Before Episode 1

Jeff: For our twentieth season, we had 10 heroes and 10 villains from the past come back and play the game again. Now, we’re doing it again. Since Season 20, we’ve had loads of new personalities, and it is time for some new Heroes and Villains to tackle the game of Survivor again! We had a ballot of 32 heroes and villains, and America voted 20 in. Now, I am going to announce who made the season right now. Let’s start getting all the heroes. *walks over to Chris, Yul, and Mike*

Mike: Sup Jeff.

Jeff: Sup to you as well Mike. We have 3 male heroes, who were all winners, and I must say only 2 of you will be getting on. Mike, you are very well liked by us, and you were on the Second Chance voting ballot, and even made the top 10. I am very glad to say you will be on the season.

Mike: YES! *hugs Jeff and kisses him on the cheek* MERICA! *gets up on the stage*

Jeff: Chris Daugherty, all the way from Vanuatu, Season 9. You’re awesome, and I wish you could come back, but sadly, you will not be coming back.

Yul: *cheers*

Jeff: Yul, you are on the cast! Get up there!

Yul: Yes!

Jeff: Now let’s move onto Matty, Hayden, and Joe. Likable, handsome, athletic guys. I am sorry to say only two of you are getting on. Hayden are on the cast!

Hayden: WOOOO! *shakes hands with Matty and Joe and goes up on the stage*

Jeff: Now, Joe, you are very popular. Sadly, you weren’t popular in this vote, Matty get up there!

Matty: Fuck yes! *runs up stage*

Jeff: We have 4 male heroes, and we need 1 more. We got Ian from Palau, and Marcus from Gabon. Marcus, you got screwed over by a tribe swap, and Ian, you gave up final immunity. Marcus… you will… not be on the cast, but Ian you will!

Ian: Aw yeah baby! *hugs Probst and goes up on stage*

Jeff: Let’s put together this heroes tribe, and go to the female heroes that were on the ballot. Let’s start with Neleh, Jaclyn, and Natalie. All made final tribal council, and Natalie, you won the game, with Jaclyn getting 2nd right behind you. Great to say this, all three of you are getting on!

Neleh, Jacyn, and Natalie: *all hug each other and go on stage*

Jeff: Colleen and Elisabeth, both from the first two seasons, and both very likable. Only one of you is getting on. Colleen… you will not be on this cast, Elisabeth you will!

Elisabeth: Oh my God yes! *goes on stage*

Jeff: 3 left, and 1 more is needed. Sierra from Tocantins, Christina from One World, and Trish from Cagayan. Christina… you will not be on this season. Trish, you will be! Sorry, Sierra.

Trish: Malnutrisha comin’ back baby! *goes on stage*

Jeff: There are your heroes! Now, let’s move onto the villains! We’ll start with the males. Over here we have Brad Culpepper, Rodney, Ace, and Judd Sergeant. Brad, you’ve already gone through a fan vote and didn’t get enough.

Brad: Did I get enough now?

Jeff: Sadly no, you did not. Rodney, you are on this cast!

Rodney: Aw yeah! *gets on stage*

Jeff: Ace and Judd. One of you is getting on. Judd, you are on this cast as well! You are not, Ace.

Judd: Aw yeah! *gets on stage*

Jeff: Over here, we have 2 Johns. John Carroll and John Fincher. Carroll, you got a lot of votes, so get up there! John Fincher, you will not be on this season.

John Carroll: *gets on stage*

Jeff: Burton and Tony are now left. Both totally different. Burton all the way from Pearl Islands, known for making moves with Jonny Fairplay, and Tony from Cagayan, who pretty much controlled the game. As you both can see, 2 spots left, you two are the only ones left, so both of you get up there!

Burton and Tony: *hug it out and run up stage*

Jeff: Let’s finish this up with the female villains. Natalie Bolton, Twila Tanner, and Kim Spradlin. All made the final tribal council in your seasons. Two of you are getting on. Twila, get up there!

Twila: YEAH! *gets on stage*

Jeff: Kim… you’re going to be staying here in the states, but Natalie Bolton get up there! Natalie: Oh my gosh! *hugs Kim and goes up on stage*

Jeff: Abi-Maria, Crystal, and Alicia Rosa, all very feisty women. 2 of you will be getting on as well. Alicia… you won’t be getting on this season. Abi-Maria, America voted you back in again, and Crystal you’re on this season too!

Crystal and Abi: *hug and go up on stage*

Jeff: This is it. One last spot left. It is down to Deena from Amazon, a long time ago, and Missy from San Juan Del Sur, somewhat recent. Missy...sorry to say, you will not be on this season. Deena, you are on this season!

Deena: Thank God. *runs up stage*

Jeff: There you have it folks! You got the Heroes: Mike, Hayden, Ian, Matty, Yul, Neleh, Natalie, Jaclyn, Trish, and Elisabeth! And you also got the Villains: Tony, John, Burton, Judd, Rodney, Natalie, Crystal, Abi, Deena, and Twila! This should be a great season. Thank you America!

Episode 1 - Good Game My Man

Jeff: I am here right now in the Northern Mariana Islands with twenty heroes and villains that you, America, voted into the game! 39 Days, 20 People, 1 Survivor!

(Intro Plays)

Twila: [CONF: It has been so long since I’ve played this game. I’m not used to the new style of game, but I can get used to it. *chuckles*]

Mike: [CONF: I have won this game already, but who says I can’t win this game again?]

Crystal: [CONF: Gabon was tough but fun for me. I have no doubt this will be tough and fun again.]

Ian: [CONF: Last time, I was too trustworthy and pretty much gave up my chance at winning for my ally. This time, I’ll stay trustworthy, but still make sure I win.]

Jeff: Welcome to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2!

Everyone: *cheering*

Jeff: Rodney, what’s it like to be out on Survivor again?

Rodney: Well Jeff, it’s awesome. I got anothah shot at winnin’ this game. [CONF: Last time I was too overconfident that I was in control of this game, so I gotta control that a bit.]

Jeff: Speaking of winning this game, we even have winners on again. Yul, you won Survivor. Does that pose as a threat?

Yul: Absolutely. I’m sure though that I can pull through with that fact on my back.

Jeff: Abi, second time we’ve done a fan vote. And the second time America let you on Survivor. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

Abi: It makes me feel like America loves the entertainment I give them.

Jeff: Well now, it is time for your first reward challenge. On that truck, there are tons of supplies that you will need. You will have only one minute to get as much as you can, then you will have to carry it all the way to your camp. Survivors ready? GO!

Hayden: *grabs a machete*

Natalie Bolton and Natalie Anderson: *both tackling each other to get fishing supplies*

Judd: *races with Matty to get a big tarp*

Matty: *pushes Judd and gets the big tarp*

(After 1 Minute)


Everyone: *stops and walks back to their mats*

Jeff: Alright, Heroes, you’re tribe name is Frangipana, here’s your map. Go to your camp. Villains, you’re Bandara, and here is your map. Go to your camp!

(Frangipana Tribe - Day 1)

Mike: We’re here! [CONF: I am so excited to be back on Survivor again. Last time all I could do was win immunity in order to stay in the game. I need to change up my strategy this time.]

Neleh: We should probably split into some groups to get everything started.

Yul: How about some of us make the shelter, some try to make fire, and some go get water.

Jaclyn: I can get water.

Natalie: I can too. [CONF: Jaclyn and I are back together again. I know that we’ll make an alliance.]

Mike: I’m going to make the shelter.

Matty: I can help.

Ian: Same here.

Hayden: I’ll help build too. [CONF: Mike, Matty, Ian, and I seem like a good group. I wanted to join them. I was once in a guys alliance, so I’ll be in another.]

Neleh: Elisabeth and I can make a fire.

Trish: I can help you girls out with that.

Yul: [CONF: This is kind of weird. Natalie and Jaclyn are doing their own thing, the other guys are doing their own thing, and then Neleh, Elisabeth, and Trish are doing their thing. I feel like an outcast right now.]

Mike: So, us guys seem like a good group. You guys think so?

Matty: Completely agree.

Hayden: Definitely.

Ian: Yeah. [CONF: I don’t feel comfortable with this group. I look at Mike as another Tom. I need to make my own alliance soon.]

Trish: We got a fire!

Mike: WOOO! *hugs Trish and Neleh*

Elisabeth: *hugs Neleh*

Ian: [CONF: I have my chance, and I’m ready.] Trish, Neleh, Elisabeth, I see you three, and I think you all are trustworthy, and I was wondering if you all want to band together and create an alliance.

Neleh: [CONF: Already being approached is great, but it was literally right after we finished making the fire. A bit suspicious, but I’m in.]

Elisabeth: I’m fine with it.

Trish: You seem like a good kid, Ian. I’m with you.

Ian: Awesome. [CONF: I may be playing this game too hard, but I just wanted to solidify an alliance and that’s it.]

(Bandara Tribe - Day 1)

Tony: We’re here! Woohoo!

John: [CONF: I cannot believe I am here again. It is exciting honestly.]

Deena: This is incredible to be honest, wow.

Tony: [CONF: Tony Vlachos 2.0 is here. I feel like I could be the second 2-time winner. This time I really need to make sure I get a secure alliance that doesn’t have any cracks. People like Boston Rod, nope. People like Judd, John, and Twila I want in my alliance.]

Rodney: [CONF: Last time, I had an alliance that completely didn’t stay with me the whole way. And I couldn’t get one damn redneck. Only redneck I see on this tribe is Twila and maybe Judd. I need to put my trust into people that I believe won’t leave halfway through.]

Burton: Me and you are tight man.

Rodney: We can be the new Joaquin and Rodney, just you won’t go so early.

Burton: You remind me a lot of Fairplay, and I like it.

Rodney: [CONF: I got Burton on board. Deena, nobody knows who the hell she is, so that’s good for me. So I got Deena. Natalie Bolton is someone I click with easily to be honest, I just need to be careful I don’t piss her off like I did Lindsey or Sierra.]

Tony: Okay so us four need those other two.

John: Abi and Crystal seem to be like the new witches.

Twila: I can probably try to get them on board.

Tony: Rodney’s got his people, and I need to make sure we have the numbers before they do.

Twila: [CONF: Tony is the most paranoid person I have ever seen on this show. He is begging for Abi and Crystal to join our alliance.] Abi, Crystal. Can we three talk?

Crystal: Totally.

Abi: [CONF: Crystal and I are swimming, and Twila comes over to us. I already know why. A 60 year old woman doesn’t go swimming with two younger women just because.]

Twila: Rodney and Tony both have alliances of four right now. You both are swing votes, and I just came over to ask if you wanted to join Tony’s alliance?

Crystal: *looks at Abi*

Abi: *looks at Crystal*

Crystal: [CONF: Swing vote? Nooo. I was just havin’ a bit of fun, but now I realize I’m completely out of the loop. What the heck?]

Abi: We will think about it. I don’t have an answer to it right now.

Crystal: I don’t either.

Twila: Alright. *goes back to shore* [CONF: Well that was a bummer. At least they are considering it.]

(Frangipana Tribe - Day 2)

Mike: *walking with Trish to get tree mail* Okay Trish, I was thinking, that me and you could work together in this game. I respect your loyalty a lot, and I’d love if you were loyal to me. [CONF: I got an alliance with me, Hayden, Matty, and Ian. I need at least two more numbers.]

Trish: I would definitely want to ally with you, Mike. I respect your loyalty as well, and I even think this could be a great final 2.

Mike: Are we saying final 2 deal right now?

Trish: Yes.

Mike: Alright, let’s do this. [CONF: I now have Trish with me. Me and her have a final 2 deal, and it is awesome.] *grabs tree mail* Let’s go back.

Trish: I’ll be right there. I need to do some business.

Mike: Aight. *goes back to camp*

Trish: [CONF: After Mike left, I decided to look for the idol, because I saw another paper in the tree mail box.] *grabs the paper* [And it’s an idol clue! I didn’t have time to read it though, so I put it in my pants, and ran back to camp.]

(Immunity Challenge - Day 2)

Jeff: Come on in!

Heroes: *walk in*

Villains: *walk in*

Jeff: Alright, here is your first immunity challenge: Six tribe members will race to build a boat, and there are seven planks that will keep it together. You’ll paddle out and grab a torch, light the fire, paddle back, remove the seven planks, and bring them back to the start. The other four tribe members must solve a puzzle. Once you have the puzzle solved, you will use the seven planks to build a ladder, so you can then place the puzzle in its appropriate spot. It is then a race to the stop. First tribe with all their members on top and have their fire lit win immunity. Here is what you’re playing for. *shows Immunity Idol*

Everyone: Yeah!

Jeff: I’ll give you guys a minute to pick who does what.

-- After everyone picks --

Jeff: Alright. For the Heroes, we have Mike, Hayden, Yul, Neleh, Jaclyn, and Trish working on the boat, while Ian, Matty, Natalie, and Elisabeth work on the puzzle. For the Villains, John, Burton, Rodney, Natalie, Crystal, and Twila will work on the boat, while Tony, Judd, Abi, and Deena work on the puzzle. Survivors ready? GO!

Mike: Put that piece there!

Jaclyn: *puts two pieces together*

Burton: *puts two pieces together* Crystal, put that piece here.

Crystal: *grabs the wrong boat piece*

Burton: No, that one over there!

Crystal: *grabs it and puts it on the boat*

Trish: *puts another piece of the boat on*

Yul: Hayden, get that one, Neleh, you get the other one.

Neleh: *grabs a piece*

Hayden: *grabs another*

Natalie: *puts the end piece together*

John: *puts the last piece on* Let’s go!

Hayden: *puts last piece on* Let’s get the planks on.

John: Shit. Forgot about the fucking planks. *grabs them*

Yul: *puts the planks on* Let’s go!

Mike, Hayden, Yul, Neleh, Jaclyn, and Trish: *get on the boat and start paddling*

Twila: *puts the last 2 planks on*

Rodney: Go go go! *gets on the boat*

John, Burton, Natalie, Crystal, and Twila: *get on the boat and start paddling*

Jeff: Heroes have a slight lead over the villains!

Jaclyn: *get the torch lit*

Hayden: Paddle back fast!

Crystal: *gets the torch lit* GO! *paddles*

Jeff: Villains caught up fast!

Heroes: *back at shore*

Mike: *takes the boat apart* Here Hayden! *throws the planks to him*

Hayden: Start building guys! *throws planks to the other four*

Jeff: Heroes are now starting on the puzzle!

Twila: *brings the planks to the other four* Here y’all go. Don’t screw up.

Jeff: Villains are now working on the puzzle!

Ian: Put that piece there.

Natalie: *puts it there*

Elisabeth: *puts the next piece in*

Matty: Wait, that piece doesn’t go there. Mine is next

Ian: No it’s not.

Matty: Yes it is! *takes the one piece out and puts his own in*

Ian: Nevermind.

Jeff: Heroes seem to have a bit of miscommuncation.

Tony: Give me all the pieces. I got this.

Jeff: Tony wants to do the puzzle all by himself.

Tony: *puts one piece in, then the next, then the next, then the next* We got this, guys.

Elisabeth: Put this there.

Natalie: It’s not supposed to.

Matty: What about this piece? *puts it in and it fits*

Natalie: Nice.

Jeff: Heroes are picking it up.

Tony: *puts more pieces in* Where are the last two pieces?

Abi: *picks them off the ground* Here.

Tony: Thanks. *puts them in* We got it!

Jeff: Villains have it! They can start putting the ladder together with the planks!

Ian: *puts 2 pieces in* We need 1 more piece. Put it in.

Elisabeth: *puts it in*

Jeff: Heroes can start working on it!

Judd: *puts 2 planks on, then 2 more* Give me the last 3!

Deena: *gives the last 3 to Judd*

Judd: *puts them all in* Tony, get up here and put the puzzle in!

Tony: *climbs up* Let’s do this! *puts the puzzle in*

Jeff: Villains! Start going up now!

Matty: *puts the sixth piece of the ladder in* Quick, Ian, give me the last piece and the puzzle.

Ian: *climbs up and gives both to Matty*

Matty: Thanks. *puts the plank in*

Jeff: Heroes are close, but not close enough!

Villains: *All are at the top*

Tony: Twila with the torch!

Twila: *puts the torch in and lights the rope*

Jeff: Villains win immunity!

Matty: *throws the puzzle on the ground, almost hitting Ian*

Ian: Watch out mate!

Jeff: Nice win guys. Here’s your idol. Safe tonight from tribal. Heroes, somebody will be the first voted out of this game. See you guys tomorrow night. Both of you guys, head out to camp.

Natalie: [CONF: The challenge screwed us up. Now we have to vote someone out. We have no idea who that will be. Our tribe is a mess.]

(Frangipana Tribe - Day 2)

(Mike, Hayden, Matty, Jaclyn, and Natalie on the beach)

Mike: I believe this right here is a good fivesome.

Jaclyn: I like this group a lot too.

Mike: I was thinking for the target, we get rid of Yul. Super smart, acts like the leader.

Matty: I’m down with Yul going.

Natalie: Same for me. [CONF: As a previous winner, I am a threat. Me, Mike, and Yul actually. However, Yul seems to be the smartest out of us all, so it’s clear he needs to go.]

Hayden: [CONF: Not sure if I trust Mike. Matty, Mike, and I had made an alliance along with Ian. Now he’s making a separate alliance. I’m gonna keep my eye on him. I won’t throw away a vote to him, but after this vote out, I’m worried about keeping him.]

Mike: So, it’s Yul?

Hayden: Yes.

Matty: I’m with you.

Jaclyn and Natalie: Absolutely.

(Frangipana Tribe - Day 3)

(Mike, Elisabeth, Neleh, and Trish)

Mike: Are you all comfortable with voting out Yul?

Trish: Absolutely.

Neleh: [CONF: Mike comes up with the plan for voting out Yul. I am completely on board. If the rest of the tribe is making this big move, I’ll do it. I’m here so I can adapt to the new school type of game.] One hundred percent.

Elisabeth: *nods*

Mike: Awesome. [CONF: My plan is to get Yul out of this game. I could make an alliance with him to make a winners pact, but I won’t. I know how deadly he is. I have 8 votes for him. All I need is Ian, and that’s a unanimous vote.]

(Mike and Ian)

Mike: Yul’s going home.

Ian: Seriously?

Mike: Yes. Everyone else is voting him.

Ian: Alright. *shakes hands* [CONF: I don’t trust Mike. That alliance we had, I don’t want any of it. I’m going to get with Yul, and we’re going to vote off Mike. I just need Elisabeth, Neleh, and Trish, and we can form a 5-5 tie at tribal.]

(Yul and Ian)

Ian: Yul, you are going home. We need to target Mike, fast.

Yul: Unbelieveable. [CONF: Ian tells me there is a plan to vote me out, but he tells me we need to blindside Mike. I’m so down with this you don’t even know.]

Ian: Are you in?

Yul: Yes. No doubt. Anything to keep me safe.

Ian: I can get 3 more votes, and it’ll be a tie. That’s the best I got.

Yul: Okay.

(Ian, Neleh, Elisabeth, Trish)

Ian: Girls, Mike is the target now. You all in?

Neleh: [CONF: I am not comfortable with voting Mike out. However, I will make Ian think I am.] I will.

Trish: Okay, I’ll do it. [CONF: I don’t want to lie, but I’m going to have to. Nobody can find out about my final two deal with Mike.]

Elisabeth: *nods*

Ian: Awesome. Thanks girls. [CONF: I’ve done my work. It should be a 5-5 vote at tribal tonight, and I am excited.]

Tribal Council - Night 3

Jeff: Dip your torch into the fire, because without fire, you’re out.

Heroes: *do that and then sit down*

Jeff: Alright, 3 days in, how is everything going, Jaclyn?

Jaclyn: We’re all doing pretty good. We got fire going day one, we have a nice shelter, so things are great.

Jeff: Great to hear. Mike, you’ve won this game before. Is that dangerous?

Mike: Oh, absolutely. But then again, I wasn’t a super strategic winner like Tony or Yul.

Jeff: Yul, Mike just called you a super strategic winner. That must put a big target on your back.

Yul: It does, and I know I’ve been someone that has been on the chopping block as of recent.

Jeff: So you may be voted out tonight?

Yul: I might, but there’s a plan for somebody else to go tonight.

Jeff: So it’s your or somebody else tonight?

Yul: Yes, and if I go home tonight, I will actually be surprised to be honest.

Ian: To the people that I talked to, make sure you vote for who I said to vote.

Hayden: *raises eyebrow*

Jeff: Ian, are you referring to the person that Yul said may go home other than him?

Ian: Yes. Three women on this tribe better do what I told them.

Jeff: I’d assume you won’t mention what the plan is.

Ian: If Yul wants to let it out, he can, but I’m keeping it to myself.

Jeff: Yul?

Yul: Mike, I know you’re after me, so all I have to say, is good game my man.

Mike: *looks around nervously*

Jeff: Wow. This should be an exciting vote. It is time to vote. Neleh, you’re up.

Neleh: *walks up and votes*

Mike: *holds up parchment that says YUL* Sorry bro. I need to.

Yul: *holds up parchment that says MIKE* You wanted me gone, so now I want you gone.

Natalie: *sits back down*

Jeff: I’ll go tally the votes. *goes to get the votes*

Mike: *whispers to Ian* I thought I could trust you.

Ian: *doesn’t reply*

Jeff: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Trish: *looks in bag then looks up again*

Jeff: Okay, once the votes are read the decision is final, person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council immediately. I’ll read the votes.

Jeff: First vote...Mike.

Jeff: Mike. That’s two votes Mike.

Yul: *smirks*

Jeff: Yul. That’s 1 vote Yul.

Jeff: Yul. Two votes Yul, two votes Mike.

Jeff: Yul. That is 3 votes Yul.

Mike: *looks at Yul*

Jeff: Yul. That is 4 votes Yul.

Yul: *hangs head low*

Mike: Yul. That is 5 votes Yul, 2 votes Mike.

Ian: *looks at Neleh*

Neleh: *looks back and shakes her head*

Jeff: First person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2, *flips vote*, Yul. That’s 6, and that is enough, you need to bring me your torch.

Yul: Good try, Ian.

Ian: Yup.

Neleh: Sorry.

Ian: *rolls eyes*

Mike: *widely grins*

Hayden: That was a nice move that you tried, Ian.

Ian: Whatever.

Yul: *puts his torch down* Wow.

Jeff: Yul, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs his torch* Time for you to go.

Yul: *deep breath* Okay. Bye guys. Good luck. *walks away*

Jeff: Well with that, looks like plans don’t always work out, but some do. Head back to camp, good night.

Mike: *pats Hayden on the back* Ian’s next.


Hayden teams up with Ian.

Hayden: Mike needs to go.

John forms a new alliance on Villains.

Twila: I like this group.

And somebody on Villains finds the idol!

Final Words Yul: Unbelievable. I can’t believe I went from winning the game to being first out. I was an outcast from the beginning and unfortunately the move to get Mike out was just too late. I wish the best of luck for the Heroes, especially Ian, but I wish I was still in the game to kick Mike’s ass. Haha.

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