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Episode 1: "Keep My Mouth Shut for a Million Bucks" 

Jeff Probst: *standing on top of the boat* For 15 years, we visited multiple places. Borneo, Australia, Africa, Samoa. We are now visiting Hawaii; known for it's beautiful fauna, flora, and culture. But also known for it's fiery temperatures and volcanic activity.  We've invited back 24 people from the 4 previous newbie seasons known for playing hard and "modern". This season, they have to survive 42 days. They will have to fight for what they want. 42 days, 24 castaways... *screen zooms out* 1 survivor! 

(commercial break)


Jeff Probst: Returning from Cagayan-- a season known for it's blindsides and constant surprises. (they all appear wearing purple clothing)

Tony Vlachos: [CONF] Ey, you probably know me as the winner. I came in the season, I did what'ah had to do and I made it happen. It's definitely gonna be harder this time around as they know my tricks... but this was my game th'a first time. And it's gonna be my game this time.

Morgan McLeod: [CONF] In Cagayan, I wasn't the most liked castaway... *chuckles* I couldn't really shut up and was a little overly rude. I'm gonna have to zip it if I want to get to the end. So I guess if I HAVE too I'll stay quiet. But hey, if I have to get mean, the claws will come out. And after they come out, it's hard for them to go back in.

Alexis Maxwell: [CONF] I was very gullible in my first season. I was new to the game, I was younger. I had a idea on how to play the game, but in the end I didn't execute it right. I trusted people I shouldn't have and got blindsided! I'm gonna make a bigger impact this time. And it's gonna be a lot more then twerking.

Jerrmiah Wood: [CONF] Being a male model, my best quality was always charmin' the gals. But that didn't work that time a round. This time I'm not gonna be in the minority and I'm gonna play as hard as I can.

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