'Welcome to Tahiti Iti', where 18 Americans will soon face off in one of the greatest social experiments of all time: Survivor. They will be forced to adapt or be voted out of the game. But for the first time ever, they will be starting the game... With NO TRIBES. Will they think about themselves, or will they try to keep their tribe strong? With new twists around every corner, it will be tougher than ever to Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay.

Sign-Ups (2 per user)

(Name, stereotype, user)

  1. Amy - The Reggae Girl - Samey
  2. Aaron - The Sincere Brute - SC
  3. Cindy - The Sensitive Mastermind - SC
  4. Vicky - The Sweet But Sour Girl - Wendy


  1. Joakim Noah - The Too-Good To Beat Player - Nemo - 1st Voted Out
  2. Heather - The Queen Bee - Alpha Ranger - 2nd Voted Out
  3. Ry - The King Hearted Musician - Alpha Ranger - 3rd Voted Out
  4. Nemo - The Gamer - Nemo - 4th Voted Out
  5. Ace- "The Real American"- tdiLanceknox - 5th Voted Out
  6. Jamie - The Lion King of Sounth Africa - Samey - 6th Voted Out
  7. Brussel Rantz - The Sociopathic Strategist - Surfer - 7th Voted Out
  8. Grace - The Saucy Old Lady - Surfer - 8th Voted Out, 1st Member of the Jury
  9. Serena - The Random Gal - TDY - 9th Voted Out, 2nd Member of the Jury
  10. Brendan - The Fast-Talker - Milkshake - 10th Voted Out, 3rd Member of the Jury
  11. Caleb - The Cool Surfer - TDY - 11th Voted Out, 4th Member of the Jury
  12. "Cass" - The Secretive Inquisitor - Wendy - 12th Voted Out, 5th Member of the Jury
  13. Gabriela - The Spicy Latina - Milkshake - 13th Voted Out, 6th Member of the Jury
  14. Lance- The Thinker- tdiLanceknox - 14th Voted Out, 7th Member of the Jury

Contestant Pics (For the LOLs, if you want)




Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Heather WIN OUT
Joakim Noah OUT

Day 0 (Pre-Chat)

The contestants arrive on the beach. They look around, confused, as Surfer is no where to be seen.

Grace: Hello, sonnies! (CONF) Back where I'm from, they call me the Hurricane because I'm really aggressive. I may look old, but I'm one tough cookie! (END CONF)

Vicky: Well, here we are in Tahiti Iti.

Grace: Indeed!

"Cass": *adjusts glasses*

Amy: Hola a Todos

Jamie: Hola

Grace: Nice glasses!

Aaron: *Stretches* I'm already prepared! (CONF) I've seen the first three seasons and I know what to expect. I've got this, definitely. (END CONF)

Cindy: Um, hello, everyone. (CONF) First impressions are the best ones to leave. Obviously, I'm leaving a pretty good one, but some of these others are making me second-guess my opinion to be on this show. I'm sure they're not all bad, though! Or, at least, not as bad as they appear to be. (END CONF)

Lance: *arrives* hmmmmm, no host huh *thinking to self* (must be trying to cause confusion right off the bat, at least it gives us a chance to feel each other out*

Ace- *arrives* Yee-haw!!!!! The Real American is here! I'd be happier if I were actually in America.

Heather: -arrives- I arrive to Surfer's Survivor 4. I'm ready to play a game, I hope you are too. 

Ace- Of course im ready! A real American should always be ready! in America!

Surfer: Welcome contestants to Surfer's Survivor! You all know that twists are common in SS right? Well this season has the greatest twist thus far: There will be no tribes to start the game off. Whereas we usually start with two or three tribes, this time we are starting with one. You are all on the same tribe. I'll explain more later, but for now, grab your stuff and head to camp.

Episode 1: "I'll vote with the majority because that's the American way!"

Totum Bellum Camp

Grace: One tribe?? Really??

Aaron: Whatever, man. Still goin' for the gold; we all are. This just makes it easier!

Cindy: *Raises eyebrows* (CONF) This... is certainly interesting. I haven't decided if it's a negative or positive aspect, but it certainly is interesting nonetheless.... (END CONF)

"Cass": *smirks* A chance to get to know you all, then.

Lance: Indeed.

Ace: One tribe, huh, just like there's only one America!

Amy: *drinks a soda*

Ace: Where'd ya get that soda, and was it made in America?

Immunity Challenge (STARTS AT 6 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! (Sorry for my excessive lateness) Welcome to your first immunity challenge! For this challenge, you must stand on a platform for the longest amount of time. It takes one line to push someone off. You may repost after someone else posts OR after ten minutes. Last six people still standing win immunity and do not have to go to Tribal Council.

Brussell: *pushes Grace off* I don't mind pushing old people off things!

Grace: Who are you calling old???

Gabriela: *continues to be irrelevant and pushes Amy off*

Amy: Ay Oye!

Brussell: *pushes Nemo off* Bye

Cindy: Fun! *Pushes Gabriela off*

Aaron: Let's do this, Aaron! *Pushes Joakim Noah off*

Brussell: I'm so evil! *pushes Ace off*

Cindy: *Pushes Serena off*

Aaron: Sorry! *Pushes Lance off*

Jamie: *pushes "Cass" off*

Cindy: *Pushes Caleb off*

Aaron: Woo! *Pushes Ry off*

Brussell: *pushes Vicky off*

Surfer: STOP! Jamie, Brussel, Cindy, Aaron, Heather, and Brendan, you win immunity! You six will vote at Tribal Council, but you will be safe from being voted out. Everyone else, you can go home this early in the game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Tribal Council 1

Surfer: OK, you guys know the drill. Vote for anyone EXCEPT the six immune people.

Joakim: I vote for "Cass".

Nemo: *votes for "Cass"* I vote for "Cass". She even has air quotes between her or his name!

Cindy: (CONF) I really haven't had a chance to see much of any of these people, but there is no reason a person with the name of "Joakim" should exist. No... reason. *Votes Joakim Noah* (END CONF)

Aaron: (CONF) I literally have no idea who to vote, so... I'll say Joakim Noah. That's... not a real name, is it? *Votes Joakim Noah* (END CONF)

Grace: (CONF) Joakim seems like a b****. *votes Joakim Noah* (END CONF)

Brussell: (CONF) Nemo's a fish, but the most devious thing to do would be to keep the weakest link. *votes Joakim Noah* (END CONF)

Nemo: We should end the Council. Plus, J.Noah isn't weak!

Surfer: ...But who would go home if we ended the Council? Joakim has the most votes...


Lance: (CONF) She's a little too inquisitive for me *votes Cass*

Ace: (CONF) Alright, voting time! Nothing more American than that! Joakim doesn't sound very American, but I'll vote with the majority because that's the American way. *votes Cass*

Brendan: (CONF) I vote Joakim Noah.

Gabriela: (CONF) Joakim Noah. I wants to force a tiebreaker. >:) 

Joakim Noah: I think that's the tiebreaker, so "Cass" is out.

Surfer: No she isn't because it's still 6-6. Silly Joakim Noah!

"Cass": (CONF) Joakim Noah.

Vicky: (CONF) Joakim Noah is a little fishy.

Caleb: (CONF) I vote Joakim.

Jamie: (CONF) Bye Joakim.

Amy: (CONF) Adios Joakim Noah.

Surfer: First person voted out of Surfer's Survivor: Anarchy... Joakim Noah! Joakim, the tribe has spoken. *smashes idol* Grab your stuff, head back to camp. Good night.

Episode 2: "Speak English Like a Real American!"

Totum Bellum Camp

Grace: That was shocking! (CONF) Meh, not really. (END CONF)

Brussell: I orchestrated the whole thing, of course! (CONF) I'm an evil genius!! Mwahahahah!!! (END CONF)

Nemo: He's not lying!

Heather: You orchestrated what now? It must be small because nothing dramatic has even happened yet. (CONF) I really don't understand these people, one thing I know is that Brussell is a big fat fish and he is totally doing some manipulating, maybe I can learn some things from him. -winks at camera- (END CONF)

Ry: It must be something exciting if it was "shocking" what happened?

Amy: Oh gracias Nemo.

Ace: Gracias? this is America! Speak English like a real American.

Grace: Are you kidding? America is the land of the free! People can speak whatever language they want!

Vicky: Who cares what language they're speaking? :////

Ace: Real Americans speaks English cause they're real Americans. In America!

Amy: Si Ace

Ace: You mean yes?

Amy: Fabuloso

Ace: *unimpressed look on face* (CONF) seriously?

Cindy: Unbelievable. *Walks away* (CONF) How the hell am I supposed to last long with the true American, the old lady, and wannabe antagonists? My solution: eliminate them as soon as possible. Will it be hard? No; because they're ANNOYING. (END CONF)

Lance: *thinking of something to say*

Aaron: Well... this is awkward.

Lance: Quite

Amy: *smiles*

Lance: *tries to think of something to say* *fails*

Amy: *eats grapes*

Gabriela: *slaps Amy* You are died to me!

Amy: Ay!

Lance: That's unnecessarily mean, and bad grammar.

Ace: *taps foot impatiently* Making us wait this long for the challenge is un-American!

Nemo: Er....

Amy: *rolleyes*

Nemo: Oh, that's just great.

Amy: Me gustan las uvas

Immunity Challenge 2 (6 PM EST ON NOV. 20)

Surfer: Come on in guys! I'll take back the immunity necklaces... Thank you. Starting today, there will only be five necklaces up for grabs, so we won't be needing this one anymore. *throws necklace into the ocean* For today's challenge you will take (post) the most beautiful picture of Tahiti possible. Best five pictures win immunity! You have 24 hours in which to do so. Survivors ready? Go!

Aaron: This, definitely!

Cindy: This one. I believe it highlights Tahiti's beauty perfectly.

Amy: Mi imagen. 
Tranquil Lagoon Bora Bora Island French Polynesia

Gabriela: Yes XD. hahah!



Ace: This. but nowhere near as beautiful as America!



Surfer: Wow, this is a tough decision! Everyone who didn't submit a picture loses (duh). Gabriela, your picture didn't really capture the landscape that well, so I'm sorry to announce that you have not won immunity. Vicky, yours was pretty good looking, but kinda boring. So eighth place for you. Lance, it's hard to tell what's in your picture because you're so high up. Seventh place. The last person who does not win immunity is... Ace. I'm sorry, but your picture was really blurry. Aside from that, everyone's pictures were AWESOME! As a result, Aaron, Cindy, Amy, Nemo, and "Cass" win immunity! As for the rest of you, one of you twelve will become the second person voted out of this game and will have no shot at a million. Grab your stuff, get back to camp, I'll see you tonight.

Tribal Council 2

Surfer: All right, you guys know what to do, vote someone out!

Nemo: This is for payback, b****! *votes Heather*

Ace: (CONF) I would vote Jamie for not speaking American! I mean English, but I suppose I'll stick with the majority again and vote heather.

Lance: (CONF) Heather

Aaron: (CONF) Out of the people with no immunity, I'm going to have to say... Heather. I mean, I'm trying to be nice, and she doesn't do much... so... *Votes Heather* (END CONF)

Cindy: (CONF) This is ridiculous. Like, how am I supposed to be strategic when no one is, you know, competition. Ugh; it's annoying. I guess I vote Ace. Not only is he annoying, as well, but he was really close to winning immunity. It's sad that that's all I have to go on, but... *Votes Ace* (END CONF)

"Cass": (CONF) Heather is a little quiet. *votes Heather*

Vicky: (CONF) Heather! We don't need any "queen bee" a**holes around here! :)

Caleb: (CONF) Sorry Heather. You are a quiet one like myself.

Serena: (CONF) *writes Heather's name down*

Grace: (CONF) That b**** Heather thinks she's cute. *votes Heather*

Brussel: (CONF) I'm running this game, and tonight it's time to blindside Heather. She won't see it coming!!! *votes Heather and laughs like a psychopath then skips away*

Surfer: Second person voted out of SS4... Heather.

Episode 3: "GRANNY CAN RUN!"

Totum Bellum

Vicky: Here's hoping that I'll actually get immunity this time.

Amy: Solo encontre un caramelo.

Aaron: Uh... ¿Es bueno, Amy?

Serena: *coughs* I have a cold! I don't think I can do the challenge. I will get over it soon.

Ace: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! more Spanish!!! GAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

Nemo: I should win again!

Cindy: No, you shouldn't. What you need to do is-

Aaron: Why do you have such a huge problem with Spanish? Just because you know the Mexicans are doing better than you doesn't mean you have to be such a racist-

Aaron and Cindy: *profanity is cool. xx*

Grace: I'm an independent old lady, and I think your arguing. Is stupid.

Vicky: :/ Why don't y'all stop being so immature and calm down?

Cindy: Why don't you try winning for once, get on my level, and then come back to talk to me.

Aaron: Um, I don't mean to take sides or anything, but I'm simply standing up for Amy... and... um, Mexicans, I guess. Just fighting for what's right. I'm sorry, though.

Ace: Yeah, settle this like real Americans, by proving yourself in a pointless challenge. In America!

Aaron: Wow.

Lance: *trying to think of something relevant to say*

Brussel: (CONF) My plan to create chaos has worked to perfection! Now to stir up some more... (END CONF) Hey Grace, Ace said you're old and ugly!


Amy: *smiles*

Gabriela: I am Brazilian and I can speak English. Learn it you moron.

Brendan: I exist.


Lance: Hmmm, things are escalating real quickly.

Brussel: Yes they are... YES THEY ARE!!!

Immunity Challenge (STARTS TONIGHT AT 6:30 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge you will run out to the boat (3 lines) row out (3 lines) grab the idol and come back (3 lines). First FOUR back win immunity. Survivors ready? Go!

Ace: *runs to boat*

Lance: *runs to boat*

Amy: *runs to boat* (1)

Nemo: *runs to boat* (1)

Amy: *runs to boat* (2) 

Aaron: *Runs* [1]

Cindy: *Runs* [1]

Nemo: *runs to boat* (2)

Aaron: *Runs* [2]

Cindy: *Runs* [2]

Amy: *runs to boat* (3)

Aaron: *Runs* [3]

Cindy: *Runs* [3]

Nemo: *runs to boat* (3)

Aaron: *Rows out* [1]

Cindy: *Rows out* [1]

Nemo: I shall not lose! *rows boat* (1)

Amy: *rows boat* (1)

Nemo: *rows boat* (2)

Amy: *rows boat* (2)

Aaron: *Rows out* [2]

Cindy: *Rows out* [2]

Amy: *rows boat* (3)

Aaron: *Rows out* [3]

Cindy: *Rows out* [3]

Ace: *runs to boat* (2)

Lance: *runs to boat* (2)

Nemo: *rows boat* (3)

Aaron: *Grabs idol and comes back* [1]

Cindy: *Grabs idol and comes back* [1]

Amy: *Grab idol and comes back* (1)

Aaron: *Comes back* [2]

Cindy: *Comes back* [2]

Amy: *grabs the idol and comes back* (2)

Ace: *runs to boat* (3)

Lance: *runs to boat* (3)

Cindy: *Comes back* [3] First! Ha-ha!

Aaron: *Comes back* [3] Second is the first loser, but at least I'm still first in some aspect!

Ace: *rows out*

Lance: *rows out*

Amy: *Grabs idol and comes back* (3) Tercero si

Ace: *rows out* (2)

Lance: *rows out* (2)

Ace: *rows out* (3)

Lance: *rows out* (3)

Nemo: *Grabs Idol* (1)

Ace: *grabs Idol*

Nemo: *rows boat* (1)

Lance: *grabs idol and heads back*

Ace: *comes back* (2)

Nemo: *rows boat* (2)

Ace: *comes back* (3) WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Lance: *comes back* (2)

Nemo: *rows boat* (2)

Surfer: Aaron and Cindy finish first, way ahead, followed by Amy! And it's a battle to the finish between Ace, Nemo, and Lance! The final person to win immunity is Ace! You four are immune. Everyone else, grab your stuff and head back to camp. One of you is going home tonight.

Tribal Council 3

Surfer: Aaron and Cindy can't be stopped! Vote for anyone besides them, Amy, or Ace.

Lance: (CONF) Cass

Ace: (CONF) Cass for not competing, that's un-American!

Aaron: (CONF) Ry. Haven't heard a thing out of him since the beginning. Plus, Ace has immunity. *Shrugs and votes Ry* (END CONF)

Cindy: (CONF) Nemo. He's so immature and that name is only meant for the fish and... well, yeah. Bye. *Votes Nemo* (END CONF)

Nemo: "Cass" cause she was and is my target to eliminate!

Gabriela: (CONF) Amy. Learn to speak English.

Brendan: (CONF) Ry.

Brussel: (CONF) Ry probably isn't trying because he has an idol! We need to flush that. *votes Ry*

Grace: (CONF) B**** don't do anything! *votes Ry*

"Cass": (CONF) Ry.

Vicky: (CONF) Ry.

Surfer: Remember, don't vote for the people who are immune! *cough Gabriela cough* Also, that's majority, so the third person voted out of Surfer's Survivor: Anarchy is... Ry. Ry, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 4: "The Consequences are Brutal

Totum Bellum Camp

Brussel: (CONF) Yet another blindside orchestrated by me!!! (END CONF) *dumps all the water out and grins a toothless grin*

"Cass:" What a disgusting creature.

Grace: Why you little... *string of expletives*

Cindy: Are you freaking kidding me? That was all of our clean water supply! I hope you plan to go out and get more.

Brussel: Meh.

Aaron: Are you kidding me, dude?

Cindy: No, shut up. *Walks towards Brussel* You mean to tell me, Brussel Sprout, that you think you're so cute that you can dump our supplies onto the ground and then tell me that you don't plan on fixing that? Ooh, I should so hurt you the best way I know how to, but I won't. You will be gone next tribal, though, buddy.

Nemo: *is seen holding a tablet* According to this fan review, Brussel, you should be eliminated because you are evil and most hated. And Cass, the reason I want to vote for you is because your a fake, but let's be honest, the biggest reason why you should b eliminated is because you don't to challenges often.

Amy: Gracias 

Ace: I'll address Amy later, but Brussel wasting water? That's Un-Ameri... oh wait a minute, wasting water is totally American, now that I think of it. But, still you should be ashamed of yourself, A real American takes responsibility for their actions and tries to fix it!

Gabriela: (CONF) When the tribe didn't vote with me for Amy, that set me off. *eyeroll* I'm sick of her face. Her dumb face. What a poopy pants.

Brendan: Let's calm down everyone!

Gabriela: You know Ace, some of us aren't American and what you said really p*ssed us off. :/ I'm willing to try to be nice you you but *points to Amy* if you f*ck with me you are died.

Lance: I think you mean dead.

Ace: You don't have to be American to be an American, if you adopt the American way, you'll be American at heart. *salutes non-existent American flag*

Cindy: This place is a damn freak show.

Aaron: (CONF) The sad part... I think Cindy, of all people, might just be right. I mean, Amy only speaks Spanish, and I do like the language, as I do speak it myself, but this is an American show; Gabriela has an odd obsession with Amy; Brussel is obsessed with being an antagonist or just plain insane; Ace doesn't stop talking about America; and Nemo is practically a child. The rest just stand there... some of them occasionally talk... but, most of the time, they just stand there and blink, breath, you know... the usual.

Vicky: Shut the f*** up about America. We're in Tahiti now, boys!!

Brussel: *laughs a maniacal laugh* (CONF) I've set everyone off!! If only it were a fan-voted game... Then I'd TOTALLY win.

Grace: YOU B****! *throws Nemo's tablet at Brussel*

Brussel: *ducks and lets tablet go in fire*

Nemo: Good thing the fire isn't lit. *grabs tablet in fire*

Fire: *is lit*


Brussel: I would, but there's no water (also you aren't on fire >.>).

Nemo: *holds Brussel as fire spreads to him* Listen here. You can't godmod. The consequences are brutal.

Lance: Well... that escalated quickly.

Ace: None of this would have happened if we were in America!

Cindy: *Storms off* (CONF) Who knew that trying to win a million dollars would be so difficult? Well, okay, but... it's not the journey, it's the companions I have. Like, these days are not going by fast enough! *Hits the ground with her hand, hard* I... want... all of these monstrosities... GONE. (END CONF)

Aaron: *Sighs* Can't we just, like... talk about our lives? Maybe... play some sort of game? It's... kind of, annoying, you know, constantly bickering and all....

Lance: Yeah, its getting a bit tiresome already, and we're only 3 vote-offs into this game...

Nemo: Someone just extinguish me.


Ace: I'll put you out Nemo, with my fire extinguisher made... in America! *puts out Nemo*

Brussel: Fire extinguishers and tablets? What else is gonna magically appear on this island??

  • Wizard walks by* sup

Grace: *slaps Wizard upside the head*

Wizard: Ow, you're mean. I'm gonna go home now. *disappears in cloud of smoke*

Grace: *tries to catch smoke but ends up falling in the fire* Ow, I'm on fire! *stops, drops, rolls into ocean where she is extinguished* That was easy!

Ace: Dang, I wanted to use my American fire extinguisher again.

Immunity Challenge 4 (STARTS TODAY AT 6 PM EST)

Surfer: Sorry for being early (for once) but let's get started. Today's challenge is trivia. First three people to get five questions correct win! Let's start off easy... Who won SS3?

Lance: Keisha

Surfer: That's one point for Lance! Next question... Who is the only SS contestant to go to TWO separate finales?

Cindy: Chandler!

Surfer: We're tied, 1-1. Next question... Who did he beat in SS2?

Cindy: Chloe!

Surfer: Correct! Cindy leads 2-1. Next... What season did he lose in?

Nemo: Season 3?

Surfer: And Nemo's on the board, bringing it to 2-1-1. Next question: Who was in his alliance that season?

Nemo: Ace?

Surfer:... No. The correct answer was Teddy and Ursula, but that was tough. Now for an easier one: What seasons did Teddy participate in?

Amy: Janice?

Surfer: Nope, we're looking for a number

Lance: Season 3 and season 2

Surfer: First one is right, second is not!

Lance: Sorry Season 3 and season 1

Surfer: Lance has tied it up! Next question: Where did season one take place?

Lance: A remote island in the middle of the Pacific?

Surfer: Lance pulls ahead! What about Season 2?

Amy: Kiki?

Lance: Hawaii

Surfer: Lance is up 4-2-1-a whole lot of zeros. Where was Season 3 located?

Lance: A lot of places?

Surfer: Lance wins immunity! Still looking for second and third place... Who was the first person ever eliminated from Surfer's Survivor?

Ace: Stephanie

Surfer: Ace makes it 2-1-1! Who was the latest person eliminated (gg)?

Cindy: Ry!

Surfer: Correct! Cindy widens her lead. Next question: What was the largest season (one with the most players)?

Cindy: This one!

Surfer: Ding ding ding! Cindy wins as well! Since I'm running out of questions, I'm gonna end this challenge with just two people (Lance and Cindy) winning immunity. So, everyone else will have to go to Tribal tonight. You have the rest of the day to decide who it's gonna be. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Tribal Council 4

Surfer: Vote for anyone besides Cindy or Lance!

Grace: (CONF) I vote for that FREAK Nemo. *votes Nemo*

Brussel: (CONF) I vote for Nemo. He tried to kill me! *votes Nemo*

Cindy: (CONF) I, finally... get to do... this! *Votes Nemo* I would pray for him, but I think he's a little bit past that.

Aaron: (CONF) As much as I do want to get rid of Ace, Nemo caused, like, three different scenes at camp today... all at once. Is that possible? Probably not, but I think the camp will be happier without the underdeveloped fish still here. *Votes Nemo*

Amy: (CONF) Adios Nemo. *votes Nemo*

Ace: (CONF) I could vote for Brussel for being a jerk but I guess I'll vote Nemo for being un-American by causing problems at camp.

Lance: (CONF) Nemo for making things escalated quickly

Vicky: (CONF) *sweetly and sourly votes Nemo*

Surfer: And the underdeveloped fish is gone!

Episode 5

Totum Bellum Camp

Grace: *parties*

Brussel: *grins a toothless grin* I orchestrated that blindside, of course.

Cindy: Oh, cram it. He orchestrated the thing himself when he choked you. As in, the short and weak moron managed to overcome you. Sit down.

Jamie: Oye "Cass"

Brussel: Why don't YOU cram it or you'll go the same way as him!

Lance: Jamie? where have you been? Haven't seen you since the first day

Cindy: Oh, as if! You have noticed that I'm the only one to win every challenge so far, right? That's because I know what I'm doing! Like, seriously! First, you pretend like you've orchestrated every single elimination so far, next you dump all of our clean water our for literally no reason whatsoever, then you think you're cute talking back to me! You are so gone, Brussel Sprout. SO GONE!

Ace: Agreed

Gabriela: I heard people are voting me next! *dumps out all the rice*

Lance: *face palm* (CONF) Not again, as if Brussel doing it wasn't enough, now this!? come on.

Cindy: I... I... I just... I... can't... anymore... *Slowly walks down to the water*

Aaron: So, we finally recover from Brussel dumping out our supplies and your solution is to repeat the process? Cindy had the right idea; I need a break. *Walks away*

Grace: Yup, I'm out *walks away*

Brussel: No one was trying to vote you out, Gabriela!! (CONF) She seems like an idiot. I should make her my ally!

Ace: Wasting food is un-Ameri... oh wait, dang that is American again. Well still you shouldn't do that!

Brussel: Psst! Gabriela! Come here!

Amy: *smiles*

Immunity Challenge (STARTS TODAY @ 6 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in, guys! For today's challenge you must throw a hook to catch three bags (1 line each). Then, you must run out to the table maze (2 lines) and use one of the balls in the bag to solve it (5 lines). First TWO to finish win immunity. Survivors ready? GO!

Cindy: *Throws hook* [1]

Aaron: *Throws hook* [1]

"Cass:" *Throws hook* [1]

Vicky: *Throws Hook* [1]

Grace: *throws hook* (1)\

Brussel: *throws hook* (`1)

Cindy: *Throws hook* [2]

Aaron: *Throws hook* [2]

Grace: *throws hook* (2)

Brussel: *throws hook* (2)

"Cass:" *Throws hook* [2]

Vicky: *Throws Hook* [2]

Cindy: *Throws hook* [3]

Aaron: *Throws hook* [3]

"Cass:" *Throws hook* [3]

Vicky: *Throws Hook* [3]

Grace: *throws hook* (3)

"Cass:" *runs out of the maze* [1]

Vicky: *runs out of the maze* [1]

Grace: *runs to maze* (1)

Cindy: *Runs to maze* [1]

Aaron: *Runs to maze* [1]

"Cass:" *runs out of the maze* [2]

Vicky: *runs out of the maze* [2]

Cindy: *Runs to maze* [2]

Aaron: *Runs to maze* [2]

Grace: *runs to maze* (2)

Cindy: *Solves* [1]

Aaron: *Solves* [1]

Grace: *solves* (1)

Vicky: *trips and falls* ow I'm out of the challenge no :((((

"Cass:" *solves puzzle* [1]

Grace: *solves* (2)

"Cass:" *solves puzzle* [2]

Grace: *solves* (3)

"Cass:" *solves puzzle* [3]

Grace: *solves* (4)

"Cass:" *solves puzzle* [4]

Grace: *solves* (5) DONE!

"Cass:" *solves puzzle* [5] Yay

Surfer: Grace and "Cass" win immunity! Cindy's finally lost! You two are immune from the vote. Everyone else, after four (gg) days, one of you will be going home. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. See you tonight.

Tribal Council 5

Surfer: By now you know how this goes, vote for anyone but Grace or "Cass."

Gabriela: (CONF) I vote for Brendan!

Amy: (CONF) Yo voto por Brendam!

Grace: (CONF) That American uber-nationalist freak needs to go. *votes Ace*

Brussel: (CONF) Yet another blindside orchestrated by moi. *votes Ace*

Caleb: (CONF) I vote Brendan.

Serena: (CONF) Finally over my cold, I vote Brendan.

Cindy: (CONF) I don't care who's voting whom, Brussel needs to go... NOW... But, then again... everyone is voting either Ace or Brendan, so if I were to eliminate one of them, perhaps everyone else will then realize Brussel is worse everyone and they'll vote him off next! I'm a smart gal, what can I say? *Votes Ace*

Aaron: (CONF) As much as I want to get rid of the water waster or the food dumper, the "All-Around American" is highly irritating. Not that my vote will matter, but... *Votes Ace*

"Cass": (CONF) Ace. His comments are rude and racist.

Vicky: (CONF) Ace is really annoying.

Ace: (CONF) I vote Brendan, for not doing much of anything, that's Un-American! I mean seriously where has he been? Least I've actually participated in challenges unlike him.

Lance: (CONF) I vote Brendan because why not at this point?

Brendan: (CONF) Ace.

Surfer: Fifth person voted out of Surfer's Survivor: Anarchy... Ace. Ace, the Tribe has spoken. Well if there's one thing we've learned tonight, Ace was proud to be an American, but too much pride can get you eliminated. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Ace: *while being restrained* Voting me off for being a real American is un-American! Also Jamie didn't vote, which is also un-American! He should be voted off for not voting! *pause* *fast talking* By the way it was nice meeting all of you *gets dragged off forcefully*

Episode 6

Totum Bellum Camp

Grace: Thank God, that intolerable buffoon is gone!

Gabriela: Why is Brendan still here? He does nothing. NOTIHIG. He is WORTless.

Brendan: (CONF: I was almost voted out last tribal. I need to step up my game.)

Lance: At least he voted, unlike Jamie. Ace would probably say its un-American to not vote.

Grace: He would also probably say it's un-American to speak a different language. He was a buffoon.

Lance: True, but he you got to admit he was dedicated.

Cindy: Dedicated to what? Trying to get voted off?

Aaron: Point. (CONF) I've been trying forever it seems like, and now he's finally gone. I can finally relax and only vote for those people who don't want to talk at all, now. My conscious should be cleared... I hope.

Cindy: Uh, yeah... (CONF) Grace and Cass definitely beat me last challenge, by a good bit, and broke my streak. I had four... freaking... wins... in a row! I wanted to make it at least five! They are not going to survive long, I can tell you that. Neither are the wasters. It's literally so sad I've only voted for people whom annoy me so far, and plan to do that at least two more times. This season's competition is pathetic, to say the least. I want a challenge!

Lance: *looks at watch*

Immunity Challenge (STARTS @7 PM EST TOMORROW, 12/1)

Surfer: Come on in guys! In honor of Ace, you must post the most patriotic picture you can find. Go!!!

"Cass": My idol!

Vicky: LOL

Aaron: True, though....

Cindy: Definitely.

Lance: there's like three I wanted to post. Here's mine: *looks at watch*

Amy: Mi imagen 


Brendan: tumblr_mnjq2fs9eY1rsa7f4o1_500.jpg

Surfer: Tough one, but it came down to three: Cindy, Gabriela, and Vicky. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to give it to Cindy and Vicky because they were both patriotic but still made me laugh. Rest of you, you're up for elimination tonight. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

Tribal Council 6

Surfer: All right, vote for anyone but Cindy or Vicky!

Gabriela: (CONF) I vote for that snake Aaron! You look like a clown.

Brendan: (CONF: Aaron.

Amy: (CONF) Adios Aaron.

Cindy: (CONF) I hope what little strategizing I was able to do paid off and Brussel goes tonight. He deserves to be taught a lesson- and him losing one million dollars sounds like a pretty good one, to me. *Votes Brussel*

Aaron: (CONF) I still want to vote as peacefully as I can, so I'm going to vote Jamie tonight. He's done like nothing and hasn't spoken to anyone... I don't understand how he's made it this far. *Votes Jamie*

Lance: (CONF) seriously can we get rid of Brussel already? *votes brussel*

Brussel: (CONF) Blindside Aaron or get out the non-threat? I think I'll take out the non-threat. *votes Jamie*

Grace: (CONF) That loser Jamie doesn't speak. *votes Jamie*

"Cass": (CONF) Jamie does nothing.

Vicky: (CONF) Goodbye, Jamie, have a safe trip. xx

Caleb: (CONF) Bye Jamie.

Serena: (CONF) Voting out Jamie.

Surfer: Sixth person voted out... Jamie.

Episode 7

Totum Bellum Camp

Cindy: Well.

Aaron: *Shrugs*

Lance: *cough*

Grace: *is elderly*

Brussel: *is sociopathic*

Amy: *smiles*

Lance: *thinks*

Immunity Challenge (TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM EST)

Surfer: For today's challenge you will simply walk across this balance beam (10 lines). First to do it wins!

Cindy: *Walks* [1]

Amy: *Walks* (1)

Cindy: *Walks* [2]

Amy: *Walks* (2)

Cindy: *Walks* [3]

Amy: *Walks* (3)

Cindy: *Walks* [4]

Amy: *Walks* (4)

Cindy: *Walks* [5]

Amy: *Walks* (5)

Cindy: *Walks* [6]

Amy: *Walks* (6)

Cindy: *Walks* [7]

Amy: *Walks* (7)

Cindy: *Walks* [8]

Gabriela: *Walks* [1]

Cindy: *Walks* [9]

Gabriela: *Falls off of beam and sprains her ankle* Merda...

Cindy: *Walks* [10] Hell yes!

Tribal Council 7

Surfer: Vote for anyone but Cindy!

Aaron: (CONF) *Votes Serena* She was and might still be sick, or something, and we should get rid of the possibility of any of us getting sick. I think this may be a selfish vote, but she doesn't do much, either, so- Wait, am I selfish? Have I always been selfish? Ugh... I really, really hope not... I'm scared.

Cindy: (CONF) Adios, Brussel. *Votes Brussel* Hopefully, you finally leave this time.

Amy: (CONF) Adios Blussel *Votes Blussel*

Brussel: (CONF) Another blindside... I didn't even know she was here! *votes Serena*

Grace: (CONF) The water dumper needs to go. *votes Brussel*

Gabriela: (CONF) Don't f**k with me! *votes Amy*

Brendan: (CONF) *votes Serena*

Serena: (CONF) Please go home Brussel. (guys, I'm sorry about being inactive I always log on to see challenges are done)

Caleb: (CONF) *votes Brussel*

Surfer: BLLLLussel, the tribe has spoken.

Episode 8

Totum Bellum Camp

Cindy: About time, I say. (CONF) It feels nice for something to finally go my way!

Grace: Indeed.

Immunity Challenge (TOMORROW, TUESDAY, AT 6 PM EST)

Surfer: In honor of the loss of Brussell, post what you think is the most evil thing to ever occur on Survivor. GO!

Aaron: Definitely Will's unholy and completely trashy dissing- no, abusing- Shirin. She did nothing to deserve any of that, and he should be purely and truly hated by every being whom walks this earth.

Cindy: Kass' losing when she should have definitely won that challenge. Like, Woo is such a piece of trash.... She should have been there instead of that awful Toby, or whatever the hell. Like, really? Ew.

Brendan: Cirie losing the firemaking challenge, and then following that up with being robbed of at least a fair chance by a final two twist.

Gabriela: Abi leaving in Philippines. What an icon.

"Cass": Not everyone has watched Survivor XD

Vicky: I like turtles

Amy: Yo amo las uvas

Surfer: Cindy wins!

Tribal Council 8

Surfer: Vote!

Grace: That piece of trash Serena should've gonna last time. *votes Serena*

Serena: (CONF) I know people still have a vendetta againist me. I vote Grace.

Caleb: (CONF) Um, I picked random. I vote Grace. *votes Grace*

Amy: (CONF) Adios Grace *votes Grace*

Vicky: (CONF) Grace, too many wrinkles. #soz

"Cass": (CONF) Serena does nothing.

Cindy: (CONF) I've gotten wind of people voting Grace... I may or may not have started it, too. *Clears throat* She's one of the two who broke my clean, pure, first-time RECORD! SCREW HER! Plus, she's like 90; she should get voted out before she breaks. *Smiles, then votes Grace*

Aaron: (CONF) Serena still needs to be... gone, basically. She was sick for the longest time, then, out of the blue, "feels better"? I haven't gotten sick, but there's an older woman here, as well as all of the other contestants, and I'm sure no one wants that to happen to them... this is for our safety. This is... *Votes Serena*

Brendan: (CONF) *votes Serena*

Gabriela: You're too boring for my fiery personality to handle. *votes Serena*

Surfer: Well we have a tie so...

Grace: Ow, my back! *breaks*

Surfer: OK, well, eighth person eliminated and the first member of our jury... Grace!

Episode 9

Totum Bellum

Lance: *thinking of something to say*

Serena: Twice in a row. So close to going home. I am NOT happy with you guys. Just disgusting.

Cindy: Just be glad I had other plans, or you would have gone home two challenges ago, honey.

Amy: Si gracias.

Vicky: Indeed Cindy. Serena you need to grow up or you'll be out of here ASAP! :)

Gabriela: You are so slef rightous Vicky. *rolls eyes*

Serena: I'm glad Cindy didn't do anything to me but some people did, for saying I did nothing. Happy? Now I do something and you complain.

Amy: *smiles*

Immunity Challenge (TOMMOROW AT 6 PM EST)

Surfer: for today's challenge you must guide a key through a rope puzzle (4 lines), then unlock the puzzle pieces (1 line). Finally, ou should solve the puzzle (5 ljnes).

Gabriela: *guides key through rope puzzle* (1)

Amy: *guides key through rope puzzle* (1)

Cindy: *Guides key* [1]

Aaron: *Guides key* [1]

Amy: *guides key through rope puzzle* (2)

Lance: *guides key through rope puzzle* (1)

Amy: *guides key through rope puzzle* (3)

Lance: *guides key through rope puzzle* (2)

Amy: *guides key through rope puzzle* (4)

Lance: *guides key through rope puzzle* (3)

Surfer: *cough*

Serena: *guides key* [1]

Caleb" *guides key* [1]

Amy: *unlocks the puzzle pieces*

Serena: *guides key* [2]

Caleb: *guides key* [2]

Lance: *guides key through rope puzzle* (4)

Serena: *guides key* [3]

Caleb: *guides key* [3]

Vicky: *guides key* [1]

"Cass": *guides key* [1]

Serena: *guides key* [4]

Caleb: *guides key* [4]

Lance: *unlocks pieces*

Serena: *unlocks pieces* [1]

Caleb: *unlockes pieces* [1]

Lance: *solving puzzle* (1)

Serena: *solves puzzle* [1]

Caleb: *solves puzzle* [1]

Lance: *solving puzzle* (2)

Serena: *solves puzzle* [2]

Caleb: *solves puzzle* [2]

Lance: *solving puzzle* (3)

Serena: *solves puzzle* [3]

Caleb: *solves puzzle* [3]

Lance: *solving puzzle* (4)

Serena: *solves puzzle* [4]

Caleb: *solves puzzle* [4]

Lance: *solves puzzle* (5)

Serena: Damn it. So close. I know I'm going home.

Surfer: Lance wins. I would write more but I tried a minute ago.

Tribal Council 9

Surfer: Vote.

Lance: (CONF) Cindy, she's an immunity threat, now's the best time to get her out.

Serena: (CONF) Cindy. Sorry gal. *votes Cindy*

Caleb: (CONF) You are too good. *votes Cindy*

Aaron: (CONF) Serena, still. You haven't made the best impressions.... Sorry. *Votes Serena*

Cindy: (CONF) She is not cute, whatsoever. How dare she... I think it was an insult... either way, no, girl. No. *Votes Serena* 

Vicky: (CONF) I dislike Serena's bad attitude, so her.

"Cass": (CONF) Serena.

Gabriela: (CONF) When you get home, get a name change. You sound like a brothel h**ker. *votes Cindy*

Brendan: (CONF) Lance.

Amy: (CONF) Lance.

Surfer: Two ties in a row? You guys are the worst. Everyone but Cindy and Serena revote. If it's still a tie we're going to rocks.

Aaron: (CONF) I stick with Serena. *Votes Serena*

Gabriela: (CONF) I heard what you said about me from one of my voices! *votes Serena*

Brendan: (CONF) Serena.

"Cass": (CONF) Serena.

Vicky: (CONF) Serena.

Amy: (CONF) Serena.

Surfer: Ninth person person voted out and the second member of the jury... Serena.

Episode 10

Totum Bellum Camp

Aaron: Well... um, we should play some sort of game. (CONF) I really have nothing else to go off, and everyone is doing their part, so...

Cindy: I mean, I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Anyone have anything...?

Lance: *thinking of a game to play* I guess we could skip pebbles.

Amy: Si claro.

Caleb: I guess so.

Immunity Challenge 10 (STARTS TOMORROW AT 7 PM EST)

Surfer: For today's challenge, you should explain why one person in particular should go home.

Cindy: Cass! She beat me in a challenge! Totally not acceptable...

Aaron: I believe Brendan. He's talked the least and hasn't done much challenge-wise. It would be smart to get rid of him now, since the rest of us have done more and tried harder to stay in this competition. Sorry, Brendan.

Caleb: I think it is Cindy. Why? She is a self-cenetered brat who needs to calm down. You are not going to win every challenge honey. You as big of a threat as your ego.

Amy: Es Inmediatamente

Lance: Brendan for voting for me when I had immunity, seriously if you can't pay attention to has immunity you probably shouldn't be in the game, seeing as that's the one of the biggest parts of this game to boot.

Surfer: Caleb's answer was the best. He wins Immunity! Rest of you, one of you is about to become the third member of our jury. See you tonight.

Tribal Council 10

Surfer: Vote anyone but Caleb!

Lance: (CONF) Cindy because what are the odds she's going to keep winning immunity?

Aaron: (CONF) I stick by my word. Brendan should go. *Votes Brendan*

Cindy: (CONF) It would be highly stupid of me to vote by myself. Since Brendan had the second-most votes, I'm going to vote him since I am clearly a target. I'm not so sure I want to vote off Lance and Caleb, anyway, since there is a jury... *Votes Brendan*

Vicky: (CONF) Brendan.

"Cass": (CONF) Lance.

Amy: (CONF) Brendam.

Brendan: (CONF) Cindy.

Gabriela: (CONF) You are the fakest b**ch here, and it's time for you to go. I vote for you twice before, hopefully third times the charm. *votes Amy*

Surfer: Tenth person voted out and the third member of our jury... Brendan.

Episode 11

Totum Bellum Camp

Gabriela: (CONF) I was legimately blondsided by last night's tribal. I thought Amy was leaving, and now my closest ally is gone.

Gabriela: So, I wonder what it's like being fake and disgusting. :) Amy, you can go jump in a fire and die for all I care.

Vicky: Is there really any need for that?

Gabriela: Is there really any need for you? *grabs Vicky's shoe and throws it into the fire*

Lance: Well, that escalated quickly.

Vicky: I guess you aren't spicy for nothing. Next time you cross me, your clothes will be in that fire.

Gabriela: *slaps Lance* Don't sass me!

Lance: Why do I bother commenting on things?

Cindy: (CONF) Havoc has finally taken over the camp. *Smiles* And I couldn't be happier.

Aaron: Guys, guys, guys... please, stop. Please.

Lance: Never a dull moment in this game, eh?

Amy: Si.

Caleb: (CONF) I feel winning immunity put a huge target on my back. Cindy is probably targeting me as well. I just did it on who I voted the last tribal. Right now, camp is hectic. I hope this saves me for a little longer.

Immunity Challenge 11 (STARTS TOMORROW, 12/16, @8 PM EST)

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's Immunity Challenge, you will run out to four boxes (2 lines each) and count the objects inside (The numbers are 4, 8, 24, and 19). Then you will run back to me (2 lines) and tell me what those four numbers add up to. Survivors ready? GO!

Vicky: *runs to 4*

"Cass": *runs to 8*

Lance: *runs to 4*

Vicky: *runs to 4*

"Cass": *runs to 8*

Amy: *runs to 4 *

Lance: *runs to 4* (2)

Amy: *runs to 4* (2)

Vicky: *counts the objects in 4* 

"Cass": *counts the objects in * (um what now)

Lance: *counts objects in 4*

Amy: *counts objects in 4* 

Lance: *runs to 8*

Amy: *runs to 8* 

Lance: *runs to 8* (2)

Amy: *runs to 8* (2)

Lance: *counts objects in 8*

Amy: *counts obgects in 8*

Lance: *runs to 24*

Amy: *runs to 24*

Lance: *runs to 24* (2)

Amy: runs to 24* (2)

Lance: *counts objects in 24*

Amy: *counts objects in 24*

Lance: *runs to 19*

Amy: *runs to 19*

Lance: *runs to 19* (2)

Amy: *runs to 19* (2)

Caleb: *runs to 4* [1]

Amy: *counts objects in 19*

Lance: *counts objects in 19*

Amy: *runs back*

Lance: *runs back*

Amy: *runs back* (2) Si.

Lance: *runs back* (2)

Surfer: You aren't done yet!!!

Lance: the numbers add up to 55

Amy: Tambien yo.

Surfer: Lance wins Immunity!

Tribal Council 11

Surfer: Vote out anyone but Lance.

Aaron: (CONF) Caleb. Sorry, man. *Votes Caleb*

Cindy: (CONF) Caleb's won a challenge and has... yeah, so, that's it. *Votes Caleb*

Amy: (CONF) Adios Caleb. *Votes Caleb*

Lance: (CONF) Cindy's won like 6 challenges, so yeah, and I swear if someone votes for me while I have immunity again I'm gonna scream. *votes Cindy*

Caleb: (COND) *votes Cindy* Please go home.

Gabriela: (CONF) Screw you! *votes Amy*

Surfer:​ Eleventh person voted out and the fourth (?) member of our jury... Caleb.

Episode 12

Totum Bellum Camp

Lance: Man that was a long tribal council, felt like it went on for a week *wink*

Amy: Si Lance

Immunity Challenge 12

Surfer: For today's challenge, please post a picture of what you think one remaining contestant looks like. Survivors ready? Go!

Gabriela: I found Cindy!

Amy: Yo encontre a "Cass"!

Aaron: Here's Gabriela.

Cindy: Found Amy!

Lance: Here's a representation of "chaos" "cass" only with a "c" instead of a "k":

Surfer: Honestly, Gotta give it to Aaron.

Tribal Council 12

Surfer: Vote anyone but Aaron.

Aaron: (CONF) The only two whom didn't submit are Vicky and Cass... I'm gonna have to go with Cass. *Votes Cass*

Cindy: (CONF) I still remember your little ruining my streak thing, you b**ch. Bye. *Votes Cass*

Lance: (CONF) I won't try to vote off Cindy this time, Cass didn't participate so she should go. *votes Cass*

Gabriela: (CONF) Cass! I know she is getting votes, so why engender my self?

Surfer: twelfth person voted out and the fifth member of the jury... Cass.

Episode 13

Totum Bellum

Cindy: *Sits*

Aaron: *Breathes*

Immunity Challenge 13

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's challenge, you must answer a question about Surfer's Survivor or real Survivor. If you answer the question correctly, you may cut one of the two ropes of another contestant. Once both of their ropes are cut, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins Immunity! Survivor's ready? Go!

First Question: Who came in third place in Survivor: Borneo?

Cindy: Rudy Boesch... or something.

Surfer: That's correct! Whose rope are you going to cut?

Cindy: *Cuts one of Gabriela's* Sorry, girl. (CONF) As if I would be sorry for playing the game. Based on previous challenges, she's one of the strongest ones still in the game. I can't have threats going against me.

​Surfer: Gabriela has one rope left, everyone else has two. Next Question: What was the thirteenth season of Survivor called?

Cindy: Easy. Cook Islands.

Surfer: Correct! Cut another rope.

Cindy: *Cuts one of Lance's* Not even a little sorry. (CONF) Lance has it out for me. Therefore, I have it out for him. *Smiles*

Vicky: Absolutely savage queen @Cindy

Surfer: Lance and Gabriela have one rope left. Next question: Who was the second person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart?

Cindy: Vince Sly!

Surfer: Cut a rope!

Cindy: *Cuts Lance's last* Good-bye.

Surfer: Lance is out! Next question: What where the names of the three pre-merge tribes in Survivor: Philippines?

Cindy: Matsing, Kalabaw, and Tandang. I watched a whole lot of Survivor to prep.

Surfer: Correct! Cindy gets to cut another rope.

Cindy: *Cuts Gabriela's last* Can I get some competition? (CONF) I was fibbing. Of course I want to dictate the challenge!

Surfer: Gabriela joins Lance. Next Question: Who was the 5th person voted out of Surfer's Survivor 3?

Cindy: Apple, technically, since Hope left.

Surfer: Correct! Cut another rope. By the way, Aaron, Cindy, Amy, and Vicky are left.

Cindy: Yes. Hmm... *Cuts one of Aaron's* (CONF) He's strong in this game, too. He's a bumbling idiot who's practically my slave, but, still, he's good.

Surfer: Aaron has one rope left. Next Question: What was the name of the merge tribe in Survivor: Tocantins?

Cindy: For-

Aaron: Forza!

Surfer: Aaron is right! Cut a rope!

Aaron: I'm not going to cut one of yours, Cindy, since you're trying... *Cuts one of Amy's* Sorry, but you, like, don't talk.

Surfer: Amy and Aaron have one rope, Vicky and Cindy have two. Who made the final four in Survivor: Samoa? Name all four.

Vicky: Russell Hantz, Natalie White, Brett Clouser, Mick Trimming

Surfer: Hey look, it's Vicky! You get to cut a rope.

Vicky: Cindy

Surfer: Vicky is the only person with two ropes! Next Question: Who was the first person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan?

Cindy: David Samson.

Surfer: Oye Cindy! Cut a rope.

Cindy: *Cuts one of Vicky's* Payback's a me.

Surfer: Everyone's tied at one rope. Next Question: How many Individual Immunity Challenges did Joe win in Survivor: Cambodia?

Cindy: Four?

Surfer: Correct! Cut a rope!

Cindy: *Cuts Vicky's last* Buh-bye.

Surfer: Cindy, Aaron, and Amy are left. Next question: Who is the only contestant to be evacuated for non-medical reasons?

Aaron: Would that be... Terry?

Surfer: Whose rope will you cut?

Aaron: *Cuts Amy* Sorry, but I'd rather someone who's been trying win than someone who's sitting there.

Surfer: Amy is out! First of you two to answer this question wins: What is Survivor 32 called?

Cindy: Survivor: Kaoh Rong. That was too easy.

Surfer: Cindy wins Individual Immunity!

Tribal Council 13

Surfer: Vote anyone but Cindy... Again.

Cindy: That's right again.

Vicky: (CONF) Aaron is just a puppet! (aka dianted is the only one w/ 2 chars :p)

Lance: (CONF) I vote for Aaron, he's still one of the better challenge monsters left. *votes Aaron*

Cindy: (CONF) *Votes Gabriela* The little puff pepper has it out for me. Well, she can go ahead and LEAVE. She should know that mice aren't supposed to mess with the Catty Cindy's... shut up. *Exits*

Aaron: (CONF) *Votes Gabriela* Since you still haven't done anything...

Amy: (CONF) *Votes Gabriela* Se fue.

Gabriela: (CONF) I have been doing things, screw you! *votes Aaron*

Surfer: OK, so revote yay. Vote for either Gabriela or Aaron.

Vicky: (CONF) Aaron

Surfer: Oh also Aaron and Gabriela's votes will not count!

Cindy: (CONF) Gabriela.

Amy: (CONF) Gabriela.

Lance: (CONF) I'm sticking to my guns, Aaron is the bigger threat. *votes Aaron*

Surfer: Everyone but Cindy draw a rock! Show it to me. Thirteenth person voted out and sixth member of the jury............................ Gabriela.

Screenshot (2)

yay proof

Episode 14

Totum Bellum

Immunity Challenge 14

Surfer: Come on in guys! For today's Immunity Challenge, come up with an idea for the next Immunity Challenge! Best one wins! And make it epic, because next Immunity is FINAL Immunity.

Cindy: A combination of multiple previous challenges! It's simple and nostalgic.

Aaron: We should all have to explain why we deserve to make the finale, in my opinion.

Amy: Wow el final es fantastico.

Lance: Use the previous final Immunity challenges or parts of them to make a three part challenge, then if there's a tie do trivia from this season as the tiebreaker.

Vicky: We should roast the other members of the F4. :)

Surfer: Ok, here goes. Aaron's is conventional, Cindy's is expected, Lance's is basically Cindy's, I don't understand Amy's, and Vicky's is something I never thought of! So, since it's fun and creative, Vicky wins Immunity!

Tribal Council 14

Surfers: Vote anyone but Vicky to go home.

Cindy: (CONF) Lance is still here, yet he wants me gone? That's not how this game is going to work. *Smiles as she votes Lance* You messed with the wrong person.

Vicky: (CONF) Aalon... :/ *votes Aalon*

Aaron: (CONF) Lance stole Cindy's idea... at least Amy, who doesn't know English that well, tried. *Votes Lance*

Amy: (CONF) *votes Lance* Adios Lance.

Surfer: Fourteenth person voted out and the seventh member of the jury... Lance.

Episode 15

Final Immunity Challenge​​

Surfer: Come on in guys! Person to come up with the best roast about one of their fellow remaining contestants wins Immunity and has the chance to plead their case in front of the jury.

Vicky: Aaron... What are you doing here? What is the point of your dumb existence? Cindy had dominated over you this entire game. Sure, you won like, 2 little challenges, but who careS? You're just an extra vote, a waste of space and a complete and total trash piece of filler. At least Cindy is a good competitor, and an absoluetly iconic challenge beast, Amy is the loveable sweetheart who cannot speak English, Lance is the... underdog? Um ok, but Aaron, you seriously need to leave. F * * * Y O U. <3 

Amy: Es super fantastica.

Aaron: I don't think this is a good way to decide who deserves to win money, but okay. Um... Vicky, you've only won two challenges; I have won 4... 3 of which were in a row. I've also participated and come second in a lot of these challenges, too. I'd like to think that I deserve to win because I've managed to actually talk and compete... you know, a whole lot more than you. I'm sorry for the backlash.


Surfer: Wow. Cindy wins her ninth Individual Immunity!!!!

Tribal Council 15

Surfer: Vote anyone but Cindy to go to the end!

Vicky: (CONF) Bye Aaron

Aaron: (CONF) *Votes self* ...

Cindy: (CONF) Good-bye, useless fodder. *Votes Amy*

Amy: (CONF) Lo siento *votes Vicky*

Surfer: Fifteenth person voted out and the final member of the Jury........ Aaron. Cindy, Amy, and Vicky, you've gone as far as you can go in this game. One of you will win one million dollars. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I'll see you tomorrow night.

Final Tribal Council

Explain why you should win below. The jury can vote whenever they'd like.

Amy's Reason

Amy: Yo amo las mariposas y me gustan los ñandues pero me voy a ganar.

Cindy's Reason

Cindy: I won nine out of fifteen immunity challenges and slayed all of you by being the most strategic anyone has ever been anywhere. I don't see why the useless fodder who did nothing, Amy, or the girl who pretends like she's relevant despite the fact that she barely participated or even spoke during most of the episodes, would win. I deserve it and you all know it, because I played the most risky game yet I'm still here because I know how to play. This was, truly, my game. The end.

Vicky's Reason

Vicky: Because I laid low while keeping it real. I voted strategically and fairly; and I feel like I played the fairest and most honest game here. If anyone has any questions to ask me, feel free to let me know.

Jury Vote

Surfer: Vote for a winner when you think you've heard enough! (PM me or email me at

Surfer: The votes are in! First vote... Cindy. Second vote... Vicky. Third vote.... Cindy. Fourth vote... Cindy. The winner of Surfer's Survivor 4: Anarchy....... CINDY! Congrats!

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