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There is some language or violence that may not be appropriate for people under thirteen years of age.
Sanctuary New
Sanctuary is a Competition, Reality, and Survival novel published by Solarrion (mw|b|c)

Many years after the infamous "Total Drama" television series seized to exist on modern television, and where "The Ridonculous Race" took over reality television and the world in the violent storm it did, the original fans of the "Total Drama" franchise began to form an uprising, against the directors, producers and other personnel at the show, demanding that the show is renewed for one final season to serve as the closure to the franchise that every fan has dreamed of. A few years continued to pass with little to no news, however suddenly the "Total Drama" franchise was becoming more and more popular, and the show slowly found itself returning bigger and better than any of the previous seasons.

However, as the franchise soared back into popularity, the makers of the show wanted to create something new and take off in a new direction with the franchise and create something a little more fresh. The show's concept and other elements hit the drawing board, and slowly but surely, an entirely new game was devised, with an entirely new cast of characters ready to take on the hardest game in television history.

Eighteen insane contestants will have their lines on the line throughout the entirety of the game, as well as living on a remote island with seventeen strangers with little to no human resources to your name. Not to mention that each one of these seventeen strangers are the toughest people you'll ever meet, and the best at playing the game of deceit, they will do everything in their power to ensure that they are the sole one to come out on top, and not you. The once somewhat easy reality game of Total Drama has revolutionised and suddenly become an ordeal that will test even the strongest known members of the human race. Who will be the strongest player and survive, and who will crumble under the pressure of the world's tougest game?

Farewell to your past, welcome to your future. Welcome, to, Sanctuary.

Total Word Count: 011,454

Status: Writing Chapter 04.

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Casting Credits


Chris McLean: The Host
Various: Interns


Sanctuary Cast

Minor Characters

Iggy: The Ex-Hostess
Katherine: The Notorious Hotshot

Liam: The Iggy-Crazed Fanboy
Lana: The Scene Diva


Episode 01: If We Lose Our Hope... Act I.

Publish Date: July 26th, 2015.
Word Count: 4,240.

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean completely unknown to the human civilization, the boat complete with bumps, cracks and bruises which we have become a custom to over the past season sets sail once more for a final conclusion. In the previous season of the reality television show which has captured the hearts of the viewers all over again, the cast members are celebrating the end of the season, and coincidentally the winner, Katherine.

Katherine is nowhere to be seen on the deck, as couples continue to converse between themselves without a care in the world, until the ship’s foghorn sounds with a mighty roar. An honorary silence follows, as Katherine, wearing an ocean blue dress decorated sewn in sequins to reflect the blue light, emerges from the inside of the dilapidated boat. The dress completely absorbs the attention of everyone else in the room. She takes a courteous bow and gracefully walks down the deck to meet with her friends.

To the astonishment of everyone else, she quickly tucks in to the buffet in front of her very eyes. Her eyes are gleaming with excitement of high quality food being presented to her. She devours every last remain of succulent rib, barbecue sauce and buffalo wing present on the table. The other guests on the boat watch in bewilderment but smile nervously.

Hamish stands back and watches in fear of what could happen if he intervened at the exact incorrect moment, however he musters the courage to speak up. Hamish rubs his hands, “Well, um… congratulations on winning the competition Katherine…” He states nervously.

She hears his voice and slowly lifts her head out of the carnage of food on the table, “Thanks so much Hamish!”

“Have any idea what you’re going to do with the money?” Hamish asks her, this time a little more confidently than before now that he has her attention.

Katherine pauses for a moment to consider her options on what to spend the million dollar prize on now that she has claimed victory. “Hmm. That’s a tough question. I think I want to spend it on getting through school and college before anything else. After that, I’ll probably buy a big house or something for my family to live in!”

Hamish gives Katherine a high five, “Sweet!”

Jordan gives the pair the cold shoulder and stares at them coldly in jealousy. “If only I wasn’t dragged down by affiliation with the notorious black widow herself.” Jordan looks over his shoulder and notices Brooke glaring at him evilly from the side lines. He then mutters something under his breath in retaliation.

Cerys laughs, “That’s rich coming from you. Your whole strategy last season was even worse than the painted on slugs Lavenia calls eyebrows. Not to mention that they’re way too big to match your forehead.”

“The only thing painted on in this situation is your lipstick. And while I’m at it, you’re rocking the clown look today 'hun. It suits you a hundred percent.” Lavenia replies, and smiles at Esme while consequently giving her a high five.

Esme smiles, “You go girl! Slay her ass!”

“The only thing that is a hundred percent here is your failure and demise.” Cerys replies with a stone cold expression.

Lavenia rolls her eyes in response, “At least I can feel human emotions unlike you. What happened to the cheerleader we all knew and put up with?”

“No comment.” Cerys replies stunned.

“Top notch acting android.” Lavenia replies with a snide glare. “No one ever informed me on how well robots could act!”

Darius states, “I liked you better when you were that dumb red-head cheerleader. Sigh.” He proceeds to sigh once more.

"I'm sorry, but was I actually asking for your input? Do you actually think I could care about your opinion?" Jordan says, staring at Cerys with his arms folded.

"Are we actually fighting right now? Can we not?" Esme says, cowering behind Lavenia, who nods in agreement with what she says.

"Your lack of brain cells will be the death of me Esme. Why are you even here, in this conversation? Does Lavenia need someone to back her up whenever she says something even remotely witty?" Cerys interrupts, she pauses waiting for an answer from her, none was given, "Didn't think so. So, why don't you and paint pot just leave and find someone else to annoy."

Esme looks down, sniffling, preventing tears from streaming down her cheeks, "Oh my gosh guys. Look at her, look at Cerys!" She fakes the shock in her expression, "She doesn't look so good all of a sudden. Whatever food we've rationed we need to feed her it now! Cerys, listen to me, how much do you starve yourself?" Esme asks, she grabs Cerys face, one hand on one cheek and the other hand on the spare cheek.

"Ugh, get off me you moron." Cerys pushes her down, making her fall on top of Phyllis.

"I'm only a spectator, watch what you do Cerys, you don't want to meet the bad streak of Phyllis." Phyllis says in third person, pushing Esme off of her before walking away from the group.

"Whatever..." Cerys also walks away, but in the other direction.

There is a long pause, silence filling in the gaps where offensive words should be. The camera switches between Jordan, Brooke, Lavenia, Esme and Darius who stay in a big cluster, either stood, slouched or sat on the ground.

"Anyway, as I was saying, if it wasn't for you, I would've stayed in the game and more than likely won. I mean, I have all of the attributes and qualities that a winner has, I basically ran the game pre-merge." Jordan remarks, folding his arms.

"Whatever you say, but just drop the subject now." Lavenia says, walking off to which Esme instantly follows, leaving Darius, Brooke and Jordan in an oddly-shaped triangle.

(CONFESSIONAL: Darius): “I used to think that Cerys and I had a special sort of bond. Like we used to be real good friends but something just seems really off about her. I know that she played us all and tricked us into thinking she was this dim-witted cheerleader, but I don’t know, it seems like there is something else that she is keeping from everyone else.”

Brooke looks at the approaching argument and interferes. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Jordan is MY rival and MY rival only. Get your own. Move over you wannabe strategist.” Brooke grabs Jordan’s hand and walks away, pulling him along with her.

Upon realizing, Jordan releases Brooke’s grip from his hand. “And you’re acting like a petty jealous high school crush because?”

“Have you forgotten already? You saved my life you mong.” Brooke replies sternly, before a faint smile emerges but quickly disappears from her face. “This may be difficult for you to understand but I do have a heart you know.”

Jordan now looks relived, “Oh yeah. Duh. Life debt. Gotta love those. Maybe it will end with me being in danger and you having to help me!” Jordan remarks on a new level of sarcasm, complete with the roll of the eyes.

Brooke laughs manically, “That’s the plan homeboy.” Brooke whispers something to herself quietly, remembering her recent flaws in the previous season and re-evaluating them this time around.

Following his previous comment regarding Cerys, Darius decides to leave the party on the deck and to head back into the boat. Upon entering, he notices something strange about the white canvas wall to the left of him, and he pauses in ponder.

“I don’t remember this wall being here before…Not to mention that it doesn’t fit in with the symmetry of the ship.” Darius comments. He then notices a corner of the wall beginning to peel off, so he decides to tug on it, and sure enough the wall comes crashing down before disintegrating into minuscule remains.

The wall reveals the object it was hiding from human sight, a door. Cob webs surround the door and the numbers “777” are on the door in rusted fake gold. Faint sounds and noises of crying and whimpering can be heard from inside the room. Darius reaches for the door handle, as his hand trembles and shakes in shock of what is about to happen. He cautiously opens the door with his left hand continuing to tremble ferociously.

The room seems empty, until a head turns at the light produced by the door being opened, and two eyes can be seen glaring at Darius. He screams, “AAAAHHHH!”

The person stands up and charges at him with incredible pace. Darius continues to scream until the person reaches the doorway before stopping, making Darius more relieved.

Darius opens his eyes and sees the person, “So that’s where you’ve been…”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” A terrified and relived Inca screams while hugging Darius out of relief.

Darius is immobilized. “What…What the hell! How long have you been trapped behind this…wall???” He states almost not believing his words.

Inca lets go of him and breaks off the hug. “Sorry…after the whole ordeal in Italy I just wanted to come back to my room to keep a clear head and keep calm. So I did, and I heard someone outside my room talking about their nails. So I got up from my bed and decided to investigate who was outside my room. I tried to open the door and it wouldn’t open at all so I assume that the person outside my room was putting up that fake wall. So to put a long story short, I’ve been trapped and isolated in that boat cabin since Italy. Whenever that was, it’s been real hard to determine how long I’ve been in there in terms of days.” She explains.

Darius remains open jawed. “You’re kidding. Inca we were in Italy like four months ago. How the heck have you managed to stay alive?”

Inca rubs her arm nervously, “Well. Between you and me, I had a contraband stash of chocolate bars and sandwiches hidden underneath my mattress the entire journey so I wouldn’t ever go hungry. I guess it worked out very well for me in the end then huh!” She replies somewhat happily.

Darius rubs his head once again due to this very confusing and downright odd situation, but he remains collected. “Okay. Inca, I want you to go outside onto the deck and enjoy the delicious buffet. I would hurry though, it seems that Katherine will devour every last bite if you’re not there. Everyone’s missed you to, you should go say hi.”

Inca nods, “That doesn’t sound too fantastic, she could get indigestion!” Inca waves goodbye to Darius and hugs him once again for saving her, before running outside onto the deck unnaturally energetic.

Inca runs outside onto the deck and sees a lonely Riley looking over the edge of the boat at the horizon with a sad expression, as if he was missing something. She creeps up to him with silent footsteps, and then puts her hands around his waist, making Riley jump in shock.

“What’s up dude?” Inca questions, snuggling his back. Riley turns around while still in shock, although a massive smile emerges on his face.

He looks shocked albeit relieved to see her. “Inca man! How- Where have you been? It’s feels like I haven’t seen you in forever!” He states excitedly.

Inca pulls back and folds her arms sternly, “Just kiss me you fool.” She replies and winks, Riley then grabs Inca in his arms and kisses her passionately by the side of the boat as the sun sets in the background.

Meanwhile still inside the boats quarters, Darius is very curious as to how Inca became trapped inside the room behind the fake wall, and how no one noticed it before. He pushes the wall back together and then he closes the main door to the outside of the boat to allow the light to disappear. To his astonishment, the wall is completely invisible when the light source has been expelled. He replies with an interested hum.

In the darkness, he notices a room with a small illumination inside of it and decides to check it out. Inside is a small television that looks as if it came from the era where televisions had only just been invented. He notices a small character on the screen who is jumping all around the place, and someone sitting on the floor right in front of it controlling its movement.

Darius shakes his head, “Marley…? What are you doing in here? Why aren’t you outside with everyone else?”

Marley laughs, “Are you kidding? Why are YOU not in here? I’ve missed so many Video Games from being on this reality show, there is no way I’m going to waste more time in the company of others when I don’t have to. You want to join in on my game? I’ve got another controller somewhere in here…” Marley offers. Darius replies silently and looks around the room, noticing that the bed and the sheets are all out of place and messed up. There are also various pieces of garbage from food or other products placed around the room.

Darius cringes, “I’m good thanks…”

“Are you sure?” Marley replies, “The graphics on Report to Duty are absolutely stunning!” He points to the television screen and the character begins to move around once again, until suddenly the television cuts to static, making Marley jump.

“I wouldn’t be too upset, we are in the middle of the sea. How do you get connections anyway?” Darius asks.

Marley looks confused, “It’s a single player game?”

“What about electricity then?” Darius asks once again.

Marley laughs once again, “Just rewired the electricity for the lights in my room and the plaza to here, it was enough to power the television and connect my game console.” A second passes and the television boots up again and Marley’s attention quickly diverts back to it.

Darius looks towards the window behind Marley as he continues to play his game nonchalantly. A couple of seconds pass and a wave passes the height of the window. “That’s probably why your connection is dropping constantly buddy.” He points towards the window as the waves continue to reach the window height. Marley ignores Darius as he is too immersed in his game to acknowledge what he has to offer.

Darius leaves Marley’s room, leaving the annoyed grunts behind him.

Meanwhile outside, Esme, Lavenia and Phyllis are all sitting together peacefully gossiping on one of the oak picnic benches together. They exchange giggles and laughs conversing about various seemly inside jokes.

Lavenia pauses, “Oh my gosh, guys, did you hear about the whole thing with George and Tabitha? Apparently they hooked up at last week’s shindig at Oliver Jenkins’ house!” She laughs and the other girls do the same.

Esme pulls out her phone and shows the other girls a picture of a man from her high school who appears drunk and is shouting at the camera aggressively. He is holding a red cup assumed to be filled with alcohol as streamers and other party equipment. “Porter was so drunk last week! Like I’m surprised the cops didn’t turn up or anything, this party looked absolutely massive from the pictures on social media.”

“To be truthful, Porter is pretty cute if I do say so myself.” Phyllis replies, keeping the conversation alive.

Esme shrugs, “I guess he is from certain angles. I don’t think I would ever date him though, he isn’t really my type.”

Lavenia laughs, “We all know that isn’t true. You know we’ve all seen the pictures of you two from Evan Peters’ party last semester. You two looked pretty damn close if you asked me.”

Esme blushes, “Please. That was just the booze playing its part in a teenage girl’s life. I wasn’t actually seeing sense.”

“The internet would claim otherwise.” Phyllis replies, shaking her phone as if to say she had evidence against her argument. All three then proceed to laugh once more in unison.

Meanwhile Jasmine and Nightwolf are sat together at one of the other picnic benches alone. Jasmine is trying to teach Nightwolf more modern views such as Christianity and how Government works.

Jasmine clears her throat, “And that is how voting was enabled in American law. Sorry that turned into more of a lecture than a short and sweet explanation!”

Nightwolf laughs but then becomes silent once more.

Jasmine’s expression becomes more saddened. “Nightwolf, how come you never talk to anyone here? I don’t get how you’ve gone all your life without speaking to anyone.”

Nightwolf takes out a notebook from a bag that he carries around with him, and then rips out one page from it. He writes something on the piece of paper and then passes it to Jasmine as if he was hiding some big secret.

Jasmine reads the piece of paper, “Oh my goodness, you’re serious? Aw, Nightwolf, that’s terrible. You have social anxiety?”

Nightwolf nods, and Jasmine hugs him comfortingly.

(CONFESSIONAL: Jasmine): “That’s really sad. Nightwolf has social anxiety and feels like his voice would be the laughing stock of the game! As a Christian, I hereby proclaim that I will try and ‘cure’ if you will Nightwolf’s social anxiety! I don’t want someone to be living in fear of judgment of others. That is completely unethical and it completely upsets me. I hope I can do Nightwolf justice at least to the point where he feels comfortable to speak with others… literally.”

Meanwhile on the stern of the boat, the camera shows Liam swooning over Iggy, who stares out at the vast oceanic landscape that spreads across the horizon in every direction. The breeze picks up and as it was a movie, her hair flows in slow motion, this having an effect on Liam who stares intently at her as she continues to focus on her surroundings. Iggy finally snaps, "Okay Liam, I have to ask... What is your problem?" She asks in a soft tone of voice, this causing Liam to snap out of the trance he was placed in.

"What problem? I don't have a problem?" He replies awkwardly, watching as Iggy curiously lifts one eyebrow, sighs and then repeats the question.

"Well, I wouldn't say it was normal for someone to stare at another person with as much fascination as what I've had glimpses of from you. I mean, I don't know of anyone who stares at the opposite gender with his head resting in the palm of his hands... So tell me, what's the matter?" Iggy asks once again, this time Liam is on his feet, leaning up against the rail that prevents anyone from falling off of the boat.

He stares deeply into Iggy's dark brown eyes, "Well, it's come to my attention that, well... You're a beautiful specimen and I think I'm madly in love with you." Liam responds bluntly, his breathing intensifying as she looks at him in somewhat disbelief.

"Wait what? That's disgusting... Who do you think I am? Some slutty trash bag from the streets of Birmingham or wherever the heck you're from? I'd rather not, sorry." Iggy replies before casually walking down the deck on the starboard side of the cruise ship, Liam watches as she disappears through a large doorway - tears slowly dripping down his cheek.

Katherine and Hamish are still celebrating by themselves by the far end of the boat. A gust of fresh air flies through Katherine’s hair. Katherine walks to the edge of the deck, and looks over the crystalline seas with a glimpse of content. She mimics the pose from Titanic, and Hamish grabs her from behind, also mimicking the movie.

(CONFESSIONAL: Hamish): “Working with Katherine on this show has been amazing, more than anything I could’ve dreamed of. I’m hoping the future is bright for her…” He loses his train of thought for a second before leaving the confessional.

“Katherine…Have I ever told you how glad I am that I met you?” Hamish asks cautiously.

Katherine laughs, “You never shut up about it! Honestly though, it makes me happy to know that I’ve found someone who likes me for who I am, and that I don’t need to be someone I’m not to impress other people!”

Hamish smiles, “Good to know heh.”

Suddenly the atmosphere becomes gloomier and darker than before. Darius walks outside onto the deck where everyone else seems to be relatively gathered. The camera pans through various groups of people as they continue to go about their own business: Inca and Riley have finally reunited and continue to kiss even more passionately then ever before seen; Brooke and Jordan scowl with fierce jealousy at each other; Katherine and Hamish continue to celebrate Katherine’s victory on the show; Phyllis, Lavenia and Esme gossiping on their previous classmates and their experiences with other boys; Jasmine and Nightwolf are communicating about their life experiences and how Jasmine knows how to help Nightwolf out; Iggy trying to escape Liam at all costs as he continues to confess his love for her, drawing more attention and more embarrassment on national television; and Marley playing video games, with the same grunts and annoyed sounds as before when he lost.

Darius pauses and looks at the sky, with a completely terrified expression looming on his face. “Um everyone…” He pauses once again as everyone else continues to accomplish their own business once again and not pay any attention to others. “…I don’t know to tell you this but…LOOK!” Darius points at the sky in horror, he suddenly gets the attention of every cast member on the deck.

They all follow his footsteps and look at the sky. Upon sighting the immense wave, Esme grabs Lavenia and Phyllis’ hands firmly to them into the boat safely. Inca screams in panic, and Riley scoops her up in his arms and takes her inside the boat. Nightwolf escorts Jasmine into the boat safely, making sure she is okay.

Darius panics, “Come on Cerys! We need to get inside!”

Cerys turns around and smiles at him, before waving contently. “It’s fine Darius. You head on inside.” She states with a very calm and peaceful voice, as if she knew what was about to happen and expected the outcome.

Hamish quickly dashes towards the door leading to the inside of the boat, presuming that Katherine is following right behind him, however she is not. “Katherine be quick already!”

Katherine tries to run into the boat however her dress gets caught on a loose nail on the dock, making Katherine fall to her knees. She struggles to release her dress from the nail and begins to panic, something not a normal emotion for Katherine. She continues to struggle and manages to release her dress from the nail through ripping the blue sequins, but the wave then collapses and hits against the boat, causing some holes and cracks to appear on the boat. Katherine wobbles and loses balance from the wave and accidentally falls through one of the holes at the right side of the boat.

Hamish runs onto the deck, leaning over the edge of the boat. "NO! KATHERINEEEE!" He screams at a high pitched tone. Katherine uncharacteristically screams as she falls into the water below, however her head is bashed off of the side of the boat on the fall down, and she falls into the ocean below unconscious.

The entire cast follow suit and run onto the deck to lean over the edge and watch the previous events follow, although it is short lived as another wave strikes the boat causing more panic, making everyone left descend into the boat once more.

The waves rolled in long and white fringed against the side of large cruise ship, the now- violent and crashing waves pounded hard against the steel. Iggy and Liam watched from the deck above as the waves crashed violently against the base of the ship. The chill sea air bit into them, the wind itself picking up speed, roaring in the vast open spaces - a mixture of both sea water and sand conjure together to make a blend that irritate the people on the deck, panic arises as the waves get louder and harder, disorientating the people on board.

The ship creaked dangerously as waves thrust forward in great amounts of power, allowing small glimpses of the rocks just up ahead along the shore of the tropical island. The ocean teased the boat and threw it about like an infant would a rag doll. The wind mocked the contestants and hosts in their attempt to escape the oceans hunger, screams of the girls and moans from the guys are heard. The ship now uncontrollably with one destination.

The water penetrated the side of the ship causing it to capsize. The screams intensified to a collaborative shriek that deafened any who could hear before the boat came to a jolting halt, stopping entirely on the shore.

Rapid waves relentlessly strike the boat from all possible directions, slowly eating away at the boat itself thus creating more crevices and craters. The frightened contestants try to sleep as the ferocious waves keep attacking the boat with no hesitation in sight. The screen fades to an abrupt black as lightning bolts and tireless waves crash and spark in the background.

Episode 02: ...That's the Real Disaster. Act II.

Publish Date: October 18th, 2015.
Word Count: 7,214.

The harsh brightness emitted from the sunlight bellows down on the remains and pulverized wreckage of the previous vehicle which traveled the globe is sprawled sporadically across a small limited beach plain. There are also various bodies of the contestants scattered across the beach plain randomly. 

One of the miscellaneous bodies becomes conscious once again and immediately clutches onto their leg, attempting to cover a scar wound across it. “A-a-ah! Oh my God that hurts so much!” Lavenia states in exhaustion, and begins to pant heavily upon realizing the wound. 

Lavenia stumbles but manages to stand up. While limping, she moves around slowly and tries to take notice of her surroundings more effectively, however she notices a silhouette in the forest neighboring the beach. She jumps and falls to her knees in shock. The silhouette begins to advance closer and closer to Lavenia and the rest of the wreckage. Lavenia begins to panic and scuffles backwards towards the water’s edge. 

Eventually the silhouette reaches Lavenia, making her sweat in shock. Upon leaving the forest, a girl emerges, who immediately rushes over to Lavenia’s side after noticing the wound on her leg.

“Oh my gosh, you need medical attention stat!” The girl remarks. She rushes in a haste back into the forest and returns with a green box resembling a medical kit. Without hesitation, she applies a spray to the wound before wrapping it around in a bandage, and then proceeds to help Lavenia sit up straight.

Lavenia smiles faintly, “Thank you for the help…but may I ask, who are you? I don’t recall seeing you on the boat before we apparently crashed on this island…” 

The girl plays with her hair as a nervous mannerism, “I wasn’t on your boat I’m afraid. My name is Halcyon, and like you I ended up trapped on this island after an accident…a road trip gone wrong if you will…It’s been some time since I last saw the people from my old show.”

Lavenia remains confused, “Show? You were on TV?”

Halcyon continues to play with her hair, “Yes. It was a show called the International Road Trip or something along those lines. It was never aired due to the bus crash during the season finale that ended up sealing the fate of most of the contestants…”

“Oh my God that’s awful.” Lavenia replies shocked, “I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but would you mind helping me scout out the others? I’m worried as most of them seem to be unconscious or missing at this point…”

Halcyon smiles halfheartedly, “Admittedly I have nothing better to spend my time doing, I’m glad to be able to help another in need. I wish us the best of luck.”

Lavenia smiles and stands up, but immediately whimpers and leans on Halcyon for support, “Thank you. We’re going to need it.”

Lavenia and Halycon work together tirelessly to remove most of the rubble and debris which emerged as a result of the boat crash. They find more people as they go, eventually waking them from their slumber to help excavate the area more thoroughly. 

Lavenia in haste, leans over an unconscious Alfie. She tries to sit him up and get him talking and out of the previous state he was found in. Eventually she wakes him up and explains the situation to him in as few words as she can. 

“Alfie! Thank God! We crashed on this beach and people are missing, help as much as you can without doing more damage to yourself…” Lavenia states in a hasty mood.

Alfie is confused, but refrains from asking questions at this precise moment, “Okay. I’ll look around for more people.”

After around an hour of searching for people, Lavenia, Halcyon and Alfie all regroup and decide to report on their findings from the past hour. Lavenia tries to remain calm, although she is shaking nervously.

“Lavenia? Please remain calm! Everybody will be fine!” Alfie responds, putting one arm around her back and his hand on her shoulder in a comforting position. She begins to tear up but hugs Alfie to stop her tears.

“Lavenia, so far I’ve located three bodies and was able to bring them all to a decent condition. They’re all fine and are resting now.”

Lavenia breathes a sigh of relief and a small yet faint smile appears on her face. “That’s brilliant work Halcyon. Do you recall who they were by any chance?”

Halcyon shakes her head, “I think it’s safe to say either you or Alfie will have to do the identification process since you actually know these people. I guess I could try to describe their looks to you?”

“Yeah go for it. What did they look like then?” Lavenia replies.

“Well for starters I located one guy and two girls. I believe one of the girls had a more blonde hair tone whereas the other girl’s hair was more of a dusty brown.” Halcyon confirms to Lavenia, making her pause and think for a moment.

“Well the blonde could be either Esme or Brooke, and the other one I have no idea…we didn’t have any female brunettes on the cruise other than myself.” Lavenia replies, stroking her chin.

Halcyon compliments the confused look of Lavenia with her own. “Oh really? Well that is definitely odd.” She directs Lavenia over to the girl’s body. “She’s over there but she’s still unconscious. Maybe if you exam the body your memory will kick in? Meanwhile I’ll go to comfort the blonde girl.” 

Lavenia shrugs, “It’s worth a shot.”

The girls disperse to aid the others who need them. Lavenia curiously heads towards the unknown brunette which she couldn’t previously identify. She examines the body more carefully to try and fathom who the girl is. She lifts the girls head up and looks at her face, but cannot draw a conclusion on who this person is.

“Hmm…this is very confusing. I have no idea who this person is…I don’t think I’ve seen them before-” Lavenia suddenly remembers something from before the cruise crash, and a flashback begins to play.

Lavenia searches the boat and looks in every direction to make sure everybody is accounted for. She notices a girl walk out of the boat ecstatically as if she had just been freed from lifting a heavy weight. Her walk was very light and bouncy. Lavenia walks over to the girl with a smile on her face.

“Welcome to the cruise! Wait a second, who are you? I thought this cruise was strictly for the contestants of The New Classic?” Lavenia states confused.

The girl stops and looks at her confused, “Uh I am a contestant haha. You have to remember me Lavenia, we were good friends!”

The flashback freezes as if it had been caused by a force. The face of the girl remains the sole object of the picture, and Lavenia suddenly realizes who the girl is. “Inca”.

Meanwhile, Halcyon manages to bring the blonde girl back to consciousness. She gives her some water and comforts her.

“It’s great to see you. You may not remember, but you were in a boat crash with all the other people from the TV show. Do you remember who you are?” Halcyon asks.

The girl sits up and continues to drink some water, “Um…I’m not 100%. I’m afraid I don’t, sorry…”

Halcyon sighs, “Okay. It’s great you’re awake though. If you happen to see anyone else please alert either me or Lavenia immediately but make sure to not worsen any injuries you might have.” Halcyon states and walks away to tend to someone else in need.

The girls seems confused. “Lavenia…? Why does that name sound oddly familiar…?” She quietly mumbles to herself.

Lavenia and Halcyon decide to regroup once again and take a head count on who they’ve found so far and who is left to be found.

Lavenia takes a moment to count everybody in the circle of people. One by one she calls out there names, “So far we’ve woken Me, Alfie and Esme up. And we’ve located but not woke Inca and Riley, and we also have Halcyon who is a survivor from a previous crash which had taken place on this island. If I had to draw a conclusion, I’d say this island has a negative aura radiating from it which attracts crashes of all proportions.” Lavenia concludes.

“I am inclined to agree. It seems as if this island has a magnet which pulls in these accidents and causes them to occur.” Halcyon replies.

Alfie ponders for a moment, “We could possibly have crash landed in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has a bad reputation for disappearance acts.” He states.

“That is true. Bermuda does have a very strange history of accidents like this happening.” Halcyon replies in agreement.

Lavenia shrugs, “Guys that’s not really the motive right now. We can try and figure out where we are when we know that everybody is safe and sound. We need to find all the passengers from the ship.” Lavenia reminds the group of the current problem at hand, before clearing her throat. “We still have 11 people missing at this moment.”

“What about the likes of Lana and Iggy?” Alfie interrupts.

“You don’t remember? Lana was booted off the show after the word got out about her schemes with Chris behind everyone’s backs, so I’m assuming she wasn’t on the boat at that present time. And about Iggy, I don’t remember seeing her before the crash.”

“Well she must have been on the boat. I mean she is the hostess after all, how could she have not been on the boat?” A tired Riley interrupts the conversation. Lavenia turns her head and sees Riley, she then proceeds to tick a box in the sand next to a picture of Riley’s head, symbolizing he’s alright.

“I must admit I’m not feeling so good right now so I’m just gonna chill out for a while before I begin helping if you all don’t mind…” Riley asks and passes out from exhaustion.

Lavenia shrugs, “I guess we have to be okay with it now…Anyways, let’s continue the search. If you happen to find anyone else report it to either me or Halcyon, but make sure to run it through one of us first before just ticking them off on this chart.” She gestures to the sand where pictures of every contestant are drawn with an empty box next to it, waiting for a tick.

The group nods. Alfie ponders around on the beach pacing left and right wondering about something. His attention is then brought to the boat itself, gasping at the realization that the boat was yet to be explored by the remainder of the contestants. He proceeds to walk to Lavenia and politely tap on her shoulder in an innocent manner.

"Um Lavenia? Can I talk to you for a second?" He asks continuing his innocent demeanor. 

She turns around quickly slightly startled by him. "Was there something you wanted Alfie? I'm quite busy at the moment, you know." 

Alfie nods, "I know that, it's just...have you possibly checked the boat yet for people?" He asks.

Lavenia remains silent for a second out of shear idiocy. 

(CONF: Lavenia): "Hmpf. I guess I never gave Alfie enough credit for that head of his. I feel like such an idiot now, how did it never come to me to examine the remains of the boat for more people? Thank goodness I have other people here helping me, I feel like I'm losing the plot."

The group approaches the entrance to the vessel and proceed to enter. Upon entering they see an outline of a person in the shadows. Suddenly, the person begins to run towards them after sighting them, making the group worry but hopeful. 

The guy begins to pant heavily and tries to speak over his fatigue, "Oh my goodness- people!"

Lavenia thinks to herself for a moment before replying, "Darius? Are you alright?"

Darius nods in succession, "I haven't got any injuries on me so yeah I'd say I'm alright."

Lavenia smiles, "Glad to hear it! Help us look for more people inside here if you can, just promise to be careful okay?"

"Yes of course I will." Darius replies reassuring Lavenia. The group divides to search the remainder of the boat.

(CONF: Darius): "I'm so glad that one by one everybody is safe. I think a lot of people have forgotten what happened the night of the crash, which I suppose is a good thing, but it could spell disaster for us after we've located everyone. We could be waiting weeks for a rescue team so who knows what's going to happen to all of us in the bigger picture."

Lavenia leads her sub group through the carnage of the wrecked boat, pulling and removing planks of wood which block the path ahead. She then pulls out her phone from her left pocket and turns the flashlight on so they can see their route. Halcyon notices a twitch coming from the left of the group, and Lavenia proceeds to flashing her light on the perpetrator cautiously, revealing itself to be two contestants, Jasmine and Nightwolf.

Jasmine kneels to the ground and begins to recite a prayer before standing up once again. She hugs Lavenia for finding her and a gigantic smile erupts onto her face. Nightwolf replies with a faint smile.

"I knew my prayers would guide you to my location! So glad that everyone is okay after this miniature disaster." Jasmine states happily.

Lavenia gulps, "Well we haven't exactly found everyone yet so we don't know if that's the case or not...but by all means help us search this thing."

(CONF: Jasmine): "So Nightwolf admitted to me back on the boat that he doesn't understand how to speak English...I feel terrible for him that he cannot communicate just like the rest of us. I'm determined that I can change that and help him be able to talk to people and understand our language like the rest of us do. Also I'm confused, why does the confessional still exist..."

(CONF: Lavenia): "That was me, to be honest I felt way too empty without it."

Meanwhile, Alfie finds a room blocked by a board of wood. 

He ponders, "Well I guess I should remove this?" He tightly grips the board of wood and rips it off the door to the room eventually. He tries to open the door however that is also jammed. Sound effects such as gunshots and groans of defeat can be heard faintly through the door. Alfie groans in unison before kicking the door down.

Inside the room there is a person playing video games through the television which is still somehow working. Alfie stands in the doorway stunned, before walking in front of the television to grab the attention of the boy. 

Alfie becomes confused, "Um...hello? Are you alive?"

Marley continues to stare blankly into the television screen. Alfie shrugs and slaps him across the face in an attempt to get him back to his senses.

Marley quickly becomes enraged, "What the hell man, I was only a few hundred points from my high score! What is your problem!" 

Alfie continues to remain stunned by his ignorance, "You HAVE to be kidding right? Have you not noticed anything odd in the past twenty four hours?"

"What? We're in the U.S. finally? Big whoop." He replies.

"...We've crashed into an uncharted island in the middle of nowhere with potential lives at risk and you're sat here playing video games through a television at a 90 degree angle without happening to notice anything strange happen. I think the real mystery here is how are you still alive and unnerved by any of this." Alfie replies pausing dramatically.

"...oh. Um. I guess I'll leave the room for a bit now and get some fresh air?" Marley replies halfheartedly and proceeds to walk out the room with Alfie. Alfie then calls out claiming that he has found Marley.

Elsewhere, Lavenia and co. have overheard the call from Alfie and are discussing to themselves about the whereabouts of the others unfounded. "So if I'm correct, we still have six people missing. Brooke, Cerys, Katherine, Jordan, Liam and Phyllis. Can anyone think of any place in this boat we haven't checked yet?"

Faint noises of arguing and ranting can be heard by the group coming from the southern end of the boat. 

Halcyon nods, "Can you hear that? It sounds like a couple of people are discussing something pretty heated..."

The group decides to follow the noises until they reach a cabin with the door slightly open, in which two people are inside arguing heatedly. 

"Ugh for God sake Jordan, you said you wouldn't be saving my life again anytime soon and now you've gone and done this! For crying out loud now you're 2-0 up on me." Brooke admits disgusted.

Jordan chuckles, "You're just lucky that I decided to drag you away from that wave before it swept you up just like that dress you were wearing, which by the way, the video of you falling in that dress is going straight on my Facebook when I get back to England." 

Brooke scowls, "Aren't you clever? Gormshite. I swear whenever we get off this damned cruise ship I am going to tell everybody about your horrible haircut, just a reminder that bald patches aren't exactly what I would class as sexy."

"While on the topic of bald patches, have you seen your cat? That thing is more hairless than Chris without his wig." Jordan remarks.

She folds her arms in protest, "You're a despicable excuse for a human being, and no doubt the origin of the term 'white trash'". 

"Right back at ya fatty." Jordan replies, before folding his arms in a similar stance to Brooke.

The door begins to creak open and the group fall into the room after not being able to support the weight of each other as they spied on the duo in the door frame. 

Brooke rolls her eyes, "Of course we'd be spied on, this is Reality TV after all."

Jasmine stands up nervously, "...Hey guys..."

"Hey churchy do you know the way out of this hell hole?" Brooke snaps.

Jasmine sighs, "Just follow the group Brooke. By any chance have either of you seen Cerys or Phyllis? They're the only two people left we're looking for."

Halcyon buts in, "Well that's not accurate, we're still missing Liam, Katherine and Cerys for that matter..."

Brooke shakes her head, "Nope, sorry."

"I think I remember seeing Phyllis before the actual crash, she was going near her cabin." Jordan states.

Lavenia nods, "Well that's our next location then everybody. Feel free to join us if you want to."

"Nah we still have business to discuss." Brooke states, and shuts the door after the group leave them be. 

Halcyon pauses in thought for a second, "Um...anyways. We should get going to Phyllis' cabin and see what's what."

The group hastily head to Phyllis' cabin. They stand at the door and flash the light on the knob before turning it, and pushing the door open. All the ornaments and decorations of the room are scattered and/or broken. Phyllis lies on the floor unconscious with her leg bending back the opposite way. 

Lavenia and the rest of the group shriek, and quickly grab her as a team and escort her out of the boat. They lay her on the beach as they begin to attempt to treat her wounds.

Halcyon manages to salvage some water and gives it to Phyllis to try and wake her up, and it proves successful. Phyllis screams as they put her leg back into the normal position. Jasmine and Nightwolf collect some reeds and begin to weave them into a cast for her. 

Lavenia breathes a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness we managed to help you out Phyllis."

Phyllis nods, "Thanks a lot for helping me, I can't remember anything that has happened though..."

"Don't worry about it honestly, you just need to rest up until the rescue team gets here later." Lavenia replies, comforting her.

Suddenly, a man complete with stubble emerges on the scene to everyone's astonishment.

He chuckles, "Did somebody say rescue team?"

The group simultaneously turn around to give the man the attention that he doesn't deserve in any degree. At the same time, Cerys emerges from the ocean in front of them all and picks off the plants that cover her piece by piece. She notices the man standing there and becomes immediately angry. She loses her temper and charges at him with a steady pace.

Cerys stops right in front of him, "Rescue team? The only rescue team you should be a part of is the one for your career. You have some nerve showing up here after everything you've caused!"

Chris smirks playfully, "I have no idea what you are talking about...heh. The only thing I know is that I have fresh contracts from all of you stating that you've signed up for the freshest season of summer's hottest reality show!" He then proceeds to laugh manically.

Lavenia turns to him looking angry and confused, but remaining somewhat confident. "I can assure you that the only contract I've signed is the one to ensure you're deported off the face of the earth. But seriously, nobody in their right mind would join anything even remotely related to you Chris McLean."

Chris chuckles once again. "I beg to diiifer..." Chris opens a briefcase he's carrying with him, and scrolls through assorted contracts. He pulls one out and holds it in his hands in a gloating manner. The contract has a signature attached to it obviously coming from Lavenia. "You don't remember do you? Poor you."

Last night on the boat...

As the waves continue to pound ferociously against the boat, the electricity goes out causing the boat to shroud in darkness. Chris is seen carrying a bundle of contracts in his arms. He imitates an Australian accent and heads into the bunker where the contestants are hiding from the storm.

"Hey Lavenia? Can you please sign this form for me?" A disguised Chris asks.

She seems confused. "What do you want me to sign now Iggy? I've signed enough paperwork for one life thanks."

Chris sighs, "Well I just need you to sign this one last form, it's basically just a health insurance claim. I forgot to get them signed by you all at the beginning of the season and in a situation like this one I thought it would be better late than never..." He explains.

"Fair enough, hand it over." Lavenia states and barely signs the form accurately as the darkness makes it harder to see the paper.

Back in present times...

Lavenia is stunned, "You can't be serious right now...You disguised as Iggy on the boat so you could get us all to sign new contracts stating we'd participate in another season? You're twisted!" Lavenia begins to become enraged.

Halcyon reassures her, "Calm down Lavenia, it's alright."

Chris laughs once again. "So basically as part of this new contract you are all required to participate in my new TV show! The location being this very island! I hope you've all packed your survival gear because it is going to be one hell of a ride!" Chris continues to fulfill his duties as host.

Lavenia takes a deep breath before proceeding to lash out at Chris. She eventually grabs the contract from his ice cold hands and rips it into shreds. Chris then cheekily shows her another contract with her signature on that he had pre-made.

"If I've learned anything from the previous casts, it's that Lawyers are great at predicting outcomes like this one. They make several copies just in case." Chris replies happily.

Lavenia looks back in anger, "I swear on my life I will end his."

"How leader-ly of you to say so." Chris states. "Anyhow before we start the first official challenge of the season, I have another surprise."

Jasmine cuts him off. "I know it's not nice of me to butt in, but can we please help Phyllis out. She broke her leg as a result of the crash and I don't want her injuries to worsen."

Chris rolls his eyes, "Fine. Interns!" He calls for his Interns, who appear in seconds, and escort Phyllis to the medical tent.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted...I have a surprise for you all. You see, the viewers don't enjoy these shows as much if everything stays the same...even the cast." He states.

Suddenly, a helicopter appears overheard of the contestants on the beach. A rope drops down from the helicopter and a girl in a sporting uniform swiftly makes her way down the rope.

She smiles cheerfully at the others, "Hey yall. I'm Niamh!" 

Riley notices her and begins to stare at her with wide eyes, surprised by her entrance. "If I may say, that. was. amazing." He compliments her.

"Welcome to the competition Niamh." Chris announces.

"Always a pleasure Chris. You are going to supply me with some serious competition though, right? I could eat these small fries in my sleep after a 10k run!" She cheers confidently as the rest of the competitors glare at her angrily, apart from Riley.

"Next we have..." Chris pauses.

A boy with blue hair falls from the helicopter with a jet-pack attached to his back, activating it before hitting the ground smoothly. He remains cool and chilled the entire time.

"And you've just met Taron. Wish I could say the same right now. Hmpf." Taron remarks. "What's up McLean?"

Chris shrugs, "Nothing to complain about. Welcome to the competition Taron."

"Sweet." He replies.

(CONF: Taron): "This place is totally not what I was expecting. Looks like McLean man has a lot up his sleeve. Best prepare myself for the worst haha."

Following his entrance, another girl with ginger hair jumps down from the helicopter cackling evilly. Not phased, Nightwolf catches her in his arms. She tries to jump up from his grip but can't and groans.

"Welcome Markie." Chris states.

"Can someone get this oaf off me please? He's cramping my style." She replies, and Nightwolf proceeds to drop her on the ground, and walks away. She stands up and brushes the sand off her black clothes. "Great now I have sand in my gothic attire!"

(CONF: Cerys): "She really doesn't look like the spoilt brat type, I guess it goes to show you that you should never judge a book on it's cover. Unless that cover is damaged or old, in that case you should buy a new book."

(CONF: Jasmine): "Why are all these contestants either evil, cocky or competitive? I would love being able to have another girl here to talk to here is morally stable..." 

(CONF: Markie): "I'd rather not be treated like dirt by the men here, I wonder if I could make a claim to the producers of this show for compensation on the grounds of sexism? Hmm..."

Following the entrance of the pair, a girl jumps down from the helicopter and lands in a knelt position as if she would be receiving a knighthood.

"That hurt like hell." The girl states falling to the ground.

Chris looks shifty, "Psst, you're supposed to act superior!" Chris whispers to the girl.

Faith jumps up from the ground. "Kidding! I'm Faith. If you have Faith, I'll be a joy to have around!" Faith slaps her knee jokingly.

"Oh dear God." Brooke and Jordan remark in unison.

"Don't worry! I bet we'll get along like a house on fire!" Faith replies.

(CONF: Jasmine): "I guess I'll have to live with corny...sigh." 

A boy with blonde hair next leaves the helicopter by the rope used previously by Niamh. 

"Welcome Warren man!" Chris announces and shakes his hand.

Warren smiles and then proceeds to wink at the girls, "Charmed as ever."

Suddenly another boy jumps out the helicopter and lands directly on Warren, crushing him.

He looks nervous, "Hey...sorry 'bout that!" He states.

"And finally we have Porter." Chris states. "Anyways, these are the new six contestants joining you this season. Don't forget you can use the Castaway Cam or Confessional to chat to the viewers at home whenever you need to vent your deepest inner feelings. Without further ado, let's head to the challenge area shall we?"

With no hesitation, Chris leads the twenty contestants to a more closed off section of the beach where two podiums and two different colored mats are placed.

"Your challenge today is based on politics. As the election is coming up, you will need to plea your case to your fellow competitors as to why you should become a chief. There will be two chiefs who will serve as the team captains. Both chiefs will have immunity from the elimination tonight, where everybody who didn't become elected as chief will be up for the elimination vote, where someone will be eliminated. You have 20 minutes to prepare your speeches and then you will have to stand on the podium and vocalize those speeches. The winner is determined through the amount of votes that person gets in the polls. Good luck everyone, and after the fiasco last season I'm not allowed to interrupt pre-challenge, so I'll go hang out somewhere while you're making your speeches."

"Sounds challenging. I'll give it a try though. I did save everyone from the wreckage pretty much." Lavenia states.

(CONF: Niamh): "Hey there everybody! It's great to finally appear on this show! I know I made myself out to be such a hard case earlier but that was just part of the description to be a newcomer on this show. I'm secretly super nice but I guess people don't see that side of me too often."

(CONF: Taron): "I don't think I would consider myself a Goth as such, but more perhaps just a fan of the darker things in life. For example, horror films are literally the best thing in existence. Have you seen The Disfigurement? My favourite scene from that movie is when the blonde babe is cornered in the woods and the killer slowly feeds her into a wood chipper! How exciting am I right!?"

(CONF: Alfie): "I'm so happy that we managed to find everybody before anything too serious could happen. I mean, yeah, Phyllis has broke her leg but that was probably the best we could hope for if you get me? Obviously I'm sad about it but at least nobody has like died or anything."

(CONF: Marley): "So about the whole incident has opened my eyes a lot to the world around me. I need to stop being so focused on the digital things and enjoy my surroundings a lot more. I am kinda glad that the crash happened because it helped me realize that I've been wasting my life concealed inside a room with only a television. I could have died in that crash, and what would I have to show for it? The highest score on Trigonometry Dash?"

(CONF: Lavenia): "I think I have possibly the best shot at winning this challenge and becoming one of the chiefs. I mean, I did save everyone's lives, and people should be able to appreciate that and vote for me. It makes the most sense out of anything that is happening right now."

Later on that same day, after the twenty minute time limit ran out...

Chris stares impatiently into his watch while tapping his foot on the ground. He then realizes the time limit has reached its end. "And now time is up! It's time for you all to present your speeches as to why you should become one of the chieftains of the tribe! First person up is...Lavenia."

Lavenia approaches the podium nervously, rubbing her hands together. She places an imaginary piece of paper with her speech on onto the podium and clears her throat, as if this were a tradition.

"Why certainly, I wish to address my fellow competitors- wait a minute. Did we actually conclude what happened to everybody on the ship?" She asks, losing her train of thought for a second.

Esme shrugs, "I don't think we did actually...We're still missing Liam and Katherine..."

Darius looks concerned, "The thing for me is...I don't actually remember seeing Liam inside the boat when the crash happened..."

Hamish is stunned, "I didn't either!"

"So if he wasn't inside the boat, he must have been...on the..." Alfie trails off on his thought to spare the ears of everyone else.

Marley shakes his head, "I'm afraid that doesn't add up exactly. If by some weird miracle Liam did stay outside on the decking of the boat surely we would have noticed him when we saw Katherine fall off?"

"Unless he fell off before her and we just didn't realize..." Inca remarks.

"Wait I'm sorry who is this Liam?" Markie states, folding her arms.

Jordan rolls his eyes, "Stop being insensitive slut." Markie rolls her eyes in response.

Jasmine looks confused, "Since when was everybody sarcastic." 

Chris claps his hands, "Great speech Lavenia but I'm afraid you've ran out of time. Next up!"

Lavenia scowls at Chris harshly, "You're kidding me right."

Jordan takes to the podium and pushes Lavenia out of the way. 

He smiles, "You should add vote me for leader of UKIP, which stands for United Kingdom is Priceless. I'm more fierce than Nigel, bye." Jordan states, then strikes a pose before walking off the podium content with his performance.

Next, Nightwolf takes to the podium and stands blankly not uttering a single word or movement. He then walks away from the podium retaining the silence.

"My fave." Jordan states blankly.

Inca and Riley take to the podium jointly. "We would like to become a joint chief to rule this island society, we think that with both of us having a sole chief role we could achieve our maximum potential...did I say that right Inca?"

"Yes, yes, it was fine." Inca interrupts. "On another note make sure not to vote for Niamh to become the chief because she really doesn't deserve it. She'd just make us exercise and who wants that."

"It would be a crazy decision to exercise on this island at all, we don't even have a reliable food source yet..." Lavenia states.

Niamh looks shocked, "I wouldn't make anyone do anything they didn't want to do!"

Jordan directs Lavenia towards the cafeteria tent that the Interns placed, "I believe it's called a cafeteria? Maybe there's something you can eat there darling!" He states over sarcastically.

"Is it not obvious who the leaders should be?" Brooke remarks while painting her nails with a mixture of crushed up berries to make a glistening shade of red.

"Why don't you spell it out for us, they're all too naive to understand your sarcasm at times like this." Jordan replies.

"Ugh fine. Darius and Niamh obviously, they're the most suited to do the job correctly."

The majority of the other competitors eventually nod in agreement after miniature discussion.

Jordan walks over to where Chris is stationed on the beach, "Chris we have voted Darius and Niamh as our chiefs or whatever." He explains to Chris who is reading a magazine while in a yellow, blue and white striped deck chair. He flicks a page in the magazine before acknowledging Jordan. He lights his shaded sunglasses in suspicion.

Chris groans, "You're done already? Ugh, I was finally starting to enjoy this place. Fine." He stands up from relaxing on the beach and walks back over to the challenge area.

"With the challenge concluded, the brainiac Darius and the athlete Niamh are your new Chiefs or Team Captains! They are both immune in tonight's elimination vote, and they will pick their teams tomorrow. Without further ado, it's time for the first elimination of the season!" Chris announces excitedly. He then laughs evilly for a couple of seconds, making everyone else widen their eyes in horror.

(CONF: Lavenia): "Are you actually kidding me? That challenge was so fixed! Why didn't I get the chief role!? I am so more suited to a role in power such as the chief than that weird athletic girl. She just got here a few hours ago and she's already beginning to control the game very subtly, but you're not fooling me! She needs to be stopped before it's too late and she controls everybody in the game!" Lavenia states as her eye begins to twitch manically.

(CONF: Niamh): "Wow! I'm surprised people actually think I'm a viable candidate already in this game! I guess I was just overthinking before when I thought I would be hated based off of my comments. I must have some sort of likability charm about me, perhaps it was the classes I took on Motivational who knows!"

(CONF: Esme): "I'm alright at the moment, but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to remember things. I guess I must have hit my head on something when the supposed crash happened which is causing my memory to be blank. Hopefully it'll spark sometime..."

(CONF: Jasmine): "I'm glad Niamh has won this challenge, she seems quite down to earth compared to the other people here. Hopefully we can be friends!"

The sun has set on the new island in which the twenty competitors will now dwell. There is now an opening in the forest where Chris has set up an elimination ceremony which fits into the scene of a forest. The seats are all wooden logs and behind you can see different levels of the green forest as the layers of trees descend further and further back.

Marley looks impressed. "Well this is actually kind of nice. So I guess you were holding back on us weren't you McLean?" He states sarcastically.

Chris leads them all to their seats. "The losers of each challenge will have to sit in these horrible log seats, which are bad for posture and are often known for causing splinters. However, the winners of each challenge will sit in the comfy recliners we fished out from the boat earlier today. Take a seat Darius and Niamh." Chris announces and gestures to the recliners on his left.

"Now we begin the actual elimination ceremony. Everyone here has to vote someone else around them off the show. You will vote by stating your vote in the confessional and then proceed to write it down on a scrap piece of paper, before placing it in the box to your left, resembling a Tiki head. Any questions?" Chris questions.

A passive silence follows. "Okay. You will all vote alphabetically, so Alfie is the first voter." Chris states and Alfie stands up from his stool to go and vote.

(CONF: Alfie): "I know I'm not exactly new to this but...the whole experience with the cruise crash and everything has made this competition a lot more distasteful. Nonetheless, I think I will have to vote for Markie because she scares me." Alfie states and places his vote in the box.

(CONF: Brooke): "I know exactly who I am going to vote for...Cerys. Purely because it seems like she is trying to steal Jordan's rivalry from me and I don't know what I would do without it...ugh whatever."

(CONF: Cerys): "Jordan. I'm fed up of you, your ugly ginger hair and your face. Get out of my sight." Cerys states and writes his name in big bold letters down on the piece of paper.

(CONF: Inca): "Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh." 

(CONF: Niamh): "Hmm, this is so difficult...I don't really know who to vote. I guess Inca? She doesn't really seem to like me too much..."

(CONF: Inca): "Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh. Niamh." She writes her name in bold text on the paper.

(CONF: Lavenia): "Too bad I can't vote for Niamh this ceremony...I guess I'll have to vote for Hamish. He's honestly one of the weakest people here, sorry."

(CONF: Markie): "Nightwolf, he made me out to be soft and we cannot be having that."

Upon the completion of the voting process, Chris retrieves the wooden Tiki Head from the confessional. He stands inside a stand which resembles a stereotypical lemonade stand made from scrap wood, complete with an overhead sign reading 'Sanctuary'. He lifts the lid off of the box and pauses. 

"Once the votes have been read and tallied, the person with the most votes most immediately leave the island." Chris announces, making Hamish confused.

"Wait what? Since when would we be relocated if we lose?" Hamish asks.

Taron rolls his eyes, "You're seriously asking that question given the fact you've been on this show before? Are you really that idiotic." He states.

"Anyways let's get a move on. The first vote is towards...Niamh. But it doesn't count because she's immune. When will people learn?" Chris states.

"Second vote...Hamish."

"Third vote...Hamish."

Hamish looks confused, "What have I done wrong?"

"Fourth vote...Cerys." Cerys rolls her eyes in response, making Brooke growl under her breath.

"Fifth vote...Jordan."

"Sixth vote...Jordan."

"Ugh, why did you bring in six more gorms for this show in the first place? When did that ever seem like a good idea?" Jordan remarks.

"Seventh vote...Lavenia."

"Eigth vote...Lavenia."

"Nineth vote...Brooke."

"Tenth vote...Alfie."

"Eleventh vote...Markie."

Chris laughs to himself, "This is such a cluster vote. We're at 2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1. vote ratio thus far."

"Twelth vote...Hamish."

"Thirteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Fourteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Fifthteenth vote...Hamish."

"Sixteenth vote...Lavenia."

"Seventeenth vote...Nightwolf. How random."

"Eighteenth vote...Hamish."

Lavenia's eyes widen as she falls closer and closer to the line of elimination. Hamish looks on as his nerves begin to overcome him.

"Five votes for Lavenia, Five votes for Hamish. Two votes left."

"Nineteenth vote...Brooke."

"The first person voted out of Sanctuary...Hamish. Please join me over by the beach for your special elimination!"

Everybody heads over to the beach, where a new contraption devised by Chris remains sealed underneath a tablecloth. Chris lifts it to reveal a catapult making the contestants gasp, including Hamish who's eyes begin to glare at the device widely. Hamish climbs into the catapult and begins to shake from nerves, hinting to Chris to pull the trigger setting the catapult off, launching Hamish far, far away. 

Chris looks directly at the camera. "1 Down, 19 to go! This has definitely been one of the most explosive pilots I've ever hosted. Check in next time when the survivalists are tasked with a 'simple' challenge which will test their team building skills to the max, and also who will be on what team? That's all from us, and me, Chris McLean." Chris wraps up the episode with his usual monologue of upcoming events, before cutting to static to allow the credits to roll in turn.

Episode 03: Everyone Loves the Tree That Gives Them Shelter

Published Date: March 26, 2016.
Word Count: 6,276.

The light morning sun arises over the horizon the second depressing day of dwelling on the remote island. The ship, however, still lays in ruins on the sandy beach whilst the contestants live in the luscious although damp forest.

After a rough, sleepless night, Lavenia is the first of the castaways to wake up from a very exhausted state. She spent the night sleeping on one of the thin branches on the pine trees the forest is made up from which reside pretty high up from the ground below. While still at this high point, she decides to investigate her surroundings even further as she might never have this height advantage ever again. She slowly and cautiously climbs to her feet, avoiding to put too much weight on the branch as possible. She leans her left arm against the tree and uses the right hand to shade her eyes from the roaring sun as she looks over the entire island.

(Confessional – Lavenia): “I figured that since I was already at such a high place, I should take the opportunity to look at the island form a basic map of the location in my mind. A lot of the island appears to be uninhabited which could spell disaster for us when we need to collect resources for food and such, but there was another part of the island which somehow looked more separate from this half. There were bleak black clouds covering it though so I couldn’t see too much. I have no idea what is going on over there but I’m going to have to chick it out at some point during our time on this island. My curiosity wouldn’t have it any other way!”

After finishing her evaluation of her surroundings, Lavenia grapples onto the tree trunk in a hugging-like position and swiftly descends from the top of the tree to the bottom with no repercussions. However she didn’t take into account the impact of the fall and she slams straight into the ground. She notices Niamh not too far away from her, who appears to be checking the trees in the surrounding area for any signs of food and approaches her cautiously.

“Hey Niamh, how goes everything?” Lavenia asks in a somewhat negative tone which is completed overlooked by Niamh.

“Oh hi there Lavenia, I’m fine, I thought I would just go out and do some foraging for food supplies since it appears we’ll be stuck on this island for a longer while than I first thought.” Niamh states, making Lavenia more annoyed than previously. Niamh then notices how wet and damp Lavenia’s clothes and hair are and becomes confused.

“Have you been for a swim or something?” Niamh asks knowing in the back of her hair that she has probably hit a nerve with her previous comments.

“…you are kidding right? Of course I haven’t! Last night there was torrential rain which completed soaked me from the top of the tree. I had to use a leaf to cover me for God’s sake!” Lavenia replies aggressively and leaves before she gets too mad and can’t be responsible for her actions. Niamh continues to remain confused and continues to pluck apples from the nearby trees in the area.

Meanwhile Warren decides to go for a run across the lining of the beach early in the morning. He notices a girl by herself at the side of the water. He approaches her and sits beside her before realising it is Esme.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Warren asks concerned.

Esme turns her head to face Warren, tears continuing to stream down her face. “Oh…hey Warren…” She continues to sob.

Warren puts his arm around Esme’s shoulder and she tries to control her tears so she can speak more fluently.

She looks up to him, “You know, it’s just all this disaster at once… it’s so hard to just take it all in at this one time, and on top of it I’m expected to appear in a reality TV Show?”

“I know the feeling, it’s completely unnecessary. The fact that he thinks that everyone will compete just so willingly is absolutely appalling.” Warren explains, attempting to empathize with Esme in her state.

Esme shakes her head and stands up, “You’re probably being told this by him in an attempt to win me over, so you can trick me into competing in this forsaken game once again. Well that definitely won’t happen. You and all your other affiliates that are pawns in Chris’ mind game can try your hardest but you will never crack this or any of our teenage spirits.”

Warren continues to be sat down, flabbergasted by Esme’s lengthy speech. “Well…I…uh…fine…”

Esme storms off in the opposite direction, now more angry than upset, and more confused than ever before. Meanwhile, Darius and Cerys are examining the ruins of the boat once again, as their curiosity has been peaked by the wreckage ever since it came to light.

Darius heads into the boat first with a torch and then followed by Cerys. Even while the sun shines bright in the light of day, no sunlight can be shun inside of the wreckage due to the debris and rubble everywhere.

(Confessional – Darius): “I’m so excited for later on today, I’m finally one of the people with a bit of power in this competition. It’s very fitting too, as when I’m older I would love to have some sort of role in the Law profession, or in a politics profession. If we ever get off this island in one piece, I’m definitely going to enrol in that law school that I’ve been pondering for all this time.”

(Confessional – Cerys): “It’s so reliving to know that I don’t have to play the dumb bimbo who is secretly a mastermind anymore. I can finally enjoy myself and have fun, and in this case exploration is a very fun endeavour. Even though I may be smart, or smarter than what I used to be, I still don’t want to come across as pretentious or obnoxious to any of the fellow competitors, so I think this time I’m just going to play it safe and keep my mouth shut, at least till the merge stage anyhow.”

Later on that day, Chris welcomes back all the teens to the same beach where yesterday’s challenge occurred. There are three coloured mats on the ground, one yellow, one blue and one in a dark shade of grey. Darius and Niamh stand either side of Chris, as he takes his position behind the podium, once again which was used in yesterday’s challenge.

“Welcome back to the second day of the rest of your lives! Isn’t this fantastic.” Chris announces, smiling cheekily like a monkey after it has stolen a possession from a visitor at a zoo.

“Rot.” Jordan remarks blankly.

“Isn't that a lovely way to address somebody?! As you recall from the events at yesterday’s challenge, Niamh and Darius were elected to represent this season as our glorious team captains. As there is an uneven amount of contestants, the person who received the most votes from the public last election will receive the extra person, which was Darius.” Chris announces, to which Darius cheers as the others all look at him awkwardly.

“Anyhow, it’s time for you to pick your team mates. Darius, begin when you’re ready.” Chris announces.

Darius nods at the command, “Awesome, I’ll pick…Riley.”

“…Seriously? This reminds me of gym classes when the nerds get elected as team captains and the jocks are all split up. Not cool bro.” Riley remarks, disappointed with not being on the same team as his fellow jock, Niamh.

Niamh eyes up the rest of the castaways before making her decision, and hesitates a few times before making a firm decision. “I…uh…I think I’ll take…uh…Warren?”

“Charmed to be the first decision of such a level headed mistress, might I add?” Warren states and proceeds to kiss Niamh’s hand in respect and gratitude, making Riley grumble under his breath.

Brooke rolls her eyes, “Casanova, please, stop being such a wench and make me a sandwich.” She orders.

“And since when were we in 2012 when that whole punchline was actually relevant? You disgust me.” Jordan states, pretending to laugh at her joke.

“You’re just jealous you didn’t come up with it first let’s be real here.” Brooke replies blankly.

“The only thing you’ve come up with first is that hair-do, you remember, the atrocious one you decide to objectify us to every single day?” Jordan replies.

“I’ve had enough of this, Darius hurry up and decide will you.” Lavenia commands.

Darius nods, “Well I'm glad to see the concussion didn't affect you too much...I’ll take Cerys.”

“Awesome!” Cerys replies.

The rest of the decision making happens pretty rapidly over time. It finishes with only four people left to be assigned a team with Niamh’s pick, those four being Lavenia, Jordan, Brooke and Nightwolf. A silence follows.

“…I think I speak for everyone here when I say…we don’t want any of them on our team…” Taron states bluntly. Niamh proceeds to nod.

“However if I am forced to pick one of them, I guess it would have to be Nightwolf. Welcome to the team, I guess.” Niamh states and Nightwolf walks over to the team blankly. Lavenia looks on in shock realising she’s in the bottom three as far as team picking is concerned.

(Confessional – Lavenia): “This is staggering to say the least. So instead of picking a qualified analyst they decide to pick the guy who can’t even communicate and speak properly? This is an outrage! I probably should have expected this considering I was in the bottom two last time, but it is what it is. I thought I was well liked! I have to make sure that Darius picks me because I am unable to work with this Niamh girl, she’s a stain on our society!”

“Um excuse me?” Jordan states, “I believe if I wanted to join a group of misfits I would do so, I don’t need to be picked or accepted onto that team in order to join because let’s face it, no clique is a clique without yours truly.”

Brooke snorts, “Pffft! I’d love to see you strike a new pose and then throw quote unquote shade, but if you want to cross your arms and complain like a stroppy teenager girl then go ahead, just a helpful reminder from your good friend Brooke.”

“Drink bleach.” Jordan retorts.

Darius looks blankly at the three, Brooke and Jordan continue to argue whilst Lavenia is reciting a monologue based on the events that have happened so far.

“I guess, Lavenia is less annoying? Not by much but still?” Darius states as Lavenia proudly marches over to his side.

“You’re so fucking entitled aren’t you.” Taron remarks.

Niamh sighs, “I’ll take the motor mouth then, um I forget his name. The ginger one.”

“More like rat.” Brooke remarks.

“…die.” Jordan states and walks over to Niamh’s team.

(Confessional – Jordan): “I know that I and Brooke are pretty harsh on each other but it’s all in good fun! I think at least, if she’s being honest I’m going to slap her so stay tuned for that. #AllToCome.”

(Confessional – Brooke): “Who uses hash tags in a Confessional? What a total loser.”

“Okay then, so let’s begin the first challenge!” Chris announces, and he throws a flag with a queen of hearts on it to Niamh, and a flag with a king of clubs on it to Darius.

“Darius’ team, consisting of Riley, Inca, Alfie, Faith, Taron, Porter, Cerys, Lavenia and Brooke, you will be known as the King of Clubs. Niamh’s team, consisting of Warren, Jasmine, Marley, Markie, Phyllis, Esme, Nightwolf and Jordan, you will be known as the Queen of Hearts. Now we are ready for the first challenge.”

“Which is?” Faith asks, in a shy demeanour.

(Confessional – Faith): “Well uh, you may be shocked to know that I’m a pretty shy person around new people, even if my craziness does make that argument less effective. I find it hard to make friends and such, which is why I’m so astonished that I was even considered to be on this show, let alone actually getting one of the newcomer slots! They failed to tell us until we actually boarded the plane that there would only be us as the newcomers in this game, I assumed everyone would be new. This has only made everything harder because I’m sure the friend groups and alliances and such already exist, it feels like the beginning of high school all over again, kill me now.”

Chris pauses and takes a deep breath before beginning to explain the day’s occurring challenge. “The challenge today is to simply create a home away from home for you and your teammates. This will test your team working skills to the limit, even though you’ve only known each other for 24 hours or so. You can use any resources that you can find on the island, however be aware to not cross over the border tape that has been placed by our crew or you will be disqualified from the show. It’s a very serious rule. Anyways about the challenge, you have only a few hours to do this in, so make sure that every minute you spend is well spent! After that period of time I will call you all back here, and then you can lead me to your shelters, then I will judge them and the better one in my opinion will win the challenge, and ultimately immunity. The losers will send someone home in the first official elimination ceremony of the season! Does anybody have any questions or are we all good to go?” Chris opens up the floor for any questions or queries the contestants may have.

“Um yeah I have one.” Porter raises his hand as if they were in an elementary school class, “What are we to do about the sleeping arrangements? Are these supposed shelters that we will be constructing momentarily for the rest of our duration on the island? And also do they need to be water-proof or have any other specific specification?” Porter asks with a slightly confused tone of voice.

“1. Yeah most likely, I mean where else do you expect me to get freaking living quarters from? 2. I don’t really care it’s your shelter not mine, but if you want to live in as much comfort that is physically possible I would make them as homely as you possibly can. Remember you don’t have to finish every single detail off in this challenge, you can do improvements to your home from home whenever so that’s up to you to do off your own back.” Chris replies, informing Porter. He then takes a breath, “And with that, I’d say this challenge is a-go!”

(Confessional – Porter): “I would consider myself a deep thinker or analyst definitely. I think I have a very good mind when it comes to those things, back home it would always come in handy when I had to prepare for a test or learn a lot about a specific topic in a short space of time. I also love to point out inconsistencies in other people’s arguments, it makes me feel like I have a purpose. When I go back home, I’m definitely going to try and manage a career in either law or forensics, they both seem very interesting and right up my alley!”

The gang of teens charge through the forest like a pack of bulls, however Niamh comes to a realisation of her own and orders her team to stop in their tracks.

“GUYS I’VE JUST REALISED WE DON’T HAVE A PLAN. WHAT ARE WE DOING?” She begins to chant the same line over and over until the rest of her team meet up and huddle.

(Confessional – Niamh): “Even though I am a talented athlete, it never came from being unorganised. I take a lot of pride in my organisational skills and talent, to a pretty similar level I do with my athleticism.”

Niamh huddles in a circle with the rest of her team, and they all decide to discuss what their tactic as a team should be.

“Okay, so I have an idea.” Warren states.

“Go on?” Niamh replies.

“Well, what about we split into two sub teams, with one team looking for the resources and one team constructing the actual shelter itself, who can also look for where the shelter should be placed. I think that is the most productive way to tackle this.”

“Yes, that is a great idea. I’ll lead the group looking for the location, so Phyllis, Jasmine, Faith and Esme can come with me.” Niamh states.

(Confessional – Phyllis): “I’ve basically just gotten a free pass to do what I want for the entirety of this challenge. I’m going to spend it looking around the island for a while, who knows what I might be able to uncover this time around.”

Brooke walks past the group as the discussion continues, and butts in on the topic. “You think Jordan would be good at lifting heavy objects? Please tell me you’re joking, look at him.” She states, and the entire circle turns to Jordan.

“Have you not seen these bad boys?” He asks rhetorically before proceeding to flex his none existent muscles.

“Pfff-hahaha! Good luck to those chicks you’re trying to pull with whatever you call those!” Brooke shouts and continues to run on her way.

Jordan rolls his eyes, “The sound of the thunderclap of thighs is definitely not a sweet melody, darling.” He replies, and Brooke tries to ignore him.

(Confessional – Brooke): “Can you believe the nerve of some of these people? Making a remark about my weight as a result of being completely roasted for something he doesn’t have in the slightest degree. Figures. Its people like him that should be locked away in prisons where nobody has to here whatever crap he lets himself spurt so erratically. Hey, producers, can I see the rulebook that applies to this season please?” She asks to the camera directly, and a faint noise can be heard, then the camera shakes side to side, making her roll her eyes and sigh excessively.

In a team of herself and Riley, Inca is collecting supplies in the forest for the possible shelter they are about to create themselves. She pauses for a moment.

“Hey…uh…Riley?” Inca asks with a slight hesitation.

Riley turns around, “What’s the problem Inca?”

“Well…it’s just…what do you think will happen when we manage to get off this island once and for all…?” She asks with a slight hesitation once again, before an awkward silence follows.

He sighs, “I can’t honestly answer that because I have no idea what will happen when all of this nightmare is over, but all I can say for sure is that what we have won’t be over just because of a stupid game like this.” He replies, and then pauses for a moment.

Inca blushes, “Aw that’s adorable! I always knew despite what everyone said that you weren’t a jeck.”

“Come again? What’s a jeck?” Riley asks, confused.

“Half-jock, half-jerk, Jeck.” Inca replies, and continues to look around for more supplies, and eventually finds a piece of corrugated iron underneath a wooden log. She finds a tag on the item that says ‘place in forest’.

(Confessional – Inca): “Hey, wait a second. Did all the items we need for this challenge just get scattered around? If that’s the case…I’m not going to complain, after all it makes my job easier and it makes me look better in the eyes of the team. What can go wrong?”

(Confessional – Riley): “Wait, what does she mean by ‘despite what everyone said’?”

Meanwhile on the beach, Lavenia is aggressively digging into the sand to try and find some items to use for the shelter. She digs a deep hole but can’t go to the bottom of it to find what the items are that may be down there. A hypothetical lightbulb appears above her head, and she connects the beach to the hole. The water starts to fill the hole and a bunch of different pieces of metal rise to the top, making Lavenia’s eyes sparkle with happiness.

Faith catches up with Brooke and taps her on the shoulder. Brooke turns around and Faith appears on her other shoulder, making Brooke jolt in shock.

“What do you of all people want?” Brooke remarks in her constant state of sarcasm and disinterest.

“By any chance would you be the kind of girl who is interested in pranking others?” Faith asks.

“Who isn’t?” Brooke replies, and Faith rubs her hands together mischievously.

The two girls quickly dash over to the beach and find Marley walking along the coast line by himself. They hide behind a bush and watch over him in secret.

“Shush…wait till he walks over that darker patch of sand in the middle, and allow the result to amaze you.” Faith whispers as she explains her antics to Brooke, who responds with a nod.

Shortly afterwards, Marley walks over the darkened sand which causes him to fall down a seemly

bottomless pit in the sand. Faith chuckles maniacally as Brooke stares at her with a blank emotionless tone.

“…Is that seriously all you had to show me? I’m very disappointed.” Brooke asks.

“…Yeah…I suppose…” Faith hesitates, “You should probably head back into the forest.” She replies and Brooke listens and walks back into the forest. She walks for a short amount of time and then pauses after feeling a bump underneath her shoe.

“…Is that rope?” Brooke states, before being thrown into the air as the rope latches around her foot and sends her flying through the air at a fast rate. She eventually slows down and hangs down from the tree, with her hair being ruffled up.

“I hate my life.” She states blankly whilst a dissatisfied look emerges on her face.

An overjoyed Faith runs past her laughing relentlessly, she suddenly stops and continues to mock her even more by pretending to shed a tear and remove it. She continues to run afterwards.

(Confessional – Faith): “There is nothing more thrilling than pulling pranks on other people! It makes me feel so complete, and so happy! It would be a dream of mine to live in a block of apartments just so I can ring their doorbells nonstop, and there’s no chance of being caught, it’s amazing.”

Warren runs through the forest looking for materials for the shelter, until he hears more subtle sobbing coming from nearby. He follows the noise and finds Esme underneath a tree.

“Esme, come on man! You’re so much stronger than this, you need to act it if you want to survive out here. It’s a tough world and position we’re in, you need to keep your strength up as much as you possibly can, physically and mentally. Imagine if other team members found you like this, they would pick up off for being weak. Please, you need to pull yourself together for the sake of all of us!” Warren explains.

“B-But what if I can’t pull myself together? What if the disaster that happened haunts me for the rest of my life? I can’t deal with all of this right now, I’m tired, depressed, hungry, ashamed, and weak. The list goes on and on.” She replies, but tries to hold back more tears from flooding out of her eyes.

“Would you feel better if I came with you to find resources? We need some sort of contribution from you and if you’re with me I’ll just say to the others you found a lot of the stuff if that isn’t the case.” He replies, and Esme shakes her head whilst continuing to look blankly into the distance. “Well, I hope you can find the answers to whatever questions are inside your head, but I need to find stuff myself otherwise I’ll be picked off after you…” Warren states, and awkwardly leaves Esme whilst she continues to ponder thoughts.

(Confessional – Cerys): “There is a lot that I need to change about myself. I want to become a more well-rounded character instead of the devious cheerleader role I played last season. It appears that nobody can remember anything about those antics. I’m hoping I can rebuild my reputation bigger and better than ever!”

A flashback begins with Cerys as a young teenager. It appears she is on a school bus with someone who shows a lot of similarities to her looks.

“I’m so happy to see you this morning C. Did you have a good night sleep at Mom’s house last night?” The girl asks.

“Yeah, I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay with you at Dad’s, I just can’t stand how controlling that he can be sometimes…” Cerys replies with a faint smile.

The other girl smiles, to try and make Cerys feel better, “You don’t need to explain yourself. I know that you don’t want this as much as I don’t. If we could I’m sure you’d love it if we could spend a day together…” The other girl replies.

“I’m the luckiest person alive to have you as my sister K; I hope that someday we can be happy together without the pressures of our parents.” Cerys states as she gives K a hug.

“Me too, Cerys, me too.” K whispers as she returns the hug.

Back in the present, Cerys sheds a tear remembering that sudden memory from her past, she quickly wipes it away from underneath her eye before anyone notices. She looks around her and finds a hack saw to chop trees with. “Nice…something positive for once…”

Niamh continues to search around the island looking for a place suitable for the shelter to be built on. Suddenly, she notices a clearing between two huge hedges, and she finds a very odd looking tree. She stares at the tree taken in by the beauty she sees, before smirking happily.

(Confessional – Niamh): “Okay, so, I might not seem it, but…Back in school I was the biggest nerd you could find on campus. Trees are the oldest and most beautiful things on the planet. No dude can make me feel otherwise, I’ll be single all my life as long as trees exist! As the saying goes: Everybody loves the tree that gives them shelter.”

(Confessional – Riley): “Note to self – exterminate all trees.”

Darius’ team all arrive in a clearing and begin to discuss as a team what they’ve accomplished and what is left to do.

Darius begins, asserting his leadership position, “I managed to find some nets that were scattered across the beach, but they’re very weak and will probably tear easily when we try to catch food and other things…”

Cerys takes a breath, “I managed to chop up some tree trunks, and I managed to find a hack saw so we can easy get more wood and resources that way.” She remarks. She lifts up the saw in a sudden jolt, shocking everyone else, before she starts laughing.

“I’m kidding around guys! I’ll go chop up some more wood. Riley, can you help me carry some more back?” She asks.

Riley sighs, “I suppose so.” He replies as the pair head to the trees.

“Never trust a chick with a hack saw you know?” Taron states, making the pair laugh in unison.

(Confessional – Inca): “I guess I’m lucky to have Riley on my side. He seems to have good social skills so we have the edge in this game. I’m a little concerned with his performance earlier when he wasn’t picked by Niamh to be on her team, does he have some sort of soft spot for her? I’m going to have to keep an eye on that, I understand that he wants to have a lot of friends and stuff, but I just can’t be so ignorant that I lose him, you know?”

Darius looks around him, and notices the absence of some of the team. “Anyone else feel like a distinct lack of sarcasm exists right now?”

“True, where could she be?” Faith asks. The camera cuts to Brooke, who is still hanging upside down from the tree in disgust. “No matter, we still need to build a shelter and she wouldn’t have been a positive force anyways…”

“That’s true. We should begin construction around here, it’s a nice open space and not too far from the beach so we can get water easily.” Darius concludes.

“Sounds like a plan.” Faith replies.

(Confessional – Darius): “I’m more confident than ever that we are going to win the challenge today, I think I’ve managed to run the team very efficiently by discarding the undesirable members of the team and focusing my attention on those who are actually going to positively contribute to me and the team. I’m sorry Brooke, but if by some twisted fate we’re going to elimination, then you are the one who will be going home, and I have no doubts that everyone else feels the same.”

(Confessional – Faith): “Now I’ve just got to make sure we lose, which can’t be too difficult.”

Meanwhile, the rest of Niamh’s team meet up at her desired location for the shelter. The tree has an open space in the centre which looks ideal for a tree house to be built upon it.

Niamh continues to gaze at the tree with a twinkle in her eyes, “If we somehow managed to build our shelter into the tree I feel like it would give us an edge over the other team for using a more creative mind instead of a survivalist mind. If we were to do this though, it might cause problems down the line, but I guess we can always move when the challenge is no longer dependent.” Niamh explains.

“That’s fair enough. It’s a unique idea and I’m pretty sure that Chris will recognise that.” Warren states.

Niamh claps her hands together, as a decision has been made, “Let’s get cracking then!”

The camera speeds up as a couple of hours pass in the hot sun. The sun moves from the left of the screen to the centre, and then finally to the right where it can be hardly seen, signalling that nightfall is looming.

Chris blows a horn to alert the contestants that the challenge has concluded, and that he is ready to review the shelters. First, they visit Queen of Hearts.

Chris follows Niamh to the Queen of Hearts’ shelter. Chris is surprised by the location being deeper into the forest and further away from the beach.

“Trust me; you won’t believe your eyes.” Niamh states, as she continues to guide Chris to the shelter.

She pushes away the bushes to reveal a hut that is secluded in the middle of a tree. The hut is off the ground and is constructed through bamboo rods and other pieces of scrap metal to make the hut sturdy in the treetops. The roof is made of reeds that were woven by Jasmine when she found a lot of them near a pond.

Chris walks inside, and the hut is surprisingly spacious compared to how it looked on the ulterior.

“This is pretty amazing; I’ll give you a 9/10. Nice work!” Chris announces, “Next, off to King of Clubs.”

Chris examines the gigantic shack that stands before him. It is constructed through wooden logs and looks like a log cabin in shape and design. Inside, there is nothing but the ten sleeping bags that were given to the contestants upon crashing, which are organised into two rows of five respectively.

Chris enters the cabin, and suddenly come of the logs from the floor begin to shake, making Chris and the contestants rush out of the cabin as miscellaneous screams of panic occur. The cabin then suddenly falls in on itself. Faith winks at the camera.

“Well, since that shelter doesn’t really exist anymore…I think we have our winner! Queen of Hearts win the challenge! Congrats!” Chris announces, and the team cheers in victory. King of Clubs look defeated as they watch the other team celebrate. “I will see Spades at the elimination ceremony tonight.”

Just before the elimination ceremony, Inca is walking through the forest until she notices a net hanging in the air above her, with a girl asleep inside of it.

“Hello? Is somebody up there?” She yells. Upon hearing nothing but snoring, Inca decides to climb the tree above to try and get to the bottom of the issue. She leans in and tries to grab the net, and succeeds; however, Inca forgot to hold onto the tree so she begins to swing from the net.

“Oh my God! Help me!” She screams. She continues to swing and scream on repeat until Brooke wakes up.

Brooke smirks at the sight of Inca struggling, “And I-I’m going to swing, from the chandelier, from the chandelier!” She sings in an awfully high pitched tone. Suddenly, the net snaps and Inca hits the ground, whereas Brooke holds onto another part of the net to avoid falling, but that part also snaps and she falls onto Inca’s back.

(Confessional – Faith): “Now, I just have to convince everyone to vote off Brooke tonight to ensure that she goes home. I can’t think of anyone else that would be sent home tonight…unless people vote Lavenia out due to her annoyingness, but surely they can recognise she actually helps us get things done around here. I don’t know... I just want to see Brooke gone.”

(Confessional – Taron): “It’s hard to see who exactly is on the bottom of this tribe; I think people understand that I’m the workhorse that does things around here. It’s got to be either Porter or Brooke if this tribe is going to stay strong. Either way, I’m pretty sure tonight’s vote is going to be a blindside, I can’t wait to get to it!”

Later that night, at the elimination ceremony…

“Welcome to the first official Sanctuary elimination ceremony. King of Clubs, you created a very poor shelter and that is why you ended up here tonight!”

“Thanks for the clarification, but can we seriously just get to the vote? I’m fed up of all this pointless waiting.” Brooke states, and Faith smirks.

Chris laughs, “No can do! Brooke, why do you think you’re so important here when you do literally nothing for your tribe?”

“You think this is a tribe? All we are is a mixture of personalities being forced to work together, nothing about that seems like a tribe or team to me.” Brooke replies, and Faith chuckles to herself.

“Faith, why do you laugh at her statement?” Chris questions.

Faith pauses for a moment, “Oh, I just thought of a funny joke in my head, whoops!”

“Ah I see, how about you Darius? Do you feel like the challenge loss is your fault for not conducting a better team ethic?” Chris asks.

“Well, now that you mention it, it is my fault for not making sure we could work together efficiently as a unit rather than individually. I’m sorry for letting you all down…”

“Lavenia, do you feel like you’re on the chopping block tonight?” Chris asks.

Lavenia looks confused, “Why would I be on the chopping block? I’ve done nothing wrong!” She protests.

“Alright then! Let’s move onto the votes, you can go vote in the alley down there. You need to write down one name and put it inside the urn. Good luck everybody.” Chris explains, and Darius leaves to vote.

(Confessional – Darius): “I have to vote for you; otherwise I could be the one going home tonight.”

(Confessional – Faith): “Brooke. There’s nothing else for me to say, you’re just a very pointless and negative member of the team, not to mention my biggest competition here. Good luck wherever you get sent!”

(Confessional – Taron): “I guess I’ll vote for Porter, you are pretty weak dude and we can’t have people like you on this tribe of brawn.”

After everyone has voted, Chris retrieves the urn.

“If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so…”

Silence follows as eye contact is exchanged between various people.

“Alright then, once the votes have been read the person who has received the most must leave the elimination ceremony immediately. I will now read the votes…”

“First vote…Porter.”

“Second vote…Brooke.”

“Third vote…Lavenia.”

“Fourth vote…Darius. Six votes left.”

“Fifth vote…Darius.”

“Sixth vote…Brooke.” Brooke rolls her eyes.

“Seventh vote…Lavenia.”

“Eighth vote…Brooke. Three votes Brooke, two votes Darius, two votes Lavenia, two votes left.”

“Ninth vote…Lavenia.”

“Second person voted out of Sanctuary, Brooke. It is time for you to leave the island.” Chris announces, to the shock of most people apart from Faith.

(Confessional – Faith): “First big move in the game, I’m quite proud of myself.”

Brooke shrugs her shoulders, and blows a sarcastic kiss to her tribe before leaving the elimination ceremony area.

(Confessional – Brooke): “Well, good on them. I’m finally rid of this stupid show and this idiotic island. At least I can say that my sanity is still intact, can’t say the same for the rest of them when they’ve been living here for sixty days. I’m the lucky one in this situation, they all have no idea what lies ahead of them, but they’re going to regret not getting themselves kicked off at the same time I have. Good luck chumps, you’ll desperately need it.”

Episode 04: The Mystery of Middlemist

Publish Date: ??/??/??.
Word Count: ???.

Coming Soon!

Elimination Table

Warning: Spoilers surrounding the elimination process follow. Please read at your own risk.
Rank Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
19 Brooke IN IN OUT
20 Hamish IN OUT




     NAME: This contestant was part of Queen of Hearts.
     NAME: This contestant was part of King of Clubs.
     NAME: This contestant was part of Team TBA.
     NAME: This contestant was part of Team TBA.
     WIN: This contestant won the challenge for their team.
     WIN: This contestant was on the winning team.
     SAFE: This contestant was up for elimination but received no votes.
     LOW: This contestant was the final contestant to be safe.
     OUT: This contestant was voted off the show regularly.
     QUIT: This contestant quit the show.
     LEFT: This contestant left the show due to certain circumstances.
     This contestant did not participate in this episode.

Voting History


Audition Tapes

To be added.

Sanctuary Fantasy League

Read more: Sanctuary Fantasy League.

Sanctuary Community Character

Read more: Sanctuary Community Character.

Confessional Count

To be added.


  • Sactuary is a complete remake of an older fan-fiction entitled Total Drama: Wasteland Warriors, however, the author wanted to pursue different visions with the project, and after some cast modifications and dropping the title "Total Drama", Sanctuary was born.
  • Sanctuary takes place directly after the first season of the continuity entitled Total Drama: The New Classic, but Sanctuary was written before The New Classic was.
    • However, The New Classic did exist previous to Sanctuary and had some written chapters before Sanctuary, but it was eventually scrapped and forgotten about to make the new season.
  • Sanctuary was originally teased as a sequel to Total Drama: The New Classic, however, as the predecessor was dropped it later became the name for the remade version.

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