Liam: Welcome to the sixth season of Rating Game! This season, 18 users will be split between Smarts, Strengths or Stunners, and will fight against one another to win the million dollar prize. 


Episode One: "TBA"


Liam: Welcome to the game!

Wendy: Hi daddies!

Gogo: OMG, this is so exciting! My first Survivalist Showdown ever! Be ready guys, because I'm gonna twerk my bi booty all the way to the top!

Nano: *cringes in disgust* Yeah.... um-- No, thank you. I just ate.

Samey: Hello

Gogo: Maria darling! Just in time! I brought pepperoni pizza, your favorite! Along with some strawberry ice cream pie! Enjoy!

Liam: Hello Maria, I will rig for you.

Eve: Lets talk about Grimes

Liam: Yes.

Fluffy: Grimes? I think I heard one of their songs.

Samey: Yes

Derpy: all of u stfu

Samey: Thanks

Amy: Silence, Samey! *shoves a manchineel fruit down Samey's throat*

Gogo: Hey Impa! What's up my bro?

Nemo: Sup?

Reward Challenge

Liam: Welcome to the Reward Challenge! This season, there will be two challenges per interval in this game, consisting of a Reward Challenge and an Immunity Challenge! So let's begin with the Reward Challenge, which is a rating! First off, we will be rating...Survivor contestants! You're allowed to pick anybody from the U.S. television series, Survivor (which I'm sure everybody is somewhat familiar with). The only person you can't choose is Morgan McLeod, for obvious reasons. Good luck, you have 24 hours to submit!

Ash: Lizbot. living legend <3

Wendy: Stacey "Chuck e the Cheese Jokes" Powell.

Blake: Alecia Holden.

Jomack: Terry Deitz, amazing individual immunity god.

Booty: Tai, my baby. <3

Amber: Queen of Cambodia aka Kelley Wentworth. <3333

Izzy: Robbed of her rightful goat spot, the one and only Caryn Groedel.

Nano: Parvati Shallow for making the Black Widow Brigade.

Eve: Abi-maria goddess

Berry: Courtney Yates

Nemo: Coach Wade.

Berry: um, gross!

Fluffy: Cydney. I really do not know.

Gogo: Uhhhhh....I think I'll go with Jefra Bland. And no, he ain't bland! ;)

Derpy: Kelley Wentworthless

Samey: Amber Brkich

Milkshake: Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Liam: Alright then! The winners are...Berry and Nano! You two have won reward, which is picking the teams! 

Team Picking

Liam: Berry can choose first, then Nano, then Berry and so on until we have our two tribes!

Berry: I'll choose Derpy as my first pick.~

Nano: 'K then. Amber can be on my team. <3

Fluffy: I am going tonbe chosen last.

Berry: Booty.~

Nano: Wendy.

Berry: Princess Eve <3

Nano: Prince Blake.

Berry: Izzy

Nano: Gogo

Berry: Maria cuz I need cushion

Nemo: I'm going to be on Nano's team, that's for sure.

Nano: You know what? Fine. Nemo, my team.

Nemo: *snaps his fingers* Knew it!

Fluffy: My prediction is looking more correct as time goes on.

Berry: Ash~<3

Samey: Yes

Amber: Yay Nanoo! And omgg who is Ash?

Nano: Hmm. Next, I'll pick Fluffy, to shush him up.

Berry: fiz

Nano: Solar.

Berry: jomack

Nano: Then I get... Milkshake as they are the only person left. Right?

Liam: And there's the teams this season! On Berry's team are: Berry, Derpy, Booty, Eve, Izzy, Maria, Ash, Fiz and Jomack. And on Nano's team are: Nano, Amber, Wendy, Blake, Gogo, Nemo, Fluffy, Solar and Milk! The first immunity challenge is to come up with a team name! It needs to be sensible, and have significant meaning behind it. I will pick which one is the best, and the losers will send somebody home!

Immunity Challenge

Berry's Team

Liam: Leaders will need to confirm the team name they have chosen after discussion.

Samey: Yes.

Don: We need a qt name.

Ash: the only proper name for our team is ☆DAVID GUETTA☆

Eve: I suggest the name Art Angels

Eve: or Cry babies

Samey: pizza 

Berry: I like Eve's suggestions.

Ash: art angels is hip and rad ::support::

Samey: Puedo hablar español.

Eve: i support Marias suggestion

Booty: If I may chime in, I would kind of like Art Angels.. Or μ's.

Samey: Yo hago pizza

Nano's Team

Liam: Leaders will need to confirm the team name they have chosen after discussion.

Amber: Any idea's, guys? What about the Shining Hotties? :3

Nemo: No. The Graceful Goddesses!

Amber: I think 'Godesses' is a bit overused.. and I'm like one of the only females here so maybe we should combinate it and do Graceful Hotties?

Nemo: Then the Beuatiful Baes! That has a nice ring to it.

Amber: Okay xD... if nobody else has an idea then we should go with that..

Wendy: PROBLEMATIC. Let's be The FROOTS or Teen Idles or something.

Milkshake: The ChipChip Lovere's. Take it or leave it.

Nemo: OK, the ideas so far are the Beautiful Baes, Teen Idles and The ChipChip Lovere's

Amber: And why are my idea's not mentioned, Nemo? NANO is the team leader so maybe we should let him figure out the options and then make a decision together. *rolls eyes*

Nano: I'm okay with either Beautiful Baes, Graceful Hotties or Teen Idles.

Blake: Teen Idles or this is a bust.

Nano: Yeah, I'm thinking Teen Idles. Don't think I'm comfortable being part of something with "bae" in the team name.

Nemo: *doesn't react*

Fluffy: Teen Idles sounds okay. I am not like the leader saying we should do it, but I really like the idea.

Amber: Yeah, that sounds prettyyy! :))

Wendy: Teen Idles it is. At least we're doing better than the other team

Nemo: I'm all up for it. I'm a teen anyway.

Elimination Table

To be added.

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