Boys vs. Girls is the second episode of Survivor: Disaster Island. It premiered on February 26, 2016.


Reward Challenge: The A-Maze-ing Race - TBA

Immunity Challenge: Sink or Swim - TBA

Last Time on Survivor: Disaster Island...

Eighteen all new contestants arrived on Disaster Island in the Bermuda Triangle. They were immediately split up into two tribes called Dolet and Potentia. 

On Dolet, the tribe became very paranoid over gender majorities, the men of the tribe all formed an alliance to try and take out a girl on the first vote if they lost. Rochelle tried to coach the girls into voting with her on James. 

On Potentia, the tribe had many communication issues, with Victory taking the lead. He tried to direct everyone what to do and made two enemies in the process, Cassie and Estelle. 

At the reward challenge, Potentia came back and won the challenge, then it was revealed by the message that this challenge was actually the Immunity Challenge, a test from Jeff to see if the players were committed to the goal of winning. Potentia won immunity, so Dolet were going to Tribal Council that night, were in a shocking vote of 5-4, Rochelle was sent packing after one of the girls going by the name of Charlotte flipped her vote to her. 

Seventeen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Night "3"

Dolet Camp

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Fallen: “...Well that surely was eventful. I hope we win this immunity challenge so we don’t have to do that again.” She states.


James: “Yeah...”

James replies awkwardly. The tribe then split up with the boys going back to their well, which they consider as their official meeting hangout. The girls surround the camp fire once again, they all seem to be judging each other in their heads knowing one of them changed their vote.


Jasmine: “So. Who changed their vote for James to Rochelle tonight?”

Charlotte: “Wasn’t me. But she could’ve voted herself ya know.”

Jasmine: “I doubt it, she was more determined for us to align then anything.”

Noelle: “I guess... Anyways, I’m going to sleep, it’s truely been a long day.”

Charlotte: “I second that. G’night.”

Noelle and Charlotte head to the shelter to go to sleep. Jasmine and Fallen follow not long after, and they all fall asleep with mixed emotions on who in the alliance is untrustworthy.

Meanwhile with the guys,


Frankie: "Well that was sheer luck right there."

Aaron: "Yep. I think we might need something more than sheer luck this time around though."

Frankie: "What do you mean?" He asks, puzzled.

Roman: "He means the Idol dumbass." Roman replies sharply.

Aaron: "Indeed I do. In the morning, I suggest we begin the search for it."

James: "I concur. However, how do we not know the girls already have it in their possession?"

Aaron: "We don't. We just have to hope that they haven't."

Day 4

Potentia Camp


Cassie sneaks out of the shelter early morning. She checks out near the cliffs next to their tribe’s ocean, sticking her hand in several crevices where the idol could be hiding. She finds nothing and the sun begins to rise over the island, so she hurries back to the shelter before people wake up.

Victory (whispering to Byron): “Hey dude, do you think we should form an alliance? We’ll have to go to tribal council eventually and having that extra vote against someone else can’t do any harm! What do ya say?” He asks, almost in a tone that sounds like begging.

Byron: “Sure. I have nothing better to do.” He replies.

Victory: “Cool. Should we invite anyone else?”

Byron: “Not for now. We need to see what this tribe had in store for us.”—Camp Dolet—The Dolet tribe wake up and start working on the fundamentals that keep the camp functioning. The boys and the girls separate for their daily routine.

The girls sit around the fire exchanging condescending looks. The boys discuss tactics and the way they want the game to play out.

Frankie: “Who is tonight’s target everyone?” He asks.

Aaron: “Hold your horses, we haven’t lost yet, but in that case, I’d suggest Noelle or Charlotte. They are clearly the more dominant females in that group of four down there.” He explains, pushing his glasses back onto his face.

James: “I guess that makes sense. Anyway, we’d better go back otherwise they’d think we’re planning something.”

Frankie: “Sure let’s go.”

Meanwhile back at camp, before the boys got back, the girls are still very sceptical of each other.

Charlotte: “Look guys, if we don’t vote together the guys will pick all of us one by one. We have to stick together if we want to continue surviving.” She explains.

Fallen: “If you insist…” She states hesitantly.

Jasmine: “I suppose you’re right. We should forget about last tribal and stick together. What other choice do we have?”

Noelle: “Yeah. We have no other choice if we want to be continuously voted off.”

Fallen: “Or we win immunity.”

Charlotte: “True. But worst case scenario, we’re going to rocks tonight.”



Charlotte: “Listen, I have a plan.” She exclaims.

The girls huddle up as Charlotte discusses her plans with the girls who smile and nod in agreement.

The boys arrive back at camp with the exception of a certain someone, back at the well area,


Roman looks around the well area for the hidden immunity idol. He searches around the base of the well and around in the bushes to no success.

Roman (sighing): “Where the heck is this idol. I’m searching everywhere for it and it is nowhere to be seen.” He narrates to himself.

After scrambling around some more in search of the idol, Roman heads back to camp unsuspected.

Day 5

Reward Challenge

The two tribes walk onto the site of the latest Reward Challenge, called The A-Maze-ing Race. The tribes must race through the maze while tied at the leg. Jeff explains that the key to this challenge is communication. The tribes get shackled at the ankles, as Jeff announces the start of the challenge.

Dolet arrive at the first crossroads, do they take left or right?

James: “I say we go left.”

Jasmine: “What a typical male response. I say we take the right route.

The tribe begins to argue, as Potentia pass them taking the left route.

Frankie: “See! They took the left route!”

Fallen: “And if they jumped off a bridge would you follow?”

Aaron: (sighs) “Let’s go right.”

James: “Are you kidding!?”

Aaron: “I’m mature enough to listen. Besides, if we lose we know who to blame.” He explains his case.

James: (mutters something under his breath) “Fine.”

The tribe head right with the girls delighted.



Hours later, a tribe emerges from the exit of the maze.

Jeff: “POTENTIA. WINS. REWARD!” He announces, as the sad faces of Dolet emerge from the maze exit.

The Potentia tribe cheer once again in victory, and they run over to their reward in glee, a trey of Donuts, Cakes, Brownies and other miscellaneous desert products.

Jeff: “If you’re tribe doesn’t have communication skills, failure is inevitable. Head back to camp, tribes.”

Day 6

Immunity Challenge

The two tribes head out to the immunity challenge. The challenge is called Sink or Swim. In relay style, the survivors have to swim out into the sea and dive down to unlatch one of the crates. Then they have to swim back to shore while pushing the crate. When all six crates are collected, you must arrange them to spell your tribe name on the sides of them. Once you have done both of those, climb the crates and release a flag. The tribe with a flag released first wins immunity.

Cassie is the first to go for Potentia, she runs to the ocean and dives in perfectly. And for Dolet, Noelle goes first. The girls are very close, but Cassie reaches the crate first. She dives down and unlatches it first attempt.


Noelle dives down and can’t manage to grab the rope to pull her down. Meanwhile Cassie manages to arrive back at shore with her crate. Ricardo does a cannonball into the ocean and begins to swim out to the next crate. Noelle dives down once again and manages to grab the rope and unlatch the crate from the ocean floor.

The camera cuts to around ten minutes later where Potentia are leading with five crates over Dolet’s three crates. Roman returns with the fourth crate for Dolet.

Frankie: “My turn! Finally!” He exclaims.

Frankie dives into the ocean and swims to the last crate. He dives down and unlatches it with ease. Estelle finds the latch for Potentia and both of them return with their crates. Potentia are starting work on the puzzle.

Frankie: “Who is going now? We need to be quick people.” He states.

Charlotte: (panting) “Would…You…Mind?”

Frankie: “No problem.” He replies.

Frankie dives back into the ocean to retrieve the final crate for Dolet. Potentia have one crate in place. Frankie reaches the crate and dives under the water, and unlatches it.

Jeff: “Will this be a new beginning for Dolet?”

Frankie races back with the crate and the Dolet tribe immediately start work on the crate puzzle…but Potentia run into some issues.

Cassie: “Um. What do you think you’re doing? This crate needs to go here.” She pulls the crate more towards her.

Misha: “You’re kidding right. I had it in the right place.” She pulls the crate more towards herself.

Victory: “Guys stop. You two need to work together, or we’ll be seeing one of your sorry butts going home, and we don’t want that do we?” He instructs, but the girls don’t listen and continue petty arguing.


James: “We’re actually catching up!” He states in glee.

Cassie: “Not for long!” She replies, letting go of the crate. Misha puts it in her spot and the puzzle is beginning to look clear.



North and Howard place another crate in place, Potentia now have four against Dolet’s three.

Frankie: “I’ve had enough of this.” Frankie states, and he jumps on top of one of the crates. “Okay! That crate over there? Fallen and Aaron, move it over into this space,” He points. “Noelle and James, move that crate over there. And Jasmine and Roman, move this crate on top of the others.”

Frankie continues to instruct the tribe on where to place all of the different crates, and by some miracle they decide to work together. Potentia follow their steps and place their crates in the same places as the opposing tribe, and assemble their puzzle first.

Byron: “Quick! Estelle, Winter, Ricardo, whoever! Run to the top and release the flag!”

Estelle: (filing her nails) “You what now?”

Byron shakes his head and runs to the top platform, which is now accessible through the crates. He unties the knot and the potentia flag releases.

Jeff: “POTENTIA. WINS. IMMUNITY!” He announces, as the usual cycle of cheering and hugging commences. “This game is indeed being heavily dominated by a team which has a strong bond, maybe that actually accounts for something in this game. Take my advice with you and head back to camp.”

Dolet Camp



Charlotte: “It’s time for action girls.”

The group of girls smile devilishly. The boys return to camp after a visit to the well.

Jasmine (shouting): “What do you think you’re doing!? I really don't like being around a complete and utter b*tch!”

Noelle (shouting): “Says you, hypocrite!”

Charlotte (rolling her eyes): “You’re both idiots! I’m gonna go for a swim or something.”

Charlotte walks into the ocean. The boys are all stunned by the argument between the small community of the girls. They pretend that they didn’t come back to camp and slowly back up and head back to the well. Charlotte immediately walks back from the ocean once the coast is clear.

Charlotte: “Do you think we convinced them?”

Fallen: “It was a pretty convincing fight. I’d say we fooled them pretty good.”

Back at the well with the boys,

Frankie: “Well, after witnessing that I’d say we’re in a pretty good position lads!”

Aaron: “It certainly appears that way. What should we do with the vote tonight?”

James: “I’m not very sure, but if we vote together we’re going to rocks.”

Tribal Council

The sun is starting to set on Disaster Island. The Dolet tribe walk into the room with their torches, and sit down.

Jeff: “Welcome to your second tribal council. Why do you think you lost today’s immunity challenge?” He inquires.

Aaron: “Probably the lack of communication and brain cells this tribe possesses.”

James: “Pardon you? I personally think we just don’t have a strong bond like the other tribe, which makes it harder to work together at their level.”

Jasmine: “I have to agree with the Neanderthal.”

Jeff: “Alright then, I’ll go tally the votes. ”

Jeff retrieves the urn.

Jeff: “If you have a hidden immunity idol and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.” He announces as the tribe exchange looks. Silence falls over them. “Once I have read the votes the decision is final, the person voted out must leave the tribal council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.”

First vote… Fallen.

Second vote… Fallen.

Third vote… James.

Fourth vote… James.

2 votes Fallen, 2 votes James. 4 votes left.

Fifth vote… James.

Sixth vote… Fallen.

Seventh vote… Fallen.

Second person voted out of Survivor: Disaster Islands…

We have a tie. 4 votes for Fallen, and 4 votes for James. A revote will now occur. Fallen and James are not eligible to vote.

First vote… James.

Second vote… Fallen.

Third vote… Fallen.

Fourth vote… Fallen.

Fifth vote… James.

Sixth and final vote… James.

Jeff: “We have a tie once again. If you can’t decide now unanimously who you want to send home, we’re drawing rocks.” Jeff announces.

Jasmine: “Just try and budge me.”

Roman: “Ugh. Fine. Rocks it is.”

Jeff: “And you have decided on rocks. Fallen is now safe, and so is James. What is the order you will draw rocks?”

Charlotte: “Just go from left to right.”

Jeff walks over with a brown bag, filled with six rocks. Five of them are green, which means you’re safe. If you draw the purple rock, you’re eliminated. The contestants all draw rocks and on the count of three they open their palms.

The purple rock has been drawn by…

Jeff: “Frankie, you have drawn the purple rock. That is the equivalent to being voted out, you need to bring me your torch.”

Frankie (angered): “What! This is such BS man!”

James (sarcastically): “Perfect…”

Frankie takes his torch to Jeff. Frankie, your tribe has spoken. Jeff snuffs the torch, and Frankie leaves.

Jeff: “That was the third time in Survivor history that we’ve drawn rocks. It seems like that move has just affected the entire power in the game. Head back to camp.”

Tribal Council 02: DOLET
Fallen (4 votes)
James, Frankie, Roman, Aaron
James (4 votes)
Rochelle, Noelle, Fallen, Jasmine

Voting Confessionals

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Final Words


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor: Disaster Island...

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Author's Notes

  • This episode was originally called "Check Your Privileges".

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