24 Wikia users have been chosen to compete in the adventure of a lifetime. In the wilderness of India's Andaman Islands, who will come out as the Sole Survivor?

Total Drama Big Brother (TDBB) Tribe

  • DestructiveMilkshake (Milk)
  • X16bit (X)
  • TylerSurvivorFan (Tyler)
  • KidLego09 (Noah)
  • SpiritAnimal (Spirit)
  • Mirnish (Mirnish)
  • TheAnimeKid87 (CB)
  • TotalDramaNaruto (TDN)

Total Drama Roleplay Wiki (TDRPW) Tribe

  • Chwiis 2.0 (Chwiis)
  • LakersChick09 (Ally)
  • Heozaki (Heo)
  • JRO123 (JRO)
  • XxAquaInfinityxX (Aqua)
  • SteelWolf (RJ)
  • Rocky LXIX (Rocky)
  • XxLucinaFTWxX (Fiz)

Wawanakwa Central (WC) Tribe

  • OstianWendy (Wendy)
  • GhostNoises (Ash)
  • Surferdude1219 (Surfer)
  • XxSolarEclipsexX (Solar)
  • Solarrion (Liam)
  • Prince Blake (Blake)
  • DerpyandDawn (Derpy)
  • Peppermint Princess (Eve)

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