Simply a quick challenge & vote out since I don't do enough. Hosted by Wendy.


Ends at like, 6 maybe. Character - Stereotype - Representative Colour - User. (Only rule is that ths camp is semi-serious but yeah)

  1. Dasom - The Maknae - Gold - Jordan
  2. Jakob - The Creepily Obsessed - Dim Gray - SC
  3. Conker - The Isolated Computer Freak - Pink - ConkerChu
  4. Willow - The Spiritual Hippie - Aqua - Samey
  5. Nemo - The Gamer - Lime Green - Nemo
  6. Haruki - The Justice Bringer - Purple - Dark
  7. Steve - The Extremely Indifferent - Red - Lance

Elimination Table

Placing Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
3rd Willow IN LOW WIN OUT
4th/5th Haruki WIN WIN OUT
4th/5th Conker WIN IN OUT
6th Steve LOW OUT
7th Nemo OUT

Episode 1


Wendy: Hi. Chat here pl0x.

Conker: Wow, cool pla- *steps out of car.* Argh! The light, it burns!!! *hiss* Does anyone have any sunglasses!? 

Jakob: I do, I mean, I will. Anything for you. What's your name, sweetie? *hiss*

Dasom: oh hello *giggles*

Wendy: Hello new arrivals. Welcome. To hell.

Jakob: Hell... o. *Smirks*

Conker: *rapidly rubs his eyes* Argh! *starts to pant* Ugh... Too much... exercise...

Lance: *steps out of car* *acts indifferent*

Willow: Hola a Todos.

Conker: Argh... Can't... stand up... too... much... effort! *falls over.* (CONF: I'm not used to going outside, or having company... other than my brother, he's a bit of a jerk though. I feel like I can win this thing though, I mean, they're is only like six other people.)

Steve: *looks at willow and conker indifferently*

Conker: heeeeeelppp.... meeee.... 

Willow: Yo voy a salvar.

Conker: ...? *gets out a spanish dictionary he found because of coincidences, so don't judge swine.* Oh! You will...?

Willow: *laugh* Si .

Conker: Okay, can you help me up?

Willow: Claro que si.

Conker: ... *reaches his hand out for Willow to help him up.* (CONF: Willow seems to be nice, if not a little... slow.)

Willow: Gracias por ayudar Conker

Conker: ... (CONF: I- eh, who cares? I need to learn spanish...) *flipping through pages* ¿Entonces, cuál es tu nombre?

Steve: *indifferent*

Willow: Me llamo Willow.

Conker: Fresco, el mío es Conker. (CONF: Considering the language barrier, it's going to be a pain trying to talk to her, isn't it?)

Willow: Encantado de conocerte

Conker: Igual para ti.

Willow: Gracias.

Conker: *sonroja/blushes.* C:

Willow: *smiles*.

Conker: So, how are you?

Willow: Bien .

Wendy: Uh, that's cute? Challenge will begin tomorrow at around 6PM EST.

Conker: Gasp... that long, crying. :C

Haruki: It isn't that long little one.

Willow: Que Intersante.

Nemo: I might not make it.

Challenge 1

Wendy: Sorry we're late. First 3 people to name a fact about your wonderful host get immunity.

Dasom: Your favourite member of Red Velvet is Wendy queen

Conker: Wendy is this camp's host.

Wendy: Dasom is immune but Conker needs to try harder! (go to my userpage h*e)

Conker: Wendy likes Fire Emblem and has played 7 games in the series.

Wendy: Conker is immune! 1 spot left xxx

Conker: Stress removed too fast-! Gasp! *faints*

Jakob: You enjoy Sierra. Let me just tell you... she's not an accurate representation of we- well- *Cackles*

Haruki: Katie is one of your favorite characters!

Willow: mi personaje favorito es Samey.

Wendy: Jakob gets immunity! Haruki gets immunity too since I'm feeling nice, so vote between Willow, Steve and Nemo!

Elimination 1

Wendy: Vote for Willow, Steve or Nemo please.

Dasom: It's animal abuse to keep Nemo in the game, go back to the sea little fishy! *giggles and votes Nemo*

Willow: Uhhh esta de suerte. *votes Steve*

Jakob: Nemo simply won't work with my plan. Steve and Willow's faces... however... are... nice. Ha-ha. *Votes Nemo*

Haruki: Nemo seems to cause problems with the other castmates... I CANNOT LET THAT CONTINUE~ *votes Nemo*

Steve: *shrugs indifferently* *votes for Nemo*

Wendy: Bye Nemo. :D

Episode 2


Willow: (CONF) Yo ayudaria a levantar a Conker y yo pense que yo podria evitarlo *laugh*

Conker: (CONF: Second! I'm doing good.)

Willow: Hey chicos. 

Steve: *walks by indifferently*

Willow: *smiles* Eso fue fabuloso (CONF) A mi me gusta los colores 

Steve: *reacts indifferently*

Willow: *laugh* Muy dulce.

Haruki: STEVE! Treat the other patie- castmates with kindness!

Conker: ...He seems so indifferent... it's beautyful... :O

Willow: Me encanta.

Dasom: Sonkkeutman seuchyeodo mak kungkungkungkung oh nae mami heundeullyeo

Willow: *smiles* (CONF) Es tan lindo que podria evitarlo

Steve: (CONF) *looks at camera indifferently*

Willow: Oh valla eso si que es muy lindo.

Conker: (CONF: Everyone is speaking in other languages, or just acting so... indifferent. I never thought I'd see the day where I'm the normal one... not saying that speaking in another language is abnormal, that's- ...I failed. *face palm.*)

Willow: (CONF) Yo amo los helados. Pero me gustan mucho *laugh*.

Steve: *continues to be completely indifferent*

Willow: *eats ice cream* Mmmm Fresa.

Steve: *looks at ice cream indifferently*

Wendy: Willow, can I have ice cream?

Challenge 2

Wendy: Tell me why Samey "Sammy" is so amazing, best one wins!!

Jakob: She's Spare Amy.

Willow: Ella es Sammy. 

Steve: *writes down answer* Because she outsmarted almost everyone and got her sister eliminated instead of her. I didn't care either way.

Dasom: Samey is so amazing because she is the Jamaican Beast Goddess Hawaiian Good Twin from Uxmal, Yucatan. Strawberries pies forever! *giggles*

Haruki: Because her...... (you want me to read this, Dark?) Her weave is on point and so is her swag *does the splits*

Conker: I don't like Samey, so she isn't amazing, fight me. >:C

Wendy: All good answers, so I can't really decide... I guess Haruki wins; but Dasom's was very detailed, so vote for Jakob, Steve, Conker or Willow!

Elimination 2

Wendy: Vote Jakob, Steve, Conker or Willow.

Dasom: *votes Steve and giggles*

Haruki: *votes Willow*

Conker: *votes Steve and laughs for a million nights.*

Willow: *votes Steve*

Jakob: *Votes Steve*

Steve: *votes Willow* *shrugs indifferently*

Wendy: Bye Steve!

Steve: *shrugs indifferently*

Episode 3


Jakob: Hello, Willow.... *Smirks*

Willow: Hola Jakob.

Jakob: Yes... *Cackles*

Willow: Todo bien *smiles*

Jakob: Yay... 

Willow: Claro que si

Jakob: Yes.

Willow: Cierto.

Haruki: Where is the justice in letting her stay?????

Jakob: And what have you done that's actually relevant? Nothing. At least Willow has a pretty face. *Caresses Willow's face*

Willow: Buena idea

Conker: (CONF: Yeah! Final five... Well, five out of seven but who really cares, I didn't think I would make it past the first elimination so this is a personal achievement for me...)

Willow: (CONF) Claro. Estoy tan anciosa yo toco la guitarra acustica es Fantastica pero me gusta *smiles* Yo amo a Conker *loves Conker*

Conker: Hey, Willow. <3

Willow: Si Conker. <3

Conker: How are you? :D

Willow: Todo bien. 

Conker: Me too... so... um... :/

Willow: Sierto pero me encanta *smiles*

Conker: El amor, ¿qué?

Willow: Muchas gracias

Conker: Your welcome.

Willow: *smiles*

Conker: *blushes* :D

Willow: Si claro *laugh*

Challenge 3

Wendy: Okay, sorry for lateness, but find me a picture of a flag! I'll choose the coolest/best looking one to win immunity!

Willow: Mira mi imagen de una bandera.


Willow's pic

Dasom: The flag of Seychelles gets me hot [1]

Jakob: This one, of course.

Elimination 3

Wendy: Bye! @Conker and Haruki

Episode 4


Willow: Hola Jakob

Jakob: Hola, Willow. *Caresses her face* How are you?

Willow: Bien.

Jakob: Shhhhhh.... You'll be fine. *Kisses Willow* We made it this far together. Because we're together. You want us together... right.

Willow: *kisses Jakob* Muchas Gracias. (CONF) Ami me encanta los dulces de gelatina. Y son deliciosos. 

Jakob: *Smirks* Good.

Willow: Si seguro.

Dasom: This is so cute *giggles and then begins to sing Shake It*

Willow: Buena idea Dasom.

Dasom: You're right Willow! *dances/sings*

Willow: Si claro.

Challenge 4

Wendy: Okay, I want you to all paint a picture of me (4 lines) and then post it on the wall! The first to do this gets immunity, and one of the other two will not make it to the finale. Go!

Dasom: *paints a picture* (1)

Willow: *paints a picture* (1)

Dasom: *paints a picture* (2)

Willow: *paints a picture* (2)

Dasom: *paints a picture* (3)

Willow: *paints a picture* (3)

Dasom: *paints a picture* (4)

Willow: *paints a picture* (4)

Dasom: *posts picture on wall* Done!! It looks like Ines Brasil though...

Willow: *post picture on wall* Hecho!! Yo hice una casa.

Wendy: Well Dasom, you have to decide who goes home here and now! Do it! >:(

Conker: Before I go, I just have to say, WILLOW! I LOVE YOU! *blushes because love.* WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME!? <3

Willow: Si.

Dasom: Yes Willow, go and be with your lover Conker!!! *shoves her into Conker's arms*

Conker: HA! Screw you Jakob, you may be in the final two but I got Willow, so I win by default! Whooo! *flies off with Willow into the sunset.*

Willow: Fue fantastico. Pero reo que fue muy divertido adios.

Episode 5

Challenge - Finale!

Wendy: Okay guys I want you to draw the most fabulous picture that has ever existed! It can be anything. You can use MS Paint,, whatever. There's no deadline so don't worry! (you dont need to put effort into it at all lmao just make it fabuluss)

Jakob: Dasom:
RandomOC - Jordna

Jakob: So...? Will ~ my ~ Willow be pleased?

~ wendy has said we both won so ~

Jakob: *Kills Conker, marries Willow, has many children, and lives both a happy and successful life* Ye!

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