File:Pictionary 3 Contestants (8).png

The 3rd and maybe final... Season of Pictionary!


  • If you miss 2 challanges,your out.
  • No cussing.
  • No Cheating.
  • Only 1 guess.




Place Status Total Votes Picture Eliminated Strikes Jury
124oeo 9th OUT 0 Apple(1) 1 No
Liam 8th OUT 6 Heart(2) 0 No
Zanna 7th OUT 0 Giga Pudding(3) 0 No
Johnny 6th OUT 3 Sun(4) 1 No
Teamnoah 5th OUT 3 Foot(5) 0 Yes
Blaineley 4th OUT 0 Ying-Yang(6) 2 Yes
Mr.E 3rd OUT 2 Wiimote(7) 1 Yes
Vick 2nd OUT 1 Lollipop(8) 0 No
Rex 1st IN 3 0 No

Voting Table

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jury Vote
Rex NA Liam NA Teamnoah Teamnoah NA Mr.E NA
Vick NA Liam NA Johnny Teamnoah NA Mr.E NA
Mr.E NA Liam NA Johnny Rex NA NA Rex
Blaineley NA Liam NA NA - NA Rex
Teamnoah NA Liam NA Johnny Rex Rex
Johnny NA Liam NA NA
Zanna NA - NA
Liam NA Vick
124oeo NA


You must have at LEAST 200 edits to sign-up.

  1. Rex
  2. Vick
  3. Mr. E


Syle: Here I am hosting Season 3! I hope this season goes as smooth as season 1!

Rex: as long as that... troublemaker... isn't here it should go fine :3

Syle: Does he have 200 or more edits? I think not.

Rex: and you banned him from this season :3

Syle: True....

Rex: and his 'admin friend' isn't even an admin....

Liam: I am your friend,right Rex?

Rex: Yes :3 unless you had a part in the... event >.> (Jacob still be me friend :3)

Liam: I hate to tell you this,but I was already eliminated!

Rex: exactly :3

Johnny: I'm Back!!!

Mr. E: Meh.

Johnny: We have the 2 previous winners and the season 1 runner-up

Rex: and no... troublemakers >.>

Syle: Whole Wheat,Lack of Girls! (Wow, Someone but me REALLY needs to say that!)

Challenge 1

The prizes are the same, a picture and userbox for the winner. The pictures will be colored this whole season.

File:Pictionary2 final picture 2.png

Due Sunday October 16th. at 7:00PM EST


Johnny: So...

Teamnoah:......does anyone have an interesting topic of conversation.

Rex: *throws a pillow at Xros then Noah* ^_^

Teamnoah:So thats how you want to play, huh. :D *throws pillow back at Rex*

Rex: *ducks and activates his pillow bazooka* >:D *fires ten pillows at Noah*

Syle: >:( Stop fighting...oh,wait it's just pillows. Carry on!

Vick:* Throws a pillow at Rex*

Teamnoah:*does backflip to avoid pillows*Now it's my turn! *pulls out pillow cannon and shoots 5 at rex and 2 at Vick*

Rex: *runs into pillow shelter* now to use my pillow bomb! *presses button and a giant bomb made of pillows falls* :3

Syle: Don't get too violent!

Rex: K, I'd recommend staying at least 5 metres away from the pillow bomb...

Teamnoah:When did he have time to set this up....*pillow bomb goes off and I am flung backwards*

Rex: *watches as everyone gets hit by about 15 pillows* It's impossible to escape :3 >:D

Johnny: I used my pit's reflecter shield from ssbb

Everyone is flug backwards including Rex.

Teamnoah:*Is flung back into a brick wall and then falls face first onto the ground*

Rex: I'm in my pillow shelter. I no get flung back :3

Johnny: I had my shield thank you pit

Rex: Who I just beat in a Brawl :3

Johnny: First off I playd with the GC controller when I trained with thw wii and knunchuck

Rex: Then why didn't you use the wiimote?

Johnny: the battle between Wolf and Toon link was with my brother and he uses the GC controller

Rex: you could've changed it.

Johnny: *Plays music on his spirit flute*

Rex: Gawsh Syle, stop making me red. I hate red >.<

'Syle: Don't you like eat people?'

Rex: ... i only eat people I hate.

Johnny: I can see this is a werewolf thing ... *plays spirit flute again*

Rex: Meh :3 *howls along with Xros*

Johnny: *plays Song of Storms on his Spirit Flute*

Rex: *continues to howl along*

Johnny: *does the caramelldansen* Wave your hands together


  • Zanna-Apple
  • Rex- It's big, it's red, it looks horrible, it's a tomato! Joking Joking. You can tell by the stem and leaf that this is a stereotypical apple. I personally prefer Granny Smiths over any other type but I still like Golden Delicious and Pink Ladies :3
  • Teamnoah123-Seems easy enough, it's an apple.
  • 124oeo-
  • Liam- Apple
  • Vick- its a apple!!!
  • Blaineley- Its an apple. I love apples :)
  • Johnny- An Apple. DUH!!!
  • Mr. E-It is an Apple.


It was an Apple.


124oeo was and hour and 15 minutes late. Sorry, but your out.

Challenge 2

File:Pictionary 3-Day 2.png

If you don't know WHAT That is, I'm gonna have to punch a marshmellow.

Due Wednsday the 19th at 5:00PM EST


Syle:Rex, your answer is..Creepy...

Rex: ...did you forget that i'm a werewolf?

Syle: No, But still.

Rex: >.> I've only eaten one heart and that was the day I was turned >.> darn Full Moon >.<

Syle: D:

Rex: Don't worry. the guy was dieing before I even got to him :3

'Syle:But still.'

Rex: I had no control. Unless your an expirinced wereolf, you'll lose control at the full moon...

Syle: What time is it where you are? I want to see the time difference. (Check Pokemon Life plz.)

Rex: 10:44 AM

Syle: D: It's like 15 hours apart!

Liam:I have special powers...

Rex: Da date be the 18th :3

Syle: The date be a day before.


  • Rex- The yummiest part of the body, the heart :3...
  • Johnny- Its the shape of a heart but thats not a real heart like you find in humans and animals we have weird looking hearts.
  • Mr.E- It's a heart.
  • Blaineley- Its a heart :)
  • Liam- A heart...
  • Teamnoah-It's a heart
  • Vick- Heart!!!!!
  • Zanna-Heart


A Heart was what I seeked,and I got that.


Everyone's up, Everyone votes. Voting closes Thursday at 4:00PM EST.

Johnny: Sorry Liam but you almost always had a perfect score.

Teamnoah:I vote Liam.

Liam: Don't vote me out! Vote for Vick and I will be your friend! I vote Vick.

Rex: Liam :3

Blaineley: I vote Liam, cos he's a previous winner. Sowwy 3:

Vick: I was voting for Teamnoah but I vote for Liam, cuz he vote for me

Mr. E: I'll vote for Liam.

Liam: I QUIT THEN!!!! Bye!

Blaineley: O.o ( Syle what does the yellow mean on the elimination table?)

Rex: Don't do a Zanna Liam :s [No offense Zanna] (if it's following how I set it up last season, then yellow should be whos up for elim and orange for who got the second highest amount of votes. But it be Syle's elim chart :3)

Syle: Your not allowed to quit. I hate quitters. :\

Johnny: K now Liam diserves to lose *plays a song on his Spirit Flute*

Syle: Yeah, I'll just wrap this up, Liam awas gonna leave anyways.

Zanna: @Kokori No offense taken, that was the old me I'm the new one

Liam: I can't belive it! Nobody respects me anymore :(

Challenge 3

I thought this challenge would fit this week... XD File:Pictionary 3-Day 3.png

You have untill Friday the 21st,8:00AM EST



  • Rex- A really, really, really, really, really, really, creepy, evil-looking, creepy, blood-suckking, cute, creepy, crazy, cute, cool, cool, creepy, crazy, demonic, angelic, cool, cute, creepy, amazing, disgusting, supercalifragilisticexpalidiousc, minecrafty, spacey, creepy, demonic, evil, good, nasty face (I be scared <.>)
  • Johnny- A face
  • Mr.E- A face.
  • Blaineley- That's a face :3
  • Teamnoah-A face
  • Vick- A face
  • Zanna-A face


:\ Your all wrong. The answer was:

"Giga Pudding"


I have a feeling you all copied one another. That's why, I'll pick who goes. >:)

Sorry,Zanna, I don't think you should go on.

Rex: you really think my answer was a copy? r.r. In my books copying someone else be cheating and there's only one thing I despise more then lying and that's cheating r.r.

Syle: YOURS was the only original one.

Rex: so theoritically I was the only one safe from elim? o.o

Syle: Yes. Yes, you were.

Rex: ... I earn anouther immunity in a Syle camp r.r.


Syle: :\ How about...A free pass for a badge in Pokemon Life.

Rex: I was actually hoping you would say no... and I said what I said before since it's like the 20th immunity i've gotten in one of your camps r.r.


Vick: mine wasn't a copy since I was the first one to guess

Teamnoah:Syle, not to be rude, but how does giga pudding fit this week again?

Syle: Season 3,Challenge 3. As School House Rock says, "3 is a Magic Number..."

Teamnoah:Hmm...thanks for clarifying that. :D

Challenge 4

If you don't know this, I'll have to sue.

File:Pictionary 3-Day 4.png

Guessing ends on Saturday, Oct. 22th. At 5:00PM.


Rex: Computers are so cool ^_^ I wish I had a supercomputer

Syle: Yeah. I know! and Johnny and Blaineley better hurry!

Teamnoah:Looks like Blaineley and Johnny are late...


  • Rex- As Tobuscus would say the 'Hothothothothothothothot' sun. The sun is the symbols of light and... sun... but this one isn't becuase it doesn't have 8 or 6 points. The sun is made of of hydrogen and helium. It uses fusion to merge the hydrogen into helium. Scientists are thinking of using fusion to make energy. The sun has deadly UV raysand that is why we wear sunscreen. And that concludes 'random facts about the sun' :3
  • Johnny-
  • Mr.E- It's the sun... XD
  • Blaineley-
  • Teamnoah- It's the sun.
  • Vick- Teh hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot,hot HOT! sun


It's the Sun. Which ISN'T A mass of Incondesent Gas, but A maisma of Incondesent Plazma.


Vote for Johnny or Blaineley.

Vick: Johnny he won last season


Rex: Syle the atoms in the sun are Hydrogen and Helium. I votes for Teamnoah

Syle: :s Lemme guess, formula from season 2? Is it Johnny you vote for?

Rex: yep :3

Syle: :D *Big Green ball comes out of nowhere*

Mr. E: I vote for Johnny, he is a former winner, and needs to be delt with.

Syle: Quickest elim,Evah.

Challenge 5

We are going into the jury phase.

File:Pictionary 3-Day 5.png

You have intill Wednsday the 26th, at 7:00PM.



  • Rex- It's a foot with only 4 toes. That proberly means it's an imposter foot from an alien race, who want to take over the world. They'll do that by killing us of and assuming our shape. The invasion might've already started. Anyone of you people could be an alien o.o. STAY BACK! BACK I SAY, BACK! I DON'T WANT TO BE KILLED!
  • Mr.E- A foot without it's fifth toe.
  • Blaineley- Its a foot. with 4 toes O.o
  • Teamnoah-It is a foot that is lacking a toe.
  • Vick- The rare 4-toes foot


T-T Quit it! Your being mean! And Yes it is a foot.


Vote anyone but me.

Mr. E: Well, since everyone got it right, I'll vote for Rex for no reason whatsoever.

Syle: Wait, Before anyone else votes, Don't just vote the majorty, I hate when that happens.

Mr. E: So, basicly, you're saying you qwant everyone to vote for a different user? :/

Syle: No, I just don't want everyone voting the same person. I mean like 3/5 or 4/5 would be OK.

Vick: Teamnoah. Hey Syle if this is the final season are you having a reunion or something

Teamnoah:Rex because I'm leaving if he doesn't, and if we don't get him out now he will win.

Syle: I don't belive that. >.> And when Rex votes, I'll close the voting. He's 2 votes.

Rex: Teamnoah...

Syle: D: It's the first ever tie! And from Now on, who ever has the most votes, gets to vote, then I close.

I'm going to think about who goes.

Rex: *holds a knife up* I don't wanna be killed :s *backs away from everyone*

Syle: I just walked to my room, and I figured out: a question.

What is the character of mine(past or present) that can speak French?


Syle: Let's see what Rex says.

Rex: Megan, she almost always speaks french :3

Syle:This is gonna take awhile...

Ok, Ture or False; Does this sentece use all the letters in the alphabet,NO CHEATING.

"The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown dog."

Rex: yes, but some more then once :3

Teamnoah:No, there is no S.

Rex: school lied! They said this sentence uses each letter :o

Teamnoah:School always lies...!

Syle: Let me explain!

If you thought out of the box, You would know: Yes. I meant the WHOLE Sentence. That means from This to Dog! So in Result, Rex is correct.

Rex: so did school lie or not?

Teamnoah:But thats two sentences.The question was."Does this sentence" that means one of the 2 sentences, right?

Syle: No. It's like the periods are commas.

Teamnoah:That doesnt ake alot of sense, and Rex has admitted he did not notice that either....but okay.

Syle: r.r Your making me sound like a jerk.

Teamnoah:I'm sorry, I really didnt mean for it to sound that way.

Challenge 6

Just chat.

File:Pictionary 3-Day 6.png

It's Not an Eye.

Due Wednsday at 7:00PM.


Mr. E: I suppose I'll chat. Hello, fellow F4. :D

Rex: I think our alien is gone so I can get rid of this knife :3 *Throws it into a dartboard and gets a bullseye*

Vick: I'm in the final four! I can't belive it!

Rex: 24 mins till answer time :D

Vick: Where are you from?

Rex: ... your like the only one on the wiki who doesn't know i'm from australia...

Vick: Oh right I was thinking you from there

Syle: The 2 still have 4 hours...

Vick: Well it looks like me and Rex are going to the final three

Vick: Not to be rude, when are you giving us the answer


  • Blaineley-
  • Mr.E-
  • Rex- It is an extremly badly drawn yinyang. Yinyang is the symbol of Zen, or peace. Yinyang represents how opposites are interconnected and give rise to each other in turn. Thus they cannot exist without the other. Unlike common belief, yinyang does not represent good and evil, it instead represents that one opposite cannot exist wihtout the other, like Light cannot exist without Darkness. Yin is the Black side with the white dot, and Yang is the white side with the black dot.
  • Vick- Oh thats a Yin Yang like that show Yin Yang Yo!... I miss that show


It WAS an Ying-Yang.


Blaineley is out for missing her 2nd challange. Chat here while I do things.

Vick: Ah man and I wanted to vote... ehh just for fun for it, I vote for Blaineley

Challenge 7

Blaineley was the first to leave that way.

File:Pictionary 3-Day 7.png

Due November 1st,at 7:00.


Syle: :3


  • Mr. E- A controller for a videogame...
  • Rex- A wiimote for a the wii. It doesn't even have the right amount of buttons r.r.
  • Vick- A blue wii controller


Oh my god. I did forget buttons. >.<

Anyways, it was a Wiimote, Wii controller, Controller.


Vote anyone.

Rex: we all said different things and yet we're all right O.o uh... both Mr.E and Vick are worthy competitors... I guess I'll vote Mr.E becuase Vick hasn't had one strike all season n.n

'Syle: Hm. I really wanna ask something.....'

Rex: yesh?

Syle: Can I....Can I....Have a hug?

Rex: why?

Syle: I don't know. I'll ask you the real question on your talk..

Rex: Mkay

Vick: I vote for Mr. E

Syle:That's the Vote!


There will be a picture and then the jury votes.

File:Final Pictionary 3.png

I'm being nice so here's a hint: MIKA wrote a song about it. He really points out that "loves gonna get you down..."

Due when the 2 guess.



  • Rex- A Lollipop (I was gonna post part of the lyrics but decided not to :3)
  • Vick- lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop POP


I said Suckin' too hard on your lollipop oh love's gonna get you down!

Say Love, Say Love Oh love's gonna get you dowwnnn!

The answer was lollipop.

Jury Vote

Syle: Jury, Start voting.

Teamnoah:Rex has been in the final 3 three times, he should win.

Rex: Twice... The troublemaker, cuased me and Jacob to get out season 2 r.r.

Blaineley: I want Rex to win :) (Happy Halloween!)

Vick: Teamnoah, Rex get you voted off and now you want him to win.

Mr. E: Meh. I vote for Rex to win...

Teamnoah:Yes Vick, because he deserves it.

Johnny: If I could I would vote Rex cause he's Rex

Syle:Best. Halloween. Ever. :P Anyways.... Rex wins with all the votes!

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