazy.

Lukas: *looking and poking around* (Confessional: I couldn't find it; it was getting too lengthy so I have to look for it tomorrow; if I'm here. *laughs*)

Jarrett: *to Nico, Viola, Preston, and Zayden* We are voting Aria. Aria. Aria. Aria. Get that in your heads.

Preston: Have you talked to Demika and Cas?

Jarrett: They said they'll think about it. (Confessional: As a cop, I have a great reputation when it comes to feeling the vibes of someone's thoughts. Demika and Cassi seemed confused so I have to give them another talk later.)

Viola: I am NOT letting Demika in this alliance.

Zayden: Come on Viola, we need her.

Nico: Yeah.

Viola: FINE.

Cassi: *in shelter with Demika* Do you know what we're doing?

Demika: No.

(The twelve are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal council)

Aria: Confessional: If things go as planned, JARRETT is leaving tonight. He is way too threatening. If we let him pass another vote, he's probably winning this game.

Jarrett: Confessional: If Demika and Cassi choose to side with us, we're GOLDEN. But I still am worried. I'm not ready to leave this game.

Cassi: Confessional: Demika and I literally have no idea what to do. This vote is definitely rough when two sides try to sway you. Wherever we go, we're probably at the bottom. One on hand, there's Jarrett a huge threat. Then there's Aria; an untrustworthy person. It's a constant battle between trust and threats.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: Okay; so Nico, the vote was close last tribal: 7-6; are sides becoming clear?

Nico: Well yeah. It's Viola, Preston, Zayden, Jarrett, and I versus everyone else.

Jeff: Preston, is that true?

Preston: Absolutely. We're on the bottom and we want things to finally change.

Jeff: Jacqueline, you got 6 votes last tribal. What's been the aftermath of that?

Jacqueline: I tried to confront the people as to WHY I got those votes; but they fed me with lies.

Jarrett: There were no lies.

Jeff: Jarrett, explain what happened.

Jarrett: Jacqueline was confused as to why we voted her. She said she wasn't Habra Strong because she was next to go. When we said she wasn't, she blew up.

Jeff: Lukas, will the same lines from the last tribal council be used during this tribal?

Lukas: If things go as planned, yes.

Jeff: So Viola, that would mean one of you, Zayden, Jarrett, or Nico will leave since Preston has immunity.

Viola: Obviously.

Jeff: Aria, are you feeling confident?

Aria: I have no doubt within my alliance.

Jeff: Cassi, what you basing your vote on?

Cassi: The long term.

Jeff: Demika, how big is tonight's vote?

Demika: It's huge actually *laughs*

Jeff: Alright, it is time to vote. Riley, you're up.

Riley: *is seen walking up*

Kaiko: *writing*

Viola: *opens pen*

Zayden: *folds vote and puts it in urn*

Nico: *is seen writing ARIA*

Lukas: *is seen writing JARRETT*

Jarrett: *holding up parchment that says ARIA* You are way too untrustworthy.

Aria: *holds up parchment that says JARRETT* Great guy, that's why you have to go.

Preston: *writes*

Jacqueline: *writing*

Demika: *writes* Sorry...

Cassi: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...






Jeff: Jarrett.

Jarrett: *nods*








Jeff: Aria. 1 vote Jarrett, 1 vote Aria.







Jeff: Jarrett.







Jeff: Aria. That's 2 votes Jarrett, 2 votes Aria...









Jeff: Jarrett. That's three votes Jarrett.







Jeff: Aria.







Jeff: Jarrett. That's 4 votes Jarrett, 3 votes Aria








Jeff: Aria. We are tied again. 4 votes Jarrett, 4 votes Aria.










Jeff: Jarrett. That's five votes Jarrett, four votes Aria.








Jeff: Aria. We are tied again. 5 votes Aria, 5 votes Jarrett. Next vote..

Cassi: *looking down*











Jeff: Jarrett. That's 6 votes Jarrett, 5 votes Aria...











Jeff: 9th person voted out of Survivor: India and the first member of our jury; Jarrett; I need you to bring me your torch.

Jarrett: Sneaky move guys.

Demika: Sorry...

Zayden: Chug a beer for me.

Jarrett: *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Jarrett, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Jarrett: Play hard guys! *walks off*

NEXT TIME ON SURVIVOR... Everyone wants to make a big move

Riley: Confessional: Things WILL go my way.

And a storm is coming.

(Everyone is seen huddled up in shelter as rain is pouring down)

Kaiko: *crying* It's miserable.


Jarrett: It sucks to be out at twelve but I'm grateful for this experience. I played my hardest and it didn't work out. Good luck to my little alliance there. *laughs*


JARRETT: Demika Kaiko Lukas Riley Cassi Aria Jacqueline

ARIA: Jarrett Nico Viola Preston Zayden

Episode 10: Raining Knives and Bullets

Jeff: Previously on Survivor; Viola, Preston, Jarrett, Nico, and Zayden were down in numbers 7-5. With their strong 5, the alliance of seven were cracking. Demika and Cassi wanted Aria gone. When a huge blowout with Jacqueline happened; the game changed. After Preston won immunity, it was Jarrett who was voted off. 11 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

(Shakti Camp)

(The eleven are seen placing their torches down)

Demika: Confessional: As irratatin' as Aria is; we had to vote for Jarrett to keep our numbers up.

Viola: *sleeping* (Confessional: All the likable people are leaving one by one. Our numbers are down 7-4 but we ain't givin up! One of them will GO...soon! I'll make sure of it! Whatever brain cells I haven't lost as I aged; they betta help me! Viola ain't no sweet grandma anymore; she the evil queen.)


Jacqueline: *walking with Aria and Lukas* We're going to wipe them out.

Aria: Yeah; just make sure NOBODY does anything crazy. (Confessional: I'm in a solid majority right now. All four of the people in the minority are expandable. I feel like I flipped to the RIGHT alliance.)

Zayden: *walking with Nico* We need to pick things up. Our numbers are falling quickly.

Nico: I completely agree. I don't want to be picked off.

Zayden: We have to get to thinking. (Confessional: Jarrett leaving is a big loss. He was our smartest ally and a close friend of mine. We need to figure out the cracks in their alliance.) Who's the biggest threat over there?

Nico: I'd say that Riley is the ring leader.

Zayden: Yeah, Riley's a huge threat.

Preston: *joins them* Hey.

Zayden: Hey. We're just discussing potential targets.

Preston: Who are you thinking?

Viola: *joins them* Hi.

Nico: Riley.

Preston: Riley? Why?

Zayden: She leads them.

Preston: But some others are WAY smarter; like Aria (Confessional: Our alliance is so busy thinking of targets when we don't even have numbers. We have to figure things out quick or we'll leave one by one.)

(A few hours later, everyone is huddled in shelter as rain is pouring down)

Cassi: This sucks..

Preston: It really does.

Nico: *shivering* (Confessional: Everyone was scrambling until a HUGE storm randomly came in. It honestly doesn't bother me much. I slept on park benches in this weather. It's really sad how sleeping on bamboo is more comfortable than where I've slept in YEARS. Nothing can explain how difficult it is when you're homeless. *begins to tear up* I wanna win. I'm fighting for my LIFE.)

Riley: *soaking wet, shivering* (Confessional: This is SO hard. I am FREEZING. I have never been this tired! *wraps jacket around body* I have always wanted to play Survivor but I was NOT ready for this at ALL. I want this to just END! Ugh!)

Kaiko: *crying* It's so freaking cold! It's miserable.

Jacqueline: *comforting Kaiko*

Kaiko: I...I just need time alone. *walks off*

Cassi: Kaiko, no. Don't go out the shelter. You'll get sick.

Preston: Yeah.

Kaiko: *keeps walking*

Viola: Idiot.

Kaiko: Confessional: *with blanket around her* This...this is horrible. I have never been through something so tough in my life. *sobbing* My mom would always tell me.. "Do NOT give up. Follow your dreams and fight for it." I'm not quitting. When you see me, you think of the small, fragile, sweetheart...but...I want to prove that I'm a tough girl. I need to prove something to myself. I want to WIN; for my mom; who tragically...died of cancer. I need to get through this. It's one of the toughest things in my life..

(Rain seems to end as sun is out)

Riley: *walking with Kaiko* Hey girl, you feeling better?

Kaiko: Yeah..

Riley: What are you thinking?

Kaiko: I want to stick with our group and take out Preston, Nico, Zayden, or Viola.

Riley: Which one though?

Kaiko: I think Preston but I think he has an idol..

Riley: I do too. (Confessional: Out of Preston, Nico, Zayden, and Viola; Preston is the biggest threat but we're thinking he has an idol. So it's definitely scary. My goal is to just have the girls alliance I created on day 1 to work out. Brielle and Mackenzie are gone. But Kaiko and Jacqueline are my closest allies at this moment. *flips hair* I want to win and I'm willing to backstab in order to.)

Preston: *walking with Aria* Do you feel safe with your alliance?

Aria: Well, I voted with them twice in a row for a reason.

Preston: But do you realize you're on the very bottom?

Aria: Stop reaching. You're leaving next. (Confessional: Preston keeps on bugging me about flipping. Like get off me. He's so annoying. I want him gone. Like, get away. Don't mess with my game. Because I'm not listening to someone who can't get in the damn majority.)

Lukas: *to Aria* What was he talking to you about?

Aria: Stupid things.

Lukas: Oh. (Confessional: Right now, Aria's my closest ally. I trust her 100% and she's my best friend here. I have to always check in with her to see wheres she's at. I'm not losing her. I have to constantly make sure she's with me at all times.

Aria: Confessional: I don't care about anybody else's game. This is MY chance to shine. Nobody's going to get in my way. Go big or get the hell out of here.

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(The eleven march in)

Jeff: For the first time in a few days, we have clear weather.

Kaiko: Thank god.

Jeff: Kaiko, how have these stormy days been?

Kaiko: It's been...terrible, awful, just really bad. It was freezing cold...I took it really hard.

Jeff: Alright for today's challenge, you will balance on a triangular platform in the middle of the ocean. If you fall, you're out. Last remaining wins individual immunity. Guaranteed a one in ten shot at winning this game. Alright; let's get started.

(Later, all eleven are seen balancing)

Jeff: This challenge is on. The platform is narrow and it'll be hard to balance both your feet on it.

Riley: *breathes in*

Jeff: Wind starting to pick up.

Viola: *falls in*

Jeff: Just like that; Viola is the first person out of this challenge.

Demika: *falls in*

Jeff: Demika ALSO out.

(15 minutes later)

Jeff: Alright. Everyone raise one leg. We are doing the rest of this challenge with only one leg. The challenge is still going on as you transition.

Cassi: *struggling to move leg up*

Zayden: *falls in*

Cassi: *falls in*

Riley: *falls in*

Jeff: Zayden's in! Cassi's in! Riley's in!

Kaiko: *loses balance and falls in*

Jeff: Kaiko's in! We are down to five! Jacqueline, Aria, Preston, Nico, and Lukas!

(15 minutes later)

Jeff: We are 30 minutes into this challenge. Jacqueline, Aria, Preston, Nico, and Lukas are SOLID.

(Wind begins blowing hard)

Jeff: Wind just COMES in!

Lukas: *falls in*

Jeff: It knocks Lukas right off! We are down to four!

Nico: *falls in*

Jeff: Nico falls in! We are down to Jacqueline, Preston, and Aria!

(The eliminated castaways are seen praying that Preston falls off)

Aria: *falls off*

Jeff: Aria's down! We are down to Jacqueline and Preston!

Jacqueline: *almost slips off*

Jeff: Jacqueline with a nice save!

Preston: *slips and falls into water*


Jacqueline: Yes! *dives in water and climbs up dock, hugging everybody*

Jeff: Come on down Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: *walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: *puts necklace around Jacqueline* Well earned. Alright, head out.

(Shakti Camp)

Jacqueline: *hangs necklace around tree* (Confessional: Winning immunity today felt AMAZING. I made it to the halfway point of this game and I don't have to scramble for my safety. *holds necklace* This...this is for my children. Everything I'm doing is for them. I just...I just wanna make their lives easier, y'know?)

(Later, Jacqueline, Lukas, Aria, Cassi, Kaiko, Riley, and Demika are seen sitting together on the beach)

Riley: So what are you guys thinking?

Cassi: I am really confused right now.

Jacqueline: Like, my primary target is Preston, but I really think he has an idol. So maybe we should go after an easier person like Viola or Nico.

Demika: I aint willing to waste a vote on them.

Lukas: What if we split it?

Demika: No stupid. We have seven alliance members. Four of them. We can't split it. We'd need one more.

Lukas: Then we get Viola on our side.

Demika: Whatever. (Confessional: Why am I aligned with stupid people? PRESTON DOESN'T HAVE NO IDOL. They really irratatin' me...)

Aria: Who are we splitting it between?

Lukas: Hm...I would say....Zayden and Preston.

Aria: Okay. (Confessional: The plan is for our seven plus Viola to split it between Zayden and Preston. 4 Zayden, 4 Preston. The problem is...we need to sway Viola.)

Viola: *walking with Aria* Am I safe?

Aria: Yes.

Viola: Is Demika the target yet?

Aria: No.

Viola: Oh. Bummer.

Aria: We need your help..we're splitting the votes. Us Dhari's; me, you, Cassi, and Demika; we're voting Zayden. The Kanchi's; Lukas, Jacqueline, Kaiko, and Riley; they're voting Preston.

Viola: Hmph, fine. (Confessional: The dumb girls want me to join them. I desperately hate them but I'm considering my options. But of course, I'm going to snitch so I can atleast laugh. This 63 year old is going to kill these people; one by one.) *approaches Nico, Preston, and Zayden, who are sitting on the shelter* They want me to join them to split the votes.

Preston: Okay we just gotta sway one or two people in order to survive this one then.

Zayden: Got it. (Confessional: I'm the biggest physical threat out here. I'd do anything to save myself or at least keep my numbers around. So basically they are splitting votes and they nee Viola's help. All we need is one or two more and we're golden. Instead of raining cats and's raining knives and bullets basically.) Who are we voting?

Preston: Listen. Aria is SO safe and comfortable with her alliance. She is the least flexible to flip to us in the long run. We have to take her out. And the easy part is nobody likes her except Lukas.

Nico: Alright.

Preston: *collecting crab with Demika and Cassi* Are you girls open to anything?

Demika: It depends.

Preston: Well; Viola, Nico, Zayden and I; we're voting Aria. And we know that y'all are splitting votes so I think all I have to pull this safety out. *holds up an object*

Cassi: Oh my..

Preston: So it's basically vote with know. Done. (Confessional: When I was at Kanchi 2.0; I decided to go idol hunting. I couldn't find an idol but I make a fake idol if I needed it later on. And it's the perfect time to use it. I'm in some serious trouble. So we need Demika and Cas.)

Cassi: *walking with Demika* What are we going to do?

Demika: Girl...I have no idea. (Confessional: So Preston...he tells us he got an idol. Well that can really mess things up. AND with Viola voting with them. Nu-uh. But I gotta think smart for me and Cas. Don't mess with my game.)

Cassi: Ugh... (Confessional: I am honestly so confused. I don't wanna make a stupid move but I don't want to anger my alliance. This is going to be my best move in this game...or my worst. Thank god I have my idol though..)

Aria: *to Cassi, Demika, Kaiko, Jacqueline, Viola, Lukas, and Riley* We're still splitting it?

Viola: Absolutely. *evil grin*

Aria: Do we remember who's voting who?

Riley: Yup. Kaiko, Jac, Lukas, and I vote Preston. You, Viola, Demika? And Cassi vote Zayden.

Aria: Amazing.

(The eleven are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Nico: Confessional: If things go as planned...then the girls split their votes. Demika and Cassi flip to us. And Aria goes. But I'm really doubtful right now. We trusted them before and Jarrett went home. I just don't want my allies to be picked off.

Kaiko: Confessional: I want my alliance to stay in tact. This game is moving like the wind and I want to keep up with it. I don't want to slowly lose my numbers or I'll be put into a position where I have to majorly scramble.

Viola: Confessional: So I got a potential split vote plan and a plan to blindside Aria. Well it's gotta be an easy choice. *snickers* But I still got that idol.

Preston: Confessional: I am REALLY hoping things work out or I'm pretty much done. I hope my idol bluff worked out...because that's all I had left in the tank.

Aria: Confessional: This vote is critical. My alliance needs to stay in the majority so the alphas can all leave. The plan tonight is to split it evenly 4-4 between both Zayden and Preston; two huge physical threats.

Cassi: Confessional: I have a big decision to make. I can either go into a split vote and risk an idol being played...or betray my closest allies. This game is difficult and I want to play to win, while still having a clean conscience.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: We will now bring in the first member of our jury. Jarrett; voted out at the last tribal council.

Jarrett: *walks in and sits*

Jeff: Alright. So Nico, in the previous two votes; you, Zayden, Preston, and Viola have been in the minority. Is this still the case?

Nico: Absolutely. We have to do a lot more scrambling than the people in the majority. I just hope some people...say what they said they're going to do.

Cassi: *bites lips*

Demika: *looks at Cassi*

Jeff: Lukas, is this true? The people in the minority have to scramble more?

Lukas: I see what they're thinking, but this is Survivor. Everybody is scrambling so it's extremely, extremely, difficult to keep track of things and where everybody's head is at.

Jeff: So Jacqueline, you have immunity, what's the vibe at camp after the challenge?

Jacqueline: There's definitely been a lot of talking.

Jeff: Viola, there's been a lot of talking. Do you think something will change tonight?

Viola: Well I hope so.

Jeff: Riley, Viola says she hopes things will change. What-

Riley: Hold on Jeff...I'm honestly confused because Viola said she's voting with us.

Viola: Eh.

Riley: So you lied to our face?

Viola: We'll see tonight.

Aria: *whispers to alliance* Stick with the plan.

Kaiko: *nods*

Aria: Viola, you are NOT safe with them. If you stick with them you are literally gone next. Don't do anything stupid.

Viola: So you're calling me stupid? Hmph. *mumbles* Gonna regret that.

Jeff: So Preston, everyone is arguing back and fourth. Where do you stand?

Preston: *takes out idol* With this.

Aria: *whispers* Split it. Everyone; split it.

Cassi: *deep breath*

Jeff: So Preston, what is that?

Preston: An idol obviously.

Jeff: So Cassi, how does this change things?

Cassi: I think it affects a lot of people's minds. But honestly, things need to be done tonight.

Jeff: Kaiko, do you agree with that?

Kaiko: Mhm. Definitely.

Jeff: Lukas?

Lukas: Yup.

Jeff: So Demika, are we ready to vote?

Demika: I debated with myself a lot today...but I know what to do.

Jeff: Alright. It is time to vote. Zayden, you're up.

Zayden: *is seen walking*

Nico: *writes*

Aria: *holding a parchment that says ZAYDEN* Way too big of a physical threat but unfortunately, you're just a backup target. Bye.

Jacqueline: *writing*

Kaiko: *is seen folding parchment and puts it in urn*

Viola: *smiles while voting*

Preston: *holds a parchment that says ARIA* This is my second time in a row voting for you. And I hope it works this time.

Riley: *holding a parchment that says PRESTON* I'm sorry. Just gotta stick with my alliance.

Lukas: *opens pen*

Demika: *voting* Buh bye.

Cassi: *holds a parchment that says ???* I'm willing to take this risk.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so

Cassi: *looks toward Preston*

Preston: *smiles*


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...
















Jeff: That's one vote Preston, one vote Zayden....








Jeff: Preston.








Jeff: Preston. That's three votes Preston, one vote Zayden...











Jeff: Aria. That's 3 votes Preston, 1 vote Zayden, 1 vote Aria...

Jeff: Aria. That's two votes Aria.









Jeff: Aria. We are tied. 3 votes Preston, 3 votes Aria, 1 vote Zayden...













Jeff: Preston. That's four votes Preston, three votes Aria, one vote Zayden....













Jeff: Aria. We are tied again. 4 votes Preston, 4 votes Aria, 1 vote Zayden, two votes left.

Demika: *looks toward Cassi*

Cassi: *looks toward Demika*











Jeff: Aria. That's five votes Aria, four votes Preston, one vote Zayden, one vote left.

Aria: Huh?

Riley: What the fuck?











Jeff: Tenth person voted out and the second member of our jury; Aria; I need you to bring me your torch.

Jarrett: :O

Aria: What a big...yet stupid move. Good luck.. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Jacqueline: Love you girl.

Jeff: Aria, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Aria: Mhm. *walks off*


In a special two hour episode...

After a huge blindside, the line begins to blur...

Riley: Confessional: I don't even know WHO my alliance is anymore.

Big moves are being planned

Kaiko: Tonight we strike...

And in a game of harsh elements, blow ups are bound to happen

Demika: Aren't we supposed to be aligned? Don't BS me.

Preston: Whatever.


Aria: I thought I had it in the bag. I went into this game naive. But I really did feel like I made the most out of my time out here. There was many times where I almost went home but I wiggled my way out. I just can't wait to see my girlfriend...


Aria: Zayden Preston Nico Viola Demika Cassi

Preston: Jacqueline Kaiko Lukas Riley

Zayden: Aria

Episode 11: Role Reversal

Jeff: Previously on Survivor, it was clear that Viola, Preston, Nico, and Zayden were at the bottom. The majority alliance needed Viola's help to split votes incase of an idol. However, when word got back to the minority, they got hope. In the end, Viola, Demika, and Cassi flipped on the split vote, sending Aria home. 10 are left. Who will be voted out tonight? Find out on this special two hour episode!

(Shakti Camp)

Lukas: (Confessional: Tribal went completely wrong. I don't know who voted who but I am super upset right now. Aria was my best friend and she's gone, just like that. I need to move on and avenge her.)

Riley: So who voted Aria?

Cassi: Nico, Zayden, Viola, Preston, Demika, and I.

Riley: Oh wow. (Confessional: So things took a turn at tribal. It is now Lukas, Kaiko, Jacqueline, and I in the minority. It's really sucky. My alliance is falling apart and I'm NOT going to let it continue. It's either I try to actually shake things up...or I get picked off.)


(Demika, Cassi, Nico, Zayden, Preston, and Viola are seen by the fire)

Preston: So which of the four should we go after next? I'd say..Riley. (Confessional: Now that Demika and Cassi are sorta on our side, I wanna keep them with us. If I let them go for like a second, they might flip on me. Call me paranoid but I want to actually stay...)

Demika: Before we discuss anything, why didn't you play your idol at tribal?

Preston: I felt safe with ya'll.

Demika: Or was your idol fake and a dang lie?

Preston: No. Can you listen to my-

Demika: Show me your damn idol.

Preston: *hands her idol*

Demika: Mhm. *examining idol* This is FAKE.

Cassi: How can you tell?

Demika: Half of this cheap ass idol is made from the things at treemail.

Preston: I can explain.

Demika: Don't BS me. Aren't we supposed to be aligned?

Preston: Whatever. All that matters now is we take out one of those threats. Kaiko, Jacqueline, Lukas, or Riley; I don't care which one.

Demika: Uh huh... (Confessional: So Preston got caught with his stupid fake idol. Hmph. He thinks he can FOOL me? Well he's got another thing coming. Demika is in the house and she's about to burn down the house with the citizens inside. *laughs*)

(Jacqueline, Lukas, Kaiko, and Riley are seen in water)

Riley: (Confessional: Right now, I don't even know WHO my alliance is anymore. But I do know some people that I STILL trust that I wanna stick with. Because, there's ten people left. You have to have some sort of majority of you're like....dead.) So what are we going to do?

Lukas: *deep breath* I'm thinking about it.

Jacqueline: What we need to do is we need to is we need to line up our ducks. We need to know who the hell we can pull in and how the hell we can survive. (Confessional: Yeah. I'm in the minority now. But that doesn't mean I'll give up. My motivation is my seven kids and every time I struggle and want to give up, I think of them. I'm coming in swinging. I'm not going to let some flip floppers ruin my game. It's the final ten. You either play hard or you leave.)

Cassi: *walking with Demika* What are you thinking?

Demika: Ever since I saw that fake idol, I knew I could NOT trust him.

Cassi: Listen Demika, you have to control your temper. Don't let your emotions overthrow your strategic thinking?

Demika: WHAT EMOTIONS? He lied straight to my face. That's all it takes.

Cassi: *sigh* (Confessional: Things in this game are getting more crucial than ever. If Demika and I flip and get to the end, the jury is NOT gonna like us because we kept on flipping back and fourth. Demika is a mess but she's a mess that's my ally. That's dangerous but I need her. I'm not going to turn against her. Her emotions can often take over and she comes across as a loud person to others but it's my job to control her.)

(Immunity Challenge)

Jeff: Come on in guys!

(Everyone is seen marches in to a yellow mat)

Jeff: Alright. I'll take back immunity.

Jacqueline: *walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: *takes the necklace from Jacqueline's neck* Immunity is back up for grabs. Alright for today's challenge, you will grab a crate and then climb to the top of a fence, still holding your crate. You will then go across a thin balance beam with the crate still in your hand. Then, there is a stack of long planks. You will use the planks to assemble a staircase to the top. Once there, you will open your crate and assemble a Survivor puzzle. First to do so wins individual immunity. Guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. Alright; let's get started.

(The ten contestants are seen in a running position)

Jeff: Survivors ready...go!

(Everyone begins running and they grab their crates)

Jeff: Everyone has their crate! They are beginning to climb the fence!

Preston: *arrives half way and takes a large hop over it*

Jeff: Preston THROWS himself off the fence!

Nico: *climbs up*

Jeff: Nico making some progress!

Kaiko: *hops over fence*

Riley: *hops over fence*

Zayden: *hops over fence*

Jeff: Kaiko, Riley, and Zayden are over the fence!

Nico: *hops over fence*

Jeff: Nico is over the fence!

Preston: *walking on balance beam*

Jeff: Preston starting to make his way across the balance beam!

Cassi: *hops over fence*

Demika: *hops over fence*

Lukas: *hops over fence*

Jacqueline: *hops over fence*

Jeff: VIOLA the only person not over the fence yet.

Viola: *climbing*

Preston: *walking on balance beam*

Jeff: Preston making a LOT of progress. EVERYONE on the balance beam except Viola.

Viola: *climbing*

Jacqueline: *falls off balance beam*

Jeff: Jacqueline has to start over!

Preston: *walks off balance beam and begins assembling staircase*

Jeff: Preston is done with the balance beam! He's assembling the staircase!

Kaiko: *walks off balance beam and begins assembling staircase*

Jeff: Kaiko is right behind him!

Zayden: *assembling staircase*

Jeff: Zayden is in it! It is Preston, Kaiko, and Zayden in this challenge.

Viola: *hops over fence*

Jeff: Viola FINALLY over the fence!

Riley: *falls off balance beam*

Jeff: Riley has to start over!

Nico: *walks off beam and begins assembling staircase*

Jeff: Nico assembling the staircase!

Lukas: *assembling staircase*

Cassi: *assembling staircase*

Jeff: Lukas and Cassi assembling the staircase!

Viola: *falls off beam*

Jeff: Viola has to start over!

Riley: *begins assembling staircase*

Jeff: Riley is assembling her staircase! So is Demika!

Preston: *finishes staircase and runs up*

Jeff: Preston finishes his staircase! He can start his puzzle!

Kaiko: *runs up stairs*

Jeff: Kaiko can start her puzzle!

Zayden: *runs up stairs*

Cassi: *runs up stairs and falls along the way*

Jeff: Zayden can start his puzzle! Cassi can start her puzzle!

Viola: *begins assembling staircase*

Jeff: Viola assembling her staircase finally!

Nico: *runs up staircase*

Jeff: Nico finishes his staircase! He can start working on the puzzle!

Preston: *quickly putting pieces in*

Kaiko: *examines puzzle and puts pieces in*

Jeff: Preston and Kaiko making some progress. They have been leading this entire challenge.

Nico: *puts in pieces*

Jeff: Nico starting to figure it out.

Kaiko: *putting in more pieces*

Jeff: Kaiko making QUICK progress.

Riley: *runs up staircase and begins puzzle*

Jeff: Riley starting her puzzle.

Kaiko: *puts in last piece* DONE!

Jeff: KAIKO wins individual immunity!

Kaiko: Yes! Yes! Yes!

(The ten are seen back on the Yellow Mat)

Jeff: Kaiko, come on down.

Kaiko: *walks up to Jeff, smiling*

Jeff: Kaiko, guaranteed a one in nine shot at winning this game. Alright, head out.

(Shakti Camp)

Kaiko: Phew.. (Confessional: Having an AMAZING, amazing feeling. I don't have to scramble. I don't have to worry. It's just my own little vacation.)

Zayden: *to Preston, Viola, Nico, Cassi, and Demika* What's the plan?

Nico: Honestly, the biggest threat to win from their Lukas. He hasn't made anybody mad, he gets along with everyone, he's decent at challenges, and he's really smart. If Lukas gets to the end, he wins.

Preston: I absolutely agree. (Confessional: The plan is me, Nico, Zayden, Viola, Cassi, and Demika vote for Lukas. While Jacqueline, Kaiko, Lukas, and Riley can vote whoever they want. For the first time in a while, I feel confident with my alliance.)

Zayden: Confessional: It definitely feels good to finally be in a position of power. I'm a massive physical threat yet there's a long line of people to go in front of me.

Riley: *walking with Kaiko and Lukas* I really don't know what to do.

Kaiko: Well; can we figure out who we're voting?

Lukas: Preston seems the most reasonable.

Kaiko: Okay, got it.

Riley: This is the final three right here that I want.

Kaiko: I absolutely agree. (Confessional: I trust Riley and Lukas the most in this game. We have Jac on our side and literally all we need is two more.)

Riley: *to Jacqueline* The plan is PRESTON.

Jacqueline: Okay. (Confessional: I am literally praying that this works. If these people think it's smart to keep Preston around, then I don't know what the hell to think anymore.)

Demika: *to Cassi* I still don't trust our group.

Cassi: Demika, tell me your decision. I'll just vote with you. (Confessional: Once again, Demika and I are in the middle. It's getting a bit old now, y'know? But, I have to stay focused on what needs to be done. I'm just flip flopping all over the place and that's not good.)

Lukas: *to Cassi and Demika* We're voting for Preston.

(The ten are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Nico: Confessional: The plan is simple. Our alliance of six takes out Lukas and everyone's chances of winning suddenly increases. Our numbers HAVE randomly flipped before but it's my duty to make sure it DOESNT happen to us.

Demika: Confessional: That fake idol show, it ain't gonna work on me. I'm not gullible or stupid. Preston's fake ass isn't trustworthy in my eyes. BUT, I just need to cool down and see how I can make it further in this game. Am I going to be chaotic Demika and flip again; taking out Preston? Or do I take a moment to breathe and be peaceful; and take out Lukas?

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: We will now bring in the members of our jury. Jarrett and Aria voted out at the last tribal council.

Jarrett: *walks in and sits*

Aria: *walks in, giving everybody a death glare, and sits down*

Jeff: Okay so Cassi, last tribal it was Nico, Preston, Viola, and Zayden in the minority but suddenly they all escaped unharmed and it was Aria blindsided.

Aria: *eyeroll*

Cassi: Things have definitely changed. A lot of conversations have occurred and sadly, it was Aria who paid the price.

Jeff: Kaiko, this would mean you, Lukas, Riley, and Jacqueline are in the minority. Is this true?

Kaiko: Pretty much yeah. They are a strong six but there's some people there who know they are on the bottom, and have to do something about it.

Jeff: So Kaiko, if there's some people at the bottom, why aren't they doing anything about it?

Kaiko: They think they will make people turn against them. I mean if you're going to go into this game, you should have been prepared to make risky and daring moves. It's either you actually make some moves and have a chance to win or you don't and you get taken out. It's literally as simple as that.

Riley: *nods*

Jeff: Nico, what are your thoughts on what Kaiko just said?

Nico: Well yeah, that's a reasonable case. But what she's basically saying is "Go with us or you aren't playing the game"

Kaiko: Whatever.

Jeff: So Preston, if things go well tonight for you, is somebody in the minority group of four leaving?

Preston: Absolutely.

Jacqueline: *groans*

Jeff: So Riley, does that concern you?

Riley: It definitely does. But I hope people stick to the plan and...get things moving.

Jeff: Lukas, so if it's you tonight, would you be shocked?

Lukas: Not really. I feel like people could take a shot at me whenever so yeah, I'm nervous,

Jeff: Show of hands, who is worried tonight?

Lukas: *raises hand*

Riley: *raises hand*

Jacqueline: *raises hand*

Cassi: *raises hand*

Jeff: Everybody except Demika, Kaiko, Viola, Nico, Zayden, and Preston are worried today. Viola, is this telling about anything?

Viola: It tells me I'm really sleepy right now.

Jeff: Okay then. Demika, what's going through your head right now?

Demika: Well, let me tell you one thing. The person leaving tonight truly deserves it.

Jeff: So Zayden, with so much blindsides this season, what are you expecting tonight?

Zayden: The unexpected.

Jeff: Alright, it is time to vote. Nico, you're up.

Nico: *is seen walking up*

Jacqueline: *opens pen*

Preston: *writing*

Kaiko: *holding a parchment that says PRESTON* I'm sorry. I really hope this works. I can't lose another ally.

Zayden: *is seen writing LUKAS*

Lukas: *holding a parchment that says PRESTON* Way way way too big of a threat...

Demika: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Riley: *flips hair and begins writing*

Viola: *holding a parchment that says LUKAS* Get out and lose some weight

Cassi: *writing* I'm super super sorry. *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so

Cassi: *looks around* ...

Viola: *grins* ...


Jeff: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote...









Jeff: Preston.








Jeff: Lukas. That's one vote Preston, one vote Lukas.








Jeff: Lukas. That's two votes Lukas.








Jeff: Preston. That's two votes Lukas, two votes Preston.










Jeff: Lukas. That's three votes Lukas, two votes Preston.









Jeff: Preston. We are tied. Three votes Lukas, three votes Preston.









Jeff: Preston. That's four votes Preston, three votes Lukas.









Jeff: Lukas. We are tied. 4 votes Preston, 4 votes Lukas, 2 votes left.

Cassi: ...

Demika: ...

Preston: ...

Lukas: ...









Jeff: Preston. That's five votes Preston, four votes Lukas, one vote left.

Cassi: *nods*










Jeff: Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: India and the third member of our jury; Preston. I need you to bring me your torch.

Jarrett: *sigh*

Aria: *smiles*

Preston: *stands up* Right when I'm confident, you guys fire. *laughs* Great move. *grabs torch and walks up to Jeff*

Viola: *rolls eyes*

Nico: *groans*

Zayden: *whispers to Viola and Nico* We'll get through this.

Jeff: Preston, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Preston: Got it. Good luck guys! *walks off*

Demika: That's what happens to traitors...


Preston: Of course I didn't win but I'm still proud of my game. All my original alliance on day one were wiped out premerge except for me. I took some risks and I managed to save myself from leaving many times. I'm happy I had this experience and I'm excited to watch how this folds out.


Preston: Cassi Demika Riley Lukas Kaiko Jacqueline

Lukas: Preston Zayden Nico Viola

(Shakti Camp)

Viola: Gee.

Cassi: I'm sorry Viola.

Viola: WHATEVER. (Confessional: I am SICK of these people who can't pick a side. Just pick a side and GO with it. The only sane people here are Zayden and Nico. I have been targeting Demika FOREVER. Now she keeps on flip flopping. It is my MISSION to eliminate her!)

Cassi: *to Zayden, Nico and Viola* It wasn't anything against ya'll. It was against Preston. Like, I'll still be working with y'all if you want.

Viola: Uh huh...

Cassi: I hope you guys don't hold a grudge.

Zayden: Okay. *shakes her hand* We're not bitter.

Cassi: Thanks. *walks away*

Viola: I hate her.

Nico: *sigh* (Confessional: Things are getting tough again. Viola, Zayden, and I are facing a majority of six. Seems like an unfair battle. But, I'm fighting for something else. Everybody has family or friends waiting for them back home. I don't. All I have is sleeping on the streets again. I am going to find some way to survive.)

Zayden: *to Nico and Viola* Don't give up... *looks at Cassi, Demika, Jacqueline, Riley, Kaiko, and Lukas laughing and bonding*


Riley: *to Kaiko* We're almost 39 here we come.

Kaiko: Don't get too confident. We're still at the final nine.

Riley: Honestly...thanks for being such a close friend of mine.

Kaiko: Your welcome.

Riley: *smiles* (Confessional: I'm a model. I have been used to people underestimating me and just labeling me the pretty girl. But, I wanna prove this pretty girl has brains. I can navigate my way through this game not by my looks, but by my smarts. And I think I'm doing a great job so far. And I accomplished everything I wanted to do so far..except win.)

Kaiko: *lying down* Well, we'll finish this game; together.

Riley: *nods* (Confessional: There's still a long way till Day 39. I need to stop dreaming about it and I have to make it happen. I made it this far. I believe I have a chance to win. I have gone through basically hell to make it here. The conditions are BRUTAL. I am not an outdoors girl. But somehow, someway, I'm getting through it. And I'm proud of myself.)

Jacqueline: *walking with Lukas* Are we really gonna do it?

Lukas: Absolutely. (Confessional: There is so many chaos. But; Jac and I are close and wanna make the most out of this little adventure. So we decided to go to the cliff and have our own picnic there. Unfortunately all we have is some beans and rice but who cares!)

Jacqueline: *reaches top of cliff* That was tiring.

Lukas: *sits down* (Confessional: The picnic was really fun and peaceful. It was a Survivor picnic. We had a tarp as a blanket. Our food was coconuts chopped as bowls with rice, beans, and slices of fish and fruit inside. It was really exciting for the both of us.)

Jacqueline: *looks down at water* That's a really scary high is this cliff?

Lukas: I don't wanna jump it?

Jacqueline: Are you crazy? Do you want to die? I have children.

Lukas: It's not THAT high. *dives*

Jacqueline: *screams* Lukas!

Lukas: Ow! Help! I think I twisted my ankle!

Jacqueline: My motherly nature will be the only reason I'm doing this. *dives* AHH! *lands in water* Oh, that wasn't so bad. Lukas? Where are you? I could help you with your ankle.

Lukas: I'm right here.

Jacqueline: Where's your broken ankle?

Lukas: I don't have a broken ankle.

Jacqueline: What?

Lukas: I said that so you can jump off.

Jacqueline: WOW. (Confessional: Lukas taught me that...I should take more risks. I should be willing to do anything because this IS a game for a million dollars and I want it more than anybody here.)

Zayden: *approaches Jacqueline along with Viola and Nico* (Confessional: Looking at the majority, I see Jacqueline MIGHT be on the bottom so I would like to persuade her if possible.) Listen. Say Nico, Viola, and I are picked off. Y'all are the final six. Riley and Kaiko aren't splitting up. And they have Lukas in their pocket. Demika and Cassi are unbreakable. Where does that leave you? On the bottom. And playing for sixth.

Viola: What he said.

Jacqueline: I mean yeah, I'd love to keep my options open.

Zayden: They aren't going to take you to the end.

Jacqueline: Here's the thing. Y'all never made the effort to bond with me and you all wrote my name down before. So to join you guys now seems a bit stupid. (Confessional: So Zayden, Viola, and Nico; the desperate trio tried to talk ME into flipping. Like no. I'm not going to be stupid for your benefits. Too little too late.) *walks up to Kaiko* They tried to get me to flip. I declined.

Kaiko: Oh my gosh. What?

Jacqueline: One of them have to go.

Kaiko: Oh, I agree. (Confessional: Those three are playing hard and I'm definitely worried. They can possibly turn this game around again and possibly ruin mine in the process.)

Cassi: Demika, do you feel good about the alliance?

Demika: Yeah. Why?

Cassi: I just feel paranoid for some reason.

Demika: Oh...I just wanna win immunity.

Cassi: Yeah, me too...(Confessional: I don't know what it is but I have butterflies in my stomach. I feel so nervous but I can't figure out why. But I'l let to that later. My goal right now is to win immunity.)

(Immunity Challenge)

(The nine walk in and stand on the yellow mat)

Jeff: I'll take back immunity from Kaiko.

Kaiko: *walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Immunity is back up for grabs. Today's challenge will test your memory. I will list random objects and you have to use a cube to repeat what I said. Say anything incorrectly and you're out. Last one remaining wins individual immunity. Guaranteed a one in eight shot at winning this game. Let's get started.


Jeff: Horse. Fire. Sail. Shovel. Axe. Machete. Sail. Okay; show me what I said FIRST!

(Everyone is seen showing horse)

Jeff: Everyone guessed horse. Everybody gets it right. Show me what I said SECOND.

Viola: *says fire*

Riley: *says fire*

Nico: *says fire*

Zayden: *says sail*

Kaiko: *says sail*

Lukas: *says shovel*

Cassi: *says fire*

Demika: *says sail*

Jacqueline: *says sail*

Jeff: Alright. Cassi, Nico, Riley, and Viola say fire. Lukas says shovel. Demika, Jacqueline, Kaiko, and Zayden say sail. Correct answer Lukas is out. Demika is out. Jacqueline is out. Kaiko is out. Zayden is out. Please show me the THIRD object I said.

(Everyone says sail)

Jeff: Everyone says sail. Everyone moves on. Up next.

Viola: *says axe*

Nico: *says shovel*

Cassi: *says shovel*

Riley: *says axe*

Jeff: Viola and Riley say axe. Nico and Cassi say shovel. Correct answer was....shovel. Viola and Riley are out of this challenge. We are down to two. Cassi and Nico. Next answer.

Cassi: *says axe*

Nico: *says axe*

Jeff: Both said axe. Both are correct. Up next.

Cassi: *says sail*

Nico: *says machete*

Jeff: Cassi says sail. Nico says machete. One of you is wrong. One of you is right. The correct answer was...

Nico: ...

Cassi: ....

Jeff: Machete! NICO wins individual immunity!

(Everyone is seen back on the yellow mat)

Jeff: Nico, come on down.

Nico: *approaches Jeff* I needed this.

Jeff: Well it came at the right time. Nico has individual immunity. Cannot be voted for. Guaranteed a one in eight shot at winning this game. Alright, head out.

(Shakti Camp)

Jacqueline: Nico job Nico.

Nico: Thanks guys. (Confessional: Finally I'm safe. I have been on the bottom since the merge. My allies are leaving. Mackenzie, Jarrett, and recently Preston. I don't have to worry. But the target tonight is probably one of my remaining allies; Viola or Zayden.)

Zayden: *to Viola and Nico* I think they're voting me because I'm a threat in challenges..

Viola: No. They're voting ME.

Nico: Well we have to figure out who.

Viola: Confessional: They better not vote for this old woman. Or I will be PISSED. I am sick of them getting their way. It's a Survivor Travesty.

(Kaiko, Riley, Cassi, Demika, Lukas, and Jacqueline are seen in forest together)

Kaiko: Who's the vote?

Riley: Hmm...Zayden.

Lukas: Seems great. (Confessional: Today we are voting Zayden. He's a huge physical threat and he's made no enemies. We can get rid of Viola at anytime. So if things go well; Zayden is leaving tonight.)

Demika: Confessional: Zayden has an annoyin' ego so of course he has to go. I don't like him. But I'll like him once he leaves.

Lukas: *walking with Viola* It's you.

Viola: I knew it.

Lukas: Confessional: I decided to tell Viola she's the target so she can tell Zayden who possibly has an idol that it's her. And if he has an idol; he won't use it.

Viola: Confessional: I cannot BELIEVE they are voting ME. It's stupid. They aren't going to win. But luckily I have an idol.

Cassi: *to Demika* I'm really nervous.

Demika: Why?

Cassi: I have no idea.

Demika: Girl just vote for Zayden.

Cassi: *sigh* Okay. (Confessional: I have this weird feeling in my stomach. I don't know what it is but I want to find out. It can be me starving but I feel like it's something game wise. But I think I know how to eliminate this burden feeling I have. Or not.)

Zayden: *to Cassi* Are we good?

Cassi: I don't know.

Zayden: Alright.. (Confessional: Cassi is paranoid and confused. This is good for me possibly. But who knows what she's gonna do. She's acting really weird around everyone.)

Riley: *to Kaiko and Jacqueline* I'm nervous but I'm confident with our alliance.

Kaiko: Tonight we strike.

Jacqueline: Don't get too confident ya'll.

Riley: I know. (Confessional: I don't really want to go. I was only trying to get to the merge but now that I know I have a shot of winning, I wanna go to the end and win. It's my only goal in this game. And I hope today goes my way. Zayden is a MASSIVE threat.)

(The nine are seen grabbing their torches and walking to tribal)

Cassi: Confessional: I do not know what to do. I'm worried. I'm scared. I'm nervous. But I have to do something whether I like it or not. I usually have to tame Demika to not do something chaotic and now she's doing it to me. It's a role reversal.

Viola: Confessional: They aren't going to vote me off that easily. I am going to get my REVENGE and NONE of these young folks will see it coming. I am DONE.

(Tribal Council)

Jeff: We will now bring in the members of our jury. Jarrett. Aria. And Preston voted out at the last tribal council.

Jarrett: *waves and sits down*

Aria: *wearing a long flower dress and sits down*

Preston: *sits down*

Jeff: Alright. So Zayden, last tribal it was Preston who left; leaving you, Nico, and Viola in the minority again. Are you concerned?

Zayden: Absolutely. It's six against three. The game is getting intense and being in the minority at this point isn't good. HOWEVER, I hope people do the right thing.

Cassi: *deep breath*

Jeff: Nico, how does immunity feel right now?

Nico: Absolutely amazing.

Jeff: Viola, how are you feeling today?

Viola: I heard my name tossed around and I'm PISSED. You are IDIOTS if you vote me off and that's a fact. Y'all say you're a big happy family but you got FLIP FLOPPERS in your crew. I can't stand it. Make a move or regret it for the rest of your life. I'm 61; not stupid.

Jeff: Flip floppers?

Viola: Yup. There's sketchy people and they don't even know it.

Jeff: Jacqueline, what do you think about what Viola is stating?

Jacqueline: She's saying there's sketchy people here but there's a reason her, Zayden, and Nico are in the minority. It's that they can't be trusted.

Viola: Can I have permission to speak?

Jeff: Go ahead.

Viola: Here's the thing. EVERY majority alliance says their United but they NEVER are. So don't come with your fake self saying you are. Because that is bull.

Jeff: Riley, how are you feeling right now?

Riley: I'm trying to stay out of all this drama and make sure everything goes as planned.

Jeff: So Riley, do you think there's going to be a blindside tonight?

Riley: Well it depends on what you consider a blindside. But I'm fairly confident that everything is going well. Like if one person flips to their side; that's not even enough. It's 5-4. It'll have to take an idol to knock it off balance.

Viola: *grins*

Cassi: *nods*

Jeff: So Demika, how is the game changing as it gets smaller and smaller?

Demika: Well; as we get to the endgame; everything you do is crucial to where you place.

Jeff: Kaiko, how important is it to have an alliance?

Kaiko: If you don't have an alliance at this stage in this game; you should kiss yourself goodbye. Because you can't play Survivor without an alliance.

Jeff: Lukas, is it safe to assume Zayden and Viola should be worried?

Lukas: Yes.

Preston: *looks at Jarrett, annoyed*

Aria: *smiling*

Jeff: Cassi, you've been quiet this tribal. What's your game plan tonight?

Cassi: I can tell you I have no idea. Things are constantly changing...but I gotta go with my gut. I just recently graduated. I wasn't prepared for this.

Viola: Go with us.

Jacqueline: Um no. We've been loyal to you.

Viola: And we haven't?

Jacqueline: You guys can't be trusted. You made too many friends with the jury.

Viola: There's only 3 jury members stupid.

Jacqueline: Calling me stupid isn't going to help.

Viola: Why won't you just cry about your rotten kids again

Jacqueline: How DARE you.

Cassi: Can we vote already? I know what to do.

Jeff: Alright it is time to vote. Demika, you're up.

Demika: *is seen sassily walking up*

Jacqueline: *writing*

Kaiko: *opens pen*

Riley: *folds parchment and puts it in urn*

Nico: *writing*

Zayden: *writes*

Viola: *writing* Leave already.

Lukas: *writes*

Cassi: *deep breath and writes*

Cassi: *is seen sitting down*

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.


Jeff: If anybody has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so


Viola: *stands up and walks to Jeff* I'm playing this on myself. You have to try harder to get rid of me.

Jacqueline: *smirks and mumbles* Wrong person honey.

Jeff: The rules of Survivor state if a hidden immunity idol is played, any votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest amount of votes will be eliminated. This IS a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against Viola will not count.

Cassi: *digs in bag and grabs idol* Jeff.

Demika: *whispers to self* No girl. You ain't even getting votes.

Cassi: I'm sorry for doing this guys but I have to. It's what my gut is telling me. *walks up to Jeff* I'm playing this on Zayden.

Zayden: Woah...

Riley: *shocked*

Jacqueline: What the hell?

Demika: You weren't supposed to do that.

Lukas: *nervous*

Kaiko: You weren't supposed to do that..

Jeff: This is ALSO a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against Zayden will not count. First vote..

























































Jeff: Zayden does not count. We are at no votes for anybody. Next vote...

Jacqueline: *bites lip*

Riley: *looking around*

Kaiko: *nervous*

Demika: *deep breath^

Lukas: *sighs*

























Jeff: Riley. That's one vote Riley.

Riley: Crap.

Kaiko: *whispers to Riley* This wasn't supposed to happen.








Jeff: Riley. We are at two votes Riley.















Jeff: Twelfth person voted out of Survivor: India and the fourth member of our jury; Riley; I need you to bring me your torch.

Riley: *nods and grabs torch* Fantastic move, Cassi.

Cassi: *looks down*

Demika: *to Cassi* I didn't know you had an idol.

Kaiko: *tearing up*

Lukas: *hugs Kaiko* We'll get through this.

Jacqueline: *rolls eyes*

(The three jury members are seen shocked)

Jarrett: Wow...

Riley: *walks up to Jeff with torch*

Jeff: Riley, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch* Time for you to go.

Riley: Good luck everyone! *waves and walks off*

Jeff: Well if we learned anything tonight; it's that ANYTHING can happen. Grab your torches. Head out.


Cassi's big moves causes flames at camp

Kaiko: *sobbing* You had NO reason to do that. I was hurt by that move and so was the alliance. You RUINED the bonds I thought we had.

Cassi: It's a game.

Kaiko: Do you not have any dignity?

And a mistake at a challenge causes some serious issues

Jeff: Medical!

Doctor Ramona: This is potentially dangerous. It can cause an infection possibly.


Riley: It sucks to go but I feel like I played my hardest. I created a strong alliance that was a force in this merge and I hope they do well; especially Kaiko and Lukas. I'm going out with a positive attitude. No regrets. I'm just back to modeling.


Zayden: Riley Kaiko Lukas Demika Jacqueline DID NOT COUNT

Riley: Zayden Nico Viola Cassi

Confessional Count

Elimination Table
# Contestant 1 2
? Riley 2 0
? Lukas 3 0
? Nico 1 0
? Jacqueline 2 0
? Jasper 4 0
? Viola 2 0
? Aria 3 1
? Mackenzie 3 0
? Kaiko 3 0
? Eugene 1 0
? Preston 4 0
? Demika 1 0
? Cassi 1 0
? Jarret 1 0
? Brielle 1 0
? Antonio 4 0
? Melanie 1 0
20th Wyatt 3

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