1. Aqua
  2. Cabbage
  3. Derpy
  4. Fiz
  5. RJ
  6. Milk
  7. Solar
  8. Blake
  9. Maria
  10. Spirit


  1. "Purple" Kelly Shinn
  2. Sierra Dawn Thomas
  3. Morgan McLeod
  4. Amber Brkich
  5. Jane Bright
  6. Abi-Maria Gomes
  7. Will Sims II
  8. Courtney Yates
  9. Hope Driskill
  10. Courtney Marit


  • Jeff: These 10 castaways are beginning the adventure of a lifetime. What they don't know - is that they will be playing against their favorite Survivor castaways.
  • Derpy: [CONF: I will WIN this game. I will be able to combine all elements EASILY. 39 days, no problem. Just hand me the check already, like come on.]
  • Solar: [CONF: I feel completely RIGGED against already. Fans never win Survivor. I'm only out here to defeat every single one of these sluts.]
  • Cabbage: [CONF: I am a huge fan of Survivor. I know what they're going to. Bring back 10 favorites. I mean, isn't this obvious?]
  • Fiz: [CONF: i know all thes ppl from wc wtf are they doing here.]
  • Aqua: [CONF: I was inspired to this after I saw Kelly Shinn grace my screen. But is there any way I can be more ICONIC than her?]
  • Jeff: The Favorites - these are the castaways that are the most favored. 
  • Purple Kelly: [CONF: After rewatching my season, I saw that I seemed to make barely any impact on the season until the very end. This time, I want to be known as a huge figure in Survivor history. I want other girls to be inspired by me. I want to be the girl everyone is influenced by, and not Parvati. Kelly Shinn will be forever known. KNOW THAT.]
  • Sierra: [CONF: I knew that my screentime was going to be very limited when I saw the color of my hair. Young female blondes seem to RIGGED AGAINST in the editing part of it. People say I did nothing in Worlds Apart. Well guess what, I'm here for redemption and a second chance. I want to make big moves that impact the game that will get me to the end to help me WIN.]
  • Abi-Maria: [CONF: The two times I played, I was very... blunt. I tried changing my ways the second time around, but it didn't work out. I'm out here for the third time. I'll be here to make sure the season isn't boring. I'll bring my fiestiness to the table.]
  • Amber: [CONF: I won my last season. It's been 12 years but I think I still got it in me to become the Sole Survivor again.]

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