Survivor: Cagayan
Survivor-28 Logo
Filming Location Palaui Islands, Philippines
Season Run March 21st, 2016
Survivors 18
Winner Natasha Boro
Runner(s)-up Faithful Rain
Tribes Koraho
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season South Africa
Next Season Tocantins

Survivor: Cagayan is the second season of CraveTheSun's fan fiction series.

This season is followed by Tocantins, in which Faithful returned to compete.


  • Hidden Immunity Idols will be hidden at each camp. Castaways may use them to negate votes all the way up until the final five.


Castaway Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
Large 1519753 Antonio Delch, 31
Madison, WI
Amatri 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Large 1519763 Muhamed Bhi, 57
Baltimore, MD
Amatri 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
2 Olivia Davids, 28
Arlington, WA
Koraho Amatri 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
Large 1519760 Tyler Welbaum, 29
Seattle, WA
Amatri Amatri 4th Voted Out
Day 11
1 Destiny Reffi, 23
Durham, NC
Koraho Amatri Amatri 5th Voted Out
Day 14
Large 1519749 Ashley Decker, 21
Pheonix, AZ
Amatri Amatri Koraho Evacuated
Day 16
8 Armando Diaz, 34
Portland, OG
Koraho Koraho Amatri 6th Voted Off
Day 16
5 Bao Chi-Khu, 59
Chesapeake, VA
Koraho Amatri Koraho Schlupp 7th Voted Off
1st Jury Member
Day 19
6 Liam Torocha, 20
Detroit, MI
Koraho Koraho Koraho 8th Voted Off
2nd Jury Member
Day 22
3 Dylan Weiner, 25
Parkville, PA
Koraho Koraho Koraho 9th Voted Off
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
Large 1465591 Elizabeth Song, 18
Indianapolis, IN
Amatri Koraho Amatri 10th Voted Off
4th Jury Member
Day 27
Large 1461311 Mitchell Watts, 34
Orlando, FL
Amatri Koraho Amatri 11th Voted Off
5th Jury Member
Day 30
Large 1519748 Dave Wrangle, 49
Austin, TX
Amatri Amatri Koraho Quits
Day 31
4 Bridgette Marr, 19
Honolulu, HI
Koraho Amatri Amatri 12th Voted Off
6th Jury Member
Day 34
Large 1519756 Beatrice Delore, 44
Cincinnati, OH
Amatri Amatri Amatri 13th Voted Off
7th Jury Member
Day 37
7 Marsha Brown, 28
Hialeah, FL
Koraho Koraho Koraho 14th Voted Off
8th Jury Member
Day 38
9 Faithful Rain, 32
Chula Vista, CA
Koraho Koraho Amatri Runner-Up 7
Large 1519744 Natasha Boro, 25
Omaha, NA
Amatri Koraho Koraho Sole Survivor 1

Episode 01: Forgetful Minds

  • The game starts of with a reward challenge.
  • Everyone is offered a chance to claim a clue to the hidden immunity idol, if they give up reward.
  • Destiny takes the clue, and annoys her tribe.
  • Marsha and Destiny bond, and agree to work together.
  • Bridgette begins to annoy her tribe, with her childish antics.
  • A majority of Armando, Olivia, Liam, Dylan, Bridgette and Faithful is formed.
  • Bao feels like he is on the outs of his tribe.
  • Dave wants to create a guys alliance to take out the younger girls.
  • Ashley calls out Dave for saying she is weak.
  • Muhamed and Beatric agree that they should remain quiet and work together.
  • Elizabeth hurts her leg, and feels like she might be in trouble.
  • Ashley, Antonio and Tyler create an alliance.
  • Marsha and Destiny think Faithful is ratchet.
  • Faithful rats out the majority alliance to the rest of the tribe, she thinks alliances are unholy.
  • The alliance is annoyed at Faithful.
  • Koraho wins immunity.
  • Antonio becomes extremely sick.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth agree that they need to keep Dave for strength.
  • Beatric is worried about being targetted for being weak.
  • Beatric and Muhamed make a deal with Dave to target Ashley's alliance.
  • They agree that the weakest member is Antonio.
  • Mitchell doesn't want to cause any drama, and agrees with their plan.
  • Ashley, Tyler and Antonio try and convince Elizabeth and Natasha to go along with their plan.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha feel like the swing votes.
  • At tribal, Ashley and Dave begin to fight.
  • Ashley, Tyler and Antonio vote for Dave, for being a bully.
  • Everyone else votes for Antonio.
  • Antonio leaves the game entirely upset.

Episode 02: Ashley's Revenge

  • Dave returns to camp and rubs his victory in Ashley's and Tyler's face.
  • Ashley goes into the woods and cries. Tyler tries to comfort her.
  • Dave theatens the rest of the tribe that if they target him they're out.
  • Natasha regrets her decision.
  • Everyone agrees that Bridgette needs to go.
  • Bridgette looks for the idol, and finds it.
  • Bao sees her find it, and suggests they allign to keep them both safe.
  • Dylan suggests taking out Faithful for being stupid.
  • Liam, Olivia and Armando agree.
  • Dave begins to talk shit about Beatrice for eating extra rice.
  • Muhamed defends her, and Dave screams at him.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth feel uncomfortable around Dave.
  • Mitchel starts talking to Ashley and agree that Dave needs to go.
  • Marsha and Destiny are worried about the majority, and think that Olivia has too much power.
  • Faithful makes herself a garden.
  • Liam and Dylan destroy it, and Faithful cries in the woods.
  • Marsha and Destiny comfort her in hopes of gaining an ally.
  • Ashley loses the challenge for Amatri.
  • Everyone thinks Ashley is the weakest, but Dave needs to go.
  • Dave reveals his idol to the whole tribe, and throws Muhamed under the bus.
  • Mitchell, Natasha and Elizabeth are scared of Dave's power.
  • Tyler decides to leave Ashley as an ally, after she started another fight with Dave.
  • Beatrice tries to save her ally Muhamed.
  • At tribal Dave, Eizabeth, Natasha, Mitchell and Tyler vote for Muhamed.
  • Dave doesn't use his idol.
  • Ashley, Beatrice and Muhamed vote for Dave.
  • Muhamed leaves the game annoyed.

Episode 03: Floating Tribes

  • Ashley is made at Tyler for flipping, and everyone generally floating.
  • Beatrice and Ashley agree to stick together.
  • Dave celebrates his second victory in the shelter.
  • Everyone is surprised by the tribe swap.
  • Destiny is upset about losing Marsha, but moves on with her game.
  • The old Koraho at the Amatri camp agree to stick together.
  • Olivia finds Bridgette annoying and thinks it would be best to take her out.
  • Destiny and Ashley become friends.
  • Bao warns Bridgette about Olivia wanting her out.
  • Liam, Dylan and Armando bring in Marsha to make a foursome.
  • Liam suggests taking out Faithful to the old Amatri tribe.
  • Mitchell feels like he's the third wheel with Natasha and Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth becomes friends with Faithful, but isn't very fond of her faith.
  • Koraho wins immunity.
  • Bridgette thinks Olivia needs to go, due to her old alliance.
  • Bao and Destiny agree with her plan.
  • Tyler and Dave bring in Olivia as an ally.
  • They agree that Bridgette should go home.
  • Both sides approach Beatrice as the swing vote, but everyone ignores Ashley
  • At tribal, Ashley votes for Dave for the third time.
  • The Koraho alliance plus Beatrice vote for Olivia.
  • Everyone else votes for Beatrice.
  • Olivia leaves the game pissed off.

Episode 04: Dave The Man

  • Dave is pissed off about the way the vote went.
  • Tyler begs Ashley to take him back as an ally, she ignores him.
  • Destiny, Bridgette and Bao solidify their alliance.
  • The original Koraho alliance is annoyed that Olivia was sent home.
  • Dave reveals to Tyler that his idol was fake.
  • Ashley and Beatrice are glad how the vote went.
  • Marsha tries to make a side alliance with Elizabeth and Natasha.
  • Dylan and Liam call Marsha out to the whole tribe.
  • Nobody trusts Marsha anymore.
  • Faithful makes a fake idol, to use for the future.
  • Mitchel approaches Marsha, looking for a close ally.
  • They agree to work with the old Amatri to take out Liam, Dylan and Armando.
  • Armando is mad at Liam and Dylan for starting a fight.
  • Marsha has lost trust in the old Koraho.
  • Koraho wins immunity.
  • Tyler tells Ashley about Dave having a fake idol.
  • Dave finds the actual idol.
  • Ashley confronts Dave, and he gets extremely mad at Tyler for ratting on him.
  • Original Koraho, Beatrice, Ashley and Tyler agree that Dave needs to go.
  • At tribal council, everyone votes for Dave.
  • Dave plays his idol on himself.
  • Beatrice keeps her idol.
  • Dave votes for Tyler for ratting on him.
  • Tyler leaves the game completely shocked.

Episode 05: Change Me Up

  • Dave returns to camp with a smirk on his face.
  • Ashley is on the verge of slapping him.
  • Everyone is shocked by the second tribe swap.
  • Ashley and Bao agree to stick together.
  • Natasha feels like she's alone in the game since Elizabeth is on the other tribe.
  • Liam and Dylan find Dave's ego extremely annoying and want to get the guy out.
  • Ashley and Bao agree with their plan.
  • Marsha makes a secret alliance with Dave, to watch each other's backs.
  • Beatrice, Destiny and Beatrice agree that they need to stick together.
  • Armando, Mitchell and Elizabeth make a counter alliance.
  • Faithful makes herself a necklace out of flowers.
  • Faithful becomes even closer friends with Elizabeth.
  • Armando views Beatrice as a mother, and they connect.
  • Armando promises to keep the target off of her.
  • Koraho wins immunity, and Amatri goes to their fifth tribal council.
  • Beatrice suggests Armando flips and votes for Faithful with her alliance.
  • Armando feels like the swing vote.
  • Koraho alliance agrees to target Destiny.
  • Elizabeth talks to Faithful and tries to get her to agree to vote for Destiny.
  • Faithful cries by the river.
  • At tribal, Armando sticks with the Koraho alliance and Faithful votes with them.
  • The others vote for Faithful.
  • Destiny leaves the game extremely upset.

Episode 06: Discharged Tribe

  • Bridgette and Beatrice realize that they're on the bottom.
  • Bridgette reveals her idol to Beatrice, and tells her not to worry.
  • Armando feels guilty for not flipping.
  • Armando, Mitchell, Elizabeth and Faithful make their alliance official.
  • Dave and Ashley agree their hate for each other is stupid, and decide to drop it.
  • Ashley goes straight to Bao, and tells him Dave is next.
  • Dave goes straight to Marsha, and tells her Ashley is next.
  • Liam and Dylan bring in Natasha to make a threesome.
  • They feel like they're the swing votes.
  • Beatrice questions Armando about him not going along with the plan, and a fight ensues.
  • At the immunity challenge, Ashley breaks her leg and is removed from the game.
  • Koraho wins immunity.
  • Dave celebrates her departure.
  • Bao feels alone and tries to make an alliance with Dave and Marsha.
  • Beatrice tells Elizabeth about Armando considering flipping.
  • Elizabeth is shocked and with Mitchell on her side decides to flip to Beatrice's side and take out Armando.
  • They don't tell Faithful about this plan.
  • The main alliance decides that Beatrice needs to go.
  • At tribal council, everyone aside from Armando and Faithful vote for Armando.
  • Armando votes for Beatrice.
  • Faithful votes for herself, as she doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings.
  • Armando leaves the game completely blindsided.

Episode 07: Feast Together

  • Faithful is utterly shocked and cries with her bible.
  • The tribes merge.
  • Bao rejoins with Bridgette and his alliance member Beatrice.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha are excited to reunite.
  • Natasha complains about how annoying Liam and Dylan were.
  • Natasha flips to Elizabeth and Mitchell.
  • Dave and Marsha feel like they're on the outs and agree with team up with Liam and Dylan.
  • Bao makes a joke about christianity and Faithful slays his ass.
  • Mitchell feels like Natasha and Elizabeth don't appreciate him, which they don't.
  • Mitchell starts talking to Dave.
  • Beatrice wins immunity, and is safe for the first time in this game.
  • Bridgette begins to annoy people around camp.
  • Faithful is mad at Bao, and wants to target him.
  • Liam and Dylan agree to vote for Bao with her, if she joins their alliance.
  • Faithful agrees.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha team up with Bridgette, Bao and Beatrice to target Marsha for being useless.
  • At tribal council, Mitchell flips and votes for Bao.
  • Liam and Dylan's alliance votes for Bao.
  • Everyone else votes for Marsha.
  • Bridgette feels like she should use her idol, but doesn't.
  • Bao leaves the game upset, and joins the jury.

Episode 08: Mitchell Sucks

  • Beatrice, Natasha, Bridgette and Elizabeth are sad about Bao's departure.
  • Natasha and Bridgette think Mitchell is a dumbass and want to gain revenge.
  • Liam and Dylan start to become really cocky.
  • Marsha becomes a little annoyed with their arrogance.
  • Marsha suggests to Dave that they flip, he convinces her not to.
  • Elizabeth finds the merged idol, after searching all night.
  • Marsha wins his first immunity.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha decide to keep the idol for themselves.
  • Mitchell feels like he's not welcome in his new alliance.
  • Dylan and Liam suggests Bridgette should go for being strong.
  • Mitchell would rather target Elizabeth for being annoying.
  • They tell Faithful of their plan.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha beg Faithful to find out who they're targetting.
  • She tells them.
  • Dave suspects the other side has the idol.
  • Marsha finds a stone and thinks she has an idol.
  • The minority alliance agrees that either Dylan or Liam need to go, for being power hungry.
  • They decide on a target.
  • At tribal council, the majority alliance plus Faithful vote for Elizabeth.
  • The minority alliance votes for Liam.
  • Natasha plays her idol on Elizabeth.
  • Liam leaves the game completely shocked, and Dylan cries for him.
  • He is the second member of the jury.

Episode 09: Lost Teachers

  • Dylan returns to camp completely destroyed.
  • Elizabeth and Natasha celebrate their win.
  • Beatrice and Bridgette agree that the two are too good at the game, and might need to be targetted soon.
  • Faithful feels like the game is just too much for her.
  • Beatrice convinces her not to quit, and they connect on a deeper level.
  • Everyone tells Faithful to shut up when she's reading her bible.
  • Mitchell decides to try and reconnect with Natasha and Elizabeth.
  • They accept him back as an ally but don't trust him at all.
  • Marsha feels like she might want to get rid of Dylan.
  • Dave agrees that Dylan is worthless.
  • Dave wins immunity.
  • Dave gloats about his win to everyone in camp, which makes everyone hate him even more.
  • Marsha and Dave start talking to Bridgette and decide they would rather work with her and Beatrice.
  • They decide to keep their alliance secret for a while.
  • The girls, except Marsha agree to vote out Dylan.
  • Dylan, Marsha and Dave decide to go after Natasha again.
  • Dylan informs Faithful of the plan.
  • Marsha tells Faithful to vote with the other side, to insure that Dylan goes home.
  • Dave thinks Dylan is an annoying hoe.
  • At tribal council, everyone votes for Dylan to go home.
  • Dylan votes for Natasha.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth are shocked at the unanimous vote.
  • Dylan leaves the game very upset.

Episode 10: Fishy Situations

  • Natasha and Elizabeth try and figure out how Dylan went home unanimously.
  • Dave and Marsha reaffirms his deal with Bridgette and Beatrice. They all agree on a final four.
  • Faithful finds a rock.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth make sure Mitchell is back with them.
  • Mitchell doesn't trust them, and neither do they trust him.
  • Dave tries to become the leader of the alliance.
  • Beatrice thinks this is expecially rude and believes he might need to go.
  • Bridgette agrees and says she might need to use her idol soon.
  • Elizabeth starts talking to Faithful about potentially going after Mitchell.
  • Bridgette wins immunity.
  • Natasha, Elizabeth and Mitchell agree that they should target Marsha again.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth go to Beatrice and Bridgette to take out Mitchell.
  • Beatrice thinks she can deal with Dave for another round, and sees Mitchell as a threat.
  • Marsha and Dave tell them to vote for Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth has a bad feeling that something bad might be happening.
  • Marsha begins to become extremely annoyed with Dave ordering her around.
  • Mitchell decides to go along with Natasha and Elizabeth, completely clueless.
  • Everyone approaches Faithful to vote with them.
  • At tribal, Faithful blatantly tells Mitchell that Elizabeth is targetting her.
  • Elizabeth tries to push the blame on Beatrice and Bridgette, who return with angry glares.
  • Everyone starts to see Elizabeth as a liar.
  • Faithful classifies her as unholy.
  • Natasha and Elizabeth say they're voting for Faithful in front of everyone.
  • At the vote, everyone aside from Elizabeth and Natasha vote for Elizabeth. The other two vote for Faithful.
  • Elizabeth leaves the game disappointed with herself.

Episode 11: Natasha's Choice

  • Natasha is extremely worried about her game since Elizabeth left.
  • Mitchell decides that it's best for his game to allign with Marsha and Dave.
  • Marsha accepts him, but Dave is worried.
  • Bridgette and Beatrice agree that to gain majority they need to pull in Faithful and Natasha.
  • Natasha senses the ties are changing.
  • Beatrice wins reward and brings Natasha and Faithful.
  • Faithful is extremely pleased and promises to keep Beatrice safe.
  • Beatrice suggests to Natasha to make a girls alliance.
  • Dave makes an attempt at flipping Bridgette.
  • Bridgette ignores his offer and tells him to pack his bags.
  • At the immunity challenge, Marsha accidently wins.
  • Faithful hurts her leg, and needs medical help.
  • She fractured her thigh but is still fit enough to remain in the game.
  • Mitchell feels confident that he can pull back in Natasha.
  • Mitchell, Marsha, Dave tell Natasha to vote for Bridgette because she's a threat.
  • Natasha would rather Faithful went home because she's annoying.
  • Beatrice and Bridgette agree to take out Mitchell.
  • Natasha is delighted to hear this news, and agrees to vote with them.
  • Faithful feels like quitting.
  • At tribal council, Faithful and Natasha vote with the girls.
  • Dave and Marsha are crushed.
  • Mitchell is extremely pissed off and storms out of Tribal Council.

Episode 12: Hard Decisions

  • Dave and Marsha return to camp silent.
  • The other four girls go into the forest and celebrate.
  • Bridgette and Beatrice feel extremely confident with their idol.
  • Faithful thinks very holy of her new friends.
  • Her injury is still healing.
  • In the morning Jeff Probst comes to camp with bad news.
  • Dave's daughter has contracted malaria and is extremely sick.
  • Dave instantly decides that his family is more important and leaves.
  • Marsha is extremely upset to lose her partner in the game.
  • Bridgette and Beatrice are secretly glad about this happening.
  • Natasha feels extremely close to Bridgette and they agree to look out for each other.
  • The four girls form a pack to take out Marsha.
  • Beatrice notices that Bridgette is good with everyone.
  • Faithful shockingly wins the next immunity.
  • Marsha tries extremely hard to flip the votes to take out Natasha.
  • Nobody was budging.
  • Prior to Tribal Council, Beatrice talks to Marsha.
  • They agree that Bridgette is too much of a threat and needs to go.
  • Marsha says they need one more vote.
  • Beatrice tells her not to worry, showing her the idol she secretly stole from Bridgette.
  • At Tribal Council, the foursome minus Beatrice vote for Marsha.
  • Everyone else votes for Bridgette.
  • Beatrice shockingly idols out her best friend.
  • Bridgette leaves the game very shocked.

Episode 13: One Last Swallow

  • Faithful was extremely upset over the betrayal.
  • Faithful accuses Beatrice of being demonic.
  • Natasha comforts Faithful in the forest.
  • Marsha is extremely grateful for her flip, and thanks Beatrice.
  • She promises to stick by her side.
  • Beatrice isn't sure if her move is going to pay off or not.
  • At the immunity challenge, Natasha wins.
  • Natasha creates an open discussion with the tribe.
  • She tells Marsha that her and Faithful are voting for Beatrice.
  • Beatrice warns Marsha that if she follows she'll get third.
  • Beatrice tells Marsha to vote for Faithful.
  • Marsha going into the woods to contemplate.
  • At Tribal Council, Marsha flips.
  • Beatrice is satisfied with her game, and leaves with a smile.
  • The final three celebrate.
  • Faithful wins the final immunity, and says God allowed it.
  • Marsha tells Faithful that Natasha has a lot of friends on the jury.
  • Faithful agrees.
  • Natasha tells Faithful that she has no shot winning against Marsha.
  • Faithful feels like both are being unholy in their persuasion.
  • At Tribal Council, she accuses them both of being sinners.
  • Faithful votes for Marsha to leave.
  • Marsha leaves the Game extremely upset from being so close to winning.
  • Natasha and Faithful wake up in glee to their final day.
  • Faithful knows she isn't going to win.
  • Natasha is confident in her Game.
  • The jury wasn't fond of Faithful's wishy-washy attitude.
  • Natasha wins the Game in an eight to zero vote.
  • Faithful becomes the player of the season.

Voting History

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