File:Pictionary 2 Contestants (4).png

Season 1 was a hit.


  • If you miss 2 challanges,your out.
  • No cussing.
  • No Cheating.
  • Only 1 guess.

Elim. Table

Contestant Place Status Total Votes Picture Eliminated Strikes Jury
Ryan 9th OUT 4 Tooth (1) 1 No
Liam 8th OUT 5 Chicken Leg (2) 0 No
Blaineley 7th OUT 0 Up 1(3) 1 No
Zanna 6th OUT 0 Music Note (4) 1 No
Derek 5th OUT 2 Jack-O-Lantern (5) 0 Yes
Jacob 4th/3rd2 OUT 0 No picture (6) 0 Yes


OUT 2 No picture (6) 0 Yes
Zoom 2nd OUT 0 The Finale (7) 0 No
Johnny 1st IN 0 0 No

1-This challange was a video.

2-Rex and Jacob were both eliminated for a huge fight they were involved in.

Voting History


Name 1 2 31 4 5 6 7 Jury Vote
Johnny Ryan Liam NV NV Derek - NA
Zoom Ryan Liam NV NV - - NA
Jacob Rex - NV NV Rex NA Johnny
Rex Ryan Liam NV NV Derek NA Johnny
Derek Liam NV NV - Zoom
Zanna Ryan Liam NV NV
Blaineley - - NV
Liam - -
Ryan -

1-This challange was a video.

2-This contestant answered,but answered to late.


  1. Rex (Kokori9)
  2. Liam (Flamethrower12)
  3. Zanna (Zannabanna)
  4. Blaineley (BlaineleyRox222)
  5. Johnny (XrosHearts)
  6. Zoom. :3 (Zoomer72)
  7. Ryan (Hpottergleek)
  8. Jacob (RR44)
  9. Derek (BlazeHead 51)


Syle: I'm here hosting "Pictionary 2" Season 1 was a sucess! This is the final season. :(.

Liam: I can't belive it! I won my second camp!

Jacob: And I still haven't won a camp yet.

Challange 1

OMG, Season 2! The rewards from last season are the same. (Final 3 get a user box,Winner gets a drawing.) Anyways,I'll have the challange up soon, just wait.


Syle: Whole Wheat,Lack of girls! D: (Someone HAD to say it!)

Jacob: Is that all? Cause it was kinda easy.

Rex: My werewolf buddy Zoom Zoom is here ^_^ YAY!

Rex: and if this season is like last season you'll be out first xD

Blaineley: 1 person hasn't answered yet so.... Im ok for now :3

Rex: Ryan comes on in the afternoon >.>

Blaineley: Oh yeah. but if we all get it right what hapens?

Zoomer: XD Rex. :3

Rex: :3 ^_^ WEREWOLF BUDDYS! :D *in shady voice* anybody want to be a werewolf?

Syle: *Shrugs* I'm already a Hedgehog. @BR, Everyone is up,no matter what.

Rex: I'm like a super werewolf, cuase I got turned in a very... weird way... it was also painful >.< very painful >.< But normally it's not :3 Just the way I got turned >.<


  • Rex- The white thingies in your mouth
  • Liam- Tooth
  • Zanna- Tooth
  • Blaineley- A tooth.
  • Johnny- A Tooth! Duh.
  • Zoom- A tooth. :P
  • Ryan-
  • Jacob- Tooth


' The Correct answer is......A Tooth! '


Everyone was right. Excpet Ryan,who didn't answer at all.

Vote anyone that's competing.

Rex: You said anyone... so SYLE >:3

Syle: :|

Rex: You do relieze that if you follow a very complicated forumla Syle turns into Ryan :P and I used the formula in revese to cast my vote so my vote was for Ryan not Syle :P

Syle:Oh, Sorry.

Rex: mmost people don't get it ^_^ *does the thriller dance*

Syle: OMG I love MJ,He's awsome! *dances with Rex*

???: excuse me, can i sign up for this? this a bad time??

Rex: Let Blaze debut in the next episode syle ^_^ then we can crush her/him *starts laughing crazily*

Syle: Yeah, I was gonna say that untill you E'CD me.

???: you won't regret this!, just call me Derek! (laughs evily)

Rex: no bold for you >.>

Derek: sorry about that, it's kind of like a side effect on me.

Rex: *claws a tree down with claws* and I sometimes kill people >.> I once killed a guy four times >.>

Zanna: *votes for Ryan*

Derek: four times!?, that's nothing!, i killed five guys at the same time!, no guns at all!

Rex: it was the same guy >.> four times >.>

Derek: OK, you win.

Rex: Can I do the table ^_^

Derek: did syle say i was debuting next episode......whoops?

Rex; yeah... so... *picks Derek up and throws him into a really deep pit* I'll come get you later >.>

Derek: Oh NO!, i have a rock climbing set in my bacpack! HA! (starts to climb)

Jacob: I nominate..............Rex.

Rex: *blocke the hole with a rock* Don't edit camps your not in :P

Johnny: Here we go again with the voting out the person who didn't do the challenge so I vote Ryan!


Derek: and if you look on the elimination table, my name has been added to the list, so you can't really say that.

Rex: Don't double edit >.> or I call you newb :3

Derek: syle put it on there. i never touched the thing.

Zoomer: I vote for Ryan.

Derek: even though i should of been debuting in the next episode, i am gonna vote for Ryan.

Zoomer: O_O

Derek: what? i'm just sayin what i think.

Rex: *forces a pipe into the pit and starts filling it with sewerage*

Zoomer: O.o Rex... Um, Derek, I don't even think you're in the game yet. No offense, but I don't think you can vote yet. XD

Derek: you're right...still, it's just a waiting game, i debut tommorow! (grins)

Derek: OK, i was never here!, you never met me! (throws smoke bomb and escapes) I'LL BE BACK!....TOMMOROW!

Syle: Wow. Well, since there was 3 Votes Ryan, HE's out. And I'm thinking twice about Letting Blaze debut.....

Derek: apologies Syle, and please, call me Derek.

Derek: and just one more thing, PLEASE except me for Pictionary 2!

Day 2

Ugh,Derek No Bold for you. >.< I'm feeling nice today,so Blaze,you can debut. The picture will be up soon,so hold your horses.

Due Saturday,the 1st at 5:00 PM EST.


Johnny: Most Camps these day have debters.

Derek: some already do, i hope you guys don't think i'm a loanshark...

Zoomer: Well, since this camp doesn't have any teams, were all loansharks... Wait, isn't a loanshark this? O.o

Derek: (shrugs)

Syle: XD I might make teams after 2 people leave. >:D

Derek: hang on, if i'm debuting when two people are gone, and you're gonna make teams, there would be three on one team and four on one team...but if i'm debuting before the teams...then that's OK.

Rex: YOU'VE ALREADY DEBUTED! >.> .... so... bored v.v you still haven't answered syle... can I do the elim table :P

Liam: I can make a team logo....

Syle: I said MIGHT Be teams. And Blaze, NO EDITING THE ELIM. TABLE. Do this again,and it's Instant elim. No Rex,you can't do the elim. table I've got it covered.

Rex: voting history? plz :3

Syle: Sure. I've been wanting to do that, I'm just to lazy too. XD

Rex: Yay ^_^ I'm gonna do it right now ^_^


Rex: nevah >.>

Johnny: Hey Blaze I would keep going but I would call you Blaze the Cat

Syle: Doesn't someone else have a nickname soooo far away from their user name? I think I can name 2....

Rex: uh... am I one? cuase Kokori has nothing to do with Rex :P

Johnny: Johnny has nothing to do with XrosHearts but I used to be Johnny10164

Derek: Blaze is just a name i came up with, Derek was taken, and i'm not a woman, please just call me Derek. not Blaze...Derek is my real name.

Rex: I'm nevah gonna change it on the voting history >.>

Derek: what if i begged?

Rex: nevah

Derek: what if i called you Mr.Awesome for the rest of the series?

Rex: sur- NEVAH!

Derek: what if i gave you 20 dollars?

Rex: no

Derek: what if i.....(gulp)...kiss you foot?


  • Rex- A chicken drumstick, not one of those drumsxticks that you use on drums, the ones you eat, except for the bone unless you want to choke and die :P
  • Liam- tree.
  • Zanna- A Chicken Drumstick
  • Blaineley- .... Chicken Drumstick.
  • Johnny- A Chicken drumstick
  • Zoom- A drumstick.
  • Jacob- It's a tree, Duh, If it wasn't then would be a drumstick, But it isn't so it is a tree.
  • Derek- a drumstick.


Wow, How is that a Tree? The correct answer is "Drumstick,Chicken Leg,or Chicken Drumstick."


Vote for Liam or Jacob. (Wow, BOTH Have nothing to do with their usernames.)

Rex: Liam, cuase he beat me last season :P

Derek: i'm...(twitch) voting for (twitch) Liam...

Zanna: Liam

Johnny: Liam

Rex: *throws a coke can at Derek*

Derek: you little punk! throws coke can back at Rex

Rex: *catches it and throws a rock at Derek*

Derek: (catches rock and throws it at Rex's head)

Syle: D:< Stop or your both out. Anyways, Liam is out.

Derek: if you call me Derek i'll stop being such a jerk.

Rex: hmmm... we'll see

Derek: thank you.

Zoom: Can I still vote for Liam? :3

Jacob: :) I'm still in!

Derek: why does it say we all voted for you though? Jacob?

Rex: cuase I mucked up...

Derek: you really need to fix the elimination table...

Rex: (CONF: He's so close to being called a newb... and I never call anyone newb unless they really really annoy me)

Derek: you know what?, how about we call a truce? let's forget about the past, and i might forget about the whole Derek-Blaze thing.

Rex: >.> now I must *demonic voice* ENSLAVE ALL HUMANS!

Derek: (shrugs and walks away)

Day 3

You guys have it easy this week. You must watch a video and give me the most used word.

Beware, It's an Earworm.


(Wow, Not yet >.<)

(WOW,Not yet!)

Derek: OK Syle. Blaineley and Zanna haven't given answers, so does that mean there up?

Rex: It's only been like 5 hours since Syle posted the challange, he always gives at least a day >.>

Derek: have you noticed that Blaineley hasn't voted at all so far?

Rex: Have you noticed that some people don't wanna vote :P or the fact that she might be asleep when the votes are up?

Derek: so you're saying if Blaineley and Zanna were up, and i wanted to vote for...i dunno...Zanna, i couldn't vote for either of them?

Rex: You could still vote them >.> IF they were up >.>

Zanna: Y'all.....geez he usually gives us a day....geez I HAVE a life off of this.....Actually I'm a main character in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at a theatre right know I had practice this morning.

Rex: Is it sad that i'm righting down every word in the cormercial to make sure i'm correct? Gah! He says 'Pick it up' 49 times x.x

Derek: 49!?, good lord...and to think, i didn't have a earworm after that...i hope i never see that video again...(shivers)

Rex: I put the total amount of times 'Up' 'It' and 'Pick' were mentioned in my guess just now :P

Derek: (thinking)....that would add up to..........(gasps). he said those three words combined....154 times..

Rex: Yeah... *goes into bomb shelter and locks the door* RELEASE THE NUCLEAR BOMB!


  • Rex- I thought this was Pictionary not Videoary xD I think it's 'Up'. Up is mentioned 53 times, It 51, and Pick 50 for an interesting fact :P
  • Zanna-Up (I really couldn't understand this "stupid" video in my opnion xD)
  • Blaineley-
  • Johnny- I Sy the most used word is "UP"
  • Zoom- I have no idea. At the begging, all he was saying was "What a mess," and then all he was saying was, "Pick it up" But I'm going to have to go with up. XD
  • Jacob- Up.
  • Derek- i'm gonna say UP


Uh Wow. Rex, that was interesting. Anyways, Up was the correct answer.


Blainley is the only one who didn't do the challange. She's out. Ironic, Both girls were voted out at this point.

Derek: i wasn't even gonna vote for Blaineley...witch is actually very weird...

Johnny: The Whole voted out because of no challenge.

Rex: no bold for you Blaze >.>

Derek: sorry, forgot to change it...Kokori

Rex: you can call me Rex or Kokori I don't care

Derek: (shrugs) well, i'm gonna go sleep..(walks away)

Johnny: *plays the song of time on an ocarina*

Derek: where'd you get that ocarina?

Johny: I bought it *goes to put on a link costume and comes back*

Derek: (eyes widen)......from where?....Hyrule?

Johnny: No from an online ocarina shop (they are real instruments) *plays the serinade of water*

Derek: interesting...(walks into the cabin and shuts the door) IT'S REAL! IT'S REALLY REAL!

Johnny: *plays the song of Healing*

Rex: *plays the boloro of Fire on the piano* (I can actually do that :P I know what notes are which :P)

Johnny: *Plays the song of time* (I Learned how to play this song on a piano without knowing the notes or any help)

Rex: >.> *goes full wolf and howls the song of storms*

Derek: (walks out and sees Rex, then faints)

Rex: whatever *howls the zelda theme song*

Johnny: *puts on the goron mask and plays the song of healing*

Rex: your still human -_- not a goron -_-

Day 4

:| Wow. No more talk about Zelda. If you do your out.

File:Pictionary 2-Day 3.png

Here's your challange. It's due Monday,at 10:00AM EST.


Rex: *is about to talk then stops self* ... >.<

Johnny: *plays mario party music on a piano*

Rex: *goes full wolf and howls the mario underground song*

Johnny: hey rex and syle you guys want to form a video game music band

Rex: meh sure *howls the sonic theme*

Johnny: *Watches smosh*

'Syle: No spamming about music. You can talk about it, just don't spam.'

Rex: Zoom you went too far >.> EXCESS DETAIL IS MEH THING!

Johnny: Mine was longer than rex's but zoom's is just too long

Jacob: I tell you, These pictures are too easy!


  • Rex- *plays the piano* The sound that comes from instraments ^_^ MUSIC!
  • Zanna-
  • Johnny- Musical Note! the thing you read of a music sheet that tells you what note you need to play.
  • Zoom- A musical note, or if you want to get technical, two eighth notes connected at the stem. And because the stems are both facing up, the notes are either on the middle line, or underneath. Oh, and they aren't slurred, either, and... ya. Sorry, I just did a whole load of theory for school. :3 -.-
  • Jacob- A musical Note. Duh.
  • Derek- a musical note..obviously


Derek,you were 54 minutes late... Anyways,the correct answer is a music note.


Vote for Zanna or Derek. Sorry Derek,you entered too late. :(

Derek: in my defence i was at school for that long, and i was actually walking home at the time the challenge was going on.

Syle: Oh! Sorry. I guess Zanna's out.

Jacob: I must say i'm pretty proud to have made it this far.

Derek: same here!, i never would of thought i would be in the final five..

Day 5

:D Day 5 final 5! A Plus, Colored pictures!

File:Pictionary 2-Day 4.png

You have untill Tuesday,October 4th,at 5:00PM EST.


Rex: *does the caramella dance* Dance to the beat, wave your hands together

Syle: I'm ticked. I was playing Mario Strikers Charged online, an I couldn't get the ball. ONCE. The guy Was cheating I tell ya. His Mii looked Mexican.

Johnny: I don't know if I should get Strikers charged or Smash bros brawl.

Derek: Super Smash Bros is a lot better.

'Syle: I like them both, But I like Smash Bros. more. I'm renting Strikers from Gamefly. >.<'

Rex: No-one has mentioned my guess yet -_- In worked for like 10 minutes on that -_-

Johnny: okay

Derek: shouldn't Zanna's name be removed from the title at the top of the page?

Zanna: Syle? Hellp? I got school, when these challenges are. You can't Start a challenge when someone is in bed then end it less than 24 hours later.

Syle: I didn't end it in less than 24 hours. It was posted yesterday >.< Accept the fact your out. I let Derek stay because I want to move this season along for the spin-off and next season.


  • Rex- It's a halloween Pumpkin. How do I know when I don't even celebrate halloween? Halloween games >:D, plus I went to America to visit one of my mum's friends and she told me about halloween :P. It's a stable thing in any halloween episode of a tv show or movie, cuase it's meant to be scary. Like in the iCarly episode, spenser made a giant pumpkin. The design of the face kept shocking Carly and spenser. In the end he hid from kids in it becuase he didn't have any halloween candy and got rolled down a hill. There's also a youtube video by AlbinoBlackSheep called the dangers of Halloween. It's quite interesting actually. I've been waiting to surprise you guys with a super long one for a while >:D. Anyway, syle you should've posted this challange later, so it'd be closer to Halloween, which is on October the 31st.
  • Johnny- Its a Jack-o-lantern a pumpkin that has a face carved on it and a candle inside this is made to celebrate halloween which I don't these are also used to decorate during halloween. To make these they first remove the insides and seeds by cutting a hole at the top then carving a face into it with a knife and then putting a lit candle in.
  • Zoom- It's a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern/halloween decoration. :3
  • Jacob- A jack o lantern! I usaly Light one up in Halloween, Which is October the 31st.
  • Derek- it's a pumpkin.


It was in fact a Jack-O-Lantern.


I guess everyone was right.....That means everyone's up. >:D Vote untill 8:30 PM EST.

Rex: Derek >.>

Johnny: Derek cause worst awnser

Jacob: Sorry Rex, Your a threat.

Voting OVER! Derik is out with 2 votes.

Jacob: Uhh....Syle, Shouldn't Zanna and Derek be tooken out of the title?

Derek: HEEEEY!, IM ENGLISH!! how was i supposed to know it was called a JACK O LANTERN!?

Derek: ,AND REX HAS TWO VOTES! you Americans call it Jack O Lantern while WE english call it Pumpkins!? how was THAT THE WORST ANSWER JOHNNY!?!?!!? actually Rex has three votes since i would of voted for him.

Zoom: Derek, that isn't the way to react to an elimination. Trust me, I just looks bad on yourself and the camp. Why not take it lightly and just look forward to next season? That way everyone is happy! ^_^ Also, I don't know if you are telling the truth about the whole pumpkin thing: XD If you are, just ignore this: and

(In the Tradition section of the second one: "Throughout Ireland and Britain, there is a long tradition of carving lanterns from vegetables, particularly the turnip, mangelwurzel, or swede.[3] The turnip has traditionally been used in Ireland and Scotland at Halloween,[1] but immigrants to North America used the larger native pumpkin, which are both readily available and much larger – making them easier to carve than turnips.[1] While turnips have always been used in Ireland, lanterns in Scotland were originally fashioned from the thick stem of a cabbage plant, and were called "kail-runt torches".[4] It was not until 1837 that jack-o'-lantern appeared as a term for a carved vegetable lantern,[5] and the carved pumpkin lantern association with Halloween is recorded in 1866."

Zoom: So, ya, just trying to make sure you were telling the truth. :3 Can't stand liers. >.> But I think you're clear. :P

Derek: i'm telling the truth about the pumpkin thing!, i just don't think this is fair! and i didn't even get a chance to vote!, if Syle gives me a chance to vote, i MIGHT take it lightly.

Rex: Derek, everyone was right even though most of our answers were pumpkins -_- and I only got one vote

Derek: if Syle lets me vote, i'll go. but also, i don't understand how Johnny says my answer was the worst.

Rex: everyone else put detail -_- Oh and your breaking one of the rules of the wiki "Don't complain about your elimination. You can pull dramatics though"

Derek: No Bold for you Rex...(walks away)

Rex: it was meant to be italics -_-

Derek: (walks back) hang on, why is mine dull when i did the same thing with the chicken drumstick!?

Rex: what are you talking about?

Derek: when Liam was eliminated, the challenge was to guess what the pic was, and it was a chicken drumstick, but all i said was it's a drumstick, so i don't get how i had the worst answer.

Rex: becuase Zoomie also said 'A drumstick' >.>

Derek: i see... well it was a pleasure meeting you Rex. (shakes Rex's hand)

Jacob: It was good to meat you too! *slaps a steak on Derek* What? That's how they do it in Finland!

Derek: oh really?...well.. HOW BOUT THIS! (snatches steack from Jacob and starts slapping him with it) THAT'S HOW WE DO IT IN ENGLAND!

Jacob: Nice.....Well, *gets a watermelon* THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT IN COSTA RICA! *punches Watermelon on Derek*

Derek: Cool....and also...this is HOW THEY DO IT IN AMERICA! (pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots Jacob's arm)

Rex: K that's it! *freezes time and moves the bullet away from Jacob and then puts time back to normal and throws Derek onto the boat of losers*

Jacob: Whoo, Thanks Rex!

Derek: (shoots a hole threw the boat of losers and shoots Jacob again)

Jacob: *throws a Pumpkin on Derek*

Derek: (catches it) nice try! (shoots Jacob in the heart), i'm outta here! ( steers the boat away and out into the ocean)

Rex: -_-# *snaps fingers and jacob is okay and snaps them again and the boat of losers catches fire*

Derek: (snaps his fingers and everything Rex did is reversed) e.g Jacob is shot and the boat of losers is not on fire.

Jacob: GOD F**KING D*MN IT!!!!!!!!! *kills Derek*

Rex: *snaps fingers and everything Derek did is revesed and Derek is alive* NOW JUST LEAVE! *snaps fingers and boat of losers is not on fire*

Derek: OK OK OK!, if you two are in the final two you can forget about me voting for either of you to win! (boat of losers soon disappears behind the mountains)

Jacob: *High fives Rex* Nice work Rex!

Rex: meh :3 *climbs tree

Syle: I'm dissappointed. Why? I'm gone for like 5 or 6 hours and it's a brawl. The only 2 that weren't in the brawl were Zoom and Johnny. In fact, Johnny didn't even EDIT. Blaze, shouldn't even been editing. I'm real dissippointed. Kokroi, Russelrules as a penalty, you will be on the elim. block. That's it. Day 6 is just an elimintaion. All because of Blaze's stupid move. I that mad I'm not gonna call you by your nicknames.

Day 6

Zooms,Johnny vote. Ether Kokori or Russelrules.

Jacob: I'm so done for.

Rex: I was trying to stop it -_-

Jacob: Hey, It was Derek's problem anyway.

Syle: I'm so dissipponited, I'm acctully crying.

Johnny: Guys give me a good reasn why I should not vote for you.

Jacob: Well, The tell the truth.....Derek started the fight.


Jacob: I know, I screwed up big time...Infact just go ahead Syle, Just disqualify me, I've started a huge war that I can't stand it.

Rex: I stopped Derek from killing Jacob -_-

Johnny: Syle is right you should of just never did what you did besides the elimination is to vote for someone and say bye.


Jacob: I do!



Syle's speech (No one edit.)

There will not be another season. Videonariy won't happen either. I'm that mad. This is one of those things that you can never forgive. It's like your best friend pantses you at school. You'd hate them forever right? I cried a bit when I was typing my 1st speech. I'm dissippointed too. Kokori, I'm not so sure if I can trust you anymore. You acctuly was trying to stop the fight, but it didn't work. You could of said, "Syle wouldn't like this,you guys should stop..." Or Russelrules, you could of kept your mouth shut after Blaze got mad! Common Sence.

I also had to bring My GRANDMA into it. She said Rex Was on the right track,but I was declining what she was saying.

Now, after this whole fued, I'm gonna elimintate you both. Sorry guys, your trip was ended short.

Day 7

The reason I eliminated Jacob AND Rex, was that I would be getting a message by one of them stating something like: "Why did you let ____ be in? That's infair."

Jacob: That's ok, I understand, Thanks for telling me calmly.

Syle: Thanks to Johnny, I won't drop the Pictionary series! But next season, Rex, Deriek,and Jacob, Your not allowed in.

Rex: seriously!?! (>.< I'm gonna kill Derek)

Jacob: I don't mind. It's not when you win or lose, It's about having fun.&nbsp

Syle: If you prove to me why,you can be in next season. @Rex and JJacob.

Johnny: The fight was more of Jacob and Derik Rex just did stuff to stop untill he set the ship to fire.

Rex: as Punishment -_-

Syle: I meant if you prove to me why you can be in next season,and if it's good, I'll consider letting to in.

Jacob: I'm nice, Competitive and looking forward for my 1st camp win!

Syle: Hmmm I'm gonna bring my grandma in. She helped me with the fight...

Jacob: What did she say?

Johnny: Can we finish this season first cause I want to win my first camp.

Zoom: Wow. Just, wow. I never thought that people would... O_O ... XD I'm in the finale? YES! *high fives Johnny* WOOT! :D

Johnny: Lets just do the challenge and then talk about this during an aftermath. *high fives Zoom* Final 2 :D

Challange Part 1!

Syle: Ok, This Part is.....A Picture. Then a 5 question Quiz about the last 2 seasons. Then another picture. There will be a speech after wards, and then the jury will vote.

File:Pictionary2 final picture 1.png

Chat 1 (Only Syle,Zoomer,Johnny,and Rex)

Syle: :D Rex, happilly you can compete in season 3! Jacob, Blaze sadly,you can't. Rex, can chat here! Don't spam though. >.<

Rex: :D *dies from excitement*

Zoomer: *is excited* :3


  • Johnny- A Water Drop
  • Zoomer- A Teardrop. :3


You were both right in a way. It was a drop of water,or it could be a tear.

Part 2: Quiz!

Ok, To save time, the quiz is 2 questions. >.<

  1. Why was Rex and Jacob elimintated?
  2. Who where the girls of the last 2 seasons?


Syle: Meow.

Zoom: Rawr. :3



Sorry, I only got on till now, but:

1. Rex and Jacob got eliminated for fighting with one another. And getting involved in something that shouldn't have been fought about in the first place.

2. Snow and Blaineley are the only two girls to have competed in this season and/or the last.


  1. Rex and Jacob were eliminated cause they were in a fight tha could have been avoided.
  2. Snow and Blaineley werew the only 2 girls to join this and last season.

The Final:

:'( It's the end. Anyways, Zoomer, Johnny, write your speeches, and the jury will vote.

Chat (Anyone; No fighing or I'll tell an admin.)

Zoomer: Good luck Johnny. Oh, but you know how you're in 8th grade? I'm in 9th. Respect your elders. >:D But jks, seriously, good luck man. :3

Syle: D: Your like way older than me!

Johnny: Good luck zoom but I'm taking like10th or 11th grade classes

Jacob: Best of luck Johnny.

Johnny: Thanks Jacob

Derek: (boat of losers emerges from the mountains, half destroyed, Derek jumps out) finally!, that ocean takes no prisoners!

Johnny: we're all fiends here right so we should just get along

Derek: (walks over) i agree Johnny, we should all forget about what happened the other day.

Johnny: Syle we should start the vote

Rex: *has gun in hand* in case I need it >.> *glares at Blaze*

Derek: (has laser gun in his hand) in case i need it..*glares at Rex*

Johnny: Guys don't if you want just make a camp where you 2 fight all the time but not here and Syle we should start before this gets ugly

Syle: Thanks Johnny. You did the right thing. :) I Appricciate that.

Johnny: Your welcome...I guess?

Zoomer's Speech

Zoomer: Okay, here goes.

I came into this competition with a fresh mind. I, put simply, just wanted to have a fun time and do the best that I could. Now that I'm in the finale, I realize that I could actually win this camp. It amazes me, yet at the same time, it gives me lots of pride.

I'd like to thank everyone who got me here. Even if you had a direct or indirect role in my game, every person counts, and you all matter to me. Also, I'd like to wish my fellow finalist luck, but to be totally honest with you, I think I deserve to win more. Just based on quality of entries and activeness, but who knows. In the end, we both made it here, and it's thanks to you guys.

So, if you feel like voting for a Zoom Zoom McMazda, then please, I'd be honored to accept your jury vote. If you don't, well, that's your choice, but I'd really appreciate if you guys voted for me. Thanks, and this is your Zoomie friend, signing off of Pictionary 2.

~ Zoom

Johnny's Speech

Okay so I worked hard tryin to keep up with school since i'm in 8th grade and with a few high school credit classses and with home and other stuff its sometimes hard to come on the wiki and since all my users I never won a camp and it would be an honor to win in a camp made by one of my friends and to win cause of my friend's vote but if you vote for zoom its okay he does diserve it as much as me and I could always try next time I never came this close but its not up to me its up to the jury and I'm okay with any choice they make.

- Johnny I'm Shadow the hedgehog The Ultimate Life Form 21:03, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

The Jury Vote

Ok. The Jury will vote. >:( Hand me all the weapons you have on you. I'm going to somewhere.

Johnny: I bet Rex has like a million weapons

Rex: No, but it'd be physical impossible to give you all my weapons...

Syle: I just got back. So NOW The jury will vote,let me set up a section.

(:| Read before you edit.)

Jury votes

  • Derek- Zoom.
  • Rex- Johnny
  • Jacob- Johnny

The End!

Syle: Johnny would win, No matter the surcumstances. So He won! Zoomie,congrats on 2nd!

Everyone but Jacob and Derek.... is invited for another season!

Johnny, the code is "PW".

Zanna: Congrats

Johnny: I won :D yes thanks guys and and what is this about "Johnny would win, No matter the surcumstances."

Rex: you got 2/3 so you'd win no matter who... the unmentionable... voted for

Johnny: Is it Syle

Syle:Yeah. If Zoom got 1 And you did too, then Derek's vote would settle it.

Johnny: So how to get prize?

Derek: wasn't the prize a userbox?

Syle: You type in { {PW}} but no space.

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