The Master of Disaster is the first episode of Survivor: Disaster Island. It premiered on February 19, 2016.


"Reward" Challenge: Obstacle Course - The tribes had to split into groups of three, the first group of three had to find three puzzle bags inside the maze. The second group of three would do the same over again. And then the last three would take all six puzzle bags, open them, and then use them to solve a tile puzzle which would depict a phrase.


Day 1

Two helicopters, both distinctive in either a shade of green or a shade of purple, surround a distant island. The island is covered is a cloud of mist, making the island unseen to the human eye. One helicopter is a light shade of green, and has the word "Potentia" written across it in bold capitals, whilst the other helicopter has a light shade of purple, with the word "Dolet" written across it. The mist begins to clear, as the helicopters descend closer to the island. The first person out of the Potentia helicopter is a blonde woman, who looks around her environment with a confused expression


Jeff: "Welcome, to the Bermuda Triangle!" He announce with glee. The group of eighteen clap nonchalantly. "You are the eighteen contestants that we've chosen for this year's survivor, Disaster Island. You have been randomly divided into two separate tribes of Potentia and Dolet. I am now pleased to present you with your buffs for the season." He states, and then approaches the tribes and hands out their exclusive Potentia and Dolet tribal buffs.



Jeff: "The eight people you see now surrounding you will be your tribe mates, your competition, or maybe even your friends. You will participate in challenges and daily camp activity with them. Here are your tribe maps, head out to camp."



Potentia Camp

The group of nine on the Potentia tribe arrive at their camp. Victory, Byron and Ricardo immediately attempt to get some order with the construction of the shelter that they will use throughout the season.


Victory: "Hello, wake up you two. We need all the help we can get around here and you two are literally doing nothing. This isn't a vacation, it's Survivor."

Cassie: "You have gotta be kidding, right? These nails didn't win best in show at the 2012 Miss Mississippi competition for doing all the dirty work, did they? Please leave me be and pester the other one a bit more, it's pretty funny when she gets mad over something."

Estelle: "I can see we're going to get along great...anyway I need some time alone so I'm gonna go for a walk..." She replies, and wanders off into the forest by herself.

The other members of the tribe in the mean time attempt to create the shelter by collecting and sculpting the miscellaneous pieces of bamboo scattered across the campsite.


Dolet Camp

The group of nine Dolet members arrive at their camp. 

James: "So, what do you all propose we should do here first? Us guys could build a shelter while the girls do maintenance like water and food?"

Charlotte: "Hey, I don't need a man to do a job designed for me, a woman. You guys can do the water fetching or something else while I build the shelter."


James: "Fair enough, come on dudes, let's go get some water from the well, or something." Following this, him, Frankie, and Aaron go into the woods and Roman follows the group.

Meanwhile, in the forest...

Frankie: "...Wait a second, why are you here?" He states, and the group's attention shifts to Roman's appearance.

Roman: "Remind me, you said for all the dudes to come with, correct?"


Aaron: "Okay, let's not start a confrontation here..."


Potentia Camp

Victory: "Seriously, Cassie, can you just hurry up and help us out already? We have to have this done by sundown and the sun is already beginning to set, and you've done nothing this entire time..."


Cassie: "Can you back off already? I'm literally filing my nails right now, it's a case of good nails or bad nails and I'm pretty sure of the one everyone will prefer..."

Byron: "Since Victory is clearly incapable of spelling this out to you, I'll do the 'honour'. If you don't do anything to help us out, at all, you're the first one to leave this tribe and you'll be no richer than you were when you signed up for this deal."

Cassie: "...The freak makes a point. What do you want me to do then, Victory?" She asks reluctantly.

Victory: "Alright! You can attach more bamboo to the trees. We're very lucky to have a perfect formation of trees for the best shelter we can make."



Dolet Camp


Rochelle approaches the group of girls as their setting up camp. 

Rochelle: "Hey girls, I have an interesting proposition to present to you all. What would you think if we were all to align in the game, and vote together at the next few tribal councils? It would give us an unbeatable advantage against the guys, and we'd all be safe for quite a while, guaranteed."

Noelle: "Not gonna lie, but that sounds like a really good idea. We'd be pretty dumb to not do anything together."

Charlotte: "Eh, alright."


The girls then sit around the camp fire, without a shelter complete, and begin to chat about their lives outside of Survivor. Noelle admits to once having an addiction to video games and other nerdy stuff, and that she hopes to become a computer designer at some point in the future. Charlotte admits to being a reality show star and that she joined Survivor to add to her portfolio of sorts of reality shows she's appeared on.

Meanwhile, back in the forest with the dudes of Dolet. The men find the well, and have some drinks together, of water of course.

James: "It appears we've managed to 'fetch' water."

Aaron: "I guess so."

Roman: "Alright, we should probably start heading back now anyway."

The group leave the well with water in their hands with glee. They return to the camp and notice that there has been no progress on the shelter in any fashion.

Frankie: "What!? Are you kidding me? Where is the shelter!" He yells.

The girls all turn around and jump up from around the fire in shock, surprised at his sudden reaction.

Noelle: "Whoops! We must have been talking for a while..." She states unfazed by Frankie.


Frankie: "Ugh! I guess we'll have to quickly build it before-" He states, and is cut off by the sound of rain beginning to pour down on the entire tribe from the sky.

The sun sets on the first day of Survivor: Disaster Island, and the tribes all huddle in their shelters as the everlasting rain continues to fall from the sky endlessly.

Day 2

The sun slowly rises on the second day of Survivor: Disaster Island. The contestants wake up one by one, and crowd around their camp fires while they prepare their breakfast. The two tribes then leave to go to the clearing where the first challenge will take place. Cassie carries the Potentia flag and James carries the Dolet flag.

Reward Challenge

Both of the tribes arrive and stand on their respective mats while waiting for further direction from Jeff.

Jeff: "Welcome to your first Reward challenge!" He announces.


Jeff: "The challenge today is an obstacle course! There are three stages and three people will compete in each. In the first part, three members will be tied together by the foot, and will have to find their way through this maze and retrieve three puzzle piece bags. Then after that the next three will go. After the two sets of three have retrieved the six puzzle piece bags, the last three members of the tribe will put the puzzle together. The tribe that finishes the puzzle first will win reward."




Jeff: "Survivors ready?" He asks rhetorically, "Go!" He yells.

Aaron, Frankie and James are the first group for Dolet, followed by Charlotte, Rochelle and Jasmine as the second group. The remaining three on the puzzle are Fallen, Roman and Noelle. For Potentia, Cassie, Winter and Misha are the first group. Howard, Byron and Victory are the second, and Estelle, Ricardo and North are on the puzzle.

Aaron, Frankie and James immediately lead for Dolet. They take a path to the right and find the first puzzle bag. Potentia are struggling to work together to make any progression.

Cassie: "Ugh. Come on people! We need to move right!"

Misha: "Are you serious? Left! Left! Left!"

Winter: "Can't we just agree on-" She gets cut off.

Misha: "No!"

Cassie: "No!" The pair shout in unison.

The pair continues to rant at each other with Winter stuck in the middle of the two bickering. Dolet find their second puzzle bag in the time making the score 2-0. Time continues to pass, the Dolet tribe are nearing the third bag as the Potentia tribe have found their first bag. Dolet finally grabs their third bag and the second team enters the maze.

The Potentia team finally agree on going left and find their second puzzle bag, making Cassie grumble under her breath.


Potentia find their third bag as Dolet find their fourth bag. The second Potentia team enter the maze. Victory leads the team to find their fourth bag in seconds upon entering the maze. The teams simultaneously find their fifth bag and are on the look out for the final bag. Charlotte searches frantically to find the last for the tribe. Rochelle notices something hanging to her left and tries to direct the teams attention to it, to no avail. Howard finds the final bag for Potentia and they exit the maze and hand them over to their puzzlers.

Jeff: "And Potentia have found all their bags and starting work on the puzzle, what a way to take the lead!"

Potentia begin work on the puzzle. They have several tiles with letters from the alphabet on, which they have to put in the right place on the board which will spell a phrase. When complete, they win reward. The tiles are all different shapes and sizes so only that one letter can fit in that one space. Dolet eventually find their final bag and exit the maze, handing the bags to their puzzle makers, who start working on the puzzle.

Jeff: "Potentia and Dolet are neck in neck!"

Potentia have 3 out of 14 letters placed in their message, compared to Dolet with 1. The teams continue to scramble over where to place the certain letters. After some time the teams end up tied with 8-8. 

Noelle: "This looks like a really weird phrase. WE W_N I_M_NI__, Never seen anything like this before."

North: "Oh! Wait a minute...It's gotta be..." He pauses.

North begins to grab the remaining pieces of the puzzle and places them in their positions on the grid with ease. The message starts to become more clear as more and more letters are added to the grid.

North: "...We Win Immunity? I thought this was a reward challenge?" He states confused.

Jeff: "And with that Potentia win the challenge! In a special twist, Day Two becomes Day Three! You have won immunity from the first tribal council! Dolet, you will be going to Tribal Council tonight."

The Potentia tribe all cheer together in glee. Estelle approaches Jeff and he hands her the immunity statue he hidden underneath the reward package. Rochelle hugs Charlotte and she smiles reluctantly. Dolet sigh about their loss,

Jeff: "Along with immunity, you also win flint. Fire is a very important asset in the survival game...Head back to camp."

The two tribes both head back to camp, both feeling opposite emotions to the other.

Dolet Camp

The nine of them arrive back at camp, after losing the undercover immunity challenge.


James: "Well guys, I suggest we go and get the daily water supply, to, you know, help out the camp and stuff like that since we're not allowed to help out otherwise." He looks over to Charlotte, who rolls her eyes.

Frankie: "Yeah I agree, come on dudes."

The usual group of three followed by Roman go off to find the water in the woods surrounding the camp.

Rochelle: "Sometimes I don't even know why they pretend to cover up their alignment. I know I've been talking this a lot, but we all seriously need to make a move this tribal if we want to stay in another day. We're gonna have to vote together to stand a shot against them."


Noelle: "May as well, I mean, I don't want to be the one to go home, especially first."

Charlotte: "Mhm." She acts disinterested.

Potentia Camp



Misha: "Not even joking or anything, but I have no zero idea as to how we pulled that off to win."

Cassie: "Savour the moment, this is the one time I'll agree with you."

Ricardo: "It's a great feeling to know that we're all safe for another three days."

Winter: "And on this note, I guess I'll start cooking our dinner!"

Dolet Camp

At the well with the group of four dudes,

James: "So, I think we have the advantage going into this tribal council against the girls."

Frankie: "How does that work? There's four of us, and five of them. We're at a disadvantage."

James: "You see, they definitely don't have the numbers. I doubt that all five of them will be able to work together to pull of a move. They're all incompetent."

Aaron: "And the person we vote off is...?"

James: "Tough call, any of them at this point would be a good play."

Roman: "Well, Rochelle is the head of the girls snake, so if we vote off her then we can make sure that she won't get an alliance into their heads."

James: "That's a good idea, we should probably go with that."

Roman: "Let's not forget, there's one of the girls that really can't stand her, and hatred between females runs thick..."

Back at the camp grounds, the girls are all surrounding the empty fire pit, sat on various logs.

Rochelle: "So girls, are we all agreed on James?"

Noelle: "Okay! Sounds like a plan!"

Charlotte rolls her eyes,

Charlotte: "Mhm."


The rest of the group nod in unison. The group of boys return and the tribe sets off for tribal council.

Tribal Council

The sun begins to set on the second day of Survivor. The tribe of Dolet emerge and walk into the tribal council room. They are told by Jeff to grab a torch, and dip it in the fire in front of them. Fire in this game represents your life. Once everyone has done so, Jeff begins to interrogate the tribe on their performance of the day.

Jeff: "So, Dolet, what do you think the biggest factor ending up in your loss was?"

Arion: "I believe our tribe wasn't cooperating as well as we could've."

James: "I completely agree. I think if our tribe was much stronger socially, we would have won this challenge today Jeff."

Jeff: "So be it. Noelle, do you think you lost the challenge for the team?"

Noelle: "No? What did I do?"

Jeff: "I've said too much. Anyway, time for you guys to vote off someone from your tribe."

Everyone has voted. Jeff retrieves the urn and asks the tribe if anyone would like to play their disaster idol. The tribe exchange looks and no one stands up, so Jeff goes ahead and reads the votes...

First vote...James.

Second vote...Rochelle.

Third vote...Rochelle.

That is 2 votes for Rochelle. 1 for James. Six votes left.

Fourth vote...Rochelle.

Fifth vote...James.

Sixth vote...James.

Seventh vote...James.

Eighth vote...Rochelle.

That is 4 votes for Rochelle, 4 votes for James. One vote left...

The first person voted off of Survivor: Disaster Island...Rochelle. Bring me your torch.

The girls of the tribe all gasp in shock. Rochelle bows her head in defeat and turns backward to get her torch. She walks up to Jeff and places her torch beside her.

Jeff: "Rochelle. The tribe has spoken." He announces and extinguishes the flame on her torch. She then leaves the tribal council area, waving a middle finger in the air.

Jeff: "Clearly, the lesson here is that just because you may have the majority in factors such as gender, doesn't mean your definitely safe. Head back to camp."

The contestants grab their bags and head back to Camp Dolet.

Tribal Council 01: DOLET
Rochelle (5 votes)
James, Frankie, Roman, Aaron, Charlotte
James (4 votes)
Rochelle, Noelle, Fallen, Jasmine

Voting Confessionals

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Final Words


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor: Disaster Island...

  • Dolet faces more trust issues after the first departure.
  • Potentia bond more after their first immunity win, and alliances begin to form.
  • Will the boys or the girls finally succeed in Dolet?

Author's Notes

  • If you wish to view the older version of this episode, view here.

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