Surfer: Welcome to Cagayan, a lush location that will be the home for one of the greatest battles ever: Surfer's Survivor! This season, we have tons of twist that are sure to throw the game into chaos. Let's meet our cast!


Timpla (Merge Tribe)

  1. Steve
  2. Jake
  3. Jessika
  4. Cassandra
  5. Nemo

New Mindanao

  1. Steve
  2. Jake
  3. Jessika

New Visayas


  1. Cassandra
  2. Nemo

Original Visayas​

  1. Steve - The Geek - Sun
  2. Nemo - The Heroic Gamer - Nemo
  3. Jake - The Judgemental Kid - Nemo

Original Mindanao

  1. Jessika - The Bi***y Oddball - Wendy
  2. Cassandra - The Failed Adult Movie Star - Mika


  1. Anna - The Firecracker - Don - 1st Voted Out
  2. Keisha - The Former Winner - Jordan - 2nd Voted Out
  3. Faith - The Girl Next Door - Don - 3rd Voted Out
  4. Tiger - The Guy Who Never Stops Dancing - Nova - 4th Voted Out
  5. Mikayy - The Emo Kid Who Listens to Slipknot - Nova - 5th Voted Out
  6. Carny Grodlee - The Secret Sister of Caryn Groedel - SpiritAnimal - 6th Voted Out
  7. Adrien - The Smart One - Jomack - 7th Voted Out
  8. Larry - The Clumsy Pushover - Pary - 8th Voted Out
  9. Lindsey Lohan - The Messed Up Celebrity - SpiritAnimal - 9th Voted Out
  10. L-A (La-dash-ah) - The Quiet Girl - Mika - 10th Voted Out
  11. Jacob - The Malevolent One - Jomack - 11th Voted Out
  12. Camille - The Slacker - Pary - 12th Voted Out, 1st Member of the Jury
  13. Claire - The Poker Player - Milk - 13th Voted Out, 2nd Member of the Jury
  14. Tyler - The Lima Bean With Heart - Sun - 14th Voted Out, 3rd Member of the Jury
  15. Kiki - The Outspoken Twin - Mabel - 15th Voted Out, 4th Member of the Jury
  16. Fernanda, "Fer" or "Ferny": The Jungle Survivalist - Maria - 16th Voted Out, 5th Member of the Jury
  17. Viola - The Calm Twin - Mabel - 17th Voted Out, 6th Member of the Jury


Coming soon!

Pre-Chat (Beach)

Adrien: Yeah im here!

Jacob: On a beach? (CONF) Well, manipulation is not only part of the game but part of my personality hehehe. (END CONF)

Adrien: Wow the the quantim string theory is developing these days!

Viola: *slips on glasses* Our competition doesn't seem so threatening.

Kiki: *extends hand* Viola?

Viola: What?

Kiki: Glasses?

Viola: *pulls out purple glasses, handing them over to Kiki* You're welcome, sis', but I'm not your personal slave.

Kiki: You keep believing that. *slips on glasses, observing the other contestants* Most of them look prebubescent at best, this game should be a piece of cake.

Viola: Uhhh, are we really discussing this out on the open? 

Kiki: Asserting dominance, Vi. Learn it. It's a skill I use daily. *smirks*

Surfer: OK, welcome to Surfer's Survivor! I'm going to divide you into two tribes. On the Visayas tribe wearing red: Steve, Camille, Carny, Keisha, Anna, Kiki, Lindsey, Viola, Nemo, Jake, and Tyler. On the Mindanao tribe wearing blue: Cassandra, Mikayy, Jacob, Adrien, Fernanda, Jessika, Larry, L-A, Faith, Tiger, and Claire! Get to know your tribes for a few minutes.

Jesika: Hiiii!

Jacob: Hey.

Kiki: *glares at Nemo and Jake* Perfect. We've got the middle schoolers. Listen, I am in charge here, with Viola as my second in command.

Viola: Um... Don't you mean co-leader?

Kiki: A slip of the tongue. 

Viola: (CONF) Kiki and I both went to Harvard, and have a masters in economics. I doubt anyone else here has the intelligence, or cunning personality required in our positions. Unfortunately for us, Kiki has a bit of a superiority complex. We're twins. We're practically the same. *folds arms*

Jesika: Are you guys, like, clones?

Adrien: I have a degree in quantum physics.

Viola: Of course. 

Kiki: *side-eyes Jesika*

Fernanda: Hola chicos

Jacob: (CONF) Well, Fernanda could be easily manipulated.

Jacob: (CONF) While the twins are smart there too cocky they will be no problem to eliminate.

Lindsay: Hi everyone. I was the star in Mean Girls. I'm Lindsay Lohan!

Carny: I'm Caryn Groedel's sistier shee leaved me on the basemant 4 2 years.

Lindsay: K great for u. *turns and smokes a cigarette*

Anna: I'm so happy, this team looks like ton of fun. 

Faith: (CONF) This is a out-of-water experience for me, I've never been out of my small town and it's hard to believe that I'll be out here and not working at the local market for once, *chuckles* and I can't wait to learn and explore.

Steve: *arrives and awkwardly waves* Hi guys...

Tyler: *somehow arrives, is a lima bean*

Steve: *turns to Tyler the lima bean* ...What's up?

Tyler: ...

Steve: *sighs, forever alone*

Nemo: *to Kiki* Actually, I am a High Schooler. He is a Middle Schooler.

Jake: WHAT?!!!

Carny: *Burns all the rice* oops.

Lindsay: Stupid garbage. *Burns Carny with her cigarette and throws it at Kiki*

Carny: OW. Dat hert.

Lindsay: Idc die

Carny: *Runs away and cries* SHe is so meen i haet her.

Tyler: *"observing" everything*

Camille: *rubs eyes* What'd I miss?

Steve: We're still waiting for the game to start, you didn't miss much.

Jacob: You guys have the former winner.

Camille: Oh, okay. Wake me up when this thing starts. *falls asleep*

Larry: Hello, Mindanao tribe! It's nice to meet- *trips over a rock*

Jacob: Hey im Jacob. (CONF) Yeah my team isn't looking so good.

Tyler: *falls over*

Steve: (CONF) Yeah, some parts of this team aren't looking so good.

Fernanda: *plays a buey's horn*

Adrien: So with the knowledge of quantum physics, string theory, and dark matter physcilogogynolomotigyphonomology I can win this!

Steve: *le gasp* You like that stuff too?! :D

Adrien: Well, yeah!

Steve: Yas!

Jacob: Alteast this year there are teams! (CONF) Also, that Exile Island is gonna be my advantage.

Jake: Hello Jacob.

Nemo: There's nothing to do. I'll go look around.

Claire: Hey guys! It's nice to meet my tribe. :)

Larry: *brushes off sand* Oops, my bad. (CONF) Since I tend to get hurt, I don't have much experience in the outdoors. It's kind of sad, but my parents never said I was a disappointment! At least, not to my face.

Jessika: Hi, newbies!!! We've been waiting for literal HOURS. When is the damn host gonna get here?? :/

Jacob: Listen, *whispers* Larry, Claire, Faith, and Adrien I can take you guys to the final 5 cool?

Viola: Steve, is it? You look like an intelligent enough man to comprehend the benefits of our proposition.

Kiki: Drop the nerd act, though. We're willing to align with you and make a pact to the final three. And betrayal?

Viola: Betrayal will not be tolerated.

Kiki: I know plenty of people, let's leave it at that. What do you say? *folds arms*

Adrien: *whispers* Im in.

Jacob: (CONF) HAHAHAHA Om my god, the twins are killing me! IF they reach final three I bet that kiki will align with Steve and vote viola then beat him, classic move kiki classic move.

Steve: *to Kiki and Viola* Deal! (CONF) Except the nerd thing is really how I am. Oh well, it gets me farther than I thought I was gonna go so I may as well try! *gasps at a copyrighted object inside confessional from 1893* This is rare! :D ... This will be hard.

Jake: Can I Join, Jacob?

Fernanda: Mi cuerno suena muy lindo.

Jacob: Were not on the same team jake but if your still around when we merge yes.

Larry: Oh, I'm honored to ally with you, Jacob!

Adrien: Okay so, are Claire and faith joining?

Jacob: I don't know the haven't told me yet. (CONF) Okay, the alliance so far, is kinda small. But, that can be fixed! After all, I really just need an alliance that will take us to the merge then, I will lead my alliance! MAybe I should throw a challenge or two just to knock off one of the to risky!

Jake: I don't think you cheated. You don't know the teams. Calm down.

Jacob: (CONF) Larry is kinda a clutz, but no matter. I need him as an extra vote he needs me for protection so, I must deal with it.

Adrien: (CONF) MY alliance will take to the merge! This increases the amount of ploxtuenionplontsunufibers in my body!

Adrien: Guys what about Exile Island?

Viola: Well, we've got three, but six is a majority. Where do we go from here?

Kiki: Allow me to do the talking.

Viola: Don't be too aggressive, Ki.

Kiki: Don't worry about it. 

Steve: If I may, I think Tyler would be the easiest one to get to vote with us. He's a lima bean for crying out loud, if he's considered a contestant for some reason I can just vote for him... 

Fernanda: Me gustan los hot dogs.

Cassandra: Hm. Quite an interesting bunch. *winks at Jacob* Nice ass. Gods creation truly.

L-A (La-dash-ah): Uhm... hi.

L-A (La-dash-ah): (Confessional) Growing up in the hood was hard, dealing with all the gangs and deaths and such. But I'm not one to victimize myself. I'm strong, I think... I'll just uh, try my best. And hopefully I can pull this off to benefit my family and friends...

Fernanda: *smiles*

Camille: *wakes up* Oh man. I was having a good dream where we started the challenge already.

Steve: You said it. I've been out here for the past few days in this spot and I haven't even unpacked yet. (breaking the fourth wall <3)

Camille: I'm lazy to do the challenge, but I'm lazier to wait for it.

Surfer: Welcome to Surfer's Survivor! I'm now going to formally announce the twist (although all of you seem to know it already)... Exile Island! After each challenge, the winning tribe will pick someone from the losing tribe to go to Exile. That person will choose someone from the winning tribe to accompany them. On Exile Island, there is one benefit: A clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol! The idol is hidden in one of five hundred spots. To find it, PM me on chat or email guesses to by guessing a number one to 500. If you get it, I will privately alert you. GUESSES MUST BE SPACED FIVE MINS APART! Now to get to the Reward Challenge. I will say a number and you must run that amount of times. For example, if I said five, you would run five lines. First tribe to do so gets a point and first to three wins a fire making kit!

Episode One

Reward Challenge

Surfer: The number is four. Survivors ready? Go!

Camille: *runs* I usually horizontal run, but ok.

Larry: *runs*

Fernanda: *runs*

Jacob: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Camille: *runs* Yay, more sweating.

Larry: *runs* This is the longest I've run without tripping!

L-A: *runs* Oh god, this is quite tricky...

Cassandra: Yas, let's get all hot and steamy! ;) *runs*

Adrien: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

L-A: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Jacob: *runs*

L-A: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

L-A: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Surfer: Point Camille! Visayas wins 1-0. Next number is 5. Go!

Jacob: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

L-A: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Cassandra: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Cassandra: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Cassandra: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Surfer: Cassandra wins! We're tied. Next round is to two lines. Go!

L-A: *runs*

Steve: *runs*

Tyler: ...

Jacob* trips L-A and runs*

L-A: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Surfer: Mindanao leads two to one. Next round is to three. Go!

L-A: *runs*


L-A: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

L-A: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Adrien: *runs*

Camille: *runs*

Larry: *runs*

Surfer: Mindanao wins Reward! You guys have a fire making kit. Visayas, got nothing for you, grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Mindanao Camp

The kit sits on a rock. Try to make fire!

(omg forgot what tribe I was on XD)

Jacob: Nevermind we have one!

Larry: *nervously laughs* Why were you at the other tribe?

Jacob: Forgot where camp was. (CONF) I need us to lose to find that darn immunity idol.

Adrien: *makes fire*

Larry: Oh, I'll help you, Adrien! *helps and gets a splinter*

Jacob: *helps*

Jacob: Good job today guys.

Fernanda: Yo tenia un cuerno de un buey.

Adrien: *fire lights* there it's done!

Jacob: Great let's get fire wood for it to keep going Adrien and larry tag along.

Larry: Okay! *grips splintered hand*

Nemo: *Goes out to get Firewood* *screen turns to Duck Hunt-type screen* *after 20 second Nemo comes back with 6 firewood* That's the best I have.

Larry: *startled* What the!? Where did that screen come from?

Fernanda: Me encanta los hot dogs. (CONF) Yo fui a la preparatoriacuando yo tenia 16 años estaba con mis amigas.

Jacob: *whispers* Adrien, Larry if we lose immunity vote for faith cool?

Fernanda: Oh gracias. 

Cassandra: Urgh, it's so hot out here in the blazing sun. I might as well strip down into my bikini! :)

L-A: (CONF) I'm not really into the whole body thing, as like the other girls have confidence and all that... Sigh...

Cassandra: But if anyone wants to team up and form an Org-Uh, I mean alliance... I'm be down for that, hehe.

Visayas Camp

Jacob: Well crap, guys anyone know how to make a fire without a kit?

Camille: Maybe some wood and a rock?

Adrien: Actually, scientific studies have proven that a stick and wood is much easier.

Jacob: *walks to get materials for fire* Larry come help.

Steve: You're not on our team! *throws him to other team* Now where we we... oh yeah. Well crap, guys anyone know how to make a fire without a kit?

Camille: *walks around to get wood* I wish we got a heater.

Steve: *getting wood* I wish I had a social life. :(

Camille: I wish I had a busier life. Then again, my couch is better.

Steve: *grabbing wood* True. I wish we could have won today.

Camille: *gathers some wood* Me too. But we should focus on our heat source for tonight.

Steve: Okay. *collects more wood*

Camille: I think that's enough. Plus I'd rather not carry more weight. *heads back to camp*

Steve: Same. *brings firewood back to camp*

Jake: *helps*

Steve: *starts rubbing firewood together and hopes for fire*

Jesika: *rubs some wood together*

Immunity Challenge 1 (STARTS AT 6:30 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge you must race out to the boats (3 lines), paddle out (3 lines), and get onto your tribes platform (1 line). First tribe to have three people finish win Immunity! Survivors ready? Go!

Jesika: *races* [1]

Lindsay: Jesika you look like a disgusting pig kill yourself *Races* 1

Fernanda: *races* (1)

Lindsay: *Races* 2

Jesika: *races* [2]

Fernanda: *races* (2)

Jesika: *races* [3]

Fernanda: *races* (3)

Jesika: *paddles* [1]

Fernanda: *paddles* (1)

Jesika: *paddles* [2]

Fernanda: *paddles* (2)

Jacob: *races* (1)

Jesika: *paddles* [3]

Fernanda: *paddles* (3)

Adrien: Go Jessika! *runs* (1)

Jesika: *gets to the tribe platform* Yes!

Surfer: Jesika gives Mindanao an early lead!

Jacob: *runs* (2)

Fernanda: *gets to the tribe platform* Hurra!

Adrien: *runs* (2)

Kiki: *races* (1)

Viola: *races* (1)

Jacob: *runs* (3)

Adrien: *runs (3)

Kiki: *races* (2)

Viola: *races* (2)

Jacob: *paddles* (1)

Adrien: *paddles* (1)

Kiki: *races* (3)

Viola: *races* (3)

Jacob: *paddles* (2)

Adrien: *paddles* (2)

Kiki: *paddles* (1)

Viola: *paddles* (1)

Jacob: *paddles* (3)

Adrien: *paddles* (3)

Steve: *races* (1)

Kiki: *paddles* (2)

Viola: *paddles* (2)

Steve: *races* (2)

Jacob: *gets onto platform*

Adrien: *gets onto platform*

Surfer: Mindanao wins Immunity! Mindanao, who are you going to send to Exile Island? (You don't have to deliberate, you can just send someone from Visayas)

JAcob: I choose Steve.

Surfer: Steve, now you get to choose someone from Mindanao to join you.

Steve: Aw, shucks. :) I don't yet know if this is a bad thing. I guess I choose... Jessika.

Surfer: Jessika, you will join Steve. The two of you will return to your tribes before the next challenge. Steve, you will vote at Tribal. Visayas, you guys will vote at Tribal as well. See you guys then!

Exile Island: Jessika and Steve

There are two urns, red and blue. One has an idol clue, one has nothing. Someone choose an urn.

Steve: Here goes... *chooses blue urn*

Tribal Council 1: Visayas

Surfer: Grab a torch, dip it in, and get fire. You guys must vote one of your own out tonight. Vote below...

Steve: (CONF) Voting for Anna because she hasn't really done anything to help the tribe.

Tyler: (CONF) *mysteriously votes off Anna*

Jake: (CONF) I mean, she really is a newbie at this, and not helping our team really costs us. I vote Anna.

Camille: (CONF) I'll vote Anna because I forgot half of the tribe. Oh, well.

Kiki: (CONF) Anna is useless. I hate useless.

Viola: (CONF) I vote Anna, she doesn't help out at all.

Lindsay: (CONF) ANNA YOU ARE A NASTY LITTLE SL*T WH*R*! Die in a pit! Bye!

Carny: (CONF) Iee voat lindy she is meen. Iem done hering it.

Keisha: (CONF) Oh my gosh, I can smell Anna from here... Girl, I am praying for you, but can you please close your legs sweet jesus... the stench! *gags* My parting gift will be a bar of soap, god bless.

Surfer: First person voted out of Surfer's Survivor 5... Anna. Anna, the tribe has spoken. Well, if there's one thing we learned tonight, you guys are unified in your voting, but only a couple are trying in challenges. If you don't fix that, I'm gonna be seeing you guys a lot more often. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. Good night.

Episode 2

Last time on Surfer's Survivor...

Surfer: Twenty-two contestants appeared for our largest season yet. They were divided into two tribes and competed in a Reward Challenge, which one contestant dominated in. Mindanao won fire, and Visayas tried to make it. At Immunity, Mindanao continued their dominance, sending Visayas to Tribal and two contestants to Exile, where they chose urns. In the end, an inactive contestant was voted out in a unanimous vote. Twenty-one are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Mindanao Camp

Visayas Camp

Exile Island: Jessika and Steve

Jesika: :/ I hope we get to go back soon. *huddles to keep warmth*

Immunity Challenge 2

Surfer: Come on in guys! Mindanao getting their first look at the new Visayas tribe... Anna voted out at the last Tribal Council. Mindanao, I'll take back Immunity... Once again, Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you must work together to build a boat and use it to paddle out to a buoy. It takes fifteen lines AS A TEAM (They stack) to build the boat and ten (They stack as well) to paddle out. First tribe to do so win Immunity! You may repost if no one else does within fifteen minutes. Survivors ready? Go!

Claire: *builds boat* 1. HOES, GET WORKING.

Steve: *builds boat* (1)

Fernanda: *builds boat* (2)

Steve: *builds boat* (2)

Fernanda: *builds boat* (3)

Claire: *builds boat* (4)

Steve: *builds boat* (3)

Fernanda: *builds boat* (5)

Steve: *builds boat* (4)

Fernanda: *builds* (6)

Steve: *builds boat* (5)

Kiki: *builds vote* (6)

Jesika: *builds* (7)

Steve: *builds* (7)

Frenanda: *builds* (8)

Steve: *builds* (8)

Jesika: *builds* (9)

Fernanda: *builds* (9)

Jesika: *builds* (11)

Steve: *builds* (9)

Frenanda: *builds* (10)

Jesika: *builds* (13)

Steve: *builds* (10)

Jesika: *builds* (14)

Steve: *builds* (11)

Fernanda: *builds* (11)

Jesika: *paddles* (1)

Steve: *builds* (12)

Fernanda: *builds* (12)

Jesika: *paddles* (2)

Steve: *builds* (13)

Fernanda: *paddles* (3)

Jesika: *paddles* (4)

Claire: *paddles* (5)

Steve: *builds* (14)

Fernanda: *paddles* (6)

Claire: *paddles* (7)

Jesika: *paddles* (8)

Steve: *builds* (15)

Fernanda: *builds* (15)

Jesika: *paddles* (9)

Jacob: *paddles* (10) im here!

Surfer: Mindanao wins Immunity! Mindanao, who do you wanna send to Exile from Visayas?

Jesika: Steve!

Surfer: Steve, who do you wanna bring with you from Mindanao?

Jacob: (CONF) PLease be ME!!!!

Steve: Jacob.

Surfer: Jacob and Steve, you guys will go to Exile. Mindanao, congrats on Immunity! Visayas, I got nothing for you but a date with me at Tribal Council where one of you will become the second person voted out. See you tonight.

Exile Island: Steve and Jacob

Same as last time. There are two urns: one red, one blue.

Jacob: I choose Red!

Steve: Blue.

Jacob: So, Steve you have been here before whats so dangerous?

Tribal Council 2: Visayas

Surfer: It is time to vote!

Steve: (CONF) Keisha. Although no one seemed to do much today.

Tyler (CONF) *mysteriously votes Keisha*

Kiki: (CONF) Keisha, you already won a million dollars. *votes her*

Viola: (CONF) I'd assume she'd be a much better player knowing her reputation. *votes Keisha*

Lindsay: (CONF) Keisha I would beat you with my dildo but i left it at home.

Carny: (CONF) Ei aim nod givin up on elminainating lindy.

Jake: (CONF) I think I'll vote Keisha. I mean, I hate her songs. No offense.

Camille: (CONF) Oh, oops. I slept through another event again, didn't I? Sure, Keisha looks like a vote to me.

Surfer: I'll go tally the votes. Second person voted out of Exile Island... Keisha. Keisha, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*

Episode 3

Last time on Surfer's Survivor...

Surfer: The remaining Twenty-one contestants battled it out in an Immunity Challenge, which Mindanao won again. Steve went back to Exile with Jacob, who tried to strike up a deal with him to send each other to Exile. At Tribal Council, the former winner was blindsided in yet another unanimous vote. Twenty are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Mindanao Camp

Cassandra: *cooks over stove* Ah, all this condensation... making me all, steamy. It's it kinda, hot? ;)

L-A (La-dash-ah): Uhm no. Not really. 

Adrian: Actually, scientific theories have proven that condensation makes the atoms in several organisms hot!

Adrian: (CONF) Since Jacob is away on exile, there is no true captain in our alliance. Though im not sure we need one since we are dominating all the challenges. JAcob, actually mentioned losing a couple challenges wouldn't be a bad thing since it would give us more power.

Fernanda: (CONF) Mi trabajo es cazar un bufalo selvatico.

Nemo: We are on a hot streak right now!

L-A (La-dash-ah): That sadly has ended... Sigh, what a terrible day...

Cassandra: *cheakily grabs Adrian's ass* Nice and perky... Hi though, cutie!

Visayas Camp

Jake: All of that building was hard work.

Exile Island: Steve and Jacob

Jacob: Steve How about we both keep sending each other to exile ok? (CONF) I only need the alliance to make sure I can get as many hints as possible.

Steve: Sounds like something that would benefit both of us. Sure.

Reward/Immunity Challenge 3

Surfer: Come on in, guys! For today's challenge, you will simply pass the baton along your tribe. Specify who you are passing it to. You can pass it back and forth. The first tribe to pass it to five people wins Immunity and... Comfort! Survivors ready? Go!

Jesika: *passes to Faith*

Steve: *passes to Kiki*

Kiki: *passes to Viola*

Viola: *passes to Steve*

Steve: *passes to Lindsay*

Surfer: Visayas wins Immunity! Who will you send to Exile?

Kiki: Fernanda.

Fernada: Yo quiero Kiki

Nemo: Aw... It was fun whil it lasted. :)

Jake: Did she *points to Fernada* her the q word?!!!! *points to Kiki*

Surfer: I assume that means Fernanda wants to take Kiki! Kiki and Fernanda, you guys go to Exile. Visayas, grab your comfort and your Immunity and head on back to camp. Mindanao, got nothing for you but a date with me at Tribal Council.

Exile Island: Kiki and Fernanda

Choose either the red or blue urn.

Kiki: *chooses Red*

Fernanda: *smiles* I'm blue

Kiki: *rolls eyes* Do me a favor and don't speak unless it is something actually intelligent.

Fernanda: Ya lo se.

Kiki: Cállate, puta. 

Fernanda: Oh lo sentimos mucho Kiki.

Kiki: Then stop talking. I don't have time for you.

Fernanda: Nunca.

Kiki: Whatever.

Fernanda: Hurra!

Kiki: Do we need to get physical here?

Fernanda: suena divertido Kiki.

Kiki: So getting your ass kicked sounds fun?

Fernanda: Oh vaya.

Tribal Council 3: Mindanao

Surfer: Grab a torch, dip it in and get fire because in this game fire represents your life. Vote someone out!

Jacob: (CONF) Faith, Obviously.

Adrien: (CONF) Faith.

Jesika: (CONF) Faith.

Claire: (CONF) I'm the ace of spades. You're... what's left. L-A.

Fernanda: (CONF) Faith.

Nemo: (CONF) Faith hasn't done ANYTHING to help the team, so I vote for her.

Larry: (CONF) Faith.

Surfer: Third person voted out... Faith.

Episode 4

Last time on Surfer's Survivor...

Surfer: Jacob begged to go to Exile, hoping to get an idol clue. Meanwhile, someone spoke at Visayas. At Immunity, Visayas finally won a challenge. Despite Steve and Jacob's deal, it was Fernanda and Kiki who went to Exile and argued about Spanish. At Tribal Council, Mindanao made a nearly unanimous decision to vote out Faith, leaving Claire out. Nineteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Mindanano Camp

Jacob: (CONF) I knew everyone would vote Faith. But, I could put a target on Jessika! (END CONF) *whispers to larry* if we lose again Jessika is gone! Shes to strong and we lost cause she gave the baton to Faith who has done nothing all game!

Nemo: Um, Larry is busy.

Jacob: *whispers* Nemo, want to be in an alliance with me, larry, and Adrien? You would make four of us one more and we have numbers advantage.

Cassandra: Uhm, I'd like apart of that alliance sugar muffin! ;)

L-A (La-dash-ah): Same... Sort of, unless it depicts me in a bad light...

Jacob: Okay you guys can join too but you have to do what I say.

Visayas Camp

There is a couple of comfy looking chairs, some pillows, and a tarp from the comfort reward.

Viola: *reclines back on a chair* Ugh, I could get used to this. (CONF) Not having Kiki here to control me is definitely a nice change. I enjoy her company, but she's definitely too self-centred, so hopefully she enjoys exile, because I'm liking it here. I've good a great position in this game, and so long as there are no surprises, I'm on route to winning this season.

Steve: *also on a chair* Yeah, me too. A challenge win for us has been a long time coming... do you think that Kiki's okay at Exile Island?

Jake: I hope so. She stands a chance.

Viola: I'm sure the island would be more scared of her than she would be of it. *smirks* She's strong.

Steve: *laughs* Ha, yeah. I think she should chill a little more. It's good to look at things logically but have a little fun with it too. Fernanda must be giving her plenty of it though.

Exile Island: Kiki and Fernanda

Kiki: For a survivalist, you really are useless. Even my sister would be more helpful out here than you.

Fernanda: Si Kiki. (CONF) Yo huelo los duzasnos y son deliciosos.

Kiki: I don't speak Spanish, so don't put words in my mouth, mongrel. You should be lucky I even respond to you.}n

Fernanda: Yo hablo español.

Immunity Challenge 4 (STARTS AT 7 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! Mindanao getting their first look at the new Visayas. For today's Immunity Challenge, you must run out to grab a bag of puzzle pieces (3 lines). Once your tribe has all three bags, you can solve it (10 lines, THEY STACK). Survivors ready? Go!

Camille: *runs to the puzzles*

Larry: *runs*

Steve: *runs, carrying Tyler the Lima Bean on his back*

Jesika: *runs* [1]

Camille: *runs to the puzzles* [2]

Larry: *runs* [2]

Jesika: *runs* [2]

Fernanda: *runs* (1)

Jesika: *runs* [3] Got a bag!

Camille: *runs* [3] Yay, got some pieces.

Fernanda: *runs* (2)

Camille: *runs* [1]

Fernanda: *runs* (3)

Steve: *runs* (2)

Claire: *solves puzzle* (1)

Fernanda: *solves puzzle* (2)

Camille: *runs* [2]

Steve: *runs, going for third bag* (1)

Fernanda: *solves puzzle* (3)

Steve: *runs* (2)

Camille: *runs* [3]

Frenanda: *solves puzzles* (4)

Steve: That's all three! *solves puzzle* (1)

Fernanda: *solves puzzles* (5)

Jesika: *solves* [6]

Steve: *solves* (2)

Fernanda: *solves puzzles* (6)

Steve: *solves* (3)

Fernanda: *solves puzzles* (7)

Steve: *solves* (4)

Kiki: *solves* (5)

Viola: *solves* (6)

Steve: *solves* (7)

Kiki: *solves* (8)

Viola: *solves* (9)

Cassandra: *solves* (8)

Kiki: *solves* (10)

L-A: solves* (9)

Cassandra: *solves* (10)

Surfer: Visayas wins Immunity! Visayas, who are you gonna send to Exile?

Kiki: Fernanda.

Cassandra: Wow. Rudeeee. I wanted to go bitch! *smirks*

Surfer: Fernanda, who do you pick to come with?

Surfer: has decided that Carny will join Fernanda. Mindanao, I'll see you at Tribal.

Exile Island: Fernanda and Carny

Choose an urn.

Tribal Council 4: Mindanao

Surfer: Vote!

Jacob: (CONF) Tiger.

Adrien: (CONF) Tiger.

Cassandra: (CONF) My vote is for Tyler, you see... your ass is fine as fuck, but so is a million dollars. Bye, hun.

L-A: (CONF) Tiger... I'm sorry...

Claire: (CONF) My previous vote was just for petty reasons, but Tiger, you're not exactly useful. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

Fernanda: (CONF) lo sentimos mucho Tiger.

Jesika: (CONF) You did literally nothing, bye Tiger!

Surfer: Fourth person voted out.... Tiger. Tiger, the Tribe has spoken.

Episode 5

Last time on Surfer's Survivor...

Surfer: While Mindanao strategized, Visayas reclined. At Exile, Kiki lost her temper with Fernanda and hoped to get back to her tribe. At Immunity, Visayas won again, sending Mindanao and Nemo, for some reason, back to Tribal. In the end, Tiger was voted out, and Mindanao grabbed their stuff and headed back to camp. Eighteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Mindanao Camp

Jacob: Come on guys we need to step up our game weve lost two challenges in a row!

Cassandra: Honestly, yeah. Plus we're totes the hotter tribe. So, let's get these hotties to the merge. That obviously includes me, of course. *chuckles*

Jacob: (CONF) I need us to win so we can get to the merge but in case we keep losing I need to be sent to exile what is Steve doing? Well, if I do make the merge maybe I should try something a little more malevolent.(END CONF)

Visayas Camp

Steve: *pathetically attempts to sound cool* We're kweens. <3

Exile Island: Fernanda and Carny

Choose an urn!!!

Fernanda: Me encontre caracolas de mar.

Immunity Challenge 5 (STARTS TONIGHT AT 5:42 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! I'll take Tribal Immunity, but you won't be needing it today. For today's challenge, each person is competing for themselves. Both tribes are going to Tribal, both tribes are sending someone home. However, you can avoid being sent home by winning Immunity. Let's get to the challenge. You must get as many buckets of water (1 line per bucket) in the next twenty-four hours. PLEASE NUMBER YOUR LINES <3. The person to get the most for each tribe wins Immunity. You can repost after fifteen mins if no one else posts. Survivors ready? Go!

​Surfer: Mikayy has decided to pull themself from the game. Mindanao is now down to eight. Keep posting!

​Surfer: Two things: First, Jacob, I say when the challenge ends, k? You won anyways but let's be honest, I'm not gonna post exactly at 24 hours. Steve, you win for Visayas. Second thing, there's one more twist... The winners are going to Exile! LOL! Visayas and Mindanao, I'll see you at Tribal. Steve and Jacob, you are the only two who are safe.

Visayas Thread

Steve: *gets water* (1)

Steve: *gets water* (2)

Steve: *gets water* (3)

Steve: *gets water* (4)

Steve: *gets water* (5)

Steve: *gets water* (6)

Kiki: *gets water* (1)

Viola: *gets water* (1)

Viola: *gets water* (2)

Jake: *gets water* (1)

Jake: *gets water* (2)

Viola: *gets water* (3)

Steve: *gets water* (7)

Viola: *gets water* (4)

Viola: *gets water* (5)

Viola: *gets water* (6)

Camille: *gets water* Great, more things to do. (1)

Viola: *gets water* (7)

Viola: *gets water* (8)

Viola: *gets water* (9)

Viola: *gets water* (10)

Viola: *gets water* (11)

Steve: *gets water* (8)

Viola: *gets water* (12)

Steve: *gets water* (9)

Viola: *gets water* (13)

Steve: *gets water* (10)

Viola: *gets water* (14)

Steve: *gets water* (11)

Viola: *gets water* (15)

Steve: *gets water* (12)

Viola: *gets water* (16)

Steve: *gets water* (13)

Viola: *gets water* (17)

Steve: *gets water* (14)

Viola: *gets water* (18)

Steve: *gets water* (15)

Viola: *gets water* (19)

Steve: *gets water* (16)

Viola: *gets water* (20)

Steve: *gets water* (17)

Viola: *gets water* (21)

Steve: *gets water* (18)

Viola: *gets water* (22)

Steve: *gets water* (19)

Viola: *gets water* (23)

Steve: *gets water* (20)

Viola: *gets water* (24)

Viola: *gets water* (25)

Steve: *gets water* (21)

Viola: *gets water* (26)

Steve: *gets water* (22)

Viola: *gets water* (27) Will this ever end? 

Steve: *gets water* I have no idea... (23) 

Viola: *gets water* (28)

Steve: *gets water* (24)

Viola: *gets water* (29)

Steve: *gets water* (25)

Viola: *gets water* (30)

Steve: *gets water* (26) (g2g, I'll be back later today)

Viola: *gets water* (31) (hav fun)

Steve: *gets water* (27)

Steve: *gets water* (28)

Steve: *gets water* (29)

Steve: *gets water* (30)

Steve: *gets water* (31)

Steve: *gets water* (32)

Mindanao Thread

Jacob: *gets water* (1)

Fernanda. *gets water* (1)

Jacob: *gets water* (2)

Fernanda. *gets water* (2)

Adrien: *gets water* (1)

Jacob: *gets water* (3)

Fernanda: *gets water* (3)

Jacob: *gets water* (4)

Fernanda: *gets water* (4)

Jacob: *gets water* (5)

Fernanda: *gets water* (5)

Jacob: *gets water* (6)

Fernanda: *gets water* (6)

Jacob: *gets water* (7)

Fernanda: *gets water* (7)

Jacob: *gets water* (8)

Fernanda: *gets water* (8)

Jacob: *gets water* (9)

Fernanda: *gets water* (9)

Jacob: *gets water* (10)

Fernanda: *gets water* (10)

Jacob: *gets water* (11)

Fernanda: *gets water* (11)

Jacob: *gets water* (12)

Fernanda: *gets water* (12)

Jacob: *gets water* (13)

Fernanda: *gets water* (13)

Jacob: *gets water* (14)

Fernanda: *gets water* (14)

Jacob: *gets water* (15)

Fernanda: *gets water* (15)

Claire: *gets water* (1)

Jacob: *gets water* (16)

Fernanda: *gets water* (16)

Jacob: *gets water* (17) (CONF) I actually have no need for immunity but I sense that Fernanda has it out for me. (END CONF)

Fernanda: *gets water* (17) 

Jacob: *gets water* (18)

Fernanda: *gets water* (18)

Jacob: *gets water* (19) Ten minutes left!

Fernanda: *gets water* (19)

Jacob: *gets water* (20) I WIN!! Its been one day!

Fernanda: *gets water* (20) Hurra!

Exile Island: Jacob and Steve

There are two urns again.

Jacob: *chooses blue urn*

Steve: *chooses red urn*

Jacob: Hey, Steve. How about you help me find the idol for my tribe and ill help you find the one for yours that way we can both go to the final two. Cool?

Steve: Cool.

Tribal Council 5: Everyone

Visayas Tribal

Surfer: As you know, Steve is the only one safe, so vote!

Kiki: (CONF) Carny is totally useless. *votes Carny*

Viola: (CONF) Kiki said Carny, so... *Votes Carny*

Steve: (CONF) *votes Carny* You don't help out.

Tyler: (CONF) *somehow votes Carny* ...

Camille: (CONF) *yawns* I vote Carny.

Surfer: Sixth person voted out... Carny. Carny, the tribe has spoken.

Mindanao Tribal

Surfer: You guys lost Mikayy but you still gotta vote someone out! Jacob is immune.

Adrian: (CONF) I vote Jessika, Jacob says she is too strong! (END CONF)

Fernanda: (CONF) Yo voto Jessika.

Jacob: (CONF) Jessika. Sorry, but best play in my game strategy. Well, with Jessika gone I will be the only one on this team with any power HAHAAHHHAHAHAMWAHAHAAH.

Claire: (CONF) Jessika. V()V

Cassandra: (CONF) Sorry but I'm vote for Jessika. Let's be real, I'm the hottest bitch on this tribe, so don't try and claim my throne as the top dog. Kay? Bye.

L-A: (CONF) Uh, I'm afriad I'll have to vote for Jessika, I'm sorry girl...

Larry: (CONF) Jessika.

Jessika: (CONF) Adrien >:( (seriosuly what the f***, i won like 3 of the challenges for y'all but ok.)

Surfer: Well, the vote is seven votes Jessika, one vote Adrien. However, Kiki has decided to play her idol on Jessika, nullifying any votes against her. That means that the seventh person voted out is... Adrien. Adrien, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 6

Last time on Surfer's Survivor...

Surfer: It was a shocking episode that started with someone quitting and ended with a blindside. At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes were forced to compete against themselves in a fight for Individual Immunity Challenge. Jacob and Steve reigned supreme, leaving the other fifteen up for elimination. It was a unanimous vote for Jessika, but in a shocking turn of events, Kiki played her idol to eliminate Adrien, alongside inactive Carny and quitter Mikayy. Fifteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Mindanao Camp

Fernanda: Yo encontre mangos.

Visayas Camp

Jake: Wait, why were you on the other fricking team?

Nemo: Because I wanted to even it out.

Jake: What does that mean?

Exile Island: Steve and Jacob

Jacob: So what do we do know that your tribes idol has been found and played? (CONF) Kiki just eliminated an ally, well, a former ally. Now that I have my alliance with Steve I have no need for my old one. So, Kiki watch your back.

Immunity Challenge 6 (STARTS AT 4 PM EST)

Surfer: Today you guys will be playing Hold The Button. Up to THREE people can submit per Tribe, and the top time will win Immunity. You must screenshot your score and email it to You have twenty-four hours. The top three scores per Tribe will be tabulated. Here's the link: . Survivors ready? Go!

Surfer: Visayas wins Immunity with one submission from Tyler/Steve! Mindanao, you're going back to Tribal, I'm afraid.

Tribal Council 6: Mindanao

Surfer: Vote!

L-A (La-dash-ah): My vote is for Larry, sorry but you just don't seem to be very useful.

Cassandra: Voting Larry, sorry. But you're really bringing down the tribe hotness... with me naturally being #1, so yeah. Bye.

Jacob: (CONF) Larry, we were good friends to begin with. But, me and Steve going to final two, and you are just one less problem to deal with.

Fernanda: (CONF) Lo siento Larry.

Jesika: (CONF) Bye Larry!!! xx

Surfer: Eighth person voted out... Larry. Larry, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 7

Mindanao Camp

Fernanda: Yo no tengo miedo a los Rinocerontes.

Visayas Camp

Steve: *hanging around camp* Well, it sure is nice to be back.

Tyler: *on the ground*

Steve: Seriously, why do we have a lima bean on our team? It's not even alive!

-suddenly, the lima bean starts making noise-

Steve: Well s***, I'm insane.

Tyler: Look into your heart, I know you've always wanted a friend...

Steve: ... what?

Tyler: :)

Steve: ...

Cassandra: And once again, I'm on a tribe full of ugly ass hoes.

Reward/Immunity Challenge 7

Surfer: Come on in guys! Visayas getting their first look at the new Mindanao... Also their last, since there are new tribes! Unfortunately, I'm not gonna tell you them until after the challenge. Speaking of challenge... Each of you will stand on a high platform and try to push the other contestants off (1 line). Last person standing wins it for their tribe, but be careful, as the person you push could be your tribemate! Survivors ready? Go!

Jacob: *pushes kiki*

Steve: *pushes Fernanda*

Jacob: *pushes Jessika*

Jacob: *pushes Viola*

Steve: *pushes L-A*

Jacob: *pushes Cassandra*

Steve: *pushes Claire*

Jacob: *pushes Nemo*

Jake: *pushes Camille*

Steve: *pushes Tyler*

Surfer: This challenge ends at 8 PM EST, whether everyone's been pushed or not.

Jacob: *pushes Jake*

Steve: *pushes Lindsey*

Surfer: GG @simple challenge lasting two days. Anyways, Jacob and Steve, our two winners, happen to be on new Mindanao, along with Viola, Jake, Jessika, Claire, and L-A. That means new Visayas, which consists of Tyler, Lindsay, Kiki, Fernanda, Cassandra, Camille, and Nemo, is going to Tribal. Grab your stuff and head back to camp!

Tribal Council 7: Visayas

Surfer: See above for new tribes. Vote!

Cassandra: My vote is for Lindsey. Sorry not sorry, but you're gross... so get the fuck off my Island

Camille: (CONF) Thanks, Jake, I got more sleep than usual. I vote Lindsay.

Tyler: (CONF) *not-so-mysteriously votes Lindsey*

Kiki: (CONF) *Votes Lindsay* BYE.

Surfer: Ninth person voted out... Lindsey. Lindsey, the Tribe has spoken.

Episode 8

Mindanao Camp

Jacob: How's it going new tribe buddies? (CONF) The tribe swap has completely thrown me off my game, My old alliance that I needed for votes is on the other team. Well, I still have Steve.

Visayas Camp

Nemo: OK, NOW I am in Visayas. It was a fun roadshow.

Immunity Challenge 8

Surfer: Come on in guys! Mindanao getting their first look at the new Visayas: Lindsey voted out at Tribal Council. Now to get to Immunity. Scattered throughout the beach are 10 boxes. You must run out (2 lines) grab a box (1 line, say which box) and bring it back (2 lines). Then, I will tell you if you have the right box. You may repost after 15 mins of no posting. Survivors ready? Go!

Camille: *runs* (1)

Jesika: *runs* [1]

Fernanda: *runs* (1)

Jacob: *runs* (1)

Fernanda: *runs* (2)

Jacob: *runs* (2)

Fernanda: *grabs box 6*

Jacob: *grabs box 6*

Cassandra: *runs* (8)

L-A: *runs* (3)

Nemo: *runs* (1)

Jake: *runs* (1)

Fernanda: *brings it back* (1)

Steve: *runs* (1)

Fernanda: *brings it back* (2)

Steve: *runs* (2)

Surfer: Wait, everyone stop! Fernanda grabbed the right box, which means that Visayas wins Immunity! Mindanao, I'll see you at Tribal, where someone WILL become the tenth person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you tonight.

Tribal Council 8: Mindanao

Surfer: It is time to vote!

Jacob: I vote L-A. She hasn't done much in challenges and the only reason why I kept her around is for an extra vote.

Jake: (CONF) I vote for Viola,She hasn't done us any good for the challenges.

Jesika: (CONF) L-A doesn't do much, sorry.

L-A: (CONF) Well then... I'm trying my best, hopefully I stay. My vote is for Viola. She's by far the weakest. 

Claire: (CONF) Jacob! I don't like wannabes like you.

Steve: (CONF) Gotta vote out L-A. Sorry but we must win challenges.

Surfer: 10th person voted out... L-A.

Episode 9

Mindanao Camp

Visayas Camp

Immunity Challenge 9

Surfer: Visayas getting their last look at the new Mindanao... Because you are merging! Best Tribe name idea wins Individual Immunity.

Jesika: Cebu, an island in the Philippines in between Mindanao and Visayas.

Camille: Timpla, the word for 'mixture' in Filipino.

Jacob: Visanao, combination of Mindanao and Visayas.

Cassandra: Collins, to honor the worlds greatest Survivor contestant (IRL), Jeremy Collins. And let's be real, kissing up is the best for oh persuasion, non cutie? ;)

Fernanda: Yo me gusta Visayas.

Nemo: Pinakamabuti, Filipino for Best

Jake: Tagumpay, Filipino for Success. Well, I am not the best a Filipino, but whatever.

Steve: This rain is killing me. Dangrayne!

Surfer: Jessika and Camille, good ideas! Jacob, too predicable. Cassandra, I preferred it when you combined Trish and Jeremy's names. Fernanda, that's already a tribe name... Nemo and Jake, cool ideas, but Nemo's is a bit conventional. Steve, copyright and such. In the end, I think it comes down to Jessika, Camille, and Jake, but I gotta give it to Camille. Camille, who will you send to Exile?

Camille: I'll send Cassandra to Exile.

Surfer: OK, Cassandra, youre going!

Exile Island: Cassandra

Cassandra: This place is ratchet a fuck. The only hot piece of ass is myself and this cactus. Oh well.

Tribal Council 9: Timpla

Surfer: Vote for anyone but Camille.

Kiki: (CONF) Jacob, you're slimy, small and idiotic. You've got to go. *votes Jacob*

Viola: (CONF) Bye Jacob. *votes Jacob*

Jesika: (CONF) Bye Jacob!

Jacob: (CONF) I vote Tyler. Have you done anything?

Tyler: (CONF) *votes Jacob* ...

Steve: (CONF) Well... I have to vote Jacob. Sorry but it's time to cut the knot... I've had an alliance from the beginning long before we had our pact and I'm sticking to that. I'm not sure if I can 100% trust you either, since you were so eager to ditch your old allies in favor of me. While I'm flattered, I don't want the same thing to happen to me anytime soon and now you probably don't have the numbers anyway. Nonetheless, it's been fun playing the game with you, and goodbye.

Nemo: Jacob

Jake: Uh, I guess Jacob.

Camille: (CONF) Sorry, Jacob. You try to make big game moves and become a clever strategist, but it's coming off as poorly executed.

Fernanda: (CONF) Lo sentimos Jacob

Cassandra: (CONF) My vote is for Jacob, I guess. You got really crusty skin, I recommend lotion. Bye.

Surfer: Tenth person voted out... Jacob. Jacob, the Tribe has spoken.

Episode 10

Timpla Camp

Fernanda: Yo fui al spa.

Jake: She's getting on my nerve.

Nemo: Okay....

Steve: Yay! We've merged!

Tyler: Yes... what a delight it is that our biggest threat is gone, and we've reached the merge to reunite...

Steve: Seriously, h-how are you still talking to me? You're a lima bean... *looks around* Also, how am I the only one hearing you?

Tyler: Perhaps because I'm purely talking to you through your mind... or maybe I'm a figment of your imagination. I reflect your desire for a friend. Just accept that I am alive as long as you believe in me.

Steve: ...Okay I might have to think this over...

Tyler: You do that.

Camille: Uh, Steve? I might still be half-asleep, but why are you talking to yourself?

Steve: Hm? Oh, uh... no. Go back to sleep, you're seeing things.

Tyler: Yes... our connection must be secret...

Exile Island: Cassandra

Immunity Challenge 10

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge you will be playing 20 questions: Survivor style. You will ask a yes/no question regarding Survivor contestants. First person to guess the contestant wins Immunity! Survivors ready? Ask!

Steve: Is the contestant a winner?

Surfer: No!

Claire: Is the contestant from a season after Survivor: Micronesia?

Surfer: Yes!

Cassandra: Is the contestant female?

Surfer: Yes!

Camille: Was the contestant a jury member?

Surfer: Yes!

Steve: Did the contestant play more than once?

Surfer: No!

Steve: Is she from a post-Heroes vs, Villains season?

Surfer: No!

Fernanda: Hot dogs son mi comida favorita?

Steve: Does she have dark hair?

Surfer: Sort of...

Cassandra: Susie, from Gabon?

Surfer: No!

Claire: Erinn Lobdell!

Surfer: No!

Steve: Shambo?

Surfer: Shambolicious! Steve wins Individual Immunity! Steve, who's going to Exile?

Steve: I guess Fernanda. (CONF) *squealing with excitement inside*

Fernanda: Si.

Surfer: Well, someone's about to become the twelvth person voted out!

Exile Island: Fernanda, Fer, or Ferny

Fernanda: Yo veo un mono titi.

Tribal Council 10: Timpla

Surfer: Steve is immune. Vote someone out!

Camille: (CONF) *yawns* All that thinking made me tried. I'll vote Viola.

Claire: (CONF) You're not very good at keeping a poker face. *votes Viola*

Steve: (CONF) *votes Camille* Well now that you know I talk to myself...

Tyler: (CONF) *votes Camille* :D

Nemo: (CONF) *votes Camille*

Jake: (CONF) *votes Camille* You are really bad at challenges. No offense.

Jesika: (CONF) *votes Camille*

Surfer: Twelfth person voted out and the first member of our jury... Camille. Camille, you can chill at Ponderosa now!

Episode 11

Timpla Camp

Exile Island: Fernanda

Immunity Challenge 11 (STARTS AT LIKE 1 PM EST OR SMTH)

Surfer: Come on in, Timpla! For today's challenge, you will run through this obstacle course (5 lines). First three to do it move on to the final round. Survivors ready? Go!

Jesika: *runs* [1]

Fernanda: *runs* (1)

Steve: *runs* (1)

Nemo: *runs* (1)

Jake: *runs (1)

Fernanda: *runs* (2)

Nemo: *runs* (2) *to Fernanda* OH NO YOU F***ING HERMANO

Jake: *runs (2)

Fernanda: *runs* (3)

Steve: *runs* (2)

Fernanda: *runs* (4)

Steve: *runs* (3)

Fernanda: *runs* (5) Hurra!

Nemo: *runs* (3)

Jake: *runs (3)

Steve: *runs* (4)

Surfer: Well since this challenge is taking like a million years, Fernanda wins for being the first to finish!

Nemo: Hey, at least we are two of the first three!

Jake: Hi five me, jack! *hi-fives Nemo*

Tribal Council 11: Timpla

Surfer: One of you is about to become the thirteenth person voted out and the second member of our jury!

Steve: (CONF) *votes Claire*

Tyler: (CONF) *votes Claire*

Fernanda: (CONF) *votes Claire*

Claire: (CONF) Why am I getting votes and not this irrelevant? *votes Jake*

Nemo: (CONF) I vote Claire, man. *votes Claire*

Jake: (CONF) Oh, Claire. I am the relevant one. And just because you voted for me, I vote for you. *votes Claire*

Jesika: (CONF) *votes Claire*

Surfer: Thirteenth person vote out and the second member of the jury... Claire. Claire, the tribe has spoken.

Cassandra: (CONF) Oops, forgot to vote. I don't really care who goes. So Claire?

Episode 12

Timpla Camp

Immunity Challenge 12

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge, each person will choose a box numbered 1-9. One of them will give you Immunity, though there are other prizes as well. Survivors ready? Go!

Jesika: 7

Fernanda: 5

Nemo: 1

Jake: 9

Cassandra: 8, I guess?

Steve: 2

Tyler: 3

Surfer: Kiki and Viola get four and five respectively (same user). But the winner is... Cassandra! Everyone else, you have a one in eight shot of going home tonight.

Tribal Council 12: Timpla

Jake: (CONF) I vote Tyler.

Nemo: (CONF) *votes for Fernanda* HERMANO.

Fernanda: (CONF) *votes for Tyler* 

Kiki: (CONF) *votes for Tyler*

Viola: (CONF) *votes for Tyler* Pleasure doing business with you.

Jesika: (CONF) *votes Tyler*

Cassandra: (CONF) Obvously I am immune, hm. I vote Tyler, he's ugly as fuck. Get out.

Surfer: Fourteenth person voted out and the third member of our jury... Tyler.

Steve: You know, I'm gonna look like an idiot for this but since I believe you talked to me, I'm going to give you one of my spare glasses, even though it won't fit... *puts glasses on Tyler*

Tyler: *all of a sudden reveals himself to be alive and starts dancing and singing* Tyler the lima bean, was a jolly, happy bean. With hardly any arms and a lacking nose and some skin that was green. Tyler the lima bean is a fairy tale they say. He was made of food but the contestants know how he came to life today! There must have been some magic in those glasses given by Steve, for when he placed it around my head I danced around before I had to leave! Oh Tyler the lima bean, was alive as he could be, and the contestants say he could laugh and play just the same as you and me...

Steve: *awestruck* That was beautiful... sorry you had to leave... ;(

Tyler: Aw, it's okay Steve! Just as long as you always believe in me, I'll be with you, in here! *points to Steve's torso*

Steve: *tearfully* In my heart?

Tyler: No, in your intestines! Bye everyone, it's been a bla- *eaten by pelican*

Steve: NOOOO!!! ;( I swear, I will unleash my wrath on whoever voted for my only friend! D:

Episode 13

Timpla Camp

Steve: *bursts into the confessional and breaks into the voting box* Aha! *discovers his allies, including Kiki and Viola (seriously tyler was my character, and besides he was q.ueen) voted him off* I trusted you...

Immunity Challenge 13 (STARTS AT 1 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge, you will simply vote someone out! Get to voting!

Steve: *ragevotes kiki gg*

Viola: *votes Nemo* hi

Kiki: *votes Nemo* bye

Fernanda: *votes Nemo* Adios

Nemo: (CONF) *votes for Kiki* Bye!

Jake: (CONF) I have to vote Kiki, because she hasn't done anything.

Nemo: You know what? I know it is a waste, but I'll have to use my Immunity Idol.

Surfer: Technically it was Jake who found it, but sure, Jake can play it on you, I guess. That nullifies the three votes against Nemo, making it three votes for Kiki and two votes left, so Kiki is the fifteenth person voted out and the fourth member of our jury. But you're voting another person out at Tribal Council!

Tribal Council 13: Timpla

Surfer: Vote another person out!

Jesika: (CONF) I vote for Jake

Fernanda: (CONF) Yo voto por Jake

Steve: (CONF) voting for fernanda cause tyler was my bae (#pathetic)

Nemo: *votes for Fernanda* GOODBYE HERMANO.

Jake: (CONF) Um, I guess I vote Fernanda.

Viola: (CONF) Jake. You f***ed with the wrong sister.

Cassandra: (CONF) Voting that spanish bitch Fernanda off.

Surfer: Fifth member of our jury... Fernanda. Fernanda, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 14

Timpla Camp

Immunity Challenge 14

Surfer: Time for the loved one's visit! Tell your loved one about your adventure. Best description wins Immunity! (You can interact with them if you want)

Nemo: *to Victoria* ...So, when I arrived at the camp, I had to race to get points, and we won. I got confused and I thought I got points, but I guessed not. Then I paddled along wiht a canoe and I "won" again. I built a boat and paddled to a buoy. Then passed the baton to my team, and that's where I got my first loss (at least that's what the contestants think). Then I solved a huge puzzle. Then I pitched up water. Then I held the button. My hand hurted after that. I pushed my team off the next challenge. Then I went to Visayas. Then we raced for a box, the hermano won it for our team. Then I tried to talk a new team name for the merged tribe. It was the best! Man, what a picky dude. Then we guessed someone from Survivor. I don't know who she was... Then I ran an obstacle course, picked up a box again and voted someone off! And now I am talking this to you.

Jake: *to Miranda.* ...So, when I arrived at the camp, I had to race to get points, and we were kinda crappy. Then I paddled along wiht a canoe and I lost. I built a boat and paddled to a buoy. Then passed the baton to my team and I won. Then I solved a huge puzzle. Then I pitched up water. Then I held the button. I pushed my team off the next challenge. Then I went to Mindanao. Then we raced for a box, Fernanda won it for the other team, and she's eliminated now, but that's okay.. Then I tried to talk a new team name for the merged tribe. It was the best! Man, what a picky dude. Then we guessed someone from Survivor. Then I ran an obstacle course, picked up a box again and voted someone off! And now I am talking this to you.

Steve: I immediately joined an alliance with two supposed allies, one of which is gone now, scammed someone who was obviously an antagonist, made a lima bean friend who came to life before he was eaten after being eliminated by my supposed allies who turned out to be mean old ugly poopyheads and I've got my revenge on one of them (soon to be two) ever since. :)

Steve's fifth cousin-sixteen times removed: How unstable are you now?

Steve: *eats a coconut*

Surfer: Steve wins Immunity

Nemo: What about me? I got the longest one!

Tribal Council 14

​Surfer: Vote anyone but Steve!

Steve: (CONF) Voting off Viola.

steve: do i win yet?

Jesika: (CONF) Viola.

Surfer: Since this has taken, like, a million years, the seventeenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury is... Viola. Viola, the Tribe has spoken.

Episode 15

Immunity Challenge 15

Surfer: Today's challenge is simple: Explain why you should stay.

Jesika: I should stay because I've not been afraid to tell my tribemates what I think of them, I've voted strategically, and even though I'm not a huge player in challenges, I do try whenever I can! 

Nemo: I should stay because I am a champion, a king, who is really heroic, nice and more effecient! Even though I am not a canidate to be a winner, I still ACT like a winner!

Jake: I should stay because I am really much more awesome at challenges. And even though I am not efficient, I try whenever I can and try to win!

Steve: I should stay because I'm keeping this camp alive I've been working hard at everything here since the start.

Steve: This camp is as slow as my phat uncle. *steals the million and flies out the window*

Nemo: Cheater. *calls the police*

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