Holden: With S1 and S2 now over, Season 3 can now begin. It is a pretty easy and fun type of camp. Contestants will be choosing songs will be choosing songs. Though these aren't just any type of songs. We will be choosing songs that match the personality of TDI contestants. Every so often I'll ask you to find a song based on a Total Drama Couple. I'll judge it on a scale of 10 for originality and if it describes the contestant. After judging people will go up for elimination and at least one will be voted out. Eventually only one will remain. Who will be crowned the Songs of TDC Champion.


  • Do not complain about your elimination.
  • Songs MUST come from Youtube. Preferably a video that has the lyrics or I will change the video so they are easier to judge
  • with the link post the name of the Song and the Artist.
  • No songs with porn or swearing allowed. Songs containing either will be docked by 3 points.
  • Songs sung in English only.
  • If someone already posted a song and you then post it. You will score a 0 so look at the entries carefully.
  • Even though there is a due date for entries challenges can and will be ranked at the feeling of Holden.
  • Example Entry: Alejandro by Lady Gaga Gaga (reason why you picked this song) Entry for Alejandro.

Elimination Table

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Winston Nemo Don IN Alpha Surfer Mabel Michael TF Berry Michael Chase Loenev WINNER
Blaze IN Electra IN Kordan Dark Mabel Michael IN Berry Michael Chase IN RUNNER-UP
Loenev Nemo Electra IN Kordan Dark Alpha Alpha TF IN IN IN OUT
Chase IN Don IN Kordan ??? Mabel Alpha Surfer IN Michael OUT
Michael Nemo Electra IN Kordan Dark IN OUT Returns Day 9 Berry OUT


Nemo Electra WIN TF Dark Mabel Michael TF OUT
Surfer Nemo IN IN IN LOW ??? IN LOW QUIT
TF Don Don WIN LOW Surfer Mabel Michael OUT
Mabel Don IN IN ??? Dark OUT
Dark Nemo Electra IN ??? OUT
Kongaroo Nemo ??? IN OUT
Electra IN OUT
Nemo OUT
Lynn DQ'ed

Contestants (CLOSED)

  1. Winston
  2. Blaze
  3. Loenev
  4. Chase
  5. Michael
  6. Berryleaf
  7. Surfer
  8. TF
  9. Alpha
  10. Mabel
  11. Dark
  12. Kongaroo
  13. DerpyandDawn
  14. Electra
  15. NLG343
  16. Lynn

Pre Chat

Holden: Welcome to Songs of the TDC, season three of our competition. Please talk while i get everything set up. I also need your color for the table

Dark: PINK!!!!

Surfwr: Yellur.

Alpha: Blue.

Michael: Light Blue.

TF: Teal tbh.

Chase: Lime plz <3

Holden: We have 4 returnees; Dark, surfer and alpha and TF. Also new comer michael here. Welcome guys.

Alpha: I wonder what are first couple is.

Blaze: Orange should be the color for the table tbh.

Amber: Magenta for me! <3

Winston: sea blue

Lynn: crimson I guess.


  1. 2C75FF

Kongaroo: Any kind of blue that isn't taken.

Challenge 1 Gwuncan

Holden: You must to a great entry about the relationship of Gwen and Duncan. Your Entries are due 2/4/15 at 5pm EST. The worst three entries will be up for elimination. Thats right you are all going to be on one team for the entire season GL.

The Amare Valentines

Dark's Entry

Mabel's Entry hi im tired 

Surfer's Entry their relationship seems to always change as other people weave in and out of their lives.

Chase's Entry Cute song :)

Electra's Entry

Loenev's Entry

This is perfect! <3

Don's Entry

Berry's Entry

Two lovers consumed by darkness. Here's something I think might fit

Winston's Entry

This is really cheesy but here .

NLG's Entry

Blaze's Entry

kinda describes how Duncan kinda betrayed her by constantly talking about Courtney. and how much of a good guy he became when he became good. XD

Lynn's Entry

TF's Entry

Alpha's Entry

Michael's Entry

Kongaroo's Entry

Sorry, but this is the closet I could think of. Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This (Original Version)(TO) - YouTube

Day 1 Chat

Holden: I still need some individual colors and you also need you to make up a team name and color.

Lynn: i said i wanted to be crimson ;)

Berry: Can I take black with white font plz?

Michael: I like the name Fushiki, how about you guys? I also like the color light blue!

Berry: I don't like the name Fushiki. How about something classic like the Killer Bass?

Michael: How about the Growlers?

Dark: Team Romance bc its a couples season and a red color.

Michael: Or The Valentines we could be red. Because of Valentine's Day.

Holden: Pick whatever you like

Surfer: How 'bout the Amare Tribe? It's Latin for "to love. We could be red or pink.

Gwuncan Results

Holden: You all did great in this challenge but someone of you did not post and will be up for elimination. Also since Lynn got banned from the wiki she is automatically out. Winston hands down won the challenge and the following got 0's and are up for elimination. Electra, NLG, Blaze, Don and Alpha for not posting as well as Chase for having the same entry as TF who post it first. Good luck to all those who are up for elimination. The rest of you go and vote one of them out.

Elimination Amare Valentines #1

Holden: Go and vote out one of the following. Electra, NLG, Blaze, Don, Alpha or Chase. The one with the most votes will be going home. Gl


Mabel- Don

Surfer- NLG

Loenev- Nemo, sorry!

Berry- NLG



Michael- NLG

Kordan- NLG

Holden: NLG is out first again. 2 seasons in a row

Challenge #2 Skave

Holden: Your challenge is to find a song that represents the relationship of Sky and Dave. It is due 2/7/15 at 4 PM EST. moving the time up an hour to make it easier for our European users. Have fune with the challenge and GL.

The Amare Valentines

Dark's Entry

Mabel's Entry

Surfer's Entry

Chase's Entry I think it goes good with them :)

Electra's Entry

Loenev's Entry

This one would be perfect I hope:

Don's Entry

Berry's Entry I think this one describes them very well, especially from the point of Dave who feels pushed in and out.

Blaze's Entry


Winston's Entry

This is the best song I could come up with, this kinda counts for both of them: Queen B

TF's Entry - Mostly Dave but yeah

Alpha's Entry  - Mostly dave again but uh I am not too confident.

Michael's Entry

Kongaroo's Entry

This is from Dave's prospective Cry Me a River-Justin Timberlake Lyrics - YouTube

Day 2 Chat

Holden: Someone do something.

TF: *Runs away like Hershey Bars*

Alpha: *eats hersheys*

Kongaroo: Hersheys are amazing! :D *Grabs out Hershey's Kisses secret stach, and eats them*

Michael: I live near Hershey Park!

Winston: *watching everyone from a distance* 

Results Dave and Sky

Holden: Well it is obvious who will be up for elimination @ Don, Mabel, Electra and Surfer. For the win though most of the entries were quite good. My personal top 3 was Berry, Chase and winston. But the best one of those threee hands down was CHASE. Grats man. Now go and vote off one of the four. Good luck guys.

Elimination Amare Valentines #2

Holden: Go and vote out one of the following. Electra, Don, Mabel or Surfer. Enjoy

Dark- Electra.... your the newest so.....

Chase- Don! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I love you! <3

Blaze- uhhhh, i'll go for Electra, nothing personal dude, sorry. :(

Loenev- Sorry but I have to vote for Electra because I'm not voting Don at this point.

Berry- I vote for Electra, sorry

Winston- Don I love you but sorry you're not submitting songs

TF-Don bc he was the reason NLG left :(

Michael-Electra, you're a newbie no hard feelings. P.S. If you are eliminated I would like to become your friend outside of the game. :)

Kordan- (???)

Alpha-Don is inactive..

Electra: I'll quit anyway, it's more difficult than I thought. Good luck guys.

Holden: Electra is out.

Challenge 3 Chef J

Holden: For today challnege you have to post an entry based on the relationship of DJ and Chef. I bet you did not see this one coming. Your entries will be due 2/9/15 at 2 PM EST. Gl

The Amare Valentines

Dark's Entry

Mabel's Entry

Surfer's Entry this song is about how Chef worries whether or not DJ is absorbing what he says, while DJ worries that their relationship is morally wrong

Chase's Entry

Loenev's Entry

DJ sings this to Chef:

Don's Entry

Berry's Entry

You're right, I didn't plan for Chef J Eh, DJ feels pressured to become more like Chef I guess

Blaze's Entry

struggled with this one, but i guess this explains how DJ feels after leaving Chef's illegal alliance in TDA.

Winston's Entry

couldn't think of something better, but DJ is under pressure of Chef by the way 10 points for the couple choice XD

TF's Entry

Alpha's Entry

Michael's Entry

Kongaroo's Entry

Day 3 Chat

Holden: Well you guys are in the top 13. Keep on swimming

Amber: Dory XDDDD

Blaze: swimming?, you got it. (starts swimming in the air like Waluigi)

Results & Elimination #3

Holden: Lets start with our top three first off. The best three songs went to Surfer, Berry and TF. Two of those three were so good that they will both get wins today. And the winners of the challenge are TF and Berry. Grats guys. On a sader note Don has been eliminated for being inactive by missing three challenges in a row. Bai Loser.

Challenge #4 Vito Marie

Holden: Your next entry is Anne Marie and Vito. Do a nice song about their relationship. It is due 2/11/15 at 2 pm EST. Good luck to all yall.

The Amare Valentines

Dark's Entry

Mabel's Entry yas

Surfer's Entry

Chase's Entry I think this is perfect <3

Loenev's Entry

Anna Maria sings this to Vito.

Berry's Entry

Ooh I hope we have Gidgette soon. Wasn't prepared for this one either but might fit the bill

Blaze's Entry

describes how Anne Maria feels when around Vito, but like i say all the time, it's you who decides the winner Wes!

Winston's Entry

"What a shame you came with someone, now you're here in my arms, let's make hte most of the night like we're die young!" Both Vito and Anne Maria live to party and Mike other girl is zoey so yeah best I can come up with! Ke$ha

TF's Entry

Alpha's Entry

Michael's Entry

Kongaroo's Entry

Day 4 Chat

Holden: Who wants to party

Amber: party hardy

Challenge results Vito Marie

Holden: Well more people forgot to do the challenge and now they will go up for elimination. We will save that for later. The top three for this challenge were Winston, Mabel and Berry. The winner by a very small margin though was Berry. Congrats on the win. No everyone go to Conf and vote out one of the following; Surfer, TF, Alpha or Kordan. Gl to the nominees and the voters.

Elimination Elimination Amare Valentines #4

Holden: Go and vote out Surfer, TF, Alpha or Kordan. They should had done the challenge.

Dark- (???)

Mabel- (???)

Chase- I vote Kordan. No hard feelings, you're just far too inactive.

Blaze- i guess out of the four of them, i'll go for Kordan, sorry dude. :(

Loenev- Kordann !

Berry- I vote for TF. ;)


Michael- Kordan. Sorry you were inactive.

Holden: Kordan say Hai to 12th place

Challenge Gidette

Holden: Someone requested that Bridgette and Geoff be next so consider it done. Give me a great entry to repesent this couple. They will be due 1/13/15 at 2 PM EST. Get them done early so you will not be up for elimination. GL.

The Amare Valentines

Dark's Entry

Mabel's Entry legit not joking

Surfer's Entry

this song illustrates the cast's annoyance with their relationship in TDA:

Chase's Entry

A song that Queen Selena Gomez has blessed us with <3

Loenev's Entry

Berry's Entry

Heard this song a few years ago and it really reminded me of the two Just the overall party attitude, I dunno

Blaze's Entry

gg tbh

Winston's Entry

This song describes their entire run from start and even a part during the world tour. Do you want to go to the seaside?

TF's Entry ~ Bridgette to Geoff in Action

Alpha's Entry Really @Whoeversuggestedthis. I am not to confident but hopefully I am safe.

Michael's Entry

Day 5 Chat

Holden: So TF won s1, Phy won s2, who is gonna win S3

Alpha: I am pretty confident it will be like me, or berry, blaze, or amber.

Results Bridgette and Geoff

Mabel- I Actually kinda enjoyed it. I could see this couple in TDI in the song but there is more elements involved to their relationship than this. 6/10.

Dark- No Entry 0/10.

Chase- I Really liked this Entry. It was really well done with how they felt in TDI and TDA. I kinda wished there was some of their TDWT fights in it but I was a great entry 10/10.

Surfer- Not a song 0/10.

Loenev- It was good. It seemed they were happy that they found each other but of course there is more dram to their relationship then that 7/10.

Berryleaf- I feel you really missed the mark with this song. They seem to be doing only not so appropriate things in this song which since this is a kids show would not ever be mentioned. Sorry 5/10.

Winston- Quick and simple song does describe them really well. 8/10.

Blaze- It was a very Solid Entry. I really feel that Geoff would have sung this song in TDI to get her attention. I like it 9/10.

TF- I liked it a lot. That their relationship put them out on the outside. It is simple and yet very solid. Good job 9/10

Alpha- First the music did not work in the video and second I don’t think that Bridgette is that much of a player. 3/10.

Michael- It was good, this couple is more than lovers though tbh. 7/10.

Holden: Well you guys over all did very well and the winner of this challenge was Chase. Grats on the win. The bottom three will be Dark for not posting a entry, Surfer who's entry was not a song and alpha whose song did not have any music. The remaining contestants please go and vote one of them out.

Surfer: Sorry guys. I must've forgotten to copy the link.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #5

Holden: Vote off Dark, Surfer or Alpha. Good luck to the nominees

Mabel- Dark

Chase- ???

Loenev- dark

Berryleaf- Dark, sorry but idk you as well as the others.

Winston- surfer

Blaze- jeez, this is a tough one, i'll go for.....Dark, sorry.

TF- Surfer. Deal with it. *troll*

Michael- Dark

Holden: Dark you are goner. Bai.

Challenge Alse

Holden: Time to do a brother rivalrly of Alejandro and Jose. The entries will be due 2/16/15 at 2 PM EST. Have fun with the challenge and good luck

The Amare Valentines

Mabel's Entry

Surfer's Entry It perfectly describes his jealousy towards his brother. 

Chase's Entry Not that great of a song, but it actually describes their relationship perfectly :)

Loenev's Entry yayyy!

Berry's Entry

I feel like the theme overall of this song might suit the two brothers. I don't know about kissing and all that, but I do know both are evil? I really don't know, but eh.

Blaze's Entry

struggled real bad with this one, but i guess this song could be one of Al's best friends (in Spain i'm guessing) talking about Jose? (i seriously doubt i'll do well in this one tbh)

Winston's Entry

This is pretty self explainitory: Anything you can do

TF's Entry Read the lyrics. It's basically Alejandro singing to Jose.

Alpha's Entry I hate this song (and the artist ) but the first time I heard it reminded me of Alejandro and Jose.

Michael's Entry Basically their realtionship.

Day 6 Chat

Holden: Hai guys. Lets see if everyone can do the challenge this time

TF: no.

Alpha: Wes, no :).

Amber: yes

Holden: Don't you want a challenge

Alpha: Yeah, sure.

Blaze: meh.

Results Alejandro and Jose

Holden: The bottom three is quite obvious; Mabel for not posting an Entry, Alpha becuse surfer posted the same exact entry before he did and Michael for all the swearing in his Entry. Declaring a winner was a little more difficult but the Top 3 of this Challenge was TF, Winston and Chase. And the best entry was..................... Both Winston and Chase. Now its time to go vote one of those losers off the show.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #6

Holden: Go vote off Mabel, Alpha or Michael.


Chase- Mabel, sorry you didn't post anything :(

Loenev- Difficult, but I have to vote for Alpha, you were a lot of times in the bottom two...

Berryleaf- Mabel, sorry but idk you

Winston- Mabel

Blaze- Mabel, sorry mate.

TF- Mabel

Holden: Mabel you are out.

Challenge Gwent

Holden: Time to do Gwen and Trent. Your Entries will be due 2/18/15 and 2pm EST. Enjoy and GL. Also we are having a DOUBLE ELIMINATION this episode so try your best to stay out of the bottom 3 since 2 people from it are going home.

The Amare Valentines

Surfer's Entry

Chase's Entry First entry! Yes!

Loenev's Entry

Berry's Entry

Gwen is making Trent live "The Crazy Life", she is not like other girls and pulled him in and out.

Blaze's Entry

going for this one tbh XD

Winston's Entry

This is the best I could come up with, a guy who is obsessed with a girl and would do the craziest things for her! HA

TF's Entry

Alpha's Entry

Michael's Entry

Results Trent and Gwen

Holden: Well over all the entries were fanstastic. The Bootom 3 is again pretty obvious; Surfer and Alpha for not posting entries and Michael for copying Winston. Declaring a winner for this challenge was really difficult but i evtually reached a top 3 of Blaze, Tf and Winston. The winner of this challeneg was though.......................TF. It was so good and i wish there could be more winners this time. Now time to vote 2 people off. Enjoy.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #7

Holden: It is Time to vote. You each only get 1 vote and the two people with the most votes will be eliminated. Good luck to all

Chase- Alpha :) Cause you've been in the bottom 3 more than anybody :3

Loenev- sorry alpha but you are again in bottom three :[

Berryleaf- Michael sorry

Winston- I vote you off for copying me! Michael 

Blaze- ummm...i guess i'll go for Michael.

TF- Wes Holden. (Michael)

Holden: Michael and Alpha you have been eliminated.

Challenge Fcott and Cierra

Holden: Its time that we start doing our double entries. We will need songs for both the relationships of Scott and Fang AND Cody and Sierra. Please label the entries so i dont have to guess You will have the sma e amount of time as usual with the challenge ending 2/20/15 at 2PM EST. Also I am going to open up a poll so Good luck and do well.

Who should be up for elimination

The poll was created at 09:09 on August 3, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

The Amare Valentines

Surfer's Entries

Chase's Entries

  1. <-- For Scott/Fang
  2. <-- For Cody/Sierra

Loenev's Entries

  1. [ » « ] ~ Scott & Fang
  2. [ » « ] ~ Sierra & Cody

Berry's Entries

  1. Scott and Fang They hate eachother
  2. Sierra and Cody Sierra is obsessed with Cody

Blaze's Entries

  1. (Scott/Fang) XD a little jk entry tbh
  2. (Cody/Sierra)

Winston's Entries

  1. For Scott and Fang and lol Scott's a girl btw translation
  2.  For Cody and Sierra, the mood may not fit but the lyrics is good

TF's Entries

Day 8 Chat

Holden: I forgot to put up the chat. My Bad

Results Cody and Sierra; Scott and Fang

Chase- For Scott and Fang it seemed more like a song for an old dating couple. It was good though 7/10. I did kind of get a bit of stalkerish feel but I would have liked more about the relationship between the stalker and the stalked. 8/10 Total 15/20 or 75%

Surfer- No Entries 0/20. Total 0%

Loenev- Like Chase the Scott and Fang Entry was more for an old dating couple. 7/10. This cody and sierra song is not much of a stalker song so it missed the mark a bit but It was good. 7/10. Total 14/20 or 70%

Berryleaf- I think the song is perfect for how Fang feels about Scott but not the other way around. I like it though. 8/10. I think for sierra and cody it is a solid Choice of a song. She might be a little crazier but it gets their relationship pretty good. 9/10 Total 17/20 or 85%.

Winston- Plain, Simple and to the point. I like it. Scott and Fang do get described well here. 9/10. BEST ENTRY EVER for Sierra and Cody 10/10. Total 19/20 or 95%.

Blaze- I am sorry but that does not sound like Scott and Fang at all 5/10. The sierra Cody song seems to be more about sierra but I think I could see sierra signing this to Cody 8/10 Total 13/20 or 65%.

TF- No Entries 0/20. Total 0%

Holden: Those are the results. You guys voted for a bottom 3 for the rest of the competition so that means Surfer, TF and Blaze are up for elimination. The other 4 you now get to vote one of them off. Congrats to Winston for getting this win and gl to the nominees.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #8

Holden: Vote off Surfer, TF or Blaze. Good luck guys.

Chase- Surfer. Sorry I <3 U! But you seem to be doing absolutely nothing and you've made it way too far in the game for doing nothing :( You've been in the bottom 2/3 5 times gurl

Winston- TF sorry dude

Loenev- TF, sorry!

Berry- TF, I hope you don't move my litterbox to the street.

Holden: S1 Champ TF is out of the competition.

Challenge Aleather and Zike

Holden: So the two entries that you need to do this week are Alejandro and Heather as well as Mike and Zoey. They will be due 2/22/15 at 2PM EST. Bottom three will be up for elimination and that is half of you so do great entries. GL

Michael's Entries

  1. Aleather
  2. Zike

Chase's Entries

  1. <---Aleheather
  2. <---Zike

Loenev's Entries

  1. [Heather Sings] -
  2. [Zoey Sings] -

Berry's Entries

  1. I can't submit an entry right now, can I have a few more hours? (you have 2.5 hours to submit them. Sorry)

Blaze's Entries

  1. (Heather/Alejandro)
  2. (Mike/Zoey) (couldn't really think of much else. :/)

Winston's Entries

  1. "you tell all the girls go, it makes you feel good." Both Alejandro and Heather play hard to get and have multiple boys/girl falling for them but let them all go. (Alejandro with pretty much every girl, Duncan was interested in Heather for a while.)  And they even play hard to get with eachother but still end up loving eachother and let eachother see "beneath their beautiful" . 
  2. This song describs Mike and Zoey and their trouble with Mike's personalities in different situations and Zoey never really knowing who Mike really is.  

Day 9 Chat

Holden: Whose afraid of the big bad wolf

Surfer: I don't deserve to stay. I quit.

Holden: Okay but to keep on schedule Michael is reentering the competition

Michael: Nice to see everyone again.

Amber: ahw surfer! but yay michael :D

Results Mike and Zoey; Alejandro and Heather

Chase- The Alejandro heather entry was decent but there was a ton of swearing in it so you lose some points 3/10. I like you Mike and Zoey. It was nice but there was no Hot and cold tendencies though 8/10. Total 11/20 or 55%.

Michael- I actually really like this entry for Al and Heather. The premise of their relationship is I love to hate you and this song captured it perfectly. 9/10. For Mike and Zoey, Mike is hard to love but I think there are more attributes to their relationship 7/10. Total 16/20 or 80%

Loenev- It was good for Al and Heather but I think there would be more fighting in their relationship 8/10. The Mike and Zoey Entry seemed to be all about love. And not enough about what happens in the love. 7/10 Total 15/20 or 75%.

Berryleaf- No Entries 0/20. Total 0% Sorry but there was a deadline and in the real world deadlines do not get extended.

Winston- You actually made me cry with this Entry. Gg. I have never thought about Alejandro and Heather in this way before but it seems to fir so perfectly. This is my new favorite song. 10/10. This was awesome for mike and Zoey and expecially describe Zoey when Vito came out. 10/10. Total 20/20 or 100%

Blaze- This Entry was AWESOME for Al and Heather 9/10. I think what their relationship is based on is captured in this song. It’s a simple song but it goes get their relationship down good. There are obstacles in their way but they made it past them 9/10. 18/20 or 90%.

Holden: The Bottom 3 are Chase, Berry and Loenev. Winston won the challenge and with Michael and Blaze will vote out one of the bottom 3. Please go and vote now. GL Noms

Elimination The Amare Valentines #9

Holden: Vote out Berry, Chase or Loenev. Gl guys.

Winston- hard one... I'm sorry but Berry

Blaze- Berry, sorry dude.

Michael- Berry

Holden: Berry you are eliminated.

Challenge LeSold and Dam

Holden: Harold and LeShawna and Dakota and Sam are your entries. They will be due 4 PM EST. There will only be a Bottom 2 for this challenge so gl luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.

Michael's Entries

  1. This dates back to TDI Ep1
  2. Dakota and Sam are night and day.

Chase's Entries

  1. <--LeSold
  2. <--Dam

Loenev's Entries

  1. < Leshawna & Harold.
  2. < Dakota & Sam

Blaze's Entries

  1. (imagine Harold singing this about Leshawna XD)
  2. (Dakota's the girl, Sam's the guy tbh...:D)

Winston's Entries

  1. for Leshawna and Harold because when Leshawna "get's it on" Harold get's excited and visa versa
  2. for Dakota and Sam, cause Sam loves Dakota no matter if she is a human or a mutated fame monster.

Day 10 Chat

Holden: How do you guys feel being the F5

Amber: it's nice :D

Results LeShawna and Harold; Sam and Dakota

Chase- It was good. LeShawna does not think Harold could handle her. But I think there is more 8/10. Maybe I am just confuse but aren’t Dakota and Sam still together. I did not get this entry 5/10. Total 13/20 or 65%.

Michael- I did not like you Leshawna/Harold at all. 4/10. I think this is a good entry. Opposite’s attract but there is more to their relationship than this. 8/10 Total 12/20 or 60%.

Loenev- I feel this song can apply to many couples, not just Harold and LeShawna 7/10. Sorry but For Sam and Dakota their love is not secret at all. I think this song missed the mark. 5/10 Total 12/20 or 60%

Winston- It was a good entry and I did see some leshawna and Harold tendencies but I feel there is more to their relationship. It was good though 8/10. I like your Entry for Sam and Dakota. It is the best of the group 9/10. Total 17/20 or 85%.

Blaze- - Like Loenev I think the song applies to many couples, though I think Trent would be the most likely to sing it 7/10. Siblings sang this song in the movie. Also I do not see Sam in this song at all. It is all Dakota 6/10 Total 13/20 or 65% Holden: The entries were not that good today i am Afraid. By a large margin Winston won another challenge and the Bottom 2 will be Micheal and Loenev. One of you two will be going home. The rest of you go and vote one of them out.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #10

Holden: Vote out either Michael or Loenev. Gl

Winston- Michael

Chase- Sorry Michael, but I think Amber is more deserving of this. No hate, no shade, no betrayal. It's all just a game.

Blaze- sorry Michael, but i vote for you.

Holden: Michael you have lost again.

Challenge Scotney and Ozzy

Holden: Your challenge now is to do Scott/Courtney & Izzy/Owen. You are are the final 4 so the couples are going to get harder. You have until 2/27/15 at 4 PM EST to post your entries. Half of you are going to be up for elimination so post great entries and try to stay out of the bottom. Gl.

Chase's Entries

  1. <--Scottney "We come together, cause opposites attract"
  2. <--Owzzy "Kiss me boy/Be my baby and drive me crazy"

Loenev's Entries

  1. {Courtney & Scott:} ~ Courtney wants to have Scott as her boyfriend.
  2. {Izzy & Owen:} ~ They are the same because they are both crazy and always happy.

Blaze's Entries

  1. (Owen and Izzy) (i guess you could imagine Izzy singing this about Owen?)
  2. (Courtney and Scott) (taking a HUGE risk with this one, but i guess you gotta take risks if you wanna go far.)

Winston's Entries

  1. <---- This song for Scottney because eventhough they loved each other the right way (Courtney being dominant over Scott which he liked and Scott obeying Courtney which she liked) but it was never meant to be as they always they weren't made for eachother
  2. <------ This song for Izwen/Ozzy because wotj all respect their relationship is quite weird, messed up and unexpected and this song is actually about something else I figured out but I will leave those shades of grey out of it. This was the best song I could find. Also this is the clean version

Day 11 Chat

Holden: How does it feel to be the F4. Only one of you has made it this far before.

Blaze: would you happen to be talking about me by any chance?, because seriously, i can't believe i've gotten this far again, it doesn't usually happen in the camps i compete in. XD

Results Owen/Izzy & Scott/Courtney

Chase- I really like your Scotney Entry. Yes they ended on a really bad not and your entry does not cover that but what was first a manipulation fell into love 8/10. The Ozzy Entry seemed to miss the mark a bit with only 1 line about how dysfunctional the relationship is 7/10 Total 15/20 or 75%.

Loenev- I like the Entry. It kinda goes into the details of how at first Courtney could care less about Scot and then she turn out liking him a lot 7/10. I think your Ozzy Entry was fine because they are one in the same but it needed more relationship details 7/10 Total 14/20 or 70%

Winston- I like it- it tells me that they did love each other @ Scotney but now they have to move on. It was good. 9/10. Your Ozzy Entry was good but I feel that it applies better to other couples. I kinda wanted the crazy factor to be in a song. 8/10. Total 17/20 or 85%

Blaze- Your Risk was a success. I liked the song because if the person singing is Scott it makes a whole lot of sense. He is singing telling Cortney I loved you but because of your actions we are through. 10/10. I think this song applies to other couples more but you do have the crazy factor spot on 8/10 Total 18/20 or 90%

Holden: Blaze has won this challenge and Loenev and Chase are the bottom 2. One of you will not make the final 3. Blaze and Winston will not vote one of you off. If there is a tie you guys, the person with the lowest score today goes home. Gl

Elimination The Amare Valentines #11

Holden: It is time to say goodbye to Loenev or Chase. Have fun

Blaze- i'm gonna go for Chase, you're a massive threat, and i want to get rid of as many threats as possible.

Winston- Sorry Chase I guess this is the end of the line for you

Holden: Chase your tribe has spoken

Challenge Linder and Mr. Owen

Holden: F3 today you will have to post 2 entries on the following couples; Tyler and Lindsay and Owen and Mr. Coconut. They are due 3/2/15 at 4pm EST. Whoever gets the highest score will go to the final and get to pick who will go with them. GL.

Loenev's Entries

  1. - Mr.Owen
  2. - Lindsay <3 & Tyler <3

Blaze's Entries

  1. (Owen / Mr. Coconut) (i reckon you could see Owen singing this to Mr. Coconut. XD)
  2. (Lindsay / Tyler) (Lindsay would obviously sing this to Tyler. :D)

Winston's Entries

  1. for Mr Owen, well this is very to the points and really cheesy but not only the lyrics fits but also the tone of the song fits really good. Owen has a friend in Mr Coconut and visaversa
  2. it's a risk but this song for Lindsay and Tyler because this song suggest a relationship that happened but one of the two "forgot" to love the other but that person remembers how the love felt and start loving the other person again!

Day 12 Chat

Holden: F3 you can talk here as i will also poll america who they think will win

Who will win Songs of the TDC

The poll was created at 09:09 on August 3, 2015, and so far 0 people voted.

Challenge Results Semi-Finals

Loenev- Your Entry for Mr. Owen was good but it felt like it was missing an emotional connection 8/10. For Lindsay and Tyler I thought the song was generic and could describe many couples 7/10. Total 15/20 or 75%.

Winston- I liked it for Mr Owen. It was a good representation of who these two characters are 9/10. The Tyler and Lindsay entry was good. I liked the connections of how Lindsay forgot and then remembered 9/10. Total 18/20 or 90%.

Blaze- I thought this was the best of the 3 Mr. Owen Entries. It was really good 10/10. I kinds felt that you blew the challenge with this entry. I did not think this song described Lindsay very well and Tyler is not the player the song describes either. 7/10. Total 17/20 or 85%.

Winston won the challnege and now gets to choose who is going to the finals and who is getting 3rd.

Elimination The Amare Valentines #12

Holden: The floor is all yours Winston. Who is getting 3rd.

Winston- 3rd place is a high placement I am gonna eliminate Loenev. 

Holden: Wow that was a quick vote and loenev its time for you to go

Challenge Final Gwdy, Shawmine and Chef Chris

Holden: F2 it is time for your final challenge. These entries are going be Tough but you guys can do it. By 3/4/15 at 2pm EST you must d the following 3 entries. Gwen/Cody, Shawn/Jasmine and Chef/Chris. Enjoy since who ever has the higher score after this challenge will be our champion.

Blaze's Entries

  1. (Gwen/Cody) (deja vu maybe Wes? XD)*
  2. (Shawn/Jasmine) (i think this fits pretty well personally. :D)
  3. (Chris / Chef) (i literally could not find any song that fitted Chris and Chef myself, although Winston will probably find a much better song XD, but anyway, here is my Chef Chris entry, if you'd even consider them a couple?)

Winston's Entries

  1. for Gwen and Cody, it fits because Cody is a caring friend of Gwen who is secretly or not so secretly also in love with her. And he does creepy and stalking things to her without him even realizing he does them.
  2. for Jasmine and Shawn it was a hard choice but this is what I settle with and also sorry for the 6 minutes of music you have to listen to :-S
  3. for Chris and Chef, this one is hard and this choice may seem odd but if you listen to the lyrics it kinda makes scenes. Chris big ego can make him to do/say things to Chef he doesn't and same the other way around but in the end their friendship is back and better than ever.

Day 13 Chat

Holden: Lets welcome back all of out losers Lynn, Nemo, Electra, Don, Kordan, Dark, Mabel, Alpha, TF, Surfer, Berry, Michael, Chase and Loenev.

Dark: Winston slay!!!! <3

Surfer: Being neutral is fun!

Alpha: Blaze, win win for us.

Berry: Hey guys, good luck Blaze!

Amber: Winstonnn Blazeeee goodluck besties <3

Results Final

Winston- Your Gwen and Cody song was great. That describes the Cody and Gwen relationship to a T. Especially with him doing all those daydreams. 10/10. Your Shawn and Jasmine song was good but I thought other couples like Gwen and Duncan were a better fir 8/10. This song for Chris and Chef for whatever reason clicked that it makes sense for them as a couple 9/10. Total 27/30 or 90%.

Blaze- It was good. I wish there were some of Cody’s stalkerish attributes but this song did the couple justice. 8/10. I think the Jasmine and Shawn song could describe other couples but it is a good math for them especially after Chris shows Shawn confessionals at the finale 9/10. I think the evil attributes do describe Chris but I think that chef is just as evil but it was good. 9/10 Total 26/30 or 87%.

Holden: by 1 point our winner is WINSTON. Congratulations. *Takes the crown from Phy and gives it to Winston* How does it feel to be out winner.

Winston: Wow I join a camp for the first time in forever and I win it! WHOOO!! I want to congrat Blaze for being the just not winner for the third time, not trying to be mean you were a great finalist and I am just really surprised and happy! 

Blaze: congrats Winston!, you truly deserve it buddy!, and hey, isn't it 1-1 now in the Winston vs. Blaze final two battles? XD, but regardless, great job mate! (claps) 

Holden: With that s3 comes to a close. With no immediate plans for a s4 anytime soon, will it happen. Only time will tell hopefully we shall see you then