Sign Ups (Closed)

I will only take 16 people who I approve of.


1. No editing if you're character is not in action.

2. If you are inactive for one day you will not pick or compete. I will auto-pick for you.

3. If you do not understand the challenge tell me that you will sit-out.

4. If you godplay you will be eliminated form the competition.

5. If you complain about your elimination you will not be allowed to compete in any of my future camps.

One sign up per user.

  1. Brent - The Quiet Evildoer - Surfer
  2. Joel - The Comedic Actor - TF
  3. Britney - The Pop Star - Lindsay
  4. Chelsea - The Living Barbie - Loenev
  5. Kanye West - The self proclaimed reincarnation of god and jesus - Winston
  6. Corey - The DJ - Alpha Ranger
  7. Ryan- The Serious But Timid One- Kongaroo
  8. Randy - The Strategist - BBGUN
  9. Lewis Hopkins (aka Brian Jones, the Best Member of the Rolling Stones) - the real td eric burdon and davy jones
  10. TF- The Train Fan- Dark
  11. Brownie - Fake Nice Girl - Welsh
  12. MagikarpGoddessa - The Bulbapedia Bae - Blondie
  13. Joan Callamezzo - The Pawnee Today Hostess - OHF
  14. Kofi Kingston- The Happy Go Lucky One- RR44

Debut List

  1. Joakim Noah - The Too Good to Beat Player- NLG43

Elimination Table

# Tribe Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
1 Barramundi Chelsea In Win Win In Winner
2 Barramundi Corey Win Win Win Win Runner-Up
3 Barramudi Joel Win In Win Out
4 Barramundi Magikarp In In Win DQ
5 Barramundi Brownie Low In Win Quit
6 Barramundi Brian Low Win Win Out
7 Barramundi Kofi Low In Out
8 Barramundi Joan Win In Quit
9 Tandang Britney In Low DQ
10 Rarotonga Ryan Low Out
11 Aparri TF In Quit
12 Tandang Kanye West Win Quit
13 N/A Randy Out
14 N/A Brent Out

Episode 1: On the Oust

Michael: The team captains are for Ogakor - Joel, for Rarotonga - Corey, for Apparri - Joan, and for Tandang - Kanye. You guys will pick one person, and then that person will pick another, two people will be left over causing them to be eliminated. We will only have immunity Challenges the top 3 teams will have immunity.Let's start our pick, Joel you're first.

Joel: Uh, GORGON THE DESTROYER is telling me to pick...let's see here...who's that GORGON THE DESTROYER? Oh, of course! How silly of me to not understand in the first place! So then, Brownie! Activity will be key says...GORGON THE DESTROYER! And, I have my next pick in mind. ;) Everyone should obviously have their next pick in mind...GORGON THE DESTROYER! Even though I'm not picking yet, yeah.(CONF) I'm hoping by acting stupid and just like comedy fodder, people won't think I'm a threat at all- but that's just wishful thinking, of course. I am a proud actor though, so I'll be using my skills to the test!

Michael: Corey, you're next.

Brownie: O mi gosh, first pick :') <3

Corey: Alright, for my homie Ryan come up on the stage! Or I mean the grass?

Michael: Joan you're up.

Joan: Magikarp. I'm a woman with a strong sexual appetite

MagikarpGoddessa: * flops *

Michael: Kanye you're next.

Kanye: Nobody is good enough for me I'm the Jesus of the 21st century! But I pick Cheslea she is basically the female version of me!

Michael: Okay, Brownie you're next.

Brownie: Uh, Lewis!

Michael: Okay, Ryan you're up.

Britney: Hola

Michael: Okay, Ryan you have been inactive for one day so Kofi is on your team. Magikarp you're next.

MagikarpGoddessa: u kno what i think ill just pick tf cuz lmao

MagikarGoddessa: * squirts water @TF's forehead *

Brent: Didn't someone pick him?

Michael: No. Okay, Chelsea you're up.

Chelsea: Britneyyyy!

The tams are Ogakor: Joel, Brownie, and Lewis. For Rarotonga: Corey, Ryan, and Kofi. For Apparri: Joan, Magikarp, and TF. For Tandang there is Kanye, Chelsea, and Britney. Okay, Randy and Brent have not been selected so they will not compete.The first challenge is to gues my favorite sports team, the first team to get it right or the first three teams that get 20 points wins immunity.

Joel: GORGON THE DESTROYER...asks what sport? :D

Michael: Any sport team that is in the MLB, NHL, of NFL.

Joel: GORGON THE DESTROYER DOESN'T FOLLOW ANY OF THOSE SPORTS! But, uh, a friend of mine always talks about the Steelers from whatever they're them.

Brownie: Seattle Seahawks. <3. :D. <3.

Michael: Ogakor wins immunity.

Corey: Peensylvania Eagels?

Brian: wait whats going on, im really confused, oh wait i get it, thanks brownie, aight lets be called, Better Than the Rolling Stones Because We've Now Got Brian, oh wait I thought we were naming the teams ok I dunno im from the UK.

Brownie: Ok that's a beautiful name! <3. <3.

Brian: Thanks. I really appreciate that someone's appreciating me finally!

Brownie: <3 Awh, you're welcome! <3 :')

Brian: Cool :) This challenge is really sucky though... I though I was through doing this boring stuff, yo.

Brownie: Awh same! Bae <3.

Brian: But I'm glad I'm not where I used to be before, I used to get bullied a lot, even though all I wanted to do was be peoples friend!

Brownie: Awh! I'm your friend right? <3

Brian: Aw yeah, sure!!! Sweet Ive finally got friends!

Brownie: Yay! :D <3.

Chelsea: *looks to her nails* Where the heck am I?

Brian: Hi, I'm Brian!

Brownie: I don't know haha but wanna be friends? <3.

Brian: But my real names Lewis, but dont call me that

Chelsea: *looks to them* Hi there, and sure why not? *grabs iphone and makes a selfie with Brownie and Brian* This will have probably 300 likes or something.

Brian: Nice!

Brownie: Yay! Add me on Instagram! Brownieprincessxoxo12345 is my name! <3.

Chelsea: Sure! *doing things on her iphone* Done! And I've got 200 more followers!

Brownie: Wow! Amazing! <3.

Brian: I'm Brianiscool123

Chelsea: Added too! *puts iphone away* When are we getting lunch? I'm hungry.

Michael: Okay, Rarotonga,Tandang, and Aparri will all go to tribal. Tandang will come to tribal first. Aparri second. Rarotonga will come third.

Chelsea: I vote Britney, sorry.

Michael: Since Kanye left Aparri your turn. TF quit so it is Rarotonga's turn.You have until 1-7-15 7:00 PM EST. If nobody answers only onenly ones to compet person can vote you out and they will be from an immunity holding team, so in this case, Ogakor, first person to answer from Ogakor the person that they vote for will be eliminated.


Episode 2: Are You In For This?

Michael: Today's challenge is to post swims (3), unties knot (5), releases gate (1), puts in puzzle piece (8), and then completes puzzle (1). The challenge starts at 10:30 PM EST 1-7-15 and runs until 10;30 PM EST 1-8-15. You are also merged. Your tribe name is Barramundi and you are purple.

Chelsea: *swims* (1)

Joel: *swims* (1)

Michael: Since Joel and Chelsea were the only ones to compete they ae both immune. We will have a mass elimination. You have 24 hours to tell me if you are competing. If you do not respond you will be elimiinated. It will go until 1-10-15 1 AM EST.

Brownie- Hiii! <3.

Lewis- i dont get what to do and my name is brian, ok ill untie this knot ??

Corey- Well hey maybe I will win. haha


Joan- I quit.

Magikarp- Here.

Brian Jones: Why are u making me do all this confsuing stuff?

Episode 3:Wow!

Michael: The next challenge is to guess my favorite color. You have until 3 AM EST.


Michael: Joel wins immunity. Time to vote.

MagikarpGoddessa: *flops*


MagikarpGoddessa: u kno brian is <<<<<< so im voting him #bulbapediablindside

Corey: Brian.

Brownie: Corey... Sorry! <3 <3

Chelsea: I'm voting Brian

Michael: Looks as we are going to go to a revote you can only vote for Brian or Corey.

Chelsea: *looks to her nails* Boringgggggg. I vote Brian.

MagikarpGoddessa: brian yas * flops *

Brownie: Brian. Sorry <3.

Michael: Bye Brian.

brian: wtf why the hell r u voting for me?!?!? i didnt do anything wrong wtf? chelsea what the HELL we were friends! what the hell is ur problem? wtf i have like more follows than u on instagram so heres the real winner here sweetie? :\\ and wtf brownie lol friends forever ..... honestly u guys are so fake

Michael: Well obiously no one will miss you, and neither will I. No wonder they voted for you.

Episode 4: We're Glad That He's Gone!

Michael: Your challenge is to tell me your favorite movie character. Who ever has the best one in my opinion wins.

Chelsea: My favorite is MacKenzie from G.B.F. She's played by Evanna Lynch. She is also fabulous, nice and perfect. Just like me. So, yeah... it's MacKenzie for me.

Joel: GORGON THE DESTROYER SAYS Freddy Krueger. Eh, why not? Haven't watched the movie, but I trust GORGON THE DESTROYER. :)

Corey: Billy Madison from Billy Madison he's cool haha.

Michael: Corey wins! Time to vote!

Corey: Joel sorry your time is out *laughs like lil wayne*.

Episode 5: The Finale

Michael: Time for our jurors to vote for a winner.

Joel: GORDON THE DESTROYER is telling me to vote for Chelsea.

Magikarp: this F2 is lacking wat it rlly NEEDS... a #bulbapediabae (aka me yas). both of them r /flops/ srry i refuse to vote 

Magikarp: bye xo!!! * spits water @michaelprobst and flops away *

Joan: I vote Chelsea 

Michael: Chelsea wins! 

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