16 wikia users will compete for $1,000,000 (virtual) dollars! 13 days, one Sole Survivor, who will win?


  1. Sunslicer2/Sunny
  2. Cragiled dyrium/Crag
  3. Theeviloctorock/Tweek


LF-Sunny Friendship

Crag-Sunny Friendship

Sierra-LF Friendship


Sunny-Kev Conflict



Sun-Fanny Alliance

Merged Group


  • Sun
  • Crag
  • Tweek

Elimination Table

Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Eliminated Mr.E Youre 124 Seth Kev Jess Sierra Alfan Poppy LF Cod Reddy SF12 Fanny Crag/Sun
Place Voter Votes
1st Evil Debuts Day 9 Poppy SAFE NV NV SAFE Fanny 3
2nd Sun WIN WIN WIN Seth SAFE WIN Sierra Alfan Poppy SAFE Cod Reddy SAFE Fanny 3
4th Fanny WIN WIN WIN Seth SAFE WIN NV NV Poppy SAFE Cod Reddy SAFE Sun Crag
5th Sierrafan Mr.E NV 124 WIN SAFE NV NV NV NV SAFE Cod Reddy DQ Evil
8th LF Mr.E Youre 124 WIN SAFE Jess Sierra Alfan Poppy OUT Crag
10th Alfan Mr.E NV NV WIN SAFE Jess Sierra Sun Sun
11th Sierra Mr.E NV 124 WIN SAFE Jess Sun LF Sun
12th Jessica Mr.E Youre NV WIN SAFE NV
13th Kev WIN WIN WIN Seth DQ
14th Seth WIN WIN WIN Cod
15th 124oeo Mr.E NV NV
16th Youre NV NV
17th Mr. E NV


Poppy: HELLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Poppy: HimynameisPoppyandIamverygladtomeetyouandIjusthadalotuvcoffeeandIreallylikecoffeeandIreallylikecoffeeowaitIsaidthatalreadyandhi.

124oeo: Hiandiam124oeoIshouldsayIspeakalotoflanguageslikechineseandjapeneseandfrenchanddutchandspanishanditalianandfrenchandhellopoppy.

Alfan:No more coffe fo'you!

124oeo: Ishouldsayhereissomepizza.


Blade: I'm scared..... :(

124oeo: Hereisthepizzaalfan.

Jeff: The challenge starts soon everyone!

Poppy: Yay!

Crag:Dangerous challenge? :D

Kev: *listens to Green light on his 4g ipod shufle and sings to it* Give me the green light. Give me just one night. I'm ready to go right now (x2).

Poppy: *grabs Kev's ipod* I wanna listen!

Kev: *takes back his Ipod and puts it in his pocket and listens to rocketeer*

Jeff: Remember to take a look at your teams!

Blade: Yayz! I be with Craggy! British accents ftw! :D

Kev:*stops ipod* Me, Crag, Cod, Fanic, Sunny, and some others *plays it and locks it*

Blade: BLARG! Meh name is BLADE! xD

Kev: *unlocks ipod and stops it* I call you Sunny *plays ipod and locks it*

Poppy: OMGZ! Kev! We're on the same team!

Kev: *ipod dies* Sh** and IK

Jeff: The challenge starts in 5 minutes everyone!

Blade: I wonder what it is. *rolls eyes*

LF: Hey y'all.

Blade: LFFFFFFF! *huggles her* (CONF) It's good to get allies now, it's better than later.

LF: Hi Blade! To bad we're on different teams.

Blade: I can fix that... >=D

LF: *Shrugs* Up to you. Either way I'm just.............glad to be here?

Blade: *grins like a nincompoop* :D

Challenge 1

Jeff: Today's challenge requires your team to race around the island, after you build rafts, using the driftwood and palm leaves on this beach. First team to get around the island gets immunity, and gets to use their raft parts for their shelter.

Alfan:*Starts building a raft*

Blade: *gathers some palm leaves* Someone get the wood.

LF: *Collects driftwood and hands it to Alfan* Here you go. I'll go get some leaves too.

Kev: *starts picking up drift wood*

Jeff: Both Ganu and Hala Hala are doing good! But one of them has to pull ahead to win!

Kev: *gives the driftwood to Sunny*

LF: *Starts picking up palm leaves*

Sunny: (yeah, I switched) Thanks Kev. *places the wood on the sand* We need some rope, or reeds.

Kev: *looks for some vines*

Sunny: *puts the wood in a row*

Fanny: What, this is our raft? It looks pathetic. I got a sail if you want though.

Kev: *finds a vine and runs to sunny* Here's a vine *gives him it*

Sunny: Thanks! *ties the logs together* And Fanny, that's what the palm leaves are for... Maybe we could make a rowboat... but we have no oars. *glares at Jeff*

LF: *Brings palm leaves and continues making raft* Oh I have an idea!

Kev: I will take the sail

Jeff: Ganu is pulling ahead! Hala Hala has to pick up the pace!

LF: *Collects extra drift wood and ties two pieces together to create oars* That should work.

Kev: *gets 4 more pieces of wood and gets some of the vine, ties 2 woods together and make 2 oars* This has to work

Seth: *gets 10 pieces of wood and ties them together* LET'S GO!

Sunny: *pushes raft into water* Get on!

Seth: *jumps on raft*

Alfan:*jumps on raft*

Sunny: *pushes Alfan off* You're not on my team! *grabs the rest of his team and drags them on the raft* To the finish line we go! *sits and waits for the wind*

Alfan:*finishes his team's raft and gets it in the water*I love rafts!Sheesh!

Sunny: *still sitting* :D I want you wind, please help me... Please :(

Chris: I'm your co-host Chris and I was informed that godplaying is a penalty. Alfan, I'm allowed to throw you in a tidal wave. *does so*

Sunny: Yay! (it's the truth, Fanny is a co-host, but only when I'm gone, which I shall be in 5 mins :D)

LF: *Swims out to her teams raft, gets on and begins to row* I am not losing this challenge.

Seth: *starts paddling his tribe around the island

Kev: *Jumps in then gives Sunny an oar*

Sunny: *gives oar back to Kev* WEEEEEE! Go fast, Seth!

Kev: *uses oars and helps raft go faster*

LF: *Continues paddling* It would be nice if I had some help from my team!

Sunny: *points and laughs* Haha! (xD)

Seth: *paddles really fast*

Sunny: Yayz! *drinks some of the island water, then spits it out* Yuck!

Kev: *paddles fast as he can* I'm helping

Seth: *slaps Kev and paddles faster*

LF: *Glares at Sunny and begins to paddle faster*

Sunny: *giggling* Funny! *grabs Kev's oar and paddles super fast* MWHAHAHAHAHA! (CONF) I'm sooo gonna vote off Poppy first >=D

Kev: *slaps Seth and paddles faster*

Seth: *hits Kev in the coconuts and paddles as fast as he can* WOOT! GO GANU!

LF: *Continues to paddle fast* (CONF) Once my team loses, I don't know who to vote, since I did most of the work.

Kev: Owww *hits Seth in the nuts with his oar then paddles faster then 67 miiles*


Kev: *paddles 80 mph* We got the magic in us. We will win and the others will lose.

Poppy: *pops out of Seth's backpack* Hey seth! So I was wondering... do you have any pets? My dog's name is Coffee. See? I brought him with me! *pulls 250 pound rottweiler out of his pocket* I have big pockets. (XD)

Sunny: He's slowing us down! *throws Coffee off the raft, then it picks up speed* We're almost there!

LF: *Panting while paddling* Ohhh I'm getting too tired.

Sunny: *magically appears on LF's raft* Here, you can have Coffee! *swims back to his raft* :D Glad I could help.

LF: *Pushes coffee into the water and swims with the dog to Sunny's raft* Don't leave your extra weight on my raft. *Swims back to raft*

Crag:I is confuzzled

Sunny: *beats the dog with an oar* Go away! :D

Kev: *throws poppy on the other raft then starts paddling faster*

Sunny: *throws Craggy off the raft and gets around the island* We win!

Jeff: Correct! And now you and Hala Hala will go back to camp, but you won't be deciding who to vote out. Hala Hala, leave your raft here, Ganu, take your raft with you.

Ganu Chat 1:

Sunny: Yayz! We won! *starts taking apart raft*

Kev: *starts building roof*

Sunny: Here's some leaves. *hands Kev some leaves*

Poppy: *leads a wet Coffee on a leash made of diamonds* Coffee doesn't like it when he's wet...

Coffee: *attacks Sunny*

Sunny: *whacks Coffee with an oar and knocks him out* (CONF) Poppy has got to go! He is a NUTJOB!

Kev: *puts leaves on roof then tries them on*

Poppy: (CONF) *petting Coffee* I can't help it Coffee doesn't like Sunny. He seems too... plain! *gives Coffee chocolate*

(Sunny: I'm a boy xD)

(Poppy: A lot of people confuse me with a girl, too. I feel your pain. XD)

(Sunny: ..... I was one of those people xD)

Crag:This team has no conflicts :D

Poppy: *randomly punches Crag*

Kev: Do I look like a girl becuase if I was a girl why would my name be Kev

Sunny: Yay for all-boy team except for Kev who we aren't sure of yet! :D *huggles everyone but Kev*

Poppy: Coffee! Come join us!

Coffee: *jumps on Sunny*

Kev: I'm a boy *hugs sunny*

Sunny: *pats Kev's head* Keep telling yourself that.

Poppy: *starts snoring*

Kev: Feel my body and you will see I'm not a girl becuase I don't have boob

Poppy: *backs away slowly*

(Kev: I'm a boy)

Poppy: So, Kev, if you could pick any girl on this island to marry, who would it be?

Kev: I would marry Jess

Hala Hala Chat 1:

Sierra:Who are voting out first then? Someone who didn't do the challenge.Just to have a heads up.

124: I was running errands. I say Mr. E

LF: We're not voting yet though. And yes, it must be someone who did not help in the challenge.

(Sun: Guys, don't vote off Jessica. She's been having comp troubles and she couldn't edit. If you do decide to vote her off, I'll personally choose who is out from those who voted.)

(LF: Ok)

Sierra:Mr.E is going home then!

124: He didn't do the challenge, or used the pre-chat.

Sierra:That's why he's gone 124.

Tribal Council 1: Hala Hala

Jeff: Please write down your vote over there. *points to a jar* And then stuff your vote in that jar. I will read them aloud and the person with the most votes is out.

124oeo: *writes Mr.E and puts it in the jar* He lacked participation

LF: *Writes Mr. E's name on the paper, and put it in the jar* Next time, maybe you should actually help in the challenge.

Sierra:*writes Mr.E on the papaer and puts it in* You did it for the team alright.

Jessica: (It's sunny, but she told me the vote on chatango* *writes down Mr.E and shoves it in jar*

Mr. E:I'm sorry about that. I was at a overnight field trip. I vote for Youre. Would you please change your votes?

124oeo: I change it. *scribbles Mr. e* I vote Youre

Sierrafan12: *votes Mr. e*

Alfan:*votes Mr. E*

Jeff: I have counted the votes. *revealing one paper at a time* One vote Mr. E, Two votes Mr. E, Three votes Mr. E, 4 votes Mr. E, and the first person voted out of Survivor: Wiki Island is..... Mr. E!

Ganu Chat 2:

Kev: *ipod magicaly comes back to life and plays clint eastwood by gorillaz with a speaker on full blast* How did the speaker get here?

Jeff: Yeah... Can't use that here. *grabs iPod and chucks it into the ocean*

Sunny: Now that's cold....

Kev: You will pay you f****r *runs to Jeff and tackles him down*

Jeff: Do that again and you're disqualified.

Fanny: Do it again. On less person to fight for a million.

Sunny: *points at Fanny* Smart person! *nods like an idiot :D*

Kev: Ok *walks to Sunny* I want my ipod back

Sunny: I can't. It's in there! *points to ocean*

Fanny: No, it's right here. *holds up hand* But now it's gone. *smashes it with his foot*

Seth: Sunny, Fanny, alliance? Us three to the final 3!

Sunny: Deal. (CONF) Okay, so if the final three is a vote, I win. I just need to bring Fanny and one other sucker with me. Of course it can't be Seth. He's too ni- BUTTERFLY!

Cod: Can't we just all get along?

Kev: *to Seth* Me, you, Sunny, Crag, and Fanny in the final 5 deal?

Seth: *To Kev* Deal (CONF) He's going down at final 5.

Kev: Thx (CONF) I will vote off Seth at final 5 then Crag if he makes it

Sunny: *skipping around camp* I like sparkles and rainbows and unicorns and flowers and butterflies! *besparkles the camp's hut*

Fanny: Um, sure sETH.

Seth: Cool (CONF) If I can't trust either of them before final 3, I'm gonna blindside them so hard that they'll be so shocked! But more then likely it has to be pre-merge.

Sunny: *bending towards a flower* Hello mister butterfly! *whistles, then crushes the butterfly in his wand, and then walks away* I like cauliflower.

Seth: ?:-|

Kev: *runs to sunny and besparkles his shirt and pants* haha

Sunny: *changes* MYAH! *pushes Kev into the ocean* MEANIE

Kev: *gets out of oceans then changes*

Poppy: *walking Coffee* Hey guys! I found this really cool thing well I was walking Coffee.

Coffee: *attacks Sunny*

Hala Hala Chat 2:

Alfan:*in a corner*I am a good boy.I'm a good boy. No more!

Sierra:Good for you Alfan. Good for you.

LF: Ok then...........

Alfan:On the way here, I sat next to a guy listening to the Spice Girls!Horrible...

Challenge 2

Jeff: Okay contestants. Today's challenge is to ge these giant shapes, *points to 2 giant squares, 2 giant circles, 2 giant rectangles, 2 giant triangles, and 2 giant ovals* into those. *points towards one blue shape square, and one yellow shape square (idk what they're called, but they're like the baby shape things) Be careful! They're heavy! Winning team gets immunity and a clue to the immunity idol!

Alfan:*starts pushing a giant square*Am I Yellow?

Sunny: RAWR! *starts pushing a triangle* (yeah sorry... I forgot that some people don't check the elim table... the colors are there)

Kev: *starts pushing a giant circle but it starts rolling* Sh**

Sunny: I gotz an idea! *ties Coffee's leash to the square, and starts whipping Coffee* MUSH! Go Faster!

Alfan:*has the square close to the Yellow hole*

Sunny: MUSH! *starts chucking coconuts at Coffee, and Coffee moves faster* You're almost there!

Alfan:*gets the square in the Yellow hole and stars pushing the rectangle*

(Alfan, there's only 1 shape per team.... sorry if I didn't make that clear... Dx)

Sunny: *puts the square into the hole* NOW! *eyes glow red* MUSH! *whips Coffee again*

Alfan:*has the rectangle sideways and close to the hole*

Sunny: *whispers to Coffee* Alfan has... BACON! *watches Coffee run after Alfan, then runs for the oval*

Alfan:*throws bacon into the ocean, watches Coffee chase it, gets the rectange in, starts pushing the oval*

Sunny: *drags the oval to the cube, and tries to lift it up* It's too heavy! Someone help!

Alfan:*is nearing the yellow hole*

Sunny: Alfan, help me get the oval in here, and if I win, I'll tell you the clue. Please!

Kev: Sunny help me get the circle it's rolling away

Sunny: I can't! I need to get this oval in! Alfan please help!

Kev: *trys to help sunny get the oval in*

Sunny: *pushes it in thanks to Kev* Thank you! Now let's get that circle!

Alfan:*gets his oval in and starts pushing the triangle*

Sunny: *grabs one side of the circle per say* Kev, get the other side! *being dragged*

Alfan:*is nearly there*Stupid triangle!

Sunny: My triangle! *runs back to the triangle he forgot about and gets it to the square*

Alfan:*gets the triangle in and starts rolling the circle*

Kev: *grabs the other side of the circle*

Sunny: *puts the triangle in, runs back to Kev, grabs the circle, and starts pulling it to the cube*

Kev: *pushes it to the cube*

Sunny: Kev, put it in! I'm gonna get a rectangle! *runs to the shapes*

Jeff: Ganu is leading! Hala Hala has to start pushing it!\

Kev: *puts it in* Sunny did you know a square is a rectangle?

Sunny: Does it matter? DX

LF: *Pushes the circle with Alfan* Come on guys, we gotta pick up the pace.

Kev: Yea. Just put the square in the rectangle

Sunny: *starts pulling the rectangle* Where's Coffee when you need him?

Kev: *helps sunny by pushing it* Can you go a little faster?

LF: *Continues pushing circle* Which other shape have we not done?

Sunny: Sorry LF.... *reaches the cube*

LF: Ughhh

Sunny: *puts rectangle in the cube*

Jeff: And Ganu win!

Ganu Chat 3:

Fanny: Winning streak!

Sunny: I know! The other team is sooo gonna be wiped out!

Fanny: If we keep winning. If we lose, no biggie. Vote out a threat and keep moving forward.

Fanny: (CONF) My plan is to keep cool until the merge. I mean, compared to me? Seth's a gingerbread man. And I'm the wolf. And I tend to keep it underwraps till the merge.

Cod: (CONF) I choose to let the others do some work, in the beginning. Starting now, though, I might lend some of my usefulness to the team. I just need someone to work with me, in order to get farther in the game. Someone, like Fanny, might work...

Sunny: (CONF) So... right now I'm gonna bring Fanny and Poppy to the final three. I could easily win in a vote. But Cod has to go....

Cod: *walks over to Fanny* Hey Fanny. Say, do you think we could team up together and make it to the finals? Maybe with a third person too?

Kev: I helped Sunny help us win

Fanny: I don't know. Sunny already offered me a deal, that was way better than yours. I think I'm gonna take his, unless you offer me better. (Bribery FTW!)

Kev: Fanic help me make it to the final five and then you can vote me off if you want

Poppy: Hey Sunny. *Coffee attacks him* Coffee! Bad girl!

Hala Hala Chat 3:

LF: (CONF) The past two challenges, Alfan and I are the only ones who have done something. That needs to change if we want to have any hope of even having a team when we get to the merge. But tonight, I already know who to vote.

Jessica (Conf): So, I have been a little lazy in the challenges, so I think the next challenge will be my non-lazy moments!

Tribal Council 2: Hala Hala

Jeff: You know what to do. Write down your votes, and I will snuff the fire from the loser's torch.

LF: *Writes Youre's name on the paper and puts it in the jar* You haven't said a word at all, or even helped in the challenges. Bye-Bye!

Jessica: *writes Youre on the paper and jams it in the jar* Sorry.

Jeff: *picks up the jar and counts the votes* One vote Youre. And the second person voted out of Survivor: Wiki Island is Youre. *snuffs Youre's torch* (I doubt anyone would have voted someone else off, or vote at all)

Alfan:I vote Youre.

Ganu Chat 4:

Sunny: *reading the immunity idol scroll* From water to land, I contain rocks and sand. I have a mouth, but cannot be fed. I cannot sleep, but I do have a bed.

Kev: *looks at what sunny is read* What your reading?

Sunny: *crosses out some words while Kev doesn't look* The clue to the immunity idol. I'll be back soon. *starts looking around the island, starting with the beach*

Kev: *reads it and sees some words crossed* Sunny did it

Sunny: *swings in on a vine* Here! I found this in the sand! *drops his iPod down* Oh, and the clue came like that. Besides I- I mean they didn't scribble it out that much! See!

Kev: *looks at ipod and see a video on it* How did that get on there?

Sunny: Play it! *sneaks off while Kev is watching* Now where should I go first? The beach!

Kev: *plays it and it shows a guy reading the immunity idol scroll*

Kev: *now the guy is reading it out loud*

Hala Hala Chat: 4

LF: Come on guys, we have to win this next challenge, or else our team is doomed.

Alfan:Yeah!LF, want an alliance?For after the merge?

Sierrafan12: I'll join!

Alfan:Sure!(CONF)I need allies. This will be a long game.

(Alfan, no. Stop. I know what your doing. That is completely unfair, and I'm not going to tolerate it.)

(I was not looking for the idol. I just wanted to visit the river.Jeez!I do not need an immunity idol to win!)

( I don't care. If you looked at the map, the river is on the other side of the island, and I doubt you would walk that far for just a visit. What you're doing is godmodding, and you've done it before. I don't want to have to DQ you for it.)

LF: Sure, an alliance sounds good.

Challenge 3

Jeff: Today's challenge requires you to scoop water from the ocean with these small buckets, and throw it into your bigger bucket. First bucket to spill wins, and gives the winning team immunity, as well as a trip to the spa. Since Teamnoah123 has not talked at all, he will be replaced with Reddy.

LF: *Begins scooping water into the small buckets.*

Kev: *grabs 2 buckets then runs to the beach*

Sierrafan12: *scoops water into the buckets*

Sunny: *starts scooping up water, but sneaks off* No immunity idol! Dangit! *scoops up some water*

Kev: *scopes water into the 2 buckets then runs back with 1*

Reddy: Hi guys! :D *starts scooping water*

Sunny: *chucks sand at Reddy* Make me an adminz! Blargh! *carries the water bucket towards the throwing range*

LF: *Throws one bucket of water into the larger bucket* Yes!

Sunny: *throws the entire bucket into large bucket* Meh, he never said anything against this! >=D

Kev: *throws the water into the bigger bucket then runs back for the other one*

Sunny: Get the sand! It weighs more! *scoops up sand into his bucket*

LF: Hey!!! He said scoop water, not sand! *Begins scooping water*

Kev: *get the other one, runs back and throws the water into the bigger bucket*

Sierrafan12: *throws water in the bigger buckit*

Seth: *throws water into bucket*

Sunny: *throws another bucket into the larger bucket, then sneaks off to the river* (CONF) I've been thinking. All of the clues point towards the river, so that's where I'm headed.

Reddy: *nonchalantly slips away from the challenge* I got the idol hint before I came. to the river. >:D

Kev: *scoops more water then throws it in bucket*

Reddy: *searches for the river* now, where could it be...

Sunny: *reaches the river and sees Reddy* Reddy, what are you doing here? *throws a rock at a bear and starts looking in the ground*

Kev: *sneaks off to the river and sees Sunny* I had a video with the clues randomly on my ipod

Reddy: *uses noah's ball trick, tames bear, and rides him* yes! >:D

(Sun: kevvy.... no. there wouldn't be a video on your iPod with the clue. You could have just read the clue... but no.... xD.. if I find the idol i'm not keeping it, just don't godmodd)

Kev: *Remembers it also could of lied* I also read the scroll

Sunny: *throws a rock at Kev's head and dig's in the dirt* Yes! *grabs the idol, stuffs it in his pocket, and runs back to camp*

Kev: *runs after Sunny*

Sunny: *makes it back to the beach, and starts scooping up sand* (CONF) I knew that he couldn't attack me while I was on the beach, so I ran for it.

(Kev, just so you know, in Survivor, if you steal the idol from another player while they're carrying it, you get eliminated. It's not allowed)

(Kevvy: I didn't know that)

Sunny: *tosses the bucket into the large bucket and it starts to tip*

Jeff: And Ganu are leading! One more bucket and they should win!

Kev: *grabs a bucket and scoops water*

Sunny: *grabs all the buckets and chucks them into the large bucket*

Jeff: *watches a tiny, and very tiny at that, drop of water spill out onto the sand* Ganu wins immunity and a spa! Hala Hala lose!

Ganu Chat 5:

Sunny: *carving wood*

Kev: Is the spa here?

(Sun: yeah, this can be the spa)

Sunny: *almost done carving the fake immunity idol* (you guys don't know it's fake!)

Kev: I want a facial and then a massage

Hot Spa Lady: *beckons kev over with her finger* (:D)

Sunny: *raises eyebrow, then finishes fake idol* yes! *stuffs it in his pocket*

Kev: Ahhhhh this is the life

Sunny: Listen, Kev. I've been thinking. I may have taken it too far with the rock to the head. I want you to have this. *hands him the fake immunity idol*

Kev: Thx but if it's fake I will kill you

Sunny: It's not... how do you even make a FAKE one?

Kev: Do you have a knife on you*

Sunny: No.... Why would I?

Kev: Sunny pole your pants down

Sunny: No you sicko! (CONF) Kevvy is out! That was disgusting. Besides, I don't need a knife when I have these *holds up cat claw fingernails* :D

Kev: I want check your pants to see whats in them

Sunny: ...... I feel disturbed.

Kev: *walks over to the spa lady*

Sunny: Lady! Get me the baby cheese with crackers!

Kev: Lady remember I want a facial and then a massage

Fran(hot spa lady): Just hop up here on this table and the massage will begin. *winks*

Kev: *gets on the table*

Fran: *starts massaging Kev* You know... I've been VERY lonely.

Kev: How old are you?

Fran: *looks at camera* 29. I used to live in Flushing, New York, until my fiance kicked me out on the street and fired me.

Kev: You can't have me I'm 17

Fran: And I'm desperate. I should have never taken this vacation and broken that statue *keeps massaging Kev*

Kev: Do you watch the show the nanny?

Fran: Oh trust me honey... I'm familiar with it.

Kev: What's you name?

Fran: Fran Fine, why?

Kev: Just asking and why's it fran?

Fran: Ask my ma, Sylvia.

Kev: *to sylvia* Why did you name her *points to Fran* Fran?

Crag:I think I'm totally awesome*falls over*

Poppy: What happened?

Hala Hala Chat 5:

Tribal Council 3: Hala Hala

Jeff: You all know the rules. Go write down your votes.

Sierrafan12: *writes Sierra*

Sierra:I was at my grandparents house and they don't have a computer!* writes 124*

LF: *Writes 124oeo's name on paper on put it in the jar* Sorry, haven't done much recently.

Sierrafan12: Oh Sorry *changes vote to 124oeo*

Jeff: I will tally up the votes. One vote 124, Two votes 124, and the third person voted out of Survivor: Wiki Island is.... 124. The tribe has spoken. *snuffs 124's torch*

Ganu Chat 6:

Kev: Can I have a facial?

Fran: Okay honey, but I have to leave soon. C.C is getting out of the asylum finally. *starts putting the avacado cream on Kev's face*

Kev: Ok and I heard your dating someone

Crag:Little playa 8)

Sunny: That's not nice! *whispering to Crag* But it is true.

Crag:Do you think we should win again? It's not as fun if it keeps getting easier :(

Kev: We should till the merge then at the merge we have the fun

Sunny: I think we should purposely lose next challenge. LF is on the other team and I don't want to see her go.

Kev: We should try because I want the prize if there's one

Sunny: True... Okay, we'll win this one.

Kev: Never lose and we all will make the merge

Hala Hala Chat 6:

Sierrafan12: Guys we cannot lose again!

Challenge 4

Jeff: Today's challenge is based off every pirate's greed. Gold. There are 10 coins hidden in this beach playing area, 5 for each team. Ganu needs to find 5 blue coins, while Hala Hala needs to find the yellow ones. Winners get immunity, and 20 chocolate bars!

Kev:Where could it be?

Sunny: *starts digging in the sand* (sorry, I forgot to mention it was on the beach)

Kev: *runs back to beach and starts digging alots of sand*

LF: *Starts digging in the sand*

Sunny: *finds a yellow coin and tosses it over his shoulder*

Jeff: *catches yellow coin*

Kev: *finds a blue coin but it's not a real one* How did I find one?

Seth: *finds a blue coin* YES

Jeff: Hala Hala have one and Ganu have two! (kev, there's no fake coins :P)

Kev: *digs more* Hope I find another one (I didn't know till you said)

Sunny: *finds another yellow coin and throws it to Jeff accidentaly again* Ugh! (Sorry, I didn't expect people to actually try and find fake coins xD)

LF: *Finds a yellow coin and gives it to Jeff*

Sunny: You'll never win! *chucks a yellow coin he found at LF*

Kev: Sunny find one more yellow coin and I will vote you off if we lose *digs more and finds another blue coin* Yes!

LF: *Gives the coin that Sunny found to Jeff*

Kev: *is mad at sunny for making us almost lose* (CONF) I have to vote off Sunny making us almost lose

Jeff: You need one more!

Sunny: A blue coin! *throws it to Jeff* Wait that was yellow!

Jeff: That's five! Hala Hala has their first win!

LF: Yes!!!!!


Tribal Council 4: Ganu

Jeff: Before you cast your votes, does anyone want to use their immunity idol?

Sunny: Me! I use it! *hands Jeff his idol*

Jeff: Okay, cast your votes.

Kev: He used idol so that means *looks at the idol sunny gave him and throws it at sunny*

Seth: *writes down Kev*

Sunny: *writes down Kev*

Kev: *writes down cod on the paper and throws it in the jar*

Fanny: *writes down Kev*

Kev: *to fanny* Vote cod he did nothing

Sunny: As much as I hate to do this.... *crosses out Kev and writes Seth*

Seth: *crosses out Kev and writes Sunny*

Kev: *takes his vote out and crosses out cod and writes Seth then throws it in*

Fanny: I'm cutting the line now. *changes to Seth* It was my idea, too.

Sun: Yes! (i'm switching to Sun to make the elim table votes smaller)

Seth: Why me? *crosses out Sunny and writes Cod* Take out the inactive ones! Just take me to merge. I'll quit right then and there!

Fanny: How do you know we voted for you? Are you a stalker?

Jeff: I'll read the votes now. One vote Seth. One vote Cod. Two votes Seth. And the fourth person voted out is.... Seth. *snuffs Seth's torch* The tribe has spoken.

Seth: Bye guys. Good luck

Ganu Chat 7:

Sun: *putting palm leaves over the hut*

Crag:Sun? Can I talk to you?

Kev: *putting some vines over the hut*

Sun: Sure Crag.

Sun: *starts to gather coconuts*

Crag:I'm nervous, I think there is someone on the team getting out those who don't help

Kev: *starts to gather some fruit*

Sun: Like who, Crag?

Crag:I dunno... Maybe Kev, he does a lot

Sun: You're right.. So do you want to vote him out next? (CONF) Too easy.

Kev: I'm not doing that (CONF) Maybe a little but it's like we have to

Crag:Yeah, that'd make me sleep a bit easier :)

Sun: While we're at it, do you want an alliance?

Kev: *to Sunny* Can I join the alliance?

Crah:Sure, you've been my best friend here

Sun: Uh Kev, you chucked an idol at my head yesterday. So no.

Kev: I was just mad because you gave me a fake idol but I'm over it

Hala Hala Chat 7:

Sierra:1st win feels niceee.

LF: Yes it does!

Sierra:I found a stock of fruit!

LF: Yes! We need food!

Sierra: Follow me!

LF: *Follows Sierra*

Sierra:*standing next to huge pile of fruits* Take as much as you can carry!

(Sunny: Remember, you won chocolate bars)

LF: *Picks up a lot of fruit* Hey, we won chocolate bars too! Now we have so much food!

Sierra:*stores all the food*

Challenge 5

Jeff: Today's challenge is a little thing I like to call Basket Stall. One member of each team must try and shoot basketballs into their respective hoop, while members of the other team try to block it. First time to score five times wins immunity, and a tarp to protect them from the upcoming rainstorm.

Kev: Sunny Shoot

LF: I'll shoot for Hala Hala.

Sun: I'm terrible at shooting, you shoot Kev.

Kev: I suck crag shoot

Sun: Kev, please. Do it. (LF, you can start while we argue)

LF: *Shoots a basket ball while the two argue*

Sun: Kev just shoot!

LF: *Shoots another basket ball*

Kev: I will shoot *shoots a hoop*

LF: *Shoots a hoop* Yes

Kev: *shoots another*

Sun: *jumping up and down, waving his arms*

Kev: *shoots a hoop*

Sierra:*blocks the balls*

Kev: Too easy *shoots another hoop and all get in*

LF: *Shoots another hoop*

Kev: One more and we win *shoots the hoop*

Sierra:*blocks the ball*\

Kev: Sh*t *shoots another ball*

Sierra:*catches the ball and throws it from there*

LF: *Shoots another hoop* Good job Sierra!

Jeff: Ganu win because I said one shooter, but Sierra didn't listen!

Kev: Yes!

Sierra:I didn't say I made it!

Jeff: It doesn't matter, you still shot. You do challenges, so you'll probably be safe. Kev is out, for godmodding too many times.

Tribal Council 5: Hala Hala

Jeff: Cast your votes. One person will be leaving with Kev tonight.

LF: *Writes down Jessica's name on paper and put it in the jar* Sorry, you're a nice person, but you never helped.

Sierra: *writes down Jessica and puts it in the jar* Try again Jessica.

Alfan:*writes down Jessica*

Jeff: One vote Jessica. Two votes Jessica. And the 5th person voted out of Survivor: Wiki Island is Jessica. The tribe has spoken. Kev will be leaving as well. *snuffs Kev's and Jessica's torches*

Ganu Chat 8:

Sun: *setting up the tarp over the shelter* Someone help, please?

Sun: *gets it over* Thank God. (CONF) I hope that the merge is soon. I don't trust my teammates so much anymore.

Hala Hala Chat 8:

Alfan:Only ten left.Whatever.*falls asleep*

Sierra:Were through the tribal phase!

Sierra:*puts more wood over shelter making the shelter bigger*

Alfan:*starts helping Sierra*Hey, Sierra. What do you think of Kev going?

Sierra:Kev kinda bothered me, but it was a little depressing watching him leave....

Alfan:We are still friends, right?

Sierra:When were we enemies?

Alfan:Just making sure.If this is the merge, Hala Hala must stick together.

Challenge 6

Jeff: Today's challenge is to come up with the best name and color for the merged tribe, which will happen today. Today is a double elimination, so be wary! Winner gets immunity and a clue to the immunity idol.

LF: Hala-Ganu. Green. (Please don't ever change what I say again)

Sierra: Yurinata.Purple.

(Sorry tweek, i accidentely put day 7, it's next challenge your in)

Jeff: Sierra, stop cheating or you're out! (Sierra, you changed LF's to yours. Not cool.)

Sierra:I didn't know that it was LF's. Sorry.

Sun: Yeah, suuure. What about, Lamarha? It would be red.


LF: Jaburu. Red

Jeff: LF wins!

Tribal Council 6: Jaburu

Jeff: Please cast your votes. Remember, you get to vote for two people.

Sun: *writes down Sierra and Alfan*

LF: *Writes Sierra and Alfan* Sorry, one is crazy and the other ones a threat.

Sierra:*writes Sun and LF* How dare you call me a threat!

Alfan:*writes Sierra and Sun*

Jeff: I will now read the votes. One vote Sierra, One vote Sun, Two votes Sierra, and the next person out, and the first jury member is... Sierra. *snuffs her torch. One vote Alfan, one vote Sun, and the next person out and the second jury member is... Alfan. *snuffs his torch* The tribe has spoken.

Sierra:I thought I tried, bye.

Sun: Bye, I'll miss you. Maybe you'll return next season.

LF: Bye Sierra. I'll miss you! You were a good team mate!

Alfan:LF, you betrayed me!

LF: I did. And I'm sorry for it, but you are a very big threat.

Alfan:*scoffs*More like a very big loser!

Sierra:I vote for no one.

Jaburu Chat 1:

Sun: *building the shelter*

LF: *Helps him build the shelter*

Challenge 7

Jeff: For today's challenge you must swim to the bottom of the pool, and grab a key. There are 18 keys, but only one opens the door to the immunity necklace. When the winner resurfaces, they will get immunity and a clue to the hidden immunity idol.

LF: *Dives into the water and begins searching for keys*

Evil:*randomly appears and dives in*DIVE

Sun: *dives into water and tries to shoot Evil with a water gun, but realizes he failed*

Evil:thats not gonna work you know

LF: *Grabs a key and begins swimming back up*

Sun: *starts swimming towards the keys* (and neither should talking under water xD)

Sierrafan12: *starts swimming to th ekeys*

Fanny: *comes to the surface, holding two keys* Heh. *turns the first one but it doesn't work*

Sun: *gets a key and swims back up* (I'll tell you if it works)

LF: *Reaches shore and tries the key in the door*

Jeff: And it doesn't work!

LF: *Drops key and dives back into the water*

Sierrafan12: *reaches shore and tries to get the key in the door*

Jeff: And another key that doesn't work!

Sun: *tries key*

Jeff: One more key that does not work!

Sierrafan12: Swims back down for another key*

Fanny: *tries second key and hears click* Huh?

Jeff: And you broke the key! (I said I would tell you if it worked)

Sierrafan12: *reaches shore and tries the new key in the door*

LF: *Grabs another key and heads back up*

Jeff: *watches door open* And Sierrafan12 wins immunity and a clue!

Sierrafan12: Woohoo!Yes!

Tribal Council 7: Jarubu

Jeff: Sierrafan12 has immunity. Please cast your votes.

Sun: *writes down Poppy*

LF: *Writes down Poppy* You and your dog have got to go.

Fanny: *writes Poppy* Leave. (conf) I can't stand all these other competitors. I need to start winning and the only way to do that is no more Mr. Nice Guy. Starting, tomorrow. >_>

Evil:*writes down Poppy*

Cod: *votes for Poppy*

Jeff: One vote Poppy. Two votes Poppy. Three votes Poppy. Four votes Poppy. And the 9th person eliminated and 3rd person of our jury is Poppy. The tribe has spoken. *snuffs Poppy's torch*

Jarubu Chat 2:

Sun: Final 8! Yayz!

Challenge 8

Jeff: Today all you have to do is say the word, SAFE. last person to do so is out. After that, we will have a vote, where no one has immunity.





Fanny: SAFE


Reddy: SAFE

Jeff: LF is out!

Sun: *cries*

Tribal Council 8: Jaburu

Jeff: No one has immunity. Vote for who you wish.

Sun: *writes Cod*

Fanny: Now is the time to break alliances and shock everyone just to get a kick out of it. Threats go first, which would be *writes Cod* Cod.

Crag:*writes CoD*I hate that game

Sierrafan12: *writes Cod*

Jeff: 4 votes for Cod, that is enough. *snuffs Cod's torch* The tribe has spoken.

Challenge 9

Jeff: For today's challenge, all of you 6 will be helped into a giant hamster ball, and soon be blindfolded. You must make it through the maze, and the first one out wins immunity. Taking off your blindfold results in automatic elimination.

Crag:Sounds confusing

Sun: Not really! *blindfolded in the hamster ball* This is gonna be fun! *keeps going forward and rams into a wall* Ouch.

Sierrafan12: *in the hamster ball* WEEEEEEEEE *hits the wall causing his face to slam into the ball knocking out some teeth*

Sun: You're a boy?!

Fanny: Whatever. *starts rolling through the maze, and hits a wall* Crap!

Sun: *moving through the maze, but hits Fanny and shoots him forward* DX

Sierrafan12: Yup XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD *continues ramming into walls*

Fanny: Wo. I just felt the rush. *keeps spinning forward* This is easier than I thought, losers. *bumps Sierrfan12 backwards*

Sun: Why do I feel like this is a straight line? *goes straight and doesn't bump into anything* :D

Sierrafan12: HEY *bumps into Sunny thinking he was the person who pushed me*

Fanny: *keeps running, trips and starts running out of control, not hitting any walls* Heeeeeeelllllllllppppppp.

Sun: *shoots forward* WEEEEEE

Sierrafan12: *tries to follow Fanny by sound*

Crag:*tries to run through walls*:D

Sun: *still shooting forward, and gets past Fanny* We gonna light it up, like it's DYNAMITE!

Sierrafan12: *tries to follow Sun* I put my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Sun: *puts hands up* Gotta let go! *exits the maze* I winz?

Sierrafan12: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *exits the maze*

Tribal Council 9: Jaburu

Jeff: Sun has immunity. Cast your votes.

Sun: *writes Reddy*

Fanny: *writes Reddy* (check chatango history, he told me)

Sierrafan12: *writes Reddy*

Crag:*writes Reddy*I prefer blue

Jeff: Four votes Reddy. *snuffs his torch* The tribe has spoken.

Jaburu Chat 3:

Sierrafan12: OH yeah final 5!

Sun: Did you figure out that clue? Because tonight is the last night you can use the idol.

Sierrafan12: I have an idea what it might be!

Sun: What do you think it is?

Sierrafan12: A birds nest

Sun: Really? (CONF) Too easy. (NONCONF) I have to go pee. I'll be right back. *starts looking in trees for a nest*

Sierrafan12: Sooo did I get it right?

Crag:Maybe Koala got it right!!!!!

Sun: *finds a nest and starts cracking eggs* Thank you God! *stuffs it in his pocket and walks back to Sierrafan12* I don't know.

Sierrafan12: Then what is that in your pocket???

Sun: My brownie. Dur! *pulls out a moldy brownie*

Sierrafan12: Then what is in your other pocket???

Sun: My peanut butter sandwich! *pulls out idol* Oh... umm....

Sierrafan12: You stole my immunity idol!

Sun: No I didn't. You told me where you thought it was, so I looked. You should have kept your mouth shut.

Sierrafan12: You backstabber!

Sun: *shrugs* I want to get far. I asked you, and you answered. I never backstabbed you.

Sierrafan12: Meh it is just an immunity idol

Sun: Yeah, it's not like it could affect you staying in longer. (CONF) He is sooo out today. Did I Backstab her? No. Will I? Yes.

Sierrafan12: If you keep me in today I will lose to you purposely in the final.. it is a good deal because if I get voted out you will be next but if i satay I can help you to the final so think about that!

Sun: *facepalms* The finale is a vote.

Sierrafan12: Well I will make it so no one votes for me! I have a plan!

Sun: Maybeh... *rain storm hits* No! Get under the shelter! *runs to the shelter*

Crag:*runs to shelter*Crag no like rain

Sierrafan12: *gets in the shelter* well I was going to quit in the final 2 with you

Sun: It's the final 3.

Sierrafan12: i will do a little tampering getting you the win!

Sun: Like what? *grins* Did you do any tampering before?

Sierrafan12: I will change the votes making most of them to you

Sun: Cool... Did you ever do that before?

Sierrafan12: Yup! it totally worked!

Jeff: *grabs Sierrafan12 by the arm and pulls him to tribal coucil and snuffs his torch* You've cheated for the last time.

Crag:Final 4! Vote out Tweek next?

Sun: Sure!

Sierrafan12: Noo i was lying to him i was going to blindside him nooo!

Sun: Bye Bye. (im giving you permission to sign up under fans for next season)

Fanny: Oh well. There goes part of that plan.

Challenge 10

Jeff: Today is the final challenge. What you must do is pick up a water gun, and protect your torch, which is somewhere on the island. You will start at your torch, and the first torch to be extinguished, will result with the owner being eliminated.

Sun: *grabs a gun and hugs his yellow torch at the old Ganu camp* FRIEND.

Fanny: Found mine! *swims out to purple torch, which is planted into a raft* Hope today's forecast doesn't include a hurricane. *picks up gun* Let's kick some butt.

Sun: Isn't it bad that you're torch is on a raft in the ocean?

Fanny: I'm not the one who put it here. The producers did. *balances easily*

Sun: *shrugs, then starts building a fort around his torch* How are we supposed to extinguish the other torches? Wait a minute! The rainstorm!

Fanny: *transforms his scarf into an umbrella* This ain't stoppin me

Sun: How?! (Fanny.... don't do that :P) *finishes fort over torch* I'll be right back... *walks towards Crag's torch*

Evil:*finds his maroon torch in cave*YAY

Sun: *in a bush behind Crag and his blue torch* (CONF) He's my friend... but he'd win in the finale.

Fanny: Yes! (coming from the person who made a fort XD)

Evil:There I've finished*puts torch in hole and puts wet sticks over it*im off*runsto suns torch*

Sun: *starts to aim his gun at Crag's torch*

Fanny: Die Sun!

(Fanny, nice try. One, that was only 5 lines, and two, you'd have to walk to the torch)

Sun: *charges at Fanny's torch and fires blindly*

Fanny: *punches Sun's gun, causing it to break* Ha!

Sun: *walks up to Fanny's raft, sips up water, and spits it at the torch, extinguishing it*

Fanny: *turns around, watches his flame extinguish, while Sun's torch is billowing smoke behind him* Which one went out first?

Jeff: Enough! You'll be having a vote to decide this!

Tribal Council 10: Jaburu

Jeff: No one has immunity. Please vote.

Sun: *votes Fanny* You cheated too much.

Fanny: *votes Sun* I cheated as much as you. I mean building a fort isn't cheating, but when I use my scarf to cover my torch it is?

Sun: *facepalms* You transformed your scarf into an umbrella!

Fanny: You're listening to my private vote? And I didn't transform it. It transformed, it's the scarf of epicness, it controls itself.

Sun: *facepalms* Yeah suuuuuure.

Evil:UUUM uh *votes Sun*

Sun: I didn't want to do this but... *shows immunity idol* I'm using this!

Crag:I vote.. um... *writes Fanny*I dunno ><

Evil:*votes fanny*Sorry

Final Tribal Council: Evil, Sun, and Crag

Jeff: You three, tell the jury why you should win. The jury cannot ask questions, to keep the drama of things.

Evil:I may not know all of you but sorry that I was'nt there. sorry to all the people I voted for. I am a fun guy but would you vote for someone to win with the name Crag I mean the very name invites Dou***baggery and would you wanna vote for a SNEAKY MANIPULATIFE LITTLE COW who would vote off anyone just to win so vote for me you know you love me to win.

Sun: O.o Well, I should win because while I did vote almost everyone of you off, I only did it too... well... win. Everyone here wants to win, and I'm not going to sit here and curse out my fellow finalists *glares at Evil* I played fair the whole game, and made friends with some of you. I'm friends with Crag, and how I play this game doesn't reflect my feeling towards you guys. I hope that we can still be friends. Thank you.

Crag:I should win because I am a fun person, y'know. I've been here since the very beginning and I think I've been nice to people. I think that uh, I should win becuase it would be nice ^^ I think Sunny or I should win cause we're both kind and nice

Votes For Winner

Fanny: I'd vote Evil, but then you betrayed me. How does it feel not even getting one vote? Sun, you're a big jackass so, props to you. *mutters* Idiot. So, I hate to vote for Crag, but you are the only one who didn't really do anything to me. *votes Crag and puts in basket*

Sierrafan12: *Votes Tweek because she was forced*

Reddy: Sunny

Cod: *writes down Tweek's name* You deserve it. :3

LF: *Votes for Crag* You deserve it. Sorry Sunny, but Crag deserves it more. You both played a great game though.


Alfan:*Votes for Sunny*

Sierra:*votes Sun*

Plat: *votes for Evil* (:P)

Jeff: I will now read the votes. 1 vote Crag. 1 vote Sun. 1 vote Evil. 2 votes Crag. 2 votes Sun. 2 votes Evil. 3 votes Sun. 3 votes Evil... It's a tie... Will either of you step down?

Sun: I will. Evil deserves this win more than me.
Cod: Whoo hoo! Evil! *high-fives him*


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